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International Overdose Awareness Day is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind. Time to Remember. Time to Act.

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Hosting your own International Overdose Awareness Day event or activity, or attending one, is a powerful way to stand together to remember people who have lost their lives to overdose.

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We provide campaign materials to share within your community to help prevent overdose.

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Post your tribute to a loved one who has passed away from an overdose.


Donate and help to raise awareness of overdose and spread the message that overdose is preventable.


Tributes to lost loved ones

Matthew I am thinking about my mother, Patricia, who died unexpectedly from an overdose in 2008. By 2010, I had found a way to feel ok again, but now I am right back in the deepest pit of depression and feel so alone. Despite that I have my wife, daughter, father, and cousin around me every day, and siblings in my life, I feel like these feelings are consuming me and no one can help me. The overdose is a devastating occurrence that leaves little resolution and much more questions unanswered. I need you, Mom, to keep looking out for me, I am so lost. Matthew Tribute Mimi

We miss you everyday little brother. Never forgotten, always in our hearts.

Boston, MA
Mimi Tribute
Chris We all make mistakes thats our trait. To carry this to the grave or in the grave. I love everyone i lost, people in recovery, and people still running. Theres hope. Progress over perfectiob. Just give it a shot Chris Tribute Sandy To my son Kyle .... I miss you so much it hurts. I can’t wait to be with you again. My beautiful, blond hair ,blue eyed boy. We only had 22 years with you. You were amazing and so loving. You would still be today. 💔💔 Posted 09/08/2019 Sandy Tribute Kaelyn Ashley My tribute is to Taylor Lee. Forever, and ever You left this world, you walked right past. No word said, your breath, its last. Your memory dances in my head. I'm so sorry you were alone on that bed. You won't leave my heart, soul, and memories. You hurt so many when you passed. I know Leo, your love, his heart was smashed. I wonder what you do in heaven. Do you fly with wings, or does everyone sing? Do you miss me? Do you watch over me? I'll never know, until we meet again. I love you, and miss you. Born 01/28/1992 Died 06/06/2014 Found 06/08/2014 This sweet lovely boy, passed away at the age of 22. He passed away alone in his bed, and wasn't found for 2 days. Heroin overdose was his cause of death. He was a recreational user, and had only used twice before. My message is... It doesn't matter if this is your first time using, or the millionth time using, this shot could be your last. And good for you, all your pain, problems, and worries are gone. But don't forget it's not you that hurts any more, it's those who love you. Taylor had his whole life ahead of him. He was one in a billion. Because of a stupid decision he made, he will never see the bright future he had in front of him. Love Always, Kaelyn Ashley P.S. I Miss You Sweet Boy. I'll see you when it's my time. Kaelyn Ashley Tribute Cindy M My sweet son Josh, My heart breaks everyday without you. I'm so sorry I felt you could just stop using . I have learned since your death that it was much more powerful than you could conquer on your own. I know you didn't want to die and wasn't aware that horrible day on June 23 would be your last. I also know that you were not aware it was fentenyl. When you left most of my heart went with you. I promise to raise your son, my grandson to know how much you dearly loved him. He misses you so much. Watch over us my angel . I'll get through this because I know we'll all be together again for eternity. Keep the signs coming we need them . Josh's momma
Posted 19/07/2018
Cindy M Tribute
Anna I lost my mom over 7 years ago. She died 6/12/12. She died from a heroine overdose. Posted 13/01/2020 Anna Tribute Tracie My son, James, died of a heroin overdose on 8/1/15. He wasn't a regular user and it was only a small amount that caused him to stop breathing almost 24 hours after using. Tracie Tribute leslie I lost my twenty two year old son to a heroin overdose. Every day my world seems to be worse. There are no more words left in me to describe how it hurts. That rotten, killer drug leslie Tribute Yvonne To my dear friend Mary who died by overdose on this day 2 years ago Yvonne Tribute Jennifer For my son, he was a 20 year old full of life! In July 2020, he mixed his medication with methadone which caused an overdose. He lost his life with this choice. I want to help others to prevent them from being faced with the same pain. Jennifer Tribute Teresa

Even though it has been two years I still miss you everyday. I miss what you could have been. You were such a sweet child. It is simply not fair that you lost your life so young to this awful drug epidemic. Your daughter misses you so much. Love you always! Mom

Posted 16/08/2019
Teresa Tribute
Bonni In loving memory of my son, Patrick, lost to an overdose on Aug 11, 2019. Your friends, family, siblings and especially your children miss you more each day. Rest well My Little Monkey; Patty P Bonni Tribute Casey RIP Jessica I will never stop missing you BFF.. Casey Tribute Ashley D For Cory, Your beautiful heart lives on each and every day. Your inspiration is the light that guides us to the winds of change and your helpful spirit will continue to live on and make a difference. We love and miss you. Ashley D Tribute Sharon Remembering my son Trevor..he was kind and loving and was loved by all that knew him..loving father to his children Riley and Scarlet ..he is missed everyday ❤❤ Sharon Tribute April Cox On June 27th 2019 , I lost the love of my life Damian St. John to a drug overdose. He was so much more than his addiction. He was a great father, a hard worker, my love and my protector. I promise to him, to do what I can to bring awareness! Posted 15/07/2019 April Cox Tribute Lori Jackman To my son Randy Osgood. Life will never be the same. I miss you every moment of everyday. I won't ever let you be forgotten. I love you. Love, Mom Mom Posted 27/08/2019 Lori Jackman Tribute Kari D To Shawn ~ My Best Friend 2-28-17 - the day our lives were forever changed. We miss you so much, Shawn. Ethan, Nya, your mom...our hearts are still broken. Our world, shattered. You were always there when I needed you. No matter what. You had a heart of gold. I miss your laugh, I miss your smile. I miss you! I pray you are at peace. I love you, Shawn Kari
Posted 21/07/2018
Kari D Tribute
Susan My message is to Gary.  I truly feel this is not what you would have wanted for your one and only teenage son. Losing you in such a awful way has impacted so many people who loved you. An overdose is such a waste of life. I just  still can't comprehend why we were never enough for you. We had the perfect family.  I truly tried, for many years, to help you recover.  I'm writing to say that I truly try to be the best mom possible to our son. I wish you were here to see the man he is becoming. If anyone does read this please know that you are not grieving alone. Susan Tribute Mum To: Andrew For my son Andrew Lee Lamp. My son Andy died May 25th 2011 of a drug overdose. My life as I knew it ended that day. Andy was an addict. He fought so hard to overcome his addiction. He just couldn't do it. he was so smart and witty. Andy could name almost every type of tree there was just by looking at it. I mean really, who can do that? On March 9th 2011 Andy did the most courageous thing he had ever done in his life. He gave me his two boys to raise. He knew he and their mom could not take care of them. I am proud to be his mother. Andy your boys are wonderful and they talk about you every day. They love you more than you could ever know, confident that you are out there looking after them. They are strong and brave. I will never let them forget you. I love you precious son. Mum Tribute Deanna

To my angel Andrew I miss you everyday that your not here , I will do this for us, love you with every inch of my heart and soul

Deanna Tribute
Mom Alex Michael Handzel- 25 years old - My Son- My Sunshine- left this world May 3rd, 2015, and I cannot bear this life without him: I didn’t see it coming and because of that you lay there in your sleep. I should have seen that you’d stopped smiling, looking like you’re just about to weep. I prayed that God would give me just one day of peace from all the lies and pain. And then my prayers were answered , and I know that I may never pray again. If I could wrap my arms around you, not leave you the way I found you, Breathe my own last breath into your soul I’d trade each one of my tomorrows Rid you of your pain and sorrows Trade my life if it would make you whole. Sad thing is, that now the only peace that I can find is there with you, talking to the mound of dirt that has become my counselor of truth. Fingering the grass above your resting place as if it were your hair, Patting your sweet baby head, saying what I never said, and wishing that somehow you’d still be there. If I could wrap my arms around you, not leave you the way I found you, Breathe my own last breath into your soul I’d trade each one of my tomorrows Rid you of your pain and sorrows Trade my life if it would make you whole. Mom Tribute Kayla Leah Michelle - My beautiful Leah 💗 If only you were here right now. 9 years you were in my life, my best friend but 9 years too short. I miss you more as every day passes, our daily phone calls, our adventures, your guidance when I was in need. You fought so hard, my goodness you fought and tried to beat this battle. I am proud of you but so sad one lapse and one choice took you away. I could just sit with you and let out all of my tears, my emotions, my everything. All you would do was listen to me and that’s all I needed. You could tell when I was down and when I was broken. You were my healer, my rock, my person who would help glue me back together when I was broken. You believed in me and helped me achieve my dreams. I wish you could have held on longer because you were making such a difference in this world. You still do through those who you live on through. Right now all I think about is our good times and this is how I get through my days. Sometimes I can hear your voice, I just hear you laughing with me I miss you with every beat of my heart and I truly can’t wait to give you that cuddle that you gave me that made me feel so warm, loved and wanted when I see you again ❤️❤️ Leah you are and always will be the person who made my life shine bright. I'll love you forever, your tiny friend Kayla. Kayla Tribute Kayla The love of my life, L. Brian Jones, entered into the gates of heaven on August 13th 2014. At 31 years of age Brian had finally fought his last fight and this evil drug they call heroin took his beautiful life! Brian was the sweetest most loving and funny soul you could ever meet. There wasn't a moment that went by where I wasn't laughing so hard I snorted and got the hiccups, and there weren't any moments that weren't full of love and warmth by being in his presence! Brian not only leaves behind me, his girlfriend, but he also leaves behind a beautiful 3 year old daughter, a dad who loves him very much, brothers and a sister, many cousins and other family members and friends who miss him more than anything! He fought the fight of addiction for many many years, but in the end the drugs took captive of his life! My heart dies a little more and more each day when I wake up and he's not beside me! Till my dying day I will be a voice for Brian and share his story with as many people as I can to try to end this epidemic of overdose. Every overdose is someone's son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, father, and friend.. It's not just an addict, it's a living soul who lost their fight to this awful disease!! Larry Brian Jones ~ Feb. 8, 1983-Aug. 13, 2014 Kayla Tribute Your little sister To my dearest brother, you lost your battle to the devil 6 years ago today. You are missed more than words could ever describe but your memories give me the strength i need to proceed. In my heart is where I will keep you until we meet again. RIP Your little sister Your little sister Tribute Cori

October 2015 we lost an amazing man to his addiction. My daughter lost her father and I lost one of my best friends. He was such a very talented musician and intelligent man. He had the most gentle heart of anyone I've ever met. His name was Christopher and we miss him everyday. Please know he was a tremendous person who had an addiction, not just some "junkie" as some might think. He was a loving man, father, brother, uncle, and his mother's baby. I love you forever Chris.

Cori Tribute
Sara Our time was cut short, and the demons won in the end. I pray everyday, that you've finally found the peace you we're searching for your whole life. I love you jesse. Galaxy x universe. Meet me in my dreams. I'll see you when I reach the other side of the stars baby.
Posted 08/08/2018
Sara Tribute
Claire Moore I lost my brother last October through a drugs overdose. It's been three months now but I still can't get over that he's not here anymore. Me and my family are trying to come to terms with losing him. We try to comfort each other at times. Claire Moore Tribute Casey To my big brother, Cory. You had so much potential, but this disease just got the better of you. I'm sorry for the fights we had. The years were rough for us all. You made it through that coma with only a 30% chance of survival. When you walked out of that hospital in March of 2007, we thought we had you back for good. Sadly, things only got worse. I can only hope you forgive me for all I had done. I forgive you wholeheartedly. I miss you..the loneliness is taking over terribly. I am doing my best to take care of mommy and daddy. It's not easy, but your strength is in me to help me through. I love you and miss you dearly. I hope you are free of pain now. We all love you more than you know. Love Always, Mommy, Daddy & casey Casey Tribute Bonnie Lost my younger sister on Nov. 1 2021 to an overdose. She left behind 2 kids and 2 grandkids. This has to STOP. I love you Bridget. Bonnie Tribute A To: Mikey He lost his dad to an overdose last night 3/2/14. He was a good man, it's sad to see him go like this. R.I.P. Caveman A Tribute Gail my heart hurts so much since my 26 yr old grandson Jesse died on July 3rd... i know he is in the arms of Jesus and has no pain and is at peace...loved you so much Jesse and still do... Gail Tribute Marjorie Tribute to my daughter Angel Moore of knoxville, Tn. She overdosed in Feb 2018. Posted 16/08/2019 Marjorie Tribute Mariea We lost you 2 May 2011. I was only 13 when you passed. People acted like I couldn't understand, when I understood every event that took place. I miss you more than my words describe. I know you are in a better place. We know none of this was on purpose. You are such a caring young man (23) it's sad you went the way you did. You were in rehab and doing so well. You seemed so much happier. But we could all see the pain you were hiding. We love you Alex. These words don't even compare to how much we love and miss you. You are a wonderful angel and I am truly blessed to call you my brother no matter what people think. Though there is still grief you have done many amazing things with a halo above your head. I hope I make you proud. I love you brother your name will never be forgotten. Mariea Tribute Tammy In Memory of my beautiful daughter CHRISTINA MARIE GRIBBIN that died of Fentanyl poisoning at Age 25 years old on JUNE 11, 2020. She left behind 3 brothers, 2 beautiful boys Kaden and Kolton, ages 7 & 4, that she loved and adored with all of her heart. Those boys were her entire world. She has a very big extended family that loves her so much and misses her every single day. She struggled with SUD off and on and tried very hard to get better for her boys. In the end she just could not do it. And now with this synthetic fentanyl out there these children do not stand a chance. That is why we need to advocate on their behalf and do everything we can to raise awareness to this awful drug, erase the stigma of drug addiction, and help in anyway we possibly can. I love my daughter so much and miss her very single day. It is so hard and there will always by a big hole and emptiness in my heart until the day I can reunite with her again in heaven. Tammy Tribute Kitty McQueen Over two years have passed and not a day goes by that you're not in our thoughts. Beloved brother, son, partner and friend to many - Ben McQueen 5/11/84 - 19/03/2015 Rosa Brook, Western Australia Kitty McQueen Tribute Taylor Townsend To my dad, a best friend, and a past lover, I miss you. I love you.
Posted 22/08/2018
Taylor Townsend Tribute
Johnny I once knew a staggeringly beautiful woman who wore high cheekbones and as much make up as her face would hold. An extraordinary extrovert, this woman had a jovial laugh and a sparkling energy; a kind of energy that spread like fire and radiated to all who encircled her. She loved dogs and Chex Mix and slapstick humor like a bad Billy Madison movie. Sadly this woman committed suicide after a long battle with alcohol and drugs on October 8th, 2014 at the young age of 41. This woman was my sister Leslie. That's right, Leslie Machuzak, daughter, sister, alcoholic, drug addict. I share this with you, not because I am in search of pity, on the contrary, it's because I yearn for the moment when those that suffer from, and have fallen victim to the horrific disease that is addiction will one day be given the memorial that their souls truly deserve. Many of us, and particularly those that are lucky enough to have never been touched by this disease, are unaware that addicts are powerless against their addiction. Until recently, this has been a difficult concept for me to grasp, as I saw my sister shift from a hilarious, confident, and powerful woman to an individual quickly dwindling away, as if a cancerous python was slowly constricting around her neck and what I finally realized was that none of us are ever in competition with that python. For addicts, there is never a choice to be made. For years I wondered if I could have been a better brother somehow, if I could have changed her in some way. I practiced tough love and sent her books and information on recovery. What I didn't realize was that I am apart of the vast majority of humans that can have an alcoholic beverage or two and not feel the NEED to continue feeding that beast. I've never ingested a substance and yearned for something more powerful to fill the darkness within me. My sister woke up every morning, physically ill, her body surging with pain until she would succumb to the desire to resort to numbness. True, unabashed addiction is a level of suffering I cannot fathom. My sister was found dead on October 10th 2014. I was given the weight of telling the rest of my family of my sisters passing. Yes, this is a very jagged pill that I must swallow every morning. To describe the details to all of you now of my sisters death, is allowing me to truly embrace the fact that as her brother, I will always love her and am still proud of the woman she once was (and the woman that will forever be emblazoned in my memory as my big sister). When i went to clean out where my sister was staying a few days after she died, I saw something that would stay with me forever. On my sisters dresser was a picture of me and a newspaper article cutout of when I was arrested for my animal welfare organization. Even through her struggle and haze, and when I had nothing nice to say to her whatsoever, my sister still went out of her way each time we spoke to tell me that she was proud of me. She bragged, to the point of my own embarrassment, and never faltered when it came to expressing her love. She once told me that one of the only thing she hated in this world was having a part in disappointing or hurting me, and she clung to that until the day that she left this earth. My only hope is that, in her final moments in this life, she knew that she never disappointed me. In my 36 years with her, I have been supplied with a lifetime of hilarity, the drive and desire to reach out to others, memories of my sister making an absolute fool of herself simply to bring joy to those surrounding her. I see her in myself everyday. Not a "junkie," a "waste" or someone "deserving of death” all I could see was a beautiful woman. So what my experiences with this horrid disease known as addiction has really taught me is to have compassion over judgement because each person that has fallen victim to addiction was once someone to somebody. May my sister rest in peace. Johnny Tribute Lisa SIMONE-Another year, month, week, day, moment without you. The pain never goes away it's just become part of who I am. Wish you were with me on this latest journey-we'd rock at it together. Love and miss you always xxxx Posted 31/08/2019 Lisa Tribute Brandi In Loving Memory Of My Brother CJ #Forever39 #BigBro #YouAreLoved #YouAreMissed Brandi Tribute Kenneth My brother Mike, whom was a talented artist could of went to Art Institute in Chicago. He became a alcoholic, and was in a terrible accident being left for dead he survived. He was in traction for three months, eventually he learned to walk again. He died three years after the accident, and was in his fifties. He was addicted to pain medication, and I seen him die from a heart attack. My beloved Brother, Mike. My Brother Bob, whom worked in the steel business for thirty five years, and coached baseball for nine years with youth. He lost his leg, and was in wheelchair. I seen him overdose multiple times, and I was the last one to see him before he died. My brother whom is a combat veteran of Vietnam found him deceased. He called me and told me what happened. My beloved brother Bob, God rest his soul Kenneth Tribute Shelly Yesterday was Mother's Day. My first Mother's Day without you. It was a tuff day. You the light of my life lost your life to an accidental overdose on May 25th, 2020. I know you didn't mean to. I know you would take it all back if you could. I do try to make every day count...for you...and your beautiful daughter and me, too. Being able to put these overwhelming feelings out into the universe help a little bit, in some way. I am grateful for this space, this opportunity, this community. So very grateful! I miss you immeasurably MJ. I love you MJ. Mom Shelly Tribute Carlee Z. In loving memory of my beloved brother, Norman F., who was only 36 years old. He fought the 'addiction demon' with all he had but lost the battle on 10-14-16. I want people to remember him for who he was and not what the horrid disease turned him onto. We miss him terribly and struggle everyday without him yet we keep holding on to the wonderful memories we have and the hope that he is finally at peace and free. I will love you always and miss you forever Norm!!! Fowlerville, MI Carlee Z. Tribute Mick Jordan, when you left, the world didn't stop, time didn't stop, no, everything just kept on going like nothing happened. But my world stopped, my time stood still, and I'm still trying to put one foot in front of the other mate. I miss you more than there are stars mate and I count the days till I see you again when my time here is done. I finished the picture of you and am having it framed. I plan to somehow give it to your Mom and that is where it should go. Give Mom a hug for me buddy and tell her I love her and I love you too Buddy!!! Till next then... Mick Posted 04/06/2019 Mick Tribute Heidi I will forever miss your smile, your laugh your positive attitude, your need to make everyone around you laugh, your beautiful blue eyes that when looked at with care, one could see the all of the hidden behind them. I will never let go of the memories I have with you, the good times, bad times and all in between. I liked you immediately and you played it cool. I loved you quickly and deeply and you loved me slowly and cautiously. What I didn't know is that life had already taken its toll on you and at 22 you had already been through your fair share of sad times, hard times. You had already stuffed years and years of pain, confusion and hurt. I  now recognize that you were jaded, I know because I have become hardened or jaded throughout the years. Although our time as a couple lasted a short while, our friendship lasted up until the day you died. One of the best memories I hold near and dear to me is the sunny day Jesse and I saw you as we were taking a walk downtown. Jesse spotted you and full of five year old excitement shouted your name. He dashed toward you and started to tell you all about his day. You listened intently and patiently. Jesse then told you how very much he liked your watch and without hesitation you unfastened it from your wrist and handed it to my son, you will never know how big of an impact that made on Jesse. We still have that watch, along with all of the other memorabilia of yours. He still talks about it. James still remembers a specific conversation the two of you had. You were adored by so many...but you didn't think so. Everyone of the pictures I have of you shows a smile on your face, sadness in your eyes a natural ice beer in your left hand and a Marlboro in your right. When I got the phone call from Mike telling me that you had passed, I fell to my knees and cried, I got up and I punched the wall, I cried more, I read and re read the article in the paper and did my best to reply to all negative comments about your death. I went into that Dunkin Donuts and right into the men's room to say goodbye.I haven't been their since and wont go. I mourned you Paul L. I attended your services and Amazing Grace was sung and it will forever be etched in my soul. That is "Paul's Song" in my mind. Since you have passed in August of 2008, I have watched countless others suffer only to ultimately succumb to the same fate. Jesse's father died in 2012, 12 days before Christmas. I don't believe I have truly processed that yet. I do know that it is painful to raise a 11 year old boy who has seen the ugly deceitful effects of heroin at such a young age. When I read his journal entries it breaks my heart.  Brett passed in May 16, 2014, on his daughter's birthday. Brett was another beautiful soul and is greatly missed. Joe passed in June of 2015 and I wish I had known that he was using, I guess that way I could have prepared for it? Amy died on Christmas of 2014 and I can only pray she is finally at peace. Little Billy just passed and a lot of hearts are broken. The effects of this have taken such a toll on me, I am emotionally unavailable for my best friend, Tasha.  I am watching my brother slowly die. He is in deep and suffering immensely. I can only pray and tell him that I love him so very much. On this day and almost everyday I remember your smile and bright blue eyes Paul. I remember your laugh and carefree ways Brett. I look back at the 10 years we were on and off again and smile at all the memories Jeff. I pray that you are with your Mom and at peace, Amy. I think of all the funny stories you shared Joe. I remember being young and causing trouble in school Billy. I'Il pray that God saves my little brother from this awfully powerful drug and that he will grow and die an old man. On this day and everyday, I thank God that I have been almost 11 years free from that poison. On this day I pray that I can help just one person take one step towards freedom.... Amen Heidi Tribute Damien I lost my beautiful son Damien Lee Piano April 7th 2018. His death was an overdose that shattered our whole family's life. I miss him dearly. I wish I could trade places with him. He was my beat friend. I love you Damien. ❤️ Damien Tribute Deborah H. In memory of my daughter Ava Michelle who died in a FL halfway house in West Palm Beach on May 11, 2018, may God and the angels wrap you in Love and Peace, Mommy loves you! Deborah H. Tribute Anne In loving memory of a beloved friend, brother and son, Eric Russell Anderson, 2/23/1982-10/27/2013. You are truly missed each and every minute of every day. Life has not and will not ever be the same without your smiling face. Addiction is a powerful disease and it took your life far too soon. Your best friend, your brother, Ryan Colt is lost without you and continues to struggle on a daily basis. We know that you are in our hearts and forever will be with us there until we meet again!!!!!! Love you buddy!! Love Always, Your Lil Miss Anne Anne Tribute Mom To: My wonderful son Andrew. You are so loved and missed every day. Heaven is now a beautiful place with my precious son Andrew there. I feel you with me every second of each day. Until our hearts meet again! XOXO Mom Tribute




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