I would like to pay tribute to two very important people in my life that were taken too soon by overdose.
When I was 11 years old I lost my father to overdose, as far as I know it was an intentional overdose. My dad had a hard time battling his addiction and couldn’t live with the stigma of “thinking” he was ruining our lives so he took his. As an adult now I see the whole picture. People use and struggle with addiction because life is hard and sometimes people can’t do it alone.
I met the man of my dreams, literally, in 2018. He was everything I ever imagined in a partner, and he loved me like no other. Unfortunately when I met him he had a heroin addiction that grew into a fentanyl addiction when it started taking over the market. That was about a year ago. He got clean while he did a 90 day program at turning point of Tulare county. He made it almost 2 months at home and clean until the morning that forever changed our lives. January 2, 2023 I lost the love of my life Aron Vance Matheson, Sr. to a fentanyl overdose. I believe it was the first time he used after being clean for a little over 100 days. It took him immediately. It is such a vicious substance. It has no regard for life at all. It is very sad. My heart goes out to everyone affected by fentanyl overdose.

Forever yours,