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Remembering those who have died or been injured because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day.

Tributes will be posted below as soon as they are approved.

Please be aware that as this is a public forum, any use of profanity or personal attacks in Tributes may lead to the Tribute not being published.

This day is in remembrance of a work colleague who gave her everything to help others facing addictions, trauma, shame, guilt, ostracism, prejudice and more. Unbeknownst to myself and my other colleagues, we were ignorant to the storm that was brewing within her. Like so many lives she saved and helped, she, herself fought her own demons without seeking help. Sadly, on her birthday of last year, her demons caught up with her and took her away from us. This is a day to remember a strong-willed, passionate, compassionate woman who recognized injustices, inequalities and prejudices surrounding marginalized and vulnerable people. She has taught me a lot to take a step back and acknowledge the daily struggles and pain of people living with addictions. May you rest in peace dear friend and may you continue to teach and show love and compassion to those who truly need it.


My sweet Frani
I miss you every waking moment. My heart is broken to a million pieces but I keep fighting in your name. Your presence on this earth will always be remembered.
Until we meet again…


Missing you.

Roy Jr. and Tony

My son Logan overdosed and died 9/6/2019. By all accounts he should not be alive today. I don’t know why but the EMS did not give up on him. They gave him 8 doses of Narcan in total and CPR. He survived. I thank God every day. He had been sober a little over 2 years. He is married with 2 children now. Holds a great job. Please pray he can maintain this for himself!!!!


My beautiful boy Ross, taken too soon. You were loved beyond words. Your compassion and kindness touched so many people, all of whom miss you dearly. There is a wake of grief left behind that will never ever dissipate. I wish more than ANYTHING that I could turn back time, even just to hug you once more and tell you how much I love you. Not one day goes by without a thought of you. You will live on in my heart for all eternity. #foreverloved #forevermissed #neverforgotten


Today I would like to honor my baby sister, Julianne Alyssa Dulis, who tragically passed away unexpectedly of a Heroin/Valium overdose on June 26th, 2014, at the young age of 24. Julianne was absolutely amazing. She was smart, beautiful, kind, and adored by everyone who knew her. Our family was destroyed that day. Life, as we once knew it, would never be the same. Our hearts shattered. A part of each one of us died with her. My sister was not a seasoned drug addict. She had only been using hard drugs for a little over a year. But, that’s all it took to take everything from her. Including her life. I have now been clean and sober for 1 year and 19 days. It is not easy. Every single day is a struggle. Many days I just want to throw in the towel. To give up. But, I have a little girl. A little girl that I want more. A little girl who loves me. A little girl that I don’t ever want to see me high. A little girl that my baby sister wouldn’t want to see be raised by anybody, but me. So, I fight the toughest battle I may have have to fight each and everyday. I refuse to end up another statistic. I Love You Emma Rene! Thank You for saving Mommy’s life AGAIN! And Thank You Boogie for watching over us and keeping me strong on days I couldn’t do it alone. Watch over Mama Boogaloo! Let her know you’re there. Please. I Love You.


Alex Fitzgerald – The love ❤ of my life, my soul mate, I will never forget you as the pain in my broken 💔 heart won’t let me 😭


To my precious daughter, Autumn Elise Engelmann, who passed away on February 17, 2020 at the age of 27 from an accidental drug overdose. Taking someone else’s Buprenorphine while trying not to use Heroin, mixing it with her prescribed meds, Klonopin and Risperidone, resulted in her too early leaving us.

Autumn is a free spirit, a gypsy, a traveler, lover of nature and poetry, and believed in giving of herself… all of herself… to others. She gave SO much to her friends that it all got taken. She just wanted to find a special love in this life. To be and feel loved.

I miss her, my only daughter. I miss her phone calls on my birthday and mother’s day, and just to talk. I am decimated by her loss. I tried so hard to save her from herself for so many years.
I never gave up on my belief that she could overcome. She was strong.

She suffered from schizoaffective disorder and heard voices and had delusions. She liked sacred geometry and took photographs of patterns anywhere she saw them. She was a great soccer player, a tough little cookie with long blonde hair and freckles played on her nose. She had amber eyes, that looked sad at way too early of an age.

Rest in peace with Jesus, Autumn. Until I can hug you again.
I feel your presence with me. You come to comfort me and I feel guilty for making you feel responsible for my pain.
Having you for 27 years was worth all the pain I live with now. I wouldn’t undo any of it.
It was for a higher lesson than I can’t yet fathom, but I know you understand it, now.

I am happy for your little comments I hear in spirit… little side remarks sprinkled throughout
my days. When those thoughts come across to me, or I see a beautiful pink sky…. I know you are standing beside me giving me a sweet side hug.

I love you forever, $unshine.


Cody Morgan Vagg – You passed away a little over 4 years ago at the young age of 24. I miss my nephew and the times we spent on the boat or camping. You will always be remembered!


My my pretty baby boy! I miss you so much and I love you even more . Caleb Martin born January 11 2001. Passed away October 10 2020. Heart of gold never met animal he didn’t love. An amazing gamer on his computer. He is a little brother and big brother. We all love you and miss you so much. Love you to heaven and back always and forever baby love mom


Nathan forever 20. My beautiful boy. I’d give anything to have him back

Street valium killed him
16/3/21 21.21 pm


About 8 years ago, I lost one of my good friends named Charlie. Charlie was one of the brightest, and happiest souls I have ever met. Charlie was so passionate about God and maintaining sobriety and he fought his addiction to his very last breath. I miss him every day and think of him often. One of the things that I miss the most about him was his hugs. He gave the best hugs and he always was one to put a smile on your face when you were feeling down.

Rest in peace Charlie. I love you so much!
I’ll be seeing you!


I lost my beloved husband 5 years ago to an overdose. We miss him everyday. He was so loving and kind and big-hearted and would do anything for anyone.


My brother passed away February 12th 2017 from an overdose. I miss him every single day. Praying for all of you who have also lost loves ones to overdose.


I have lost so many to addiction, that I cannot pay tribute to only one… I must commemorate them all. Addiction takes everything, and gives nothing back.


Amanda, time froze with your passing.
I often feel your somewhere, trying to call me. I have your last phone message saved on my computer.
while laying down thinking of you, your message to me started playing full volume with neither of us near the desk and had not touched the computer for hours.
Arianna misses you. I cherish our time together, and know how hard you fought to break free.
I don’t understand how more is not done to fight this epidemic.
I thought we had more time and was optimistic. I always feel there was more I could’ve done, although I don’t know what.
So many sleepless nights. And now your gone, so many sleepless nights. I apologize every time I walk by your picture, that I couldn’t save you. I love you sunshine, and pray your in a better place and your struggle is over. It hurts that you’ve gone, reminds me how much I love you, forever.


My son was our life and for 10+ years we battled this dreadful disease together. Just when he thought he was safe he made a mistake. He left his mark on everyone he touched. We will miss him forever. Please say a prayer to all who struggle and spread the word of hope for those in recovery!


In 2012 I lost a son to a heroin overdose at 21 years of age. It was devastating to see this happen as we were not expecting it. It is hard for grieving families when you lose someone way before their time and potential on this Earth. May the Lord have mercy on those that have lost their lives and may he give us peace for us that grieve the loss of our loved ones.


My father passed away from a drug overdose when I was in first grade. I didn’t know that he had passed away until I was older, then again I never really got to know him at all. Although I never really knew my dad, I still continue to miss and grieve the person I wish he was or pretended he could be. I wish I could’ve gotten to know the real him. If only I had been a little older, a little stronger. Dad, I miss you everyday. There’s a piece of you in everything I do; always.


To my beautiful baby sister Alexis (4-13-2002 – 7-8-21)

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, I miss you more then words could explain.
You were the best little sister a big sister could ever have! I want to make your memory live on and let everyone know what a beautiful person you were, You were so thoughtful, loving and caring. Your son will always be reminded who mommy is and how much you loved him. Along with my kids will always know who auntie was and how Much you loved them also.
Your smile could light up the darkest room and your laugh at was contagious. Heaven is lucky to have a beautiful person like you.
I love you so much sissy and can’t wait to see you again some day.


Hanna was a beautiful vibrant young women. Everyone was so comfortable around her because her deep dimples, contagious smile and bubbly attitude always made everyone and anyone feel welcome. She had so much life left to live, but it was cut short. We don’t know why she had to get caught up in the scary parts of the world, we will never understand but we do know she is no longer suffering and is safe in the arms of Jesus. We miss her dearly and nothing will ever be the same, but we will see her again someday when it’s our time and what a glorious meeting that will be! Hanna Eve 12/31/92-5/25/21 we love you so much!


To my Josh,
Eva and I miss you more than anything. Some days are still hard and we don’t want to believe you are gone. But we know you are in a better place ❤️ we love you ❤️


Nhiki – if I listen closely I can still hear the bells chiming. You are missed, you are loved! The space you’ve left behind that was once yours to fill has become a familiar place to grieve, rest, reflect and gently grow.


Ephraim David Schultz
July 19,1983-May 12, 2005.
Loved, missed and cherished.

Mary Jo

I want to remember two family members I’ve lost to the drug epidemic. Kyle and Chadd. They were both incredibly loving and caring individuals. Chadd was the best dad ever to his son Kaiden. Kyle was the best uncle to his niece and nephew. We lost Chadd a few years ago, and Kyle just last month. Not a lot of people realized how bad they were struggling. I blame the stigma that comes with addiction for that. They didn’t feel comfortable asking for help.

I hate that they are just another statistic now. Because they are so much more than that. They were sons, cousins, nephews, uncles and Chadd, a father. Kyle would have been the best dad too if given the chance.

My family loves and misses them so much. I want to make sure they are never forgotten.


Today, I acknowledge that my sweet son, Seth, was an opioid addict who died from an overdose after leaving a residential treatment facility where he had been for 5+ months. He/we fought the battle of his addiction for 4+ years before it took him away from us for forever on 12/19/20. My only solace has been that I faithfully believe he is with Jesus after having met Him in treatment. I pray others find comfort in God through their suffering too. Seth will forever be in our hearts to help fill up some of the enormous hole in our lives that we now endure. Seth, this is a tribute for you, my son. I love you. I always have, and I always will. Forever, Mom


Missing my Beautiful daughter Anna! Forever loved, Forever missed taken in 2017 to a drug overdose.


My tribute is to Rachel Lynn Meyer one of the greatest souls out there that I’ve ever known the sweetest girl I’ve ever met in my life and the kindest most gentlest person in most giving person you will ever have met. God rest her soul, her pain is over but ours continues as there are still others out there who are still overdosing and still losing their lives and loved ones


Dustin Speicher 7/8/91-8/29/20
He was a living son, brother and Daddy to Aubree. He is missed everyday and the world is not the same without him. We love and miss you son.


Tears fell from her deep blue eyes as she layed desperately screaming from the noise but no one could hear her. She layered her mind and soul with thoughts of turmoil. Collapsing in tears, to be heard, Nothing seemed pleasant. Every person place and thing brought into contact with her just left an empty feeling of discomfort.
There was was no apparent hope for things ever feeling better. She wanted something more than any human could ever provide for her. The life she was creating was only a result of her generational comfort of “living in darkness” . Her life was a painted canvas of her thoughts and her mind. Her life was a direct replica of her belief. Those tears pled guilty and confirmed that this was her opportunity that she has been waiting for.
That painted canvas was destroyed, as
SHE stood in the mirror with unconquerable eyes. Her reflection was perceived as a direct replica of who SHE was destined to become. SHE stood resistant to the failures that SHE had once endured and stood like a warrior in a world of worriers. In doing so, SHE pulled opened the blinds, and allowed for the light to cast a shadow of hope for who were still seeking who they were destined to become. As this shadow followed her through her journey- it was a constant reminder that her past now lies behind her. SHE was becoming who she was destined to be, with the ability to shine light into the lives of each being just like her! It’s human nature, change must occur. As seasons changed, so did SHE.

So now you may ask, who is SHE?

And I can explain by simply saying, SHE is actually ME; living life- wild and free.

Allow me to share with you who I am and what I stand for! My vision serves as a means to shine light for others when their life just doesn’t seem so bright . In honor of those who are still seeking the “light”; remember one thing: light shines at the end of every tunnel. Where there is darkness, you are bound to find light.

This tribute is in honor of every individual who has lost their life, or a near and dear hero to addiction. Addiction has attempted to take many roots from our tree, but we continue to grow, stay grounded and share our story as we stand against addiction… we are warriors! I am possible. You are possible. We are possible.


To my son, Luke Millwood, who died at age 17 of a prescription drug overdose. I will always love and remember you.
Until we meet again, Mom


I run homeless charity Sussex Homeless Support, we have lost so many friends over the years, people with names, faces, family and we cared about them, gone……….but never forgoten.


Jordan Spencer Clark Today is a day all who left this world due to drug overdose are remembered.
But you are always remembered my friend, on a daily basis, How could I ever forget you man? I realize I’m not the only one… Every person who post these ( letters) on this page has lost someone dear to their hearts and continue to deal with the loss and the cold emptiness that has been left us. My heart goes out to them. My heart goes out to you, gone to soon yet I know in my heart you are in Heaven!
No more pain, sadness, or worries. Just love and Peace! Dancing on the clouds my friend, that’s how I picture you. I guess I’ll always wish I had done so many things differently, but I never will regret meeting you and being your friend for the short time we had to share. I still believe we were best friends in some other life and just found each other again in this one. I miss you Jordan, You are loved and never forgotten…Cheers… and hey give Mom a hug for me. little more…


Dad, I still have the birthday card you gave me when I turned 3. You wrote that if I ever needed you, day or night, just ring.

I wish I could ring you right now.



This tribute is to my old soul and my loved ones. I am so blessed to be here today and ALIVE to be able to write this. I’m a 22 year old mother to a beautiful 7 year old. March 2020 I had my last overdose. I say last because that last one changed my life forever. Paralyzed from head to toe, in a coma with a machine breathing for me. I remember waking up out my coma not being able to move. I prayed so hard and fought so hard. Next I could wiggle my toes while I still was on the ventilator with a tube cut into my neck and a tube down my throat. All I could think about is fighting every breath so I can raise my baby girl. I didn’t want to leave my family or my husband. I’m too young to die. Not like this I told myself. The hardest days of my life was literally struggling to stay alive and keep my breath. I wanted to take my last breath with all the pain I was in but I couldn’t. I remember when I was dead I seen my grandmother, my great grandmother, my aunt & my pap. My grandmothers gave me the strength to not give up and my aunt and pap was there telling me I will be alright. It was so clear to me when I woke up and I felt peace. Now those strong memories had faded but I can never know loved and blessed I felt during that time. After that I started to incline in my health but it was going to be a very long road of recovery. I went through 6 months of speech therapy to regain my memory that I’ve lost. Therapy did help me a lot. I still have memory loss today but that’s the price I had to pay. I challenged myself to start school for nursing assistant classes. My first time graduating. I did it. I’m still shocked and numb that I’m over a year I’ve made it and stayed clean. I am now gaining my memories I had when I was a child back. I remember times I had with my family and friends. I remember what life feels like. Everyday is a challenge for me but it’s a challenge I will never fail. As my Lord and Saviour speaks to me and guides me through all my new life challenges. I have made it every single step of the way. Those days I wanted to put a needle to my arm again I didn’t. I didn’t give up nor did I look back. When I felt myself trying to turn back to heroin I looked at my daughter and prayed to God. No one believed me when I said I’m going to make it. Look at me now. Gods angel on earth. Gods messenger. Gods daughter. Everyday I teach my daughter the true foundation of life and earth. Love, peace and happiness. God has moved mountains and I can say I cried and cried through my journey asking God why is this happening? Haven’t I suffered enough? We all ask God these questions. Why me? Right? I think we fail to realize God puts us through situations that he knows we can make it through. He shows us right and wrong so we can learn and know we need to make the right decision. Your life is in your hands and God is there to back you up and let you learn. He will never fail you if you have your faith. Life after death is real and you are suppose to live your life by God so you can make it to see all your loved ones. When I seemed my loved ones I felt feelings and emotions I never thought I would experience. Putting down that needle and always keeping my faith in God saved me. You are amazing and special. Believe it or not you are Gods child. Every time you talk to the Lord he is listening. We have to go through trials and tribulations. Nothing is handed to you and especially if you are doing the devils work. Teach your babies to pray and talk tot he lord. Share the Lords work and words. It’s going to be a journey but I tell you what. I never thought I would be who I am today if I would of never gave up and blamed God and hated God. R.I.P to all my loved ones that died from overdose. R.I.P to all those beautiful souls that lost their life to drugs. Bless you and your family’s.


Sir. Bruder.
Heute vor 16 Jahren haben sie dich gefunden.
Du fehlst mir. Ich liebe dich.


Jesse, we miss you earthside. You are my living amend for me to stay sober. I’ll never forget you. Rest easy.


You left us many years ago but never forgotten. I didn’t even get the chance to say good bye. We miss you. You will always be in our hearts.


To my big brother… I miss you so much I wish we would’ve known how to fight this better with you… an addiction stemmed from countless surgeries that you needed you never were pain free… but I know you are now and you’re not that last pill you took that doesn’t and won’t ever define you and I promise to continue to bring awareness and help others fighting addiction just like you’d want we miss you… we love you… we will all see you soon.


My tribute goes to my cousin Mike Marshall who was 31 years old; with a Masters in Business degree and preparing to run a physician’s office- he planned to move to TX from our hometown of Medford, OR. The night before Mike left our hometown for TX, he overdosed and passed away- leaving behind a beautiful extended family that adored him, as well as a promising future. Too soon buddy. Your infectious smile is so missed.


I’ve never touched, tasted, or craved you,
But I know you.

I’ve watched my hero
Deteriorate in search of you,
Praying for the oblivion that follows,
Jumping through obstacles of deceit,
Torture and heartbreak
For one moment of relief,
One moment of silence,
One moment of peace.

I’ve never flirted, danced, or played with you,
But I know you.

I’ve watched my brother
Stalk, hide, and run from you, all at the same time,
Not wanting to find you
But needing to
For one moment of clarity,
One moment to breathe,
One moment to escape.

I’ve never listened to your promises, whispers, or songs,
But I know you.

I’ve heard you in his screams,
Haunting his dreams.
He just wanted to be free,
But he was always getting pulled by you.

I’ve never touched, tasted, or craved you,
But oh,
Do I know you!

Sleep well big brother we love an miss you dearly PETEY
LOVE Your lil sister Ne-Ne,Nuke Pooba,Mont,Lacha,Khi,& Nyla


To my dear friend Steve who passed away recently from substance use. You were a light in my life during dark times – a partner, friend. A dad, a son & a brother. I know substance use caused you so much same, distress and a complicated relationship with the truth. I’m sorry for your pain. I wish you peace. Love, Lucy.


I lost my beautiful son Matthew on the 8th February,2019. He had so much potential but drugs and alcohol took him away.
I miss him so much you are forever in my heart ♥️
Love Mum


Allyson Gabrielle Michaels, you are terribly missed. I will love you forever xoxo Mom


My precious son, I’m so sorry I could not help you. You were truly a light in this world. Never forgotten. Brett Strunk, forever 25.


My son, Connor Scanlan, was an amazingly talented and compassionate person, gone way too soon at the age of 22. It’s only been three months and I still can’t believe you’re not going to come bounding through the front door … I miss you terribly … my heart hurts … I hope you’re at peace now … all my love, Mom <3 5/2/99 to 5/28/2021


My angel, Christopher John McShane-Schlosser 11-23-1987 – 5-28-2019.


This is my dear brother Peter “Pete” Plaud, sadly he lost his life at the young age of 28 from a heroin overdose!!..

He was truly one of the most loving and funny people I’ve known!! Always looking to not only put a smile on people’s faces but make them crack up laughing, “a class clown” personality if you will, lol…He will forever live on in all of our hearts always!!
Damn I miss you so much big bro and so does everyone here on earth!!
Mad Love!! #spoony


Adrienne Bennett you are missed by so many we love you always


Tribute for Jimmy D’apice, age 33 when he passed in 2020 from an opioid overdose. He came into my life at a terrible time, talking me down from suicide at age 17. Soon to become my “insanity avoidance companion” after school and on days off when my mom had to work. I miss standing outside with him when he had a cigarette and we would talk about anything. I miss watching meme videos with him. I got a tattoo for him a few months after. “Say it ain’t so”. He covered the song in his band when he was younger because it said “wrestle with Jimmy”. He left behind 2 teenage nephews he loved like bothers, and his mom and dad. The day I saw him in that casket, it was so unreal, didn’t even look like him. I know Jimmy is out there partying until the end of time.