International Overdose Awareness Day

Date: 31/08/2023
Time: 11:00 am
Location: This is the main downtown civic square public space. It is located Infront of the library. It is an outdoor space and accessible to everyone.
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: Northern Healthy Connections Society
Contact: Alana Weatherbee
Phone: 902 953 1120

Join Northern Healthy Connection Society in remembering and celebrating the people we have lost due to overdose from a toxic drug supply and other various ways people have been effected by drug related harms. We will have naloxone training and free kits, speeches, a memorial picture to sign the name of a love one you’ve loss, resources and snacks and coffee. This will be a safe, inclusive and non stigmatizing space to remember our loved ones, peers, people we support, and all people effected by these tragic circumstances

Overdose affects everyone. From grieving families to spontaneous first responders, the impacts of overdose are far-reaching and fall indiscriminately.

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