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Lexi B.


Kenneth Ayers was my buddy from high school. Good dude, loved cars, was a funny fellow. Never thought it would come to this. Wish I could go back in time, to change so much… I know that I wish I could’ve prevented your death. I have lost so many not yet deceased to the evil that is heroin. I am still amazed at the people who know the results and still attempt to do it. Why? All you ever end up like is my good friend Kenny or if you haven’t yet, you steal and alienate everyone you love, degrade yourself, sell your soul, lie, cheat, anything to get the reason why you can’t go one day without something otherwise you hurl, writhe in pain, twitch, sweat, feel like you are possessed, lash out, relapse, o. d., Get arrested, go to prison, lose your kids, your home, all you own. Sure, sounds tempting… Surely doesn’t. Not to mention all the wonderful skin issues, teeth issues, and gastrointestinal issues that also make life so wonderful. You also begin to forget huge chunks of your life. Long and short term memory, forget a job, you also fall asleep standing up, nod out in your lunch, and home is sufficient as long as it’s a card board box under a pier. Why wouldn’t you want to do this drug? Kenny didn’t know the results, or if he did, he thought he could control it. No one can, it’s not a managed habit. It manages you. It controls your life, it will ruin every part of you until it kills you. I hate heroin. It’s such a government created scheme to deplete the population. Think your a rebel because you tried drugs? The ones whom you think you’re rebelling from are the ones who helped provide the opportunity for you to try it. So, all you do is help the people you hate. So rebel and don’t do any drugs. Be prosperous, generous, love everyone, and read books. That’s rebellion.

Posted 31/01/2020