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natalie wallace

James Ryan Woods. 24 April 1981 – 16 June 2016.
my number 1 son, my boy, my Ryan.
It’s been 1000 days since I last saw my son, we shared some chinese food 1000 days ago and I heard his voice for the last time. , I told him I loved him very much for the last time 1000 days ago, then I heard him snoring and knew he was asleep in the room next to me 1000 days ago. Then 1000 days ago he got up and left this house without waking me, and it’s been 1000 days since I knew he wasn’t coming back. 1000 days without my son, 1000 days of worry, confusion and a lot of pain. 1000 days has felt like 1000 years.

Posted 04/03/2019