International Overdose Awareness Day: 31st August

International Overdose Awareness Day

The world’s annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died, and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind

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Tributes to lost loved ones

Nick I lost a close friend on Fathers day in 2007. Nick was born in Hartford, CT and later moved to Arizona where we became friends. He was a graduate of Cave Creek High School in Cave Creek, AZ class of 2000. He was a very talented graphic designer, having received his degree from Chester College of NE in Chester, NH in May 2007. Nick loved to write poetry and hip-hop music, which he enjoyed performing at local venues. I think about Nick often and how such a talented and gifted person was taken away by opioids. Nick Brittany snyder

We lost my little brother Ryan Casey Rodriguez on May 21st 2017. Not a day goes by that i dont think about him. We love and miss you Ry

Refugio texas usa
Brittany snyder
Wendy Loranzo In memory of Elizabeth (Liz) Loranzo, age 25, who lost her short and loving life to a heroin overdose on March 19, 2017. Liz leaves behind her fiance Kyle and her then 9 month old son Carson. Middletown, PA Wendy Loranzo Kate Dan Esper + Wynter Esper I wish I could hold you both and say so many things I've been longing to say since you left us. Dan - you went from a friend to a brother to me. I'm so grateful you showed me the program and introduced me to so many wonderful people. I'm sober again today, I know you can see me now. It's all because when you died I knew it was time to get help again. I love you so much, and I'll see you in people walking down the street and it hits me so hard, I laugh or cry it all depends. But it's just one of the ways I get to keep you close to my heart.. Always ❤️ Kate Posted 16/06/2019 Kate Brooke Remembering Jacqueline Lenderman who passes on March 19, 2015, at 26 years old. We love and miss you so much. ? Brooke Greg My wife overdosed just 4 months before I was released from federal prison after serving 11 years. During my incarceration she constantly told me that she was clean and waiting for my release. I felt as if my heart was ripped from my chest. Well I continue to stay clean and support those people who have a desire to stop using.
Posted 20/07/2018
Sharon carter

To my soul mate Neil Waters who lost his battle with addiction on 14th April 2017. Missing you so very much. Love always. Shar xx

Wisbech Cambridgeshire uk
Sharon carter
Tracy In loving memory always~ 9/23/94 ~Aaron Cooper Starrs ~12/17/15. We all miss and love you so very much. Tracy Mayra Ever since I lost my fiance Vincent from an accidental overdose I have never been the same. It has been very difficult for me to wrap it around my head that he passed away from a heroine overdosed since I had no idea that he was an addict and that he was battling this sickness. I wish that he would of told me that he was battling this addiction since I would of helped him to get cleaned. The other hard part was that I was out of the country when the incident happened and my daughter was the one that found him in our bathroom already deceased. The trauma that she has endured from his passing has been one of the hardest thing for me. The pain that I have felt from loosing him and the pain that I am going through seeing be 10 year old daughter go through she is no longer the same little girl. I wish he would of just told me. I feel such a betrayal from the one person that I trusted the most. It has been very hard from me to overcome his lost since I had no idea what was going on with him. I thought that our lives were going great we were going to marry in April. I just wished he would of told me. Posted 15/05/2019 Mayra Linda Patrick

On 02/15/13 my world changed forever. That was the day I lost my daughter, Holly. Our lives well never be the same..I miss her every minute of every day. shine bright baby girl until we meet again..I love you forever.

Lansing, Mi
Linda Patrick
Christina Krupp I'm memory of Brendan Krupp, 7/11/98 - 12/8/16. Also known as BK. Loving son, brother, grandson and friend to many. You are missed! Keeping your memory alive by raising awareness to drug overdose. BK - Be Kind Always! Love mom and dad St. Peters, Missouri Christina Krupp Karen B The day you left us Brian, you left an empty space, you took a piece of us all which no one could replace. A loyal man to all you loved, such kindness and so caring. The happiness you gave to us, and good times that we're sharing. I know again we'll all meet up, until we're back together. Your immortal smile and kind heart, will live with us forever. Your loving Karen Karen B Jaril Lawson In loving memory of my son, Zachary Daniel Wells, who died May 21, 2005 of a heroin overdose at the age of 16. I always knew my son was loyal and had a heart of gold. He would gladly fight to defend anyone who needed defending. He was especially protective of his "girl" friends. Heaven help the boy who hit one of his girl friends! When I lost my husband in a car accident, Zack was right there for me. He always knew when I was crying. He would come sit with me, put his arm around me and pat my shoulder - never saying a word. After Zack's passing, the mother of one of his friends told me how Zack jumped in and saved her son from drowning when the kids were swimming in the river. There is a gaping hole in my heart that can never be filled while I am on this earth. But I am grateful that for 16 years I had him in my life. Till we meet again, my son. I love you forever. Mom. Jaril Lawson Emily Andrew MacNiven it was a privilege to love you while you were here on this earth and it will continue to be a privilege while your my angel in heaven. Rest In Peace 7/1/1990-3/14/2015 Stewartsville Emily Aubrey In remembrance of my younger brother, Sean, who passed away of an overdose on May 5, 2016, at the age of 25. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Never give up on your loved ones battling this disease. They can't do it without you. Aubrey Michele Duncan (Mother) My beautiful daughter. It's been 37 days now since you were called home. I don't know how I've gotten through this far. This is the longest we've gone without speaking since you learned how to talk. I'm so sorry you left this world alone, I hope you didn't feel any fear. I'm not going to rest until I find out what happened to you, for real. I will continue to raise your babies as you would've. And they will always, always know how much you love them and that they are your world. As you are mine. If you didn't know that, I'm sorry!!!You have always been the light of my life. I not only love you, but I have always admired you. You're beautiful, funny, generous, smart, stubborn, independent, curious, adventerous, courageous, I could go on all day. You will always be a part of my everyday life. I hope too see you in my dreams, baby girl!!!!! Always and forever, Mommy Michele Duncan (Mother) Amanda cravens 3*1*18 My beautiful sister Shawna Ragozine, I love and miss u everyday! I hope u are now happy, healthy, and free! Until we meet again I love u beyond words!
Posted 01/09/2018
Amanda cravens
Cyndi Monica, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you so much it hurts. Till we meet again my friend. 12/13/1967 - 05/09/2015 Watch over my baby boy up in heaven.. xo RIP
Posted 27/02/2019
Alexandria This is for my Aunt, my best friend, who overdose from opiates on June 16, 2016. It was the most painful day of my life since she was my best friend. I wish I knew the signs, but now that I do, I am ready to help. I love you Aunt K. Philadelphia Alexandria Janice Floyd E Crowe died on June 2, 2015. He was my husband and I love and miss him very much.  He had a big heart but the addiction had a terrible hold on him. Janice Heidi a page To all of my friends still sick and suffering, know you are not alone, you are far from weak, that you are loved and that without you this world wouldn't be the same...Sadly I know this to be true because my brother died on January 29th 2016. He was my only sibling. What I wouldn't give to have him back for even just one more hug, one more laugh, even one more fight! It's crazy to sit back and think of all the friends we both lost, this was just one of the reasons it was hard for my brother, John to stay clean. When reality set in and he would think of all the friends fell victim to that poison, the pain he felt was too much for him. I have a 15 year old son, he lost his dad to the same game in December of 2012. My son struggles, he has began to cut himself to avoid his deep pain. This drug does not only affect the ones using but shows no mercy on the family members and friends left behind, it tears apart families, it is evil in every way. Please.. Don't don't know what a person is carrying in their hearts Please...Don't look the other don't know what difference one compassionate smile could make, to the addict contemplating treatment Please...Educate yourselves on addiction, know the signs of an overdose and carry narcan...You would want someone saving your child's life, right? Please...If you are an individual who has lost an important person in your life...Be the voice of change, stand up, speak up and know your not alone and finally...PLEASE..If your using GET HELP, REMEMBER YOUR WORTH, KNOW YOUR LOVED, KNOW THAT YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT! RIP, JP, BP, SP, JJ, BB, JR, AL, JS, RD, PL, DP, LB, and many, many more xoox Posted 09/07/2019 Heidi a page Deborah We lost my baby brother Sean at the age of 36 on August 6, 2020. He was such an incredible man who managed to remain sober for 11 years. It took one week of mistakes for it to just take him away. He now flies free with the angels not having to deal with the demons that come with addiction. You are so loved and so missed Sean. Our lives will never be the same without you. Deborah Deborah Megan Ryan The 1year Anniversary of my brother's, Marc Lowry, death is rapidly approaching. He died of a fentanyl laced heroin overdose at the age of 33. He was my only sibling leaving me an old child now. Besides his addiction, he was a hard working, loving brother and uncle, an overall amazing person. My life has been significantly changed since he has been gone. My children miss him dearly. I think about him every minute of every day. I want to learn how to administer Narcan so that I can try to help save a life. On International Overdose Awareness Day, I will be remembering him, as well as all the other men and women who are battling addiction and their family members. Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA Megan Ryan Krystyna My sweet Mason... Taken too soon, May 27, 2018. We promised to be best friends for life. We grew threw life together. Even after being split up for years due to my family moving, we reconnected after years. It was everything I dreamed of. Like we never got split up. I adored you, you were my very first boy best friend. You protected me from scary movie characters, (hocus pocus😂, Michael myers🤦‍♀️) Countless sleep overs through the years, unlimited scrapes and bruises from trying to keep up with my ultimate best friend, a boy. An adventurous boy. Riding bikes, singing "pet the bodies hit the floor" eating pb&j sandwiches under the tree. We pinky promised as kids, in my back yard, twice. To always remain best friends "NO MATTER WHAT", and to get married to each other if we weren't married by 25... You never made it to 25. 💔😭 May 27, 2018. As I unpacked my van after getting the kids settled, and a long day at the beach (where we went together as kids) I sat on my porch, I cracked open a beer and lit a cigarette. I casually opened Facebook, to post the pictures I took of the kids at the beach.. The first thing I see, is a post. From your older brother... (i had messaged the night before because you randomly popped in my mind, and hadn't been online. I felt something was wrong) Not the kind of post I wanted to see. I had gotten up to walk to my van for something, and was walking and waiting for the post to load.. as I crossed the road, I read the words I never imagined I'd ever read... You had passed away. " I just wanted to inform everyone, with a heavy heart, my brother has passed on as of earlier today. I will update info as i know and make arrangements. Please keep my family in your thoughts. " I kept rereading as I dropped in the street. Frozen, broken, shattered and unable too speak... Silent. I kept telling myself, "it has to be another brother, he has to have another brother. It's not mason." Even though deep down I knew the truth.. I knew it was you. I felt scared, and lonely, and numb... I couldn't speak or even think of my own name at that point. That day, I broke down.. I cried for days, until I couldn't produce anymore tears to cry. I was lost, what happened. As I was digging for info, I got a reply. From your brother, you died of an "accidental overdose." What the fuck, overdose? As I chuckled, "that can't be right, not my mason" (we hadn't some in a few months as life had become busy for us both.) My best friend, childhood hero of a boy unafraid of anything, my comfort, my whole heart. Was in fact, an addict. A heroin addict... Who lost his battle and was left alone with no care or concern to call for help. I'm sorry I wasn't around, I know you get it though. I know you also know how much I love you and how much it's affected me. FOREVER 24 & married since childhood. "My kid husband, forever and always, I promise to always love you and always find you if we are separated, I'll always love you most, i pinky promise i do. Forever." 💝8-15-1994/5-27-18 💝 I even named my daughter after you. "Rayna may" 💝🌻💚 Krystyna Gary I love and miss you so very much Mallory. I will be with you again someday. ❤️? Gary Lisa d To Simone, Debbie, Nola, Rikki, Ronnie, big Dave, Lionel, narelle and my cousin glen - loved forever and never forgotten-Lisa xxx Lisa d Kathy Brown Clifton I would like to post a tribute to my son, Colin Ryan Clifton. His addiction was caused by an orthopedic injury. He was in a head-on collision at work. He was not at fault but fired from his job. His insurance was canceled. He had surgery months later. His MD gave him Opiates and he quickly became addicted. My son didn't drink and was against drugs. He was a very good young man. How could this happen? He had never even gotten a speeding ticket. He ended up on Heroin. He died from a mixture of methadone and Clonazepam. The doctor gave him the Clonazepam. This should not have happened. This happens to GOOD people. Colin was 28 years old. R.I.P. Colin 12/10/84 to 09/04/13
Posted 20/08/2018
Kathy Brown Clifton
Tim My Dear Mate Cameron, You were a good guy and taken oh far too soon. I think of just what a kind and gentle man you were. We used together, tried to get clean with each other. We managed to get into some right old scrapes and we laughed hard and we laughed long. The last time I saw you I walked you down to Bethnal Green tube station for you to travel over to Paddington to get your train home, I had no idea I'd never see you again. Well my friend you live on in my memories vividly and you're thought of oh so fondly. Rest in peace my buddy, you'll never be forgotten. Tim Michelle Creasy In loving memory of our son, Jeremy Howard Creasy. You could, and still do, bring out the best in those who knew and loved you. Your kindness, compassion, work ethic, and willingness to help others will live on in each of us who were given the gift of your presence in our lives. We will love and miss you always. Posted 17/07/2019 Michelle Creasy Annmarie Angelicola

Our beautiful Jillian , you live on in the hearts of those who love you , especially in the heart of your beautiful Lily Rose. As you always told me , I “l love you forever and always .” Until we meet again . Love, Mom

Posted 16/08/2019
Annmarie Angelicola

My sweet boy was lost in February after a 10-year battle. He was kind, sweet, compassionate. Now he is just gone, and the dealers keep selling. Miss him every day.


In loving memory of Alexis Lenti cherished daughter of Frank and Maureen

worcester ma usa
Robyn Richardson With You, Went So Much Of Me… Shaun David Collins~2-8-81–8-16-07 Lois Jean Collins~2-17-56–8-21-09 Troy Alan Collins~2-16-88–6-6-17 ~~Losing all 3 of you has been unbearable. There are times that I don't know how or if I will make it another minute... The only peace I get is knowing that you are FREE from the pain & heartache of addiction. We will spend our lives missing you! Until We Meet Again… Hagerstown, IN USA Posted 18/08/2019 Robyn Richardson Mick Jordan Spencer Clark...God I miss you so today. Don't know why it should be different than any other day, but I miss you mate. The rain is slowly falling down and I am reminded of times with you when it was raining... Does the hurt ever go away? I don't think so really, I think we just get use to it, if that's even possible. What I wouldn't give for just one more day with you buddy! To say I love you and how much of a Friend you were to me at trying times in my life. I wish I had been a better friend to you. Two people in pain it seems can't really help the other. A sad truth. But I am so thankful you came into my life for the brief time you did! My life is so much richer for you having been a part of it. I guess I just wanna say... Thank You, I love you, I miss you more than there are stars, and Ill see you again!! Sing with the angels my friend and rest in God's Love. Give Mom a hug for me. Cheers. Posted 18/02/2020 Mick Amy Jacob Lee. I love you and miss you so much. I keep fighting this disease in honor of you. You will always be in my heart. Posted 26/05/2019 Amy Michele Duncan

I lost my oldest child and only daughter,Rachel, to an accidental overdose of prescription medication on 3/8/2014. Rachel was 32 she battled with addiction for years, she also had long periods of sobriety, but her last relapse took her life, as well as ending my life and her kids lives as we knew it. Rachel was beautiful, smart, funny...stubborn, brave, generous.....I miss everything that was my daughter, My only daughter and my first born, Rachel Elizabeth Walton 1/22/1982-3/8/2014

CedarCity,Utah USA
Michele Duncan
Emily Galvin I lost my 29-year-old son to an accidental heroin overdose on August 15, 2010. He struggled against his addiction, searching for resources that just weren't there. It is my most fervent wish that no other mother go through this and I hope in some way I can work to prevent someone else from experiencing the anguish and loss of that special love between mother and son. Emily Galvin Rae My fiancé died 16 weeks and 1 day ago, the day after our daughter's 2nd birthday around 5 am. He died from a heroin overdose. Something that he struggled with since 2012. He even said this was it, if I don't stop now its going to kill me I'm sick of heroin ruining my life over and over again, destroying our family, destroying myself. I got this Rachel I'm done. And so he was doing good for a while got himself clean and put himself into an outpatient rehab, until the rehab basically told him that they couldn't help him, and of course that did not help at all. He relapsed because he thought that if they couldn't help him then no one could help him, he got really bad that time, but then he picked himself up again. Got himself clean again. Stayed sober for what I thought was a few months however after he died I found out that I was wrong. I found out that he was extremely bad this time. The night of our daughter's birthday he was high and that was something he had never done, was be high around our daughter so I knew he was way to far into this addiction. We of course fought and yelled and I gave him and ultimatum, us or heroin, pick one, me and our daughter or heroin. He chose us or at least I thought he did. He said he go to rehab and get help, I fell asleep for an hour that night ( I didn't want to sleep because I had this gut feeling he was going to die) , but I ended up falling asleep for a short time and woke up to him not breathing with no pulse. I don't know if anyone else on here was the person to find their loved one dead from this awful disease but if you were you know how terrible it is. I tried to save him and do CPR until the paramedics came, however they couldn't save him either. Now I have to raise our daughter by myself and she'll grow up without her daddy, and I will live my life without my soul mate all because of heroin. Addiction in general is awful but there's nothing like addiction to heroin. Billy was the most amazing person I have ever met in my life until he met heroin. He will forever be the love of my life. He died two months before his 25th birthday. I was with him since we were teenagers we were high school sweethearts, not often do people stay together from the age of 16 and on, we would have been together forever, we had so many plans, we had a future, until heroin came into our lives. I love you Billy forever and always, Emma and I miss you so much, it hasn't gotten any easier just worse... I need you, I can’t live without you, I don't know how too... 5.19.90 - 3.11.15 </3 Rae Bob & the girls To: Thomas McLeod Brock I have another daughter and still the same strong wife, someone that I will love for this and my next life. We didn't know you'd left us for another place and we still don't know if you chose to quit the human race. You were my friend and as close as a brother I guess. We did things our way and made quite a mess. Surrounded by daughters, sisters and wives who tried to help us all through our lives and now that I am reaching into my own twighlight. We both know that parents are right! Bob & the girls Tracy Lynn W. My son, Branden, died by overdose on July 16th, 2010. It was his 3rd overdose within 4 months. He was 23. His death broke so many hearts and had especially negative effects on those closest to him. He was, is, and always will be loved and deeply missed. Tracy Lynn W. Alexa Rest In Peace Nicole. You're gone, but will never be forgotten. I love and miss you more than words can ever begin to describe. You will always be my big sister and not a day goes by that I don't think about you.. like mom always does.. xoxo your little sister.. Alexa Sharon On March 8, 2015, my son, John, died alone in a motel room. According to the toxicology report, he had alcohol, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl in his system. I knew he was an alcoholic and used cocaine, but I had no idea he had taken heroin. Then I learned what a toxic combination heroin laced with fentanyl is -- many times more powerful than heroin alone -- and how prevalent it is becoming, even in small cities like Lexington, KY. I wish there was something I could do, to see the people who sold him this drug prosecuted, but I know that's impossible. Like every other drug, it's a supply and demand problem. Still, at least in my son's honor, I plan to take part in any awareness/prevention program I can. Sharon Jessica Today I would like to honor my baby sister, Julianne Alyssa Dulis, who tragically passed away unexpectedly of a Heroin/Valium overdose on June 26th, 2014, at the young age of 24. Julianne was absolutely amazing. She was smart, beautiful, kind, and adored by everyone who knew her. Our family was destroyed that day. Life, as we once knew it, would never be the same. Our hearts shattered. A part of each one of us died with her. My sister was not a seasoned drug addict. She had only been using hard drugs for a little over a year. But, that's all it took to take everything from her. Including her life. I have now been clean and sober for 1 year and 19 days. It is not easy. Every single day is a struggle. Many days I just want to throw in the towel. To give up. But, I have a little girl. A little girl that I want more. A little girl who loves me. A little girl that I don't ever want to see me high. A little girl that my baby sister wouldn't want to see be raised by anybody, but me. So, I fight the toughest battle I may have have to fight each and everyday. I refuse to end up another statistic. I Love You Emma Rene! Thank You for saving Mommy's life AGAIN! And Thank You Boogie for watching over us and keeping me strong on days I couldn't do it alone. Watch over Mama Boogaloo! Let her know you're there. Please. I Love You. Jessica Bernadette Our beautiful boy Ricky there is not a second of the day that we don’t miss your love, bear hugs, humor always to make us laugh with your quick wit and smile. Our one of a kind child nothing will ever look, feel, or be the same without you. Rest in sweet peace our beautiful loyal boy.💔we will never stop saying your name and do all we can to end the stigma of substance use disorder 💜 Bernadette Kelley My friend Jackie Kurz was one of the kindest woman ever. We met in a rehabilitation treatment center & I was her "Mom". Just a title given to the one who makes you feel better about being in rehab. We were both older heroin addicts, in our 50-60's. Both miracles, not using for the first time in many decades. She had over 2 yrs. clean when she overdosed. I am coming up on 3 yrs. clean the end of July. I just want to pay tribute to my amazing sweet beautiful friend Jackie. May you rest and until we meet again, I admired you and your strength ? Kelley Kim In memory of my amazing sister Luisa- who's soul was too beautiful for earth- who's heart was fragile and who's love changed the lives of everyone she ever crossed paths with.  Her body was taken by an accidental overdose after being clean and strong and fighting so hard to live.  As heartbroken as we are that we can't see her silly smile and hear her giddy laugh we're reminded that although she's no longer in view- her energy is ever present.... Just a little less orderly.  #teamlu #hakunamatata #overdoseawareness Kim Terri Mccann On drug awareness day today like every day I miss my son Patrick who I lost through addiction. My heart breaks so much it’s so painfully raw just to say his name ... sending love out to the families who lost loved ones through addiction. Also have a daughter Kate who lost a limb through addiction and is still lost in the world of addiction 💔 Posted 31/08/2019 Terri Mccann Laura Missing my dear brother Patrick Margotta more and more everyday. You fought such a long hard battle, but unfortunately it got the best of you. Our world just isn't the same without you. RIP until we meet again. Laura Heather I lost my husband and my son's father on October 30th 2016. He had 4 years clean after serving a 4 year sentence. We were going to get us all together in Boston to start over once we had the money to do so..He had a car..a great job and healthy caring friends..he decided to use again one would be the last. It killed him. I fought the battle against heroin to keep him alive just to get him in that jail cell back in July of 2012..and in the end it was indeed dope that would be there for his last breathe. He had such a beautiful heart but a tortured soul..I'm at as much peace as I guess I can be..I hope he is too. Never be another you Brian...never. Heather Jill I lost my 19 year old son, Nick, to an accidental heroin overdose. I miss him terribly and ache for him every day. He was so beautiful and had such a good heart. He wanted to live. I am forever broken that I couldn't save him. I love and miss you so much Nick. There are no words to express the depth my sorrow. 05/16/99-01/22/19 Posted 26/08/2019 Jill