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Events 2018

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Leduc, AB

Event: Overdose Awareness Event
Date: Friday, August 24th 7pm-10pm
Location: Alexandra Park
#1 Alexandra Park
Leduc, AB
Contact: Jessica
Phone: 780-293-0789
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Time to Remember, Time To Act

We will be marking International Overdose Awareness on Friday, August 24th and invite you to join us.

Overdose Awareness Day has been a key remembrance event for those who have died from fatal drug overdoses since 2001. Thousands of people worldwide will stand alongside the friends and families of fatal overdose victims to reflect on those who have been lost. We will be remembering those lost on August 24th, promoting overdose awareness to our community. The event is organised on the understanding that no-one need feel shame or disgrace over a drug overdose.

Overdose Awareness Day offers all who have been affected by overdose a chance to publicly mourn and help the wider community understand mental illness, prescription overdose, unintentional overdose and how fatal overdose profoundly affects mainstream society.

The day also serves as a warning that not only illicit drugs can be dangerous and no-one is immune to overdose.

With the number of fatalities from prescription drugs growing it is also a chance to see that medicines are not always our friends. Painkillers and other pharmacy drugs play an important medical role but their careless use can have tragic long-term consequences.

Participation in International Overdose Awareness Day is free. We will be honoring those we lost and share information on the overdose epidemic in our community. Anyone wishing to be involved may do so.



Event: Novas Naloxone Drive
Date: Wednesday 30th August 2017 9am-1pm
Location: McGarry House
Contact: Jenny Hannon
Phone: 083 4791264
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Novas staff will provide Naloxone training and prescribing to residents of McGarry House


Reno, Nevada

Event: How to Stop the Epidemic
Date: August 30, 2018 5PM-8PM
Location: Avanti Wellness LLC
200 S Virginia Street
Second Floor
Reno, NV 89501
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: Avanti Wellness LLC
Contact: Kristine Modzelewski
Phone: 6198386523
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We will share our ideas of how to stop the epidemic. We have been working for a decade in developing national relationships and connecting families with an option.


Event: StewKelley Memorial Walk
Date: August 30, 2018 6 pm
Location: Memorial Park, 1620 E Witzke Blvd, Appleton, WI 54911
Contact: Bev Kelley-Miller, Wendy Steward
Phone: 9204282564
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Memorial Walk to begin at 6 pm at Memorial Park, Appleton to remember all those who died from a drug-related cause.

Baldwin, New York

Event: Justice for Assa
Date: 4/15/2018 11 Am
Location: 1115 Jackson place Baldwin NY
Contact: Always crashes
Phone: 5167175369

I’m looking for justice so no more young adults die overdoze from street drugs syntactic laboratory made with fetnol and elephant tranquilizer sold on Long Island streets and the punishment to sellers are little law must change more rehabs should open every day over 11 kids n young adults die overdoze here on Long Island news and county are hiding all truth and evidence arresting addicts instead of leader look for the source we need justice it’s like a virus spreading killing all ..medicate them with drugs enough and no one cares when a parent cries my son is an addict blood test them and sentence them to rehab a punishment don’t leave them on the streets until there willing to go .they will never go they are dieng overdoze I lost my son 6 weeks ago 22 years old enough I begged for help system is coorupted not enough professionals to deal with this disease law is not helping we need more detectives informers to stop this tragedy no parent should burry there kids and suffer that way