To all those who walked the hard miles but did not make it. You’re never forgotten.

Remembering those who have died – or been injured – because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day.

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On June 23, 2008 my beloved nephew Mark Christopher Southford passed away from a heroin overdose, he had just turned 41 years old. He struggled with addiction for many years but had been clean for almost a year when he ran into an old girlfriend who had also been clean for a shorter period of time. I think because they had been clean for a period of time that when they made the decision to get high together, that the drug was too powerful for their body to handle and they both overdosed. Mark was my sister's only child and the oldest grandchild in our family. He was handsome and kind and would help anyone with anything, just as he was doing that day because the old girlfriend had just gotten out of jail and told him she had no place to go, so he got her a motel room just about 2 miles from my house and that is where they both were found dead from an overdose. In the days prior to that we phoned him constantly because he always checked in, and because he had not changed his address from mine - the police went there but I had just sold my house so there were a few days when they didn't know where or how to contact his family and we could not locate him. We finally went to the police station right by my house and it was then we learned that Mark was dead. He was so close to my house and I passed that motel every single day on my way to and from work and it kills me to know that in those days he was there and I did not know. After he passed once in a while when I would pass that motel the door to the room he had been found in is open I guess because the room is being cleaned and I can see the bed. The police report says that the friend was lying on the bed and he was on his knees at the side of the bed. It was so painfull to go past that motel that I started to go a longer way just so I wouldn't have to pass it and then I moved away. Mark was loved so much and is missed by his Mom and family every day, he was like a son to me and called me his "second" mother. People need to start understanding that addiction is a disease not a choice. I am so sick of hearing people that do not understand addiction saying that addicts "choose" this, give me a break honestly who would choose this life? Addicts need treatment just like people with a medical problem need treatment, not jail or nothing at all. I love you Mark, I miss you so much and hope one day to see you again.
Meghan Dara... SHELL.😙😚 Chris...Love you. Thank God for N.A.
I'm posting in memory of my son, Ryan Snyder. He passed away on Nov. 5, 2010 from a heroin overdose. Ryan was 21 years old. He's loved and missed every day by his family and friends.
We lost our amazing son, Jon to an accidental overdose from prescription drugs on July 7, 2014. He was 26 and embarking on a happy life working on his software start up, enjoying time with his girlfriend and had just welcomed a new puppy into his world.The devastating impact this has had is beyond words and we need to continue to bring awareness and education about the dangers of prescription drugs.
I lost my son Jordan, my one and only child. The light of my life on April 11, 2016 at the age of 24, he had battled his addiction for about 8 or 9 years, been to rehab, suffered one overdose in 2013, but this time he had been clean and sober for just shy of eight months. It was different because it was his choice on his terms, he made the decision to change his life.  Jordan was the most loving person you could know he had a huge heart and would do anything for anyone, everyone loved him.  He had everything going for him, this time around he was happy and often said, "I didn't know life could be so good, I didn't know I could be this happy, I'm really happy mom, I'm going to do this.".  On April 11, he went out with a so called friend had some drinks, I was told he was talked into getting some heroin the "friend" wanted to try it, Jordan decided he wasn't going to let someone else get hooked... He took the heroin himself that was the last thing Jordan did.  In doing so he saved this so called friend but sacrificed his own life.  The friend didn't take Jordan to the hospital.... My son is gone but I know without any doubt that he rest in the arms of God and I will see him again.
In honor of my dearest daughter who accidentally overdosed on her husband's methadone August 11, 2011. She left behind three little girls that my husband and I are raising. Our city and county try need more help financially to help others overcome addiction and accidental overdoses. Thank you
I lost my beloved son, Alexander John Fosso, on December 12, 2011.  He was only 22 years old.  He overdosed on Methadone and Xanax.  Alexander was a sweet man whom everyone loved.  He always thought of others and would do anything for a friend.  He was a wonderful son to his mama.  I miss him everyday.  Until we are reunited, Alexander, I love you.
On October 23, 2011 my husband Chris overdosed on heroine and died in my then 23 yo sons arms. He loved God and his family and he would've never done this intentionally. He simply wanted to get high. The disease of addiction demands utter devotion, even unto death. May he forever rest in the peace his mind & body could never find in this existence. I will always be Krackers Butterfly.
I lost my son, Vinny Weiss, on December 22, 2015 to heroin and prescription drugs. He was the most caring person, always thinking about others. He had a good relationship with God. He was a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, and a friend to so many people that when we had his viewing the people never stopped coming in the funeral home. The thing that sticks out the most in peoples' minds was his smile and infectious laugh. He could light up a room. Oh, he certainly had his faults. One thing is for sure, he wanted to stop using. He could never say no to the draw of the drug. He had just come out of a rehab after 8 months of being cooped up. He had gained weight and his brain was functioning better than it had in years He was going to NA meetings twice a week and then had a setback. His parole officer wanted him to go 5 days a week. So he did. I dropped him off at the church just like every other day and I got a phone call from a "supposed" friend before it was time to pick him up. There was an accident in the church's bathroom he told me. I was only 5 minutes away. When I got there, the EMT said he was already blue, not breathing and no heartbeat when they arrived. They had hit him with 4 or 6 doses of Narcan. His friends didn't call for help right away. They were too busy cleaning up the scene. They left him die. That's what hurts the most! I will never have my son back, but I know without a doubt that his soul is with God, and that I will see him again someday. But for now, I have to live for my other son and grandchildren.
My beautiful daughter, Marianne died on her birthday, February 21, 2016. She would have been 26 years old. It was an accidental overdose. We had been battling her Rx's drug use for 3 years. Rehab's, jail and 12 step groups just didn't work for her. It was so hard watching her go through all that. She had such a big heart. She loved helping people. She also loved animals. I can't believe she's gone. I still catch myself wanting to call her and go out for dinner or coffee. Spending time with her always felt good. She had a spiritual side that would light up a room. She was loved by many This is the most painful thing I've ever gone through. I not only lost my daughter, I lost a friend.
I lost my precious daughter, on Nov 1, 2014. She was 32 years old, and the mother of 3. She was my best friend. Living each day without her is a struggle. I hate what drugs is doing to so many every day. It destroys so many lives. I share her testimony when I can to spread awareness. 💔
Nicholas Arace my only child died of a overdose on December 1, 2013 he was 26 years old.
We lost our middle son, Sean on March 28, 2011.  He was found alone in a Motel Room.  The autopsy said toxic effects of meth, but we believe that he actually overdosed on a drug called 1.4 BDO.  The BDO didn't show up on a tox screening, but the last person that was with him told us that was the drug he had with him at the time.  His older brother had overdosed but thankfully pulled through just a month before and told us that it was called BDO.  This drug is  similar to GHB.  Sean was an actor and had been an extra in one of Tyler Perry's television sitcoms.  He had a heart of gold.  Before he died he had wanted to form an organization called Families Against Drugs to help families dealing with addiction.  He died before it became a reality and with God's help, we picked up on his vision and formed the organization in his memory.  Sean left behind a son and a daughter whom he loved with all his heart.  I believe that what plagues me the most is that people don't want to open their eyes to this growing epidemic unless it happens to someone that they love.  I suppose that was how I was too though, not realizing the heartache that goes along with OD deaths.  I wish more people would get involved and bring awareness to their communities.  We miss our son every single second of every single day and some days are still so overwhelming.  Sean left a huge hole in our family.
I lost my youngest son, Brett, on April 27, 2015.  It was the worst day of my life.  I go through that day over and over in my mind and think of him and miss him every single moment.  The pain is unbearable at times, I just feel so lost.  I wish something could be done about this horrible situation of losing our loved ones.  I miss you every day Brett.....until God calls me to the other side.
Missing my mom n step dad from this disease. My mom intentionally overdosed 2 months after my step dad passed from hep c. Luv n miss them both. R.I.P
My husband Michael carey Jr passed away from an overdose on 5/15/15 Michael was the love of my life. He was  a good man with a heart of gold the best father husband son friend anyone could have. If i have learned anything from this it is that are Drugs powerful enough to destroy everything in its way please get help another wife mother daughter son should not have to bury their loved one over drugs!!! Awareness, reach out ,educate yourself  you always think it won't be you .In living memory of Michael carey Jr xoxoxo
I lost my precious son Jimmie Dec 3, 2014 from a meth overdose. He was 20, my gift from God! Not a moment goes by that I do not think of him . The struggle is real. Drugs are evil and kill our loved ones! Till we meet again, love you momma!💕
I'm deeply sadden over the overdose rate in this country. In the past ten years, I have lost four of my children to overdoses. Joey, age 31, Timmy, age 22, Lauren, age 26 and Stephen, age 29. They were all very special to me. They are missed each and every day. The pain of losing them, never goes away. Sometimes, it is almost unbearable. I live with memories of each of them. I could go on and on, but, we all know that our lives have been changed forever. We must go on and try to defeat this epidemic that is killing at a alarming rate. Each day I wake up and hope it gets better, but, wonder if it ever will!!!
Miss u so much, Merriett was just getting her life together. At 16 her and her mom were in a head on collision with a D.D Merriett was thrown through the vehicle and her Mother suffered fatal injuries , after a week they made the DEVESTATING decision to take her off life support as she was declared "Brain-Dead" Merrietts life was NEVER the same. She tried Numerous times to get clean but ultimately passing away due to accidental overdose! She was my Partner, and Best Friend and is Terribly missed
I lost my oldest child, Brittni Renae Peel, on May 11, 2012 at the age of 22.  The autopsy showed "accidental intoxification".  It was a combination of xanax and methadone.  She left behind her younger brother and sister.  She had battled for at least 8 years, she would do good here and there or just got better at hiding it.  Alcohol was her worst enemy and then she got introduced to pills.  She had a heart of gold and would never hurt a soul, but she struggled, struggled every day, however I can say this,  she would tell ppl all the time, you can believe what you want but I know, Jesus walks with me everyday and she would always tell me "mom, if God takes me thats his will, nothing we can do about it, but you have to live.."  Miss that girl every second of every day.
For my son. Mike. Who died from OD on 5/14/16 We miss u every day❤️
In memory of my daughter, Alissa Marie Giandonato, who became an angel on May 6, 2014.   She was only 20 years old.
My son Tim Toman passed on 6/21 after losing battle to addiction. My heart is broken from his OD
I love and miss you everyday I'm so sorry that happened to you Matt. r.I.p
Date: December 10,2008 Tribute: I lost my 18 yr old son to a methadone overdose on this day.
My handsome wonderful nephew David (Davey Jones)left us on February 4th 2015. He was 21. He was so extremely smart and talented. He could draw and write! He even wrote poems about addiction, they were very dark.  I cherish the time that we had together. Such a waste of a great person with unlimited  potential. He was so kind,always wanted to help people. I  miss him so much and think of him everyday!    My David I am so sorry that I wasn't able to save you!! My life will never be the same as well as the rest of your family. We miss you so much and love you with all our hearts!! You know I love you more my David. Forever Young  smooches
My Father passed away after a week struggle in the hospital. When the blood was no longer flowing in the brain, he was brain dead. We decided, my sister brother and I. That out of respect of my fathers wishes we would let him naturally pass and unplug his life support. Nothing was working with the machines. So we did what we thought to be right. Within five mins his heart stopped. He passed away, from a heroin overdose. One of the hardest weeks of my life. I miss and love my father Stephen Reed very much. Only hope of our great Lord gives me hope and faith. Thanks for letting me share. Amanda Lawrence
My 24 year old son Anthony Michael died from heroin/fentanyl overdose on May 2, 2015 after an 8 year struggle with addiction. Im so saddened to hear about the increasing number of overdoses in our community every single day. It must stop! Im grateful for forums like this that help bring awareness and to let people know that those who overdosed and died are peoples children, siblings, spouses, friends etc.. They were NOT just junkies who deserved to die like some ignorant folks still think! We need to make people more comfortable about asking for help and erase the stigma of "not my child". May all of those who passed soar with the angels and i wish you all that are grieving some peace♡
PAUL GARCIA II Sunrise 11/04/1985 Sunset 04/07/2015   Fly High....
My husband Matthew Thomas Wickizer is and was the most amazing man I've ever known. He battled his addiction for about 10 years, but after 2 attempts at rehab, heroin won on April 9th,2016. It took us all by surprise and I'm honestly still having a hard time processing the fact that the love of my life is gone. I will never be the same person after all this.We were married for 4 short but sweet years. It's so easy to hide addiction in the beginning but eventually it takes over everything.  He wanted a better life and I could see the fight every day. I hate drugs and what they do- tear families apart and take loved ones away too soon. I'd give anything to have him back. I love you Matt! I hope our journey will help others and save lives somehow. God bless.
Knowing  my son was using heroin was a total surprise to me. September 6 2015 I got a call that my son Jonathan was in the hospital a victim of drug overdose. His friends that he was with labor day weekend took him to  a local park in our city and purchased heroin. He burned it on aluminum foil and sniffed the fumes. According to doctors this method is worse than using a needle because it travels straight to your brain. They call it chasing the dragon. After doing this he was put into the backseat of his car because he was so high he could barely walk. He was driven around tow for 2 to 3 hours by his acquaintances because they thought he would sleep it off. Meanwhile the tissue in his body was breaking down due to lack of oxygen. He lived 20 days in a coma before his brain herniated (burst) around his brainstem. Jonathan was a kind soul who wanted to help the people he thought were less fortunate than him. He was always willing to lend a hand to help others. Actually that was how he ended up with these 2 people he was with. They called him to drive them to the hospital because one of them was pregnant. That last good deed cost him his life. I love you Jonathan. I told you Jesus never leaves or forsakes us now you know this because you are with him. He turned 21, 6 days before he died.
I lost my son Jacob Paddy to a heroin overdose July 19, 2013.  The worse day of my life. Jake was 23 and started his addiction after being percsribed Oxycotin after an injury.   We did rehab, tough love, he even did a lil jail time.   Jake was a love.  Everyone liked him he made a room light up.  Jake had about 2 years sober had an ATV accident and had to have surgery so he could get back to work sooner.  The doctor prescribed him pain medicine knowing he was in recovery.  Of course Jake filled the prescription no one wants to be in pain but it started all over again.  The pills ran out - heroin is cheap within 2 months my son is dead.  Since his death I now am a huge advocate and help others so their families don't have to live this hell.  Jacob's death with never be in vain.  I love you baby 💚💚
My son died 6 weeks ago today from the affects of a drug overdose. He had been in a medically induced coma for 26 days. His name was Ryan and he was 35 when he died. He died from the damage to his lungs of pulmonary aspiration, he had no other medical problems he just was never again able to breathe for himself. He was my firstborn and I loved him so much, I'll miss him forever and I'll never get over or understand what happened to my beautiful boy.
Our beloved Jay we miss you I hope that you have found peace and know we carry you with us I our hearts we will see you on the other side love auntie Tonys
Two days ago my 22 year old son, Geoff, found his lifelong best friend, Zakk, dead of a heroin overdose. He called 911 and tried CPR but it was too late. Now, Geoff is helping the family plan the funeral. As a mom, I feel profound sadness for my son; that he is having to go through this and will live the rest of his life with that memory. I also miss Zakk desperately -- he was like another son to me and went with us on vacations and day trips and when we ate out. His birthday would have been the 24th and my younger son's is the 25th and we always celebrated their birthdays together. This year's celebration won't feel like much of a celebration. No parent should have to bury their child 2 days before their 23rd birthday.   Zakk was a beautiful kid, patient and kind and showing so much love. He always kissed me on the cheek when he saw me and would say "Hello, Beautiful!". His internal struggles weren't always apparent on his smiling face. Heroin is an awful drug and so much more needs to be done about prevention and helping addicts escape it's grip. We are losing an entire generation of young people to something that consumes and destroys their lives.
My son, Erik Wainwright died of a meth/heroin overdose on 4-15-16, days after being released from jail, to the streets because the lawyer didn't think rehab was in his best interests. A shining soul shines no more.
On December 10, 2015 I lost my second son Aaron to a prescription drug overdose. He was a beautiful young man who left behind a young.child who he loved very much. I am heartbroken. I miss him everyday. The grief at time is overwhelming. My life will never be the same. So very sad and it did not have to happen. He was not only my son but also one of my best friends. He was there to support me when we lost his older brother to suicide. He was such a loving person. His smile could light up a room. He is missed.. Bob
As a recovering heroin addict, I have known my fair share of friends and acquaintances who have overdosed. I've overdosed and am lucky enough to still be here today. I'd like my tribute to be for all those that have not made it out alive. And for the friends and families that lost them. And especially for those still struggling. Please know there is help & a light at the end of the tunnel. #IOAD
I recently lost my son Dominic D'Angelo 5/15/2016 to this man made epidemic. I am seeing soooo many young unnessary death. The government Needs to save our youth. This is turning into Generation Death.
Hello - I lost my beautiful 25 year old son Jordan Miller to a combination of prescription opioid drugs,  on February 4th, 2014.  Our lives were shattered by losing his funny, handsome, brilliant spirit. I miss the bear hugs.. Once I could actually raise my head or get out of bed, I began to push hard for drug policy change. My son's death will now serve a purpose, but oh how I wish he were here and we could fight this fight together. Our group in Canada is Moms Stop the Harm. We are bereaved moms, and our voices are loud. I grieve for all the loved ones I see on this page.
I lost my mother on March 3rd of this year. She was a beautiful woman, whos laugh lit up a room. I lost my mother. I was 21 years old and turned 22 a month later and she wasnt there to see it. I have a little brother whos 18. My mom was 41 years old. Thats really young....I lost my mother to chronic and acute heroin use and accidental overdose. I thought she had been sober, she acted better, I thought we could really be a family this time. I got the medical examiner report. She was also on Meth, morphine, coke, oxy, benzos and a bunch of other things and it has been the hardest thing ive ever had to do. I miss her so much, everyday. Im also angry and hurt, because i wish she had gotten help. I know its a sickness but its a sickness that took my mother away from me. She wont see me get married, or have kids. I miss my mom. I miss her so much everyday and I want to help other people get help, so that way no one else feels like this. This is the hardest feeling in the world, and I have changed. I am not the same person I was before. I want to help people, for my Mom. I love you Mom, I miss you every day. -Jude
I almost lost my first born to relapse overdose last week, and had the unbelievable privilege to see Narcan work  it's miracle.  I am so, forever and always, thankful to the new awareness to this disease, as pill form opiate addiction almost took me also. Let's just keep this new unjudgemental pace of awareness going, it's working miracles every moment.  And may all who have paid the ultimate price to the disease of addiction finally R.I.P.  If you need names this is dedicated to Cortney and Andrew.
I hate Herion.   My  nephew was a handsome,  young,  28 year old father that took a shot and never woke up again.  He was a son,  grandson, father  nephew,  brother,  cousin.   He was loved!   I miss him every day.
Hello I am a recovering heroin addict. I have lost so many friends and loved ones I couldn't even name them all. The most painful was my best friend Brandi. When I went into treatment in 2001 she worked at the treatment facility. We became friends in the rooms and stayed best friends for 6years she had 8.5yrs clean and relapsed. I never thought it would happen to her. I always thought she would get back here to recovery but she didn't make it. She left 3 children a husband and family. My heart aches for her children and family. She has been gone for 5 years and I miss her very much. I just lost 2 friends in 2 days. I don't know what can be done or even where to start. I know I have overdosed many times in the past but it's a different time now. I am so grateful everyday for life and recovery. I never want my daughter and mother to have the pain their families have to deal with. This is a disease and it is a daily struggle and sometimes a minute to minute struggle to stay clean. Please keep up the hard work in spreading awareness. Thank you.
I lost my nephew, Roman to a heroin overdose on 5/2/2012 and my sister, Terri, to a heroin overdose on 9/2/2014.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss them.  I wish to God that Heroin did not exist.  My heart aches everyday and a part of me died the day they died.  My life has forever changed.  I love you both so much and I hope I am making you proud. Love, Me'Chelle. XoXo
My youngest son , Andrew, forever 27, 10/31/78 - 2/13/06. Andrew was dual diagnosed with severe depression/ addiction. His drug of choice to self treat his depression was HEROIN. He had been clean for 18 months when I found him dead of a heroin overdose. The deaths from drug overdoses where I live keeps rising every year.... when will this stop!
This is in honor of my son Jay Gioffre jr whose just made some really bad choices.  Born 10/28/88. Crossed over 06/23/15. You are forever in my heart!
It's been 3 yrs, 2 months, and 14 days since the addiction overdose finally caught up with my dear wife Tina. We'd been battling this demon, praying for help, for some time. Myself, her daughter, granddaughter, and Mother were completely devastated. And now we pray, for anyone going through the same hurt we did. Please be strong, and do whatever is in your power to keep your family from experiencing what ours did. RIP Tina Marie. We loved you, and always will. Forever
My sweet Ed, Almost five months have gone by and there is not a second of the day where I do not think of you and your beautiful heart. I miss you so much, sweetheart, I love you and I will until the day we meet again.
May 22nd, 2016 forever changed my life. My oldest son, Mike, who made me laugh daily, was found on a bathroom floor in the early morning hours. He died from a heroin overdose. He struggled for eight long years and spent many years in every kind of treatment there was. Residential, outpatient, halfway houses, recovery homes, etc. He had a good job, a great girl friend and seemed so happy when I spent the day with him on May 21st. Whatever happened in the early morning of May 22nd, I will never know. What I do know is that I miss you every single day. My heart and soul physically aches. I wish you could of seen how many wonderful people showed up for your memorial, I wanted to go home and text you and let you know...but it would of been a text never to be seen. I cant believe your gone. I would give anything for just a few more minutes. Come home. please.
For my Joey you were so loved you had a heart of gold. My youngest son to me was murdered in 2013 he was 15 years old. Joey I IDd him laying in the street. For 14 months he thought that Timmy was mistaken identity and that the people thought Timmy was him because he was with Joey's friend. Once these men were captured Joey started doing good for three years until the trial came. Then a so-called friend introduced him to heroin for three years he suffered with that demon. He became clean for 6 months and on June 8 2013 he went out bought some. We Don't Know why his other brother found him laying unconscious in the living room. I lost two sons my 15 year old murdered my 26 year old and my eyes murdered too. I love you my baby forever and a day. I miss you so much. My heart is broken.
My oldest daughter Lauren Nicole Gardner passed away Christmas morning 2013 from an accidental drug overdose at her grand mother's house.  Her grandmother, my mom, refused to believe  Lauren  had a drug problem and would like to keep the details hidden in shame.  Small town, old school thinking that helps no one.  If Lauren's death could save one person then she'd want me to post this.  One accidentally slip up took this radiant, larger than life, beautiful 31 year old  from our lives.  And although she's in a better place, my heart is forever broken, I am lost without her.  That beautiful smile, laughter, forever silent now.   Lauren battled addiction  for many years. She completed rehab 3 times. So many others gave up on her but I never did. Lauren  was so smart and talented.  My husband said she could of been or done anything, if not for addiction.   My life will never be the same without her. She helped so many other's in their struggles but could not help herself  this time.   She is not the face of addiction you've seen on TV with bad teeth, thin stringy hair,  looking strung out and old.    She looked healthy and happy on the outside.  You can't always tell by looking at them.  She suffered and struggled with addiction  for 13 years.  One thing I want to stress is that relapse is part of recovery.  If you have a loved one who's relapsed, please  don't ever  give up on them.  Don't enable them but never stop loving & supporting them, especially  if they're trying to get back into a recovery program.   Lauren Nicole Gardner 1/14/82- 12/13/16
To Zachary: My first born, sometimes I still can't believe you're no longer on this planet. I lost you on 06.28.16 at the age of 25, 4 mths after your birthday. Your sisters, brother and stepfather and I miss you terribly. We miss your energy, your positiveness, and your kindness. I love you my sweet baby.
My sister is a drug addict who overdosed in May of this year and is living with permanent brain damage as a result
My 21 year old nephew Satchel Kent passed away on July 9, 2016 from a drug overdose.  He was the only son to my oldest brother and sister-in-law.  I am overwhelmed with grief and sadness and can not imagine how my brother and sister-in-law can be handling such horrible sadness!  I love you Satchel and know you are being loved and spoiled by grandparents, friends and other family members who have passed before you!  Until we meet again!
Love and miss my sister so much STEPHANIE H MACHEN 09/14/1990-02/16/2016
My son Michael was in rehab 2 times and also on suboxne. He came home Nov 26, 2016 from his last rehab stay in California! I told my other son that I thought his brother had finally beat this demon!.! He died the next day 1/11/16 of heroin fetanal overdose!!
My world was forever changed on October 5, 2014 when my husband uttered the words "Andrew is addicted to heroin".  WHAT? Andrew?? HOW?  It was like a baseball bat between the eyes. Suddenly, all the questions were answered.  Questions I had been struggling with about my only son - Why so many car accidents?  Why is he so distant?  Why does he get mad and refuse to talk to me?  Why doesn't he ever have any money? As I cried and cried that day, that week - I knew this would be terminal for Andrew.  I just knew it in my gut.   So I tried- I tried everything a mother could possibly think of in this desperate situation - I sobbed, hugged, listened, scolded, yelled, pleaded, I mothered, I bargained & pleaded - with both my son and with god.   Within 2 weeks he would be in the hospital with another wrecked car  - then he  agreed to rehab.  He would  die just 19 days later at age 24,  alone in a stall in the bathroom at Petsmart, just 4 blocks from his apartment where I was waiting for him.  All from an addiction that started with one pill - Oxycontin.  God, I miss my Andrew so damn much.
I lost my son, my one and only child on February 8, 2015 at the age of 23 to an overdose.  I watched him fight the battle of his life and lose.  Nick was a great kid with a huge heart who would give you the shirt off of his back.  He never wanted to do drugs. He never wantes to hurt me or for his life to end.  Addiction is not a choice, it is a disease.  I will spend the remainder of my life letting people know just that. Rememer that every addict is someone's son, daughter, grandson/daughter, brother or sister.  Addiction is a family disease and to live with someone who is addicted to drugs is almost as painful as living without them.
My son died 10 months ago Micheal A Webb " Michealton" A day doesnt go by that I dont miss him. He was my first born and him and I have gone through alot. He passed of herion/fentenyl over dose 3 days before his 35th birthday and a day after my last conversation with him about his birthday. He passed on Sept 19th 2015. I will always be missing him til the day were together again.   May you rest in peace my son til were together forever again.
I lost my son on june 27 2016. he was 22 years old. I would trade my life for his everyday if I could. David is very loved by all who knew him.
Jarrett, Heroin took you from us on October 23rd, 2015. Nine months ago (how long I carried you in my womb) since you were taken.  I suspected a growing dependence on alcohol, but not this. At 27 your life was just beginning. So many unanswered questions now that haunt my thoughts. Your sharp intellect, sense of decency, generousity and how you engaged deeply with anything new to learn and master conflicts with what happened. What did happen? What didn't we see? Our lives have been shattered so now we work to pick up these pieces, to carry on without you and do what we can to both honor your memory and build a better world. The BrainShift Literacy Project is my new mission and focus. I will do all I can to bring awareness that wellness is a learnable skill, that critical thinking tools can build emotional intelligence, and education can provide students with skills to manage stress before it becomes toxic or chronic where self-sabotaging habits can take root - especially in the developing brain. You always challenged the status quo, and so now, I will too. This is our hope among so much suffering. Time to break the stigma and shame caused by the disease of addiction - time to build a better world. Mental Health Literacy Toolkits belong in health curriculum and need to be part of every science based prevention program. Love is FOREVER. Mom
I'm a recovering heroin addict I have watched and seen my family suffer from my addiction I've lost 3 good friends of mine to an overdose the one died in my ex boyfriends arms and seeing all this is so very sad. I hope anyone still sick and suffering gets help because this disease is powerful it took my three good friend's and I can't think of losing anyone else from this addiction. Rest in peace Jared Higgins, Eric Eidleman and Joe Bellucci. Forever loved and terrible missed. ♡
Prayers , love and healing for all suffering from addiction. The addict, the family members and friends . May all find a way out and peace.
My son Austin died from a heroin/fentanyl overdose on June12, 2016. He was 23 years old. He had been clean for 9 months. Austin only had 2 months left to graduate Barber school. Austin warned everyone not to try heroin. He said he wished he had never tried heroin. Austin was a smart, beautiful young man, who was deeply loved by his family and friends. We are now starting an overdose awareness campaign in our small town. We are going to host an overdose awareness rally on August 31.
I lost my son and only child, Dustin Scott Christian, March 7, 2012. He was just three weeks from turning 18 and 3 months from graduating high school. He passed from a fentanyl drug patch overdose. A witness said he chewed on it. I wish I knew the signs. I might have saved his life. May we all find peace and strength. Let all lost be remembered with dignity as we reach out to save others.
I miss my sister, Liz Wolfe, who overdosed on 10/6/2016, everyday.  She is my little sister, one year younger than me and she left this world due to a preventable overdose.  She survived so many hardships - even a broken neck, which started her long term addiction and thought she could handle heroin one more time and it took her.  I wish I could just see her again.  I've never felt so lost and lonely and just wish someone would have had that narco-pen they talk about.  She was my best friend, I want to start an awareness day in my community because this has happen to so many families and I hate the stigma.
Dear Billy 17 years ago my heart was shattered.You were my first born the first one to call me mommy. I love you and miss you.You are on my mind day and night and forever in my heart.❤ Love mom.
We, lost my twin sister Teresa on June 6th. She, had been fighting her addiction for several years. We, tried so hard to get her sober. But, she lost the battle. She, left behind 5 wonderful children. And, 7 Grand children and one on the way. Are lives are forever changed. My heart is broken. I lost my best friend. She, was a good mom when she was clean. But, once her addiction took over life she could not take care of herself anymore. I pray that we see each other someday. What, a waste of such a precious life.
I lost my son Jesse to a fentanyl / herion over dose 1 year ago. Jesse was 33 and left us with his son Brady who is 4. He was a good son, brother and friend until he became addicted to heroin. We need help with this epidemic. Toooo many lives are being stolen by this demon. Leaving family's in deep despair.
I loss my beautiful daughter Amanda from a overdose. Last year August 11, 2015 our whole life changed. Couple of months I watch the same thing play out across the street from me. Amanda's friend passed away, same thing overdosed on drugs. My daughter was only 24. I hate seeing all these young children leaving way to soon. More awareness and more help is needed. I pray that it stops everyday. I hate drugs!!! Rest easy now Babygirl I love you and miss you.
My fiance,  Reggie Allen, overdosed on February 25th, 2016. His mom and I found him. He was my soulmate and best friend.  I know so many people affected from losing loved ones to overdoses.  I miss Reggie everyday and will never forget him.
In remembrace of black my ride or die. Love you and miss you baby boy
I lost my daughter Stacey Ann Phillippe to a fentanyl laced heroin overdose on February 17, 2016. She had 2 beautiful daughters who now have no mother. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, and loved her family beyond belief. I sometimes feel like I can't breathe and my life as I knew it is gone. I hate this drug! It is ruining lives and cutting short so many beautiful lives. Stacey would have been 36 on 07/23/16.
To my handsome son Derrick Smith who passed away March 19, 2016 from an overdose of heroin/fentalyn.  I miss and love you so much.
I lost my only child, my son, Nathan Ferguson Alvarez to a heroin overdose on 12/13/15.  He was a beautiful,  loving soul and struggled for 3years.  We need to find an end to addiction.   Too many wonderful angels leaving us, too soon.  We love you Nathan and those who are in recovery, struggling and all loved ones caught up in the cycle.
I lost my son Stefan Woodward after he attended the December stereos in Adelaide to an ecstasy overdose. Its been 7 months and I've. . My family have been crying EVERY day and night  since then. He wasn't feeling well & stood in the first aid line... so called friends called him name's, bullied him ... then Stefan stepped out of that line.. and died there later due to an ecstasy overdose.. due a very high temperature that shut down his organs.. because of ecstasy. Please please look after your friends/mates, DON'T LET THEM WALK OFF ALONE! if they dont feel well seek medical attention, DONT give them shit.. It might be the last time you see them alive.. look after your mates.
My Stephen, I thought I was helping you but I enabled you. My actions and emotions were across the board and  I didn't understand the severity of your addiction. When I think of you, I'm amazed that you somehow managed to keep an outward smile, yet I can't help but wonder about the pain you were hiding.  I thinking of you so often and I wish I had a " do over." You are loved and missed!!
Jackson, I wish I'd known your lingo and understand you "rollin on". I know now you finally understand that you are healthy and free of judgement. Im sorry you were in so much difficulty. Im sorry you couldnt feel your own love, I hope now you understand universal love. You were always fine. You were always healthy, You were always beautiful. In the universe too, be away from toxic and negative energy   Now you are free, you have no one to please anymore. Be free Be Love Be one with the beauty that is life, love and energy.
Michael Thomas Gruzeski....born July 21, 1980 died, August 9, 2014. Barely 34. Never lived on his own, never married, never knew his sons. He got hooked on heroin when a "friend" thought it was a good birthday gift. Heroin...something he never wanted to try, but once he did, he was hooked. I wish I knew it was an illness, not a choice, when he was alive. We never had a good relationship...we always tried, but we never did. I thought it was finally time....he had just been released from prison 18 days prior...18 clean days. There is not one day that goes by Michael is forgotten. I know, for the first time in Michael's life, he must finally have peace. I love and miss you, son. For those interested, I do have a support group, mainly we want to feed your child on the streets, help in any way we can...Covered With Love on Facebook.
To my beautiful princess Julie who died on January 21,2015. She was 16 yrs old. It was an accidental overdose of fentanyl. I love you and miss you everyday.
We lost my baby sister Jenna  on February 29 2016. She had a short but hard 8 month battle with heroin and in that time overdosed twice (the second time taking her life) and was in treatment for 100 days. She took what she thought was heroin but turned out to be only fentanyl and posted a post about living life on facebook and went to sleep and never woke up.  Overdose deaths are so hard to deal with because you want to help that person so badly but you cant. She was such a talented sweet compassionate person.  She just couldnt deal with life and the obstacles that it threw at her. Mental health is a big part of addiction.  There needs to be more help in that area to help the addiction part.  So many people loved her and she was a positive part of so many peoples lives and she has a 2 year old son. But she lived in a dark hole she could not climb out of..  We miss her every day and it still doesnt seem real.  Feels like a nightmare. I know she is at peace now and free from her illness. I will miss her until we meet again. 💜🌻🍀
My son Devin Temple died of an apparent heroin overdose, he would have been 20 years old March of 2016. He passed November of 2015. He was an amazing kid, who could light up any room with his smile.  He was the class clown and love to make people laugh.  I miss him terribly,  but his 19 year old sister. Ideas him more!!!  I love you Bug!!!  Rest in Paradise!!!!
My 26 year-old son died from a heroin overdose on September 25, 2013.  He was loved by many, including his daughter, parents, family members, and friends.  He will be forever in our hearts and is missed by all who knew him.  He was a kind soul who never met a stranger and suffered terribly from this disease.  He had a tattoo on his right shoulder which said "John 8:32" from the Bible verse "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."  He is free now from his pain and suffering and among the other angels who suffered from this disease, too.
The world lost one of the most gentle of souls on 12/25/15. Caleb Smythia was my firstborn, my first love and my best friend. Addiction came into his life at 16 and even though he had it beat, it reared its ugly head again at 19. He was well aware of the control it had on his body, but didn't get help in time. He was take by the fake Percocet that were truly Fentanyl. In his memory and through his love that still resides in my heart, I will fight the epidemic for the rest of my days.
This IS A tribute to my beautiful Daughter Dianne Biggs . Age 26 Died of HEROIN OVERDOSE.😢😔💔❤❤❤💖💟 Born on Monday Jan 22nd 1990, Died Sunday May 15th 2016 Buried on Tuesday May 24th, 2016 We miss  and love you with all of my heart  I'm so sorry I tried to protect you ,  I think of you everyday, When you died a part of me died too.We  will never forget you.Your beautiful dark brown eyes and your white china doll skin you were so beautiful I know your doing  well  up in Heaven now❤ Everyone down here would love to see you and talk to you again and hug you, we miss so so very much, God knew more than everyone how tiring and how the drugs were slowly killing you so he sent a special Angel and said bring her home to me. Her Mansion here is ready this is where she needs to be. I know your at peace and safe now.We love you with all our hearts ,we miss you so bad R I P. We will see you again someday soon. Love Mom,Dad ,Frankie,Jeremy ,Jason ,Joe, Amber,
My beautiful son David Dewan lost his battle to his addiction. He is very much missed by his Mom, sister Linda and his daughter who is now two and a half. Our life will never be the same.
My daughter April was a beautiful loving soul. She loved to help others she just didn’t know how to help herself. Her smile would light up any room and her bubbly laughter was the sweetest music to your ears. She had been incarcerated for 18 months and been home 3 weeks on March 12, 2014 when she died from a fentanyl overdose. She left behind a 4 year old daughter.
Jordan Gray Anderson, my dearly deeply missed daughter.  I am heart broken, devastated and so so sad.  Never ever does a minute go by that you are not on my mind.  This horrific disease of addiction took your life.  You tried so hard, and succeeded for awhile, but it is relentless.  My life will never be the same, nor will your brothers, your boogieman!  I wish I could tell you how you are so worth it, hang on, nothing stays the same, you can do this, we're here to support you.  But I understand this disease also.  The world was not enough to keep your vibrant, beautiful soul.  No doubt you light up the sky every night with your love.  Always missed and loved.  1/8/1990 - 4/30/2015
In loving memory of my first born, my son Richard Thomas Long Jr. Childhood nicknames Jr and Duney. Forever loved and missed by Mom, Jessica, Ethan and Sabestian.
My beautiful Samantha lost her battle with addiction on March 1, 2016. Her battle was quick and intense. My Sam was intelligent, quick witted and had a fantastic giggle. People loved her instantly. Although she lost her battle with the addiction she won this war because she is free of the addiction now. I have a beautiful guardian angel. My Sam you will always be young, you will always be beautiful! Samantha Lee 03/27/95-03/01/16
For my sister April Greenwell who is with the angels now.
My husband had been an addict for years... Countless rehabs and he was a frequent guest at the state jails. He overdosed on heroin September 6,2014. I urge everyone to educate themselves on addiction. I thought i knew enough. I was wrong. My heart was ripped out. He is missed every day. To the addicts that don't think they have hit rock have. Get help! You don't have any Idea what the family goes through when you're gone.
I'm son had a beautiful soul.. He was compassionate and kind to others that were less fortunate. However, he did not treat himself as kindly. He was a State Champ in High School Wrestling. He was an incredible drummer. He was genuinely a sweet young man with a big heart. He made everyone laugh and had a gift for it! I will never be the same! My heart hurts everyday I do not get to see him, hold him, hear him and hug him. I love you Jesse Barnett 9/4/93-12/13/13. Forever 20 💔 Your Mom Forever Nancy Rossetti
I lost my daughter to heroin on Feb. 7, 2015. She was 27 and a mother of 3. Her 2 year old son was with her in a hotel when she died. We have to save our children and bring awareness to this epidemic that is taking over our neighborhoods.
You were a loving compassionate father, son, brother, and friend. No words can describe the full extent of the pain we are enduring from ur sudden loss. You did so well your 3 years clean. The pain of losing my brother and best friend is hard to bare. Your encouraging words and wisdom are surly missed. If only I could rewind the time. Your daughter truly misses her daddy and talks about u often. I will continue to remind her of your love for her, and keep her memories alive. Rip 9-13-86 4-26-16
Not a day goes by I miss my brother Frankie.  He was 29 years old and this year will be 29 years that he took an overdose. I use it as my higher power somebody to look over me. Yesterday was his daughter birthday it is a silent killer if you continue to use drugs.
Scotty G.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.  Not a Day goes by that I don't say a prayer for your Mom and Dad and you Brother and Sister and the heartache they share.  Thank you as you have put more meaning behind my fight to address the opioid epidemic in this world.
Harris Lee Wittels 4/20/1984 to 2/19/2015 Thanks for the laughs. You dedicated your all too short life to making people happy both in your career and in your heart. You left so many broken hearts behind. I hear the word you invented, "humblebrag", used all the time now and I am always amazed that my precious Harris invented a word! You did leave a great legacy and I am grateful for that but you had so much more left to do. Missing you each and everyday. If only I could say "I love you" just one more time. Your mom
For my daughter who OD an died on May 26 2009. She left behind a 2 year old daughter an 3 month old son. They both live with us now. I'm her mom who misses her everyday. It does not get easier an time does not heal losing your child. I explain it like this. When you look at the sunset an it is beautiful well it's not that beautiful anymore. when she died I died. I might be breathing but I will never be a whole person again. She was funny strong willed an such a fireball of life. She called me 10 to 20 times a day.  Now I am missing those calls.  I tried everything loving fighting an following snooping an nthing stopped her. I realized after she was gone that I couldn't do anything she had too. An that was one of the hardest things cause you are watching your child on a train track with the train coming an you cannot stop it. That is what it is like with a person on drugs. A train wreck. She not only hurt her parents she hurt her children an family an friends. She was such a beautiful girl I wish she would have chosen a different path. I love an miss her an miss her smile her hugs her smell. I miss just being her mom.
I lost my husband 4/27/13 to a morphine overdose.  We have 4 boys together.  We miss him every single day.
My Son  Kevin, We think of you every single day!! There are no words to express the love we all shared with you . Love was not enough to keep you on this earth with your family. Daily I think maybe just maybe there was one more thing we all could of done. We all tried to save you.. If only so called friends came forth, maybe that would of made a difference.. We miss you so much Kevin. I truly wish this could be seen by you in heaven..  Tears flow every day & those tears spell your name... We have so many if only!!! My wish would be that no other parent or brother, sister, son, or daughter gets a knock on their door with the news we received on 8/6/14.. Some days it just doesn't seem possible.. You had so much to live for. I truly wish you had found the strength to follow the path of sobriety..We will never have the answers. Kevin you are lovingly remembered daily!!! We love you forever & ever!!! Love Mom
My brother Cole Schuler.  He actually was in treatment at the Milkwaukee VA Domicilery Sober Living program. He overdosed inside the facility in his room.     Everyday you are missed and. We will bring change and help prevent this from happening to others.   I know you were tired of the fight.  Now you are at peace my little brother.   I think of your smile and laugh. Cole Schuler 02/11/89 to 11/08/15
In loving memory of my Son Scott Beach Jr. 09/28/92 - 02/15/16. I miss you more & more each day. Its so hard for me to get through each day but I somehow manage. Kisses to heaven.
Jessica Clifford 8/5/91-5/16/14 loving dauther, mother, sister, friend gone to always
Remembering my big brother, Steven David, 12/29/1972-09/29/2015. He fought for his life and lost it. We miss him desperately. I wrote a short piece about the day he died. I was with him, and am so grateful he wasn't alone. Please take a moment to read about my beloved big bro: . Love to all, Chrissy in Ca.
My beautiful son Josh left this world on 6/23/16 from a heroin overdose.  I don't know how or when I'll ever get over this pain.. I found him dead on the bathroom floor and his son only 11 watching as I screamed until I couldn't and didn't want to breathe anymore. The only comfort I have right now is that yoy are with our almighty Lord and nothing will harm you again.   I miss you my Angel may you RIP. Love mom
My son died of Heroin poisoning. I found him. Want to help those who are here and addicted!
Austin Boyles.....You are missed, but you are rejoicing in heaven, addiction free.
My Son John David passed away on 9/14/15 of an accidental Heroin OD   Saddest Day of my life😢 He was a wonderful, Kind soul. all those who knew him know that. I will miss him till we meet again on the other side💙
Rest In Peace Allen McBride, Dave Van Buren Jr (Junior), Ian Kelly 3 souls gone too soon, 3 souls gone to the struggle 😢😢😢
In loving memory of Brendan McDonald 9/6/1985-8/10/2013.
I lost my oldest son Chris Swan to a heroin and cocaine overdose on July 6, 2012, at age 39.  I Wil never forget that day when a detective called me to tell me my son had died.  I had no idea he was using drugs. It was the worst day of my life.  I never got to tell him goodbye.  I miss hearing his voice.  These four years have been hard.  How I wish he was still here.  I love and miss him so much. I never thought any of my children would die before me.
I lost my best friend to an overdose. It was one of the hardest days i have encountered. I am still grieving,  its only been a lil over a month. I still am in shock, i see your princess of a daughter as much as i can. I see you so much in her, i know that you are still with us. Your presence is felt everday. I will continue to learn as much as i can and continue to put my experience out there. I will never forget you or the precious time we spent together. Until we meet again my sweet. R.i.p. jason hicks.
Lost my son Justin on 2/11/2014 at the age of 29. Devastating loss,he was kind loving funny all around awesome person. I miss him so much everyday. My heart is broken and will never be the same 😪
Amber Halford 11/29/1990-3/29/2014 We miss you more than you will ever know.  Your death is something we will never recover from.  You were only 23 years old and loved by so many.  You were beautiful and kind.  I hate that heroin stole you from your family and that we couldn't save you.  My heart is broken💔 I will miss you forever.
Sam - one of the brightest lights to shine in life, extinguished by an accidental heroin overdose. May the candles lit EVERYDAY remind  us all how much your light mattered, and may they enlighten hearts and minds the world over. Forever Love, Mom
I lost my only sibling, my big brother to heroin on June 3rd 2016. He was a father a son and a big brother. After our dad passed in 12 he was my support, my best friend, my confident. We were finally rekindling our relationship and beginning to understand each other. He loved being a father, watching sports, and had an amazing smile and infectious laugh. I'll never be the same without you Aaron your an amazing soul lost in a terrible world. May you find peace today.
In Loving Memory of... Joshua Lee Sopoci 08/02/1981-06/15/2013 AND Jason Micheal Kealey 01/17/1975-01/10/2011 Both gone far too soon...but never forgotten....
This is a tribute to my son Frank who died of an overdose on Sept 1 2013
In memory of my Daddy who overdosed on the13th of October 2006. 10 years without you this year. Time doesn't heal wounds, you just learn to deal with them differently. I miss you every day. Life has never been the same and never will be. Stay beside me always Dad. You'll always be forever young. Sarah-Jayne (Kiddo)
MY 26 yr. Old daughter Leah Dianne Biggs lost her life on May 15th,2016.Overdose.We buried her on May 24 2016. Please do all you can to save your sons or daughters or any family member. God Bless  
On July the 6, 2016 Our mother lost her battle to drug addiction, our mother had been fighting her addiction for 31 years. Our mother's name is Cindy Irwin she was an intelligent, happy, outgoing and loving woman but sadly at just 44 years old she passed away. Our mother always taught us that there is Hope Over Dope and that we can all make a difference in any addicts life, she got clean a few times off and on throughout her struggle. Our mother leaves Behind a daughter, two sons, 3 granddaughters and 2 grandson's who all love her dearly and who will fight for Hope Over Dope until our final days. Our mother lost her husband 21 years ago on June 30,1995 so we find comfort and condolence in know she is finally reunited with her one true love.   Remember there is always Hope Over Dope help is just a phone call away.
My forever 30 year old son James Masciantonio Jr. 11/27/1984-2/27/2015. (Philadelphia, Folsom PA & Delray Beach, Indian Shores FL)   My world is forever changed without my son, nothing matters anymore, nothing feels good, no reason to smile, laugh or just enjoy......  I hate saying but that's how I feel.  My son was beautiful, kind, loving, a true gentleman, intelligent, he had a gift to make me laugh, his laugh was contagious even when they were few and far between.   Unfortunately, Jimmy was sick and the system failed.  Two thirds of his life he used some sort of drug just to feel "normal" as he would say.  We tried doctor after doctor to treat his depression.  He would found recovery back in 2009, he was dedicated to the program, we fell in love and fathered a child; my now 6 year old grandson and my son's namesake.   After having surgery in 2011 he suffered a relapse and struggled ever since.  His girlfriend kicked him out of the home, separated from his son who adored him.   From 2013-2015 he lived with me, it was difficult, I watched him struggle everyday just to deal with life..... Mid January 2015 he wanted to be back closer to his son and moved.  But that was not meant to be, he wasn't allowed by the mother of his child to see his son and became even more depressed.  Unexpectedly, he relapsed and returned to heroin but this time it was laced fentanyl.  He was clean and sober for 6 months.  A murderer walks the streets of Florida dealing heroin laced with fentanyl!   Rest in Peace my Angel Son, you earned it.
David ( DJ) McDonald March 27, 1991 -March 15, 2016   My heart still breaks for you everyday....I miss your smile, and the way you made our family laugh. Life will never be the same. I know you were suffering , my baby....but wasn't ready to let you go. Rest in love and light until we meet again.. Love, mom
My daughter lost her dad & I lost my love/lover. Andy -my heart aches -our hearts ache. We are continuing on working on finding our new normal - keeping you alive. I ache for you... & miss you like crazy. I'm so mad-you're missing out....our girl she's the most incredible. I see you in her everyday -she's the best of you. I'm going to try to continue to end the stigma of this horrible disease. For you & everyone else who has lost a loved one or is suffering themselves.
Emory Gullion III  5/9/88-11/17/15 Emory had a loyal and kind heart. He is missed by many but no one more than me.
My granddaughter died on 3-20-15 from an accidental heroin OD, she was just 20. Angela had battled drugs for awhile and it finally took her life . She was a beautiful mother ,daughter,sister , granddaughter and friend to many. She is missed so much and her family will always love & remember her, R.I.P. My beloved granddaughter 💔😪2
R.I.P.  Brandon Robert Earl November 23, 1982- March 31, 2016
Jasen Anthony Guerra was my son my light my life! He lost his battle to drugs on March 3rd 2016! We love you forever My Jay! His birthday was July 3rd! Our hearts are broken and never will mend! Fly high with the Angels My Beautiful Baby Boy Jasen!
Ohh how much I miss you my sweet boy.....  I hope I can be your mom again.  David kuhl...... 3-6-82   -  2-23-14. ..   always on my mind and forever in my heart! Xo's
We lost our beloved son Elijah on May 11, 2016 from a heroin overdose. Elijah was a beautiful person, and had many many loved ones supporting him. He will forever remain in our hearts, we miss him dearly eveyday.
today on this date was so sad for me I cry till I couldn't cry no more I cry cause I knew I wouldn't see you no more here on earth. but with the grace of GOD each passing day GOD gave me strength and now when this date comes it puts a smile on my face to know you are so happy and pain free and at rest You were and still are the best sister anyone could ever ask for. I miss you so much, more than I ever have before and I would give anything to be able to hug you so tight like I used to. But I do know that God and mommy is there to give you those hugs for me and you are enjoying every minute of it.
Rest easy Billy Jo you r loved and missed so much. 11-24-74 to 4-4-14💞 Rest easy Steve Reinhardt 💞 R.i.p to everyone lost from the disease of addiction.
To my son, Rusty-James Parker, who died of a heroin overdose on May 29, 2016. You may have lost your battle, but I will keep fighting for you. This one's for you, Bug! Lotsa, Mom
My son lost his battle just 4 months ago. He was 25. My soul is broken. I hover on the verge of tears 24/7. I feel so so sad for him. He fought so hard. My heart aches. Don't know if it was accidental or intentional. He was tired. I miss you my boy....xox
My friend Jackie Kurz was one of the kindest woman ever. We met in a rehabilitation treatment center & I was her "Mom". Just a title given to the one who makes you feel better about being in rehab. We were both older heroin addicts, in our 50-60's. Both miracles, not using for the first time in many decades. She had over 2 yrs. clean when she overdosed. I am coming up on 3 yrs. clean the end of July. I just want to pay tribute to my amazing sweet beautiful friend Jackie. May you rest and until we meet again, I admired you and your strength 💕
My dear son Christopher Michael Bailey, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I think about you from the moment I wake up to when I lay down at night. I know you did not want this to happen, you were so happy and you were looking forward to the upcoming year so you could be the general manager at your own store. It breaks my heart that you will not get to do this. Your mom and I and your sister Stephanie love you dearly and miss you more than anything. One day I'll be with you again kiddo.
My son, James, died of a heroin overdose on 8/1/15. He wasn't a regular user and it was only a small amount that caused him to stop breathing almost 24 hours after using.
My friend Dennis Michael Smith  overdosed on heroin two weeks ago at the age of 24. He relapsed and that one mistake cost him his life. I miss him terribly and I want to honor his life, his struggle and his fight in some way. Something positive will come out of this because after I grieve, I want to do something positive in other peoples lives who are fighting the same fight. God will show me what to do. I love you my friend.
In memory of my son, Matthew Alexander Veazey, who died October 9, 2008 of a heroin overdose at age 21.
I miss my sister already. She was found by my mom today- after a drug overdose. Heroine took her life, addiction consumed her. I feel like I didn't do enough. I didn't know what to do. I hate drugs, I hate dealers. Why did you take my sister? My heart hurts, my stomach aches. How does this happen? I miss you Chrissy Ashton. I pledge to do something about addiction.
My man. My other half. He still makes my heart beat faster. Aaron is so well respected among his friends and business associates. He carried a deep rooted self hatred that nothing or no one could have changed.
Johnny, I miss you a lot. When me and the guys hang out I always feel like we're missing our forth, you. I think about you a lot. It's been just under 2 months since you've passed. You keep sending me signs and I'm finally convinced you're still with me. We all love you so much.
Chris homa, I wish I could have been there for you when this happened, They called him Chris Homeless. He was very polite, helpful and kind. Its a shame nobody was able to get him the help he needed. I miss him, and I know he will always be missed.
Tara Autumn Suzanne Parsons Billyard is my beautiful daughter who now resides in heaven, forever loved. She died from fentanyl laced heroine. She has an incredibly gifted son, Cuylar. Tara was just 25 when she passed away. Just two weeks after her birthday. 10/11/89-10/24/2014
Dorothy Catherine, died Oct.24,2015 She was only 34, She was not only my daughter, She was the kindest, smartest, and most beautiful girl in the world to me. She loved animals especially cats. She loved her daughter Vanessa most of all. She had a big open heart and knew how to make people smile. She had to fight addiction, and she almost beat it. She had lost everything to it......Her daughter, her self worth, her spiritually, but she was a fighter, every day she would get up go to her clinic, survive and fight the negative people in her life who put her down, the people who didn't understand how could she loose her child. Circumstances made it very difficult for her to see her child .She cried and cried for her. I was there trying to comfort her. It wasn't easy depression would set in for months. But Dorothy kept fighting She would call Vanessa every week for years and just couldn't wait to go visit her daughter, which she did on certain occasions. She would be thrill we would all would. Dorothy went through a couple relationships which ended tragic She loved and only wanted to be loved in return. These guys turned her inside out played games with her head in the end, all she wanted was to be loved the way she loved but no one could. She was special, strong beautiful and too good for this life. That's why God's angels took her that early fall morning RIP Your Mom
On November 28, 2015 my beautiful son Benjamin Dominguez, age 19 was taken by a drug overdose.  I loved and love him so very much. My every cell yearns to be with him again. You see, he was so smart and funny, always playing practical jokes. His presence exuded joy and happiness, aso did his wide smile full of pearly whites. I was always so proud of him as he always tried to help others feel accepted. I so wish to see and talk to him again. Maybe then he will speak of his deep dark secret that he kept from me, as he never wanted to hurt me. Ben, if you just could have talked to me about your addiction, perhaps I could have helped you more. RIP my beloved son, Benjamin. 08-09-96 thru 11-28-15
Stephanie, you were dear to so many because of you smile, your cheerfulness and your willingness to help. May God deliver you to His serenity, His love, His compassion, and His forgiveness. And may Christ wrap his arms around you, give you a hug and a kiss for me and let you know that I love you too.
I lost my beautiful daughter to a heroin overdose 10 days after her 20th birthday on 3-25-15. I miss you every minute of every day. I honor your memory by continuing to fight to end the stigma and bring awareness to addiction and overdose. I love you forever and a day - mom.
Dear Sarah, You left this world too soon, at only 19 years old, you were a friend who touched my heart. Enrolled in college, as an art student, and on your way to greatness, you lived through your fathers death only 2 years prior. The burden I carry is heavy, even after 10 years. I was the one who found you, still and quiet, already one of God's Angels. For many years I wished it was me, the one who didn't wake up, but I cannot change God's Plan and your loss will not be for nothing! I miss you Sarah! - Jason
Chris homa, I wish I could have been there for you when this happened, They called him Chris Homeless. He was very polite, helpful and kind. Its a shame nobody was able to get him the help he needed. I miss him, and I know he will always be missed.
In memory of Corey Wayne Gilbert. Overdosed on Heroin in January of 2016.
I lost my son Ryan to a heroin overdose on 01/13/2015.  He had been clean from opiates and for a reason we will never know decided to use again. It’s just that this time it took him from everyone that loves him. It kills me every day to know I will never get to see you get married or have children. Its kills me to know I cant Talk, Hug or Kiss you ever again. I HATE any kind of opiate!  I HATE any kind of addiction! We need to find a way to get this illness under control. PLEASE I LOVE YOU RYAN Mom
I lost my precious son Adam Richardson, age 30. His nine-year-old son misses him more each day. My heart will have a hole until we meet again
Run far run fast living with this evil around us life will not last. Damion Manning  February 28th 2013 Taken too soon!!!  But  you will never be forgotten..
Dear Heathy it has been 12 years since you have passed. I'm sorry I didn't find out straight away. I hope you know that I still talk to you most days. And every time I listen to Soul Assasins I think of you and all the good time in the Torana. Some many things we still had to do together. As I get older it dawns on me how young you were taken. So many of us miss you. Our beautiful Reanna has joined you on the other side I hope you can look after her for us. Rest in Paradise. My friend. Till we meet again.
Dear Matt, I wish I could describe in words how much pain I have felt since the moment you passed away.  I miss you more and more with every passing day and I wonder if the pain will ever get better because it seems to get worse.  It has been about 3 and a half years since we've lost you and my life has not been the same; I don't find joy in things I use to and I don't smile as big anymore and I know you only want me to be happy and trust me I want that too I just don't know how.  I think of you all the time and cry every single day that I won't see your beautiful here on Earth again.  Until we meet again my baby brother, I love you and I miss you ALWAYS!!! Love Your Big Sister, Megs
Daddy, I miss you so much every day, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and get that knot in my throat, it breaks my heart, you was my her, my father,my best friend, we were always so close. I will always miss u,but try and remember all of the good times with you, but I just want to tell u that I love you, and I honestly know that your spirit lives with me,you'll be forever missed, and never forgotten,R.I.H. FLY HIGH Love u ALWAYS N FOREVER😇💕❤💜💙
😇Daddy, I miss you so much, I think about all of the little things that I miss so much everyday, I hate that I can't pick up the phone and host hear your voice, I know you're with me in spirit, but what I would do to have u back, I know in my heart that you made it to heaven with your family and friends that have passed away. I just wanted to say that you're always gonna be my number one hero and my father, my best friend and I will never ever forget all the good times we had since I was a baby, you've always been by my side no matter what... You'll be forever missed and never ever forgotten, R.I.H. FLY HIGH. LOVE YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN... YOUR BABY GIRL CHELS
Joshua, how much myself and your boys miss you. I'll always wish there was something more I could have done to change the course of what happened. I loved you so much. My only hope is that you no longer have to suffer in this world. As long as this life allows me, your son will be in the best hands.
My only child, my lovely son, Ethan, passed on 2/5/09 at the age of 20. I miss him so so much. He was just a beauty. I wish I could have saved him. I tried and so did he. I love him more and more as time goes by. I just want him near and long for him always.
Brownie, my old friend. I can't believe any of this, i can't believe you were taken by heroin. We go way back dude and im so affected by this, i can't beleive the last time i saw you is the last time. The sublime concert. We just ran into eachother out of no where and im so happy we did and were able to talk for a little, that was the first time i had seen you again in three years. You werent looking great, i should have asked how lifes treatin you. Please Brownie, while you're up there, please keep an eye out on our friends who are still doing the same thing. I love you man and ill remember the good times we have had for the rest of my time here. See you someday❤️ Solo Dolo my dude
My aunt has an overdose of medicine 40 pills at the same time, due to depression and she is in ICU, fighting with herself and her husband is on dialysis. His kidneys got failure, a small kid of just 10 years with no hope crying like mad. God please help my aunt and make them well as she has to look after his son.
There are no words to describe what your loss means to me. I am so grateful that I was able to be in your life. I know God had a greater plan for you. Not a day goes by that your not on my mind. I just want you to know how much I truly cared for you. Forever in my heart <3
Eric, bud... hard to believe it's been a year and a half since I received news of your OD. You fought a long battle of heroin addiction for seven years and was sober for the two that I knew you. I think about you everyday, the good times we had together and the memories that will last until we meet again. I wonder if I had called would you still be here but that's something I can't blame myself forever, you fought a long hard battle and I can never express how proud I am to have impacted your life as much as you did mine in the short time we knew each other. I love and miss you so much bud, I know you're looking down and smiling at me everyday.
I've lost 7 people to Heroin overdoses just this past year , 2 the year before that -and the love of my life 3 years ago. The drug is slithering around me, creeping into my friends lives and ending them. It scares me.
In memory of my daughter Stephanie Reed Fritts - my only child. She was 27 when she died from high levels of oxycodone contributing factor was asthma. I miss my daughter beyond any imagine and the pain is so unbearable but yet i live. I reach out for her, I call her name and I watch for her but there I have to live it all over. A drug a pain clinic put her on called roxtcotins or Roxy's took my baby's life. We were told at the hospital had the ambulance been called 30 mins. Sooner they may of saved her life but her husband did everything to keep himself out if jail while my daughter lay there dying. She left behind two precious little girls who stood and watched their mommy die. God help me how can I live with this and how can I live without her.
Joshua, how much myself and your boys miss you. I'll always wish there was something more I could have done to change the course of what happened. I loved you so much. My only hope is that you no longer have to suffer in this world. As long as this life allows me, your son will be in the best hands.
Jaime 💜
Michael, we love you "no matter what"!!! Always have and always will. We miss you more than words.
In memory of my mom, Teresa Heath, who died of an alcohol overdose on May 25, 2016, at age 59.  Fly.  Little Wing.  Your daughter, Amie
Randy, we love and miss you very much.  I'm so glad you got to be there for Sam.  We will not forget you.
In Loving Memory of my brother Chad Craig.  My little brother passed away February 27, 2014 from "Mixed Drug Intoxication".  However, he did not die by his own doings but by the hands of others.  And the neglect to call the ambulance for help.  Chad baby you are terribly missed and loved beyond measure.  You will forever remain in my thoughts in my heart, our days are filled with LOSS and grief of you being took from us all.  I will never rest until justice is found for you.  I love you then, now and forever! Your Big Sister (Bubba)
In memory of my mom, Teresa Heath, who died of an alcohol overdose on May 25, 2016, at age 59.  Fly.  Little Wing.  Your daughter, Amie
Nick, the morning you were born...a bright, sunny Saturday morning in November. "We"were a family of four then ...You,Mike,Dad and I. Fast forward. The morning you were taken from us....A dark, cold Thursday morning in February...Michael's birthday ....a day to one of our Mourning you....a day to scream, cry and stay silent!.......A day of such mixed emotions.....overwhelming joy and overwhelming devastation ....a day of birth and a day of death! Still a family of four....and will always be. The day I celebrate the birth of my oldest son .. I could also mourn my youngest son  as well.... but We as a family choose to remember Nick's Life instead ....the lives of both my boys....because we have no choice ....Nick was stolen from us by the evil that is addiction on his older brother Michael's way of getting around it!!! So why fight it.... So we embrace, death and the time in between....because addiction will not take that from us too....WE are a family of four....then, now and always.....  Until we meet again on the other side....I will never let your death be in vain...Ever !!!  We will never be silent or  ashamed.....We  will fight along side with others who choose to be a part of  the solution and make the changes to help others ...... in our children's name! Michael is on his own mission to honor his not only "paint' the picture of the horrors of his brother the addict...but the blessings of his brother who was a  smart, talented, loving, caring sensitive  young man who wanted recovery ! The whole of the young man he was ....not just the part that was his disease!  We miss him, remember him and honor him Always!
I lost my beautiful first born Jamie on 20/01/2105 10 days before his birthday from drug fought the devil for the better half of 10 years and tried so hard to be relieved of the overwhelming sadness the hideous drug always left you with. I always had that fear of you being taken away from us/me but never wanted to face that possibility. I hate the nights full of dread and gut wrenching reality that plagues me no end. I love you with all my heart and miss you every day and just beg the Lord that we will see each other again. When you died I died too. The only reason I don't join you is your brothers need their mother too, especially now. We have all changed and will never be the same as we were before you left us. I pray you have found peace and are loved and cared for by God and family that has passed. Not a moment goes by I don't have you in my heart. We've loved you for a thousand years.......All my heart....all my love Always. Your mum Michelle.
My dear "Big Sis", Linda, died 8 years ago today from an accidental overdose. She was my only sibling. I miss her so very much everyday, every minute. We were so very very close.  She did suffer for years from many mental and physical illnesses. She fought hard. Linda was such a loving, super sensitive, non-judgmental and gentle spirit. I miss us enriching eachother's lives together! Our evening blessing was always: Sweet dreams and God bless you. I love you! Your baby sister, Debi
I lost my dad to drug related and really wish things would be different people he talk to was always about drugs I wish drugs were never be existed and I still would have my dad back he was caring loving and hard working I will never forget that day when cops called me it's been a month now and still gets hard everyday.. I lost my dad at a very young age at 19 I'm 20 now but it's hard... I wanna take this time and write this and hopfully something might happen Your my angel in the sky daddy 04-15-16.
Greg, I still can't believe you're gone. I know you were my ex husband, but you were still my friend, and i loved and cared about you still, and I wish i had the chance to tell you that. The boys miss you so much .Lukes birthday party was very hard this year without you.Last year we were celebrating his 7th bday together, and not even a year later, you were gone..while your baby boy had not even turned 8 yet. We will never be the same without you. I know you didn't mean to overdose. I know you didn't want to die. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I pray the boys will never mess with painkillers or anything else, because of the pain we are feeling right now of losing you. Your mom, aunt, brother, Luke W..we are all devastated and we want you back. Rest in peace Greg, and don't worry, I'll take good care of the most precious gift you ever gave me, our little Lucas.💙 xoxo ♡~In loving memory of Greg Gherardi~♡ November 2,1981-February 18,2016 * Died of accidental overdose of Percocet and U-47700 ,2 days after having sleep apnea surgery, leaving behind his 7 1/2 year old son and best friend, a 12 year old daughter, and 2 former step sons who still loved and adored him. He was only 34. Please!!!! Take medications as prescribed, and don't mess with any substances. You don't ever think it will happen to you. Greg had a very high tolerance, and justifying that reason is what killed him.Our lives were turned upside down on 2/18/16.My 7 year old son lost his best friend ,and now has to grow up the blink of an eye, just gone..and he didn't deserve it ...his best friend, mentor, protector, and hero..his daddy. And now he will never quite be the same. I see the pain in his face every day, and the pain in Gregs moms face, and it is heartbreaking.please, just think of who you love most, and think of how you will break their heart, and forever ruin their life if you lose your life to something that could be so easily avoided, overdosing.
My son Anthony Perez was 23 when he died of a heroin overdose. He battled addiction for 10 years. He was a kind and loving boy with a million dollar smile. He won't get to watch his son grow up. He left behind a devastated family who loved him very much. We are now working hard to help other people struggling with addiction and their families. We do it in his honor.
I miss you, Traci. I'm so sorry i didn't do more to help. I'll always love you.
This is a tribute for Jeff LaBrie, who died of an overdose on May 23, 2016. Although I did not know him for longer than a year, I knew him well enough to know that he wasn't ready to leave this world or to be done having fun with all the people he loved. He was struggling on a day to day basis to stay sober, and it brings me peace to realize that his struggle is over. Although he must have been fighting his own internal battles, he always managed to bring a smile to my face and I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with him. He moved to this area to get away from the addictions he was fighting and was able to be free of them for a few months, but unfortunately gained another addiction in the process. No one can ever know when the last time they will see a person is, and I only wish I could have spent more time with Jeff. He will definitely be missed, and I will forever remember him for his love of fun, his smile, his ability to make everyone around his laugh, and the way I could always be myself and completely comfortable around him.
This is a tribute in honor of my daughter Jennifer. Jennifer died of a heroin overdose in 2005. There is not a day that goes by that I don't remember and miss the love we shared.
In commemoration of Robby Nunes who died of a heroin overdose on 4/16/01. He was 19 and battled his addiction for 3 years. His greatest wish was to get well and help others recover. He also wanted to educate parents about addiction. He tried so hard to remain in recovery even though treatment was hardly available or affordable where we live. He left behind parents, siblings, a girlfriend and many friends whose lives are forever changed because of him. He was a good kid with a bad illness. Soar with the Angels Robby! We will love you forever.❤️
Robbie, my baby....the world has changed since you've gone, you are my world and I miss you so heart is yours forever.......why?
David Livingston, It's is so hard to live a day without you. How can one find healing when knowing the battle that a love one couldn't beat. You was my husband, my friend, a part of me will never be whole. Watching you slip away was like watching me died inside. You was loving, caring, and gave to so many. You told me that you thought i would be great as a drug counselor, however the one person i couldn't save was you. My hope and wish is that I'm can use your memory to help others before another family has to say goodbye to their love one... 6/29/1973-5/9/2016 Always in my heart Tracy
Dear Kip, Brittany, Janice, Ana, Bernice, Adam, David, Pups, Ariel and my Daddy.... you didn't deserve the torment... none of us do/did. Please be in peace and know that I'll always love you. Please let your souls continue to guide me past the detriment...
I'm sorry you were in pain, I forgive you for leaving me way to early in our life. I will always love you I hope your at rest. I will miss you, I know God will comfort me. And if you can please do. I will always love you.
  "I love you just the same" Kevin Adam Werner 9/17/84 - 4/25/16
My sweet cousin Michael. You were one of the funniest people I know. I think most people who knew you would say that, and also what an amazing artist you were. You achieved huge goals at such a young age. I'm sorry you had to live with the torment of addiction and the pain it caused. I believe you're at peace now. We miss you. I love you.
My beloved Grandson passed away 4/12/16 of a heroin o.d. after being clean for 6 mo. He had been living with me for 13 mo. as he had nowhere else to go. He had stolen from his Dad & stepmother, his best friend & from  me to support his habit.He was no longer welcome in their homes. (His friend let him visit but not stay & his family didn't even want him visiting)  Nick was a caring, sensitive  young man, intelligent & hard working. He loved the outdoors. Camping, hiking, swimming, boating & most recently, mountain climbing. He worked hard to overcome his addiction, however he insisted he could do it by himself without inpatient rehab. He couldn'the. We had long conversations about his addiction. I tried to direct him to God as I knew He was the only one who could help him.Nick believed in God, but I don'the think he had enough faith & his demons got him in the end, or perhaps God decided it was time to relieve him of his torment.I will always love & miss him . My heart literally aches.
Roo, my little brother, we miss you so much. You are very loved, and the world is not the same without you.
Randy, we love you, and we miss you.
To the love of my life, Steven. I will love and miss you with all my heart, forever. I wish I could wake up and this would be nothing but a horrible dream. You will always be my best friend, my soulmate. Until we meet again....when we do, I will never let you go. R.I.P. Steve. 5/3/1967 - 7/6/2010. I love you. :'(
It's been 4 months and I'm still trying to make sense of it all. Finding out how deep you were into drugs. I wish you would have talked to me, I love you and would have went to the end of the earth to help you. I feel guilt, shame, sadness and overwhelmed by the feelings that I wasn't there to help you this time.Not a day goes by that I don't think you, I really miss you and so does your kids. I'm trying to pick up the pieces of our life, but I feel lost. Who am I?..a widow now..your kids adored you, you were the good father. Now I feel I a compass that has lost it's navigational skills.My friends don't understand my grief, can't express my loss for fear of shame in a small town. I feel alone, isolated, hidden secrets.I am angry that the drugs won and left you two babies with no father. Dealing with the kids crying at all hours of the night has shattered my heart.I am learning how to live one day at a time, not easy for me.I Love you and miss you Hun xxo
May you R.I.P Sarah Brantley We will miss you so very much!
In memory of Bess Davis 1999-2016 who's struggles ended her life to early. Your Sassy ways and your caring approach will be missed in the Austin community for years to come.
In loving memory of my son, Shawn M. Leins, who passed away in October of 2012 from Methadone toxicity. He had just turned 18 six weeks prior. He did not have a prescription nor was he an addict, but a victim of peer pressure. it has been three and a half years and although the pain isn't as sharp, it hasn't gotten any easier. The 32 year old woman who shared her prescription with Shawn was never even questioned because even though I had texts on my phone the detective said it would be too hard to prove. REMEMBER......Methadone diversion is illegal. Please don't share your prescriptions.  Please like his memorial page.
This is a tribute in honor of Andrew Curley. His life ended far too soon on September 25, 2013. I wish I could have been one of the lucky ones to have known him - - although his life and legacy has made a big impact on me nonetheless. His memory lives on every day through his family, who have opened their hearts to me, specifically his brother Jason. The pain of Andrew's absence is real and painful,... but it was not in vain.   A Prayer for Those Addicted to Drugs, by Vienna Cobb Anderson Most loving God, we ask your blessing upon all who suffer from addiction. Strengthen them to reach out for help. Enable them to take the first step to recovery. Bless them with the persistence to persevere in the fight to be free. Give courage and hope to their families, drawing them close together in the power of your love, which alone can transform our living. Amen.
I discovered my 21 yr old son tommy dead in his bed of a Heroin overdose. Tommy was a avid runner and was so against drugs he wouldn't even take a aspirin for a headache . To have him die this way is a shock I will never get over. Tommy had a hard time handling the harsh realities of life . Couldn't stand anyone being abused , man or animal . He was being bullied in the months before his death which made things worse . The anguish he must of went through to make him take Heroin is heartbreaking . There is nothing worse then a parent losing their child .Oh, do I miss him. You will be forever loved and never forgotten tommy . I know you are happy in heaven now and I know I will see you again , but until we meet again I will miss you and love you every minute of every day.
To my big brother I loved you form my youngest memories you also struggled for as long as I can remember you left us September 16 2015 not a day goes by that I don't think about you and wish we could just sit and talk like brother should about life and it's ups and downs I have no one to share my fears with or to share my hope with you dying showed me how much I want to live tomarrow morning I will have 6 months sober, Love you Santino Frank Sorise!! You will always be my big bro!
Dearest Adam, My heart has been shattered with the pain of the loss of you! We tried for so long to help you and to try to discourage you from taking the pain killers and with no prevail we loss you! My whole world has turned upside down! The loss of your brother was enough to put us over the edge! But 12 years later we deal with your loss now too! We had no control over what happened to David, but with you we tried! And now we see how unhappy you really were! Now you are at peace and no more pain! But best of all you are now with your brother! We love you both and miss you both very much! With tears in my eyes, I say, see you later!
My son, Andrew Gibson, passed away in Portland Maine on April 11, 2015 after a three-year battle with Heroin addiction. He was 21 years young. Andrew started using drugs in Middle School in his hometown of Billerica, Massachusetts at the tender age of 13.  First it was marijuana which he used to excess and often times 3-4 times a day-starting his day with it before going to school. He sold marijuana for many years until he graduated to opiates. Like most kids his age, he started with Perc 30's until he discovered that for much less money he could buy Heroin. Andrew told me years later that he had no idea that Heroin was so addictive...that his body would need it...and without it he would be sick. Andrew never went to college, his learning disabilities made school difficult for him and he never liked it. He was very successful his last two years of high school at IACS, a charter school in Tyngsboro, Mass., principally because of the wonderful supportive community at the school, the teachers and administration.  Andrew graduated from high school in 2012. Andrew loved dirt bikes and actually did his senior project on the dynamics of dirt bike engines. He also loved cars and was proud of his Acura Integra that he would drive to school with the sound system that he installed blaring. Andrew was always put together....looking "fresh" and wearing a hat to match the color of his shirt and sneakers. He took pride in how he presented himself, cleaning the dirt off his spotless white sneakers, wiping smudges off his mirror sunglasses and sporting a crisp haircut.He was well liked, charismatic, respectful, kind, a good friend, and always willing to help a friend. Andrew had difficulty being kind to himself always focusing on his mistakes and diminishing his successes. Andrew relapsed many times and struggled with embracing the 12 steps. It took being arrested in 2014 for possession and trafficking of Heroin and being sent to Middleton Jail to make him realize how serious his addiction had become. He went to a sober house in Portland, Maine called Skip Murphy's where he learned how to live sober. He got a job as a cook at a local restaurant, learned how to do everything on the grill, was proud that he learned and was good at something new, started to work the steps, got a sponsor, attended and spoke at regular meetings, started mental health counseling, joined a gym, was feeling good about himself.  Physically, he looked and felt great having gained back some weight that he lost when he was on dope. Andrew helped countless people in his short time with us.  Many people have commented to me that they would not be sober or even alive if they had not met Andrew. So what happened? Fentanyl being sold as Heroin by dealers making money by killing people.  If you are not familiar with what Fentanyl is it is a potent synthetic opioid analgesic used in surgical procedures. It is 20 times more potent than Heroin. When laced with Heroin, the substance is toxic and deadly.  It is believed that there is a batch being sold as 90 percent Fentanyl disguised as Heroin.  This is murder and the drug dealers should be held responsible.  We must be vigilant in reporting known dealers to the Police. I have given the Portland Police and DEA the name, phone number and address of the individual who sold my son the deadly drug that took his life. Where do I begin to put into words the pain I have to carry at losing my son at the age of 21? Drug addiction and the underlying mental illness that it carries with it is an epidemic in this country. An evil life sucking plague.  We must change! Andrew loved going to the coffee shop (Yordprom Coffee Co.) right around the corner from his apartment...ordering his usual sweet iced Vietnamese Coffee....he took me there many times. I have been writing this missive sitting at his favorite coffee shop speaking to the people who work here and learning that they remember him fondly....always smiling and polite. My proud son. Andrew loved the Lord of the Rings books and movies. One of the sayings from that series that he often referred to - "It's a dangerous business stepping outside of your door because if you lose your feet there's no telling where you will be swept off to."  I hope and trust that you, my darling angel, have been swept off to a magical, peaceful place free of pain and filled with love and joy.  I will see you soon....I love you to infinity, my beautiful son. I picture you driving the car you were saving for....a Subaru WRX with your tunes on...very loudly...just having left the tanning salon and the gym....heading to Whole Foods for one of your favorite protein burritos....feeling and looking good...and chillin with friends.....all of your favorite things... You will be missed....never forgotten....and always loved....for infinity My Beautiful Boy. Love you, Mom....your Number 1 fan....xxoo Blessings and peace.....
My 25 year old son died May 14, 2014.  Three days after Mothers Day.  Eric was a brilliant kid.  He had grown up very happy and always smiling.  A happy child who liked video games, anything electronic, and was well liked at school.  In fact he would win student of the month for two years in a row.  Eric never had a sip of soda.  Yet as he got older, after high school in which he got the highest MCAS and SAT scores in his class, he seemed to change.  He was happy he was excepted in a University studying Hospitality Management, hoping one day to own his own hotel.  Entering college he suddenly was getting depressed and I didn't know why.  He was the type of kid who would keep things to himself because he didn't want me to feel bad.  So he took it upon himself to go to a doctor for help.  After many kinds of anti depressants later, they were not working.  They were changing him, making him worse.  As a result, he turned to street drugs.  A kind soul who would put others before him, he knew he needed help.  Many rehabs later, even out of state three times to get into a different atmosphere, he was fine for a while.  Getting back to school but he called me and said he could no longer grasp school after three years of trying.  at the end of his life, he really wanted help.  But heroin can't help you cope, it just pretends too.  He never used a needle, but snorted it so in his mind he wasn't an addict.  He was a great kid never in trouble and he loved me very much and I loved him so.  On May 13 just two days after Mothers Day I found him slumped over in his room.  My life was forever changed.  It has been two years and I have what's called " complicated grief." A feeling you are stuck in time, that I have to live with I couldn't save him, that I too don't want to go on.  But I have another son.  I remember our last Mothers Day.  We had a great time.  I am so so sad I will never get over this.  My son, my best friend I tried everything to help him.
Chrissy you have crossed over and I have intense loss and anger and plain but feel you finally at peace. Please look over me In the afterlife as I fiercely tried to with you for 43 years in this life.
David had a smile and a laugh that could cheer up a room. But inside, he was sad. As a young child, he giggled all the time... I can still hear that giggle in my mind, I can see his eyes light up when he laughed. We were close, always, even throughout his addiction. Even when he was angry with me, I was always the person he needed and wanted when things were good, or bad. I lost count of how many times he was in and out of rehab, and how many times he would get clean, and do well. I remember most that he had a long period of sobriety, two years and during that time he became a Barber. He was genuinely happy, and believed that things would change. We all believed, me, his brother and his dad. Once things started going downhill, he told me once, through the tears, he just couldn't seem to put any clean time together. He would get a couple of months or so, but that was all. The last year of his life, was constant relapses....and he was miserable. He left for vacation, and he got to see his best friend from New York. He was so happy, and so was I... to get the call was so unexpected at that time. But time stood still for me that day: July 26th 2015. My world is forever changed. So now I work in his memory to help others.
Lee Pickens, a warm loving son lost his battle on 6-12-15. He was a deep soul, with a big heart and always a smile on his face. He loved his family with all his heart and had a deep faith in God. I always knew he was not for this earth as he held deep hurts and couldn't understand injustices.  He will be forever loved and missed. His life did matter. ♡♡♡
John Gorton Lookretis 4/19/1990 - 2/19/2016   Johnny, In 14 days, you would have been 26 years old. Ever since I fell in love with you and realized the power of your addiction, this has been my WORST fear. I'm 24, I've started my career, & I'm about to graduate college. This should be one of the most exciting times of my life, but instead I'm questioning the PURPOSE of life. There are no words for this pain, and nothing anyone can say to make this better. The only thing that could bring me any peace right now is to know you're eternally happy, that your beautiful soul exists, that you're not hurting, and that you know how LOVED you are. I hope that when I tell you this, you can hear me. You have no idea what you were to me; how important our love was. Without family and love, I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere. Our relationship gave my life meaning again.  The relationship I had with your family was so precious to me. You were my angel, my everything. I can't fathom your addiction.  I HATE that addiction took you away from me; from all of us. When I met you, I knew that we were going to spend out lives together.  We called each other soul mates. I felt like you saved me and that life was finally complete, and then we lost everything to because of pills and heroin. I WISH I COULD HAVE SAVED YOU the way you saved me. I know that's irrational, that you were the only one who could save yourself. I wish you could have opened up to me more.  I hate that I often had to push you away. I can't believe I'm 24, and that I'm going to spread more of your ashes.  It's so unfair that life ended up this way. I have to believe that you're in a better place, that you're safe.  That's the only way any of this can be acceptable. This is the only way I can find happiness again. I have to believe that the death of your body was actually your BLESSING; that the dark power of your addiction can't hold you back anymore. I HOPE THAT YOU'RE FREE. If we were still together and this happened, this would probably have ended me too.  I remember praying that addiction wouldn't take you away, because your family and I couldn't handle it.  Maybe that's selfish, maybe this is what you needed. Anyway, I hope I see you again in the afterlife.  This world would be way too cruel if this was the end.  I know you wouldn't want me to be sad.  I know you would want me to find love and happiness.  You and I both know that our love for each other was UNCONDITIONAL. You and I never had closure, and maybe we weren't supposed to, because we will ALWAYS be a part of each other. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know I forgive you. I hope that without drugs stealing your soul, that you have found yourself again. I hope that you're radiating happiness and joy because you deserve it. I hope that I can witness your joy because NOTHING would make me happier.   I will forever look for you in all things beautiful. OUR LOVE IS FOREVER.   Love, Lexi  
My younger sister cristy had an overdose two days ago and is still in the hospital. I've never been so scared. Hoping she doesnt have any brain damage from this and can make it out.
My sister Paula Carter died back in Dec of 2015, few weeks before Christmas, we had no clue, n would never had thought this would be the case, she was 34 yrs old and has been a shock to all of us, she was going thru a divorce, and was happier that she finally left and loved her two boys, has a 9 yr old and a 2 yr old, sh adored her kids, was stressed I know from soon to be ex husband, but we didn't get to talk alot, but she was a good person, believed in God, and wanted better for her and her boys, she wasn't constant with drugs as far as I know, but she could have been trying to deal with the stress of everything, be close to your family and friends and keep your eyes open,  be aware as much as you can.  
On the day of April 2, 2016 i lost my dear cousin from a tragic death from an accidental overdose of heroin. At the age of 25 he was caught in the grip of addiction and was struggling for his life. He was clean for 2 months and finally became the father he needed to be for his 8 month old son but addiction had a very strong grip on him and he relapsed with a very bad batch of heroin which caused his heart to stop.It destroyed my entire family and me being the age of 18 feel like i have lost everything. In the state of Delaware, heroin has become the number 1 drug killing the youth and adults. My message to people all around the world, if you or someone you know is struggling with drugs and or addiction of something life threatening please do not hesitate and ask for help. There is help out there for people who want to change there life's and become a better person. There are people who care in this world and if we come together we can stop this from happening and we can stop young people leaving this world to soon.
Michael, my love, my soul, my everything... You would've been 35 years old today.... I can't believe it's been 4 years since you left us but it still feels like yesterday. Me and our girls went to your resting place today, and I know we'll be together again one day, but the pain we feel, the emptiness left in our heart hurts everyday.. We drive by our house often, wishing you'd still be there... Had you given me just a few more days, I was coming home and maybe you'd still be here or maybe it would've still happened but I would've been able to save your life, but you left us on my birthday, the day before Father's Day on June 16th, 2012.. I hope you know I didn't let you die in vain, I got clean for our girls shortly after your death. I can admit it hasn't been easy but I know you're finally at peace and no longer in pain.. I've seen you only in my dreams but know you have sight in both eyes again and are no longer tortured by the demons of heroin... We love you and miss you.... Always and forever in our hearts, Annie, Hallie, and Brianna...xoxox to the moon and back!!
Christopher, In 2013 I was posting on Facebook about how happy I was that I no longer had to worry about my best friend and how many emotions rush over you when your troubled friend is now able to give you a new, peaceful, positive perspective on life. Unfortunately, that was a time in history that did not have the strength to last through the storms. You are gone now, as of last week. 30 years old, two beautiful children, a family so sweet and so sincere and so loving to you. You were a sensitive man, always humble, always wishing the best for the people you loved. You never stopped trying, but you couldn't do it alone and some of us weren't strong enough to face the harsh reality which was our relationship with you. I know you always had the best intentions, and I know that you seeked forgiveness that you never thought would come. There's nothing quite as honorable yet gut wrenching and heart breaking as it was to deliver a eulogy at my best friends funeral. I heard so many beautiful things about you that I will cherish forever. This doesn't seem real still, but your final goal was to help people get clean and to teach people what a horrible drug heroin is. You lost your love, Elizabeth & you couldn't handle the deliberate attacks online. You relapsed a few days later and now you are gone. In your honor, I am going to work with the local prevention service centers, shelters, rehabs, churches etc to raise awareness & to remember all of the loved ones lost. I wish you could be here to help me prepare what I hope to be a beautiful, annual event in Canton, Ohio. You would have the best things to say. Please be with me. I love you, everyday.
My dearest Friend Brittani, Its been a month and I can't believe it still. Not sure I will ever completely accept this. I wish I could hold you or talk with you one more time so I can tell u how very important you are to me and how happy having you in my life has made me. B you will be forever missed and never forgotten. I can't wait to see your face again. I love you. Love always Sarah  (your forever friend)
Dealing with this grief is harder then anything I could have ever imagined. I still don't believe your gone sometimes, and I wait for you to call me, calling me your " mini me". My mom had such a good heart, she just couldn't get away from her addiction, I'm only 16 and now I have to live most of my life without my mother. I tried so hard to get her away from her addiction and I'm left feeling guilty that I was so mean, getting so angry watching her hurt herself. Nothing will ever be the same without you mom I love you so much.
Dear Brother. I have many conflicting emotions about your passing. I feel GUILTY that we haven't been in touch for so very long. I feel CONFUSED as to why you chose to turn to drugs in the first place so many years ago. I feel ANGRY at the circumstances of the past that made you feel like that was the only way to cope. I feel extremely SAD that you aren't here any more and also somewhat RELIEVED that the trials of this life are now over for you and HOPE that you can be at peace. When I think back to when we were kids I remember your smiling face and wish I could hug you just once more before you go on your way. I love you.
Dear Jason, Words can't express how hollow our hearts are without you.  I wrote this poem for you. Always in my heart, Aunt Tracy   Rest In Peace Dear Nephew I hate you heroin with all my heart, you eat up souls and tear them apart. He was a young boy so innocent and pure you found your way into a wide open door. He changed so much with such hatred and despair, I can't believe you play so very unfair. I watched as you caused him such torture and pain, yet he could not stop riding the heroin train. My nephew is gone now and my family is sad, for you dear heroin are so very bad. Please leave us alone now you have caused so much despair, leave us alone now my family is beyond repair. I miss you dear nephew more than you know, for my heart now has a wide open hole. Rest in peace now dear nephew for the battle is over, you no longer have to fight with heroins soldiers. So close your eyes now dear nephew place your head in gods hands,for he will now free you from heroins tortuous bands. Jason 8/21/78-11/15/15
My wonderful daughter, my friend, sleeping in my bed. But you were not asleep. How do I go on without you, 44 years old and every day a blessing, I just never thought it would turn into a reality. How do I deal with this piece of me you have taken with you. I remember the first time you moved inside me. This time I couldn't get you to move. How I loved you, You didn't want to go, we had just bought all those flowers for your garden. As hard as it was every day you kept at it, Addiction gripped you so tightly that it killed you in the end. I hope it isn't the end for you. I so hope you get to realise your potential, we told you so many times you could do whatever you wanted with that bright,.witty, funny, aware, intelligent mind you had. And you were so beautiful. The longer it is the harder it is, I miss you more after speaking to you so often for so many years. I love you Heidi, as you well knew and not even your death will ever change that. You were my special daughter, Be Happy
I layed my brother to rest 3 years ago, Robert #35 I'm sorry I never honored you. I will change that, not a moment goes by your not on my mind. I love you
Dear John, How I wish you were here. You were my only brother and this pain dissipating is a realistic fear. I will always remember the memories and hold them near.  From little kids to big kids to adult years one thing was certain, I knew as you knew that even if we didn't show it, if either of us called we would be right there. The 11 days you spent at my home, playing with the boys, talking and crying to me will be treasured for an eternity. I wish I didn't understand this disease so well. I wish I couldn't  see through your smile and recognize that your life on earth had become a living hell. I am tired of hearing people say that you are in a better place, happy and free... because  John, you were to f*****g young to die.. you were only 33! You had a life time ahead of you with talent I envied, you could draw, fix cars, build, paint and so much more! You were my little brother but in so many ways you were my hero Johnny and my biggest regret is not telling you this before! It's strange to say that I knew before I got the call, I had a feeling and it was proven to be true. I replay that day and night in my head and wish there was something I could do. Truth is I am not that powerful, none of us are... Heroin addiction is the strongest by far. I want you to know and pray that you do, you were loved at your best and at your worst for simply being you. You were not a bad person, a monster, a failure, a hopeless case... you were a man, a son, an uncle, a brother who we cannot see anymore because you are simply living in a different place. You are living in the hearts of all you touched in all that knew you, Johnny... the feather on my shoulder is just one of my reminders that you will ALWAYS be with me. Love Always, Heidi j8nb
If I could fill up a letter with everything I wanted to say You wouldn't be able to finish reading it for days I can't explain how or when I lost my way Why I went astray Leaving program after program with you guys begging me to stay I can handle it, I can do this on my own No recovery house or halfway home Is gonna give me what I need to purge this pain out of my bones Collect calls from jail or detox pay phones Turned into me hanging up at the dial tone Ashamed and feeling alone I miss you Wishing I could still live with you But I can't get a handle on my issues All that I screamed I didn't do It's true I was the thief that didn't have to leave a clue I stole from you But the sickness is the hardest thing for me to get through I had this monkey on my back telling me what to do There's moments in time When I remember small fragments in this life of mine Back when I was doing fine Before living high in a life of crime When I was on the pitchers mound looking for the next sign Pushing off my back foot and letting a fastball fly Strike three! Your out! When mom would take care of me on the couch When I was sick and had to stay in the house Dropped ice cubes in the soup so I wouldn't burn my mouth Who would scream and shout Each time I struck someone out I remember Christmas morning opening up gifts Thinking about how great Santa Claus is Just an innocent kid Who didn't have a clue about how much you and dad did Getting me everything I wanted on my Christmas list Man, I miss this shit Kisses on my forehead before the walk to school Getting me the fresh gear so I could look cool I was such a fool With what I ended up getting into And now I've done so much damage I can't even talk to you There's nobody I can blame but myself I can't imagine how you felt Watching your first born destroy his health The sad thing is I don't even want help It's better to give it to somebody else I was never prepared for the blow addiction dealt I love you mom and I hope you know it Cause right now I'm feeling hopeless Out of focus The disease is infected in me and I can't control it I'm a slave Wishing I could bring back the kid you raised Cause each day it feels like I'm digging my own grave I'm just one mistake away Of facing my judgment day And that's not going to change As long as this poison is flowing through my vein I'll be locked to a ball and chain Unable to escape the pain Of a heroin addict being permanently attached to my name I'm so sorry this is what I've become You used to fill up with pride staring at your son I don't know if I'm going to survive another run Waiting by the phone waiting for when that death call is gonna come Come identify the body of another addict found in the slums Please don't forget the smile you fell in love with When I entered this world before the drugs hit Remember me as your child not the fiend looking for a fix Who would steal from his own family just to get it I can't tell you enough how much I regret it Wishing I could forget it And never injected Maybe then life would be different If I showed better resistance To addiction Maybe then I'd love a life worth living Mike you left the other day and I'll never see you in this life ever again. I just picked you up from jail after an 8 month sentence. I didn't think you'd stray so fast it only took 3 days for the devil to find you this time. You decided to give it one more try and it was your last. I'm glad you don't have to suffer another battle with your demons. I only wish you had accepted the gifts you were given. I love you brother and I'll see you sometime again.
To my best friend Zac, who lost his life to an accidental overdose. Instantly when I met him, and he reached out to me, to hang out with me, to want to be around me, I knew this person was special and genuine. I've never met someone who could bring so many smiles to so many faces. You helped me in so many ways and I tried to help you in return as much as I could, though always feeling coming up less, or never providing to give back for what I had received from you. I really can't even begin to understand how you being gone is going to impact my near and far future. I always expected to remain friends with you forever, growing old. You were a rare person; genuine, giving, always trying to make people feel better about them selves and yet never feeling fully whole yourself. I hope you know I had nothing but the the utmost respect and love for you, and knowing I can't call you at a moment's notice when I want to talk to you is truly one of the deepest pains I've ever felt. Zac was clean for almost a year and had one slip up. That is all it takes. Your impact on me and your friends and surroundings will never be forgotten, and your wisdom never taken for granted. Be at peace, I hope one day, after all is said and done, circumstances allow for our spirits to meet again. I truly cannot even begin to think what the future will be like without you. Love you more than words can describe.
Dad (May 31,1964- July 25, 2015) You passed unexpectedly for me at 51 years young. You were in pain and I'm not mad but I miss you. You were so hardworking and handy. I have no one to help me fix anything anymore. I really began to mature and appreciate how truly genuine, funny and talented you were just about a year before your death. It broke my heart. You deserved to win the lottery and deserved to walk me down the aisle and have the grandchild you were asking for (I'm waiting for marriage). You just deserved everything you wanted cuz you were just that cool. I can't get over how I will never see you again nor will I ever meet anyone as down to earth as you. I work with people your age and they are "not cool". You were a special friend to many people. I'm not just grieving over the loss, I'm grieving over your life that you lost. You were so happy and looking forward to things and I wish the wrong person didn't show up out of the blue July 25, 2015. You were doing so well until then. I miss you.
TO MY DAUGHTER, LAURA - 8-18-79 - 1/30/16 "HOPE IS THE THING WITH FEATHERS THAT PERCHES IN THE SOUL - AND SINGS THE SONG WITHOUT THE WORDS - AND NEVER STOPS - AT ALL" I "hoped" this day would never come. I never stopped "hoping" you would come back to me - I have always loved you.
I miss you, Corrie. Not a day doesn't go by I don't think about the day we shot up and me waking up go find you there next to me, unresponsive and not breathing. When they told me you had so little of a chance for recovery, my heart sank...I still can't get that day out of my head. We were so close to getting clean. Once we were finally clean and our lives were on track, I was going to ask you to marry me. I wanted to grow old with you. Now, over a month later, I'm still crying every day. You made me so happy and showed me so many things about life. You were my soul mate and I'll never find another like you again. It's so hard, staying clean. I want to drown these feelings I have, they kill me every day. I know you'd want me to move on, clean up, and be happy. But I lost a piece of myself the day you died. RIP Corrie Nicole Browning 8/21/89-12/25/2015. I'll love and miss you forever.
I would like to say how much I miss you Adam James Tripp. You left us far too soon. You were only 23 and you had your whole life ahead of you. We placed you with your brother David at the Memorial Gardens in Plymouth. We visit you as much as we can. Especially on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries! We wish there was more we could have done for you. We love you with all our hearts.
Just wanted to say I'm glad I had the honor of meeting you, and was able to hire you as one of my cooks. Addiction can be a horrible thing, and very hard to overcome, but you fought a hard battle and now you're able to finally rest. Every challenge I gave you, you conquered it, you were a great person, someone I could depend on when I needed help, always trying hard to help people. I want to say thank you, you can finally rest and be at peace.
There is not a day that goes by where you don't cross my mind. You were and always will be the light of my life. This whole time I thought I was teaching you but now I know it was you who taught me. Jeffrey Gut, September will always be a dark month for the rest of my life. They say it was an accidental overdose, but it doesn't matter anymore. You no longer have pain and can be as free as the wind. I see you when I close my eyes and I feel you when I don't know what to do. You are the best fiancé a person could have. I wish I would had seen the signs. You are the kind of person God gives a girl so that she knows what loss means for the rest of her life. Please be always with me. I love you Jeffrey Gut. April 11,1996-September 27,2015
There's so many stories of heartbreak out there, famous and everyday...and the only ones I can think of right now are: (1) James Groen, my uncle who died from a heroin overdose in May, 2005. A wild-card, he had progressed through the drugs and into heroin, until one day he got sick of himself...and simply vanished. Just over 3 years later, my mom and her mom and sisters received the news he was gone. It wasn't until his memorial when several others attended, uninvited, and had something very important to share: he and they were in Narcotics Anonymous and he turned his life around, even earned his 3-year coin, until he got surgery and the Oxycontin wasn't working as he'd hoped, so he bought some heroin...and the first injection was his last. That was a hard blow once the facts all sifted down, nobody ever thought he'd attempt to make up for all those years...but he tried. And I can't ignore or dishonor that. I wonder what he'd have become and what he'd teach us all, had he lived. And (2) Anissa Jones, who was known the world over as Buffy from "Family Affair", the first girl I ever fell for...when I was 2. And I fell HARD. Devastatingly beautiful, so charming...and so pressured and lonely in real life. My heart broke when I learned of her passing and it remains broken to this day, 40 years later. She loved kids, her brother Paul, poetry, the ocean, doing things for others...and so much more. She deserved so much better. I wonder if she ever really knew how many countless thousands upon ten-thousands upon hundred-thousands upon millions of us adored her...and what we'd have given her to see her happy, for all the happiness she gave us. That never leaves my mind. I'd have given anything. And I mean that. That's how much she meant. Love and miss ya both, rest peacefully always. -- Rob
Mom, I know you're going through a lot and I know you feel like you can't deal with life at the moment, but think of me and your two other daughters. I know you're doing not okay and you're in the hospital getting the help you need right now. I just wanted you to know that I love you and I'm sorry. You're just having a bad year, not a bad life.
Joey, the day the addiction devil took you from us was one of the worst, but I know you are smiling down on all of us. I am graduating with a BSW and specialization in substance abuse in 5 months. Everything I do is for you, and I promise you, I will make a change. Love You.
My little brother. He was a happy, funny, caring person. He loved his family, he loved to hunt and he loved his job. He made plenty of mistakes throughout his life but he always redeemed himself and we always supported him. After a lifetime of addiction to narcotics, he entered an 18 month program to beat his addiction. Everyone there was so proud of him that he even talked about counseling other addicts. Clean and sober since 2011, but suffering from chronic insomnia, he took a narcotic intravenously, the dose was too much. He just wanted to get some sleep and he never woke up. He was loved and he will be missed eternally.
My beautiful Jordyn, you left me 5 months ago today, my heart has been aching ever since. So many unanswerd questions. But I do know that you are finally at peace and no longer running from those demons that haunted you. That is the only thing that makes since out of all this. You touched so many lives. Your laugh, your smile, your sense of humor, quick wit, and zest for life were almost intoxicating. You left behind your beautiful 3 yr old daughter Layla, who is the spitting image of you. I guess I'm lucky in that aspect, it's like watching you grow up all over again. Not a day goes by that your name doesn't pass my lips, and not a night goes by that I don't blow you kisses to heaven. Grieving is hard, you left me too were only 23! Fly high my Angel, continue to watch over me and your daughter. That is what brings me peace from all this. Please know, I ALWAYS HEARD YOU! You are forever loved and forever a part of me. I miss you so very much! Love, Mommy
To my dearest son Benjamin Joseph Dominguez.   My heart breaks for you. There was so much hope and promise for your future without drugs. You wanted so much to be free of that 'monkey' on your back. You wanted to go to college, have a wife and kids someday, and for me to realize what it is to be a grandmother. You wanted your brother to forgive you for your transgressions You missed so many milestones, my son. I love and miss you so much Ben!!
9/26/84-9/14/15 Dustin Howard you were my best friend my future my handsome charming fiance. I'll love you always baby and though I lost my best friend I gained an angel. You were my rock. I lived & breathed you. You were my drug. You will forever be missed. Rest in Peace and we will met again Love always your moochie && monkey -amber- I know God has always been with us & I know that was Him that day!!! Mwuah
Hello Ed it's sis. I know you have been struggling with life here on earth. I know you are at peace now in heaven. Mom, Dad and I miss you so much. RIP dearest brother💙
Loving sister
Three years ago on November 17th, you passed away from an overdose, I'm not quite sure what you overdosed on but I can't seem to get that picture out of my head of you dying slowly... Today is your birthday, you would've been 23, it's crazy how time flies huh? You used to tell me to not get into trouble and to stay away from all of that bad stuff. I miss you so much Alexander, I think about you every minute of every day, wondering what you would be doing if you were still here. I love you cousin. I'll see you soon. Rest in peace Alexander.
So, I lost my foster brother, Roy, to a heroin and alcohol overdose in Aug 2000, he was 33. We don't know for sure if it was suicide or accidental. He'd previously made a suicide pact with his girlfriend, was this his part?  It doesn't get easier....I miss him so much. I so much want to turn the clock back, just to change this bit. I didn't know how to save him. I tried, but it wasn't enough. I pray he turned to the Lord. I wish I'd listened better that last night, despite the repetition, should I have taken things more seriously(?), I'd run out of steam and I'm sorry. I wish I'd tried to take him away with us that weekend, I wish I'd helped more financially when I was able, maybe that would have made the difference. I'm so sorry he had to be alone at the end, no one should have to be, the bleakness of it all is hideous. I just want him back. I love him and always will. He was a precious soul, the kindest of hearts, despite his situation. We can never fully understand another's pain and so cannot judge. We can only stand alongside and hope and pray that's enough. Love is the answer and only God's is enough, for all of us. Rest peacefully my lovely, lovely brother.
1/03/2015..On this day my good friends loss there son Adam,and Nicole loss her brother. It was a very tragic and sad day. One which will never be forgotten. Adams smile and big heart and sense of humor will always be remembered by his family and all that loved him. He was a very special person that was taken away to soon. He is missed everday and will never be forgotten. We love you and miss you always.
Three years ago on 12/8/2012 we learnt about your passing. We believe you passed away a day earlier. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you, cry for you and think about you. World has become a darker place.  I hope you are happy were you are. Till we meet again Szumku. Love you. Mum.
11/24/2015 ,On this DAY you changed our life's will be forever loved, missed everyday to the end of our time. FOR MY BROTHER IN LAW
Taylor, we lost you to a heroin overdose August 4, 2006.  It was the worst day of my life, and my heart was shattered.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you.  I wish I could have helped you more.  There is a hole in our lives without you.  Love, Mom
Today would've been your 30-th birthday. We only got to celebrate 27 birthdays together. In a few days it will be 3 years since you left us. It doesn't get any easier. We all miss you and love you very much. Happy Birthday Szymon. Love mum.
In memory of the love of my life and father of my unborn son. I miss you more than you could ever imagine. You couldnt have known how much you meant to so many people because I know it would have been enough to stop from going back. You left in the most tragic way. And i am completely lost without you. You are in my prayers every second of the day. I love you no matter how ugly your truth was and i would always tell you how much i loved you more because our bundle of joy loves you too. Carrying our child through this has not been easy and i hope to see your face in his when i get to see him for the first time. I wish i could be right next to you just to say i love you. And that you are truly an amazing person. That I appreciate you and will ultimately never let you go. I hope you hear my prayers. And i look forward to the day that i get to see you my love once again. Please look over our baby boy and me. He needs you. I love you baby. Not a day goes by I dont think about the amazing person you were deep down inside. I hope you have found peace. That you are no longer in constant battle with the demon that took over your life. When i see you again i will hug you like ive never hugged you before. And i will never let you go again. SIP
Another Thanksgiving without you Jake. This is the third, and I sure miss you saying " Mom your the best cook"  and your hugs and kisses. We all miss you and are caring on. But not a day goes by that I don't think of you at least a thousand times. We all did the best we could when you were here, always believing you could kick the drugs to the curb, you tried. Heroin sucks it pulled you in and killed you. For that I am so sorry. Rest in peace my son.  Love,   Mom, Dad, James and jacs
I can't come to terms with this. I love you so much. I miss you ... Every min of every day as do your children.
Although it's been many years, I still think about you, mom. I know you left because you felt that you couldn't cope with life. As a single mother with an alcohol problem, you did the best you could. There was a period in my life after you died where I blamed you for my problems, but as I get older I now realize that life is complicated. It took a long time, but I'm no longer angry with you. I hope this releases you to whatever comes next.
in loving memory of Bradley Argyle. I miss you every minute of every  day. My heart is shattered into so many pieces it hurts to breath. I can't wait to hold you and kiss your sweet face again. Till then stay safely tucked in Jesus's sweet embrace. I love you to the moon and back always and forever. (I told you I loved you more😘💞)
In remembrance of my eldest brother Justin Lee Kelly who was taken from us by the hands of addiction on may 9th 2007, he was 29 years old. He left behind three beaitiful sons, his grieving parents, and a brother and sister. There are no words to describe the pain of loss or the agony of knowing youll never come back. That ill never hear your voice again or see your breath taking smile 😭. It has been eight long hard years since youve left and it doesnt ever get any easier. You were my world and now because of drugs your gone. Wont ever get to see your baby sis get married or go to college. Never get to see your sons grow and help them to be good men. Those things forever crush my heart. I would like to spread the awareness of how Justin passed. He took Oxycontin and Methadone. Substantially high amounts of both. THAT is what caused his death. If he would have took one or the other he may be alive still today, but the combination of the two will send a person into cardiac arrest, a seizure, and then death. This is what happened with Justin. I wish people would realize how dangerous these are and that it COULD BE ANYONE!! I love and miss you so much Justin. A huge piece of my heart left with you the day you went. Maybe one day when i see you again ill get that piece back. I will always keep your memory alive and spread awareness in your honor brother!!! You did not die in vain. Forever missing you. Your baby sister T 💔😭
Brandy, I miss you so much. I know your life on this earth was a living hell.  12 years of fighting that addiction was a constant battle for you. I tried to do all I couLd to save you. Rehabs all over the country's, prayer, guilt love, tough love, begging love. No matter how messed up you were at times, I always loved you unconditionally. There was no mountain that I did not move for you, juSt to get you well. Just to free you from that demon. But in the end Brandy , I lost you, my sweet child. April 19,2014 was the worse day of my life. But it comforts me to know that you are no longer Addiction's Slave. Fly free baby, play your drum set, guitar and piano with the Angels. I will see you soon again. I love you to infinity and beyond. Mom
It's  been three hard years since I lost you to an overdose of heroin.  My agony and hurt is still as raw as the day it happened.  Passing time only has made it worse.   I would give anything to see your smile -hear your voice.  I am still so confused about what happened that day.  All of your friends agree that you could have only done it a few times.  Then it killed you.  There were no failed rehabs.  There was no gong back to the drug, and more rehabs.  We had no idea what was going on!..  A few of your friends had been on it for years.  They are not dead,  and I'm sorry, but I am jealous.  They are alive, but not you.  Several people came come to me and said that what happened to them helped - and they are clean.  Matt and Oscar have been clean for a long time.  But it never ends, Jon and Gary have died of that poison.  I have bee in a clinical depression since that nightmare day I found you.  Doc has diagnosed me with Ptsd.  I'm a wreak, but Dad and Dan keep right on going.  I feel like a millstone around their necks.  But damn it Dave why did you do such a stupid thing?   We were so close, couldn't you have told me?  The failure to help you hurts like hell.  I have read of more and more about this poison.  As far as I am concerned,  you were murdered, just like so many others.  I love you son of my heart, and I miss you more and more each day.        MommaR8s
Remembering my little brother Peter, who we sadly lost september 2013 aged only 42. You are in our hearts and thoughts everyday and we miss you so much. This world was just too difficult for you and hopefully you're at peace now. Remember we all love you and one day we'll be together again. Kay xxx
Today I watched my mother and grandparents cry out in pain as my brother lay in a casket at his viewing. Michael was only 23 years old when heroin capsules with fentanyl ended his life. All it took was one time to end all his potential; his hopes and dreams. My mother, an RN for almost 30 years, was at home when she heard him fall in the family room. 911 was called and during this time she did CPR while spitting out her own sons vomit, fighting desperately for his life. Narcan was administered 12 times but it could not save his life. His 4 year old nephew adored him. When I would drop my son off for babysitting, on the way home he would tell me about how he and "uncle bike" played baseball out in the yard, went sword fighting or pretended to be pirates hunting for buried treasure. All I ever wanted for you was to find happiness. To find your place in the world and put your habits behind you in the past. But I have lost you to addiction and now I am left behind to pick up the pieces. You were so loved and I wish we could have saved you.
Missing my dear brother Patrick Margotta more and more everyday. You fought such a long hard battle, but unfortunately it got the best of you. Our world just isn't the same without you. RIP until we meet again.
The biggest lesson my dad taught me before he overdosed on pain killers was to find the humor in life. I guess that's why he passed away on April 1st, 2015. You had a heart of gold and would take the shirt off your back for a stranger is they needed it, even if it was your last one. Not a day goes by were I don't miss you and want a hug from you. I know you wanted to be strong and make me proud but I just wanted to help you and you didn't have to go through it alone. There are so many things you didn't get to experience and I'm sorry you suffered so much. I love you daddy and I hope you're not in pain anymore.
God Bless and Take Care Of My Little Brother Gary Gibson, who we lost on the 13th of October 2015. Pray You Are At Peace Now!!!! A Gentle/Good Soul with a Heart Of Gold!!! Will Miss You Always xoxo
Giving all my love and devotion to a beautiful man, 12 yrs of watching him suffer from his addiction he lost the battle on July 13th, 2015. Finally at peace my love. I will never be the same from this.RIP MY BEST FRIEND GILBERT E LOPEZ III. STRONG LOVE 💋 WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL I'LL FOREVER LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU UN TILL WE MEET AGAIN BABY XOXO
17 years of unbelievable memories starting from Kindergarten that ended too soon. Waking up everyday without my bestfriend is something that will never be normal. I love you always & miss you even more Kasey Lynn <3
So its been 4 months as of yesterday you were taken away Dad. We got the toxolgy report back and it reassured me of what we already knew. It is really hard for me to accept the fact your gone and even more so wbat took you. You were my idol growing up and now I'm 25 years old and I am gonna need you for so many things. I wonder if you knew what was going to happen that night or if someone did this to intentionally take you away from us. I educate myself on what happened that night and I still can't seem to figure out why you left that night. You were so strong and never would have wanted to let your kids know you were suffering and to find out you had even asked for help and were seeking it.   Life is crazy. How time goes by so fast and stops all at the same time. I think about you always and know you live on through your kids. Not a day goes by it doesn't hurt and I replay your voice in my head. Happy thanksgiving Dad. I am thankful your not suffering. That you are in peace and you can finally see all your kids all the time.
This is for my beautiful mother Colleen LeClaire. She did her best as a single mother battling depression and acholism! I miss her warm spirit and love! She will be forever remembered in our hearts!
My sister Kodye. With only two years apart we grew up very close as kids. At a young age I left home which caused me not to be as involved as I should have. She started off at 12 or 13 smoking some weed. Eventually it led to more harder drugs, presciption pills, ice, methadone,  and heroin.  By 15 she had been in more hospitals for a o.d than I could count. Dhs resi units and social workers were a big part of her life. She spent time in youth jails for the crimes she would commit to support her habits and just general trouble she would find herself in. In spite of all this on occasion she would spend with family, she would always assure us she was doing well. I knew she would lie to keep us happy. Although she was sick with a drug habbit. She tried to protect us from knowing the truths of her life. This is year we lost her at 20 years old. Drug addiction is a sickness. I wish I could have done more for my sister by understanding and not being so close minded about drugs. Kodye marie jobe ♡ 12 September 1994 - 11 May 2015
In loving memory of my angel Justina Renee Wahlsmith who passed away April 1, 2014 of a heroin/meth overdose.  I love you and miss you so much, I miss your arms your hugs your laugh your smile. I love you so much, so much. I see you every night in my dreams,  riding horses together through the snowy mountains sharing stories, laughing and loving each other. Till we meet again in heaven, in my heart and soul I carry you.  I love you always and forever. MOMMY
Dianna and Ivaan
Our beautiful Chloe Grace would have been 19 tomorrow, she died from a heroin overdose April 26, 2015 a few weeks after allowing someone to inject her, so here's a tribute to my angel, we miss you, your light will always shine illuminating dark places, dancing in my dreams , stay warm, always Daddy The Chloe Grace Foundation
James, You are greatly missed everyday. I struggle with what happened in the last 36 hours of your life. I know that you tried very hard to survive and I know that you came very close to surviving. I don't want to blame or hate anyone, I know that you would tell me that everyone did their best and that they were being the best friends that they could be. I'm working very hard to accept that. I'm so sorry that I didn't spend more time with you everyday that you were here with me. I will spend the rest of my life regretting that and looking forward to seeing you again!
My beautiful darling man Edward Matthew West (Eddie), died aged 49 years in Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom following an 18 year battle with addiction.  You will always be in my heart and thoughts, I miss you every day baby, and whilst the pain of losing you is just unbearable at times, the memories of the wonderful times we spent together will give me the strength to carry on. Always and forever, your chubster xxxxx
My son Derrick died of an accidental heroine overdose on 5/7/14 age 31, he is missed so much, fly high, shine bright my beautiful boy forever with me XX
Been over 4 years since my darling son Paul  passed away and I miss him so much rip paul
Rest In Peace Nicole. You're gone, but will never be forgotten. I love and miss you more than words can ever begin to describe. You will always be my big sister and not a day goes by that I don't think about you.. like mom always does.. xoxo your little sister..
Patrick J. Crouse Jr., 34, died July 19, 2015 in Phillipsburg, NJ due to a heroin over dose. He was a very colorful and unique person that was full of character and charisma. As many of his close friends and family knew, he would do anything he could for anyone. Patrick was born on December 26, 1980 to a life of mental illness. Throughout his younger years he struggled with mental illness that grew stronger than he could manage on his own. He learned to ease the pain by abusing his medication at a very young age. As he continued to get older his pain grew stronger. As a teen he turned to narcotics to self-medicate. This was the beginning of his life long battle with drug addiction. Early in his twenties, Patrick found that heroin silenced the voices in his head. He fought his addiction as hard and long as he could. Unfortunately, a life of recovery led to a pain for him that is too great for most to imagine and that caused him to relapse each time. Patrick was released from jail on July 10, 2015. He made the decision to silence the voices in his head one last time on July 18, 2015. He met his maker and was reunited with his father on July 19, 2015. Patrick's suffering is finally over and he is able to be at peace now. He is survived by a loving family, close friends, and recovering addicts around the world. If someone you know is suffering from drug addiction, please offer support and understanding. Patrick's friends, family and recovering addicts are asked to gather Sunday, July 26, 2015 at 3pm to view pictures of Patrick and share memories at the Rupell Funeral Home; 465 Memorial Parkway; Phillipsburg, NJ 08865. A Memorial Service will begin at 4pm. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a drug treatment program or support groups of your choice. Online condolences may be submitted at - See more at:
Rob, I lost u last week and I am having a really hard time understanding it all. I hate it, I feel angry, but most I feel a loss that is abundant and clear, u will no longer say, "HEY sis". I miss u bro, walk well in the next life, luv u,Shannon
Remembrance of Tracey. May she rest in Peace. And to all those others that have overdosed and passed on.
To our beautiful baby girl. Crissy we love you and miss you sweetheart. God bless you, all our love, Michelle, Malinda, and Stanton baby Summer xxxoo
Dear unknown <3 <3 <3, You have always haunted my memories like a soldier at midnight we can work like the old days. We hear beautiful when...
RIP Blain, Tracey and Sammy. I love u all 4 u r all Beautiful xxx
From Steven Morin, my first best friend....I'm very happy to have gone back north to hang with you at Salem Baptist Church. I put a $20 on your grave stone. I love you Lil brother. ..... to Shane Johnson,  we shared a lot of the same pain and so far I'm clean again brothers. Everyone in between Steven and Shane I love you all too many to name. May peace be with you.
My sweet Bo,I loved you with all of my heart and soul, and I stood by you as long as I could,but my heart was breaking, and I was getting very sick.I had to let you go.I tried to be strong for the both of us but I was weary.I miss you so much,it feels like someone has ripped my heart out.Your death has left me with such an emptiness,and  a terrible void.When I set you free I knew one day I would get the call that you were gone,but it is still a shock.I am grieving so hard for the man that one day I wanted to marry,but yesterday instead of buying my wedding dress,I wore a black dress.I only wish that you could have felt how much I loved you.I will always love you,you hold a special place in my heart.Rest in Peace my love.
Mary Jane
I'll miss you now and forever. My heart is so broken, since you are gone. I try to live, but without you, it's just so hard 💔💔mom loves you Rob. ROBERT PAUL REBYAK.   ❤️❤️❤️    12/7/1986 💔 4/9/2013
To my cousin Nick and my dear friend Bindi, you were so very much loved and are very much missed. May your souls rest in peace and your spirits live on in us who were blessed to know you. I will continue to rally for a world without overdose. Ange.
To Ralphie...It has been very painful for me to watch you struggle with your disease of addiction. For many years I watched you go back and forth in your sobriety. I knew your intentions were to stay clean but you struggled so much because of the deep pain and darkness you had inside. I found myself pushing you away because it hurt me too much to watch you self-destruct. I still feel a tremendous amount of guilt for that right up until your final days on this earth. You were a special person which it took your death for me to truly realize how exceptional my brother was. AN ANGEL ON EARTH. Thank you for being the loving, funny, generous, caring person that you were. Words can't express how much I miss you. I find some comfort in knowing that you are no longer in pain and no longer suffering. I am writing this for every person hurting and feeling lost without their loved ones. You are never alone. Until the day we meet again. Rest in peace my brother. XOXO.
To my uncle Joey, to my friends Zach, Austin, Adam, Jay, Sharon & Kevin may you all rest in paradise.!.!. I will always and forever keep you close to my heart and cherish those memories we shared together... <3 <3 <3
R.I.P Sam Daniels R.I.P Stacey Higginbothan R.I.P Aaron Short R.I.P Nathan O'Sullivan You'll never be forgotten and always in my heart We are all born into this world with the potential to be anything, but unfortunately some of us are born with a sickness inside us known as been a drug addict. It has taken some of the best humans I've ever met! Well before they ever reached their potentials. I have so much anger because there is not enough support to help drug addicts, we have a serious sickness. There is help for people with cancer, people with disabilities and people with illness. Addiction is no different we are just as sick if not sicker but there is no where near enough help. I hope that things start to change because to many beautiful humans are being taken away from family, friends and children everyday.
In loving memory of Trevor Yarrington,  11/16/2013. You will forever be loved by so so many.  Gone but NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN!!
Ben, I'll cherish you my love. Miss you every day. It's just been over a year and people say it gets easier but it has not. My little girls who you love and love you, miss you. You were a great step father. We were going to be forever together and hopefully one day again. You weren't invincible. I told you that. Our love wasn't perfect but nothing is. You used to say 'what's done, is done'. I'll cherish you, my love........
Thanking God today that Josh is alive and recovering from an OD and stroke, still with us to work to overcome this devastating addiction. Prayers for all those beautiful souls that have been lost and for those still fighting to overcome. Mom
Dayne, my brother & best friend. We miss you more than words can describe. I hope you've found peace wherever you may be. Miss and love you always..
This is a tribute to my loving, caring cousin Ricky who passed away of a heroin overdose on 9/12/2014. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You were an amazing dad, brother, cousin, son, and best friend. I am so lucky to be able to have had you as my best friend growing up and I hope that your children will always remember you as the wonderful human being that you were! I love you dearly and miss you every day! Watch over all of us from up there in heaven :)
Loving father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. RIP little brother. ♡ Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. We love and miss you.  ♡
Thinking of Luke Grippa today...left this world entirely too soon. The last 4 years had been heartbreaking for most people in his life due to his addiction however 3 beautiful gifts came out of this journey...2 precious daughters (lily and beth) and a new level of compassion in my heart for those that are struggling. Today I don't want to think about the hurt, the mistakes, the bad decisions, the I want to remember the love, the positive memories and the release of his bondage in this world. Luke was funny, smart, witty, he had a contagious laugh, an innocence underneath all the mistakes that had hardened him and a heart bigger than his brain. He was intelligent, talented, musically inclined, and an unbelievable hard worker. I watched him grow in the past 10 years and horrifically regress in the last 3. He had a way of always making everything seem like it was going to be ok and comfort others even when he couldn't do the same for himself. I will never forget telling him we were going to have a baby and seeing the first reaction of pure joy proceeded by euphoria when she came into this world. That glow he had at those moments were his light...Who he really was under it all...under all the's what the drugs had burried and didnt let through. In remembrance today I like to think of that shell being broken and his light and spirit released to heaven to be free. I will always love his spirit and hate the addiction. So many things I never got to say, most importantly "Im sorry for what you went though and good bye" I hope he hears me now..."Rest in peace my dear friend, watch over your babies and I'll do my best to raise our daughter to become the best parts of us both."
Remembering a good friend, Jesse Lanahan that had such a memorable character and amazing sense of humor. He could make anybody laugh and had such a big heart. Your son looks so much like you, it's a blessing. Fly high, buddy and we'll take care of business down here for you. It still isn't the same without you. <3 Love and miss you always.
I love and miss you Katy, I think about you and your smile and your laugh all the time... I never knew what "not a day goes by" felt like until now... You were the best little sister so that made me want to be the best big sister. You are so brave for enduring all you did. Our death does not define us because our roles in life coexist and Katy, you played them all so well. I will carry on your memory forever.
Katy’s Sister Roxanne
Miss you Kenny VZ!
My first born child, Anthony Fiore, born on 10/11/89 and went to heaven 05/31/2014 is missed and loved by so many people. He was a true and loyal friend. He was intelligent and always had a GPA of 3.5 or higher without studying. He saw all people the same, made by God. He was an integral part of the family, and his last 8 months of life he was sober, for which I will always be grateful. He used to call me "Mudder" and hung out with his younger brother Nick. I miss seeing my 2 boys together, I miss hearing him call me Mudder, and I miss his beautiful face. We love you always and forever Anthony. Until we meet again, Mom.
In loving memory of my brother, Jason. Until the day you passed away on September 13th, 2014, I didn't know it was possible to hurt so deeply. With you went the possibility of our family ever again feeling pure joy. Your absence is overwhelming. You are missed beyond measure and I hope we will one day be together again. I love you.
In loving memory of my 19-year-old son Duncan Smith, who struggled for years with depression and substance abuse, and died on June 11, 2013 of a morphine overdose.  He took some long-acting morphine tablets (MS Contin) because he couldn't find the Percocet that he wanted.  Died on our couch in his own home.  We all miss him so and wish he was still here with us.  We hope he is at peace now.
Forever in my Heart💕 Sean Stephen Kukoleck 5-1-1981 to 12-19-2001
My baby brother Matt Bertulli died of a heroin overdose at barely the age of 27. He was intelligent, out-going, caring, loving and handsome; he dedicated his life to helping others by working as an anesthetic technician at Milford Hospital.  He loved football, music, cars and hanging with his friends. He was enrolled in nursing school at the time of his death. I miss him everyday and have started a foundation in his memory called Missin' Matt which will be holding its first annually walk in Milford on September 12th. All money raised will be for opening a treatment center to serve our community. To my brother: Matt I love you, I miss you and I'm so proud to call you my brother, Fly high baby brother. Until we meet again. Love your Big Sister, Megs
My best friend Alyssa lost her battle of addiction to a heroin overdose on 5/21/13. I will forever remember her bright smile, and sassy attitude. She was one of the most loyal friends a girl could ask for. Some of my most memorable moments were with her, and I will cherish the memories we had for my entire life time. I will forever carry her in my heart and know she is always there. I'm blessed to have her as my guardian angel, my love for her will never end.
Remembering my good friend Nick, 23, who overdosed on heroin August 7th, 2015. He was a good person in many peoples lives. He motivated others when they were feeling down. Had a laugh that could be depicted at any location. A constant smile that could lighten your mood. He was a normal guy that the demon drug took power over him completely. I tried to help him with powerful words of encouragement, full support, and even went to meetings. But the help I gave just wasn't enough. The drug was stronger than him. I still wait for texts from him or snap chats asking how I'm doing. The last thing he ever asked me was if I could take him to McDonalds. I replied with saying let's go tomorrow I'm in bed. Next reply from him was okay that sounds fine with me! See you tomorrow! Goodnight :) The next day he was gone. The day on which his funeral was held, I was suppose to go to a meeting with him instead. But that never happened. Instead I had to attend his funeral. Heroin took him over. It consumed him whole and many would have never thought him. Its a drug that with a one time use will suck you in forever. It's hard to deal with. And the pain in my heart will never fully go away. I'll miss him forever.
Help me remember my lil brother, he got so high on meth among other drugs that he believed shadow monsters and ppl were chasing him and he did a double back flip off a bridge into a canyon. It's not what some ppl would call it an overdose but that's exactly what it is.
After fighting for my own life and making it the the other side of this ruthless disease it took the life of my only sibling. June 5th 2015 I lost my brother to a prescription drug overdose. Mark (Jr) was 32 when he left us. My brother was one of the kindest souls I'll ever know. His passion was to be in the FWC (a game warden) and  a week before his ATV accident he was attending college and just gotten the letter confirming he was accepted into the FWC. His ATV accident caused him to have multiple surgeries to try to save his badly broken leg. They then referred him to pain management where they over prescribed him narcotics for years. He obviously couldn't be the game warden he dreamed of being and abused the medication and self medicated for his depression. He became very ashamed of his addiction and isolated from his loved ones. He hated that this is what it had come to and decided to get help and he did. I took him to a treatment center where he was doing great until his doctors appointment came and he went. He relapsed and was so ashamed but couldn't completely stop using. At 3am I got the call and raced to the hospital where he was on life support. My world was flipped upside down and my heart was shattered! The next day we said goodbye even though he was gone before he ever got to that hospital. I never would've thought growing up that addiction would try to kill me and then take my brother! I am and will continue to share our story and spread awareness. My condolences to anyone affected by the horrible disease! If we can save anyone then let's do it!
Today my family laid to rest a beautiful soul, gone too soon due to crystal meth. It also just so happens to me national overdose awareness day... every single last one of us are beyond heart broken, and a little angry. But despite it all,  he was such a sharp, intelligent man, taken too soon at the age of 28. Rest in peace jerm. Wish god wouldn't have called you back home so soon.
My Beautiful daughter Whitney died from an overdoes May 2013. In her suicide letter she wrote about the relentless pain she felt with depression, and was obsessed with suicide every day. Whitney was missing for 2 months and her body was found in a parking garage. Her body was so decomposed it took 2 weeks to identify my baby. She had taken several overdoses before her death. I feel such anger towards the doctors who kept prescribing her medications. My life will never be the same, a part of me died with Whitney. The pain and guilt I feel is unbearable.
Your time with us was way too short.  But while you were here, you did good! You were loved by many & you loved everyone back. There still are no words to describe what losing you means to us after ten years. Only our love & memories of you are stronger than ever. Mt heart is stilled filled with you.
Remembering Sarah Shay.This angel closed her eyes to sleep and never woke up. Methadone and Xanax. We will never be the same. I pray for her family, they lost someone very special. I'm sorry.
My baby brother, Nick, passed away on August 10, 2015 at the young age of 25. He fought hard against the disease of addiction for many years. I just want everyone to know how much he fought & how proud I am of him. He is a kind-hearted, funny, loyal person & friend who loved life. He loved his nephew & nieces & they adored him. We love him...I love him & will keep him in my heart forever. Nick- keep talking to me
All my love to my darling beautiful daughter Amy Scheele 05/10/77-06/01/15
In remembrance of my beautiful daughter, Kaitlin who passed away on 7/12/14 from an accidental overdose. She was in active recovery and died from methadone toxicity. She was receiving treatment at a Methadone Clinic in Stamford, CT. Kaitlin was a beautiful person filled with love for everyone. She was our firstborn of four children. We are all broken hearted. September 2nd would be her 30th. You are loved and missed. There are no words to describe the intensity of pain over losing her. She will forever be 28.
Colleen Danese Kincaid To my adored girlfriend who I will miss terribly. I hope peace has found babe.
My family has lost too many family members and friends from the disease of addiction. We will never forget  Bob, Ricky, Paul and Michael. We must be the "voice" of those who cannot speak. Let us not forget. Let us speak up in love and hope.
I lost my good friend Chris Dubrule to an overdose 22 years ago. He was a very intelligent and compassionate young man who was just starting law school and wanted to make a difference in the world. "Big Guy", as he was lovingly called, came from a wonderful, supportive family and he had a beautiful, sweet wife. I miss our exuberant political and social conversations, as well as his passionate interest in music. He had a contagious laugh and an engaging sense of humor. He always made me feel good about myself and listened with his heart. I miss you buddy!
Dearest friend I miss you so much. Losing you to an overdose in 2012 still haunts me. I know you are at peace now and you don't have to fight those demons anymore. I miss you every single day I think about you often and my memories of you will never be forgotten. My angel Michael Anthony Maffetone I love you forever.
This remembrance is for my son, Patrick R. Byrne who died suddenly on April 19,2015 from a Cardiac Arrest due to a Heroin and multiple substance Overdose. Patrick I think of you every day with love and light. You were an extraordinary person who loved to make people smile. You brought such joy into my life and now I struggle to accept you are gone. You were a wonderful son, father, husband, and brother. You were not just a struggling addict. You were a human being with a kind soul and good heart and so much to offer. Being only 34 years old is such a short life. I believe now that you are watching over us in peace that you couldn't seem to find here. Know that you are loved, missed, and in our hearts and souls forever. Until we meet again, all my love, mom
I found your website and feel compelled to respond as I sit silently in a hospital room with the love of my life . Watching his vital signs, securing his oxygen tubes, waiting for him to wake up from this nightmare to get back to our wonderful life . Last night someone gave him heroin for the first time, and within minutes he stopped breathing, turned blue, and went into pulmonary arrest. I watched in horror as many people tried to save his life while he remained completely unresponsive . He was intubated in the ambulance and given prompt medical treatment which saved his life. He is mostly unconscious today while he suffers with aspiration pneumonia and withdraw symptoms. He will likely discharge from the hospital in a couple days . We were lucky, very, very lucky!  My heart breaks for those whose loved ones don't wake up from this nightmare ....such a sad, sad, waste of precious lives 😔. Why do we seek quick fixes? Fast highs from substances that take our souls? I see today is international drug overdose awareness day ---oh how very aware I am now ! I knew better, he knew better, we were not ignorant to the reality that alcohol and drugs destroy and kill! We have lost many family members and friends to addiction and overdose. Yet we give into temptation anyway! We risk our lives anyway, we risk the horror that others must face in our wake 😔 I pray that God will help and free us all!
  You will never know how much a part of our family you became, how much we cared, how much we loved you. RIP Ricky, there's a hole in our hearts we can't fill.
In loving memory of my buddies Jason and Charlie... may no addict's family and friends have to endure the pain of losing them to the preventable tragedy of overdose ever again. Naloxone now!
My beautiful, smart and kind-hearted daughter, Alisa, left this world June 11, 2015 as a result of her heroin addiction. She struggled for many years with drug addiction and even survived a 4-month long battle against sepsis and endocarditis in a hospital intensive care unit, enduring the pain and struggle to recover from open heart and spine surgery. The everlasting sorrow of her death has no cure for me, our family and her friends. My hope is to help and educate those suffering from addiction and their loved ones of the dangers and misconceptions of addiction. Too many family members are blind to the symptoms of drug addiction and the eminent danger of death. No one is immune. This is a world-wide problem that needs to be resolved to save all generations from preventable death. Heroine robs the addict pretending to be their new best friend. I pray for all of those affected by this terrible disease and call for action to end needless suffering.
I am posting a tribute first to my brother Ian who died of a heroin overdose on October 20, 2014 in a hotel in Long Beach, CA. There has not been one day that has gone by that I have not thought about you, missed you, or mourned your passing. You lead a long hard battle with alcohol and drugs your entire life. I know its sounds a bit harsh but we actually were relived when you were incarcerated because we knew you were alive and safe. Every time you were released we hoped and prayed this was the time you were going to make it. April 2014 when you were last released, I really believed you tried but the feelings you were fighting inside yourself were to much to overcome. I miss you everyday Ian. I am also posting a tribute to my cousin Zachary who died November 2009. Zachary passed away while high on multiple drugs and ran his car into a tree....he was only 19 at the time. My nephew Noah passed away in June 2010 of a cocaine/heroin overdose. He was only 19 at the time. Last but certainly not least, October 18 2002 my cousin Joshua died in Mexico of a heroin overdose in a shady motel room. My family has sure had its share of deaths due to overdoses. I wish there was a way for me to speak to the world to tell them what an epidemic this is and has become. I love all the boys I have lost in my family. Forever may they rest, their soul be cleaned and their hearts unloaded of the burdens they were facing. Until we meet again. ~your sister, cousin, aunt Keshia
Tomorrow marks two months since you were taken from this earth. The pain that death brings is unbearable and what's worse is knowing that it was perhaps preventable. It is true that "no one here gets out alive," but it is also true that souls can be taken before their time. This is what drugs are doing to our loved ones; they're consuming their souls while they are still alive until there's nothing left in their hearts to keep it beating. You were the hero of my life Dad and weren't "destined" to your tragic demise. You were a master carpenter, an artist, who is still alive today in the great skyscrapers you've built throughout New York City. Our war on drugs has failed, as deaths from overdose continue to skyrocket year after year. Let's get together and bring this horrific epidemic out of the dark and into the light of awareness. Love Always and Forever, Your Daughter
We very recently lost our son, all too soon. Our prayers go out to all families with an overdose member & send out support & strength to help one another.
I am a survivor and a proud member of AA...and I have buried far too many friends to mentions...i miss you all..Suesan...Nadine...Frank...Karen...Liz...Sarah...Marco...Lynn...and on and on and on i could go but all preventable and all so sad because it all lies in healing our inner child and throwing love out there instead of hate ...think before you use...addictions promises you one of three things...jails...institutions or death...your choice.
My heart is so broken Remembering my Love today and forever. He couldn't fight the fight anymore and now he's in heaven with no pain and suffering😔 RIP my Love missing you always
Today(and every day) I am remembering my big brother Georgie(12/12/87-3/17/14). We lost him to an overdose March 17th 2014. The struggle with depression and mental illness was very real for my brother and it is what ultimately led to his addiction. He fought and fought but could not escape the grips of this horrible disease. George was the most intelligent man I've ever known. So smart, a great writer, and very passionate about books, music, and art. Also, he was a great friend. He helped a lot of people throughout his short journey on this Earth and touched a lot of hearts. He'll always be my hero <3
  This Tribute is for my long term significant other, Aaron, I was with him for 10 years, and he died from a heroin overdose on March 2, 2015. Everything makes me think of him. Aaron was a kindred soul. We we’re intertwined. He was much funnier than me; he was a goofball, the sweetest human being I’d ever met. Other people may have thought differently, but I always saw the kindness in him, he’d give a complete stranger the shirt off his back, even if he didn’t have another to wear for himself. He was an artist, a musician, never a fighter. He couldn’t stand to get in any kind of confrontation with anyone; however, he did love messing with people. I would love for everyone to remember him for who and what he truly was- not who his addiction forced him to be. I believe he would want the same for me if our situation had been reversed, and it very easily could have been. Aaron was my closest friend, even before he became my significant other. In a perfect world, he would’ve been my better half, the yang to my yin.  He knew me better than anyone ever has, and probably ever will. He called me Hank, and I called him Hero. I miss that, I miss him saying ‘Hey Hank’ or “Goodnight Hank” and “I love you Hank, it’ll be okay”. It’s insane, how much hell we went through together and how much hell we put one another through, and I still love him more than anything, and I would give anything to see him again. To feel him wrap his arms around me, or lay beside me snuggled up watching Criminal Minds. He gave me shelter, love, hope, and a feeling that I belonged. I find peace knowing that he's not battling with this horrible disease that so many of us have anymore. The fight is up for him, he is finally free.
My only beloved son died on December 8, 2012 due to an overdose of Oxycodone.  I continue to grieve and look for outlets wherever I can find to help with the process.  In the past few months I've been attending a support group for grieving families of victims of overdose (made available through Georgia Overdose Prevention).  Many of us share the same story, our sons/daughters began abusing opioids after initially being prescribed prescription drugs for pain.  In my son's case he had colorectal cancer at age 29 and had to undergo chemotherapy, radiation and invasive surgery to remove the tumor.  Brian always said his body was never the same and he was always in pain after all that. Brian's death completely changed my life.  His wife and 5 year old daughter moved far away to be with her family.  My friends who came to the funeral no longer call or inquire how I'm doing.  Brian's friends are all but nonexistent when it comes to reaching out just to share a memory or tell a story about him.  My own family doesn't mention his name at holiday gatherings as if they fear I might show some emotion. In fact, they did not come to the service I recently held to bury Brian's cremains at a local cemetery.  We did it alone. And I still hide - to protect Brian from being judged I told people he died of cancer.  My own family does not know Brian died of an Overdose and they never will if I can help it.  Of course, Brian's wife and child knows the truth as I'm sure people in her circle do. As for me and Brian's sister (Erica 33 years) we are not ready to make public the manner of Brian's death.  I wish I could -  be proud - and dare anyone to say something negative about my son or me or our family.  We quietly and privately grieve.  On this day we will wear a purple ribbon for Brian and I will probably listen at least once to Henry Mancini's Brian's Song.  
I will forever miss your smile, your laugh your positive attitude, your need to make everyone around you laugh, your beautiful blue eyes that when looked at with care, one could see the all of the hidden behind them. I will never let go of the memories I have with you, the good times, bad times and all in between. I liked you immediately and you played it cool. I loved you quickly and deeply and you loved me slowly and cautiously. What I didn't know is that life had already taken its toll on you and at 22 you had already been through your fair share of sad times, hard times. You had already stuffed years and years of pain, confusion and hurt. I  now recognize that you were jaded, I know because I have become hardened or jaded throughout the years. Although our time as a couple lasted a short while, our friendship lasted up until the day you died. One of the best memories I hold near and dear to me is the sunny day Jesse and I saw you as we were taking a walk downtown. Jesse spotted you and full of five year old excitement shouted your name. He dashed toward you and started to tell you all about his day. You listened intently and patiently. Jesse then told you how very much he liked your watch and without hesitation you unfastened it from your wrist and handed it to my son, you will never know how big of an impact that made on Jesse. We still have that watch, along with all of the other memorabilia of yours. He still talks about it. James still remembers a specific conversation the two of you had. You were adored by so many...but you didn't think so. Everyone of the pictures I have of you shows a smile on your face, sadness in your eyes a natural ice beer in your left hand and a Marlboro in your right. When I got the phone call from Mike telling me that you had passed, I fell to my knees and cried, I got up and I punched the wall, I cried more, I read and re read the article in the paper and did my best to reply to all negative comments about your death. I went into that Dunkin Donuts and right into the men's room to say goodbye.I haven't been their since and wont go. I mourned you Paul L. I attended your services and Amazing Grace was sung and it will forever be etched in my soul. That is "Paul's Song" in my mind. Since you have passed in August of 2008, I have watched countless others suffer only to ultimately succumb to the same fate. Jesse's father died in 2012, 12 days before Christmas. I don't believe I have truly processed that yet. I do know that it is painful to raise a 11 year old boy who has seen the ugly deceitful effects of heroin at such a young age. When I read his journal entries it breaks my heart.  Brett passed in May 16, 2014, on his daughter's birthday. Brett was another beautiful soul and is greatly missed. Joe passed in June of 2015 and I wish I had known that he was using, I guess that way I could have prepared for it? Amy died on Christmas of 2014 and I can only pray she is finally at peace. Little Billy just passed and a lot of hearts are broken. The effects of this have taken such a toll on me, I am emotionally unavailable for my best friend, Tasha.  I am watching my brother slowly die. He is in deep and suffering immensely. I can only pray and tell him that I love him so very much. On this day and almost everyday I remember your smile and bright blue eyes Paul. I remember your laugh and carefree ways Brett. I look back at the 10 years we were on and off again and smile at all the memories Jeff. I pray that you are with your Mom and at peace, Amy. I think of all the funny stories you shared Joe. I remember being young and causing trouble in school Billy. I'Il pray that God saves my little brother from this awfully powerful drug and that he will grow and die an old man. On this day and everyday, I thank God that I have been almost 11 years free from that poison. On this day I pray that I can help just one person take one step towards freedom.... Amen
We lost our beautiful 29-year old son on Oct. 19, 2014 from a heroin overdose. He was in a coma for a week before we had to let him go. Every day since then has been a challenge. My husband and I lost our first born, my second son lost his brother that he really didn't have time to reconnect with after so many years apart while Colin was trying hard to get his life in order. Colin leaves behind the love of his life with whom he had just purchased a "real fixer upper" and was in the process of thoroughly remodeling it when the drug took back control of his life. Our lives have been devastated, but we know Colin would want us to go on and be as happy as possible, while he is watching us from Heaven. I miss his smile, his constant energy, his intellect, and the way he took care of me like kindred spirits take care of each other.  I was his "momito,"  Words can not explain our grief. CAV, we miss you bigger than the world.
This is in memory of my boyfriend Bryant Graham..he OD'd on August 14th...he will always be loved and remembered.
My 23 year old step-brother passed away last October. I tried adding him as a friend on Facebook, but he said he didn't want to be friends with me online because of the things that were on his page, and the friends that he hung out with. I learned later, as he passed away, that he was protecting me from his demons. I want to post this to remember Daniel Tuchalski, my brother, who passed away from a heroin overdose, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thank you.
Billie Joe was a mom, a sister, a daughter and a friend. She had a beautiful 10-year old daughter when she died. She overdosed on pills. It was a slow death as her organs shut down one by one. The doctors couldn't help her because the damage was too great. She was a beautiful spirit snuffed out by drugs. Her family is severely traumatized and devastated; they will never recover from the pain of her loss. But they go on, day by day, hurting.Her wonderful sister stayed sober through this difficult time. She adopted Billie Joe's daughter and is raising her as her own.  I am good friends with her sister and I see the pain in her eyes, especially on the date of Billie Joe's death or on her birthday. But she thinks of her every day when she goes to band practice with her daughter or takes her daughter for her driver's license. She always thinks Billie Joe should be here for this. She missed so much.I think of Billie Joe often. And I pray for her and her family.
Remembering my smart, beautiful, loving sister on this day. Juli was a glowing light to everyone who crossed her path. She lost her battle to addiction on May 15, 2015. Her death has affected by so many people as she loved without borders and was known as a friend to all. My family will never be the same and we all walk around with a broken heart every single day. We will be affected by this loss for the rest of our lives and hope that Juli's story will help save lives.
  I made a friend about 30 days ago. She was sunshine and happiness all bundled up into one. She reminded me of my Niece because her name is Samantha (Samantha O'Donnell). She was funny and smart and working so hard on her recovery. We lost her 3 days ago. I don't know what to do with that. I still can't rap my head around hugging her goodbye on Wednesday to never see her smile or hear her voice again.  It takes just eye contact to make a connection that lasts a lifetime...I just didn't think that life time would be so short. I miss you Mantha Bean. Until we meet again. Jacquie and Deacon Dog
I lost my brother to an accidental heroin overdose on 8/27/2012.  He was 31 years old and left behind a then one year old.  Every day is a challenge to adjust to life without him.  He was an amazing father and that's something that can never be taken away from his legacy.  I know he's watching over us and guiding his son through life.  We miss you Jay!
In loving memory of Ricky Hawley Vega precious soul and beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend. We will never forget you and we WILL make a difference for others in your memory!! -I PROMISE. ricky hawley vega memorial fund
Remembering, honoring, missing and loving my beautiful son, Andrew Gibson, who lost his battle to this horrible disease on April 11, 2015. Your light will always shine....your memory lives....and your Mama loves you infinity. Rest in the peace that you deserve.....your legacy will live forever. I am right darling angel. Xoxo
My son Danny Contreras, lost his battle with opioids on June 5, 2012. He had struggled for years with pills, which then turned to heroin. After being clean for few months, he relapsed and met his end. After getting over the shock, disbelief, countless tears and anger, my daughter and I are left with a hole in our hearts. Danny was a very funny, bright and talented young man that never realized his value in life. He was loved - he was cherished - and then he was gone at 24 years old. Rest easy Danny Boy! Until we meet again. Love forever and always; Joan, your Mom!
We lost our oldest son, Kyle, to an OD. He was only 24. No words can describe the depth of our grief and the sadness in our hearts. Heroine not only took his life, it took a big part of our lives too. All our love couldn't save him. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends.
Alex, I will love you deeply and forever. Sometimes when I think I am sound asleep, I wake up to the sound of your laughter. You continue to be part of my every breath. Love, Mudd
Today my Ethan, I feel your Angel wings wrapped around me in a loving hug, I hear your giggle and feel your joy, I see your smile.  Thank you for letting me know you are happy and free. It's been just over a year since God promoted you with your Angel wings, calming your from the storm that came raging at you. I am so blessed to be your mother for 22 beautiful years, even through the storm.  I hold on to the love and let go of the sorrow. I love you eternal Ethan Tanner Slaton <3 <3 <3 - Momo
I want to life up in prayer all of those families, friends and loved ones who have lost a loved one to Overdose, and for those who are struggling and battling the dreaded decease of addiction, and to remember all of those that we have lost to Overdose. I was an addict for "35 years" and used anything and everything that I could get my hands on including meth, Cocain, hash, mushrooms, acid, ecstasy, marijuana ect.... Every day for over 35 years. I have lost many and seen many lose and continue to lose everything in thier lives. I was homeless, in and out of jail, did the rehad and programs, but finally threw my hands up and honestly and truly surrendered it all and I have been clean and sober for almost 6 years now at the age of 55. I commit my life to helping make a difference in the lives of addicts by whatever ways and means possible and neccessary. There is HOPE and I am a walking testimony to HOPE. And life is so beautiful living it through sober eyes. God bless you all and I will continue to pray for all of you. Peace.
He wanted to save his girlfriend from her heroin addiction. He spoke often of his fear that she would die. But it wasn't his girlfriend who lost the battle. On April 6, 2013, in what was to be their last hit, heroin won. Ryan was 32. I love you, son. Ryan's mom
For George... My partner until his addictions made it impossible to stay together. I miss you every day and every day I shed tears that you could not overcome your demons. You were bright, funny and handsome. I adored your boyish charm.  My only consolation is that you no longer struggle. Till we meet again. George Patrick Gauthier July 29, 1970 - May 28, 2015
In memory of my youngest brother in law who we lost to a heroin overdose last September. He was gone far too soon. He took too much of a bad dose and his body forgot to breath. Though it doesn't seem to be a tragic horrific way to die, it really is. He had so much to offer the world. He got hooked on prescription pills and ran out of options so to continue to get the high feeling he switched to the much cheaper version known as heroin. We have to remember those we lost and educate kids and parents and society on the importance of awareness and to never ever try a drug recreationally. Prescription pain meds being too available to our young ones can lead to this in regards to heroin. I wish I could turn back time and do more to have stopped this. But now it's too late. All I can do now is remember him and talk about his story I hopes it gets the message out there. Be a parent and get involved in your children's lives. Peer pressure is the worst it's ever been in society. Please remember those we all lost to an overdose through candle light vigil outside your home tonight at 8pm est (31 August).
I would like to take the time to remember my loved ones who lost the battle to this baffling disease, Tim Semencar and Brian Ulrich. Plus I would like to say a prayer for the sick and suffering addict still battling. I wish I could undue that dreadful day of June 1, 2004 when I received the call that my best friend Tim was found dead in his apartment. I was in denial for a very long time over this news.  My next dreadful call came on August 31, 2012 from Brian's mom and I will never forget the sound of her voice when she said her baby boy has passed. If only we had one more moment we may have been able to save them.  I will never forget their smiles and all of our memories.
In remembrance of my wonderful, loving, crazy son Nick who passed away on March 14, 2015 from a heroin overdose.  I will love you for always. Until we can be together again. xoxo Momma
Today I am remembering my boyfriend who passed three months ago due to an overdose. This week we will celebrate his 26th birthday without him, words cannot describe how much he will be missed this week. My boyfriend was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with, he will forever be the love of my life. Addiction is a serious disease and needs to be recognized. We can help end addiction. Today I remember you my love, to the stars and back. Forever watch over me, my angel.
Bless you J and M.  You are both remembered and loved.
Eleven years ago, a unexpected prescription drug overdose happened. My son, Miles, had a kind and generous heart and was a friend to many. We all love you and miss you so very much!
Remembering my son Ryan Helton, who departed Earth 8-21-2010
My husband Michael, father of 4, more often than not, I counted him as my 5th child :). Such a tragedy that took away a welcoming, loving funny soul. So many promises left unfulfilled. You are missed everyday, every experience and every milestone in our lives. Love you always and forever, forever in our hearts.
My sister passed away of an overdose at the age of 18 she would be 40 now but forever 18. She left behind 2 little Boys so part of her lives on in them. People please just remember it can be anyones family. We always think it couldnt happen to our family but in the blink of an eye it can. R.I.P to all the ones who havecbeen taken bye overdose. ♡
To the love of my life... Taken by an unintentional heroin overdose. He fought his battle with every ounce of strength he had, but in the end God released him from this disease and called him home. Though my heart aches terribly, I know we'll be together again one day and that brings peace. I love you, Robbie. 3.11.83 - 5.14.15
Nathaniel Evan Peterson - Forever loved, forever missed. At Sea in Grief written for Nathan, my son, on the occasion of the 2nd year of his passing @Diane McFarland Peterson Forever devoted to you, my child As I flounder in the fathoms of grief. Unknowing yet caring amid the swells Of hopeful divide between our worlds. My heart can find no purchase For I am alien to this place we once knew. Afloat as I seek unfettered buoyancy Aching to rejoin you in rebirth. Without moorage, meandering adrift The river of sorrow is my home. Plumbing the depths of my heart Seeking my bearings without you. My days are without direction. The compass scarcely guides my steps. Treading, swimming, diving...nothing consoles I long for the firm ground of you. Fragments of the joy of you remain. They ebb and flow within my gentle grasp. Like dreams, they melt away too quickly; A gossamer thread of memories must suffice. Help me cry, my beloved child For alone, my tears fall without release. I'm left bereft, unable to forget Your touch, your love, your sweetness.
I am writing to pay tribute to my beautiful son, Daniel who died from an overdose on 17th November 2008. He was 26 years old and had fought hard against his addiction for over ten years. He had several; good years where he achieved so much, but finally the addiction beat him. It is now almost seven years since his death and I still miss him everyday. He taught me so much about human fallibility and human strength & wisdom. I am a better person because of him. I love you Daniel - and miss you so much. Your dad and sister also miss you. Forever young; rest in peace! XX
In memory of my son, Justin Anthony Caputo-Lilla. He died 38 days shy of his 25th birthday on July 29, 2014 as a result of receiving fentanyl. He was murdered. He didn't expect to die. His brain just told him he needed one last dose of heroin. It's a risky life. There's no such thing as using in moderation, as he thought. It doesn't work that way. As his mother, I am forever broken. No day is a good day when you have buried your child. Justin  left behind his step-father and  two brothers who are now left to memorialize him in death. We are all left to wonder what more we could have done.
Richard, our beloved son, died at his home on 3rd July 2015.  He was 38years old.  Heroin overdose took his life. Richard, we will all love you and treasure your memory for ever. We miss you, there is a big hole in our lives, and we grieve so much for you. We will always hold you safe in our hearts. Rest in peace dear son. Mum and Dad.
Sending love and light and strength to all the families and friends who have lost a loved one......more awareness and compassion needs to be raised..... Missing you Dillon. 24/12/1985 - 15/12/2011
My son passed away on July 5, of this year, 2015.... He died of a heroin overdose in a room with so called friends,and his older cousin,who is a LPM nurse, while being film on a one called 911, it was easier to just film him. All they did was place a toothbrush in his month for him not to swallow his tongue, while they wrote with a marker on his body as he gasp for air..this is all on video and we and detectives have a copy..just sitting here waiting for justice.... They had hours to try to save him but nobody did...........
A tribute to my dear Uncle Jim, who sadly left us just over a year ago following his accidental drug overdose. At only 33 years old, Jim had endured so much pain and despair with his mental health, but had boundless love and care for his family. We miss him every day....
I'm happy to see this I lost some one dear to me due to drugs I would love to join or walk for this cause.
  There is not one day that passes that I don't yearn for you Son.  Until we meet again my Smooch!!!  Love Always & Forever, Your Madre <3
  I am someone who has overdosed, I've lost people to overdose, and I will lose more people I love. I no longer use drugs and I work with those who do in a needle syringe program. Doing the work I do now helps me to keep in touch with where I come from. I love people who use drugs, I want society to love them as well. Use safely everyone! Honored to be around for this overdose awarness day.
  I lost my beautiful son, Casey, to a heroin overdose on August 19th, 2002.  He was 23 years old.  Casey did not begin his drug use with heroin but those initial drugs set up a progression that led to his disease of addiction. I was uninformed and misinformed, a deadly combination. The best information that I received from lay and professionals alike was a mantra of myths, he has to "want to, lose enough and hit bottom".  What I know now is that no one "wants to" be addicted. Losing enough? How much is enough? Is your life enough? People hit multiple bottoms and continue to use despite catastrophic consequences and "hitting bottom" can be death. While we waited for all of those things to happen, Casey died in the process. We desperately wanted  to donate his organs so that Casey could live on in others but were told that was not possible because he was an IV drug user.  However, because of Casey's life and death, there are people living in recovery now, in part, because of an involuntary treatment act named in his honor, "Casey's Law".  Thank you, Casey, for being our son and allowing us to be the bearer of your light so that others may receive the help they need and find their path to recovery. We love you and miss you everyday. This was our first tragic overdose but not our last. We also lost our sweet grandson, PJ, on March 5th this year at the age of 26.  He will be loved and missed forever.  We had so much hope that it would be different for PJ but he too lost the battle. While we have come a long way since 2002, there is still much to learn about the disease of addiction and how to treat this chronic, progressive, potentially fatal illness.
Remembering my beautiful, loving and intelligent grand daughter Stephanie, who overdosed on heroin February 22, 2015. So many broken hearts that day till now... her mother, father, brothers and sisters and grandmas, hearts shattered the day our wonderful girl left our company forever. So many people loved her, because she was so loving. We will miss and remember her for the rest of our lives.
My message is to my cousin Kathy, God Bless her, and the emotional pain she has gone thru...for many, many years. also to her son Jonathan, who is no longer with us, and for the pain he went thru as well. I hope he is resting now and I hope my cousin can someday be at peace. I just want her to know that she was a wonderful mother and that it could have been anyones child. Much love, your cousin, Beth.
My best friend, Casey, gave in to the struggle of heroin addiction on January 22nd, 2014. He was by far the best person in many lives. He was a light for a lot of people and we were very blessed to have him here for the 23 and a half years that he was. I see people every day that look just like him. I still look for him walking down the street. I still wait for his text messages wishing me a happy birthday or a Merry Christmas. The last thing he ever said to me was that he couldn't wait for me to get back into town to see him. He said he loved and missed me so much and that he'd see me in a few months... That never happened. Heroin ruined his life. It consumed him in such an unbelievable way. He was my unicorn. My one and only. It's hard to go on most days. I'll love and miss him my whole life.
My Dear Brother, left us suddenly and unexpectedly on May 31, 2015 from an overdose of heroin given to him by an injection from another person. I am so hurt and angry that no one will be held accountable for this and this will be "just another junkie that OD"  my brother was so needy of friendship he did things just to "fit in" he was a follower. He did not use heroin his battle was alcohol. I miss my brother so much and try and think about how his death could have been so much more painful because of the life style he lived but that doesn't ease the pain. RIP Rowell Steven Smart, my Dear Sweet Brother
The love of my life, L. Brian Jones, entered into the gates of heaven on August 13th 2014. At 31 years of age Brian had finally fought his last fight and this evil drug they call heroin took his beautiful life! Brian was the sweetest most loving and funny soul you could ever meet. There wasn't a moment that went by where I wasn't laughing so hard I snorted and got the hiccups, and there weren't any moments that weren't full of love and warmth by being in his presence! Brian not only leaves behind me, his girlfriend, but he also leaves behind a beautiful 3 year old daughter, a dad who loves him very much, brothers and a sister, many cousins and other family members and friends who miss him more than anything! He fought the fight of addiction for many many years, but in the end the drugs took captive of his life! My heart dies a little more and more each day when I wake up and he's not beside me! Till my dying day I will be a voice for Brian and share his story with as many people as I can to try to end this epidemic of overdose. Every overdose is someone's son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, father, and friend.. It's not just an addict, it's a living soul who lost their fight to this awful disease!! Larry Brian Jones ~ Feb. 8, 1983-Aug. 13, 2014
Remembering my beloved grandson, Owen who died on Nov. 2013 as a result of an unintentional overdose of heroin. He was the joy of my life. Love you forever.
For my brother Graeme Johnson who gained his angel wings 08.08.2013. Forever loved and missed xxxxxxxx
My precious son, Joey, 4/8/83-9/19/05. A kind, loving, gentle soul. An artist, poet, and musician. A friend to all with a smile that would light up a room. The world is darker without your physical presence, but your light still shines in our hearts. I wish I could have saved you. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always... Love, Mom
Kristen you will never be forgotten.  We love and miss you sooo much. We know you are still with us, watching over us and we will meet again someday. Hard to believe it's been 4 years. Love you,  Mom, Dad & Jen
To my son Szymon who left us on December 7, 2012. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and wish that you were here with us. We love you and miss you so much. Mum, dad and sister.
I'm forever saddened by the number of deaths caused in this senseless way.  My artistic and poetic son, Jacob, was over powered by his addiction to prescription medications.  It's been nearly seven years ago and I still miss him constantly.  Too many sensitive souls lost to over doses.  I love you forever Jacob. Mom.
Jacob’s mom
Today I think of the mates over the years who died due to overdose. Tom, Tim, Poully and Benjamin. I miss you.
My brother Aaron passed away on December 25th, 2014 of a heroin overdose.  He was a kind, wonderful person that is survived by his mom and dad, me (his sister), his most beloved nephews (my sons) and his brother in law. Aaron struggled with post traumatic stress syndrome and depression for which he turned to drugs to escape.  His life mattered and he is gone too soon.  I hope creating more awareness will help to save more lives from what I think is a terrible disease that so many good people are unable to escape.  Aaron - we love you and your memory will live on.
For my D.J., we all miss you so much, and when you left this earth a piece of our hearts went with you. Thank you for the beautiful memories and your humor, you fought like a warrior and your spirit lives on through us. My wish is for no parent to ever have to bury their child due to drug overdose! Douglas "D.J." Alan Arau Jr., 1/15/76-7/23/09,
For my cherished son, Chance, who, at age 23 left the earth on September 18/07 due to an accidental heroin overdose..... a very special and beautiful soul who is remembered, loved and held close to our hearts each and every day..
It's almost 11 years since my son Philip died.  He was an awesome father and son.  We miss him each and every day!
To Troy, in a way you had so much more to live for, but in the eyes of your taker you'd lived far too long. No one understood the extent of this deep, dark, battle you fought. The pain, anxiety, sadness, failure. From the surface it seemed so much less than that because of the loveliness you brought to others for you shall not be remembered for how you went but what you left. Rest in paradise now beautiful soul {4-11-96/8-18-15}
Dear Austin Padaric, I will never forget you. You will always have a place in my heart. I love you Grandma Lyons.
Ryan and Gary, RIP. Glad we met. You made an impression. Love, Vicky xxxx
Always remembering my handsome, creative, caring teddy bear of a son, Nicholas Privitera who died at 23 on February 8, 2015.  You are missed more than words can express.  Nick had a heart of gold, loved to sing and taught himself how to play the guitar.  He was an amazing artist and loved to draw.  He fought so hard to stay away from heroin but in the end, the demon drug won and took away my one and only son in his prime.  Life is forever changed.  I love you Nick and can't wait to see you again when my time comes.  I know you will watch over all of your family and friends who loved you dearly.  You know I love you, right Nick?  More than a fat kid loves cake... Love, Mom.
In loving memory of Troy Curtis who lost his battle on February 20th, 2014.
You know what killed my daughter? Benadryl!! You know what else was in her blood stream? Roxies!! You know what the medical examiner determined?? Her toxicology showed the Benadryl was so concentrated that it slowed her respiratory system. She had over a period of a couple of days consumed so much the body doesn't detox itself. So while she went on a relapsed "binge". Her body was storing it and the amount overdosed her! It killed her in a few hours she laid in her own bed, her girlfriend in the other room, and she never woke up. She slipped away. No one saved her. No one knew, it was too late. No fan fair, my daughter wasn't famous, except to me. She was my star. My recovering addict, my daughter that battled drugs and could come out clean. She didn't intend to die, she relapsed, it happens all the time. Death also did! Be aware when a P\person who is unconscious, watching them struggle to catch their breath, making gurgling sounds, these are all signs of Respiratory failure. Don't hesitate, call 911. Do the Right thing. Save a Life. Be aware of the signs. In loving Memory of Allison. Overdosed Dec. 16, 2011.
To my bestest friend Heath. It's been 12 years and I still miss you everyday. I hope you have had a better life on the other side.  Also RIP Jimmy Thedoritis , Adam Hayley, Paul Bath.
I lost my baby brother Alex to a heroin overdose on 2/25/2014. Life has been forever changed. We miss you more then words can say. The only thing that gives me peace is knowing you are no longer fighting the demons of addiction but are finally free. I never told you how much I looked up to you! You are my hero and now my angel. We miss you. Life just isn't fair!
Tristan Sean Peirce 3/19/90-9/17/13 Psalm 34:18  “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
When I tell people how my mother died, they look down on both me and her and treat me as if I'm completely unstable. They think that, just because she went down a certain path, I'm fated to do the same. But that isn't true, and regardless of that, overdosing isn't something to judge others by- it's still death. That's why I am so happy that this organization is spreading that kind of message; that is still, again, death. It does not determine anybody's worth- not mine, not my mom's. There's more to everybody than just what you hear and see on the outside.
My best friend Heidi passed away from an Opiate overdose. Whoever she was with that last time she used, apparently panicked when she went into distress and threw her away, literally. Her body was found in a dumpster. She was 23 years old and she was not garbage. I have started Heidi Foundation, Inc., in her honor and want to do what I can to make sure no one is just thrown away again. R.I.P my friend.
Reno.... I miss you more than anyone could ever know. Your untimely passing is cemented in my heart. Your curiosity got the best of you and I couldn't stop you. Alcohol became your vice. It was your oxygen. My love couldn't make you stop. Your mind was tired. You were my baby for 20 short years. I love you, bambino.
TL Strongfeather
To James, my grandson, who was like another son to me and died of an accidental heroin overdose at age 22 (born July 22, 1989, died July 12, 2013) after a 4-year battle.  Our family did not know the extent of his addiction, but realized after two stints in rehab that the devil was not going to let go of him.  James, we are grateful to God that your struggle ended and we hope you are at peace and we see you again in heaven.  You were not a bad person or a weak person, just fell under the spell of this horrendous drug.  We love you forever and ever and miss you every day.  Rest in peace, James
Grandma Cindy
Megan, my darling daughter we truly miss you every single day since you suddenly left us on April 14, 2015 from a heroin overdose. I know how hard you tried to stay drug free. You were beautiful inside as well as outside and always had a ready laugh and a smile on your face. Since you've been gone your twin nephews Colton and Mason were born. They will know you through your pictures and our stories. I am advocating to help tear down the stigmas of addiction and trying to help change the system because it failed you so miserably. My sweet baby you left us way too soon at 22. May you rest in peace. Until we meet again. Love you Megan Rose Kelley 1/9/93 - 4/14/15
My little brother Anthony passed away from this demon 8-9-15 the worst day of our lives! We love and miss him so much !! Rest in peace little brother. I'm going to try to help others fight this in memory of you !! Until I see you again love you, always.
To the most beautiful person inside and out that I have had the honor of loving and being loved by. Drew, you will always be my Option A, my original plan, my soulmate, my best friend, and the love of my life. Although cut way too short, I feel so incredibly lucky to have been loved by you because I do not think most people experience the feeling of the unconditional love that we had. I wish I could have help more, I wish I could have saved you. I can only pray that you are not in the pain that you were when you were here. I love you wholeheartedly and unconditionally, baby.
Addiction Something that is definitely not fiction When it hits your family it is not a good situation you are filled with confusion and frustration It is something that is affecting all of us as a nation Overdose vigils and hope meetings of a great creation However we all need more help if we want to correct this situation Maybe more education I have lost 6 family members since 2006 4 in just the last 13 months in the overall statistics are insane Just who are we to blame I just want people to be aware it's not just my family its everywhere
We miss you so much and still praying for your eternal life for you deserve it. But if you are watching us somewhere from their above the challenges to get access to OD medicine still remains the same. We love you Prakash and remembering you on this day. The whole family.
We will remember you always. Our brown eyed boy. Love you forever, mom and Dad, Eric and Caleb
Patrick Burns we all miss your Big Smile your silly ways and always seeing a beanie on your head even in the 100 degree Texas summer. Everyone misses you so much even your cat Mad Ball, Luv ya Mom. July 17, 1993 - January 28, 2013.
Simone S - not a day,a week, month or a year goes by i dont think of you and our friendship. the pain of losing you is still as raw-like my shadow it follows me everywhere-i love and miss you forever and always-Lisa xxx
Mathew you were our everything.  So smart and funny and kind.  We love you forever baby.  Mathew Talacko,  3/21/90-7/4/15 from heart failure due to huffing.  We know you tried so hard to overcome. MomMom, till we meet again.
For my beautiful daughter Jessica, my babygirl, We all miss you so much.  Rest in peace honey. Love always, Your Daddy.
My beloved son, Alexander J. Fosso, passed 12/12/11 from an accidental overdose of Methodone and Xanax.  Forever 22 and loved. Alex's Mom, Janice
For the Love of Travis & Jesse and to all those who are loving and missing them so deeply. May the courageous efforts of their mothers Danni & Elda help to save the lives of many more suffering with addiction.
On November 28, 2010, my son Garett died of an overdose.  My heart is broken forever.  He was an extraordinary human being with a passion for music, animals and a heart bigger than the world.  He battled addiction for 11 years.  I never gave up hope.  I miss him so much every minute of every day.  I love you my dear sweet Garett.
My son, Kenny Aronckes Jr., received his angel wings on August 25, 2015 due to an accidental overdose. He was 31 years old & left behind a 4 year old daughter Bella, parents, family & friends....all heartbroken. We will always cherish the memories we have of him. Love you to the Moon and back, Kenny!
We Love & Miss You!! Our Family, Our Friends!  Our Angels In Heaven!  In Loving Memory of Jamie Lee McCabe & Brittany Jean Lovely 😘
Michael Benson, my only brother, I miss you more than I can explain. God knew He had to take you home but you took a part of me with you that I'll never get back. I miss your smile, your jokes, your eyes and hugs. Heaven gained a beautiful soul and I can't wait to see you again. All my love, your sister.
My precious son Matthew died of a accidental heroin overdose on 12-15-04. Forever 17. Matthew loved life ,his family ,his friends. He trusted everyone  sometimes to much. You see the night before he died his friend injected him with a lethal dose of heroin and drove around the city with Matthew past out in his car.Finally going back to his mom's house and lying about why Matt was in his car because he didn't himself want to get in trouble.  It was 15 below zero,10 days before Christmas. Even when they found him dead in the morning his friend lied to police about what happened. ONE phone could have saved Matthews life....I love you Matthew and will forever hold you in my heart until we are reunited again someday in heaven!
Leon G. Busby Jr. 6-21-86 to 12-12-14 died of a overdose at 28 years. My beautiful, creative and smart boy! We loved him so much! He lived with shame over his addiction! I hate to say that I made him feel shame! I wish I knew what I do now, I would have never made him feel bad! He had a horrible disease but I thought he should just be able to quit. It is not that easy! Mom.
This is in memory of Jeff Hyde "J", who died April 14, 2015 at age 32 in Houston TX from the toxic effects of heroine and cocaine.  We love you and miss you so much, and not a day goes by that we don't think of you, Your loving family.
Five years ago I heard my brother say I love you one last time as he squished his face against my bedroom window of our apartment that we shared. He never made it home that night. The next day, paramedics called me asking me if I was his sister and if I could met them at a hospital. I called my youngest brother and my father. They got there first. My youngest brother called me in tears and said "Jenn.... Get here..." And then my step mother called me sobbing uncontrollably. My father said "where are you? Are you driving?" I said no. Then I said "dad what happened?" He said "Tony's dead". I fell to the ground crying. We reached my mother finally and she rushed to the hospital. The next day was Mother's Day. Five years have passed since I heard his beautiful voice, his amazing laugh, saw his beautiful smile. I miss you with all of my heart. I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hold on loosely but don't let go! RIP Tony. 7/11/1984-5/8/2010
To Travis Wilson  We all prayed for your recovery and sadly now we pray for your peace. You are missed by your parents, sister and brother-in-law, nephew, niece, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, Layla and Moe.  We just wish we you could have conquered this addiction. We are proud that you tried. 'Til we meet again, loving you.
My son Dylan Yates died of a Heroin overdose his first day out of a 30 day rehab. He will be forever 23. He was born October 18, 1990 and died May 8, 2014. He was a cancer survivor when he was a teenager. He loved life and the outdoors. He was creative to a fault. We will miss him forever and never stop trying to help those that are in his shoes and change the way the world views addiction.
My beautiful talented daughter Jillian Nicole (5/6/93 to 5/10/09) you died before the epidemic was at full strength and before we could realise what we were looking at. I'm so sorry I failed you but I just didn't know. You left your mom, brothers,sisters,friends and community bereft. With my new eyes and new knowledge perhaps I can help someone else. You're safe in heaven and died before you knew the hell this drug brings.
To all the people that have lost the battle to a fiendish opponent, may you find comfort that you have not been alone , this attacker is not a respecter of persons, it will attack anyone, anywhere, anytime . My heart continually breaks for beautiful amazing and GOOD people who have been taken far to soon. You were not weak, but unaware of the ferocity of the enemy . Rest peacefully and feel no more pain, my lovely ones .........x
In memory of my nephew, Logan Mason, who left us on December 20, 2012.  I think of you daily and miss you deeply.  Your struggles ceased on that day, mine were just beginning.  Knowing this gives a small measure of peace but my heart broke and is still filled with many cracks and crevices.  You are not forgotten.  It is not goodbye but until we meet again.
Floyd E Crowe died on June 2, 2015. He was my husband and I love and miss him very much.  He had a big heart but the addiction had a terrible hold on him.
My dear daughter Erin Allen died from this horrible addiction. Heroin molested her and then made her beg for more and more everyday. This drug is truly the devil and will take your life in a minute. Erin has been known by many and has saved thousands of people with her story. Heaven is a lot brighter since she has been there. God Bless all addicts and don't ever give up without a fight. R.I.P. Erin 04/03/79 - 06/23/97.
My son was a wonderful young man, full of life and energy that was  contagious. When he walked in a room it lit up, he brought  happiness and excitability to life. Everyone loved him and he loved everyone, he was sweet, kind, and loving. And this terrible disease called addiction took over his life. It's been 3 years since he left this world, I miss him so much. I am lucky to have had him, if only for 24 years of his life. He was my life, I'm so lost without him. All I have is all our memories, pictures and some videos to console me. I know one day, we will be together. Until then, RIP my son Ralph, oxox
I lost my beautiful daughter 10 months ago to a heroin overdose. She was a beautiful, loving soul who was powerless against this demon on the earth among us. I know you're watching down on us baby. The pain is gone now for you. I love you and not a day goes by that you're not in my thoughts and prayers...Dad.
It has been nearly twelve years since our loving son Jason died of an overdose of prescription drugs. We miss you more than words can say. You were a shining light in my life that was extinguished much too soon, leaving a hole in my heart and in our family. Mom.
To all of those who I have known and loved who have lost their lives to addiction, may you now have peace in the arms of God. Now to those who I love who are still struggling to overcome addiction, I will always be here for you xo Nicky
In loving memory of my brother, Frederick N Ellis III -aka- Ellis Ellis. He was two weeks shy of turning 27. August 6, 1988 - July 26, 2015. I love you & not a day goes by that I don't think about you. It gives me peace to know you are no longer suffering with the horrible drug, heroin, and are now sober in the arms of Jesus.
On August 14, 2010, my little brother, Jeremy Grant Koontz died of an unintentional drug overdose. He was 34 years old. It was a Saturday.  This song and video tribute tell his story:      We love and miss you, Jeremy.
4/21/15~ Walking through the zoo, singing 'Hakuna Matata', Coleman's favorite Disney movie/song and we find out on Facebook that he has died.  I love and miss you more than I have ever loved or missed before~Coleman Kapiloff Hammond (8/7/90-4/21/15)
James Michael Mussaw we love you and we miss you. You will always be in our lives, hearts, and minds forever. Until we see you again please watch over all of us that are still here.
I will forever miss you! Love you Sara Kathryn.
My son James died of a heroin overdose on 6-29-15 at the age of 19. He was due to earn his master scuba certification and then off to university August 27. James had done so well but began to slip into a bit of a depression. On the 29th I heard him get out of bed to go to the bathroom, wash up and brush his teeth. All sounded fine. Three hours later he was dead in his chair and I will never forget that day. We are all becoming more aware of how these young (and older) people are dying and what an epiddemic heroin has become, but I want to impart on you how James lived his life. He did not wake up one day and decide to be an addict....he wanted to be a marine biologist, get married some day and have a family. He was well groomed, clean, funny, smart and a firecely loyal friend. James was compassionate and empathetic. He would help anyone in need at any hour and his smile brightened most prople's lives. As his Mum I am still struggling with why...what did I miss...what didn't I see or happened on my watch. I miss him so much it hurts and I know the pain will be with me forever. I would give anything for one more more kiss good more smile. My hope is that there is an after life and James is at peace. I don't think I could go on unless I believed that.
In loving memory of a beloved friend, brother and son, Eric Russell Anderson, 2/23/1982-10/27/2013. You are truly missed each and every minute of every day. Life has not and will not ever be the same without your smiling face. Addiction is a powerful disease and it took your life far too soon. Your best friend, your brother, Ryan Colt is lost without you and continues to struggle on a daily basis. We know that you are in our hearts and forever will be with us there until we meet again!!!!!! Love you buddy!! Love Always, Your Lil Miss Anne
Memories of my son Kevin died 23rd October 2001 aged 28 years from a heroin overdose, my lovely son who will never be forgotten, who lived life on the edge fighting his addiction every day. I knew he was getting weary, he told me as much the day before he died. RIP Kevin. Life goes on but my heart is still broken. Much Love, Mum. Xxxxxx
My dear sweet nephew. Gone far too soon at 19 . Always loved and missed.
To my dearest, sweetest Jason.  On November 19, 2014, you left us too soon at the beautiful age of 22. I wish I could have protected you from harm or somehow given my life for yours. Despite the pain that has burned a hole inside of me, not a day passes without me realizing how lucky I am, and have always been, to be your mom. I miss you terribly and console myself with knowing that one day I will see you on the other side. I love you more than all the grains of sand on all of the beaches in the world and more than all of the stars in every galaxy in every universe.  Always your loving Mom, Kathryn.
My 33 year old daughter died on September 23, 2012 of an overdose of methadone, morphine and Xanax given to her by a pain clinic doctor. Nothing but a pill mill doctor. My daughter, Tabitha A. was a devoted mother of two, a business owner of Heads or Tails dog grooming salon, she was a granddaughter, a sister, a hard worker, and my best friend.My daughter who ended up at this pain clinic for a knee injury from a car accident. This doctor loaded her down with many other narcotic prescriptions beside the lethal cocktail she died of which was multi-drug toxicity. There is not a moment that i don't think of her and my heart aches for her 24/7. My daughter was not this doctor's first nor last victim and is still practicing.
Forever precious daughter. If I had known what I learned after, I would have moved heaven and earth to save you. No more pain, anguish, heartache for you. Incredible young lady, you touched so many with your pureness.
In remembrance of Storm Roger who died in my arms, my Father, Piters, who committed suicide after 55 yrs of heavy using, and Alv, the polar bear, who died alone behind Colosseum Theater in Oslo, 12. February, 2007. I miss you guys! Rest In Peace!
My beloved son,  Quentin Jordan Smith,  died March 23, 2010 at the age of 27. He left behind me his mom's, his dad, brother Justin,  sister Miranda,  and daughter Kya.  We miss you so very much son and love you forever!!! We remember your life with Joy, your face with Happiness, your Love with Honor! In Heaven with Jesus,  we will be reunited forever!!! Give Jesus a hug and kiss from us all! Big Love and Hugs to you my Squent!!! Moms
My dearest Hunter, I gave you life, you gave me the meaning! I love you to the moon and back and infinity.  Your humor,  joy ,compassion and love for life lite up everyone who met you... your beautiful daughter Lola is the luckiest little girl to have you as her daddy..God blessed me with an angel...and took you back to heaven. Thank you for every second you blessed me with. It's an honor to call you my son... I love you , mama and all your friends and family xo
To may darling sister Rosie, accidental OD on the 12.06.09. Miss you heaps Rosie, gone to soon but forever in my thoughts. You give me the strength to carry on.
Kris accidental OD 27.01.12 you are with me every day, you help me to carry on, your spirit is with me always.
In memory of my friends, comrades and colleagues who have passed away through overdose: Tom Djordevic, Gillian, the man in the laundry in Crown St, Mark Francezoff, Johnny Sideburns, Tony Goswell, Shaun Sullivan, Dave Oliver, Richard Terry, Simon Smith, John Tesoreiro, Chris Aldamez, Vicki Smith, Wayne Russell, Rex Underwood, John Standen And especially Karen Walters. Mother of our daughter Polly; mother of Christopher, Euridyce and John Henry. I miss you greatly.
  To my nephew Brandon who shared the same birthday as me It's your time now time to be free No more battling your addiction you see For now it's time to be with your other family The one's who have died from the same disease Just knowing you will be with them puts my mind at ease Love Auntie Donna
Remembering Jacqueline Lenderman who passes on March 19, 2015, at 26 years old. We love and miss you so much. 😢
  In loving memory of my beautiful boy, Brandon Hadi Kashef, half of my now broken heart.  3.19.96 - 5.13.15 forever 19, accidental OD stole the rest of his years on this earth, until I see him again and live for eternity with my beloved son.  The days have not gotten easier, only different, not any less painful. I will never forget the phone call that forever spilt my life into before and after and I will never stop grieving the loss of my sweet, old soul.  I love you, Brando, see you when my time here is done.
Dillon Wentz lost his battle at the age of 23. He was not active in his addiction at the time, he was doing well, we finally had our boy back. Then on 6/28/15 he used for the final time. He fought for his life and was taken into Gods hands too soon. He will me deeply missed forever...
Remembering my youngest son and best friend, Evan. Evan died of an accidental overdose of Heroin on 8/20/13 here at home. I miss you so much and will love you always and forever. RIP and embrace your new found peace and freedom.
  On August 12th my daughter and I received the call we never wanted to get but knew there was a possibility that one day it would come. NOTHING can prepare you for the loss of your child. At the young age of 25 Bret was found in his truck all alone.  We have since found out that his addiction was much worse than we ever thought and the one question we will never have an answer to is WHY?
Karen & Brittany
A graceful hand on my shoulder surprised me. I turned to a face that seemed faintly familiar, her approving eyes serene. “I’m sorry, Jacob. I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m a mutual friend of Dan, um, I remember you from last week at his --”. Her gaze, her soul-stirring wonder, took me back a week prior, to my best friends viewing. The grieving eyes of his family meeting mine, my heart screaming, soul crying, I knew, nothing, nothing will ever change how they feel. Marriage, Grandchildren, first steps, Christmas shopping, prideful bragging, birthday cards, and -- The expectations of life, died with my best friend, a tender-hearted man, Dan. I wished now for a protective love for Dan's mother and father, with the broken heart, a small intent from my own weary spirit. “We wanted to thank you,” she whispered. “We know he was watching last week, your words were beautiful." It wasn't your fault; He would want you to know that.” Her tear-stricken eyes held mine in a long gaze, finding my soul, vulnerable... An unexpected oneness with the Divine, awakened my soul, like a plunge into arctic waters. Twice before this moment, I experienced the divine light, it adds a flash of brilliance to life humans cannot describe with language or illustration. "He will not die in vain" the words that proceeded a long hug... This unexpected compassion would not erase my ambivalent mind and wonder of questioning, but a gentle gift was received. Within my boundless spirit, the fertile soil of my heart, there has been the planting of a seed; a seed of wisdom, love, compassion and peace. To me, it's like an open window shining light on a simple truth that was covered in doubt and questions, providing clarity to all the mysteries I had about myself, the world, and its meaning. Everyone has a purpose in life, and talent and gift only possessed by our individuality and uniqueness. The intention is the power and force and when understood it guides you to your most excellent higher self. I strive to be that person.... And much more   -leadbyexample333
This is a poem I wrote for my brother when he lost his battle with drugs. My dear brother Joe You had a heart of gold and no secrets untold You had a short time on earth 46 years from the time of you birth You and I were so close in heart That is why it is so hard for me to part My dear brother Joe oh how I miss you so Every time I think of your forever sleep all I do is weep weep weep My dear brother Joe Oh how I love you so.
In loving memory to my daughter Jessica Lynne Clifford 8-5-91  to 5-16-14. Please continue to watch over us as we continue without you.  Please watch over and guide all those who are still struggling with their addiction.  May you Rest in Peace my sweet angel   Love Mom, Joe, Joshua
I love you and miss you Garrett. You are missed by dad, Amber, Elysse and your little baby Anela. So many others love and miss you too. Forever in our hearts. 6/1/90-3/4/15. Gone too soon.
  I lost my sister may this year. She was only 20. Kodye Maria Palma I would have been planning her 21st birthday around now. Its very hard. Drug awareness is so important, too many young lives are taken from it. Miss you sis xo
Remembering with a broken heart the loss of my husband at age 36 who passed April 1996 and my son at age 27 who passed February 2014. Both died from an opioid drug overdose. Nothing can express the pain and loss this horrible disease has left on my soul! Not a day goes by that I do not think of them.
In remembrance of my dear son, Andy, who at the age of 32, passed away from a Heroin Overdose. He succumbed to this awful disease just 3 weeks ago on 7/30/15. We will forever love and remember you, Andy...Rest for you are now at peace...Love,Mom.
Remembering my son, a brother, a great grandson, a grandson, a friend whom passed away August 27th 2009, at 19, due to a methodone OD. Always remembered and never forgotten.
I would like to post a tribute to the following people in my life that have lost their battle with drugs:  Frank Mazenkas (Ex-Husband), Joseph Erhardt (Brother), Jessica Clifford (future daughter in law), Christopher Zawadzki (Future son in law), and Brandon Race (nephew).  May you rest in peace and watch over your loved ones as you help guide them through life down the path of a life of good health and happiness. Although God had other plans for you (angels), I miss all of you and wish you were still here with your family.  Love, Janet.
On June 12th, 2001... The closest friend I have ever known departed this world. While far too soon by our own standards, this had to be "on time" by the clock of The Highest Intelligence- God him/herself. William Dean Jackson will be forever missed, and will forever live on in the hearts of many. Friends since before we were able to speak, we were truly brothers. This disease has taken too many, and I am acting to assist others in William's name. A hard working, kind, fearless, and magical soul he was, and will forever remain. Gone before his 21st birthday, yet never to be forgotten. R.I.P. William Dean Jackson. My Best Friend, Homeboy, and Brother. You will forever be remembered.1980-2001.  
I would like to remember a few people who lives were lost at a young age due to drug overdose. Stevie Clarke Tony Gallant Cowboy Brown Joe And many more...........God bless their souls.They are greatly missed. And in memory...............
On May 14th 1998 I awoke to find the love of my life laying lifeless beside me. We'd both overdosed. I woke up. He didnt. Not one day goes past that I don't wake up hoping it was a nightmare and that he'll be next to me hassling me for snoring all night. I love and miss you. Rest in Peace Jamie O'Hara. Until we meet again xoxo One of many of my fallen comrades.
In memory of my husband, Randall K. Whaley, who died March 2, 2015.
Tim, we love you and miss you.  You are remembered with love every minute of every day.  Love, Rosemarie and Dad
I lost my husband of 30 yrs from a heroin overdose in March of this year. He fought addiction for years. It has been such a tragedy for the entire family. I miss him dearly and there is nothing that takes away the pain. It is an epidemic in our community. I want to get involved in helping others fight this dark disease of addiction.   This will be my way of keeping his memory alive. He was a great man who died well beyond his years. He was only 50. I will always love you my dear.
This is a tribute to a few of the people in my life that went out of this world by way of overdose.  The names are in no particular order, their order of listing in no way represents any significance to importance.  With that being said: RIP Nate Fenju RIP Chris Sinclair RIP Seth Groce RIP Ralph Carr
My beautiful grandson passed away on July 4th.  He was huffing computer cleaner and went into respiratory failure.  He died alone outside.  His grandfather found him 3 days after he passed away in the Florida heat and humidity.  I miss him so much it hurts.  Please if anything comes from his death,  learn and know huffing will kill!!
To all our fallen comrades; To those that are heart brokenly left behind; To those that have irreversible damage from a non-fatal overdose; My heart (though broken as well) is with you especially on this important day of acknowledgement. My thoughts are with all our community and our friends and family. I hope we all find the solace we seek and deserve.
On 7/9/2013 I had several missed calls from my step brother. I returned his call and he said he heard from a friend of a friend that our brother Denver and his girlfriend Dawn were dead. I said 'no', someone would have called me. Denver was living at my nephews at the time. So I knew he would have called. So I text him and no response. I called my mom and she was on her way to there house with her neighbor. My step brother had called her as well. I said ok just call me when you get there. I never thought twice about it. I just knew it was a mistake. 2 minutes later my poor 76 year old mother calls me and said 'sissy you better get over here'. I just dropped and said 'momma, no'. She hung up the phone. She couldn't stand hearing my cries. My husband drove us there as fast as he could. I still just want sure about it all till we turned the corner and seen the cops and news channel there. It was the most tragic thing I've ever experienced. We lost my 37 year old brother to a heroin/meth overdose along with his 35 year old girlfriend. The whole family has suffered greatly since then. He was the baby out of my mom's 7 kids. We were so close. I still feel the urge to call him. He left behind a son that was 14 at the time. It's still hard for me to even see him. I pray for everyone who has been through this. It affects the whole family.
My daughter passed away April 30th,2015 from a drug overdose. This is still very real and painful for me and my family, and her children. This is a beautiful thing that you guys are doing. It is preventable but only if the person wants the help. My daughter has fought this monster since she was still a teenager, she went 5 years clean and fell off the wagon again. She was 40 years old and was all set for rehab again on the Monday following her death. Her birthday is August 28 and this will be yet another very sad day for us. Something needs to be done and telling someone they need to p*ss dirty to get help is the first mistake, sorry but that's my opinion and that's why she's gone today. She was in jail 6 months, came out had urges asked for help and she had to pi*ss dirty, I am so angry at the world right now. I will be at the march in honor of her and the many others.
Love and miss you every single moment my son. Joseph (Joey) Holler 7-1-1980 to 5/13/2015 💔
On September 15th, 2007, the world lost a loving soul.  My brother, John, was a bright, loving individual who had so much life to experience.  He was plagued by childhood issues that resulted in coping with drugs and alcohol.  His life and death will not be in vain as I will make it my life's goal to shed light on this dreaded disease that not affects the afflicted but also affects  families and friends.  These are our brothers and sisters that are dying from drugs.  When will we stop ignoring this issue?  When will we stop judging others?  When we will stop labeling others?  When will we stop blaming others?  When will we start acknowledging there is a huge epidemic in this country?  When will we start supporting those afflicted and the families that love them?  When?? I would like to challenge each of you today.  Pay it forward today by doing a good deed for someone else in honor of your loved one who died of a drug overdose.  Let's start a movement and post on facebook or any social media site.  Let it be known that our loved ones will be remembered and we will honor them by paying it forward.  How will you pay it forward in honor of your loved one?
This is for my daughter Stephanie Kaye Ramsey. She was my firstborn child. She was the most loving, caring, giving person I know. Family meant everything to her. She left behind a beautiful little boy. Her son was her life. I miss her everyday. She was clean for 4 months, living with me. She went back to Ct because she missed her son and was due to go back into rehab the day she overdosed on heroin. It was 11 days shy of her 30th birthday. I miss her voice and her laugh. I miss hearing her call me "mommy". She was a force to be reckoned with. I asked her why she would try heroin, she said she thought she would just do it once at a party and she would be able to just have 1 night of fun. It overtook her life. She was funny and beautiful  and my heart.  I miss her everyday. She was not just an addict, she was my daughter!!  She is missed by her family everyday. I love you Steph. Say hi to your dad for me. Love your mom.  
  I would like people to know that my beautiful 22 year old son Jason Charles McDaniel existed in this world and mattered. Jason died in his sleep 10-10-12 after smoking heroin on aluminum foil. Jason was just 8 days out of rehab and 2 days shy of going back in. Jason was so much more than his addiction. He was my first born son and beautiful in every way. Jason believed he was safe from overdose as long as he didn't use a needle. Heroin any way is a killer. I would give anything to have Jason back. I will love and miss him forever.
  In Memory of my son Salvatore Marchese 4/11/84 - 9/23/10 - A beautiful soul with a heart of will be Forever In Our Hearts.  Always remembered, never forgotten.  I love you.
  In loving memory of my beautiful son Curtis. Only he and God know how much I would prefer him to be here with me today and always, but God had other plans. I am still his Mom and he is still my baby, the only one that can light up my heart. Today and always, I will remember his beautiful smile, his strong presence, his kind and caring eyes, and his way of making me smile at any given time with his original sense of humor. I was blessed to have him as my child; he was God’s gift to me. He has taught me more than any one person in my life has ever taught me, for that I am grateful. I believe in the saying, “everyone is in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.” I have yet to figure out which one he is, but I am inclined to believe he is all three. I will always remember him by the way he lived, and the way he wanted life to be. He had a carefree depth to him, who could not be confined. He was compassionate, bold, fearless and respectful. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more accomplished son. He would give the shirt off his back for anyone who needed it, he would give shelter to someone in need, and he would give the food off his plate to someone who was hungry, he would give all his change to the homeless, because they needed it more than he. “Life will give you what you attract with your thoughts. Think, act and talk negatively, your world will be negative. Think, act and talk with enthusiasm, You’ll attract positive results.” August 9, 1995 - November 27, 2014
Lowell (Mom)
This is in memory of my beautiful, insightful, compassionate, feisty, artistic and humorous daughter Kara. I don't know what happened to her, as she's been missing for almost three years. It's likely she died of a heroin overdose, or from violence stemming from her addiction. I miss her every day, and will hold her in my heart for the rest of my life. Kara, I pray that you have found peace and are in God's loving protection. I wanted so much to help you, and I hope you forgive me and your family for not knowing how to help you. We will love you and miss you forever.
"My anxiety has effected every part of my life now, social,work,family and thoughts(negative).I will get an anxiety attack and instantly not want to talk/do anything. Immediately sweat and sit around in a daze." These are the profound words of my son, Ryan Keith Bowman. Ryan passed away from an accidently prescription drug overdose, December 13, 2014. Ryan was trying to be a young adult man, not the baby of a family of 4 children. He was such a strong, great soul. His heart was huge and his smile was full of life. His anxiety bagan at 14 due to a loser telling him, he was an albino, asking him what was wrong with his skin. This thought had NEVER occurred to this outgoing, athletic,fun loving guy but for some reason it caused a 360 degree turn with his self esteem, and from then on out anxiety began. We sought professional help right from the start. After 10 years Ryan was really beginning to get a great handle on this, but unfortunately an unknown monster, was inflicting a dependence, and since it wasn't street drugs, Ryan felt he had it under control. His body had no tolerance and due to mixing 2 low levels of prescription drugs, he never woke up.  If you are under the care for anxiety or panic attacks, make sure they are looking out for you. Mke sure they are on your back, making you be accountable, whether you like it or not. Whether your over 18 or not. Whether you tell them your doing fine or not. Don't settle, make sure they are looking out for YOU. We miss our son so very much. I read the tributes here, and there is not one word of tribute, that his momma(me),his daddy and 3 siblings have not uttered and or felt. Its horrible. Its lonely. Its grieving the what wont ever be, on top of what we ve lost. We love you Ryan Keith Bowman. Born on his grandmothers birthday, March 12, 1988 and passed away December 12, 2014.
Alicia, I miss you very much.Miss your beautiful heart n beautiful smile.Please watch over your family they miss you horribly. Love you.
I miss you so much Justin. Was it intentional? Is every time you use, a toss of the coin? Somehow, signing over your life every hit, every pill. I needed you and now I will never get to tell you how sorry I am for being such a terrible sister to you. Rest in peace. 2/27/78-3/16/14
My beautiful daughter, Sara, passed away in my arms on 12/15/2012. Her last words were, "I love you". That was a gift from her that can never be measured. I miss her so much. She was only 28 years old and about to turn 29 on 12/22/2012. She had so many drugs in her system that her respiratory system gave out and she couldn't breathe. By the time the medics got there she had just fallen into my arms with no pulse or heartbeat. They tried to intubate her but her lungs were so swollen that they couldn't get the tube in. They did chest compressions all the way to the hospital and she was put on a ventilator, had a trac tube, IV, and feeding tube. She was like this for four and a half months until her father finally agreed to let her go. She was in a coma the entire time and her poor little body was skin and bones in the end. During that time she had seizures and her body jerked constantly while her face was contorted. After they took her off of life support she lasted for ten days with Hospice and took her last breath on 05/03/2013 but, as far as I'm concerned, she died in my arms. The medics said that she had been without oxygen for well over ten minutes and her brain was basically gone. I miss her so much. I only wish that she had gotten help with the pain she felt instead of numbing herself with drugs for so long. To all of the loved ones of people doing drugs my heart goes out to you. I just wanted to tell my message and maybe, just maybe, it can save one pained soul. Get help. Seek guidance. Drugs can and will kill you and dying isn't really what you want. You want the pain to stop. There is help out there. Ask for help to seek it out. You don't have to do it alone and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Remembering our lovely Robin who died 18 years ago aged 27 from an accidental heroin overdose - never forgotten and always loved. I have great faith that at some point our lives will cross again and we will be reunited - until then, we send you our love. Mum and Dad xx
Blane Audiss had struggled almost 10 years with addiction. He had overdosed multiple times, it took his life 9-10-14. He was 25 years old. I miss him every second of everyday. He will never be forgotten.
My son Marcus was a brother of 2 siblings nephew cousin of many. and highly blessed with friends and aquaticines in areas of his life for 29yrs years!!!!  My heart goes out to others because Marcus had struggled to stay in the healthy world for years while fighting alcohol and drug additions.   Help was always suggested by everyone that loved him.  He had great faith in God and yet the addiction ended his life in March of 2015.  He is so greatly missed, and yet will always be remembered for his dedication in trying to get better. Today is his Birthday he would have been 30yrs old.   Help is every where,but I hope the law will be able to set stronger limits for the people who are connecting  so easily. My son died of a heroine overdose and I grieve so much,but memories and other people who are suffering as I are great therapy!!!!
My beloved boy, Patrick Mullen. was born  on May 23,1983 I loved him from the moment I looked at him. You died on July 25th 2015 Patrick was kind, thoughtful, and I loved him dearly. He had a good heart he was courageous. Patrick you are always in my heart and mind. I love you more than you could imagine. You left me with an ocean of tears.
  On July 4, 2015, I lost an irreplaceable part of my heart, my cousin, Trey Fulford, to a heroin overdose.  He had been clean for 4 months and then like a blink of an eye and a needle to the vein, he was gone.  Our small little town here on the east coast is being overran with heroin. Trey was such a sweet soul and had a smile that could knock you off your feet. I miss him more than I could ever put into words.
  My younger brother passed away on April 8 2015 due to accidental overdose. He was 25 when he passed and has left a void that can't be filled. We miss him with every ounce of our hearts and souls. A loving son, brother, grandson, cousin, uncle and friend. You are always on our minds forever in our hearts. Our Peter Pan, we love you to the moon and back xo we need to raise more awareness
  This is to remember my son Tom who died aged 29 years old in 2002 of a heroin overdose. I love him love him always and wish I could have helped him. His father and brother still suffer from this devastating loss as I do. Sleep peacefully my dearest Tom.
  I'm memory of my beautiful daughter Layla Kate Heckel, who died from a heroin overdose. 9/12/91-10/16/11 Fly free, baby girl...
RIP my handsome son. My son Mark Steven Woisard died of a drug overdose on1/06/2014. He was an amazing person. He was an awesome son, father and friend. Mark would of given you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I struggle every day with the loss of my son. They're were a few people that attended my sons funeral that also have died from overdosing. Addiction is no joke, it doesn't discriminate against no one. Please if you have a drug problem there is tons of help out there, don't be afraid to ask for it. God bless all who have died from addiction, you all had someone out there that loves and cares about you!
My beautiful daughter and best friend Aubri Dawson Welsh. Left is to miss her on 9/17/2014 to a heroin overdose two days out of rehab. Aubri was a daughter, wife, sister, mother friend, cousin, neice..all of which she did well. But more importantly she was a caring compassionate and loving human being. A personality and smile that could change the atmosphere in any place she walked into. Aubri had a disease one that does not discriminate. She tried but in the end the disease  was stronger.  She was judged but she never judged. She lived by the motto " there but for the grace of God go I". She was so loved. If a mom's love was enough to save her she would be here today. Sadly missed but always loved and forever in our hearts
  March 14, 2011 will forever be the darkest day in my life when I received the phone call from my eldest son that his brother Michael had died of an apparent overdose.  Michael, like so many young people we are meeting in this tribute page, was loved by so many.  He was bright and funny and kind to all who knew him.  He had struggled with addiction for many years, was on that roller coaster of getting clean and moving forward with his life, to falling back into the abyss.  Throughout those years, he managed to earn a Master's Degree in education and looked forward to his dream of being a Special Ed teacher.  The overdose came at a point when he was trying on his own to get clean.  It was a huge mistake, and I will forever feel the guilt for not insisting he do so with help and supervision.  He died at age 31, just months before he was to be in his brother's wedding.  He will not know his new little nephew.  His friends have married and are having children.  Michael loved kids and would have been the best uncle to all of these little ones.  Though I finally turned a corner in my grief and accepted that Michael is no longer here, I still have dark days when I cry easily and wish I could turn back time.  I miss Michael every day.  I think about what I might have done differently every day.  And my heart breaks over and over again when I hear about another young person lost to this horribleness, another mother who will be living in grief.  I am paralyzed to know what to do about this, except to begin to speak out loud about it.  The shame I felt about how Michael died kept me from being able to tell people when they asked.  Now I say it strongly.  People need to know that beautiful young people with great potential are losing their lives to this addiction, and we need to find out how to stop this.  Watch this TED talk if you haven't already, it will open your eyes and give you much to think about.     -- RIP Michael 8/17/79 - 3-14-11
My beautiful daughter, Lexe Aspen Downer, age 18, died April 9, 2014. She is so giving and caring. She would help anybody!  Heroin took her life. So young, sweet, and precious with so much potential. She would have outgrown it if she was given more time. Unfortunately, heroin is killing our young people before they have a chance. I luv you Lexe and miss you so.  Mom.
To my beautiful son Michal  Dec.08.1981-June 30. 2012. I love you always, your big heart, your beautiful smile, and the voice … You save so many lives, you were so easy to love… My son, my best friend, my heart and my air, I love you forever. Mom.
My son Ian Murphy-Mitchard.  9/21/1979 ~ 9/24/2007. Ian was a traveler who roamed the United States from coast to coast. He was beautiful, loyal, smart and funny. He loved music & writing. He struggled with mental illness and with heroin.  My description of Ian contains words that describe so many of our sons and daughters lost to overdose.  In one month it will be 9 years since he passed and yet he is with me each day.  Never a day goes by I don't see something I want to share with him, think of him, smile at a memory...  If you are a parent reading this you know what I mean - their physical presence is gone and yet they are so present in their absence..  Time and absence do not diminish my love for my son. I was honored to be his mother for 28 years. Many of them were tough years and yet when I think of him it is always with longing in my heart.  Thank you Australia for starting International Overdose Awareness Day - a bell that tolls around the world in memory of those we've lost. I hope everyone will do what is within their power to help those souls still with us who struggle every day to reclaim what drugs have taken from them. Good night sweet Ian. Mama
Ian’s mama
RIP..Mario Delgrosso,Mario Coduto, Jason Grisser, Chris Barr, Jamie Sheridan.
RiP to my Beautiful daughter Brianna Elizabeth. Heroin does not discriminate. I will always love you. 3/18/84-7/3/15
In death we become equal, but sadly, all too often the cause of death can be quite the opposite. In life there are many inequalities that can be a primary contributing factors to addiction, such as, Education, Housing, Employment, Poverty, depravation,  all of these social equalities can lead to wrong choices that at the time served their purpose, to escape the feeling that are connected to all of these social ills, loneliness, low self esteem, worthlessness, failure, isolation. These feelings are made worse by ignorance, discrimination, victimisation, stigma, and all can lead up to someone paying the ultimate price either intentionally or not. Most overdose situations are accidental, most are also preventable. Unfortunately, discrimination, and negligent practices restrict access to specific life saving medications. The high number of fatalities could be significantly reduced if addiction was treated like any other life-threatening condition and wider access to Naloxone put in place. Until this happens our community members continue to die at alarming rates. All of the above attributes that lead the journey into addiction right through to medical negligence must change in order to reduce the number of individuals being lost. My conscience is clear on all levels. How about you?
We have just had the 4 year anniversary of my partner who passed away due to a heroin overdose.  The hardest job I have ever had to do as a mother was tell his 9 year old boy, my son.  My son is now 13 and no longer has a father.  He doesn't know the real reason why Daddy left us, I couldn't bear to tell him the truth, not yet.  Shane was my soulmate, but such a tortured soul.  Together we battled, I managed to beat it, he didn't.  I feel so sad still to this day, at the sad waste of life.  He had been clean for a few months, the longest period of time during a 5 year time frame of using.  We spoke on the phone just as his dealer met him at the car.  He tried to tell me that it was nothing and he was just seeing a mate, the next morning we received the call that he was gone.  That week 9 young lives were taken by overdose.  I don't know why there are some people out there who think because the person died of a drug overdose that it's not as tragic as if it were a car accident or terminal's a loss no matter how they left us.  Shane I miss you every day as does your gorgeous young man.  He looks more and more like his dad everyday.  I hope and pray that some day that we will no longer be hearing such sad news, but I just don't know.
Max, you are missed every second of every day. I will work forever to ensure that your memory is kept alive. You fought a courageous battle and I am forever grateful to call you my son. I love and miss you more than words can ever express. are now, and will always be, my whole heart. I love you, Mama Max Cota 8/8/91-9/7/11
What started off as a normal day, turned into the worst nightmare I could ever imagine possible. Around 10am on November 25th, 2013 I found my twin brother dead in a chair of a heroin overdose. The officer who arrived first was clearly upset and continued on to tell me that in a normal week, he responds to around 5-7 overdoses of men and women in their 20s. I will never forget that day. There is not a day that goes by when I do not think of Nick. He was 22, young and had so much life ahead of him. In Loving Memory of Nick 8/7/1991-11/25/2013 “You never know the biggest day of your life is going to be the biggest. The days you think are going to be the big ones; they are never as big as you make them out to be in your head. It’s the regular days, the ones that start out normal. Those are the days that end up the biggest.”
Remembering my lovely boy who died 21st October 2001 never forgotten, heroin overdose such a waste of a young life With so much to live for. RIP. Kevin Love Mum
My dear son James passed away June 29, 2015 from a heroin overdose. I heard him get up and brush his teeth and wash up at 8AM and at noon I found him dead in his room. He was due to go on a scuba diving trip July 8 and begin college August 27. James was a sweet, kind, compassionate and caring young man. A friend to all and very non-judgmental. His future was looking so bright but he was plagued by ADHD, depression, anxiety and addiction. So many times I thought we had made it.....but the addiction was stronger than a mothers love. I miss his smile, hugs, laughter, going to movies together, listening to his plans and dreams, playing his guitar and just his kind and sweet spirit. I love you James. I always will and my heart will only stop aching and be whole again when we meet again in heaven. Until then I will search for ways to live without you and cry my many silent tears. You left me too soon and you were the best son a mother could ever dream of. Until we meet again. 💔 Kiss kiss.  Mom
My son died. He died from an overdose, the coroner described it as drug toxicity, mostly heroin. There was a wide range of other substances also in his system. I watched him battle this insidious addiction over many years. He was loved deeply by his family and his many friends. The day he died was cold and wild weather, he had been to work all day, he came home changed and headed out again to meet friends. On his return he went to his bedroom and that is where we found him. Our loss is immense and we miss him dreadfully, we wish he could be here to share ordinary day to day activities. In fact I wouldn't even mind if we had one of those heated moments that then ended in a hug and Ï love you mum". The silence around his death is difficult, the stigma and at times the judgment but as he would say they don't know me. I miss that smile, the dancing in the hallway when he thought no one was looking, the hugs, the jokes but most of all I miss him. She is a cruel mistress heroin. Love you Kris
I had no idea he was using hard drugs.  We had already been through pain pill addiction. His dr gave him suboxen which had a deeper addiction and control over my son's life.  After 18 months of using this "prescribed" drug, he cleaned up.  Hallelujah!  I thought we were on the road to recovery.  He found his wife on top of another man and it only took 30 days of her lying (that they would get back together) and her cheating (she left him after counseling to have sex with her man) before he was hooked again.  This time, it was fentanyl.  A lethal dose and he died instantly with a needle still in his veins.  I never got to tell him I loved him.  I never got to tell him good-bye.  And to make things worse, I found out on Facebook.  No official has ever called me to tell me my son died.
I lost my boyfriend of 16 years to heroin on 5/15/2015. We were junior high sweethearts and I knew from the moment my eyes met his I would be by his side forever. I just never knew forever would come to an end at the young age of 29. He began using heroin a year before he died right around the time our twins were born. We also have an 8 year old.  He battled addiction for almost 10 years, but heroin came into the picture and took the love of my life in the blink of an eye. He had a beautiful soul, always wanted to make others smile, and was always encouraging others battling addiction to seek God and look to their children for their motivation to get clean . His faith was strong, and he loved his 3 girls with all he had. He ended up dying 1 day before we were going to take our oldest to Disney World. He was dead for almost two days before anyone found his body. I had no idea how bad the addiction became until after he died. He always told me he was clean and we were making plans for our future. The pain I am living with today makes me feel hopeless at times but reading other people's stories tells me I'm not alone.  God bless all the families out there who are grieving. I love you Danny.. promise promise
In loving memory of my best friend Chris. I never knew he had ever done heroin. He kept it a secret. It's horrible how addicts are treated in this country. Everyone is so judgmental. Maybe he would've told someone, & got help, but he didn't in fear of being judged. It can happen to anyone. I know so many who said they would never try it & did. No addict planned on becoming one. So many overdose & die everyday. I'd do anything to have my best friend back. He was only 33yrs old. I love you Bub. <3
In loving memory of our son Matthew who died 9/23/2008. One month before his 20th birthday. He overdosed on drugs the doctor gave him. I was to stupid to know what that drug would be the death of our son. He was battling depression,so I thought a doctor would help him. So parents be aware. I miss him so much. Half my heart is in heaven.
This is in Remembrance of Shellie Maxwell. She was My Mom and my Best Friend, She was the ONLY One who was their for me. My Father wasn't in my Life, All I Had was my MOM, She More than Made up for my Father. My Mom was Hurt at Work Almost a Decade ago, She Battled the Pain through the Years. They Prescribed her Every Type of Pain Pill Known to MAN! She Remained Strong through it All. She Passed Away July 2nd 2015 from an Accidental Prescription Overdose! Im HER SON, The One who is writing this to Remember my MOM. She Put me through A lot, Being the Only Support for my MOM. Ive Seen her at her WORST and Her Best! She was Trying to Make the Change that She NEEDED to In Life! She Wanted to get off the Prescriptions SOOO Bad! But that takes Time, And Time was NOT on HER Side. They had my Mom on so Many Prescriptions that it Seemed like they were TRYING to Kill Her! Rest In Paradise MOM! I Will Miss you Until we MEET Again! These Past 10 Years haven't been the Most Exciting, But A tleast we Were Together and were Happy. Please SAVE YOUR LOVED ONE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! I Wish I Woudve done it for my MOM! :(
In loving memory of Patrick John Devine on what would be his 27th  Birthday. You were our baby on earth and now our angel in heaven watching over us. The world has lost your light but the heavens glow with your spirit. I'll love you forever I'll love you for always. Forever and ever my baby you'll be Mumma
My daughter Lily died on a stranger's couch Aug. 6, 2012. She had been living with mental illness for years and had enjoyed a year's sobriety in the company of many people who loved her. I think she thought she could just get away with it one more time. I am actually grateful she is done with all the suffering. But sometimes for me it's new again; I am turn and look into the empty gaping hole, I grind my teeth, fierce tears. No, it can't be.. never hug her again or hear her make a joke. She was 21. Blessed Be.
I lost my oldest son Jeff on January 21, 2012 from an overdose of heroin and cocaine. He left behind his son that I have cared for since he was 8. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him.
You made the world a brighter, happier place in the circles you traveled in. Your smile was infections, and I am proud to be your father! While you were with us for such a short period, we are forever changed! Please watch over your little brothers, and know they adore you! Until we meet again, I am always, truly, and faithfully working towards the betterment of those who suffer the way you did. No more suffering, that is the driving force in my life- you no longer feel that pain. I love you, Dad (Joe Engle)
My boyfriend Jason died February 20, 2015. He'd be 30 this coming August. He is missed dearly, he was such a special man.
This goes out to all the ones I lost due to the disease of addiction. I love you. RIP
I am posting in memory of my boyfriend of 8 years, and the father of my two children, Joshua Rash. He passed away February 21, 2015. He struggled for 2.5 years with heroin addiction. He would stay clean for months and then slip up for a week or two, and begin the cycle again. He went to rehab, he was in drug court for 6 months. He was trying to stay clean. He did it one more time. And that was all it took, and he died. We miss him everyday. He was an amazing dad, and not only my boyfriend but my best friend.
Remembering My son Ryan Matthew Snyder...3/7/84--10/20/14...Losing my only son to addiction has shattered my life...This disease not only takes our loved ones away it also takes us....the grief and the emptiness is an unbearable pain that will always live inside my heart...My son was loving, caring, always had a big beautiful smile...He was my rock and strength...But now he's only my memory..Forever 30....Ryan M Snyder....
My heart goes out to you and your family. And I feel your pain oh so well.I lost my son Dennis at the age of 25 he was clean for 2 years an a family member went to go score some dope an he was at work they went and got before they went so he got a bag. Then I got that phone call a mother don't want to get. He also overdose about 10 times an we bought him back but this is one time I wasn't there and it just kills me. I miss him more then words can say.we was very close he came to me for everything. He had two kids a girl an boy that I don't see because of there moms but I'm OK with that if they want to no about there daddy when they get older I will share his story. But that heroin, is killing a lot of young people it's said. Sorry for your lost. Rip my son died 5-28-2009 love u wish I could have you back again. 😭
Chris- March of 2014, Lawrence- July of 2014, Eric- February of 2015, Brittany- March of 2015, Steve- July of 2015. What a hell of a year with overdoses. This epidemic needs to end! Too many good souls are losing their lives and it hurts so much. Support International Overdose Awareness Day ❤️
My brother and only sibling was born 22 months after me. He was a daredevil of sorts from a very young age. He did whatever he wanted without thinking of consequences. When he was 2 years old and supposedly napping, my mother got an uneasy feeling. She went to his room to check on him only to find that he'd cut a hole in the screen of his window with blunt-tipped kindergarten scissors and was halfway out of the window. As a teen he started using drugs and getting into trouble. We both did, actually. Well, I never really got into trouble but  we shared acid trips and smoked pot. I took him to his first grateful dead show. I think this introduced his to his favorite lifestyle: following his favorite bands as they toured. He loved and lived adventure. Occasionally trouble found him. He began to steal from my grandparents, my parents and me. He'd been in jail a couple of time and in some mandatory treatment programs. We were a small and close family. The stealing and dishonesty was really hurtful. I expect that anyone who reads this has experienced a similar sense of betrayal. My dad once drove 4 hours in the middle of the night to pick him up from some sketchy street corner in Oakland, California after not seeing him for at least a year. My father says at first he didn't see my brother but pretty soon he and his dog emerged from under a blanket on the sidewalk. Things like this happened periodically over the years. I believed we were connected. One day while I was at work and had not seen or heard from my brother in 2 years, I told my coworker that I thought my brother would be showing up. He walked in to the movie theater I was working at just a couple of hours later. My coworker couldn't believe it. Ryan began using heroin in his early to mid 20's. I think he had a tendency to become bored and chased bigger thrills. He battled addiction off and on for a few years. He would eventually break his back during an accident while on a roofing job. Although this was a few years before his death, I think that occurrence was the catalyst of the downward spiral that would swallow him. I guess, if i'm honest with myself, maybe the start of the fall was the first time he used. However after the back injury, he no longer could find a decent paying job. Having a checkered past, he'd always relied on physical jobs doing construction. The back injury came with heavy painkillers and pretty soon, he was back on track using. When he was 29, he came to live with me here in settle. He and his beloved dog lived with me for a few months until he moved into his own space with mutual friends. He was honest and told me that this move was his last effort. He was tired. If things didn't work out, he was going to kill himself. I understood where he was coming from but tried to argue about his suffering. Everyone suffers, i'd say. What gives you the right to dwell and not try harder? Our months in settle were a gift that I wouldn't realize had been given to me until it was too late. We would talk for hours about everything. His time here only lasted for about 6 months. He'd found a minimum wage job that he hated but lacked the drive to look for something better. Soon enough he started using heroin again. Within 2 weeks, he was dead.  He was found in his room by his housemates with his wonderful dog by his side. That sweet dog had been locked in the room with my deceased brother for about 12 hours before he was discovered. My parent's were relieved when the death certificate said that his death was caused by an accidental overdose. I know in my heart that it was intentional. He had grown tired. There are so many points on the timeline of his life that I look back on and think about the various chances I had to intervene and never did. I wish we had him back. He was wonderful. So funny and smart. A much loved member of our family. I don't think my mother will ever recover fully from his death. Although he died in 2004, my heart still has a hole in it. I can still feel the blunt, acute pain of finding out he'd finally done it. We miss him so much and always will. He was my baby brother.  
Son, we didn't know you had a drug problem.  When you died in your sleep Jan. 8, 2015 at the age of 33, we didn't know.  Not until 90 days later when we received the death certificate and it stated the cause of death as "Acute multiple drug toxicity -heroin, cocaine and alcohol".  We never thought we would say your name and those words in the same sentence.  Your friends knew about the cocaine but they said it was recreational use.  They were doing it too.  No one knew about the heroin. What made you try it?  How many times did you use it? Is there anything we could have done to help you?  As close as we were how did you hide it from us?  We miss you all day long every day.  Our lives have changed forever.  I am thankful you have no more worries or troubles from this world, and I will see you again one day.   Our hearts ache for you everyday son. The world has lost a very special, loving, kind soul and you are missed by so many.  Our love for you will never die.
All our love to Aubrey Jade Hoogterp 6/25/89 - 9/1/12
Patrick Kevin Kelley. 6-28-82---1-18-11. Love ❤ and miss you every day. Mom
My fiancé died 16 weeks and 1 day ago, the day after our daughter's 2nd birthday around 5 am. He died from a heroin overdose. Something that he struggled with since 2012. He even said this was it, if I don't stop now its going to kill me I'm sick of heroin ruining my life over and over again, destroying our family, destroying myself. I got this Rachel I'm done. And so he was doing good for a while got himself clean and put himself into an outpatient rehab, until the rehab basically told him that they couldn't help him, and of course that did not help at all. He relapsed because he thought that if they couldn't help him then no one could help him, he got really bad that time, but then he picked himself up again. Got himself clean again. Stayed sober for what I thought was a few months however after he died I found out that I was wrong. I found out that he was extremely bad this time. The night of our daughter's birthday he was high and that was something he had never done, was be high around our daughter so I knew he was way to far into this addiction. We of course fought and yelled and I gave him and ultimatum, us or heroin, pick one, me and our daughter or heroin. He chose us or at least I thought he did. He said he go to rehab and get help, I fell asleep for an hour that night ( I didn't want to sleep because I had this gut feeling he was going to die) , but I ended up falling asleep for a short time and woke up to him not breathing with no pulse. I don't know if anyone else on here was the person to find their loved one dead from this awful disease but if you were you know how terrible it is. I tried to save him and do CPR until the paramedics came, however they couldn't save him either. Now I have to raise our daughter by myself and she'll grow up without her daddy, and I will live my life without my soul mate all because of heroin. Addiction in general is awful but there's nothing like addiction to heroin. Billy was the most amazing person I have ever met in my life until he met heroin. He will forever be the love of my life. He died two months before his 25th birthday. I was with him since we were teenagers we were high school sweethearts, not often do people stay together from the age of 16 and on, we would have been together forever, we had so many plans, we had a future, until heroin came into our lives. I love you Billy forever and always, Emma and I miss you so much, it hasn't gotten any easier just worse... I need you, I can’t live without you, I don't know how too... 5.19.90 - 3.11.15 </3
My son Jacob passed away from a heroin overdose 3 weeks ago on 06/05/15.  Jacob, aka pickle, was such a bright light in a dark world.  He never met a stranger, everyone who met him were instant friends.  He was so outgoing and his smile would light up a room.  He was a hard worker, a good friend, always willing to help others, and made it a point to meet a new person every day.  He loved little kids and they loved him.  He was recently talking about wanting to settle down with a good girl and raise some "bad ass" kids. Most of all he wanted nothing more than for people to find true happiness, he just couldn't find his own happiness. A bright light went out the day he died and the world is definitely now a darker place without him.  I love you Pickle and I miss you terribly every second of every day.
This has been a rough month, on June 8th we struggled through the second anniversary of the day you left us. Peter was the most amazing son, grandson, friend, and fisherman. He enjoyed the simple things, the beauty of nature and his passion for fishing. He experienced more in his 23 years on this earth than most people do in a lifetime and I'm so thankful for that. He was the most intelligent kind hearted man, and even through his sickness he was still a caring loving person always lending a helping hand. I wish so bad everyday when I wake up that it was a dream and you're still here, but it is not. It is a terrible reality that I can't hear you're voice or see you're beautiful smile. I miss you every single day and I always pray to you for strength and you always hear me. Drug abuse is one of the most painful things any person can endure society needs to stop judging and start helping because we're losing beautiful children everyday to this disease. I love you Peter, until we meet again angel.
Our family continues to suffer the effects of loss for our beloved daughter Amanda Beth Randall... She was such a source of happiness before she was an addict; her sense of humor and love of trivia were obvious. What wasn't obvious was the demon of addiction with its terrible grasp on our beautiful young daughter, sister, aunt, niece, and friend. The demon's grasp grew stronger and more obvious as the years went on..It caused our beloved daughter who was always so kind, to become so dependent upon heroin,and that we grew terrified of losing our precious girl...On Aug 17th, 2015 our worst nightmare was realized when Amanda overdosed for the final time....We miss her so much, even though the last 5 or 6 years of her life were so very difficult to watch. It's hard to imagine how difficult it must have been for her to live. We know she is at peace now, so that gives us some measure of peace also.. We look forward to our reunion with her in eternity..
I lost my beautiful daughter Jenee', almost 5 years ago to a cocaine and methadone overdose. She was 21 years old. When people hear "overdose", the mental images they come up with definitely don't look like my little girl. She was loving, thoughtful, kind, fun , beautiful...  even did modeling on the side for 17 years, but none of those great things kept her from getting addicted to prescription drugs. There is a program in Florida called The Marchmen Act, that will access your loved one and court order treatment. So many are not aware of this and I don't know if it's in every state, but it should be. I wake up each day, and there's a part of me missing. A part of me went with her and I cry for all that will never be. So many think, "It can't happen to me"... yeah Jenee' thought that too.
My son Aaron died from an overdose of Heroin August 11, 2013. I miss him more than I can express. He was only 23 years old, way too young. I miss his smile, his laugh, his hugs. He was such a great guy, so many people loved him. He was so much more than a heroin addict - he was a son, a father, a brother, a friend. He loved baseball, and gummy bears, but he loved his son Cody the most. I am now raising Cody and pray that I can help Cody know who his daddy was, he is to young to remember him. So sad.
I lost my youngest son Dylan Yates at the age of 23 to a Heroin overdose on his first day out of a 30 day rehab. He was a cancer survivor when he was 15. He was an athlete, a fisherman, a welder, a friend, an uncle, and a grandson. He was also a lier, a their, and an addict. He was sick in many ways. He hated his disease. He loved his family. We tough loved him back. He will never be able to grow up. We will miss that when we miss him. We advocate for others with substance abuse disorders. If we can save only one life it will matter. Forever in our hearts. We love you Dylan!
I woke up this morning to my father hysterical. My brother was found dead last night of a heroin overdose. He was hunched over in my mother's car with a needle in his arm. My parents have been dealing with my brother's addiction for almost 3 years now. It has been a rollercoaster ride with him. Addiction is not something anyone choses...although I keep asking myself "how in the world did he get caught up in this mess". He was an economics graduate and incredibly smart. He had the world in his hand. It can happen to anyone. I firmly believe addiction runs in families because my father's brother also had a heroin addiction and later died. I'm still going through the motions of everything. I'm trying to educate myself on what I should do and how I should even feel. I feel regret, anger, sad, helpless...I just hope my brother is no longer suffering and is finally free from his demons.
My Dad, Eric, passed away almost 3 years ago from a combination of heroin and Xanax plus other drugs. He died on 10/21/2012. On that day a big part of myself died with him. I really took the time to destroy myself and had I not have moved away from Philadelphia, I believe and so does my husband, that I too would have died and left the unmeasurable amount of guilt, grief and self destruction to MY children. I am a heroin/opiate addict myself. Every year I write a tribute to my father, Eric. And every year I try my best to educate people about addiction and harm reduction. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. We have a very long and tedious road ahead before the common public will be able to not look at people with addiction issues as junkies/sleaze balls. always I love you. I miss you EVERY damn day and I hope we will meet again. I pray for you. And I hope you are at peace. This has not gotten easier yet I have learned to somehow go on. It really pains me to even say that much. I assure you though you will never be forgotten. This is not goodbye. This is I will see you sometime again. For in peace Daddy. Love, Erica
I lost my sweet Brandon on April 26, 2013 to a heroin overdose. The day he died, a part of me died with him! My life will NEVER be the same without him! Such a senseless waste of life! He was such a loving & caring person. He loved his family very much! Because he came from such a loving family, I would never have thought that he would turn to drugs. But it seems that heroin has no mercy, and it affects people from ALL walks of life! Rich, poor, young, old, etc...........Something needs to be done to put a stop to our losing our loved ones, to this horrible addiction! I can't think of ANYTHING worse than losing your child, and my heart goes out to all the parents who are "walking in the same shoes" as me. The guilt, why, and what-if's that consume our minds, is often unbearable! I try to find peace in knowing that my son is no longer suffering with the pain and anguish of his addiction. Instead, he is at peace with his Lord. Still-I miss him SO much! It has been 2 years since he passed away-yet I still think about him each and every day! NOBODY knows the pain, unless they've been there! He was 29 years old when he passed away-but he was still my baby! My thoughts and prayers go out to ALL those, who have lost a loved one to an overdose!
On March 8, 2015, my son, John, died alone in a motel room. According to the toxicology report, he had alcohol, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl in his system. I knew he was an alcoholic and used cocaine, but I had no idea he had taken heroin. Then I learned what a toxic combination heroin laced with fentanyl is -- many times more powerful than heroin alone -- and how prevalent it is becoming, even in small cities like Lexington, KY. I wish there was something I could do, to see the people who sold him this drug prosecuted, but I know that's impossible. Like every other drug, it's a supply and demand problem. Still, at least in my son's honor, I plan to take part in any awareness/prevention program I can.
On May 27, 2012, I lost my son, Ralph to an accidental  heroin overdose. He was 24 years old. A part of me also died that day. I wonder if I could've done more to help him, it's been 3 long years without him, I miss him every day, I love him so much. He was so full of life. Everyone loved him. The life of the party, when he walked into the room it lit up. I miss his electric energy. He was a loving son, he had a great future ahead of him, but this was a slip up that he could not come back from. The lose of my son is a very deep pain that I will always have with me until I meet him again in the afterlife.
Dear Monique, forever loved and remembered. Love always, Greg.
My Dear Sweet Brother, you were so kind, so giving I wanted so badly for you to come home. Now you will be forever safe and warm. No one will ever hurt you again. Until we meet again, I love you brother.
I lost my son Daniel Schultz to a heroin overdose on 11/17/2013, he was only 23 years young. He failed his sobriety of seven months and it killed him. I miss him so much everyday, it becomes unbearable at times. If I could just hug him one more time, or tell him how much I love him. He had a huge heart and contagious laugh that sounded like a little girl when he giggled, especially for a 6' 4" giant. He always gave me bear hugs that I will remember forever. He struggled for years with his disease of addiction, I hope you can rest in peace son and you will always be in my heart. Love Mom.
It has been 1 year since I lost my love my best friend Brian (May 7, 2014). I still can't cope with losing you, I wish I knew more about heroin addiction, I thank God my last words to you and your last words to me were 'I love you'. I did everything I thought was right but I still wish I did more, my world is empty without you Bri I will never be the same. My heart goes out to all of you that have lost to this terrible drug. The pain is unbearable, may they all find peace and go to a loving place waiting for us to join them again. All of my love I hold for you, Brian, until we meet again. Karen.
My brother George P. Gauthier lost his battle with addiction 5/28/15. He was 44 years old,  He was so intelligent and creative and funny.  He struggled with alcohol from the time he was in his early 20's after getting married and having three children and his alcohol addiction had progressed . He lost his marriage , his home , his job and his children and his will to live. I was in and out of his life , I would pray so hard for him , he would get sober then relapse , this repeated all his life. He began using coke , crack , heroine, prescription drug and of course alcohol , whatever to numb his pain. He would try to end his life , he would over dose , the number of times I don't know but it was many.  He tried AA , counseling , psychiatric units , program, and church .  He was so broken and seemed to not be able to stop . Two days before he died he was admitted to the hospital for intoxication they released him.The next day brought back to the hospital in Springfield , MA for intoxication. Our mom and a pastor/social worker told the hospital he needed to be admitted for psychological evaluation as he was going to kill himself,  They were told he was an adult and once sober if he said he was fine could go.  He was released by 11 pm that night .The next day he was dead.  We believe he took a hand full of Oxycodone and his body gave up in my mothers house. At least he was not alone or in the streets,or killed in a fight or stabbed or shot but he is still gone. As a family to live with the what if's the how come's what if my mom called the paramedics sooner what if we tried harder , what if I hugged him more, what if , what if , what if. This is so painful and I want to scream and I want him back but not the addiction my brother who I lost years ago to a terrible illness of addiction. The world say a drug addict , he was not his addiction he was MY baby brother , a uncle , a father , a husband , a son , a grandson a creation of God. He mattered his life mattered , he was valuable and loved.
I want to let my son Joseph Burrelli know how much I love him and miss him.. He died of an overdose of heroin on December 10, 2014 and I died that day also.  He had the biggest heart and he loved me as much as I loved him..  He promised me he would not die of an overdose of heroin and that is exactly what he did.  He was supposed to get out of jail on December 15 and I was arriving in town on that day but they let him out early on the 7th of December.  He went to general relief and was give $350 cash and from there he went to the heroin dealers house and got the drugs that killed him.  I can not believe that a government agency just hands a drug addict $350 cash.  The pain is so unbearable at times. I still cry every day and would do anything to just hold him and talk with him.. I love you Joey and I know you are in heaven and I will see you again but I miss you so much.  Some days I don't think I am going to be able to get through the day  but somehow I barely make it.   I am not angry with you just so very sad.  I love you forever and ever... Mom.
My son Peter died June 8 2013.  He was 23 years old. I miss him so much.  He was beautiful. He loved being outdoors-fishing, swimming, and hiking.  He struggled with opiate addiction the last three years of his life, and died of an overdose one day out of rehab.
My daughter Layla Kate Heckel died of a heroin overdose. 9/12/91-10/16/11. She was a beautiful person.
Dale R. Kratz - 10/26/82 - 10/10/10. Your spirit was so beautiful - loving, even in the midst of your addiction. God knew it was time to relieve your pain and suffering, a few days after you got saved. The date of your death haunts me still, as it was a sign that you will live forever in Heaven eternally.
David.R died way to early.. Heroin took his life after a long hard battle.. He is my twin and always will be.. I feel guilty for not helping him more.. I love him. But I pushed him away because of all his lies. He was a great man taken from a terrible disease... I would give anything to have him back... Or help someone get off this devil and change their life.
Matthew Lee Hunt, 3/1/1991- 4/15/2015 (24 yrs old) Heroin overdose after only a short time of use. Also lost his mother at a young age to the same drug. He left behind his father, an older brother, and two little sisters.
Spencer A.
My dear, beautiful son David passed away 7 weeks and 3 days ago. David was 35 years old and stuggled with heroine for 7 and a half years. David was sober many times and was doing great. He overdosed from heroine in our home, I found him, I love him with all my heart and cannot believe that I will not see or hear his voice again. He has a loving family, Mom, Dad, Twin Brother and 2 Sisters. He has 2 nephews and 2 neices. We are all devasted by this loss. We started going to Grasp meetings 4 weeks after his death, David was a kind, loving person and will be missed forever. I love you David, Love Mom
Yesterday I heard that I had lost someone so special to me to an overdose. It's hard to believe that this is real. For years we worried that this might happen, but then he got sober and actually played a very important role in helping others with addiction. It is hard to imagine how someone so special, so loved, so respected, could be gone in an instant. Of course this is an accident. A lapse in judgement. But the pain that it has caused is unimaginable. The guilt that everyone I have spoken to is feeling is tragic because knowing you Samma, I know you would hate to have done this. No one will ever be the same. The world will never be the same. We all wish we could turn back time and change this. But he is so loved and cherished in our minds, And thats the only thing that makes me feel any peace, to know that I shared the past 29 years with this beautiful soul. For anyone who is using, I beg you to ask for help, I can promise you there is a way to be free without risking your life. You are not a bad person for using, You are doing the best with the skills that you have, please let someone help you. RIP Samma.
My sister died from a drug overdose two months ago tomorrow. It's hard, she'd been battling this disease since she was 15 and died at 22, she was clean for over a year, and just had a heroin relapse. Only her second time doing it after her relapse, and it killed her. All I can think is I walked right past her the night before cause I was with my friends. If only I had talked to her, I could have stopped her.
Yesterday, my brother in law was found overdosed on heroin by his mother. She face a gruesome scene and is struggling hard to accept that part of him was drug addiction, but he had more to him than that. In effort to be in healing we pray she can accept the sickness as part of her son and focus on the parts that made him unique and someone worth knowing. It's hard and my husband struggles tonight as well. Pray that they find their new place in their lives without an important family member here. Blessings and peace to them and may Joey finally, we pray, no longer have shame, pain, fear and addictions . May he, wherever he is, be a beacon in the dark for his family to follow out of the darkness which has hold on his family this night.
Rest In Peace Randy... my dad.. who passed away earlier today from an apparent overdose.  There are so many things going through my head right now... I just can't believe that you are gone... that I cannot hear your voice once more... that I can't chew your a**e out tomorrow morning, for getting too high/drunk again. This time it finally happened, what I always thought about.. but always figured that just couldn't happen to -my dad-. You were an amazing man through it all... and I wish I would have called you more, said 'I love you' more... anything.. if it even would have bought me 1 more day with you even. I love you & miss you like heck already.
John E.
Eric is my son.  He died at 25 years too soon.  He died from a drug overdose.  He was a happy, social, intellectual, funny, witty, handsome, college educated boy.  He was my son.  Eric was the kindest soul, putting others before himself.  He is loved so much by all family and friends.  This I know, the deepest abyss of grief and pain the human spirit can endure, is the death of your child.  With this death, I lost someone I would have died for.  Eric had three years of college studying hospitality management and hoping one day to own his own hotel.  I love and miss you son until the day after forever.  And if there is longer than that, I will love and miss you after that. Missed so much by all.  Hoping one day I see you again. Mom xxxxxxxooooooo
Dear Dad, It's been 11 years since your stroke. I miss you everyday. Alcohol and heroin abuse destroyed you physically, but it didn't destroy the amazing memories I had with you. I will always love you.  
You were my cousin, and a brother to me. Every time something good happens in my life I think about how I wish you were here to talk about it afterward. Every time something bad happens I wish the same thing. I miss you about once a week. I miss you more than that. At parties with our family, I always half expect you to walk through the door and start cracking jokes.  It's hard for me to go and see them since they remind me so much of you. It's selfish I know. Your son, brother and parents have lost so much more than I have. At your funeral, there were so many things that I wanted to say but I could not come up with the courage. I'll say some of them now. People can say what they want about you. I knew you. For each crime you committed, each sarcastic comment, each spiteful act, there were a million kind and generous things you would do for others. You loved your family, and we loved you.  People can say what they want about you. I know that you only hurt yourself. You never physically hurt another person. I don't think you were capable of it. Some would call it a weakness. I call it a strength, and I admire that. I wish I talked to you more, it was hard when I was deployed. But I could have called and should have. I could hate the dealer, who sold the drugs to you. I could hate the people that made them. I could hate myself for not doing more about it (I sometimes do). I could hate the cops that never stopped to ask why you stole. I could hate the system that locked you up again and again, never addressing your problem. I could hate you for taking heroin. But I don't, I just wish that I could talk to my cousin. People can say what they want about you. I'll defend you. You were my cousin, my brother, my friend and you will be missed. I know you can't read this. I know you are dead. Hopefully someone takes something good away from all this.
This is for my cousin, my best friend, my second brother, Justin (May 22 1984- March 17 2015). We lost you two weeks and two days ago today. I know because of how kind-hearted you could be and because you told me many times, that you would want me to be happy. It is so hard though. I know that your battle is over and you will never have to hurt again, but I selfishly still wish you were here. You have been by my side since I was 11 days old; having joint birthday parties, romping around in the woods together, having basketball championships in my parents driveway, watching movies, and generally just growing older together. I promise that I will never forget you, your smile, the sound of your laughter, and that I will share stories about you with your daughter as she gets older. I am so very glad that you knew my love for you was unconditional and unwavering. I am doing my best to deal with finding you not sleeping that life-altering morning and part of me still cannot conceive that I will never again be able to hug you or have one of our heart-to-heart talks. I love you cousin and I know you are watching over us.
To my Dad, the amazing man with the heroin addiction. 16 years gone and it still hurts. We miss you.
Today marks 6 months since my best friend Ben died of a heroin overdose. Not a day goes by when I don't think of him. Ben struggled with addiction since he was 13 years old. I met him when I myself was 12 and he 13. From day 1 he had a high-energy, fast paced and eccentric personality. You either loved him or you hated him, and I loved him wholeheartedly. He struggled for years with this terrible and scary addiction. At one point it had so much control over his life that he started to pull away from his family, friends and me. He also battled with depression, insecurity and shame for his addiction. He died September 19th, 2014 at his home. He was 21 years old. He had so much potential, that he just did not see within himself. Every day I wake up with regret; maybe if I had really talked to him about his addiction he would still be here. What if I had told him how much it frightened me? How much it would devastate so many people if we lost him? I will never know. I lost my oldest, dearest and closest friend to drugs. And I will never be the same. Ben I love you, I miss you, and l will never stop telling our stories.
To my sister who I lost a little over a month ago....So many things were left unsaid. I'm sorry I wasn't there. I'm sorry I couldn't help you more. I would give anything to go back and see you one more time. To tell you that I love you, regardless of your choices. To tell you that you have to get though this because we have so much left to do together.  I would have told you that you are stronger than this disease and that you can beat it if you really wanted to. You have so many friends and family that love you unconditionally, and your beautiful little girl. I want you to know that she will always be cared for. She is our little piece of you, and through her you will live on for all of us. I love you and I miss you and you will never be forgotten.
To my mom I love you, and can't believe you have been gone for 9 years.  I miss you everyday and wish you still were her with me.  I wish you hadn't taken your anti-depressants that day.  If you hadn't, you still would be here.  I love you and will always miss you.  See you in Heaven Mommy.  
My son Seth, 22, died of an overdose on Jan 31, 2015.  He had been sober since Sept. 2014, and during that time I had never seen him happier.  He relapsed two days before he died because anxiety was once again getting the best of him.  He was so special to our family - such a unique person, and loved by so many.  My son was one of the many who had mental health issues (he would seem normal to an outsider however) and struggled so much with anxiety.  It became a merry-go-round of use to elminate anxiety, then get sober, then feel good for awhile, then the anxiety comes back, and use again.  I wish there was money redirected from the justice system for research on combating addition.  Yes there are self help groups, and yes there is rehab and other counseling available.  However a diagnosed addict struggles when using, and when sober. Science needs to step it up and figure out what causes addiction, and find a cure.
My sister, who I held dear, never got out of the thick of addiction like I did. And I'm not saying that there's anything special about me. There was definitely something special about her, but drugs seemed to diminish more and more of that special something year after year of constant abuse. She was still my person. She was still my other half. She still made me laugh. I still made her laugh uncontrollably. Her sense of humor lives on in me. I even have the tattoo of her nickname for me, Eggroll, on my wrist, which is directly below the star tattoo that we both got the same day 7 years ago. I am having an increasingly difficult time with the grief of her loss. I miss her incredibly, as do everyone who has ever came in contact with her. Here's to you, Bridgitte. I love you.
My son Simon told me on the 4th of June about his addiction, he then went in to long-term rehab in Oct 2014 which was for 6 months.On the 31st of January the rehab center phoned me at 8.45am to tell me my 20 year old son was dead. He had been in rehab for 4 months. The shock, pain and overwhelming unbearable feelings as a mother, for his father and brother..I can`t even begin to explain. I spoke with my son 4 days before his death and he was happy about getting out of rehab, making plans for his future etc etc and now there is nothing. Its all over and just gone, my family had planned to visit him on the 5th of march which would have been his 21st birthday - which is one week from today, and now nothing. My son was the most kindest, sweet-hearted person you could have known. He never saw fault or badness in anyone.I´m not just saying this because he was my son, anyone who knew him or meet him would tell you the same thing. I can´t begin to say how we are going to cope with never seeing him again, never be able to tell him again how much we love him but I can say that for 20 years I was the mother of a wonderful, beautiful son who give me so much joy and happiness any parent could wish for.So now even though i´m broken and can never be fixed again, even though a part of me died with you Simon, thank you for all the amazing memories you gave me. We love you, we miss you and life will never been the same without forever and always.Your mum, dad and brother Patrick.
My dear brother passed away on June 5th, 2014- the day before his 45th birthday.  He was such an amazing loving person and I sit here almost 9 months after he passed away, still wondering how we can make it in this lifetime without him.  He was such a big part of my life, always there when you needed him and just a wonderful person.  To lose him over something as stupid as drugs just hurts like there is no tomorrow.  He survived cancer to be pulled down by his pain and with the loss of Dad a year before, he struggled everyday and I guess he thought the drugs would help - they never help!  Now me and Mom are left here on earth to grieve until we meet again. I love you Jerry, miss you everyday.
My little brother died 32 years ago he would of been 42 today. It is still hard. Then 3 months ago my dear nephew Chad died of a drug overdose. The night we got the phone call at 3:00 in the morning on Sunday was such a blur. All I heard was that something was wrong, that Chad was not breathing. The rescue workers tried and tried to revive him but he never regain consciousness. He was flown to a nearby hospital who keep him on life support for the whole 12 hours, but he had 6 cardiac arrest and finally passed away on Sunday at 3:12 that Sunday afternoon. It was so surreal. That image is planted in my mind, that I wish I could erase. Just losing him has turned my world upside down. I find it hard to make it through the day, He is the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. He had his whole life in front of him, he was only 36 years old with a 6 year old daughter who he loved dearly. This tragedy has ripped this family apart. Chad was a huge part of our family. He was the first born grandson and my first nephew - I was so proud to be his aunt. I love him so and I miss him everyday.. He had a spirit that was out of this world, he would make you laugh and he came up with these silly songs that he would sing. He loved to talk and never met a stranger. I wonder how I will ever mend. Just knowing he isn't here anymore is to hard to bear. I want to talk to him and see him, but I know I cant. I long for him, My heart is broken. My big sweet teddy bear is gone. This world just isn't the same without him here. But I honor you Chad for all the things you brought into this world. Laughter, kindness and a loyalty beyond compare. You are loved and always will be.  Love, your aunt Kimmie.
My son died Dec 3rd 2014 Tyler Scott Thomas, it was a accidental drug overdose.  My family tree is full of addiction, why? I don't understand. He was only 23 years old . I love my son with all my heart. He shouldn't have been taken so soon.  I don't think it does get any easier.  I'm still in as much pain today as I was when he died.  I lift Tyler up today. I am very proud of u Tyler! U made mistakes but u were a awesome kid may u R.I.P. I love u son u will always be remembered, I'm sorry for not being a better mother I'm so sorry that I didn't pay attention to what u need before u died. I'm sorry for what u went through before u died.  I wish u were still here  I will never forget u. U live on in Tyler princess. I love u son . I know u r in heaven. God will take good care of u, like he has great grandma & Jim  I know I will c u again, I love u always & forever. Your mom michele
It has been nearly three weeks since my beautiful 27 year old son died of an accidental overdose. The pain, loss and sadness that his father, little brother, uncle and multitudes of friends have gone through is nearly unbearable. We tried rehab and seeing a psychiatrist who specialized in addiction, but his darkness and deception was too deep. I will always miss his gentle creative, loving spirit. I am splayed open by the things he kept hidden from everyone. I only hope he can find peace, joy and light beyond this life.
My beautiful, sweet, loving partner of 4 years passed away from heroin overdose on the evening of new years day. He had gone to rehab and was doing so well for awhile I started to be able to somewhat trust him again. He overdosed in my car in a parking lot when I thought he had been on his way to work. Its been a month and I feel as though I will never be the same since he has left me here on earth. We had so many future plans together we did everything together and he was my true best friend and lover. I had tried to help him through his addiction the moment I found out but this devil drug has won the battle. I'm so sad some days I can barely take it. The fact I'll never be able to see hug kiss or touch him again hurts my heart and soul deeply. The only relief I have is knowing he's no longer suffering here and he's truly free and happy now. I know his beautiful soul is still around me and I will be with him again one day. I'll love him till the day I die. This hurts so bad. My heart is empty and broken I wanted to save you more than anything.
Dear ____ , I know you're in a better place now. But I'm very sad to have seen you go that way. You struggled way too long with your demons. I wish I could of helped you more. You were my best friend. I love you very much. I miss you every day. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.
This is a tribute to R., who battled drug addiction from the age of 14. He lived longer than most addicts. He fought hard every day, but because of debilitating pain in his back, he relapsed for the last time and died of an accidental overdose on January 23, 2015. He would have been 50 in a couple of months. I hope for a time that addicts are treated like patients and not like criminals in the United States of America. I watched for almost 25 years as the system failed him again and again. He was in and out of rehabs, jails, hospitals, methadone and other state treatment programs, never receiving the proper medical care. People who don't understand addiction think he didn't have enough "willpower" but that is just misinformation. It is a disease, and should be treated as such. It is a credit to him that he lived as long as he did, and stayed clean through most of his 40's until that one, final bad decision to turn to heroin instead of trusting his doctors to figure out a pain management program for his arthritis and damaged back. Over the years, he was my lover, my partner, and my best friend. We never married for financial reasons, because that would have prevented him from getting Medicaid. We never had children, because he already had 2 that he couldn't take care of from past relationships. It was a long journey. R., I hope you are at rest. I love you always. I miss you. You will always be here in my heart.
My dad passed away from a heroin overdose October 25, 2014. He was clean for over 10 years and then relapsed. It's an everyday struggle to deal with and I wish I would have known. I would have tried to help any way I could have. I am thankful my daughter and I were able to spend the holidays and birthdays with him that whole year before because usually we didn't see him for the holidays due to him living farther away. I believe God had a plan. I miss you dad with all my heart. Your birthday is in a couple days. It seems like everything is back to the new norm and then a holiday comes, then the new norm and another holiday. And now your birthday. We all love you and are happy you aren't suffering anymore. ❤️
I love and miss you Chad each and everyday. I wish I had one more day with you to finish what I was going to say. There are so many times I want to call you to talk or just to hear your voice without you I feel so lost and empty. I want you to know I love more than words can say. You cross my mind each and everyday. Love your aunt Kimmie
Kimberly Gordon
My Dear Chad, You have been gone over two months now, but the pain of losing you has crushed me to my very soul. I miss you each and every day and I wonder why did this happen. Life is just not the same anymore. You are loved and you brought so much joy to our family. I know you struggled throughout your life with addiction and I wish I could of helped you. I wish I could of heard your voice one more time. I tried calling you several times all month long but never heard back. Oh how I wish I could hear your voice again, or maybe just give you a big hug and kiss. You were an amazing person, you were so funny and loveable and your spirit was out of this world. What a tragedy. You were my nephew I remember the day you were born, I love you so, I can remember the day that you learned to walk I couldn't have been more proud. This family has been ripped apart, losing you was a shock. The only conciliation is knowing that you don't have to struggle anymore even though it hurts your not here I wouldn't want you here suffering anymore. You are loved and always will be. I'm writing this in tribute to you and honor you. The Colts aren't going to the championship, sorry Chad. One day will be together again If GOD allows me. Until then my sweet boy you rest in Jehovahs loving memory. When you come back to this earth you will be made whole again without any pain or struggles with addiction. You will have the life that you deserve to have. Until then my boy just know that aunt Kimmie loves you with all my heart and soul.
Aunt Kimberly Gordon
We lost our beloved Son on 1/3/15, 26 years old to heroin. / Still so raw, so unreal, how are we suppose to feel? / The world has lost a precious soul but in our hearts he left hole. / Devoted Father and precious Son, fought the battle that we wish he won. / Rest dear Patrick and watch over us, we feel you near but go on we must. / Your friends and family will forever miss you.
Donna Devine
I lost my dad to drug overdose on August 15, 2013. I miss him so much. I'm left without a leader. My sister and I have been trying to keep our heads up but its harder than it looks. I wish I could've stopped him. I miss you daddy!
I lost my 22 year old daughter to overdose this past August 23 2014. It rips your heart out. She was clean and had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. She told the surgeon not to give her narcotics, but he turned to me and said " you will have to deal with that later". Well, we dealt with it, within 2 weeks she was gone. She went back into withdrawal. Please be aware if you have surgeries, they do have non narcotic pain killers.
Dolly Nolte
I lost my brother last October through a drugs overdose. It's been three months now but I still can't get over that he's not here anymore. Me and my family are trying to come to terms with losing him. We try to comfort each other at times.
Claire Moore
My son Michael died on August 19, 2014 of an overdose. As I write this I am still in tears about it. I keep going because (thank God) I still have another son to care for named Brian. And I work full time (as a teacher), and I have a supportive wife (Annette) and good extended family. There are days my system is still in shock. There are times I have been terrified that I might lose my other son because he has some serious health issues. So I often have to fight what some might call panic attacks. I never had these before in my life! I went into my son's room on that fateful day to wake him for work. He was dead many hours by that time we found out. He had struggled with his demons for many years. It is more than sad for me as his father; he was my pride and joy as he was tall, handsome and smart. He was a scholar athlete and just a tremendous joy to be around. I miss the witty banter we had all the time around the house! Miss that so much! Miss it every damn day now! We almost lost him about 7 years ago. He nearly had an OD back then but my son Brian called 911 and he was saved. I told him after that crisis (almost every day) the following: "Mike you can NEVER take anything else for the rest of your life. You might die." The doctors had told us back when we first thought we nearly lost him that one big reason he survived was that he was strong and young! Oh God how many more of these young people have to die before the USA acknowledges the drug crisis in this country? I find solace in bereavement group talk (TC) and private therapy as well as the comfort of my family and friends. My son Brian is a huge reason I go on with my every day life now. What do people do who lose an only child? My cousin also lost his son to drugs and he was the same age - 28. I am convinced that people in their late twenties are in a danger zone now. My son was doing well in his job and was promoted quickly to the head of a group home! He had a B.S. degree in Psychology and had just completed his M.A. degree also! He was super smart. And so funny too! He was in a Ph.D. program for Psychology. He was set to move onto campus. But he overdosed one week before his move to campus. I need to stop now. Too hard still. Mike
My son Andrew Butz Jr was in and out of Jail. Last time he was in jail for driving under suspension was pulled out of much needed rehab. Was in jail for 4 months not being treated for the disease of heroine addiction. Died of a overdose on Aug 31, 2012 two days after he got out of jail.  We are fighting the stigma of this disease. We help addicts who want help get treatment in my son's memory and organization.   It still doesn't seem real. My heart goes out to anyone affected by this.
Anita Bitz
I lost my brother the 19th of November, 2014 to heroin addiction. I will never forget that phone call, the feeling of a piece of my heart breaking. He was only 24. Gone way too soon. He had a gorgeous soul, full of life, and always had the room lit up with laughter. Never a dull moment with him around. He loved me and my mother so much! He had a lot of love in his heart in general, too much at times. Just wish he would of left knowing he was good enough. I know, he knows that now. We all miss him so much! Terrible tragedy this was. We love you Mykel, and miss you so much!
An amazing person has passed away yesterday morning, Dan Grym. Taken away at the young age of eighteen and nobody is able to nor wants to believe it. You put a smile on everybody's faces whenever you were around and could always be counted on to have a good time with. I wish there was something I could do to change what has happened. We all miss you so much and you will be in every single heart of your friends until we meet again. I hope you are with your brother saving all of us spots when we meet again. Fly high bro, you may have only been 18 but you will live on forever.<3
I would like to leave a tribute to my beautiful son Eric who passed away on May 13, 2014 from a drug overdose at age 25.  I just wanted to share how smart and handsome he was, how he had the kindest soul and would help anyone and do anything for you.  A bright kid with a whole future in front of him.  He loved me, that I could do no wrong.  I loved him more than life itself, I just wished he knew what he had.  His infectious smile that lit up a room.  Eric was in a coma in 2013 from severe pneumonia and on life support for 5 days.  I lived at that hospital praying his outcome would be miraculous, and it was.  But he was never the same after this coma, never the same.  Eric wanted to produce and make video games, he was that smart.  MY son, I yearn for your smell, your touch, your smile.  This I know, the deepest abyss of pain and grief the human spirit can endure is the death of your child.  Because with this death, I lost someone I would die for.  I love you Eric and I know we will see each other again.  MY best friend, my son, a lot of wonderful memories...sports, modeling,bowling expert, karate, baseball, and his games. Love you to the moon and xoxo
Grieving Mother
September 7, 2014 will be forever burned into my memory.   The phone call, the frantic drive to the emergency room, and the look on your father's face are constantly replayed over an over again.  You were a beautiful soul, intelligent, funny, full of life and promise...and only 23 years old.  I knew you were struggling with heroin because you told me.  I offered to care for you, provide shelter, find treatment, I would have done anything if I could.  The last time I saw you, you told me you were clean and would be ok.  I knew you were lying.  I wish I had confronted you, could have protected you, saved you, told you one more time how much I loved you.  On the outside you tried to portray that you were happy, invincible, strong, and powerful. I saw that you were actually tortured, depressed, angry with yourself, ashamed, and hopeless.  I tried to tell you that you were loved, valued, full of potential, and this could be fixed.  I still had hope for you.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.  I see signs of you everywhere...I hope that you are peaceful and happy where ever you have gone.  I continue to reach out to your friends. I call it planting seeds of love and hope.  Maybe some will grow, please water them if you can.  So much addiction out there...I love you more than you will ever know...Auntie
I lost my brother in February. He was 29. Its been hard for me because he was over my apartment with my husband all the time. I was the big sister that when he was high I made sure if he stayed at my place for the night so not only would he risk his life but the life's of other while driving. There is not one day that goes by that I don't miss him. I see people that looks like him all the time. He died 9 months after my dad committed suicide. I'm always waiting for my brother to walk in my apartment. He was always at my place. He would go with me to doctor appointments as second pair of ears. He would have been 30 in January.
My dear nephew Chad Larkey passed away this November 2014. He struggled with addiction for many years. However he lost that battle. As a family we are finding it extremely hard to cope with this tragedy. Like most of the families I have read on this post are doing just that coping with the grief. These doctors that prescribe these cocktails of pills know full and all too well that the mixture is lethal, but they keep writing out these scripts, and the sad thing is that the doctors don't even look to see what the source of the pain or where it originates from. They just give people pills. I know that the patient is the one that should take the meds as prescribed, but to their defense these are highly addictive drugs. My heart goes out to all you who have lost a loved because of this. It is senseless. We should all make a pact to do something about this and try to get this stopped. A life saved is worth it. May we all get and receive the peace that we so desperately need . I'm honoring my nephew today and everyday. He was loved beyond measure. He was so sweet and had a spirit so strong. He cared deeply even in his addiction his loved shined through. I will miss him forever.
DJ Arau 1/15/75-7/29/09 - Its been 5 years 5 months since you left us here on earth. Oh, how you struggled to be free of drug addiction! When you were diagnosed with chronic end stage kidney disease and went on dialysis that was another fight as well as your addiction. Those of us who knew and loved you miss you so much!
Holidays can be better if we smile with fond memories. My loving brian left us all in may. It hurts every day. For any of you out there still using PLEASE always remember family, friends and loved ones LOVE YOU!!! Tho they may be tough on you, some may even have to turn you away, DONT ever think they don't love you, ask them for the hug you may need. Ask them to keep loving you while you keep fighting this addiction, KEEP FIGHTING IT. Make them proud YOU CAN AND WANT TO KICK IT, you are good, you are worth it, YOU ARE LOVED!! Please don't hurt the ones that love you so much. An accidental od killed my man of 9 years. He was a great man, loved by all, had he known I would have to come home to find he had nodded off and smothered himself. That I would try to breath life into him and administer narcan and c.p.r all knowing he had left this world long before and the psychological issues I still now deal with having found him, his beautiful face swollen and so purple. I truly believe he would have never have done that shot after 1 week clean. Please think of the ones that love you, and BELIEVE IT, THEY DO LOVE YOU. They just want you back to the person you were before. Do it for them and mostly do it for you. YOU CAN!! My best to you, and my heartfelt sorrow for us all that lost.
Loving Girlfriend
My daughter Alicia passed away from a hydrocodone overdose  on December 9, 2014. She had struggled with prescription pill addiction for years and despite treatment programs, therapy, CPS interventions she just could not resist the lure of this insidiously dangerous drug.  The drug was prescribed over and over by a doctor who knew of her addiction and her previous overdoses.  And if it wasn't him it was the emergency rooms in the hospitals.  I feel so sad and lost that nothing I ever said or did made a difference.  She wanted the love of the father of her children but he was an addict who was broken as well.  His final cruel words to her crushed her spirit and cut to the very core of her being. She wanted love and acceptance but I found it so hard because I was so angry about what she was doing to herself and her children.   Now more than anything  I just wish I would have said I love you.  Please, God, help me take care of her children now, and take care of her in heaven.  RIP my daughter- I love you and your life mattered.
James, you have been gone since April, 2014. Such a void since your passing. This will be my first Christmas without you since we met. As time goes by, I feel pain in my heart from missing you, but at the same time, I know you are no longer struggling with your own pain of addiction. You are now happy in the presence of Jesus, as well as your loved ones. Because you are now at peace, I can be at peace as well!! Until we meet again, love always and forever, your wife, Lisha
My mom died almost 8 years ago from a drug overdose. She was only 47 years old. There is not one day I don't think about her. Wishing she was still here.
Sarah my angel, Not an hour goes by that you don't cross my mind. I love and miss you endlessly and am excitedly awaiting the moment our souls can reunite. I vow to do all I can to spread awareness and help with prevention with your name in my heart. Rest in paradise my sweet angel. 7/30/95- 8/14/13
Dear Robert, Remembering you today, the one year anniversary of your leaving this earth. May you fly high, in wellness and in love, with all of the dear angels, including your beautiful son, James. Love always.
To Stuart Been nearly 2 months now since I last saw you. Miss you every single day, my heart hurts like its been ripped out I miss you that much. I know you did not mean to die and that life on life's terms was just too painful. If we could have another life I would always choose you in it. I would choose a happier pain free life. X
For My Dear Niece Alison, You have now been gone for 2 months and we have just found out what caused your early death. Heart failure from a drug overdose. You are missed so very much and i am so sad that you chose to once again use drugs. I can not count the times you went in and out of treatment and every time i thought that this is it you got it!! You kicked this deadly illness. Alison a beautiful woman the light of our lives who tunneled into the world of addiction even as her life was going so well. Understanding it is difficult and being angry at it is normal. We all do have that right. You left us way to early and in leaving a huge hole is now in all of our hearts. Now what we must do is walk around that hole and not let it suck us down. I wish you well on this your new journey and when you look down remember that forever we will love you and honor your spirit. My prayer is that there will come a day that nobody any where in the world looses there life to drugs. Imagine how beautiful that would be.
Dad, I know it was an accident. More than anything, I want to ask how you liked your funeral. I think we did it right, but it would be nice to hear you say it. There were so many years of alcohol and drugs. I guess I just thought you were invincible. And after so many years of you coming into town randomly, every once-in-a-while somebody in the cab of a truck catches my eye and, for a second, I'm convinced it's you. The urge to wave you down is fleeting. I think if you were here, and I was there, you'd be trying to break through realms to tell me you're proud of me and that I can stop trying to break through to tell you that I'm not mad at you because you already know. A part of me imagines it to be that way now, but I can't shake the feeling that you took the fast lane to check-in up there. I don't blame you. The physical pain is over and the years of blame that you laid on yourself is gone. I'd never seen you rest so peacefully in all my 27 years, and I didn't realize your torment until I saw you without it. I could leave so much in this box for others reading, so much that you've preached (particularly through use, NA, rehab), so much love, so much selflessness. But I'm pretty sure this is still my favorite: "Do you know what real love is, kid? Love is acceptance." -Cowboy (04/01/64-08/08/14)
Diana - I wish we could turn back the hands of time knowing what we know today and how the path you've chosen ended. How much time we lost - the years, months, days hour and minutes yelling, screaming, bailing you out of jail, visiting you in jail, trips to the rehab centers and you being high or chasing your next one with the boy who chose you. I know I can't bring you back but I hope you are finally at peace with yourself. When we finally do meet - please give me a great big hug an then tell me WHY? I will love you always and will cherish the good times and memories and hopefully will forget the bad. Be good for your dad!
22 was far too young to die.  You had told me if you ever died of an overdose, you were fine with that.  You had a deathwish.  It was still horrifying to find you dead.  I try to tell myself that your struggle is over.  My only true consolation is that the last words you said on this earth were, "I love you, baby." And the last words you heard were, "I love you too."  5/12/92 - 10/5/14
My son and my only child Daniel died of an accidental heroin overdose just under three years ago. He died alone in my car one Sunday morning across the road from the house of a known drug dealer. He was 28. Daniel was our "golden child", our universe. He was intelligent, artistic, kind and generous; he was tall and handsome .. BUT he was also very sensitive and fragile. He constantly worried about the world and his place in it, always full of self doubt. Discovering heroin at age 19 initially pushed all those troubles away for short time and he would later say that he had no idea he would become an addict. Dan lived on and off at home during those years and we stood beside all the way, often practising harm minimization in order to keep him as safe and as healthy as possible - until he pulled through.The tragedy of his story is that after nine years of using, he had turned a corner and was looking forward to the future. He had a very understanding employer and a job he loved working with animals, he was talking about going back to study and was in a new relationship - he had not looked so good or sounded so positive for a long time. He and many others have paid the ultimate price for the indiscretions of youth. We are now disconnected from many former "friends" who showed no support following his death and I am sure there are many other families in our situation still living with stigma and isolation. Life is empty when you have lost your future.
First of all for all the parents, brothers & sisters, sons & daughters, who has lost a loved one from a overdose, my heart goes out to U, because I also walk in your shoes. Daily I ask Why?? Why, did U pretend U were ok, when deep inside U were hurting. You had so much to live for. And we all loved U so much, & I know you loved us all too. We will never get the answers were looking for. All U had to do was say I'm suffering & drowning within. We r a family & would of helped, but not to enable. Been down that road too many times. We lost my husband 9 months to cancer. Then lost Kevin to a overdose. The heartache some days is just unbearable!!! Please if your reading this & your popping pills or whatever your doing, look in the mirror, do U like what u see??? You have loved ones that will never be able to hold or comfort U in their arms.. Please get the help U so deserve. U & your family can prevail. Stop & think what a good life U can have with family & dear friends. Instead of a life of despair & heartache.
Me dear sweet Brandon-from the day I lost you, there has been a HUGE empty hole in my heart! I miss you so very much! What a senseless death it was! You were so kind, thoughtful, and loving. Even though you were caught up in your addiction, you NEVER stopped being that wonderful loving person who loved his family so much! We loved you too my love-and I know that you knew that. I am so grateful that we gave each other a hug, and said I love you the day before you left me. This all seems like an awful nightmare! My heart goes out to every parent who is experiencing what I am feeling. It's the most horrible thing that a parent could experience! It's not supposed to be this way! We should not have to bury our child! Something needs to be done to put a stop to all of these senseless deaths! For those of you who may judge us and/or look down on us or our children because they died of an overdose-SHAME ON YOU! These were our babies! They had an awful disease! They did NOT choose to die! This horrible addiction took over their lives! They suffered! We as parents suffered! It doesn't matter how they died-what matters is that we loved them, and they are gone forever! Please do NOT judge us, unless you've "walked in our shoes." Addiction is not prejudice! It takes any and all kinds of people, from all walks of life! It is my hope that something more be done about the dealers out there, who are contributing to the loss of so many of our children! Love & Prayers To All Of You-Who Are Unfortunately "Walking The Same Path" As Me.
Coming up on 16 years and I can still hear your voice. It's taken considerable amount of time to form my own associations and opinions on your passing, having been so young, but what I have gathered is this: You are still a hero to me. You'll always be my dad. I love you more than words can ever say. Sail on, Captain.
Szymku I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and don't cry missing you. How I wish I could go back and do more. I try really hard to be a mum your sister deserves to have but it is so hard when my heart is filled with pain. I try to pretend during the day that I am fine but it's becoming harder and harder. I miss you and love you so much. Soon it will be your birthday. You would've turned 29. Love you. Mum
Dear Jake, the holidays are just around the corner. We all miss you so much, and are  trying to get on with our lives. What I miss most is the old time country music you loved to listen to. Please rest in Peace. And for those reading this Heroin kills-pass that message on. 6/25/79- 7/6/2014.
Well it's been a little over a week since i lost you.  My handsome, caring father lost his battle with addiction...  I miss you so much.  There are so many people that love and miss you so much dad.  I just wish you could see that.  You were the most compassionate, selfless person i know but your demons got the best of you.  I'm happy that you can rest now and you're no longer fighting.  I love and miss you.  AFS September 2nd, 1964 - October 30th, 2014. We will never forget you
It seems like only yesterday you were brought into this world with a smile on your face after crying for a bit. I pray that you left the same way. Watching you struggle with your addiction and depression made me feel so sad for you and helpless. I didn't know what to do. So called professionals only seemed to give you a prescription and send you on your way. Never really treating your illness. You were caught up in that lifestyle and spiraling out of control. People that were close to me that I thought were helping you, I now find out were using you. You know what they say about Karma,,, I am so lonely without you here with me. You had such a short life here. I will pray for you until I am called in. I Love You and Will Miss You Forever Dennis, with All My Love, Daddy. P.S.- Watch over your sister Courtney.
My sweet Taylor Brandon Jones. On Monday, October 10,2010 I never imagined it would be my last day texting you.  We usually saw each other every day..but for some reason that day we did not. You went to work. .came home..and contacted your "connection"(i went through your phone like a detective) and your last words to the dope man wss "k". He had posted "im out front" that was at 7:57 p.m. I was at work & felt a strange sensation come over me as you were not returning my text msgs. I left work to come to your apt. to find you dead sitiing on the toilet. I was too late. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you.i wiped your DNA ALL over my face and kissed you. The worse day of my life! ! Rest peacefully my son..i love you to the moon and back.  I died that day. You live in my heart Tay..& we will see each other again. Your mother...xoxoxo  you are missed so very much son. Forever in my heart my sweet!!
Even now, nearly a year later, I still see you when I wake up, sitting there, your beautiful red hair hanging over your face. I thought in that moment you had woken me and in that split-split second I waited for you to toss your hair back as you did often once it became long enough, but then I saw it, the wrap around your arm, the maroon streak down to your hand, the blue finger tips. I screamed your name over and over as I laid you down and grabbed the Narcan we kept to prevent this kind of thing from happening. I wanted to shake the life back into you as you had done for me so many times but 'help' had arrived mere minutes after I phoned 911, too soon even for me to figure out how to assemble the Narcan. It was too late and I knew it and have missed you so much ever since. Each day this past summer I thought how we were only two weeks away from returning home to get clean, to returning to college, to get married, and to begin the family we ourselves always wished we had growing up. You were and still are my best friend and the loneliness of being here without you, of getting clean and returning to my old self--the man you fell in love with that wonderful summer of 2010 when everything seemed so magical and endless with possibility--has been pure heart-wrenching agony. Everyday I think of the countless what ifs... what if? what if? what if?... those moments that only in hindsight become that big red flashing light warning you of imminent danger, but at the time seemed inconsequential enough, overwrought even. I should've heeded your warnings, paid more attention to your concerns, trusted the wisdom each time you worried our addiction was escalating and implored me not to go out and get... except for the times when you suggested I do just that because you'd had a rough day and, like me, could really use a shot. I went on a walk yesterday with our dog, Sanser, and your mom and your little brother who hasn't been doing well since you've been gone. It was a beautiful autumn day in Madison, WI. Golden leaves blanketed the field and the Badgers had just kicked Maryland's butt. Dave Chapelle was in town for two nights at the Orpheum. I remembered how autumn apparel was your favorite and how much you loved to cuddle. We had a nice talk avoiding difficult topics and when we parted ways I laid in bed and cried myself to sleep.The holidays, along with what would have been your 26th birthday, are just around the corner. This means Dec. 5, the one-year anniversary of your passing, is weeks away as well. It has been a horrible, horrible year. I know you would be proud of what I've accomplished this year, that you wouldn't want me to be so sad, but it just isn't fair that I'm here and you are not. It doesn't feel right. Something in me died with you that morning, something I'll never recover from, something I will live with and carry around until my time comes. I miss you so much, babe. I look through our photos everyday and stare at your smiling face and think 'how can this be real?' I want the world to know what a warm, gentle, and kind person you were, of what you had to offer the world. I am still so much in love with you Sarah Marie Novotny. I am so sorry for bringing that shit into our lives. I know you would forgive me, because you always did. I just hope I can learn to forgive myself.
My beautiful daughter lost her battle with Addiction and died yesterday morning from an overdose of Heroin at 32 years young.... I'm not mad, just very very sad a part of me also died yesterday.. I know the beautiful person you really were when you were sober and I know you didn't want to be that way, I feel helpless that you felt so alone and without hope... I will always love you and I'm just sorry I couldn't do enough to help you.....Your life did have purpose and you did mean something to a lot of people and now we're left with a hole in our hearts because we lost our beautiful Leighann...Just know that the devil is on this earth and his name is Heroin...It's ok my angel....daddy will see you again. RIP baby girl Leighann Holton 9/27/82 - 10/29/14
I once knew a staggeringly beautiful woman who wore high cheekbones and as much make up as her face would hold. An extraordinary extrovert, this woman had a jovial laugh and a sparkling energy; a kind of energy that spread like fire and radiated to all who encircled her. She loved dogs and Chex Mix and slapstick humor like a bad Billy Madison movie. Sadly this woman committed suicide after a long battle with alcohol and drugs on October 8th, 2014 at the young age of 41. This woman was my sister Leslie. That's right, Leslie Machuzak, daughter, sister, alcoholic, drug addict. I share this with you, not because I am in search of pity, on the contrary, it's because I yearn for the moment when those that suffer from, and have fallen victim to the horrific disease that is addiction will one day be given the memorial that their souls truly deserve. Many of us, and particularly those that are lucky enough to have never been touched by this disease, are unaware that addicts are powerless against their addiction. Until recently, this has been a difficult concept for me to grasp, as I saw my sister shift from a hilarious, confident, and powerful woman to an individual quickly dwindling away, as if a cancerous python was slowly constricting around her neck and what I finally realized was that none of us are ever in competition with that python. For addicts, there is never a choice to be made. For years I wondered if I could have been a better brother somehow, if I could have changed her in some way. I practiced tough love and sent her books and information on recovery. What I didn't realize was that I am apart of the vast majority of humans that can have an alcoholic beverage or two and not feel the NEED to continue feeding that beast. I've never ingested a substance and yearned for something more powerful to fill the darkness within me. My sister woke up every morning, physically ill, her body surging with pain until she would succumb to the desire to resort to numbness. True, unabashed addiction is a level of suffering I cannot fathom. My sister was found dead on October 10th 2014. I was given the weight of telling the rest of my family of my sisters passing. Yes, this is a very jagged pill that I must swallow every morning. To describe the details to all of you now of my sisters death, is allowing me to truly embrace the fact that as her brother, I will always love her and am still proud of the woman she once was (and the woman that will forever be emblazoned in my memory as my big sister). When i went to clean out where my sister was staying a few days after she died, I saw something that would stay with me forever. On my sisters dresser was a picture of me and a newspaper article cutout of when I was arrested for my animal welfare organization. Even through her struggle and haze, and when I had nothing nice to say to her whatsoever, my sister still went out of her way each time we spoke to tell me that she was proud of me. She bragged, to the point of my own embarrassment, and never faltered when it came to expressing her love. She once told me that one of the only thing she hated in this world was having a part in disappointing or hurting me, and she clung to that until the day that she left this earth. My only hope is that, in her final moments in this life, she knew that she never disappointed me. In my 36 years with her, I have been supplied with a lifetime of hilarity, the drive and desire to reach out to others, memories of my sister making an absolute fool of herself simply to bring joy to those surrounding her. I see her in myself everyday. Not a "junkie," a "waste" or someone "deserving of death” all I could see was a beautiful woman. So what my experiences with this horrid disease known as addiction has really taught me is to have compassion over judgement because each person that has fallen victim to addiction was once someone to somebody. May my sister rest in peace.
In memory of those I've lost to drugs, mainly heroin, and to those battling addiction right now.
I miss my son Szymon every day. I blame myself that i didn't protect you and didn't do enough. I got comfortable thinking that you are getting help and that you will be OK. How wrong was I. Life is really hard even though it will be 2 years soon since you left.  It doesn't get any easier and it shouldn't; you are not here and not coming back. We all miss you very much. Love you with all my heart. Mum
2 1/2 years ago, I lost a very close friend from a heroin overdose. At that point, I was scared, I didn't know anything about the drug. Pretty much everyone from where I grew up was using OxyContin and other opiates and the fact that one of best friends had started doing heroin shocked me. A month ago I lost my best friend to an overdose.... same thing. Again. I feel empty. I cannot believe after my first friend passing, I didn't go out of my way to make sure my friend was okay. I know he struggled and was in and out of rehab, and was really trying. When he went through Recovery and the 12 Steps he reached out to me telling me how much he loved me and all the qualities I had that he adored. I adored him more than I ever knew. I will never have a friend that even compares to him. I don't know what to do to feel better about this. I want to learn about the drug and how it possesses you, but I feel frightened to indulge myself in the details of it. This past weekend, a month exactly after he passed, we held a memorial for him. It brought back a wave of emotions, and I know after losing him, I will never be the same again. I can hear him talking, I can see him singing, I can imagine hugging him, and laughing with him. Will this get better? I cant imagine losing another friend, so I've vowed to stay in touch with all those I love and never let the distance get between us.  Hopefully I can find a way to help people in this world, its the only thing that feels right in my heart.
I don't always agree with the decisions God makes. But I know He makes them from a position of love. And He knows best. I am grateful for the time He has given me to experience His love through my husband. A love that will never be forgotten. It may seem like I will miss you forever but my faith tells me it won't be long and we'll have eternity together. I love you Mikley Jervis, forever and always <3
I packed away Bailey's dress today / And it broke my heart in two, / Just looking at the pink and black lace / Made me cry for you. / Sometimes it comes right at me / Like an explosion of red hot flame, / It engulfs my eyes with tears / And it seems like nothing will stop the pain. / I have a hard time watching / Your sisters heart so broken, / Your brother keeps a calm face on / Your mom so softly spoken. / I don't know what I'd do / Without them by my side, / For they are a living part of you / I thank God for every night. / I want so bad to be angry / But that's difficult for me to do, / Because I love you so much / I could never stay angry with you. / I can't describe the pain I feel / Not having you here with me, / But I know within my broken heart / You are now forever free. / That's all I wanted most for you / Was your happiness, / And sometimes it warms my broken heart / To know your in tranquil bliss. / Thank you for loving me / So tenderly and true, / For all the soft sweet kisses / For telling me "I do". / Thank you for our children / No one could ever give me a gift so grand, / And I promise you they'll know / Their daddy was truly an amazing man. / I love you Mikley forever and always <3
On Monday September 15, 2014, I discovered my newly titled boyfriend Frankie non-responsive. I immediately called 911 and they directed me how to give him CPR, mouth to mouth reccesitation. He was about 3 1/2 months clean and in recovery. The detectives found track marks on his arms and a syringe in the bathroom. They also found an empty bag of heroin. I had no idea he was using again and was left with so many unanswered questions and so much guilt. I think about him every single day and I keep replaying that morning in my head. He was so full of life and in the short time that he had touched my soul, he helped me so much and gave me so much hope. I truly loved him. The only way Im getting through this right now is by talking to people about it. Everyone thinks it's traumatic that I found him deceased but the most traumatic part is that he is no longer here with me. I wanted to reach out to others and let you guys know your not alone and you can get through this. I've also became more spiritual through this. Because of his passing I found myself reaching out to my higher power and I pray for Frankie everyday. He may not be here, but he will forever be in my heart and I will always try to keep his memory alive. He is never truly gone. He lingers in my mind and heart every single day. RIP Frankie 2/31982 - 9/15/2014
Richard Moore sadly passed of a heroin overdose on 30th August 2014. He was hiding his addiction and comes as a shock to the people closest to him. His funeral is tomorrow and we are raising money to go towards your charity to help bring awareness to how vast this problem is. It has opened my eyes to the world of drugs and addiction and think there's so much that can be done to help others from ending up in the same situation. We need to wipe clean the stigma behind drugs and allow the addicts to be able to get the help they need and don't hide their addiction. Thankyou.
My son, you wanted a family and promised you would never miss another of your daughter's birthdays. Yet you are gone. We miss you and think of you everyday. You promised that things would get better and I believe you thought it would be. To the strong handsome man that always gave the best hugs, warm smile and was always there if I needed a hand: You'll be greatly missed. Love from your family. I know you're shining down from heaven like a diamond Clint. Everytime we hear Pink Floyd we will think of you.
Your Family
Dear Andrew, Holding your memory closer than ever in my heart today, sweet nephew, remembering you on this day 22 years ago at your birth and all the remaining short days of your too brief life. What a very quiet baby you were, one who then became a softly whispering little boy who grew into a very kind and gentle young man with a shy smile and a huge heart. You always seemed lost, buddy….as if you had somehow wandered into this world, unsure of just how you ended up here, bewildered as to what purpose had brought you here. At every moment, watching you, I could only hope that you would eventually settle into your own skin, find your stride, and blaze your own unique path to find that purpose. You were a bright spark, Andrew, the light by which you struggled to penetrate the darkness around you. I always felt certain that the power of that spark within you just needed time to grow. I know that you never meant to leave us. I guess we’ll never know exactly what happened that last night of your life. I wish you had known that you could talk to me about your opiate addiction. Was it a beast that you thought you could control ? Did that monster turn on you…overpower you finally … make you forget how much you’d already fed to it…convince you that just a little more won’t do any harm ? Maybe you thought you would sleep the deepest sleep you’d ever had and wake the next morning ready to harness the beast again into submission. But you didn’t wake up. I wonder if there was a moment when you and the beast realized that this time you both messed up. I hope at that moment that you knew just how richly and deeply and magnanimously you had been loved every day, every hour, every minute and second of your precious life. By your mom and your dad and your brother and your sister. Your Grandpa FA and your Mama Marge. Your friends. Dawn and me. I hope you knew, Andrew, I hope you knew.
This is not so much a letter of commemorating a passing loved one, but this is a letter of tribute to those who are doing it tough and struggling with their use of drugs. all of these people on this page have had to deal with the passing of a parent, sibling, close family member or friend. they have had to deal with such a high level of grief that is unimaginable, and for those reading this and are struggling with the abuse of drugs, please, you dont want your loved ones to be posting a tribute to you and how you've sadly passed. and to my best friend louise, i dont want you to go like that, as much as it is a way to escape the realitys of real life, its not something to get a habit of. i want you to know that i love you like my own sister and i cant and dont want to imagine life without you by my side. there is a way out, there are people who love and support you, no matter who you are or what you do, you are never alone in this world. that dark cloud cant hover over your head forever, you will get out of this, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes you just have to work harder to see it. "surrender to what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be"
To my late fiancee, the wonderful intelligent, warm heart-ed, creative, joyful, handsome Mohamed, who died March 2014, who lived for 33 years on earth. I love you, and will always love you endlessly, I can still recall clearly how your eyes smile, like if you are here yesterday,  and still remember your voice on the phone and the special phrases you use when you talk, still can smell you like if you just passed behind me. I pray to see you again in the next life. I am sorry I could not rescue you this time, I am really sorry I did not move on time. If my skin can produce tears it would, from every cell on my body. I miss you Mohammed. Fiancee
On December 25th, 2009, I lost my 23 year old sister to a drug overdose, that is no way anyone should spend Christmas. Since her passing, it has been a real eye opener for my family, my other sister who used pills recreationally went to detox & I went to rehab for alcohol we both have over a year sober & yes we might not have been as a serious addict as our sister who lost the battle to this disease but we definitely have been educated through NA & AA and we understand her demons & ours more. My family still does not celebrate Christmas, were not ready yet ; I miss my sister Annemarie everyday and i wish she was fortunate enough to find the rooms and fellowship, but a higher power had a different plan than her, drugs is no joke and life threating i just wish people understood that because of this disease ill never get to see my sister again and shell never get to meet her niece. My sister was a great person who got caught up in the wrong thing & i want her to be remebmbered for who she was not for what she died of.
It's been exactly one month since I lost my fiancée to a heroin overdose. I received the call from his father that he had passed in a restaurant bathroom and was found hours after his death. I'm still in shock and don't know how I've made it a month already. He left 2 of his own children and two of mine. It was a struggle he battled for more than 20 years. I am not a user and often wondered why it was so hard to just quit. Today, after watching his struggle for the 8 years I spent with him, I know it was not a choice to be an addict, it was a disease he could not conquer or overcome. Not because he was weak but because the addiction had a hold on him that none of us did, he couldn't do it for his children, me, his parents or himself. I do NOT want his death in vain, he was a great man with a kind heart. I will not let the addiction define him, he was so much more than that. I know he is free of the pain he endured every single day and is at peace. I am willing to take the pain and grief from his death so that he will not ever suffer again. I do this because of the great deal and love I have for him. Everyday is a struggle to breathe for me without him in my life, but knowing he is resting peacefully gives some solace to his death. I will continue to miss him terribly too I see him again someday. There needs to be more attention paid to this epidemic that is ruining the lives of some many people. He was only 37 years old with a whole life ahead.....I miss and love you my love!!!
This tribute goes out to Raphael T Moreira 04/24/12, Dan Cook 11/24/13, Nicholas Lapato 06/05/11.
On Thursday, 2 August 2012, my 22-year-old son, David Mashmann, died on life support at the hospital. He had been found on the floor of his bedroom two days before. He had no vital signs, and I began the most frantic cpr. On a young person, the heart beat will come back, but his brain was irreversibly damaged from lack of oxygen - and so he died. Cause of death, accidental opiate overdose. Heroin. He was a wonderful, well loved son and brother. In late high school he seemed to lose direction. He continued on that way until the day he died. He was loving and giving to us all, and had many friends. I'm an ER nurse. I knew that he smoked pot and he had a problem with prescribed drugs after a long-term injury. But heroin? He had seemed to be completely against it in talking not only to us, but to his friends. Yet, when I saw him on that floor, I knew he was dead, and that it had to do with drugs. Yes, everyone was shocked - his funeral was standing room only. He was still dead. Somehow his Dad and I had missed the boat. So much misery, so much pain. So many why's. It has been so long since I've heard his voice, seen his smile, was able to hold him. They say that the stages of grief take time. Time is only making it worse. Too long, too long. When I work, I see patients with drug problems more often than you would think. I always tell them David's story. Maybe it will help someone. In my work I have seen many people die for many different reasons. It's like a light goes out, but I don't know where they've gone. Oh but I do know what's left behind - the agony, the tears, the goodbye's no one wants to say. I want so much for this never to have happened to us. It did. To us and to many others. David, we love and miss you more than any words could ever explain. All for a murderous drug called heroin. Loving you always, missing you forever Momma
Leslie Mashmann
Little brother Colin: Nine months ago on 17 December 2013 you left me completely alone and broken. You were the only person who was a certainty in my future, and indeed you were my #1. I miss and think about you every day. I love you so much and I wish I could hear your laugh and guide you further and listen to your anecdotes and ask for your advice. I feel like you would have made a greater effort to stop if you had any notion of how much we will feel forever. Our family didn't deserve this, Colin. Way too final; you didn't realize deaths only happen to those still living. I'm angry you wasted or ignored all your opportunities and I hate that you kept secrets. We all played a part though, including the system, and I hate my role. I feel guilty and sick. Lonely.
For my Brother Nick (Nicholas David Berger 12/23/82-04/25/14), I miss you no end my brother. I know you tried so hard and felt so much stronger than these drugs but to no avail. You are my hero in so many ways. The thought you are gone forever is too much to bear and I don't know how or if all of us will truly move on without you here on Earth. I know you are so sorry for what happened and so am I, but I forgive you and I understand. Maybe someday we will be together again Nick. We can tell jokes and giggle to our heart's content. Until then, I love you and miss you every moment of every day. I love you. Megger
I love and miss you taytay
Kaelyn Ashley Johnican
My son Robert Rebyak passed away on 09 April 2013 after a three-week battle on life support in the hospital. He entered hospital on 17 March 2013 from an accidental overdose. He is missed and loved by so so many people. I think of Robert each and every day and every waking moment. Robert was known in the town he lived in by everyone from ages 5 to 85. To this day (17 months) later people are still taking about Robert. He made a big impression on everyone he met. He was funny and helpful to everyone. Anyone who knew Robert says he had a big heart, and believe me as his mom, I can say he had a big heart. He wanted to help everyone, just like his mom is and I will always be. Love you Rob!!
Ruthann Blanchard
Lee loosing you on June 18, 2014 has been the hardest thing I have ever experienced. You will always be with me I know, but missing your handsome smile and hugs is so hard. Love you MORE, Mom
Jean Krupsky
To my adoring closest friend Kendall, too beautiful for this world. Leaving us way too early at the age of 19. I miss you more than life itself. 3/28/94- FOREVER
In memory of my son Philip Fader who passed away at the age of 29 on November 30, 2004. Struggled with alcohol addiction and died of a methadone overdose. Son I miss you always. Gone too soon.
Lost Tom Vicky, Catherine and almost myself...RIP to both of you... Paix à vos âmes.... Y P
We lost our oldest son 6/2/2013!! You also lose all sense of life. He was always so full of life and loved by everyone. Always had your back, stood up for anyone who was picked on in school and made them feel important. Drew was 25, one of the top athletes in high school. He only lost one wrestling match his whole senior year (I really miss those days) but you would never know that because he was so humble! After high school he seemed to be lost with no direction. Went from being the greatest at everything he did to just being lost in life. Always a good kid, never disrespectful to anyone. Then he got hooked on prescription pain medicine. What a nightmare! My loving child totally changed. One night he put some methadone into his veins and never woke up! First time he ever tried that drug and he died! I didn't even know this existed! I was looking for a half marathon that supported drug overdose and found this. Thanks!!!
My dear Erin was murdered by this hideous devil drug heroin on June 23, 1997. She fought hard but the heroin had her pinned against the wall and would not let her go. Now you are in heaven Erin and you are surrounded by people who had fought just like you. I miss you more each day and will never give up my fight to educate young people about the Devil. I love you. Mom
Marie Allen
In Loving Memory of Lindsey M
It is so healing to have this time to remember and know that you are not alone in your grief - remembering my son Lee, who lost his life to an overdose in 2008. A day never goes by that you are not in my thoughts
To my dearest sister Donna M. You are missed every day. Always remembering the good times and smiling, Love always lil sis Mikayla-Jay x
BJ you left me and the boys nearly 3 years ago. We miss you every day and wish you were with us. Please remember your loved ones lost to an overdose xxx
I lost my son to a heroin overdose just 9 months ago, David Windsor "Thaddeus" Batchleder July 3, 1991-November 20, 2013, age 22. Rest easy Pooh, we miss you so much and we love you more than all the world can hold.
Kimberly Chilcott
John, I'm past the anger. It took me years though and two years of bursting into tears every time I heard you play or sing. I couldn't even listen to the music that brought you to mind so clearly. Remember "Turn! Turn! Turn!" that night on the bus? You were so easy to fall in love with. It took me a long time to understand why you needed the drugs. That it was fear, not hubris. And while I've forgiven you and moved on, I still love you. But because of you I'll never again turn a blind eye to someone I love using. I'll never back down like I did with you. Rest easy, my love, and know that you are missed, and loved always. - Little J
Julie Rogers
I lost my sisters to a drug overdose. Yes sisters! Both of them, my only siblings, my baby sisters. Lisa Roxane Hitchcock' Berrios 03-22-1969 to 04-03-2007 Joely Kathleen Mullino 12-20-1982 to 04-18-2007 They died 15 days apart. Not a day goes by that their death doesn't affect me. I miss them every day! Lisa was only two years younger than I. We grew up together. We fought, we made up, we hated each other, we loved each other, as sisters do. Drugs had a hold on her more than anything else in her life. Even after numerous overdoses and dying for 5mins. She had to learn how to feed herself, walk, talk again. It didn't stop her. Nothing, and no one could reach her. I miss you every day Lisa! You took a part of me with you. Joely my baby sister. You were only 24. So young and full of living. Lisa's death made you spiral out of control. Having an infant daughter didn't wake you up. You self-medicated depression with drugs. I adopted your baby girl. She's my daughter now. I love her more than you could. I miss you every day and see you in your little girl. I hope you know how much I love her. She's my world. I hope you both are resting in peace. I haven't found it yet with losing you two..I miss y'all so very much, every single day!
Stephanie Oladell
To my beautiful baby sister Haley. May you be free from life's struggles and dependency. It was devastating to see such an amazing young woman get caught up in such a cruel situation. She was strong, brave and honestly fighting for her life back. The chains of drug addiction can be unforgiving and she just couldn't set herself free. At the young age of just 21 she passed away and now lies in peace. I love you Haley and can now only dream of you sharing special moments with me. May your mind be still and your dependency be relieved. You have shown me the value of life and how to manifest its gifts daily. Thinking of you always.
I left a message for you last year too. It wasn't even a year since you'd been gone and there I was, in a place I never thought I'd be - missing you. The pain I carry now is no lighter than it was back then, but better concealed. My life has shattered. It is sometimes motionless yet going through the motions. My heart aches for you and what could have been. What should have been. Your struggle was real and hidden. Your pain was there and unseen. Your life hung on a rope, tipping from one end to the other, never knowing which way the wind would blow and what would happen. The days we spent talking to one another before the final goodbye ring in my ears. You always teaching, always sharing. Somehow, maybe God was preparing me. If I'd had known the outcome, I'd surely have run to your rescue! I would have reassured you and asked you to hold on. Had I been there I would have stopped you. I would have begged and pleaded for your life. And yet, as it is written on your tombstone, words you spoke to me and dad. "Sometimes, the Lord's final healing comes with taking you home." I have to believe and stand by, or I'd go mad. The Lord, He was yours. And you were His. And one day I pray, I'll see you again. I love you Bubba. More than words. I love you!
My husband and I lost our beautiful daughter Marin to a heroin overdose two years ago and in order to address the stigma about the disease and what can happen to a family we produced the video below with the Ohio Attorney General's Office and hope you will share. Would love to get involved anyway I can. I now work for the AG doing Outreach on this epidemic!! Thank you
Heidi Riggs
In memory of Pat Lawton, a young man who died too soon - with love forever - from his mum
Jo Pioro
Thoughts and prayers are with all the souls and their families that we have lost to overdose and to addiction x
David Ryan
Remembering Gianni today. A wonderful man and friend who left us too soon.
In loving remembrance of my dear friend Matt Martens who lost his lengthy battle with pills. Matt passed away March 7, 2014 only 6 days after turning 30. You are missed every second of every day! Love you to the moon and back
Kim Martin
For Jeff, Tina, Alyssa and Stephen. You were all too young. I think of you often.
You left us just a little over three weeks ago. You tried to fight your demons but they were too strong. You were all or none, you had no rock bottom, you lost everything including your life. The heroin and fentanyl were the love of your life. Ultimately your lover was your killer. We may not of liked you sometimes due to the hold your lover had over the real you but we truly loved you. No more worrying about if you're safe or cold or hurt. We know exactly where you are now and instead of us watching over you, you are watching over us. We will get thru this but we will never get over it. RIP sweet sister of mine. Manda Smith-Mooneyhan 8/7/80-8/5/14.
Angie Bright
Mike Robert - my son. Forever loved and never gone
My son, Steven, I miss you more than words can say. My heart aches, the tears flow and the pain is unbearable at times. I'll love and miss you forever.  
Bill, I miss you more than words can say. You were and always will be my one and only son. I know you're at peace and one day we will be together again. So until we do I will always remember your smile and what joy you have given me since the day you were born. I love you Mom
Grayce Watkins
The day you left us Brian, you left an empty space, you took a piece of us all which no one could replace. A loyal man to all you loved, such kindness and so caring. The happiness you gave to us, and good times that we're sharing. I know again we'll all meet up, until we're back together. Your immortal smile and kind heart, will live with us forever. Your loving Karen
Karen B
As our state lies very near to the Golden Triangle and just next to Burma. Since Manipur is surrounded by Burma from different sides heroin is available and cheap. And the fertility of Manipur is also very much suitable for cultivating poppy plants. In recent years an area of 220 sq km of cultivated poppy plant has been found along with equipment for processing heroin. Also, the NH 39 highway is the main route for drug trafficking in bulk. So the rate of overdose is highest.
Nishikanta Elangbam
Ben, we miss you so much. Five years clean, a two-year-old daughter, such a mountain you climbed to get there after 20 years of battle. You had so much to live for and we were so proud of you. If only you could have felt that much pride and love for yourself. I grieve that my baby daughter doesn't have her uncle here, or me my brother to walk by my side through life anymore. I sing your song, we keep you alive, but nothing will ever fill the gap you've left.
Sally Stockwell
Danny, it's almost two months since we lost you to a heroin overdose. The pain and heartache is unbearable and I pray that no family has to ever go through this. There is such a void in our lives that was once filled with your laughter. Some days we wonder how we'll ever get through the next. I hope you know how many people loved you and prayed you would be able to beat this demon. I know in my heart you are finally at peace and free from this horrible addiction. You are always in our hearts. Till we see you again. Watch over us Dan. We love you forever.
Today I will be remembering my girlfriend Alice, who I lost almost exactly 12yrs ago. She was the first person who understood me, my addictions and my weirdness. She was truly effervescent, she brought a smile to so many faces and frustrated us all at times. Lost sadly to an overdose just four days before her 18th birthday in September 2002. I will miss your wit, your intelligence and your joy in seeing others doing so well. I am glad you came to buy some shoes with me :) for Alice, I love you always and your memory is so often the driving force to maintaining my recovery on my darkest days.
Michael McDowell
Linda Richardson GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN With love xxx
Ange Clarke
Nathaniel passed September 11th 2009. I am a youth employment counselor and he was a youth I had known for 7 years. But he was more than a client – he was a friend, a son and a real warrior. His spirit walks with me every day in the work I do and calls me to do more for the youth I work for.
Tim Greenwood
My friend  it's been thirteen days since you were so sadly taken way too young. I want to say R.I.P. Aaron Collins, you won't be forgotten. You were a good friend of mine along with so many others. I'll miss you making me laugh. Miranda Lynch
Miranda Lynch
Michael my love, not a day goes by that we don't love you, miss you or need you. You will always be the most beautiful man I've ever known and the rest of of my living days are forever incomplete. It'll never make sense. I love you for eternity
Today, 08/31/2014, is a very special day. It is International Overdose Awareness Day, and it is my birthday. Today, I remember my son Quincy Kramer 01/11/91 - 06/03/2014, at 23 years he left this earth due to a heroin overdose!!! I wish he was here, but he will just be here as my angel today!! Quincy, Mommy misses you!! I love you!!
Stephanie T Kramer
My dear baby bear Jake, it has been almost 18 months since you left us. Not a day goes by that I wish you were still here.  I know you are watching out for all of us who love and miss you. I love you son, LOVE Mom
Jason Peters 10/2/71-7/3/13
Cortney Critelli
Joshua Bennett (9/4/1978-4/2/2014). My dear son, I love you and miss you each and every second of each and every day. I wish you had trusted me enough to tell me you were using again. The heartbreak and pain of losing you is indescribable. I will always love you, Mom.
LESSON FROM FRED – In loving memory of my brother Don’t be a hater he once said. “What?” was my sarcastic reply, "look at the scumbag walking down the street. Do you see his clothes? His rotted teeth?” "You don’t even know that man." “Well, there are options," I replied, "there is rehab and another thousand reasons to stay alive.” "Don’t be a hater, what has he done to you? His spirit is broken and he isn’t going to come thru. I know that guy back from a year or two, lost his job and family too. His pain is deep but he’s hollow too." A few years later a call came to me. Can you come pick me up was all he said. “YES! I exclaimed, where are you?” "Well, you can’t come here, I’ll start walking." We rode in silence for some time. As you see, it was my brother I had picked up off the street. Brown bag under his arm, traffic whizzing by, he didn’t look the same but I knew why. “It will be alright” I finally said aloud. Eyes full of water he looked down and only said: "Don’t be a hater" “Ok” I replied.
Joelle White-Shaffer
A little over five months ago we lost my amazing big brother Georgie at the young age of 26. He was a kind-hearted and very knowledgeable young man with many talents. He had struggled with the disease of addiction for years and it seemed an overwhelming and unbearable battle for him. He tried many times to seek help and but his addiction went far beyond the physical ailing. It was a mental battle every day. My brother was the funniest, loving, cool big brother and uncle to my two boys who you could ever want or imagine. He is so missed every single day and life will never be the same without him.  Every life matters! Overdose is an epidemic in my county and my state and in our country! Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters need to be aware! I love you Georgie rest in peace
In honor of my little brother Billy who left us just this July 4th, 2014. I'm sad for the time we both lost in not getting to know each other more deeply and for the ways that drugs and alcohol, and sometimes this being human in life, can take us away from everything, from living fully. And I'm sad for your beautiful voice that will never sing again and for the fact that life had become so painful for you. I'm so glad I got to hear your voice. You are remembered with love and held in my heart and the hearts of all those whose lives you touched, even if just for a while. And though you may not have been able to feel it fully or reach it or believe it life held it for you, beneath it all you were and have always only been love. May you know and be in that wherever you are now. Love, Tristan
To my beautiful son Shane Tyler Gwynne: In 24 days you will be gone 2 years. Every single day is a tearful battle for me. There are still so many things I can't understand about addiction and why. I hope you know how very much you were and are loved and missed. As my first born child you had an extra special place in my heart that can never be filled. Love Mom xoxo
Lisa Harbison
In loving memory of Grayson Kent. Your laughter and smile live forever in our hearts...4/5/93-7/9/12
Romona Adams
I can't imagine losing a child. This happened to my beautiful childhood friend Paige two years ago. I am thinking of her today, and wishing her comfort and love. Her sweet baby TJ lost his life to overdose and I know she aches for him every day.God bless her and her family. Love you Paige Caudill! -Tiffany Kirkpatrick and family ox
My dear Brandon, I miss you more and more with each passing day. It seems like the day you left, Nov 2, 2012, was just yesterday. I wish there was something else I could have done for you. I know I did my best, it just wasn't enough. I spend every day keeping your legacy alive. I share your story with everyone in the hopes that I can save just one person. Then I will know your death was not in vain. I will never forget you my dear son. I love you with all my heart! Until we meet again! Love, Mom.
I lost my firstborn, my son Kane to opiate addiction two years and ten days ago. Our family chain is broken and nothing is the same.
Debbie Kopki
Methadone diversion took the life of my 18 year old son Shawn M. Leins on Oct. 12, 2012. I thought he had stayed the night at his friend's house, four places away until one of those friends came knocking at our door at noon. He asked for Shawn and when I told him I thought he was at his house, he told me Shawn had came home to go deer hunting with me. I looked in Shawn's room and I saw him in his bed sleeping - I thought. We called 911 and started CPR at 12:07. Time of death on his death certificate is 12:05. Shawn's friend's 32-year-old step-sister had shared her prescription of 10mg methadone pills with him. Autopsy revealed he had taken around 12 of those pills in the last 24 hrs of his life. Then she made him leave sometime between 12-1am. He came home and climbed into bed and went to sleep......forever!! Not a second that passes that I'm not crying on the inside. He had so much heart. He spent his days making people smile and he didn't deserve to be kicked out to go home alone! In loving memory of Shawn M. Leins 08/23/94-10/12/12 ~forever, for always and for eternity~
Lisa L Riddell
In memory of Jeffrey Stork, Josh Tarkington and Josh Galvez.
My family recently suffered a great loss. My cousin Tyler was battling a heroin addiction that ultimately took his life. However, that is not what comes to mind when I think of Tyler. He had such a big heart and while he was clean he wanted nothing more than to help others also suffering with addiction. He spoke with those he knew who were struggling, went to every NA meeting he could and was truly trying to get his life back on track. Most importantly he talked about wanting to visit schools and talk to kids about his story. He didn't want to see anyone fall into drugs the way he did. So I choose to remember Tyler as the person he was, rather than as the addiction he had. I think it is really important to remember that addicts are human beings, family members and friends. So if you know someone struggling, please offer them support and understanding. Sometimes that means tough love, but it is love nonetheless.
Kateyn Sauerwein
Today, and every day I remember and rejoice in the 18 years I had as the mother to my first child, Brandi Shea Meshad. No it was not enough time. Eighteen years was not even close to the lifetime I expected to share with her, but 18 years was all we were given. She passed away on March 8, 2011 from accidental overdose and was only 18 years old. I contemplate all of the experiences I will never share with her, the experiences she never had the chance to have - to live - and it is overwhelming. An overwhelming loss of such a beautiful life. I choose to remember all the love and life she did share with all those she loved in the 18 years she had. I cherish every single second. Today, and every day, I remember and will always wish she would miraculously walk through the front door alive. Overdose is preventable. Education is an absolute must. Every single life is worth saving. My daughter was worth saving. But she didn't have that option. So from earth to heaven I reach my arms, my soul, my being to her in the belief that she can still feel my love. I will love you till the sky ends....and it never does. 
Lisa Brandy
Love and miss you every day my sweet Candace. Love Mom
I would like to commemorate my son Daniel Agado, who passed away of a prescription drug overdose last Dec 14th 2013. Missing him dearly today.....AZ
Felipe Agado
Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. It's a day that would have no significance to me before a few weeks ago. Now, it will go into a long list of days that will lead to me thinking of my younger brother, Mike. A few weeks ago, my younger brother, 26 years old, was brought to hospital after an overdose. Most likely heroin, could have been some other opioids, the pain killers that originally started him down that path when he was younger. I have never had the heart to ask, and I don't think it would make a difference to know. I will not forget listening to the voicemail from my dad telling me to call back right away. I knew it was something bad, my dad has always been a strong man, and I've never heard his voice like that. When he answered the phone, I asked the direct question not wanting to dance around whatever the news was and he told me my brother, Mike, 26 years old, one daughter who is almost 4, was brain dead in the hospital on life support. There was no hope for recovery. I still have not processed this. As I stood next to him at the funeral, I watched a stream of family and friends pass by, physically broken at the sight of such a young person taken, with a sort of numbness that still comes and goes today. I didn't want to compound people's grief by having them feel bad for me and for the loss of my brother, Mike, who was 26 years old, with a daughter named Mia. This was not the first time. We've been through it before with him. I say we, but I mean my family. I've been away for so long, I just ignored it. It was an embarrassment, a weakness in him that I didn't care to understand or want to deal with. My mom would try to bring him up when we talked on the phone; talk about how he had being doing better, had a job, had relapsed, had came by asking for money or a place to live, but she knew that I would refuse to talk about him. This was his fault. He chose to do this, and he didn't care about who he hurt with his selfish behavior. That's what I believed. To some extent, even after everything, I still believe on a subconscious level that my brother, Mike, 26 years old, with a daughter named Mia and a younger sister named Kelsey, had killed himself. That's the easy way to look at this. It's easy, comforting to blame him instead of grappling with the idea of drug abuse and dependence. It's easier to say he should have just stopped instead of blaming a whole system of nameless, faceless people making decisions that treat the symptoms of this disease instead of the causes. A system that is based on some puritan morality that punishes the addicts instead of helping them. A system that offers no way out. Mike, my younger brother, 26 years old, with a daughter named Mia, with a younger sister named Kelsey, and a nephew named Kole, was trapped. We'll never know what or why he was driven to use on that last day, but he made an offhanded remark before he did that is heart breaking. He said he should just go out and get high so that he could get back into a detox program and get some help. Because even though he had a well documented history of drug abuse, the system doesn't let you in unless there are drugs in your system. People who want and need help don't always get it in time. I'll always blame him. I don't think it's entirely his fault. Things could have been different if there were better systems in place. If we knew how to deal with it better. I hadn't spoken with my brother in over a year. Who knows what could have happened if I had changed that. I don't blame myself. I don't need people to tell me it's not my fault, I know that. That, unfortunately, will never change the fact that there is a chance it could have been different. I could have been different. This is another epidemic in America we are ignoring. You don't have to go far in your circle of family and friends to find someone affected by this. One in 15 people who take prescription pain killers for fun will use heroin within 10 years. In 2011, there were over 260,000 hospital admissions for heroin overdose, a drastic and continual increase. There's no easy way to handle someone who has this problem. There's no single right way to treat it. But treating it as an embarrassment, quietly hoping and expecting it to resolve itself, relying on the current system to deal with it, that is the wrong way. There are resources out there. Please help bring attention to this problem. Please donate if you can. Do it for your own moral beliefs, do it for the people in your life who have already been affected. Do it for the ones who haven't been affected yet. Do it for my younger brother, Mike, who was 26 years old when he was laying in a hospital bed, surrounded by his parents, Ron and Paula, and his younger sister, Kelsey, when the doctor declared him brain dead, who has a daughter named Mia with his girlfriend, Mackenzie, who won't ever have real memories of her dad, who had aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends, who left us all.
Ron Matson
There's not a day goes by I don't wish I could have saved you. You have no idea how much we all miss you. The pain will never go away, but you'll live on in our memories. Until we meet again, my angel. I love you Dylan James Cade.
Jayce Tyler
I lost my 29-year-old son to an accidental heroin overdose on August 15, 2010. He struggled against his addiction, searching for resources that just weren't there. It is my most fervent wish that no other mother go through this and I hope in some way I can work to prevent someone else from experiencing the anguish and loss of that special love between mother and son.
Emily Galvin
To all who suffer the loss of their child. I am another mom who has lost my one and only daughter, Allison, at the age of 27, and to a drug overdose. The drugs won and she lost her battle with addiction. She was in her bed in her apartment and died. It's been almost three years and today I cannot be silent. Today unfortunately someone else's child will also lose their life as a result of a drug overdose. Hoping to share in my daughter Allison's memory, I wish you all my sympathies for these are tragic losses, which no one can deny are epidemic in their numbers. It's a day of Remembrance, but it needs to be a time to take a stand against drug importing, and pharmaceuticals not being controlled. Our children are paying with their lives for the greed of others. Addiction is a disease brought on by drugs and the combinations are killing without discrimination. Let us not be silent.
Rhonda Worsena
My tribute is to Taylor Lee. Forever, and ever You left this world, you walked right past. No word said, your breath, its last. Your memory dances in my head. I'm so sorry you were alone on that bed. You won't leave my heart, soul, and memories. You hurt so many when you passed. I know Leo, your love, his heart was smashed. I wonder what you do in heaven. Do you fly with wings, or does everyone sing? Do you miss me? Do you watch over me? I'll never know, until we meet again. I love you, and miss you. Born 01/28/1992 Died 06/06/2014 Found 06/08/2014 This sweet lovely boy, passed away at the age of 22. He passed away alone in his bed, and wasn't found for 2 days. Heroin overdose was his cause of death. He was a recreational user, and had only used twice before. My message is... It doesn't matter if this is your first time using, or the millionth time using, this shot could be your last. And good for you, all your pain, problems, and worries are gone. But don't forget it's not you that hurts any more, it's those who love you. Taylor had his whole life ahead of him. He was one in a billion. Because of a stupid decision he made, he will never see the bright future he had in front of him. Love Always, Kaelyn Ashley P.S. I Miss You Sweet Boy. I'll see you when it's my time.
Kaelyn Ashley
Our son James died 5/23/2014. We will always remember him and treasure the time we had with him. We miss him and love him more each day xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jill Brannan
I have lost 6 friends in the past 4 years to the effects of drugs and alcohol. Four of those were overdoses, the other two suicides. I am 19 years old, and I have seen more death than most people I know. Overdose is preventable, treatment is an absolute. I am blessed to have made it out of my own addictions alive, yet they still haunt me sometimes. I miss my friends, and my family member that I lost. Please spread the love, spread the support, and spread the awareness.
Steven, I miss you so much. Words don't describe the pain in my heart. I cry every time I think of you - which is all of the time. Your sweet smile and beautiful eyes are one of my favorite memories. I wish I had told you I love you more, even if you didn't want to hear it. In my heart I know you tried hard to fight and I wish I knew how to help you. I'm proud of you and my love for you will never end. My sweet son.
We lost our beautiful, smart, wonderful daughter Brooke LaZare on May 8, 2012 and since that day there are no tomorrows and no future. It is never-ending trying to remember and relive every minute of every day she was alive. Without any new memories, I strive to remember as much as I can of every day she was alive. She died three days shy of her 24th birthday. We love and miss you so much and cannot believe that you are gone. . . pink roses with glitter forever. Love you sweet daughter of ours, Mom and Dad
Jason R Samuels (6 August 1980 - 21 May 2010). Each day now is the same as yesterday and tomorrows will be no different. Grateful I was chosen to be your mom and walk with you through the good and the horrible. You fought a hard fight. Your journey was not and will never go in vain. You were an example of courage and my best friend, my beautiful son. No words exist for the ache that never ends. But for you Jason..the battle was won. You are right, "pain IS love". SOAR HIGH LIVE LARGE SUPREMELY FREE AND HAPPY FOREVER Love you forever and treasure every memory Mom
Vickie Samuels
My son and light in my life went to heaven a year ago October 24.  My dear husband found him in his old room from an overdose of heroin. He only struggled with addiction a short time but it consumed him from the very minute he tried it. He relapsed and used two times before the drugs took him from us, leaving a broken-hearted family and the woman who was to be his bride in 10 days. Never does a day go by when he is not remembered and missed. Ethan - you are in our hearts forever and we will always think and dream of what could have been........Mom
My son Shawn Dalton Arthurs, age 21, died March 3, 2014 of a heroin overdose. We lost a son, brother, grandson, cousin nephew and best friend. Shawnie will always be remembered for his brilliant smile, his inner and outward beauty, sense of humor, his laughter, compassion and love that he had for his family and friends. Forever on my heart and always on my mind. I love you Shawnie
Rebecca Zemke
Miss you Sarrah!
Jeanette Terry Marcum
Not a day goes by that I don't miss my older brother, Sean. He was one of the most benevolent people alive.
Celeste Arnett
Mama, I love and miss you every single day. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I try to forget it, but I can't. I know you didn't mean to OD, but that doesn't make it any easier. I hasn't gotten easier after 3 years, I've just learned to live differently. You would be proud of me. I'm married. I married, Domenic mama. I saved you a seat in the front next to dad. I hope you saw it. I hope you saw me. You were honestly a wonderful mom and I'm sorry I never thanked you like I should have. I was a brat. I'm so different now. I've had to endure so much without you. Please save a seat for me in heaven. I can't wait to see you again. I love you bunches and bunches and bag again. Love, Tooterbug, goose, your princess, your daughter, Amy
Amy Maffettone
For my funny, inventive, B-movie lovin' brother who passed from accidental toxicity 7 December 2002. We love you.
In honor of my son James, whose birthday it was yesterday, August 31. I love you always. Mom  
Heidi Kuwik
My son was 26 years young. I miss him like I have never missed anyone or anything in my life. He is my affectionate child and he always made me laugh. He is the sunshine in the day. I cannot and will not accept that he is gone forever. I need him. I birthed him. I raised him. He is my son! Robert, if you can see what I am writing please know that I love you more than life itself. I would do anything to bring you back home. You are very loved by so so many people. You put an impact on so many lives. Why god took you from me I don't know, but please honey, just know you're in my heart every minute and every second of every day! Now and forever.  Xoxo Love miss you to the moon and back! Mom
Ruthann Blanchard
The love and light of my life. My heart feels as if it's been filled with concrete with the absence of your light in my life. You were the best little brother I could have ever asked for. The one who would sit with me and stare at that wild moon through a telescope, hoping we'd somehow find the answers resting in a crater. I'm still here, staring and hoping. I look to the stars and butterflies to find a piece of you. You're the sun on my face and the wind through the trees. There's nothing I wouldn't give to have another moment with you, or one more chance to help you through. Shine on you crazy diamond. Casey Carl William Wright, Rest In Peace, May 19, 2014
Kalli Wright
Walking in memory of my two nephews, Thad and Andrew lost to overdose, as well as all of those families that have suffered loss. While we remember those we have lost we also want to celebrate and honor those in Recovery!
Kris R
Jacob, my precious only child. I don't know how I've managed without you. Almost 47 months of wandering in this wilderness alone now. I miss your gentle spirit, your contagious laughter, your brilliant mind. I miss hearing your voice and wrapping my arms around you. I just miss you. Every second,  every hour, every day.  Rest in peace, my precious heart. I love you...... Always and forever. Mom
Dan, I am writing this tribute to you. Born onto this Earth on October 3, 1990 to two loving parents. The only child. You brought so much joy and love into the lives of others. You were an old soul. Funny, non-judgmental, unselfish to your own detriment, easy going, able to make friends with absolutely anyone, yet you were haunted by demons at a young age. None of us really knew what they were. You acted out and acted the clown to mask whatever you felt. You never, ever wanted to talk about these things. Your parents were very uncomfortable with talking about things like feelings so they loved you by not making you uncomfortable, by covering up for you over and over and by supporting you. You dabbled in drugs at a young age but it didn't seem too much cause for concern. You quickly moved to prescription narcotics and became addicted. As much as we didn't believe it, you were addicted. How could this happen? This phase was very short. Heroin was all over the suburbs. It was easy to get and so much cheaper than painkillers. Now you were a full blown heroin addict. We were all in denial. How could we not be? You were such a  beautiful person and you were succumbing to a baffling, cunning, manipulative, personality changing, fatal disease. You became a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of sorts. You hid from us what we shouldn't see and we believed you. You were in and out of rehab. Always excited and fresh. Working the steps. Taking each day as it came. You had us all sit down for a meeting to discuss your future plans. You were so excited to be getting an apartment and to be stepping up in your Dad's business. You were so happy to have had 284 days clean that day. You talked about the many things you had to be grateful for. You talked about how grateful for the fact that God had given you the opportunity to live. We were all so excited, yet still slightly tentative after everything, to have you back. So vibrant. So full of life. You were my best friend in the world. You were my soul mate. I think that God gives us each a soul mate, whether it be the same gender as us or not, in our partner or not, it doesn't matter. Dan was my soul mate. He understood and accepted me for who I was and I, you. You brought a smile to my face each and every single day that I was fortunate enough to know you. Even on the bad days, I believe you still gave me a reason to smile. On June 24, 2014 at around 1pm, I got a call from your mother. She was hysterical. They had just found you at the rough place downtown. Your "friends" left you to overdose without calling 911. There are no "Good Samaritan Laws" in this state. I could rage on about the backwards-ness of that and the fact that first responders here, besides paramedics, don't even carry narcan...but I won't. It doesn't do any good right now. It doesn't bring you back and there are other places that I will rage for you Dan. I will not let your death be in vain. This is a fight that I will NEVER stop fighting. I am so sad, angry, confused, lost, enraged, guilt stricken and horrified that this has happened. It DIDN'T have to happen. Why didn't any of us pick up on the change in your behavior? Why didn't you tell any of us? We would so eagerly have helped. We just wanted you to live. We so badly wanted you to live. Now that you're gone there is such an enormous hole in my soul. I think about you constantly. It doesn't even feel quite real yet. You are all I dream about. But I know that true love never dies and neither do memories. Your love is in my heart and you will be with me forever. Please watch over me, over all of us. We need you so very much. "It has been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but is never gone,"  -Rose Kennedy
My best friend Vlad Mateescu passed away due to a heroin overdose on August 13, 2014, eight days after he turned 29. From the moment I met Vlady, I fell in love with him. How could you not love him? He had such a unique personality, a beautiful smile and he brought joy to everyone he was around. Whenever I was around him, it was like nothing else mattered. He had such a love for others, and his light shined for all to see. He was the glue in most of his friendships. He never judged anyone and he was always the quickest to forgive when he was wronged or hurt. I will try and remember Vlady with smiles and laughter, not with sadness and tears because he wouldn't want that for me. I have so many good memories with Vlady in the 11 years that I have known him. I remember when he joined the Marines and how much respect I had for him. He was determined to make a difference in his life and he was going to work harder than most to do it. He graduated top of his class, and man was I proud of him. I know that I will never have a friendship again like I did with Vlady because there is no one on Earth that is like him, and there never will be. He was the BEST friend I could ever ask for and a piece of my heart left with him. Thank you Joanna and Christian for bringing such a beautiful soul into this world, he forever changed my life! I love you Vlady and I will never forget you.  
George was the first friend I made in rehab. We shared all the things that had brought us to that place and supported each other in reconstructing our lives without drugs. I relied on his courage and honesty when we shared a home together after rehab. We had two years clean when one day after a few beers watching the footy he bumped into an old girlfriend. The police woke me at three the next morning with the news that he was found abandoned in a St Kilda laneway, dead from an overdose. I wish things had turned out different. One mistake shouldn't be so expensive.
Campbell Black
This tribute is for Samm Gomez, who died of a heroin overdose three weeks before his 22nd birthday, on February 22, 2014. Samm, I trust you have peace now from your anxieties and struggles and that some day I will see you again. I know you are safe. I know you know you were and are loved. I miss your crooked little grin and hearing you greet me with: "Hey, Mom." I miss how you found the funny in every little nook of life. You had such a knack for noticing the absurd and comic and yet you were never mean. You could make me laugh like no one else. We walked a tough road together but it was ours and I accept it. I will find a way to use these experiences we went through for something good, Sam. I know you would have wanted me to. One day I guess we'll know the answers. Just not today. I know that you did not want your problems to cause anyone else unhappiness. It was not easy being you and I know you struggled with so much. I am so thankful for your friend Glenn, who kept you alive for so long and never let us get out of touch with each other. He is my and was your Earth Angel. Keep growing, keep learning, keep progressing, my son. It is all about the growing. I know you did the best that you could on this earthly plane and I trust that you are now safe with God. I will see you again soon enough. Love you, kiddo. Mom
Samm Gomez
So handsome so bright so young, 23 and now you're free, No more misery, no more pain, No sadness or worries of this life you have gained, Left behind so many you loved, Their feet on this soil left looking above, The stars the sky the moon above, But it's you they see in clouds and doves, Soar high with wings in beautiful light, For its not good bye it's just good night, To see you again with a smile so due, And arms open wide saying come to you. AMEN
Tonya Luck
To my son, L CPL. Richard J. Soltis, Jr, USMC, I miss you so much. I still can't believe you are gone. Every time I see your beautiful little girl Madi, I ache inside knowing she will never remember her daddy. I know the most important thing to you was becoming a United States Marine. I am so glad you fulfilled your dream. I am so proud of you for serving our country. I wish there was something we could have done to save you. I love and miss you with all my heart, Mom
I can't believe it's been 6 years now since you've been gone. I know how much you struggled just to be you. I know how much you HATED the drugs and hated what you were doing. I'm sorry you felt so much pain. I'm sorry you could never feel the love that so many felt for you. When you died, I knew you were at peace and knew you finally FELT the love that everyone had for you. And that you have felt my love for you ever since.I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like to have you in recovery, what that would have been like for you. I wished you could have experienced that. I have never been ashamed of you, I am proud to be your older sister. Proud of the way you lived your life, the way you treated others and inspired others all the time. I am proud of your accomplishments and your drive in life. You taught me to dream and dream big. We all dream...and dreams come true. Thank you for staying with me the last 6 years in my dreams. I love you! Shannon Schou
Shannon Schou
On 2/11/04 I lost my Mom to an overdose of heroin. It's so hard to go on without your Mom. I miss her so much. She will always be loved in my heart, and in all the hearts of her kids and grand-kids. RIP Mama Patty Jean Adams. Forever in our hearts  
Vanessa Perales
I lost my beautiful daughter Erin to a heroin overdose on June 23,1997. She was 21. Erin tried to stop but the heroin kept calling her back. Our family misses her terribly. My heart is missing a big piece and can never be fixed. I know she is in heaven and pray that someday we will be together again. I keep all addicts in my prayers. R.I.P Erin Allen 4/3/76...6/23/97
Marie Allen
I lost my only son, John Atkinson, on March 30, 2002, to an overdose of alcohol, crack cocaine and opiates. My life was forever changed by my son's downward spiral though the hell of addiction and his subsequent death from this horrid disease. John left behind a four year old son. There is always an empty chair to remind me that he is gone. There is a piece of my heart missing, a piece in the perfect shape of him. Please don't think that addiction can't happen to you or someone in your family. This disease is like a thief in the night, and does not discriminate. It will ravage you, your home, your children.... Some die, that others may live. May the death of my son not be in vain.
Bonnie Cole
I lost my best friend Trev, accidentally. He was the most incredible good guy. Not a day goes past without me thinking about him. Its been 10 years, and I love him and miss him, like the day it happened. Rest in peace beautiful man xxxx
Pamela Bernal
On 3 March 2012 my family's life was forever changed. My beloved first born child - my only 26 year old son Marshall Jean de Meillon slipped away in the early hours. His death was as a consequence of a heroin overdose. He was a mere 10 days from celebrating his 27th birthday. My heart is forever altered by his birth and broken into a million little pieces by his death. Each day I pick up another shard of my soul and try to piece it together to weave it back into some semblance of a new "normal". A "normal" that does not include my son, my Marshall; my only boy child. The guilt, the missing, the endless ache of his loss - does not go away. Yes it moves in waves but it moves inexorably day and night and is relentless in its mission to batter your bleeding heart. Marshall Jean de Meillon - MY SON - made me love more, learn more, weep more and grow more into the person I am today - imperfect and battered but still his proud and living mom - a grief warrior that cries out in sympathy for all the other families walking a similar journey to ours. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you gather your million little pieces and try to move on.
Margot van Ryneveld
Quinny twinny, my dearest best friend and sister. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you from this evil disease. I know now you are not suffering, you are pain free in the loving safe arms of God. For you Quinn, I will bring awareness all around the world that drug addiction/overdose is very real and that we can prevent it. You always had the biggest heart sissy and now I'll be doing this for you. You are missed more everyday. Until that day I see you again, just know I love you so much!!! Love, Kay <3
I lost my brother John Yost to a heroin overdose, March 12, 2009. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. "I do this work to end the common thinking that addiction and overdose won't happen in your family. If it happened to my brother, it can happen to yours." My quote on the Stop Overdose IL fliers for the upcoming event on August 30, 2014. John was a very loving person who cared so much about us and didn't want to be a slave to this drug. He struggled for almost half of his life with his addiction. Going in and out of rehabs, jail and on the streets. Then just like most people who die from this, he used one last time. He was clean as far as we knew and died at 30 years old. It saddens me that we'll never get to see him get married or have kids or we'll never grow old together, but I know that he's at peace now. I can't imagine how horrible it was for him day in and day out to try and conquer it. In the end heroin won! We need people to get educated! I've met so many people in other organizations that have been through this or are going through it now. We need to get the people who it's not affecting educated. These are the ones that think, "Nope, it'll never be my kid". Look around, the kids who are dying are your cheerleaders, football, baseball, basketball players! It's no longer the face of the dirty junkie in the alley in downtown Chicago. It's our children who need the education but you the parent need to know about it first.
Jeannine Garriepy
I lost my first-born child, my son Kenneth 23, on 7/6/12 to an accidental methadone overdose. Ken excelled in everything he set his mind to. Graduated high school as salutatorian in 2007, went to USC Business School, traveled to Hong Kong and Greece, joined Delta Chi and pioneered an idea that led to a start-up company. How I wish I could see what else he could've done in this lifetime. I miss you buddy - Til we meet again my son.
Danny I think of you every day. I love you to the moon and back. Xoxoxoxo 08/27/90-08/17/2014 you are always with me. Love mom
Debbie Rocha
I lost my daughter, Molly Beth Lewis, on August 11, 2014.  She struggled with heroin addiction for the last 6-7 years. She was 27 years old. She was funny, caring articulate and loved children. She had so much potential that will never be realized. She had been clean this time about a month and a half. She had her first job in several years and moved into her very own apartment on August 1st without the financial help of her parents and without having some loser, abusive boyfriend move in with her. She seemed finally on the right path and was so proud of herself. What in the world made her pick up and use again one last fatal time will never be known. There are so many "what ifs" and "I wish's" in my head and heart right now. I am sad beyond belief and so are her father and brother. We showed her a lot of tough love in the last couple of years and in doing so said a lot of harsh things to her and now wonder if all those harsh words might have gotten the best of her. Again....another "what if" or "I wonder." I'm sure I will go the remainder of my life questioning what I could have done any differently. I just know that her struggle is over and in a way, I am happy she no longer has to go through that unbearable torture, but now the struggle is on us as her survivors, as to how we are ever going to survive this horrible, horrible tragedy.
Lori Owen
In loving memory of my son, Zachary Daniel Wells, who died May 21, 2005 of a heroin overdose at the age of 16. I always knew my son was loyal and had a heart of gold. He would gladly fight to defend anyone who needed defending. He was especially protective of his "girl" friends. Heaven help the boy who hit one of his girl friends! When I lost my husband in a car accident, Zack was right there for me. He always knew when I was crying. He would come sit with me, put his arm around me and pat my shoulder - never saying a word. After Zack's passing, the mother of one of his friends told me how Zack jumped in and saved her son from drowning when the kids were swimming in the river. There is a gaping hole in my heart that can never be filled while I am on this earth. But I am grateful that for 16 years I had him in my life. Till we meet again, my son. I love you forever. Mom.
Jaril Lawson
I lost my beautiful daughter to an accidental prescription drug overdose on April 2, 2012 when she was 15 years old. Olivia was talented, intelligent, creative, funny, loving and compassionate. She will not be defined by her death but by the shining light she was during her short time here. She is deeply loved and fiercely missed by me, her step-dad, her brother and step siblings as well as all her family and multitude of friends. Kids need to understand that they are not invincible and that some mistakes cannot be fixed. One pill can kill. Olivia, I love you, I miss you, forever and always. There is no other way ~ Mom xoxox
Dale Jollota
RIP my boy. Anthony Harting, December 28, 1981 to June 20, 2010. With Never-ending love for my son.
Emanuela Harting
Yesterday Alex R. overdosed and died after being 16 months clean. It was his first time to relapse. That morning he posted on his Facebook: "Wake up, have a nice cold glass of water. Do 15 minutes of stretching, 10 minutes of meditation. Cook myself the usual breakfast - egg whites and oatmeal. Watch the sunrise.  One hour in, and my day is already amazing. Who else is already having a great day?"  This amazing day ended with his long-time girlfriend coming home after work to find him dead. Alex was 23 years old, getting ready to attend University in British Columbia, had a car, apartment, prospects for work. It was all coming together for him, but he picked up and used one more time. One last time. Alex leaves behind an amazing family who has done so much to support his recovery. Please pray for them.
Billy Gregg
Daddy may you rest in peace. No longer in pain. We love you.
August 31, 2014 will be the most awful anniversary. It was the day I lost my sweet son Benjamin, my only child, to an accidental drug overdose - ironically on Overdose Awareness Day itself. Ben was 17, and we never even remotely saw it coming. He was spending the night with a few friends, planning a future with his girlfriend, and they got a hold of some oxycontin. They all went to sleep around 5am and slept until 1:30pm. When they woke up, Ben was gone! He had been gone probably since shortly after they went to bed, and his girlfriend slept the night beside him. He just slipped away, so silently, unnoticed. Ben was a good boy - the best! He cared for and took care of everyone to the point of giving them food and shelter if needed. He listened to everyone's problems and gave them strength to make it through their struggles. He made them feel good about themselves and helped them find purpose and value in their lives. He had no prejudice toward anyone and taught those around him to lose their prejudice. Even for a mentally disabled man much older than he was - he sought out advice on how to help and befriend him. He was always respectful to us, his parents. At his funeral all of his friends said he was the kindest person they had ever met. To me, he was my joy, my only child, the only child I ever needed. He had a beautiful sense of humor and of appreciation of small things like turtles and fried eggs and and the wooly feel of lambs. He would help me by telling me to leave my new braces alone or else they would bother me more than they already did. He would ask me why I spent so much time getting ready - he said "You come out looking exactly the same. You always look good, Mom." Yes, he was truly my pride and joy. He searched for truth and the meaning of life - online, in conversation, in thoughts and dreams. He searched for God, for goodness, for health, for ways to help others. He talked to God and read the Bible and developed his own way of seeing and worshipping God, always searching for more answers. I believe he has now found his answers, and is enjoying the fullest joy he could ever know, with Jesus. Enjoy your reward in Heaven, my sweet Ben! I hold you always in my heart and look forward to seeing you some again. day. Please pray for us here. I love you always, my Ben! - Mom
Linda Rabenberg
Randy missed you so much for your 23rd birthday a couple of days ago. We did find some comfort setting up your Facebook page 'Randy's Kind Gestures'. Over 4,700 people did a random act of kindness for another on your birthday 8/21/14 just like you did every day because you knew how hard life could be. Hopefully the lives of those participants have been changed forever and this movement will continue in your honor. Shock is the only word to describe how we felt after you were clean so long and living so happily. We will find a way to survive somehow without you, they tell me. But I miss you and want you here with me every day. Love you the most, Mom
My precious sons Matthew and Brandon you will never be forgotten. Always in my heart. Momma will see you again some glorious day
Diane Woodward
To my beautiful son Hunter - You blessed each and everyone you came in contact with. Your love, kindness, joy and laughter was magnetic. You loved your baby girl for a lifetime and LOLA is truly blessed to have had you as her daddy. You taught me more about love and life than life itself, we fought this war together. I am so proud of how hard you fought! Heaven is a better place because of you. You were larger then life with love and an ANGEL YOU WERE AND WILL ALWAYS BE. God bless my sweet boy - my QUAN I LOVE YOU , MAMA XOXO♥♥♥
Forever in our hearts. Forever loved. Megan Lauren 2/23/80-3/8/11. Love, Mom, Dad and Kyle
My beloved daughter Kerri Hedding 9/25/89 to 2/9/2014. Always in my heart and forever on my mind.
Christine Hedding
My one and only sibling, Carlos Ramos, passed away to a heroin and Percocet overdose. My mom found my brother unconscious. Although 911 was called he was pronounced dead. That day my life changed. He was a loving brother, son and uncle. R.I.P baby brother, you're gone but never forgotten.
Vimarie Prieto
Sadly missed, happily remembered. It didn't have to happen, but addiction isn't something we don't all overcome! We miss you: Sharon Carisse Wayne Grexton Bruce Davis Jimmy Blij
Weeum, it's been 5 years and I guess it's safe to say now that there will always be a piece missing from my heart that you took with you to the big guy upstairs. Many days I would rather be with you than down here. Hope with all of my everything that I'll see you again one day. I love you.
Timmy, I am so very very sorry.  I think I made just about every mistake in the book. I'm sorry, I did love you and I know you're at last at peace. Rosemarie
My son Nicholas died of a heroin overdose on March 2, 2012. His brother Joel wrote a song for Nicholas, his family, for others who have lost a loved one and anyone who is thinking of using one last time. The song is called Hello My Brother by Joel revised. It can be found on YouTube.
Michael Wenzel
Michelle Salamone - March 21,1975 to May 5, 2013. Forever 38. Love and miss you more than you'll ever know, Love, Mommy  
Maria Salamone
Thank you all for awareness day. Three months ago I lost the man I called soulmate, love and best friend. I wished I knew more about this demon drug, as I've learned now. I would have tried harder, I would have known better. I will hurt till the day I die, missing that most loving heart and immortal smile. Brian C always know you are so loved. Until we meet again my love sweet dreams
To my son James. I think of you all of the time. I miss you being here so tremendously. I hope you are at peace and watching over all of us. You were the best son a mother could ask for. I miss your enormous sense of humor, your giving and loving personality. I am so proud of you and the person you were here on earth. Fly on high dear angel.
For my Jimijam. You will always be my light. I miss your gorgeous smile, your contagious laugh, your bear hugs and the way you made me feel like I was the best Mom. I will die a little each day until we are together again!! You are my sunshine
In remembrance of John Szyler, originator of Any Positive Change as the definition of recovery and many other ingenious improvements in drug-related thinking. John overdosed on May 6, 1996 as he failed to take his precautions, which were so rare then. Now, in John's memory, for 18 years, Chicago Recovery Alliance has made naloxone available to people using, along with assistance in forming alliances for life to reduce overdose and its carnage. Thanks for all you gave us John and continue to RIP!
Dan Bigg
Robert Shimon Orban. Jul 30, 1979 - Jun 27, 2012. Queens, NY. Robert's zest for life was contagious and his sharp New York wit, although cutting at times, was always underlined with compassion and caring. A former pro hockey goalie, Robert loved his hometown New York Rangers. I'm sorry he felt as deeply as he did, for his acute awareness of his separation from God had him lean towards the solution that ultimately would be his undoing. Robert would help anyone and would rescue homeless animals on the streets. He just had a heart that was too big for this cruel world. RIP my good brother. He had New York coolness and an ability to make people laugh when no one else could make them. Him driving that souped-up BMW that he loved so much.
Mark Kinzly
Our son Zachary died on August 30, 2013 of a heroin overdose, while living in a very strict halfway house for addicts. He battled his demons for almost 10 years. When we were looking for a reading for his funeral, I came across this poem that said everything so well. I am including it here. I am free Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free, I’m following paths God made for me I took his hand, I heard him call Then turned, and bid farewell to all I could not stay another day To laugh, to love, to sing, to play Tasks left undone must stay that way I found my peace, at close of play And if my parting left a void Then fill it with remembered joy A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss Ah yes, these things I too will miss. Be not burdened… deep with sorrow I wish you sunshine of tomorrow My life’s been full I’ve savored much Good friends, good times A loved one’s touch Perhaps my time seemed all too brief Don’t lengthen it now with grief Lift up your hearts and share with me, God wants me now… He set me free.
Elizabeth Berndt
In memory of my son Patrick Spencer, who died of a heroin overdose on 11/18/09. He was born on 10/06/85. Forever 24, forever in my heart. I'm serving a life sentence with no chance of parole. So save a life!  Don't wait till it's too late CALL 911
Jan Messer
On 8/8/2013 our loving son passed away from heroin overdose. He was at a friend's house who left him for hours as he thought he was asleep. Graeme Andrew Johnson was born 27/10/1984. Taken far too soon. We will always love and miss him. Rest in peace son. Love you loads xxxxx
Yvonne Johnson
Forever precious Kim.
JC Spruce
I lost my sweet son when he was 24 years old. My beautiful, kind, lovable, smart, funny boy was everybody's friend. I miss him so much I can hardly breathe. Austin Nicholas Barthen 02/26/1981 - 09/16/2005
Lesli Messinger
In memory of my late husband Jason William Nolan 9/03/1978 - 3/03/2011. Love you always, miss you terribly. Forever you will be my "diamond in the rough".
Tracy Nolan
For my true love and my children's father, Steven Wolfe. It has been two months to the day that God called you home and relieved your suffering here on earth. With you for 19 years, half of my life spent loving you. I miss you so desperately, Steve. I love you. Eternally.
Sarah Deitch
My beautiful son Joshua Aaron George, 9/24/83 - 12/3/11. He was a gentle soul and had a smile that lit up the room.  I miss him so much. Why oh why do we have so many passings from drug overdoses. It has to stop I love you Joshua now and forever - Mom
Rose George
Murray you are missed. You are remembered. xx
Alice Steel
My son, Levi Jason Butler. A beautiful soul. Love and miss him immensely.
Hillary Moyle
Anthony "Tony RED" Givens. Damn. There are few in our lives that when we are with them we never question if they have our backs and best interest at hand. The many dark and dangerous streets and abandoned buildings that we frequented in our work over the years never intimidated me when I was with you as I knew that you had my back as I had yours. Wish I could give you a hug and let you know that you're missed and that you made a big difference in many lives and the work that is being carried on today. Bad jokes, always trying to pick up women no matter where or when. His love of dance and his commitment to make things better. REST good brother.
Mark Kinzly
Max Broden Courtney 10/17/91-10/26/13. Forever 22. Loving son, father, brother, grandson, uncle, cousin and friend. "Love to the Max".
Angie Courtney
James (Jim) Erickson. Rest in peace. A loving fiance, daddy, son, brother, uncle, friend. Gone from our lives forever, but never gone from our hearts.
Monica Erickson
Jorge Luis Alverez, Feb 22, 1967 - May 13, 2013. New Haven, CT His infectious smile and how he welcomed people. His love for the Pinstriped boys of summer from the Bronx and playing golf with friends. Always a welcoming hand did he have for those especially with the allergy of addiction. He rewired many a house for people who needed the work done but could not afford it. It was one of his many ways of giving back what was freely given to him.He truly will never be alone again. May you Salsa with the best of them my friend. The bantering between those of us that love the Red Sox and hate his Yankees. Never cruel, always in fun. His welcoming touch.
Mark Kinzly
To my beautiful baby Sara, lost to me on June 9, 2013. I will miss and love you forever. Although your pain and struggling are over, I will carry you in my heart and soul forever. Love you, Mom
My son Christopher 9/27/84 - 9/15/10, may God rest his soul, would have been 30 this year. We all love him and miss him more than words can say. Gone but never forgotten xoxo
Debbie Norrod
To: Patrick This is a tribute to my wonderful son Patrick Holley who passed away 2-13-2010 from a heroin overdose. Patrick fought addiction as best he could, but lost his battle in the end. Patrick was the light in our lives, and now that light has gone out. He was the heart of our family and is missed very much and will always be loved. We all love you Patrick. We miss your smile, laugh, sarcasm and most of all your BIG heart! We wish you peace, joy, happiness, and most of all LOVE for you for all eternity. May the good Lord look after you and love you. I look forward to the day we are reunited. Love you, miss you much.
Momma, Dad, Erin, Maggie & Fiona
To: Sean Dunn (passed away on 23/12/06) I miss you dearly. I often think about the times we spent together. You are sadly missed. Love Annemarie
Annemarie Heally
To: Heath, Andy and Lisa Three great loves, three great lives. Never ever forgotten.
To: Davey Thinking of you always
To: Jason Thinking of you always
To: Tolly Thinking of you always
To: Benjamin Kennedy Cartwright Benny Boy you were the light of my life, and the heart and soul of all our family. Your father loved you and your siblings adored you. You were also the naughtiest little devil going around. In your short 23 years you crammed more into those years, than most people do in a lifetime. When you were at your "worst" you would play the piano for me to calm me down it worked every time. Your legacy to all of us was you made the sun shine brighter for all of us and the Frank Sinatra song "I Did it My Way" was your anthem and we played it at your funeral as well as "Benny and The Jets". The world lost a talented young man the day you died. Rest easy my darling boy my "Blonde Bombshell" Forever Young Your loving mother, father and siblings
Paula Cartwright
To: Mel In memory of a very beautiful friend who died in December last year. Melissa was a sweet & gentle soul, warm, generous & loving. She will always be in my heart as one of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege to know & love. Rest in peace Mel.
To: A.J. Miss you mate everyday Lotsa love xxxxxx
The St Kilda Crew
Maxie & Matt. More than twenty years have passed and we still think of you both. Love you and miss you.
Your Old School Mates
To: Matthew Cook
. Will always love you. 
You were a good friend always. 
Miss you forever.
Kylie Hale

To: Theo Manesis 
We love & miss you so much 
We know that God had other plans for you
 Thinking of you every day
Your Girls - Renee & Sherie xxx
Renee & Sherie
To: Dad
 I love you always
Your Lil Princess Sherie
To: Shaun O'Connor AKA UKNER
 As each day passes you are now only a memory, a memory of childhood holidays, fights, laughter, family outings and fun times.... and then times became hard for us growing up. Many horrible things happened and we all drifted apart. Then god brought you and I back together, I felt like a mother to you more than a sister, I took care of you, and I hope you feel as though I took very good care of you.
Then you were taken from me again, and this time for good. I miss you more and more as each day passes, you are constantly in my heart, thoughts and dreams. I know you are watching over me now as I have watched over you! I miss you little brother and you will always live on in my heart and thoughts! LONG LIVED THE GREATEST!
Love always, Sissy
To: Jeff Cullen 

For my son, Jeff Cullen, who died at 27 years of age of an accidental overdose after a period of 6 months of abstinence. He was kind, funny, loving, loyal, generous, and beautiful inside and out. He loved animals, and was always standing up for what he believed, and was there to help others in need. He was a natural athlete, loved to mix music and be with friends and family. He was an old soul, a wonderful human with a horrible disease. He is missed greatly by so very many. On August 5th, 2011, he will be gone 3 years. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, sometimes it feels like forever. The pain of his absence is always with me. His Dad and I are doing what we can to help change policy, attitudes and maybe save a life. We call this doing "Jeff's work" now since he is no longer here. He was one who truly lit up the room with his smile, his laugh. He was humble and ever so sensitive and perceptive. I will never stop missing him and loving him. That invisible cord that connects mother to child is strong and I believe it is what keeps me going. I love you Jeff....beyond words. Mom   
To: Nick "Munch" Mata 6/18/87 - 5/14/10 
Nick we miss your face, your laugh, and your hugs. We are forever changed and for the better, this we owe you. The 22 years you spent with us, you taught us to love and cherish every day. It's been 15 months as of 5/14/2011 and it still feels like yesterday when we received the worse phone call ever. Our hearts hurt everyday but the only belief that keeps us going, is knowing nothing can hurt you now. That you are riding dirt bikes and cruising the river on your boat. That you are truly happy and free. We love you more than words can define. I carry your heart. 
Ang and Anthony
To: Allen
For my son Scott Allen Reece. He died of an overdose on August 5th of 2010. My son was the most loving, kind, considerate young man you would ever know. He was our life, You think your life changes when you bring a child into the world. Well try having one go out of the world. Talk about changes. I always thought I gave my son life, he actually gave me life. I have not missed one day of crying my eyes out for my son even why he had his disease, he still was one of the most considerate young men so full of life and love, so worried about hurting his mom and dad, trying to get clean for us. He walked in my home with that great big smile as well as my heart, Please God end this horrible nightmare so no one suffers like we parents do. My life will never be the same again, I died that day also but have to try and survive for the others , I do not want to, I struggle each and every day to live without my Handsome Son, It’s so unfair. You are so missed. It is painful son... 
To: Andrew For my son Andrew Lee Lamp. My son Andy died May 25th 2011 of a drug overdose. My life as I knew it ended that day. Andy was an addict. He fought so hard to overcome his addiction. He just couldn't do it. he was so smart and witty. Andy could name almost every type of tree there was just by looking at it. I mean really, who can do that? On March 9th 2011 Andy did the most courageous thing he had ever done in his life. He gave me his two boys to raise. He knew he and their mom could not take care of them. I am proud to be his mother. Andy your boys are wonderful and they talk about you every day. They love you more than you could ever know, confident that you are out there looking after them. They are strong and brave. I will never let them forget you. I love you precious son.
To My Brother Fil (Bondi Sydney) Deepest respect Brother, miss you more than you know - that laugh can never be replaced Bro. RIP my Brother.
To Devina My prayers are always with you. Missing you so much, remembering all the times we shared and had so much fun. But it ended so tragically - I wish you could have just asked me for help to find you like that in the bathroom. I just wish I could go back - you died alone but you are not alone - I always think or do the things we used to. RIP D luv you always.
To Ed It’s been 10 years but we still think of you - from all your friends.
To Piri: The folk who seem happy And those who seem bright With smiles on their faces And feet that are light Art not always those That have lived in the sun But those who faced darkness Fought it and won Miss you around - miss your light feet and smile.
To: Donna Mitchell What a waste.
Matt Jordan
To: Dano Australia Day will never be the same.
To: Tracey You had a good heart and were always kind to people. You always made me laugh when I was miserable. We will miss you heaps
To: Thomas McLeod Brock I have another daughter and still the same strong wife, someone that I will love for this and my next life. We didn't know you'd left us for another place and we still don't know if you chose to quit the human race. You were my friend and as close as a brother I guess. We did things our way and made quite a mess. Surrounded by daughters, sisters and wives who tried to help us all through our lives and now that I am reaching into my own twighlight. We both know that parents are right!
Bob & the girls
To: Kylie You were a good friend towards me - we understood one another. Even though you are not here I still celebrate your birthday. The thing I miss the most is having someone good to speak to like you. I'm still hurting inside thinking of good times we had together.
Cherryl Dunleavy
To:Dione I have been missing you quite dearly because we did a lot of great things-went to school together, movies etc. but there is one thing I will never forget is you were always saying to believe in everything you do and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
To:Tracey (from the Regal) & Cheeky (Gatwick) It was nice to see you everyday Tracey. I was really shocked, not to mention upset, to hear the news that you were found dead. You were so lively and will be sadly missed, Im sure.' RIP . And you Cheeky, just wish we could have known you longer. People need to know not to fool around with drugs. Know your limits or don't bother using.
Nicole Delaney
To: Glenn Harvey Miss you every day love - wish you were still here.
To: Tracey Take care and hope you are in a better place. Miss you - wish you were here - one day we will meet again.
To: My darling sister I miss you every day and so too do all your friends in St Kilda - you are always in our hearts and conversations - Rest in peace.
Your loving brother AJ – Andrew Crook
To: My Sister Every step I take, every breath I make I'll be missing you - in my heart forever
To: Kelly Wayne Kelly will always be in our hearts, may she shine on. Love you Wayne Alan
Alan Drysdale
To: My little brother We started our physical journey through life together and now I have to walk alone. I know that you are with me spiritual. I hope you finally have the peace and rest your soul needed. I love you.
Your sister
To: Seamus Finnigan Miss you every day
Sam Blois
To: James Never forget you and our friendship
To: Davey Thinking of you always.
To: John Never forget you and our friends
To: Pat You always believed in Angels Now you fly with them I wish I could have understood you more
Your LIttle Sister
To: My Son Jeremy A place to Rest and Shelter for your soul has been found in your most favourite place in the world above the cloud line at the top of a run listening to the music from the lifts below now and for eternity Love you forever
Your Mum
To: All We often swim in the unknown waters of drug use that’s why we need to educate ourselves in the substances we inject My heart goes out to all those in the waters of addiction and have fallen prey to the sea of monsters
Fred Tori
To: Lee Anne Brown To a great friend and mate You should of never been taken from us but the lord wanted you way too soon Thinking of you each day Love always Your mate Roseanne
Roseanne Hughes
To: Kevin Thinking of you always
To: Kylie Thinking of you always
To: Timothy Thinking of you always
To Bailey Rhea November 24,1982 - January 7, 2009 - My first born, I think of you everyday and miss you even more as the time passes. You left behind 2 precious little boys (one in which you never got to meet) and a broken heart for me. I will always keep your memory alive and never let you be forgotten. I now know that you are in a peaceful place that has no struggles, pain, sicknesses, and evilness. You are in Heaven and are now my Angel and you can live peacefully. Until we meet again my son, I will always love you and the void in my heart will one day be filled again when we do reunite. We love and miss you my son - Love Mom
Donna Johnson
Dear York, Hope you are doing well looking down on us all struggling with our petty everyday lives. Somehow you always managed to lift us out of our gloom and make us happy. Your spark for life still lingers with us every day, and thinking of your bright smile and upbeat attitude still puts a smile on our face, like you used to do to everyone else. Your dad came and we gave him your belongings. It was amazing. One minute not a cloud in the sky, then as soon as he entered your room it poured. Thinking of you always our dear friend. Remember not to forget the doughnuts! Love always, Chris and Carley
Chris and Carley
In honor of my only son, Josef (Joey) Feguer 3/8/84- 4/3/2010. Died in his sleep from an accidental overdose. The world lost an amazing man, heart so big, smile so infectious, and those blue blue eyes I can still see when I close my eyes. In your short life, you lived wild, loved deeply, passion for your your death, you brought awareness to those around you who decided to stop the drugs once and for all. We will be together soon my son. Until then, I long to hear the words I loved the most, "I love you Ma!"
Disa Prudden
The day I (nearly) died was the day I decided to live again we remeber all my friends who have fallen and I FIGHT ON FOR ALL YOU WHOM I LOVED I miss you all each day but know you are in a better place the twenty minutes I died I felt true piece and the true meaning of life I was always searching to get high enough to touch God until the one day I did it was the most beautiful experience but I begged to come home to finish my journey to change things for the better addicts are people too. We struggle everyday to stay clean but its not an easy fight we love just as much as anyone and hurt and bleed the same as you or I ... and for all out there we need to stand together to make this world easier to save lives to make the politicial mindfield work for us We need Doctors to prescribe Drugs that work!!! We need more rehabs for those who are ready, we need more Doctors prescribing treatment for those who choose and we need support from our family and friends to help us get the rights to fight to live please stand behind us all we don't need to lose another Mother, Father, Child or Brother!!! My love goes out to those we have lost in this fight for Rights to be heard and not to give in to the shame ...we should not be hiding in the shadows thats how people get lost
Hope at NUAA
For my soul mate, true love, best friend, and husband. Dave passed away from an Accidental Combined Drug Overdose on January 22, 2012. Dave, you are the light of my life, and my rock. I miss you so much. You are the most amazing man I have ever had the privilage of knowing. You were the most loving, caring, compassionate, understanding, thoughtful, and most unselfish, and many, many more things. I wish that I could turn the clock back and change things. I would do things so differently. You are all I can think about. I miss hearing your sweet voice, seeing your warm smile, feeling your arms around me, and feeling your gentle kiss. As each day passes that I am without you, I feel like the pain is getting worse. I need you. I need the support and compassion that you always gave me right now. I love you and miss you with all my heart and soul, and will forever.
Laura Spencer
You are he greatest son a mother could ever ask for. Twnety-five (25) years was not enough time. When you left a very big part of my heart went with you my beautiful son, but you are free now. No more does the sorrows of life hurt you. I will love and miss you till I take my last breath. Christopher Charles Dinwiddie you are my heart and I am honored to be your mom. I love you.
Larae koerber
This is not a tribute I have a son using herion not a day goes by that I cry for him to stop. I have tried everything to help him stop. I even sent him away to live with someone else all I can do now is pray it stops here before I get that call that he's gone. I'm just a mother in pain.
lost in illinois
You were much loved & you are much missed Johhny Smoke.
Lock key
To my sweet boy, Dillon Luke Millwood, who died from an accidental drug overdose on August 15th, 2011. I miss you more than words can describe. As long as there is breath in my body, you will never be forgotten and I will dedicate myself to serving your memory and trying to help others who struggle with addiction. I love you so much. If I could have taken your place I would have gladly done so. I miss your smile, your laughter, and your incredible sense of humor. Most of all, I just miss hearing you say "Moma, I love you." You will always be in my heart. I will always love you and will never forget. <3
To my dearest Cameron lost to us on March 11th 2009. I miss you very very much and have done everything I can to make sure the loss of you was not in vain. I know you never wanted to go out that way and I wish every day that I could have stopped it. I hope you are looking down on us as we look up for you. x
Michael Gentle,kind and loving. Quiet and unassuming. Cheeky grin on his face when something tickled him Intelligent,focused,computer programmer, Musician but most of all loving son,brother,grandson, nephew and cousin. TOO YOUNG TO DIE ALWAYS LOVED mum,dad,chris and marie
Helena Wong
Please let me tell you about my son. His name is Adam Roland Hebert he was born June 12 1989 and died October 18, 2011 of a heroin overdose. Adam grew up like any other kid in a small community he had many friends and played sports. He was a hockey player and I loved going to every game and every practice. Adam did well in school it came easy to him. He was one of the loves of my life. He was my oldest and very special loving caring person. So then how did this happen? I couldn't tell you. I ask myself that everyday. When he became a teenager he changed started smoking pot and was getting into trouble with the police. He had been in and out of detention centers from the time he was 14 until he was 18. At that point it seemed he understood and he seemed to have cleaned up his act wasn't in trouble anymore and was growing up. About nine months before he died I found out he was using heroin, I was heart broken I tried everything I could to get him help over those nine months. I even went as far as going to the courts and had him committed to a rehab facility. A lot of good that did, they let him out after only 12 days. Adam was dead 5 days later. My world ended that day, finding my baby, cold and lifeless. I wish you knew how much you were loved I wish you didn't give up on yourself. I am telling his story because I want it heard I want everyone to know how this destorys families, I also want someone who is struggling to read this and know that you are loved by many and don't give up on yourself. So for my tribute to my son Adam I am reaching out to let you know we care. We all care. I am a mother of an addict who lost his life and I still and will forever love him. Love You Adam Mom
Carrie Butland
In remembrance of my son Yusef Kallab who lost his life to an overdose September 5, 2009. Yusef was prescribed Oxycontin for pain and very quickly became addicted. When Oxycontin became too expensive he switched to heroin, which was cheaper. I think of him every day.
Yusef’s Mom
Jason is missed every moment of every day since he passed on September 9, 2008 from an accidental heroin overdose. Jason had been sober for 8 months when he gave into his urge and lost.He lost his life and we lost him. Life will never be the same without you son. We are grateful he left behind a beautiful daughter the love of his life but I am so sad she will not grow up with her Daddy.We miss your laughter and smile the most.
Jason’s Mom
In remembrance of my son, Mark Jeremy Susong, 6/5/90- 2/10/12. He lost his life to heroin. He will be remembered by us for much more than how he died. We loved him dearly, and still do. We'll miss him forever, but will never forget him.
Jill Susong
To: Kristopher A battle too hard to win. We loved you regardless and lived in hope the day would come where peace would be your friend. So many new adventures to have - we all love you past the dark and miss your beyond... listening to you . Love Mum xxxxxxxxx
Marg, Jaimie, Tezz, Taylor
To: Tony The pain of losing you this year has not lessened, but, every day without you is another day closer to being with you again, for all eternity. You touched our lives and our hearts and though we only had you here with us for 32 years you are a part of who we are forever more. I love you Tony.
Your Sister Brigitte
To: Aloma I always think of my brother at family gatherings, birthdays, warmly looking at his children too. I recently got a big photo of my brother. There are days when I cry for him - he is always in my thoughts.
To: Aunty Mary Since that day has past I wonder how long I will last U were an occasional user Where I am an abuser U should not have been taken But that was the day I was awaken.
To: Phyllis Trifitt (Phil) It's been 13 years but I still miss my best mate in the world. I miss our run amock times and those whirlwind days of purple haze kinda stuff - when I get to heaven I will find you and we will go mushie picking. Love always - Hel.
Helen Woods
To: Frog To the man who changed my life still to this day. I was asleep and blind and you woke me up and made me see - wish you were still with us in body but will always be with us in mind and spirit.
Rachel & Dylan
To: My Bab Nathan Chalkley = Still waiting for it to become easier honey. Sad that I didn't get to say goodbye and to tell you that I love you more than anything. I pray that you're at peace and you have overcome your demons. Hope you realise what you left behind. All for the sake of a few minutes of peace that I will never understand. You not only left me behind but you left your two beautiful children behind who miss you more than anything, especially your son Jarrad, who is so much like you and finding it hard to live without you in his life. I will do everything in my power to make his life and Emma's as happy & normal as possible. I am sure that is what you would have wanted for them. All our love Katrina, Jarrad & Emma Chalkley.
Katrina Jarrad & Emma Chalkley
To: Jarrad My baby boy I hope you are pain free whereever you may be. If I had one more day I would tell you how much I miss you since you were taken away. It hurts baby. I try not to cry but it hurts. I hope you are being looked after. I love you and miss you like crazy. I love you now and forever. I love you Jarrad.
To: My Mate Think of ya every time I have a whack. Would like to have some for ya but don't - want to end up like ya so I just think how you would enjoy it and enjoy it for ya.
My Mate
To: Thomas John Kotowski Why did you sacrifice your life for a few minutes of harmonious heaven? Why indulge in this devil’s blood - it had you hypnotized Why did you let it turn you into a zombie that can't awake to see the stranger you became? Why didn't you break free from the hold this pleasure has on you? Why didn't you acknowledge the people who loved and cared? Why didn't you open your eyes and see the death sentence you had signed? We can never bring you back from the devil’s hands but we will always love you.
Sally, Billie & Andrew
To: Streetharts Thank you.
Little Cindy
To: The Booth Family Mr Booth both your sons deserved so much more out of life, not to die on the end of a needle. I wish all the luck in the world. Stoney
Andrew M Stone
To: All families left in grief through the loss of loved ones It has been 10 years and I am sad to say I remember the day you passed away I feel myself break down now and then I needed you around for guidance my friend Oh how I wish you were here my bro Cause I am lost out here nowhere to go I see you in my dreams you are always there I wake up hater all stuffed up and that is not fair Oh how I wish you were here and not there Don't know why you had to go I love ya always my dear bro. In memory of Paul J Mudge
To: My little brother Ash It has not been a year yet and my heart is filled with pain, I talk to you often, I wish you could do the same. One day we will meet again and we will talk about this pain. Love your Sister x
To Simone I will always remember your warmth, openness and your love for your brother, husband and dogs.
To Mum Missing you - lots of love and God Bless - please watch over your grandson Joshua.
To Donna In memory of a bright spark who always battled against the odds - you will be missed.
Mary Anne
To Terry Radnidge Thinking of you mate - 30 years later - God Bless.
Terry Hawkins
To Adam I see our son Marc I see you Looking at me very cheekily You are so loved The little genius lives on Through the talent of our son Our creation - your beautiful man Adam tattooed on my back Many questions about shacky’s shack My name and body on your arm Very proud that art lives on I know you are with me As a flea just jumped on thee Never gone. Flee
Flee (Carolyn-Jane)
To Steven I remember you and you were a good friend.
To Shane Goodfellow You’re a strong man who always stuck by his guns. Close mates with my father who died three months ago. My Father always spoke with respect towards you because you were one of a kind and my Dad was one of a kind too. Both rest in peace - God is in good hands taking care of you both. God bless you both - I miss you - I love you very much.
Lana Pettiford
Robby Nunes, 7/17/81-4/16/01, accidental heroin and cocaine overdose after 7 months of sobriety. Your family and friends miss you so much. My heart is forever broken and I will miss you until I draw my last breath. I am always your loving mom. I miss my kid.
Sandi Daoust
In memory of my son, Tim Steil, who lost his battle at the age of 19 on July 2, 2011..Always remembered, never forgotten..not a day goes by that I don't wish you were still here with us..We miss you so much.
Katie Steil
To: My Son Quentin, died from a accidental overdose, 27 years old died on March 23, 2010. The best son ever...missed so much and loved forever. See you in heaven dear heart! Moms
Kathy Smith
In honor of my sweet son in law Ryan, who lost his battle in June, 2012 leaving behind his wife, baby, and 4 year old stepdaughter. Ryan, you are dearly missed and so, so loved. If I could bring you back for Kristyn, I surely would in an instant. Shine down on them, please?
Sean Patrick you will never be forgotten nor shall your passing be in vain. You were taken from from us at the tender age of 18 on 11/11/07 by the demon called heroin. Many have realized the dangers of drug use since your passing and I will continue to keep the torch going to help in educating in hopes of saving lives to this horrible disease. Love Mom and Dad
John and Jill Kelly
Funny Jim kept us laughing and seeing the world with clear blue green eyes. Overdose took him after 22 years of battling the disease of addiction in March, 2003. Today he inspires us in so many ways as we strive to help others - those who also wrestle this disease and those who love them. Jim, you are my guiding star; my hope and my dreams come true in ways I could not have imagined when you died. You live in my heart and still offer inspiration in ways you and I could not have predicted. Keep us moving forward in your honor and for your uncle Bill and niece, Amanda, also lost to the disease of addiction. Love, Mom
Barbara Allen
I lost my only son Richard J. Yaskolka on June 24,2010 due to an accidental drug overdose..Our lives will never be the same..the heartache that no one understands unless they have walked in our shoes...our children are not supposed to go before us...I believe that God took our son home to end the pain and suffering he was enduring..he was clean for 6 weeks and decided to try one more time...well the one more time killed him...I miss my son so very much every minute of every day..people say you have to move on...well it's not possible to move on without your child..I love you Richie and will love you forever and ever..until we meet again...Love, Mom xoxoxo
In loving memory of my precious son, Ryan Scott Koch. God took you home when you called out to Him. I am forever missing you and loving you more each day. I will be with you when God brings me home to you. Until that glorious day, you will stay in my heart always. I Love you so much, Ryan. Forever, Mom
tina koch
I miss you Joshua. There is a part of me with you, and a part of you with me forever. I think of you every day. I only wish I could have found a way to help you. I wish I had understood the pain you were in. I wish our last words on this earth were different. I love you with all of my heart. I know that you are safe and with Jesus. I know you are the warrior you always wanted to be. I know that I will see you again. Until then I will continue to miss you every single minute. All my love til the end, Mama
Dawn Oakwood
On March 4th 2011 my life changed for ever. I lost the one thing in my life no one could take from me. I lost my daughter Amanda Courington Paul. (ALABAMA) After 8 overdoses and I realize I was an enabler. I just could not stand to see my baby sick. I detoxed her, turned her in to police, wiped her tears all to try to save her life. The times I sat in the halls of the emergency room ALONE praying God would spare my daughter. Not this time God PLEASE I would say. Amanda went to Boot Camp graduated with her G.E.D. Was going to make a difference. Heroin was to strong. HEROIN WON. I miss you baby girl. You come to me in my dreams. I check on you through Mediums. You are happy. You found your place in Gods arms. I am very stingy though I miss you and took you the way you were God thought he could do better then me. I will see you one day, I have your children to remind me of you and many memories I just wish I could of saved you. Love, Mommy
Linda Williams
Winning The Fight will be honoring those that have lost, and those that have lived through a drug overdose. Never when we brought you home from the hospital Brett, would I have ever thought you would have left us so early because of drugs. We miss you so very much. Our lives have this huge hole. Everyday we get up and carry on with our lives, but there is always that deep sadness of you not being here. Please continue to watch over us and all the important people in our lives. Our goal now is to save as many lives as possible. Need your help with that. With all my love, Mom
Kathy O’Keefe
We miss you our dear Melissa who passed away on Aug.31,2009. Love, Your family, and friends.
Cindy Shattuck
My sweet Will, my life changed forever the day your heart stopped beating. I miss you so much, not a minute goes by that I don't think of you. I can't believe that an accidental overdose took you away from us forever. I love you my son, Mom
Your Mom
In loving memory of my precious daughter, Jennifer Reynolds- Died 1.15.2009 at age 29 of an accidental drug overdose Website: Good bye- All to soon you are gone no time to say I love you so I miss your smile and even the tears We used to share both in those roller coaster years We tried to get it right we tried many times To ease your pain we searched in vain It was two steps forward and one step back The same old problem kept coming back We got to point A and even point B Then came the test for you to be free It seemed no matter how hard we tried This painful oppression blurred by depression Became the same cycle and try as we did With all our might We could not keep The darkest of night to depart from our life The days turned to months the months turned to years All we have now is regrets and tears I ask God, “why” did you have to die? All I hear is a silent reply I have memories I have tears Most of all, though I have no more years No more tomorrows to hug away your fears No more chances to say “you’re gonna make it” You memory is alive In all our hearts I keep my chin up With tears running down my cheeks Goodbye precious Jen Until we meet again… I love you, Mom
Mom and family
To our gorgeous brother Trevor, It was 20 years this year since we lost you to an accidental overdose. I keep you close to my heart and I will never forget you. xox
To My Ritter, (Christopher Michael 06/03/1987 to 5/2/2010 I will miss you forever my beautiful Grandson. I am so sorry I couldn't help you no matter how hard I tried. 22 years was not long enough to have you. love and miss you GMA
Dear Bree I hope that next time round things are better for you. I remember every year.
Dear Tony, We only knew you for a short time, but you soon became one of our closest friends. You were an integral part of our small community, touching all with your spirit and the way you faced lifes adversities. If only someone knew you were lying there in need, holding on to life stubornly in true Tony style right to the very end. Your death touched everyone in town deeply and no-one will ever be able to fill your shoe. It's always the good ones. Love always, C and C
Chris and Carley
More than 800 drug related overdose deaths in 2011 are enough. Support the Overdose Awareness Day
Dominic who passed away at the tender age of 23 in April of 2008 from heroin and prescription anxiety medication. We hope you are finally at peace. I look for signs from you everywhere and will continue to try to make contact with you until I reach the other side too. We're not the same since you left us. Our hearts are broken. You have left a huge void in this family. We miss you sweetheart more than words can say. xo Mom,Dad and Lex
Fran Ciabattoni
TO MY BEAUTIFUL SON NATE ....On Sept 20th 2008 I lost my only child ( Naythan Anthony Kenney ) he was my love , my life and my best friend, my life has NEVER been the same ....I promise you Nate that I will take good care of your son Mason Dean and I will NEVER give up on loving and waiting to be with your son, my grandson Nolan Dex Kenney, no matter if I have to wait with open arms for the rest of my life, I will pray that his mother will let me see him once again and that she will come around and do the right thing and let Nolan see our family who loves him dearly, it has been 4 years sense I last saw Nolan when you passed away. I will pray for Katherine, and hope that some day she will DO THE RIGHT THING and let our family be apart of his life once again. Nolan needs all of us and I know that you would want us to all be together again .I LOVE YOU MY DARLING SON AND I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY THAT WE WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN UP IN HEAVEN ..Mason is the picture of you Nate you would of been so proud...He is a mini Nate. I will make sure that Charlie your best friend will ALWAYS be apart of Masons life , I know how important that is to you . RIP my beauty and mama will see you soon ..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...MAMA ALWAYS and FOREVER OXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOX
Verlene Crawford
I lost my beloved first-born son, Mitchell Craig Fleitman, born on April 15, 1988 and passed away at age 22 on June 11, 2010 from an accidental drug overdose (heroin). I found him and will never be the same again. Mitch left behind a mother, a father, and three younger brothers and also a grandmother and many aunts, uncles, cousins,and friends. Mitch loved and played hockey,and also enjoyed spending time listening to music and hanging with his friends. He was interested in auto mechanics and fast cars. He was kind to his friends and stood up for others when they were bullied, as he himself was also bullied so he understood. Our hearts are broken forever. We miss you dearly, my son. I'll love you for always...forever my baby you'll be. Missing you forever in my life.
Margie Fleitman, your forever mom
My only son died 10-08-2003 from a prescription drug overdose. I miss him so much, he was my baby.
Sharon Acosta
My son Salvatore Marchese died on September 23, 2010 from an accidental heroin overdose. Sal was an amazing son, brother and father - a beautiful soul who will forever be remembered and loved.
Patty DiReno
I have lost many people throughout my life to heroin, which has lead to overdose or suicide. I was lucky I came back the times I overdosed and now do not use and help others who do. To all my friends I have lost over the years, you are all missed deeply and never forgotten. I miss you Snappy. You left us with a deliberate heroin overdose to end your life. Many tears are still shed for you even though it's been 14 years. Dread and Dan you are missed by many. So many friends gone. You will never be forgotten. Love always and forever. Your friend M
To my dear son. I miss you really bad. I am so sorry you chose that life. You have been gone since April 30th 2007. I love you Charles.
Tina Jenkins
Anthony Perkins #7 My son died from an accidental drug overdose due to Methadone on 4-21-2004. I will forever love and miss you here on this earth but I look forward to seeing you in Heaven. Your spirit continues to inspire me. This road I travel called grief is such a hard one. I miss what should have been....You here with me. Love, mom
lisa duncan
Anthony Harting, December 28, 1981 to June 10, 2010. My son died in his bed at home from a heroine overdose, his children are missing a wonderful father. My child I miss you more, if the days were longer I would miss you even more. With neverending love for my boy. Ma.
Emanuela Harting
I know you never meant to leave us, our beautiful Vallie girl. Your heart was way too big for this world and now you fly with the angels. I love you and miss you beyond measure. We will see you again. Valerie Nicole Moore 8-7-88/4-28-08
To: Kim Kim Mitchell died of a drug overdose on April 26th 2011. She was 20 years old and we miss her more than words can say. Kim also suffered from an eating disorder and depression and we believe she was self medicating since the doctors just couldn't get it right. She was a great softball player and she managed the store where she worked and was loved by all. May God watch over you and us and may justice be done. Love Always, Mom, Dad, and brother Brian
Ann, Joe and Brian Mitchell
To my only child, my precious daughter Marti LoMonaco born 4/16/62 - left this earth on 11/3/09 at the age of 47 due to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs that she was addicted to. Many hearts were shattered the day you left with the angels. I will never be the same, I will miss you until the day we are together again. You will live forever in my heart and as long as I am on this earth I will keep your memory alive. The world must never forget you were here.
Mickey Fisher
This for my nephew Justin "JD" Carter who passed away June 18, 2011, RIP you are truly missed and loved!!!
Gwen Reynolds
For our son Justin Dale (JD) Carter. 7/17/1983-6/18/2011, died from a Cocaine Overdose. We love and miss you so much. We know one day we will "SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE".
To Josh Graves, my beloved grandson who died March 19 2011 age 21 from a prescription pill and alcohol. We love you and miss you every single day big buddy. 'Til we meet again. xoxoxoxoxo From Grammy and Pop
Gerri Scott
In loving memory of my beautiful boy, Tyler William Anderson. Tyler died from an accidental overdose of heroin on February 4, 2012. He was only 23 years old. Our lives will never be the same. We miss you every single day. We will love you forever. We will see you in heaven. I love you my precious boy. Love, Mama
Debbie Anderson
To my uncle Pete, I am sad so very sad that you died alone, so young, your future taken from you. I am sad, so very sad that my cousin lost his dad. I am sad so very sad that my nan grieved in silence. I am sad so very sad that your sisters, brother and parents lost your future too. Your niece, Emma
In loving remembrance of Ian Murphy Mitchard. We loved him well, he was our joy. 9/21/1979 - 9/24/2007
Marilee Murphy Odendahl
To Drew- my blue eyed teddy bear. You know how much you are missed. I didn't realize how much a heart could hurt, until 26 June 07--- Forever and Always ---Mom
Debby Wood
Wayne, you are my world. Always were and always will be. I miss you more than words could ever say. I will be with you again...I love you. One Love. 1/14/85 ~ 4/1/11
this is for my big sister and brother, whom both died from overdosing. Remember you did not die in vain. I love and miss you everyday. until we meet again, love you both
sherry mclaughlin
My Dearest Barry, My first born child, with so many nicknames :); Ninja Barry, Big B. Bear. On Feb.2, 2011 my heart was shattered forever. You fought the Fight of Dual Diagnosis with dignity and integrity. You battled the Double Stigma ( Mental Illness, and Addiction ); you taught me, "your Ma" so very much. We lost you on a day a huge blizzard had just passed through our community. Your life was a storm and you left with a storm...It was all so Very Barry. It was your 4th and final Heroin overdose, and you always said your life was like the movie "Groundhogs Day" and ironically you left this cruel world you battled with, On Groundhogs Day! Thats something I have always wanted to say to you honey," This Groundhogs Day, its not the same Honey. This one, you went home to Yahweh, your greatest Love, your Best Friend". I lost my best friend that day, and I long to hold you and hear your voice...I will Miss You with All My Heart, Until...We Meet Again My Precious Son. R.I.P. Barrett K. Falzone 9/17/85-2/2/11 Here is a quote from Barry, I found on a small piece of paper in his belongings....." To spend Eternity Praising Your Name would be Sweet Bliss compared to spending eternity on my own Hopes and Wishes " Barry's Bible was 4 ft. from his body when we found him. A Beautiful Soul, returned to a place of peace and love that he never experienced here on earth... I Love You Baby...ALWAYS !!
Barry’s ” Ma “
Life was cut just too short for all the friends I have loved and lost. Gone but not forgotten. From Herion to HIV and quite a few from HCV National Allliance for Medication Assisted Recovery NAMA R of Florida END THE DRUG WAR Nanette
A co- worker, a class mate, an inspiring person. To think of the story I never got to hear. You were strong and clean for years and reached your long term goal, then somewhere down the track you lost your way with no help from the media you then left the world behind. I hope you are at peace now but know you are thought off daily. To those you touched and to the clients you helped RIP Dan the Man. XOOXO CR
Dear Richie, George and Ryan, Always in my heart and will never be forgotten xxxx Liz
To: Samantha Vincent My it's been sooo long. Really miss you and know, you're still with me.
Alana Lacey
Michael Patrick Duffy 8/8/87--10/28/08 After 11 months of sobriety, Michael died from an overdose of OxyContin. Missed every day by his Dad and I and his sisters, brother, niece and nephew. He was a funny guy who loved his family dearly, which includes his dogs.
Patty Duffy
Brian, there aren't enough words to ever explain how much I miss you. Somehow, time passes, days become years and I am still here. I hope you are near and that you see how many Mothers I have helped in your honor. That and of course your baby brother are what help me go on. I will love and miss you forever. Love, Mom
Janet (Mom)
To my Beauty, Nicole Monique Willens passed on February 27, 2012. Tomorrow it will be 6 months and my heart is so broken. I actually feel it is hard to breath since you are gone. My beauty Queen I miss you so much. I miss everything about you. I miss you baby.
Carol Roane
To my cousin Alex- We fought that battle together I truly thought one day we would think back on our crazy days and think about how stupid we were. I miss you. I can't believe it ended like that the tears don't wash away the pain your mom and dad are numb but the thoughts of you not being in pain is what gets them through the night. I miss you and will never stop loving you. Your sisters are doing so well I know they miss you. Enjoy your life in heaven since you were in misery down here. I'll always love you. You keep me strong and for that I love you.
amy Rudnitskas
To Chris Crompton, a beautiful young man who we knew all of his life. Son of our best friends Allan and Nina Crompton. He was a shining light who somehow became trapped by an insidious darkness which took him from us. Chris will be loved and remembered always. John and Vicki Sampson.
John and Vicki Sampson
Uncle Rob, Even though you're gone, I will hold the memories you left me with dear. My fondest: when we lived in the small two bedroom house and you would make me and my sisters breakfast... Flipping pancakes high into the air. I recall when one hit the ceiling, you scrambled to scrape it off before my mom got home from work. I will remember you at these times, the happy ones. Now that I am older, I realize there was a sadness and a pain that took you prematurely from the ones that loved you most. We all love(d) you. I loved you, but I hate the choices that you made. I hope that your pain has finally subsided. I hope you have found peace and that some day I find peace with your passing.
Your loving niece, Jamie
Mikhaila Camille Throop (aka baby girl, Misha, Mimi) born 8 June 1993 died 7 May 2012, 1 month shy of her 19th birthday. She was my niece, my friend, the little sister I never had, a sister to two, the firstborn, a savior to her mom, and a friend to many. She will never leave our memories or our hearts. I love you Misha - forever and ever. Come visit us in our dreams again sweetheart. xoxo
Auntie Esther
My 1st born, Mikhaila Throop was out with her friends all day; high. Mish went to 'hang out' at Corey's house where she was given an abundance of lethal doses of cocaine, opana, ambien, and xanex. Mish felt sick, she got dropped off at home, then they told her to go to sleep; she died 6 hours later after I tried texting her roommates all night who said 'she was fine'. Mish has touched the lives of so many if you knew her, you were fortunate to have at least the opportunity of knowing your best friend. Mish has touched more lives after death; from the nurses at the hospital to the funeral director, to many more on our blog for her on Fb "Rest Easy Misha". Her father and I are trying to reach, help, bring awareness to as many as we can help or need someone to listen to... She had siblings that didn't get to say goodbye,a father that she never met nor could he say hello, a mother that is in constant pain that has lost the greatest thing she has ever created and friends....friends that are still abusing drugs...please remember her and so many others that have lost this battle. I LOVE YOU MIMI .....Until he calls your name
Sarah Lemieux
Daniel Richard Suey, our almost 15 years together were the BEST and WORST years of my life. I lost you on December 8th, 2011, 10 days after your 38th birthday. I miss you so much EVERY SINGLE DAY! You have given me a second chance at life. I stopped using the day you died, almost 9 months clean now, and a whole new HEALTHY LIFE ahead of me. Daniel thankyou so much. I will love you forever. Love always, Razza xxxx
To my son Donald John Kinsler...passed away Feb 27,2010, accidental heroin overdose. I miss you sooo much, think of you constantly everyday, your friends miss you. You'll never know what a positive impact you had on people. I heard so many wonderful stories from your friends and acquaintances. You are so loved and missed by everyone! I started "Stop Overdose Now (S.O.N.) in your memory. Until I can tell you myself always know "I love You"!!! MOM
Pam Moloci
Scott, you are the light in our lives. Scott lost his life to heroin at the age of thirty. We all miss you dearly and talk about you often. The stories we tell always make us smile because you were such a blessing. I think about you every day and know that you are in a better place and at peace. Your fight with the disease of addiction is over and your pain is gone. This thought is what helps us through our day. Miss and Love YOU!!
Your Mom, Sister & Children
Missing our first-born son, Mitchell Craig, born April 15, 1988, whom we lost to a heroin overdose on June 11, 2010. Forever 22!! We will forever miss and mourn everything about him. He loved to work on cars, loved fashion, high-end hairstyles but his number one love was always ice hockey! He loved it ever since he was a very young boy. He never intended to forever alter our lives and we know that he would not have wished all this sadness for us. He taught us tolerance, compassion, patience, understanding, and most of all…unconditional love for him that will NEVER end! He will always remain in our hearts and in our minds till the end of our days. Love you so much, beloved son, adored grandson, brother to Jared, Sam and Jack, nephew, cousin and a devoted and true friend. Loving you, Mitchy!
Mom, Dad, Jared, Sam & Jack
For my son Darren Innes, taken from us due to an accidental drink and drug overdose. Forever 22, miss you so much, my heart is forever broken xxx Lots of love Mum, Lisa Abby family and many friends xxx 3.4.88~1.1.11
Missing our first-born son, Mitchell Craig, whom we lost to a heroin overdose on June 11, 2010. We will forever miss and mourn everything about him. He loved to work on cars, loved fashion, high-end hairstyles but his number one love was always ice hockey! He loved it ever since he was a very young boy. He never intended to forever alter our lives and we know that he would not have wished all this sadness for us. He taught us tolerance, compassion, patience, understanding, and most of all...unconditional love for him that will NEVER end! He will always remain in our hearts and in our minds till the end of our days. Love you so much, beloved son, adored grandson, brother to Jared, Sam and Jack, nephew, cousin and a devoted and true friend. Loving you, Mitchy!
Margie Fleitman
My darling Jacky B- Even though it has been 8 long years since you left this "sad, old world" we miss you just as much. I know that you didn't mean to leave us but you had that horrible disease of addiction. Your shining light now shines through your precious son, Braden. We are doing our best to help others with the disease of addiction. You are still with us, I feel your presence every day. I love you, Son. Mamsy
Charlotte M. Lanier, LMSW
Casey, It seems impossible that 10 years have passed since we lost you to heroin and the disease of addiction. There's never been a day in those ten years that you have not been deeply and desperately missed. We miss your smile, your laughter, your wit, your hugs - we miss all that was YOU. Your dad and I continue to be the keeper of your light as we share "Casey's Law" with other families in KY and across the country. You have made a difference in this world, Casey, and we are so blessed to have had you for 23 years. Thank you for being our son. We love you so and always will.
Your mom and dad
To my dear little brother Peter. How I wish I could turn back time and right all of the wrongs that led you down this path. I wish I could have been a better big sister and saved you from the hurt and pain. What I would give to hear from you again. To spend another day with you. You are in my heart forever and I just hope and pray that we get to see each other again, in some way. You are missed by Mum and Nann so very much. I hope that wherever you are, it is somewhere beautiful where your mind can be at peace. I love you with all my heart and cherish every memory I gave. Your sister Megan xxx
Remebering you today and everyday as it is your 2 year anniversary. You struggled with your drug addiction for so many years. May you now rest in Peace Allen Woods xxx
Jodie Cromer
To Kellie King, I don't recall the date, all I know is losing you broke the hearts of many. May you be sleeping peacefully, forever in my heart xxx
Shona and family
Mikhaila (Misha) Throop, 18, June 8, 1993 - May 7, 2012. Prescription drugs. The world is not the same without you.
The ones that love you
Babe, I know as angels take us one by one we'll meet again. I feel your spirit walk beside me everyday. I'm lost without you. Your daughter Yasmine looks so much like you so I've always got a part of you in our little daughter and in my heart. See you on the other side. I love you and miss you, and there's not a day that goes by that your family and I don't pray for you. I will always love you.
Your girl Ashley Jade Sumne and your little angel Yasmine
To my Coley, You are missed more than life. How we are going on is mystery but we have no choice. My girl I would always say I did not have a daughter but I had my Coley. Waiting until I am with you again. Love aunt Didi
Diane roman
My angel my star Jen. Jen passed away on November 5, 2005. She died from drowning and multiple drug intoxication. She had a dumb accident because she was high and slipped in the bathtub and knocked herself out and drowned. You were my best friend, my daughter, my love. I will miss you forever.
Sandi Mc
Not a day goes by that we don't think of our beloved son Patrick Michael Burkett, who died on March 18, 2006 of a "polypharmacological overdose" which included methadone. He was just 20. He played a mean guitar and had a brilliant, quirky sense of humor. I'm crying right now as I write this...and my heart goes out to all who are grieving for loved ones lost to drugs.
Zann Carter
RIP my beautiful daughter, Jaycie Alexander 1-21-1986~~5-17-2011~~ Our lives will never be the same, a little less sunshine and a little more rain. We are now learning to dance in the rain....until we see each other again. We all misss and love you so much...Butterfly kisses forever changed.....Please sign...
Susan Todd Overstreet
To my dear mom, Patti Holden Hodge, you will forever be remembered in my heart. I love and miss you so much.
Martha Armstrong
In loving memory of my son Ralph 3-5-1988 to 5-27-2012. I will miss you forever, my heart is broken, you left me too soon my son. May God watch over you, until we see each other again. I know you didn't mean to overdose, but I know you thought you were superman. I will always love you with all my heart. Your my #1. Love, Mom oxox
marisel chavez
In loving memory of Tyler Zane Sommers 07/11/1990 ~ 11/10/2011. The Love you took with you Ty Ty is and will be missed by so many in life! Your Little sister misses you more than the world will ever know! Your father needs your support each and every day and my prayer is that all will have you to lean on in times of need! May the World find a way to help so many in need! Love Mom
Kathy Bussing
To My Son Lenny, I lost you to a heroin overdose 9 yrs ago. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you a hundred times. Miss you my boy.
In Memory of my beautiful son, Robby Nelson - 09/16/82 - 10/17/09 - Accidental Overdose. There's not a day; not even a hour that goes by, that I don't think of you, my beautiful beautiful son. I miss you and love you so very much. I can't wait until we meet again, and I can wrap my arms around you. All my love and heart, forever, Mom.
Tami (Mom)
In loving memory of Samuel Wallin. I will always miss you my love. Sleep with the angels
In memory of my beloved godson Kyle age 21 who lost his life to an accidental Meth overdose 11/15/10 I love you Kyle
For Sonia Nicole or "Nikki" the best friend I ever had my whole life, some one I wanted to know until old age. Gifted artist, brilliant mind and loving spirit. May you fly free from all your worries and troubles now and forever. Ended her battle with Heroin 2 days after her 30th birthday on June 30th. May no one suffer as you have suffered, I miss you and wish I could have prevented everything.
Jarryd Hayden Fields I LOVE YOU
Rachel Alderman
In memory and honor of my handsome and very special nephew Greg Devon. There isn't a day that goes by without thinking of times I cry and other times I smile and say one of the famous sayings you had :). We knew when you were young that you were a special person, and you held true to that. God needed you with him to work your special magic in heaven. You fought the good fight and I am so proud to be your Aunt Mo. Thank you for all the beautiful memories that will forever be in my heart. Until I see you on the other side...know that I will love you forever. XOXOXO
Aunt Mo
To my incredibly courageous, loving, and wonderful nephew Greg Devon better known to me as Boo . . .without you, we are lost and without you life is incomplete. You will always be in my heart and I can't wait for the day I see you again and you flash that beautiful smile at me and I see all the pain and suffering erased from your face. Knowing you are finally not struggling with the pain and torture of this devil drug helps and knowing you are in the most beautiful place helps and remembering that I will see you again gives me strength. You are and always will be my Boo! Love you so so much!
Aunt La
My son, Chance died on August 30,2009 of a heroin overdose. There isn't a day that goes by, I don't think of him. I wish we could save all the young people from this tragic and senseless death. I know if he had the choice, he would still want to be here. I keep his memory alive by trying to help other addicts. Chance, you are my Light, my Joy, my Heart. Love, Mom
Gaynor Hofmann
To Pascal. I will always remember you. Love
Honoring my beautiful daughter Hannah Rachel O'Harra-Brown Hannah died of a horrible accident. A bad choice, lapse in judgment. She ingested a prescription narcotic, that did not belong to her, along with alcohol fell asleep and quit breathing. That is the truth, the end. How she died doesn’t change who she was. A beautiful soul. I choose to share pieces of our story with you because I realize people make up stories when they don’t know the truth. She was an incredible person, everything you could hope for in a child. She gave more love than I ever knew possible. She always put her family first and adored her grandpas. She was smart, a smart ass, funny, loving, courageous, dedicated, dependable, hard working, honest, a beautiful soul. I must have said a thousands times through out her life “Hannah you have the soul of an angel” She was not perfect, flawed like we all are but to us she was everything. I love and miss you every second of everyday Mom
Melissa O’Harra-Brown
In memory of my brother in law, we loved you Mark Steven Putman 10-12-76 to 9-13-12. You will be missed dearly forever and always.
Katie Putman
In memory of my beautiful and loving son, John, who suffered an accidental heroin overdose on April 4, 2012. He lived on life support in the hospital for one month and passed away on May 4, 2012. I love and miss him more than words could ever express. John Patrick DiDonna 3/17/87 - 5/4/12
Stephanie DiDonna
kayla and bella
In honor of my beautiful son, who has struggled with heroin addiction for the last year, in and out of rehab.. but is now in college. I'm so incredibly lucky, so grateful. There's not a single day that goes by that I don't think of this horrible crisis and all those young souls we've lost to heroin. I wish Chicago would respond to the crisis appropriately, with as much energy and determination as the drug dealers.
To all the people, way too many to mention, that lost their lives through addiction. Not a week goes by where I don't think of at least one of you. Rest in peace my friends.
Neil C
To all my many friends who have been lost to drug overdose, I think of you every day and you will always live on within our hearts
Nicky O, Reece S, Paul M , always remembered x
My dear brother Jeff, I miss you so much, your little girl and mom and dad miss you terribly...there is a huge hole in our hearts because you are not here with us. I wish I would have been there for you but I was an idiot and thought you were invincible. Not a day goes by when I don't think of you and where you are now and what I could have done to prevent it. I love you so much my big bro. Peace.
I Miss you so much words cannot say. My life will never be the same without you. I only pray I see you in Heaven my Beautiful Boy. Your Mom sisssy and brother miss you. Mommy
Susan Crane Button
Daddy, I wish you could be with me this year, and be there in the audience when I walk across the stage to get my diploma.. I hope I make you proud every day. I know you didn't mean for it to turn out this way, but you are in a better place now. I miss you more every day. Love always, Tiffany
Your Princess
Roofer Mike You are truly missed. Your smile, jokes and engaging conversations were something I always looked forward to. Peace be with you.
To a dear friend Arron Lloyd Seals, 1989-2011, who lost his battle to a multiple drug overdose, including a fatal dose of Dilaudid. I know it was so hard for you after losing your father, your rock. We all watched in pain as you slowly fell apart right before our eyes. I regret every day not trying to help you more with your many addictions, but losing you helped us all learn that we must never again sit idly by and I promise that I never again will. And to Zach Beauregard, who we're so lucky to still have with us today after three drug overdoses that he was saved from. Zach, heroin had you in its grip for a long time and I am so happy and proud that you are on the road to recovery. I can't imagine how much you struggle each day not to go back down that long, dark road. Just know that you are so blessed to still be with us and know that we are so proud of you!
The days go by and our lives are never the same. We welcomed a new little boy into our lives just seven months after you left us....he speaks about you always....we keep you in our lives through our little grandson everyday. He and his soon to be little brother will never have the pleasure of sitting on your surf board with you as they learn how to ride the waves. Tim you rode all of the good waves with dad and we rode the rough waves together!!! In our hearts we will always know that you tried your best and struggled everyday with this horrible affliction that is called addiction!!! With you holding us up we have pledged to make a difference and make addiction no more. Tim I love and miss you everyday. Love Mom
Teri Kroll
My darling Zoe, There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you, miss you terribly, wish for one more hug, one more word, long to hear your laugh, want to feel you, need to hear your voice, need to see your smile. Life without you is not right. But we're doing wonderful work, work that you would have done yourself but for one mistake, one night. I think you would be proud of all were doing, and Zoe, it's all for you, in your memory, in your honor and filled with so much love, forever. We miss you so much.
Robin Kellner and John Sicher
In memory of my beautiful son, Kenneth Charles Grym whos passed away January 8, 2010 of a heroin overdose. Rest peacefully my prince... All my Love, All my life....
In memory of Dylan K. Hadley, forever in our hearts and always on our minds. I love and miss more and more with each passing day. Love always, Adrienne
Sweet Child of Mine, Miss and love you every minute of every day my beautiful, talented, sweet, smart, handsome forever 21 year old son, Zack (8/25/89-5/1/11)! There are no words to express the loss... I love you Z, Mom
Mike, Patrick, Deirdre, Malcolm, Cindy, too young, too soon, the good times remembered always
Jason, I miss you everyday. I wish I could turn back the clock and somehow prevent that day from ever happening. It still hurts. Love you forever xoxoxo
"To all my girlfriends who left this place too early! Love Waz" "To Shaun, John, Mickey Boy and Richard, Hope you rest in peace Brothers. Love Wildchild" "To Ben, You are my old mate, always will be. Thinking of you daily, you'll never be far. All my love and kisses forever, Bella" "To Sandy my sweet darling husband, the day you left was the worst day of my life. I wish we could still have fun together. Miss you my darling. Loving you forever, Bel" "My tribute to Phil Love, You were an angel in life, too good for this world. Then God made a decision, to bring you back to his hold. But us here on earth, will forever miss your smile, your kind and gentle ways, still no-one can match your style. I'll think of you often, and how your eyes were so blue, To YOUR MEMORY I'll live strong and brave.... ....just like you. Will never forget you mate, Simone" "Midnight, your'e still in my memories" "To Mickey/Shane, All the best in the after life, love always (Tomo) Stacy and Bell" "Dear Kimbo, Hope you get this! It's not tragic dying doing something you love. R.I.P. love Dean" "To Donna Warner, How we miss you! To Robbie Sails, All our love. From Ross, Keith, Michel" "Heroin, The lost way of life, Heroin, Life comes last, fast, Heroin, So called unbiased friend, Heroin, means the end!!!" "Sharon, Love you and miss you. Always remember our mad times..." "Shane Ell, Miss you, love you, never forget you. I'll make you proud big brother" "Miss you Paul. C U oneday. Jimi" "Remembering Nicole who was a good woman and will be sadly missed by friends, especially her sons that were left behind. My prayers are with them. Liz, Jason and Rasharni" "Hi Tess, Miss ya mate! Leanne" "Hey Tracey, still thinking of ya mate! Leanne" "To Dylan Clews, still thinking of you. From Ben Halistone" more to come.....
All Consumers of The Langton Centre
Dear Miles, We only heard of your tragic passing two days ago and we are still in shock. Our hearts go out to your best friend, your partner and your children as well as the rest of the community which you belonged and played such a big part in. With time we might be able to put better words to give tribute to your life, but until then our good friend, rest in peace. All our love to your family in this time of sorrow.
Chris and Carley
To Ben, You are my old mate, always will be. Thinking of you daily. You'll never be far. All my love and kisses forever. Bella
To Shaun, John, Mickey Boy and Richard, Hope you rest in peace Brothers. Love, Wildchild
"To all my girlfriends who left this place too early!" Love, Waz xoxoxo
Sic itur ad astra‎, are stars. Daniel, 1969 - 1995.
My baby brother, Daniel, was taken too early. He was just 25, on june 15 2007 when we lost him. I think of you everyday and miss you every minute. I know you're watching down on me and my girls. xoxo MMDS
To my dearest friend Michael Anthony Maffetone 6.3.1982-2.11.2012 who passed away from a heroin overdose you are missed so much by many especially me every single day. Gosh it's been so hard knowing I can't talk to you and hear your voice or your laugh. I miss you more everyday but everyday is a day closer to seeing you. I love you forever!
Lita Lagutina
This is in memory of my son "Leo" who left us on Tuesday, May 6, 2008. He was my first born and my only son. We miss him every minute of every day. My daughter always called him her protector now she says he is still her protector, he just protects her different now. I am sad that his sons will not know what a wonderful, caring and amazing man their DAD is. Our life has changed so much since he has left. I always told him that he was the light of my life and my heart hurts so much every day. I know that that we will be together again someday, so until then I will continue on with a broken heart
Helen, Shauna and Evie
Robin Scott MacDonald 10/2/70-18/11/97 Dearest Rob - so kind, so gentle and so individual. Taken by heroin, but never forgotten and always in our minds.
Mum & Dad
To: Louie, It is difficult to believe that you are gone. It was a tragic day that you passed away from us. We know you are at peace from all the pain and suffering that you experienced as a result of addiction. We miss your sense of humor, your Italian imitations and the kids and I speak about you often with love. You will always be in our hearts.
To Simone, Debbie, Nola, Rikki, Ronnie, big Dave, Lionel, narelle and my cousin glen - loved forever and never forgotten-Lisa xxx
Lisa d
To Paul Over the years I've known many who've lost the battle, but you were the first, and every New Years Day, I remember that day many years ago when I went into work to hear the news that you'd gone
To Gwen- My heart is broken that you did not get the chance to grow into the wonderful woman you were well on your way to becoming. You are forever in my heart until we meet again. My beautiful, sparkling, creative, anxious, impulsive and reckless daughter Gwendolyn Farrell died of an unintentional mixed drug/heroin overdose. Twenty-one years of age: 11/1/89 - 3/26/11.
Chris Farrell
My dearest, sweetest boy who was loved 'big much' by so many, none more than me --- as you said in a birthday card to me once.... I miss you every minute of every day. You are the love of my life....I hope you are dancing among the stars you loved so much.....Mom (Jeff Cullen, 27, March 2, 1981 - August 5, 2008)
Denise Cullen
Mandy my twin, There is not a day that goes by I do not cry. There is not a day that goes by I don't think of you with every other thought. I am still so truly sad and trying to let you go. I still can't believe its true. But I'm lucky to go to sleep and dream with you. Jayden your daughter of almost 5 is doing very well. And the promises I made will remain unbroken. But the pain is unbearable at times. When I think of that morning Matt called to tell me and the words were "braindead" and " will not make it" I lay here and cry. I'm lost without you Mandy, I'm lost without you. I hear your laughter and feel our smile. Fly Mandy fly. Be the beautiful angel you were on earth and now in heaven. Watch over us as we live this life on earth and Jay and I will see you again at the end. Tell Brows I love her. Your twin and best friend
your twin
To my beautiful daughter, Amy, who died on January 2, 2013 of an overdose. I am struggling every day just to stay alive because I do not want to live without you. I'm so sorry I couldn't help you and that I was not with you when you died. I will never, ever get over it. I know I have to go on for your children, Bailey and Will, but I am hurting so much and I miss you every minute of every day. I wish I could make every young person out there understand the pain that comes with drug use, for them and for their families. I love you my baby girl, forever, Mom
Dear Daddy...I forgave you for the mental and physical brutality on Mom and I spent my whole life loving you and being lost and lonely. Mom and you traded your years for drugs and drinking and parties and not with me BUT, I forgave you--we are all human and make mistakes. When I became an accidental addict to RX pain pills(really badly) at 28, I understood and understand the impact and the consequences and how painful addiction is to everyone and I proceeded to put my own family through hell. I know you were not happy with me being an addict but, we became buddies-drug buddies and buddies in general. I went everyday to the methadone clinic just to see you and to talk to you and to know you were ok and recently things just started to get ugly. I ran all over for you to protect you and look for you and put myself in spots that could have gotten myself arrested but, I did not care because it was for you. You were so funny and I loved just seeing you but your decline and fall made me so angry that before you died we got into a fight and didn't talk and then you died. You died. I am angry with you for leaving me and I feel lonely and I feel sad beyond words. I tried everything I could imagine just to see you or to make sure you were ok and now the sense of loneliness is overpowering and anger has taken over. You were always in jail or out doing your own thing when I was little but, I always knew what you were doing. I became used to not seeing you and then at the very end these past 2 years we became close. There's no more driving to clinic to see you or going to jail to visit you or calling you every night at 9pm to talk to you and say goodnight. I sit here and I hope that you are ok wherever you are. The worry has not faded. I can't imagine you not REALLY being here for the rest of my life. You are not in jail you are dead. I always told you that when you kick it that I am too because I won't be able to handle you leaving forever. But, I didn't keep my end of the deal. I can't leave my kids. NO matter how dysfunctional I am I can't leave my kids forever. I don't think you felt loved in your life and I think you didn't know how much I really do love you and how I always will. What makes this really hard is that you did not die naturally at 57 years old. You killed yourself. But, we are all human and we all do and say things that are wrong. I am conflicted with that statement because of one hand I am very pissed off and the other hand I know how addiction is and how terrible it is. You did not die alone or unloved.
Scott, I think of you every day. How could I not? Mental illness took over. I am so sorry for that and wish there was something anybody could have done for you. Yes, you were the smartest person in the room but you were also the funniest. It was a struggle that was not to be overcome. I hope you are at peace. You knew this to be your destiny. That's sad. I hung out with you for a while at the cemetery today. Too many other young adults there for the same reason. 8/9/79-12/15/12. Mom
Donny- You were the best friend any of us could have asked for. I'll never forget the way you dedicated your life to making us laugh. Our memories are endless. I love you, til forever.
My loving Brother John C Sweeney- 27 yrs young..died September 9 2012- Heroin with xanax - My brother you were the closest person to me. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I'm sorry I didn't love you for who you were, rather than what I wanted for you. You are the smartest, deepest person I have ever known. I know my brother your pain is over, god saved you from this life and pain. Until we meet again - I love you " my brother" save a place in heaven for me because I know you are there! "your sis" Feb 2 2013
Your sister
Dear Lucas, Not a day, and rarely a minute passes by that I do not think about you. You were an old soul, and dear friend to many, including myself. Your talent was astounding, your intelligence amazing. You had a beautiful mind, and were a quality person in this dreadfully sad life. You were devastated at your losses, yet were in recovery. You made peace with everyone, and examined your life. You were removed from the methadone program after being suddenly laid off from your job,losing your apartment, getting your heart broken, losing your baby and detoxed rapidly from a very high dose. It became clear to you that the clinic had no intention or incentive to "help you with rehab", or detox you safely when you could no longer afford it either. You rose to the occasion of detoxing like a very brave man, and had hopes for your life. You were doing so well, it was a surprise that they say you died of an accidental combination drug overdose. You were a sensitive person, loving others deeply; and feeling pain unbearably. I am so grateful at the month we spent together last fall, and that you are in heaven with your only true father. 33 years seems too short. I am so sad I do not know if I can get through this. So very sad that you died alone (it appears) and that those around you were too chicken to get help when you needed it. I hope I can go on to live out your memory. You nieces and sisters miss you terribly. You had a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step. I feel so lost sometimes. I loved every part of you, even though you struggled so much devastation. I am so sorry that it began to seem like the same old story, when you were trying to tell us how stressed out and depressed you were. I would give up everything material to be around you now, even though you wanted for me to keep my home, or move closer to you; which we were working on. Wish I would have gotten you back home from Colorado sooner. Did not think you would be coming home this way. Love you always and forever...Momma
To my older brother, I never pictured losing you, I always fought you and thought you had it under control. I remember being so angry when you expressed your love for needles. I didn't know, I'm mad at you, but you were on that trip that had only a few stops and they are never good ones. I know I am not alone in losing you, that was apparent at your funeral, but man it hurts a lot. Its been almost three weeks and been about five since I last saw you. I know I'll never see you again on earth, I sure hope you have found you heaven. When I see you again, I hope we can figure it out better next time. I love you so much and can't begin to understand how much I'll miss you... I already do so much
Younger Bro
To my beloved son Aleksandr 1966-2012 God healed my son from drinking and drugs abuse,he was a very successful paramedic,but he had ingured his back and shoulder,and after 6 years of sobriety he overdosed on percoset. Dear God have mercy on all of us who are going through the vally of death.With Gods love to all of you dear brothers and sisters.Mila
Mila Cohen
To my baby brother Andrew 2.24.89 - 10.16.12. I wish I could have saved you. You died alone of a meth overdose and I feel like it was my role to protect you. I failed. As a society we failed you. I am lost without you.
To my beloved son, who was bipolar, and over-medicated to help him "cope".....His name was Brad and he died October 30, 2012. I was to go over that night and we were going to dye each other's hair for Halloween. He had phoned me that morning and told me how great and good he felt, and he wanted to get together that evening. I got a migrane and didn't go over to his home. I never got to talk with him again and tell him how much I loved him. Brad, your dad and brother and I loved you so much. We know you struggled but we sure loved you. We miss you and will see you soon. You are with us forever. Much love. Mom.
Kelli: We loved you so much and cannot fathom that you are no longer with us. You were such a sweet, sweet person. I hate that you fell into the web of addiction. I hope your mom and dad and brother will learn to live again, but I know there is a hole in their hearts and I wonder if it will ever heal. Please know that you were loved so much and always will be.
Aunt Linda
Jeremy, You were like my child even though you were my nephew. We lost you much too soon at the young age of 27. If your death means helping just one person overcome their addiction, at least your death would not be in vain. The only comfort I have is knowing you are in Heaven and have won the long fight of your addiction. I will always remember the good times. Love you forever, your aunt Jennie
Liv baby, I miss you so much. You were so insightful for a 19-year-old. You would always be willing to listen if I was having troubles. I'm sorry that I couldn't help you with your struggles more. I think about you every day. Your 20th Birthday is coming up. I hope you're at peace now, and that all your hardships have left you. I love you so much. 2/2/93-3/4/12
For all of you who have lost your husbands, fathers, sons, daughters and grandchildren, My heart hurts for you all. My grandson who is turning 15, his parents are always yelling and screaming and he is tired of it all and he took some of his medication for depression the other night, he has cried out to a friend, what does a person do to help. I am at a loss and need some good advice. The family needs help quick and there are about a years wait for help...not good....i am fearful for my grandson and family....
Sophia, I miss you so much. Why didn't I realize when you were alive that heroin takes over your mind. I thought I could make you realize that it is best to stop by being cold and hard. Please forgive me -- I should be dead instead of you. I put all my eggs in one basket: you! Instead of living my life as a man, I lived it through you. You were my crowning achievement -- how wrong I was to put so much pressure on you when I should have looked for ways to be a good role model as a father. I also could have laughed off the little annoying thing in life that every teenager goes through - but no, I chose to be hurt. I lost you in Salonica when you were shooting up alone. I thought you would get better if I left you alone -- 20 is such a young age I now realize! I will always love you -- this pain does not get better even after 4 years -- it comes like a wave of sadness. If only someone had shaken me when I was 20 and said life has it ups and downs and do the best you can but don't take everything so serious -- just try to be the best you can! Daddy
Your Father
To My Beloved Brother Glenn. 2/85 - 11/12. Passed away from a methadone overdose. My heart is never going to forget the life I had before you went to heaven. The light you left behind will always shine through me. The babies miss you. Your nephew speaks of you often and says he talks to you in heaven. The pain is really hard some days and I feel alone often. The words, I miss you, are not enough. I long to hear your voice. To have my friend back. My bubba. Loving you from afar, until we meet again in the Lord's house.
Kristina Moore
R.I.P. Patrick H. Coyle 9/15/66-1/18/2008 Gone but never forgotten! We love & miss you everyday
amanda turczynowskyj
Ben I miss you. I wanted to save you and am sick you are gone. I want to see you. I hope you can see I'm not ok without you. I need to know where you are, that you are ok, that I can see you again. Please, please my brother send me a sign. 7.19.1996 to 5.4.2012. Jerry Benjamin Carroll you are loved and charished every day. I'll always fight for you.
big sis
In memory of my best friend, Ian Glosup, 05/1992-12/2012. The evil drug heroin took away your precious life. I love you so much, and you're alive in my heart forever. RIP
Marissa M
To Robby, To my cousin who died at such a young age, you are greatly missed. I often think of all the great times we had when we were kids. We love you Robby, you will never be forgotten..
Szymon,my beautiful son passed away on 12/08/2012 he was only 27. We are grateful for the last few months that you have given us. The talks, the trip, the dinners. We love you so very much . Pain that we are experiencing right now is greater that we could've ever imagined. Your passing have been such a shock as we all thought you were doing great. We had no idea that you relapsed. We miss you so much. It still doesn't seem real that you are gone. Love Mum
In honor of Brandon, who was a beloved Son and Brother: Addiction came into our family's life when he was 15 years old, and caused terrible pain. It stayed for 10 years and when it finally left 08/2010 it took our most prized possession, our son and brother. Through out, our love was boundless and steadfast. Save a place for us in heaven, we will be there soon. We love you!
Quentin was only a junior in high school. I didn't even know him very well, just seen him around school. It was New Years Eve and he overdosed and died today because of it. No one thinks it'll happen to them and they'll be lucky, but it can literally happen to ANYONE who takes too much of too many different things. Be safe.
To my young son Zak, he was only just 21 when he died of a heroin overdose September 23, 2012. He was my everything. He fell hard into drugs off and on for the last 2 and a half years. He was clean for months and suddenly overdosed, when he slipped up and relapsed. He died less than a week after going back to the drug. I miss you so much Zak. You will always be my shining star. Your sister and brother miss you very much and talk about you like you are still here with us. Zak loved his sister and brother, despite his own personal struggles. He was never one to miss one of their holiday shows or concerts. We are an "I Love You" family and I'm glad we all had that relationship with him. His personality didn't change when he struggled. He was still sweet and loving, and I'll miss him for ever.
Lisa, your Mom
I am thinking about my mother, Patricia, who died unexpectedly from an overdose in 2008. By 2010, I had found a way to feel ok again, but now I am right back in the deepest pit of depression and feel so alone. Despite that I have my wife, daughter, father, and cousin around me every day, and siblings in my life, I feel like these feelings are consuming me and no one can help me. The overdose is a devastating occurrence that leaves little resolution and much more questions unanswered. I need you, Mom, to keep looking out for me, I am so lost.
For my brother-in-law, Brandon. Died December 28, 2012. Our hearts are broken. So many questions left unanswered. Two children left behind at 28 years old. I've never seen our family in so much pain. Your death was unexpected, even though your drug use was controlling your life. I guess it never really seems real until someone you love dies. I always hoped you would pull out of it, or get sober in jail. I can't believe you're gone. We never made amends. I never told you I forgive you even if you aren't sorry. Or that I love you. Or how much you meant to your brother. Now it's too late. I hope you will rest in peace, and that time will make this easier to bare. <3
In loving memory of my friend Eric Aul, (07/26/85-12/18/12) who tried so valiantly to conquer his demons. R.I.P. You will live forever in my heart and although your death causes me immense pain, my fond memories of you bring me great joy. See you at the crossroads!
My son Chris died of an overdose on 12/18/12. He struggled with addiction for many of his 35 years. He had cheated death many times before but this time death took him. His pain has stopped. Good-bye Chris.
dad – Kip
Allen Michael Nix died of a drug overdose on 12/19/2012 He was my brother, and my best friend. Addiction is a horrible, disease, that will inevitably either end you in jail, or in the ground.
Shanon I think about you all the time. You were only 19. Just a child this dam dis-ease took you 7 years ago. I will always rember you because I know you are watching over me in heaven.
Dearest Monique, It's been quite a few years since you left us, but i think of you often, and i miss you heaps. Love alway's, Greg xxx
two days ago i was seconds away from dying from an overdose, a heroine overdose. At only seventeen, it was my first time experiencing the drug. that one experience almost cost me my life. i am so thankful i am alive today i get a second chance at living. i know most people don't get this chance. I am so sorry for everyones losses and i know i have learned from this. i would hate for anyone else to go though this horrible feeling. Keep up the awareness.
Ariel Lorenzen
This world was not meant for you, you were destined for the heavens...may peace be with you always. Love eternally, Heather
Dear Ismael, I am so hurt that you had to leave us so suddenly and in the manner in which you left this world. I just wish you would have called on me or anybody else for help. Learning that you accidentally overdosed on Heroin, Cocaine and Meth was devastating to your children and to myself. I know that you knew God and believed in him but somehow this terrible drug addiction coupled with alcohol was too much for you to bear. All I know that the sting of Death will someday be eliminated when we see you again. No matter what, you were an excellent Dad to the kids and they will always have you in their hearts.
Rosalinda Gonzalez
You were loved with my whole heart from the day you were born and even more today a month after your overdose. 10-11-12 my life changed forever the day you left this life... Beyond our parents you were the first person I loved.. Your big blue eyes and deep beautiful dimples made me smile every time I saw you... I'm so sorry I couldn't save you and wish everyday I realized in how much trouble and pain you were in... I will never forget you and will think of you everyday.. I have been watching our childhood flash before my eyes everyday I would give anything for one more kiss, hug, laugh, conversation or even slap in the head. My heart breaks you will not be hear to see your nephew grow. I will make sure he knows you.. I hope you are free and at peace.. I love you so much and apologize for failing you.. I can't wait for the day I see you again.. I love you forever Michael James Love your sister
Your big sister Christine
To: Andrew (6/15/91-10/11/12) My dear son, I think about you every minute of everyday. How could an evil drug take hold of such a wonderful son? I am so lucky to have had you for 21 years. I love you Andrew, my precious son...
Mom, Sharon Gidcumb
This is to all my friends in the program who have overdosed or died as a result of this disease. I just want to say that miracles do happen too. My husband has overdosed and been pronounced dead 5 times and for some reason god wanted him here still, maybe to meet me. He celebrated two years clean on the 11th of June 2013. He is now a pre-medical student on his way to becoming a doctor!
To my beautiful son Shane. Heroin took you from us 8/4/12 at 27 years old. You tried so hard to beat this, you helped so many people along the way but lost your own battle. I understand how hard you tried. I saw your pain and wished with all my heart I could have made things different for you. You had the most beautiful smile and gave the biggest hugs. We are doing our best to honor your memory. Your Charlie Bear is helping others today. Gone my sweet boy but never, ever forgotten! I love you with all my heart. Standing tall for you Shane. Muah!
In loving memory of my son, Jeremy Wayne Bliss. May 30, 1976 - May 2, 2004, I think of you every day. The pain of losing you never goes away. Your daughter Mariah is lost without you. We'll never forget you or let your memory fade. We love you always. Mom, daughter, brothers, Jason, Joshua, Jacob
My Dearest Son, Life is so different without you here. So much hurt daily without you here, most of all your children. Losing you to a drug your doctor put you on is so hard for me to accept. I wish I could just see you face to face. Time is no healer to losing a child. It does not become easier, just different. And when you lose your child to a drug, it makes the heart sadden not just because of the child you lost but to all the parents who say goodbye to their child because of drugs. It seems the numbers are rising. It's Heartbreaking. I miss you so much son . Love to Heaven Mom Daris Shields 11-28-1980 - 11-03-2010 forever young
Leanna Green your mom
This is in tribute and memory of my son Patrick David Holley 2-14-1981 to 2-13-2010. My handsome, funny, loving compassionate and sensitive son was taken from us the day before his 29th birthday. Patrick would light up a room when he walked into it. He was a smart ass with a great sense of humor who was the only one who could make me laugh at myself. He was my life, the love of my life. He had a very giving and compassionate heart. He literally gave people his last dime and even his meal. He judged no one and accepted them for who they were. So sad that people hear he passed from a drug overdose and immediately attach that stigma to it. They never bother to find out what a kind, loving person he was to all who knew and loved him. I love you Patrick and this is for you my Sonshine. Always loved, always missed and forever in our hearts!
Lynne Holley
My Dear Son Cody - I give this day in honor of you in Hopes and Prayers that I have accomplished what I set out to do when you gave your life to heroin. I declared that exact moment that I would not let another mother cry and try to do my best to let others know that you were a good son. You had so much pain I could not take away. You suffered in silence and that is the day I said I would not suffer the same way or let another. I didn't know your addiction, your enemy but in your honor I am stomping the ground and walking all over this enemy and the miles to make a difference. This is very uncomfortable at times and I have even lost some friendships because some people just don't or will not try to understand why I cant get over losing you. I was not aware and didn't know any of what I know now about heroin until you died. This haunts me constantly. But I am told to move on and get over that part. You tried to explain and I thought prayers were enough. Forgive me. I know now they go hand in hand with recovery. You did not die in vain - you brought awareness to me and now to our family and to the community in which every day I live and must go on. I have this page that some days I don't want to open because this fight has no end - so many stories and I am not alone. My heart aches every day for you but everyday I get on this page to try and help just one person, one mother, father, brother or sister, cousin, aunt , uncle, friend.....if it takes my last breath it is what is now and will be forever as I try to bring this so no more tears can fall. In Tribute to Cody McCaulley- 4-28-84 to 7-1-12
Deborah Bockstahler
We lost our beautiful son Matthew Kenneth Peckham on Sept.4, 2012. He was a shining star in our lives and will forever be missed. He only struggled for a very short time with the demon heroin and for years he helped others overcome addiction. Our lives will never be the same without this special soul, my only son. 27 yrs was not long enough for this mom's broken heart. I love you Matthew, forever and always.
Mary Peckham, Matthews Mom
I want to start by saying how sorry I am for all of your losses. I lost one of the greatest loves of my life, my first born, our wonderful son Gabriel. At six twenty in the morning on Friday February 22, 2013 I found my beloved son. That morning will haunt me forever. I wanted to go with him, protect him, make sure he would be safe. And at that moment my heart shattered. I will never be the same without him. I have such a void and I miss him all the time; so much that it takes my breath away. A day does not go by that I don’t look out the front window thinking I see you coming up the street. I am angry and saddened at the same time that I won’t get to have my tomorrows with you. I will never get to hear your funny stories or get to know your wife and children because there won’t be any - just silence. I hear you telling me: 'Mom I got this but you didn’t' and now I am left here to try and put the pieces together and make sense of what makes no sense and seems so unfair to me. Heroin is a horrible demon to fight and I wish with all my heart and soul you could have won the battle. I love you and will miss you forever. Please pray and watch over your brother Love always Mom
Tina Franco
Merritt, It's been a little over a month since you died and it still seems like a bad dream. Sofia and I miss you more than words could ever say. I know the way you died is in no way a reflection of who you were and who you could have been. You turned 31 not quite 3 weeks before you died and that's so sad because 31 years was not even time for you. The almost 6 years we spent together and the almost 3 years you had with our beautiful daughter was just not enough. Our little girl misses you so incredibly much and it's just not fair that she has to grow up without you. I know you didn't mean to leave us and yet that doesn't help ease the pain. My prayer and hope now is that you are finally at peace, that the demons tormenting you and leading you to self-medicate are all gone and you are finally free, happy, and at peace. I'll always love you and I'll make sure our beautiful girl knows just how much her daddy loved her. Rest in peace Merritt. I know we will see you again one day.
Monique Bicknell. Passed away 31st August, 1999. Miss you Monique. I think of you often. Love alway's, Greg. xxx
Cassidy Brianna Rachelle Seward 11/30/93 - 8/28/12 Forever young and beautiful. We love and miss our sunshine.
Misty Corbett
My father passed due to an accidental od of prescription medications October 16 2011 just 5 days before his 47th birthday. He became addicted after a very bad break causing reconstruction of his heel and top of his foot. Stay aware it can happen to anyone. I love you Daddy! May you forever rest in peace! In loving memory of Scott Moore
shana Moore
Gabriel Alexander 5/12/94- 4/7/2013 Gabriel - you were taken from this world too soon! You were the most amazing son and friend. You loved people no matter what their circumstance, you taught me to love that way too. I will be forever grateful to God that he blessed me with 18 years with you. You will be forever in my heart, I love you more than anything. Rest in Paradise with Jesus my beautiful loving son. Mom
My sweet brother... You have been gone for 3 weeks... My grief is still raw and gripping... While we will never know for certain if your death was an accidental or intentional overdose, I will forever wonder about your last moments. I pray that you are now no longer suffering from your demons, and your soul is at rest with God. You are loved and cherished. You always have been and always will be. I love you so much. Love, Your big sister In honor of Bobby McKnight- September 13, 1984 - May 4, 2013
In loving memory of my husband Daniel William Martell 2/11/83 - 12/6/12 Forever 29 Dan loss his battle to heroin. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of you, I carry you in my heart. You never got to meet you son Daniel Jr. because you left too soon but know that you are watching over us. Miss you like crazy my love! To me your addiction did not define you and never will.
Ammon Boswell 12/21/1965 - 5/12/2013 Rest in Heaven daddy, I love you! I can't wait to see you again!! Always daddy's little girl!
To my Brother Daniel - "Digga" Today as I sit here and write this, you have been gone for 1 year, 5 months, and 9 days of which not 1 single day has gone by that you haven't been in my thoughts. I loved and still love you with my full heart. You were a special brother to me, we shared our ups and downs but you loved me anyway, you taught me so many things about life, all from your own "good" and "bad" experiences. We laughed, yelled, played, fought and all the things brothers and sisters do! We had our own connection, one that nobody can or ever will replace. I miss you so much, I just want to hear my phone ring and see it flashing your name. I wish heaven had a phone that I could call you on just to hear your voice. I wish I could have just one more day with you and I would do everything I could to take away the demon heroin from you. You are my guiding light, I know you've got my back just as you did when you were here - I LOVE YOU DIGGA FOREVER XXXXXXXX
Your Loving Sister Always
My son, 24yrs was not long with me. All I have is your smile. I pray I will see you again soon. My heart is too heavy without you, I am so tired. Jesus if you can save one person from what I am going through it would make me happy again. Love you John Wayne Everett JR.
Ched "Cheddy Bear" Hudgins 9/26/1976-4/9/2013 My brother ched passes away a month ago from a heroin overdose. He was a beautiful soul with incredible pain. I love you so much Ched and I will never be the same. I will never forget.
Today you are no longer. You f**king left and now we all get to deal with it. You f**king bitch!!! I am so confused about what to do and how to feel. You were my very first sister, my very first friend in this world, and now you are f**king cold and dead in some weird dark room somewhere. Everything about me wants to hate everything about you. What's f**king waste you became. A funny girl with old dreams, a generous heart and two baby girls. Two girls who get to miss a corpse forever. So much missed wonder, missed kindness and missed warmth. All that was good turned bad.
R.I.P to all my friends who have passed on from heroin overdose. They all bravely fought their addiction but it took their lives in the end. Gone but not forgotten, in our hearts forever. Heaven has gained many angels....Many too young....God took you to prove, He only takes the best xoxoxo
I love you B. You're always in my heart.
holly cox
RIP Arthur Collins 3/31/1950 -1/29/2013 ROCK STAR May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ hold you in His arms close to His Heart and that you endure in the joy that only exists through His sweet comfort. Nearly 3 months have passed but the pain of losing you, Dad, is still agonizing. I'm so sorry. I didn't know how bad it was but I should of known. I'm so sorry. I hope I don't disappoint you more than I already have. I miss you so much. You were my friend. I miss my friend. The boys are fine, being well taken care of. I Love You. Your daughter
In loving Memory of William Seaborn Rhoden 03/15/1986- 09/29/2006 We talk of you often. We think of you always. we can't wait to be with you in heaven some day. Shane, Samantha, and Boys
I lost my brother on February 5, 2013 to a heroin and other opiate overdose. He was 45 days sober and doing so well. He was getting his life back together. I think that's why it caught me off guard. I wasn't prepared for it now. He went to a Superbowl party and never came home. I miss you every day Jesse. I'll never get over your loss. I'll never be the same. You can't be replaced. My biggest fear is that people will forget you, but not me. Never. They say the flame that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. That is true. I hope I make you proud. Love your baby sister. Xoxo
You have been gone one year three months today yet I think I will stop counting because whether it be a month or two or a year or more it hurts more, not less as time passes. I love you and miss you. I will never see you again. Love you and miss you and I will see you again Amber very soon. Till then rest easy baby girl. Shine bright like the diamond that you always were.
My beloved Christopher. How I miss you. I found you August 3, 2011. My last words to you is that I love you. I so wish I would not have seen what I have seen. My baby, gone. You were alone. Always know I love you more than love itself. You were and are my little Soul Mate. My soul will always be missing here, because it needs you. My Son Christopher died 08/02/2011. Alcohol OD. His blood alcohol level was .314. I am praying he felt no pain, just fell asleep. He was an alcoholic at the tender age of 19. Died at 22. Christopher Joseph Engen. Born 12/24/1988. Died 08/02/2011. I died too. God help us all.
Sally Rickerson
This tribute goes out to my dear baby sister Megan July 31st 1986 till March 14th 2013. We never knew your struggle was that bad, we never had a chance to help you. We found out a week before your death that you were battling with the demon HEROIN. We watched you suffer for four days on life support after an accidental overdose. We hoped and prayed. Every movement gave me hope, hope you would open your eyes and argue with me, hope you would hug me back when I hugged your lifeless body but, my hope was shattered. You taught me so much and you were so brave. You never let us know you needed us so. You gave and you gave and never complained. I miss you, I needed you, we needed you, we love you. I will forever fight in your name to raise awareness, to support and love without shame. You know fly with the Angels, sit at a table with Daddy and you now have no pain, no addiction and no shame. Though I wish you came back to us on that cold March day, I can make it here knowing you are waiting for us in Heaven. Forever missed and I will love you for a lifetime ...'Ofa Atu sleep well in the arms of the Angels. Love your sister, Kel.
To: My sister, Susan Wetzel who died of an accident overdose of prescription drugs on June 20 2011. I know you tried to fight the battle of using opiates and lost. You were only 46 years old. You were a kind and loving person. I miss you deeply and my heart continues to feel pain. I think of you daily. I know you are at peace and living your eternal life. We will meet up again someday. I will always love you Sue.
Your sister, Karen Wetzel
I am writing this tribute to honor my dad he passed away 10-19-2012 due to an accidental methadone overdose. He was an amazing man and he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was a great husband, father of four and grandfather to my two girls. They loved him so much and so did we. He just let his addiction take over and was finally coming off before he passed. The day he did go he went out early in the morning and got some meds. He took the high dose he thought his body was used to and it wasn't anymore, his body had adjusted to a smaller dose and he did realize it. Well my mom went in the room to check on him like she always did but this time was different. She tried to wake him up and he wouldn't wake up. My brother happened to be home and walked in their room just as she was trying to flip him over, but she couldn't. So my brother did and my mom tried to do CPR but it was too late, he was already gone. We are all having a very hard time right now. I love him so much and just wish I could hug him one more time.
Jessica Fischer
KENNY MILLER. Died October 1, 2012 Husband of my heart, we didn't have the ceremony but my husband you were. I can't seem to get past you being gone, I love you so much. You were my best friend , partner, the best and most caring lover I've ever known, and such an awesome unconditionally loving father. I could never have imagined this to be the end for you. God I still can't function, I miss you every moment it seems. Please look down on us all and give me the strength to stand up again and be a great mom. The babies need us and I need to find the strength to let go of the guilt and be mom and dad to them. God babe they miss you so deeply. Little Nicholas is becoming you. He fixes everything when they come (which is often babe). Rilee wants you to fix the toilet when you wake up and Delaney and Miranda write poems to you constantly. Never fear I hold them all near and I'll find a way to make them avoid our mistakes. I just wanted to see you one last time but your sis said no, she wouldn't let me. She blames me and it is so sad. Our heartbroken family has so much good to share about you, about the best years of your life. I will always always love you and fill our children's hearts with your memory babe. It's not fair - God! Life's never fair. Love Sloane
your wife Sloane
My Tribute is 3 (yes 3 people ) in my life who we lost to HEROIN OVERDOSES. Starting with my baby brother on 12/22/2010. Troy was 37 years old, and the proud papa to a 14 year old daughter, my godchild. My pain remains today just as it did the day we lost Troy. I can honestly say that this pain is the worst I have ever felt. So I lost my brother and best friend, Peyton's beloved "Papa" in 2010. Next came my sister-in-law Amanda (even though she and Troy were never married) on January 20 this year. My niece, who is 16, now has just lost her mother 3 years after her father. Five days after Amanda was finally laid to rest, we found her 32 year old brother Brian in his home, another victim of that monster HEROIN. It seems so unreal! Now my niece has lost both her parents, and her loving " Uncle Ugly" as she called him, in a matter of 3 years. She often feels like she must have done something to deserve this. My poor little niece is so strong!!! I am a nurse and understand that addiction is a serious disease, and also seeing my brother struggle most of his adult life with his demons. I promise you there is not one person who is an addict, who just woke up one morning and said: "Gee I'm bored, hey maybe I'll become an addict. What should I choose as my drug of choice?". It angers and saddens me at the same time what some people believe an addict to be. The general consensus among these people is either "Well you knew this would happen" and in a sick way they believe that the person was just someone who chose to do drugs and should have expected this would happen. I was so glad to run across this site and to see that that there are people who understand and want to spread awareness! THANKS!!!!
Shelley Ansardi
My dear husband Ryan, you were taken from us too soon. June 29, 2012 was the day me and the kids found you. I had no idea you relapsed on heroin. It pains and breaks me to this day to think that you're gone, we were only married a year, our son was only 6 months old. We miss you terribly. I am glad you don't have to suffer and battle with addiction anymore, but that still doesn't bring you back. I never imagined being a widow with two kids at the age of 23. I love you Ryan. I will always love you.
In memory of Kane Lewis who passed away from an accidental overdose 31/8/2011 aged 23 in South Wales,uk. Kane was a kind, loving lad who everyone loved. He was diagnosed as having ADHD as a child along with other mental health issues. We believe if he had the help he needed at that time he would not have drifted into drug abuse. Just before his death, Kane was starting to get his life back on track but after a bad weekend he turned once more to heroin. This time he overdosed and his body was found 3 days later by his mum and aunt. We loved Kane and we know he loved us all especially his sister Demi. He was not a bad person, just one who was very vulnerable and unfortunate. There were those who took advantage of him and led him into life as an addict. We are very proud of him despite the life he led because one thing never changes - he never forgot his core values. Kane would help anyone, give anyone his last penny and it seems so unfair for him to have to die all alone like that. We miss him terribly and our lives will never be the same again. All we have now are our memories and we cherish them with all our hearts.
Mam and nana
I lost my wonderful 37 year old Son Carl to an accidental drug overdose on 1/30/13. I miss you and love so much my son. The pain of losing you is more than I can bear. Your pain and suffering are over now my sweet son. I only hope you are at peace now. I Love you my son forever and you are always in my mind and heart. xoxoxo
Today, on the 19th of February 2013, we are burying my older brother and I just don't know how to find the strength to do this. The pain in my dad's eyes, his children's eyes. I want to take that all away. I want my brother back, I feel so small right now, spinning out of control in a huge world. My brother had a hard life, so many turmoils, disappointments and so much pain. He suffered from mental illness and the ups and downs with that were incredible. Because of his rollercoaster moods and irrational behaviour his relationships where strained and complicated. I'm struggling with my grief because I feel relieved. I feel relieved he is no longer suffering., no longer alone and struggling with his condition and life in general. Regardless of that he was still my brother, my blood, and I miss him so much more than I ever thought possible. I wish I could change the ending, I wish he didn't feel overdosing on prescription medicines were his only option. I wish he knew we needed him and I wish he would tell me somehow just how to find the words today to say goodbye. My heart is breaking. My condolences to all of you other people experiencing loss of a loved one. My prayers are with you all.
In loving memory of Ryan Thomas Vowell (9/27/1988 - 2/12/2013) Your struggle with heroin is finally over, but now those of us who are left are struggling with the loss of you. It's still so new, the pain is crushing. I keep seeing your smile, and hearing the silly things that used to come out of your mouth. You were the life of the party and I can't believe you're truly gone :( Your dad sits on the couch and stares into space, your mom is bitter and angry, your brothers are so very sad, and your son will never know you. I hate heroin and what it does to people, it is a demon that lies and says nothing else matters but it, and by the time you find out the truth, it doesn't matter because then you're in too much pain to stop. I pray young people read these heart-breaking stories of so many fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, friends, etc. that are dying because of drugs, it's not worth it. Life is too beautiful and short, please don't try it! And if you're already in it, I'm praying you beat it before it beats you and leaves a tremendous hole in the hearts of everyone that loves you!
Jackie Vowell
Two much loved sisters died from drug and alcohol addictions. Lost my first sister in 1999. There used to be five of us; four sisters, one brother. Well now only two are left. I lost my other sister in September 2011. I was the oldest. My heart is so pained with their deaths, one aged 41, the other 52. Also the four children between them were left for us to look after. On bad days you see them in the children. It keeps you surviving. The drugs and alcohol steal them from us and we watch this happen and can't do anything to help no matter what we try. So we live on with good memories of our loved ones and hope that other families with this loss will live on. And maybe we will have peace, knowing that knock at the door or dreaded phone call will not come again. My thoughts are with all the familiess that have to cope with their losses. To xxx my love to my lovely sisters
marie martin
This is in memory of my nephew. He would have been 42 this month. Happy birthday Gary, in the end I hope you knew how much comfort and joy you gave others during your life. The addiction took you from us, but we remember the good. No matter how old or tall you grew I could always see the joy of an innocent little boy in your eyes. Heroin took that joy from you and made your eyes so sad and dark. It broke our hearts to see you become an old man before your time. We never gave up on you and never thought we would be better off without you. Your family and Jesus were right there the whole time. We know you tried. Sisa loves you...until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand.
To my #1, Ralph son. You are loved and missed every day. The day of your birth, March 5, 1988. was the happiest day of my life. And the day you left this world, was my worst; May 27, 2012. My son, heaven gained a super excited angel. Till we meet again. Your Mom forever. I love you !!!!! oxox
Marisel, Ralph’s mom
Peter, two years on and our hearts long for you every day. Heroin was the evil that took you from us. It hurts to know help may have saved you but was not given...things need to change. At 31 your life was over. You now would have a niece, you would have adored her. Some days I look into her blue eyes and believe I still can see a glimmer of you, the real you. We miss you so, the jokes, teasing mum about her hair, your love. I still remember the way you held my hand xo. To bury your son, grandson, brother at changed us all forever. Life is so short as it is but to lose you so young will never make sense. Our hearts are broken, faith challenged and our belief in human kindness has been truly rattled by your passing. What we can hold dear are the memories....your smile on christmas day, your bad singing, your beautiful blue eyes, your smile. Peter knowing what we know now about addiction, we would do things so differently. But the sad reality is you don't get your time over to right your wrongs. We saw your face that fateful day....your eyes so blue, finally at peace. We take comfort in knowing you are now at rest and will never need those evil drugs again. Love you always and forever xox
Mum, Nan, Megan, Kathryn
Robin Scott MacDonald - 10.2.70-18.11.97 - Forever young Always remembering our kind and thoughtful son, Robin, who died tragically from an accidental heroin overdose and to us will be forever 27. love Mum & Dad xx
Mum & Dad
This tribute is for my loving friend David who will always have a special place and memory in my heart. David had a long term use of cannabis which he thought was helping him deal with his depression but it resulted in his horrific suicide which affected the lives of all his loving family and so many friends. As the anniversary of his passing away is now just over a year, we remember his struggle with his addiction and he enormous joy he brought to so many in his life. Rest in peace.
To my dearest brother, you lost your battle to the devil 6 years ago today. You are missed more than words could ever describe but your memories give me the strength i need to proceed. In my heart is where I will keep you until we meet again. RIP Your little sister
Your little sister
To: Brian In loving memory of my precious son Brian, who lost his battle with addiction on 4/15/2005. His struggle with heroin was so difficult. I know how badly he wanted to be free of that dreadful disease but was not successful in overcoming it. He was tortured by that ugly thing. I remember how sweet he was when he was sober and how desperate he became when he was sick from withdrawal. I miss and love him so much but I truly believe that the Lord saved him from his suffering when he took him home. I pray that he has found peace and tranquility where he is. Much as I miss my son, I am happy that his suffering has come to an end. Brian, I will be so happy when it's my turn to return home and I am with you again. I love you with all my heart. I would give anything to hug you just one more time. Just to see you smile one more time. I hate heroin. All our beautiful children taken before their time. Always in my heart Bri. Love Mom
Maureen Sullivan
"To Love is to receive a glimpse of Heaven." Remembering you Ry; our son, brother, nephew, grandson, cousin and friend. We will continue to BELIEVE, have faith and LOVE ALWAYS.....Yesterday, Today and tomorrow we love you to the moon and back.... and we miss you more than the words in Webster allow. "ONE LOVE" Ryan.....Always in our hearts.
First, I am so saddened by the amount of beautiful souls that have been lost to this disease. I have watched so many lose this fight. I'm a mother of 3 boys who struggle with this... and April 11, 2013 I lost my youngest son Jordan to this. He was only 20 years old, and that phone call haunts me forever. I've been in recovery myself for years and would of thought my boys would see the hope in recovery and how it's possible if they want it! I will do anything to educate the youth or parents. And today I see just how powerful this addiction is, because my other boys still struggle even after losing their brother. My son Jordan was such a gift, like so many are. He loved people and always had a way to make people feel better but struggled with himself. He had a way to shine and bring out the best in others. I could go on and on about him, I just know my life will never be the same and I will forever miss him, his smile, and his presences here.Jean from Boston
Jean from Boston
My tribute is for Keith Talley. I can't believe August 20 will be one year. All that was left was the message you sent me that night because you couldn't beat me at Songpop. I still can't take you off my request list! I love you, kid. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I know you wanted to be better, I know you wanted to change. I couldn't even come up to look at you one last time because I want your smile, your laugh, your mischievous eyes in my memory. Watching them drive away with you broke my heart. I hope to see you again someday and I hope you know how much you are loved and missed❤ Kelly
Sean - It has been what seems like forever since you left us, but your smiling face will forever be embedded in our hearts. Peace and love always...Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad
To my precious son, Ryan. I love you and miss you so much. Thank you for giving me 24 of the best years in my life. I will be with you again. Love forever, Mom
tina koch
To my beautiful son, Salvatore Marchese. I thank you and God for giving me the honor of being your Mom. You truly are a beautiful soul and had a heart of gold. You touched so many lives and your memory will forever live on. I love you my son and you will be "Forever In My Heart"
Mom (Patty DiRenzo
It has been just over a month...June 22 is a day I will never forget. We talked on the phone and ended with I love yous. Never in a million years could I have imagined that would be the last time I would ever hear your voice. You chose heroin that night....why? You told me you were happy and not doing drugs. Every time I wanted to believe you. That is because I love you and wanted happiness for you. Now there is no happiness...just lots and lots of tears. I know you struggled with addiction... I just never thought I would lose you. I hate drugs. I love you Garnett and I miss you every minute of every day. You are forever in my heart.
Jill Hepworth
Susan I know you tried to get sober and clean but I know in my heart that you could not beat your addiction down. May you rest in peace and know we will love and miss you forever! Thanks for being my friend for 18 yrs! I feel like there are times I can't breath cause you can't answer! It will be hard to let go, hard not having you around in my presence. God Bless!
Stephanie Steffan
Our little brother Justin Lee Smith. Gone but never forgotten. 11 May 1990 - 15 May 2013
Keri Schneider
Travis, you were a smart, caring friend and you will be missed dearly. I'll always remember the good times we had blazing for the first time or spending time at the river. I pray for your family and your brother during this tough time.
My dear friend Lea, You died last December 24th, 10 minutes before midnight. I said God came and got himself an early Christmas present. You touching so many lives before you left us. Only 29 years old and you fought so hard all the way. I was so proud to be your sponsor, I loved you and you loved me. We were friends but you were my teacher too. Thank-you for your lessons dear friend. I carry them with me throughout my day and I will never forget you because you had an enormous impact on my life. Love Mary(Mear)
Darling Danny, dearest friend, lover to all things in nature, the most true and pure of souls. We will always hold you high and dear in our heart, never letting you go xxx
I would like to pay respect to and express sorrow for all who have died as a result of a futile "war on drugs" which in reality is a war on people. So many deaths would not have occurred if we had leaders who had the courage to take drugs out of the hands of organised crime and treat problematic drug use as the health issue that it really is. Until this happens the number of sad tributes will only grow longer.
Geoff Ward
John J & Richard K - Always remembered. Lynda B
In memory of my only son, Mark Jeremy Susong, who died at the age of 21 from a heroin overdose on 2/10/12. He will be remembered by us for much more than the way he died. We miss him every minute of every day.
Jill Susong
Justin, When I heard you had died I was sad. When I learned it was heroin that took you away I was mad. Why? Could I have done more? While I was just the mom of your best friend, I have so many memories of you two as friends. Best friends since first grade. Through thick and thin, you two were always there for each other. I know he worried about you and was happy when you would get clean. Now you are gone, a life cut short, before it had barely begun. My heart is heavy with the pain of those who loved you and have lost you. Rest in peace, watch over us from above, you are now free, fly free. Justin Marshall Cranmer 2/25/92-6/4/13.
R.I.P mother - Solange Waleska Aguila Romero 1960 - 1987.. I only wish my boys had a nan to be able to remember, a calm loving motherly voice that I imagine you had or even just to have a actual memory of you. You were so young, scared and trapped in a evil world. You made too many poor choices, which I only really understand now after making similar choices as a adult.But I changed for my children and am stronger for it now. Unfortunately it led you to be taken from me when I was only 2 - 1/2. I do understand and I do finally forgive you. Love always and forever, your daughter and two grandsons xox
Jess Mcc
My Dearest JIllian, My thoughts cannot replace the person that you were. We are all sinners, but you belong in the pantheon of the most saintly sinners. You will forever be remembered. I will see on the other side... GLH
Juice,Greg November 4, 2008 shall be firmly rooted in me until my dying days. I have carried that day with me ever since. Your efforts saved a life that day, and gave me strength in the face of indifference and hostility to overdose prevention initiatives. Thank you both for taking a chance, and saving not just one life, but many more to come. Gratitude.
always support for all people..
To my much missed sister Nancy, I love and miss you so much. You will always be in my heart and thoughts forever. Love, Cindy
Cindy Dewey
Dear Jeff, I miss you so much. I think of you every day. I wish I didn't have to post a message like this, I wish I could tell you in person and hug you tight. I would bring you back to Belgium with me if I could, maybe you would have had a better life there. Your little girl is so beautiful, she still misses you and thinks of you every day. You'll always be my big bro and I love you so much. I'm so sorry you're not here.
My darling Jaclyn, It's been almost 2 months. Juliana and I miss you every day. She's always saying "I want Mama". All I can say is I want Mama, too. Sometimes it seems like you're not even gone. I will have a fraction of a split second when I will think that I have to tell you something. Other times it seems like you've been gone forever. Katie misses you more than I can imagine. She watches Jules when I need a sitter. I know that you are still here. I see when things are moved, and I hear you when I'm about to do something that you disagree with. And the other night when you kissed Jules on the head at bedtime, my heart just broke. She was so emphatic about it "Mama just gave me a kiss ... on the head. Thank you Mama." Just wanted to tell you that we love you and miss you. Stay around for as long as you can, but when you have to move on, feel free to go. We'll get through. Love, Mom
My beloved brother JT, who passed into heaven Dec 5th 2012 10:55pm. No longer suffering from his exhausting 14 year journey through addiction. I miss and think about you every day. I know you're always with me, until we reunite in heaven. Every day that passes without you here, just gets harder and harder. I love you JT!
Jaclyn Munk, your sister
My dear son, Dustin. You are missed by so many. Every morning is difficult. Once I awake my broken heart takes time for the blood to run through it as I make it through the day finding joy in other ways. Being your mom was everything. I am sorry life was difficult. I am sorry for your pain. I wish I could have done more for you. I wish you peace in heaven. Dustin Scott Christian (Fentanyl patch overdose) March 28, 1994 - March 7, 2012 "Thanks For The Laughter" ~ Love Mom
Julie Scott-Christian
To all those who walked the hard miles but did not make it. You're never forgotten...
In sweet, loving memory of Renier Lifeguard Larry Schoeman, passed on of a drug overdose on January 27th 2013. The battle was just too big son - you fought it with your whole heart. You will always be in our hearts.
Riaan and Sharon Schoeman
To my darling heart Dan, my beautiful man. It's just so unfair. On Wed 10 April 2013 you left us. It's been 3 months. It's unbelievable that you're not here and that you won't walk through the front door, ever again. No kiss as you fly out the door to work, no more big breakfasts with avocado, no more comforting Ruby when she's upset in the dark hours. Babe, your big secret is out. How could it remained a secret? How long did you think you could live your double life without it backfiring? It can never be fixed now. We have no chance to talk about all the things you never told me, about the secrets, the lies, your pain, your true inner battles and struggles. Now there's no chance for you to tell me the way you wanted me to hear it; to answer all those questions that scream and ache inside me. It's taken you away from us. You are my dearest love, my heart is in your hand, for all time, I am so simply devastated. Our Little Turtle is 20 months old now and she has to grow up without you. You two together, all three of us together, are my happiest moments. A moment I need to stretch out, to fill up all the days and nights that span my empty sadness at your loss; for the future that you won't be in. I wish so badly that you could have, or would have, used your voice to reach out. My love, this could have been avoided. Happily-ever-after could have been yours! I wish we could turn the clocks back. Death won't part our love and you will always remain wonderful and amazing to me.
Cara Louise Bramich
To my Beautiful Son Shawn. We will always celebrate your beautiful life, love and laugh. On Sept 30, 2012 heroin took you away from us at only 22 years old. You tried so hard and your many, many devoted friends tried so hard to help you. You were only home and out of rehab for 3 days when your brother Nicky found you unresponsive on the kitchen floor on the day before his 24th birthday. Shawn, you are so loved and missed. You will always be the most loveable, loyal, wittiest, funny and charming kid. You have so many loving friends and family who miss you. We miss calling you our "Ferris Buehler" , a nickname we gave you because like the character in the movie you were so charming and loved by everyone. You were voted as having "the best laugh" in the yearbook because your laugh was so amazing and contagious and lit up a whole room. Now we will never hear that laugh again because of an Oxycontin prescription which turned into an addiction which turned into a heroin addiction. Shawn you were and always will be everyone's love, everyone's best friend, everyone's soulmate. I am so thankful that I was chosen to be your mom for 22 years. You are and always will be my baby faced ninja turtle. I love you Shawn. My heart breaks every second of every day to think that you will not be here to be a little brother to Nicky and a big brother to Jessica but God must think you're really someone special to take you into His kingdom to be happy forever. God only takes the good ones. Shawnie, you were always loyal to everyone and true to your own spirit. You will be in our hearts forever. My baby you will always be. Soar my ninja turtle. Soar. And we will never forget.... Still I Rise. Love, mommy
In honor of my beautiful, sweet and sensitive son, Mitchell. My son passed away from an overdose at the young age of 22. My life is forever altered but I am trying to find ways to go on, not without him, but with him in my heart and as my inspiration forever. My dear boy, Dad, Jared, Sam and Jack all miss you but find it too hard to talk about it. I will never stop talking about you, never stop sharing about you. In my heart I believe life was never going to get any easier for you. I am sorry my dear. We need to do a better job with our youth, addictive illness, and mental illness. You tried my boy, you tried to hang in there but it was not meant to be. I miss you every single moment of every day. It has now been three years, as of 6/11/13. It seems like yesterday. Forever loving you, my son, Mitchy.
To: Ryan We lost you last June 29, 2012 from an unintentional heroin overdose. Kristyn has not been the same since. She misses her husband so badly. Kayden misses his daddy; he looks just like you, Ryan, and has your sweet, gentle disposition. He's 20 months old now. Mya misses her stepdad. She's 5 now. I miss my sweet son in law. You are loved dearly by so many people.
Lynn, Kristyn, Mya, and Kayden
I just lost my baby brother, the other half of my soul, this week. He was 33 and an amazing father and husband. My brother had a terrible car accident which left him in so much pain. It started with the pain meds and ended with heroin. I hate the word heroin as it conjures up an image of wayward souls, of the weak. My brother was anything but weak. He fought demons as only a warrior could do and he did it in silence for many years. Oscar completed an intensive inpatient program and was home in time for Fathers Day. He found his way back to The Lord and I find comfort in that. I believe he was called home now before he lost his way again. I don't know what misery his passing saved him from. I only know that my brother was the sum of all things complicated, beautiful and sometimes dark. He was the other half of my soul which is in Heaven now. I will never get over this and perhaps I shouldn't because I will never forget either. Sweet dreams my precious one. Love forever, your big sister.
This is to my dearest son Larry. On May 24th 2013 I got a call saying my son tried to take his life by a drug overdose. He is in a coma now with severe brain damage. He is 28 years old, has a wonderful family and a little girl who is 5. We are hoping for a miracle. That's all we have to hold on to.
Dena J.
Dear Momma,I am still in shock. Although I knew you struggled with an addiction to prescription medications, I never thought this would happen to us. You had been doing so well and staying sober the last 6 months, I thought maybe you had beat this, and that I finally had my mom back. Little did I know when I found you had relapsed on May 4th, that on the morning of May 5th 2013, dad would wake up and find you already gone.I thought we would wake up and try to convince you to go to rehab to prevent any more relapses. But we didn't have the chance. It's not fair you would never let us get you extra help, and that I am now left without a mother at 26 years old. And my daughter without her Gma she loved so much at 7 years old. You will now never see me get married, have more children, see Alaina cheerleading (who was the apple of your eye) or be there to grow old with Dad. We're all heartbroken and nothing will ever make us feel better. But we will learn to live with it. But if anything can come from this, it's going to be that I vouche to help anyone I can going through this addiction, to get help, the right way. Even if I can try to help one less person to go through this hell and loss, I will do my best to do so. Always in my heart momma. Love you
A Lost Daughter
Dear Mommy, The last time we talked (7/13/2012) I was going to take you to lunch on my day off (the next day) (7/14/2012) You said ok..I said I loved you! You said I love you back and I didn't need to come over you were going to bed early. WOW!!! If I only known that would be our last conversation I would have said more or just came over..(GUT FEELING) My life turned upside down as you ended your life that day/eve. Sure you left a note. Not good enufffff!!! Mom! You look every bottle of pills you had to make sure it was a done deal. Now I'm left all alone in life and that's a done deal. I'm scared, sad, alone and miss you so much it hurts! Everyday I look at your picture next to my bed and wonder: If only I'd come over would you be gone!!! Mom I love you!!! But I'm mad and all alone..why why why? I miss you every second of the day. Love your daughter Tracy P.S. Tell dad I love and miss him so very much as he died one month and a day before you. Both parents gone in a month. My love is all you said. God is all you said. We will have to talk when I get to the golden gates. Love you !!!See you in my dreams..Alway hugging you in my arms and heart.
My beautiful son Brett this should never have happened your strength will never be forgotten..I miss you more than words can say.. I love you so very much Mum Xx
My Heart-28081999
To Cory Monteith, It has been 47days since you left us. you fought so hard to overcome your addiction, but lost the battle at the end. I really can't believe that you're gone now. you left us way too soon. I don't know if you can hear or see me but I'm always praying and thinking of you my angel and I promise you to keep doing than till it's my turn to leave this wonderfull wonderfull world. Thank you so much for all the things you've done for this world. for us, your fans. for your family and friends. for Lea. I wish I couuld see your hansome smile for the last time. My heart just breaks while writing this. You've been such an inspiration and idol for a lot of people (including me) I feel so awful for them. I just can't imagine what they're going through. I miss you so! Our beautiful bright star in the sky. Our beautiful angel in heaven. Still can't believe that you have passed away.May the good Lord look after you and love you. I look forward to the day we are reunited. Cory,you've been taken by angels and they only choose the best people to take Still, it hasn't registered that you're not going to be here anymore.. Rest In Peace. I will always be thinking of you.. you'll be forever in my heart. I love you. Love Rim.
Rim Grimaldi
This tribute is to my beautiful daughter Brie'Anna, the most loving, caring, genuine young women. Brie, as we called her passed away from a heroin overdose at the age of 20 on January 8, 2013. Part of me died that day with her and life as I knew it changed forever. My life without my daughter is so empty and lonely and I grieve for her so bad I wonder if the pain whatever ease. Brie left behing an older sister and brother, a youner sister and two parents we loved her very much. She fought for about 5 yrs and fought hard to overcome her addiction. The friends she was with the night of her overdose could of saved her life by simply dialing 911, but they were so scared of getting in trouble so they dropped her off at the ER and left. She was DOA but the doctors were able to revive her. She was placed on life support and ultimately passed 3 days later. Brie, mommy and daddy love you very much. I look forward to meeting you in heaven when its my turn to join you. Until then please know we think about you every minute of every day your beautiful smile shines through the floor of heaven and we miss & love you more than words can say. I know you are with us always. I love you!!! <3
Michele (mommy) Bowersox
To ALL that lost the battle after fighting a good fight. Your struggle is over , as u find Peace in a better place. Fly high & stay close to the families left behind to mend their broken hearts.
To: Cory For inspiring millions of people. For staying positive despite all the hardships. For being an amazing boyfriend to an equally amazing woman. For showing that your life was a lot more than an addiction and that you can reach the heights despite your illness, for being a hero. We still love you frankenteen. Keep on drumming.
In memory of the brightest star, kindest heart, strongest spirit I have ever beautiful baby boy...RJ Boudreau Jr <3 9/18/1990-11/5/2012 I love you and miss you so is so empty without you. Love, Mom
Robin Boudreau
Ryan, Always on my mind Forever in my heart Love and Miss You!!
Remembering: Foo, Jordan, Simon, Tammy, Brent, Ryan Love you always and will never forget any of you. I am inspired to continue to work in Harm Reduction to educate others on the risks of overdose. Miss you my friends, so much. Rest easy.
To my son that we just recently lost on July 2,2013 to a drug overdose, Ryan. We love and miss you more than words will ever be able to express. You left us with empty souls and broken hearts. May God give us the strength to take our loss and help others in your name. Love you always and forever, Mom and Dad <3
Ryan’s Mom
To: Cory Monteith Hi Cory. Maybe I don't have the right to write you a letter but I just wanted to thank you for having been and still being so inspiring. I won't remember you for the way you left, but for the ways you saved every single one of us. As Finn you taught us that everyone has a second chance and we'll never thank you enough. You'll always be in my heart. Goodbye Hero. With love, Valeria.
My Dear Son Matthew: Our love for you endures and the memory of you will never fade. You live in our hearts now, but soon will live forever on paradise earth. John 5:28, 29. My hope is to see you there and we will talk, laugh, and hug again.
To my son Shawn, 28, who died of a heroin overdose on 18 Jan 2013, he was handsome, smart, funny, would do anything for anyone but could not kick his addiction. My heart is broken, there is not a minute in the day you're not with me. I miss and love you so much.
Sonja Kampmeier
To: Chris, Katie, and Kyle Three amazing lives lost.. Three stories never finished. Who would you be today? Kyle - what would our children look like? I will never forget you three. Gone but never forgotten! - Danielle
My darling David You were the light of my life in an uncertain time. You showed me that the world could be truly beautiful if you just took the time to look. I hope you are still making beautiful discoveries. I miss you every day.
For Michelle English: I wrote this almost a year after she passed. It took me even longer to actually share it with anyone, even those that knew her and her circumstances. Beloved Friend June 2, 2011 at 9:14am I'd been running my facebook support page for months. It had grown to the point where it needed multiple admins and to be checked multiple times a day instead of the once every few days back in the beginning. We had hundreds of members instead of the handful I expected. I guess I didn't realize how many people there were like me, that couldn't get to a face to face support group, or needed more when they were home. I first noticed Michelle because her posts were a little hard to understand. She was using her phone to access the page, and her typos and missing words were always a part of the posts. She was very down, there were no okay posts, only down ones. She would say she couldn't take it, she would say it hurt too much. After a few weeks I was talking to her in inbox messages as well as on the page. We had added each other as friends. I read a note of hers that was titled "Read only if you are strong." She never wanted to bring others down or put things on them that they couldn't handle. She told me to make sure that I was doing good before reading it. It was a description of what she'd gone through recently. Her son has Dravet's Syndrome - a child seizure disease. She was constantly overtired because he would have fits through the night as well as the day, and during the day there was no rest because her daughter was awake. She suffered multiple types of abuse by her ex husband, some worse than I want to remember reading, even after the divorce. She only had one really close friend who would visit when she could, when she wasn't working to help take care of Michelle's son. Other than that, she was pretty much on her own. Even her family was not helping much regardless of her son's health and her mental health. She made a post one night when I was overtired. As I said before, sometimes her posts were hard to understand. It had something to do with finishing a handful, and I didn't know what she meant. I am not even sure how I responded but she said it was good I didn't understand her, and she deleted the comment. I realized she was meaning to finish an overdose, that she'd just been starting. I sent her messages in her inbox asking her not to, and begging her to call a crisis line, giving her the phone numbers (she was in the UK so I had to look them up, but I did as quickly as possible). I was pleading to a non-responsive screen. The next day she apologized and she thanked me. She told me she flushed the rest of those pills. About a week later, we got a message that she overdosed and was in hospital. She messaged us again when she was out; she left as soon as they took out the IV needles. She hated hospitals. A week later I was messaging her again. I'd seen on her friends wall that she was "going to visit her friend for the last time." I saw on her wall that her friend would be there soon. I asked her why this would be the last time. She messaged me back saying that she'd tell me the next day maybe. I assured her that I was doing good that Saturday morning, and that my boyfriend would be with me all day and all day the next day, so if I might need support, this was the best time to tell me. She told me she was dealing with the consequences. I asked what that meant, and she said her liver was failing. The two overdose attempts weren't the first. The damage she'd done to her liver was irreversible and because of the reason for the damage, there was no chance of a transplant. After a couple days, I finally got the courage to ask her friend how long she had, because through the conversation, Michelle gave no real indication. A couple weeks maybe. My heart sank. This woman suffered through so much between her ex husband, her mental state, her children's health and she had tried to end it all. Each time she'd lived she would ask God why, but say he must have a reason. If she thought one of her friends was depressed that day, she would inbox another friend with problems instead of posting where everyone could see. Even when she told me she was dying, her main concern was whether or not I was going to be okay with finding out. As the days passed, she would post things on the wall of the support group. One stuck out in my mind the most. "I wish I could turn back the clock but can't." Michelle English, mother of two, beloved friend, passed away on Good Friday less than one week after she told me she would pass. I'm not a Christian, but she was, so that is how I remember the day. The date was April 22, 2011. Many people have attempted suicide. Myself included. Sometimes people plan it, sometimes it is done spontaneously. This is a woman who attempted, survived, and then had almost two weeks to come to terms with the fact that she WAS indeed dying. There was no passing out and not waking up, no immediate death. She had to come to terms with what dying really meant. Her response to it? "I wish I could turn back the clock." She is missed. She is loved. It took dying to make her want to live and by then it was too late. I hope anyone who reads this looks for what there is to live for, even if it's just a single person they love, and holds onto it with all their strength until they feel that life is worth living again. We can't turn back the clock. ~Melissa Ledger
Melissa Sin Ledger
To my soulmate Talin. Together we overcame addiction and stopped risking our lives on unsafe meds and doses. Unfortunatly the damage was already done to your body, which led you to have liver failure, taking away the effectiveness of your meds and cut your life short. So I made the decision to find the best Dr/specialist to work together to find the right combination of meds. Some of them are still a bit risky and my doses are still on the high side but thanks to you watching over me I have faith you'll get me through. I try and take it one day at a time to keep me on track, but who knows where this track will take me. But with you as my guardian angel, together we'll make it through this. I can't wait to be with you again. I'll always love you forever. John: I hate that I lost you to an overdose of drugs and alcohol but as time goes on the anger lessens. I miss you very much and being my first love I'll love you forever and ever. xoxo
To Lori, an amazing women who gave so much love and left us too soon. Thank you for being the best other mom I could have. I never got a chance to tell you how much you impacted my life - from what I eat to how I speak. I still can't believe that you're not here, but I think of you all the time. You are missed so very much and I love you beyond words. I hope that you are now at peace. Love, Jazzy (your other daughter)
To Helen Maree Stagoll, Such a sad loss and waste of such a beautiful ,amazing young girl. Passed 2nd May 2010 of methadone overdose aged 16. Loved always and missed every single day. You had a damn tough life girly, wish you could have stuck around for it to get better. Love Kathryn
In loving memory of my Mommy.... You were taken from me on 1/26/12 and it still feels like yesterday. I miss you with every breath I take. You fought your battles and tried to out run your demons but your cross was too heavy to bear. For too long you struggled with depression and narcotic abuse was a new way of "dealing" with that depression. There will always be a hole in my heart. I can't believe you're gone. I miss and love you so very much!
I would like to post a tribute to a friend named Steve Taylor. He overdosed this weekend, but he was brought back to life. Tomorrow, the doctors will pull all life support and allow him to pass. I would also like to post a tribute to John Erdek, my very dear friend. Your son is amazing, he looks so much like you it's hard to even look at Sam without almost crying. He's wonderful and you'd be so proud. We miss you. For anyone struggling, don't give up. I have lost too many people to drug overdose. I know you can make it through - I am living proof you can have your life back. Just don't quit, because life truly is precious.
For my son, my life, my everything. Thank you for an amazing 20 years...your life has touched so many and you are thought of and talked about every day. You are forever the best thing I have ever done... Max 'The King' Cota 8/8/91-9/7/11
Laurie Cota
It's only been 3 weeks since you left us and we struggle with the questions and emptiness. We love and miss you to the moon and back baby. You are forever 22. We promise to never forget you. Your legacy lives on in your beautiful daughter. Please surround us with your love and be happy until we meet again. Love, Momma, Doug, Amber, Dylan and Madison, Nana and Papa and Layla Xoxoxo
To: Gavin. From: Dave It has not even been one year since the evil Heroin finally took you from us,it was a long road for us both. Now that your gone i can't help but feel ever so guilty over your death,all those years ago when we did not know any better as young kids we started using Heroin together but the thing that always sticks in my mind is the fact that i injected you on your first time because you were so scared of needle's,(that didn't last long) I wasn't a seasoned pro but i managed it,you were off your face and loving every moment of the rush you got,ever since that day there was no turning back for you ( i was already in its grip ) and for you it was also the start of a long nightmare. We both got wasted over the years and loved it but it eventually catches up with everyone. It was my dad who was told by a friend and rang me here in London to tell me you had died of an overdose,my world was shattered,my best friend from childhood was gone,the friend i had hoped would get clean because i myself had got clean many years before,settled down and even got married,something i never thought would ever happen to me and i wanted you to experience everything i had,i wanted you to get clean so much ut it was never to be my brother. I know live with the guilt of getting you strung out and maybe i deserve it,but we did love it at the time and never predicted what we was getting ourselves into. If i could change it my brother i would do it in a heartbeat. I struggle everyday to stay clean but you are helping me,i can feel your presence close by me all the time,especially when times are hard,THANK YOU. I love and miss you each and every day and cant wait to meet you again,keep me a space in heaven as i know you are there. I'm so sorry. I know you are at peace now and you don't have to worry about where your next few quid is coming from,all that nonsense is over for you. Rest in peace my friend,my health is not the best from all the abuse my body received over the years so my life will definitely be shortened by the abuse so keep an eye out for me,it will not be too long before i join you. Rest in peace.
To Sumnner Ann Kesty - you are always in our hearts. We will never let you be defined by your addiction, you were the center of our universe and continue to guide us in love and in spirit. You were an artist, an athlete, and most of all a good friend. We remember the good times, the laughs and the fun. We miss you beyond words but know that we will all be reunited one day. Until that day sweet girl, stay close and continue to make your presence known! Big hugs and love Summie.
Mom, Dad And Logan
For my Darling husband Phil who died on 10th June 2013 from an overdose, after battling severe depression for all of his 35 years of life. I hope I made you happy for the 2 years we had together but I wish we had had longer. I hope you are finally at peace and resting and waiting for me. Till then....always and forever more. Your Soph xxxx
To all of you my friends who have gone too soon, too young, too fast... You made me laugh, smile and cry. You will never be forgotten. My relentless fight against stigmatizing and false information is partially for you and because of you. Thank you for glimpsing through my life and forgive my past rage and anger wrongly directed to you... Love and Light from your Sofia
Sofia Lopes
Dennis, Dave, Jamie, Maggie, Vincent,Clifford, Stevie B and so many more whose names I cannot remember....beautiful, misunderstood and let down. From the days before Naloxone was available to people who use drugs, sadly not available enough as yet in many areas
Eric Brian. It's been one week and one day since we lost you. I don't know if I will ever stop missing you. You were always my favorite brother.
To: Matthew Hines 13-08-81 ~ 05-04-2005 My beautiful son Matty passed away on April 5th 2005, aged 23 from a heroin overdose. Today he would have celebrated his 32nd birthday. There is not a day goes by that I don't miss him, or that my eyes don't swell with tears sometimes of happy memories, sometimes of what I could have done to help him. When I see an addict now, my heart breaks, I know that there is a mum, dad, sibling, that may one day get that knock on the door.........RIP my beautiful son.....Forever Young xxxxx
Helen Hines
Darrick, Dear: I was always amazed that even after you left our house you had an uncanny way of always knowing when we had company and when there was food on the table! :) You, the only man among your "aunties". We delighted in your dancing eyes, your inquisitive mind, and your light-up-a-room smile. You are missed every day.
Linda Scherrer

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