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Remembering those who have died or been injured because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day.

Tributes will be posted below as soon as they are approved.

Please be aware that as this is a public forum, any use of profanity or personal attacks in Tributes may lead to the Tribute not being published.

Dear Katie You are the adopted daughter of my heart. You left us much too soon and your death was cruel. But you will live inside me forever with love and the privilege of knowing you.


To Freddie, My dear friend who could not find his way out of the abyss. Everyone who knew you saw, as Michaelangelo said, the angel in the marble. We just couldn’t help you get free. I will never forget you – someone I will love forever.


My son Robert E Newman III 11/7/1995- 06/08/2021 a week before my Birthday I reviewed a text that he had died from a fentanyl overdose.


Casey Allen Stoddard
Oxycodone Overdose
I miss your funny and loving personality. Your sense of humor and your love of mankind and your friendliness to all you came in contact with was unique in this world. And the world was a better place when you were in it!! You are forever remembered, loved and missed.


This is the 4th year since you’ve been gone, life has not been the same. Your beautiful smile that lit up the rooms everywhere you went, is missed each and every day. You had that gift of creating laughter and bringing smiles to the faces of others. On this Overdose Awareness day, as the skies in Minneapolis turn dark, the I35W Mississippi bridge and the Lowry bridge will brighten the night skies with purple lights, in your memory, as well as the thousands of others loved ones we have lost to an overdose. We miss you and love you then same today, as we did the days you were taken away. Love you always Ryan Colt Anderson


Alan Clay Burnett,not a day goes by without thinking of you and missing you so much. It’s such a shame that you are not here watching your five beautiful children growing up. You would be so proud of them!! You were only 36 and the youngest of the family. You will be in our hearts always!!


To my beloved brother Shawn, Miss you big guy. Hope you and dad are having a blast. Love and miss you. Cindy


In Loving Memory of my Son


In memory of those who died of overdose:

Tom Djordevic, Mark Francishoff, Chris Aldamez, Rex Underwood, Johnny Sideburns, Gillian, the man in the Crown st laundry, Simon Smith, Christophe Settle, Richard Rogers, Puff Daddy man, Wes, Dave Oliver, Marty Pearce, and the others who’s names I’ve forgotten


Matt, I love you. I miss you every day, and I look for signs of you in everything I do. I am so sorry that we got high together that night- that we both overdosed, but I was the only one to come out of it alive. I still blame myself, but am in therapy now, trying to find peace and reconcile with all the things I could not control. I’ve been clean since your death- it is what inspired me to stop using and live a life that you would be proud of. I miss your smile, your laugh, your warm hugs and understanding nature. The world feels so utterly empty without you. You were my best friend… You ARE my best friend, whether I can see you, or not. I wish we could have learned to live a life clean together, that we could’ve grown together and known each other in a way where we both suffered less. I miss you. I miss you so much it hurts. Thank you for being the best friend I ever had. I love you.


He left May 25,2021.
My first born son. The keeper of my budding hopes and dreams. He tested every boundary, bent all the rules. Gave me all my silver wisdom streaks and claimed majority of my tears.
Rest easy son, your battle here is done.
Loving and longing ❤️❤️❤️ I miss you.


I was 18 years old and my best friend I grew up with was having a party that I was suppose to attend to and for whatever reason that night I did not go. I was just over his house 2 days before when he was talking about the event and was inviting everyone, I remember being excited even though this had been many of them I been to and growing up we where always together. My sister came to me at my boyfriends house late and she took me outside and told me that tommy had overdosed and was gone. I asked her more than once what do you mean gone!? Where did he go and she said he died Carrie. I was devastated I just held onto my sister and cried what seemed like forever. Later I found out that he had taken some pills, narcotics, that he found at his home and his heart just couldn’t keep up with the dosage and he overdosed. I still go and see his grave from time to time and have dreams about him sometimes. he will always be close to my heart and never forgotten.


After many years of battling addiction my brother,Robert, lost his battle.He was a loving caring young man who had big dreams. No one asks to be addicted. 💔 Rest in peace little brother Love your Big sis


Larry, my beautiful broken soulmate. Things could have been so different, but now you are gone. And I miss you. I imagine being in your arms every time I hear a mandolin play.


Jordan Spencer Clark.

Monday the 12th would have been your 26th birthday. Days such as these are not easy to get through yet somehow we go on. I can’t imagine how your parents do this but I’m sure it has to do with knowing you are in Heaven!!! That is what gets me through, mate! I sang Happy Birthday to you at your grave Monday. It’s funny, I do go there to talk to you, but I know you’re not there. I do know it is one place that I go to put flowers. But I talk to you wherever I am because I know you can hear me!!! The flowers your parents put on the grave were beautiful!!! I added a couple to them and put up a new chime for you. Yeah, I still miss you and at times wish you were here, yet you are in my thoughts each day and in my heart (as is Mom ), so in a way you are here!!!!!!
Love never dies, mate… I love you more than there are stars! Take care and rest in God’s love!!!


In loving memory of my son Jason. 34 yrs old. Earned his wings Oct 30 2020. You will always be my Shining Star. Shine bright, Jay. Forever loved and missed Mom, Abby and Anna. My heart shattered that day and went with “YOU”… 💔🌹


My son Connor was a creative sensitive boy. He was thoughtful, kind and wanted to be a Youth Pastor. He watched out for people in need and had a servant’s heart. He was so loved and is so missed. I can’t wait for the day I get to see him again in Heaven.


My hero, my son, Steven Anthony Janowski Jr. My thoughts and momories I hold close to my heart. Tears roll as every day passes. I love you, my son. Words can’t express the grief I feel. I miss my son and I’m forever broken… my Steven, my son, my hero.


Zach was a loving, friendly, bright, sociable young man. Drugs changed all that. Eventually they took his life. I pray that people are able to kick drugs before the same happens to them.



We miss you so very much and know how hard you fought for your recovery. You are still helping people, even though you’re gone. We will continue to be your voice to end the stigma & shame associated with SUD. We love you so very much.
Keep sending us those signs from heaven!

Mom, Dad, Kara, Greg, Ry, Ev, Nick & Julia


Leah Michelle – My beautiful Leah 💗
If only you were here right now. 9 years you were in my life, my best friend but 9 years too short. I miss you more as every day passes, our daily phone calls, our adventures, your guidance when I was in need. You fought so hard, my goodness you fought and tried to beat this battle. I am proud of you but so sad one lapse and one choice took you away.
I could just sit with you and let out all of my tears, my emotions, my everything. All you would do was listen to me and that’s all I needed. You could tell when I was down and when I was broken. You were my healer, my rock, my person who would help glue me back together when I was broken. You believed in me and helped me achieve my dreams. I wish you could have held on longer because you were making such a difference in this world. You still do through those who you live on through.
Right now all I think about is our good times and this is how I get through my days. Sometimes I can hear your voice, I just hear you laughing with me I miss you with every beat of my heart and I truly can’t wait to give you that cuddle that you gave me that made me feel so warm, loved and wanted when I see you again ❤️❤️
Leah you are and always will be the person who made my life shine bright.
I’ll love you forever, your tiny friend Kayla.


My partner Aaron sadly passed away from an unintentional overdose 6 years ago on the 25/08/2015. Still to this day his memory lives on within those that loved him most and we do work to try to prevent any family from facing this awful grief that has to be carried daily due to not having him in our lives anymore. Aaron was the most uniquely rare human I have ever met, had the honour of loving and having as a partner. Your death came as the most brutal shock to me and your family as your recovery was going so well. Aaron you are missed so, so much each day and I hope I make you proud. You gave me a love that I will forever remember and hold close to my heart. You were a man of loyalty, honesty, kindness and love. You made me laugh daily and even when I was sad you could put that smile back on my face. I think about all the things you would have accomplished in the past 6 years and the difference you would have made to not only my world but all those around you; this makes my heart ache as I know how much you wanted to do and how badly you wanted to become a father yourself. It’s the small things that still get me and catch me out of nowhere: a smell, a place, food, work, songs, the car you use to drive, your clothes, our pictures and of course the plans/dreams we made together. You wanted to help people just like us so I make it my life’s ambition to continue to make that difference. You are missed every day and I am still bought to my knees when I think about the loss of you. Grief does not get smaller, it just becomes part of who you are and you learn to carry it with you each day. You are forever safe within my heart and I will never forgot you. I love you always my love. See you in our paradise one day. Love forever, your Kayla xx


I lost my son Jason from a overdose on 03/05/2021. He would have been 31.


In Loving Memory

Daniel David Brown

June 27, 1994 – December 14, 2020
Monday, December 14th, our beloved Danny lost his battle with the diseases of addiction and depression, dying from an accidental overdose in his home. Despite this year’s isolating and traumatizing effects of Covid 19, Danny had continued to work his recovery, staying close and connected to his siblings, Paul and Alyssa, his mom Trish, his dad, Mike, and his loving extended family. Danny enjoyed his year working with his teammates at The Carolina Coffee Shop in Chapel Hill, and had begun plans to work in the legal profession so that, “I can really help people.”

Danny was born in Syracuse, New York and grew up in Apex, North Carolina. He was a graduate of St. Thomas More Academy in Raleigh, where he developed a love of ethics, logic and philosophy. He began his college career at UNC-Asheville, returning to the Triangle in his second year to be close to his family and focus on his recovery. His efforts led him to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Carolina Recovery Program and in 2016 he transitioned into full-time undergraduate work at UNC-CH. In August 2019 he graduated with his BA in Philosophy. He was proud to be a graduate of UNC and the day of his college graduation was one of pride and happiness for all of us.

Our love and closeness as a family never wavered and spending time with him was a source of joy for each of us. He had an incomparable intelligence and infectious sense of humor. He was one of the most empathetic people we knew, kind and friendly, accepting of others, forever without judgment. He was happiest spending time with his family, close friends, his dog Patches-a constant companion, and his two small pets, Mickey and Oliver. He suffered from the diseases of depression and addiction and many days were difficult to get through. He longed to be happy and to live without pain and he tried valiantly to overcome. We accept that struggle was one part of who he was.

We remember the good times. We celebrate how many we shared.

We will remember the joy he brought all of us – car rides home from college, long dinners, his love for cooking & sharing his new recipes with us, holiday & birthday celebrations, joking about movies and tv shows, pictures of “Patchy” fetching a ball. In the weeks before his passing, Danny served people with friendliness and care at the coffee shop. He spent time with his dad, laughing, cooking and enjoying a new shared tv show. He brought delicious food to his mom from their favorite restaurant and they spent hours talking and being together. He celebrated Thanksgiving with his siblings, enjoying a beautiful fall day, laughing over inside jokes.

Danny was a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a grandson (beloved by Ganny and his “GeegMeister”). He was an uncle, a friend, a teammate AND someone fighting the diseases of depression and addiction. Our family is devastated by his loss. We are comforted by the love we shared and the closeness we maintained throughout the years. Together we will celebrate his life and the joyful memories of shared times. We pray he has found peace and rest and his daily struggles are over.

If you are reading this and you are someone struggling with the disease of addiction, we hope that you will turn to connection, seek out those who can walk with you through your pain and support your recovery, and promote coping skills and hope for your future.

If you are reading this and you love someone with addiction, we hope you suspend judgement, release anger, accept that you didn’t cause the disease and you can’t cure it, and also know that love, honesty and true connection is life-changing.

If you are reading this and you are someone who sells drugs, helps people find drugs or encourages their use, we hope you find a different way. Please. Too many families have shared this journey, and the depth of grief and sadness your path contributes to is unsustainable for humanity.

We will miss our beloved Danny more than we can express. A private family celebration to love, honor and remember him will be held Monday at the City of Oaks Funeral Home in Raleigh. A memorial service extended beyond family will be shared once it can be safely attended. For those who wish, donations may be made to the Restaurant Workers’ Relief Fund, the UNC-CH Carolina Recovery Program or the Wake County Animal Shelter.


I miss you, Lewis


On October 17th 2017 our world turned upside down when we lost or son to an accidental overdose due to fentanyl tainted heroin. Tommy just finished college the year before with a degree in Computer Science. He also held an IT director position at a firm through out college. But THAT is what he did. Who he was, was a child of God given to us for 25 yrs. A blessing beyond belief. A son that was a strong will, not complaint. A daredevil, energetic, cliff-jumping, risk taker. He was an intelligent, wonderful, compassionate, helpful, athletic, giant at 6’4&1/2”. He also was plagued by injuries throughout his life some by his doing & some just life. He wrote in a Villanova entrance essay that he could share his struggles in perseverance, not realizing his biggest challenge was yet to come. And so It was back surgery @ 17 that contributed to an opioid addiction, & a dual diagnosed co-occurring drug & alcohol depression & anxiety illness that compounds things. 🙏🏻We Love & so miss you Tommy!! 😥💔



There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. My journey will always include you in the work I do to fight the stigma and increase awareness for a change in how our system looks at and addresses addiction. It is my way of making sure your loss wasn’t completely in vain. I miss you!


Nish Cash
Jamie O’Hara
Skye Balu
Joel Heferen
Adam Slomczesky
… too many over the past 35 years to remember names though they all live in my heart.


We are remembering and thinking of all who are affected by overdose, and particularly thinking of those lost and their families and friends. They will always be with us in our thoughts. We promise in their name to try to help people to reduce deaths by overdose.

– All at Banff Outreach and Beulah Cafe


Chelsea Sklies – I miss you everyday and hope we can be together in the next place . I love you so much and I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for you . Or even be a better friend, I wasn’t there when you needed me and I’ll never forgive myself for that .
Adam riedner – you passed away just hours from Chelsea. I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you back . I love you man and I miss you dearly, save me a spot .


In memory of Eli Schreurs; beloved brother, uncle, son, and dog dad. Always missed, always loved. If you or someone you love is struggling, please get the help you need, you are not alone.


To my Brandon James
My heart is broken. I miss you so much. I find comfort knowing that you’re in the arms of Jesus and no longer have to fight the disease of addiction but I’m also pissed off. These drug dealers need to be prosecuted.
Sweet boy…until I see you again…I’ll always be missing a piece of my heart.
Love you – Mom


I miss you every day, my love; my bright light.


my dear jake – on the morning of june 3, 2020, you left this earth to a beautiful place where i hope you’re finally at peace. i still cry every day to the point my eyes are burning red. i feel broken, lost, upset and empty. you were my world and my everything, you were someone i could trust and cared deeply for. there are days when a million emotions running through my head – i want to feel everything but nothing at all.

your presence in my life is one that will stay in my heart forever you also touched so many people’s lives in such a positive way and you are greatly missed. i will always remember your infectious personality and being happy, smiling and full of life.

you wanted to see me be successful and achieve everything life had to offer and i wanted the same for you. i know you’re still watching every step of the way because that’s what you would have wanted. i’ll never forget how you held me close, kissed my head and said “i love you baby, you’re safe with me”. i love you too, jake – forever and always


My son’s wish was ” If addiction kills me, do not grieve for me, but use me to help others” I know he is at peace, and I am doing just what he asked me to do. Recently, I released a book with all stories from families who have lost their loved ones to addiction. We are a strong group of M.O.M’s and we are fighting back! I love you Danny, forever and a day. We all miss you so much..


To my beloved cousin who dealt with an ongoing battle with drug addiction his whole life and finally succumbed to opioids this past December. He was a gentle soul, funny, caring and stubborn. He had the biggest, clearest blue/green eyes and when he looked at you, you felt he was see straight through inside you. I miss him immensely and wish he now has the peace this life could not provide. Love, your favorite cousin.


Dear Riley. My one true love, here I am writing another letter to you, although this time you won’t get to see it. I just want to tell you how proud of you I am. You fought so hard to beat this thing we call addiction. Even on your very last day with us when you reached out to the organization I suggested to you. You were a fighter and a damn brave one. Me and the kids know how much you loved us and we loved you back just as much! I hope that wherever you are, you are finally free and happy. Until the day I see your handsome face again I will fight for you and others in the same position as you. I will fight for change just as hard as you fought to be healthy. I love you to the stars and back. Always my forever. 🖤


To my beautiful son Travis – I love and miss you so very much. You are in my thoughts and on my heart every minute of every day. I see your smile and hear your voice and your laugh in my mind. I promise to keep your memory alive – I will say your name forever. I will do all that I can to help prevent others from losing their lives to a drug overdose and to ease the pain and heartache of other parents, siblings and spouses/significant others who have lost a loved one to the disease of addiction. I love you with all of my heart baby. Ma


I lost the love of my life to an overdose. Brandee was never ashamed of her addiction and pulled many people out of the depths of addiction. Brandee had a smile that could light up a room. She was hilariously funny and her laughter was so contagious. In spite of the material blessings she had throughout her life. She loved people that were hurting and without a dime to their name. She encouraged and counselled so many people in her life while she fought her own addiction and loneliness. She carried a great deal of pain in her life and rarely ever let it show. She was talented and creative. She loved to travel. And there was an innocent wholesomeness about her. She struggled with drug addiction most of her life. Due to being put on pain meds at 22 due to an injury she suffered from and lived in constant pain most of her life. But what she really struggled with was loving herself. “Hurt people hurt people” no one truly knew how alone she felt most of her life. She lived out other people’s dreams other people’s expectations just to be loved. Brandee was far from perfect but she was the most extraordinary person I’ve ever known and her death and the loss of her has devastated me. Brandee never felt she was better than anyone else and although she loved fashion and interior design she was the most down to earth person I’ve ever known. Brandee was very misunderstood by the people that loved her and didn’t understand where her human frailties that caused pain to other people was out of her own despair and pain. Brandee was one of a kind. She will never be forgotten. And the memories Brandee and I created together across the country will always be intertwined in my soul. Brandee was brave and courageous. She was brilliant in so many ways. She had a profound deep connection to G-d. She had 3 years clean and I was extremely proud of her Brandee reached out to every person she loved and no one was there including myself. She felt so alone Brandee was more than an addict or hurting soul. She was someone that was capable of a deep committed love to those she loved. There was so much more to Brandee than her mistakes or addiction. In spite of her humanness she was and always will be a bright beautiful soul. I will love you and miss you forever Brandee 4/2/1984-1/27/2021


My precious firstborn passed 6/02/20. I am completely devasted and feel like part of my soul is gone. He passed from a lethal combination of Fentanyl and Kratom. He was such a great person. He was there for any of his friends and family. The world lost a truly great person.


This is my son, Graham Thomas Duke. Graham had a kind soul and a giving spirit. He laughed out loud and he worked hard.
He was a son, a brother, a uncle, a grandson, a nephew, a friend. He was loved and treasured. He lost his battle at age 25.


My name is Laura. I am posting this tribute to all of the people who I have lost to overdose. Ryan Hett, Brantley Kostowicz, Ben Merritt, Krista Dagis, Kayla Dirnbauer, Nicholas Ellingsen, Ted Martin, Stacy De May, Kaylah Bradley, Kimberly Nicholson, Dale Knapinski, Salvador Lopez, Dave Losey and so very many more. I am a peer support specialist and I knew these beautiful souls on a personal level. My heart breaks for all of their families and friends who must live life without them. Although I know that their souls are now at peace, I miss their presence in my life. As long as I am alive to share your memories, no one will ever forget that you are loved, you are missed and you made a difference in this world. I love you all.

Laura A. Haas


To My Son – William Louis Wagner, known to me as “Billy”, known to his friends as “Wags”. We miss you so much. I know you fought this struggles with drugs, but in the end, they won. I pray you are at peace. Always know how much you are loved.


“To honor you, I get up every day, take a breath, and start another day without you in it.
To honor you, I laugh and love with those who knew your smile, and the way your eyes twinkled with mischief and secret knowledge.
To honor you, I take the time to appreciate everyone I love. I know now there is no guarantee of days or hours spent in their presence.
To honor you, I listen to music you would have liked, and sing at the top of my lungs, with the windows rolled down.
To honor you, I take chances, say what I feel, hold nothing back, risk making a fool of myself, dance every dance.
You were my light, my heart, my gift of love, from the very highest source. So every day I vow to make a difference, share a smile, live, laugh and love.
Now I live for us both, so all I do, I do to honor you.”
~ unknown author


My Son Garrett Fleming forever 28


My daughter Kristina Nagy overdosed November 11 2015. She was 30.She was my backbone,she was my best friend! I miss her every second,every day! I love you my baby girl!


My son, Calvin, lost his battle with his addiction and Changed Worlds 9/28/2016. He was 22 yrs old. Forever missed and Loved, Until We Meet Again!xxooxox


My beautiful brother, Connor, left this earth on the early hours of March 22, 2019. He was a father, son, brother, friend and so much more. His life will never be defined by his demons. He was and always will be my best friend, my confidant and the keeper of my childhood. He was an amazing musician and words can’t describe how much I miss sitting with him and singing while he played his guitar. The guitar that now hangs on my wall, mostly likely never to be played again. I still talk to him, tell him how much he is missed. How I will continue to carry his memory in my heart and on my sleeve for the rest of my life. My promise to my sweet brother is that his son will never not know who he was. How loving and caring and sensitive his daddy was. How he was an amazing musician, and how music can and will always bring him back to us. How much he wanted to be there for him. How he loved him more than anything in this entire world.

My brother fought the good fight. He suffered from anxiety and depression which eventually led from one thing to the next. He never truly learned how to deal with life without turning to a substance. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I knew then what I know now. That addiction is a disease of the mind. That he did not want to be an addict any more than we wanted it. But that it is just not that easy.

My hope for the future is to end the stigma. Love, compassion and understanding can change someone’s life. I advocate for recovery. I advocate to end the stigma. Because those we have lost, and those still struggling, they are all someone’s someone. They deserve to be here and live a life free from addiction.


This is my beautiful, loving, caring, thoughtful, full of joy wife Amy. Amy passed in my arms Dec. 8th 2020, not a single moment goes by that I don’t think of her. I’m beyond lost without her, but I live my life today with purpose. That purpose is to live life to the fullest and enjoy the little things for Amy. Amy left behind an amazingly loving family, and our 3 fur babies. I just want the world to know how much she is missed and loved!!!! I love you Amy!!! I will always love and cherish the moments we shared together, I only move forward with your grace and loving memories.


My son, Ryan Grosse, my baby, 21 years old and the youngest child of 4. Ryan suffered from PTSD and depression that resulted into a drug addiction that spiraled out of control very fast. His addiction was worse than any of the other family members ever dreamed of because they did not pay attention to the signs and the silent screams for help. I, his mother, DID know and did everything imaginable that a loving mother could do to get my baby the help he needed and people either turned their backs or basically told to ” take a number ” . On Monday April 5, 2021 at 11:18 a.m. my baby took a number alright .. His father found him unresponsive in the recliner and as be laid in the living room floor with paramedics doing everything they could to bring him back to life … my baby took his final breath, and his heart took its final beat. I will never ever forget that morning and I will never be the same person or mother that I once was. The emotions that I’m feeling are so overwhelming at times I don’t know from day to day how to be a functioning human being in society. Because he had to ” wait in line and take a number ” my son is now just a statistic in the publics eyes because of what caused his death. He is ” just another junkie. .. A victim of overdose ” . Every person no matter the age, gender, or race is someone’s child that is loved. EDUCATE YOURSELVES AND OTHERS !! There are some out in the world that like my son, can not deal with “tough love”. Do not turn your back on them .. They are screaming for help .. THEY NEED YOU !! THEY NEED US

R.I.P. Ryan and to that have been taken to soon
12/29/99 – 04/05/2021