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Nova Scotia

Activity: Overdose Awareness and Remembrance Day
Date: 31/08/2021
Time: 11:45 am
Location: Wentworth Park Bandshell, Sydney, Nova Scotia
Meet at 150 Bentinck Street, Sydney. Gather to march down to Wentworth Park.
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: The Ally Centre of Cape Breton
Contact: Natasha Rowe
Phone: 9025743342

What: Overdose Awareness and Remembrance Day
When: Tuesday, August 31st 2021 11am meet at 150 Bentinck Street, gather to march down to Wentworth Park. Event start at 11:45am
Where: Wentworth Park Bandshell, Sydney, NS
Why: To invite you to stand beside friends and families of overdose victims to reflect on their lives and their losses. Events such as this will reinforce the idea that no-one feels shame or disgrace at the death of someone from drug overdose. There are programs and interventions that can safely prevent deaths due to overdose. Cape Breton is without this programming although proposals have and will continue to be submitted to both federal and provincial health departments and efforts are being made nationally to change policy within government to make the tools necessary for these interventions available to the populations most affected.
We invite anybody who lost someone to overdose to submit the first name of the person they lost to our naloxone trainer, You can come to the Ally Centre prior to the event to write their name, or on site the day of the event. We will hold 3 moments of silence – One for the people who have died of accidental overdose; One for the families, friends and loved ones of those who passed; and one to appeal for evidence based interventions, services and supports to mitigate the risks for people who use drugs.