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International Overdose Awareness Day is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind. Time to Remember. Time to Act.

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Hosting your own International Overdose Awareness Day event or activity, or attending one, is a powerful way to stand together to remember people who have lost their lives to overdose.

Campaign Resources

We provide campaign materials to share within your community to help prevent overdose.

Remember a lost loved one

Post your tribute to a loved one who has passed away from an overdose.


Donate and help to raise awareness of overdose and spread the message that overdose is preventable.


Tributes to lost loved ones

Anonymous To the love of my life, Steven. I will love and miss you with all my heart, forever. I wish I could wake up and this would be nothing but a horrible dream. You will always be my best friend, my soulmate. Until we meet again....when we do, I will never let you go. R.I.P. Steve. 5/3/1967 - 7/6/2010. I love you. :'( Anonymous Tribute Brittany I miss you so much Justin. Was it intentional? Is every time you use, a toss of the coin? Somehow, signing over your life every hit, every pill. I needed you and now I will never get to tell you how sorry I am for being such a terrible sister to you. Rest in peace. 2/27/78-3/16/14 Brittany Tribute Brittney To my beautiful daughter Brittney: You had a big heart and looked out for others. I'm so sorry about everything that caused you to decide to use. You were loved by many. Especially by me and your son. You were so strong and yet so fragile. I will never be the same without you. Love Mom Brittney Tribute Elizabeth My best friend Vlad Mateescu passed away due to a heroin overdose on August 13, 2014, eight days after he turned 29. From the moment I met Vlady, I fell in love with him. How could you not love him? He had such a unique personality, a beautiful smile and he brought joy to everyone he was around. Whenever I was around him, it was like nothing else mattered. He had such a love for others, and his light shined for all to see. He was the glue in most of his friendships. He never judged anyone and he was always the quickest to forgive when he was wronged or hurt. I will try and remember Vlady with smiles and laughter, not with sadness and tears because he wouldn't want that for me. I have so many good memories with Vlady in the 11 years that I have known him. I remember when he joined the Marines and how much respect I had for him. He was determined to make a difference in his life and he was going to work harder than most to do it. He graduated top of his class, and man was I proud of him. I know that I will never have a friendship again like I did with Vlady because there is no one on Earth that is like him, and there never will be. He was the BEST friend I could ever ask for and a piece of my heart left with him. Thank you Joanna and Christian for bringing such a beautiful soul into this world, he forever changed my life! I love you Vlady and I will never forget you.   Elizabeth Tribute Robin R.I.P. To my sister and best friend, Taryn Lyle. You were and still are loved. I got your initials tattooed on my wrist since we never got to get our matching ones. Everything good I do in my life will be for you. I will never stop missing you! Xoxo. -your bestie for life, Robin. T.M.L. 10/9/84-7/27/16 *** if you are currently struggling with addiction, please let your loved ones know and build a strong support team. You are loved. Robin Tribute Susan Domenique was a creative and vibrant soul who touched many along her much too short journey. She is remembered as a kind and gentle soul, a good listener, a lover of animals. Although she is dearly missed, her light shines bright. Rest in peace beautiful, beautiful girl. Susan Tribute Vicky Ryan and Gary, RIP. Glad we met. You made an impression. Love, Vicky xxxx Vicky Tribute Theresa My ex brother in law, Michael died of an accidental overdose recently. He had battled drugs and alcohol for YEARS. He overdosed with two doses of the stuff that's supposed to bring you back sitting next to him. His youngest brother found him, he tried to revive him and gave him a shot. EMS also gave him a shot. He was gone. The devastation to his sons and grandchildren and those of us who loved him is immense. Anyone who knows this road, knows how it is to love an addict and worry they'll die or become a vegetable. Michael, you were a great guy with many talents. Your infectious laugh and smile, the way you listened to your loved ones, how you said the funniest things (HOLY UNDERWEAR, for one) . I wish I could have taken away the pain you had, physically as well as mentally. You are missed, you were loved and always will be loved. I truly hope you finally found peace. Theresa Tribute Katherine June 3, 1993 - Feb 25 2016 Maxwell T. you were an important part of my life, we got into a lot of fights but I did love you and will continue to do so for as long as I live. It's a tragedy you left so soon at the young age of 22. I knew you had demons, I knew you were trying so hard to escape them... I wish I could have saw you one last time. I still dream about you often, i'm either surprised you're still alive or you have turned into an angel and is advising me how to live my life. I think you'd be shocked to where I am now. I know I am. I wanted to save you. You were kind, smart, had so many dreams and interests. It makes me sad thinking about all the things you wanted to achieve, how I feel I failed you. It's not my fault, I know. I couldn't save you, no one couldn't. This was your third overdose and your last. I am still having a hard time dealing with your loss. I hope to see you again. love, Katherine Chicago, IL Katherine Tribute Anon To Simone I will always remember your warmth, openness and your love for your brother, husband and dogs. Anon Tribute Mom, Dad And Logan To Sumnner Ann Kesty - you are always in our hearts. We will never let you be defined by your addiction, you were the center of our universe and continue to guide us in love and in spirit. You were an artist, an athlete, and most of all a good friend. We remember the good times, the laughs and the fun. We miss you beyond words but know that we will all be reunited one day. Until that day sweet girl, stay close and continue to make your presence known! Big hugs and love Summie. Mom, Dad And Logan Tribute Amber In memory of Corey Wayne Gilbert. Overdosed on Heroin in January of 2016. Amber Tribute Diane My forever 30 year old son James Masciantonio Jr. 11/27/1984-2/27/2015. (Philadelphia, Folsom PA & Delray Beach, Indian Shores FL)   My world is forever changed without my son, nothing matters anymore, nothing feels good, no reason to smile, laugh or just enjoy......  I hate saying but that's how I feel.  My son was beautiful, kind, loving, a true gentleman, intelligent, he had a gift to make me laugh, his laugh was contagious even when they were few and far between.   Unfortunately, Jimmy was sick and the system failed.  Two thirds of his life he used some sort of drug just to feel "normal" as he would say.  We tried doctor after doctor to treat his depression.  He would found recovery back in 2009, he was dedicated to the program, we fell in love and fathered a child; my now 6 year old grandson and my son's namesake.   After having surgery in 2011 he suffered a relapse and struggled ever since.  His girlfriend kicked him out of the home, separated from his son who adored him.   From 2013-2015 he lived with me, it was difficult, I watched him struggle everyday just to deal with life..... Mid January 2015 he wanted to be back closer to his son and moved.  But that was not meant to be, he wasn't allowed by the mother of his child to see his son and became even more depressed.  Unexpectedly, he relapsed and returned to heroin but this time it was laced fentanyl.  He was clean and sober for 6 months.  A murderer walks the streets of Florida dealing heroin laced with fentanyl!   Rest in Peace my Angel Son, you earned it. Diane Tribute Sandi Mc My angel my star Jen. Jen passed away on November 5, 2005. She died from drowning and multiple drug intoxication. She had a dumb accident because she was high and slipped in the bathtub and knocked herself out and drowned. You were my best friend, my daughter, my love. I will miss you forever. Sandi Mc Tribute Elaine James Idzikowski 07/02/1976 - 12/08/2016. We will always love you and miss you Posted 20/06/2019 Elaine Tribute Aliyah Dad, I still have the birthday card you gave me when I turned 3. You wrote that if I ever needed you, day or night, just ring. I wish I could ring you right now. 17/09/2020 Aliyah Tribute Shannon In loving memory of my daughter Kaylia Fannin. You left us 9/4/2019, some days it feels like yesterday other days I feel like I have forgotten your laugh,.. You live on in my heart, and in the hearts of your brothers grandparents aunts uncles and friends. Shannon Tribute Anon This is not so much a letter of commemorating a passing loved one, but this is a letter of tribute to those who are doing it tough and struggling with their use of drugs. all of these people on this page have had to deal with the passing of a parent, sibling, close family member or friend. they have had to deal with such a high level of grief that is unimaginable, and for those reading this and are struggling with the abuse of drugs, please, you dont want your loved ones to be posting a tribute to you and how you've sadly passed. and to my best friend louise, i dont want you to go like that, as much as it is a way to escape the realitys of real life, its not something to get a habit of. i want you to know that i love you like my own sister and i cant and dont want to imagine life without you by my side. there is a way out, there are people who love and support you, no matter who you are or what you do, you are never alone in this world. that dark cloud cant hover over your head forever, you will get out of this, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes you just have to work harder to see it. "surrender to what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be" Anon Tribute Linda We miss you Justin so had been just over a year now July 01/19 that you were taken from us by Fentanyl . You kept trying to get on your feet so many times & have that normal life you craved for. But in the end the struggle got the better of you and you relapsed. I wish there was not a poisoned drug supply out there because so many lives would still be with us. I did not view his death as an overdose because Fentanyl was present. He did not stand a chance.... Till we meet again darling which I am sure we will...xoxooxox Mum Linda Tribute Deanna The call came on a Monday night, 4 months ago. The worst day of my life! My loving, beautiful, kind, empathetic only child, Ian, was gone. Screw the five stages, I am just incredibly sad. He was, and stiil is, the love of my life, and his generous soul is missed by so many. God help me carry on in his honor and hugs to all who have to endure this pain. Madison, WI USA Deanna Tribute Debbie (Mom) I lost my dear sweet son Brandon to a heroin overdose on April 26, 2013. He was only 29 years old.  Still not a day goes by, that I don't miss his smile, his touch, his voice.  Children are NOT supposed to go before their parents!  It's just so unfair!  Something needs to be done about this!  We are losing far too many lives due to this addiction!  This drug does NOT discriminate!These are kids from all walks of life.  Most come from loving homes!  For those people who may judge them for being addicts- these kids were just as precious to us, as yours are to you.  They are NOT bad people!  They have a disease, and it's called addiction!  I pray that something gets done about this addiction, before we lose more lives to this drug!  My heart and prayers go out to all parents, who have lost a child to this addiction-and to anyone else who has lost a loved one to heroin addiction Debbie (Mom) Tribute Brianna D'Angelo Ray, My sweet dear brother it's been about 2 months since your passing and we miss you every single day. Everything was so unexpected and as I am healing and accepting the fact that I won't be able to see you one last time, I know now that your at peace. I will do everything I can to keep your amazing spirit alive. Your are so very loved and will forever be in our hearts brother. LLD 03/18/2002-07/01/2020 Brianna Tribute Debbie

Honoring Joey Ritchie on 8/31 and everyday

Statesville, NC
Debbie Tribute
Trish Brian Sampson passed in October 2015. Brian you are not forgotten. You are free now. Trish Tribute Laura Thank you for all that you gave to your peers, you are loved, respected, missed, celebrated and valued Posted 26/06/2019 Laura Tribute Carrie Remembering you and the memories we've shared is still almost unbearable. You were the light in my life the one I thought would be with me until my end ,not your end!! You were filled with so much laughter on the outside but I knew something  was always bothering you.I wish I new how to help you!! If I could go back in time maybe I could have saved you!!I can never let you go ! Carrie Tribute Yvonne IN TRIBUTE TO JENNIFER NICOLE HIMES. My only child passed away at age 34 in April 2020. She had battled the demon for years. I found my sweet child upstairs.on 4/24/20. She was already gone, there was nothing I could do to save her. The pain of losing her is unexplainable. I love her to the Heavens & back. Mom Yvonne Tribute Colin Ellington Will Brennan, you will always be my bestfriend, pledge brother, and brother for life. Our pledge class still always talks about you every day remembering all of the great memories you blessed us with. I love you brother, rest easy. We will all see eachother again.
Posted 08/11/2018
Colin Ellington Tribute
Yonda Burns My husband's family awoke to their mom’s terrified screams when she found their dad dead on the kitchen floor. His cause of death was no secret. Remarkably, she raised 4 children while working and attending college. Cutting a long story short, I fear my husband’s alcohol and substance abuse will cause him to repeat history. He has told me he wants to feel what his father felt just before he passed. So I asked him why he would consider putting his own son and myself through such devastation. He claims he wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Yet his reckless ways seem to prove otherwise. We love and need my husband so much. The thought of losing him scares the crap out of me. As a recovering addict myself he’s made it very difficult to stay sober. I can honestly say that his loss opened my eyes and made me strong. I can’t even remember what I ever saw in that crap. It literally makes me sick! I dread the times when he sucks me back into that lifestyle again. Honestly, I feel I have no reason to use any more. I turned to drugs as a teen to numb the pain of depression. I was molested at a very young age and suffered loneliness after a failed marriage. Well, I’m finally happy with my life. We have a beautiful family and everything we could possibly want. So now when he turns to drugs it makes me think he’s not happy with his life. I feel like less of a person or that I’m just not enough for him. Is it too much to ask for a little normalcy? I never got to meet his father Robbie, who was only in his early 30s, but he is loved and missed by many. I also KNOW he would want better for his son. Yonda Burns Tribute Mom Wayne, you are my world. Always were and always will be. I miss you more than words could ever say. I will be with you again...I love you. One Love. 1/14/85 ~ 4/1/11 Mom Tribute Lisa H In memory of Jesse Rogers, heart of my heart. The world is less for your loss. Til we meet again - Moms Posted 09/08/2019 Lisa H Tribute Donna Andelora Joseph Andelora 02/06/90-12/23/12 Dance with the Angels my beautiful boy! Missing you forever and always💔
Posted 29/08/2018
Donna Andelora Tribute
Cindy To my son Jeff. You promised me you would never overdose because it would break my heart. Your drug dealer broke that promise when he gave you heroin with fentanyl. I miss you so much , I can't wait to get to heaven and see you again. Cindy Tribute Kathleen FOR MY DAD CHARLES FORT/DAVID MICHAEL DUFFY I miss you everyday. More importantly, I want the world to know I love you. I loved you no matter what. I wasn't always happy about your choices but you were my dad. I hope you are smiling down on me and see the work I do, see your grandkids.  They know you. They love you. I am trained to use naloxone. EVERYONE who is dealing with addiction at all levels should do it.  I hope it is available where you may be. MY FATHER WOULD STILL BE ALIVE. IF NOT, START A MOVEMENT TO MAKE IT AVAILABLE. IF IT IS -GET TRAINED. Kathleen Tribute Melanie Dear Justin, Everyday we celebrate you and honor your legacy. Everyday we thank you for the many gifts you gave to us because you were in our lives. Everyday we think of memories of you that make us laugh, smile or cry. Everyday we miss you. Everyday we love you. Please keep looking after us and guiding us towards happiness. We all love you so much! ❤️ , Us🐾 Melanie Tribute Amanda Tomorrow I have to bury one of the greatest people I have ever met due to one of the worst kinds of diseases known as addiction. I will cherish every memory I have with John and try and educate others to possibly prevent someone else's best friend from leaving their side. Do not give up on the people you love due to their addiction, and do whatever you can to guide them to recovery because the pain of losing my best friend is like no other and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I am so happy discover IOAD exists. I love and miss you so much John and will never ever forget you or the memories we share. You always brought brightness to every dark day and I hope you can rest in eternal peace. Love you to infinity. -Mander Amanda Tribute Lou lou

My son my heart is broken . I love you forever my love.

Philadelphia Pa
Lou lou Tribute
Brian McC This is a tribute to my daughter Kathleen, who died of an accidental overdose at the age of 22. Kathleen, I hope you've met your grandmother and uncle up in heaven, and that the burdens of this earthly life are gone. I think of you hundreds of times a day. I keep my chin up, while tears make their way down my cheeks. You will be remembered forever, and always loved. Dad Brian McC Tribute Aunt tiff For you my beautiful bray!!!! Aunt tiff Tribute Kelly In memory of my beautiful son, Kenneth Charles Grym whos passed away January 8, 2010 of a heroin overdose. Rest peacefully my prince... All my Love, All my life.... Kelly Tribute Irene Remembering with love our younger son and brother, Robin, who tragically died from an accidental heroin overdose on 18 November 1997 aged 27 Heroin has lost her hold over you, but we will never lose you as we will always hold you close in our hearts forever. love, Mum, Dad & Sean xxxx Irene Tribute Glenn C To my daughter left us too soon. Armani, Brenda and I miss you so much and wish with all our were here. WE LOVE YOU HONEY.
Posted 07/08/2018
Glenn C Tribute
Angel Can't believe you're gone Dylan. My 23 year old son gone because someone killed him by giving him fentanyl. He left behind two daughters age 2 and 8 months. He had just moved out of our house. He died 3 months to the day him and my grandchildren moved out of nowhere. We kept our son alive 23 years and he was only a pot user. So confused? What happened baby boy? We love you Dylan. God won't let them get away with this. So brokenhearted. Posted 03/05/2019 Angel Tribute Lisa My daughter Shannon, forever 31, passed in March 2018. Was not an overdose but sepsis and endocarditis due to IV drug use. Addiction kills in more ways than one. I always knew overdose was possible but never thought about a heart/blood infection. We miss her very much, she was a beautiful soul. I love you my girl. Posted 01/09/2019 Lisa Tribute Laura Kiel Baker Forever in my heart, never to be forgotten. 11-23-86 -08-01-16 I will join you when it is time, Love always Mom Fort Worth, Tx Laura Tribute Mommy To my beautiful son, Shawn Sperling. Forever 22. We will always celebrate your beautiful life, your never ending love and your amazing, contagious laugh. That laugh that was voted "the best laugh" in the yearbook will never be heard again. Heroin took you from us 11 months today. Your many friends and family miss you and celebrate you every day. This terrible addiction didnt define who you were. You were everyone's best friend. Everyone's soul mate. What started an an OxyContin prescription quickly became a heroin addiction. Three days out of rehab and you were gone. Shawnie, my Ninja turtle, I am so thankful that I got to be your mom for 22 years. Keep sending me butterflies. I will love you forever. My baby you will always be. Soar my Shawnie. Soar. Until we meet again. Forever in our hearts. I love you. Xoxoxox Mommy Tribute Allison A This is a tribute to a friend, a son, an uncle, a grandson, a nephew. Brian we love you so much and miss you every day. For anyone who reads this and knows of someone struggling with addiction, please love them. Help them get the treatment they need, but no matter how many times they stumble on the path to wellness, please love them. Tell them and show them how much you love them. This matters so much. Tell them they matter, and give them the strength to know that they dont walk alone. Addiction is unforgiving, but with love, we can help others overcome this, and we can do it together.
Posted 17/08/2018
Allison A Tribute
Mollie Remembering my daughter, Amanda Mairie Carroll. Our loss is always with us but we find comfort in remembering her as she was and the light she brought to our lives. She was kind and funny - a daughter, sister, niece, friend - worthy of love and compassion. She had an affliction that took her life in the end. We love you, Mandy. Rest in peace. Mollie Tribute Jack R.I.P Sam Daniels R.I.P Stacey Higginbothan R.I.P Aaron Short R.I.P Nathan O'Sullivan You'll never be forgotten and always in my heart We are all born into this world with the potential to be anything, but unfortunately some of us are born with a sickness inside us known as been a drug addict. It has taken some of the best humans I've ever met! Well before they ever reached their potentials. I have so much anger because there is not enough support to help drug addicts, we have a serious sickness. There is help for people with cancer, people with disabilities and people with illness. Addiction is no different we are just as sick if not sicker but there is no where near enough help. I hope that things start to change because to many beautiful humans are being taken away from family, friends and children everyday. Jack Tribute Amy To my baby brother, Nick, who died of a Fentanyl overdose September 6th, 2017! I miss you every single day. I struggle, wishing there was more we could have done to help you beat this demon called "addiction". You were more than an addict!! You were a kind, funny, intelligent, loving man! You were 9 days from being clean one year. You had your sweet baby girl, I don't understand why you used again that day, right in front of her. Mom will never forget finding your lifeless body in the floor, too late for Narcan, with your little angel begging you to wake up! I don't understand, but I forgive you...again. I love you so much and I promise to share your story in hopes of helping just one person! I know you finally have peace in the presence of Jesus. I loved being your big sister! I miss your laugh, I miss rubbing your back, but mostly I miss being your sister! I love you! RIP 6-5-79 - 9-6-17...38 years old!
Posted 18/08/2018
Amy Tribute


Wearing a badge, wristband or lanyard can signify the loss of someone cherished and sends out a message that overdose death is preventable.


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Remembering those who have died – or been injured – because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day. If you would like to commemorate somebody, please add tributes here. Tributes will be posted on this website as soon as they are approved.


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