Overdose is everywhere. But leaving it to everyday people to respond to overdose WHEN IT IS happening is not enough. 

Join the global movement pushing for change today.

Every day, over 300 Americans and Canadians lose their lives to overdose. This is an epidemic, and we can’t ignore it.

But right now, it’s being left to a group of unrecognized first responders to act and save lives. Waiters. Cab drivers. Gas station attendants. Cashiers. Friends. Family members. All of us.

You won’t see it in their job description, but these people are all too familiar with responding to overdose.

While one part of preventing harms from overdose is about being ready to respond – and we can all learn more to be ready – this is not enough. We must call for greater action.

Get involved by learning about overdose, overdose prevention, and pushing for change today.

Together we can do this. Let’s end overdose.

Data sources: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention 2021; Public Health Agency of Canada 2022..

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