Our son David died at 33. He struggled his entire life from severe learning problems all the while being the kindest. most generous and smartest kid you would meet. He turned to drugs as an adolescent and we got him the help he needed. Later he ended up in a Florida rehab and got hired there helping others. I recall when he came home he would never take no for an answer and got people placed. He terrorized insurance companies to pay out and made sure people got where they needed.

During the pandemic, my son relapsed after 10 years sober living. He needed to get to a meeting but none were there. People he supported hid the relapse. He needed to take care of himself but chose to care for others. I spoke to him the night he died and had no clue. He thought he was using heroin but it was fentanyl. He is part of this horrible epidemic now. My family will never be the same. His sense of humor lit up a room. He never got into legal troubles nor did he steal. He was a great kid and packed two funerals. Many people he helped came who barely knew him.

I hope to see him in heaven.