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International Overdose Awareness Day is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind. Time to Remember. Time to Act.

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Hosting your own International Overdose Awareness Day event or activity, or attending one, is a powerful way to stand together to remember people who have lost their lives to overdose.

Campaign Resources

We provide campaign materials to share within your community to help prevent overdose.

Remember a lost loved one

Post your tribute to a loved one who has passed away from an overdose.


Donate and help to raise awareness of overdose and spread the message that overdose is preventable.


Tributes to lost loved ones

Michelle My son Simon told me on the 4th of June about his addiction, he then went in to long-term rehab in Oct 2014 which was for 6 months.On the 31st of January the rehab center phoned me at 8.45am to tell me my 20 year old son was dead. He had been in rehab for 4 months. The shock, pain and overwhelming unbearable feelings as a mother, for his father and brother..I can`t even begin to explain. I spoke with my son 4 days before his death and he was happy about getting out of rehab, making plans for his future etc etc and now there is nothing. Its all over and just gone, my family had planned to visit him on the 5th of march which would have been his 21st birthday - which is one week from today, and now nothing. My son was the most kindest, sweet-hearted person you could have known. He never saw fault or badness in anyone.I´m not just saying this because he was my son, anyone who knew him or meet him would tell you the same thing. I can´t begin to say how we are going to cope with never seeing him again, never be able to tell him again how much we love him but I can say that for 20 years I was the mother of a wonderful, beautiful son who give me so much joy and happiness any parent could wish for.So now even though i´m broken and can never be fixed again, even though a part of me died with you Simon, thank you for all the amazing memories you gave me. We love you, we miss you and life will never been the same without forever and always.Your mum, dad and brother Patrick. Michelle Tribute Andy Heslop Remembering Joesph Patterson - a good mate, a fantastic musican, and a wonderful human Posted 20/12/2019 Andy Heslop Tribute Janice Dearest Justin, Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I miss you so much and want and am so proud of you. It was never easy for you, even as bright that you were. I didn’t acknowledge your physical and emotional pain, but I loved you dearly. You always seemed so in control and I didn’t think this would be be the end. I love you forever. Mom Janice Tribute Freda My gentle spirited son died on Sunday, May 22, 2016 from a fentanyl-heroin overdose.  He was my wordsmith, my wickedly humorous, tender hearted boy.  Forever adored. Freda Tribute Aunt Mo In memory and honor of my handsome and very special nephew Greg Devon. There isn’t a day that goes by without thinking of you….at times I cry and other times I smile and say one of the famous sayings you had :). We knew when you were young that you were a special person, and you held true to that. God needed you with him to work your special magic in heaven. You fought the good fight and I am so proud to be your Aunt Mo. Thank you for all the beautiful memories that will forever be in my heart. Until I see you on the other side…know that I will love you forever. XOXOXO Aunt Mo Tribute Lori Lucus U are missed!Peace be with all affected Lori Tribute Ariana Dear Dad, It's been 11 years since your stroke. I miss you everyday. Alcohol and heroin abuse destroyed you physically, but it didn't destroy the amazing memories I had with you. I will always love you.   Ariana Tribute christi My Pumpkin. My sweetest little girl. My Caylen. I miss you. I think of who you would have become had drugs not wrapped it's icy fingers around you and left you alone and then lifeless. You were so smart, funny, compassionate and not least of all beautiful. You could have been anyone you wanted to be but instead, you are gone too soon. My heart is broken. christi Tribute Carol Morris

The stigma of addiction has haunted my family for 20 years. On 08/11/2019 I lost my 5th child to a overdose. We must stop this demon from destroying or taking anymore life's!!! My heart aches for my children, but , I must go on without them.

Posted 16/08/2019
Carol Morris Tribute
Jo In remembrance of our beautiful mother who we lost 26 years ago. Love you always Jo, Tania, Jonny, Kerry, Coral, Brad, Tylaa, Corey, Tarkan, Joshua and Naite xx Posted 29/08/2019 Jo Tribute Amanda Joppru

In Memory of my cousin William (Bill) Rollins. You are so dearly missed and I wish I could have taken away your pain. Love you.

Hinsdale, MA USA
Amanda Joppru Tribute
Betty The worst day of our family's life, June 8, 2018. The day we found out our son Ryan lost his battle with addiction. The visit you hope and pray you never receive. It still does not even seem real. No child was ever more loved. Until we meet again...…….
Posted 23/08/2018
Betty Tribute
Natalie Wallace

For my Son, my Ryan, my boy.
You've been gone 362 days now and it hurts like the first day every day.
I love you my Son and I miss you so much.
mum. xxxx
Ryan Woods. 24 April 1981 - 16 June 2016.
Forever aged 35.

Cambridge. England.
Natalie Wallace Tribute
Jenny Remembering: Foo, Jordan, Simon, Tammy, Brent, Ryan Love you always and will never forget any of you. I am inspired to continue to work in Harm Reduction to educate others on the risks of overdose. Miss you my friends, so much. Rest easy. Jenny Tribute Roseanne Hughes To: Lee Anne Brown To a great friend and mate You should of never been taken from us but the lord wanted you way too soon Thinking of you each day Love always Your mate Roseanne Roseanne Hughes Tribute Danmi We will remember you always. Our brown eyed boy. Love you forever, mom and Dad, Eric and Caleb Danmi Tribute Priscilla Today I honor my beautiful daughter Brooke. She was two days before her 18th Birthday when an overdose from Heroin. While she lay on  a dirty floor dying, others looked out for themselves and didn't call an ambulance until she was dead. I believe that the universe has a way of providing. It shows its' way in so many simple and beautiful way. I am faced with a decision. I can discuss with all of you how much I hate the man whose selfishness and addiction was so great that human life ceased to have meaning over his needs. I can share how much pain he has caused our family. We can perseverate around the decisions he made back in 2012, that not only took my daughter's life but also killed a piece of me alongside her on that dirty floor. Most of you would join in that pain and understand how I arrived at hate, I choose another path. I choose to honor the beautiful gift that was given to me April 29, 1994 and taking away April 28, 2012. A almost perfect circle of 18 years. Brooke was the embodiment of light in a dark world. She was wise beyond her years and often taught me the lessons of Grace and Love long before I understood the academics of adverse childhood experiences and trauma. In honor of Brooke I choose to find Beauty and Love where there should be Darkness and Pain. Each day I will share with you an experience of good, so that we may rejoice together in the glimmers of the Angels of light among us. In the end, Love is how true change happens. Priscilla Tribute Michelle My only brother, Joey, overdosed on heroin, cocaine, and xanax less than 2 weeks after his 29th birthday.  He battled addiction for almost half his life.  He finally had a year off of cocaine and pills when our mother found out she had cancer.  6 months later she passed away, after an awful fight, and he went off the deep end.  He'd stay sober for a holiday or a visit with my boys, whom he loved with all of his heart, but it was always short-lived.  On January 29th, I received the call I had dreaded for years, he was gone.  Sometimes it's hard to believe he's gone, I will hear someone with his booming laugh or catch a view of someone who looks like him and my heart stops.  My 3 yr old son has told me on more than one occasion that he still sees uncle Jojo so maybe he's not so far away. Michelle Tribute Catherine naderzad Rest In Peace my beautiful son Noah Naderzad💜you left us at 30 on April 21st 2019.... my heart is broken how can I do life without you !! I miss you more everyday ... I wanted to save you so bad .... but I couldn’t Posted 06/08/2019 Catherine naderzad Tribute Martha To my brother Michael grochowski who died of alcohol poisoning on October 14, 1993 at the young age of 41. Mike lost his battle with his demons years ago when he first started smoking pot in HS. Unfortunately Michael and I didn't get along and it got progressively worse when he turned to heroin. Omg he became crazed but I loved my big brother. There was something we had in common..we were both adopted to great parents. After my Dad had to go into a nursing home due to Parkinson's disease we both lost it. And when our beloved mother Anne died on July 4, 1992 neither one could handle losing our beloved mother. A little over a year Michael moved to Tucson was off heroin but he turned to drinking. I was living in Florida and I received a message from our Mom's lawyer that said "Michael was dead. Call our office" I thought for sure that my Dad also named Michael had died. I had a friend call the nursing home only to be told that my Dad Michael was fine. I thought that it was some kind of mix-up. Unfortunately I was wrong. My handsome, intelligent big brother Michael "drank himself to death". I talked to the ER doctor who treated him and she told me coldly "your brother drank himself to death and he died a terrible death"...charming doctor right? But then I thought she had seen all the track marks that I saw on his body when I was getting him admitted to rehab years ago. He was wearing one of those awful hospital gowns and I noticed all the track marks on his arms, legs. In between his toes every where on his body and I cried. The doctor just thought he was just a worthless junkie but Michael wasn't. He was very intelligent and got a Bachelor's degree in psychology. He became a social worker, he played the guitar and drums, he could Michael had so many friends!! He was an extrovert and I was an introvert. What I found out was that Michael started playing guitar in a band and he was introduced to the "devil's drug..heroin". It was awful watching him suffer from withdrawals and it got scary for me to be around him when was on Heroin. I don't remember how many times he tried to kill me.. running after me with an axe, injecting my food and drinks with God only knows what. The last time I saw my brother alive was the day I was flying back to Florida and Michael was gaunt, always mumbling and before I left I begged him to come to Florida with me we would both go to rehab together. Unfortunately I flew home to Florida and he drove to Tucson. Since he had no contacts he had to go cold turkey cross country as his wife drive. I knew the hell he went thru and 6 months after our Mom died my big brother, my only sibling died if alcohol poisoning..6 months later on our Mom's birthday!! Anyway I forgive you Michael and I pray you are at peace now. You are in Heaven with both our parents. Love you Michael..6/18/52 - 10/14/93. RIP your sister Always... Martha Martha Tribute Ajitshwor Human value is first priority in all around the universe. So, Government should give right to live, equality and liberty without any discrimination and stigmatization. Universal access to care, treatment and support should be available/provided to all human beings regardless of differentiation.
Posted 25/07/2018
Ajitshwor Tribute
Amy Cooper My beautiful son, Jon died on July 7, 2014 as a result of an accidental overdose from illegally prescribed opioids. He was just 26 and embracing a life full of hope and dreams in Silicon Valley as he was building a start-up software company. His loss is so profound and so preventable. The waves of grief follow and impact the many family members; parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, along with Jon's girlfriend, his puppy, many friends, and a community that lost a bright light with so much yet to give. His story needs to be told as all the others that we have lost and continue to lose. We all need to stay steadfast in our efforts to bring awareness, education, and accountability to our medical professionals/community, and offer support, empathy, and help to all those impacted by the disease of addiction. Amy Cooper, Mother and Outreach Director with the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse San Francisco Amy Cooper Tribute Patricia Rush My heart is in heaven with my Granddaughter, Amber Nicole Ciccarelli, 10/25/1990 - 10/28/2017. She fought her battle so hard but when we thought that she had won, the sickness snuck in and I found her in her room, too late to be revived. Her life is not defined by the manner of death. Amber was the energy in the room and the light in the lives of everyone who knew her. A petite young lady with a amazing beauty both inside &out who was so smart that she made dean's list every semester, in her quest to give back as a juvenile counselor. The genocide of our children by opiates must end - it is stealing the soul & future of not only the addict, but also those that love & adore them. Blessings to all that share this grief. Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, USA Patricia Rush Tribute Ed

Holding you close.
In memory of JNZ. 4/11/94- 8/17/17 💚

Mpls, MN
Ed Tribute
MR To the love of my life, My Basim. I miss you more than words can ever say. MR Tribute Lisa S. Carl S. born 6-6-94 dies 6-10-94 Carl, no words will compare to the pain and suffering each moment without you. I have the best memories of your smile and laugh and the love you spread to all around you. I hope there is a better plan for you where you are, you deserve happiness and peace my son, I love you xoxoxoxoxox Lisa S. Tribute Whitney I don't always agree with the decisions God makes. But I know He makes them from a position of love. And He knows best. I am grateful for the time He has given me to experience His love through my husband. A love that will never be forgotten. It may seem like I will miss you forever but my faith tells me it won't be long and we'll have eternity together. I love you Mikley Jervis, forever and always <3 Whitney Tribute Robin Kellner and John Sicher My darling Zoe, There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you, miss you terribly, wish for one more hug, one more word, long to hear your laugh, want to feel you, need to hear your voice, need to see your smile. Life without you is not right. But we're doing wonderful work, work that you would have done yourself but for one mistake, one night. I think you would be proud of all were doing, and Zoe, it's all for you, in your memory, in your honor and filled with so much love, forever. We miss you so much. Robin Kellner and John Sicher Tribute rickie My daughter Heather lost her battle to heroin on January 8 2018 rickie Tribute Diane roman To my Coley, You are missed more than life. How we are going on is mystery but we have no choice. My girl I would always say I did not have a daughter but I had my Coley. Waiting until I am with you again. Love aunt Didi Diane roman Tribute Laura Thank you for all that you gave to your peers, you are loved, respected, missed, celebrated and valued Posted 26/06/2019 Laura Tribute Daniel Hieb Daniel Hieb Tribute J Joshua S, you were a such a sweet guy with great aspirations of becoming a lawyer. I will always remember you for having such a sweet demeanor and caring personality. God be with you. Ft. Lauderdale J Tribute Taylor Walls In memory of Andrew Brian Bond Born May 22, 1991 Death June 1st, 2019 Loved by so many.. I’ll love you forever Andrew. Posted 13/06/2019 Taylor Walls Tribute Patty

My son Ryan John Moylan passed away on June 11 2016 he was 30 years old he left behind 3 boys Cayden 13, Nicholas 12, and Ryan jr 7. He was left to die because no one would call 911. My heart is forever broken I miss my son with all I am.

Granite city il
Patty Tribute
Mercedes Christian: There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t wish you were here with us. We miss you more and more each day. So sad that his happened to you. Love Caden, Mom and Dad, Charlene Josh Marcus and Olivia. Posted 18/07/2019 Mercedes Tribute Debbie Dobson My Angel Morgan Thompson (Dobson) , my only child, my life. Missed by so many. 12/12/84-5/28/14, Forever 29. There are no words to truly express the pain and sadness we endure daily. Losing you has changed me forever and I never thought I would say "I am so grateful to have so many memories" of all our vacations, school events, camping trips , ect to re-live.By far the signs of your presence beside me at times bring me the greatest pleasure. Keep sending clear signs as you watch over us. Until we meet again , know you are thought of everyday, your name spoken out loud often, keeping you alive until that day arrives XOXO Everett, WA, USA Debbie Dobson Tribute Fay I will always love you Brandon!! Thanks for loving me from the start!! Fay Tribute Amy Jeffrey Ross was as beautiful inside as he was on the outside, always smiling, wickedly funny, skilled DJ, break dancer , animal lover & optimist unfortunately Jeff didn't ever reveal his pain & masked his emotions with meth & oxy. On Wednesday morning July 29, 2020 Jeff Ross accidentally overdosed on those 2 substances & the person with him was not aware or too frightened or just plain passed out , maybe also close to death but didn't notice Jeff had overdosed & by the time they noticed something was wrong, Jeff was dead. I wish it hadn't happened. I miss you. I never imagined this could happen until it did & I'm so sorry I wasn't a better friend to you. I love the gentle, kind. beautiful soul that I tried to dismiss but you didn't seem to even notice as you swept me off my feet & disappeared. You should still be here, I hate that you're not. Amy Tribute Larry Our loving son, David, age 43, died alone in a tent on our campsite from opiod overdose on August 2, 2020. Toxic supply of fentanyl had been on our streets . David had a kind and generous heart. He loved everyone and was loved by all who knew him. He saw himself as a rescuer of those who were weaker and more vulnerable than himself - perhaps a product of his actual heroism at the age of 8 when he saved a 3 year old girl from drowning in a storm drain. He always thought he was stronger than the drugs he took but he died several times to be rescued himself by first responders. He was alone. We were in the trailer just feet away. I found him at 10:20 a.m. Our profound thanks to first responders, Hill and Robinson Funeral Home, our church family, to St. Leonard's Society Smart Families group ( for parents of addicts - a group that was so helpful ) our family and friends for their love and support in this most difficult time. Larry Tribute Carolyn On April 7th this year one of my best friends who I loved with all my heart lost his decades long battle with opiate addiction. Ryan was a beautiful young man who came to Iowa from California in a last ditch effort to get clean in 2013. He would have turned 36 this past June. He was a rare soul, whose kindness and warmth made everyone around him feel like everything was going to be okay. He was quiet and reserved and ultra sensitive and had a sense of presence - of really being there with you in the present moment like no one I'd ever met before or since. I keep searching for a photo of him I took one spring as the sun was setting outside this farm house where I was staying in Iowa. Him and I were both early on in recovery, both clean and sober, hanging out, throwing old scrap wood in a burn barrel and laughing. In the picture he was smiling with his whole face - all dimples from the corners of his eyes to his lips. He had so much hope at that time. I can't find the photo, but I'll never loose the memory of him, or forget how he made me feel. I love you Ryan, and miss you every day. <3 Carolyn Tribute Rob Satara Nicole S. 6-11-1987 to 2-4-2017 We met in the fall of 2006 at a Movie Theater in Hollywood, CA called the Arclight. And instantly there was a special bond that evolved over a 11 year period. I would always tell people and even today who ask in a voice of pure joy say "We Were Friends" who just loved and excepted each other. We gave each other a gift of love and friendship. Not one phone call or text message ended without us saying "I love you". Satara's gone but she wasn't the kind of soul that disappears or dies out. She is with her favorite people and family everyday sending love to them. In my life, I have never known anyone more beautiful, more kind, and more loving than you. We will celebrate you and love you for all that you are. I want you to chase your dreams. I want want you to fly higher. I want you to enjoy all the adventures life throws at you. But when you are done dreaming, flying and achieving don't forget there is someone waiting for you at the place where it all started. MY BEST FRIEND I LOVE YOU. I MISS YOU Rob Tribute Melissa To my fiance, best friend, and the love of my life. It has been 3 months since you left this Earth. Everyday is a struggle without you. Your parents, brothers, sister in laws, niece, and nephew miss you everyday. I will never understand why this had to happen to you. You had so much life left to live. Everyone who met you loved your smile, your personality, and your love of life. I have known you since elementary school and remember you as a leader, an athlete, and friend to all. It was many years since I had seen you but by the grace of God you came back into my life. Everyday with you was an adventure. You made me laugh even in my darkest days. We both were struggling with our addiction to alcohol. We fought demons in our lives everyday but that fight brought us closer together. We prayed daily to be able to overcome that addiction but tragically it took your life on June 17th, 2019. I will never be the same woman you fell in love with. I smile on the outside like I'm fine, but my heart hurts terribly. I beg God to somehow let me wake up from this nightmare. Since your death I have been to rehab and am now in a recovery house long-term. I have vowed to remain sober and honor your life as it should be. I am participating in Overdose Awareness events to spread the word to those who are suffering with the disease or family members who continue to fight to help the ones they love. Jake, I will do everything in my power to help others who are suffering as you and I did. I look at the stars at night and pray that you are looking down on me saying "That's my girl!" I love you with all my heart and soul and look forward to the day I will see you in Heaven happy, healthy, and proud of me for trying to help others suffering. Till we meet again my love, you are always in my thoughts, heart and soul. Your love, Melissa Posted 18/09/2019 Melissa Tribute brandon R.I.P to my awesome uncle matthew. he was an amazing person an we all miss you from the botto of our hearts . fly high free bird Posted 05/04/2019 brandon Tribute Lori In Honor of my Beloved Fiance Donny who died of a cocaine overdose on May 9th 2019. Rest in Peace my Luv - Fuh-ev-ah💞 Posted 05/08/2019 Lori Tribute Ally I love you David Lee. Til we meet again. Memphis, TN / USA Ally Tribute henry you had demons you never deserved. rest easy now henry Tribute Vanessa Perales On 2/11/04 I lost my Mom to an overdose of heroin. It's so hard to go on without your Mom. I miss her so much. She will always be loved in my heart, and in all the hearts of her kids and grand-kids. RIP Mama Patty Jean Adams. Forever in our hearts   Vanessa Perales Tribute Sherri Costello

Daniel Costello. Our beautiful 24 year old son .....Loving,caring,compassionate, fun-loving, and so missed by his mother and father. We wait patiently for the day the Lord Jesus reunites us all again. We love you Danny. <3

Posted 07/03/2019
Sherri Costello Tribute
Lauris Hawley Kathryn L. Ames-Peters 8/28/74-4/30/15 Not a day goes by without thoughts of you, we love you to heaven and back. Posted 11/05/2019 Lauris Hawley Tribute


Wearing a badge, wristband or lanyard can signify the loss of someone cherished and sends out a message that overdose death is preventable.


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Remembering those who have died – or been injured – because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day. If you would like to commemorate somebody, please add tributes here. Tributes will be posted on this website as soon as they are approved.


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