International Overdose Awareness Day: 31st August

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The world’s annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died, and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind

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Tributes to lost loved ones

Timothy My big brother Christopher. We battled addiction together. I hate that my memories of you are tainted by use, but I'll take what i can get. I talk about you all the time to Oran, he's 6 now and if you heard his emotion and words when he talks about you, you would think that he knew you as long as i did. He sure looks like his uncle. I always tell him you would have been the best uncle possible. I know he knows its true too. He cries real tears of pain for someone that left this earth 9 months before he was born. It makes me so sad but so happy at the same time. You were truly one of a kind. Rest in peace C Gos... the best big brother to ever be. Christopher Damian G. 06/16/1984 - 03/27/2011 . It never gets easier. 7 years but it still feels like we just lost you. Love you bro. Cheers.
Posted 27/06/2018
Bobbi M. My brother was one of the happiest guys you'd ever meet, he made everyone smile, even when he was being completely obnoxious, he could make me smile. Sadly underneath that big goofy smile was an addiction that took his life. He was an amazing father of 2 beautiful girls, a very much loved son to my parents, and a wonderful uncle. He was my best friend, the one person in my life who was always there thru everything from day one, no matter how much we fought, nothing could break that bond we had each others backs always...until addiction took him from me in the blink of an eye. He died at my parents home of an overdose of carfentanyl August 26 2016 no one knew how far his addiction had gone. He is so loved and so missed every single day. Bobbi M. Kira

I want to post a tribute for my 3 friends, Kyle, Joe, and Andrew.


I lost my son Danny Dougherty on Aug. 31, 2016 , he was 24 years young! He battled for 6 years. 8 rehabs , I can't even remember how many sober living houses,. This has to stop! We are failing are children ! This is an epedimic ! It can happen to anyone !

Castaic , LA calif.
Hethir My brother and only sibling was born 22 months after me. He was a daredevil of sorts from a very young age. He did whatever he wanted without thinking of consequences. When he was 2 years old and supposedly napping, my mother got an uneasy feeling. She went to his room to check on him only to find that he'd cut a hole in the screen of his window with blunt-tipped kindergarten scissors and was halfway out of the window. As a teen he started using drugs and getting into trouble. We both did, actually. Well, I never really got into trouble but  we shared acid trips and smoked pot. I took him to his first grateful dead show. I think this introduced his to his favorite lifestyle: following his favorite bands as they toured. He loved and lived adventure. Occasionally trouble found him. He began to steal from my grandparents, my parents and me. He'd been in jail a couple of time and in some mandatory treatment programs. We were a small and close family. The stealing and dishonesty was really hurtful. I expect that anyone who reads this has experienced a similar sense of betrayal. My dad once drove 4 hours in the middle of the night to pick him up from some sketchy street corner in Oakland, California after not seeing him for at least a year. My father says at first he didn't see my brother but pretty soon he and his dog emerged from under a blanket on the sidewalk. Things like this happened periodically over the years. I believed we were connected. One day while I was at work and had not seen or heard from my brother in 2 years, I told my coworker that I thought my brother would be showing up. He walked in to the movie theater I was working at just a couple of hours later. My coworker couldn't believe it. Ryan began using heroin in his early to mid 20's. I think he had a tendency to become bored and chased bigger thrills. He battled addiction off and on for a few years. He would eventually break his back during an accident while on a roofing job. Although this was a few years before his death, I think that occurrence was the catalyst of the downward spiral that would swallow him. I guess, if i'm honest with myself, maybe the start of the fall was the first time he used. However after the back injury, he no longer could find a decent paying job. Having a checkered past, he'd always relied on physical jobs doing construction. The back injury came with heavy painkillers and pretty soon, he was back on track using. When he was 29, he came to live with me here in settle. He and his beloved dog lived with me for a few months until he moved into his own space with mutual friends. He was honest and told me that this move was his last effort. He was tired. If things didn't work out, he was going to kill himself. I understood where he was coming from but tried to argue about his suffering. Everyone suffers, i'd say. What gives you the right to dwell and not try harder? Our months in settle were a gift that I wouldn't realize had been given to me until it was too late. We would talk for hours about everything. His time here only lasted for about 6 months. He'd found a minimum wage job that he hated but lacked the drive to look for something better. Soon enough he started using heroin again. Within 2 weeks, he was dead.  He was found in his room by his housemates with his wonderful dog by his side. That sweet dog had been locked in the room with my deceased brother for about 12 hours before he was discovered. My parent's were relieved when the death certificate said that his death was caused by an accidental overdose. I know in my heart that it was intentional. He had grown tired. There are so many points on the timeline of his life that I look back on and think about the various chances I had to intervene and never did. I wish we had him back. He was wonderful. So funny and smart. A much loved member of our family. I don't think my mother will ever recover fully from his death. Although he died in 2004, my heart still has a hole in it. I can still feel the blunt, acute pain of finding out he'd finally done it. We miss him so much and always will. He was my baby brother.   Hethir Carolyn On April 7th this year one of my best friends who I loved with all my heart lost his decades long battle with opiate addiction. Ryan was a beautiful young man who came to Iowa from California in a last ditch effort to get clean in 2013. He would have turned 36 this past June. He was a rare soul, whose kindness and warmth made everyone around him feel like everything was going to be okay. He was quiet and reserved and ultra sensitive and had a sense of presence - of really being there with you in the present moment like no one I'd ever met before or since. I keep searching for a photo of him I took one spring as the sun was setting outside this farm house where I was staying in Iowa. Him and I were both early on in recovery, both clean and sober, hanging out, throwing old scrap wood in a burn barrel and laughing. In the picture he was smiling with his whole face - all dimples from the corners of his eyes to his lips. He had so much hope at that time. I can't find the photo, but I'll never loose the memory of him, or forget how he made me feel. I love you Ryan, and miss you every day. <3 Carolyn Sharon Randy, we love you, and we miss you. Sharon Patricia To my son, David, who lost his battle with addiction and passed away on October 12, 2018. You are loved and missed more every day. Patricia Shawna Justin, I promise you we will keep your memory alive <3 Forever 31 <3 Shawna Kelly In memory of my son Jake Hammaker who died April 6, 2020 from an accidental overdose. He was a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed soul with a heart to match. He had just graduated from college and was studying to become a doctor. He wanted to help people and loved everyone. He is missed so much and every day is hard to live without him. I love you my sweet boy, mom Kelly Olita To my gorgeous boy, my man, my prince, my soulmate, my whole meaning of being on this earth !!!! Your beautiful heart showed me what love really means, I wish I could save you like you saved me! You fought your demons gracefully but then you gave in Friday June 13th, you're pain-free my angel, I'm taking your pain with me, so go on and throw a party, you've done your mission on this earth. Thank you, thank you for all the beautiful things we shared, I only knew you 2 years of our life but that was enough to know I have truly experienced what other people only dream off !!! I'll make you proud ... Till we meet again xxxxxxxxx Olita Julie Paul, mad and life loving, always and in all ways pushing it to the limit. Gentle man, too gentle for this world. I'll see you in those dreams you burst through and in the faces of the people walking by. I'll see you on the other side where we know one another well. Maryborough Julie Chelsea ?Daddy, I miss you so much, I think about all of the little things that I miss so much everyday, I hate that I can't pick up the phone and host hear your voice, I know you're with me in spirit, but what I would do to have u back, I know in my heart that you made it to heaven with your family and friends that have passed away. I just wanted to say that you're always gonna be my number one hero and my father, my best friend and I will never ever forget all the good times we had since I was a baby, you've always been by my side no matter what... You'll be forever missed and never ever forgotten, R.I.H. FLY HIGH. LOVE YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN... YOUR BABY GIRL CHELS Chelsea Robbin O.G Thank you to all the courageous, strong, Santa Barbara moms, dads, brothers, families, friends, partners, and children who came to honor and remember "All Those Who Walked The Hard Miles, But Did Not Make It." "You're never forgotten". We had a beautiful purple circle of light on the beach". Recovery Fusion Santa Barbara, CA USA Robbin O.G Patti My son Nick ended his life on Tuesday , May 12, 2020. Nick was such a beautiful, kind and loving young man. He was an excellent athlete, a wonderful artist and lettered in academics in high school. Nick went on to Chico State where he was working on an engineering degree. He was the loving son of Rick Rinetti, a caring older brother to his sister Jaime and his brother Casey. He was an incredibly loving son and the light of his mom's life. Throughout his adult life, Nick struggled with addiction issues, but more than that, he fought valiantly. Addiction is a fierce beast and Nick fought hard. He worked a strong recovery program and was very involved with AA. I believe that all of this isolation due to the Coronavirus helped to enhance Nicks's loneliness. Our AA communities really depend on each other for strength and support and during these days of not being able to gather together, it has taken a toll on those who depend on each other for that support. Nick was a beautiful young man, who woke up every day focused on living his best and healthiest life. Nick fought a heroic battle with addiction. He had many sober months, but his disease had a powerful hold on him. Nick did not want to leave this world, what he wanted was a life without fear, shame, and pain. A part of me went with Nick that day and now I will spend time trying to turn this pain into purpose. I love you son and will honor your life in the fight against this horrible disease and the STIGMA that comes with it. Patti Alex Luke and Oliver you are looking down on us from heaven RIP you both are great cousins and will be missed Love you Alex Trisha Shepherd CRIUZ SHEPHERD Always loved...♥️Never forgotten!! Be free my son!! Posted 27/08/2019 Trisha Shepherd Cindy My beautiful son Josh left this world on 6/23/16 from a heroin overdose.  I don't know how or when I'll ever get over this pain.. I found him dead on the bathroom floor and his son only 11 watching as I screamed until I couldn't and didn't want to breathe anymore. The only comfort I have right now is that yoy are with our almighty Lord and nothing will harm you again.   I miss you my Angel may you RIP. Love mom Cindy Theresa Beaumont

R. I. P. Christopher Nelson. You will be missed. I love you. You were the best boyfriend a woman could have.

Linwood PA
Theresa Beaumont
Daina N Dempsey In memory of Joey Dempsey... My brother, a son, uncle, daddy and friend.RIP 4-28-15 Until we meet again... I dont do it for you but in memory if you #ODAAT 10/16/16 Ily xoxo Daina N Dempsey Monica Murray

I lost my daughter around thanksgiving time in 2006. It was one of the worse days of my life. She was only 25 yrs old and overdosed on methadone and benzodiazepines. My heart has never fully healed from the loss.

Saskatchewan, Canada
Monica Murray
Janice Dearest Justin, Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I miss you so much and want and am so proud of you. It was never easy for you, even as bright that you were. I didn’t acknowledge your physical and emotional pain, but I loved you dearly. You always seemed so in control and I didn’t think this would be be the end. I love you forever. Mom Janice Cathy D. My daughter, Elizabeth, lost her battle when she was 23 years old in 2016, one day after leaving another 28 day rehab program. Rest with the angels my sweet girl. We will always miss your beautiful voice and your quirky sense of humor. Love you to the moon and back. Always, Mommy xoxo Cathy D. Annette Stephanie G. Always in my heart and thought. You rest in peace. Thank god for have given me the vlessing to have meet you. Love you tons my big browski phil.
Posted 16/07/2018
Annette Stephanie G.
Lynn My only son, forever 29, left this world 10/02/15. I will miss your smile, your hugs and laughter forever. A part of me is missing. You were an amazing cook who loved to cook for your friends and family. Your love of music was known by everyone and it's hard for me to even listen to it. We will see each other again on the other side my sweet son. Love Mama Dukes.i Lynn Marie Remembering my son Sam Mignoli... Forever#23...I Love You and Miss You! So thankful for your rescue but our hearts are broken without you💔 9/8/92-6/20/16 Long Beach, NY USA Marie Kim

4/7/94 - 8/28/18

My 24-year old son and only child was on the autistic spectrum. Sadly, he tried Meth which was mixed with Fentanyl and it killed him. I write that he was on the autistic spectrum because there is a misconception that people on the spectrum do not engage in substance use. Elias leaves a legacy of love, kindness and exuberance. Elias was buried on August 31st - International Overdose Awareness Day.

New York Posted 31/08/2019
Diane roman To my Coley, You are missed more than life. How we are going on is mystery but we have no choice. My girl I would always say I did not have a daughter but I had my Coley. Waiting until I am with you again. Love aunt Didi Diane roman Stacey Today, on the 19th of February 2013, we are burying my older brother and I just don't know how to find the strength to do this. The pain in my dad's eyes, his children's eyes. I want to take that all away. I want my brother back, I feel so small right now, spinning out of control in a huge world. My brother had a hard life, so many turmoils, disappointments and so much pain. He suffered from mental illness and the ups and downs with that were incredible. Because of his rollercoaster moods and irrational behaviour his relationships where strained and complicated. I'm struggling with my grief because I feel relieved. I feel relieved he is no longer suffering., no longer alone and struggling with his condition and life in general. Regardless of that he was still my brother, my blood, and I miss him so much more than I ever thought possible. I wish I could change the ending, I wish he didn't feel overdosing on prescription medicines were his only option. I wish he knew we needed him and I wish he would tell me somehow just how to find the words today to say goodbye. My heart is breaking. My condolences to all of you other people experiencing loss of a loved one. My prayers are with you all. Stacey Kandice My beautiful grandson passed away on July 4th.  He was huffing computer cleaner and went into respiratory failure.  He died alone outside.  His grandfather found him 3 days after he passed away in the Florida heat and humidity.  I miss him so much it hurts.  Please if anything comes from his death,  learn and know huffing will kill!! Kandice Janet I would like to post a tribute to the following people in my life that have lost their battle with drugs:  Frank Mazenkas (Ex-Husband), Joseph Erhardt (Brother), Jessica Clifford (future daughter in law), Christopher Zawadzki (Future son in law), and Brandon Race (nephew).  May you rest in peace and watch over your loved ones as you help guide them through life down the path of a life of good health and happiness. Although God had other plans for you (angels), I miss all of you and wish you were still here with your family.  Love, Janet. Janet Nichole

March 19th 2016 is the day I lost my sister. She passed away of a heroin laced with fentanyl overdose. I will always remember her for the happy amazing person she was. She always put others before herself and always made sure her children had everything they needed. Her children were well loved by their momma, and now that she is gone there will always be a part of our hearts missing. A void that can never be filled. Though she would have wanted us to be happy and not cry at her loss it's impossible. Her name is Amber Toth (Parwulski) . She was 29 when we lost her. She had a birthday that just passed. October 25th she would have been 31 . Amber was outgoing, loving, kind hearted and she has an amazing personality. Anyone who knows her knows that. Her love still dwells within and she will never be forgotten. I love you Bobo , love your baby sister Nikki

Buffalo Ny
Liz My daughter Lily died on a stranger's couch Aug. 6, 2012. She had been living with mental illness for years and had enjoyed a year's sobriety in the company of many people who loved her. I think she thought she could just get away with it one more time. I am actually grateful she is done with all the suffering. But sometimes for me it's new again; I am turn and look into the empty gaping hole, I grind my teeth, fierce tears. No, it can't be.. never hug her again or hear her make a joke. She was 21. Blessed Be. Liz Caroline Never Forgotten. Kieran Kay April 1, 1991-May 22, 2017 Until We Meet Again Love Mom 💜❤️ Posted 04/06/2019 Caroline Irene In tribute to my son, Michael Adam Chort. He died of an accidental overdose on June 28th of this year.  He wasn't an addict and ironically, he was very concerned about other family members who are. He was also very committed to his health and nutrition. Mikey was fiercely committed to those he loved in that he put his life on hold to care for his Father. I can only try to understand it in the context of his terrible time with insomnia and his mixing drugs. In fact we discussed the dangers of that just 4 days before he died.  I wish we had laughed more and stressed less. I guess the best way I can honor him is to do that with my surviving son and to find a way to inspire others to know that that are loved. Irene Joyce & Gary Cory 01/04/86-11/05/16, you are one and only child. Dad & I miss you and love you very much! Your daughter Eden just turned 3 and although she had never met you she does talk and asked about her daddy often 😇 please keep watching over all of us! You will always be our son that we are very proud of 😍 we love you to the moon and back always! Mom & dad xoxo 😘 Posted 17/07/2019 Joyce & Gary Verdilla My beloved Son Clifford Attlee left us on 6/22/21, this will forever change our lives… We miss him so much, all the unfinished dreams. We love you boy❤️ Verdilla Pamela Remembering my youngest child and only daughter, Megan Alexandria   Johnson May 2 1992- March 10 2011. Only 19 years old. She was very bright and had so much to offer this world. She was a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. She lost her life and probably would be here today if she wouldn't have been left alone and had gotten medical attention. She passed less than 2 miles from a hospital. I believe that's the issue  that we need to educate people on, is to not leave someone that is possibly overdosed.  So many sons and daughters could be saved.  RIP sweet girl. See you again one day Pamela Stephanie G C. To my son brian I think about you everyday.not having you here has left a hole in my heart that will never heal till i see you again You were my baby and you still my baby even though you are not here with me you gave me so happy i dont know if you knew how much u were loved iam so sorry this happend to you you had so much to live for i know this was a horrible accident you never thought this would happen to you i love you mommie Stephanie G C. Bryan I cry everyday Stephen Smith lost 1996 to Heroin addiction and complications from AIDS.  Still, wide spread availability of clean needles don't exist.  The silence of the addiction epidemic must be broken.  This crisis must end with the same efforts as war waged in the world. Bryan Melinda Marie Michael Joseph Jackson How can I start to say what pain he felt through his life? Everyone judged him; his color, his nose, his face, the mask? His pride, his dignity, his self respect, the world took them away from him. So this little darling grew up singing what he felt in his heart. God sent him here to speak the truth of the suffering of people and animals. Michael was a young man trying to understand his purpose as we all do. But Michael was special, he was different. A lonely child growing up falling in love with a house mouse to the man/child dancing and singing and dancing like the greatest stars who ever entered the industry at the age of 8. Michael Joseph Jackson. My legend, my Hero- The Love Of My Life! Baby I would have given you all the lovely children your heart desired! You are the True King of our Century and now we are going to fall hard down without you! Melinda Marie Lily April 2, 2016 my son Rob died of an overdose.  He took a lethal dose of pure fentanyl after he bought what he thought was heroin.  He had been clean until his dentist prescribed him Vicodin for pain and although he could have said no, the addiction was to powerful.  That coupled with losing his truck to an accident and what seemed to him to be the beginning of a string of bad luck, he gave in to the addiction.  It's a horrible beast to fight and  he was in a constant battle but he was winning... Until that last purchase... That last numbing high that he thought he could control ... I cannot tell you how much I miss him.  There are no words to describe the pain.  I speak loudly now about the drug prescription abuse doctors just freely prescribe... Never looking at the root cause ... It is a sad state of affairs we live in today... They let drug dealers walk free without even a glance toward the people they hurt ... I trust in God that Rob is one of his angels now helping those he loved from beyond ... I Love you Rob... Lily Kathleen FOR MY DAD CHARLES FORT/DAVID MICHAEL DUFFY I miss you everyday. More importantly, I want the world to know I love you. I loved you no matter what. I wasn't always happy about your choices but you were my dad. I hope you are smiling down on me and see the work I do, see your grandkids.  They know you. They love you. I am trained to use naloxone. EVERYONE who is dealing with addiction at all levels should do it.  I hope it is available where you may be. MY FATHER WOULD STILL BE ALIVE. IF NOT, START A MOVEMENT TO MAKE IT AVAILABLE. IF IT IS -GET TRAINED. Kathleen Kellie I will not forget you... You are in my waking thoughts, my memories, my dreams. You are within my past, present, and future I will not forget you... You have touched my soul, opened my eyes, and expanded my life I will not forget you... You have taught me to give and receive love with no conditions You have taught me to afford human interaction with humility You have taught me every person deserves their own dignity I will not forget you... You are my son, within my soul I am your mother, within your energy Kellie Sara DeRuyter In memory of Jason Lee Vogels April 8, 1976 - Sept 10, 2017 So deeply loved. Will never be forgotten. May eternal peace shine on your soul. Posted 29/07/2019 Sara DeRuyter Mary Jane My sweet Bo,I loved you with all of my heart and soul, and I stood by you as long as I could,but my heart was breaking, and I was getting very sick.I had to let you go.I tried to be strong for the both of us but I was weary.I miss you so much,it feels like someone has ripped my heart out.Your death has left me with such an emptiness,and  a terrible void.When I set you free I knew one day I would get the call that you were gone,but it is still a shock.I am grieving so hard for the man that one day I wanted to marry,but yesterday instead of buying my wedding dress,I wore a black dress.I only wish that you could have felt how much I loved you.I will always love you,you hold a special place in my heart.Rest in Peace my love. Mary Jane Kortnee To my soulmate Talin. Together we overcame addiction and stopped risking our lives on unsafe meds and doses. Unfortunatly the damage was already done to your body, which led you to have liver failure, taking away the effectiveness of your meds and cut your life short. So I made the decision to find the best Dr/specialist to work together to find the right combination of meds. Some of them are still a bit risky and my doses are still on the high side but thanks to you watching over me I have faith you'll get me through. I try and take it one day at a time to keep me on track, but who knows where this track will take me. But with you as my guardian angel, together we'll make it through this. I can't wait to be with you again. I'll always love you forever. John: I hate that I lost you to an overdose of drugs and alcohol but as time goes on the anger lessens. I miss you very much and being my first love I'll love you forever and ever. xoxo Kortnee Debra To my beautiful daughter Emily. Who passed away much to early from a overdose. She had just turned 29 9 days before her death. I will never forget you my loving baby girl. You were strong. You were brave. You were broken. All at once. I love and miss you too the moon and back. No more pain, no more sorrow, no more suffering. Emily may you know have peace in your heart. Love you, MOM Debra Sharon Alexandra Nicole Salomaa (05/10/1988- 29/11/2019) died as a result of an accidental overdose due to fentanyl poisoning in cocaine. She had 5 times the toxicity level in her system and the coroner concluded that she died quickly. Her 'friends' took off and left her to die, before calling the police to say that she was dead. Those friends are still in Mimico ( Etobicoke ) Ontario. The house she died in is currently being demolished and rebuilt, and the dealers have moved on to other victims. My heart is forever shattered because she was my first born, super achiever, with a caring heart of gold, and with a laugh and smile that would light up a room. No mother should ever have to bury her child. Alexandra, I feel your presence every day, I know you are watching down on me from heaven and I know you don't want me to cry and be sad ( like when you were a young girl). I miss you and I see signs from you and sometimes I feel you, near to me. You are free from your demons now, so fly Alex, fly. Sharon Maria In my sister's memory. May her children never forget her love and smile Posted 26/08/2018 Maria