Congratulations to everyone who contributed to tonight’s episode of the ABC’s #youcantaskthat on prescription substance use disorders.
There are few crueller, and more complex, diseases in this world than prescription substance use disorders. No one is immune. It often strikes when we are already on our knees, and just when we can’t imagine life getting any worse.

It strikes our teenagers when they are only looking to be accepted and loved for who they are. It strikes the grieving widow who can’t sleep, police officers and soldiers who can’t forget, and survivors of abuse can’t unlive their pain. It strikes us when we lose a job, or lose a loved one and, most of all, it strikes us when we are lost, alone, and isolated.

It’s a disease deepened by shame, and precipitated by punitive laws. In fact, the best way to ensure that someone does not recover from substance abuse disorder is to handcuff their wrists, as if they weren’t in chains already.

It can’t be treated by one doctor, and it can’t be treated without the human right of a home.
The cost of not treating substance abuse disorders is far more than stamping them with the stigmas of addiction, like we do now. #stigmakills
Treating people with complex prescription use disorders isn’t just about saving lives; it’s about making sure that they can still have a good life. No one ever chooses to have such an affliction. Thank you to you all for sharing your stories.

Steven Bailey