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Michael Hart

Glad for you that your pain is gone. I am grateful for the 39 years you shared with me. Be at peace now.

... Kate


My son was kind and loving, hard working. He wanted to get better and help other people with the horrible disease of addiction, I lost him on 2/15/2022 I miss him and love him so much

... Mona

Samantha Lyn Keegan

Beloved daughter and sister. Samantha will be remembered for her love and kindness, her ventless and her braveness fighting this gut wrenching disease of addiction. We miss her with every breath we breath.

... Kathy

Bryson Strom

He was a loving son and father. He left behind a family that adored him, that included a 3 year old daughter and 4 year old son. They were his universe. Sadly, some issues that pressed him that created his desire to self medicate instead of sharing his stresses, created the stage for a drug poisoning. We miss him every day. Bryson, we love you.

... Tracey

My beautiful talented boy, Jonathan Newman passed away of an overdose on June 20, 2023.
Jonathan was an awesome guitar player and singer. He had the biggest heart. He would literally give you the shirt off his back.
Leaving a huge circle of loved ones behind, he is missed so much.

... Mae

Chase Bisbee

Chase Bisbee
Age 19
Dec 15, 1997 to Feb 18, 2017
I miss you everyday. When you died I felt that my heart would never be able to heal. I say say your name with pride and trudge forward to fight Overdose.
Time is now to end the Stigna and Shame!
Chases Mom

... Lisa

Ryan Montgomery Lewis

Because YOU existed. Because YOU matter. Because YOU made a difference. Because YOU made an impact. Because of YOU, I am a better person.
I love you and miss you more every day.
Because of you♡

... Mom

Katie Bell

We miss you dearly, and nothing fills your void. You always said there was beauty in the struggle, and you fought so hard at times, now we fight our broken hearts and you are finally free. You lit up every room you ever entered, your spirit was so warm we all loved our Kate-Kate. I will meet you one day at the gates baby girl. forever25

... Mom


I don’t know what to say, I just lost you in July and I don’t believe my grief will ever end. I had the happiest moments of my life with you. I’m blessed to have loved and to have been loved by you.

... Morgan

Andrew Tharp

Andy, my love, I miss you every second of every day. I miss you so much. You weren’t supposed to leave me yet. We were supposed to have so much more time together. It all happened so quick I still can’t quite grasp you’re really gone. But I know you’re with me and watching over me. You’d be so proud of me baby I’m 76 days clean today. I’m doing what you wanted for us baby. I’m actually doing it. Me and your mom still talk, we’ve grown pretty close. I wish you were still here sometimes I catch myself having to remember you’re not coming home. I’m not getting another phone call. I love you Andrew Christopher Tharp. You’ll always be my soul mate, love of my life, and best friend. For eternity baby just like we promised

... Tayler

Austin Blake Bordeaux

My Son its been 5 years now since we lost you and had to say Goodbye to you. I miss you more than words could ever express . I love you son always have always will. Everyone in our family misses you . We are incomplete without you .my heart is forever broken . The day you died you took s huge piece of my heart with you. The pain is still as raw today as it was the day i lost you. If love could have saved you , you would still be alive today .. i love you i love you soo much ! Love you forever , MOM

... Danielle ( Mom)

Dalton Lee Condra

My son who passed 11/4/22 at the age of 26. I miss you so much.

... Amy

Nick Musgrove

Bubby, your light still shines brightly through the many, many lives you touched. We carry you in our hearts daily and we miss you more than words can say!
We love you to heaven and back.


... Mom & Dad


In heartfelt memory of my beloved son, John—always in my thoughts and forever missed….

... Mom

Christina R. Lindberg

To my sister who we lost in April 2020 due to Drug Overdose, you are missed by so many but you will never be forgotten and always be remembered! I love you so much always and forever Big Sis 💜

... Erin

Taylor Rohaly

My cousin, my best friend, my sister, i miss you every day, 7 years since you left this plane of existence at 22 years old. . some days are rougher then others I hope you have found peace. i love you tay tay

... Chrissy

Ricardo Jr Rodriguez

To my nephew who couldn’t fight his battle with drug addiction. He died on an overdose to soon. He was 36year old . RIP Richie 08/31/2023 😓

... Nilda

Kenny M.

Thank you for being part of my journey. I miss you.

... Josie

Robert Wayne Cooper Jr.

A loving and loved, Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Cousin and soo much more! You will be forever missed and in our hearts always!

... Rebecca

John Madden

I miss you everyday not a day goes by that your not missed and on my mind I love you little brother rip 10-01-2017

... Wendy

Christopher Velez

On March 16, 2022 I lost my son (my big baby boy) to an accidental overdose. My heart has been shattered since. Christopher was a kind, loving, caring, and charismatic young man. He always had a huge smile on his face no matter what! He was judged by many because of his struggle with addiction. I never ever gave up on my son. God knows how I fought for him. I was always there for him and that’s what gives me peace. He fought so hard to stay sober for himself, his babies, his big brother, his grandmother, for his tio’s and for me! His depression, anxiety and mental illness was too much for him. He was sober eight months before his passing. Please be kind when you see an addict, they’re fighting a tough battle. It can happen to anyone. Today on National Overdose Awareness Day and every day I honor you my love. I love you and miss you everyday. Te amo mi bebe bello!#nationaloverdoseawarenessday 💛🌻💔

... Zoraida (MOM)

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