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Remembering those who have lost their lives – or have been injured – as a result of a drug overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day.

If you would like to commemorate someone, you are invited to add a Tribute.
Tributes will be posted on this site as soon as they are approved.

David Christian Martin

My beloved son, How I love you my beautiful boy and how I miss us. You were a light in every which way, loving, selfless, and would give the shirt off your back to anyone in need. It is 6 1/2 years since you have been gone and the pain of the loss of a child is never ending… I carry you with me every single day is this so called journey of life without my son… oh David… what pain and agony it is and will always be without you my beautiful boy… you are my love and my sorrow… te amo mi Nino lindo, Ma

... Maria

Grant Richard Butts

To my brother, Grant. I miss you everyday and only wish I could hug you again. Your nephews Liam and Lance talk about you all the time and I would do anything to have you back so you could watch them grow up. I love you so much and I’m sorry I didn’t give you the help you needed. I’ll have that regret for the rest of my life. I hope you know how much I love you and miss you. For now, enjoy your new life in Heaven and please be waiting there for me when it’s my turn.

... Sara

Dr Andrew Julian

Oh, the sheer agony of it all. Your presence made our world a much kinder and more joy-filled place. Your absence leaves a gaping void that will never be filled. You are loved and missed more than Life Herself, darling Drew. Forever and all-ways in our hearts…

... Ma


Walking the Cow in your honor forever and awlays. I hope you finally found peace.

... anonymous

My Beautiful Mary

My Love, it’s been 4 years since I lost you to this horrible disease and it only seems like yesterday that you were here with me and we were planning our future together. I will always remember your beautiful smile and loving heart for there was never another person who heart was ever loving as yours my Angel and you are missed more than you’ll ever know.
There’s not a single moment of everyday that I am not thinking of you and crying deep inside my heart, and asking God why he took you away from us on that horrible day that will haunt me forever.
But I do know that you are with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for he always takes the beautiful ones first.
Mary touched so many lives and I can’t tell everybody what an incredible and amazing woman that she was and I am so very grateful and blessed that she chose to be by my side in the final years of her life. And even though you were 19 years younger than me, we were the perfect couple and my only regret was not being able to meet you sooner and that way I would’ve been able to love and know you longer. The last 6 years of my life with you were and always will be the best years I have ever known, you could light up a room when you walked in, because you were so beautiful and had presence that was undeniable about you, and of all the guys in the world you chose me and a part of me also died on that day and I will never be the same again and you will never be forgotten!
Mary you will always be 32 years young and the best thing that ever happened to a guy like me and I am so lost right now in my life, without you here by my side. Your family and friends are utterly devastated by your loss and even now you’re still having friends getting in touch with me, about you and that just shows how many peoples lives you had touched when you were here.
To anyone who ever had the chance to meet her, I want each and everyone to know that Mary was the most amazing woman and friend and the most beautiful giving and sharing person that I have ever known or ever will meet.
My Love, your kindness and loving spirit is always there with me and every time I find myself alone and crying, I can always close my eyes and feel the warmth and love, that only you could make me feel better and I will always feel safe and comfortable knowing you are still here with me in spirit and one day we will be together again and our girls will be there by our side for they miss you more than you’ll ever know .
I will always love you and I will never love another for you had me at hello my darling.
All our love Greg and our girls Meow meow & Stevie.
R.I.P. Mary 1985-2020

... Greg

Morgan Honeycutt

Our daughter in law for 10 years. She is the mother to our 5 year old grandson. She passed away a year ago on June 8, 2023.
She is greatly missed and will always hold a special place in our hearts but mostly my son and her son’s hearts.
She was only 28, would have been 29 July 26th. She was clean for 3 months but struggled with depression and anxiety due to family issues, physical and mental abuse from those same family members.
I know she is finally at peace and helps us all get through.

... Audra

Forever31 Angel Son Justin🙏💜🙏

On this day Justin’s brother’s, Dillon, Tim as well as myself (mom) make a tribute to our Justin. To always remember the lives he has touched with his big heart.. This day is for all our Angels that left us too soon..

... Bonny

David Lawrence Brown

David died of a Fentanyl overdose. It was a product of mental health needs, too little resources and an addictive friend who discouraged him from detox when he wanted to go. He was homeless, except for the tent he slept in, and eventually died in, just behind our trailer. He loved to fish, play with his nieces, and do drywall. He was a drywall artist, a perfectionist who took great pride in his work. We love him and miss him terribly. Died August 2, 2020 at age 43. Leaves behind a son graduating from public school today.

... Larry

Scott Chance

My Son how so very much I miss you. It’s been three and a half years since I have heard your voice or seen your handsome face. I miss you every single minute of every day. You were sure a treasure to everyone you met. Your smile would light up every room you walked in. I wish there was a way to bring you back for just one day so I could hug you and tell you all about your Son. He misses having his Daddy here. I love you glad you’re my Son… Forever28

... Mom

Raul Hernandez

I lost my dad to heroin overdose in 2018, he was not perfect but he was my dad who made me laugh who put me on his back ride me around as if he was a pony even making the noise horse do. He was a good man even tho he had an addiction. I didn’t get to tell him I loved him one last time or that I was glad he was a wonderful father. I love and miss you dad your pony.

... Valerie

Connor Phillips 26

It’s so odd to think it’s already been 3 years since you passed. My only sibling, my only brother, the only other person who understood what it was like growing up the way we did. I turn 26 in less than two months, the same age you were when you died. I never thought I’d be the same age as my older brother. I’m so sorry we couldn’t ride it out till the end together. I live for you everyday, and I love you and miss you till the end of time. I look forward to our reunion one day.

... Sage

Tanner Thorne

Sweet brother, you were only 24 when we lost you. It’s been 17yrs, and you are still missed terribly. Your friends have written songs about you, and we still remember the good times. I remember the sad times too…and how I wish the outcome had been different for you. I wish you would’ve had a chance to get it right. Millie is only 4yrs old, but she feels your presence and always says “Good morning, Uncle Tanner!” as she descends the stairs and looks at your photo.
It is an honor to be your sister, Tan. The work I do is all for you…in hopes that our story will help others.
I love you dearly….until we meet again.

... Sydney Thorne


Mine and my girlfriend best friend sadly past away on 13/06/2024, we miss her dearly and wish that addiction hadn’t taken her away she was only 25 and if anyone struggling with addiction reads this, remember you don’t have to be ashamed if you have a addiction. Those around you want to help you, you never have to suffer alone, so remember your life is worth more than you think.

... Alex and jasmine

Kevin (KJ) Bellerby

You were so full of life, loved playing the guitar, you may have been have been my baby boy, but you seemed to be the one who watched over your older brother and sister. I miss you with every single breath I take. I long for the day we get to meet again, watch over us all. Love you forever and ever no matter what kiddo.
Love Mom, Athena and Brandon

... Constance

Joseph Nathaniel Riles

Joseph Nathaniel Riles

Found out from a friend that Joseph was talking about proposing to me, yes he struggled with a fentanyl addiction but that let him get away from spending time with me for the times we had.
You will be deeply missed and will be in hearts.

... Ashley Forrest

Ricardo D G Pereira

I Loved you from the first moment you first looked into my eyes from the top of my belly
until the Day they closed them, I Love you still, you’re all I think about everyday…As a Mother you swear to protect your children..I am so sorry I couldn’t protect you my only son, my last Baby from a broken hospital system a broken court system, and Jail
system that didn’t help a young person with
Cognitive disabilities…how could anyone do that to someone’s child who was crying out for help in a facility that’s monitored but they just left you to overdose in your locked cell. They robbed you of you’re Life, they robbed me of my only Son,. I will never be over it. Forget it I shall Not. DOB: 16/08/00 – 05/09/23. Eternally in my heart and mind…

... You’re momma eternally, Dawna…

Kevin Phillips

I cant believe your gone. You were a good friend for so many years. Helped me when i had no one there for me. And helped me get a job because you knew not only did i need it but put in a good word for me . You know i would work hard . . And u was going to do that again for me. It breaks my heart just thinking of lil Kolan, i know he’s hurting, missing his dad. You were such a good dad. I know your in a better place to watch over him but i wish it was here

... Tiffany

Craig Talbot

Its been a year since we have heard your voice. I look back at our messages and i think about the last time we spoke. You were happy with you Coles delivery and that makes me laugh. The pain runs so deep it gets hidden with layers of life but it is always close to the surface and ready to boil over in to tears. Dad sat on the lounge at my place today and talked about you and Late Model and the photo of you that sits under our tv the pain is etched in his face, mum and I had lunch yesterday and spent some of it with tears streaming down our faces which happens and we dont try to stop it. Larissa will be with us on the 11th we will all hold each other tight. You live within us all daily we wish beside us but that can never be. 1 year mate i miss you and your messages. Your loving sister xxxxx

... Loving Sister

Jordan S.

My sweet, sweet boy… You left us on May 25, 2024. If I knew you would be gone that night, I would have hugged you extra hard before you left… I dreamed of a future with you, but addiction made that impossible. I’m so sorry you lost your fight. You’re finally at peace now and free from torment. Please visit me whenever you can. I love you.

... Briana

Lisa Waite

My dearest beautiful mommy. I’m so sorry this happened to you and I’m so sorry I wasn’t there but please know how loved you are by me and gram and our babies! I had another one and named her after you. So now you have 3 grandbabies, a mom, a daughter , and a son in law to look after. You are the BEST mom and grandma I could have ever had for me and my babies. And just know that I’m going to make my life better in your honor. I’m done with everything bad I did in my past right now all I want is to raise our babies the best I can same as you did and make something out of myself like you always taught me. Don’t EVER think you failed me because that woman you created is ready to come out. I love you mama. This was NOT your fault and I cannot wait for the day I can see my glamorous Diva mama again. Love you to the Moon

... Kiley

My Son Bobby-Leigh George Flamond

March 11th ,1983- April 29th , 2021
Life is not the same without you. People say it get easier with time but my heart feels the same way as it did when I got the call, you are truly missed and loved.


... Jackie

Overdose affects everyone. From grieving families to spontaneous first responders, the impacts of overdose are far-reaching and fall indiscriminately.

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