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Partners’ Report

Partners’ Report 2023

The definitive story of International Overdose Awareness Day in 2023

Thanks to the work of the dedicated International Overdose Awareness Day community around the world, this movement continued to grow and create change despite incredible adversity.

The Partners’ Report tells the story of the most recent International Overdose Awareness Day – what it achieved, how people remembered those no longer with us, and how we continue calling for a world free from overdose.

None of the successes it highlights could have been possible without the dedicated people who take part in International Overdose Awareness Day in dozens of countries around the world.

Our movement needs to continue to grow to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is escalating the overdose crisis around the world.

Please join the campaign we are building. You have the power to create change.

Download the Partners’ Report by clicking on the cover image and learn more about our movement.

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Overdose affects everyone. From grieving families to spontaneous first responders, the impacts of overdose are far-reaching and fall indiscriminately.

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