I’m having difficulty starting this.
I’ve overdosed around 5-10 times in the past. I died twice and lost my entire memory due to a seizure knocking the back of my head on a metal bar.
I’ve also lost two close friends to overdoses.
I have no access to help.
While yes, I am from the UK, I live in Serbia.
We get great dope but the stigma is horrible.
I personally know the producers of the fentanyl epidemic and that is what I OD’d on; Mu-Fent and Carf.
I feel a deep, deep responsibility for the current crisis and I feel the tens of thousands of lives on my conscience every day…so I numb it with heroin.
I’m so, so sorry.
I only wish I could have said something in time but my memory hindered me from doing /anything/. I almost starved to death because I forgot to eat.
These aren’t excuses but I don’t know how else to justify my involvement in just an insane amount of death and destruction.
I’m sorry.