My son Nathan Gutierrez lost his life due to an overdose on September 27, 22. He was the most amazing young man. He could walk in a room and set the mode either he could make everybody mad or he could bring joy to every person in his space. He has been addicted to drugs since he was very young maybe 12 years old. When he was young I was also addicted to meth. I have been sober now for 7 and a 1/2 years.. As we all know you cannot make someone else be sober. I was the best mom I could be and went to counseling with him and put him in so many rehabs and spent countless hours showing him how much I love him. I can only say that I am so thankful that he had a belief in Jesus Christ and was saved and I know now he is in heaven. His drug of choice was heroin which in turn turned him on to fentanyl. We believe it was funnel that killed him but we are still waiting for the autopsy . I want to do a Nay Nay Nike hikey because he loved to hike and he sold Nike’s for a living. I’m hoping to organize something with overdose awareness. I wish I could save everybody but mostly I wish I could have saved my son.