My mother Dorothy Ohlinger 08-25-1961-11-24-2018
my mother was one you could never forget from here kind heart to her out spoken personality who loved her animals and working in the hospitals, years ago she fell and broke her back she was good friends with all the doctors so when she feel she didn’t have to ask for the pain meds they were handed to her extras more than needed for a couple of years no one said anything they didn’t ask why after all that time nothing, until a real doctor with true care for his profession and knowledge started to see her, and realized real fast what was going on and put her on methadone years later she detoxed at home with no help her boyfriend still was on methadone he swore that he would help keep her strong she did it! so proud !on November 24 2018 my 2 small kids woke up to my mom that had passed away right before they opened their eyes the morning after thanksgiving and my son 12 was trying to give her CPR but it was too late her boyfriend admitted to giving her the methadone nothing was done not a thing he didn’t get it taken away or start his steps over nothing they were fighting that night but they looked at it as another junkie who overdosed, my mom like so many others was not a junkie but a victim to over prescribing from what we are suppose to trust with our life. we love and miss you mom