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Remembering those who have lost their lives – or have been injured – as a result of a drug overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day.

If you would like to commemorate someone, you are invited to add a Tribute.
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The Whalley community or Surrey B.C. lost Spencer on Dec 29th 2023. My world came crashing down and fell apart. He said nobody cared nobody would miss him..Spence you were a caring person with such a thrive for life and hilarious humour. You changed my life into something I’d never dreamed of. You were an amazing father to your two children, a great older brother who took care of him when kids.. and for me, an amazing spouse. Your relapse spiralled out of control so quickly and we all were powerless to stop it. The impact of losing you has hurt so many people here, more then you could imagine. Everybody loved you Spence beside your brother, me most of all. 10yrs and gone forever from my life. I cherish every second and memory we shared I’ll always love u and never forget u Spencer..happy new yr I think not!, 2024 awakened and ready to fight for your life and soul against toxic drugs . IDK how to do this without you here.
The world is a lot less bright without u in it..goodbye for now my friend, my love, my wonderwall SPENXER V MOORES
OCT 26TH/82-EC 29TH/23 READY TO FIGHT. 41 forever

... Robyn aka angrybird xoxo


Grandma’s favorite! Everyone’s friend! My son, Reynaldo carries the name Danilo after you. You were so giving, helping anyone in need. You lived hard, you lived fast, you lived by your own set of rules. You were a master of the code switch, always “Black” with me and a chameleon of characters for others.

Your birthday was the other day, and I was reminded of your death. Truth is, through others you’re still living amongst us! Thank you for being a donor, your organs have saved lives.

A few years before your departure, you confessed to me that you were a believer. You often made jokes about “organized religion” but you insisted that I raise my son “right.” I’m listening! He is being given the tools, I hope he follows a righteous path. He knows YOUR NAME, which is apart of his name. He knows your journey. He knows your children!!!

You might be gone but you’ll never be forgotten and when I’m dead you’ll still be remembered!

Love always,
Cuz Cuz

... Olivia Guzman

Elizabeth Visocan

To a beautiful person with a kind soul. You were so caring and loved. So sweet and kind, always giving to those around you. I will miss our talks, I am sad and sorry you didn’t come talk to me these last couple of months. I will miss you dearly, fly high beautiful angel.

... Ericca


Baby sister, we all love and miss you so much. Fly high, sweet girl.

... Chrissy

Lily Ledbetter

To the most radiant person to ever enter my life. The world lost something special when Lily left.

... Corey Bryant

Kyle Smith (Son, father, brother, uncle, grandson, and dear friend)

I’m so grateful to have had you for nearly 32 years; you’ve blessed my life, Son! Although dad and I almost lost you to a handful of near death accidents, nothing could have surprised us more when you pulled out of falling off Beacon Rock. Breaking nearly every bone on your right side, having a brain injury, paralysis to your right side of face, and losing your mobility for a couple weeks, and then to take yourself (with walker) back up Beacon Rock a month later! Since then, you accomplished having Zoey and Shyloh and worked your way up to general manager for JSCF – YOU WERE/ARE an AMAZING INDIVIDUAL! Dad and I will never stop talking about how blessed we were to have you as our son. And we will never stop telling your kids how much you loved them and how special they made you feel as their father. WE MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU, SON!! Kyle will be remembered, loved, and missed by ALL who knew him. <3

... Christine (Mom)

Craig Talbot

7months on the 11th Jan .
Miss you so much it hurts daily.
Love always

... Mum and Dad

My beautiful daughter Sharee

I can’t believe I’ll never see you again my darling girl. It felt so wrong leaving you behind yesterday
I just want to hold you and tell you how much you are loved. I hope you are at peace
Till we meet again, hugs and kisses mum xx

... Gai

Craig Talbot

We will miss you so much this Christmas, it will be the first Christmas ever that we have not all been together I have been going through all our family photos and it breaks my heart that there will never been another Xmas photo of you with Larissa, Lachlan. Nikayla, Me, Dad, Nicole, Craig, Drew and Michelle.
Oh how I wish for 1 more day with you to tell you how much you are missed and loved .
Merry Xmas love

... Mum

Chris Roberts

My uncle passed away from a overdose May 1st 2022 while his “friends” left him there with no hesitation and took everything. I really just think my uncle deserves some type of justice even if it’s just being on a page.

... emma rayne


Christina was my baby sister. We lost her 12/17/2018 just 12 days after her 40th birthday and 8 days before Christmas. She has been dealing with addiction since the age of 15 had been clean for 8 years when she relapsed. My father and I fought all we could for 3 years to try to get her sober again but she got introduced to fentanyl and it became her life. She left behind 2 handsome boys the oldest is now 21 and the youngest is 19. We love you and miss you. You will live in our hearts forever we will never let your memory fade.

... Amy

Craig Talbot

Mate our first Xmas without you. The seat next to me at lunch empty. It was always going to be a difficult time for us as a family but we pulled together mate you would be proud. Larissa visited your grave before coming to lunch and she gave us all beautiful photos of it to put somewere special. We all cried alot and shared stories its so very raw still and the aches run deep. Drew and Shell did a lovely slide show of all old photos there was some absolute beauties in them that warmed my heart a little and made me cry alot. Mum and dad made it through but the pain runs deep and is etched in their faces and movements. I have so much to share with you I write you at least once a week to download everything in a diary I call after my CT. Me and Craig are heading back to Penang today haven’t been since you passed away and it brings alot of traumatic feelings but I also remember such great memories so I hope to make some more. You are loved so much , you are deeply missed, you are my brother.

... Your loving sister Nicole

Cara Thompson

A lie ripped our world apart! You found your one true love in this world and the devotion you gave that love was unconditional and I know that nothing I could have done would have made you see the truth you were actually living. That unbreakable loyalty drug you into the shadows..for YEARS you lived your life lying to those that truly loved you. You actually believed that you lived in the beauty of light…YOU were wrong. When you gave yourself so fully to your lie any signs of light left your eyes. I have never seen such empty black eyes before and it was frightening. Your soul and body were devoured by your “one” love. As you weakened your love wanted to infect those around you and in your sickness you obliged. I am sorry that you were so weak. I lost you to the dank underworld and you went happily, joyfully, beautifully with your love. The love that killed the warmth you had and twisted your brain and made you into a cruel liar that had you not been so weak would have killed for! I am angry with YOU and your ONE. I will never understand nor forgive what your one true love did! And because you gave your soul freely you will never forget it either your eternity will be one filled with the darkness you followed in this life. I hope one day the anger subsides enough so I can pity you.

... B.

My friends, family, and other loved ones

RIP to the angels who passed away. Jeremy (LJ), Slim, Pops, Mark G, Timothy B, Zack, Monica G, Ace, Amanda Rich, JB C, Lindsay, Jake, Paul, Jessica V, Chelsea, Yoder’s, Dads questionable and anyone else I forgot.. Love you till I see you again ❤️

... Lacy

Erin Little

I love and miss you so much. You are, were the most beautiful daughter, mother, friend and person anyone could know.
Fentanyl took you away. I know how hard it was for you and how hard you wanted to fight it.
It wasn’t your fault, I know how it happened and they will answer to God.
Rest in peace, I will see you when I get there.
All my love Mom

... Cindy

Anjali Laroia Foster

You were the greatest mother and the best wife. We miss you every single day. We will forever love you with all our hearts!

... Joseph

Craig Talbot

11/06/2023 was the day we lost you forever Craig.
There is never a moment that we don’t wish that day never happened, we try to act normal and move on but we can’t our hearts are broken.
Love you forever Mum Dad ❤️

... Mum Dad

Garrett Lee Newman

Garrett was a smart fun guy sadly his addiction took his life on august 4 2023 at 33 years old. He leaves behind a beautiful daughter and a handsome dog. He will be forever loved forever missed

... Tracie

Chris Hartman

We miss you every single day. I hope you are at peace now <3

... Katie Hartman

We lost my brother, Michael, December 4 2020. He left behind his daughter, step-daughter, sister, parents, cousins, aunts & uncles. Family meant everything to him. I wish love was enough to save him, but sadly it wasn’t. The system failed him. He’s forever 35 and forever in our hearts.
I miss you brother. Love, your sister ❤️

... Sarah

Justin Dale Thomas

A Tribute to my brother

“You knew what you was doin’ when you made us; so with all due respect

You coulda forgave him, you didn’t have to take him” – Dr.Dre

My older brother Justin Dale Thomas passed away while he was living in a Manitoba Housing unit on Kennedy between May 5th and July 20th, 2023, likely from an overdose, as the Winnipeg police say he was surrounded by drugs when they found him. He started engaging in “Illegal activities” at the age of 13, I was 8 years old at the time. He was a young boy searching for companionship and a sense of belonging, seeking male role models. This is a natural desire for any child and not a criminal inclination, but rather a basic human need. It isn’t uncommon for people to prioritize making judgments rather than trying to understand and empathize with Justin or individuals like him who face similar challenges. Many fail to recognize the immense intricacies of the human condition. In my last conversation with Justin, he conveyed regret for the decisions he made during his early years, and he made it clear that many of the challenges he faced can be attributed to that time in his life. He felt trapped in his circumstances, and it is evident that both the justice system and the school system let my brother down. Starting at the age of 13, if he had received the necessary support and guidance, I firmly believe that Justin would still be with us today.

As a young girl, I often spent weekends lying awake at night next to my mom, feeling an overwhelming sense of uneasiness. I would anxiously wait for the phone to ring, silently hoping that nothing bad would happen to him during that time. Lying in bed, I could sense my mother’s anxiety, worry, and panic, even though she tried to hide it. When I found out you left us, my heart broke for her first.

Justin could have been a model for sure, I remember walking home one time from school and he must have had 10 girls following him down the back lane. But it was his soul that was the most admirable thing about him, Justin didn’t have a judgemental bone in his body. You could tell him anything and he would try to understand. He was the type of person who would have given you the shirt off his back if you needed it. And he was smart, especially with technology sometimes I would envision him working at Best Buy or the Apple store. It has been quite the experience to witness and see the outpouring of love from so many people which is an enduring testament to his true essence and “being” on this planet.

Even in the last few years of his life, whenever I saw him, he would ask if I needed anything, such as money or food. Despite his physical suffering, he remained concerned about my well-being. In some of our toughest moments, instead of dwelling on his own pain, he would try to make me smile and shield me from the heavy burden he carried on his shoulders while I sobbed in front of him.
Me and my mom spent a lot of time going to visit Justin at the detention center on Kenaston during Justin’s teen years. I remember I was so excited each time we went to see him because my brother, my mother, and I shared so many moments of laughter. And anytime the three of us were together, it felt like home. My brother possessed an exceptional sense of humour, and he could make anyone smile. Even if I didn’t understand the joke, I didn’t know what they were talking about, or to be honest, they were likely making fun of my serious demeanour, I couldn’t help but laugh too. I longed to experience their laughter once more. My mother and brother taught me the valuable lesson of making the best out of any situation, whether we were in a jail visitation room, waiting for the bus in the cold, or eating expired Kraft Dinner because we couldn’t afford anything else. They showed me the importance of not letting these challenges hinder us but instead finding ways to make the most out of them. Gina (my mother) and Justin shared an extraordinary bond and demonstrated immense love for each other, no matter what. This brings me solace as it assures me that Justin departed this world knowing he was cherished by his sole parent.

I have a vivid memory of one of the last times I saw you. I drove Mom to your place to drop off a winter jacket. Despite the freezing temperature of 25 below, you came out wearing only a T-shirt, blue jeans, and bare feet. I hesitated about getting out of the car, ultimately choosing to stay inside out of laziness. Little did I know at that moment that it would be the last time I would see you. I couldn’t take my eyes off you as you embraced Mom. I often dream about getting out of the car and telling you to come with us, urging you to come home.

I am not really religious, and I am barely spiritual, but there are two moments in my life that I just can’t explain. I am not sure of the date, but I distinctly recall a moment when my mother and I were having dinner at Chicken Delight with one of her friends. And I couldn’t eat, which, if you know me, is odd. I also had this overwhelming feeling of uneasiness and anxiety. I shared with my mom that I felt like something bad was going to happen. Now, I know that this experience is defined as a premonition. That evening my mom woke me up in the middle of the night and I think I went to my auntie’s house, and the next thing I knew I was walking into a hospital room, and there he was, beaten to a pulp, I can still vividly remember the look of his swollen eyes. From that moment forward, Justin was never the same. This is something that my mother helped me realize, and I didn’t fully comprehend it until now. We believe that Justin likely suffered from brain damage, which affected his decision-making abilities. I hope that one day I will be able to forgive myself for not recognizing the significance of that moment in his life. My second “premonition, ”It was probably just odd timing, but if it has any real significance, I apologize deeply to my brother for not acting on these feelings earlier. I had this intense feeling that something was wrong. When we received the news of Justin’s passing, my mom realized that his phone activity had stopped on May 5th. On May 7th, my therapist made a note: “Olivia is having difficulty sleeping and is experiencing distressing thoughts about death.” At that time, I didn’t have any dots to connect, and I thought it was just some random new anxiety. It’s often said that everything is revealed beforehand, but only to those who are perceptive. Perhaps you were trying to communicate something to me, or maybe at that moment, a higher power was giving me the gift of insight without explicitly showing me. I deeply regret not taking action based on that intuition, and I am truly sorry. I understand that even if I had taken action, maybe I wouldn’t have been able to save him, but perhaps we would have answers about what happened to him. Instead, my mother and I are left with a multitude of unanswered questions that will forever remain a source of pain and longing.
During the last few months of Justin’s life, I didn’t reach out to him. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to help him if he asked, and I didn’t want to have to say no. I prioritized my own feelings over being there for someone I loved. Now, I realize that what he likely wanted from me most was to simply acknowledge his humanity.

Justin, my dear brother,

I deeply regret not being there for you in a way that I can be proud of today. It troubles me greatly to know that you passed away alone, and it weighs heavily on my heart that it took us a considerable amount of time to realize that you were no longer with us. Losing you has brought me great sadness, and your absence has created an emptiness within me that cannot be replaced. The pain of losing you is beyond words and burdens my spirit. It is devastating to accept that I will never witness your smile or hear your voice again. I am left with an intense feeling of longing and a profound yearning for another opportunity from the universe.

The memories we created together will forever be cherished, but the pain of your absence is a constant reminder of what I have lost. Grief has become a companion that walks beside me, a heavy burden that I carry every day. I am heartbroken over all the things we will never get the chance to do together. It pains me that you can’t enjoy your incredible son, who looks just like you, he’s funny like you and especially silly like you. Today we made silly faces at each other, over FaceTime while he laughed his head off. And all I could think about was that I wish you were here. You wouldn’t believe how smart he is, how kind he is, how curly his hair has gotten, he points at your beautiful face and is proud to call you his dad. I’m sorry that you had to carry so much pain alone. Not being able to say goodbye is one of the hardest truths I haven’t accepted yet. I yearn for the days when our bedrooms were next to each other, the hours spent sitting with you and watching you play video games, our daily walks to school, or the moments when the three of us would dance in the living room to music videos. Even the silly times, like when we would stuff as many cheese slices in our pants as possible before going to bed. I would do anything to go back to those moments.

Every day, when I think of you, I try to force myself to reflect on the good moments we shared and the laughter we enjoyed. Despite the sorrow that consumes me, I hold onto the hope that one day, the pain will ease. By sharing my regrets and experiences, I hope others can learn from them and cherish the people they hold dear. And at the end of the day, we must value people’s humanity above all else. In my father’s culture, I learned about the concept of oneness and unity. Instead of saying “you and I,” many Caribbean people say “I and I.” This signifies that there is no separation between us, but rather a shared sense of identity and collective consciousness that recognizes our shared humanity. I deeply regret every phone call I wanted to make but didn’t, every text I wanted to send but held back, and every moment I wanted to say “I love you” but remained silent.

Justin, you were always my hero, and even in your death, you remain so. I am still broken by your loss, you left too soon, and I miss you, but I hope that we will be together again. Some say that losing a sibling is one of the most painful losses a person can experience because sisters and brothers get it, they were there.
Experiencing grief is the cost we bear for loving someone, and if I had to choose between grief and nothing, I would choose grief. While my grief may transform over time, it will never truly end, just like my love for you Justin.

I will always search for your presence, anticipate your joyful expression, and listen to your laughter until we meet again.

Love you forever, your baby sister.


... Olivia

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