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Remembering those who have died or been injured because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day.

Tributes will be posted below as soon as they are approved.

Please be aware that as this is a public forum, any use of profanity or personal attacks in Tributes may lead to the Tribute not being published.

My beautiful baby Brooke Austin.9/08/2000. forever 20.I miss you more than the air I breath. I can’t wait till were together again. I’m so lost. I will always love you.


My darling Liam I cannot believe it will soon be 8 years since you left us so unexpectedly. I miss your big bear hugs & I remember you everyday. Life is so different knowing that you won’t saunter in the door in a way you could only do. I miss your smile & your laughter the most and we talk about you often especially with the littlies. It seemed when you laughed we all laughed. Our little family will never be the same. Rest peacefully my darling son. I love you so much.


Levi. I will always love you. you were my best friend from the age of 18 until I went to rehab at 27. I had to leave you then, on your journey, as I had to go on mine. Survivor guilt is real. I know this because Tommy was the last one to see you alive. He left you. asleep. after using heroin. When he came by the next day he expected to see you bouncing around like every time before. Except you weren’t. you had passed away in your heroin dreams. Tommy could not live with the blame, we all blamed him. So he suicided a year to the day you passed because he could no longer live with himself and without you. I was called to hear the news, both times, both friends are gone because of a stupid mistake. Neither of your faults and that is what is so frustrating to me. Because the Government doesn’t care about your lives, you both died. I will think of you both and hope that there is a place that you are both together because I know Levi doesn’t blame you, Tommy. You would be forgiven, it was not your fault that you did not know better. I love you Levi and I miss you Tommy and WISH the world cared more about people that use drugs, so that lives were not needlessly wasted like this. Love Karly


My beloved son Alan Ross Jacobs died on January 10, 2015, just two weeks before his 29th birthday, of an accidental prescription drug overdose. Although Alan had battled depression, anxiety and physical pain for years, he was always ready with a laugh, sage advice, or a helping hand. His heart was so full of love for all living beings that he suffered whenever he saw pain or injustice. He found joy in his guitar, his friends, poetry, and his cat, Koshka. I miss my baby every single day and live in hope that no other mother will have to grieve as I have. My book “Broken: How the Broken Mental Health System Leads to Broken Lives and Broken Hearts” tells Alan’s story. It is my attempt to find what Alan referred to in a poem as “Illumination within the darkness.”


My Beloved Son, Aaron Patterson 11/22/88-7/15/20. We love and miss you dearly.




In memory of my beautiful son, Christopher. He was a bright light to all, and was my heart. His brothers miss him everyday as do his Aunt and Uncles, cousins and so many friends. He was 26 and still had so much left to do. He was a a warrior with a kind soul and the world is not the same without him.


I love you and miss you so much every day dad. I will always remember the amazing memories we have shared together. Thank you for all you have done for me and helping me become the person I am today. We miss you so much and you will never be forgotten. 2/28/21 ♥️ 👼🏼


Missing you 24/7,hoping no other parent has to feel this…

My son, my friend, my inspiration

Caleb Garcia 4/10/1997 – 4/18/2019 ❤️💙🖤


*Poetry On the Occassion of 31stAugust2021 – International OverDose Awareness Day!*

No Dose Atall,
A Heavenly Path;
Over Dose Afterall,
A Fast Lane to Hell;
In Limits It’s a Stiff,
Tug of War Pull Shift,
To Hell and Heaven!

Think Twice Before,
You Reach Out for it,
And Get Hung High,
An Anxiety Youngster,
A Dipressed Middle Ager,
A Lonely Elderly Soul;

Lives of Many Lost,
InVain Uncontrolled;
Hopes of Near & Dear,
Loved Ones Dashed!

A Recourse of Counseling,
A Rigour of Practice,
A Relief of Addiction,
A Release of Habit Bad,
A Relax of Happy Life,
A Reason for Celebration;

Without Stigma Let’s,
Come Together All,
Pour-in Tributes for All,
Those Dosed and No More,
On this Awareness Day!

–Ratakonda Naga Vamshidhar,


Dalton Mulkey,

Son, brother, dad, and loved by so many

Tripp and Kole miss you daddy!

We all miss you!

Tripp Kole

To my feisty and wild younger brother Michael… On this day, we remember you and all of the support and humour you brought to the world. You’re missed by so many, loved by more. Thank you for all that you have helped me learn while you were walking with us, as well as now. We know you’re with us, but we still miss you.


I miss u uncle Stephen I dyed my hair purple yesterday for overdose awareness on the 31st for you and dad and Dino ect and 4 me I hope your proud of me I’ve been clean 2yrs now and I dropped my 70ml script of methadone to 0 in 1 day I’m on day 36 now its killing me but I’ve stayed clean I miss u and dad so much 💔 😢look after my man till its my time xxxxxx


In Loving Memory of Bradley Thomas
Born March 13, 1983
Died December, 2011


To my loving son Justin you are missed and deeply loved. I hope you are at peace. 1993-2014
Love Mom and Dad


May you, all our children find peace and all us parents find the strength to keep fighting this war on drugs so that maybe someday this epidemic will stop.

Lance’s Mom

You are forever in our hearts. We miss you. We miss your laugh. We miss your smile. We miss your hugs. We wish nothing more than for you to be with us again, where you belong.

Your Family


My best friend since kindergarten, Nicole, passed away on June 3rd, 2012 of an overdose. I miss her every day. I love you, Nikki.


In loving memory of my older brother (1990-2020). Sober for so long only to overdose on what he thought was heroin (but had been pure fentanyl). Now more than ever, I wish for this awareness to be known to all and the stigma to end.


To my clients who were street-entrenched, failed by the systems and became a statistic. I’m sorry that society treated you this way. You are not forgotten and hold a place in my heart and memories. I saw your humanity and value. I hope you are at peace and that we can change things for the better for others on similar paths.

Front Line Worker

Beloved Son and Brother
Mother’s Grieving Heart…


I wish I could share “Big Meek”‘s picture so everyone could see her captivating smile and charismatic light but she was very private about her personal life. She was one of my dearest friends, more like a sister. We bonded over our crazy, off-color humor and the fact that we were voth singer/singwriters. She brought me back to the Christian faith after I had left for 14 years. I lost her to fentanyl in 2020. She was just 41 years old and a mother.

She had a beautiful, jazz-style voice, could dance like a pop star, (with no lessons) was fiercely protective of her loved ones and had the biggest, most compassionate heart you can imagine. And she was SO funny! Like funny enough to do stand-up. She was really talented at doing imitations of people. She loved cars and mechanical things and could fix just about anything.

I miss singing with her. I miss the constant laughter. I miss her sarcastic sassiness and being able to message her on Facebook whenever I want. I know I’ll see her again one day and until then, I am comforted by the fact that she is in the happiest place she could possibly be.


On June 21st 1981 a bright and beautiful soul came to this earth to make her mother smile or so we thought, But on July 13 2016 the brightness that was kassaundra Elizabeth Marze Kovac was forever darkened and her mom now no longer knows how to smile the same way. As you see the lure of instant happiness sold to her in a substance created to make her feel something nothing everything! became something she just couldn’t break away from, she could not stop listening to the lies it told her over and over . That whispered to her so much louder than any of the screams of those whom loved her tried to tell her a different truth the drugs lied and told her using a drug was the only solution to any problem life threw at her and that the only thing that mattered and loved her was the drugs. Once she heard the lies that drugs told her she no longer heard a different truth. A truth that SCREAMED LOUD ON DEAF EARS that using drugs doesn’t have to be the only thing that defines ones life that there can be a life without the drugs and that people who have the disease of addiction can live a life worth living without having to use the drugs and that they can recover and that they matter even if their life are messy they would still be worthy of life and have the ability to make a loved one smile simply because they exist . But drugs deafen and blind make those we love unable to sometimes hear that we would love them no matter what that we could never hate them, but we will always hate the drugs that stole them away . And the legacy forever will be that they died to soon and took with them the the brightness of a mother’s once easily made smile .



There has not been a day that has gone by that I have not thought about you. I wish so much that you were here, to be with us, to share in the laughs, the tears, the good and the bad. Your dog is so loved. If there was one thing that I could tell you its that you were my family. You were my little big sister. You place in my life made me a better human being. Love you to the moon and back Baby Bear.



I miss my only son matthew matty who passed away in 2013.May u have peace now matty and fly with the angels.My life has been sad without u.Love u mom dad michelle.


Dylan was sweet, funny, and brought joy to everyone that knew him. He passed away at the age of only 19. His death has left an immense hole in my family. #ForeverLoved #ForeverMissed


I love you Shanti. My most beautiful and precious boy. Forever in my heart. Forever remembered. Forever Loved.


I know you didn’t mean for this to happen & I know you’re sorry for all of the pain. I forgive you! I miss you every minute of every day and I love you with every piece of my heart!!! RIP my sweet boy.

For My Son: Matthew David Lovetto
My son, my best friend, my purpose, my world!


Just remembering today after over thirty years of involvement in the AOD field, the clients lost to overdose, of special mention is Phil. He was a friend.


To my husband who went too soon, not a day goes by without having you in my thoughts. Sadly affects me still to this day been over 20 years.


I want to pay tribute to Carol, Amanda, Timothy, Pat, Eric, Jason, Geoff, Colin and so many others that we have lost the along the way. I miss every single one of them and I miss how much they blessed my life with their humour, loving personalities and even the angry moments they had. This disease took me away from my kids and myself 16 years ago. By the grace of God I was able to make it out on top and recover my life. May all those who have lost their lives to this insidious disease fly high with the angles and rest easy till we meet again.


My son Logan Rachwal lost his life on the day of love this year – Valentine’s Day 2021 – at the young age of 19. Logan didn’t know he was getting fentanyl and died alone in his dorm room. Logan was deeply loved by so many, and life will never be the same for us. Logan leaves behind his mom and dad and his 18 year old brother who misses him deeply.


Today I express my unconditional love for my only child, gone way to soon but will never be forgotten.
Brent AKA Twitch – Aug 08 1990 – Feb 03 2021. I feel you all around me each and every day, my love for you will never stop! Butterflies and bright shining stars bring me close to you! I Love You for my forever… Mom


I did it guys… I’m 115 days sober today and I’m living my life for all of you… All of my friends I’ve met during my addiction and all of my family I’ve made in my recovery who didn’t make it and never got a chance to say you were sober … this is for you I’m fighting this battle of addiction and I’m staying strong for you 🖤 Grandpop, Matthew, Gary, Melissa, Jay, and the rest of the struggling addicts that never made it … I dedicate this fight I’m going through to you all 🖤it’s time to live life on life‘s terms.. one day at a time.


CJ you are missed more than you will ever know.

I wish I would have known your struggle with opioid’s.

I wish I could have helped you.

I know you are safe in God’s hands and your struggles are over.

I love you my little boy.



For Aaron.
A kind and caring young man who struggled, but so often thought of the needs of others. Sharing his sandwich when he was famished with someone else in an emergency room is but one example.
Witty, artistic, fun to be with. We remember and miss you.


Sarah Jean, you are missed beyond measure. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. August 31 is your birthday so in my heart and mind I will be sending you love on your heavenly Birthday (35), and it being overdose awareness day, I will be hoping and praying for a new chance here on Earth for all who struggle and suffer with addiction.
Love Mama
I love you so, so much


Brad, Brittany, Hope,
You didn’t know each other but I knew each one of you,
All so different, but yet, not so different.
Young, beautiful, kind, so much ahead of you,
I’m so sorry for your pain and the events in your short lives that crushed your souls, I’m sorry we were not able to save you. You all fought so hard, you were so very brave as you battled the beast.
Forever missed, and forever will feel we failed you.


This tribute is for my son Seneca. Seneca was very kind, he was handsome and he was talented. He gave the best bear hugs and sometimes when I think of him I wrap my arms around myself and squeeze and imagine he’s hugging me. He was playful and he was funny. Fishing was his favourite thing to do next to drawing. I am remembering my sun Seneca on this day. I love and miss you more and more each passing day.


Angelo Sanchez was a beautiful soul. He was a genuine, and honest guy who loved his family and friends deeply. He was even kind to strangers or people he didn’t know well. Always greeting everyone with his contagious smile. He loved the fall because it was football season. His favourite team was the Kansas City Chiefs. He was a huge fan! Unfortunately On August 4 2021 the world lost Angelo. He was only 23yrs old. On August 23, 2021 he would have been 24. We love and miss you Angelo. No more pain or struggling. Your free.


For my son, he was a 20 year old full of life! In July 2020, he mixed his medication with methadone which caused an overdose. He lost his life with this choice. I want to help others to prevent them from being faced with the same pain.


I’m writing this to remember my big sister, my only sister, and my only sibling. You struggled for so long, and now you are no longer struggling, and for that I am thankful. I will never be able to put into words how much I will forever miss you. I will have a void in my life that nobody can ever fulfil. I have so many unanswered questions and a roller coaster of emotions. I love you always…until we meet again


My son Philip was a wonderful man who held his family high, especially his son! Our bond was strong and loving. I will forever see his smile in my head and his love in my heart. My son Philip was a wonderful man who held his family high, especially his son! Our bond was strong and loving. I will forever see his smile in my head and his love in my heart.


To my 37 year old son Todd Nardella who died of Fentanyl poisoning Jan 29 2021
Love you forever Miss you for always
4/12/1983-1/29/2021 RIP My only son


RIP Jessica Norwitz. You left your family and friends on 12/24/2019 We ALL miss you. I pray you have found the peace you were so desperately seeking.


Appreciate those who matter to you , now .. not when they’re gone. Live in the moment because you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Before you know it you can truly lose it all. So forgive easily, hug often, say ” I love you ” and live for today. RIP Jamie DeRita. When you passed away in June of 2020, I not only lost a sponsee, I lost a friend. I think of you everyday. I will always love you and remember you. You are dearly missed.


Clint, I miss you everyday.


There will always be a hole, you learn to walk around it – sometimes it’s a slippery slope and you slip fast, sometimes you look over the edge, and sometimes, with the help of incredible family, friends and people you don’t even know, you continue to navigate around it. I miss you so much, Jake, 20 years young, my beautiful, smart, loyal, misunderstood boy, I want you to be here with us, you should be here with us. 💔💔
Addiction, Substance Use Disorder is a disease, not a choice. Please learn about it, especially now when overdoses are rising exponentially, and help REDUCE THE STIGMA. IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE. Just ask me.


My Beautiful Boy Keegan Xavier Bell Forever 18, left this world 6/9/2018 due to a mixed drug overdose. BUT that does not define him. Keegan had the most beautiful blue eyes that just seemed to look into your soul, and when he looked at you you felt seen and understood. He brought so much joy and light to this world, he had a smile and laugh and just an overall peace about him that made others gravitate to him. He was a wonderful friend with this huge heart. He was a little brother to 2 sisters and the Best Son, grandson and godson anyone could have ever dreamed of. He was a blessing to our life and though we miss him every day! the 18 years of his life were a blessing to have him touch our lives and bring us so much light and love.


Sylvia Robles RIP, Heroin Overdose, Rest easy Sister