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International Overdose Awareness Day is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind. Time to Remember. Time to Act.

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Hosting your own International Overdose Awareness Day event or activity, or attending one, is a powerful way to stand together to remember people who have lost their lives to overdose.

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We provide campaign materials to share within your community to help prevent overdose.

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Post your tribute to a loved one who has passed away from an overdose.


Donate and help to raise awareness of overdose and spread the message that overdose is preventable.


Tributes to lost loved ones

Patricia In loving memory of my beautiful son, Timothy John McGowan, who was taken by this terrible disease on October 27, 2015 at the young age of 25. He was trying so hard to do good, had a great job, was really working hard at his recovery, got out of rehab, attended his meetings, went back to his busy job and school.  Had been on Naltrexone daily and was running out and went to doctors to get vivitrol shot, but they required he get a blood test first, he was waiting for the call back to get back in for the shot, broke down, got a pill from someone and then he was craving apparently and could not find his Percocet (which was his drug of choice) so he ended up getting what he thought was heroin and it was 100% fentanyl and it killed him.  He had never overdosed before and the paramedics and cops didn't have narcon when they arrived.  The doctors office finally called back the day after he died, too late! His last note to himself on his phone was to call them again.  I never thought this would take him, he was full of life, hardworking, fun, but unfortunately as a result of injuries and surgeries, he was instantly hooked on his pain meds.  Medications that our great country allows to be prescribed to anyone, even though they were told they are non-addictive. Now that they have hooked so many addicts they will make money on of the antidote.  This is such a disgrace that our country can't stop drug companies and drug dealers who are now killing people selling a drug they don't they are taking and its 100 times stronger.  My handsome son, had so much life ahead of him, now I have to live with this empty, horrible pain everyday for the rest of my life.  I struggle to survive each day, and look to my angel to give me strength, as he was so strong, but not strong enough to overcome this illness.  Don't be fooled to think that your loved one will be okay, they need help for a long time and possibly vivitrol to keep the receptors in the brain from craving the drug.  It takes years to stop that craving.  It is truly a horrific disease.  And unfortunately a lot of people are ignorant to the fact that it is a disease and not a choice for people. I pray that they don’t have to experience the vicious cycle that becomes the life of the addict and those that love them.  We really do live in a world where people judge, and are cruel and as a result those suffering live in shame and don’t share and reach out to those that who could help them.   I live in a world of why’s now and will always have so many regrets that I didn’t treat his illness as just that and make people aware of it, although most people don’t want to help and stay away unless the afflicted want to help themselves.  Most people just go on and want to live their own lives free of this sadness and all the negativity it brings.  I continue to witness that.    Prayers for all those that continue to suffer with addiction and all those that we have lost on the way.  My baby boy will forever be in my heart and soul and my love for him is eternal.  I do have a very special angel.  I will always be proud to call him my son.  Love you forever my beautiful son Timothy. Patricia Tribute Mark Julia Mahr Rest in peace inocent child. Hear me when i speak to your family. See me make a difference to another life. So sorry inocent Friend Mark Tribute Jaclyn Munk, your sister My beloved brother JT, who passed into heaven Dec 5th 2012 10:55pm. No longer suffering from his exhausting 14 year journey through addiction. I miss and think about you every day. I know you're always with me, until we reunite in heaven. Every day that passes without you here, just gets harder and harder. I love you JT! Jaclyn Munk, your sister Tribute Kat Cordes Amanda Ann Haas If love could have saved you you would still be here with us♡ May 8, 1993 -3/10/17 Napoleon, Ohio USA Kat Cordes Tribute Elizabeth Berndt Our son Zachary died on August 30, 2013 of a heroin overdose, while living in a very strict halfway house for addicts. He battled his demons for almost 10 years. When we were looking for a reading for his funeral, I came across this poem that said everything so well. I am including it here. I am free Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free, I’m following paths God made for me I took his hand, I heard him call Then turned, and bid farewell to all I could not stay another day To laugh, to love, to sing, to play Tasks left undone must stay that way I found my peace, at close of play And if my parting left a void Then fill it with remembered joy A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss Ah yes, these things I too will miss. Be not burdened… deep with sorrow I wish you sunshine of tomorrow My life’s been full I’ve savored much Good friends, good times A loved one’s touch Perhaps my time seemed all too brief Don’t lengthen it now with grief Lift up your hearts and share with me, God wants me now… He set me free. Elizabeth Berndt Tribute Linda My grandson, Alan, lost his battle with addiction November 10, 2019. He was 29 years old. I had called him that night at 11 PM and we talked 3 minutes. We made plans to meet the next day for dinner (I was in Virginia for a visit) We discussed how he was holding up and staying clean and sober. We discussed how drinking was just another drug and he acknowledged he needed to work on that. My last words were, "I'll pick you up after the shower (baby shower) tomorrow. I love you !" He responded, "I love you too Grandma" and we hung up. That was the last time I ever heard his voice. He was found the next morning by his father (My son) and appeared to have died around midnight. My son and his three children, Alan being the middle one, have struggled for many years with addiction. As we speak, my son and his older son DJ fight daily to stay clean. His daughter, age 27 is in a methadone clinic program and has been since her brother died. I pray I never have to feel this pain again. RIP Alan Michael, until we meet again..............Love GMA Linda Tribute Meagan I'm writing this to honor my late husband, who passed away from a heroin overdose, two years ago on September 3rd. His name was Johnie Hawkins, and he was amazing. He was such a loving, kind, funny, intelligent and just all around good person, and I miss him every single day. Johnie struggled with drug addiction and depression for years, before I met him in 2006, and throughout the duration of our relationship/marriage. He wanted so badly to be free from the addiction, and he got help a few times. He was clean off and on for years, and he really did try. I did the best I could to be supportive and there for him, but it just got to be too much and I basically checked out. I just couldn't handle the awful things the disease brought out of him...the lying, stealing, manipulation, etc. He was still so sweet and amazing to me and our children, yet at the same time the other horrible things were going on. It was truly like he was two different people. I know he hated himself for that, and I know he wanted better for us all. We loved him so much and always will. He should be here now.
Posted 03/09/2018
Meagan Tribute
Anna My dear baby bear Jake, it has been almost 18 months since you left us. Not a day goes by that I wish you were still here.  I know you are watching out for all of us who love and miss you. I love you son, LOVE Mom Anna Tribute Ryan RYAN MOORE Let me introduce you to Ryan Moore. As a 25 year old, Ryan loved life and all it had to offer. Ryan loved music, playing drums, going to concerts especially with mosh pits. His favorite band was “A Day to Remember”. He was caring, empathetic, and had the biggest heart. He had many new things in his life – his own apartment, a girlfriend, a job cooking at a restaurant that he loved. He worked many hours, but said that was good because it kept him busy and gave him a chance to save some money. Ryan told me that he wanted to set up a weight bench in the basement so that he could start working out again. Working out made him feel good. Ryan did not have much in his apartment, but what he had I know meant a lot to him. Ryan was working hard on being an adult and being independent. As his mom, I was so proud of him, but I was also scared. Having a child that suffers from substance use disorders and been to rehab more than once, leaves you cautious. I did not ask the hard questions to my son because I was scared of the answers. Now I live with the guilt of those unasked and unanswered questions. I never sent Ryan money. I was afraid that he would buy drugs or alcohol. Instead, I sent care packages. In early December 2018, I sent Ryan a care package. Ryan lived in CT while I live in FL. Ryan texted me on Sunday, December 16 that he received the package and loved the blanket. We said that we loved each other. At 4:00pm on Monday, December 17, 2018, my life forever changed. I got the call that Ryan was dead. My youngest son was gone. Died alone in his apartment. It was ruled accidental overdose (heroin with fentanyl) but I call it drug – induced homicide. No one was ever charged with his murder. The bright and promising future for my son is gone. Ryan’s addicted brain won the battle and he lost the fight on December 17, 2018 at only 25 years young. I found out after his death that he was going into rehab that day. I will never see my son married, become a father, go to college, become an uncle to his brother’s children. I miss his smile. I miss his laugh. I mostly miss his hugs. There are no more new memories to be made. All I can do is make sure that Ryan did not die in vain. He was too special to this world to be forgotten. Opioids killed my son. I am forever changed because I am forever heartbroken. I am Forever Ryan’s Mom. Remember his name, Ryan Moore. Ryan Tribute Misty Corbett Cassidy Brianna Rachelle Seward 11/30/93 - 8/28/12 Forever young and beautiful. We love and miss our sunshine. Misty Corbett Tribute Carolynn My soul...Luke 💜 1/25/2018 Posted 25/08/2019 Carolynn Tribute Niki My granddaughter. NIKKI, LOST HER MOTHER LAST SEPT.  Nikki had just turned 2 in August.  HER NAME IS LARAE JACKSON.   SHE ALSO HAD 2 OTHER CHILDREN.  MY SON, KENNY AND HER WERE TOGETHER  ABOUT 4 YEARS.  LARAE WAS VERY YOUNG( I BELEIVE SHE WAS ONLY 27). HER OLDEST DAUGHTER  FOUND HER AT HER GRANDMAS HOME. SO SAD!  LARAE HAD BEEN TRIING TO STOP USING HEROIN FOR MONTHS.  WHAT IS REALY BAD IS THE HEROIN WAS ADMINISTERED TO HER BY SOME GUYS AND THEN SHE WAS LEFT TO DIE.. THE NEEDLE WAS FOUND BEHIND A DRESSER IN THE BEDROOM..WHAT IS GOOD IS THESE GUYS ARE BEING PROSECUTED.  LARAE WAS A VERY INTELLIGENT BEAUTIFUL  WOMEN FROM THE QUILEUTE TRIBE. SHE WAS A GREAT MOM WHEN SHE DIDN'T USE..MY SON HAD BEEN CLEAN AND SOBER FOR OVER A YEAR AND WAS TRING SO HARD TO GET HER INTO A TREATMENT PROGRAM, AS DID HER PARENTS AND MYSELF..SHE HAD A BED DATE. ANOTHER  THING THAT IS SAD IS SHE PREDICTED SHE MIGHT DIE FROM AN OVERDOSE. I LOVED HER SO MUCH AND I MISS HER EVERYDAY. NIKKI LOOKS JUST LIKE HER MOM. SO I'M  ALWAYS REMINDED OF HER. KENNY REALLY LOVED HER ALOT AND HE MISSES HER TOO.HE IS A GREAT DAD.THANK GOD NIKKI HAS HIM.  OF COURSE, SHE ALSO HAS HER QUILEUTE FAMILY IN LAPUSH AND MYSELF AND MY FAMILY HERE IN PORT ANGELES..AND, OF COUESE HER SISTERS, TAYLOR AND BRIANA.. HER MOM IS HAVING A TERRIBLE  TIME DEALING WITH HER LOSS.  IT HAS ALMOST BEEN A YEAR, AND I KNOW THAT DAY WILL BE HARD ON HER AND ALL OF US.. THANK YOU GOD FOR THE TIME WE DID HAVE WITH LARAE AND ESPECIALLY FOR LARAE  BRINGING NIKKI INTO THE WORLD..LARAE LIVES ON THROUGH NIKKI. T HEROIN IS REALLY BAD IN OUR CLALLAM COUNTY. .WE GAVE HAD MORE OVERDOSES IN THE STATE THAN ANY OTHER TOWN OR CITY.  I BELIEVE WE NEED MORE EDUCATION AVAILABLE TO OUR COMMUNITY AND ESPECIALLY IN OUR SCHOOLS..I BELIEVE THE LAW ENFORCEMENT NEEDS TO CRACK DOWN HARDE R ON THE DEALERS..EVERYONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE SO WHY AREN'T THEY IN PRISON?  IT'S CRAZY!! I JUST DON'T  UNDERSTAND  WHY THIS TERRIBLE LETHAL  DRUG IS STILL AVAILABLE IN OUR COMMUNITY,  AND ESPECIALLY SO MUCH OF IT. WE AREN'T  THAT BIG, ONLY AROUND 19,000 PEOPLE.. WE NEED TO RID OF IT ONCE AND FOR ALL! IN CLOSING,  I JUST WANT SAY," I LOVE AND MISS UOU, LARAE.  YOU R IN MY THOUGHTS AND HEART EVERY MOMENT.  WE WILL RAISE NIKKI TO BE THE BEST SHE CAN, I PROMISE.  UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, FAREWELL Niki Tribute Terry This is for my friends who have went on Kayla there isn't a day go by I don't think of you. To my other brothers and sisters we'll someday somewhere passed the sunset. Terry Tribute Robyn and Brea’rose Philip, at 32 you're gone. You missed so much; being a Dad, having a life of recovery. Who knows where we could have gone? I know you didn't mean to. Please rest in peace Robyn and Brea'rose Tribute Melinda Marie Michael Joseph Jackson How can I start to say what pain he felt through his life? Everyone judged him; his color, his nose, his face, the mask? His pride, his dignity, his self respect, the world took them away from him. So this little darling grew up singing what he felt in his heart. God sent him here to speak the truth of the suffering of people and animals. Michael was a young man trying to understand his purpose as we all do. But Michael was special, he was different. A lonely child growing up falling in love with a house mouse to the man/child dancing and singing and dancing like the greatest stars who ever entered the industry at the age of 8. Michael Joseph Jackson. My legend, my Hero- The Love Of My Life! Baby I would have given you all the lovely children your heart desired! You are the True King of our Century and now we are going to fall hard down without you! Melinda Marie Tribute Corinne C. My daughter lost her father. Kindest, gentlest man I ever knew. So intelligent and talented... not to mention handsome. We miss him terribly... Corinne C. Tribute Rosemarie Timmy, I am so very very sorry.  I think I made just about every mistake in the book. I'm sorry, I did love you and I know you're at last at peace. Rosemarie Rosemarie Tribute Bevin Denis you are missed and your friendship is missed. Bevin Tribute Heather   On July 4, 2015, I lost an irreplaceable part of my heart, my cousin, Trey Fulford, to a heroin overdose.  He had been clean for 4 months and then like a blink of an eye and a needle to the vein, he was gone.  Our small little town here on the east coast is being overran with heroin. Trey was such a sweet soul and had a smile that could knock you off your feet. I miss him more than I could ever put into words. Heather Tribute Jo In remembrance of our beautiful mother who we lost 26 years ago. Love you always Jo, Tania, Jonny, Kerry, Coral, Brad, Tylaa, Corey, Tarkan, Joshua and Naite xx Posted 29/08/2019 Jo Tribute Anna I lost the love of my life on feb 27th 2017, Michael, we were getting married, so many plans, and this drug took hold of you more than our love... You said we would be together for ever and ever, and Im here alone , not a day goes by my love that I dont miss you and still love you with all my heart and soul....You are my soulmate, my love, my man... I love you , Always Your Anna springfield,mass Anna Tribute Julie B I am a Woman of great strength. I am a Mother of an Angel. I lost my son, Aaron on December 17th, 2013 to a heroin overdose. Aaron - born August 31, 1986 - died December 17, 2013. When the detective told me what happened, I had a heart attack and had to undergo open heart surgery. I was NOT able to make the viewing for my son's services, but I was released from the hospital an hour before the funeral. I showed up at the church 10 minutes before the service began. The last time I spoke to my son was the day before in the middle of the afternoon. I got the call about his death that next morning around 9.30am. He was my ONLY child. I cry every day at some point. I still look for him standing in a field as I am driving down the highway. I long to hear his voice. I ache to have his arms around me. I wait to hear his voice. Even though his phone is disconnected and no longer in service, I cannot delete his contact information. Since his name is Aaron, he is the first one that shows up on my contact list on my mobile phone. I just want the picture there as a memory. I have deleted his Facebook page because I just could not bear all of the messages people would keeping posting. It has helped. It helps when the sun shines and I feel warmth. I love looking at sunsets and sunrises. It reminds me that there is a new day. I love cloud formations. Some are amazing and remind me there is a Heaven and that is where my son is. This pain is more than could ever be explained to another. I manage without any counselling or drugs. I live each day as it is given and keep on giving my heart to others. I love you my Son, My Angel. I will keep on loving you and missing you forever. Momma Julie B Tribute Judy D January 11, 2012, a day that will live with me forever. The day I lost my firstborn Son to an methamphetamine overdose. I love & miss that beautiful smile John. ~MOM Norwalk, California, USA Judy D Tribute Dan David.R died way to early.. Heroin took his life after a long hard battle.. He is my twin and always will be.. I feel guilty for not helping him more.. I love him. But I pushed him away because of all his lies. He was a great man taken from a terrible disease... I would give anything to have him back... Or help someone get off this devil and change their life. Dan Tribute Marissa M In memory of my best friend, Ian Glosup, 05/1992-12/2012. The evil drug heroin took away your precious life. I love you so much, and you're alive in my heart forever. RIP Marissa M Tribute Christina McLaughlin

To my very best friend,my first Love&Father of our first born,Kylee Marie,JB Bennett,you will forever be deeply missed,as of today,August 30,2017,it's been 1year&30 days since we lost you to your demons.The pain we feel everyday is unimaginable😢It's a pain&A void that we will never get back.The pain will forever be there.This drug too my daughters father 19 days before her 16th Birthday.I hope by having these vigils&being aware that this drug does not discriminate and will not stop unless we all keep our children and loved ones wide eyed to what this drug can really do because the effects are everlasting for the families..To all those we have lost Please keep watch over your loved ones,to those who are still fighting,keep fighting,know YOU ARE WORTH IT AND THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT LOVE YOU even when you feel you're not loved and to those,like myself who have lost someone very close,just know you're not alone and WE WILL find an end to these tragedies...UNTIL OUR SKYS MEET.I LOVE YOU JAY❤️

Christina McLaughlin Tribute
Sarah LiCalzi

Kenneth J. Wade,
Your family and friends love you and miss you so very much. I love you with all my heart. You changed my life for the better. You will never be forgotten. I love you Kookie. Monster out.
Your Sarah 💙

Mobile, Alabama United States
Sarah LiCalzi Tribute
Faith I pay tribute to my step mother who lost her battle with addiction tonight, 02/06/18. Jeromesville Faith Tribute Sara

Paul was a very unique individual. He was kind, loving, creative, artistic, musical, had a great sense of humor, hard working, concerned for others, a wonderful Brother, Son, Father, and Friend. Paul and I were in a relationship for 10 years and had a beautiful daughter together. When our daughter was 4 we stopped dating and later became best friends. Paul suffered from both mental illness and drug addiction for most of his teenage and adult life. He had so many demens inside him that tormented him. He may have had a drug problem but he was a good and beautiful person who put himself into drug rehab several times. The final time he went to drug rehab and got out I asked him how he was going to make sure this didn't happen again and he responded, "It's just trial and error, that's all we can do in life." He was a hero to me. He perservered threw life and every time he relapsed and fell he sout out a way to stand back up and try to walk again down the road of life. He was a wounderful father to our little girl and she loved him so much. When Paul didn't show up for work, which was very much unlike him the police were sent to his apartment where they found him on his bed. He must have been there for about a day. They couldn't tell he had overdosed initially so an autopsy was performed which revieled that he had both Cocain and Fentynol in him. Fentynol has been going around being cut into drugs such as Cocain and Haroin but most recently specifically in the county where Paul lived. Paul didn't know that the Fentynol was cut into his Cocain, otherwise he would still be here with us today. Paul was Paul, exactly as he was and he was loved in his entirety by his daughter, mother, sister, me, friends and God and he loved all of them back in return. I know he is finaly home were he truly is able to be happy and free. He is leaving us to love, remember, cherrish, and honor his memory and the memories we all shared with him until we can see him again when we come home to be with our Lord.

Sara Tribute
Daina N Dempsey In memory of Joey Dempsey... My brother, a son, uncle, daddy and friend.RIP 4-28-15 Until we meet again... I dont do it for you but in memory if you #ODAAT 10/16/16 Ily xoxo Daina N Dempsey Tribute Sister To: My little brother Ash It has not been a year yet and my heart is filled with pain, I talk to you often, I wish you could do the same. One day we will meet again and we will talk about this pain. Love your Sister x Sister Tribute Kimberly Chilcott I lost my son to a heroin overdose just 9 months ago, David Windsor "Thaddeus" Batchleder July 3, 1991-November 20, 2013, age 22. Rest easy Pooh, we miss you so much and we love you more than all the world can hold. Kimberly Chilcott Tribute Lynn, Kristyn, Mya, and Kayden To: Ryan We lost you last June 29, 2012 from an unintentional heroin overdose. Kristyn has not been the same since. She misses her husband so badly. Kayden misses his daddy; he looks just like you, Ryan, and has your sweet, gentle disposition. He's 20 months old now. Mya misses her stepdad. She's 5 now. I miss my sweet son in law. You are loved dearly by so many people. Lynn, Kristyn, Mya, and Kayden Tribute Daisy There is not a day that goes by where you don't cross my mind. You were and always will be the light of my life. This whole time I thought I was teaching you but now I know it was you who taught me. Jeffrey Gut, September will always be a dark month for the rest of my life. They say it was an accidental overdose, but it doesn't matter anymore. You no longer have pain and can be as free as the wind. I see you when I close my eyes and I feel you when I don't know what to do. You are the best fiancé a person could have. I wish I would had seen the signs. You are the kind of person God gives a girl so that she knows what loss means for the rest of her life. Please be always with me. I love you Jeffrey Gut. April 11,1996-September 27,2015 Daisy Tribute Christina Almost 3 years ago you left us but I lost my father way before then. The strong man I grew up knowing was taken away long before you passed. You spent your life teaching your children to never be weak, to be strong and work hard but drugs took away that person. I miss the man that raised me so much. Your children really need you but it's too late now. Christina Tribute Tanya C My Darling Paul Its only been a little over a year and I miss you more to day then ever. I know our sister feels the same and we grieve together, trying to comfort each other. but the pain never goes away and the sadness still lingers and the loss s to much to bare. I keep your urn on my hutch and talk to you everyday, I kiss your urn in the morning, and long for you in the flesh to just speak back to me and say good morning sissy! I talk to you threw out the day and sing your favorite songs on the radio, i remember the good times and try to share the memories with anyone who will listen. I try to keep your spirit alive, keep you memory fresh, and honor your existence for the short time you was on this earth. I hate that you was going threw so much pain, you turned to a deadly drug to cope instead of me or our sister. I can never understand why you did not reach out to me, i would have done anything for you, Your gone and i can never have you back, nobody can. Tanya C Tribute Kristen Sharp (your baby girl) I am 16 and from Kentucky and still grieving my dad's death even though it was 12 years ago. I was 4 when he died. He died 4 days before my birthday. My mom would tell good stories about him and if I asked how he died she would say he was sick and died in his sleep. That was true but she didn't mention it was an accidental drug overdose until I was about 11. I was in communicare and on antidepressants before I even knew this. And when I did learn it was his OD, I didn't think much on it until I was about 13. At 13 I felt he chose drugs over me and started to feel worthless. I kept it pushed to the back of my mind but after a couple of years I cracked. At age 15 I was cutting, burning, hair-pulling (self harm), making suicide plans and suicide notes. I was hospitalized twice that year. I hated my dad. Here's how I view/viewed things; if your own parent doesn't love you who will? He chose drugs over me so he didn't love me? Then when I got suicidal I hated him for leaving me in this cruel world. I wished he had killed me first. I honestly still hate my dad and I self harm occasionally but I am no longer suicidal. But it is his fault I am this messed up. I love him because I have to, I hate him because I want to. In memory or Thomas Les Sharp (Tommy) Kristen Sharp (your baby girl) Tribute Randi May you now Rest In Peace, Daddy. Posted 06/08/2019 Randi Tribute Brenda Sheena Moore 31... loving mom , daughter and sister ., lost her on 6/9/16 to a fentanyl overdose after years of sobriety .. Sheena would not want us to cry: she would want us to fight Cuyahoga falls Ohio USA Brenda Tribute Katrina To my cousin and dear friend. Gone but Never forgotten Katrina Tribute Kema Pike

Remembering Jonathan Glenn
AUGUST 27, 2015
Jonathan died from Accidental Overdose
Everyday my heart aches from the loss of my son.
Please visit
Remembering Jonathan and Jeremy Glenn on Facebook today....

Pell City,Al
Kema Pike Tribute
RK Since 1982, I must have been to at least 25 OD funerals nearly all of which followed a period of abstinence and usually involved alcohol. My friends died because they bought into the lies of prohibition. Addiction is a chronic disease, the symptoms of which CAN be easily and safely treated for less than 50 pence a day. Most of us grow out of it if we survive long enough. Annie from Watford didn't live long enough to find out, neither did "Harry" aka Paul F, Emma, Pete, Phil (the Pill), Tam, Mark et al. Let's not forget the partners, parents, friends and family of the above whose lives were distorted by their loss. Victims all of hypocrisy and the War on Drugs (users) Remember prohibition screws you up. Viva RK Tribute Anne, Lynne and Kelly Our dear Colin - we miss you so very much. My son died 10/11/11 of a heroin overdose, still is so unreal and too hard to hold this truth. I ache to have more time, to be able to take away his struggle and pain. The drugs took away my son before he left. We had our beautiful times together - but all too fleeting. His sisters adored him and he was the sweetest big brother who loved them so so much. They too struggled with his choices - but stayed his constant - always loving him. Colin was so much more than his drug use - he was so smart, and gentle and curious about the universe. a unique beautiful being. We love you Colin forever, Mom, Lynne and Kelly Anne, Lynne and Kelly Tribute NICOLE TO MATT AND CARLY, RIP, KEEP EACH OTHER COMPANY, AND LOOK OUT FOR ALL OF US! LOVE YOU! NICOLE Tribute Marj My daughter Liz died in April 2015 to an overdose. The world lost a loving and caring creative soul and my heart is forever broken. Posted 10/06/2019 Marj Tribute Caitlin My darling Jessie, you left this world on 21/11/2017 Your Mummy, Daughter Ruby & Son Toby, Brother Josh & Nan & Grandpa miss & love you so much. I feel like life has stood still since that fateful day we lost you, life will never be the same. Love you beautiful girl. Mummy xxxxxx Lowestoft Suffolk Caitlin Tribute Shonagh Little sister Rowan Marie Soutar..taken to soon on 2.06.16.  There are so many things we still had to do together sis..I still can't believe you are bravely battled the addictions that stole you from us for 12 years..It was so difficult watching your demise..I felt so powerless to help you..part of me dies with you too..I will never be the same with out you..I love you so much..And I will treasure the 34 years we had together forever darlin..For eternity u buckets ...Shon xxxxx Shonagh Tribute Kim Lost my daughter, ASHLEY GAIL S., on Feb 7, 2015 to heroin overdose..28 yrs old, she left 5 yr old twin boys 👼💔 WW, RI Kim Tribute Leanna Green your Mom My Dearest Son, Life is so different without you here. So much hurt daily without you here, most of all your children. Losing you to a drug your doctor put you on is so hard for me to accept. I wish I could just see you face to face. Time is no healer to losing a child. It does not become easier, just different. And when you lose your child to a drug, it makes the heart sadden not just because of the child you lost but to all the parents who say goodbye to their child because of drugs. It seems the numbers are rising. It’s Heartbreaking. I miss you so much son . Love to Heaven Mom Daris S. 11-28-1980 – 11-03-2010 forever young Leanna Green your Mom Tribute Nicole Scott Lauzon, at the age of 37 you left us. This disease has eaten you alive for years. This time was different you had it all together. You had an incredible job, just purchased a condo, staying positive. You would tell me I don't wanna get high this time I think I finally got it.. I would say remember there are only to options if you use. Jail or death.. You were so strong.. I can't figure out why the 1 time you relapsed that was it.. Were you celebrating your success? You were clean almost 3 years.. I am so angry, hurt and in pain. I think about you everyday. Your infectious smile that would light up any room,your heart of gold, your laugh. Our jokes. Your so loved. You are free from this disease.. I love you Scott. I always thought their was more time. Nicole Tribute




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Penington Institute is collecting your information on this page for the primary purpose of staying connected with you and keeping you aware of activities of interest to you about International Overdose Awareness Day. For this purpose Penington Institute may securely provide your contact details to its service providers including MailChimp and WordPress.

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