Trail of Truth, National

Date: 24/09/2022
Time: 11:00 am
Location: Washington DC
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: Truth Pharm
Email: Truthpharm@gmail.com
Web: https://www.trailoftruth.org/

Washington D.C. September 24th with over 70 organizations uniting together, and another 30 + ready.
This event has 4 primary goals.
1. To memorialize our loved ones in a beautiful and compelling way.
2. To elevate this issue on a national platform to the government and to the media.
3. To call for immediate access to treatment. (The opioid settlement money is there, it just needs to get out to where it belongs!)
4. To call for the end of discrimination in medical care practices.

As Alexis quoted Loretta J Ross: Many people moving in the same direction with the same singular thought is a cult. Many people moving in the same direction with many different thoughts is a movement. Let’s help make a movement!!

The overdose epidemic is everyone's problem, but it's being left to a small group to step up.

Do your part and support these unrecognised responders by pushing for change today.

Sign up here for resources that can help you to save a life.

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