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To all those who walked the hard miles but did not make it. You're never forgotten.

Remembering those who have died – or been injured – because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day. If you would like to commemorate somebody, please add Tributes here. Tributes will be posted below as soon as they are approved. [Please be aware that as this is a public forum, any use of profanity or personal attacks in Tributes may lead to the Tribute not being published].

Rest easy PI. You are loved and missed and thought of eveyeday.

Posted 12/10/2019


To the one I simply called “handsome” – my love, my best friend, my life partner. I loved you more than you’ll ever know. There are so many things unfinished, sadly, as soon as things started going great, you’re gone. I’ll never be the same. Life without you is unbearable. Everyone who met you loved you, for good reason. The first 3 words that come to mind to describe you are talented, generous and fun. Your blue eyes, your movie star ears, your adorable nyc accent, your infectious laugh. I’m not even sure if you overdosed that fateful night, all I know is you were drinking heavily, looking for substances and I couldn’t wake you in the morning. I’ll never stop the what if’s, I’ll never stop missing you, I’ll never stop loving you. I sincerely meant it that one time that I told you I loved you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. I am confident you believed me and I’m glad. It’s too painful to type more. I only hope to see you again.

Posted 14/10/2019


Chester Charles Bennington 💜✌
Lead singer of Linkin Park who died by hanging. Spoke often of depression and claimed his mind was sick from it. Inspite of this he had a beautiful relationship with his wife & 6 children, and successful career with fellow bandmates. He is will be remembered for his phenomenal showmanship & philanthropy. You will be forever missed. I am thrilled to have known his music.

Posted 16/10/2019


Krissa Dawn Booth Cornell. (8/20/1980 – 7/24/2019) 38 years old. Krissa struggled since she was 12 years old with a mental health disorder. She loved feeding the homeless and talking to them. Looking back…she had a love for people who we think are broken…however she will tell you they are the most happiest people in the world. I wish I could have embraced more of her spirit and because of her I will live the rest of my days trying to embrace what she had.

Posted 10/10/2019

Dawn Drown

I lost my Daughter Emily Fletcher on Sept 1st to an overdose of Herion, She struggled with addiction for 10 years or more, started with pain pill and xanax then to the Meth and Herion. She had been in recovery and was doing great and then she relapsed and was thrown out of halfway house. she was depressed and beating herself up for it but she still went to a friends house and Overdosed while he was gone and he came back and found her. My heart is so broken and I miss her so bad.

Posted 03/10/2019

Teresa Terry

Kings County Behavioral Health would like to remember those people who have lost their lives due to an overdose:

Larry Serreno, Eddie Perez Sr., Amanda, Slaude Lord Jr., Jason Cannon, Matt, Robert Owen, Archie Barron, Linda Hart, Michael Kelly, Thomas Girard Myers Jr.,Tessie Lopez, Richard Lopez, Danny Lord Jr., Brooklyn Tratny, Barbara West, Dane Brown, Amanda Mattos, Donna Kay, David Merado

May these individuals and all those who lost their lives to an overdose related death rest in peace and may their family find comfort through all the memories of the moments they shared with them in this life.

Posted 03/10/2019

Kings County Behavioral Health

Our son Jos . We new it was coming . The struggle for 6 years. The failures , The trials. We miss him so much . Forever 21. 11-23-2011.

Posted 01/10/2019

Dawn Ducoli

Casey, My precious little boy. Wish I knew where you are because I miss you and have lost my way without you. At least you are free of all the pain and suffering all addicts endure. Mommy is so sorry. Will never be the same without you but I promise to try to carry on and help others with their battle and keep your memory alive. I see you everywhere and hear your messages, keep them going if you can…it is my only comfort. Your smile was so toxic, got you out of everything, ha. But I have been waiting for my hug for so long. And I miss our nightly phone calls. Oh Casey…Love you more than anyone could love anything. Please go with God and be happy in this afterlife. Please God, grant him some happiness that he really never got in life. And if it is not too much to ask, please God, let me have my hug from my Casey someday. Gonna take some time to do the things we never had? Love you so much Bean. Never forget…2/6/1983 – 7/31/2019.

Posted 01/10/2019


Jordan Spencer Clark, Not a day goes by without you being in my thoughts. How we became friends in such a short time still amazes me. Had you lived and stayed clean would we have continued? I honestly don’t know mate, but I do know as I do now that my life was so enriched because you blew into my life for that brief moment. Yes I wish you were here, you had so much potential, the world was at your feet and you didn’t see it because of your addiction. Such a loss and here am I dealing with this on my own. I cant imagine what your family goes through…but Know This!!!! You are loved , missed, thought of daily, and always will be my friend. Damn I miss you Jordan.

Posted 24/09/2019


It’s been almost 16 months since she overdosed. I’m struggling to accept that she is gone. We were together for 16 years. She was one of only a few people I have ever connected with in my life, and it seemed instant the 1st time we met. We have 2 sons together who are diagnosed with autism, our oldest pretty severely affected. I remember when I met her and I felt like I was in some fantasy. She was way out of my league and then the problems started appearing; another guy, pills, drinking, drugs, jail, a traumatic crazy past you name it. She had to suddenly move in with me and she was soon pregnant. We were actually really happy about it. We had cleaned up our lives and we loved each other so much we wanted to share our love with a child. Little did I know she was planning to leave me and have an abortion. I was devastated. She was gone and she destroyed all trace of our relationship. I was in a void. She called me a few weeks later begging me to see her, and I rushed to her. We restarted our relationship and she got pregnant again with our oldest son. I got a better job and it seemed like everything was going to be alright. I didn’t understand she had suddenly cold turkey quit years of hard drug abuse, heroin, coke, crack, MDMA, anything she could get her hands on to get a reprieve from the pain of her past. Her adoptive parents died when she was still in her late teens and no one was really there for her after it happened. She went crazy for awhile. Bad relationships that resulted in more drugs, jail and kids she lost. I loved her, even though I don’t think she loved herself because of all the bad in her past. Things I knew that poisoned her with guilt, shame, and insecurity. She regularly lashed out at me in histrionics, sometimes making up stories about outlandish things she feared I thought about. At times it seemed like, in her eyes, I was guilty of every injustice that she felt everyone had done to her. We had our 2nd son, and she started on pain pills after. She was super attentive to our 1st son. She kept him clean and happy and fawned all over him and I assumed she would be the same with our second son. At the time, I didn’t even know she was going around to different hospitals with various complaints of pain to get another prescription, but she started going out and some times wouldn’t be back for days. She said she had a friend, some girl named something and she deserved to get out away from the kids but she had drank too much and didn’t want to drink and drive. It looked like she was cheating on me. Gone every night and back barely before I had to leave for work. Gone as soon as I got home or sometimes before and we had 2 autistic sons in diapers. She had been gone a day or more when I kept calling her and she finally answered saying she wasn’t coming home and she had spent all of our tax return. I filed for divorce because I had already figured out she was cheating on me with some older party guy and I had learned the extent of her drug abuse and I couldn’t trust her to not neglect our 4 and 2 year old sons. I missed her and I wanted her to get better and come home to us and eventually she did after several months and we stopped the divorce. My family wanted nothing to do with us and we had to leave town and move. She was on methadone and anxiety medicine and sometimes our life was good and sometimes bad again. She left and came back 2 different times in the following 3 years until I lost my job of 7 years and we had to leave town and move again. She tried to self ween herself off all the methadone, ADD and anxiety meds and she started using crack and heroin within months of our new life. It got really bad and we got her in Suboxone treatment. We were almost evicted multiple times and had cars repossessed but things started getting better. We had maybe a couple of years where our lives were going in the right direction but she started drinking and smoking pot and was getting messages from guys left and right even meeting with an ex boyfriend to get pot or money from him. The company I worked for was purchased and the new company wanted to hire me and move me and my family for a better opportunity and more money several states away. We found another Suboxone doctor where we were moving and we moved again. We didn’t like it instantly but we found a lot of fun things to do and enjoyed our new home. My wife decided to homeschool our sons and I was promoted and it seemed like she was better. She was drinking some but that got better. She started seeing an internist for Suboxone who also prescribed her ADD meds and something else to treat bi polar and she went into a hypo manic state where she was paranoid and accused me of cheating and doing terrible things to her and our sons and plotting to kill her. She was filing for divorce and a restraining order against me and calling the police telling them crazy untrue stuff about me. Eventually children’s services stepped in and referred her to a mental hospital but my sons were in foster care and all I knew is I had to get them back. I proved to anyone who asked that the accusations about me were not true and that I am a good father and I got my sons back. I wanted her. Even still. Even though she did all of this, I knew she needed help and I reached out to her. That was July 2017. I tried to convince her and help her get on the right path but she wasn’t finished. There continued to be drugs and drinking and other guys and fighting until I found her overdosed and dead. I had to hide it from my sons and everyone else about the extent of our lives together that last year or so and some of the details of her death to protect my sons and keep them with me. All I could think about was, I had just lost her what seemed like again and again and I couldn’t lose them too. I am wracked with so much guilt and shame and grief and loneliness and anger that I’ve isolated myself and I can’t seem to reconcile all of these feelings and memories. It seems like everyone has moved on now but me. I feel broken and falling from flying to close to the sun. I feel like I’m self destructing sometimes. Sometimes I feel like a zombie. Sometimes I want to see her pictures. Sometimes it hurts so much I feel like I can’t take anymore. Sometimes I think I want to get better. Sometimes I dream of her. Sometimes and forever yours, Jennifer. Love Chris.

Posted 23/09/2019


To my fiance, best friend, and the love of my life. It has been 3 months since you left this Earth. Everyday is a struggle without you. Your parents, brothers, sister in laws, niece, and nephew miss you everyday. I will never understand why this had to happen to you. You had so much life left to live. Everyone who met you loved your smile, your personality, and your love of life. I have known you since elementary school and remember you as a leader, an athlete, and friend to all. It was many years since I had seen you but by the grace of God you came back into my life. Everyday with you was an adventure. You made me laugh even in my darkest days. We both were struggling with our addiction to alcohol. We fought demons in our lives everyday but that fight brought us closer together. We prayed daily to be able to overcome that addiction but tragically it took your life on June 17th, 2019. I will never be the same woman you fell in love with. I smile on the outside like I’m fine, but my heart hurts terribly. I beg God to somehow let me wake up from this nightmare. Since your death I have been to rehab and am now in a recovery house long-term. I have vowed to remain sober and honor your life as it should be. I am participating in Overdose Awareness events to spread the word to those who are suffering with the disease or family members who continue to fight to help the ones they love. Jake, I will do everything in my power to help others who are suffering as you and I did. I look at the stars at night and pray that you are looking down on me saying “That’s my girl!” I love you with all my heart and soul and look forward to the day I will see you in Heaven happy, healthy, and proud of me for trying to help others suffering. Till we meet again my love, you are always in my thoughts, heart and soul. Your love, Melissa

Posted 18/09/2019


Andrew “Drew” Wood – best hugger in the whole world… and I sure miss them. You passed on to your next chapter ( I sure wish I knew what it was !!!) 26 June 1907… seems like yesterday- seems like a hundred years ago… because your body left this world (Fentanyl and Xanax) I moved in with your “Granny Grunt” and had the opportunity to get to know her, and understand her… you know that we never got along- I can still hear you saying “MOM- why do you let her talk to you like that !” I would just smile (on the outside) and say “because she’s my mom”… because you were gone, and Dustin (his brother) was on the road- I didn’t think mom or my “family” could hurt me, any more than I was hurting- so when asked to move in with her, I did- and sweety, it was the best gift you could leave me with- over the years we became best friends – so when she passed last week, it was very bittersweet… I miss her like crazy- as I do you- but because of you all I have are sweet memories of both of you- No Regrets – I’m thankful I was chosen to be your mom – My boys taught me the true meaning of unconditional love…

Always and Forever Mom ddd

Posted 19/09/2019


Dear, Kristen. It had just been 4 years since the light was taken from my days. It seems that everything has stopped for me. I see people getting older , changing and , some passing yet I’m internally stuck. Stuck with confusion, sadness, anger and, most of all guilt. Guilt from the what if’s as I analyze every situation over and over where a different reaction or more support could of kept you here. Guilt that our child will never have the pleasure of that warm smile on her or hearing your infectious laughter. I begged for God to let me trade so Violet could have the most amazing mommy. Unfortunately I must have more penance being stuck here without you but carrying it feels all of your weight in my chest. I can’t still 4 years after believe it. I refuse to admit it. I cry and ache the same if not more. I visit twice a week and ask for forgiveness for not being able to fill the voids that drug could and I came up short. You never did baby. It’s so isolating. The real estate you occupy STILL seems like we’re together. I have never been so content, Kris. Never been so satisfied and happy. I’d do it Mr all again knowing the outcome. You were that cool, baby. I miss you so bad. I love you so much and I carry as much of you I can. I hope to see you.

Posted 14/09/2019

Michael Long

We lost my brother 10 years ago this year, 3/7/09 after a long battle with addiction. Not a day goes by hes not on my mind. Losing him has left a hole in our lives that is beyond repair. Losing him has been the driving force in my life to help others. If we can save one person, one family….then we’ve made a difference. I often wonder who he would be today & i look at his son, i look at his nieces and nephews and it breaks my heart all over again. He’s missed so much. I will see him again, of this I’m sure. Until then though, we must manage without him. I’ve come to realize there are things in life u never get over, you just learn to go on in spite of them. This is one of those things. I would have given my last breath to save him, without question. I love you Shayne.

Posted 12/09/2019


This message is for Lugh Shelley. I know we weren’t on the best of terms, but I will always miss you. You were such a kind hearted, caring guy and I will never forget you. You will always me my first love who taught me so much. I am looking forward the day we meet again, I miss your giggle more than anything. Sleep well beast, I’ll always be your belle ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Posted 10/09/2019

Joanna Hood

My father died of an overdose from heroin in April of 2017 he was 47. I myself was 27 and in prison from my own addiction to heroin. My dad has been the biggest insperation in my life and he is who keeps me going and to remind myself to stay sober.Ive been clean from heroin since July 2016. I just want my father to be remembered and know.he was loved by myself and many others. thanks Sierra

Posted 11/09/2019

Sierra Smith

This is a tribute to my kind and loving Jason C. Riesner. Too young to leave this earth but we will meet again in heaven one sweet day . I want to give you a big hug. The beautiful blue butterfly at your grave and beautiful cardinals we see at home remind us of the love you have always shared. Rest in peace Jason . We love you always.♥️🙏⚘🦋🕊

Posted 06/09/2019

Jason Riesner

In honor of my son, with the biggest most caring and compassionate heart. He loved to a fault. Always checking on everyone else while he was in such pain inside. I love you more than ever and miss you deeply and painfully every second. Your son is beautiful, I pray he has a heart as full as yours. No words will ever do you justice. May your ‘sparkle’ live on forever~ Ethan’s Mom.

Posted 07/09/2019


In Memory of My loving, beautiful, free spirited daughter Jasmine Le’Shea Mitchell (Forever 21) When you left us on May 11, 2015 our lives changed forever. Mom, Dad, and your Brother’s miss you so very much…Everyone who crossed your path loved you…you will never ever be forgotten…
Forever Brokenhearted,
Jasmine’s Mom

Posted 03/09/2019


My son Brandon lost his battle of addiction by overdose on 7/22/11. He is missed by everyone who’s life he touched, especially his family. Love and miss you every day, Brandon.

Posted 04/09/2019

Mom (Beth)

2018-2019 has been a devastating time for many people; both directly and indirectly.
Bobby, Jason, Matt and Jesse. Rest easy. Help to keep us all safe. We love you ♡♡♡

Posted 31/08/2019


In loving memory of Raymond Booth

Posted 31/08/2019


May our loved one rest in heaven. I love you jay with all of my heart.❤️05/11/2019💔 i miss you so much…Mom

Posted 31/08/2019


To my son, my angel in heaven.17 years on this earth was not enough to live life💔not a day goes by that I don’t wish you were still here. On May 11 2019, the day you left you took my heart with you. I will never understand😢 just know you are loved, your sisters miss you so much. Fly high my baby boy😇 rest in heaven 07/25/2001-05/11/2019. Mom loves you more then life itself

Posted 31/08/2019


My beautiful daughter, Melissa Trotter, of New Britain, CT, left this world on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, of cardiac arrest due to an accidental overdose (alcohol, hydroxyzine, heroin & fentanyl). She suffered from substance abuse disorder. Melissa fought hard over 15.5 years to beat her health problems, & had success for a few years during that 15.5 year period.

Melissa had a beautiful heart and loved dancing, laughing, her pet bunny, and the beach; She helped many of her friends through their life problems. She was a smart young woman, had only 1 semester to go for her BA in Psychology, had a great sense of humor, and was always there to help her friends through their problems. She cared very deeply for those she loved.

I called her Melissa Leigh the Honey Bee … The name Melissa means Honey Bee. She taught me alot about being kinder, and not taking things quite so seriously. She was my Mini-Me<3.

I miss you so much, Baby. I know you’re at peace & joyous & free on the Other Side. Thank you for your visits & words of encouragement. This world was never meant for one as Beautiful as You. Until we meet again, I LOVE YOU LISSY. Always & Forever, Mom

Posted 31/08/2019


Andy, you lived with your heart bared. You gave who you were openly and freely and I understand how the traumas you endured led you down this path. I wish I knew you better. I wish you had to struggle less in this life. You were flawed, like all humans, but when you got things right, you lived life like a shining and glorious star bursting through the cloudy black night sky to twinkle on earth and bring a little warmth and perspective to the world. You were terribly real and I miss you.

Posted 31/08/2019


You will never be forgotten Amy and Julie…both of my sisters are together now, and at peace. Miss you! ❤️

Posted 31/08/2019


J- it’s been four and a half years since you died from an overdose. We miss you and love you so much. I pray that more people learn and understand more about the disease and treatment so other lives can be saved. Love Mom

Posted 31/08/2019


SIMONE-Another year, month, week, day, moment without you. The pain never goes away it’s just become part of who I am. Wish you were with me on this latest journey-we’d rock at it together. Love and miss you always xxxx

Posted 31/08/2019


My brother died from a long life of drugs and died at 50 I hope that young people to never start using because it becames a family disease and no one wants this, now I have two brothers gone

Posted 31/08/2019

Glenn sparks

On drug awareness day today like every day I miss my son Patrick who I lost through addiction. My heart breaks so much it’s so painfully raw just to say his name … sending love out to the families who lost loved ones through addiction. Also have a daughter Kate who lost a limb through addiction and is still lost in the world of addiction 💔

Posted 31/08/2019

Terri Mccann

My son Jacob died from a heroin overdose November 19, 2017. He was an elite athlete who suffered a broken neck at 14 and was prescribed Morphine. He stayed clean most of the time, but struggled with the effects of addiction from the injury till his death. He was a good son and a good man. He is missed by many…

Posted 31/08/2019


My brother was involved in a terrible car crash exactly on August 31, 2018. Miraculously, he didn’t kill anyone and walked away without a scratch. After that, my Dad and I urged David to heed God’s call to change his life around.

It was too late.

David passed away on February 10, 2019. Our hearts are shattered but we must carry on in Jesus’ name.

Posted 31/08/2019


June 14, 2018 you did what I knew was coming. You lived for one month but were not the same. July 15, 2018 you took your last breath. Luv and I miss you so much. Badu my love

Posted 31/08/2019


My younger brother Mark passed away April 26th 2013, at the young age of 42, unfortunately from overdose on prescribed opioids, Rest in peace my brother, we will meet again on the other side. xoxo

Posted 31/08/2019


Joshua Luke McNeill
1988 – 2016
We just finished putting purple lights on our “Joshua tree” and have a purple spotlight for our house.

Posted 31/08/2019

Doris S McNeill

Paul-Your beautiful soul left this world too soon. May we all work to be kinder and more compassionate to one another. I regret that I could not be the person you needed when you needed someone the most. Rest in freedom and peace.

Posted 31/08/2019


This must STOP. Not one more.
I’m memory of Crystal Marie, my Angel
RIP beautiful 💜💝💜

Posted 31/08/2019

Noreen Brownlee D’Onofrio

For my son, Matthew Knierim, only 20 years old when he passed on Oct. 23, 2014. He will forever be missed and loved!

Posted 01/09/2019

Lori Knierim

Remembering my Dad Jay today.
We lost him when I was 18 years old. He spent his life battling addiction. He overcame it many times but unfortunately the struggle became too much. Gone but not forgotten.

Posted 01/09/2019


Aunt Chris, Marvin White, Jessica Barnett, Brandy Kincaid, Ashley Huddleston, Daniel Debarr, Michael Sargent, Jessica Lemke and Travis Chism are the family members whom I’ve lost to the disease of addiction (so far). They’re Gone but NEVER forgotten.

Posted 01/09/2019


Coming up on 2 years this October, each day we all take a moment to remember our dear joe. He never had a scare, or a second chance, he had no idea the troubles he was getting into or how serious the problem was. His heart was so big and such a live for his family as we carry him in our heart💜

Posted 01/09/2019


My husband, Tim, overdosed right in front of my eyes and I had no idea. He went to bed and never woke up. I will never ever forget him. He had a huge heart, was so caring & thoughtful! I will never forget him! ❤️

Posted 01/09/2019


Its been 5yrs since we lost our beautiful daughter Carley.
To overdose with fentanyl. Our lives will never be the same, without you. At that time, it wasn’t a common thing. Now it’s an epidemic. So many lives lost, & family’s broken. Love you & miss you everyday. My Lucinda😇. Mamma

Posted 01/09/2019


On this important day, and always, we should remember those whom we’ve lost to a drug overdose. I lost my mother, Florence, back on May 13th, 2016, after a brief battle in hospital, which followed her suffering a sudden accidental overdose of Tylenol Arthritis Pain tablets. I still miss her, and I always will, Forever Rest In Peace Mom, until we meet again in heaven or that other magical spiritual place. 🙁

Posted 01/09/2019

Marc Mullo

we lost our son Nov. 4, 2018 from an accidental overdose worst day of our lives, and we haven’ t been the same since. We love and miss you everyday💞😢 RIP 🙏

Posted 01/09/2019


My daughter Shannon, forever 31, passed in March 2018. Was not an overdose but sepsis and endocarditis due to IV drug use. Addiction kills in more ways than one. I always knew overdose was possible but never thought about a heart/blood infection. We miss her very much, she was a beautiful soul. I love you my girl.

Posted 01/09/2019


My son
Casey Herrick Ward
Failed for lack of knowledge on drug addiction and treatment. As his mother, I gave up on him before he gave up on himself. I will forever live with all the feelings that come with this. If only I stayed stronger Casey…… I am so so so sorry. I will miss you forever. You, Casey Herrick Ward, are the best person I will have ever known.
All my love and thoughts until I join you.
Educate……… lives can be saved! ❤️💔

Posted 01/09/2019



Posted 01/09/2019


Hey brute we miss you we’re going crazy here frfr I love you bro. I cant wait see when I get there

Posted 01/09/2019

Colton whitaker

I found my son, Eric, dead of an overdose on Thursday, August 22, and my daughter on May 6,2019. Two in three months. Fentanyl. This needs to stop so other parents don’t have to grieve their children.

Posted 01/09/2019


With the greatest love, I remember my husband, Kim Wendling. You struggled so hard and fought as best you could. You finally have the peace you so desperately sought. Fly free, my darling…

Posted 01/09/2019

Rosemary Wendling

I had the unfortunate responsibility of reviving my friend Kevin when he overdosed. It took 6 vials of naloxone to bring him back. I also realized that all the CPR training I had taken had not prepared me for such a sudden and immediate emergency. He died 3 months later from another overdose while he was alone with no one to help him. I cried onto his mother’s shoulder at his funeral. I myself have gone through withdrawal many times and have overdosed. I have a cookie jar in my kitchen stuffed with naloxone kits which I hope I will never have to use again. RIP Kevin

Posted 01/09/2019


My son,💜Anthony Scott💜, was tempted one last time, on 9/26/2017. He is forever 27, forever missed, forever loved, and forever my baby. My heart is shattered and my soul is broken. But I have faith that I will see him again. I love you “Tony Tiger”. Rest In Heaven where you are free from the pain.

Posted 01/09/2019

Jill Scott

My heart has a hole I miss you so very much. Watch over your baby girl and family. We love you.

Posted 02/09/2019

Shane LaRocca

Ashley Gail Sass
1/7/87 – 2/7/15
💜 left 5 yr old twin boys
Sadly missed so very much💛👩‍👦‍👦💦💔😪💜

Posted 02/09/2019


In loving memory of my son Jordan Kyle Hodges
July 31/92- March 10/19 who lost his battle to mental health issues and fentanyl overdose.
Jordan fought so hard to battle all his demons of homelessness, depression, schizophrenia and drugs but in the end they were all just too much for him. You’re at peace now my son and I love you so much and my heart aches and misses you terribly everyday. At times it’s so unbearable but I wouldnt want you to keep suffering everyday the way you did. You were so kind to everyone and had nothing but whatever you had you would give it to someone else if they needed it. You’re surrounded by so much love in the Lords kingdom and I will wait until it’s my turn where i will be with you again someday my son. I LOVE YOU!

Posted 02/09/2019

Angelique Chasse

My son Parker died 66 months ago from an “Accidental Drug (Heroin) Overdose” I love & miss my son more then there are “Stars in the Sky” i just wish people would remember who Parker was, Not how he died!! He was only human, we’re all not perfect. Everyday should be “Overdose Awareness Day” (For some drug addiction is a daily battle) Son, your always on my mind & forever in my heart!❤💖💗

Posted 02/09/2019


My dear Mitchell Adam Gill (died 17/05/2018). I miss you everyday. I watch the Red Maple planted in your honour, grow it the memorial garden we have started for you. I knew you struggled daily with alcohol but had no idea that you also battled opioid addiction. When you relapsed so soon after 2 months in rehabilitation, I was stunned. I had no idea how to help you. I feel such guilt and shame that you died alone in your basement with a naloxone kit three feet from you. You were such an awesome son, brother and friend to so many. You had the kindest heart I have ever known. I will love and treasure the fact that you were a part of my life for 30 years and hope you are finally at peace in the spiritual world.

Posted 03/09/2019

Kelly Meckling

Our 29 year old son died from an overdose less than 2 years ago. He left behind two beautiful children, who miss his voice and seeing his face everyday. It breaks my heart. I thought as a mother I could make a difference, that he would listen and do what I said. I was wrong. I love him and think about him every single day. The reality of him being gone is beyond words. I couldn’t save him but God is taking care of him now. I love you Justin more than you will ever know and I will always have you in my heart.

Posted 03/09/2019


Jake alexander graves, was my son who passed away from overdose of fentanyl on the morning of April 1, 2018. I found him on the bathroom floor of our home and was only 30-60 minutes too late. Its been difficult for his mother and I as well as his surviving sister. Its hard to believe after surviving a year of combat in Iraq, that his life would be ended by a pill…..

Posted 30/08/2019



My baby sister. It’s been almost a year without you. This life is devoid of all happiness since you left. I think of you everyday. And everyday I’m reminded of the pain of losing you, but also how amazing you were. I love you baby girl 💜💜💜

Posted 30/08/2019


My tribute is to my daughter father who overdose on morphine. He passed away on March 23,2013 His illness was cirrhosis to the liver. He was going thru depression. My daughter misses her dad alot.
Rip Peter Guerrero
01/05/74 – 03/23/13
We miss & love u

Posted 30/08/2019


Not a day goes by that I dont think of you, Missing you always my Son Daniel Mulholland

Posted 30/08/2019


29th August 2019 marked the 28th anniversary of my mother death from AOD aged 42.
A wonderful lady whom was a victim of the Pharmaceutical negligence during the 60 & 70s. My mother was not the only victim. This negligence also affect my siblings and I and made our childhood very traumatic. Trauma that we are still dealing with today.
I recently completed a suicide first aid course during which we shown a line graph of male and female suicides over the past 100 years in Australia. There was a very significant spike in both female and male in the late 60s. We presumed it was a result of the Vietnam War. NO!
It was due to the over prescribing of Barbiturates???
Now its Opiates??
I would like to start a campaign in my mothers name to address this..
Can you help??

Posted 30/08/2019

antony appleby

Paul Edward Mills Jr passed away April 19th 2019, he was my best friend, lover and everything in between, there’s not a day I don’t wish I had done more, but even so I know I done what I could, Overdose took the most important person in my life, I will forever be changed and I will continue telling his story in hopes to save someone else from going through this!

Posted 30/08/2019

Brittany Osborne

My dear friend Jason G,
You’re so missed everyday and thought about everyday. You were the definition of a true friend and it’s still not real to me that you’re gone. I’m grateful for that phone call you made to me to get your message to me and then you had to leave me. My life is not the same without you. I could always call you and you would just listen and then make sure you checked on me. Well unfortunately you’re my best friend angel and through your death you taught me just how dangerous the game is. Your missed and loved Jay!! Forever in my ♥️ heart! Love ya

Posted 30/08/2019

Liz Dougherty

❤️ Jacob Alexander Parker ❤️
6/19/92 ~ 4/3/18
I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be

Never Forgotten & Always Loved, Mom

Posted 30/08/2019

Jan Cole Cassidy

Our life together had been a hard life. We had some bad years in the beginning and some bad years in the end, but the in-between years were the greatest of our lives. Watching our children grow, spending quality time with each other, enjoying life together. Being in love with someone with an addiction is a life I would not wish on anyone else. It has made me who I am today. I am a strong woman, who has learned to lean on God, family, and friends in all parts of this life I have been given.
William L Johnson Sr.
March 18th, 1970 to December 19th, 2018

Posted 30/08/2019

Amy Michelle

I lost my wife to a heroin overdose in 2016. I was getting out of federal prison 4 months after her death. At first I was pissed off at her. Then I realized that everything happens for a reason and I just learned to accept that she’s really gone.

Posted 31/08/2019

Gregory Jordan

Our precious son, Tony, who we love so very much passed on October 16, 2018.
He was 26 years old and was the most caring, generous, protective, loyal, compassionate and loving child a parent could ask for. Tony has a great sense of humor, is handsome, athletic, popular and girls loved him since the tender age of 4. We would tease him that if we had a dollar for every girl who wanted to marry him we could put him through college! We love joking around with him. He’s so much fun to be around. We never thought this could happen to “us” but sadly it did. We love you so much, Tony. As parents we might seem ok to everyone or look like we are going on with our lives but it’s not the case at all. We are not ok and every moment without our son is a struggle for us. We are helping others with funding for transitional living, which is so important in the process of recovery. We are keeping our son’s memory alive through our non profit, Tony’s STEPS Inc.
We need to break the stigma of addiction and overdose because those who suffer with the disease of addiction are People too and they are as much God’s Children as any other being on this earth. They should not be looked down upon or disrespected. We need to reach out and help them the same as any person with a health disease. To every person struggling with addiction we love you and our hearts break for you and your families and loved ones . For every parent who has lost a child to this terrible disease, there are no words We can say to comfort you but we can say we understand as parents how you feel. We understand that every moment is a struggle to take a breath when your child can’t. We are supposed to pass before our precious children and as a parent to have our babies go before us is an unbearable pain that something only another parent who has lost a child can understand. When someone says to me, Tony’s in a better place, I cringe because as a mother there is no better place than for a child to be with his mother, no matter the age. Although, people think we are all ok , we as parents know that nobody understands this unbearable pain we live every day. This message comes with much love to all those suffering with addiction and their families, especially those parents who have lost a child or children from this disease.
We will continue to fight this evil and WE ALL will make a difference to put an end to the stigma and to help those in need of recovery. We won’t give up, we couldn’t save our son but we will do everything in our power to save someone else’s child from a death due to an overdose.
Our prayers & love are with all of you today, tomorrow & always.
And much love to our precious son, Tony. Our first baby who we love more than life itself. Our son, Our joy, our life.
Lori & Chuck Smith

Posted 31/08/2019

Lori & Chuck Smith

Dennis, I miss you every day. I am thankful for the messages you send to me. As we approach another year without you, my heart aches. I hope you are in peace now. We are ok. Love your big sister

Posted 31/08/2019


4/7/94 – 8/28/18

My 24-year old son and only child was on the autistic spectrum. Sadly, he tried Meth which was mixed with Fentanyl and it killed him. I write that he was on the autistic spectrum because there is a misconception that people on the spectrum do not engage in substance use. Elias leaves a legacy of love, kindness and exuberance. Elias was buried on August 31st – International Overdose Awareness Day.

New York

Posted 31/08/2019


Our beloved Alex Buzzi died of an overdose on June 27, 2019 in Pompano Beach, Florida. His 27 year old body is dead, but his soul will live forever! Alex was a deeply compassionate professional child advocate. He was steadfast in overcoming the genetic anomaly called Pierre Robin Syndrome. Alex was also adventurous and taught ESL in grades 1-5 in northern Spain. He was extraordinarily sociable and had friends from different socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds. We miss him 24/7!

In a few months, we will host a celebration of life as a kickoff to the Alex Buzzi Foundation. The purpose of this celebration is to commemorate the life of Alex Buzzi and to raise money for the foundation that bears his name. It is our hope that the Alex Buzzi Foundation will donate money to organizations which help individuals and families who struggle with the effects of substance abuse.

Posted 31/08/2019


To my daughter, a warrior and fighter, a hilarious girl, a friend and a love. You were so very loved, and you are so very missed. 1/22/97 – 12/22/14

Posted 31/08/2019


Parker Clay Fenton

My beautiful firstborn child, Parker Fenton, died of a methadone overdose on October 14th, 2015. Parker was an AMAZING person!! He was so full of energy, so funny, so smart, so caring, and so generous!! He was only 18 years old and he accomplished God’s purpose for him in that short amount of time. That doesn’t seem fair to me…but, in those 18 years HE taught ME so very much!! He left behind me, his mom, and his stepdad, his father, and three younger siblings. Even though it’s almost been 4 years, it’s no easier to get out of bed every day knowing he’s not here with me. Our lives have forever been scarred and none of us will ever be the same! We are ALL better for having known and loved that beautiful crazy kid!! WE LOVE YOU, P…to the MOON AND BACK!!!

Posted 31/08/2019

Andrea Patterson

For my Buddy Paul who succumbed to fentanyl poisoning 12/12/19 after 14yr struggle. How you suffered everyday on behalf of all those who loved you who wouldn’t be able to handle your loss. Your suffering is over, and now we deal with the pain you experienced each day.

Posted 31/08/2019

Your Pal

I miss u, meggie.xo

Posted 31/08/2019

Colleen M Hammond

We miss you so much Justin. Rest in peace. 2/27/78-3/16/14

Posted 31/08/2019


Remembering my son Robert today & everyday. Died 31 Oct 2018. Love & joy is what has seen me thru dark days. Sending love to families & friends you are not alone x

Posted 31/08/2019

Angela Meyer

Katie, never in my darkest dreams could I envision anything being stronger than your amazing will. But, heroin was and it shattered your life, ripping you out of our lives, leaving a jagged-edged, black chasm of endless depth next to which we attempt to rebuild our lives without you. With heart and soul shredded, we can only keep the memories of you alive.

You were amazingly witty and kind, very beautiful and wise, tremendously empathic and sensitive. An artist in every way. You made me laugh AND cry more than any other person, dear, beloved daughter. You are forever 21, Katherine Antonia Steinman. Your mother, father and big sister grieve for you daily. We miss you more than words can express.

Posted 29/08/2019

Pat DeV.

Brandon Nicholas Merges 1/08/90-11/14/15
Baaaaaaaby! In the short 25 years you were here you touched so many. Your smile, your laugh, your compassion for others. Thank you for the sweet memories of your life as a child to a grown man. I will hold them close to my heart forever. I miss you every minute of every day and will always love you my sweet son. Until I hold you again….in heaven.
Love Maaaammma

Posted 29/08/2019


My tribute is for Dawson- my 26-year-old son who lost his battle with heroin/opioids on March 1, 2014, just 3 days out of a month-long rehab. He was a kind sensitive young man who I believe with all my heart had a pure heart and not a negative bone in his body. He was a son, a brother, a grandson, cousin and a good friend. His faithful best friend best buddy Burly his rescue dog has now joined him on July 23, 2019. Dawson was a college graduate with a whole lot of life ahead of him and we not only mourn his loss we mourn what could have been, his lost potential. We will see you soon my beloved son and each day I live on this earth I count as a day closer to reuniting with you. love and miss you Dawson BIG MUCH!

Posted 29/08/2019

Laurie Brooks Pettit

🌞Mary Kate, you are in our hearts every day. We love and miss you.

Posted 30/08/2019

Carol Keenan

I lost the love of my life to heroin. Dave was a beautiful soul that didnt deserve the way he died. I pray for all the addicts that are still struggling and the ones in recovery. I love you Dave.

Posted 30/08/2019

Mary docherty

My beloved and forever cherished son,
We hold you in our hearts forever. We are having immense hardships accepting that you’re gone. Your love of life, your laughter, your support to everyone is remembered, shared and talked about often. We will never, ever forget. Your fight with life problems were hard, and you tried to get help, but unfortunately the help wasn’t beneficial. A huge chunk of all of us, is gone. We miss you so much and love you to no end. Love you always and forever, your mom.

Posted 30/08/2019


I love & miss you JD & SB! I will always educate to honor you both. No stigma and no shame. Addiction is a beast, and being honest with one’s self is half the battle. You should be here, enjoying life. I hope you both know how much you are truly loved and missed. Sending hugs to Heaven! XoXo

Posted 30/08/2019


Adam, my best friend and love of my life, we lost you too soon. 7/25/18. Thankful for all the sweet memories and moments, my time w/ you was such a gift. You are so loved and missed. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Our lives will never be the same w/o you— losing you left a big hole. Miss your hugs and your laugh. You fought hard. Your faith and your kindness inspired many. You will never be forgotten. Love you always. Til I see you again.

Posted 29/08/2019


I lost my precious son Jonathon Lohmeier August 26, 2018 from a fentanyl laced Xanax. He struggled with his disease of addiction for many years and we fought hard to free him of it. He was a funny, sensitive, loving, caring son that also struggled with bipolar, depression, adhd and never felt that was worth anything. I don’t think he realized truly how much he was actually loved. He was born on the 4th of July 1989 and that is one thing he always loved about himself. He loved celebrating his birthday because he knew it was one time he would totally be the center of attention. He always is and always will be my firecracker. My first born, only son and the very first true love of my life. The hole in my heart will be open and will only be filled when I see him again when my time comes. Thank you for the opportunity to share my son Jonathon with everyone. I will say his name daily. He will not be forgotten. He is always missed and forever loved.
Thank you, Kristina <3

Posted 29/08/2019


I miss you more and more each day. Marlow I love you.

love Mama xxx

Posted 29/08/2019


16 months, still miss my son terribly. Almost 11 months clean. Used twice 04-27-18, the last time fatal. Not sure what my new normal is. Heartbroken. Questions will never be answered. Love you Mike! Forever 30.

Posted 30/08/2019


To the precious lives lost we remember you with fondness in our hearts
Special lives, precious memories xxx

Posted 30/08/2019


I lost my precious daughter on 3/25 of this year to the horrible disease of addiction. Her name is Krista Marie, she was 35 years old and left behind an 8 year old son. I would like to remember her on this day by lighting a candle in her memory, I will be having a gathering of family and friends tomorrow to have a small barbecue in her honor. We will all light a candle in her memory.
Krista’s Mom forever 35

Posted 30/08/2019


Michael James Kaelin
Forever in our hearts, the worlds a bit dimmer since you have been gone.

Posted 28/08/2019


Miss You Forever
My Son Matt
Gone Forever
My Love Lives On

Posted 28/08/2019


For my inimitable. unique, individual, wordsmith Jake who died in May 2016, alone abroad, trying to manage his addiction by himself. I miss you all the time, I ache for you every day. Treatment has to improve soon . I campaign for change . But nothing really soothes the gaping wound caused by your absence. I love you to the moon and back. mum xx

Posted 28/08/2019

christine evans

For all who have lost someone

You can shed tears that s/he is gone
or you can smile because s/he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that s/he’ll come back
or you can open your eyes and see all s/he’s left us.
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her/him
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember her/him and only that s/he’s gone
or you can cherish her/his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
or you can do what s/he’d want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

Posted 28/08/2019


In memory of the young men and women that I’ve worked with over the years. I will never forget each of you:
Jessica R, Mikey, Terry, Jacob, Ryan D, Tyler O, James W, Chad Z, Anthony Z, Matthew P, Andrew G, Amber K, Mike F, Randy I, Daniel P, Miles L, Brooke B, Amy C, Mike F, Pierce S, John L, Max H, Rachel M, Cody T, Joana K, Mike Y, Theresa C, Kim H

Posted 28/08/2019

William Evans Hall

In remembrance of our beautiful mother who we lost 26 years ago.
Love you always Jo, Tania, Jonny, Kerry, Coral, Brad, Tylaa, Corey, Tarkan, Joshua and Naite xx

Posted 29/08/2019


I miss you more everyday, I can not believe that I will never be able to hold or hug you ever again. It was not supposed to be this way, you leaving before me. I hope you know how much I love you and always will.

Posted 29/08/2019

Sharon Miller

My precious son, you are so loved and missed every day. I miss your charm, your wit, your heart, I miss you! The pain is gone for you and that is helping to heal my heart.
MJ is happy, I promise to love her and take care of her for the rest of her days. Love Mom

Posted 29/08/2019

Christine Dempsey

My beautiful baby Beth Buening 3-15-95 /5-1-19 Forever 24
I love you and miss you.

Posted 27/08/2019


For my brother, Joseph. I will miss you until my last breath. Across the universe xoxo

Posted 27/08/2019

Jennifer Quesenbury

My son Christopher Streett, I love you and miss you with all my heart…

Posted 27/08/2019

Brenda Dooley

Jordan, I did it! I sent the picture to your parents finally, had to wait for when it felt right and I had no motive. I don’t know if they liked it or not. I’ll never know this more than likely, but that’s ok. I felt in my heart that that is where it belonged and I have a peace about it.
I miss you buddy, More than there are stars. You and Mom are in my thoughts daily as always. I went to your grave and played guitar and harmonica for you Saturday. Hope you enjoyed it. I feel you did! I’m slowly getting me together mate, not an easy thing to do lol but I feel I’m actually making headway. I wish you were here still at times, yet this world is such a mess Jordan.
I feel for kids your age and younger, what will it be like in ten years? God help us. I love you Jordan and count the days till I see you and Mom again. little more…

Posted 27/08/2019


Alecls mommie and aunt Ellie misses you so much

Posted 27/08/2019


I lost my best friend James to a fentanyl overdose on April 20th, 2019 and it still feels like yesterday. I miss you jim.

Posted 27/08/2019


To our Joseph:

We will forever miss you in our lives. Our hearts are broken and Dad and I are struggling with HOW do we live this life without you. You are not broken anymore. You are at peace.

I wish to honor and remember you today on what would have been your 30th birthday – 8/31/2019.

There are NO words that will heal this emptiness. I hope in time we will be able to celebrate your smile and your compassion and your love.

We love you, miss you and will never ever forget you…..Until we meet again………….

Love Mom and Dad

Joseph Michael Guerrieri
DOB 8/31/1989
DOD 8/16/2019

Posted 28/08/2019

Mom and Dad

I lost my twin sister Danielle Wynne 4 1/2 years ago to a fentanyl overdose. She was a great mom and nail tech at one of the top nail salons she loved her family very much. The disease of addiction does not discriminate. I lost my best friend Michelle 4 days after and an ex girlfriend 6 months later.

Posted 28/08/2019


Travis if love could have saved you, you would have lived for ever. Forever 28, forever missed. Travis Morgan Hardt 3/14/87-2/22/16

Posted 28/08/2019


Tribute to my husband Jason scoot Michael rakes June 2nd 1980 to July 13th 2018 rest in peace baby

Posted 28/08/2019

Dale Rakes

Michael Brodowski was a beautiful soul who was taken away from us at the young age of 24. Michael had just graduated with honours as a Network Systems Engineer and was loved by all that met him. His memory will live on forever as he dances in the sky.

Posted 28/08/2019


To the moon and back, my sweet boy. Your laugh, beautiful bright smile, sense of humor, exceptional intelligence, calm demeanor, kindness, loyalty, empathy, sensitivity, tenderness, and profound love for family and friends, especially your daughter, will always be with us and never forgotten – thank you for all you gave us and taught us. You were one of those individuals who had it all and were so genuine, but suffered a life altering event that you never recovered from, hence your path to find something to ease the pain – I wish it could have been me instead of you. Your passing will forever create a deep void in all of us, but we will do our best to live our lives without you, but through you. Your beautiful daughter reminds us how to do that every single day. She will always know how wonderful her daddy was through the memories we share. You will always be a shining light in our hearts. We love you and miss you so very much and hope more than ever that you have found peace. Mommy loves.

Michael Ryan Warner 10/18/1987-11/10/2018

Posted 28/08/2019

Chrissy Warner

Our beautiful son, Joel David Mutch, lost his fight against heroin on 11/27/2017.
His music, love and light lives on and encourages us every day.
“I love you in a place where there’s no space and time.”

Posted 28/08/2019

Pattie Devine

I have lost 16 friends to drug overdose, there are still several addicted and I hesitantly look in the obits everyday expecting to see more, my area has been ravaged (Greenbrier, Summers and Monroe county West Virginia). I myself was an addict, I am now a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and 4 years clean and sober. I pray daily for the people of my area and for the people struggling worldwide…there is HOPE and people that care…RECOVERY WORKS, I’m the example. I bow my head in silence for those that have passed…I raise my head for HOPE and RECOVERY…God Bless.

Posted 28/08/2019

Richard L Martin

So…Johnny, my Jonathan, my first born and only son…I have just started typing and the tears are here already. You have been gone from our lives physically since Jan. 12, 2015. The first IOAD I could barely write a tribute. I wrote it out in long-hand, writing, and rewriting. I wanted it perfect. It would be the first of many tributes I have written for you. This one I am writing as I think, reflect, type. I know it does not have to be perfect, but it will be perfect because I am writing it with nothing else but love.

You were as beautiful as the flowers your Nonna would say. And that you were. A singing, dancing, creative writing machine. A light that shimmered and glowed. And people-your friends, strangers, acquaintances, like moths, they were attracted to that light and never wanted to leave its brilliance.
And when you were gone, we wept with abandon. We still weep.

We are changed. But you are not; you are still brilliant, beautiful, blessed. We keep following your light.

I love you. Always have, always will. Forever and ever. Amen. Mama

Posted 28/08/2019

Linda Squire

My beloved son Josh is a victim of this dreadful epidemic. He is not a number of a statistic. He is and will always be my beautiful son. May his death be redeemed by others who will survive as we strive to overcome this epidemic. I will love him forever.

Posted 28/08/2019

Kate Harrigan

Jon Pierre Lopez
I will forever be your voice., I will always speak your name. Pierre you are missed and loved every day. Rest easy baby until i see you again

Posted 26/08/2019

Tanya Hanlin

We lost a daughter, sister, granddaughter, Aunt, niece, cousin, friend when we lost Courtney Kraiza from a Fentanyl overdose on March 9. 2019. She will be forever 28. We all miss her everyday. She touched so many lives and fought a hard battle. We will continue to fight this battle in her name, so no other families have to go through the agonizing pain we go through on a daily basis. Forever in our hearts!!

Posted 26/08/2019

Jane Kraiza

Jessica Emerick Beloved
Mother/wife/daughter/sister/Aunt/Niece and friend
Forever 29; Never forgotten

Posted 27/08/2019

liz hebb

Gone but never forgotten

Posted 27/08/2019

Joshua Perne

To my son Travis Howard Smith, since you were born on July 26, 1980 you were a Momma’s Boy. You were proud to be one, you would tell everyone. It was you and me for most of your life, up to that fateful Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013 when my world changed forever. I miss your face, your smell of dirty grease on your work clothes, your smile, your eyes, your playing the guitar and singing to me, I still want you back, I miss you like crazy, always remember, Momma loves you Like Jesus Does. #forever32

Posted 27/08/2019


My daughter Catherine Emily Shepard was poisoned by fentanyl on Feb. 28, 2019. #Forever26
Our lives have been changed FOREVER! 💔
Catherine was young, beautiful, smart & had her whole future ahead of her. But it was cut short by this horrible epidemic!
My heart is broken & aches every day.
Until we meet again…
Catherine’s Mom

Posted 27/08/2019

Candy Marquardo

To my son Randy Osgood. Life will never be the same. I miss you every moment of everyday. I won’t ever let you be forgotten. I love you.
Love, Mom


Posted 27/08/2019

Lori Jackman

CRIUZ SHEPHERD Always loved…♥️Never forgotten!! Be free my son!!

Posted 27/08/2019

Trisha Shepherd

Remembering my firstborn son, Bobby Carlson, aged 23. 9/27/93 – 6/5/17. You are missed every second of every day.

Posted 27/08/2019

Jessica Plavic

In loving memory of my beautiful son, Michael Gorski who passed away from an overdose. Forever 29, 4/1/82-6/13/11. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, not a day goes by that your absence isn’t missed, not a day goes by that my heart will ever be whole again.
Forever in my heart…mom

Posted 27/08/2019

Mary Beth

In loving memory of my sweet nephew, Jason Hamm…..he lost his battle on May 11, 2010

Posted 27/08/2019

Tina Fischer

My son Troy Camiolo died on 04/27/18 he was 32 years old. He died from a Heroin/Fentanyl overdose. His sister & brother along with his nieces and nephews miss and love Troy. I love my boy❤️

Posted 27/08/2019

Jill Dubell

My heart aches every second of my life for my son Joseph D. Kirby. He was an outstanding son, husband, father , grandson, brother and man. His death has destroyed so many lives ..

Posted 26/08/2019


I wish I had more time with you💜

Posted 26/08/2019


My beautiful daughter Christina Young passed away from a fentanyl overdose on january 21, 2018, she is forever 29. She left behind her 7 month old son whom I cherish and love so much. Christina I love and miss you every moment of every day and I promise you that your baby boy will know how amazing you were and how much you loved him ❤. He is 2 now and he says “Mommy” when he sees your pictures and he kisses them and holds them on his chest over is heart ❤.

Posted 26/08/2019

Tracie Young

To all those who have lost a loved one to overdose. May you find peace somehow

Posted 26/08/2019

Gabrielle Denise Rocca forever 23. Murdered by fentanyl poisoning 3.10.94 -2.8.18 I will love you forever my beautiful daughter

Posted 26/08/2019

Julie Rocca

Lexie Lou,
Your so loved and missed by so many. Your story, your life, will continue to be told, it will continue to change lives and save souls. Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to ppl about you and how deeply you are still loved.
Lexus Felton 1/8/97 ~ 12/8/18
Forever Mommies baby girl 💜

Posted 26/08/2019

Christy Alexander

In honor of my amazing daughter, Gabrielle Sweder, who lost the fight on January 30, 2016 at the young age of 25. Forever loved and terribly missed beyond words!

Posted 23/08/2019


I survived half a dozen severe heroin ODs, in all cases but one very small doses combined with diazepam (valium). I was dead a few minutes a few times, and mostly luck saved me : someone was there, the pain of a cigarette burning the palm of my hand kept me alive, etc. After 30 years of heroin use on and off, 22 years on and off methadone I have no business being in such reasonably good health, or even alive. I rejoice of that every day, and also despair at my mounting losses : I’ve decided that if I couldn’t stop completely I was going to manage my habit and work to help my peers. Only work, legit work, period.
I’ve had the incredible joy of bringing one person back from the dead thanks to the wide availability of naloxone in Quebec, and some cops not being above asking an addict for help : Mary, I’m so glad you’re not one of my ghosts, hope you’re hanging in, wherever you are.
This is the hard part, as I’m afraid I can`t do my ghosts justice, not remembering them all or their names, at once. I just know that not just ODs but the consequences of a misguided, crass War on Drugs has made all my adult life a long litany of losses.

Julie, 24 years in November, I swear I can still smell you sometimes in the morning when I wake up alone…
To all of you, gentle miscreants and fellows of the roads less travelled, friends, great loves, lovers, loved and lost ones, thank you for having shared part of your lives, however small or for how little time, as your memories, their collective weight on my soul, are part of what keeps me going : if I’m still here, and you all are not, I must not stop….
So I strive to rise, and be a better man.
Thank you

Posted 23/08/2019

Nicolas Quijano

My son died from Carfentenol poisoning.

Posted 24/08/2019

Melissa Laxson

Archie MacIsaac-Vacon May 12, 2000 – June 29, 2019

Magnificent son, unmatched friend, beautiful grandson. Archie was full of adventure, confidence and love. He had a sense of justice and a drive to do good and to do well. We miss his conversation, his knowledge and his shining intellect. I miss hugging him long and often. Archie was poisoned by fentanyl when he thought he was taking something else. We’ll push to do better in Canada, Archie, so that we can help others be safer.

The depth of my love for you, son, is equalled by the depth of my pain in losing you.

Posted 24/08/2019

Charlene Vacon

Jared Brisco 4/27/1977- 2/28/2019
You were one of the most humble and kind person I have ever known and I love and miss you every single day and I hope you are finally at peace and not hurting anymore and I hope god is taking care of you my love ..

Posted 24/08/2019


My big boy my name sake my Jr my best friend. Since you left us that Christmas morning mom and I haven’t been the same. Raymo I see no change coming anytime soon. May you always Rest In The Arms Of The Lord. I love you So much Raymo. Your pops forever.


Posted 24/08/2019

Ray Alvarez Sr.

My heart reading all these tributes. I pray for each and every person, that God will give them peace and comfort in this time of sorrow. Satan is using this drug and drugs in general to destroy families and lives. I will continue to pray for an end to this tragedy and for all of u that have posted.

Posted 24/08/2019


To my only child, Dakota, 2-2-1993–7-1-2011
I will be your voice. You are my very heart. I miss you everyday.
Love, Mom

Posted 24/08/2019


My heart….my soul…Luke 💜

Posted 25/08/2019


Gone too soon and never forgotten. 💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏 R.I.P. my sweet son 💔👼😭 I will not stop until you have justice! Your loving mom. 💜💔

Posted 26/08/2019


We lost our beautiful 19 year old daughter, Elena, on April 11, 2019. Please hold all of the families and friends of those lost close to your heart and continue to pray for those sick and still suffering. We love you with all of our hearts, sweet angel Elena. Love always and forever, Mom and Dad

Posted 25/08/2019

Janet and Tony

In memory of my brother Duane Whaley. I miss him and think of him every day. He was such a talented and caring person. Drugs had such a hold on him. He was in many rehabs. His last place was the Salvation Army in Norwood ky where he was finally clean for a year or so then had a relapse that took his life. The staff and his friends there are wonderful people. I urge everyone to donate to the Salvation Army it’s such a wonderful organization. They were there for my brother and our family. We miss him so much. I am so glad to see that this epidemic is being recognized so maybe more people will be helped to fight their addiction. Love and miss you baby brother.

Posted 25/08/2019

Shasta Hamm

Everett was a beautiful person and his soul and the impact he had in my life and heart will live on in my soul forever. I am a better person for having known him and feel lucky to have had the time we shared. Fly On and Everglow Everett and I seriously love you too. ❤️

Posted 25/08/2019


Gone but never forgotten
Angelique Lamb, Mike Matuszewski, & Adrienne Rivera,
We continue to carry a message of hope that no other person or family has to endure what we had to.
No words could ever express how our heart breaks by your passing.
Rest Easy.

Posted 26/08/2019

Dominique Parenti

There is a road
No simple highway
Between the dawn
And the dark of night
And if you go
No one may follow
That path is for
Your steps a alone

Peace on your journey my son

Posted 26/08/2019

Gail Johnson

George Stafford

Posted 26/08/2019


Nick Rubino 6/2/87-12/4/18. Son, brother, father. Funny, huge heart, great employee. Always lifting others up. You will be forever missed. I will see you again, love Mom

Posted 26/08/2019

Donna Rodriquez

To My Dear Son, Vincent: It’s been almost 2 years since you left for your place in heaven and you have been oh-so-missed every one of those days. There is a big hole in my heart that will never be filled until we meet again. I love you and miss you, Mom.

Posted 26/08/2019

Kathy Fowler

I lost my 19 year old son, Nick, to an accidental heroin overdose. I miss him terribly and ache for him every day. He was so beautiful and had such a good heart. He wanted to live. I am forever broken that I couldn’t save him. I love and miss you so much Nick. There are no words to express the depth my sorrow.

Posted 26/08/2019


I miss you every single day. My heart is forever broken.
Ryan Michael Schillaci
January 12, 1987 – January 19, 2014

Posted 26/08/2019


R.I.P. To My Daddy 💜
Jamie Glen Morgan
6/14/1974 — 2/18/18
I Love You & Miss You More & More Everyday

Posted 26/08/2019

Jamie Lee Morgan

Ashli I miss you so much babygirl you are always in my heart and thoughts 4/1/94-8/1/17

Love always and forever

Posted 26/08/2019


We lost my dear nephew Kenny Bass on May 23rd, 2019. He had an addictive behavior, as he had a mental illness…and only the wrong drugs made him feel better. He had long destroyed his heart, veins and brain. Opioids suppress your respiratory system, which restricts blood circulation in his veins. He was at the point of no return, as he was addicted. I’m not sure he ever accepted the possibility of recovery. He was always suicidal. He had lost the will to live many years before. It burdens my heart daily. I loved him so deeply.

Posted 26/08/2019


In loving memory of my son Nathan C. E. McMellan. Deeply loved and so missed.
4/8/78 – 7/3/13. Best son, brother and father anyone could wish for. Forever in our hearts ♥️

Posted 23/08/2019

Cheryl Allen

A life taken way way way too soon. I miss you Cary, the best boyfriend & best friend a girl could ever ask for. <3 4/26/97 – 4/16/19

Posted 23/08/2019


I lost my darling son Tim on December 12, 2017. Every day is painful. I had to learn how to live without his love. I would of done anything to have prevented this but just couldn’t do it. I pray for everyone with addiction and their families because this is the greatest heartbreak.

Posted 22/08/2019


My daughter Cassandra 09/30/1982-07/20/2018 struggled a very short addiction and fought soo hard to get her life back.. fentanyl took her life. She was incredibly beautiful inside and out, she loved helping absolutely anyone she could. She wanted to be a nurse, a wife and a mother.. she is incredibly missed every second of every day.. we love you sweet girl to the moon and beyond ❤

Posted 22/08/2019

Christina Wagar

My coworker and friend with soo much talent gone far too soon. You are missed every day Ryan. – Ryan Gervais Dec 2nd 1988- May 11th 2017

Posted 23/08/2019


We lost our 27 year old son just before the Holidays 2018 to a Heroin overdose. He had struggled for many years with his addiction. We miss the man he was. His siblings miss growing old with him and his daughter has lost her dear Pa.

Posted 23/08/2019


i wish we weren’t so stupid. i wish we weren’t so careless. i wish we would have really realized the risk before it was too late. god gave us plenty of warnings, and we ignored every one of them. and why did we? it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t worth it!
the last few weeks i had with him, i only remember bits and pieces. drugs zapped every last memory i would’ve had with him. and the very few memories i do remember vaguely, are awful. the drugs were making us miserable, and instead of hating the drugs for it, we took it out on each other.
i don’t remember going to sleep with him our last night together… i don’t remember if we said i love you, or even goodnight to each other. all i know is i woke up that morning and i was cuddled up with a dead body who was once my beautiful baby Briley. we didn’t have any more chances. we didn’t get any last words, or any time to prepare. when it’s over, that’s it. it’s the end. i’ve been waiting every day for our life together to begin again, or even just your life, but that’s not going to happen. the sweet, hilarious, kinda rude haha, but so so special boy in these pictures is gone. and i swear it’s the most tremendous loss the world has had. it’s the loss that was big enough to stop my world…
please, please, PLEASE don’t end up like us. don’t let your infatuation w the destructive lifestyle take your life, and DONT BE THE GIRLFRIEND WHO LOSES HER HEART BC SHE WAS TOO IGNORANT TO ACTUALLY TRY TO CHANGE ANYTHING.

rip, briley christian caldwell. “soulmates” are the biggest life lessons, and you sure did teach me a lot the 8 years i had you. i’ll miss you till i’m with you

Posted 22/08/2019

Savannah Paige Gladden

By holding this event, it is hoped that can remind again of the dangers of overdose that can occur in drug users.

Posted 22/08/2019


South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence wish all the families, friends and colleagues who lost loved ones due to Substance Use Overdose. Their wonderful memories will always have space in the hearts of those who knew them most. We should give hope to those that are still not aware that overdose can change the whole situation, but through it all, hope remains within to avoid the vicious circle turning this way again.

Lets remember them with every thoughtful activity for others to learn that overdose is a reality and therefore wish all who lost the loved ones , inner peace, healing and strength during this month of remembrance.

Posted 21/08/2019

Clara Monnakgotla

Первое знакомство с передозом врезалось в мою память навсегда…Тогда мы не знали. не видели. не читали и не сталкивались с этой бедой.
В те далекие 80 е годы, когда нам было по 17 – 18 лет ты пришел в квартиру где мы зависали и никто не понял что тебе нужна помощь! Мы хором ржали над тем как ты смешно что-то бубнил и мычал и на утро увидев что ты так и не пришел в себя и весь твой рот в белой пене стало ясно что это беда. Скорая не спасла тебя. Ты умер по дороге в больницу. Я помню нашу растерянность и страшный, животный вой твоей мамы… Это в моей голове и памяти отпечаталось навсегда. Я не помню твоего имени, но благодаря тебе, тому случаю я наверное и жива до сих пор.
Я не перестала употреблять, нет, но стала опасаться передозов.

The first acquaintance with the overdose crashed into my memory forever We didnt know then. They didnt see it. have not read or encountered this trouble. In those 80s, when we were 17 18 years old, you came to the apartment where we were hanging out and no one understood that you need help! We roared over how funny you were humming and mooing, and in the morning we saw that you never recovered, and your whole mouth in white foam made it clear that this was a disaster. The ambulance didnt save you. You died on the way to the hospital. I remember our confusion and the terrible, animal howls of your mother Its in my head and the memory is imprinted forever. I dont remember your name, but thanks to you, Im probably still alive. I didnt stop using, no, but I began to be afraid of overdosing.

Posted 22/08/2019

Юлия Коган

To my dear friend Jamie- you were taken from us far too soon. I still miss you and love you with all my heart. It has been 22 years since you passed away from a heroin overdose, but sometimes it feels like yesterday. I have learned to live without you, only because I have had no choice. Love always, Dee Dee

Posted 20/08/2019


Alecia Coglianese my babygirl. I love you and miss you with all of my heart. Your life matters! I will be your voice & your memory keeper. A piece of my heart is missing. I know how hard you battled to break the chains. I know how you helped so many others inspite of your own struggles. I am so proud of you. I will see you when I get there. Until then You will Always be Remembered 💔💜
Love Always and Forever,

Posted 20/08/2019

Kim Novak

RIP Desi, 27yrs old-daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother – your fight is over now – no more pain – we love you – will remember you always.

Posted 21/08/2019

Sandra York

I would just like to speak about my beautiful boy Nathaniel Aaron Breshears.He passed away this year on May 11th 2019. He was so smart and so loved by everyone he encountered. I miss him every moment of everyday. He was very talented played in a band all through High School. He could play any instrument. He had so much potential. He has two older brothers – fentanly intoxication took his life. He was 8 months clean.He will be missed greatly. Love you Son!!! Mom

Posted 21/08/2019

Katy Breshears

In memory of my beautiful daughter Misti. I miss you so much.

Posted 21/08/2019

Ann Strauss

In loving memory of my son Josh who lost his battle 8/24/17. You are loved and missed every day. There is too little help for those afflicted and too little education for their loved ones trying to help them. Josh was loving, funny, smart, determined young man. He never stopped trying to get better and he loved his family. The loneliness and shame only serves to make the addiction worse. Josh we love you forever, til we meet again Mom

Posted 21/08/2019

Sandra Mammay

In loving memory of my sister Rachel Irene “bean” Salmon who passed away from an overdose on July 17 2019. You will always be my sister and I will carry you In my heart. I am sorry I couldn’t save you and show you how much you were loved. You were sweet , kind , funny , smart , talented and a very special soul. My heart is broken that you are gone and we won’t grow old together. I know you are at peace from your struggles. I love you very much and miss you terribly.

Posted 20/08/2019

Melanie Chud

To my uncle Daniel Greenslade,
I wish I got to know you better, you were funny and kind, you leave behind 2 beautiful children who are growing up to be good people, I’m sure you’re watching them from heaven. I know I wasn’t the best child, and I’m sorry that the last time you spoke to me and my brother was to tell me off.

I was 16 when you passed, I knew you were troubled and battled addiction, you went through very hard times in your life; but everyone commented on how intelligent you were, and funny and kind.

Rest easy, and I’m content in the thought you are now at peace.


Posted 20/08/2019


Fly To The Angels, Melanie Leigh. I would have never known what love is without you. 143 Mama

Posted 20/08/2019

Karen Dian

In Memory of Ryan Colt Anderson 6/8/83-12/3/17. Life has not been the same since you were taken away. I know you’re still with me, I get your signs ❤ You never should have died, if I only had known then what I know now.. Your quirky jokes are missed as well as your beautiful smile. If only heaven had a phone, so I could hear your voice one more time, say the last words you said to me that night “I love you”. Those 3 words are forever locked deep within my heart. I miss you so much each and every day, I would give anything to have you back. I hope you are resting in peace, while you watch over me and protect me from up in the heavens above. I love you always and forever, until we meet again.. Love always Anne

Posted 19/08/2019

Anne Emerson

Jammie Brian Brunswick – Loving Son, Cousin, Husband, Father, Uncle, Friend, Christian
April 15, 1976 – July 17, 2019

I’m Free

Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free
I’m following the path God has laid you see.
I took His hand when I heard him call
I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day
To laugh, to love, to work, to play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way
I found that peace at the close of day.

If my parting has left a void
Then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss
Oh yes, these things I too will miss.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life’s been full, I savored much
Good friends, good times, a loved one’s touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief
Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your hearts and peace to thee
God wanted me now; He set me free.

Posted 20/08/2019

Kristie Brunswick

In loving memory of my son who was taken from this earth to soon. He is forever loved and missed. My heart and soul are lost without him. RIP my precious child until we meet again. Love mom ❤
Forever 18. 4-15-98/6-4-16

Posted 20/08/2019

Michael Pokarney

My son Eric, forever 30, was a special person. He was a handsome son, brother to Amanda, father to Sasha (his pitbull), Ellie and Jameson: grandson: nephew and cousin. Eric was always there when someone needed help. He was funny, smart, loving and I love him so much. He was my baby and always will be. I love you Eric ♥️

Posted 20/08/2019

Linda McFadden

My son, Ray forever 38 recently passed from an overdose last month. He was close to his 1 year anniversary of being clean. I am still in shock and broken, I miss him terribly. He had a great heart, loved kids, enjoyed all sports and loved music. I was given the gift this year of seeing him grow, become more humble – we had a lot of deep talks, happy & sad tears and made some great memories that I will truly cherish. Needless to say, it’s never enough and I wanted more.

Posted 19/08/2019


Matthew Douglas Pate passed away from xanax on 4/30/2017 , he was 25 years old. It wasn’t his fault. Miss you n love you forever momma n brother.

Posted 16/08/2019

Melanie Pate

Tribute to my daughter Angel Moore of knoxville, Tn. She overdosed in Feb 2018.

Posted 16/08/2019



You are missed more than words and loved beyond measure. None of us are exactly sure why this is our destiny to lose you so young leaving so much behind… but you blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter which is a true gift in itself. I talk to you often and know you are always close, but the hole where you once stood will last forever. You touched so many lives in your short time with your amazing charisma and charm you could never be forgotten. I’m proud of all whom you helped which is everyone you ever met. I hope you’re enjoying a life free of hardship and suffering on the other side. We miss you and love you our beautiful star shining brightly in heaven. xox my angel son.
Christopher Alan Weimer 12/12/90 – 09/01/17


Posted 16/08/2019

Teresa (Mom)

I want to honor my daughter Megan Alexandria Johnson just like I have since March 4, 2011. She was a freshman in college with goals and dreams but never fulfilled them due to the very choice that was made by her boyfriend to leave her alone instead of calling for help. that choice has unfortunately cost so many lives. I miss her so much and I think of everyday. I can’t count the number of people of all ages over the years that I have told her story to, and stressed the danger of leaving someone under the influence. I told it in hope I could help save someone else’s son or daughters life. I love you Megan…

Posted 16/08/2019

Pamela Boothe

In loving memory of my daughter
Hannah Renee Carver. Forever 20💜
1/22/96 – 6/11/16

Posted 16/08/2019

Barb Carver

Travis K Clark Sr.
9-25-1971 to 9-12-2017
Loving father, husband, and son

Posted 16/08/2019


Angela KUNTA Jones Bryant
6/21/19… babygirl, the sister I never had. I can’t shake the sadness, the loss….the anger. I miss your face your smile your laughter that filled a room. Ang baby my clean date 7/12/19 part of my sobriety is a tribute to you. My heart will never be the same for I carry your heart in mine. I love you

Posted 16/08/2019

Leslie Grogan

Turner James Nicely 12-27-94 – 11-10-18. A soul troubled here on earth, but now set free in Heaven. Always on our minds, forever in our hearts.

Posted 16/08/2019

Lora Nicely

Kelsea,we miss your smile,your heart n your presence we love you and will keep you in our hearts always

Posted 17/08/2019

Donna Callen

On June 1st 2019 I lost my brother to an Overdose. I had not been in contact with him for many years and was kept at a distance. I wish I had of tried harder to be in his life and let him know how much I love him and looked up to him.

Mikey, you will always be loved and you will always be my own personal idol. I looked up to you and no matter what life threw at you, I never judged.

Rest easy and please know you meant the world to me


Posted 17/08/2019


I lost my youngest Desirae on July 28th to this awful epidemic. She left behind her five year old. Still processing and trying to deal with all the emotions. Desirae was so bright and cared so much about others. If only she cared for herself the same. This moment in my life doesn’t seem real yet, if it ever will. I hope she is at peace now.

Posted 17/08/2019


In loving memory of my daughter, Amy McMahan, 33, passed 12-28-17

Posted 17/08/2019


R.I.P. Michelle Lynn Fletcher 8/29/89-4/3/17. Gone but never forgotten. Fly high baby girl.

Posted 18/08/2019

Vontella Lunsford

Courtney Danielle Stayte My Beautiful Daughter..5/15/1992- 8/14/2018. There are no words to describe the emptiness and void that I feel. I miss & love you from the depths of my soul. There is not a waking moment that you are not in my thoughts. I dream of you, I hear you in my head its as if you are here but I cant see you. My life here on earth has forever changed, when you left you didn’t go alone. You left behind the greatest gift ever Nevaeh, she looks just like you sweetheart!! Until I see you again, your memory will live on.
N.I.V. (Not In Vain)

Love, Mom

Posted 18/08/2019

Regina Price

In loving memory of my little brother dajon.. I love you and I miss you.. mommy loves and misses you. We all do.. until we meet again ❤️

Posted 18/08/2019


Oh my dear angel boy I miss you so Much. Although you are free now and not in pain I am until I see you again My dear son May you may be resting peacefully

Love mom

Posted 18/08/2019

Tina McElrath

With You, Went So Much Of Me…
Shaun David Collins~2-8-81–8-16-07
Lois Jean Collins~2-17-56–8-21-09
Troy Alan Collins~2-16-88–6-6-17
~~Losing all 3 of you has been unbearable. There are times that I don’t know how or if I will make it another minute… The only peace I get is knowing that you are FREE from the pain & heartache of addiction. We will spend our lives missing you! Until We Meet Again…

Hagerstown, IN USA

Posted 18/08/2019

Robyn Richardson


Posted 18/08/2019


My daughter, Amy McMahan, 33, passed away on 12-28-017. It was a sudden death. Cocaine laced with fentanyl. Enough to kill horse. 20 mths of hell for me. I never knew she used. I miss my angel more and more. You never get over it, you get through it. I love you Amy to the moon and back!❣️

Posted 19/08/2019


Robert Franklin Epley
I miss you every day and I wish I had been with you. Maybe I could have prevented this….something I’ll never know, nor forgive myself for bot being there.

Posted 19/08/2019

Lisa Epley

Tarrick Delorme, I will never forget you. I knew you since we were little. I still laugh at at a lot of the memories we share. You are truly missed by everyone who knew you. I wish we could have had that tyndall park reunion like we all talked about. I remember the time when we were like 12 and were peeling bark off sticks with potato peelers. I was so mad and called you tarrick the carrot peeler stealer. I will live with regret for never being able to say goodbye. I love you man rest easy and watch over us all.

Posted 16/08/2019


Brian Sposato 9/24/1980- 10/30/2016

Posted 16/08/2019

Heather Sposato

Ashlee, 11/24/1991-01/25/2015. RIP

I think of you and miss you every single day. I know you were mad at me when you passed, and I have to live with this. I wish I could talk to you. I wish that you were raising your son. I wish everything was different than it is.

I miss you so much, but know you are with you Becca, and I hope you are at peace. Both of you struggled so much. I will not let your memory or voice fade. I will be your voice that you never had. That is the only thing that I have left to give. I love you. I hope you know this.

Posted 15/08/2019


The stigma of addiction has haunted my family for 20 years. On 08/11/2019 I lost my 5th child to a overdose. We must stop this demon from destroying or taking anymore life’s!!! My heart aches for my children, but , I must go on without them.

Posted 16/08/2019

Carol Morris

Pedro Javier, (my son) passed away on May 4th, 2019 from an accidental heroin overdose. My son, I just want you to know that you always were loved and always be loved no matter they way you passed away. You are still loved and we are proud of you and always will be proud of you. I want you to know also that we will always love you and you will live in my heart and mind forever. I miss you so much. I was blessed to have you for 25 years and 5 months with me. You were always a blessing to the family and Still are. Because even though you passed away or crossed over I believe that you are still here with me in spirit. I miss you more and more everyday, I miss not seeing you when I come home from work, I miss your texts, your phone calls, your jokes, etc., but I hope we will meet again. Love you until infinity and more, MOM.

Posted 16/08/2019


To my wonderful son Paul Ritchie…..I miss you more than you can imagine. You were smart, funny and a wonderful man. You always gave 110% in anything you did. You dabbled with drugs in high school and it got worse in time. May 3rd you lost your life due to an overdose of fentanyl and meth. The worst day of my life was getting that call – the call I dreaded getting every single day. You were clean for 14 months and when a relationship went bad you turned back to drugs to ease your pain. I know you are in a better place now Paul and I look forward to seeing you again one day. Love you always – your Mom.

Posted 16/08/2019


Joe Patterson Age 23 years. My only son. Died from a counterfeit oxy laced with fentanyl. Georgia’s first prosecuted counterfeit pill homicide. He left behind a son he never met. Who is now my little boy

Posted 16/08/2019

Lisa Hicks

We lost our beautiful 21 yr old son to heroin May 21,2017. Our lives will never be the same. We love and miss you so very much! RIP sweet boy
Ryan Rodriguez
Feb 10, 1996
May 21, 2017

Posted 16/08/2019

Jodi Brittain

My handsome son, daddy, brother, grandson, uncle, Bryan Joseph Grieco passed on June 25, 2017. At the young age of 25. He had so much to live for. So many new things were about to happen. Maybe that’s why. I read what he wrote in one if many if his rehabs. The question was, what are your triggers. The very first one on the too of the list, was happiness. My heart breaks everyday. And it won’t stop until my heart breaks so much that it stops beating. I love you Bryan. Miss you so very much.

Posted 16/08/2019

Elizabeth Grieco

In Loving Memory of My Baby John Anthony Peticca, Jr. May you Rest in Eternal Peace. I await the day you greet me at Heaven’s Gate with one of your bear hugs. I will never let you go. Loving and Missing You Always, Mommy 💜🦋

Posted 16/08/2019

Linda Sciarra

Christina Marie Oddis March 21,1983-October 13,2013 Rest in Paradise!

Posted 16/08/2019

Syreeta Stansbury

In Memory of my brother Robby Deets

Posted 16/08/2019


My beautiful daughter lost her life on November 5th 2017 due to an overdose of heroin laced with a very strong Fentanyl, my heart hurts everyday

Posted 16/08/2019

Lynn Cordeira

Nicolas James Marquardt 10/24/86-4/12/18 He was my youngest son. The second of 2 boys, born 2 years and 5 days after his brother. He was the light of my life until addiction changed him and made him doubt himself and how much we really loved him. He was smart, funny, sarcastic, mechanically inclined, inventive and would help anyone at anytime. He looked alot like MacCauley Culkin (Home Alone) and had the attitude of Bart Simpson. He has friends that STILL talk about him to this day. We ALL still miss him every single day. He left a hole in our hearts and our lives that will never be filled. He was incredibly special and I hope he knows now just how special he really is. My son was a heroin addict and like many, he was given a deadly mix of heroin and fentanyl that took his life. I will tell his story and say his name for the rest of my life because HE MATTERED. My heart breaks for my son and for all the people we are losing to this epidemic. May they rest in peace and may their stories help bring an end to this problem. God Bless.

Posted 16/08/2019

Jackie Kreil

My son died from an overdose 1/27/17. He relapsed. I miss him every day! What I would give to see him again 😪♥️

Posted 16/08/2019

Sharon Hajko

Our beautiful Jillian , you live on in the hearts of those who love you , especially in the heart of your beautiful Lily Rose. As you always told me , I “l love you forever and always .” Until we meet again . Love, Mom

Posted 16/08/2019

Annmarie Angelicola

Remembered everyday..Missed Loving Son Joseph Michael Stout…9/19/81-9/22/11

Posted 16/08/2019

Terryann Stout

Lindsay Michelle Findlay
May 14th 1990- December 7th 2018

Posted 16/08/2019

Margaret Findlay

Shawn was the most loving and giving person. His laugh was contagious. He loved his family but most importantly he loved his nieces and nephews more anything. He will never be forgotten..

Posted 16/08/2019

Shawn Clark Gaddis

8/15/19 – In loving memory of my son Nicholas A Battista who died of an accidental overdose. He was the center of my life and I will love and miss him till we meet again…🙏😇💜.
Love you mom

Posted 16/08/2019


Daddy Sledge we love you so very much and miss you so much! Where happy that now you are our guardian angel and your watching over us. We will meet again and be together forever once I’m called home too! I love you baby!

Posted 16/08/2019

Kassi sledge

My Precious Daughter Alyssa Marie Schmidt 11/17/ 95. 5/28/16 She Snorted heroine one time and my world shattered forever. I’m so broken

Posted 16/08/2019

Susan Schmidt

February 23rd I lost my daughter to an Fentanyl overdose. Buried her on her 30th birthday. Her name is Jessica

Posted 16/08/2019

Connie Akin

Amanda Ann Haas 💖 Addy and I miss you so much! Until we meet again baby!!

Posted 16/08/2019

Kat Cordes

In Loving Memory of my Son Bradley Adam Fischer. Passed May 12, 2018. From a Drug Overdose. His Life Mattered♡

Posted 16/08/2019

Wendy Hockett

To a loving father gone to soon. U r 1 of the best man i know and you are a loving caring father who your babies are missing so much. Your babies Erica is going into 2nd grade and brian jr is going into kindergarten jaxson is mad he isnt starting school just sucks you are not here to see this or to see them grow up.

Your babies miss u so much and is at a point where they are starting to realize u r not here 🙁

We love u do much and miss u so much

Rest in heaven daddy


Jaxson erica brian jr and mommy

Keep watching over us daddy

We love u


Posted 16/08/2019

Amanda garman

You are missed our sweet angel

Posted 16/08/2019


Fly high mommy

Posted 16/08/2019

Jenna kay

We love and miss you so much Shane Fifield!! Forever in our hearts, forever 25, 3/12/93 – 4/27/18💔💔💔💔

Posted 16/08/2019

Kristen Fifield-Roy

I miss you so much ,if love could’ve saved you ,you’d be right here with mommy where you belong ❤ I love you MEGAN MARIE LARRICK 12/9/97 5/9/19 FOREVER 21 ❤

Posted 16/08/2019

Serena Larrick

I lost my beautiful son, Patrick Jones, to an accidental overdose on May 19, 2017. The last 26 months have been the worst of my life. I love and miss you more everyday. Forever 21.

Posted 16/08/2019

Kim Jones

Even though it has been two years I still miss you everyday. I miss what you could have been. You were such a sweet child. It is simply not fair that you lost your life so young to this awful drug epidemic. Your daughter misses you so much. Love you always! Mom

Posted 16/08/2019


Wasn’t an OD (it was a fentanyl lacing) BUT… Here’s to big brother, Jake! You are our hero. Can’t wait to hug you in heaven! Praying for you to come hang with me in my dreams soon. Miss you always, love you forever.

Posted 16/08/2019

AnnA Meade

Roy husband babe love of my life father of my children .. I miss u always and love u forever

Posted 16/08/2019


8/10/19 would have been your 24th birthday Aaisha. There isn’t a day that goes by that your ENTIRE family doesn’t miss you or think about you. Your laugh was infectious, your smile was contagious and your personality was just out of this world! This world was just too cruel to you and if I could go back to that cold March night and wake you up, I would. Drugs are horrible. They are even more horrible when someone is given something and they don’t know what they are given. Aaisha, your name means “to live” in Arabic and that’s what we all do each day. Your beauty lives on in all of us.

<3 Your Favorite Sister

Posted 15/08/2019


In loving memory of my daughter Melanie who died of an accidental overdose on 11/18/16. You were loved beyond words and will forever be in our hearts!
Forever 26….

Posted 15/08/2019


For Benjamin, who will always own the first piece of my heart I ever gave away. Your laughter is still heard from heaven.

Posted 15/08/2019


To those who know Tarrick Delorme, the love of my life, my best friend and my world, he will be missed by so many, his contagious sense of humour and laughter and his sweet smile. His kind heart and pure soul will never be forgotten. We will love you and miss you forever tarrick<3
Forever in our hearts

Posted 15/08/2019


My son Kyle was taken from us on. June 5th 2019. I miss him everyday. I will not let his death be in vain. If I can help just one person, I think it would make him proud.

Posted 14/08/2019

Sandra C Horsley

Joseph Anthony Suarez
8/31/90 – 5/28/18♥️
Our son Joe passed away on 5/28/18. Joe was 27, our only son and our first born. The cause of his death was due to an accidental overdose (fentanyl) in addition to an undetected heart disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Primary cause was Fentanyl. Joe was exuberant and lived his life to the fullest every day. He made a difference in each life he touched and we are all affected deeply by this loss. His smile could radiate a room simply by his presence and his love for family and friends were deep. The absence of his presence is felt by everyone and not one day goes by that his name is not mentioned. His legacy and his spirit will live forever. We miss you Son, we love you to no end!

Posted 14/08/2019

Elaine Suarez

In memory of my Uncle Harvey Stephenson, who lost his battle with the demon’s 2 year’s ago on July 2nd 2017,on my 10 year wedding anniversary ,our family hasn’t been the same since,I am the oldest niece only 11 year’s apart we were more like brothers and sisters, I have been clean now for 3 year’s August 12th 2019 marked my spot, addiction does not discriminate it can affect anyone, i have struggled myself and it doesn’t get easier i have just learned how to cope better,Harvey had a smiling laugh about him that we will never forget,he leaves behind a beautiful daughter who he loved and bragged on all the time also 2 grand babies one he never got to meet,our family misses him dearly and we will forever carry his name,I just want people to open up more frealy and never think it can’t happen to you because that is where your wrong it could be happening in front of you now so i erge if you have a child or anyone in your life please never brush them off if they want to talk to you because your minute of time you was busy could be the minute that you could have saved a life please speak up and out you are not alone help save a life..

Posted 13/08/2019


Jessica Tackett 10/22/84-7/6/14. Beautiful inside and out, mother of 3. Friend to many. Heaven gained another beautiful angel.

Posted 13/08/2019


My daughter Arizona K Bartlett. Mother of 2, older sister to 3 brothers, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend to so many. July 4, 2019 unofficial date of death. Missing for 4 days. Found July 8, 2019 official date of death. Missed by so many. 18 months in recovery and relapsed.

Posted 12/08/2019


My beloved partner of 20 years
Died of a drug overdose (Heroin and prescription pills) on 31 July 2019 only 38 years young.
You fought so many years in an out of detox and rehab centers.
I love u so much I thought this time u had succeeded with rehab.
I’m so lost and broken with out you.
You had a beautiful kind hearted soul that so many people were blessed to have u in their lives
Love and miss you forever
My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a love one to drugs xx

Posted 09/08/2019


I gave up on my sons battle. I stayed ignorant to the disease and thought tough love was the answer. I failed him/the most precious thing in my life. He was/is the best soul I will ever know. Loving and Loyal always. I miss you my precious CASEY more than anything….. I’m so so so sorry…. all my love forever! The loss of you is a process that started the day you passed and will end the day I join you….

Posted 10/08/2019


Jacob, my sweet, loving, caring baby brother. I pray that you get better and Get thru this. Break free from that demon. I miss you so much it hurts. I miss your goofy acts and funny voices. This drug has changed you, but hopefully not forever. I pray that you are safe and that God watches over you. Your kids need you to get better we need you to get better, you need you to get better. I miss you and even though I can’t tell you I can write it here how much I miss you so terribly. I see our pictures together and just want those days back. Sometimes I just lay in bed and cry wondering what made you just start doing that. I miss you baby brother.
Caleb, I just found out about your passing. I remember our childhood friendship like it happened yesterday. How you always made me laugh, would bring me chocolates for no reason at all and we’re a great friend to me. We went over separate ways as we got older but I never forgot you, we picked up where we left off and again lost touch. I wish I could have been there for you to help you. I’m gonna miss you and I didn’t relize much I really cared about you until today. You told me how you felt about me years ago and I was to afraid to ruin our friendship, maybe things would have gone in a different direction for you. I could never tell anyone how I fell today, as I seen you were now married. I just morn you in silence my dear friend love always your friend.

Posted 10/08/2019


I lost my husband to a fentanyl overdose, Sept 13th 2018!! Not only was he an amazing husband, he was the best father in the world! He left behind our oldest, Madalyn (15) and our youngest, Duff (11)! We miss him now and forever!!! Being a widow at 39 wasn’t anything I thought would be possible. But now that nightmare is my reality! Not only will I be celebrating what would of been our 12 year wedding anniversary on August 18th, we will be mourning the 1 anniversary of his death to this horrible disease!!! We must stop the silence, stop the stigma, educate, and stop labeling addicts!! My husband was a father, son, brother, and friend!! He wasn’t just an addict!! Bryan Chadwell you are loved and missed so much!!

Posted 10/08/2019


To my little brother who I miss everyday, I love you Mikey <3

Posted 11/08/2019


Lorraine you were my best friend and sister. I love and miss you dearly.

Posted 11/08/2019


In memory of Jesse Rogers, heart of my heart. The world is less for your loss. Til we meet again – Moms

Posted 09/08/2019

Lisa H

To my son Kyle …. I miss you so much it hurts. I can’t wait to be with you again. My beautiful, blond hair ,blue eyed boy. We only had 22 years with you. You were amazing and so loving. You would still be today. 💔💔

Posted 09/08/2019


I would like to post a tribute to my finance who passed away in June due to an overdose of alcohol. June 17th was the worst day of my life when I woke up and found him dead. He passed away during the night. We were both alcoholics trying to get sober however we both suffered relapses. I loved him with all my heart and still do. My guilt and sadness has overtaken my life. I would do anything to go back and do things different. I am now in treatment at a halfway house. I am currently in grief counseling to lessen my pain just a little bit. If someone out there is reading posts on this website and are suffering from an addiction, it is not too late to save your life. I pray for myself and all addicts who are seeking help. I also pray for the families that addiction has affected. I wish for peace and serenity for all who reads this

Posted 09/08/2019


Adam Nathan Raskind, Forever 26, December 9, 1987-May 21, 2014.
Adam, my son, I miss you more each day and I love you so very much. You will always be loved and remembered by so many. ❤️💔

Posted 07/08/2019

Sheila Raskind

Remembering my husband Brent.
September 19/1984- September 15/2018
My world is shattered and I can’t even pick up the pieces. He was here and now he’s not. Just traces of a man.
Who’s hurt n heart matched mine

Our language and life lost forever

Posted 07/08/2019


I cried just weeks before you died and told my baby girl that I was afraid I was going to have to bury her. It was still shocking when I got the call that my Sarah was dead. It has been 8 months and I re-live those moments every day. Every moment of every day you are missed.

Posted 07/08/2019



Your fight is now my fight. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and miss you.

Love Donna

Posted 07/08/2019


My Beloved Daughter
Angel Marie Losky
Heroin laced with fentanyl overdose

Posted 07/08/2019

Jody Richie

Remembering my beautiful boy Jody who left us on the 13th July 2018
I think of you day and night you are in my heart always my son. 💔

Posted 07/08/2019

Sheena Brown

My baby sister Da’Vida Nikita Minor
you are love forever

Posted 07/08/2019


Today August 6th 2019 is the 2nd anniversary of my son Derek Townsend’s death. Derek passed 1 month before his 29th birthday. I love you my son, your brothers and sisters love and miss you too. R.I.P. my angel. People please know there is help out there

Posted 07/08/2019


Heaven gained another angel when God called her home my precious daughter Heather Nicole Riley Walker
Due to tainted herion with fentanyl
8-17-1985 –6-11-2019

Posted 06/08/2019

Tammy Riley

05/19/1993 – 07/19/2016

My darling Joshua, I miss you like crazy and think about you everyday. When memories of your childhood pop into my head I just can’t believe your life came to this. You will always be the apple of my eye, my beautiful child. You will be remembered and loved always and kept in a special place in my heart 😘❤️ Keep sending me your strong signs🙏🏻

Posted 06/08/2019

Lesley Feldman

Rest In Peace my beautiful son Noah Naderzad💜you left us at 30 on April 21st 2019…. my heart is broken how can I do life without you !! I miss you more everyday … I wanted to save you so bad …. but I couldn’t

Posted 06/08/2019

Catherine naderzad

Dennis went to heaven on 9/24/18.
A fentanyl overdose. We are so sorry that you lost your battle son. We all miss you and love you so much. You’ll never be forgotten. Forever 28. We all miss Anthony too. Love you both forever.
Come to visit me.
Love, momma. 😢😘💔🤗💜😫🙏☀️

Posted 06/08/2019


We lost our beautiful son, Jesse, to an overdose on December 26, 2017. The pain still comes in waves and the grief never goes away. I pray that others dealing with this awful disease can find the strength to ask for help. We miss him every second of every day.

Posted 06/08/2019

Ronda & Richard Johnson

May you now Rest In Peace, Daddy.

Posted 06/08/2019


Our Sara Murray passed away in april of 2015 from an accidentail drug overdose…Miss her everyday

Posted 06/08/2019


Miss you my sweet funny beautiful sister! Love you forever. Our empty chair hurts.

Posted 05/08/2019


Dear, Samantha Joan Valle , you had me thrown in CCDC for your wrongdoings & you lied. Once i get out I’m told you died from an heroin overdose, regardless of your actions i cry and i still do from time to time , you are the mother of our beautiful & smart baby girl Bentley i still don’t believe your gone where ever you are know i love you & i always need you…., love Luminous Silk Joshua

Posted 05/08/2019

Joshua Wayne Silk

We love and miss you Tricia . we will hold you close in our hearts forever.
We know your battle with addiction is over and the fight to overcome is done .
For us the fight will continue and your light of love will shine as bright as the sun .
So rest my precious angel ,
Rest and shine your light of love through me .
I will fight this uphill battle with the Hope that someday all captives caught up by addiction will be free.
Tricia Marie Kitchin

Posted 04/08/2019


In Honor of my Beloved Fiance Donny who died of a cocaine overdose on May 9th 2019. Rest in Peace my Luv – Fuh-ev-ah💞

Posted 05/08/2019


Benjamin Thomas Burns

DRUGS CANT HEAL PAIN. Or solve problems
TEMPORARILY. Hold On Pain Ends
Happines IS REAL u need to OPEN ur eyees and look in the right path or direction with A Postive attitude and a Healthy mind .

A great father to his children
Shenae and Cody 💙💙💙💙💙
Burnsy . BennyT💋
Best uncle to Rory billows

Love u hope we see each other again dad in the next life
Missing you I’m lost I need to find my way I think of u everyday .
From nae 19″ forever u will be in my heart

Posted 04/08/2019

Shenae kayla

This is a tribute to my late husband Rodney Monson SHEA of Walnit Creek, CA. USA who died of a heroine overdose when my son Ryan was 23 months. Ryan is grown now and a wonderful father who doesn’t use drugs. Rodney RIP.

Posted 02/08/2019


Remembering our much loved younger son Robin who died in 1997 after an accidental heroin overdose – still loved and missed although the pain of this loss will always be with us. Our lives totally changed that day and I remember the feeling of total despair. Leonard Cohen put it into words for me then and they still ring true today – “Too early for the rainbow, too early for the dove. These are the final days, this is the darkness, this is the flood” love Mum & Dad xxxxx

Posted 02/08/2019

Irene MacDonald

In loving memory of my brother Robert H Tavares Jr. He left us at the young age of 27. Robert will always be remembered for his kind, loving caring heart. He is truly missed by all of us. I will forever be your voice. #notonemore

Posted 31/07/2019

Lori A Santos

I lost my son Mathew Lee Keller at age 36 years old due to Fentanyl. I will love and remember him as long as I live and breath.
Till we meet again Mat ❤️
December 10 1980- September 8 2017

Posted 31/07/2019

Anna Maria Iredale

My daughter Destiny Dawn died on Nov 4/18- 6 days before her 23 rd birthday. She was my only child. She was beautiful smart ( graduated high school at age 16 – a year early) having a college degree. She was the most caring, loving and forgiving person that I have ever met. She was my best friend. I miss you so much Destiny. The world lost a special person who was ready to conquer the world. She helped anyone needing help. She brought many into recovery. She struggled with mental illness age 14 bipolar and borderline which ended in substance abuse. I know you tried so hard Destiny you went to detox but your rehab bed was not till December 15/18 you died Nov 4/18 your toxicology showed you didn’t use except that day as you went to get heroin and it was pure fentanyl. I know you wanted to live cause you loved life. I wish you were still with me. I can’t wait to be with you again. I love you so much I don’t know how to live with out you and I don’t want to.

Posted 30/07/2019

Shelly Taillieu

In loving memory of a dear sweet soul, who loved life and people, Kevin E. Barker. He fought as hard as he could to live among us, A day does not go by that he is not thought of and missed deeply. I love you more than life my son, and I am so sorry yours had to end this way. In Peace at last in the arms of God, 1966/2018.

Posted 30/07/2019


To my beautiful, sweet Brandi, you are missed each and every day, I wish you were still here with us, I miss your smile, your humour and your absolute support and love. You left too soon, your family and friends love you always!!!!

Posted 30/07/2019


My sweet Jalen Tyler Austin
01/07/1998 to 02/04/2019
We lost Jalen after 4 months of recovery. He made a mistake and took a Xanax that contained fetanyl.
Jalen was known for his sweet spirit,contagious laugh and huge SMILE!! He left behind a beautiful son that is a blessing and reminds us all of his daddy. My heart still breaks every second as his mommas, knowing that he was trying but couldn’t kick it . I know one day soon I will see him again . We love you forever J .

Posted 29/07/2019

Darci Moore

I wake up every day feeling like a part of me is missing. We lost Lucas to a drug addiction August 28,2015. Lucas struggled all his life and turned to drugs to make himself feel better. This world lost someone who could have made a difference in this life. He truly cared about the world, humanity and what was happening. I miss you so much Luke and wish you were here. I prayed for you to be healed. God answered my prayer but not the way I wanted.

Posted 29/07/2019

Debbie Powell

I miss and love : Brandy Dicks, Hal, Harry – the Hat, Raffi Balian, Weasel, Amanda Williams, Bernie Ingraham, Dawn Weatherbee, and soooomany more, hoping we find the determination & compassion to breach the barriers to legalizing drugs and providing a safe supply; its all about support & encouragement – get over your judgements!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 29/07/2019

giulia di giorgio

My sister Darlene left us too soon, never to be forgotten. I wish she found ‘real’ help, not band aids, like suboxone, with little to no real supportive mental health counseling. Drugs are a game of Russian Roulette… a suicide waiting to happen.

Posted 29/07/2019


In loving memory of our dear son Gaven gone too soon at the age of 22 from accidental fentanyl poisoning in October 2017. We miss you more than we can put into words and our lives are forever shattered. Love you and see you soon. ❤️ Momma xoxo

Posted 29/07/2019


In memory of Jason Lee Vogels
April 8, 1976 – Sept 10, 2017
So deeply loved. Will never be forgotten.
May eternal peace shine on your soul.

Posted 29/07/2019

Sara DeRuyter

RIP Michelle Baker. You had a smile that would light up a room. Your smile lives on in your daughter. You are missed by many but never a day goes by that you are not thought of

Posted 28/07/2019


Lost my bestfriend Andrea to a heroin overdose. My heart aches for her family and kids. I hope she’s at peace now. ❤

Posted 28/07/2019

Jessica Howard

My son Ryan Craig Paris overdosed 1-27-2014 he was 20

Posted 28/07/2019

Nancy Adams

*wipes tears*

I miss you so so much Joshie, & I know your folks do too, esp your precious girls- they’re not so little anymore…. You’d be so proud of them!!

I blow kisses to the moon every night, hoping they find their way to you…

I wish you lived long enough to see me become a mom…. i wish we could have continued to share all our pain & joy together… Im SO so sorry I wasnt there for you…

I wish more than anything you were still here with us. .. I miss you- i miss you so much it tears at my soul… Im so sorry AngelBabie…

I love you- I love you- I love you

Peace Love Empathy Always

Posted 27/07/2019


I’ve been lost without my big brother Todd Lee Canfield since 2/21/2015. He was 40 years old. He is missed by many others.

Posted 27/07/2019

Heather Daly

I miss you, Nikki Smith. I miss your voice, your laugh, your humor, your poetry, your joie de vivre. I can’t help but wonder where you’d be today if you were still here. You are so missed. Forever 19 💔

Posted 27/07/2019


Jeff: One of the best baseball players I had the privilege of being teammates with, you taught me a lot and I still think about you a lot even though it’s been over ten years.

Maddy: You were a kind soul and it breaks my heart that you happened to be alone that night. Matt still feels insanely guilty for not being with you, and has done everything in his power to ensure the people who sold you it are brought down.

Brian: I’ll never forget holding your hand as you were turning darker blue. We got you back that instance thanks to Narcan, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me most later. I also know we weren’t on best terms when you passed, and I’m sorry for that too.

Posted 27/07/2019


Today, 1 year ago, I lost my friend my lover my hope. After he was found, everyone tired their backs. Just a tweaker they all said. The one thing I will always remember is when I would fall asleep he would sit and swat flys off me. After years of abuse, I’m not a person that likes to be touched. Flys touching me makes me freak out. It didn’t come back to me until afriend who had been ill came to me and was angy at his girl. He said she brings me this and tells me to do that. All I want her to do is swat the flys away. He was not just a tweaker. He was the only person that ever knew what I really needed at any moment and I miss him.

Posted 27/07/2019


Boo,My Baby boy, who took part of me with him..

Posted 26/07/2019


I lost my first born child, my son on 7/8/18 from an overdose He stole my heart when he was born, he was pure joy. I miss him terribly. I wish I could have saved him, I’m lost without him and forever heartbroken

Posted 26/07/2019



Posted 26/07/2019


Remembering my beautiful son Daniel James Redman.
Died 21st February 2016 from an accidental drug overdose while at university in Manchester UK.Aged 20 years.
Lost his life to the UKs archaic drug laws that do not keep our children safe.
Loved and missed forever.💔🦋

Posted 25/07/2019

Marie Daniels

We talked about her going to a rehab two weeks before she accidently overdosed. We drove by it in the car and I told her she should go there and get help. I remember asking her if she knew how we would feel if something happened to her and how we wouldn’t have her anymore.
She said she knew and would try to stop.

Two weeks later she died. She was never able to quit or get help.
She left behind 4 kids and a grandson who loved her dearly.

Posted 23/07/2019

Alyssa Brown

July 4 th 2019 I lost my 17 year old son Darrius Morsha Steward Jr .to a suspected overdose of what I Assume and have heard through Rumors to be from Xanax and Percocet laced with fentenal I have yet to receive the toxicology report which could take up to over Three months his death was ruled no foul play I’m trying to Use his face and story to help other kids and parents and friends Know or No! Has Become A driving Motivation for me my Son was My First Genuinely Feeling Of Love and Care I ever experienced I feel I was Cheated and Robbed July 4,2019 Please Don’t Understand unless It Happens To yours🅿️💯👑Rocboy MAC Darrius Steward Jr won’t Die in vain if I can Help one Young Person or Anyone I’m assistance in Know what they are consuming or opting to say No I feel I’m Keeping my Sons Memory Alive a Well🙏🏾

Posted 22/07/2019

Ronda Wilson

My beautiful sister Shelia Louise Godwin died of a overdose in 2013…she loved singing,cleaning her house, her family and most of off all her 4 kids and grandkids…she is missed terribly!!

Posted 22/07/2019


My best friend, Nate, had back surgery and was given morphine. It was never enough. He had so much of it in his system that he died in his sleep from asphyxia. He was such a great friend and I miss him so much. He was only 34.

Posted 22/07/2019

Rodney Pitman

Christian: There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t wish you were here with us. We miss you more and more each day. So sad that his happened to you. Love Caden, Mom and Dad, Charlene Josh Marcus and Olivia.

Posted 18/07/2019


We never gave up hope that our son would win the battle. He told us that the pull was too strong and sadly he was right. We lost our dear boy two years and two months ago at the age of 26. We are both heartbroken and my husband is devastated but we manage to continue to remember the great person he was, cherish the time we had with him and create memories with him even if he is not present. To those battling addiction, keep fighting the fight, there are so many people that love you. And you deserve a life of happiness regardless of what anyone tells you otherwise. #bestrong

Posted 18/07/2019

Julie Kay

Becca was a loving and devoted mother to her son, Colton. She loved him with all of her heart. She loved spending as much time as possible with him cuddling, reading stories, watching movies, or just hanging out. She also had a special connection with her brother Carson. The two boys meant the world to her.
As well as being a loving and devoted mother and sister, she was also a special daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend to many. She was so full of life, very spontaneous, and cared about everyone with her generous big heart.
She had a deep love for animals; Becca was always bringing home strays. She loved training and showing her horse, Hoodwink.
Forever 34 – WE miss you so much!

Posted 19/07/2019

Rhona Cronquist

Austin Heath
I love you and I miss you.
Love, Mom

Posted 20/07/2019

Deanna Brown

Morgan Lynn Dobson was born 12/12/84 on her Uncle Joes BD,from the moment I laid eyes on her I was in love. She was an easy going,happy baby , a talented, smart, funny and beautiful teen and young adult, a friend to all she’d meet, if at a bus stop,school,party or walking down the street,there was no one she disliked.She had a beautiful soul. One of her best qualities was her empathy toward others. I think at times she could literally feel their pain and understand how they felt. She was my only child, who lost her battle of addiction to a heroin overdose May 28th 2014. The worst day of my life. The pain was unbearable, I didn’t think i could go on without her, not sure what to do, I knew Id never celebrate another holiday without her . Now 5 years later, I am still here, although a different person, here because i was inspired by her empathy. I was talking abt her to a friend about a month after her death and was sharing a story abt the many times we would be going somewhere and she would yell for me to pull over or stop, once stopped she would fly out of the car and i’d find her sitting, talking, walking or hugging some random unknown person that caught her attention in some way, She would spend a few minutes , come back to the car and ask if there were snacks in the trunk and or something to drink . She would pull out what she could find take it back to the person she was talking with , give them an encouraging word, a hug and inevitably she would take the hoody or coat she was wearing, off, and give it to this person, the coat could also be from anyone in the car if she didn’t have one, once we had to go get a blanket for a young man on christmas eve who was sitting on a corner all alone in the lightly falling snow .Today although I still cry when i think abt the incredible loss I and the world have suffered by her death ,I have taken her empathy and turned it into something i think she would have loved. It is a way for her to be part of the holidays and me not to have to celebrate christmas in the traditional way, and its a way to help others in need, by donating coats to the homeless or those in need on christmas eve in her honor, I collect coats all year from anyone and everyone, I have a little sign with her picture , and include her story with a list of resources available if anyone wants to pick it up. I started the year she died with approx 50 coats and today with the help of several friends we have been able to offer up to 250 coats, we now include things like socks,gloves, hats and scarves and sometimes clothes when donated. So her legacy lives on and i hope she is proud of the way she is remembered by so many. I love you my Angel and miss you more than words can say. I only wish you were here to enjoy this!! XOXO

Posted 20/07/2019

Debbie Dobson

I love you son, Wayne Ottewell. I miss you so much. XO

Posted 22/07/2019


It’s been 2 yrs. ago July 5 you left us.. I miss you every day and think about you every second. Your son is getting so big you would be so proud of him he is so smart. Melissa is doing well, she is married to a good man I hope. I wish you were still here rest in heaven my baby boy until I see you again.

Posted 18/07/2019


My beautiful sister Julia M Hoekstra 11/1/84-6/23/18
We love you so much. Our lives will never be the same and we will miss you everyday until we can meet again.

Posted 18/07/2019

Laura Maciejewski

In honor of my son Nicholas.

Posted 18/07/2019


I lost my beautiful son, Aaron on August 3, 2016 to fentanyl. I still can’t believe it’s been 3 years. Just as the time has flown by, it has also stood still. Birthdays, holidays, days that end in y… Nothing is the same anymore. I miss every piece of him. I hope you are dancing in the sky, my sweet baby boy. Forever 25.

Posted 18/07/2019

Theresa Morris

In memory of my beloved son Michael who I was blessed to have 41 years with. Your struggle was hard because the help you needed was not available for you. Our healthcare system is failing for those without the financial means to get help. The disease of Addiction is taking far too many of our children. We need to fight harder for them and for those who died in vain.

Posted 18/07/2019


My beautiful son David passed away March 8, 2013. He was 30 years old. He was funny, compassionate and loving. He was my baby. I miss him every minute of everyday and look forward to the day we will be together again. Love you Dave!!!

Posted 17/07/2019

Joanne Ramsey

Erin was just 20 yrs old when a heroin overdose took her life for good. There is NOT a day that goes by i dont miss and think of my beautuful daughter.

Erin J Campbell
05/25/98- 08/23/18

Posted 17/07/2019


My dear Sharon I wish you new how much you are missed, your children love you and miss you so much and mom and dad miss you every second of every day. God has a beautiful angel now. I wish I could of save you but god had other plans may you RIP our sweet daughter forever 35

Posted 17/07/2019


I miss you Davy. I will cherish the memories we shared and consider myself lucky to have grown up with you by my side. I miss your smile, our friendship, your hugs, sense of humor and how you always acted like a big brother to me despite being younger. Rest In Peace my little brother and I am really hoping that we will see each other again someday.

Posted 17/07/2019


Cory 01/04/86-11/05/16, you are one and only child. Dad & I miss you and love you very much! Your daughter Eden just turned 3 and although she had never met you she does talk and asked about her daddy often 😇 please keep watching over all of us! You will always be our son that we are very proud of 😍 we love you to the moon and back always! Mom & dad xoxo 😘

Posted 17/07/2019

Joyce & Gary

In loving memory of our son, Jeremy Howard Creasy. You could, and still do, bring out the best in those who knew and loved you. Your kindness, compassion, work ethic, and willingness to help others will live on in each of us who were given the gift of your presence in our lives. We will love and miss you always.

Posted 17/07/2019

Michelle Creasy

Brooke Scott Every day I wish you were here. I miss you terribly. Looking at Rylan is like looking at you. She is such a joy.Sending hugs and kisses to one beautiful lady. Love you. Watching for 222.😇💙💓💜

Posted 17/07/2019


Most terrible thing that could ever happen. Lost My Boy, Cole to a fentanyl overdose at 17 years old. He suffered multiple major concussions in his last year of competition Hockey. Miss him every moment of everyday. One day closer to you My Boy

Posted 17/07/2019


Missing my youngest son every day. An overdose (heroin with fentanyl) took him. His addicted brain won the battle that day. If love could have saved him, he would still be here. I wish he was here creating new memories in life. Now we are only left with old memories. We are forever changed because we are forever heartbroken. Ryan Moore, forever 25. 10/5/1993 – 12/17/2018

Posted 17/07/2019


Jordan, Friday the 12th was your 24th Birthday had you not left this earth at 22. It’s days such as these that I miss you most
and wish you were here. I can’t imagine what it must be like for your Mom and Dad, but I’m sure it isn’t easy for them.
Don’t get me wrong mate, I am thankful you’re no longer suffering or battling those demons that would give you no rest
down here. But what I wouldn’t give for just one more day with you to set everything right and say all the things I want to say.
Happy Birthday Jordan! Always in my thoughts. little more…

Posted 15/07/2019


Ryan my first grandchild and my only grandson ! You have always been so very special to me it is so hard to believe you have left us! The day I found out you were gone was a nightmare I never thought would happen to our family ! I know you had been working so hard to get clean and to be sober , But you just couldn’t get the demons off your back , nothing not your precious little Gil not the love of your life nothing was more important than the feeling of being high ! I don’t understand I just know nothing will ever be the same my world and my heart is forever broken ! You were such a wonderful young man , I just can’t believe I will never see you or talk to you or hug you again , I will never hear you say Nana stop worrying , I’m ok , I’m good ! I promise I’m clean , I’m sober ! I wish I had pushed you more , questioned you more ! September 11, 1992 will always be one of the most happiest days of my life and March 21, 2019 will always be the worst day of my life 😢 I love and I miss you more than all the sand in all the beaches in all the world 💔

Posted 15/07/2019


To my best friend Marni Wilder There are still no words to describe how much I miss you and the spunk you brought into my life I wish you were here so I could have someone to talk to. I miss you every moment of every day. I know you are looking over me and that brings me comfort but some days I just want to call you up or go over to your house and just talk to you. I miss you so much my beautiful Angel best friend
12/02/1988 to 12/28/2013

Posted 13/07/2019

Carissa Ann

Calvin Cali Cal Kendricks Jr you are my life! I miss you every second of every of every second! I’m sorry someone decided to sell you Fentanyl, You didn’t even have a fighting chance, that is murder! 6/17/88-3/16/17. I miss love and miss you I can’t wait to see you again! Love Mom!💜💜

Posted 13/07/2019

Laurie Russell

On June 27th 2019 , I lost the love of my life Damian St. John to a drug overdose. He was so much more than his addiction. He was a great father, a hard worker, my love and my protector. I promise to him, to do what I can to bring awareness!

Posted 15/07/2019

April Cox

Morsa Spidle

You passed away December 7th 2018.
It kills me to write this. I am truly sorry for the pain you went through. I tried and you only know.
Your boys love you and miss you so much. Jude makes sure we pray for you every night.

Your life on earth was not in vain. Your smile and humor is in Jude. Your way of thinking and being sarcastic is in Jowen.
I Thank You for the 2 blessings you gave me and Thank you for the time we shared as a family.

You will always be missed and never forgotten. We love you! and miss you dearly.


Posted 11/07/2019



Posted 11/07/2019

Karen cummings

I’d like to dedicate a few words to my insanely loud and hilarious older brother, Donovan Long. Donovan has just celebrated his 40th birthday a couple weeks before he was found laying on the floor and unresponsive in his home. My husband and I had finally taken a trip to the beach with our then 1 and 2 year old to Destin when Donovan died. And I hadn’t spoken to my brother since we left for the trip either. To be honest, Donovan and I loved and cared for each other so much like normal siblings do, but at times, it was a true “love-hate” relationship between us. I didn’t always agree with the choices he made but knew nobody’s perfect. I certainly had no right to judge him the way I did at times. I think I just always felt like if I stood up to him and spoke the truth, I wouldn’t be enabling him. I just wanted him to know I didn’t agree with his lifestyle choices that were ultimately not entirely his fault I might add. Trying to show the tough love that’s so hard but necessary sometimes. You see, Donovan worked on an oil rig and got hurt when he was in his early 20’s. Had his 1st back surgery, then a 2nd 4 years after the first one. Then by the time he was about 35, he had his final 3rd back surgery to correct and replace what went wrong with the first 2. So his back was never right as you can imagine. But the amount of prescription pain killers they prescribed him was beyond ridiculous. He used to take 3xday 30mg roxys, and 10mg percocets for break through pain as needed up to 3Xday. That’s a lot of damn pills for one dude regardless of his size. Nonetheless, he always got them filled bc he knew he would go into withdrawals without them. And that’s the worst thing to feel when your dependent on opioids. Donovan also use them as trade/backup money if he needed to.. He had traded his prescriptions the month before he died to pay rent and deposit for his new place. So Donovan’s tolerance was very low when he picked up his prescriptions just the day before his accident.
And I’ll never forget getting woke up on our 2nd to last day on vacation in beautiful Destin…My husband asking me sternly to wake up and call my mom or dad, and other brother bc they’d all been calling for nearly 2 hours now. And it was only 6:30am at the time. . Then my MIL walked in and said she too had missed calls from all of them. I knew right then in my heart exactly what they were about to say. My heart jumped straight to my throat when the phone started ringing as I called my mom back. As soon as she picked up the phone I heard this intense moan and painful swallow she made when she started to talk but couldn’t. But I already knew what she was about to say. I knew in my heart and it made me snap inside. I was so mad at Donovan. I went outside and yelled at the top of my lungs every foul mouth word I could think of. Threw some beach chairs and was flat out pissed. I wanted Donovan here in front of me so I could tell him this was bullshit and he had no right to die. How dare him? My amazing trip had soon turned to one I never wanted to remember. And now every time I think about the beach.. I think about how “sad mad” I got when I had to hurry home early from vacation bc the funeral home was waiting on me to see Donovan one last time before he was cremated. I was mad at Donovan bc I was mad at myself. I had so much regret and thoughts of whether or not I was too hard on him the last time we spoke? And I felt horrible that I wasn’t there with him to help him. Or revive him. And he died by accident all alone. My brother knew drugs and was built like a tank. But it doesn’t matter if your tolerance is low. This is why so many that relapse accidentally die. They try to pick up where they left off.

Donovan was born on July 13th and died July 30th just a couple weeks after his 40th birthday. He loved his family so much and especially his two boys. They have both graduated high school and are becoming fine young men. Donovan I hope you watch over us everyday the way I think of you. I’m sorry for all the hurtful things I ever said to you. I love you more than you’ll ever know and I’ll never forget all the funny memories we shared and contagious laugh you always had. Even during the hardest of rains, you seemed to shine. Always finding the good in everything and everyone. Your very missed and loved. I’ll see you again someday but until then, stay cool big brother!

Posted 11/07/2019


Not a day goes by you are always forever 22 Joshua
Love you, Mom

Posted 12/07/2019


Marin Ilia
A beautiful and free spirit, Lover and care taker of animals, raised in a good home with good family. She left this world way to soon. My beautiful niece how we miss and love her so much.

Posted 11/07/2019


In loving memory of Hannah.
If my love could have saved you from your addiction, you would have lived forever.
My heart, my first love, my daughter.
The days aren’t as bright without your smile. I miss you my sweet girl.

Posted 11/07/2019

Autumn Young

James Idzikowski 07/02/1976 – 12/08/2016.

We will always love you and miss you

Posted 20/06/2019


I love you Justin Thomas Wilson. We all miss you SO MUCH! Not one second goes by that I don’t think about you and wish you were still by my side. You are forever in my heart my love. ❤️


❤️ You daddy! Dave🐾

Posted 06/07/2019

Melanie Schaeffer

I lost so many friends. I would like to say that these were good people. Kind hearted people that I miss very much. I will never forget my friends…
Christopher Jones
Steven Holdsworth
Scott Youngblood
Crystal Ingram
Kristy Ingram
Big Ed
Christopher Eck
Rest in Heaven and Peace now

Posted 06/07/2019

Shay McDonough

MARCH 22, 1977 – AUGUST 22, 2018

Zechariah “Zech” Abraham Scholes was an absolute force to reckoned with. He instantly filled any room he entered with his charisma, booming voice, and memorable presence. Zech was the kind of man that you instantly wanted to know and be friends with. He was intelligent, creative, fierce, energetic, and had a sense of humor that was as contagious and his laughter. Zech was incredibly passionate about many things, but at the top of that list were his children, Victoria & Angus who, in his own words, were his greatest achievement of his life. He loved his family, which to him included the friends he treated as such, classic rock and hair metal music, PBS documentaries and always winning an argument

Zech loved his time at A-House and often referred to it as the happiest time in his life. He was passionate about his recovery and supporting those who shared the same struggle with addiction. After his Closure he was accepted to the Mather Program and was a staple member of that community. His dedication to the program, newfound optimistic outlook on life, and amazing work ethic aided his success and within months he had reconnected with his children and family, started a relationship, landed a full-time job at Clayton Homes, purchased his first car, and built beautiful friendships. He was the man he always wanted to become.

Zech tragically lost his battle to heroin addiction and died of an overdose on his first and only relapse after 11 months of sobriety. His death left those who were fortunate enough to have known him with a void that can only be filled with memories of his laughter, epic one-liners, and the passion behind his eyes. He was 41 years old.

Posted 06/07/2019


My BEAUTIFUL son Billy passed away from an overdose on August 4th 2018. This family has forever changed. Most will never understand the pain

Posted 07/07/2019


Tyler Rudd, 12/14/1992 – 10/16/2013. You will be remembered always. Love you and Miss you every minute.

Posted 08/07/2019

Pat Rudd

To all of my friends still sick and suffering, know you are not alone, you are far from weak, that you are loved and that without you this world wouldn’t be the same…Sadly I know this to be true because my brother died on January 29th 2016. He was my only sibling. What I wouldn’t give to have him back for even just one more hug, one more laugh, even one more fight! It’s crazy to sit back and think of all the friends we both lost, this was just one of the reasons it was hard for my brother, John to stay clean. When reality set in and he would think of all the friends fell victim to that poison, the pain he felt was too much for him. I have a 15 year old son, he lost his dad to the same game in December of 2012. My son struggles, he has began to cut himself to avoid his deep pain.

This drug does not only affect the ones using but shows no mercy on the family members and friends left behind, it tears apart families, it is evil in every way.

Please.. Don’t judge…you don’t know what a person is carrying in their hearts
Please…Don’t look the other way…you don’t know what difference one compassionate smile could make, to the addict contemplating treatment
Please…Educate yourselves on addiction, know the signs of an overdose and carry narcan…You would want someone saving your child’s life, right?
Please…If you are an individual who has lost an important person in your life…Be the voice of change, stand up, speak up and know your not alone
RIP, JP, BP, SP, JJ, BB, JR, AL, JS, RD, PL, DP, LB, and many, many more xoox

Posted 09/07/2019

Heidi a page

Sending lots of love to you in Heaven Donato. coxoxo

Posted 05/07/2019


In loving memory of my brother Christian 💔 in my heart and on my mind every second of every day. Missing you and loving you always forever young.
12/26/87 – 09/04/2012

Posted 03/07/2019

Kim Campanella

8/11/87-4/27/18. Still can’t wrap my head around the loss of my son. 11 months clean and one time. Fentynal with heroine. I miss him more and more each day. Love you Mike! Forever 30.

Posted 03/07/2019


My son Jacob passed away from overdose Oct. 9th, 2018. He was 24 years old

Posted 03/07/2019


On August 7th 2009 I lost my sister to an accidental overdose. This year will mark ten years since she left us. It is still hard. And somehow it doesn’t end. She knew the dangers of course and sought in her life to be a light to those in the darkness of heroin addiction. They didn’t call it an opioid epidemic back then. But we had friends we were losing to heroin one in 2002 another in 2003. Kelly tried to give these people safe spaces Spaces without judgement she had been aware of the heroin issue. She had not I am afraid been aware of the prescription drug issue. Following a car accident in 2007 Kelly had reconstructive surgery on her leg and was given first Vicodin for pain management then perc 5 then Finally perc 10. Kelly would not take the entire prescription but sold some of it to make extra money on her birthday August 6th she refilled her prescription and a deadly combination of drinking and prescription drugs took her life in the early morning hours following her birthday. Kelly’s biological father died from a heroin overdose and again friends close to us died from heroin overdoses. We and she were well aware of the dangers of heroin. But not her prescription drugs. We did not understand the level she was at with taking them. We didn’t act fast enough. We had indications maybe a month or two before that there was an issue but it seemed like having seen her just before this happened that she had it under control and was sorting out the issues waiting for a prescription for a pain patch instead of relying on medication. This resource, the pain patch was approved the day Kelly died. Not much was spoken about the opioid epidemic as it is now called when Kelly died. I’m glad they speak about it now. Since Kelly I have lost a friend at work this year to what I believe may have been very similar circumstances though the family would not say. And a childhood friend had to bury her daughter this past weekend because of a heroin overdose. It all too much really. Too many taken from us for nothing at all. If we can stop one person from ingesting this poison that would be everything.

Posted 02/07/2019

Bridgette Bachand

I lost my soul mate to the DEVIL DRUG!! R.I.P. Kenny Taylor. ❤💙💔

Posted 02/07/2019


My beautiful children, Shawn (forever 22) and Jessica (forever 26). We will always celebrate your lives and your love. Shawn, your larger than life personality and warmth and that laugh that was so contagious that you were voted “best laugh” in the yearbook. Jess, we loved watching you doing back flips through the air and your absolute love, compassion and warmth made everyone want to be around you. You were both 2 of the most amazing people ever to walk this earth and we will continue to honor you, love you and celebrate you every single day. ❤️

Posted 02/07/2019


Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I still sing your favorite songs to you when they come on the radio. I still cry at stoplights when I look at your picture. I still hear your voice when I walk down the hall. I still feel your scruffy beard when I need a hug. I miss you… so much that some days I don’t know how I will live the rest of my life with out you. Somehow I will be strong. I will be happy. I will thank God for you being my son and for the 25 years that I was blessed to have you here on earth. I look forward to the day we see each other again. I love you!

Posted 03/07/2019

Audrey Farrell

Kurtis William Rock, May 1990 – March 2018; my precious loving son forever loved and missed more than you could imagine. Loved God, family, friends, children and animals and tried to help all he could because he was as sensitive to others’ suffering as much as he was to his own. He was intelligent as well as kind and generous so always shared the information he was always researching, on Bible Prophecy and health issues, with others so they could be helped by what he learned too. Didn’t realize his own natural talents for IT, electronics, fixing bikes and cooking or how much he helped others, especially me. My life stopped the day he died.

Posted 01/07/2019

Marlene Rock

In honor of my son, Tyler Joseph Shamash 7/3/99-10/21/18 Fentanyl overdose

Posted 30/06/2019

Juli Shamash

I lost my sister Nikki June 18 2019 to a drug overdose that I believe was intentional. Unfortunately her wife of 8 years passed away on May 27 2019 due to complications from diabetes. My sister and I were really close before her addiction got really bad and I had to protect my family. It’s not that I didn’t love her, I tried to get her help but she refused. I blame myself for not reaching out to her in time. I had a gut feeling that once her wife passed she didn’t want to be alive and I think that is what bothers me more. I missed her before her passing but now I miss her even more cause I can never tell her that I loved her.

Posted 30/06/2019


Every breath I take I think of you, miss you always. Love you forever!
Tara Lynn Caton
11/21/82 -6/19/18

Posted 26/06/2019

Karen Caton-taylor

I lost the LOVE of my life to this DEVIL DRUG.💔

Posted 27/06/2019


Thank you for all that you gave to your peers, you are loved, respected, missed, celebrated and valued

Posted 26/06/2019


In loving memory of my Son, Scott Allan Beach. Forever 23. There’s not an hour of each day that I do not think of you. I miss you more than anything. I love you Son. Please hold onto that part of me you took with you until we meet again.

Posted 26/06/2019

Wendy Beach

In remembrance of, my best friend,
Devin Christopher Barnes
12/31/1984 – 05/12/2019
I miss you deeply, my love. I miss laughing and smiling with you on the daily, but as each day passes, I get closer to seeing you again and I can’t wait. We will be jamming to music and running the roads in heaven. Lots of love, your Goosy Baby

Posted 26/06/2019


Sarah, my sweet, sad, overwhelmed daughter! You left us December 16, 2016 as you finally found your peace amidst so much pain and sadness. Finding you that day pulled the breath from me, leaving me in the in-between. In your passing, you left broken hearts that are slowly mending. Your passing opened a chasm and our family will never be the same again! A broken family trying to heal. I wrote your story/our story my love, but you know that don’t you? Writing was my salvation and I hope by sharing our story, others will better understand addiction and how it impacts so many families. Not one day passes when your name is not mentioned, and your memory rekindled. The essence of you lingers, your energy surrounds me. Two and one-half years have passed. July 20th we will gather around your newly made memorial bench to place your final remains into the soft earth. New life will grow and sprout as time moves forward. I wonder if I have the strength to place your pink granite urn into the ground after keeping you with me all this time. Can I do this? Yet, you really are not here, are you? You’re in that place of light and love experiencing amazing grace! Love you forever and always until we are together again. Mom

Posted 23/06/2019

Ann Bennett-Cookson

I just want to say goodbye to my husband and oldest friend who died May 29, 2019. I hope you are finally at peace and I’m sorry I was not there to save you this time. I am so angry with you for making the decision to continue to use, no matter who you hurt, including yourself, or what the consequences may be. I thank you for saving my life on probably what was more than one occasion and for “forcing” me to become the “strong” one and get clean so we both could “survive”. I really hope I can stay clean now without you, for just myself. I really wish you could have done it with me. What really sucks is that nothing has changed over the last 25 years (when we both decided to “try” heroin for the first time) In the way that society views “us” (addicts) in life and in death and that so many overdoses were not prevented because they are either not mentioned, overlooked, or lied about. I wish things could be different. You are missed.

Posted 19/06/2019


Nicklaus Maximillian Ogborne
September 1, 1990- August 22, 2018
Forever loved…

Posted 18/06/2019


Michael, you brightened our lives with your kindness and laughter. Although the days seem so dark and hopeless since you died on 12/13/16, my hope is that the good memories will one day take the place of the images of that day in my head, and that our family will begin to heal and be at peace. You were loved, you are missed, you will never be forgotten. Love, Mom

Posted 18/06/2019


I lost my mom on march 14th 2019 to a drug overdose. Her name was Carla Marie Nelson. Gosh it still doesnt seem real when i say it. She was someone you looked up to and could run to with all your problems. She was always there with open arms. My mom was a nurse and loved caring for others. She started to have pain in her back and had to have surgery. We then found out she had a disease in her back that would eventually make her wheel chair bound. The doctor prescribed her pain killers and she got addicted. She struggled so long with her addiction and tried to quit so many times. Now i dont have my beautiful loving 47 yr old mom that had so many years left! I love you mom and we all miss you so much! 💜

Posted 18/06/2019


In memory of my friend Sean. Sean was one of the nicest people I’ve known. He cared a lot about his son, family and friends. I was honored to have him as a friend. He died of an accidental overdose after having battled the disease of addiction for many years. R.I.P. Bro
Sean Hanagan
August 26, 1986-March 30, 2013

Posted 16/06/2019

Peter (Pistol)

My friend Rob was an all around nice guy. He fought a long and hard battle against the disease of addiction.
Robert “Rob” Brown
October 12, 1977-February 28, 2015

Posted 16/06/2019

Peter (Pistol)

My friend Joe fought a long and hard battle against the disease of addiction. Joe was a very down to earth guy. He had an awesome sense of humor. R.I.P. Bro.
Joseph Jennings
March 18, 1969-January 2, 2015

Posted 16/06/2019

Peter (Pistol)

Dan Esper + Wynter Esper
I wish I could hold you both and say so many things I’ve been longing to say since you left us.

Dan – you went from a friend to a brother to me. I’m so grateful you showed me the program and introduced me to so many wonderful people. I’m sober again today, I know you can see me now. It’s all because when you died I knew it was time to get help again. I love you so much, and I’ll see you in people walking down the street and it hits me so hard, I laugh or cry it all depends. But it’s just one of the ways I get to keep you close to my heart..

Always ❤️

Posted 16/06/2019


I have been in recovery for years. I’ve watched truly amazing people get their lives back. Unfortunately I have watched so many beautiful souls lose their fight. There are so many for me to pay tribute to i’m not sure where to begin.

Posted 12/06/2019

Abbie Kent

In memory of Andrew Brian Bond
Born May 22, 1991
Death June 1st, 2019
Loved by so many..
I’ll love you forever Andrew.

Posted 13/06/2019

Taylor Walls

To my son Eric, I miss your beautiful smile, your laugh, bear hugs, and the way you lite up the room when you entered. I feel you next to me, guiding me, to help others. I’m grateful for this. I would never trade the 24 years we had together, including the ups and downs, for my love is always unconditional for you. I know my pathway now, have grown stronger, more determined, with incredible passion, to be a positive role model, and help other families that have lost a loved one. I do all I can to make a difference, this is our destiny together.

Posted 08/06/2019


I’m a mom who lost her beloved son 1/14/14 to accidental overdose 💜💔.My pain is unbearable.I’m working on honoring my son Scott in all I do 💔

Posted 09/06/2019


I lost the love of my life to accidental overdose. He, unintentionally, overdosed on Fentanyl and Heroin, on May 3, 2019. I miss him so very much. He was my everything. James Christopher Neill, I’ll see you on the other side, Penguin.

Posted 09/06/2019

Billie-Jo Rich

In remembrance of my mother,
Yvette Marie Fitzpatrick
November 6, 1967 – April 4, 2011
Love, your daughter

Posted 09/06/2019


My daughter Liz died in April 2015 to an overdose. The world lost a loving and caring creative soul and my heart is forever broken.

Posted 10/06/2019


To my number 1 son, my boy, my Ryan
I will miss you forever but love you far longer than that,
It still hurts just as much as it did the first day. Almost 3 years without you.
James Ryan Woods – 24 April 1981 – 16 June 2016. forever 35
I love you my Son,
mum. xxxxx

Posted 06/06/2019

Natalie Wallace

It has been 7 years without you John, my eldest loving Son. I can still see you on the respirator after your fatal meth overdose , it stays in my mind and the guilt I carry for having you taken off after 6 days per brain dead. The anguish is so real & painful even today. Everyday is a challenge. Missing you.

Posted 07/06/2019

Judy L Pearce Deranian

Our handsome boy Kieran, we all love and miss you so much. Always in our hearts ❤️. All my love mum xxxx

Posted 07/06/2019


In Memory of my beautiful sister SHELLEY MADDEN who passed away February 21, 2004 at the age of 22.
You are loved and missed more than you could ever imagine.

My condolences to all the other families and friends who have also lost loved ones. They live on forever in our hearts.


Posted 07/06/2019

Christine Madden

I love you Honey with every beat of my heart and every breath that I take. I feel your presence in the breeze that embracing me on the most painful days I thank the birds that let me know you are safe and I hold you tight in my dreams.

Posted 07/06/2019

Mary beth Konesky

I will always love & miss you Amber Olsen! You were my best friend & my first love! I will always remember the good times we had & will never forget you! Till we meet again my love!

Posted 06/06/2019

Christopher Catherman

Everyday since my brothers death I have held a thought or memory in my mind or heart, mostly in both. I miss my brother more than words could ever express. Heroin stole another young, able bodied, kind hearted, talented man… A brother an uncle… A son. Please teach your children the dangers that are associated with drugs, please be open minded and receptive to their questions, please don’t act as if this doesn’t exist and please have compassion in your heart in regard to this crisis… This will tell your children without any words that it is okay to come to you if they are in trouble. Spread awareness. Teach our children. Addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Posted 06/06/2019

Heidi a page

Thinking of my Beloved Son Kevin age 28years. Gone from our lives but never from our hearts.
And to all those taken from us through Addiction.

Posted 06/06/2019

Caroline Butler.

It will be 5 years in August that You have passed. We still struggle with not seeing You. I miss you my son, with all my heart!!!

Posted 06/06/2019


Remembering our precious son Russell who left this world on February 5, 2019. He was kind, smart and loving and treasured by his family.
We will hold onto sweet memories forever.

Posted 06/06/2019


Jordan, when you left, the world didn’t stop, time didn’t stop, no, everything just kept on going like nothing happened. But my world stopped, my time stood still, and I’m still trying to put one foot in front of the other mate. I miss you more than there are stars mate and I count the days till I see you again when my time here is done. I finished the picture of you and am having it framed. I plan to somehow give it to your Mom and Dad…as that is where it should go. Give Mom a hug for me buddy and tell her I love her and I love you too Buddy!!! Till next then…

Posted 04/06/2019


Amanda..It’s been almost three years since you left us behind. We miss you every, single day and wish you were here to see your son grow into the spiting image of his mommy. I love and miss you so much!!

Posted 05/06/2019

Debra Seidenstricker

In memory of my son Chris who never got the chance to celebrate his 21st birthday.
I love you and miss you terribly. RIP

Posted 05/06/2019


Remembering Cole, forever 26. I loved you your whole life…I’ll miss you for the rest of mine.

Posted 04/06/2019


Never Forgotten.
Kieran Kay
April 1, 1991-May 22, 2017
Until We Meet Again
Love Mom 💜❤️

Posted 04/06/2019


To my eldest child and only son,
Not one day goes by that I don’t have you in my thoughts. Whether it’s a thought filled with sorrow, anger or regret it is and always will be a thought full of love. Whether addicted or sober you were my son. You ARE my son. Death will never change that. I love you Son.. yesterday I did, today I do and tomorrow I will..

Posted 04/06/2019


Paul, you took a piece of my heart with you. You were kind and loving man. You left a piece of your heart in your daughter, Ava. You will not be forgotten. You are home with Jesus

Posted 04/06/2019


To my beloved Tommy. You were called home on September 12 2014. God know you were tired and your pain and suffering was too much for you to endure. He saw your tired face and reached out and carried you home. You are now at peace and free of pain. As your mom and you my only child, omg how hard to loose you. I am blessed to have had you for 41 years of my life. I danced at your wedding and I have 2 wonderful, beautiful grandsons that you gave to me and especially naming the youngest after my dad and your grandfather who was your best friend.Tommy, my son, my life I cry for you everyday and wish I could be there with you. Always in my heart and always know how much I love you! Love mom

Posted 03/06/2019


We are extremely sad to remember those souls who are not able to reach out with our quick response service delivery.

Posted 03/06/2019

Social Aware Service Organisation

To my darling Holly. Missing you so much but I feel your presence every day my beautiful girl. Love you for ever.
All our sweetest love Mum, Dad and Daisy May. Rest in Peace. XXXXXXXXX

Posted 03/06/2019


I love you & miss you so much my amazing son Shawn, forever 22 …still I Rise & my beautiful daughter Jessica, forever 26…you are my sunshine 💔

Posted 03/06/2019

Laura Cambria

My dear sweet Willie. I miss you every moment. I am a shell of the person I used to be. I miss your light and laughter.

Posted 03/06/2019

Debra Dobes

In loving memory of our dear daughter, Elizabeth. We love and miss you terribly. You are always in our hearts every minute of every day. All our love, Mom and Dad. xoxoxo

To all who have left us, may you rest with the angels and be free from all your pains and struggles.


Posted 03/06/2019

Cathy Delsardo

Gike if u only knew how missed you would be
Every day every minute i miss you
My peace is in knowing u do not have to battle that demon anymore
I love you

Posted 03/06/2019


I lost my daughter Chloe at the age of 17 to fentanyl laced heroin 😢💔
2.9.99 – 1.20.17
We miss you baby girl! Always in our hearts ♥️

Posted 03/06/2019

Tina Bencivengo Culp

Courtney Anne Ream
02-01-1981 -12-27-11
Loved and cherished eternally.

Posted 03/06/2019

Peggy Davis

My son, Derek Hatcher, was handsome, funny, charming, loved football, and loved life! He became addicted to pain pills while playing college football. That eventually turned into heroin laced with fentanyl which took his life, as well as a big part of mine. I miss him every day.

Posted 03/06/2019

Debbie Rizer

Johnny It’s been over two years since you passed, I am missing you more today than yesterday. I hope you are happy and playing ball in heaven. Say hi to Dad.

Posted 03/06/2019

Aunt Shell

My beautiful daughter Katie lost her life to the disease of addiction, she had a beautiful soul and her life had so much meaning, she leaves behind her fiance and 3 beautiful children. This could be anyone’s child please get help and accept the love your family gives you, 4ever26 💙 momma loves you Katie

Posted 03/06/2019


Where do I begin… Megan Spychalski, Stacy DeMay, Brantley Kostowicz, Kayla Dirnbauer, Kaela Bradley, Ben Merritt, Dale Knapinski, Brittany Faris, Matt Hall, Danny Solis, Adam Rydzik, Shannon Stelloh and Ryan Hett. These are just a few of so many lives that have been lost to overdose. They were mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons and aunts and uncles They were kind, loving and caring human beings who had hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. Their lives mattered and will never be forgotten by the people who loved and cared for them. I am a person in long term recovery who was privileged to work with each of these lost souls. Our lives matter!!!!

Posted 04/06/2019

Laura Haas

Remembering my son, Austin Nicholas Barthen, who fell asleep from an overdose of OxyContin and never woke up. You are always in my heart. xoxo

Posted 04/06/2019

Lesli Messinger

In Loving memory of my beautiful son Matthew forever 17 . Forever loved and in my heart ♡♡♡

Posted 04/06/2019


I lost my 21 year old son in 2009. He died of a heroin/Xanax overdose. We were pretty clueless about addiction especially our sons. I see all of the red flags now but didn’t then. I have found a group that are so smart. We help get people into treatment, we encourage harm reduction, have sober living houses and offer many wonderful meetings every week. We didn’t have this when Kevin was alive and using. I lost my only child to this horrible disease of addiction. I thank God now , that I am able to help people that need my help. How I wish my son was still here, but that wasn’t his journey. I believe my sons life is worth sharing and helping to get other people clean and healthy. I still cry …. just not as often….. miss my Kevin!

Posted 04/06/2019

Kathi Arbini

My daughter Kylie Marie Laura dired of a heroin fentanyl overdose 11/16/16

Posted 04/06/2019

Stacy Laura

In loving memory Raul Hernandez gone without no goodbye without I Love You. Everyday I think of you regretting how I will never hear your voice. I love you Daddy From Your Little Pony

Posted 01/06/2019


I lost my son Austen c Babcock 10/27/93-1/26/19.. Forever 25 Fentanyl in cocaine.. Mom will always say your name..I love you son always

Posted 31/05/2019

April babcock

I lost my son Mauricio Daniel Andrade 11-1-97💜3-21-19 I would like to make drug overdose awareness in my city

Posted 29/05/2019


December 10, 2016 was a “life changing” day for me and my family!! My beautiful, smart, sensitive only child, Daniel Thomas Perry died this day! He was found lying in his bed after a safety-Check from a family member, after repeated calls; all unanswered. “Toxic Levels” from Psychiatric medications was listed as the cause of death of my sweet boy! Today we live in an over-medicated society where there is a pill for all that ails you. Remembering Daniel Thomas Perry February 16, 1986- December 10, 2016
“Love Never Dies”, you will always be my precious Son Daniel! Love, Mom

Posted 29/05/2019


In loving memory of My precious Son Casey Herrick Ward….. I failed as a mother to educate myself on addiction and instead used tough love which is the way I was taught. I will everyday live the rest of my life wanting to be with you on this journey. You were and still are one of the most amazing people I have ever known. I’m so so sorry I and life failed you. The loss of a child is a process that starts the day they pass and ends the day we join them. All my love my so so so very precious son CHW…….. 10/01/90-10/14/18

Posted 28/05/2019


Mommy, I’m so sorry and I miss you so much. I havent talked about this in a long time and I’m sorry I havent talked to you for this long but I’m trying. I love you so much. What I want to say is you were the most amazing mom and you were always there for me and I wish that either me or someone would have been there for you and who knows, maybe you would be here now. I know it was your choice to make and you made it. I just hope you’re at peace now and I’ll see you again on the other side when the time comes. Lots of love from Kaykay xxx

Posted 21/05/2019


I miss you nate, Drugs sent us separate ways, we were both doing them and blaming something else. When I heard you passed my heart broke. You were my best friend and like a brother. Everything between us fell apart but I love you and miss you friend. You’re one of the only people I’ll ever be able to call that and one of the only people who knew me and called me friend anyway

Posted 21/05/2019


My son Clifford John Brooks overdosed and died February 26, 2017. Clifford died from multiple Drug Intoxication. Clifford was cherished by his family and loved by many friends and acquaintances because he just had that kind of personality. In CA we have very limited help for addicts aside from detox only programs. ACTION family counseling was the only facility that accepted our HMO. This is ridiculous. We have a drug epidemic in this country and we need to put out awareness about drug abuse as much as we’ve tried to educate people about the dangers of smoking. We will never ever recover from Cliffords senseless death. When will this country wake up and stand up and start saying No we’ve had enough! The joke about “We can find the one fruit fly in 100 tons of fruit but we can’t find the tons of dope that pours into this country” isn’t a joke. Somebody’s pockets are bursting at the seams.

Posted 22/05/2019

Leslie Brook

Christopher W. Scully 09/10/1987-12/22/2017
Loving Son, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, Grandson, Friend to all. To know him is love him, forever in our hearts. We miss you so very much. XoXo

Posted 22/05/2019

Kerryann Scully

Belinda Berman 1969 – 2019
Almost 50… I miss you every day. I cannot comprehend the loss, but understand why you left. It sucks without you here. I miss your humor, your sharp wit, your ability to make me laugh and feel better about myself. I really had no idea about the horrid deep pain that must’ve been eating you alive. I miss you so much. -AZE

Posted 22/05/2019


To my king the love of my life and my soul mate you were tooken from us it wasent fare you didnt do that drug why did someone talk you in to it now i have to go day by day through the rest of my years with out my king beside me and its just not fare i love you baby and always will bbo oob with cornflakes and peantbutter

my king (jesse graham)
sept/22/1995 to april/30/2019

Posted 24/05/2019

heather doolittle

Jacob Lee. I love you and miss you so much. I keep fighting this disease in honor of you. You will always be in my heart.

Posted 26/05/2019


Ryan Thomas,
I hate that you’re gone. All you wanted was to make it back to your beautiful babies, and it breaks my heart that you weren’t able to. You were my friend, always the optimist, never letting me give up in the worst of times. Thank you. I’ll never forget you. I hope you’re at peace my friend. Goodbye,
Jeanne Randall

Posted 26/05/2019

Jeanne Ann Randall

You were and will always be the love of my life. Not a minute goes by where I am not missing you. Watching the final season of Game of Thrones just isn’t the same. I was lucky enough this past week to dream you were alive and well twice.
Even though you died of an accidental overdose after you fractured your leg- i hope that the person who sold you that pill will face God and karma.
People need to stop stigmatizing this very serious issue. You were amazing, generous, loving, sweet and truly one of a kind. I will love you until we meet again.

Posted 17/05/2019


Jason we miss you, your beautiful Daighter had her prom this year
You would be so proud of her.
Love you, Mama

Posted 13/05/2019


Kieran Kay April 1,1991 – May 22, 2017. Life is just not the same without you in it. I love and miss you every single day ❤️💜

Posted 13/05/2019


Jennifer Tucker Patterson…you are missed so much! We lost a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, and so much more. May your new wings carry you to a world of love and grace in His presence. Loving you here.

Posted 15/05/2019


Ever since I lost my fiance Vincent from an accidental overdose I have never been the same. It has been very difficult for me to wrap it around my head that he passed away from a heroine overdosed since I had no idea that he was an addict and that he was battling this sickness. I wish that he would of told me that he was battling this addiction since I would of helped him to get cleaned. The other hard part was that I was out of the country when the incident happened and my daughter was the one that found him in our bathroom already deceased. The trauma that she has endured from his passing has been one of the hardest thing for me. The pain that I have felt from loosing him and the pain that I am going through seeing be 10 year old daughter go through she is no longer the same little girl. I wish he would of just told me. I feel such a betrayal from the one person that I trusted the most. It has been very hard from me to overcome his lost since I had no idea what was going on with him. I thought that our lives were going great we were going to marry in April. I just wished he would of told me.

Posted 15/05/2019


Ashley James MacPherson, my son, my soulmate lost his life to addiction on 24th July 2018.

For everyone who has lost a precious soul to drug addiction and overdose in our city, Perth, I’d like to let you know that it has been confirmed that the Trafalgar Bridge, located in East Perth will be lit up in PURPLE from dusk until midnight on the 31st August 2019 in recognition of International Overdose Awareness Day and or lost loved ones.

Big love to all

Posted 15/05/2019

Susan MacPherson

I lost my 21yr old 3-21-19 to m30’s his name is Mauricio Daniel Andrade I want to be a part of Drug Overdose Awareness my son was trying to be a part of this which I had no idea and I wish he would of told me sooner I want to make awareness all over the world but I would like to start in my little city in Yuma Az but dont know where to start if someone can please help me.

Posted 02/05/2019

Cecillia Hernandez

Tiana Chrystine Alves We lost you July 27 2018 .My beautiful baby girl , My first born , we miss you too much. Forever 26.


Posted 09/05/2019

Kel-lea Goodchild

My sister Samantha passed away from a heroin overdose on December 3, 2018. She was such a kind soul who cared about others, and would do anything for the ones she loved. Unfortunately, she was overcome by her addiction and wasn’t able to fight it. I miss her terribly and the pain will never go away.

Posted 09/05/2019

Jennifer Stewart

Feb 12 2019
My Only Nephew Kyle my sisters only Son
You were taking from us by a devil drug something you tried so hard to leave behind you
This drug purple heroin grabs hold of you
There’s no safe thing about doing it
I make Tribute to my Nephews accidental overdose
To make users aware that no amount is worth your life
Rest Easy my Nephew

Posted 09/05/2019


I’m so sorry I didn’t do more to help you overcome this addiction. I’m sorry I treated you like a failure instead of realizing that you were a victim. I’m sorry that when you reached out to me for help, I told you to get your shit together. You told me you likely wouldn’t make it through the week because you had lost hope, you died 6 days later, fulfilling your own prophecy. I hate everything right now. I was supposed to spend Mother’s Day with you, I had a picnic planned. Instead that is the day I will spread your ashes on the beach. I love you mama. I’m so sorry I didn’t do more to help you. I will never forgive myself.

Posted 10/05/2019


Rest in Heaven my sweet boy..
💜💜Ryan John Moylan 💜💜
Love Mom, Dad, Patrick,Jillian,Summer and your boys Cayden,Nick and Ryan Jr..

Posted 10/05/2019

Patricia Wolfe

Walter Mouldin
07/02/91 ~ 01/15/18
My First Born
My Best Friend
My Biggest Supporter
My Greatest Accomplishment
I Miss You…
Every Single Second
Of Every Single Minute
Of Every Single Hour
Of Every Single Day
“May Love Be What You Remember Most”

Posted 10/05/2019

DeAnna Shultz

Tribute to my daughter Melissa Shattuck who passed away from an accidental drug overdose on August 31, 2009. She was a beautiful and loving daughter, sister, Mom and friend. Missing her so much.

Posted 10/05/2019

Cynthia Shattuck

To my brother Kyle Woodliffe who lost his life March 13, 2016. You were loved so much and even though you lost your life we know you are still with us. Love your family

Posted 11/05/2019

Kelsey Sheppy

Kathryn L. Ames-Peters 8/28/74-4/30/15 Not a day goes by without thoughts of you, we love you to heaven and back.

Posted 11/05/2019

Lauris Hawley

In memory of my son Mathew who passes away June 5, 2017 if a heroin overdose. He was 29.

Posted 11/05/2019


Today I found out that a real good friend passed away from opioid overdose her name was Alicia Winter. She was a great mother and a great friend. She was beautiful inside and out. I will miss her so much. She tried so hard for her kids and for herself to get clean and she was definitely doing her best at it.

Posted 12/05/2019


On May 2, 2019 I lost you my baby brother , my only brother. The pain is still to raw the shock not yet worn off your sent still in the air. You were an amazing brother with a heart of gold a wonderful father to your boys a stand up man who worked very hard. I will miss our long talks your smile I’ll even miss our disagreements! You fought a hard battle and for that I am beyond PROUD of you , you never stopped trying, never gave up the fight as we came upon your 1 year of sobriety and the call came in that we lost you I cried but I vowed to not let you be thought of as anything less than an amazing father, brother, nephew, friend to so many with a compassionate heart that was always the first there to help someone in need. You are so missed I will love you always.
Your Big Sis & Best Friend

Posted 13/05/2019


Love you Lil Brother… Greg Lang 💙

Posted 13/05/2019

Kimberly A Dyer

Today is my second Mother’s Day without my only child Travis (and my 5th without my Mom) so I tried to focus on the memories of wonderful times…I am truly grateful to love and be loved by both of them. Travis passed away at the age of 24 on October 14, 2017. His obituary in part: “Travis was a loving son, a loyal friend, and an avid Green Bay Packers fan. He was a smart, funny, caring, and hardworking young man. Described by his closest friends, “Travis was a great friend with a huge heart. He was understanding and caring, loyal and loving. He made people feel comfortable. He was always willing to listen to someone’s problems to try and help them find a solution. He made his friends feel like they mattered and the focus was on each other when they were together. Travis was brave. He was outgoing, witty, and loved to make people laugh. If he wanted to have a good time, he went out of his way to ensure everyone was going to have a great time as well. He always knew how to make you smile.” Travis was also a young man with a substance use disorder…a disease that is misunderstood by so many, a disease that he tried to fight but that was bigger than him in the end. It is the hope of his family that others who are struggling with addiction issues will seek out the help they need.” I love and miss him so very much every single day. Love you Fred ~ Mom

Posted 13/05/2019


You fought so hard my baby.. The Lord had mercy and removed you from the nightmare you were living. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you my first son… I love you so much and think about what could have been …. Yiour brother , sisters , nephews , grandparents all miss you every day…
Be at peace my son ..we will be together again one day… Love , momma
In loving memory of Travis

Posted 26/04/2019


Mary Kate- you are forever loved. Miss you.

Posted 29/04/2019


Today is May 2, 2019….My son, Ryan Vincent….its been almost 4 years that we dont see you…but our hearts are connected…we love you and miss you but we are certain that we will see you one day….Love Mom, Jonathan, Adam, Carlos your nieces and nephews….

Posted 03/05/2019

DANUTA DIANE Subercaseaux

Can’t believe you’re gone Dylan. My 23 year old son gone because someone killed him by giving him fentanyl. He left behind two daughters age 2 and 8 months. He had just moved out of our house. He died 3 months to the day him and my grandchildren moved out of nowhere. We kept our son alive 23 years and he was only a pot user. So confused? What happened baby boy? We love you Dylan. God won’t let them get away with this. So brokenhearted.

Posted 03/05/2019


Dear Eddie, We miss you terribly and think of you every day. All the pain and heartache your addiction brought during our marriage and seperation pale in comparison to the news of your death on September 10, 2018. I’ve asked myself if there was anything more that I could have done to help you. Even now, I still grapple with that question. If I had offered my life for yours, would God have granted it? Perhaps not; he didn’t resurrect you after I spent hours in the days after your death bargaining with him for it. Your sister is going through it as well, and we have grown closer. We have talked for hours and we have gone to lunch and started to heal a little. And then your autopsy and toxicology reports came to us, eight months after we requested them, and took us back to day one again. I wish heroin didn’t exist, I wish addiction didn’t exist, I wish I didn’t have an urn of ashes, and most of all I wish you were here. Barring all of that, I will remember you when I go fishing, I will grant wishes for foster children in your name, I will hike at Quabbin and engage in our customary ignorance of the “Do not roll down the dike” sign. Until we meet again, you are loved and never forgotten.

Posted 05/05/2019


I loved you then as I love you now. Not a day goes by that you aren’t on my mind. I miss you so much!! You were an amazing friend, dad, grandpa, etc. You always went to work and took care of your family. Then you’d extend that as to help anyone you possibly could. You always had a kind word, sexy smile, and infectious laugh. You were so much more to me than you’ll ever know. Don’t you go anywhere….when its my time I’m coming for you sweetie. Tom Tona you were, still are, and always will be an inspiration to me and so many others. Rest easy babe… you Your V <3

Posted 24/04/2019

Veronica Belgrano

Our Son & Handsome Brother,
Damian Jason, Died on April 1, 2019 at the Age of 17. Child Protective Services removed our son from our loving home after they received a false report of abuse and neglect. After 46 days in CPS Custody, my son died of an overdose. The pain won’t go away and Damian, you’re all I think about. Life won’t ever be the same without you. I love you, my first born son, mommy will always love you. 🙏❤️

Posted 23/04/2019


In memory of my sweet sister Adriana Derosett.
Today I weep
Today I scream
Because forever you will sleep
Leaving my memories as a dream
-Crystal Riggi

Posted 22/04/2019

Crystal Riggi

Joey, I miss you everyday. You passed two months before our amazing, sweet, silly boy was born. “Do you think I can have one more kiss? I’ll find closure on your lips, and then I’ll go. Maybe also one more breakfast, one more lunch, and one more dinner. I’ll be full and happy and we can part. But in between meals, maybe we can lie in bed one more time. One more prolonged moment where time suspends indefinitely as I rest my head on your chest. My hope is if we add up the “one mores” they will equal a lifetime and I’ll never have to get to the part where I let you go. But that’s not real is it. There are no more one mores.”

Posted 20/04/2019


Dear Tyler my best friend. I love you and I am sorry you were in so much pain from losing your best friend Jon! You tried everything you could to numb that pain. I was with you my friend, I could never replace him nor wanted to. I am sorry I had to leave you. We got into treatment and you could not continue. I had to distance myself from you. I swear if I could take it all back I would have never left you alone. I pray you are in heaven and the pain you tried so very hard to numb is gone! I will live on your legacy with all my own memories of the art and beauty you brought with your music and how you could play your guitar so well. You were such a talent and I was always so proud of you! It’s been over a year. I cut ties with Everyone and disconnected for my own recovery. I just found out after I had that dream of you last night. I woke and searched your name and I cried when I found out you died Feb 3 2018 of an overdose and I was never aware. It hurts so bad! I have yet to get in touch with your family. I desperately want this to just be a dream but I never wanted to leave you alone. Please forgive me! I will always Love you man! Jeff

Posted 19/04/2019

Jeff A

Sister….Thi Thi… Sonya…. You were my little sister…. you still are my little sister. I know you fought a long and hard battle. One that left scars and changed you, inside and out. But those of us that knew you, the REAL you, know that was NOT you, but the disease. I will remember all the times we laughed, the times we cried. I remember when we fought, and it all seems so trivial now. The last time I saw you alive, you had one of my favorite shirts on. I got irritated, and told you to take it off, which you did. I have yet to wash that shirt again, and plead to God to bring you back if I let you wear it. If I let you keep it. I’d give anything to have you back Thi Thi, but I know the person who left us that day was not the one we loved, but a stranger. You had been gone for awhile already. I just never thought we’d never get you back by losing you completely. At least you’re free now. So long Thi Thi….

Posted 19/04/2019


For my Forever Love,

The funniest , most loving & the one person I loved spending every hour , every second of my days with you. You were my light in every dark tunnel, my sun after the rain , my moon in the nights. You showed me that as flawed as I may see myself you loved every inch & kissed every flaw I may have. I miss you entirely that it could never be summed into words. What wouldn’t I do to have you back in my arms & never let you go. Hold you so tight & remind you how I always did that you were perfect.. You were to good for this cruel world & God knew that. You fought long & hard. Like the warrior you are..
March 12, 2019 will always be remembered as the day you spread your wings & took half of me with you. I will never be the same but I know you took that half with you so when it’s my time to go I know where to find you. I love you so so so much. It couldn’t not be amounted to words.. 13 years together & it still wasn’t enough.
Until we meet again my love, I will take care of our baby girl ten toes down.. Watch over all of us baby.
Sleep in Power my King. <3

Posted 18/04/2019

Stephanie Carvajal

Posted 18/04/2019


Jordan, There are things I meant to say when we were older, not because we may not grow old together, but that we may not grow old at all. You’re so much more important than anything I’ll ever do, and I would rather have been your friend, than anything I’ll ever be. And just in case you ever think nobody does, I Love You
Miss you everyday …rest in God’s Love. little more…

Posted 12/04/2019


Shenandoah Rose Kearney, you were not just my girlfriend, but my true soulmate. When we first met, I had just lost my mom and the first thing I said to you after we both realized how much we loved and cared for each other was how you literally saved my life without even knowing…but I couldn’t save you and it kills me more and more each day! And for that I am so very sorry. Today makes a full year since you were taken away so soon and it’s not getting any easier only worse. The pain of losing you is something that I endure day in and day out. I’m so afraid that I will start to forget us, our hopes and dreams and the beautiful future we were planning so I welcome the pain of losing you because as long as it is there I know you are there. I will forever love you babygirl, I miss you so much my heart hurts. Rest In Paradise my angel, until we meet again I know you will be right by my side watching over me. I love you much more than any words could possibly say. See you soon babygirl.

Posted 11/04/2019

Curtis Propst

To Zach.

There were so many things that I never told you. I always thought that I would have the time.
I fell in love with you when I was fourteen years old. Some people might say that’s too young to know what love is. Now, approaching thirty, I still hold that it was one of the truest, purest feelings I’ve ever known.
I remember how the sun followed you wherever you went; the air became springtime. Darkness turned to light in my heart. I remember how I felt alive, being near you. I knew that you had an addiction even then, even as kids, but you were so much more than that. You had such a powerful spirit. I thought it was bigger than any battle it was fighting.
I like to remember you sitting under a cherry tree playing Bob Dylan tunes on your acoustic guitar. We listened to punk rock but for some reason we both just loved that Live 1975 Dylan album. You loved poetry and lyricism. Half of the time you spoke in it without seeming to notice.
I fell in love with you and you were like the sun.
You moved away, back to Chicago, when I was 15 years old. It broke my heart like it had never been broken before. I retreated into myself, hiding in my room and only coming out to practice with my band, my lyrics getting more and more lost and angry. I wrote you letters every day. I never sent any of them. I kept a calendar on the wall where I counted the days since you’d left. I counted for a year, day by day. I listened to Leftover Crack and Bob Dylan. I waited. I sat on the floor and drew on my converse with sharpie. I might have done nothing but rock back and forth, a time or two.
But all of that’s behind us now. We grew up, and we grew apart. And then, three days ago I ran into you downtown by the university. What were the chances in a city of millions of people? There you were. We stopped. We talked, and caught up. You said you were about to graduate with your degree in Philosophy. You always had loved wondering about the world. I hugged you, and I wanted to hold on longer but you started to let go, so I did the same. You asked for my phone number and sent me pictures of your guitar. You said you wanted to hang out and play some folk tunes. I said I would like that. It wasn’t a nicety; I meant it.
But you died today.
When I had to pass along the news to others, they asked me: “But didn’t you just see him last week?”
That’s the thing about dying. You’re alive right up until you do it.

I knew about the heroin, knew all the way back in high school. It was so foreign to me then. Death was foreign to me then. It’s not so much, anymore. Zach, I hope there’s a place where you still exist. Where the fundamentals of your soul are still together, in one piece. I hope there’s a place where I can find you again. I hope there’s a cherry tree in the sky where we can sit and sing folk songs together in our crappy patched punk clothes, because neither one of us ever cared if people thought our folk music was cheesy. We just liked it. We liked being alive together and noticing the things that were beautiful. We just liked noticing things that made us happy. Thank you for always being one of them, for me. I plan on seeing you again, so wait for me til then. One love.

Posted 09/04/2019


My buddy and brother Jeremy Craig Phillips would have been 38 this month. I miss you so much. There is a void that just can’t be filled. See you on the other side. You will never be forgotten. You were right….we were all that we had. I hope they know that they are not fooling anybody. I read your note everyday. I understand…love you bro!!!!

Posted 13/04/2019

Andrew Phillips

My first born son Shawn passed away April 8th 2017. He died from Heroin laced with Fentanyl. I miss him so much. He will be forever loved and missed. I never got to say goodbye to my baby. Love you Shawn❤️#forever27

Posted 16/04/2019


Its been 1 year and 7 months since I lost the man who was loved by many and held my heart in his hands. He died of a heroin overdose and none of us knew this was his struggle. I put together what I could and I know he hid it well for at least 3 years. What was knew to his body was the antidepressants he had started taking 3 weeks prior. Sertraline toxicity combined with a benzo and heroin took him. Stigma and prohibition prevented him from reaching out but he was trying in his own way on his own to battle his hurts and overcome his medicine. I wish he could have had another chance… one day… when the government wakes up to archaic nature of the war on drugs… and we chose love and health over fear and shame… people will live and not die alone leaving us to yearn and mourn the loss of their light. I love you handsome. I miss you.

Posted 17/04/2019


My boyfriend died from a heroin overdose two years ago, and I can’t seem to get back to myself. Since the day I got the call saying his dad found him alone in his apartment, I have never been the same. The news shattered me. I broke into a million pieces and I have no clue what its like to feel whole again. I don’t know how to explain the feeling of losing everything within the span of a 3 minute phone call. It goes beyond emotional grief, it’s an ache that you feel physically. It’s a loneliness that haunts you in everything you do. An emptiness that nags at your soul. It doesn’t leave you, it reminds you at times you wouldn’t expect it. Your heart hurts when you least expect it. Driving past a billboard, or listening to lyrics from a song on the radio. They are always there, and it’s hard to decipher whether thats comforting or heart breaking. Time doesn’t wait for you to compartmentalize the grief you feel. Time never stops, even if you beg it too. I used to think it was healing, now it’s a reminder of how long its been since you were here. That makes me sad, angry, but mostly scared. Scared that I’m going to forget you entirely, and I don’t want that… I never want that. Hurt makes the most sense when it’s recent, then makes you feel crazy with the more time that has passed. I can’t even bring myself to visit your grave, to see where you’re resting forever. Because I know its permanently not with me. I don’t love you any less, which is difficult. I love you just the same even if you don’t exist anymore.

Posted 08/04/2019


R.I.P to my awesome uncle matthew. he was an amazing person an we all miss you from the botto of our hearts . fly high free bird

Posted 05/04/2019


My sweet son Jacob was only 21 years old when he lost his life due to an overdose, March 25, 2019. Jacob was so kind, so handsome, and just an amazing kid all around.. I can’t say enough good things about him. Everyone who knew Jacob is absolutely devastated.. reading all of the tributes here to lost loved ones breaks my heart. It’s so unfair, we should not loose our loved ones this way! I love you Jacob Nathan Dougherty. You will NEVER be forgotten! ♥️♥️♥️ -Mom

Posted 06/04/2019


I love you Nathan forever missed 3/10/19

Posted 07/04/2019


Corrine S. ….

A hundred days have made me older
Since the last time that I saw your pretty face.
A thousand lies have made me colder,
And I don’t think I can look at this the same.

But all the miles that separate
Disappear now when I’m dreaming of your face.

I’m here without you, baby,
But you’re still on my lonely mind.
I think about you, baby,
And I dream about you all the time.

I’m here without you, baby,
But you’re still with me in my dreams,
And tonight it’s only you and me, yeah.

The miles just keep rollin’
As the people leave their way to say “Hello”.
I’ve heard this life is overrated,
But I hope that it gets better as we go.

I’m here without you, baby,
But you’re still on my lonely mind.
I think about you, baby,
And I dream about you all the time.

I’m here without you, baby,
But you’re still with me in my dreams,
And tonight, girl, it’s only you and me.


Posted 08/04/2019


In memory of my sister, Terry Holden 02/01/2019.

Posted 08/04/2019


Lost my Nephew/God Son, we were Best Pals since he learned how to talk, My name was on of the first words he spoke.
I suffered along with him and felt his pain during his 15 year struggle. The times we’d get him clean, the times he relapsed, the withdrawals.
I tried so hard and gave so much just trying to keep him with us. It seemed we made it through to tough dangerous times,
he was strong enough and made 6 months clean time, on his way to sobriety. Then his next relapse was fatal, tricked by the
demon Fentanyl, Losing him in my presence as I fought to bring life back into him.
God I am so broken by his lose, but you will suffer no more.
Miss you Buddy

Posted 03/04/2019


To our beloved Andrae who the sunset for on 3/12/2017 we love and miss you so much. For more than a week after you left us your spirit stayed with me and would not let me sleep. I felt you strong. You shook up all of Uptown (West Oak Lane) Philadelphia with your passing. And it was in your own cold tragedy I believe no doubt you saved a few lives after you by seeing a beautiful spirit gone in such a way. In your own way you made them look. You made them face their own demons through you, 2017 you saved lives when you accidentally let go of your own. You forced everyone rather through shock, sadness, grief and or disbelief to straighten up and fly right. There is not a day that Darius does not miss you or talk about you. He said it best when he pulled the words deep from his heart to address those who threw stones he told them all “Whatever anyone may think of you, you were so much more than what people saw or knew”. Rest well knowing you never have to wear a smile to hide the tears again. We love You Chan Chowder.

Posted 25/03/2019


We would of been celebrating my daughter 16 birthday on March 19, 2019 but sadly I lost her on December 30,2018 to a Fentanyl overdose. My daughter and her father Justin Thomas shared the same birthday but sadly enough we lost her father Justin on February 8,2013 to a heroin overdose. WHY CANT AMERICA WAKE UP FENTANYL IS TAKING OVER OUR STREETS AND KILLING OUR KIDS …WE NEED TO STOP IT BEFORE WE DONT HAVE A FUTURE LEFT…RIP ASHLEY AND JUSTIN I miss u both so very much….love mom

Posted 30/03/2019

Katie Tom

Dear JR my sweet boy,

I miss you, it’s been 5 weeks tomorrow. Know you were loved by SO many. You had a good heart, sweet kind disposition. I will forever miss you, until we meet again…love mom

Posted 31/03/2019


My best friend Matt passed away 5 years ago. We were best friends, we couldn’t live together. I enabled him and he took me on the rides with him. We had lots of laughs, crys and everything in between. I miss him, I miss hearing him laugh. I miss him calling me “beautiful” when he called. He had so much energy and life. I believe cocaine took his life. His heart just gave out. Rest in Peace. I will see you in heaven. God Bless…D

Posted 01/04/2019


My brother-in-law, David Adam Massey, gone too soon! My sister, Marsha Ann Perkins/Massey, grieved u till she was laid with u, which lead to my Momma, JoAnn Perkins/Suarez, grieving herself numb over u… Now I’m left here all alone, numbing each & every day till I can be with u all again… Life is crazy short, and most people do not understand just how crippling and damaging and life shattering the loss of a loved one truly is! What’s left of my broken heart goes out to all of u who got left here with out them…our day will come, and when that happens, we will realize that this life on earth was just a breath, so quick, so short, so hurtful… find love in the ones who don’t know how to love themselves any more! 😵🤗😘

Posted 01/04/2019

Carrie Perkins

I will love you & hold you forever Twin ❤️ It’s okay, your free now. I wish you peace forever. You deserved the sky! The universe! You deserve your wings! Misunderstandings can truly blind u from the truth. I am so happy to know your truth. Thank you for being as strong as long as you possibly could.

Forever Twin 🤞🏾 I love you !

Posted 02/04/2019


To my son who lost his battle with drugs on October 4, 2016.

Daniel C. Henry
April 27, 1981 – October 4, 2016

I think of you everyday and feel a tremendous loss. My love couldn’t save you.

Posted 25/03/2019


My sister-in-law Kayla recently lost her brother Roy Edward Kirchner Who overdosed on heroin technically It was fentanyl .Among the more than 70,200 drug overdose deaths estimated in 2017, the sharpest increase occurred among deaths related to fentanyl .
Drug overdose deaths involving heroin rose from 1,960 in 1999 to 15,482 .
What is wrong with this picture the only way you can get fentanyl is by prescription and look at the increase in deaths. Roy was 33 his son will never know who he is and his Mother and 2 Sisters will never forget. He had no idea he had fentanyl or he wouldn’t have taken it so please let’s not be blind to the fact doctors who prescribed and people who are creating this drug should be arrested & put a stop to all the loved ones dead due to careless Doctors.
Roy you will never be forgotten <3

Posted 16/03/2019


In memory of my friend Sean Hanagan. Sean and I were in the same sober house. He died at the age of 26 after a long battle against drugs. Sean left behind a 5 year old son, Brody.
R.I.P. Sean
August 26, 1986 – March 30, 2013

Posted 20/03/2019

Pete (Pistol)

My friend Joe died after long battle with substance abuse. At the time of his death Joe was a newlywed.
Joseph Jennings
March 11, 1969-December 29, 2014
R.I.P. Joe

Posted 20/03/2019

Pete (Pistol)

My friend Sean and I were in the same sober house. He was one who would give the shirt off of his back to a family member or friend in need. I got to know Sean well. He helped me accept my problems and move on with my life. A few weeks before he died Sean gave me his CDs, which he’d down loaded. Sean simply said that he wanted me to have them. It was if he knew he might not make it. Unbeknownst to me Sean relapsed. He died of an overdose. He had everything going for him. A 5 year old son who adored him, a wonderful family. A good job. At 26 his life was over. Sean Hanagan August 26, 1986-March 30, 2013 R.I.P. Sean.

Posted 20/03/2019

Peter (Pistol)

My friend Rob was a good guy. He had a positive attitude and got the most out of life. He was very active in the program. Rob worked hard with his sponsor. He had some many plans for the future. Four days before his death Rob did a commitment. By all appearance he was doing well. At 37 his life was over. Rob never realized how many people he helped out. He’s at peace now.
Mark “Rob” Brown> October 12, 1977-February 26, 2015 R.I.P. Rob

Posted 20/03/2019

Peter (Pistol)

On the night of March 14, 2015 my world suffered a tremendous tragedy. Not only my world but those who deeply adored you. Andrew MacNiven, only 24 years old robbed of his beautiful life by the greatest tool the devil ever had, HEROIN. Andrew stood out. He brought smile after smile to those he crossed paths with- I’ve never seen a smile so huge! His green eyes were always glowing. Andrew was so beautiful that the first time I saw him he caught my eye but I got scared and had to look away only to look back again. The first night we talked on the phone I was laying on this park bench looking up at the stars. I remember feeling so childlike. It didn’t take long at all for me to fall in love with you. At that time I had very little. My life was a little broken. I had you and that was all I needed. The more time without you, the more I miss you. I can’t help but wonder if I saw you earlier that day if it would have changed anything. If it could have changed your story. It could have but for how long? I just wish your story didn’t end this way. We all die but like this? I will never have all the answers. But what I do know is what happened to you should have never happened. You would have went on to do many more great things. I do believe you’re a star in heaven and any worries, anxiety or depression is completely lifted from you. I do believe you’re happy there but I just miss you here. You left a lasting impression with me and I’m lucky to have been one of the many people you left your spark with. My memories of us are imprinted on my heart forever and I am forever changed. Thanks for coming up to me that night. This tribute is not only for Andrew but for the rest who have been robbed of their lives due to this disease. May your souls rest in peace. HOPE OVER EVERYTHING. 💜


Posted 20/03/2019


Please keep in memory my loving husband Robert Luna Estrada. Born March 8th 1973 and passed away on March 8th 2019. He was overdosed with Fentanyl. He died on his birthday and will be loved and missed by everyone. If the people he was with had known to watch over him or how to tell the signs….he would possibly be here today. EDUCATION ON OVERDOSE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND MUST BE ADVOCATED IMMEDIATELY.

Posted 20/03/2019

Carrie Gomes Estrada

Dan. I love you. I hope we see each other again in heaven. You know how hurt I am I forgive I know you didn’t do that just to hurt me. Death is gods business. I feel guilty. I didn’t call an ambulance or didn’t try to stop
You from leaving You were important to me. I can’t replace you and I just hardly have the will to move on . You were everything to me. I was proud to be seen with. I always I was o er my head. Please forgive for enabling or not being a better example or more tolerant I love you
David Little Rock

Posted 13/03/2019

Jordan, God I miss you so. Not a day goes by you don’t cross my mind many times. I have put flowers on your grave, your Mom or Dad ( or both) left the vase on your headstone empty and maybe it was so I could put flowers there as there wasn’t room to do so this winter and I laid them at your headstone. I like to think this is the case. I know you’re not there but it is a place I can come visit and pay my respects to a Dear Friend I miss so much. Of course I talk to you everywhere!!! I regret you leaving so soon buddy, your life had just begun. I regret not being a better friend, maybe had I shown tough love things may have turned out differently, but then again we may not have been friends…Such a thin line between helping someone and enabling them exist. And that line gets crossed and sadly was crossed. I wish you peace my friend, comfort for your family. I can’t imagine what they’ve been through, just what this has done to me. Rest in God’s love my friend. Give Mom a hug for me and tell her I love her and miss her and tell her to do the same for you!!! I love you Jordan. Till next then, little more…

Posted 14/03/2019


Please, rest easy L.
Someone do something about this awful drug overdose epidemic. It’ll affect you soon if it hasn’t.

Posted 12/03/2019


James Ryan Woods. 24 April 1981 – 16 June 2016.
my number 1 son, my boy, my Ryan.
It’s been 1000 days since I last saw my son, we shared some chinese food 1000 days ago and I heard his voice for the last time. , I told him I loved him very much for the last time 1000 days ago, then I heard him snoring and knew he was asleep in the room next to me 1000 days ago. Then 1000 days ago he got up and left this house without waking me, and it’s been 1000 days since I knew he wasn’t coming back. 1000 days without my son, 1000 days of worry, confusion and a lot of pain. 1000 days has felt like 1000 years.

Posted 04/03/2019

natalie wallace

I work at The Syringe Exchange here in Louisville, Kentucky and we have lost many of our “family” members. They will forever remain in our hearts!

Posted 05/03/2019


In tribute of my son, Michael. Forever 25. 12/2/93 – 12/9/18

Posted 06/03/2019


Joshua J. Payne
03/02/81 – 03/09/03
Forever 22

Posted 06/03/2019


Nicklaus Maximillian Ogborne
September 1990 – August 2018

Posted 06/03/2019

Eveline Ogborne


Posted 06/03/2019


My son Caine Lost his life to an overdose on 6/20/18. He was loved by many. Caine was a good student, a junior Olympic athlete, a college educated man, an amazing soccer goal keeper, and he was so connected to his family and friends. Be gave a strong handshake and looked you in the eye. Caines life with heroin was short lived. His life is what made me the person I am. I want to give tribute to my son for teaching me many lessons in life. Those lessons continue with a hole in my heart.

Posted 06/03/2019

Jenell Hilderbrand

In loving memory of my son Lenny III.
Be at peace. You are loved by many.

Posted 07/03/2019

Lenny Hensas Jr.

I would like to commemorate Jerminda Cox who lost her 30 year struggle with addiction in the receiving room of a prison in August 2017.

South Philadelphia

Posted 07/03/2019


Dear Anthony , i miss you so much, not a day goes by that i’m not thinking of you and the great times we had together . You may not be here with me but the memories i have with you will never go away ….love & miss you

Posted 07/03/2019


In Loving Memory
Scott Brandon Townley
April 7, 1976 – August 3, 2018

Posted 07/03/2019


Daniel Costello. Our beautiful 24 year old son …..Loving,caring,compassionate, fun-loving, and so missed by his mother and father. We wait patiently for the day the Lord Jesus reunites us all again. We love you Danny. <3

Posted 07/03/2019

Sherri Costello

Torae we love you and miss you.

Posted 07/03/2019


A year ago we found you on your bedroom floor. We were a family of four, now a ship wreck of three just clinging to the debris left behind and drifting. Our son was a strong, capable, intelligent, hardworking, kind and compassionate man. He was prescribed pills after a surgery in high school and found out he could buy more at school. Fast forward six years and two stays in rehab, what would have been a simple relapse killed him due to fentanyl. He did not want to die. We would have done anything to keep him alive and help him get better. He had everything to live for. Cole 7 27 94 – 3 9 18

Posted 08/03/2019


Rest easy Baby Boy. Your struggle is over. My sweet forever love.

Posted 01/03/2019


In Memory of my son Anthony 26..was Super Sweet.. Loving..Talented..It’s been 6 months & I’m still devastated…Will be Forever…His mass was on August 31..which to me is a sign I need to Advocate..

Posted 28/02/2019

Monica, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. I miss you so much it hurts. Till we meet again my friend.
12/13/1967 – 05/09/2015

Watch over my baby boy up in heaven.. xo RIP

Posted 27/02/2019

Matt-we miss you every single day and will never fully recover losing you so suddenly and way too soon. You had so much life left to live and so much left to offer. Your daughter has not been able to come to terms with losing you and is such a sad little girl who misses her daddy. I’m so sorry I didn’t help you more and made your life harder in some ways. You were my best friend. We love you Matty.

Posted 27/02/2019

Boy did you ever fight hard this past year with your struggles. You made Me so very proud. You always worried about disappointing me. And I constantly reassured you that you were my hero. Never a disappointment. I pray in my heart that you believed that before you died. You gave such a valiant effort mike😥How I wish I could have taken away all the pain in your heart. I was always your biggest cheerleader. And when you were approaching 5 months clean we were all so excited and proud. You once said that you were too smart to overdose. That you knew what you could handle 😭we would argue about that. And no one is smarter than the evil of heroin 😡Gosh I’m so mad that the evil of addiction took over your clean and sober brain for the last and final time. It’s just not fair. My worst nightmare came true when I got that dreaded call at work. I raced home trying to convince myself that they had saved you with Narcan. I still don’t think I truly believe you’re gone. It’s only been 16 days. And my pain is raw. It’ll never go away. You were like a son to me. I took care of you. I packed your lunch and left you little notes. I always told you to make good choices every single time you walked out the door. The only peace I have is that you didn’t suffer in your death. But you suffered in your life 😥and I thank god that you are now at peace. You will always hold a special place in my heart. We thought about selling the house because of the traumatic memories. But now we want to stay because of all the living memories we have of you. I will always hear you running up and down the steps with your keys jingling on your belt loop. I’ll always hear the door open as you say hi mum!! I can’t sell the house you called your home. I just can’t. I know heaven gained a very handsome angel with a killer smile I know you are lighting up heaven with it, as you skateboard on the streets of gold. I’ll be seeing you again my beautiful boy. Now you don’t have to fight the demons to make good choices, but I have to say it anyway. Make good choices my sweet boy. Mike Forever 26.😭 RIP 2-4-19 🙏🙏🙏

Posted 21/02/2019

My darling Christin Green who would be thirty years old this Sunday coming up died of a Fentanyl overdose 2 years ago March 7, 2019. I used to blame myself everyday for her death but how can i blame myself when i didn’t know she was using heroin to begin with. I think of you everyday and miss you more………..they say with time it gets easier but so far that hasn’t happened. Rest in my peace my sweet first born child and keep watching down over your two beautiful daughters (one which i am now raising).

Posted 26/02/2019
Michelle Kinch

In loving memory of my daughter Amber who died from an overdose on February 19th 2014 just 13 days after her 24th Birthday. You are forever missed and loved on this earth.I keep my faith in knowing that this is just temporary thing and I will see you again one day

Posted 25/02/2019
Misty Lawson

In Loving memory of my Dear son Stevie Hardy. He left this world on June 16, 2018. I Love and miss him so much.

Posted 25/02/2019
Joan Hardy

Jordan, January 23,1019 marked a year you’ve been in Heaven. I placed flowers on your grave that cold day. I noticed the chime I had hung from the tree above your headstone chimed all the time I was there talking with you and all the while II walked to my car. ” I hear you ” I called to you. I miss you as much as the day you left buddy. Does the sadness ever go away? I don’t think so, Not This Time. I see a nice car and think… ” Jordan might be driving one of these now if ” The unfairness of it. But life isn’t fair and this I know too well. I am thankful I knew you, for the time we had my friend. Most of all I am thankful you no longer have to suffer my friend. ‘Till we meet again, I love you more than there are stars. little more…

Posted 19/02/2019

In memory of my son, Louis Michael DeBacco (36), a light in the darkness, who was taken home on 4-26-2017. Rest my son. Grief and sorrow make a person weak and strong at the same time.

I love you,

Erin (Mom) and Lauren (Sister)

Posted 22/02/2019

My only sibling died of an overdose in March 2004. It will be 15 years in 2019. It started so innocently 20 years before from a dislocated thumb. Please ALL be aware how easily it begins and can happen to anyone especially those with an addictive personality. This strongest weakness was used by the adversary of us all to grab hold of my sibling’s life and finally took it. It started with #3s and ended with everything that contained opiates including cough syrup. My sibling first obtained it legally and in the end obtained it all illegally. An overdose death was something I was told would never happen to me because “I am careful.” It is not just the physical part that is hard, it’s the psychological part that is even harder. These are our loved ones, love them always, love comes first over any imperfection we have. They are of worth of infinite worth. The overdose spray was not available then like it is now, please have it on hand. I know I will see PHB again only without this addiction. My sibling is now reunited with our father who died in 1970, our mother and the dear grandmother who loved us both. God be with you ’til we meet again ~ from your loving sister

Posted 16/02/2019

To my mom, I miss you so much and my heart is broken to pieces. I can’t believe you’re gone, you were so so beautiful and amazing. You are irreplaceable and me and your other 2 baby girls (4 and 5 years old) and family are so heart broken, we love you and my heart hurts so bad, my chest feels the 1000 ibs weighing on it, and it’s even hard to eat. I love you mommy, I always will and I will see you when my time comes. Rest in piece momma 2-12-19

Posted 15/02/2019

My son, My baby, 26… I swear I didn’t know…. We were laughing and talking.. 2 hours later florida state police.. David’s dead.. Nightmare begins.. And I still haven’t woken from it.. Flight to maine.. See my baby, cold,just wake up please.. Back home to Florida… Life goes on… But I just keep waiting for your call.. Text.. Anything… Your sister took some of your ashes to Peru.. I know you loved to travel… Now your in heaven.. No pain.. No demands. Love u boo

Posted 10/02/2019

In loving Memory
Nicklaus Maximilian Ogborne
September 1990 – August 2018

Posted 07/02/2019

In memory of my lovely son Ryan, forever 24. Took ectasy at a rave for the first time the night before Mothers day 2018, the next thing I know the police are knocking on my door at 6am Mothers day. After 4 long days in intensive care, Ryan sadly lost his life and to say the family he has left behind are devastated is an understatement. We miss him every single day and I will grieve for him for the rest of my life.

Posted 06/02/2019

My soul sister Valerie. I love and miss you so much. You had such a hard life and then nine sober years. You went to college, you helped other people, you got knocked down and got up again until you could not. I hate the disease , I will always love you.


My fiance, Mike, passed away this afternoon from a heroin overdose. He was an addict for 18 years but was getting clean again. He was my everything and I miss him so much!!!


In honor of my first born child, my only daughter, Lauren Taylor. Our hearts are broken and always will be. We miss you so much. We long to hear your giggle and see your happy smile. Taylor was a happy, smart, beautiful young woman that loved her brother and was blessed to have a large family that supported her thru out her young life. No one ever deserves to battle this horrible addiction. No one deserves to die from this horrible disease. Addiction can take everything from a person, from the family and friends, and ultimately, in some cases, takes their life. Taylor didn’t deserve to die this way. She overdosed only once. We didn’t see it coming and were not prepared. I (we) will always wonder if we could of saved her. What could we have done differently. We pray for strength and pray for the many families going thru this type of loss of a loved one. It’s such a huge loss


My beautiful seester. You’ve been gone for 15 days. I can’t believe it. I don’t know how I will be able to live everyday of my life without you (I feel selfish for that statement). Your 5 beautiful children and your beautiful little grand daughter……they will miss you forever. You were only 42. I read so many of these Tributes that said that their loved one had been clean/sober and slipped. My seester had 18 months clean. She had a moment of weakness. That moment will never take away how proud I am of you. You were such a fighter. I am proud that I was able to fight along side with you. I will do everything I can to remind your babies of who you were. I will do everything I can to hug and kiss your dad and our mom as often as possible. I will push through this pain and fear and anger and lonliness so that I can be there for your beautiful grand baby. I love you seester. More than words can explain. <3



Marta P

In memory of my beautiful daughter Caroline who passed away to a drugs overdose on 5th November 2018 , she was 31 years old and had been clean for a good 3 years up to her dad passing away Dec 2017. This seemed to be the catalyst for her demise . I feel absolutely devastated and so does her sister , we are still struggling to comprehend that we will never see her again or hear her chatty voice. She was always such a chatty optimist and our lives without her will never be the same again. R.I.P Caroline I pray that you are with the angels now.

Posted 09/01/2019

I lost my son this Christmas morning. He was clean for 10 months, had good job, car , apartment. We dont know why he gave in to his addiction. We will always love him and miss him.

Posted 06/01/2019

Lost my brother Paul October 21st 2006 to a cocaine overdose
Lost my brother James April 13th 2018 to a heroine overdose
I think of you both every day

Posted 03/01/2019

This is for my daughter Lindsay. Lost you Thanksgiving day this year. My heart is broken. I know you fought this battle for several years. My baby girl your battle is now over and I pray that there is no more unhappiness for you. Read one of the last msgs in your phone saying how you hated dope. Love you. I will see you on the other side my lil girl. Momma

Posted 31/12/2018

My boyfriend Keith passed away almost one year ago on January 6th, 2018 to a heroin overdose. Even though it feels like it happened yesterday, I also feel like I’ve lived a million lifetimes without him. He was my soulmate, my entire world in so many ways. Recently divorced, he’d shown me a love I never knew existed. We knew each other since middle school, but had reconnected after twenty some odd years on Facebook just when I’d needed him. He was always this charismatic character, witty, funnier than anyone I’d ever come by. I can honestly say he was one of God’s rare gifts to this earth—he just didn’t know it. I miss him more as each day passes, am actually starting to wonder if this pain will ever subside. My methadone counselor says I’m going through a horrendous case of survivors guilt. Though we used together, we didn’t use together that night. I was there, woke up to him slumped over on my back, me screaming as I tried to wake him up, but he was already gone by the time the paramedics showed up. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling like this. Maybe if I had used with him that night it’d be him here writing about me and not me writing about him. At least that’s the way it should’ve been. It shouldn’t have been him. He had too much to live for. Me? Without him, I’m nothing, the reason for me still being here an unknown. I miss you, bibbi. I’ll be clean one year in February. I don’t care about the naysayers who claim I’m not clean because I’m on the methadone program. Like my counselor says “If not you wouldn’t be here.” Sometimes I don’t know how to feel about that because I don’t want to do life anymore if you’re not here with me in it. Still, and I’m not sure what it is, I keep treading on. I’d like to think it’s you giving me a little push, telling me that when it’s my time we’ll be together again. Anyway, I love you, Keith, always have, always will. You filled 18 months of my life with such joy, so much laughter, and a happiness I never knew existed, you’ll always remain my forever, eternity love. Until we meet again, bibbi, I’ll carry you in my heart and soul until it’s me whom takes my very last breath…

Posted 31/12/2018

Morsa Muro Spidle. I miss you. Not a day goes by i dont think about the good times we shared. I tried so hard to help you but the heroin got the best of you . I promise i will take care of the kids. You go and rest in peace.

Posted 01/01/2019

Clayton 1972- Dec 18, 2018
You suffered with depression and drug addiction for the last 20 yrs. Last year you got into a bran new apt complex and for the first time in years you had a roof over your head, food in the fridge and seemed to be doing so well. Last Christmas was wonderful as our little family all got together at your place to celebrate. I was thanking God every night for that year, it was truly a miracle. It was so comforting to know you were living a normal life. Chris and I wanted to drive down last March for my birthday to celebrate with you and your brother , but you had moved out and gone back to your old life. You told me when I spoke with you a couple of weeks ago that you were living with a friend and at that time we made plans for Xmas. You had a court date Dec 18 up here so Chris and I were expecting you for dinner , instead the police arrived with the news that your body was found in a tent early that afternoon. The temperature the night before was -18. I feel that had I been educated about addiction and been more supportive you wold still be with us. Instead I believe that addiction was about just making your mind up not to use. I am so sorry that I will never have the opportunity to make this up to you and tell you how very much I love you.

Posted 26/12/2018
Clayton Lorin Green

My brothers both passed from addiction. Roger from liver failure and Greg nov 9 2018 And Dad from Liver in February 2018 all 3 in 3 yrs. I read everyone’s posts and seems like a lot of accidents overdosed and on purpose. Im stuck wondering which his was. He was clean right before and said he felt great that happens and passes fast then to use. Im on Methadone trying to stay pain pill free almost 18 yrs and still being told im replacing one for another omg well I can say IM ALIVE AND GRATEFUL FOR MY PROGRAM God Im thankful for the mercury you’ve shown me. Its Gregs birthday Roger’s birthday was 10th and Im just missing all of you

Posted 13/12/2018

My best friend died August 14, 2018. She started using in February or March of 2018. She didnt struggle long, but she did struggle. She was depressed and trying to cover up the pain she was feeling. I miss her dearly. She was an amazing friend and person. So many people at her funeral. She was so loved but didn’t feel it. She was a gift to anyone who met her.

Posted 12/12/2018

My father John Thomas Reilly lost his life to an overdose of opioids. He struggled with addiction, and was in South Florida at the time when the incident happened. My family was hurt by his death, but I continue to fight for awareness.
John Thomas Reilly
DOD April 7, 2017

Posted 07/12/2018
John Reilly

August 31, 1990 – May 29, 2018
Joseph is our only son, our first born, died of an accidental overdose. Ironic how I have come to learn National Overdose Day is his actual birthday. His presence in life shined so bright I can still feel him, even though he is no longer in this living world. I miss you Joseph, we all miss you, we find strength every day through you living so strong in our hearts. The world became quieter when you left, but I have no doubt heaven is definitely much louder! Life is so different without you. Dad and I, your lil sisters, your baby niece, family & all your friends, we all love and miss you so much. We are forever a team my beautiful son.

Posted 07/12/2018

I lost my only sibling, John Page on January 29, 2016. He died of lethal combination of heroin and benzodiazapine. John will forever be missed.

Posted 05/12/2018
Heidi Page

Codey was clean for over a year when he intentionally overdosed and died January 20, 2017. He saved me, broke my door down before I could pull the trigger.

Posted 08/11/2018

Nico. I don’t know if you ever really knew, or believed how much you were loved, or how proud we were of your brave attempts to battle such a hard addiction. Each attempt to get clean was a testimony of your gallant spirit to overcome, and not a sign of failure. Please know that! You will ever be in our hearts and sorely missed. I grieve the future things that should have been, but now will never be as each season passes. We who are left here without you will never be able to fathom the happiness of any occasion without your presence. I also grieve for the things in your life that you so longed for in your heart, and struggled to obtain that will never come to pass. I believe by God’s mercy you were not alone when you breathed your last breath. Be at peace now sweet, kind, sensitive, considerate Nico. Your goodness was no match for the ugliness of the substance that took you. Remember what I wrote to you in your Bible. You are so loved.

Posted 27/11/2018

Jordan Spencer Clark #22forever…1/23/2018 I miss you so Much my friend. Not a day goes by I don’t think of you.
I want you to know that I am so very thankful for the short time you came into my life ( 9 months). It was a life time crammed into that short span of time for sure. Jordan I wish you Peace and Joy and rest from the struggles that hounded you here on this earth. I wish I could have helped you in some way, but feel I fell short. Know that I Love you Jordan and that I always will!!
Till we meet again… Give my Mom a hug for me and tell her I love her and tell her to give you a hug and tell you I love you !!!
Til next then, little more…

Posted 27/11/2018

To my amazing big brother, Kenneth Dupree, who recently passed on October 30th. I still haven’t accepted it but I know he’s no longer suffering and I’ll miss him so much.

Posted 26/11/2018

Remembering my number one son, my Ryan, my boy, forever 35
24 April 1981 – 16 June 2016
How I do miss you son – I’ll miss you forever but love you far longer than that,
mum. xxxxx

Posted 17/11/2018
Natalie Wallace

Will Brennan, you will always be my bestfriend, pledge brother, and brother for life. Our pledge class still always talks about you every day remembering all of the great memories you blessed us with. I love you brother, rest easy. We will all see eachother again.

Posted 08/11/2018
Colin Ellington

When you lose your parents you’re an orphan. When you lose your spouse you are widowed. When you lose your child you are…? There’s no word for that. I love you and miss you every single day, Brian 💜

Posted 08/11/2018

I lost a husband to heroin overdose someone that I loved very much someone that I can honestly say was the first person that I could say I actually was in love with this drug took his life, took him away from his beautiful children that loved him so much and his grandchildren ,this is an awful drug!!.. so to my husband even though I wasn’t with you sad we broke up before you left this earth know
I love you and I always did love you .. I’m sorry that this drug took away our marriage and took away your life maybe now you can rest in peace and not fight that urge that killed u …I love you….I will miss u..

Posted 10/11/2018

My beautiful son Matthew was found dead on August 27,2016 Drugs did not define him at all. He was a beautiful son with a future that would of been bright. He was the kind of young man that gave with his whole heart and never asked for much in return. He would come to me late at night and say Momma I cant do it all. I would tell him every time to stop worrying about what others said and thought about him. He had nothing to prove. He needed help and the ones who were supposed to protect him didn’t they fed his habit and had the mentality its better behind closed doors and yet if just one person close to him would of said something he’d be here today .I love him and miss him every single moment and it kills me he lay dead alone for over 12 -14 hours and I couldn’t hold him or see him . This disease didn’t just take his life it took mine forever and all the hate and things afterwards just made his death harder to bear. Rest in peace my beautiful Matty I love you Love Mamma

Posted 28/08/2018


Angelo Melvin, Husband, Father, Son, Brother. Sweet Soul left us after a relapse battle in September 1, 2017. 48 years old . We miss you.

Posted 29/08/2018


Adam Joshua, 1977 – 2015, my little brother, heroin overdose. He had a great voice, he was a big teddy bear, he loved to eat and cook, he loved the Grateful Dead, he was a sweet uncle, and a pain in the ass, and i loved him.

Posted 01/09/2018

Nicki Lerczak

My brother. You were such a beautiful man with a bright smile and squinty eyes. Your big bear hugs brought me so much security and warmth during the times we held each other. I wish I could have a million more of those hugs and be able to hear your laugh or see your smile instead of listening to videos and looking through pictures.
Your death haunts me daily. The grief and thoughts of what could have been done and said. What more could we have done. I have never seen someone fight addiction as hard as you did and you did it all for your family. I wish you would’ve stayed away from this town; part of me thinks you would still be here if you did.
It has been less than a year since you left us but it feels like a lifetime. I ache. Tonight I fell to the ground, wondering if you felt all the pain when you left this world. Were you scared? Were you at peace? Did you think about all of us who loved you?
I am so proud of what you overcame when you were here and what mark you left in this world. Your daughter misses you. She is getting so big and looks more and more like you every day. I love you, Scott. I miss you like hell.

Posted 24/09/2018


My heart still hurts every day since you went to heaven my sweet son. I love and miss you so much!
All my love,
Muszzi MaMa

Posted 09/10/2018


Kevin. 11/9/1994 – 9/24/2018. Baby Brother we loved you very much. You needed us and we didn’t see it. Cocaine and alcohol took you that morning. You had soo much to live for still.

Posted 20/10/2018


Being in Recovery & when I was in my active addiction, unfortunately one of the harsh realities is losing people you’ve grown close to to overdose. I lost a very special person in 2017. An amazingly caring, funny, kind person. I was able to attend his 1 yr celebration of life get together that his family held (I drove from CA to Miss.) After that trip I made the decision to retire from my profession of 34 yrs (hairstylist) & devote my energy towards working in the Recovery field. My friend is greatly missed each & every day but I know he is at peace & watching over his friends & loved ones. Count ’em up Jeremy!!

Posted 22/10/2018

Michele Kay Bagwell

I miss you a lot dad. It has been almost 4 years since you passed and each day gets easier knowing you’re watching over me and protecting me. Thank you for that. I love you very much best friend. Goodnight 💤

Posted 23/10/2018


Honoring my son, Trevor, who turned 25 on August 30th, and died of a drug overdose on October 9th. He had just completed 40 days of inpatient rehab, and was 2 weeks clean after that. The end was a result of many years of battling drug addiction and mental health issues. He was bright and a musical genius. Gone too soon. We know we will see him again , he knew The Lord. That is our hope of eternal life, it is just hard knowing we will never see him this side of eternity.

Posted 24/10/2018


Tiffany Gallagher we love and miss you like crazy your grandmother charlotte will be broken hearted to the end of time your 5 sisters and father are trying to go on in this life with out you here qe miss you

Posted 30/10/2018

Colleen fehrle

Anthony, you will be with us forever. Miss you like crazy bud. Always love you. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. I am so sorry that it happened so soon. Rest In Peace.
June 18, 1996 – June 8, 2017.

Posted 31/10/2018


Malcolm James McCormick aka MAC MILLER
Rest in Peace – September 7, 2018
Thank you for your music and your carefree spirit!
Many of us have never met you, but we all deeply appreciated your creativity.
You will forever be loved and you’re always with us through your music.
Fly high!

Posted 02/11/2018


One week ago I lost my beautiful son to a heroin overdose. He was a smart, kind, and loving young man. He fought a long hard battle against this disease and I’m so proud of him for his effort. My life will never be same. I miss him so.

Posted 03/11/2018



Posted 04/11/2018


To my oldest son,, that left me in flesh but never in heart and soul. Born Jan. 23rd 1983. Lost him on Aug.1st 2017. Our favorite quote always was “Always your Mother, forever your friend”. Love you with all my heart Dan. Love Mom

Posted 07/11/2018


to my ex husband not really sure what to say other than you will be missed by your children and my self I will always love you.. you will be remembered always in every Lake and in every Hawk that I see . I will always hate that drug that destroyed our marriage rest in peace baby..

Posted 07/11/2018


Brother, I miss you so much, I miss your love, your hugs, your voice, your protection I miss everything about you. I don’t know how to continue life without you. I’ve lost control of my life. I know I must continue, and I try, but then I remember you’re really gone, and I lose it. I feel Empty. Numb. Shocked. Crazy. Angry. Paralyzed. I look at your pictures and it confirms that I will never physically see or touch you again and I just can’t take it. Since you passed I hate Wednesdays, because we found you on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are the hardest for me, It’s hard to get out of bed. I relive each moment leading up to finding out you had passed. I remember getting that call that you might be dead in your apartment. I remember driving to your apartment. I remember the cop’s blocking us from entering your apartment while they broke your door down. I remember our sisters faces as the cops broke down the door. I remember the cop walking out of your apartment and saying something into his radio and our older sister just crying and screaming and asking the cop “tell me if my brother is dead” the cop told us “I’m sorry but yes your brother passed” I remember our little sister’s cry as soon as we heard those words come out of his mouth. I was in complete shock. I went crazy. We all did. I remember mommy’s cries when she arrived at your apartment. I never imagined seeing you in a body bag let alone hugging you in one. I can’t believe you’re really gone. I knew I was going to lose you but not like this, not over an overdose, I mean how bro, and why… Why the fuck would you take that shit. Were you that lonely…Were you in that much pain….I’m sorry I didn’t help you IM SORRY FORGIVE ME. I wasn’t there when you needed me most and you died all alone in your apartment. I’m sorry I was too busy in my fucking career, a career that now doesn’t mean shit because you’re not here. I don’t care about becoming an attorney anymore. What for.. You’re not here anymore. I can’t make you proud anymore brother. I’m sorry I didn’t pay closer attention to you. I should’ve. You reached out to me; you wanted to go to church with me but we never got to go together. I should of followed up more. I should of persisted more. I remember you once said you didn’t want to die alone and that’s how you died. Oh that hurts me so much. I’m sorry brother. It breaks my heart. How I wish you could of called me or I should of called you that night. I should of but I was so busy with my fucking life, I hate myself. I wasn’t there for you. I’m left with so many unanswered questions, what were your final thoughts, did you think of us, were you scared, did you suffer, are you with god, can you see me, are you at peace now, will I get to see you again, did you know how mush I truly loved you. What kills me is that you must of felt so lonely brother. Although, you’ll never read this, just know that we loved you and always will. I listen to the oldie songs we used to hear together and it takes me right back to when we use to sit in my car and listen to them together and talk for hours of everything and anything. Brother I’m sorry your ending had to be like this. Just know that I always loved you. How I wish your life would have been different. I wish you would have enjoyed your life more, I know our childhood was filled with hardships and so was your adult life. I know you were trying very hard to find your way and be the best you could be, and you were but for some reason God chose to take you. I know you’re not suffering anymore in this cruel world. I just wish you knew how much you were truly loved. Brother I will never understand your unexpected passing; I just know that I was not prepared to lose you. I miss you every day. You’re in my mind every day in everything I do. I don’t know how to continue life without you brother; life just doesn’t make sense without you. My life will never be the same without you. You literally took a piece of me with you. Thank you for leaving us a piece of you, it makes us feel a bit better when I see our nieces and nephews because I see you in them and I kiss and hug them and I can feel you. I promise to love and protect them as you would brother. I will forever be their advocate and will make sure they are loved. I LOVE YOU BIG BROTHER, LOVE YOUR LITTLE SISTER. (Love you bro, love you sis).

Posted 02/11/2018


My precious daughter Marci, I am so sorry I wasn’t with you when you were dying. I have so many questions about your death that I’ll never get answered. Your death was devastating. One of the sorrows that hurt me most is that you were around people that didn’t love you. I wish I could have been there to hold you and tell you how beautiful you are and how much I love you. You should have never moved into that evil town and I believe you would still be here. I miss you so very much. My heart is so broken We all love and miss you deeply. Love, your Mom

Posted 16/10/2018

Matthew Ray,
My heart still hurts every day since you went to heaven my sweet son. I love and miss you so much!
All my love,
Muszzi MaMa

Posted 09/10/2018

Brenda & kaylee, my sisters and best friends, I miss you both more than words could describe and will be counting down the days until I can see you again. I love you both so much.

Posted 09/10/2018
Lindsey Giamanco

My precious son Kurtis (William Rock) gone too soon at 27 yrs old on Mar.25/2018. It still seems like yesterday; you were doing so well and we had such good times together and positive future to look forward to. You were caring, kind, loving and so helpful to me, our family, children and animals. You were desperately reaching out to the church and God for help when you relapsed so I’m baffled why God took you home at this time instead of saving you as he had in the past. While you know how much I love you and that you were the best thing that ever happened in my life, I also miss all yr help, advice, knowledge about health and Christianity, and just talking to you about everything that is going on in the world, sports of course and other things. I miss you so much and feel like I will never recover from losing you to the accidental fentynal poisoning, I feel like you are still speaking to me through old cards or letters when you told me not to get discouraged and to hold onto my faith in God as that is all we really have. You were so right as I now realize you were about many things you said, as I am alone now except for God.

Posted 05/10/2018
Marlene Rock

I lost my 24 year old son to an accidental overdose of heroin on June 28th 2018.
There were never any sign that he was using heroin, this may have been a fatal mistake!

Posted 05/10/2018

My beautiful son, Scott Bradley Curtis was murdered by someone who gave him fentanyl on 9/10/18. He was a handsome, funny, loving son and father. Forever 26

Posted 04/10/2018

​Life can be so great…and so terrifying. I miss you and I love you with my entire soul, but I’m glad you’re in a safe place. You didn’t deserve to live in any more pain.

LIFE is so painful; I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because I miss you so much. I want to go to therapy, but what can they do? I’ll never be satisfied until I know I’ll definitely see you again one day. We can spend ETERNITY together; there are no words to describe the happiness I would experience if that was true…that must be what Heaven is! Can it be true? Can we really spend FOREVER with the people we love? In a place that’s safe? With no fear? No pain? No addiction? Just pure unconditional love, with your beautiful soul. God, I hope so.

I hope you’re there when it’s my time.
I love you.

Posted 03/10/2018

Martiana Kay Gonzales 03/16/93-06/09/18. My baby oh how I miss you I still cannot accept it I try however I cannot fool myself. I love you and will always speak your name love mom

Posted 03/10/2018

My brother. You were such a beautiful man with a bright smile and squinty eyes. Your big bear hugs brought me so much security and warmth during the times we held each other. I wish I could have a million more of those hugs and be able to hear your laugh or see your smile instead of listening to videos and looking through pictures.
Your death haunts me daily. The grief and thoughts of what could have been done and said. What more could we have done. I have never seen someone fight addiction as hard as you did and you did it all for your family. I wish you would’ve stayed away from this town; part of me thinks you would still be here if you did.
It has been less than a year since you left us but it feels like a lifetime. I ache. Tonight I fell to the ground, wondering if you felt all the pain when you left this world. Were you scared? Were you at peace? Did you think about all of us who loved you?
I am so proud of what you overcame when you were here and what mark you left in this world. Your daughter misses you. She is getting so big and looks more and more like you every day. I love you, Scott. I miss you like hell.

Posted 24/09/2018

It is with a shattered heart
I pay tribute to Ben
A very funny, cheeky, huge hearted, sweet, wise partner, son, brother, cousin, grandson, friend and best friend

I love you so much
One week on and it feels like forever
Rest In Peace

Posted 22/09/2018

Rest in Paradise Aunt Kelly. You gine but never forgetten. I’ll take care of your son. We’re like brothers. I love him to death. Im glad your in a better place, this world was too hard for you. Now the creator is taking care of you.

Posted 21/09/2018
Kelly W


I still can’t believe you’re gone. Nearly a year free from your addiction to heroin but it took you back and just like that, you left this world. I fell in love with a strong, intelligent, kind, gen of a man whose success in sobriety became motivation for so many others. I choose to honor that version of you, despite your years of struggle with addiction, and the horror stories from that time that you shared with me. I still only knew you without that drug controlling your mind and body and I am grateful because I believe that was the real you.

Please know how much you were truly loved Zech, so many friends and family came together, despite conflicts and disagreements, and they did so in love and celebrated your life.

I wish I could go back to that night you chose to use again for the first time in nearly a year and stop you. Tell you it’s not worth it- that you still have so much life and love ahead of you and that you were strong enough to face the pain you sought to numb. Maybe that still wouldnt have been enough to stop the demons from you past from screaming so loud you had to shut them up the best way you knew how, but I would do anything to have held you and given you “soft touches” and told you how much you meant to me and how much I love you, even if it was for one last time.

Please know your children saw the best in you, and will continue to do so. Your son drives your car now, I’m sure you’re always above him protecting him. Your daughter is creating through her sadness and we’ve spent a lot of special moments together. I will continue to stay connected to them and the rest of the amazing souls you connected with in your life. You will always live on in love.

I miss you every second of everyday. I sleep on your pillow and smell your shirt everyday. I re-read our texts constantly & laugh at the hilarious selfies you sent me. I miss your voice and your kisses and your intensity and presence. You were my love, now you’re my angel. Never stop shining. Shine over those who are struggling. Shine so bright it blinds the ones who are about to shoot up the same darkness that took your life. Shine on Zech. Until we meet again…

You will forever be in my heart.

Love you always and forever,
Your Girl,

Posted 16/09/2018

Cameron Latvala, 12/8/92-1/30/18, you were taken from us much too soon. You were such a sweet, sensitive young man. Ironically, if you had been with me when you overdosed, I would have had naloxone with which to save you. I’ve brought back a couple of people since I took the short training course, but the loss of someone so young with so much to live for has been a catalyst for me to persuade everyone who uses or knows someone who uses heroin or other opioids to have naloxone on hand. Nobody should die in vain when it is so easy to obtain and administer.
RIP my friend, I am a better person for having known you

Posted 13/09/2018

To my big sister, I can’t believe you’re gone. I will never forget the day I found out I got a phone call from the police to come and pick up the kids. I locked the doors to my job and drove as fast as my car goes. The cops didn’t tell me anything at all except that I needed to get to my moms house immediately Praying to God you were alright. And maybe you’d quit this time I just knew you had overdone it this time. I just thought you’d be alright. I was praying so hard my eyes full of tears. I pulled up to the apartment to see a slew of police cars, an ambulance and a fire truck.
When I didn’t see you in the ambulance I started to wonder where you were as I walked up the stairs the EMS the cops and the firefighters were just looking at me and a friend grabbed my hand and said I’m going to need you to breathe and my mom walks out and says she’s gone. And I just lost it, the cops wouldn’t let me in the apartment until I calmed down because of the children so my moms neighbor my friend let me come into her house and I fell to the floor. I sat there for about 20 mins just thinking about everything and anything. My mind became numb I smoked a cigarette and walked back up those stairs and went into the apartment by that time the priest was there. Nothing in the world can prepare you for such a tragic accident. When the priest told her son he starting praying and asking God to please don’t let her be gone. I broke down again. All along trying to stay strong for the kids. It started to become overwhelming. I can’t believe you’re gone and mom and your little girl and your little boy and your brother we’re still here. But you’re not. I miss you more and more everyday. I hope you and daddy are having a good time in heaven. I love you to infinity and beyond.
You may not be here physically but you will always be here in those children and in my blood. I love you sissy. 😓😓

Posted 13/09/2018

Daniel…I hope you now see how deeply you are loved. We are missing that laugh, the silliness…the comfort of feeling safe when you are near. Part of me died with you that day..a huge part. I am so lost without you. Like you said we were each other’s salvation. Guide me. Protect the kids….but most importantly be happy, at peace. We are not mad..we know all you ever wanted was our family to be ok. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be as wise as you. You were right…incomparable….genius…beautiful but most of all my best friend.
Visit me. Guide me and protect our babies. Your the one I want to see when it’s my time to transition…please be there. I love you this life and the next.
Daniel Joseph Rola
12/30/78 – 5/6/18

Posted 12/09/2018

To my big sister, Ashley Marie Fasano: what I would say if I could talk to you just one more time… I am so sorry, I am sorry I couldn’t save you. I am sorry I was so useless. I wish I could have done more for you. I am sorry you could never see how many people loved you. I am sorry for not showing it in the beginning when it first started… when you told me the last time we talked is when you needed to be loved the most. I’m sorry I failed you. It has been almost 6 months and I cry for you every single day. I just want to tell you sorry. But I can’t because you are gone. I want to tell you I love you just one more time. I want to kiss you one more time. I want to hug you one more time but I can’t, and it hurts because I never will. I am so alone and no one understands. I was told last month its been 5 months I need to move on. I can’ t. And I don’t want to. Even my own husband told me today ” yea it sucks but you just hold it in you need to move on already.” The times when I am at my lowest and feel the most alone I wonder if that’s how you felt. It brings me understanding because if it wasn’t for my kids I could be you. Everyone judges addicts but it can happen to anyone, so I acknowledge it could be me. I have to be honest with you, you have always been honest with me….it has crossed my mind. I once asked you why…why you do it. How does it make you feel. You said you are always sad you miss your kids they will never forgive you … That the pain is such an immense feeling so overwhelming that you just get to the point that you are willing to do anything to get that relief. It numbs it. When you use the needle you literally lay back and feel that pain slipping away, as you go numb. But then that needle, that yes brings a type of relief to you, also takes a hold on you. Once it has that hold on you it is so strong so tight its suffocating. It takes hold of your mind and body. Its like you sold your soul to the devil because now it’s not just numbing your pain you felt in your heart …but now your body depends on it. No you said your body NEEDS it and it punishes you if you don’t feed it with the needle. Then you went on to tell me the physical repercussions when you don’t have the drug. You told me to never even try it, not even ONCE. Because that’s all it takes. Its not worth it because it numbs the pain only for a little while….but it doesn’t heal it. So for you, I can never go down that road. But it is so hard…. I won’t lie. Man dealing with this pain just as I am right now especially when no one gets me. Just Like no one understood you, is THE hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my entire life. My mother abandoned me and the rest of her children when I was 6. I would so much rather go through that pain a million times over then have this darkness.. This pain, this sadness, emptiness, that I have carried with me everyday since March 27 2018. I carry the darkness and walk in this darkness alone and its scary. Its fucking scary. March 27th….. I say that day out loud everyday for some reason. I don’ t really know why. But I try my damn hardest to stay strong because you are my big sister and you told me to. I will never try it because you told me not to. Not because I am stronger than you because I am not. Its because I promised you. Especially for my kids it brings me such pain to even imagine inflicting this type of pain on them. I could never do that to them. I would gladly walk in darkness and hide this pain than ever hurt them in that way. I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy. Never mind my babies. I never want them to ever have to feel this pain. But Ashley its hard. I miss you. I really thought I could save you. I am a failure . .I have failed you and for that I will never forgive myself. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I always said that even when you were alive. I was always in such awe of your beauty. I wish that beauty was still on this earth. But i will hold it in my heart. Every single day for the rest of my life…until I am no longer on this earth. I will never move on. Why should I be granted such a privilege when you are not here to do the same. I do not deserve that. Especially when I feel in my heart there’s something I could have done more. Done better. I thank God every day you had my nieces man, they make my heart start beating again times I feel it slowing down…. If ever a mother loved her kids it was you. We are not perfect none of us are. I will never allow anyone to think otherwise of you. Out of all of us you endured the most. I don’t care who agrees. It wasn’t your fault for what happened to you. But you always had so much love in your heart. For a person that always said she did not feel loved, to me is such an admirable quality you had. You were always kissing everyone and pinching our cheeks and saying we are so cute. Your children will know of your love. That is my promise to you. I love you. It hurts knowing you will never read any of these words….but its something I also cannot change. No matter how much I cry. – Jessica

Posted 11/09/2018


We got your autopsy report Friday, we read it today as a family. I’m in Japan now, I wish I was home with everyone. The Medical Examiner said you overdosed on cocaine and fentanyl. Did you know what you were taking? Did you suffer? Is there more to the story? Did you really die on our brother’s birthday? Or was it the night before? We don’t have any answers. I miss you. I think about you every single day. I wish I could have been a better sister, I wish I could have helped you. I wish I would have understood addiction, I always thought you were choosing that lifestyle. I thought you chose to do drugs, and maybe you did to start with, but then you couldn’t stop. I was so mad at you for so long. You would never listen to me, there were 4 seperate times I tried to talk to you. Sometimes you took your head and said I know, other times you made faces and said you didn’t do drugs. Why wouldn’t you be honest with us and let us help you? I know you wanted help, I read your planner. I’m so mad at you for that. You could still be here. Now we have to tell your daughter what happened, she’s been asking all summer. I hate drugs, I promise you I will always be honest with her and teach her about addicition. I won’t let you die in vain Jess, I promise. I will spend the rest of my life trying to fix this broken system and helping other people that continue to struggle with the disease that killed you. I’m so sorry I judged you, I will actively try to never judge another soul ever again. You taught me that. I love you forever and I hope that you send me signs and I see you in my dreams until we meet again.

Love you forever and always (with your crisscross heart),

Posted 10/09/2018

In remembrance of my only two (2) children, Robert (Robbie) Allen Sirois (8-22-87 thru 05-21-16) and Christopher (Chris) Elliott Sirois) 04-07-91 thru 11-25-17. I loved them both so very much and miss them every day. Heroin is the drug that took their lives, and they left this world far to early. They no longer suffer with the battle of this disease, but my heart aches for them EVERY day. I love you Robbie and Chris to the moon and back. May you rest in peace.

Posted 08/09/2018
Elaine Hawkins

My beautiful brother, if I had of known the severity of your addiction I would have been there more as a friend, an advocate, & a support. You were an amazing person, with a light that shone wherever you went. If I have learnt one thing from losing you, it would be to ask more questions and spread more awareness. I will never forget our memories, you were more than how you died, you were a person with a spirit, a heart, a brain, and full of happiness and life experience. You will never be forgotten, and I will always be there for you until I see you again… x

Posted 07/09/2018
Heather R

My dearest son, Devin, I miss you and think of you every single day. You spent so much of your short time on this planet battling this disease, my only regret is that it had such prominence in your life. I wish we spent more fun times together kayaking, on the SUP boards, playing, instead of visiting you in rehab. I’m grateful for the times we did have. I miss your smile, your laugh, your “love you Mom” whenever we hung up the phone. I know you’re peaceful now, relaxing in the wind, at the beach, with the trees. I love you forever Devin.


RIP Devin Christopher Bellak 6/7/1989 – 11/26/2017

Posted 07/09/2018

murph, cory, stew, holden, batman, grant, grim to name a few
and unfortunately theres so many more to remember
I miss you all so much life is so hard without you all and I still talk to you all the time

Posted 05/09/2018
beckie freeman

Thanks for educating others about the importance of drug overdose. Keep up the great work!
Margalie Deshommes

Posted 04/09/2018
Margalie Deshommes

My beautiful big sister Jill, I hope you now know that it’s the good times I remember. Love always, your little Yoda

Posted 04/09/2018

In loving memory of Greg Singer ~ Sunrise: September 20, 1962 – Sunset: January 15, 2018. I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things we’d choose to do anyway. And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you. I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with you, but then I realized you spent the rest of your life with me. Thank you for an amazing journey…see you on the other side.

Love you madly♥️Miss you more

Posted 04/09/2018

Remembering Vicki who passed away in July 2018.

Posted 04/09/2018
Elizabeth & Darren

In memory of my brother Reuben Bellomy

Posted 04/09/2018

My 22year old only child my son Noah Sept the 4th will be gone 3,long painfully years due to an over dose if what was susppose to be heroin but was fentanyl he died in a moral room in Irondale in sept 2015 the guy with him let him Kay there 8 hours before calling for help.and he called me first before ambulance or law enforcement.i was told by him the guy that my son Noah was dead .there was no investigation or anything done about the death of my only child .I have not missed a day of not crying and missing my son .nothing was ever done to the guy with my son.he is talking the streets still R. I. P. My son until I see you again .I live and miss you like crazy

Posted 03/09/2018

I’m writing this to honor my late husband, who passed away from a heroin overdose, two years ago on September 3rd. His name was Johnie Hawkins, and he was amazing. He was such a loving, kind, funny, intelligent and just all around good person, and I miss him every single day. Johnie struggled with drug addiction and depression for years, before I met him in 2006, and throughout the duration of our relationship/marriage. He wanted so badly to be free from the addiction, and he got help a few times. He was clean off and on for years, and he really did try. I did the best I could to be supportive and there for him, but it just got to be too much and I basically checked out. I just couldn’t handle the awful things the disease brought out of him…the lying, stealing, manipulation, etc. He was still so sweet and amazing to me and our children, yet at the same time the other horrible things were going on. It was truly like he was two different people. I know he hated himself for that, and I know he wanted better for us all. We loved him so much and always will. He should be here now.

Posted 03/09/2018

Rest easy Savonne, no more addiction to run your life. We miss you more than anything and we love you dearly!

Posted 01/09/2018
Tanika, Milahn and Briana

My son Christopher died last year to a overdose of heroin I miss him terribly

Posted 01/09/2018

To my niece Toni. You are free now. I love you very much

Posted 03/09/2018

R.D.K. : Sunrise 7-6-1990 – Sunset 8-10-2010 ~ One Love ~

Posted 01/09/2018

James Vincent Loomis
It’s been a long time coming… seems you finally found a way to fly free. RIP

Posted 01/09/2018

My beautiful sister Shawna Ragozine, I love and miss u everyday! I hope u are now happy, healthy, and free! Until we meet again I love u beyond words!

Posted 01/09/2018
Amanda cravens

RIP to my precious son Kirk Joseph Lowery Jr 8/2/17. You will be forever missed by me. It gets harder every day without you

Posted 02/09/2018

My nephew overdosed this year 2018, at age 42 he had two little girls. They found a pocket full of fennel in his shirt pocket. This was one of the saddest days of my life.

Posted 02/09/2018

Phillip Christopher Rice we will never forget you! I will spend my last breathe trying to prevent others from experiencing what we have experienced from losing you. I still can’t believe you are gone

Posted 31/08/2018
Wendy Quinley

In memory of my brother Alan Wenzel, died of an accidental overdose of Heroin on October 10th, 2016 at 38 years of age. He struggled with opiate addiction for years. His mind and body became a slave to opiates. The pain his body and mind went through during each withdrawl was incredible. I am an RN and I couldn’t save him in time. He was brave and stoic. You are missed.

Posted 01/09/2018
Natalie WENZEL

R.I.P. Derrick. Wish I could’ve saved you like you saved me. You’re never forgotten.

Posted 01/09/2018

My beautiful Meggie, I think of her a thousand times a day. Even in my happiest times there is a layer of sorrow in the background, remembering the awful day that forever changed my life. I will carry this broken heart forever.

Posted 31/08/2018
Colleen Hammond

Cody, my big bro I miss you everyday

Posted 01/09/2018

My forever 23yr old son Robert Lee Burns 12/17/2010 I had no clue he was using until l the day I got that dread ed phone call.

Posted 31/08/2018
Kathy Burns

Remembering two amazing men I worked with in Brighton that are sadly no longer with us due to drug / alcohol addiction. They spent their lives giving back to others with addiction problems but sadly didn’t win their own battles.


Posted 31/08/2018

For the love of my life and the man my daughter looked up to as her hero, Vaughn Senn, who we lost on 7/22/1998 to a drug overdose. It has been 20 years since you left us my love. Some days it feels like yesterday we were drinking coffee, laughing, making plans for our little family, and living a beautiful life together. And other days it feels like a life time ago and my heart and soul ache and hurt like no other pain I have ever felt. But sometimes I get lucky…time allows me a precious gift. Time graciously stands still and you are here with me. It lasts no more than a second and then you are gone again. Ah but for that second…it is just us and everything is right and ok and beautiful. I feel the overwhelming warmth and security of your embrace and with it, peace, serenity and so much love. I miss you with all my heart and soul my love…I always will, no matter what. It makes me incredibly sad that our time together was cut so short. I know you didn’t want or mean to leave us so soon. I so wish I would’ve sang for you more. To this day, I still wonder what could have been…I don’t think that question will ever leave me. However, I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything in the world. The gift you gave us can never be replaced. You gave us you and all the wonderful things that came with being you. I thank the heavens everyday that the gods and goddesses brought us together. And I thank you, for loving us and being the most wonderful partner and father we could ever ask for. I love you and miss you Vaughn…always. Stay with me…let’s just breathe.

Posted 31/08/2018

As a case manager, I am bound by HIPPA to protect your privacy, and I will. I also will never forget you. Your life, and death has impacted me in numerous ways. Thank you for your gratitude and heart. RIP seven letters, seven letters.

Posted 01/09/2018

Bobby, You are missed so much! As the years go by, I see our sweet and innocent son in you! He is amazing! I am blessed. A piece of me is with you, you left us way too soon. I hope you are @ peace. You will always be in my heart and on my mind. I will make sure Aiden knows about you! He was not fortunate enough to meet his daddy! Love you!

Posted 01/09/2018

Tyler Simeroth, my loving kind and gentle mannered nephew, lost to us too soon.
We think of you and miss you everyday and we always will. All our love always and forever…
your family.

Posted 01/09/2018

I lost My daughter Tera Rose on Aug 27th 2016. She was 27. Born jan. 5th 1989

Posted 01/09/2018
Penni Hollins

Forever and always Mace, forever and always

Posted 01/09/2018

To all friends and family that didn’t make it- Please give me the strength I need to keep doing the next right thing and take one day at a time. I love and miss you so much!! 27 months and counting.. Gods will not mine be done!! 💕

Posted 01/09/2018

Almost a year and a half ago, my dad, Arthur Elswic, passed away from a heroin overdose. I was 14. Lets work together, so people my age, younger, and older, are no longer affected by overdose. Save Lives.

Posted 31/08/2018

Bo and Allie, you both will be in my heart forever. I lost my son, Bo, 11/7/2017 and then we lost his wife Allie on 11/9/17 due to heroin/fentanyl overdoses. You are both now free of this demon and know you two are in a new journey. Til we meet again, I love you to the moon and back!!! Love mom

Posted 31/08/2018
Beverly Schissler

To Kevin-
I love you then, now, forever and always. Thank you for guiding me.
Kevin Charles Maas

Posted 31/08/2018
Justine Maas

My beautiful son, Jeremy Nathan Alterio died on April 7,2016 from a heroin/fentanyl overdose. He was 30 yrs old and about to start a new life as Jennifer. A couple of months before he died, picture of himself dressed as “Jenny” & posted it on his facebook page for all 435+ to see. I was so proud. His friends were so positive. He almost had it all.

Posted 31/08/2018

Bryan Nicholas Schaffer, 2/4/1989-12/5/2017
In a few months we will be without you for a full year. We will never get over losing you, but are forever grateful for the years we had you. Your smile will always be remembered as one that just made someones day better, and then if they were lucky enough to get a Bryan hug,which you were quite generous with, then they were even better for that. No matter what you were going through, you tried to bring something good to those around you. We will do whatever it takes to help those still fighting and recovering from this horrible disease of addiction. I’m sorry doesn’t cover the pain felt in the depths of my soul that I couldn’t help you. Your brothers and sisters miss you terribly, Abby misses you.We miss you, we love you and we will never forget you and the imprint you made on us and your little corner of the world. Until we meet again in God’s kingdom, Mom.

Posted 31/08/2018
Peggy Schaffer

For Brian Patrick Wuerdeman:

Gorgeous blue eyes, long curly eyelashes, a hug that penetrated right to the heart…
These are just 3 of the too many to name things that I miss about you, Brian…
I know your spirit is with me and I’m grateful, but I long for the day when we can be together in complete understanding…
I miss you my beautiful, funny, little Irishman…🍀
I love you with all of my heart, son….
Mom ❤

Posted 30/08/2018
Mary Wuerdeman

For Drew who died suddenly Wednesday August 22, 2018 from an overdose. Like anyone else plagued by the ebb and flow of addiction each day, even hour, could be vastly different. He yearned to be free of the ties that bound him and achieved 3 clean days before he relapsed and tragically succumbed to this terrible disease. To some that may not seem like a victory but to him it was. I know what it is like to be on the addiction roller coaster; 3 days is awesome! Congratulations Drew!! For the most part all friends and family watching a person they care for trapped by addiction can do is offer help. It can’t be forced. It has to be something they do for themselves not those around them because unfortunately you can’t stop someone else from getting in their own way. Relationships can fray, even break. On that note this is also for Tony who never gave up on Drew. Tony’s steadfast friendship and loyalty proved that fact. They became brothers. The two of them sitting on the step outside goofing off will forever be in my memory. Drew had this wonderful silly way of dancing that was almost contagious. Drew is also missed by Cheeba, the cat. Cheeba considered Drew one of the humans in his pack and feels the loss. He will be forever missed by those who were lucky to have known him.

Posted 31/08/2018

This message is one of hope and love, in memory of some amazingly beautiful people who lost their lives in the battle of drug addiction. I really can’t think of the right words to convey the love i have and the deep sense of loss I feel. To anyone out there who is lost and using drugs, there is hope, there is a way to freedom, God will here your cries, don’t give up on yourself. To those dear friends and family of mine who are now in heaven, your memory will forever live on in my soul and I will honor your memory by remaining in recovery from drug abuse, today I know there is hope. R.I.P. Mark Anthony Claus, James Daniel Wehner, Adam Midyett, Shawn Sisco, and Thomas Terry.

Posted 31/08/2018
Kelli Jean Claus

Remembering my beautiful son, Michael Lombardo today and always! Praying no other family endures our life long heartache.

Posted 30/08/2018

To my beautiful baby girl, Bonne`, FOREVER 18. Mommy misses you more each day. I miss your smile, your laughter, your voice, your hugs.
Those pills took you away from me, but I know I will see you again one day. Rest in peace my baby.

Posted 31/08/2018
Sharon Britz

Your TC brothers love and miss your ability to make them all laugh! Your kind heart and amazing soul will forever live in their hearts.

Posted 31/08/2018
Amy M

I lost my youngest son to an accidental overdose. He ingested meth. It’s been almost 4 months and I’m not sure I’ll ever be ok.

Posted 31/08/2018

For E. I love you.

Posted 31/08/2018

In memory of my sweet son, Caleb. He lost his battle with opiod addiction on May 20, 2017. We love you and we miss you everyday!

Posted 31/08/2018

You were gone too soon I will love you Always and Forever ❤❤❤❤ Our baby boy talks to you everyday, we see butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies, and that lets us know you are with us everyday❤❤❤❤ We love and miss you daddy more than words could ever say💔💔💔💔 R.I.P. Travis Clark Sr 9-25-71 to 9-12-17

Posted 31/08/2018
Tanya Clark

Shane M. Richardson 💜

Posted 31/08/2018

Our Beautiful daughter Carley.
It has been 3yrs since we lost you to that terrible disease. Addiction.
Our hearts are broken. We know you tried to beat this nightmare. & wish that you could have got more help.
Was at overdose awareness memorial today. So glad they are trying to get better resources for people suffering from addictions.
Love you and miss you every day, my darling Lucinda. 🦄💖

Posted 31/08/2018

Remembering Ashby who fought the beast so valiantly. We all must be vigilant in our support of those challenged by addiction.

Posted 31/08/2018
Larry Lord

2 years ago I lost my best friend my other half my baby brother when I see baby brother I mean only a year in a few months apart. I’ll never forget receiving that phone call or the way it felt or how it still feels two years later. Although I can say from being sober now and not then life has been roll emotional and rough. It also has been the best that it’s ever been I’ve been sober 2 years myself and will continue to raise awareness and support those who are still battling. I’ve lost so many friends so many individuals that I would consider family and family itself. No matter what the addiction. Help is there if you want it bad enough. Holding space for all those suffering at the hands of addiction. Holding space for all those who are suffering not from the addiction itself but from being helpless in saving your family or friend that’s suffering. May God bless the broken road. Earth angels are real and without them I would not have survived ❤️

Posted 31/08/2018
Misty Barlow

In memory of a beautiful soul! Taken from this life far too early.

Posted 31/08/2018

It has been just four and a half months since my firstborn child, my only daughter, Jade, lost her battle with addiction, leaving two children without a mother, three brothers without a sister, and more broken hearts than can ever be counted.

She was beautiful. Intelligent. Creative. Hilarious. Outspoken. Genuine. Caring. She loved to read, to learn, and she was a gifted writer/poet. She was (and is) loved. And she will be forever missed. Her death has left a void that can never be filled, and no one who knew her will ever be the same.

Every moment of every day, I miss my daughter. The struggle to carry on is IMMENSE and indescribable.

She wanted to be better. She wanted to beat her addiction. She wanted to have a normal life, be successful, contribute something meaningful to the world, and most importantly, she wanted to be a good mother to her children.

As she wrote in her journal just a few short weeks before she died, Jade was determined to turn her life around, to focus on her kids and her future, ignore the people who expected or even wanted her to fail, and “PROVE THEM WRONG”.

These things are no longer possible for Jade, with the one exception of contributing something meaningful to the world. She achieved that simply by being who she was, and in every way that I possibly can, I intend to make sure that she continues to achieve it, even in death.

She will never be forgotten. She will always be missed.

Jade Ariana Richardson – death by overdose
07/07/1991 – 04/18/2018

Posted 31/08/2018
Stephanie Richardson Davies

July 19, 2018 was the date that changed my life forever. My beloved 34 year old daughter, Charlsy Elizabeth, died of a heroin overdose at 7:35am that day leaving behind a beautiful little girl who turned 5 the following week. My daughter had everything to live for, but heroin stole it from her. We miss her more than words can say………….

Posted 30/08/2018
Cathy Rosselot

To my dearest sister Lindsay you are missed so much everyday. Gone way to soon from us by something you let take control of you. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you and that night. It has changed our families lives forever. Your daughter misses you so much. She is growing into her own personality & when I look at her I see you. I tell her stories of us when we were younger and keep your memory alive. Wish you were here to do that yourself. Hope you and dad are together. Love you xoxo

Posted 31/08/2018

I want to recognize this day, to remember what I went through as an addict. I ruined my life on several occasions. I lost everything and got it back then lost it again. Its a viscous cycle. Ive hurt myself physically and emotionally and people around me, lost jobs, friends, stole, went to jail, all the above. For my sisters, Both of them, one who overdosed & lost her kids & the other who spent years in prison. To ALL my family for what we did to them & to the countless amount of friends I’ve lost and continue to lose to overdoses. We have to remember…. We have to act!

Posted 31/08/2018

Matt Katona……. you are missed every day. You were so smart, it is a tragedy that addiction took you too soon.

Posted 31/08/2018

I hope that you’re finally free of all your earthly troubles… You’ll live in my heart forever and ever! I miss you terribly!! You had your whole life ahead of you…. only the good die young 😓😢😥

Posted 31/08/2018

Joshua Michael Weis you are missed every day of my life. I know your in the arms of Jesus and I look so forward to the day I see you again. I love you son

Posted 30/08/2018
Kathy Pierce

I lost my sweet boy Andrew to an overdose on January 29 th 2012. I miss and love him everyday. The pain never goes away

Posted 31/08/2018

My brother, Jared, never did find the path to sobriety. Now he is dead. My brother died on April 11, 2018 from a heroin overdose. No matter how hard he tried or how bad he wanted it, he never got well. I’m angry that he left us, and angrier at myself for not saying I love you one last time. He will never be forgotten. I love you, brother.

Posted 31/08/2018
Lily M

Gone but not forgotten. You did not die in vain Bobby! Special things coming up to keep your memory alive and help others! Love you son and miss you everyday. Dad

Posted 31/08/2018
Rob Merritt

I lost my beautiful sister, Tina,to an opiate overdose. She was so special to me and many others. Her eyes sparkled her smile was wide and inviting. She accepted people for what they were but could not accept herself. I’ll love her forever and miss her every moment of my life. She was my sister, my confidante, my best friend, my everything.

The world lost a beautiful soul the day you left us, my sweet sister, Tina

Posted 30/08/2018

To the friends I have lost;
I wish I’d known what to do, I wish I’d reached out to you, I wish I hadn’t had to say goodbye.
We felt invincible, like we were never going to be answerable to the choices we made.
You were all beautiful, shameless, inspirational and I know none of you wanted to leave.
I wish you were here to advocate with me and fight by my side like you used to. I wish you were here to shout ‘to hell with the world’ because in spite of being addicts you were some of the most beautiful humans I’d ever met and nobody saw you for who you were.
I know you would all have cried for me when I overdosed this week and I know you would’ve wept with joy when someone saved my life. I wish I’d been able to save yours. I promise I’ll get better for you, so I can help people who are struggling like you were, like I am right now. I miss you all so much, I love you. I will never forget about you.

Posted 30/08/2018

To my childhood best friend, my baby sister. I know why you’ve chosen this path, the pain you have endured and the persistent nightmares of the past that cloud your mind. But drugs are just a bandaide, they won’t fix things long term. They may give you temporary peace but I’m scared that they will also take you from us and we will never feel peace again. So I’m writing this in hope that you will come home before its too late, before I find myself writing on this site posting a tribute about your death. Although I can’t fight your battles for you, I can promise you that you will never have to face them alone again. So please, “don’t let go, keep hold” and remember “If you look into the distance, there’s a house upon the hill. Guiding like a lighthouse, its a place where you’ll be safe to feel at grace and if you’ve lost your way – I will leave the light on.” Love you forever + always. -DJ.

-Tom Walker- Leave a Light On-

The second someone mentioned you were all alone
I could feel the trouble coursing through your veins
Now I know, it’s got a hold
Just a phone called left unanswered, had me sparking up
These cigarettes won’t stop me wondering where you are
Don’t let go, keep a hold

If you look into the distance, there’s a house upon the hill
Guiding like a lighthouse to a place where you’ll be
Safe to feel at grace ’cause we’ve all made mistakes
If you’ve lost your way

I will leave the light on
I will leave the light on
I will leave the light on
I will leave the light on

Tell me what’s been happening, what’s been on your mind
Lately you’ve been searching for a darker place
To hide, that’s alright
But if you carry on abusing, you’ll be robbed from us
I refuse to lose another friend to drugs
Just come home, don’t let go
If you look into the distance, there’s a house upon the hill
Guiding like a lighthouse to a place where you’ll be
Safe to feel at grace ’cause we’ve all made mistakes
If you’ve lost your way

I will leave the light on
I will leave the light on
I will leave the light on
I will leave the light on
I will leave the light on

If you look into the distance, there’s a house upon the hill
Guiding like a lighthouse, it’s a place where you’ll be
Safe to feel at grace and if you’ve lost your way
If you’ve lost your way (I will leave the light on)
And I know you don’t know oh, but I need you to be brave
Hiding from the truth ain’t gonna make this all okay
I’ll see your pain if you don’t feel our grace
And you’ve lost your way
I will leave the light on
I will leave the light on
‘Cause I will leave the light on

Posted 30/08/2018

For my son Alec who passed away July 8, 2018 of an overdose. My heart is broken in half. I can’t stop thinking of you and how you suffered trying to fight this battle. If only I could have done more. You will never ever be forgotten. I pray that we will be reunited, that belief is the only thing that keeps me going. I love you son , I hope you are finally at peace

Posted 30/08/2018

In Loving Memory of Jolene DuPaul.

Posted 30/08/2018

On April 20, 2018 my life was forever changed. My youngest son, Jared Alan Clauson had passed away early that morning. He was only 23. He was my baby, my funny boy who could always make me laugh. He was his older brother Ryan’s best friend, fishing partner and hunting buddy. His brother who did everything he could to save him is now lost without him. His mother who needed him just as much as he needed me can’t even begin to pick up the pieces of her life. He grew up in a small town and had a very close group of friends that shared a bond that could only be admired. He was a trusted and loyal friend. He was an incredible and very talented athlete. He had a dry sense of humor that could make anyone laugh. He had a sweet sensitive side that not everyone got to see. Many only saw the tough exterior, the bad boy he pretended to be while deep inside he was hiding the hurt, insecurities and depression that ultimately lead to his addiction and death. He loved to read and would do so for hours sending me list of books that he would like to read. He was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed fly fishing and took pride in tying his own flies and shared that with his brother. He had great respect for the outdoors and the wildlife that resided within. Those are the things I want my son to be remembered for. He suffered from the desease of addiction but he never lost his heart. He will be forever loved and missed. ❤️ JAC

Posted 30/08/2018

Will always keep you near our hearts, and we will always love you Tavito! <3

Posted 30/08/2018

Norma “ita” Cortes was a life taken too soon!!!! We love you Ita!!!!

Posted 29/08/2018

Today marks 4 years since Max’s death.

Posted 30/08/2018

My beautiful boy Marlow. Taken February 18 2018. Our lives will never be the same. Your smile and the way you said “Hey Mama” will never be forgotten. You have left a huge gaping hole in our lives.

Posted 30/08/2018

This message goes out to Alexander, my late husband and best friend. On the 1st of August 2016, you left our infant son and me completely alone: opiates had taken control of your life. When you died on this day at the age of 35, I could hardly breathe for over a year. In time I learned to mourn you with love and appreciation for the moments I was allowed to have with you. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel you. You are always in my thoughts and I know you feel me too. Your son is growing up to be a handsome little toddler, and I talk to him often about you. When he is old enough I will share all the brilliant memories we had together, and speak of you in the highest regard. It pains me greatly that you will not be able to physically be here to raise our son together, but I find solace in the fact you are here spiritually. Alex, I love you. Please don’t forget that ever, how much you are loved. It breaks my heart that I couldn’t have sought treatment for you sooner, but I was not forceful enough, to press to you how deeply you needed help. You’re beautiful, and I miss you every day, thank you for sharing what part of your life I was allowed to enjoy with you.

Posted 30/08/2018
Meghan C

I lost my son JOSHUA LEE HOOPER 7/1/18

Posted 30/08/2018

To my beautiful cousin Jessie, miss you and today I light a candle and say a prayer that you continue your journey and
prayers for also your family. You were loved and our continued love is sent to you and your family. What a kind man.

Posted 30/08/2018

This is for my beloved sister, Kimberly (Sissy). I love you and miss you so much every day. I can’t wait to hear your voice and give you a big hug in Heaven. I’m so sad that you have left us too soon, the world isn’t the same without you. I LOVE YOU. Love, your little sister ❤️

Posted 29/08/2018
Natalie Anderson

Overdose is preventable and the message how to prevent overdose needs to be pass on to our near and dear ones.

Posted 29/08/2018

I lost my best friend & love of my life to an accidental drug overdose. I miss him every single day. RIP sweetheart, I hope to see you again someday.

Posted 29/08/2018

Kelly S., Damon O., and Jesse J. – Y’all are missed and not forgotten. I want to write forever… and I think I could, about you, but only to a certain point… and I’d then have to imagine all the rest. I’d write and write and write and keep you alive as long as I could… of course dying in old age of natural causes… or maybe something more exciting, but less heartbreaking. it wouldn’t be hard to come up with some amazing but totally believable stories about you…

Anyway… I miss you and and you work your way into my life often… there are dumb reminders of you on a regular basis. I need/want them to both honor you and to not make that worst/final mistake/decision. -Craig

Posted 29/08/2018

Joseph Andelora
Dance with the Angels my beautiful boy!
Missing you forever and always💔

Posted 29/08/2018
Donna Andelora

In Memory of my brother Grant Lee Wells. I miss him so very much. I didnt know a person could hurt this much until we lost you. I search every day for things to bring his memory into my life. Forever 40! Our lives will never be the same. I wish you could feel how much your missed and if you only knew how much your mean to us this nightmare may not of happened. I love you bro! Until we meet again 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

Posted 29/08/2018

My sweet boy, Johnny, passed in January 2015. Since then I have kept a journal of reflections. This is one I wrote a month after he passed.

They never met anyone
Quite like Johnny Squire
And they were convinced
They never would.
No one could dance like Johnny
Sing like Johnny
Laugh like Johnny
Love like Johnny

I miss you. I love you. Always, Forever. Mama

Posted 29/08/2018
Linda C squire

To my dad, who i lost when i was 9, almost sixteen in roughly a month. I wish i could say it gets easier, but it doesn’t. i just want my dad back.i wish you could see me now. i love you daddy <3 <3

Posted 29/08/2018

Miss you so much Christopher jolly love mum and Lisa always in our thoughts xx

Posted 29/08/2018
Lisa ross

To my sister Val, I still can’t believe you’re gone. It’s been 8 months and 20 days…and it’s not getting much easier. I may cry less but I’m still learning what life looks like without you here. We love you and miss you so much.

Posted 29/08/2018
Angie M

12/23/87 – 6/29/17

My dear, sweet nephew. You will forever be in my heart and are thought of everyday. Our family has lost so many over the past few years, but yours hurt the most – you were taken from us way too soon. Please watch over your mom, she’s my only sibling and I worry about her everyday. She is so sad – it breaks my heart and I love her dearly. I love and miss you Nicky Doodles!

Posted 28/08/2018
Lorene Tisdale

We lost our dear son, Drew, on August 15, 2016 due to an accidental overdose at age 35. No day goes by without thinking how his face lit up as he smiled when he saw us. Drew was a loving young man and very caring of others..he just didn’t know how much others cared for him. I can see him playing his guitars every time I hear a song on the radio. I will love my dear Drew always and forever.

Posted 28/08/2018

This tribute is dedicated to Allen Lee Little and Michael Christopher Finan. They meant the world to me and life will never be the same. I am sober today fighting for the battle they lost. Recovery is possible just reach out. Lets take a moment of silence for all the lives lost to addiction.

Posted 28/08/2018

On IOAD 2018 I will be remembering my husband. I wish he was here to see his baby girl growing and making strides in life as he passed away when she was only 1 week old. Although Jacob was only in my life for a short glimpse he will forever have an impact on it – he left me the best gift of life possible before he lost his battle. Trystan will always have her Angel Daddy in her heart. Love you. Miss you. This much. Mean it.

Posted 29/08/2018
Jentry M

Adam, our lives will never be the same without you. 9/15/96 – 1/17/2018 Rest in Peace my son, I will miss you forever.

Posted 29/08/2018

My beautiful big brother, how i miss you so. I will fight everyday for you and continue to share your story in hopes to help others. I miss you every second of everyday and i will never be the same! We miss you J.A.C

Posted 29/08/2018
Daniella Pappalardo

Brian T you left us too soon. We will forever hold you in our hearts and minds. Your laughter plays over in our thoughts. We love you always and forever.
Because of you I won’t give up. I’ll keep fighting.

Posted 29/08/2018
Allison A

In loving memory of my sweet beautiful son Steven John Esposito 8/7/85-4/20/12 Always & Forever in my Heart xoxo Live & miss you so much xoxo

Posted 29/08/2018
Dae Esposito

RIP PARADISE COWBOY a veteran that overdosed and left us too soon.

Washington, DC

Posted 28/08/2018
Queen Karen Garrison

To my brother Joe, I miss you every single day and wish you were here more than anything. I am so glad you do not have to fight with this monster anymore…I hope you’re finally at peace and are watching over us. I miss your laugh and our inside jokes…I can’t believe I won’t see you again. You were not only my brother but one of my best friends. Always in my heart and my thoughts!!

Love and miss you,

Joseph Ryan O’Connor 9/20/89-5/18/18

Posted 28/08/2018

Nikolay Ulendeev, 30.03.1991-15.07.2015. Forever loved and dearly missed.

Posted 28/08/2018

Rest in Peace to my brother, Donald Williams. You are missed and we love you forever.

Posted 28/08/2018

Caesar 01/01/18. Heroin took Caesar from his daughter who was born 10 days before he died. She will only know him as daddy from pictures. He tried so hard to get clean from his addiction, but the monster got to him. We miss you,

Posted 28/08/2018

I would like to honor my daughter; Tashara Burnside. Tashara passed away December 17, 2016 at the very young age of 25. Another young life lost too soon. End the stigma. End the silence. Your family misses you Tashara!

Posted 28/08/2018
Natasha T

My beautiful Simone-another year without you and time doesn’t heal it’s just taught me how to adjust without you by my side. I know you’re with me in the things I’m doing-I just wish with all my heart we were doing them together as we’d rock at it!! Please guide me when I feel like I’m loosing grip. I will never, ever forget you and love and cherish the time that we had-always. To my amazing best friend-love you to the moon and back-Lisa xxxxoooooxxxxx

Posted 28/08/2018
Lisa Doyle


Posted 27/08/2018

To my son Ryan Vincent….missing you so very much…more as the days pass….prayers for you…..we love you so much…Mom

Posted 25/08/2018

Diane Subercaseaux

In memory of Matthew Evan Goldstein, the best older brother, son and friend anyone could have asked for. Forever missed but never forgotten. I will never stop fighting for those affected by the disease of addiction in your honor. The world is not as bright without your sweet smile, the impact you made on those around you will forever live on. Life will never be the same without you, our forever Valentine.

Posted 25/08/2018

Jourdan Goldstein

My tribute to my Andy Boy 5/17/88 – 5/18/16. Accidental heroin overdose. I sure do miss your awesome hugs & your sense of humor. I will see you again. I love you so MUCH! Mom

Posted 25/08/2018


Barry Baker forever29
07/30/1987 – 05/10/2017
Never Forgotten
Love you baby 😇

Posted 25/08/2018

LAURA – 8-18-79 – 1-30-16 – my lovely Laura – can a Mom die of a broken heart?

Posted 25/08/2018

June Piotrowski

Raymond Vreeland…Forever deep in my broken heart. I miss you so, so much. Curse drugs!!! Curse alcohol!! Love Mommy

Posted 25/08/2018


Dearest Jamie,
I miss you more than words can say. Your smile,your sense of humor and your huge personality. I wish things had been different, I wish I had known how to help you more. Your passing has left a huge hole in my life and in my heart. I wanted so much more for you in life. I hope you know how much you were loved. No mother should ever have to bear witness to their child’s life ending. I love you so much and these 2 years have been so hard without you.
Oh God, how I wish things had been different.
Your forever loving mother,

Posted 26/08/2018


In my sister’s memory. May her children never forget her love and smile

Posted 26/08/2018


In Memory of my dear son John, 2/10/93-9/17/17. You are my sweet Angel now. I will ALWAYS admire your strength as you fought so hard everyday to beat the horrific disease of addiction. You always made me proud. I so wish I could have done something to keep you here!! I love & miss you so deeply!! I know you are at peace with God now. Love you my baby boy.

Posted 27/08/2018


In loving memory of our son, Hunter Blair, who died on Dec 4, 2016, of a heroin overdose. Hunter may your light shine on and may you be driving your truck through the mountains of heaven.

Posted 27/08/2018


My Son. Broadrick “Brodie” Loera Jr.
07/02/1990 – 07-05-2016.
Heroin/Xanax Overdose
We Feel You Everyday! I will make a difference.

Posted 27/08/2018

Rosie A.

Pierce – not a day goes by where I don’t miss you. I hate that the disease won. We all love you and know that you’re watching over us.

Posted 27/08/2018


In memory of our son, brother and friend…Neil Balmer Nov 13, 1984 – July 1, 2016. Always loved and held deeply in our hearts.

Posted 27/08/2018

Kym Porter

In memory of our beautiful David a great husband, father, son, brother and friend. David had a heart of gold we love and miss you so much. You left to soon but you left us many beautiful memories we yearn for the day to see you again. March 19, 1981 – June 5, 2018.

Posted 27/08/2018


My dear son Guillaume struggled all his young life because, as a hemphiliac he was infectec with HIV at the age of 3 He had health issues all his life.
He died, not of HIV or hemophilia this year on January 3rd, but from a cocaine overdose. He was in a prisoned body and finally had enough. I am so sorry for his death, I adored him. Thank you Guillaume for the good times you gave to me and you were a brave soul. I love you so much,

Posted 24/08/2018
Claire Cayen

My first born son Tommy Brennick unfortunately died from an accidental overdose September 1, 2016 leaving behind two beautiful children then 3 and 4. His incredible gift of kindness, strength and purity lives on in his children. Please keep all those suffering, those who lost their battle and anyone in need of help close. Let them know they matter, offer help, show them respect by becoming educated on addiction and ways to help. Tommy, my son, forever in our hearts, I’ll always love you and move heaven and earth for your children

Posted 24/08/2018
Stephanie Brennick

Remembering my best friend Vlad who died from an overdose last August. I love you and miss you xx

Posted 24/08/2018

In memory to all those love ones who have loss their lives to an Over dose! May the disease of addiction be treated as a Chronic Brain disease and more solutions to this epidemic be made thru-out the US and thru-out the world!

Posted 24/08/2018
Micky Jimenez

Kieran April 1, 1991 – May 22, 2017. Life is just not the same without you. You are forever loved and missed every single day. Always in my heart 💜💜

Posted 24/08/2018

This tribute is for Gene Storley, Jr., age 47, who died due to an overdose on Dec 31st, 2016. He was my Sunshine, best friend, soulmate, and love of my life. I miss him so very, very much. His early death could have been prevented. RIP Sunshine.

Posted 24/08/2018
L. G.

I lost my best friend May 1st 2018..this one is for you Lil Matt(Mathew Dostick) I miss you everyday and wish you were here. You were always a brother to me and I love you man…I’ll never forget you and how you were just a blast to be around and made any sistuation fun. I miss you so much. Watch over me man so I never go back down that road. Coming up on five years clean.

Posted 23/08/2018
Michael Miller

We lost our beautiful, wonderful daughter of a Heroin overdose July 13, 2018. The pain is raw and unbearable. People say , Well she’s out of pain. she’s not suffering anymore, she’s at peace. I guess that’s true but why did it have to happen to begin with..why her? She tried and tried so many times but couldn’t stay sober. Her brain was altered. She had no choice. We will forever love her and miss her dearly. My sweet child.

Posted 23/08/2018
Jeanie and Genaro

I know you pushed hard, but it took hold of you. Rest easy brother.

CTS 11/2/78 – 7/11/16 Miami, FL

Posted 23/08/2018

Our Dear Ryan, You are always my first thought in the morning when I wake and you are my last thought at night before I close my eyes to sleep and hundreds of times in between. This was not how your story was suppose to end my sweet son. There are still days my Heart can’t believe you’re gone. We love and miss you so very very much everyday. Life will never ever be the same without you. We try to stay strong because we know that’s what you would want but there are days Ryan we just can’t be strong. Every day we live our silent struggle and pray for strength and that you will be waiting there for us the day God calls us home. We love and miss you so much.

Posted 23/08/2018
Kevin and Cindy Russell

The worst day of our family’s life, June 8, 2018. The day we found out our son Ryan lost his battle with addiction. The visit you hope and pray you never receive.
It still does not even seem real. No child was ever more loved. Until we meet again……….

Posted 23/08/2018

To my dad, a best friend, and a past lover,
I miss you.
I love you.

Posted 22/08/2018
Taylor Townsend

Ryan C Ritter
3-2-83 – 2-25-16
Forever loved and so very missed
RIP Ryan

Posted 22/08/2018
Leslie Ritter

My sister best friend debbie cronn died from an overdose on memorial day 2014 she was everything to me and I’m still suffering I’m struggling with same issues depression and I’m fighting as we speak along with having AIDS and nobody since my boyfriend died in 2015 from cancer just got back to Washington I. April homeless and and so sick but this is home! I miss her!

Posted 22/08/2018
Tami Scott (cronn)

I remember falling in love with you when I was 16 years old . The year of 1986. You were my first love and I yours. I still can feel the butterflies when I go back to those days. It was you and I against the world. As long as we had each other we were happy. We shared our thoughts, hopes and dreams and looked forward to the day we could become married and one day hold a part of you and I as one in our arms. Three years later our beautiful daughter Rose was born. Our dream became a reality and we became a family. I was the happiest young lady alive. Rose just lit up everything inside of us. She was our world. My wild and free days were over and I gave up the partying to become the best mother I could be to her. But ,it wasn’t so easy for you. You had trouble stopping and our nightmare began. It wasn’t that you didn’t love us or care. You were being controlled by something more powerful than ourselves. It was hard watching you struggle and sink deeper with every attempt. This monster got so big it devoured our whole family. I escaped with our daughter but you didn’t get out a live. One June 16th 2018 it killed you and we were all traumatized. Our daughter is devastated. The pain you suffered is still falling down our faces. It’s still hard to breathe. Any hope for your recovery is now gone. I open the cage of my heart and release the butterflies to heaven.

Posted 22/08/2018
Denise Lawton

The day you left us we all changed forever…you were the life of our family and the glue that held us together. None of us will ever be the same. To say we miss you is the biggest understatement. I love you so much and cant wait for one of your hugs…

Posted 21/08/2018

This tribute is for my best friend Kaylee Jaksland & My sister Brenda Giamanco. You both are missed dearly and I love you both. You may be gone, but never forgotten. ~Forever young, forever loved, forever in our hearts <3 Please continue to watch over us , & your children.

Posted 22/08/2018
lindsey giamanco

our family was shattered on September23,2017 when we lost our son,brother,father and friend. not a day goes by we dont think about you or talk about you. we know how hard you tried but the addition took over. we all pray your at peace as we come up on your angelversary . I hope more knowledge on addiction and the effects have on a family and the addict too become more and more know. I know you didn’t want to leave us especially your baby girl who loves you in heaven now. keep watch over her and us. we love you so and our hearts will never be whole. I love you Mikey xoxoxo love Ma, Dad, Stephanie, Luke ,Andraya and of course Kassia.

Posted 22/08/2018

Danielle Marie Jerrels, I miss you so very much. I think of you every single day. Scotty and I still try and bring awareness by leaving your chip and Overdose Awareness badges. Your death was not in vain. Several people have told me they are clean and sober because of you. I will honor your life until we are together again. Love, Mommy

Posted 22/08/2018
Kay Heims

Love you and miss you Liz.. You never had a chance.. Carfentanyl poisoning .. aug10/86-June 8/2017.

Posted 21/08/2018
Cathy Reaume

My husband and I lost our son Joe on August 20th 2017 to an overdose. He was a month shy of his 33rd birthday . He also left behind a sister and brother along with 2 son’s , family and many good friends whom all love and miss him deeply.
Addiction is not something people wish to have , it is painful for everyone involved.
People whose lives have not been touched by addiction and are quick to judge know nothing about what it’s like for anyone involved. My son hated what He was going through and Lord knows he tried , he relapsed about 12 times in 4 years. It was bitter hell on earth and now he’s gone.. Our lives are forever changed and all I can say for those of you who make comments to people that are going through this, have compassion, if you don’t understand it, don’t judge it . Just as a human being, have the compassion. That’s all we ask as his survivors.. We love you Joe..

Posted 22/08/2018

To the beautiful courageous and loving people we have lost this past year. Each of you touched my heart in some way and made my life and the lives of others better. Peace.

Posted 22/08/2018
Fiona Jeyachandran

Missing my son, Brian who was only 27 years old when he died 4 years ago. Like so many others, he will be remembered as a great kid who was loved by so many. Missing you every day.

Posted 21/08/2018

In honor of my beautiful daughter Melanie 3/16/90-11/18/16. The day you were born changed our life forever and now that you are gone, we will never be the same. Like daddy says “my whole world gone”

Posted 21/08/2018

Always remembered, Forever Loved,
Never Forgotten 💖

Posted 21/08/2018

To the very embodiment of punk rock-we all miss you Nasty Nate! Flames so intense can’t last forever, but their energy never dies. Big brutal love from your pal, thanks for the music, keep on rockin in the afterlife. 7/18/87-1/23/14.

Posted 21/08/2018

Kevin Lee Debety passed away in February 2016 from an overdose. He had fought addiction for many years until it finally took his life. He was funny, kind, enthusiastic, and loving. He was very good at sports growing up and could have been anything he wanted to be. He was my son’s father. My son was only 4 when he passed. I write this tribute for Kevin’s memory, for my son, and to make other peopLe aware of how real overdose is. Kevin was the first person close to me to overdose but would not be the last. We miss you Kevin and think of you often. I hope you are looking down on us and protecting our son. Fly high with the angels! #overdoseawareness

Posted 20/08/2018

In memory of my son “Scoot” 6/2/80-7/13/18 . I will love you forever!

Posted 21/08/2018

I would like to post a tribute to my son, Colin Ryan Clifton. His addiction was caused by an orthopedic injury. He was in a head-on collision at work. He was not at fault but fired from his job. His insurance was canceled. He had surgery months later. His MD gave him Opiates and he quickly became addicted. My son didn’t drink and was against drugs. He was a very good young man. How could this happen? He had never even gotten a speeding ticket. He ended up on Heroin. He died from a mixture of methadone and Clonazepam. The doctor gave him the Clonazepam. This should not have happened. This happens to GOOD people. Colin was 28 years old. R.I.P. Colin 12/10/84 to 09/04/13

Posted 20/08/2018
Kathy Brown Clifton

I would like to pay tribute to my sister Kim R whom we lost almost 11 Years ago and then my best friend Jac in November of 2017. Both absolutely beautiful and amazing souls that didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the full life they deserve.

Posted 20/08/2018
Nicole R

I want my son remembered. He was born on may26,1988. He lost his battle to life on April 2,2018. He was 29 years old. He left 2 children. He fought his demons for so many years of his short life. He is the last person I see when I close my eyes, and the first person in the morning I see. I miss you so much Aaron Wilson

Posted 20/08/2018
Pamela frye

To my baby brother, Nick, who died of a Fentanyl overdose September 6th, 2017! I miss you every single day. I struggle, wishing there was more we could have done to help you beat this demon called “addiction”. You were more than an addict!! You were a kind, funny, intelligent, loving man! You were 9 days from being clean one year. You had your sweet baby girl, I don’t understand why you used again that day, right in front of her. Mom will never forget finding your lifeless body in the floor, too late for Narcan, with your little angel begging you to wake up! I don’t understand, but I forgive you…again. I love you so much and I promise to share your story in hopes of helping just one person! I know you finally have peace in the presence of Jesus. I loved being your big sister! I miss your laugh, I miss rubbing your back, but mostly I miss being your sister! I love you!
RIP 6-5-79 – 9-6-17…38 years old!

Posted 18/08/2018


It’s been 9 years since you left us. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about you. You were one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met. I’ve been clean for over a year. I’m working with a non profit that is fighting this epidemic. And I’ve had you as my motivation and guardian angel the entire way. Thank you for showing me signs constantly. I love you and miss you. I hope you’re proud of me.

Posted 18/08/2018

My brother James R. Smith died January 13, 2017 from a heroine overdose at the age of 37. My brother was one of the kindest people in the world with a heart of gold. He tried so hard to beat his addiction but he couldn’t in the end it got the best of him. He struggled with addiction since he was 14 years old. I can’t imagine how he felt to fight this demon for so long. He really suffered in his short life. I hope that he is happier now and no longer in pain. I miss him every minute of every day.

Posted 19/08/2018
Barbara smith

I have lost toooo many people to overdose, this is a tribute to all of them, a my closest was Frankie and most recently Jennie and a young man, Iggy, who it took his life way too soon! My friends and family may be gone from our lives physically, but they are never forgotten….sending my love always to their families and friends. Also sending all my love out to everyone who suffers from the disease and their family and friends.

Posted 17/08/2018

All the drugs in the world STILL could not steal your light and heart. But then it stole your life. 6 months and still as raw as day 1. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. I cannot wait until I see you again. I love you forever.

Nicholas S Brown

Posted 19/08/2018
Kristina Milo

In Loving Memory of my beautiful son, Jimmy Davidson, lost to an overdose on 10/09/15 – one week before his 28th birthday. Was a family guy who made all of us smile every time we saw him. Full of hugs and the best advise. He was a working man who loved his 8 yr old child more than anything. Crushing for him to have left us so early, my house will never be the same without our boy Jimmy. Never give up on your addict! Love them no matter what. Some day your family could get lucky and they will come clean or, much worse, someday they may pass and you will wish you did not push them away. Please, you do not need to enable but please end the stigma and love and stand for your addict!

Posted 19/08/2018

Dear sister you are missed every day . May God keep you close and let you shine as the angle you were. I’m grateful for the time we shared. We all were bless by you . Until we meet again we love you.

Posted 20/08/2018
Jessica Katherine Wiltshire

A candle will burn for our Michael until we meet again.
Grandma Jen

Posted 20/08/2018

Don’t let the death of our children be in vain. Ericforever28. Always in my heart❤❤❤

Posted 20/08/2018

I lost my son, Henry on August 26th, 2017. It will be a year in 10 days. Fentanyl was found in his system. I am empty inside. I love and miss him, sometimes it hurts so bad I can’t breathe. Your brother and sister and miss you dearly, we always talk to you everyday. I know you were with God now and you are at peace, you are safe. Without my faith, I don’t know what I would do.

Posted 17/08/2018
Michelle Chuy

This is a tribute to a friend, a son, an uncle, a grandson, a nephew. Brian we love you so much and miss you every day. For anyone who reads this and knows of someone struggling with addiction, please love them. Help them get the treatment they need, but no matter how many times they stumble on the path to wellness, please love them. Tell them and show them how much you love them. This matters so much. Tell them they matter, and give them the strength to know that they dont walk alone. Addiction is unforgiving, but with love, we can help others overcome this, and we can do it together.

Posted 17/08/2018
Allison A

Not a day goes by I do not think about you and the smart, funny, caring, person you were. Your mission in life was to be the best father you could be to your princess and you wanted to take everything you had learned and experienced in life and help others to overcome their battles. That night I will never forget and unfortunately, I cannot get another one. 25 years on earth was just not enough time. You were loved by many and are dearly missed as a son, brother, uncle, father, and friend. I miss you so much and I love you just as much!! 08/08/1991 – 08/14/2016
Love, Alicia

Posted 17/08/2018

Matthew, one day short of being clean for 15 months this time, you decided to roll the dice one more time. That turned out to be the last time. If only we knew what went through your mind that day, we might have been able to help. I miss you each and every day. You’re still the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I go to bed. Love you forever, son. It shouldn’t have turned out this way

Posted 17/08/2018
Barbara F

My mother (Patricia Ann Barber) passed away in 2011 from an overdose of codeine. She was a long time addict and sought help many times but wasnt successful in staying sober. My sister and I miss her.

Posted 17/08/2018
Trish Deeley

I lost my first born Martiana Kay Gonzales 03/16/93-06/09/18 to a heroin/fentanyl overdose and would like to publish a tribute in her honor please

Posted 16/08/2018
Susan Curtis

In Memory of Sierra Kathleen Prater
Apr 10, 1989 – Mar 16, 2018
Age : 29
Death by heroin cut with fentanyl
Sierra was a beautiful soul both inside and out.. she could light up a room merely by walking into it.
She would look at you with those sapphire blue eyes of hers and flash that 1000 kilowatt smile and melt any heart she set her sites on.
She had a personality to match her looks and was beloved by most everyone who came in contact with her.
A love of the and sports occupied the majority of her life from a very early age.
She never failed to help anyone in need or render comfort to those who were suffering at every opportunity.
Full of sparkle.. full of promise.. Sierra Kathleen Prater made her way from a small rural community into the world full of endless hopes and boundless dreams.
Nothing was gonna hold her back from making all of those childhood dreams she held for so long come true.
All of her life boys had been drawn to her like honey bees to a flower.
First they noticed her for her obvious beauty before becoming even more enthralled by her natural charm and genuinely sweet spirit.
Soon she found herself in love and had a child of her own.. Paxton.. who was followed several years later by another son T.J.
Her original dreams were being replaced by new ones.
In spite of all of the dreams that Sierra held deep in her heart for herself and her children there was something else lurking inside her as well..
Something causing her lots of pain and despair which she found herself answering to more often than she cared to admit..even to herself.
A nemesis.
An adversary she found herself battling with more and more.. struggling to defeat.. and at times even able to subdue for awhile.
Addiction came calling and told Sierra her dreams could wait.
It told her that she was young and deserved to “have fun” and that there would be time to fix all of the issues and problems that it brought along with it later.
Just have some “fun” now and worry about the mess later.
Addiction is insidious that way.
It’s a liar and it lied to her while it was busy stealing her sparkle.
Stealing her dreams.
Stealing her time.
It told her that the people she found herself surrounded by were her “friends”.
It whispered lies in her ear and pulled her back to it whenever she tried to brake away.
Like I said..
Addiction is insidious that way.
Sierra was a fighter though and she fought hard for her dreams.
The struggle was very difficult.
She talked to Jesus about it often and He was always there for her.. (He still is to this very day).
One night not very long ago.. her adversary started to whisper in her ear again.
It told her that she needed to get out and have some “fun” with her “friends”.
“It’ll be alright.. come on..” it said to her.
Her Mother begged her not to go.
She pleaded and cried.. begging Sierra to stay home with the family.
Addiction raised its voice louder..until it drowned out the voice of her Mother completely.
What began as a whisper was now a command..
The pull of her nemesis refused to be ignored.
She went.
Things happened quickly after that.
Soon she was under the old bridge with those “friends” if hers.
The “fun” was not fun anymore.
She was struggling.
Her friends were laughing at her.. at her fight to keep breathing.. to live.
Sierra fought harder.
She began to “make gurgling noises” as her nemesis stole her last breath from her.
Meanwhile those “friends” of hers kept on laughing at her.. deciding to throw a blanket over her body and leave her in their truck so they could go steal things and have some more “fun”.
No big deal right??..
The adversary was so pleased.
The nemesis considered the entire evening a tremendous success.
It had won after all.
The darkness was so deep it seemed fathomless.. dense and thick.
Light found her..illuminating everything.
It was so intense..bright and warm.
Sierra didn’t hurt anymore.
The laughter faded from her ears.
Those “friends” melted away into obscurity.
She felt the light growing even brighter..filling everything around her until nothing remained other than light.
“Don’t be afraid Sierra.”
The words reverberated throughout her very core.
A voice full of compassion.. the most beautiful voice she had ever heard.
“Welcome home” the voice continued..
“Here.. you lost these along the way.”
Jesus wrapped Sierra tenderly in his arms and returned to her all the dreams which the nemesis had taken away.
She felt the love of Christ wash over her.
Sierra smiled the biggest smile ever.
She sparkles bright now.
Brighter than the brightest star the night sky holds.
There.. in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ King of Kings..Lord of Lords.
Rest in Peace Sierra Kathleen Prater.
Daughter.. Niece.. Sister.. Cousin.. Mother.. Friend..
Beloved child of God.

Posted 15/08/2018

To my son, Joseph Alexander Hockett II
4/5/1988 – 9/2/2017

A beautiful soul. Taken by addiction at 29 years of age. Your life had only begun. I will love you and speak your name as long as I live. Always in my heart and forever on my mind.

Posted 16/08/2018
Jennifer alba

Olivia Michelle – The light of my life. My Sunshine. My only child. Taken away from me due to an overdose containing carfentanyl on Aug. 1st 2017. The world is not near as bright without you my baby. I miss you so much it hurts. Not a day goes by I don’t think of you. I always have and always will love you with all my heart!

Posted 16/08/2018
Annette Jackson

I lost my husband of 25 yrs on September 19, 2017 due to an opioid related overdose. He had hurt his back at work the previous year and had been doctoring for it. The first time he was prescribed a Fentanyl patch was August 25th, 2017, but the doctor had him on diazepam and oxycodone too. Then the week prior to his passing the doctor had doubled his Fenanyl dosage. I miss you every day, you were taken from this earth way too soon.

Posted 15/08/2018

My biological mother tragically lost her life to an overdose recently. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet her. I am choosing to fight the opioid epidemic in honor of my beautiful mother. I will be forever broken that I never got the honor to meet her due to such a terrible illness.
I love you mom.

Posted 15/08/2018

Chris… I miss you every day and I’m sure I always will. I just wanted to post something because I have a lot of pain in my heart since fentynol has taken you away. I love you brother. You’re the best man I ever knew.

Posted 14/08/2018

I watched you struggle with sadness for 17 yrs. I prayed everyday you would see just how special you were and you could see what the rest of us saw in you. A heart bigger than yourself. A smile that lit up a room with those dimples and your funny laugh. You had so much to give and to receive. July 3rd 2018 my life ended when you left us. Our hearts were broken when your golden heart stopped beating. Our lives are shattered. We miss you so much, Jessie and I. We were supposed to be the Three Musketeers after Dad passed. I would give anything to tell you how much I love you..just one more time.
Love from your Mommy

Posted 14/08/2018
Nancy Bellina

My son, Danny Jancuski, 28 years old and too young to die. You will be gone from us 2 years on August 16, 2018. My heart hurts the same today as it did that horrible day I got the call. You were a loving, kind, funny, caring angel here on earth and touched many lives. You are missed dearly. It is hard to go on without you in this world. I will fight every day in your memory to save another soul that still has a chance to beat addiction. I will cherish you and the memories we made. I will give your daughter, Gracie and your son, Jesse the love they will miss from you. I am sad they will not have their daddy with them as they grow up but they will know you through us. I love and miss you son. I can not wait to see you again.


Posted 14/08/2018
Tracey Phillips

Evelyn “Wese” Vargas, you will not be forgotten.

Posted 13/08/2018

I commemorator my daughter, who died, an opiate addict, her life, she felt, unlivable due to depression, anxiety, despair, and the use of opiates and alcohol. On this day tomorrow August 12, 2010, she jumped off a very high bridge into a large river. Someone saw her and so she was retrieved from the river within a few hours. She was one of the worlds admired, charming, souls, someone whom everyone looked up to, even when she was walking into an AA meeting. Obviously, she had to have a problem, walking into an AA meeting, but she kept up her act, like she had it all together, and people were convinced. It was unfortunate that she convinced herself over and over that she had it all together, because she could not bow down and receive the help she needed, whatever it was. When she finally decided to go to a rehab, she left for home the next day “because they treated me like a drug addict.” She stopped going to AA because the people were not of her class – even though she loved it and them when she was going. She took refuge in sex and love addiction fantasies, chasing one man after another until she had a whole string of them. When she found one that she thought was HER savior, he saw her vulnerability and immaturity, and broke off the relationship. She could not understand. She said HE was afraid of intimacy. But she was so trapped by that addiction that she said she was giving up hope – she had found The One, and he didn’t want her. Oh, the romantic fantasies, how misleading they are! The lies we tell ourselves about “I can do this, it will be okay, I am strong.” Until one day, they feel so weak, they take too much, just wanting that escape-feeling to be sure to be strong this time, or they kill themselves, by their own hand or by that overdose they know is going to do them in. She told a friend she confided in while using that she hated lying to me, her mother. I would say “I don’t think that sounds like the truth” and she would list the elements of her story, as if a detective going over the elements of a case, and say, “so why don’t you believe me? It hurts me so much when you don’t believe me.” All while she was lying to me, cutting off the emotional support that was there for her.

Much as I didn’t like to admit it, she was my favorite child, because she helped me feel good. She looked me in the eyes the day she was born. I think she was a young soul, full of that glow of heaven, feeling she could do everything, nothing could stop her. But putting herself into a emotionally unwell family, she could not survive the lack of support which her unhappy parents presented to her. How hard it is not to blame myself—but did I not do the best *I* could?? And she was such a lovely mother, I never saw a mother love a daughter more.

And she left behind that young daughter, just entering into rebellious, bratty teen-hood. I say it was not her fault to her, and it wasn’t, it wasn’t anyone else’s fault, but it sure didn’t help that she was mean and rude, the way teens these days are, when her mom was in withdrawal. Yes, she was waiting for her Suboxone doctor to return from vacation. But she had missed her first appointment with him, yes, deliberately missed it. She was so, so miserable, in withdrawal, and me back at work after I had been out sick for 3 weeks and couldn’t be there for her. I bleed for her as I remember the pain she was in. This is what happens with opiate use and opiate withdrawal. And the drinking did not help.

When she comes back to the earth (I believe in reincarnation) I hope she brings with her what she’s learned from this, and I hope she retains all the compassion and understanding she had for others. She was studying to be a counselor—what a good one she would have made. If she only could have hung on “until the miracle happens,”

I love you and miss you, my dear daughter.

Posted 12/08/2018

My brother, Matthew Patrick Dostick, passed away from an overdose containing fentanyl May 1st, 2018. He was just 30 years old. He Had a lot of life to live. He admitted he had a problem, and I only wish he would had the strength and followed through on the help that he wanted to seek. We were all here for him if ever needed. His addition ultimately won. And we miss him. Trying to keep his memory alive as much as I can! May he Rest In Peace.

Posted 11/08/2018

This is for my beautiful, kind niece Kesley. You died only 2 days ago from an overdose after leaving rehab. You were only 22 years old. Such a great loss to all that knew and loved you. Your 2 year old son will have to grow up not knowing what a great mom that he had. Our hearts are broken. Heaven has received a beautiful angel. You will always be in our thoughts and hearts. I love you my sweet girl.

Posted 11/08/2018

To Craig, though we may not ever understand, we do know our lives were made better because you were in them.

Posted 12/08/2018

In honour of my big brother Jon Raggam lost to an accidental overdose of prescription medication. I miss him every minute of everyday

Posted 12/08/2018
Jasmin Raggam

I would like to pay tribute to all the lives we’ve lost to overdose including my dearly missed grandsons father we lost to overdose/fentynal in Dec 2017. My 2nd daughter I pray multiple times daily her Naxlone Kit is on hand as shes sliding at rock bottom of her…no more room to play in her addiction. I myself am in Recovery. Seeing so many lives being lost. May their Souls rest in peace. Blessings to us all. Another 24.

Posted 12/08/2018
Leah Olson

Ryan- It’s hard to believe you are really gone. Your bright blue eyes and beautiful smile are pieces of you I miss so much. The love and compassion we shared is irreplaceable and is locked in my heart forever. You had such a great personality, you lit up the rooms of every place you went and left ever lasting footprints in the hearts of each person you ever met. Life is never going to be the same without you. I will continue to be your voice, our voice, and fight for the answers, and fight for change so another family doesnt have to go through the devastation our family has. We miss you each and every day more then words could ever say!! Love you always and forever..

Posted 13/08/2018
Anne M Emerson

This is Zachary.
When you look at Zachary what do you see?
Do you see the dark secret he’s hiding, the pain he’s in?
Can you see his goals, all the plans he has for the future?
Can you tell he loves to cook, dance, play ice hockey and music?

Zachary was 24 years old when he lost his life to an accidental overdose. His mother and step dad found him, his sister arriving home shortly after to find her mom holding her lifeless brother. His sister had to call their dad to tell him… do you think this is what Zachary would have wanted?
Zachary was 3 days out of detox and 2 days away from leaving NJ to go to a long term treatment program. Zachary wanted to live, he wanted to fulfill all his goals and plans. Zachary did not want to disappoint his family, his friends, his co workers… he wanted to make everyone proud.
Zachary struggled with substance use disorder, he struggled alone. Ashamed of what he was going through and not wanting to disappoint the ones who loved him most. He kept a dark secret for so long… SUD does not discriminate, this can happen to anyone. It does not matter who you are, where you live, how much money you have or how smart you are.
On January 28, 2014, Zachary’s family lost a piece of their past, present and future in one short moment in time. Don’t let this happen to you, find help today. Erase the stigma and help educate others!

Posted 11/08/2018
Debbie Len

I will miss you forever, Brodie. Too young to die. I wish I could have saved you. I’m sorry.

Posted 13/08/2018
Dr. Jen

My daughter Kristin was a heroin addict. She overdosed on what she thought was heroin it turned out was fentanyl on 9-7-18. I found her lifeless on the bathroom floor with the curling iron chord wrapped around her arm. She’d only been home a week and a half she was 27. She left behind a daughter and a family who loved her very much. Do not judge. Educate yourself. Love them. No matter what.

Posted 13/08/2018

To RJ, a son & brother lost 1/12/17. Miss you and love you more every day.
Sue Ellen & Brett Valley Forge, Pa US

Posted 10/08/2018
Sue Ellen

In LOVING memory of my brother taken far too soon… ROBIN FRANCIS ALI ….. I miss you so very very much

Posted 10/08/2018
Kristie Townsend

I’d like to honor and remember Elizabeth Joyce Reiman, my best friend from kindergarten, who died in June, 2010. I miss you so much, my dear friend and always, always in my heart and I think of you daily with much love and hugs. You were always an inspiration with your musical talents and all the things you taught me growing up. I love you, Liz.

Posted 10/08/2018

james i miss you

Posted 10/08/2018

My only son. Christopher M Upham
7/27/1980 — 8/22/2017
We love you and miss you so much. R.I.P S

Posted 09/08/2018
Tina M Upham

In memory of Tuna, my big brother. I love and miss you. #ihateheroine

Posted 09/08/2018

SPENCER was a loving father, good soul always helping others and will always be missed!!! Some where along the way found himself needing help but shame and stigma kept him from asking for help when he needed it most.. I know your by my side daily but I miss you so much fly high and continue to lead me to those in need Love you Buddy!!!!

Posted 09/08/2018

Craig Shea we love you always our babies and I miss you so much it hurts everyday ! I hope your resting easy up there my forever love . I love you Big Big Much

Posted 09/08/2018

My dear friend Gwenezs4u

Posted 09/08/2018

Remembering my beautiful son Roger Wong who died from a Fentanyl overdose June 13th 2017.
There are no words to describe the loss. He is forever in our hearts.
In his honour I’m planning a “Flags of Hope” event here on Toronto to bring awareness to the opioid crisis.

Posted 08/08/2018

In memory of my mom . I love you forever and always , no matter what !

Posted 08/08/2018

My beautiful beautiful daughter, not a day goes by that I dont see your face. this hurts so much! Lily and Delaney are lost without you & so am I .This feels like a bad dream that I cant wake up from. my only hope is that you are not hurting anymore!
Love mom

Posted 09/08/2018
Karen Caton-Taylor

William TYLER Grant 6/15/89 – 7/4/15. Not a day goes by that our hearts aren’t broken. Your beautiful smile and mischievous nature are missed beyond words. Some decisions have life long consequences. I always told you that. I wish you could have heard me. I will love you till the day I die son. I hope you have found happiness on the otherside.

Love x infinity,


Posted 08/08/2018
Mechelle Hickman

My angel Stephani Nicole Courcy, 10/27/16 💔 mommy & daddy miss you so much rest easy princess till we met again😢

Posted 08/08/2018
Tricia courcy

Joseph Allen Kelley 4-25-81 7-28-10 even after 8 years I think about you all the time. I see you in our two children everyday they miss you so much. Jeremy walks and talks just like you. My heart breaks for them and I’m sorry I made it through this addiction and you didn’t. I’m clean now and a good mom to our kids we love and miss you so much everyday

Posted 09/08/2018

My cousin Michael Jay Pawelek Jr , 6/2/86-6/23/17.
Was a father, brother, son, friend, cousin. Grandson, nephew. Missed every day by our family. Nothing is the same without you, but you will forever love on through us. was made in your memory, I hope youd like it and be proud. We donate 50%to kids escaping drugs.

I love you forever.

Posted 09/08/2018
Autumn ormerod

Our time was cut short, and the demons won in the end. I pray everyday, that you’ve finally found the peace you we’re searching for your whole life. I love you jesse. Galaxy x universe. Meet me in my dreams. I’ll see you when I reach the other side of the stars baby.

Posted 08/08/2018

My dear darling granddaughter, I will never stop loving you. I feel like I should have done more, but you were committed to this path. I sat with you in the hospital trying to help you find the will to live. I wanted you to grow old, to have children, to live a long life. You were in denial honey, I even had an intervention in the hospital for you, but you checked yourself out, did heroin and died alone in an alley that night. My heart is so torn apart… I wish you could have come to live with me, but my partner wouldn’t allow a heroin addict in our home. I am so so terribly sorry I couldn’t save you, I feel responsible, you were a sweet innocent darling girl… I had a dream you were cold and I am having a hard time dealing with your death. I hope you find peace sweetheart, until we meet again, you are my angel… Love, love you, my darling sweetheart – Nana

Posted 09/08/2018

“Unable are the Loved to die, for Love is Immortality.”

We Love and Miss You Everday, Michael Scrimale

Posted 08/08/2018

In memory of Elizabeth, “Lil’ Liz” Wallace…
January 2, 1985-March 12, 2013
She lost the battle to heroin.

Posted 08/08/2018
Louann Wallace

It’s still so hard here without you my only son . You had so much to give , your contagious smile and humongous heart , and how you helped others will never be forgotten. Forever with me Samuel ❤️

Posted 08/08/2018

In Memory of
Thomas Wayne Kamisky
April 25, 1962
August 31, 2017

Posted 08/08/2018

3/18/96 – 7/1/18
Mariah Danielle , My youngest and only daughter. I am so sorry you had to suffer from this horrible addiction. I just knew you were going to make it after you had to have open heart surgery. our family will never be the same without you. You were a wonderful aunt to your niece Raelynn. I tell her all the time that you don’t hurt no more and that you are in the sky with the angels. We love and miss you so very much! Everywhere I look something reminds me of you. I miss your beautiful smile the smell of your hair ,your calls, your text you walking through the door. You were only 22. You will be forever in our hearts We love you, Mom, Dad your brothers Dean,Brandon,Nathan and your niece Raelynn.

Posted 08/08/2018

To My Beloved Benjamin Joseph Dominguez: 08-09-96 to 11-28-15
You were only 19 years old when you suddenly died of overdose! I never would have allowed your death to enter my mind as a parent that loved you so dearly. I missed the signs!!! I missed that you were clearly lying to me about what you were using. I ignored the fact that money was missing from my purse. When I asked you…”Of course not Mom, how can you even think that I’m stealing from you?” You told me you were smoking spice. Not that I was okay with that at all, but that wasn’t the real truth was it Benjamin? It was far worse than that. Right under my nose. And I am a Registered Nurse! You were so manipulative Benjamin. I believed most anything you told me. I didn’t teach you to lie. Honesty was the ONLY policy in our household! I didn’t even recognize who you’d become so quickly. You were always out the door and leaving in your car. I couldn’t catch you. I couldn’t talk to you. You were hiding from the reality that was yours. You had become a drug addict and were ashamed to talk to me about it. The week you died all you did say to me, “Your son is a drug addict!” I just looked at you with disgust and walked away. I am so sorry Benjamin. I didn’t know how else to help you. I’d sent you to two different out-of-state rehab centers, I’d begged for you to talk with me about how you were coping. All I could think of was how to get you distracted from drugs (spice). I got you into a great college (that you were kicked out of), found you multiple jobs to keep your mind and body occupied with, sent you to counseling…I did NOT know what you were truly dealing with. It was the HEROIN MONSTER! It had you by the throat and I did not see it!!! I never found a syringe, never saw puncture marks or bruises on your skin. I’d only found remnants of you smoking something from an aluminum can or half of a pen (used like a straw for snorting something I guess). I thought that heroin was only in big cities, back in dark alleyways. And, only injected. I didn’t know that you could be using heroin by smoking it, snorting it or by injecting it. I am SO SORRY I missed this Benjamin!
You are so profoundly missed by everyone! You were an incredible person! Most certainly the most unique person I have ever known. And not just because you were my son. Others have said the same. You had a wonderful, angelic soul. You loved to help others that were not so fortunate. Yet you lacked confidence in yourself. You worried so much about what others’ thought of you. Most especially peers and the like. You were different. You were incredibly articulate, smart and very handsome with a magnetic personality. Your smile was the absolute best as your eyes would twinkle along with it. You are the hardest person to live without! I’d say…”I love you”, you say…”I love you more”…”I’d say…”I love you most”…and you would say…”That’s not possible.” RIP my sweet boy.

Posted 07/08/2018
Wendy P

Russell Scott Newsome, 8/12/99 – 3/6/2018. My youngest boy, lost at 18 years old to fenanayl. Father of 2, daughter and a son born 2 months after his passing. You were a loving father, son, brother and friend. The tragic loss has devastated many and the grief is overwhelming. I love you my son and I am so sorry that I couldn’t help prevent this. Mr President…please step up the pace in the war on drugs because we are all still loosing.

Posted 07/08/2018

To my daughter Amber……you left us too soon. Armani, Brenda and I miss you so much and wish with all our hearts… were here. WE LOVE YOU HONEY.

Posted 07/08/2018
Glenn C

Another year has passed since you left, dad. I am still heartbroken but I try to hide it…people around me can never seem to understand the way your passing has affected me , they never ask anything. I feel lonely and I am still looking for answers. I think about you every day.

Posted 06/08/2018

To my youngest son Jon. A large part of me went with you that night. I miss our talks, our time singing in the car, your silliness that made me laugh. You, a father. Your daughter misses you terribly but knows you are no longer in pain. Your son is angry for the loss of a father, he looked forward to all the times you and him would have. They both have a part of you that I see in them. I know they will grow to be just as loving and caring as you. Say hello to grandma and your sister. Save a place for me my sweet boy, until we are together again. My heart cries but I will do my best to keep your love and memory alive for your children.

I love you

Posted 04/08/2018

To our son, brother and uncle, passing Sept 13th 2016. You left us way to early. We miss and think about you everyday Ryan . You were sent to heaven because the Lord needed an angel. Love you so much ❤️😘

Posted 04/08/2018
Cindy H

My older brother Tony. I just wish I was around at the time to surround you with real love! I’m so shocked to know the kind of people you were around. Life is not a joke overdose is not a joke and we all need to look at others lives as if it was yours. If someone od’s around u please learn what to do lives can be saved! Tony I know you were not educated on drugs and the Dangerous effects they can bring. I know it’s to late now, but I can’t believe that you were left alone! you’re at peace now and don’t worry your memories will never be forgotten.. Love you bro.

Posted 03/08/2018

Philip C Hiltz 2017
Miss you everyday, my heart hurts so much still. You fought so hard, so many times, and now, you are my angel, I will forever love you!

Posted 03/08/2018

My beautiful boy John, only child, passed on June 2, 2018, of an accidental overdose. He was in his second year at college and would say “mom, I think I will go on to get my doctorate.” John loved school and his teachers loved him. You are always with me now, in my heart, my son forever. Love, Mom

Posted 02/08/2018

I am posting in memory of my son, Kyle Michael, who lost his fight with addiction on June 28, 2017 when he overdosed on heroin. Kyle was an artist, musician, poet and a good friend to many with a huge heart that struggled to make peace with his addiction. He left a huge void in my heart when he passed and I find comfort knowing his energy is still with me and guides me through the tough days until we can meet again. I hope to be able to bring awareness to others that this disease touches all walks of life and is worthy of research and funds to end the tragedies that families are hit with every day and addiction does not just happen to others.

Posted 02/08/2018
Joanne D

Chris Shreve I will always remember what you always told me about what it is I need to do in order to make it to heaven. I hope that because of that you were forgiven, and I forgive you. I love you and hope we meet again…

Posted 02/08/2018

Nice initiative to know about overdose

Posted 01/08/2018
Sandeep K

June 9, 1998 – August 4, 2016
Tristan Lee T. was 18 years old when she lost her battle with addiction to a heroin overdose. Tristan was a beautiful, smart, compassionate person. Tristan was a hard worker at her local job and she died purchased meals at her work for the homeless – even in the darkness of her active addiction. Tristan was a young girl that lived life where she could say “I can’t believe I did that instead of I wish I had tried that”. Tristan was an amazing friend and dancer. Tristan was a smart girl who should have graduated from the early college with her high school diploma and associates degree. On August 4th, 2016, Tristan’s family lost their daughter, sister, and granddaughter. This day will never be forgotten or erased from their memory. Please, if you or a loved one is struggling, get help today! Speak up, Speak out, education is the only way to end the stigma. Remember it could save a life!!

Posted 01/08/2018
Stephanie L.

My heart was broken – my amazing beautiful son Robert “Bud” F. Ragalie. who turned 30 on June 10th, passed away June 15th, 2018. He was a casualty of the opioid epidemic. His life was more than that – he had a huge warm heart, an amazing smile, he was a talented athlete, a body builder, and was top of his class in vocational school. If you knew him, you know he loved baseball, a good Italian meal, and was a lover of diverse music styles. Bud loved his family and God very much and in his short, troubled life, he touched our hearts and made a difference in surprising ways. The journey was not easy for him or us, but we are better people because of it. The struggle is over for my son, and for that, I am grateful. It is a great comfort to know he is in the loving arms of our Savior. May he Rest in Peace.

As a mother, I cannot watch another family suffer this tragedy. I know Bud would want his family to do something about this crisis that is destroying so many lives. Bud is one of many whom have lost their battle with overdose. His story needs to be heard. With your support, we will shine a light on the opioid and overdose epidemic and prevent others from falling victim.

Posted 01/08/2018
Jean (Mom)

In memory of my Son Kevin Day who passed away May 8, 2018, a life cut short from a Fentanyl Overdose. Til we meet again….Always Loved and Missed.

Posted 31/07/2018

Love and miss you Nick P

Posted 30/07/2018
Deb S

I lost my cousin to a drug overdose about three years ago and it hasn’t been a easy ride. Daryl, my heart is forever broken without you in this world. I miss you so much. You continue to rest.
March 3-March 20,2015

Posted 29/07/2018

My nephew James L. lost his battle with addiction, on November 11, 2017. He used fentanyl laced heroin and died. He was my buddy and we all miss him very much. He fought a good fight and our hearts are forever broken. He enjoyed fishing, sports and of course the Philadelphia Eagles. He also was attached to Mickey Mouse. We all hope the pain is gone and his spirit is free. Our lives will forever be different without him.

Posted 29/07/2018

To the love of my life. You were always special to me and I loved you very very much. You will always be in my heart forever. May you be looking down from up there. You are not in pain anymore.

Posted 28/07/2018

Erin e I miss you all-day everyday rip my daughter 04-27-91-09-30-2017 I Love you

Posted 28/07/2018

Randy B- 4/20/86-6/24/17
Julie B- 1/26/90-7/21/17
Marie H- 4/12/92-12/19/17

Rest in paradise my friends…your battle is over.

Posted 27/07/2018


8/11/92 – 2/2/18 K.E.F
It has only been a few months, but it feels like an eternity since I last saw you. Even so, I still hear your infectious laugh and see your smiling face everywhere I go. Addiction took you from this earth, but it will never take you from my heart. I love you, sweet son.

Posted 27/07/2018


My beautiful girl died of a mixed drug overdose on July 2, 2018, 22 days before her 28th birthday. I have so many feelings of guilt and regret. We tried tough love, and it didn’t work. Instead, my beautiful, funny & smart girl died feeling isolated, sad and ashamed. I hope she knows how much we all loved her. My husband and I are raising her 4 year old son, who we have had custody of for 2 years. I hope my first born, my only daughter, my sweet Amber Nicole is finally at peace.

Posted 27/07/2018


I lost my first born son, SGT. MacMillan, James A. on August 15, 2017. The day my world forever changed. The awareness of how serious these drugs have became is not making a difference on how many chose to take them. I speak out to young people as much as i can hoping i can save at least one from trying it.

Posted 27/07/2018

sharon l robinson

Human value is first priority in all around the universe. So, Government should give right to live, equality and liberty without any discrimination and stigmatization. Universal access to care, treatment and support should be available/provided to all human beings regardless of differentiation.

Posted 25/07/2018

My daughter, Bethany Ann H, lost her battle with addiction 06/09/2018. She was 26 years, 3 months and 28 days old.

Posted 25/07/2018
Tonya M

TJ Carter 12/26/79 – 6/22/18 son, father, true love, friend. May you flourish and find peace in the heavens that you never found here on earth. May you no longer struggle with your pain, and gather forgiveness for your faults as well as those of others. May the demons and illness you fought here on earth now leave your soul to rest. The best of who you are lives on in our son and please know that he will always be given all of the love and opportunity you deserved in your time here. Not a day will go by where you won’t be with us. Rest in peace with a happy heart. xo Nicole & Bryson

Posted 24/07/2018

To my sister Mary and brother Dominic ! August 23rd 2017 & September 3rd 2017 ! 10 days apart; same drug. I miss you both more then words can describe and your both loved by soo many. Constantly thinking about you both<3

Love your Sisssy !

Posted 23/07/2018
Karmen U


You should be here. Heroin robbed of your life. You had everything in front of you. You had so many special gifts. You were not only intelligent but blessed to be able to work with your hands. You received all the good looks. It breaks my heart that we didn’t get to say goodbye. I would do anything to hear your laugh again. Your smile was contagious and will never be forgotten. I love you forever and always! I’ll always be your number one fan! Xoxo!


Posted 23/07/2018
Danielle L

I love you Dad. You are gone way too soon. Im heart broken. I love you more than words

Posted 22/07/2018

Dawson- my beautiful sensitive loved son- its been over 4 years and I miss you more today than I did yesterday but not as much as tomorrow-I have been working, learning, and studying addiction and find my greatest joy in treatment and recovery- Not one more, not one more, not one more-

love you BIG MUCH D!!!

Posted 21/07/2018
Laurie P

To Shawn ~ My Best Friend

2-28-17 – the day our lives were forever changed.
We miss you so much, Shawn. Ethan, Nya, your mom…our hearts are still broken. Our world, shattered. You were always there when I needed you. No matter what. You had a heart of gold. I miss your laugh, I miss your smile. I miss you! I pray you are at peace. I love you, Shawn


Posted 21/07/2018
Kari D

Adam, I have never forgot u and never will.
Love to my uncle. Xx

Posted 22/07/2018

My wife overdosed just 4 months before I was released from federal prison after serving 11 years. During my incarceration she constantly told me that she was clean and waiting for my release. I felt as if my heart was ripped from my chest. Well I continue to stay clean and support those people who have a desire to stop using.

Posted 20/07/2018

Brantley T. K

You will be gone from this earth 1 whole year on August 21st, 2018. I miss your face on a daily basis and the only consolation for me is that your soul is no longer suffering. I know you are flying high with the angels and watch over all of us who loved you. I love you and will forever miss you.

Love you,


Posted 20/07/2018
Laura H.

Dad, Alan.
I never got to know you really. You were in jail most of the years you and Mum were married, and then bang out of the blue, just as I was getting ready to start meeting you again when I was 16, you went over, and died. It was a shock. An awful shock which I know I share with many others. I didn’t even know you were dead until 3 months later because of the shame your parents felt.
The injustice of drug laws of which you were a victim has inspired me all my adult life, to change them so that more don’t die and others suffer completely needlessly.

Posted 20/07/2018
Peter P

To my son Seth: I miss you every day. I never believed I would loose a child, but it happened anyway. Your sister, dad, niece and I talk about you all the time, and you will always be a part of our lives even while you live in heaven. We support and pray for those who struggle with addiction like you did and hope that the support of others throughout the United States and elsewhere will make a difference in ending this terrible epidemic. In loving memory: Seth Andrew C 2/13/1992 – 1/31/2015.

Posted 20/07/2018
Lisa C

Caila my beautiful daughter. It is coming up 2 years on August 19th just 4 days after your birthday. Forever 27. I miss you every second of every hour of every day. You are missed by your sons. I will continue to raise awareness of this epidemic and will not let your illness define who you were. A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt. I love you and miss you my sweet baby girl. Mom

Posted 20/07/2018
Kristin N

I’d like to Remember Nicholas DeMaria. Nick you are no longer fighting this battle of addiction and are at peace. I know how hard this battle was for you. You are missed dearly everyday. God gained another angel when you were taken from this world. You will forever remain in my heart. I will love you forever. This epidemic needs to end. Too many people are losing their lives way to soon. Lets stand together . Lets stand strong and end the stigma and pray for an end to this epidemic.

Posted 20/07/2018
Nicole S

To my son Ryan Vincent S….September 24, it will be 3 years that we lost you….we think of you daily…we talk to you all the time and I think that you are sometimes very near to me….I miss you my son…so much….but I know that one day I will see you again….I pray that our Lord has been merciful with you and that you are in the utmost peace and tranquility…..your brothers miss you and love you and we talk about you often…never forgotten…always loved with cherished memories….Mom

Posted 20/07/2018

To my dearest Rafi. I miss you more everyday. Not a day goes by that I don’t think if you. Sometimes tears, sometimes a giggle. October 20th 2017 is still all a blur, may always be, but I’m moving forward babe. One day at a time. One step at a time some days. But, I promise to live every day with you in my heart. Remember..I will find you… Lol. See you when I get there. Love you, your Cindy loo…

Posted 20/07/2018
Kelli H

Dear B,
Thank you for everything you taught me. I think of you a lot. You were a true fighter and never quit quitting. When I feel like giving up or saying “forget it” about something, I usually remember you and remind myself I can’t just quit, because you never did. Your determination impressed me from the beginning and I always liked seeing you, no matter what the circumstances were. I wish you’d made it back to your family. I know you are missed by many.

Posted 20/07/2018

The sun, it still shines; the wind, it still blows; everything looks just the same; but Eddie when I search for you, all I can do, is quietly whisper your name. Forever 38, forever loved, forever my son, forever a hole in my heart just your size. Until 11 June you always left people smiling, feeling the better for having been with you; your laugh – contagious. The hurt inside you hidden until your accidental overdose on prescription meds and alcohol. Both legal, both deadly. You didn’t have to die, but you couldn’t learn how to live. Now those left behind carry that hurt for you. So much potential left with you.

Posted 19/07/2018

To my son Jonathan-
August 27th will make three years since you left us. Everyday I think about you and how I wish you were still here. Your son Caydon will be 9 yrs old son and what a smart little boy he is. You would have been so proud of him. You are always loved, missed and remembered
For all the great things you brought to my life, especially for the wonderful gift of my Grandson Caydon. So until we meet again, I know you are flying high and free as a Free Byrd can with our Jeremy. Love and Miss you both with all my heart and Soul.
Love- Mom

Posted 19/07/2018

My dear, sweet, gentle Shawn B-Z. It has been over 2 years since you left this world. I hope that you have found the peace you were longing for! I miss you so very much!!! it is supposed to get easier, but it seems to get harder everyday!! Do you know how much you were loved? Friends, family…we all miss you so!!!! I love you my Angel!!! I miss you more than words can say!!!!! I hope you found your “Flying Lion” and watch over all of us who LOVE and MISS you!!!!!!!! Love you with all my heart and soul!!!!!!!
Mom 143 xoxo

Posted 19/07/2018
Barb C

My sweet son Josh, My heart breaks everyday without you. I’m so sorry I felt you could just stop using . I have learned since your death that it was much more powerful than you could conquer on your own. I know you didn’t want to die and wasn’t aware that horrible day on June 23 would be your last. I also know that you were not aware it was fentenyl. When you left most of my heart went with you. I promise to raise your son, my grandson to know how much you dearly loved him. He misses you so much. Watch over us my angel . I’ll get through this because I know we’ll all be together again for eternity. Keep the signs coming we need them . Josh’s momma

Posted 19/07/2018
Cindy M

My first born child died on 1/4/17. He had such a great 2016 that I stopped waiting for the call. His daughter turned 1 yr old 6 days after he died. He was so smart, interesting, funny and talented. He had a big heart and a big winning personality. He touched so many lives and many of his friends in recovery credit him to being a part of their success. I miss him even in my subconscious. 25 years wasn’t enough but it’s all he was meant to live. He left quite a mark on every person he knew and loved. Can’t wait to see him on the other side when my time has come.

Posted 19/07/2018
Christine C

Holden, my twin brother and my best friend.
He was found overdosed from hydromorphone September 25, 2018- our Mother’s birthday.
There are no words to explain the grief and horror I feel from losing my person.
I love you and I miss you, forever and always.
We all do.
Fly in peace brother, until we hug again.

Posted 13/07/2018

Always in my heart and thought. You rest in peace. Thank god for have given me the vlessing to have meet you. Love you tons my big browski phil.

Posted 16/07/2018
Annette Stephanie G.

Destiny Marie C.
1978 to 2014 Destiny died with her husband Joe from a fentanyl overdose within hours of their 12th wedding anniversary. Significantly missed by mom and their two children. The children called me (grandmother/mom) and said they could not wake up mommy and daddy. Remember drugs kill and leave behind tremendous sadness and PTSD.

Posted 13/07/2018
Cheryll C

Jill- Almost 2 years and two months without you. You are always in my heart. You are missed by so many. XOXOXOX

Posted 13/07/2018

Dear Jason,
I miss you everyday! I still can’t believe your gone.

Posted 13/07/2018
Lynn T

My dearest, Ryan. In a few months it will be 3 years since you’ve been gone from this world and moved on to everlasting peace. I feel comfort in knowing you are finally free. It still doesn’t help me from crying often and thinking of you every day, but it does help in some way. I just miss the hell out of you! I love you always, and thank you for my dragonflies and butterflies that first summer 💜

Posted 12/07/2018

Dear Sweet Julie, you are missed and loved everyday. Its been 8 long years since you left us too soon, only 28 years old, beautiful, smart, and so much fun to be with. You will never be forgotten! Every time I go swimming, I miss my partner. We always had so much fun racing. You will be loved forever. One day we will meet again.

Love Mom and Dad and Melanie.

Posted 12/07/2018
Nancy H

I deeply honour and respect to the mourn souls who die to overdose. We need a strong awareness campagn throughout the world about overdose management and freely available of nalaxone.

Posted 12/07/2018

Erica Lane although we had grown apart you we’re a life long friend w a HUGE heart and an amazing soft loving spirit ! Your babies miss u terribly and I can’t imagine what your mom goes thru daily ! I miss and I can not believe you’re gone ! It doesn’t seem real but I know you’re at peace now and heaven got one of its angels back and heaven is a better place now that you are there !! Fly high my amazing free spirited sweet girl !!! Until I see u again !!!!! I love u always !!!

Posted 08/07/2018

.My friend Les died 15 years ago but after an accidental overdose of pain meds. He suffered terrible migraines for many years but fought bravely . Worked with his Dr doing any new treatments they developed and taking regular medication as prescribed. Then one day he learned his dad had a terminal illness. He was already in a lot of pain that day but this news added to that.. To deal with the pain he kept taking his meds, not realizing how much he was taking. Later that day he was found unconscious in his bedroom and shortly thereafter he died. The worst thing was that the police said it was suicide but I know it wasn’t. Because it was deemed suicide, his family didn’t get his insurance. So sad. And his dad actually lived about ten years more. Les was a wonderful man. He raised animals and was devoted to his parents. He meant to alot to me and many others.

Posted 08/07/2018

My mom evelyn left this earth due to a heroin overdose when i was 12 years old she was a very strong person with a great sense of humor i diddnt really understand what she was going through as i was just a child but i learned later as i dealt with my own addiction i miss her everyday I LOVE YOU MOM

Posted 06/07/2018

Jennifer T.

Christopher W. S.9/10/87-12/22/17 my lil’ bro, my biggest supporter. Until we meet again, forever in my heart, Always on my mind. I pray you are at peace. I’ll love you forever💙😇💔

Posted 05/07/2018

I hope your dancing In the sky hunter! I miss you so much my sweet angel❤

Posted 05/07/2018
Chandler W.

Today I has a special event remember my brother related to drugs Overdose.

Posted 02/07/2018

My son Stephen, 34 years old son died of a fentanyl overdose. He left 3 young sons. He was all about helping people and would be happy to know that his sister, Joy and I now volunteer for NCHRC. He may be gone but his spirit is alive and well.

Posted 02/07/2018
Lynn Thornton

2-14-68 -6-20-18. JRB So unreal. A sweet kind man stolen from his daughters, his family and friends. A terrible shame. We love you.

Posted 01/07/2018

Today and always I remember my son Cody who was 30 yrs old when he died from an overdose after suffering 15 years with his addiction. I will not let his death be in vain. I have started a nonprofit organization offering support, education, and resources to all those affected by addiction as this is a devastating family disease that affects everyone who loves someone who is suffering from the disease. We are “Families Fighting Addiction”,

Posted 01/07/2018
Tracy Burtis

Our family lost Gregory Robert L. to an accidental overdose on December 4, 2017, six months before his 21st birthday.
He is missed every second of every day and I post this tribute in his memory. We love you and miss you Greg! Forever in our hearts
and never forgotten.

Posted 30/06/2018

Jacob B., 29
I hope that you’re comfortable in the quiet lasting grace. I love you forever.

Posted 30/06/2018
Carolina R.

I want to remember my son today abd always he died at 23 yrs old of a accidental overdose it was a tragedy almost 4 yrs later the loss is still so overwhelming life doest get. Any better. His name is Tyler Ccott T. dec 26,1991-2014 R.I.P i love u tyler with all my heart. Why did u have to leave me? Im so sorry for hurting u because of my drug addiction. I had to be punished. I didnt mean to be selfish. U needed me tyler. I let u down . Im so sorryfor not protecting u im especially sorry fot being a screwup . Ur gone now and its to late to make upfor times lost i should have been stronger i should have showed u a better way im sorry my sweet baby i sure hope your up there with grandma and shes got her loving arms around u. Plze forgive me tyler i love u so much. Your mom. Michele. L.

Posted 29/06/2018
Michele L.

To Jason.

How many days am I supposed to wait to say anything? I can’t believe you did this. I’m upset at you. And I’m so sorry. For so much. And I know you were so sorry as well. We did our best and it wasn’t enough. And now, we don’t have a choice. Because you’re gone. Alex, Ella and Liam love you so so much. And as mad as I was, I always loved you. We went thru so much together. Grew together and grew apart. Lol! I am talking to you like you’re still here. Like a crazy woman. I am forever going to live with this gaping hole. You stole my heart. We broke one another’s heart but you forever will have it. To have some time back and been totally honest with myself. Would it have saved you? I will never know. I want your soul here with us. Watching over these children. Finish it out with us. Let us know you’re here some how. I know Jesus welcomed you, but tell Him to wait a few years. We still need you. I do know you’re not in agony anymore. You’re not struggling anymore. And you’re not tormented anymore. The war is over. And for that I am so so thankful. But I will never be whole until we are together again.

Posted 28/06/2018
Sarah L H

In loving memory of Gregory L 5/1/61-7/6/17 a wonderful father who lost his life to this disease not having the chance to know there was a better way of life! <3

Posted 28/06/2018
Amanda W

My big brother Christopher. We battled addiction together. I hate that my memories of you are tainted by use, but I’ll take what i can get. I talk about you all the time to Oran, he’s 6 now and if you heard his emotion and words when he talks about you, you would think that he knew you as long as i did. He sure looks like his uncle. I always tell him you would have been the best uncle possible. I know he knows its true too. He cries real tears of pain for someone that left this earth 9 months before he was born. It makes me so sad but so happy at the same time. You were truly one of a kind. Rest in peace C Gos… the best big brother to ever be. Christopher Damian G. 06/16/1984 – 03/27/2011 . It never gets easier. 7 years but it still feels like we just lost you. Love you bro. Cheers.

Posted 27/06/2018

RIP Alex

Posted 26/06/2018

My brother Dayne died at the age of 23. Five days after he was released from the hospital and told to “figure it out” by the so called professionals who were supposed to help him. He had orginally been admitted because of a suicide attempt due to his addiction. He never received the help he desperately wanted and and should have gotten.

We, his family, loved him more then he could ever know. We truly hope he’s found the peace and happiness he was looking for.

Until we meet again..

1990 – 2013.


Posted 26/06/18
Aralee J

My mother was a amazing person and lost her life do to a long long battle with her addiction and it has impacted everyone i am a small person trying to make a difference if anyone needs help or to talk i have a help instagram itsyourchoice11 life is short please live it i promise it is worth it .get out there and make your mark


Posted 26/06/18

Life is too short at the best of times but especially for cousin Ray, a beautiful person who needed help but only got rejection.

Posted 22/06/2018

My niece, Tabi, lost her battle with addiction this year, 2018. A mother of 3, in her early 20’s gone too soon. I pray for the recovering addicts, the struggling addicts , the addicts who have lost their lives and families of all. This is a problem of epidemic proportions! I pray for all who may need it. ~ AMB


Posted 21/06/2018

My husband & friend, Curtis, taken too soon at the hand of addiction, I love & miss you.


Posted 21/06/2018

One day after graduating a 3 year drug rehabilitation program, my dear friend and soul sister Amanda died from an opiate overdose.

Your infectious laugh and brilliant personality will never be forgotten. I will do my very best to convey your intense love to your sons and to your partner, he misses you so very much. While we don’t understand, we do “get it”. I pray you’re dancing in the sky, laughing with Jesus, and patiently waiting to see us all again. I love your heart and I miss your smile and laughter. You will never ever be forgotten. I love you forever.


To the Father of my child: I miss you……….
It’s been a little over two years since you left us. Your son who you never got to meet is a spitting image of you. It’s been a struggle to say the least without you in our lives. But I know God needed you more. I know that your addiction was the only downfall in your life and I am so sorry for that. I hope heaven is amazing, plenty of fishing to be had, and spending time with your cousin Rich who we also lost to the opioid addiction.
I love you, baby. I can’t wait to see that sweet face again and kiss you. Rest easy my love. Gone but never forgotten.
Lewis Arnold H II 1/24/2016 👼🏻

Jasmine G.

My daughter passed away in early 2017 from a drug overdose. It was the hardest thing ever to go through and my thoughts and prayers are with all those who are still struggling with addiction or have lost a loved one to addiction


Posted 21/06/2018

In memory of my son Ralph, my heart is broken and missing a piece. You were amazing loving boy, I have missed you so much. You left this world too soon. This year on May 27,2018 made 6 years that you left this world. You would’ve been 30 years old. You lived life like it was your last day, the life of the party, your electric energy was contagious, everyone loved you. I know you tried, addiction is a terrible thing, God had a better plan for you. Till we meet again, oxox

Posted 19/06/2018

Until we meet again, my friend,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


My dearest Michaela, I don’t understand and never will. You were such a beautiful girl with a beautiful daughter and a son on the way. There was so much more waiting in the years to come, but that shall not happen. We will shed our tears and carry on…but you will never be forgotten.
May you Rest n Paradise.
(10/12/1989 – 06/08/2018)


Matt was a vivacious 23 year old in February 2012 when he passed away from an overdose. A lover of life and deeply loved by his family and friends. He always brought a smile to your face. He had no use for material belongings. Everything he had he gave away as soon as it was given to him. In a way he knew the secret to life so much more than most of us. It isn’t about what we have…but what we do with what we have. He gave himself son freely to the world. Matt was raised in a small rural community and as the saying goes,” It takes a village to raise a child”, Matt’s village shunned him as his addiction turned on him. There wasn’t the recovery programs that there are now. There wasn’t the community support there is now. So much change has been accomplished since 2012. However we have a long long way to go to master the beast of addiction.
I’ve known his whole life Matt was gonna change the world, but this is not the way it was supposed to happen. I miss my son terribly. Not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t ache for his voice and smile.
The last time I was with Matt a few hours before he overdosed, he was twirling me in circles and I was laughing so hard as he swung me around. He kept telling me he loved me. How Blessed am I that these were his final words to me. I miss my boy. Please God keep him close. Please tell your loved ones everyday how much you love them.

Matt’s Mom

John Palmer “J.P.” -5/15/91 to 12/6/2012
J.P. lived a mere 21 yrs but touched the lives and hearts of so many. He was a kind and precious soul and was a fabulously talented musician, singer, & composer. Heroine took his like by accidental overdose on December 6th, 2012. He wasn’t addicted to heroine.. yet..he was socially using different drugs and let someone shoot him up with the wrong thing,.. with too much. It was devastating to me(his mother) and our entire family. We were all close to him. He was a born again believer in Jesus Christ and played music to the Lord in church. J.P. was young and “dabbling” in a world that began to overtake him, attack his mind and mental stability, and made him feel that he didn’t deserve the forgiveness Jesus died to give him. None of us deserve it either. But J.P’s enemy convinced him he would not live long, nor was he worthy to live. J.P. bought into the lies and stopped caring for his own life and started taking risks with it. J.P. is now at peace and is whole and well and over time this fact has given me peace and joy for him. He deserved to be happy. Although it has broken my heart, and still does at times, I know I will reunite with him one day and there will be no more goodbyes. I never though it would be “my kid”. The truth is, none of us are exempt. The pain of losing him overtakes me at times. But I think the pain he was living with inside of him when he was alive was probably worse, as he struggled with many emotional issues that stemmed from the absence of his father being a steady parent in his life. J.P. was beautiful, well spoken, highly intelligent and talented, a compassionate and true friend to all. He lives in our hearts and minds until we meet again. What a glorious reunion that will be! Live and Play on son. Your momma loves and adores you forever!

Meredith J.

To my loving son David, I miss you more everyday.

All my love,


My son, forever 26, lost his life November 2015 while in treatment at a VA Medical Facility. He died of mixture of fentanyl and heroin. After high school he joined the Army where he completed courses of Human Intellegience, Airborne and conquered the challenges endured him and was honored to be an Army Ranger.. He was said to be a stout soldier. He was athletic, participating in baseball, basketball, football while in high school. He had a passion for the Green Bay Packers, and a die heart fan. He loved to laugh, make people laugh, was funny, energetic,compassionate, and had a smile that will be remembered by everyone. His dark journey started after a serious car accident upon returning from the Service. After years of treatments, from rehabs to outpatient clinics, the devil, took control over his life. At this point, he had high hopes that he would find recovery and 10 days after entering the facility, he overdosed. At this point he didn’t like himself. Such a great loss of life,he had so much life to live and so much good to give.He will be forever loved,missed and always in our hearts. To those that lost a loved, my heart breaks for us and those struggling with the addiction, may you be strong to seek recovery.

Robin S.

Two years ago we lost Chris to an overdose of what most likely was Fentanyl. He was my daughter Taylor’s boyfriend, they always talked about the life they were going to have together. She was using and is one year clean now. She still carries him in her heart and always will. He was a thoughtful, kind person that just took a wrong turn in life. He is deeply missed by us.

Lisa P.

My son Maxwell was an old kind soul in a child’s body. He had been a challenge since a baby. We knew when at 6 weeks old he held out for nursing for 8 hours. No bottle for this baby, not one filled with fresh warm breast milk, no, he would cry and wait for the real thing! He was handsome, beyond smart, athletic, a musician and stubborn. He was in honors classes since 5th grade while playing in the orchestra and on travel baseball teams and later his school team as well. Always at the top of his class academically while struggling socially.
In 9th grade the troubles began with drugs. While we were concerned, we were not overly as we both experimented with drugs in our teen years. What we didn’t know is that the drugs had changed considerably. Not only had they changed, but we didn’t understand the depths of addiction. We tried all that was offered to us, wilderness and therapeutic boarding school to follow. We were lucky to have the money to do what all the “specialists “ said to do. Ultimately this could not save him from himself. We did as much as we could for as long as we could, but again, we never really understood the depths of addiction. Never ever did I suspect that my son was injecting heroin. NEVER EVER. Once we knew he was “using” we still didn’t understand. I feel like such a failure not understanding him. I was so angry at him. Why would he “choose to do this”? Why wouldn’t he just stop?
We took him off to college like any other student. But he wasn’t. While he graduated sum cum lauded one year earlier than his classmates, he was a heroin addict. But we, as his parents, thought this was going to solve his problem. Take him to college, to room with his lifelong friend, and all would be ok. Well that lasted about two weeks. It’s a long story, but he was arrested in connection with a friends overdose. He spent three weeks in jail and was released on house arrest. Upon release I took him directly for a vivitrol injection. I thought my prayers had been answered. We had one month with him home, watching the World Series, celebrating birthdays and visits with friends. One of the last birthdays we celebrated was his, his 19th. That was on a Monday, on Wednesday we found him unresponsive in his bedroom. His dad and I performed CPR and gave narcan, he was taken to the hospital where he spent 6 days on life support. That week with him in ICU, his sister Caroline and I never left his side. I prayed, I begged, I bargained, I had prayer groups all over the country praying for him, I called his friends. I am a nurse, I know what’s going on, but this was my son. This could not be. I knew and accepted by Sunday what was to be. My son was gone, I was keeping his body barely alive , an intricate balance of drugs keeping his heart pumping. Tuesday we had only family coming to see him to say goodbyes. I had the hospital priest come to pray for him and to forgive his sins. This was a huge issue for him. He felt so horrible for using drugs and for the harms it caused him and others.
I knew the time had come, his delicate state could no longer be supported. My daughter and I left the room. With his father and the priest present, life support was removed. It was quick and painless. I like to think that his soul was long gone from his body. I like to think that he is finally at peace, free from the tortures of addiction.
Are any of us ever free from this horror? Whether you are someone in active addiction, in recovery, a family member with a loved one in active addiction or in recovery, or the dreaded, a person with a loved one lost to the disease, we all suffer. It’s awful, it sucks. We must stay strong together to demand changes in treatment and in stigma. I say my son Maxwell’s name proudly and I am NEVER embarrassed to tell his story. My son Maxwell was 19 and he died of a drug overdose. And, I am doing what I can to help others who are struggling.

Sarah C.

Sam M. 9/8/92- 6/20/16
“We will never forget #23 ❤”
Until we meet again, miss you!

Marie ML

I lost my 21 year old son Alex to an overdose of oxycodone and xanex on April 27,2107. Worst day of my life. We love you and miss everyday son💙 Forever 21

Bonnie M.

My sweet angel, 21year old Chase overdosed on heroine in November of 2015…my love, my life, my best friend I, not anyone who knew Chase will EVER be the same I never knew anything could hurt so badly I am broken I am empty I can’t wait to see his lovely face FLY HIGH MY SWEET DARLING YOU ARE SO GREATLY MISSED …all I want for you, my son is to be satisfied…all my love xoxo

Mischelle H.

To My Precious, Loving Son, Ryan: Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and miss you terribly. It’s been 11 1/2 years since you went to be with Our Lord Jesus Christ. I HATE Heroin and what it has done to you and so many others. I know you are in blissful peace in Heaven, with your Aunt Dian right there with you. Knowing that I will be with you both one day is what keeps me going. I Love You SO Much, My Dear Son. Until we meet again, MOM <3


This goes out to my beautiful aunt Angela Kay.. the loss of your life has affected me in so many ways that not a day or minute or second goes by in my life that your not thought of. I miss you more and more everyday and love you to the moon and back. When I got the call that you was in the hospital because of your addiction to pills and alcohol my heart broke I was saddened and so lost just the very thought of losing you someone who with out a doubt for everyone who needed your regardless of what you was going through you was always there for everyone the doctors told us you was on the road to recovery and you would be home soon. Than I left to get my daughters diaper bag restocked and a shower the phone than rang and at that moment I couldn’t breath I felt like I was going to pass out and was scared to answer the phone so the phone stopped ringing and than another call back to back until I answered it and it was your mother and sister saying you want going to make it that I had to get back up to the hospital to say my good-byes… I broke down and couldn’t stop crying you was like my sister and was my best friend I didn’t but want to admit you was no longer going to be here for me. You was so beautiful , loving, caring, kind and honest you loved beyond all else and your addiction and your b demons got the best of you and b not one person could stop you I think if you would have truly know that would be your last time your would see your family I don’t think you would have taken that one last pill that ended your life and even tho you have been gone for 22 years now there isn’t a day I don’t Miss you and think of you. I will never forget you and I will never stop telling your story hopefully your story will leave another life. May you rest in paradise and may you be happy in the big throne with God and your shining and dancing with others you are no longer suffering from your demons which took you from those of us that loved you but and miss you so much. Until we meet again in our heavenly place God has made for us fly high in the sky. I love and you immensely to my beautiful aunt Angela Kay you will never be forgotten.

Theresa A.

On February 6, 2011, my beautiful son Levi lost his life as the result of an accidental overdose at the age of 30. An educated, funny, music loving father of two is deeply missed every minute of everyday. I honor his memory along with hundreds more every chance I have. I love you immensely my beautiful boy.

Hillary M.

Fernando i miss you!!!!!!!!!! its going on a month that you went to heaven and stopped suffering i think of you everyday


June 2nd 2018. You were alone and I’m so sorry. I love you dad.


In Rememberance of Johnny Joseph S.
08/21/1995-03/12/2018. We love & miss your sweet soul.

Chelsea L

My twin sister would have been writing this if l had not survived my drugs overdose best wishes to you all that have been through a loss of a loved one xxx


We lost Kelli Hicks in October last year and Danielle Severe just a couple months ago. Two good friends , taken too soon. Luv ya 4ever………Lo n Rich

Loretta and Richard

My son, Branden, died by overdose on July 16th, 2010. It was his 3rd overdose within 4 months. He was 23. His death broke so many hearts and had especially negative effects on those closest to him. He was, is, and always will be loved and deeply missed.

Tracy Lynn W.

Ashley Gail Sass, forever 28…Feb 7, 2015
My only daughter, my best friend, mother of my twin grandsons now 9 yrs old who miss her so very much it tears at my shattered heart daily, my unbearable grief threefold.. although I’m forced to hide my deep pain, it is always with me & always will be… I love & miss u so much my sweet babygirl 👼💛👬😢


Addiction has impacted my life in ways I never could imagine. My mother died of an overdose 20 years ago. I married an addict. And lost so many friends and family due to this disease.
RIP Mom and Kelly miss you. I will never stop fighting to end this horrible disease. You


My son Bobby loved and missed every minute of every day 💔

Jacqueline L.

My 27 year old son Clifford died February 16 2017 from Multiple Drug Intoxication. Clifford struggled with drugs for 10 years. I believe with all my heart that he wanted to get clean, he just couldn’t. Cliff played Little League Baseball, Boy Scouts, he loved Church , he was respectful thoughtful kind. drugs turned him into a ghost of his real self. I miss my son so much and my heart broke for him because I watched as he suffered and I could not help him. Prayers and compassion go to all family members and friends that have lost loved ones

My Son

Bernie…you were like a son to me. My 3 boys …like their brother. So many good, some crazy memories ..all of them you are young, vibrant, and full of life. AND also our dear Tom, also like son and brother to us. both young…would be both 28 years old. both boys taken from heroin overdoses. I cant bear to think of the voids your absensces have brought to us an$o many others who love you. Please i hope u both are at peace with god…no suffering. Only love boys…there is only love. Forever u will be missed and loved. tammy


To my big brother, Rob. Not one of us knew of your addiction. I knew you had smoked pot in the past, but nothing like this. I feel like I never got a chance to save you, to get you help. You were taken from me so quickly. I didn’t know how to react or what to say. I just sat there unable to move. I will always remember your goofy smile and the sound of your laughter. My first year in college we’d work all day at O’Charley’s and head back to your place to listen to music and philosophize about life. You taught me that no matter how many times someone hits bottom, they can always get back up. But not this time. When our nephew found you lifeless on the garage floor, you never got back up. RIP 8-10-11

Lindsey K.

To our dearest Austen (8-1-97 to 4-27-18)

We all love and miss you so much! I never knew real pain before this. We did not get to spend enough time together. I’m so sorry you had to be a victim of this horrible disease. Our only comfort is knowing you are with God. Until we meet again.

All our love,
Mom and Dad (Angela and Paul)

Angela and Paul

To my beautiful daughter Jenna Marie A., age 28 when she overdosed suddenly and we lost her so quickly. Jenna has 3 sons now being raised by us the grandparents and one of the fathers. This has ripped so many hearts out. We love and miss you Jenna Angel and promise to raise the boys the best we can. I know you loved them but the addiction was so strong. I am sorry I didn’t understand it and was always mad at you. My lack of understanding has made me want to help others as no other parent has to bury their child. I miss you every minute of the day. I love you, Mom


20 April 2016, you lost your battle to heroin. I did everything I could for the years I was keeping you alive. I simply couldn’t do it anymore, you were 44 yrs old, I babysat you constantly. Somedays I’m angry, pissed and sad. Your son calls me Mom. He has for years, but I told him never to do it in front of you because its disrespectful, regardless that you abandon him for the first 17 yrs of his life. I guess today I’m angry, can everyone tell


Richie, you were my husband as of 2001. You introduced me to heroin, which has given me many years of a horrible life, you and I, turned into a heroin addicted couple, which took precedence over our kids.
When I got clean, in 2006, we could no longer be a couple. I watched you drift away, into B.C., CAN. (the epicentre of opiates). You OD’d and died in 2011 in B.C.
I wish I had known how to get you clean when I got clean, but I didn’t. Your kids will hurt at your demise for the rest of your life, and a sad spot in my heart.


I was just a little kid when you had overdosed. Everyone told me that you just choked and they didn’t get to you in time. As I got older I started a conversation with my mom and stepdad. I couldn’t believe that you had been doing this for years. I used to blame myself for being a bad daughter, then my parents for keeping me from you. I understand why they had to do that. You were not the man I knew you were towards the end. But now I have these big milestones that you’re missing. I’m thinking of you every day.

Mackenzie F.

Satara Nicole S. 6-11-1987 to 2-4-2017

We met in the fall of 2006 at a Movie Theater in Hollywood, CA called the Arclight. And instantly there was a special bond that evolved over a 11 year period. I would always tell people and even today who ask in a voice of pure joy say “We Were Friends” who just loved and excepted each other. We gave each other a gift of love and friendship. Not one phone call or text message ended without us saying “I love you”. Satara’s gone but she wasn’t the kind of soul that disappears or dies out. She is with her favorite people and family everyday sending love to them. In my life, I have never known anyone more beautiful, more kind, and more loving than you. We will celebrate you and love you for all that you are. I want you to chase your dreams. I want want you to fly higher. I want you to enjoy all the adventures life throws at you. But when you are done dreaming, flying and achieving don’t forget there is someone waiting for you at the place where it all started. MY BEST FRIEND I LOVE YOU. I MISS YOU


In memory of my daughter Ava Michelle who died in a FL halfway house in West Palm Beach on May 11, 2018, may God and the angels wrap you in Love and Peace, Mommy loves you!

Deborah H.

I Miss him so much. Why


Remembering my son Ryan W. forever 35.
24 – 4 – 1981 —- 16 – 6 – 2016
I miss you Ryan, and I love you so much.
mum xxxx

Natalie W.

On November 8th 2015, I received a phone call from my oldest son. He said three little words that rocked me to my foundation, “Mom, Johnny’s dead.” He had such a good heart. He loved babies since he was a child and animals. He was always there for others and for me. We were very close. He was my heart.
His niece was born 4 days after he died. He would have loved her.
He was so much more than his addiction. He was kind, loving, and sensitive. He had a big broken heart.
I desperately miss him.

Pamela J M.

My brother was one of the happiest guys you’d ever meet, he made everyone smile, even when he was being completely obnoxious, he could make me smile. Sadly underneath that big goofy smile was an addiction that took his life. He was an amazing father of 2 beautiful girls, a very much loved son to my parents, and a wonderful uncle. He was my best friend, the one person in my life who was always there thru everything from day one, no matter how much we fought, nothing could break that bond we had each others backs always…until addiction took him from me in the blink of an eye. He died at my parents home of an overdose of carfentanyl August 26 2016 no one knew how far his addiction had gone. He is so loved and so missed every single day.

Bobbi M.

RYAN: you were a GREAT BOY and I miss you every second. I hope you are at peace from the horrible disease of addiction. Mom and Morgan love you❤


Robin – our much loved son and brother who sadly died aged 27 on 18 November 1997 from an accidental heroin overdose – nearly 21 years ago but the pain of this still hurts today and always will. Still desperately missed by us all..
Loved you then
Love you still
Always have
Always will
Mum, Dad and Sean xx

Irene M.

My daughter, Elizabeth, lost her battle when she was 23 years old in 2016, one day after leaving another 28 day rehab program. Rest with the angels my sweet girl. We will always miss your beautiful voice and your quirky sense of humor. Love you to the moon and back. Always, Mommy xoxo

Cathy D.

My daughter lost her father. Kindest, gentlest man I ever knew. So intelligent and talented… not to mention handsome. We miss him terribly…

Corinne C.

My first born child, daughter, sister, aunt and friend, Lauren Nicole passed away Christmas Day 2013 from an accidental overdose of Fentanyl. She has no idea how powerful and dangerous this drug was or that she would possible pass away from taking it. She was so full of life and had been sober for 6 months prior to this day. She volunteered in rehabs and even spoke to groups about the dangers of Heroin. One fatal mistake cost her life. Thank you for having this day to tell the world this type of things happens much to often. Sincerely her mom, Tami

Tami P.

My son Jonathan died of a heroin overdose September 26,2015, after being in a coma for 20 days. He was coersed into trying drugs. I had no idea when I got the phone call that he had ever tried drugs. He refused to even take Advil.I miss my son terribably. I am in a group called The HEAT heroin education action team. We educate school kids and others on the evls and consequences of ever trying drugs. Using the stories of our sons and daughters and their deaths due to drugs.

Karen S

It’s been over 2 years since you past and I still can’t let go of the pain. I have come so far since you passed but I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that I’ll never hear your voice again.


I love you Nate Dogg. My best friend, my heart my soul mate. Your forever in my heart. Give our baby boy hugs & kisses from mommy.


Rest peacefully my love…..gone to soon….but I know you’re resting in the palm of Gods hands…..until we meet again🙏💞❤🐾take care of my baby pugsly🌷🐾


This tribute is for my Katie B, she lost her life to an overdose on August 17, 2016 after being arrested and died in a jail cell alone. She leaves behind a beautiful son and a family who misses her everyday. We will not give up bringing Awareness to this epidemic and will not let her death be in vain


For my son Tayler , we lost him 10-28-15 to an over dose of fentnoyl and Xanax , the combination of the two are lethal . He was 21 yrs old he was very bright and carrying loved by many. But most of all me. I miss him everyday.


I lost my son William, 29, to a heroin overdose April 7th 2016. I can never express how losing you has reshaped my life. The soul crushing weight of the absence of you in my world. I held you in my arms as you came into this world and as you left it. Part of me died and went with you. Our souls are forever linked and I will love you always.

Elizabeth M.

To my cuz I’m so sorry you’ve been taken so young and so unfairly my heart is shattered you’ll always be remembered Untell we meet again 😔❤


Brian, my son I so hope you are okay. Your sickning addiction to heroin has taken you away from everyone who loves you. For years I tried oh so hard to help you and get you clean and you had finally given me some hope, but oh was I wrong. Just like the paper you wrote in a rehab class that I found in your room after you died at 26 years old, you wrote my mom was a very nice person but naive when it came to my addiction. Looking back I wish I hadn’t been so naive and maybe been harder on you!! But as a mom you just love your child the best way you can. I do hope you are calm and at peace not having to struggle every day. Everyone misses you terribly, I cry every day on the way to work and think of you more than you could possibly know. Love you so much!!! MomB8QK3


My inimitable son….
The world feels a bit more empty without him, but he lives on in every part of the world he touched. He made a hat reading “too weird to live, too rare to die” and it is this contradiction that marks his life and passing: brighter than seems possible, it is also impossible for him to really be gone. The world lost a rare jewel on December 31, 2017, but he shines on. We love you Tyron, always gold.

Janice E.

To my little brother Brian and best friend. It has only been 8 month and I miss you so bad every day. There is not a day that goes by that your not on my mind. Finding you that day was the most horrific day of my life. That image has and will not ever leave my mind. You where such a special and very well liked young man. You will never be forgotten! Your family loves you so much!♥

Jennifer U.

Amber and Sara,
My dear friends. I love you both. Every day is filled memories of you. I want to forget, but I know neither of you would want that. I miss you. I’m not really scared to die anymore – because you both will be waiting for me. I love you. I’m sorry for all the times I was shitty to you. I wish so much I believed in ghosts and that you could talk to me. I would give anything to talk to you again.


To my little brother and best friend. It has only been 8 month and I miss you so bad every day. There is not a day that goes by that your not on my mind. Finding you that day was the most horrific day of my life. That image has and will not ever leave my mind. You where such a special and very well liked young man. You will never be forgotten! Your family loves you so much!♥

Jennifer U.

This post goes out to my one & only son, Dennis L. Sr. Someone once asked me a very important question once to which I couldn’t answer ATM, I think I was still in shock, the words couldn’t come out my mouth, I was speechless, I was lost without No words to describe the only Son I once knew. You wasn’t just an Addict, you was MY SON. You was kind, you was humble, you was honest, liked by many, loved by a lot, and hated by few. You made Us laugh, you made Us cry, well me anyways. You made Us smile. You was thoughtful, and always considerate of others and willing to give a helping hand, no questions asked. Always had Respect for others, but not yourself. You had Hopes and Dreams to make a difference in your life, now they will live on in your children. We think of you often and speak of you a lot. Happy Heavenly Birthday, forever 25 years young 💋💋

Until I can hold your hand again….



Uncle Ed,
Every single moment of every single day I think of you. I hope you know I’m working extra hard for you. I love you forever and always.


To my son brian
I think about you everyday.not having you here has left a hole in my heart that will never heal till i see you again
You were my baby and you still my baby even though you are not here with me you gave me so happy i dont know if you knew how much u were loved iam so sorry this happend to you you had so much to live for i know this was a horrible accident you never thought this would happen to you i love you mommie

Stephanie G C.

Derek, our sweet son and brother. We miss you more than you could have ever known. Nothing will ever fill the hole you left in our hearts. We love you always. Love, Mom, Dad, Staci, Holli & Shane.

Staci L.

i miss my older brother every day. i really thought he was starting to get better. he was staying at my parents’ house, and he seemed to be doing fine. one day he went into the city, and he never came back. later we found out that he had overdosed under a bridge. i wish he could have gotten the help that he needed. i know that my brother had a lot of problems to run away from. i won’t say that he was a saint while he was on this earth, but i looked up to him. he taught me how to fish, how to drive a four wheeler, even how to tie my shoes. he was the kind of person that could brighten your day with one sentence. he had such a goofy smile too. a while ago, when i was young, maybe 10 or 11, he ended up in jail somehow. the visiting day was on my birthday. he made me a birthday card, and he hand-drew a butterfly on the inside. that butterfly will be my first tattoo. sometimes i think he cared more about other people than he did himself. i hope he does well in heaven.


I lost my father in 2001 and my only sister in 2017 to overdoses😢i love and miss them so much but i remember rev. 21:3,4 …. It truly feels like the 🌎 is standing still….i look forward to future promises….i thank Jehovah for endurance and 💪 to keep going.


I thank God everyday for not taking you from your family. He has given you a second chance. The drugs nearly destroyed your brain but your will to live along with the Lord’s blessings prevailed. You still have a long hard road to recovery but I know you can do it.

I pray for those whose life was cut short and pray for their families.


Sandra Kay G.

My mother committed suicide October 13th of 2010.
I did not have a normal relationship or upbringing with my mother. I went through periods, years even where I did not speak to her because I just did not want to deal with the chaos of her mental illness. When she took her life my son was 2 and we had not spoken in 5 months and the last conversation (May) was not pleasant…she had also moved out of state within days of the brief conversation.
The last time I saw her was in early April. The visit was brief and we were on okay terms but I felt awkward – annoyed with her during this time period due to some actions that she regularly exhibited….However, nothing of danger or fear.
I just wanted to give some background for someone who may stumble across this page as I did, so they have a sense of what happened. I know I am always curious … having a need to know, have background so that I can fully empathize with the loved ones grief.
My mother was saucey, she was intelligent, fiesty, loved to shop, loved to garage sale, loved scrap booking, reading, taking/getting pictures of her kids & grandkids. My mother would have manic ups and downs as well as cause unnecessary drama at times.
I tried being supportive but not enough. In retrospect and maturity as well as longevity of motherhood setting in – I see and understand more that the tough love and support I gave were not enough. I could have put in more time and effort to try and help her see outside of her box. Yet my selfishness to not want to be bothered with her, ignoring the overall situation had resulted in unanswered tales.
I realized we would most likely never have been best friends, but I did love my mother. I did enjoy the periods where we were on the same level, enjoyed our adventures to deep conversations, her wisdom and input on many a topic.
Now I realize even more that my son’s will never know their “Mimi” …my oldest really only has picture memories of her. They will never get to experience their own adventures with her. Never get to taste her scrumptious cooking. Never know her endless love for them. Never hear her stories. That makes me more sad than when I feel alone and know that the need to have your mother is no longer an option for me. We can ‘make our own families’ but there truly truly is nothing the same as your own blood. I wouldn’t have thought I would ever say that 7 years ago.
So treasure those you love. . . the ups and downs, smiles and screams, tantrums and binges. Keep your faith and resilience.
Remember you only really get one shot. While of course you have to put yourself first, just know that someday you may need a loved one to be your rock, your tough love, your support system and that we can never truly know what is going on in someone else’s mind. What secrets and demons they deal with that are never mentioned.
Everyday is a new day. So try to embrace those you love as well as yourself.
I love my mom & I miss her more now than 7 yrs ago.

Blessings to All.

Shara RoseAnna

I miss you everyday.
I will always love you.


My daughter Heather lost her battle to heroin on January 8 2018


To Damian, the most important person in my life. You deserved way more than 22 years.


RIP To the lost soul I found in front of the 7-11 on 4/21/18 at 7pm


My ex brother in law, Michael died of an accidental overdose recently. He had battled drugs and alcohol for YEARS. He overdosed with two doses of the stuff that’s supposed to bring you back sitting next to him. His youngest brother found him, he tried to revive him and gave him a shot. EMS also gave him a shot. He was gone. The devastation to his sons and grandchildren and those of us who loved him is immense. Anyone who knows this road, knows how it is to love an addict and worry they’ll die or become a vegetable.
Michael, you were a great guy with many talents. Your infectious laugh and smile, the way you listened to your loved ones, how you said the funniest things (HOLY UNDERWEAR, for one) . I wish I could have taken away the pain you had, physically as well as mentally. You are missed, you were loved and always will be loved. I truly hope you finally found peace.






Josh, We love & miss you each and every day! Your wings were ready but our hearts were not. Know you’ll never be forgotten. It’s such a sad thing. Way too many killed by the disease. We need to do all we can to save others from our pain 💔💔


I have been struggling with a heroin addiction for 6 years. I have 4 beautiful and intelligent children. I want to be clean and sober and not struggle with addiction everyday more than anything else I could ever have. Please pray for me to get better and have a better life for me my family my kids and everyone else around me. Thank you for your prayers and I pray that all of my friends whom I loved that have perished at a sad young age are with God in a better happy place now and that they would never have to shed a tear again. In Jesus’s name i pray, amen. With love Amy 04/24/2018 12:39pm


Son you have been my greatest teacher, even though those around you saw you as week and broken.
I miss you now and forever. I have a hole in my heart that you reside that will never be healed.
Life was a battle for you. I know you are at peace now and have a different point of view that I
as a human on this earth does not have. I will depend on you to give me the perspectives and
guidance from your higher view. You are loved!!!


I am writing this tribute to my son, Lance who died from a Heroin Overdose on 4-18–2018. He was 35 years old, had a great job, a home, and was engaged to be married. He seemed so happy. No one knew he was using. He will be cremated and placed next to his brother Patrick, who died from a Heroin Overdose on 4-19-2015. 2 sons, 3 years apart. It is so heartbreaking and painful. They were wonderful young men loved very much by our whole family. To go through this loss twice is unbearable. I only find peace in believing his brother will help him find his way. My prayers are for everyone who has lost someone from addiction. I love you Lance and Pat. Mom


Carl, I miss every second of every day! It doesn’t get easier. I would give my last breath to see you just one more time. Forever 22 my angle! 6-6-94 to 6-10-2016.


Dear William, It’s almost 3 years since I have not heard your contagious laughter, saw your beautiful blue eyes, heard your words of wisdom, and had one of your tight hugs. They say time is a great healer, I say my clock is broken! I remember like it was yesterday when You & Harry were born…The Twins!!! My God how excited we all were I watched you grow up so fast right in front of my eyes. You and Harry were Twins, yet such different people. I remember sitting in the yard with you 3 weeks before you passed away…if I knew you’d leave rehab and relapse…I would have never let go of You!! You were in rehab for 10 months and doing amazing! You were on the road to recovery, we all felt Hope!! You left rehab on 5/29/15 and I received the call early Sunday morning 5/31/15. You were gone so fast and You had so many Dreams!!! I still can’t believe you’re gone…I feel like it’s not real. My Heart will never be whole and there’s an emptiness in my Soul. You are Forever 23! You are my Angel! You are Missed! You are Loved! You are always in my Thoughts and forever in my Heart!! William F.H 10/25/91-5/31/15 #ENDTHESTIGMA #NOTONEMORE

Mary H

Myself and your grandkids will forever miss you Dad. I know you tried to fight this battle but it’s a battle that can’t be fought alone and even though it’s too late, I realize that now. I should have been there more for you but I wasn’t and for that I’m sorry. Your in a much better place now daddy. No kore pain, judgement, and no more dealing with the demons you fought daily. I love you and I will do my best to help as many as I can bc I know that is what you would want me to. Your story will be told and you will never be forgotten. Even though your gone, we still a team! Love, your daughter

Nichole PV

A special tribute to my family members that have gone too soon! !!

Joseph “Joey” Erhardt, Frank Mazenkas, Jessica Clifford, Christopher Zawadzki, Brandon Race, & Joseph “JB” Bennett

We have lost so much already I just pray that this cycle is broken.
We will always remember and miss you !

Janet V.

A special tribute to my family members that have gone too soon! !!

Joseph “Joey” Erhardt, Frank Mazenkas, Jessica Clifford, Christopher Zawadzki, Brandon Race, & Joseph “JB” Bennett

We have lost so much already I just pray that this cycle is broken.
We will always remember and miss you !

Janet V

To My Beloved Son, Jimmy Davidson, you will always be missed and held in high esteem for the loving caring person you were to all those who knew you. Your moto “too blessed to be stressed” I try to hold on to when times are hard when facing the reality that I lost you so early in life at 27yrs of age on 10/09/15. You always bragging about how strong your mom was has made me be that strong for you to live up to your words. I cant lie, its hard knowing that the world still turns without you, but one day we will meat again my son.

To The World, Love your addict with all your heart, try and help in anyway you can but mostly- do not give up on them no matter how tough it gets. If you do, someday you will regret that. Its not the person, its the drugs ruining things, but that person is still in there dying to get out and free from the sickness. Do not be ashamed and just love unconditionally. It may not save them (but it could!) but it will find them some peace and security in love and for you as well.


One December 23, 2015 our world changed forever…We now see the world through a veil of tears….you see, our son, our only child died from a Heroin overdose. Jason was 29 and just starting his life…he was an electrician for the Board of Education for 8 years– he love playing x-box, fishing, reading, listening to music, but most of all he loved us, his mom and dad and told us so daily….he asked for help over and over but was only granted snippets of hope as each in-patient stay was only 2 weeks…he came back clean, but not prepared, not ready to fight this demon on his own…the half-way homes he was sent to were useless….no accountability, no supervision needed for an addict in the battle of his life…financially we could not afford the best, we did everything we could, as co-dependent as any parents could be…changes need to be made for this epidemic to just slow down….when he passed, 125 per DAY were dying, now it is at 175 per DAY leaving destroyed families behind..please pray for our angles…end the stigma and know that these addicts are our children, our loved ones…battling a disease that is real and taking a generation from us…

Debbie F

Remembering all those who have died from addiction, never forgotten 16yrs have passed since my Son died still feels like yesterday.


I lost my beautiful eldest son John to methamphetamine overdose in January 2012, the pain never goes away.

Judy Deranian

Dear Justin, I am so thankful that you lived! Even though you have short term memory loss, the Beast didn’t take you from us! You are my hero, a Veteran, an example of trying hard to overcome! I love you to the moon and back. I’m so thankful to God that you asked me to wake up for church at 10 am on that Sunday morning or I would not have checked on you. You are my miracle!!


I loved you than ,I love you now ,you are always on my mind. My dear sweet Johnny, on Jan.10,2017 it was a year since you left us, I wished we could have gotten help for you. You are my heart.,21 years was not enough time for you to be hear on earth. Until we meet in heaven…Love Aunt Shell


Patrick your three year anniversary of your death is approaching on July 25th 2017 and many memories are flooding in my mind of my Patrick, sometimes you would disappear no calls no text messages and be so distant. sometimes you would be just my “Patrick” clean and my heart was alive with hope.

I want you back with us ! The world is not the same without you Son.
I would of rather You be here somewhat impaired and using and possibly a cure would be found for addiction then gone from this earth. I was always present in Patrick’s life when he was here on earth good and bad . I’m not saying I approved of what he was doing but I always treated him with compassion and respect.
It was important that he knew I was on his side. I miss you Pat my buddy boy.
My life is not the same. I miss the funny stuff you did and all our long talks about fishing, the Steelers and the Penguins. I miss everything all of it I would of given my life to save you but that was not to be.
My son my love of my life my hank the crank I miss you love you Mommy

Janell L M

Carl S. born 6-6-94 dies 6-10-94

Carl, no words will compare to the pain and suffering each moment without you. I have the best memories of your smile and laugh and the love you spread to all around you. I hope there is a better plan for you where you are, you deserve happiness and peace my son, I love you xoxoxoxoxox

Lisa S.

The lives you touched is astonishing! Missing you is all I know. Thank you for all of your memories in video and camera, as it keeps voice and laughter so vivid. I love you immensely and I miss you so very much!

Lisa S.

My Darling Paul
Its only been a little over a year and I miss you more to day then ever. I know our sister feels the same and we grieve together, trying to comfort each other. but the pain never goes away and the sadness still lingers and the loss s to much to bare. I keep your urn on my hutch and talk to you everyday, I kiss your urn in the morning, and long for you in the flesh to just speak back to me and say good morning sissy! I talk to you threw out the day and sing your favorite songs on the radio, i remember the good times and try to share the memories with anyone who will listen. I try to keep your spirit alive, keep you memory fresh, and honor your existence for the short time you was on this earth. I hate that you was going threw so much pain, you turned to a deadly drug to cope instead of me or our sister. I can never understand why you did not reach out to me, i would have done anything for you, Your gone and i can never have you back, nobody can.

Tanya C

My 21 yr old daughter, Skylar, died of a heroin overdose on 3/31/18. I didn’t find out until 4/4/18. She had been in latest rehab for almost 2 months & was getting ready to go into a sober living home. But for a small infraction, fighting w another patient, she was kicked out. How can they do that?! She had come sooo far! Did they expect that putting together young adult woman whom have the disease of addiction plus mental health issues wldnt fight, yell.. b Angry?? I miss her terribly. I lost my husband (her father) only 11 months b4 from cancer. She, as we all do, missed him so painfully. I feel a small amount of comfort that her daddy was there to bring her home. I love you Sweet Skylar May u now rest…in peace.


Dad, I miss you. I don’t tell our family that I post on here because I’d like this to be between us. Just me & you.
Sometimes I’d like to think that the universe will be here forever, that we will have multiple lives. That our lives only get better, happier and easier in some ways. But it doesn’t mean just give up on the one you have now. Life is meant to be hard, life is meant to not be easy. It’s life.
“Que será, será
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que será, será
What will be, will be”
Just live life to the fullest and treasure it.

And as for you dad, I love you with all of my heart. I pray that you watch over me every day. I miss you lots! 💟


For you my beautiful bray!!!!

Aunt tiff

To all that have battled and lost the fight, you are not forgotten. To those that are still fighting, do not ever give up, there is hope. To everyone that has, is or ever will be, your not alone. Please, save the hate and anger for another day. Give all your love and patience to them. This is a time when they need your strength to pull through. No matter the outcome, always tell them “I love you”. Tomorrow may never come, but we have today, save yesterday for memories and not fuel for fights. Love and Light to all. I miss you…



Four years today…

-Forever 20-
An empty chair
A dark room
Clothes unworn
The phone unrung
Only the four walls know for sure, witness to his final breath and secrets revealed.
Words unsaid
No words
Another day without him, then years. How can someone just be gone?
He was one of us
Retreating to that dark place, grasping for light
A crushing sadness like no other
Remembering a life no longer lived, frozen in time
Peter Pan comes to mind
Everything he has missed
Everything we miss about him
Memories fade, others come in waves
His name unspoken
The unspeakable tragedy
Love still lives; it has nowhere to go
Unreciprocated love
Twinkling blue eyes
That wry, crooked smile
Silently laughing at the absurdity of life
He didn’t believe in dotting his i’s
He loved us all, but didn’t say goodbye
He visits in dreams
Reborn as a hummingbird, iridescent wings flapping in eternity
Joy coexists with agony
Love never dies.



My son, Chad , age 30 passed away on 3/17/18 from a fatal dose of herion/fentanyl .. He had battled addiction many years and had recently gotten clean with the help of an amazing Faith based Rehab in NC. He stayed clean for a while, until his wife, whom was out of the picture because she refused rehab, worked her way back in. It is a long sorted story so I won’t go into all of the details , will try to shorten it up. She was in and out of the house again, since he had gotten out of rehab. He was trying hard to get her to get clean so they could get their daughter back , she did go to rehab finally, because of an arrest.. When she got out, about 2 weeks before my son passed, she seemed ok. I let her back in the house.. Fast forward to 3/15.. I kicked her out of the house because of the hurt she kept causing my son, he only wanted to love her , she constantly cheated, kept doing drugs, and it caused arguments.. She refused to work, or lift a finger around the house… My son asked her for a cigarette and she refused him and that was my last straw.. He would have given her anything and gone without ..I had had it at that point, so had my son.. She left and all seemed fine.. I went out of town for the evening Fri.. Chad assured me he was done with her and that she would not return… While he was with a friend Friday night she called him and told him she had “200$ worth of good dope and wanted to get together and talk things out” He gave in…Fast forward to Saturday morning. My daughter awoke to go to the bathroom at 7am and heard her brother snoring, she returned to bed.. 10am rolls around and as my daughter is sitting in her room, hears the wife storm out of the house, she didn’t think there was an issue and thought her brother may have left as well because his room was now quiet. I came in at 11, and decided to shower. While I showered I heard a loud banging, thought it was someone knocking on my bedroom door.. It was my son’s friend and he was worried about Chad.. I then decided to go into my sons room, found the door locked, so my daughter and I broke in the door.. I found my son cold on the floor with a syringe in his hand.. The police don’t care, have not even questioned the wife, that left him to die, or the guy that was knocking on his window. I am devastated and don’t know what to do or where to turn. The wife was even caught having sex with someone in a shed on someone else’s property , there was a purse in the shed with drugs and paraphenalia , since there was no id in the purse, she was not charged, and let go, still not questioned in my son’s death, this was just 2 days after he passed.. How is it ok for her to leave him to die?? How is it ok for her to refuse to turn in her dope dealer ?? My heart hurts, literally aches with sadness for my son… I guess I just needed to share this, and there is so much more I could say but I know this is probably too long as it is… I just want help…. I want to put an end to these senseless deaths.. There have been about 15 ODs in the area over the past week and a half, not all resulting in death, when will it stop? We don’t even have a rehab in this county, they try to give the addicts suboxone or metahdone for treatment, only options around here, unless you have a lot of money to send them off to a private rehab somewhere else…. I would love to hear ideas of how to change this…. where to start…
Missing my amazing son daily…. RIP sweet Chad, I love you….



I’m writing this on Easter so this’ll probably show up tomorrow or in a few days. But anyway Happy Easter Daddy! I love you so much and I miss you!! On December 28th it’ll be 4 years that you’ve been gone. It has been a really long time and it doesn’t feel like it’s possible. ..Fentanyl & Xanax.. But why? They stole my best friend from me for the last time…My heart is crushed into millions of pieces as though someone hit it with a hammer daily. The pain is something I could’ve NEVER imagined feeling.. I slowly became more suicidal and started cutting myself, it got bad so then I chose to stop after a while. But it all made me realize that I actually DO want to live and experience life. I started drinking daily because it made me forget that you were dead, that stopped too as well. Just know that I will forever have a pure undying, everlasting love for you. Say hi to Bammy & Grandpa for me ❤❤❤
-To whoever reads this & feels the same or is in the same situation, I’d like to say that you are strong for still being here! Keep on your fight & live!! I love you all, have a Happy Easter. God Bless Us All.



This message goes in loving memory to Cody A, I miss you ever single day and night my love . Life will never be the same without you here…I lost my husband, best friend, soulmate and this journey called life turned upside down because a heroin overdose that took away your life, dreams and future. We couldn’t find you on time, we couldn’t give you one more hug ,tell you how much your family loves you and needs you. I miss you so much. 27 years young and my heart breaks because your smile and beautiful person is not around anymore. I will never forget you my sunshine, always promise to cherish your print on this world and all the happiness you brought everyone’s life. I love you always and forever. Til we meet again mono. Laura.

Post falls/Idaho/United states


To dearest Stu, we all miss you so much. Life for our family will never be the same again without you in it. Love from mum, dad and your big brother and sister.

Gold Coast. Australia.

Robert James

In 2017 the city I live in was in mourning. Because of an overdose! There are people losing this fight left and right and it started with pills because florida was the state tray really started the pill mills. Unfortunately the was the government put a stop to it wasn’t the best way not to mention just way to late. Tre problem is that so many people have this problem you might not even know if it’s happening in your home or somee close to you. TILL IT’S TO LATE. This girl in my city was my first and only girlfriend all through high school. Never did she do drugs or drink. She used to Always be the responsible one for me. So when I started making sure choices i broke up with her so she wouldn’t be involved. It crushed us both. But she wss tat girl whip everybody loved and just smiled around her because of all her positive outlooks on life in general. Over 14 years later she’s gets ahold of me after all this time with a problem crying. She thought i was the only one who could help her. So i helped her fix the problems she was having. Days later she called again needing a place to stay and talking about if we stayed together. Now mind you I went grim being a dealer back then at 16 in my own place to owning a business with a new born and haven’t even seen a drug in years. I took her I couldn’t have her stay here. But told her i wild hide 300 bucks outside for her to get a safe room and food for the weekend. Come to find out it was her birthday that night and she was trying to get away from her boyfriend that was beating her. I had no idea she was being abused. I found out she overdosed that night with him. He wouldn’t call 911 and he was caught on camera at 711 at 1140 pm hitting her bad. And shew wss pronounced doa 1229am! Everyday now I wonder if only I had let her stay. Or was it the money I gave her that killed her. As tree guilt i have for mitt helping her escape her x. She had no signs of previous drug use or drug abuse according to the m.e. her family said. I can’t express how much pain drugs cause people and not just to themselves. Everyone around them. I will forever books that guilt in my heart. Please people if you truly love other people in your life, think about them before you get high! And dont think selling is cool either. I did fur a long time but realized in the end the ones who try to brag and be flashy are usually fake. People who are successful are proud people not loud people. They shine in other ways. Nice car and house and peaceful life. But if you deal, stop and think for just a sec. How many people might i kill or hurt today with this product I’m selling them. I love you Monica and am so sorry babe.

Cape coral florida USA


To My Son Anthony who i miss so much and i think about you everyday , every time i think of you a tear comes to my eyes but the great Memories will live on forever .


John C

My cousin passed away this past January (2018) of an overdose. He was a happy, energetic and loving man with a daughter who was almost 3 at the time of her Daddy’s death. It breaks my heart knowing that he could have been saved. At the time of his arrest he had swallowed a large quantity of cocaine in a baggy to avoid being caught. While being arrested he was yelling that he had swallowed something and needed to go to the hospital. The police ignored his cries for help and continued to process him into the local prison. When the boy was too ill to even attend his own bail hearing, his mom began to worry. She phoned the prison to ask about her son and request care for him. Her pleas went unanswered too. Sitting in a cell, he could not stop puking and convulsing. Inmates noticed how bad his ordeal was and began pleading with officers to get this young man help. The officers still ignored them. Then in early morning, as an officer tried to force him up, he collapsed. He dropped dead right at the officer’s feet. They (the officers at the prison) decided it was in their hands whether this boy lives or dies. They overlooked his need for medical attention and murdered him without having to lift a finger. He overdosed in prison because our own police officers, the ones who are supposed to protect their citizens, chose to let him die. They murdered a young boy who had so much left to live for and now, his daughter will never get to grow up knowing Daddy or how much she truly meant to her. Rest in Peace B, We love you forever <3

Ontario, Canada


Arthur LV V
May 18, 1991 to August 11, 2011

My nephew died of a heroin/Xanax overdose on his only brother’s 18th birthday. My younger sister, his mother, hasn’t recovered and it’s been 6 years. But then, neither have I. A dozen people got memorial tattoos for Artie, which is a testament to his impact on people’s lives. My greatest fear is letting him be forgotten. Maybe that’s why the further away from his death we get, the worse the grieving is. I don’t want to be 10 years away from the last time we saw him alive. No one has heard him laugh in so long, he hasn’t felt a hug in several years, so many facets of this devastating loss that you don’t consider at first. They slowly insinuate themselves into your mind when you least expect them and they never leave you alone again. RIP, my beautiful, funny nephew. I love you, Artie.

Port Angeles. WA

Michele M

“Quandell come home. I want you to come home.” He responded, “We’ll talk about it.” I hugged him hard and he embraced me back, but it seemed empty. I gave my son some money and he asked me where I was going. I told him I was going to see a play, and that night was the last time I saw my child standing. Ten days later he was laying in a Baptist Medical Center ICU fighting for his life. After 17 days on life support, he passed away, peacefully. Not in Winston-Salem. Not in some random room. Not on the streets. He did come back home, Greensboro that is to the beautiful Beacon House. there is not a day that my heart doesn’t break at the thought of you, what you could have been, how beautiful you were to me, how dear you are to me. It still takes my breath away when I remember what you went through, so unnecessarily. Never a moment goes by that I don’t feel you in my heart. The only peace I have is that you looked so handsome and beautifully peaceful lying there in the funeral home, like I could say, Quanee, and you would wake right up. I am so grateful to the Most High for the 17 days you were in the hospital and the 26 hours you were home in Greensboro, breathing, living, fighting with the help of the Father. And then, suddenly, without notice, you were free. You are free. And who the Son has set free is free indeed. I know one day, I will see you again for your are only asleep on the other side, parallel to the life I am walking out now in the flesh. Until that time Son, so long. I will see you in the morning and it will be glory, glory, hallejuah all around the throne of the Most High. I love you Quandell and I have always loved you. You had to go your path, it wasn’t what I choose for your but it wasn’t my choice to make. I never let go of you, and I still haven’t. Never will. I’ll see you in the morning Son. Good night my sweet boy. Sleep with the angels; I will see you in the morning.

North Carolina


Quandell D. G 3/17/1982 – 9/2/2017
Ain’t Nothing Like a Son!
I sure miss you boy. Never ever thought I would be in this world and not hear you say, “Ma.” That takes my breath away, makes my heart miss a beat. Every day my heart breaks for you my dear Son. Why couldn’t you just listen to your Momma and come home?

North Carolina


MY husband Brian had 4+ years clean from heroin. The run that culminated with a 5 year prison sentence in Mass DOC was like literally living a hell on earth. I wanted my husband back but more so, I wanted our 2 year old son to have his father in his life, to not become another statistic. My husband had such an amazing and beautiful heart but also a very tortured human could go there, but heroin could. He used one more time in Boston on October 30 2016 and I had to tell that little boy I fought so hard for that his father was gone. I had to take my child to his own father’s funeral and I stood at that funeral and spoke of the man I once knew my biggest fear was forgetting things about him, how I wish he had found what he was looking for here with I wished that he had seen in himself what all of us standing in that cemetery had seen in him..this is such a needless way to die and I’d bring them all back if I could , so that no one had to feel the daily anguish of heroin taking their everything away. Heather S

Westerly RI

Heather S

Erik, who just turned 40 was the love of my life. He cooked for me, cleaned, decorated my walls with art and his art, made music for me on the computer and mp3 player. He had an addiction to heroin and had to go to rehab a number of times. I found him overdosed on fentanyl and flakka, on my guest bathroom toilet at 5:50 a.m. August 10th, 2015. I waited to call 911 and called a friend out of state who told me to call 911. I was in shock as his fingers were blue and I did not see his face as it was hanging down to the floor. I could not move him. I cry every day and night and it is 2 and half years since he died. I still have his music, autopsy report, birth certificate and medical cards and drivers license. I cannot afford to move from here. Erik, please rest in peace and I will see you in heaven I hope. Love mom xooxoxxoxoooxxo

Lake Worth/Florida/usa


Honoring Jake!!!! RIP 2/19/2018

United States


You are missed daily you dancing fool.!
Hoping the epidemic ends soon.
We’ve lost enough.



My beautiful handsome intelligent son, Robert R passed away on april 9, 2013 age 26 after spending 3 1/2 weeks in the hospital on life support and a induced coma. From a accidentally overdose. My heart is forever broken and I continue to be numb. He was the life of the party. The so called mayor of town. Everyone loved him. He was kind, compassion and loving. He is my son. I will forever keep his memore alive and forever help others that stuggle



Matt S
This Post is not only to honor you but for your surviving wife and child. I see her struggle every single day mourning you and still fighting to be a good parent and person. Shes been a wonderful friend to me and I cant put into words how much I admire,respect, and love her. Although you are not able to be with your daughter, I hope and pray that you RIP knowing that she is with an amazing woman to look up to.
RIP Matt Spence
Your Wife and Child Love and Miss you every minute of everyday.

Tampa,Fl United States


Remembering my darling son Kevin who died 2001 aged 28.
Kevin battled 14yrs with his addiction a troubled soul who was tormented and stigmatised by society because of it.
As parents watching your child die before your eyes is a trauma we will never recover from.
It saddens me to witness Drug Related deaths spiral in Scotland despite the roll out of Naloxone, those in power need to stop looking at their morals and change the way Drug Laws are governed.
I remember Kevin every day as my darling boy.


Caroline B

My son Luis was using for a small period of time secretly. I worked overnight and we both slept all day. I didn’t see the signs nor did I really know them. It kills me that I didn’t get a chance to help him. He was very depressed and down on himself, this was normal for him. Everyone loved him. Teachers and parents bragged to me on how polite and well mannered he was. My son was taken from me by this horrible heroin drug almost 2 years ago at age 22 in my bathroom. Not a day goes by I don’t think of him.

Essex md usa


January 11, 2012, a day that will live with me forever. The day I lost my firstborn Son to an methamphetamine overdose. I love & miss that beautiful smile John. ~MOM

Norwalk, California, USA

Judy D

My mother struggled most of her life with addiction. She struggled with anxiety,depression and a dependency on pain killers. This all made her ability to be a stable mom to my sister and I impossible. But she had a huge heart and was there for us as much as she could be towards the end of her life, if only we were able to get her proper help she may be here today. Her peace was found on March 11th 2011. I think of her always♡



In my heart every single day. I miss you so much my darling girl Holly. At peace now – no more pain and struggle. I just hope you really knew how much we love you.

Mum, Dad and darling Daisy. xxxxxx

Hervey Bay Queensland Australia


Our son Kevin was such a great kid. Loved his parents, family and friends so much. We all loved him too. He was full of talent ! He loved life until he turned 13. He turned to opiates to help him with disappointments that he was starting to experience. Unfortunately, opiates turned to heroin. What a roller coaster ride we were on.
Kevin passed away from an O. D. on November 29, 2009. When I saw him for the first time after he passed, I couldn’t believe how Peaceful he looked. I know that demon tore him up. We miss him everyday …. I pray for all of these kids with SUD (substance use disorder) and their families as well. 3ENCF

Fenton MO

Kathi A

4yrs ago we lost a big piece of our heart’s and not a day goes by that your not in our thoughts. Rest easy my gentle giant, T-Roy. Your daughter is a constant reminder of better days gone by. Forever Young 💜💜💜



I still can’t believe you are really gone, how can this be happening. For many years Ryan battled with his substance use disorder. He was in an out of jail/prison, the last 4 months of his life were spent in jail, at times I felt he was better off in there as hard as it was not having him home. At least we knew he was safe and didnt have to worry about that dreaded phone call or knock on the door from the sheriff. Despite Ryan’s battle with drugs and the legal system, he was an amazing, smart, loving, caring man. He’d give you the shirt off his back to keep you warm, even if it meant he’d be cold. His personality was like no other, he lit up the rooms with his beautiful smile, everywhere he went people were drawn to him. He had no fear in life, ever since he was little, he was always seeking that next mischievous adrenaline filled task. He may have came across as a “tough guy” but at home he was soft, sensitive, loving and the perfect cuddle partner one could ever ask for. All of the trials and tribulations we went through together, as a couple, didn’t tear us apart like they were meant to, instead they made us stronger. The love we shared was like no other, we were fighting against many odds, addiction a huge one but our love never quit and never gave in. On 11/28/2017 Ryan was given heroin mixed with what I suspect to be fentanyl, and was hospitalized on life support until he passed away 12/3/2017 at 1:50 pm. Watching the man who I love with all my heart, take his last breath, with his hand held tightly in mine, was absolutely devastating, words will never be able to describe the devastation. His battle came to an end, a beautiful life taken far too soon. I love you with every piece of my heart, always & forever and your heart will beat with mine until we are together again.. Love you Ryan C.

Coon Rapids

Anne E

Rip chris..❤💛💙


Laur A V

Dad.. You died December 28th, 2014. It took me a while to be able to talk about you, even if I was talking to myself looking in a mirror as practice if anyone ever asked. If anyone ever asks about you I try to keep it short because it hurts. Pain is what it is.. The guilt, the love, the memories. …The memories… I’d wait for you every day at the door when I was younger while crying asking for my best friend. My daddy ❤. I’m 16 now & you weren’t alive to see me make it here. I go on each day with strength & happiness, with my faith in humanity/life. Overdoses CAN be prevented. But for that to happen, you have to catch addictions very early on. Get your loved ones help, listen to them, be there for them, last but not least LOVE them. Anyway dad, I love you very much & think about you every day ❤💯🙏🏻
Your best friend & daughter,
Lexi ❤



Joshua S, you were a such a sweet guy with great aspirations of becoming a lawyer. I will always remember you for having such a sweet demeanor and caring personality. God be with you.

Ft. Lauderdale


Love you brother, think about you still every morning when I get up, and every night when I go to bed. I’ll never stop missing you, but I appreciate the solace you were able to grant me by making sure I knew how much you loved me, and you knew how much I did. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Not even one time in the 25 years we were friends did I ever have to question your loyalty. In a world so full of people consumed with themselves and form friendships based on their own personal gain, you always had my back no matter what even at times when that meant putting yourself in the hot water next to me. “Never treated me bad no matter who I was, you still came with that unconditional love”-Tupac See you on the other side brother love you.

trumbull CT USA

tom m

I lost my only brother Cody to a heroin overdose on March 1st, 2018 he was only 26. I spend each day wishing I could see his smile or hear his laugh just one more time. He faught his battle of addiction for years. I wish I could understand what you went through everyday so I could have helped you. He was such a kind loving person that wanted to help everyone he came into contact with. I wanted to help him but didn’t know how. I wanted to watch my brother play with my kids attend my wedding but I will never get to. I know that now he doesn’t have to fight the demon that took over his life for so many years he is finally free doing what he loves fishing and hunting everyday. I can’t wait to see your smile again. I love you Cody you will never be forgotten.

Always in our hearts 💕

Salt Lake City, Utah


When I met my boyfriend he’d been sober for a while. I knew not to get involved after watching my dad struggle before staying sober and didn’t wanna go through that again, but something about him caught my eye. He had this sense of humor I couldn’t ignore and a smile that made me melt, then his eyes, I seemed to fall in a trance everytime I looked into them. We fell in love very quickly, also finding out about an unexpected pregnancy. That’s when it started. Two months after we found out, just shy of 9 months of sobriety, he relapsed and overdosed. The first two overdoses he was lucky and was brought back, the second one I saw him laid out on the floor, blue in the face and drooling. I was 8 months pregnant when he passed, that third overdose got him. He was in the care of Lakeside when he overdosed, he was in what was SUPPOSED to be a safe olace for addicts, and he OVERDOSED. I don’t know who I’m angrier at, him or them. Our son was born 7 days later, exactly a week. It’s been almost a month and a half since I lost him and I’m still so broken. I can’t even open apps that I played in bed by him anymore. I can’t watch Netflix because it makes me think of him picking on me for the “girly” shows I would watch. The last five months of our relationship, September-February, were extremely difficult but he was worth all the stress and tears he caused me. I wouldn’t take back one second with him, but at the same time, I wish I had never mer him. He’s the second person I lost to their addiction, my best friend passed in 2015. I’m 21. I shouldn’t be goig through all of this so early, I shouldn’t know losing your love yet.



Dearest Nicholas, cherished 24-year-old son, you’re with me in my heart and soul as the most loving, sensitive, sweet-natured son I could’ve ever wished for. I am forever grateful for the time you spent with me and your sister, they were the most important and most lovely years of our lives. I hope the part of me that has been missing since you died of a painful alcohol and drug addiction on January 23, 2018 is with you. I love you so much.

Red Oak, VA 23964


My number 1 son, my boy, my Ryan.
I love you son and I miss you.
Mum. xxxx

Ryan W. 24 April 1981 – 16 June 2016
No son was ever loved more.

Cambridge, England

Natalie W.

I will be active in overdose awareness day August 31st. I make this tribute in memory of my daughter Lora who passed from an overdose October 27 2017.

Cape Coral


Tiffani passed away August 30, 2017 in the early morning. She was 34 years old but everyone said she looked much younger. She was beautiful, tall and she dressed so much in style. Her bipolar illness started early on in her junior high years. She was gay and she tended to not address it until after she finished high school. Of course this played a big role in her not feeling that she was different. Our family embraced her, but of course she dealt with these issues with some drug use. We tried to get her to places to get help and finally she was able to live in good spirits for years without medication. She had lots of friends who looked out for her. She loved writing and acting in movies but later started to work at a company as it’s marketing manager. She started as a sales person and moved up. She was an important reason the company grew because of her leadership. But one day she called in sick and started having delusions, so bad that I had to get her help. But each time she had a bad time, she always got back up and always apologized. I loved her no matter what and I always told her I would never leave her and she knew that. The last incident she had which she was in that awful delusional state, she got involved with the law, this time it really set her back to being real depressed and losing hope that her friends would go away, some did, but some stood by her. She had not done drugs or alcohol for many years. This depression led her to try drugs again and within a month of the incident she lost her battle. Tiffani was a fighter to the end, she had a nephew and niece who she loved and I know that she would not want to lose them. We mourn her every day and miss her joy and laughter, her way of always trying so hard to be normal. If I could only have one more day. I would love that she be among all those beautiful souls who walked in her shoes. May God bless all the families. Love, Judith ❤6YBPK

Clarkston, MI


My son Joshua Luke B. was found on Valentine’s Day dead from an apparent overdosed of heroin. He had just graduated from drug court… Nothing seems real. Our heads know but our hearts are still in shock and denial. Our lives are forever changed. I keep thinking
Did you know son? Did you know how much we love you. I want to scream to the world to his friends that use. Turn around your on a DEAD END St.
Reality..all I have is pictures.. I keep hearing his voice in my head praying I don’t forget it. His laugh. His kindness to anyone everyone. I never knew this much pain… To bury you. Never to hug you.or talk to you again. I’d rather wake up and realize it’s all a dream. Because it’s worse waking up to this nightmare.
You will NEVER be forgotten. I will share your story …in hopes that even IF it saves even ONE. It won’t be in vain.
I don’t blame God. I thank him for blessing me with my baby boy for almost 33 years. Thank you Jesus for every precious memory… Joshua Luke B.
4-23 1985 till 2-14-2018 sorry I couldn’t say goodbye

Franklin, Louisiana

Beth B.

12-21-16 the day my beautiful loving son Jeremy passed there’s not a moment in the day I don’t think you you. Miss and love you always. Mom

Evansville IN USA


My darling Jessie, you left this world on 21/11/2017 Your Mummy, Daughter Ruby & Son Toby, Brother Josh & Nan & Grandpa miss & love you so much. I feel like life has stood still since that fateful day we lost you, life will never be the same. Love you beautiful girl. Mummy xxxxxx

Lowestoft Suffolk


This is a tribute to Bryan my exboyfriend who had three kids and died last year from drug overdose. He told me that marijuana was the gateway drug to all the other drugs he did later. I want to warn everyone of fentanyl. It’s being added on purpose to drugs by Mexican drug lords on purpose to murder and purge the American population . George Soros is involved. This is not an accident. Please don’t support marijuana being legalized as it leads to other drugs. Fight drugs and drug abuse and save people’s lives and this great country. Thank you



June 3, 1993 – Feb 25 2016

Maxwell T. you were an important part of my life, we got into a lot of fights but I did love you and will continue to do so for as long as I live. It’s a tragedy you left so soon at the young age of 22. I knew you had demons, I knew you were trying so hard to escape them… I wish I could have saw you one last time. I still dream about you often, i’m either surprised you’re still alive or you have turned into an angel and is advising me how to live my life. I think you’d be shocked to where I am now. I know I am. I wanted to save you. You were kind, smart, had so many dreams and interests. It makes me sad thinking about all the things you wanted to achieve, how I feel I failed you. It’s not my fault, I know. I couldn’t save you, no one couldn’t. This was your third overdose and your last. I am still having a hard time dealing with your loss. I hope to see you again.



Chicago, IL


Lost my daughter, ASHLEY GAIL S., on Feb 7, 2015 to heroin overdose..28 yrs old, she left 5 yr old twin boys 👼💔



My daughter Catherine C. overdosed, was dumped in an alley and then he waited 12 hrs to call the Police! She may have lived if he had called 911 immediately! Unfortunately my daughter is just one of the many young adults
that this has happen to. We have to make a change! The following law is Not in affect in Texas!

911 Good Samaritan Fatal Overdose Prevention Law

Accidental overdose deaths are now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, exceeding even motor vehicle accidents among people ages 25 to 64.

Many of these deaths are preventable if emergency medical assistance is summoned, but people using drugs or alcohol illegally often fear arrest if they call 911, even in cases where they need emergency medical assistance for a friend or family member at the scene of a suspected overdose.

The best way to encourage overdose witnesses to seek medical help is to exempt them from arrest and prosecution for minor drug and alcohol law violations, an approach often referred to as Good Samaritan 911.

The chance of surviving an overdose, like that of surviving a heart attack, depends greatly on how fast one receives medical assistance. Witnesses to heart attacks rarely think twice about calling 911, but witnesses to an overdose often hesitate to call for help or, in many cases, simply don’t make the call. In fact, research confirms the most common reason people cite for not calling 911 is fear of police involvement.

Twenty states and the District of Columbia have enacted policies to provide limited immunity from arrest or prosecution for minor drug law violations for people who summon help at the scene of an overdose.

New Mexico was the first state to pass such a policy and has been joined in recent years by Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

Good Samaritan laws do not protect people from arrest for other offenses, such as selling or trafficking drugs, or driving while drugged. These policies protect only the caller and overdose victim from arrest and/or prosecution for simple drug possession, possession of paraphernalia, and/or being under the influence.

Corsicana Tx 75110 Navarro Co

Rose C.

No one should have to experience the unbelievable pain of losing a child.
Tommy, you are loved and missed every minute of every day.
Rest easy my son.

West Orange NJ. Essex

Joanne W.


The first thing that changed with you being gone, is that you weren’t there to tell me. You always told me the bad news, now I have become the most morbid of messengers. I had dreamt of this day so many times, waking up with a shattered heart and tears streaming down my face. Only to be quickly relieved by the darkness and the bed sheets. I’m still waiting for the relief, but its been almost 4 months now – something tells me its not coming.

The problem is, you put me on such a pedestal that I don’t know how to rebuilt it since it shattered into a infinite amount of pieces. Waking up without you in the world was like waking up suddenly to find that you have no head. I cant see, everything has gone black. I can’t hear anything anymore – music, voices, nothing. I can’t talk now, I just struggle for breathe. There’s something obvious missing and my orientation is off.

You were a very special kind of person. Half rainbow and half thunder and lightening. Half Jekyll and half Hyde. You were warm white sandy beaches and a dark, fearful well. A beacon of light and a boat, lost at sea. But that’s the thing about psychosis, it takes your very spirit and plays the most cruel game of tug of war. You thought you were indestructible sometimes and other times you would ask me to tuck you in at night like a child.

I’ve spent so long looking out for you, I’m lost without that role. What once caused me so much stress, I long for. I think of the times you were in recovery, glimpses of a “normal” childhood. But then one of the harsher parts of grief sets in, forcing me to relive the hard parts, pressing me with guilt. I can hear your voice, begging me not to ask you to leave. “Please Meagan” echoes in my head, just when I start to feel the lead blocks that seem to have replaced my bones start to lighten. It’s one of the hardest parts of loving an addict. So now, I try not to think of you at all. But then I woke up one day and realised your face was starting to fuzz in my head. I can no longer recall every last line on your face like I could 4 months ago. Or each mark of ink on your skin.

I don’t have many people. I know a lot of them, I love a lot of them, but I didn’t let anybody in to my life like I did with you. So now you’re not here, I feel alone. I didn’t know grief was a physical pain until I grieved over you. Sometimes it feels as though my torso is hollow. Sometimes I go to breathe, but my lungs aren’t there. Sometimes I try to talk, but all that comes out is an indistinguishable wail. My bones seem to ache. The kitchen has become my Everest now – almost impossible. I see you there. I see you in every damn room, on every street corner. The town I live in has become a macabre reminder of my former life.

You’re free now. You’re no longer trapped in agony, a prisoner to prescribed poison. But part of me wishes I had you back in those chains, because at least you’d be here with me. I understand that’s selfish. But so is leaving me in this world without you. This is my prison. And grief is now my chains.

You never did understand how much I loved you. How special you were. How many people adored you. It was impossible to be sad around you. But they say comedians are the most tortured people there are. The sad clown paradox. I tried to fix it for you, I really did. I know you knew that though. You would always say to me “its me and you against the world baby” or tell me how I had saved your life a million times. “I wouldn’t be here without you Meg”.

No more fighting now dad.

I love you more than there will ever be words for.

“Goodnight, God bless, sweet dreams, love you lots, see you in the morning”.

Meg x

Wigan, Greater Manchester, England.


Jackie Nadine S.
July 25th, 1983/ May 25th, 2016

My beautiful daughter, I’ll never let your memory die, and I’ll fight til my death to remind people that addiction is a disease…an equal opportunity destroyer of people from any walk of life, and to fight for better treatment centers for addicts, and to get our country to go after the drug distributors…..illegal and legal.

Monroe, WE. 98272

Donna F.

It hasn’t been a year yet but it is drawing close. The pain is just as strong today as it was the day I found my mother dead from a drug overdose. I ask myself all the time, how could I not have known.?im devastated that she isn’t here anymore, my best friend, my mom. Does it ever get easier or will I grieve for her forever? I had so many more things to tell her and do together but she had a fatal drug overdose of Carfentanil and u-47700. I never even knew such drugs existed until then. I know she loved me and my kids dearly but how could she take such a chance and make us suffer so much. I still think about my mom every day and how I miss her and love her. I forgive her for leaving us but I can’t decide for God. I hope some day I get to be with her again when it is my turn to move on from this life. I hope she is waiting for me.

Bucyrus, Ohio USA


In loving memory of my daughter Lora who passed n October 27 2017 from a heroin fentanyl overdose

Cape Coral


Today I buried my 27 year son who died from a heroin overdose laced with Fentanyl. I cannot begin to tell you the pain and anguish my boy suffered from the demon called Heroin that owned him, I can tell you that the 2 weeks before his death were horrible I knew my son was near his end, but I was powerless and nothing I could do or say was going to change it. Jesus is the way , the truth and the life, when friends and family tell me how strong I am, I tell them my strength comes from God. Teach your children to love , trust and fear the Lord, for he is the answer..i failed my son, you don’t have to fail yours. Rest in peace my son, till we meet again, for the demon named Heroin no longer has power over you ♥️



To my mom in heaven, I love you so much, you fought for so long but I’m glad you aren’t hurting anymore. I can’t wait until we meet again. Everything I do from now on is for you. You are my sunshine. All the hugs and all the kisses. Love you momma <3 Destiny

Hudson Falls, NY

Destiny S.

My sister died March 4, 2017. She had sever borderline personality disorder, she was so unhappy. She took a fentanyl patch from her friend and died. She could’ve been saved but nobody called for help. She died and my family has been ripped apart, nobody talks to each other now. I miss you Tasha, more than you’d ever know.

San Antonio


My beautiful Michelle (daughter) 17 years old. Was found dead of a heroin overdose in her bed, by her mom and I (her dad) on the morning of May 31, 2008.We have suffered the pain of The “worst loss” a human can feel. Ive known too many other victums since then. All too young to die. We will attend Aug 31, NYC

Suffolk County, New York


My beautiful Michelle (daughter) 17 years old. Was found dead of a heroin overdose in her bed, by her mom and I (her dad) on the morning of May 31, 2008.We have suffered the pain of The “worst loss” a human can feel. Ive known too many other victums since then. All too young to die. We will attend Aug 31, NYC

Suffolk County, New York


A tribute to my beautiful brother Shane. You were taken too early by a disease you couldn’t control. You aren’t in pain anymore.

Fort Myers

Gabrielle K.

To my son Donnie R C.lV. The day you left me is the day I died also. I will never see you get married, have kids, go to college, enjoy life with us. That demon beat you and I’m so sad I couldn’t save yo from it. We miss you so much. In honor of you we at trying to put meetings together and raise money to help other families like us and addicts.
Love and miss you tremendously. I miss your contagious smile and your perfect smile and your silly laugh.
Always in my heart.

Levittown pa

Jamie C.

My son’s father, Tyler, passed away November 22nd, 2017. He was an off and on drug user for years but I truly thought he was getting better. We separated when our child was 1 but I always loved him. I was in total shock to learn his cause of death was from Fentanyl. I know he wasn’t out looking for it so it was laced in the drugs he was taking. I’m still devastated. This drug epidemic needs to stop. Baby G and I will always love you, Tyler.

Cranberry township, Pennsylvania


Dad you had the brightest personality, outstanding humor & the biggest heart in the world. I miss you dearly.. I will never forget you. I want to bring awareness to young adolescents that opioid addiction is no joke. Drugs aren’t the way to go, it takes lives just like it took my fathers.
I love you ❤🤘🏼 With love,
Your Daughter Lexi


For Ray

10/09/95 – 01/09/18

Dear Alex,
I love you so much. I miss you every second of the day. You were the most gorgeous, intelligent, gentleman I have ever met, and will ever meet. U can never be replaced. I’m so sorry you had to leave so early. The beginning of our story. I’m left with memories and surround myself with the things that remind me of you. I promise to keep our love alive however long I am alive. I pray every night that I see you in my dreams for that is the only way I can see you. I thank god I got the opportunity to meet you and am waiting for the day I see you again. I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in heaven. 😘😇


Natasha & Alex 💚💙

This is for my Aunt, my best friend, who overdose from opiates on June 16, 2016. It was the most painful day of my life since she was my best friend. I wish I knew the signs, but now that I do, I am ready to help. I love you Aunt K.



I lost my best friend on 2/2/2018 to an accidental Heroin Overdose. She had walked out of my life a bit of time before, and I am struggling with the should ofs and could ofs. Mandy was a huge part of my family lives, more like a sister, daughter, and second mother to my children. I know that she had to make the decision to stop and no matter how much I pleaded or punished it would have made no difference. This is not the first time we have dealt with addiction, thankfully the person found the way into the light. In Mandy’s memory I pray that the stigma and the tough stance on addiction change. Sometimes it the continued support and love that the addict receives that allows them to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that there is a reason to live. It may not always be enough but we have to change the way we deal with addiction. She was a person, smart, funny, always quick witted. Someone to be remembered for the great things she did and the great person she was. Addiction didn’t always define her, and so it shouldn’t define her memory. She will always be in my heart and thoughts. Fly free with your wings.

Hopewell Virginia USA


I pay tribute to my step mother who lost her battle with addiction tonight, 02/06/18.



Brent Lewis G. 8/1/88 – 10/4/17 God gave us 29 years with Brent and he left us with two beautiful grandchildren. His struggles with opiates won the battle. Fentanyl came straight from hell to visit Brent. Left behind are shattered hearts and endless questions. Words can’t express the pain and heartache. Brent, until we see you again, “we love you to the moon and back” you are finally healed, but it came at a great cost!

Columbus ohio

Brett G.

2/1/18 we lost a beautiful soul. He was just a kid really. Born in 1995, only being 22 and had gone through so much. Drugs had been in and out of his life since he was 15/16. He did his best to try to stay sober, but the addiction had been too powerful. He was so kind and loving. He could light up a room. Everyone gravitated towards him because he had the best sense of humor. His love for other people and animals would melt your heart. He had so much potential to be the best at whatever he put his mind to. He was so so smart. He left behind a beautiful girlfriend who is going to give birth soon to their son. I know he didn’t mean to do this. His body just couldn’t take it anymore. I am gonna miss him so much. I just know that he’s reunited with his grandmother now and that he isn’t struggling anymore. I love you Oliver. I wish I could have done more, sweet boy. I hope you have found peace.

United States


You were just 24. You were Intelligent, Ambitious, Loving Spirited, Gentle, Kind, Trusting, Peace making. You played the Sax, and could run like no one! You were fast and quick witted, you were a great swimmer,,you were talented and handsome and had puppy dog eyes.You knew how to make people laugh and feel good about them self. You were favored in the family. You will never ever be forgotten Andrew. Mom loves you and Jesus has you. See you on the other side. You are always missed and forever loved and thought of. Mom❤😓🎶🙏🏻🏃🏼🏀🏊🏻🎷🎮⛪


Missing Andrew W., 24

December 28th, 2014 was the day that changed my life… My father overdosing & one of those drugs being Fentanyl. Addiction is a terrible thing to go through but in the end you either learn a lot from it or lose to it. I wasn’t told by anyone for 4 months that he had passed. Dad, I have a great amount of guilt on my shoulders because I feel as if I couldve helped you if you had just told me what was going on. I was always his best friend. The best pair on earth. No bond is like a father/daughter bond. The most intelligent, gold hearted, humorous man there was. He would’ve given you the shirt off his back. My love for you is tremendous.. And if I could, I would build a staircase to Heaven & bring you back with me.
💘 My guardian angel Ray 💘
(P.S… I miss you more than you’ll ever be able to understand)
With Love,
Your Princess 👑



I lost my handsome, intelligent son Michael due to his disease of addiction on February 5, 2016. He was 33 yrs old soon to be 34. The 2nd anniversary of his death is in 5 days. No one should have to bury their child! There wasn’t anywhere he could turn to for the professional help he needed. Rehabs and Clinics are only in the business of making money not saving lives. Life was cruel to my beloved son. I have another son, David who joined the Navy to get away from this epiepidemic! He served in 2 foreign wars. When he came home he struggled with his addiction once again. He was found to be 100% disabled after fighting for his country and the day after his brother overdosed he received a retroactive disability check in the amount of $149,000! He always wonders if he had gotten that check a day sooner would his brother still be alive? He wanted to pay for his brother to travel since he was incarcerated most of his life. Michael did an interview on a CT tv station…entitled Street Talk with Michael Righini..tourture in the State Prison. The guards tourtured and abused my son. He was in solitary confinement for 2 yrs and previously he was locked down for 23-24 hrs a day for a year in a half. He was not a violent offender! 13 yrs later he was still having night terrors of guards tourturing him. The last summer of his life he spent with me on Cape Cod in Mass and to hear and see what they did to my son was heartbreaking they destroyed his life he was a tourtured soul after enduring what he did he didn’t have a chance to live a clean happy life. He used to numb his pain. My son David will be clean for a year on the 2nd anniversary of his brother’s death. My 24 year old daughter was addicted to oxci 30s and eventually she turned to heroin! I have guardianship of her 2 1/2 yr old son. Thankfully I had my grandson when she was arrested otherwise he would be in State care! She is now serving time in prison which is better than burying another child. She’s been clean for 5 mths the first time in 10 years. I’m grateful that I have my beautiful grandson safe with me and out of that subcultural lifestyle and my children are finally ready to face life without having to numb their emotional pain!

South Yarmouth MA USA

Jean Y.

My son passed away on August 26, 2017 because of an overdose on heroin. I miss him everyday! I cry everyday!
This has to STOP!

Winston-Salem, NC


Nikki B. What can I say? My love, my heart my future wife. This disease has damaged us both. I got help, instead you kept on using. We were supposed to be together forever. Now I’m here alone. Still battling recovery. It’s so hard without you. If I would’ve been there that day this would’ve never happened. Rest In Peace babe. I’ll never forget or love another like you. I forever love you. P.S. Love you more

West Columbia/Lexington


I lost the love of my life on feb 27th 2017, Michael, we were getting married, so many plans, and this drug took hold of you more than our love…
You said we would be together for ever and ever, and Im here alone , not a day goes by my love that I dont miss you and still love you with all my heart and soul….You are my soulmate, my love, my man…
I love you ,
Your Anna



My son David .I hope you have found in death the peace you couldn’t find in life. You were loved more than you ever knew. The only thing we wanted was for you to live, not just be alive. You take ours hearts with you and you will always be missed by those that loved you so much..

Lexington, NC


I want to send a special message out to my husband who I have known half of my life he was my first kiss it was like a dream came true I met my soon to be his am I always known from the first time I seen you that you were going to be my husband! Many nights after your death I sit crying out asking why did you have to leave me so soon we had still so much to do! All I can do now is say fly high and one day we will meet on the other side my heart will never have that same beat my heart will never love another person as much as I loved you! No more worries no more struggles now your at peace!! Your sitting down with the lord who will watch over you!! And keep you safe!! My love!!!



My dad overdosed and left this world 1_2012 and then my mom who felt she couldn’t handle life without him her best friend overdose suicide August 2013. I miss them so much and I’m scared b/c me and my sister are addicts and depressed. I know we will all be together again but until then I pray they are finally at peace,

Okc, okla

Oldest of 2

Dear Mary, I know that you are in recovery now and have realized over the past 4 years why you left me. I put you through hell and back with my overdose in 2014. You sat in my hospital room and watched over me while I was placed in restraints so I couldn’t hurt myself or others. Shortly after that you left me after 7 years of wonderful and beautiful moments. We both suffered from this horrible disease of addiction and I now realize that you knew what I didn’t, that it wasn’t possible for both of us to be happy in a codependent relationship. I post this public forgiveness as a message to others so that they may be aware of codependency and it’s effects. I hope you are happy and healthy and I now understand why you couldn’t tell me why you left. I was going through some paperwork today and found the doctor’s report of my admission to the hospital, which you were responsible for, because I was in no condition to do it for myself. I am eternally grateful to you because without you I would have died.

I am posting this so hopefully others will take solace in knowing that there are people in your life who can help you, but only if you let them. This disease cannot be conquered on it’s own! Please, if you are suffering from addiction right now, reach out! Whether it takes every fiber of your being, make that phone call, knock on that door, but reach out! This disease doesn’t have to take another life if you are willing to humble yourself and get the help you need. The life you are ruining is not just your own, but every one else that loves you, and take it from me, there are people who love you.

Rest in Peace to all of those who we have lost to this useless but very real disease….


Shorewood, Wisconsin


Devan, you are the love of my life. We were together seven years and you made me incredibly happy. You were the reason I enjoyed life. Until I see you again, rest in peace my love.



I miss my best friend and soul mate. I can’t believe you have been gone since 10-2013 My life will never be the same. Talented artist and brilliant mind forfeited for drugs. I love you will all my heart. Infinity.

Nashville tn


On Oct 13th 2017 I got a call from a woman I didn’t know. She said my daughter Heather had just died. That the EMTs was still there. An her fiance came home from work an found her like that I thought I’d already suffered the worse loss with the death of my parents. I was wrong. My heart didn’t just break an huge hole formed an it can never be filled. She was 29. So much life left to live. She was so beautiful. I still can’t believe she’s not here. Heather your foreverse my Angel. I love you



‘COOKIE’, my (BIG) BABY BROTHER…I’m in my 16th year of sobriety now, 8 years after your death, but I almost died too….you were so proud of me…but our FAMILY has had GENERATIONS of genetic predisposition to ADDICTION and we’re in social denial …and because of ‘success for some’, our ADDICTION-FACTOR was kept hush hush…generations of us dying prematurely because others won’t get involved…i don’t know…im not a PhD…im just a sober Big Sister still struggling with your absence…I didn’t know someone could cry so hard for so long and still be alive… I’m so BLESSED to have had you in my LIFE…My Dad died when I was 5 …Mom remarried and you were born when I was 8 years old…I got to go to the Hospital and SEE MY NEW BABY BROTHER! OHHHN WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! {{{YOU}}} WERE THE FIRST {{{JOY}}} I REMEMBER! ….PEOPLE PLEASE START THE “ADDICTION FACTOR” CONVERSATION and NEVER GIVE UP!! MIZPAH, “JIMMY”☝️



Rachelle, it has been 4 long painful months since you left. I still play back in my mind everyday what the police told me at 11:15 am on August 23,2017. You were only on Meth for a few months. It took over you and took your life in such a short time. It’s just not fair!!!! I feel like this pain will Never ease. You probably didn’t know how loved you were. (are) We miss you so much. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t breathe. Your daughter misses you. Your sisters. I tried to get you help but I was too late. I’m so sorry. I love you my baby

Lake Charles, LA US


Issa my only son u left us to soon u took my heart and ur sister heart with u we missed u a lot I hope the law change when a mother cries and beg the system for help Answe we get we can’t force someone to a rehab against there own will ..u kidding us!! It’s a bad addiction a disease there not aware there wrong we are hear our voices and sentence them to rehabs pleas
Issa from 4/15/95 to 11/12/17
R.I.P my son

Long Island ny


Darrin, When they told me you were gone I was in shock and devastated. Not Darrin. He knew when it was enough. I see now that this disease is smarter than we are. We truly loved you Darrin. You made us laugh and you looked out for us. I only wish that we could have looked out for you even after death . Your absent family did exactly what you were so afraid of. I’m sorry Darin.



To my son, Ranon’

I love you and miss you so much! I wish I would have done more. I wish I could have saved you. Finally, you are at peace and relieved from all your suffering. I don’t think you had any idea that you were loved by so many people. I hope to see you again someday.

With all my love,
Your mom.

January 1977–May 2017

Dayton, Ohio, Montgomery County

Ramona N.

My mom committed suicide on December 6,2017 via overdose leaving my brother ( age 15) and myself (age 17) we never really knew our mom we were taken out of her home by our grandparents when we are 5 and 3 and we tried to keep a relationship but she let it go and so we hadn’t seen her in many many years. So her death has caused a lot of emotions. But the only thing I would change of the while situation is being able to tell my mom I love her and godbye but I didn’t and couldn’t. I miss her very much. I don’t miss her cause of the relationship we had I miss her cause of the things we never had.



This tribute is for my mom,who had struggled with addiction her whole life..and lost the battle three days ago.I watched her kill herself for years..many battles over what to do,how to cope etc. Never solved anything..she always reverted back.I felt as though she didn’t love me enough to want to stay and try to be better.That battle is over now she overdosed..alone..I have no idea how she felt in that moment.I do know I loved her and underneath the disease she loved me…but it won.She was a beautiful caring soul that fell prey to evil and I will forever miss her.I hope to see you well again one day of pain.I love you Mom.



Tee, you’ll always live on in our hearts… Your sorely missed 😔 you light up any room with your beautiful smile… xxx

Sydney Coogee


My biological mom committed suicide by overdosing on December 6 2017. I been taken out of her home by my grandparents when I was 5. I hadn’t seen her in 10 years I’m 17 now so I was starting to want to see her before I moved on completely with my life. The day she died mom ( my grandmother but I call her mom) and I had started a folder of thing to show her when we meet after I turned 18 and the next day we get a call saying my mom had overdosed and didn’t make it. She was very depressed cause she hung out with the people who didn’t care about her and so she hated her life if I only could have seen her one more time I would have told her how loved she was by my brother and I and she didn’t need to feel alone but we couldn’t talk to her and let her know.

Knoxville TN


To Tiffany, you’ll forever be missed by family and friends. Your free to watch over us from Heaven.. Save a spot for me..
Simon xx

Sydney Coogee


To Tiffany, your much loved and missed by friends and family. You’ll forever be free, amongst the sky’s… Love Simon xx

Sydney Coogee


To my brother who I miss every time I take a breathe. Kallen William S. forever 22.

Mission, BC, Canada

Alix S.

Shannon Henderson..age 26, overdosed on heroin. My great sister, a mother, daughter, and best friend. Never forgotten and always loved in our hearts! Love and miss you shannon! Rest easy for one day we will see each other again! Love you 💘

Louisville, ky


Sonia passed away on December 11, 2017 after a heartbreaking battle with drug addiction. Throughout her life she had survived many difficult and life shattering experiences that she felt could only be covered by the numbing effects of drugs. Although unfortunate we will not remember Sonia for her struggles, only the loving, bighearted person she was. She was more than that. She was a mother to six, daughter, sister, grandmother, and friend to many. Her outgoing and friendly personality led her to befriend many from different walks of life. She never once discriminated against anyone, and was often helping others- even when she couldn’t help herself. How we wish things could have been different and she could have received the same in return; no judgement, just understanding and concern. We mourn Sonia- all that she was given, all that she deserved, and all that she could have been. We will carry her and her story on in hopes that we do not lose sight of our loved ones and focus on their addiction rather than the person. Sonia was a good, kind soul who rose above her struggles until it was too hard to stay afloat, and fell into an addiction far greater than she could control. She will be missed immensely.






Jennifer Ann M., if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Always in our hearts.
Grandmother, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend.



Justin Dean B. lost his battle on September 20, 2017. He was 25 years old.

Walkertown, NC


I love you always David D. I will never forget you. I hope to see you in my dreams. Hopefully we will be together in heaven. I miss my best friend



I lost my mother to an overdose last week. She used from the age 17 off and on till the day she died at the age of 55. The day we found out we were devastated and began to plan her wake and services but it turned out not to be so simple. My mother was very secretive and lied about her drug use. We found out our mother had been dead for about 4 days and could not be identified. It was our worst nightmare and the hardest thing any of us has ever dealt with. She pushed my siblings and myself away because of her drug use a few ago so none of us had contact with her. We grew up in state custody bouncing from house to house in foster homes. She was still a great person when she was clean and even at some points of her life when she was using. Everyone knew her where she was from. She was very giving, loving and accepting. She had a very ruff life growing up and didn’t have the best example to follow when it came to parenting. My siblings and myself are going to be forever tormented by our mother sudden, tragic horrific death. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. I hope that one day they’ll be places people with addiction can go to for help right away and not have to jump through hoops to get help.

Springfield Massachusetts USA


My son, Gregory D., died of an accidental drug overdose on October 9th, 2017. He was 27 years old. I adored my son and find it extremely hard to live without him. He had overdosed four times before (that I know of), two of which I found him in the throws of, and was able to rush him to the hospital in time. The last time, on October 9th, I did not get home in time to save him. He fought his addiction for years. He was the smartest, funniest and most loving person you could ever have the pleasure to know. Over one thousand people attended his wake – almost all were his friends, as we have only a tiny family. THAT, seeing his friends lined up for blocks and blocks waiting to come into the funeral home, was a testament to his unique spirit. The funeral home, seeing the people lined up, opened the service an hour early and stayed open an extra hour so that everyone could come in to pay their respects. He was so deeply loved, especially by me, and will forever be missed. My heart aches for him, my boy, my Greggie.

Rockville Centre, Nassau County New York, USA

Audrey D.

My baby brother, I miss and love you…
Kenneth (Boomer) R.
July 8, 83 – Nov. 30, 17

huntington, wv

frances r

Mary Beth U.
Dominic V.
Losing you both so close together over this breaks me into pieces . You’ll be forever missed and always remembered. I love you both.

Lake Villa, Illinois, USA


Many years ago my best friend, Beth Borden Long committed suicide in her home. She had many jaw surgeries like I also had. We had many things in common. When I learned that she had died, I had to have therapy for about a year or more. It was so painful to lose my best friend. If anyone is considering Over Dosing, please do not do that. You will hurt your family members and those that are your friends. This is very serious. My daughter lost her husband due to an Over Dose of prescription drugs. Please do not ever do this to your family and loved ones. They will never forget and they will be in so much pain from losing their friend, or loved ones. I hope that everyone will read this message. Please think before you do something that you can’t undo.

Kingwood, TX, USA


I knew Joy Hunley. She was a very special lady. Unfortunately, she O.D. Her mother is my best friend from elementary school in Houston, TX. I want everyone to know that I have lost my son-in-law to an O.D. and my best friend that lived in Bellaire, TX also committed suicide. I have lost many good friends and I hope that I don’t lose anymore to an Over Dose of any type of medications. This is very serious. Anyone that reads what I have written had better think twice before they Over Dose. This affects all family members and loved ones. This is nothing to sneeze about. This is very serious. Joy and her brother came to my home when we lived in Katy, TX. They were great kids. Now, Joy’s brother has lost his sister and I am pretty sure that he would never do anything to hurt his self. Please understand that when a person Over Doses, they hurt everyone that cares about them. Mostly their family members and loved ones hurt and feel the pain for a very long time.

Kingwood, TX, USA


My baby brother Shawn lost his battle with addiction this past week. We will miss him dearly. He was and will always be so much more than just an addict.

Marysville Wa

Bree G.

Oh my Anthony, I am lost for words. Ur battle won u. I tried so hard to save u from yourself. I lost my life partner Anthony Russell, for 26 years, on July 20, 2017. He left me to live his own life, with his own rules, a new crowd of friends. The bad dirty things he done to me that I may never understand but I have been told that’s what addiction does. It controls the addict and they hurt their loved ones cuz of it. I’m struggling still with grief from our separation cuz u were in my life for such a long time. It’s like I lost my right arm. I lost my best friend, my life partner. Then the griief of u dying. Hurts so much to know that I fought so hard to help u and no matter how hard I fought I still couldn’t save u from yourself.its like the devil came in and tore u from our lives. The life u were living wasn’t living. I hope wherever u are u finally found peace and no stress with yourself. I can’t even fathom the lose yet. I just thought I would do this to help me with it built up inside of me to get it off my chest. I loved u when we started and I loved u for all those years. I will always love u. I always have, and I always will. U and I have a lot of
Good memories in our years. I will not ever forget you. I have u still in our 2 daughters which I thankful for. They r having a very hard time without their dad. Until we meet again and I do hope we do. Bless ur soul. Love and miss u Anthony. I can’t believe ur really gone.

Kent county, nb, canada

Kathy G.

You left almost three years ago. I miss you every minute of every day. Thank you for the gift of the children you left me. I know we will meet again. I’m trying so hard to move forward. I know that’s what you would want me to do . Love you Mom. Erik James C. April 18. 1980-May 23. 2015.

Whitmore lake Mi

Judy B.

Hi John,
It’ll be a year January 1st, 2018 since you left us. I just want to let you know that I will never let Liam forget about his uncle John, so don’t worry. I will never let anyone forget you. Your hard work, your dedication and your ability to always get right back up fighting. You became in the time since you married my sister one of my best friends, someone I could be open and honest with, someone I could be myself and not worry about judgement. You were never afraid to tell us you loved us, and I regret not telling you more how much you really meant to us. You were a lost soul just looking for someone to love you for the person you were and I wish you found it. I wish in the end you weren’t so broken to turn back to cocaine. I love you John. Your death taught me a valuable life lesson, to never turn your back on anyone and to never think of yourself as better than anyone else. We are all one life decipn away from rock bottom. Fly free John, I love you.

John Thomas Rea
1/8/88 – 1/1/17
Cocaine laced with fentanyl overdose

Plainville, MA


Sammy girl , 18 years old – died of heroin overdose in July 2017. Heartbroken , still can’t believe she’s gone.

South Plainfield, NJ USA


To my sister and her 3 sons you all left me because of drugs. I was so made at God and you when you left, could not understand why he would take all of you.Josh my sisters youngest son was murdered because of drugs 12 years ago he was only 25 and my sister shortly after she couldn’t fight her demons anymore.I almost gave up when you both left me still fighting the depression and health problems it caused then sept. 2014 drugs took your other 2 boys the holidays are coming i miss you all so much i will always love all of you more then you will every know.I still blame myself some how thinking i could save all of you if i had been a better sister,if i had been a better aunt if i would of spent more time with you.i think all of us feel that when you loose some one we love.I will smile and try to live me life happy for all of you because i know thats what you would want.Till we meet again remember how much i love all of you and miss you so much your sister and aunt Peggy

Cincinnati Ohio


Lost a beautiful, funny, outgoing father of two little girls, a brother, uncle, son, and friend to many, many people. Before he became a shell of himself, everyone referred to him as the mayor because he talked to everyone, and everyone loved him. He had a passion for plants, landscaping, trees and making people laugh. Because he worked in landscaping, he ultimately ended up with back pain and was prescribed pain killers, which inevitably turned into heroin. We lost our Shayne Ryan on 11/18/2017.

Bowie, MD


This is to Timothy Troy Haddock aka Maddog aka Crying Bear. The Death Certificate said you died from a Methadone over dose. You had been prescribed this medication in the past and with it you were set free from Heroine. But on this day you took it unprescribed and you were clean from both methadone and Heroine feeling alone and unloved you took it from a person on the streets. How can this be fair. One was suppose to save you from the other and when administered correctly it did. So brother I can speak for you from the grave. We grew up together and I know what you would say. Youngsters and all you OGs don’t let that Methadone fool you like it did me. Let that devil go and let Jesus rule over you and be your King.

Bakersfield CA


I give speeches on the effects of opiates. The dangers involved in doing opiates. I was hooked to opiates for 47 yrs. I overdosed 4 times. Now I give back I would love to be a part of your organization
My no. Is 587-778-6730
Call any time. I speak to 3rd year pharmaceutical students today at 1 pm at U of A



This is for my cousin Erika.. I wish I had done more when you were here




​Hey Johnny,
So I’m really missing you today; almost in tears again. I can’t believe in a few months, it will be two years since you’ve been gone. The pain is still fresh. I feel like I talked to you just last week. I still sometimes wonder why I haven’t heard from you, or I expect a text or call from you. For a brief moment, I’ll have a memory I want to tell you about, and then I remember I can’t. Or can I? I hope you’re listening/reading.

God, I love you Johnny. I have ALWAYS loved you so much, unconditionally, and I always will. There really are no words or a way to describe the love I had for you (and still do). I even wrote a couple of letters to you BEFORE you died…on days that I was missing you; on the days I prayed you could remain sober for a year so we could get back together (that was always the deal).

Sometimes, I wish I would have shown you those letters, but I know they wouldn’t have helped anything. They might have just made you sad. All I can hope for is an afterlife, where I’ll see you again. Even if I only see you for a moment, all I want to tell you is how much I love you. I have such vivid dreams about you, and that’s always the most important thing to me…to make you understand how LOVED you are. Not just by me, but by your family.

Anyway, I’m sorry for writing another sad message. I just want to get my point across. I wonder how Heaven is? I wish you could answer me. I just want you to be happy. Your happiness always meant as much to me as my own.

I love you Johnny. I better see you again; if not in an afterlife, then keep visiting me in my dreams. You’re forever a part of me.

Love, Lexi

Tampa, FL

Lexi B.

Michael had back issues and was prescribed Vicodin. For several years he took less than he was prescribed. After a couple of years of being on the prescription pain killers. He ended up having trouble getting his prescriptions. He was physically dependent and could not get what he needed. He bought what he needed off the street and eventually found Suboxone. He did well on it for a while but he hated the side effects of the high dose he was prescribed. Eventually he moved from Vicodin to Percocet to heroin. He willingly went to rehab two times. The second time he really wanted to be clean but he did not stick with his aftercare and eventually relapsed. He tried really hard to hide his drug use from me. He hid both relapses following rehab for many weeks. I realized he had relapsed and was quickly going downhill. We talked a little about it and two nights later I was going to have a serious conversation about his drug use where I was going to tell him he needed to go to rehab or I was divorcing him. He did not come home that night. He got paid that day and went and bought some heroin after work, snorted it and passed away. I know he really wanted to be clean. The last thing he said to me was talking about our future. I feel so cheated that this damn disease took him from me. I wish he would have been successful in fighting it.



To keep on going
Since you’ve gone
Is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
I wear a mask from day to day
and try to cope in my own way.
I will miss you til we meet again,
and long for you each day til then.
There’s now a hole no one can fill,
In my heart —I Love you Still!
Matthew Ryan C.
I am with you always,
Love you,

Indianapolis, IN

Lisa R.

I’ve lost so many. Since 1994, when 14 of my family friends overdosed, it’s been a constant. I struggled. I spent almost 12y on heroin. I have been Clean for a decade, and yet, still losing people. I quit counting at 50. Heroin is a liar. I know that now. Please if you’re struggling, know that it’s possible to quit. I’m living proof. I’m so sorry for everyone’s loss here. I know it too well. All my friends are ghosts now. rip all of you. Sandy, Richard, jamie, Zack , Tim, so many…it hurts. And I miss you

Madison, wi


On October 12th, I learned a lesson that I wish I never had to learn. Addiction does not discriminate. Months ago, I sat in a meeting, listening to the healthcare director at my work talk about signing up for Narcan training. I thought to myself, “I will never need that. All of our students seem to have it together and I don’t know anyone personally who will ever need anything like that.”

On October 12th, I got a call early in the morning that my cousin, Jeff, had overdosed on heroin. I am angry at myself for being so blinded by privilege to believe that I would never be directly impacted by this epidemic. He was 43 years old, just about a year and a half older than me. I hadn’t seen him in a few years, but he was one of those people that was always there. It didn’t matter how much time had passed, you could sit down with him and talk like no time had passed at all. I am very sad and angry that he is no longer here. He was a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a nephew and a cousin. We shared a life story that I wasn’t ready to close the book on. RIP, Jeff.

Hagerstown, MD USA


March 19th 2016 is the day I lost my sister. She passed away of a heroin laced with fentanyl overdose. I will always remember her for the happy amazing person she was. She always put others before herself and always made sure her children had everything they needed. Her children were well loved by their momma, and now that she is gone there will always be a part of our hearts missing. A void that can never be filled. Though she would have wanted us to be happy and not cry at her loss it’s impossible. Her name is Amber Toth (Parwulski) . She was 29 when we lost her. She had a birthday that just passed. October 25th she would have been 31 . Amber was outgoing, loving, kind hearted and she has an amazing personality. Anyone who knows her knows that. Her love still dwells within and she will never be forgotten. I love you Bobo , love your baby sister Nikki

Buffalo Ny


I lost my little brother just two weeks ago to this horrible disease.he had just gotten out of treatment the week before. I’m heartbroken that I will never see him again. I wish so much that he Could have beaten this disease and we could have had the sister and brother relationship I so much wanted. The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that you are not struggling with the pain of your addiction anymore. I love you my little brother. Love your Sissy



I love and miss my aunt geri so much. I lost her to an overdose. She was a huge part of my life and an amazing person who just couldnt beat it. R.I.P Aunt Geri! Love always



RIP Skylar B.

Kawartha Lakes Ontario Canada

Frank D.

I loved the conversations we had..So many great chats….U are so missed Billy..I love U..

Dalton MA.


Matt Cinamon
9/12/85 -10/11/17
“You left me with beautiful memories, your love is still my guide. And tho I cannot see you … your always at my side “
For the rest of my life, I will love you.

Ann Arbor MI


On October 10, 2017 I lost my Fiancee and the father to my unborn child to a heroin overdose. His name was Colin and he was only 33 years old. He struggled with addiction for years and years. He was a kind hearted and loving guy with a great sense of humor and I miss him every day.

Macon, GA USA


Josh was 40 when he died of an overdose on 9/28/17. He was very smart, took good care of his body, ate well, had very good friends, was loved by his parents and siblings; had a series of short-lived jobs but big plans for his future employment; finally had a really nice car to drive around; never married but thought one day when he got drug free he would find the right girl–all this but he could not resist the lure of cocaine, alcohol, and whatever else he would include in his binges. He thought it wouldn’t happen to him, but all it takes is one “oops” bad decision and your dead. His death was a fear we lived with for over 20 years and despite endless attempts to provide help, were powerless to prevent for it is the addict who must act on behalf of his own life. Now, it is we who must live with the sadness left behind.



My darling daughter Nicole Louise. Passed away 5 weeks before your 19th birthday. It has been 25 hard years since you passed awsy. There is not a single day that passes that i dont think about you. Still missing you like crazy.
Eternal love, mum xx

Melbourne Australia


To all the people reading the tributes on here… I am so sorry for your pain. If anyone has ever thought of taking an overdose: it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Nothing is hopeless. Ring someone. Ring Lifeline. You are worthy of living. Don’t you just let anyone win. Fight for your life. Tired of fighting fight harder. You feel alone it you are not alone.


Broken heart

My husband i lost on July 10, 2017 I spoken with him from 12p-12:45 p not knowing that was the last conversation that i would ever have with him… After work i began to call him around 5:05 PM no answer i began to look, and ask questions.. His father lead me to the home that he was last seen at.. I approached the door, a lady lead me to a coach that he was said to be asleep on i began to call out his name and say wake up. I touch him he was cold i began performing CPR until EMS workers arrived.. I could not believe that nobody in the room notice that he was not breathing until i came… Cocaine overdose…. I would ask him was he back using drugs he replied no… I would encourage him that he could stay clean and remain clean but i found him of a overdose.. We were married for 4 years, and had a 2 year old little boy who loved his father to the moon and back… Why did he have to go so soon, drug addiction is very powerful and can take the best out of here if help is not seek out. This is a life experience that have changed me forever..



I’ve lost two very close people to me from a heroine overdose within the months of August and September, 2017. To Kristen, my beautiful cousin, I hope you have found your peace and happiness up above me in your new forever home. Not a day goes by that you’re not in my mind. I love you so much, always and forever. To Jesse, my shining light. My best friend. You took a part of me when you left, but I want you to keep that part of me until we meet again. Your fight was so long and so courageous, all I can do is pray that you’re out of the pain, anger and frustration. I know you’re smiling down on me. You’re my handsome angel now. I hope that you both will feel so very proud in all that I do here on Earth in honor of your fights. Even with all my grief and emptiness, I will live my life to the fullest, because you guys wouldn’t want it any other way. I will use my voice to spread awareness of drug overdose. I promise. I love you both more than words could ever explain.

Wayne, New Jersey, United States


August 7th, 2017 we lost the love of my life, a loving son, supporting brother, and friend. Jordan like many fought the disease to the end. He was a beautiful soul who loved life, spending time with his family, golfing and horses. We were to be married September 15th, he will forever be my soulmate and champion of my heart. We miss you everyday Jordan, we know you continue to be with us and watch over us. I will miss you everyday until my last breath, Together Forever. XOXO



On Sept 20, 2017 the light burned out for our baby brother of 31yrs. He was a fun loving guy that would do anything for anyone except love himself enough to get clean. We love and miss you and will always help you son remember the wonderful things about you. Spread you wings bro…till we meet again

St louis


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united state


October 23 is a day I will always remember as that is the morning I found that my son had hung himself. He was addicted to heroin, he had just lost his license for a dwi and his girlfriend of 14 years broke up with him. I wish there was something i could have done to help him. He had been at rosecrance treatment facility 6 mos. Prior to his suicide. RIP my sweet darling son. 22 years was not enough time to spend with u, we were both cheated of our time together. I miss you every day. I wake up thinking of you until I go to bed every day. You were my life my everything. Love you son,



Susan L.

Love to Michelle Jugan and Jimmy Harms who did not make it.

Pittsburgh, Pa.


Adrian 10/30/88-08/10/17
We love you and miss you so much. You will be in our hearts forever. We will meet you in heaven.

Leitchfield, KY USA


My son was 27 when he died of an overdose. He had struggled with addiction since his teens. He left behind a daughter, a brother, his parents who loved him beyond words, nothing was enough to save him from himself.

Ozark, Mo, USA

Katherine S.

Sam passed away two years ago due to an overdose. Sam was outgoing and very street smart. She loved her children and her boyfriend very much. She was an amazing mother to her four kids. Before she passed away, she accomplished numerous things. She was able to get custody of her children back which was not possible for the area that we live in. She obtained her own vehicle and a three bedroom house all within one year. She advocated for her boyfriend that was actively using to get into treatment in which he was able to do through her. She was working two jobs while also taking care of her children. She was trying to rebuild family relationships through therapy. Once she set her mind to something, she followed through with it. She had two years of sobriety and was working on her issues in treatment. She was very loyal to those that she cared about and we want to remember her forever.

Doylestown, PA


Not sure what struggles landed us here but hearing the drugs took your life last night as so many including myself left speechless and shocked. May all the struggles and pain now be gone as you lay in the arms of the Lord. May God bless your family and wrap them in comfort especially your 3 kids. May you Rest In Peace, you are gone but will not be forgotten

Madison, WI USA


You were an amazing person who fought a horrible demon that ended up taking your life and continues to haunt the streets of the world. Your two boys and I miss you everyday and everyday there isn’t a moment we don’t think of you and wish you were here. You were an amazing person who didn’t deserve this.
You will always have my heart and I will never forget who you truly were.

Love you, Sam

Carson City NV

You were an amazing person who fought a horrible demon that ended up taking your life and continues to haunt the streets of the world. Your two boys and I miss you everyday and everyday there isn’t a moment we don’t think of you and wish you were here. You were an amazing person who didn’t deserve this.
You will always have my heart and I will never forget who you truly were.

Love you, Sam

Carson City NV

Samantha Perry

In March of 2017 my beautiful daughter, Grace Louise P., died of a prescription drug overdose in her dorm room in Richmond, Virginia. She was only twenty-two. The week she died, was VCU’s spring break. The doctor she had been seeing had just prescribed new medication at a much higher dose than the medications already prescribed, and did this right before the break, when most everyone was gone. Grace was extremely gifted musically, she played the flute, and was very artistic. She was a kind, compassionate young woman and one of my greatest joys. She was one of six children and her siblings miss her terribly. I miss her every day and have a hard time knowing I will never get to hear her laugh, see her beautiful smile, or just get to talk with her again.
Grace Louise P.
09 July 1994- 10 March 2017

Kelkheim, Germany


Rest my friend.

Hernando, MS USA


Thank you to all the courageous, strong, Santa Barbara moms, dads, brothers, families, friends, partners, and children who came to honor and remember “All Those Who Walked The Hard Miles, But Did Not Make It.” “You’re never forgotten”. We had a beautiful purple circle of light on the beach”.

Recovery Fusion Santa Barbara, CA USA

Robbin O.G

You meant alot to everybody that knew you and were the closest person in my life nothing will make the sadness of the years since any better.
Hope to see you soon and that you aren’t hurting anymore.

Cumming GA Forsyth County


To my brother Brian, I am so sorry that I didn’t try to help you. I don’t even know if I could have, but now I will never know. I didn’t like the choices you made, but I loved you. I am sorry that I didn’t tell you. I pray that you are at peace now, and I hope to someday see you again. I love you.

Kermit WV USA


My brother Jordan fought a battle I can’t even comprehend. I was by his side through it all, our whole family was…
I will never stop loving you and I will never stop fighting for you. Although the magnitude of my grief is unspeakable I do hope you have found peace. The world will never have another one like you, not only were you intelligent and caring you were full of unconditional love. Your smile, your humor and unending ability to make the world shine are just a few of the million things I will miss. You were always so much more than your disease and your memory will live on forever. I love you Jordan.

Rutland, VT


Little Surfer Girl,
The day I found you was one of the worst days of my life. I’ve struggled numerous times. What could I have done differently. Although I’ve been asked to not mention your name, the date I found you, or anything that will give way to who you really are, I wanted to say you are more then your addiction. You were kind, loving, funny and beautiful inside and out. There’s nothing to honor your memory. No grave, no tribute with your real name, however I will always remember you. Always…

San Diego,CA


My son, Jared, died July 2016 from an overdose. From day 1 he challenged us in so many ways and struggled more than half his life with addiction and anxiety. Yet he had such a sensitive side, with so much love for his family, especially his sister and daughter. He befriended many throughout his journey, as seen by attendees who paid their respects after his passing. Sobriety, though infrequent, brought out the very best in him and I cherish those times. There’s a small bit of comfort knowing he’s not struggling anymore and is flying free but it doesn’t fill that empty feeling I have. Always remembered, always LOVED 💖

New Castle


I attended an “International Overdose Awareness Day” Event, In Honor of The Love of My Life and Baby’s Father, Tucker Henry R.I.P., he passed away Oct. 28, 2016, from Heroin overdose at 26 yrs. old..he is deeply missed and holds a place in my heart forever.. It was a Very Emotional and Beautiful Event. Thank You For Everything You Do For Our Community and throughout the World!

Las Vegas

Jennifer P.

Today I think of Tim. Tim was funny and good company. I recall him in the kitchen of a shared house, casually showing me the leopard print undies he had stolen from his new lover; he had decided to wear them. Black jacket and a foppish mod haircut, he was a beautiful young man.
He was alone at the time; he became isolated, and I believe that was a strong component of what happened. Try not shut people out.

Hobart, Tasmania


I lost my beautiful baby sister Lauren to a fentanyl overdose on June 11th, 2016. She was only 21. Lauren, I miss you more than I could ever possibly describe and I love you more than you’ll ever know. My heart will always be broken with you gone.

San Diego, CA


Missing you deeply my son. Forever in my heart. Love , Mom

Miami, Florida 33176 USA

Eric F.

I lost my youngest son, Jordan, to an accidental drug overdose on April 25, 2016. He will always be remembered and loved. 21 years was not enough time with him but I am thankful that he does not have to fight this terrible disease any longer.

McMinnville, TN. USA


Lost my beautiful wife September 13, 2016.
Miss you every single day my sweetheart.



Sadly I tried to post a tribute but failed to do it in time.
My beautiful son Simon passed on 5.5.2016 aged 33.
Every day is an awareness day for me.
He tried so very hard to quit his addiction and accidentally overdosed.
I carry him in my heart every minute of every day.
I love him and miss him more than any words can say.

Emsworth, Hampshire UK


On January 24th, 2013 my 23 year old baby brother overdosed on heroin. His death has left such a huge whole in my heart and family. International Overdose Awareness Day has made me think so much! Honestly I didn’t know that this was internationally recognized. I woke up today just like I have many times before. I got my kids off to school and made a trip to Costco. As i cruised through Facebook today I realized that this day exists! Here are some of the many thoughts I have as I reflect on the loss of my brother and my own battle with addiction…

* NO ONE plans to become an addict!
* NO ONE expects addiction to take the their life!
*Addiction is the result of a multitude of reasons…not just the desire to get high. Some are trying to numb pain, forget trauma, escape a horrible reality. If you have EVER had a beer or glass wine because you’ve had a tough day…you were just a few beers, glasses of wine or hit away from addiction!
*EVERY addict is someone’s loved one!

If you know someone battling addiction…speak up! Fight like hell for them because they absolutely need help! Call them everyday! Seek professional help! Never give up! You can always regret the things you did but can never get another chance to do more!

I pray for each addict and their family. ❤

I miss you Steven!

Bakersfield, CA


We will never forget you Patrick. You left this world much to soon. We will always love you and remember the happy times.

Bandera, Texas

Kathy U.

My son John died on Dec 22, 2015 from a heroin overdose which was laced with Fentanol. He battled this demon which finally took his life. He was only 35 years old and left a 7 year old son. He is greatly missed.



In loving memory of my beloved brother, Norman F., who was only 36 years old. He fought the ‘addiction demon’ with all he had but lost the battle on 10-14-16. I want people to remember him for who he was and not what the horrid disease turned him onto. We miss him terribly and struggle everyday without him yet we keep holding on to the wonderful memories we have and the hope that he is finally at peace and free. I will love you always and miss you forever Norm!!!


Carlee Z.

In loving memory of my beloved brother, Norman F., who was only 36 years old. He fought the ‘addiction demon’ with all he had but lost the battle on 10-14-16. I want people to remember him for who he was and not what the horrid disease turned him onto. We miss him terribly and struggle everyday without him yet we keep holding on to the wonderful memories we have and the hope that he is finally at peace and free. I will love you always and miss you forever Norm!!!

Fowlerville, MI

Carlee Z.

Dino left this world too early. He was too young but his demons were too much. My sister, Patty always loved him and his 2 children were young but they loved their father no matter what. Dino missed out on all the big moments in their lives. He lives on through these two beautiful and successful adults and even a grandson. I know he is proud and smiling down on them. But this was not the way his story should have ended.

God bless everyone that has lost a loved one too early and to an overdose. My love and prayers are with you all!

woodhaven, MI USA


My darling son I miss you so much. You were taken from me 17th Aug 2016 but you are here with me 24/7.


Rita P.

My 16 YR old daughter suffers from depression and has tried to overdose twice. We were very lucky the second time was touch and go, but we were very lucky. My heart and prayers go out to everyone and there loved ones who did lose someone.

North Pekin IL USA


I miss you my dearest cousin Krissy Nagy. I hate this disease and I’m going to keep fighting this fight for you❤
To my dear friend Danielle Smeall. May you Rest In Peace my friend. I miss and love you both.


Brandi M.

Remembering a great man today! We miss you every day !! Always in our hearts, gone but not forgotten RIP Greg ❤❤❤❤❤

Goose creek, sc


Newark-My beloved daughter you are truly missed!! NEVER FORGOTTEN RIP ELIZABETH



RIP 1/15/88-6/2/09 (Nephew) Andrew “A.A” Missing you everyday

Elizabethtown, Ky

Mary Alice

It has only been 8 months since I lost my only sister. EVERYDAY and double today I think of her and her suffering. I think about all the negative things people thought about her as she struggled. it is so important to raise awareness about the DISEASE. She struggled, she tried so hard but she lost the battle. Even if just one person can start over today I can smile. RIP my sister, my friend Carrie. I love you! I miss you!


Sue M.

In memory of my beautiful daughter, Amber Pearl M., who died from an accidental fentanyl overdose on January 23, 2017. She was a light in a very dark world, who is missed each and every day by all of her family and friends but especially her mama, daddy, her baby brother Chase, the love of her life Bryan, her JoJo, Gabby, Kylee, Raquel and her very special Memere. We love you baby girl more than all of the stars in the sky.


Jen M.

Emily … it’s been 671 days since you left us. Not an hour goes by that I don’t think of you. Your brothers and I miss you so very much.
Love you more with each breath


Paula Jean C.

My brother, Will (Willy to so many) , had a picture postcard life. Beautiful wife, beautiful daughter, home in a nice neighborhood with a large yard for his dog to run and play with his little girl. Introduced to a person who had nothing to lose. Led him down a long, dark road to Heroin. Lost his perfect life; then lost his soul; then took his last breath after battling an addiction for 10 years. He died March 14, 2015. I Miss him with every breath I take. It doesn’t seem real. I keep waiting for him to walk thru my door. What does help, is that my son is his twin, in looks, not attitude. I Love You Willy!!!


Terri P.

Nate, I miss you so much big brother! I thank God every day you are finally at peace and are healed from addiction, living in Heaven and reunited with mom. All my love until we meet see you again!

Findlay/OH USA


Loving memory Rachel O’Dette watch over your mother Myra Lazarowitz O’Dette…never knew how strong she was until she had no other choice.
Love you always

Worcester MA USA


Alexis Lenti much loved and adored daughter of Frank and Maureen. Mother of Brayden

A person never knows what strength they have until there is no other choice.

Worcester MA USA


My son’s brother, Tyler, passed away on Oct 2, 2016 from a heroin overdose. We will never be able to fill the hole in our hearts. You are missed so much every day and we’ll never be the same without you. We never thought we’d have to say goodbye to you so soon. We will forever carry you in our hearts, the countless memories…it’ll never get easier for any of us no matter how hard we try to push forward. We just hope that you are at peace not having to battle this monster anymore. All our love #forever24

Toms River, NJ


In memory of my beautiful 17 year old son, Cody, who was the light of so many people’s lives and tragically died on June 1, 2017 of an accidental prescription drug overdose. He is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Carpinteria, California USA

Melisa I.

How I wrote it in my recent local paper…

Edmonds, WA


We are so lucky to have had our brilliant and beautiful daughter, Isabella, for 20 years. We love you, Bella!

Saint Louis, Missouri, US

Christy Sammartano

I miss you every day Dave


Mary Lou

My love….. missn you terribly… you are safe and out if harms way….RIP my son love mom

Reno nv


Mario DeCecco-Rodriguez

Dearest Mario,
Even though I didn’t know you, it seems like I did with what you’ve left behind.
YOUR death I wish I could prevent like while watching a movie, to be able to press rewind.
Your mother hides her hurt inside and cries for you each day
I know you didn’t mean to hurt her and if you could, you’d take it all away.
I’m sorry that you’re gone, I’d just like to say…
Your life had more meaning than the drug that took you away.
Please help your mother to remember all the good times that you’ve shared, all the laughs, kisses, hugs, and things you said…
Keep them in her heart, her life, and in her head.
Let her know it’s alright to live her life each day,
And perhaps be less focused on the horrible thing that took you away.
Let her laugh, to love, and to live,
And most of all, herself to forgive.
She did all she could to save you, but in the end she couldn’t.
Each day she creates a hell to live, believes there might have been something, so this decision that you made to take this drug that stole your life, you wouldn’t.
I know you to be a skater who likes blue and red,
And that you are cheering in in heaven for every punch Mayweather landed on McGregor’s head.
Your body was filled with tattoos and you were used to winning and never lose.
It sucks this choice you made has ended your life like this,
But just know there are so many you’ve touched and ALL of them will miss… They wish you would have stayed.
The way you laughed and loved, the music you played,
the cologne you wore,
and so much you will be missed for…
Finally, I pray to make this heroin STOP stealing even MORE!!!

Buffalo, New York

Kim G.

Travis , you will always be remembered and missed dearly , you will forever be in our hearts , love mom 💜

McKees Rocks , Pa

Josephine R.

For Kevin B> you’ve been on my mind a lot lately dude. Hope you’re doing well up there.

Chicago, IL

Jenny B.

My beautiful son Kerry died 2/20/15. I begged him to get help 2/18, he was dead two days later. His brother & I will never be the same. He was my first born son. He was perfect looking when he was born, at 8 pm 10/26/88, like the Gerber baby. Now his ashes are in my attic, I can’t bear to spread them, it makes it too real. There were 2 hundred people at his service. He never met a stranger. Opioids kill.

Greenbelt, mD

Sarah P.C

Tribute for Gavin G. He was a 19 year old kid with laughter that could ignite a crowd. We miss him because of a fatal drug overdose of methadone pills he took out of a purse and had no idea of the dosing. I hope that prescription drugs are limited and over prescribing stops….Also if people would start referring to the synthetic name of the street drug instead of an outdated name that is no longer organic such as herion. It is synthetic poison now. Bless all of us that have lost our kids too soon for these overdoses, the life loss of a loved family member is unexplainable grief.

Bonney Lake WA


My darling daughter Carley. You are missed everyday. Part of me left with you, my heart. I know you tried your best to beat this evil disease. Will always feel like I could have done more. I know you are safe now. Love you my Angel💙

Grimsby ontario


I lost my grandson on 7-25-16. He was better than me. He was the best person I ever knew. He had his problems in that last year of his life. He was 29. He was smart, good, charismatic, and kind. He could have been anything. He was a good warm loving man, a dad with a 5 year old. He should be here. I loved him more than life. His passing was a loss to me and to the world.

Los Angeles, USA


My Chook,
I miss you so much and look forward to being reunited with you. Make sure you come find me when I get to heaven.
Love DT xxx

Melbourne, Australia


I lost my son on 3-4-2017 of a drug overdose he was a star athletic in football and disc had a associates degree in auto mechanics.also just got a master Subaru technitions degree had blonde hair and blue eyes so handsome worked at the same job for 16 yrs addiction does not decrminate he was awesome son it has destroyed are family so defestating I am his momma and I will not ever be whole again my heart is broken and will never meand.please reach out for help my son wouldn’t because he was assamed and would have been stigmatis that would have been better then death .I’m praying Everyday for a cure and for all that suffer from this horrible diesese please God help us all amen .

Jefferson pa

Melinda J.

Memory of my sweet Preston

Bismarck/ North Dakota


We struggled. Every single day together, both from our disease… and i watched…no i let you walk away and never saw you again.. you left 3-7-2015 and 3 days later, the cops come knocking on our door, the rehab we both entered. Together. Told me they found you dead with a needle in your arm. And i want you to know that any other day i would have followed you..but i had just found out i was pregnant. And so i stayed for my little faith of a mustard seed…im coming up on 3 yrs clean 11-4-2014 is my clean date…bitter sweet bcuz it would have been yours to. Our daughter is beautiful. She looks just like you. And i will fight this battle until the day i die so that i can raise our daughter right, relapse will never be an option and i want you to know you did not die in vein and i refuse to let our daughter be another statistic…
And i remember our wedding vows, through sickness and in health, until death do us part…
We were both sick and the disease took you out and im so sorry. I just want you to know that i loved you and thank you for my beautiful angel you left behind. I love you.



Janice we miss you so incredibly much… It’s been the hardest five months ever. This wasn’t supposed to be like this.
She loved, lived, laughed and left.
Be your own kind of beautiful.

Washington Ga

Shela L.

To my beloved son Joseph. We lost you to an opioid overdose on May 26, 2017 at the young age of 19. Sadly there was fentanyl mixed in. I know you did not want to leave us so soon. You left us so suddenly and tragically. You had so many dreams and plans for your future. I am sorry that you had to battle this disease. You were a sensitive, beautiful person with a love of the outdoors. Our hearts are forever broken and our lives forever changed. We love you so much Joe and miss you desperately. Until we see you again.
Love you infinity times infinity,

Lawrenceville, GA USA

Kathi A.

To my very best friend,my first Love&Father of our first born,Kylee Marie,JB Bennett,you will forever be deeply missed,as of today,August 30,2017,it’s been 1year&30 days since we lost you to your demons.The pain we feel everyday is unimaginable😢It’s a pain&A void that we will never get back.The pain will forever be there.This drug too my daughters father 19 days before her 16th Birthday.I hope by having these vigils&being aware that this drug does not discriminate and will not stop unless we all keep our children and loved ones wide eyed to what this drug can really do because the effects are everlasting for the families..To all those we have lost Please keep watch over your loved ones,to those who are still fighting,keep fighting,know YOU ARE WORTH IT AND THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT LOVE YOU even when you feel you’re not loved and to those,like myself who have lost someone very close,just know you’re not alone and WE WILL find an end to these tragedies…UNTIL OUR SKYS MEET.I LOVE YOU JAY❤️


Christina McLaughlin

My beloved partner, the man I planned to grow old with and the father to my babies…Gone. In the blink of an eye our lives will never be the same again.

Guelph Ontario


Christian Thomas Toner “Turtle”
I miss you so much. You was my very best friend the closest person I had to me. Its so hard to accept that this disease took you away way too soon. I think of you everyday and love you with all my heart and soul!

Knoxville, tn


In honor of my little brother, who struggled and fought and wrestled with his demons and addictions for so long, until he struggled no more. He passed away last year, accidentally overdosing on heroin in the same bedroom that we grew up playing in as children. I am positive that the sun got a little less bright on the day he left us… but I am also sure that he is no longer trapped in the cycles of pain and self-loathing that fueled his disease, and for that I am somehow grateful. I miss my brother with every fiber of my being, and wish that he was here to see his nephews and niece grow into such incredibly cool little people… wish that he was here to ease my parents’ loss… wish that I could just hear him laugh and crack a joke with his deep Pittsburgh-ese drawl…

I carry you with me Sean…. we will use your story to help others. You matter, so much more than you ever understood. I love you.

Charlotte, NC

Alison Hindman Talleri

In memory of our beautiful daughter, Jennifer Flood ❤️
You are forever loved and missed.
May you rest in peace. Miss you forever.

Valley Cottage, NY

John & Laraine

Lost all my friends to overdoses i sit here alone now



Remembering my darling Erif – forever loved and missed.

Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom


For my daughter Monica 8/7/1993-4/6/2015.
In the aftermath,
There is still a struggle
The struggle of living without you.



Mo Babe I know that you never intended to leave me alone , so do not worry my love , remember the love we shared remains eternal ,
Like two grains of sand in a desert storm we are only scattered but with luck one day we will find each other again .
love sweety .



Mata T you left us on 17th September 2014. I always loved you and told everyone I knew. I’m sorry I turned you away the last time I saw you, I had my baby with me and I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to say “no” if you offered me drugs. When you died I wanted to come to the funeral but I felt so ashamed that we had used together all those times. I didn’t want to face your family knowing we were so unwell together.
I always hoped you would find recovery so we could be together again.

Auckland, New Zealand


This is in tribute to my nephew Spencer Warfield who passed away Oct 14,2012. This was a wonderful man who was a treasure to our family. When you think of people who have died –remember they were loved and they are not forgotten. They are usually bundled into a group as misfits. This is not true. Look into your heart the next time you judge and then pray for this country to help those still out there who are in pain.

Silver Creek, Washington USA

Sharon Morris

Dear Jeff,
I can’t believe that you have been gone almost 14 years. I know you tried hard to stay in recovery. I’m sorry that you made a mistake in combining a deadly combination of drugs that cost you your life. Your mom and dad and sister have never stopped grieving every single day, since we lost you. We watch your son struggle with not having a dad, and navigating the difficult waters of being a teenager, and struggling with more loss than anyone his age should have experienced. I have tried to be the best “Grammy Bear” to him, and Caitie has also tried to be the very best Auntie. I hope you and Marc are at peace and with Grandma and Grandpa. No one loved you more unconditionally than your Grandma. In honor of you and Marc, I continue to work in prevention to try to support youth in making healthy decisions and not getting started down the treacherous path of addiction. It’s not easy, because my losses are in my face every day. It would be easier to just turn away from this heartache! Dad and I try to live the best, most loving and compassionate lives we can, and use every ounce of energy and faith to survive our losses. No parent should have to travel this journey, especially when they tried to so hard to raise their children with a village of people who loved them. Many dreams were forever gone when we lost you and Marc. You are in our hearts forever, Mom

Vancouver, WA 98686

Kathy Deschner

Robin Scott MacDonald – 10.2.70-18.11.97
A dearly loved son and brother who paid the ultimate price to heroin for his addiction aged 27.
Sadly gone from our lives but now thankfully set free from his demons.
Will never be forgotten by his Mum, Dad and brother Sean

Cheltenham Gloucestershire UK

Irene MacDonald

Bridge Team are made from peer workers who are active and Ex drug users working for harm reduction in Kabul Afghanistan we are going to the active drug scenes every day and find several overdose cases every month and some of these has been retrieved by our teammates’ and most of them has died. Because we only petrol in official day time. Only having a small number of Naloxone.
Afghanistan Have more than 3 million drug users and more than a million are homeless live under the Bridges and streets who mostly over dose in each 1000 we can find 5 to 20 overdose cases and 4 percent of the cause the death we last Mohammad Hanif , Ismail, Reza, Muhsin, Kaber and many others…
we need world attention to overdose management at the end i want to say thank you Mr MAT SOUTHWELL a CoAct partner for training of Bridge Peer worker on Overdose management to save live of our Brothers here in Kabul Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan

Abdur Raheem Reajaey

In Memory of Julieanne May O’Day (May Family)

Alexis L –(father Frank)

Worcester MA USA


Rest in peace Craig – Love you, MOM

Shrewsbury, MA USA


Missing your smile and your tender ways. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you. You have gone to a place where there is no worries and no problems. You are gone but the love is there in our hearts
Gone but never forgotten.

Stoughton, Ma.USA

Barbara Edmondson

I lost my dad to an overdose when I was just 12 yeats old. 8 years later, I lost my cousin to an overdose just 9 days after my birthday. Overdose Awareness has now became an everyday topic in my life. I know the pain of watching a family member suffer along with the whole family suffering as well. 💜

Washington DC


To my daughter Amanda, may she found the peace and serenity that she was always looking for.
Rest in peace Amanda

love Dad

courtenay b.c

danny oleary

To my Rich, you are missed more than you could ever imagine. I know your suffering has ended, and that is a relief to me. But missing you is a heartache that never ends. I never wanted to get used to life without you here. My worst nightmare. I am trying my best though, to honor you every day. As always, I love you Homes.

Worcester, MA USA


In honor of my sister, Hannah Brock, who went into sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 27 on 3/18/17 from an allergic reaction to fentanyl and is recovering from a brain injury … we love you, keep fighting!

Union, KY USA

Rachel Rivera

If only they had safe injection sites, or Narcan available as it is today years ago… My father died on Oct 26, 1995 of a drug overdose in downtown Eastside, in the stall of a women’s washroom in the Dodson Hotel. If only we had the knowledge we have today back then, maybe someone could have saved his life. RIP Dad.. Wilson Mason Murdock March 18, 1962-Oct 26, 1995
I love you dad, and I miss you

Vancouver BC, Canada

Jess Murdock-Jack

I wish I could have done something to save you. I wish I had been able to fly you home for Christmas. I wish that when you reached out to your previous treatment center for help, they would have answered you sooner. I wish someone could have stopped you. I wish your halfway house would have put you on lockdown when you admitted to using instead of sending you home. I wish you hadn’t been across the country. I wish you hadn’t died alone. I wish I could have kept you safe. I feel like I did everything I could, but I also feel like it could never have been enough. I miss you every day, my beautiful daughter, forever young, brilliant, hilarious and full of hope. I am furious you died before me and empty without you.

Wilmington, DE, USA


In loving memory of cherished daughter Alexis Lenti
Frank and Maureen (parents) son Brayden

Worcester MA USA


Planted in loving memory Rachel O’Dette loved eternally by mother Myra Lazarowitz Odette
Kathy loves you always.

Worcester MA USA


planted in memory of Julieanne May O’Day (May Family)

worcester ma usa


In loving memory of Alexis Lenti cherished daughter of Frank and Maureen

worcester ma usa


In Loving Memory of Mandy Michele Darby:

A young woman who wanted to live life to the fullest. Mandy loved music, fairs and
different events. May people remember her with the love and enthusiasm she gave

Baltimore, MD (Anne Arundel County)


Missing you Monica. forever in our hearts



My younger brother Tommy Michael Mount passed away on November 20, 2016 from a lethal mixture of drugs, including heroin. Tommy was only 19 years old. He was a fun, outgoing, free- spirited person. He loved to make people laugh and was good at it. Tommy battled with some demons inside which led him to turn to alcohol and drugs at such a young age. He got involved with a not so good group of people and it just got worse from there. He was at the age where he though he was invincible and that he wouldn’t get hurt or even worse die. But sadly, that wasn’t the case. Tommy is deeply missed every second of everyday. But the memories we have of and with him are forever cherished like our personal little movies.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Jennifer Mount

I’m planning a balloon Release on August 31st. To help people in my community remember loved ones lost. My number one reason for doing this is that I lost my mother on August 2nd 2015 to an overdose.

Hanceville, Alabama

Brandy Raymond

We lost the vibrant spirit of Katrina , on June 14 , 2015.
The Heroine was tainted , she never had a chance, when the needle hit her vein, and she flew to heaven.

Fort Myers, Florida USA

Candice Algeo

My son my heart is broken . I love you forever my love.

Philadelphia Pa

Lou lou

In memory of my son, Jonathan Pattison. Love never dies.

Deep River, ON

leona morley

I lost my father Jeff Fowler to a heroin overdose on Jan.20th 2015 he is very sadly missed


Melinda Fowler

I lost my father Jeff Fowler to a heroin overdose on Jan.20th 2015 he is very sadly missed


Melinda Fowler

I just found out that I lost a really good friend, 2days after the fact, due to an opioid overdose! I’ve overdosed several times myself, but I’ve been very lucky! I just wanna say it is very important to let the ppl closest to a person, because the hardest part of an overdose is not being able to say good-bye!

Anchorage, Ak

Shannon Houtz

My beautiful son Maxwell, you are missed every single second of the day. We were so lucky to have you in our lives for your short 19 years. So many wonderful memories, always so inquisitive, wanting to know everything. Baseball games, fishing, skiing, walks in the forest, pushing you in the swing for hours, chicken nuggets and my world famous brownies. Life will never be the same without you that’s for sure. Frito-Bandito follows me everywhere. I’m happy you are free from addiction finally. Rest In Peace my sweet boy. Until we meet again, muma

Miami fl

Sarah couper

On March 21, 2017 we lost our beautiful boy Nicholas Tupper to an accidental overdose of fentanyl and heroin. Nicky battled this disease for over 12 years and the only comfort we take now is he no longer fights that daily demon and darkness. Nick had a beautiful and kind heart. Even on the worst days he would reach out to let me know he loved me, reach out to others and try to lift them up. Playing his guitar, writing music and singing were his passion and healing. He loved with all of his being.
My son never told me that he wanted to grow up and be an addict. I told him daily that I believed and he needed too as well. Nicky, my heart is forever empty, I miss your smile, your laughter, your hugs. Let others hear the message that they need to continue to believe!
I love you, today, tomorrow and forever Mommy

Stuart, FL, USA


My beautiful sister, Bonnie, struggled for many years with addiction and we lost her on July 27th 2017 from an overdose. She left a hole in our hearts that has been unbearable for every family member, especially her 16 year old daughter and husband, who have to learn to live in a home without the person that filled the house with love. Losing my sister to addiction has been a reality that this disease does affect not only the individual, but the entire family. She is a beautiful soul and I miss her so much. She is no longer battling this disease and is at peace. Our hearts are so incredibly broken! I love Bon, my beautiful little sister. XO

Pennsylvania, US


My nephew Jason battled with addiction for many years. On November 15,2015 he lost that battle to an accidental overdose of heroin and fentanyl. I think of him often and miss his contagious smile. Forever loved and in our hearts. Forever missed.

Lunenburg, MA


For my soulmate, Shane Ryan Vincent. You are missed more than you will ever know. Life has been dark since you left. Love you always

York, PA USA

Angela Grabowski

To my baby boy RJ, always in my heart, always on my mind. You will never be forgotten. 2/28/1985-5/24/2015- forever 30. I miss you so much

Alpharetta, Georgia-USA

Sue Swinson

I will always carry my only child, Dakota Martin Faso, in my heart….everyday.
Until we meet again……

Palm beach Gardens, Florida


I will always remember and love my only child, Dakota (Cody) Martin Faso. 2-2-1993-7-1-2011.

Palm beach gardens, Florida


Alex Michael Gillen 8-4-88 to 12-12-14
Like so many others, our beloved child was taken from us far too soon. His light shines brightly forever in out hearts. At his core he was a good man. In reflection, we now understand that our son’s suffering was real. Throughout his short but meaningful life, he demonstrated a strong sense of genuine love. People are imperfect. We are comforted in knowing that on that day, at that moment…he was perfect in Gods eyes and no longer needed this world.

Carmel Indiana

Gary & Lisa

I am sorry for the way you died, all dirty and full of dope. You deserved better. You were praying that night, so loud and so personal to Jesus. You were praying for people that you loved to be delivered from the things that hold them back. You also did state your faith in Jesus that night. It was dark in the house and cold, we had no power that night. You finally got quiet and sat down then fell asleep. I thought it was good that you got quiet and sleep. I didn’t expect you to die on the couch that night. We had not been living right, not sleeping, not eating, full of this drug or that drug. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize that you were in an overdose that night, that you were dying. I’m so sorry to your family. I didn’t know. You were praying out loud to God that night almost as if you were testing the limits with the amount of pills you took. I dont even know, too many. But you wanted to be sure of your salvation, out loud before you sat down to rest.

Pensacola, Florida


To my son Brandon and my son Chad~Your so missed and so loved everyday! Forever 23!



I send this in memory of my beloved son David P Borandi. He died from Heroine/fetanyl/codeine mix. He was my only child. Parents who go through this die two deaths, one when their child begins to use, the battle of while they are using and then the ultimate death, when they die completely. It’s a devastating reality, you are never the same again.

Pittsburgh, PA


In memory of my son Brent “Bone” 8/1/1992-10/2/2016
You are loved and missed by your family and friends.. Love Ma Dukes

Lock Haven PA


My big brother struggled with addiction. After his second rehab he passed away from an overdose at 30 years young. It’s so hard to continue living without him, I have a gaping hole in my life no one and nothing could ever fill.

Your life was a blessing
Your memory a treasure
You are loved beyond words
And missed beyond measure

Missoula, Montana, USA


On November 1, 2016 my beautiful son Daniel Lee Bishop died of an accidental prescription drug (opioids) overdose. He had been trying to withdraw from them at my home, had a brand new job he loved and after 3 weeks was doing so much better and then for 4 days straight he was all messed up and I could not get through to him. My oldest son found him dead in his room and all of our lives, including his beautiful 7 yo daughter’s, were drastically changed forever. He was a wonderful son, a great brother, an amazing father. His death has left a hole in our family and brought us all to our knees. I pray that other families out there can do more for their loved ones than we were able to do for Daniel.


Gina Wethington

In Memory of my cousin William (Bill) Rollins. You are so dearly missed and I wish I could have taken away your pain. Love you.

Hinsdale, MA USA

Amanda Joppru

I recently lost my son Jonathan sometime between June 26-27 body found July 4,2017 still awaiting for return of bones for his services. My life is forever changed we all miss you so much our hearts are broken. I know you are no longer suffering and all you wanted in life was to be happy and loved and this disease the beast kept you from ever finding or seeing the love that was around you. We will all miss your smile and laughter you will for ever be in our hearts not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I hope that one day there will be an easier way to help fight this disease so other parents,wife,husbands,brothers,sisters do not have to go through the heart break that we all are going through and to end the suffering that you all are going through. I love you Jonathan
Love Mom

Willoughby OH


RIP Skylar Baldwin.

Lindsay Ontario Canada


To My much loved Son,
It has been two and a half years since you passed away from a heroin overdose.
My heart is broken and my life will never be the same.
You were the best son anyone could ask for…so loyal and you loved your family so much.
Forever Loved, Forever in my heart.



My son, Jason died January 22nd 2017 from fentanyl….he was a heroin addict many years. Died age 38. Every day is hard….I miss him…

Largo, Fl


Debbie, Nola, Helga, Rikki, Ronnie, Lionel, Titch, John, Marcus, Bradley , Lisa, Big Dave, Noel, ‘A’, Danny, Sissy, Kerry, Tammy
Each of you were in a chapter of my journey, each of you bring a smile as I wipe away the tears. I will never forget you and always be thankful that at some point we were in each others lives. Thank you all for the memories
Lisa xxxx



My son k. brandon cook 2 8 88 passed on 8 3 16 from accidental overdose due to heroin and fentanal forever loved and missed by all

Toms river nj


I would like to honor and remember my son James Alexander Groth. Who died of a heroin/ Fentanyl overdose on November 12, 2016. I am trying to make awareness and put up a billboard and website.

Flino Michigan USA

Sandra Groth

Lost a close friend to this disease I am aware and I’m asking everyone to also be aware I would love to have one of them pins to show my condolences to all the families..much love

Kingsport TN Sullivan county


Beautiful James, my nephew and closest to a son I will ever have. Although you have left this world, the love and connection never end. Happy, sweet thoughts to you, James. I love you.

LA (via Michigan)

Aunt Debbie

“Cowboy Chris” 1988-2012 Loving Dad, Son, Grandson, Brother and Uncle.

Safford, AZ


Shane Hendrickson 8/24/71-10/1/2014 we love and miss you greatly. You left a hole in your sons heart and a hole in our lives. I know you struggled everyday and tried a few times to let it go but sadly it won and we lost you. I remember your silliness and kind heart the good memories are the ones we focus on. Miss you always my best friend you are missed

Salt lake city, Utah USA


I found my son August 4th 2016. He died from overdose. He left behind a daughter 2 and his mother and siblings who loved him more than anything. We love you Joshua thomas mcclaine and i will always share your story and try to help others

butler pa


I love you for all eternity my son. Maurice Anthony 03/25/92-07/12/16

New Ulm, Mn. USA

Lisa Kelley

Another minute, another hour, another day and another year without you. You were my everything-my soft place to fall. With you gone every day is a struggle-even after all this time. I can’t wait until we’re together again. Keep a place in the naughty corner for me. I love and miss you more than i could ever imagine-lisa xxxx♡♡♡♡xxx



Matthew Timothy Snyder
September 9, 1989 – July 20, 2017
Matthew was an adventurous, resourceful, and talented person. Matthew was loved by so many some of which include his mother (Kathy) and father (Scott), 4 brothers and a sister. He put everyone’s needs before his own. Matthew loved his kids, Keegan (2yrs old), Ava (6 yrs old) and his fiancé Shayna more than anything in the world. He could be found working on a project at his job with Local 80 Sheet Metal Workers or playing games with his nieces and nephews. Matthew knew how to put a smile on everyone’s face! Matthew’s smile will be missed. Matthew had a heart of gold. We are committed to raising overdose awareness so that no family has to endure this heart wrenching pain.

Warren, Michigan

Jennifer Archer

Nicole Carey borned December 3rd 1990 passed June 10th 2016. Our life was not meant to be lived without you.


Sonya Carey

Often we felt like an anorexic with 5 mouths, and I’m sorry life isn’t fair.
I’m sorry you were alone in the end.
Truly, you were remarkable.


Your Friend

Honoring Joey Ritchie on 8/31 and everyday

Statesville, NC


Missing my Tigger

Grants Pass Oregon USA

Bill Padilla

In memory of my beautiful baby girl Briana, who passed away 4/24/17 from an overdose at age 26.
“If my love could have saved you, you would’ve lived forever”

Lake Ariel,PA


I lost my son James Amato/Jimmy to an accidental heroin overdose on October 3, 2010. He was my oldest boy, only 24 years old. I miss my son every minute of every day. My other 3 children now have to grow up without their big brother who loved them so much. My hope and prayer is that no more parents have to lose their child to this disease of addiction.

Crestwood, IL USA

Tami Kotinek

Rest in Paradise Patrick ❤



You Are Loved And Missed Everyday Robby! Gone Too Soin My Love.

Jacksonville FL

Autum Allen

Fly high with the angels my beautiful daughter precious daughter.. Shannon M. Henderson… until we meet again.

Hanover, indiana

Charlotte lindsey- Henderson

In memory of my son Eric Russell Lindsey March 14, 1986 – June 9, 2017. I love you always, and I miss you every minute of every day.

Cleveland Ohio USA

Denise M Lindsey

To my angel Andrew I miss you everyday that your not here , I will do this for us, love you with every inch of my heart and soul



To the love of my life you always had a smile on your face no matter what hardships you faced. You made me laugh, you made me cry, but most importantly you loved me you and you made me feel the love I deserved! You were an amazing father,lover, and fighter I just wish you didnt fight your last battle alone. To the most important person in my life I love you <3 R.I.P Ross Steenhagen J*U*ICE Forever

twin lakes wisconsin


My beautiful baby sister Samantha’s life was taken way to soon! Only 31yrs old! She struggled for years with the disease of addiction and on Oct 30,2016 she overdosed on heroin laced with fentynal! She left us Nov.3,2016. She left behind a 5 yr old and 5 siblings! Samantha I know you are no longer suffering but it’s so hard to live my life without my Best Friend, my sister! I miss you every single day! We will never let your daughter forget you!! Rest in Paradise Sis Love ❤️ Paula

Merritt Island, Fla


I’ve lost too many loved ones, family, friends and acquaintances to Street Drugs, Prescription Drugs, Over The Counter Medications, but most were from overdosing on Psychiatric Prescribed Medications, Alcohol or mixture of the mentioned above with Alcohol.
I’ve daily worries about some of my loved ones in and out of their addictions, Over Medicated by physicians, Lack of Monitoring, on top of pre-existing Mental Illness.
I never know from one day to the next how their moods and behaviors will be, if they’re institutionalized again, hospitalized, in prison, lying in a ditch somewhere or DEAD. Every time the phone rings, my heart races with fear dreading more tragic news of another loved one claimed by drugs. Whether it was intentional suicide, unexpected overdose leading to a brain injury or other permanent disability, overdose leading to a murder or Death brought on in any manner from overdose whether heart, kidneys, liver, lungs brain, etc., overdose is overdose and we need to shed light on this epidemic, educate Everyone of every walk of life, raise awareness, provide needed help to Everyone, especially, those at high risk and provide a system to connect all medical doctors, hospitals, therapists, clinics and pharmacies in real time to be alert regarding a patient’s medication history, background and who all is prescribing what and when.
More red flags need to go off alerting all to possible danger ahead for the patient. Intervention and life saving steps can help save a loved one’s life.
May our creators rest the souls of all my loved ones claimed though overdose and protect the lives of those suffering now that help arrives soon providing a safe means for escape.
Bless everyone left behind who carries grief within and those who may die today from overdosing, intentional or accidental.
Give strength and healing to the ones who survived overdosing, but live with disabilities, traumatic brain injury, handicaps, health issues, mental illness, etc. caused by the overdosing itself.
May a healthy, positive and permanent solution to this overdose epidemic arrive soon before we lose another soul.

~Malachi S. Costanzo


Malachi Sebastian Costanzo

Holding you close.
In memory of JNZ. 4/11/94- 8/17/17 💚

Mpls, MN


Dearest son, You are so very loved and cherished by me and your older brother , John. There is a quiet spot in the forrest here and I visit with you everyday. I write all about you, every detail. Even your favotite songs and our “secret chats Love is stronger than grief and sorrow. MOM

Boston, MA

Maryanne kasper

In remembrance of our son, Kevin O’Brien, who died on 12/01/16 of an overdose. He is forever loved. Forever missed.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ


Our sweet kind beautiful boy Travis Sebastian Fettig passed from an accidental heroin overdose on January 6, 2017. He had fought his battle with drugs since the age of 16. He was 20 when he passed. His battle with drugs started the summer after his freshman year of high school. He had emergency surgery on his leg due to “Compartment Syndrome” He was 30 minutes away from losing his leg when the orthopedic leg surgeon carted him out of the emergency room. He was on a morphine drip for a week in the hospital. He suffered nerve damage from the surgery. They sliced his leg on both sides to remove the pressure. He was on strong pain pills after the surgery. He then moved to marijuana when the pain prescription ended. Eventually moving to heroin. He was in rehab over the Thanksgiving to Christmas time. He was moved to sober living on December 27th. He showed up a our door on January 5th. He had been placed on a 5 day probation by the sober living house because he drank a beer on Sunday. That Tuesday was probably the best day we have spent with him since his battle began. We noticed a change on Wednesday. Thursday we could see more of a change. He went to a meeting at the sober house Thursday night. He came home and said good night and talked about the meeting. We said I love you for the last time. We found him Friday morning. He had passed that morning. He was a great kid that really did care about others. Probably more than he did about himself. He will be #Forever20 in Heaven. We look forward to seeing him in the future.

Flower Mound

Cyndee Fettig

My sweet boy was lost in February after a 10-year battle. He was kind, sweet, compassionate. Now he is just gone, and the dealers keep selling. Miss him every day.



Lord be with the addict who is sick and looking for help.
Let them know that you hear them, that there is nothing…
No shame, no sin…nothing blocking their voice from your ear.
Lord, help them to feel your love, help them to know your strength,
help them to accept your mercy.
Lord, you are the way to the serenity they seek. Amen

Written in memory of my beautiful boy, Josh, who I hold in my heart
Till I can hold him in heaven.

Richfield, OH


I lost my first born son, Dylan Justis Lancaster, to overdose on 3/23/16. He was 21 years old. His father passed of natural causes 20 days prior and he was trying to numb his pain. My son was witty, funny, smart, beautiful & kind. He was my bright & shiny star. I grieve for him every single day. I am so sorry I couldn’t ease your broken heart son.

Villa Rica, GA


I lost my best friend to prescription medication, I also once lost myself to addiction!! Addiction is a very scary and powerful thing!! Just hearing the word “overdose” scares the hell outta me!! The reason I choose to stay clean is first and foremost for myself and the second reason is for the people who didn’t make it!! I want each and everyone to know that, whether I know you or I don’t know you or even if we have never even met. I ALWAYS say a prayer for the addict that still suffers, for the families, friends and loved ones that have to also go through it with them and for the people that lost their lives and to all their friends and family and loved ones that have to face the heartache for the rest of their lives!! 💜

Clearfield, Utah


My son Josh died on 10/19/2017 of a heroin/fentanyl overdose after struggling with his addiction for several years. He would have been 30 next month. He was in and out of 6 rehab struggling to stay clean and start over but just couldn’t overcome this terrible disease. He tried over and over because he didn’t want this type of life. No one wants to be an addict. Something needs to be done to help those battling this terrible disease.



My brother John died of a heroin overdose on December 10th 2015. He was 30 years old,I miss him every single day. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh.

Grand Rapids MI


Mike Spires you are missed more than words can say! I love you and I wanted to leave a tribute in honor of National Overdose Awareness Day which is August 31st. because you were the best and deserve to not go unrecognized by passing from this horrible disease. There’s not a day that goes by that I do not think of you and all the memories we made together as best friends. Someday we will meet again, until then it’s not goodbye it’s see you again someday.
Love Kim

Methuen Ma US


My brother John died of a heroin overdose on December 10th 2015. He was 30 years old,I miss him every single day. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh.

Grand Rapids MI


To my brother Andrew and sister Helen. You were my best friends. Love you and miss your more with each anniversary. Understand your pain now. X



My mom OD when i was 5 years old and now that ill be 19 next weekend its been 15 years without her it didnt have to be that way, but her addiction got the best of her. I just hope she is in a better place then what she was in when she was here on earth. One day i will see her again.

Moutain View Arkansas

Winter Rose

Travis Sebastian Fettig was born on August 8, 1996. Travis was called back into the loving arms of his Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, on January 6, 2017 at the age of 20. He is survived by his parents, Neil and Cyndee Fettig of Flower Mound, his sister Taylor and her husband John Slaughter, and many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. He will be missed tremendously for the rest of their lives.
Travis was a graduate of Edward S. Marcus High School in Flower Mound, and was recently promoted to Assistant Manager at Papa John’s. He was considered a leader by many who knew him and loved the challenge of leading others. Travis was passionate about science and technology, and he especially loved astronomy. He would obsessively devote time and energy to research any and every topic that he found interesting. Travis loved to travel. He enjoyed going on road trips to the beach, where he would surf and bury his sister in the sand. He loved sharing new music with family and friends, and he would listen to anything that he could get his hands on. Travis also loved learning. Recently, Travis had applied to school to become a Medical Technician this coming fall.
Travis always put others needs before his own. His giving heart extended to friends, family, animals, and strangers. He gave of himself graciously, and he did not ask for anything other than friendship in return. To continue this legacy, a scholarship has been set up in Travis’s memory at The Ranch at Clear Springs.

Flower Mound, TX United States

Neil Fettig

Shane Graham

My Brother

Who knew you would be gone at 31 I still cant believe it.

I still think you may walk through the door and say “Hey Sis” torment the hell out of me or piss me off, then give me a cheeky smile and say with grin “Hey ….I love ya Sis”

My baby Brother who was bigger than me, my Best Friend, My younger sibling …yet somehow always the protector of me.

Im Sorry I couldn’t bring you back, I tried so hard… you were breathing for me until medical took over, Ill never forget that day, im so sorry.

Mum and I tore down your locked door in minutes when we heard you gasping for air.

I know that you had enough, you said so in anger that day minutes before you locked the door, I thought you were angry, now we know it as your final goodbye and that hurts.

The living nightmare Heroin ripped away my brother ANOTHER amazing life stolen from ANOTHER loving family unexpectedly without any remorse in true Heroin style.

On the 26-7-2016 Heroin you chose Shane, you took my Brother.

On that day…It… was…Our family’s turn, our turn to join the grieving club no one wants to be a part of. Our turn to say goodbye.

Its just over a year now and I cry more than before.

You Shane fought so hard for so long i watched your endless rounds night and day, in the ring with evil. The pain in your eyes in the last few weeks told me you were getting worn out from fighting the fight.

Heroins relentless punishment towards the end finally started rapidly tearing away your dreams and self belief.

We all underestimated the power of Heroins grip and although we all tried, it wasn’t enough.

No more fighting now baby bro, No more battles, no more daily tortures, your free that MONSTER is finally off your back.

Shane you fought one of the hardest and definately the most relentless, underestimated fights ever assigned to a human, im very proud that you stood up to the challenge, in the end you tapped out as many professional fighters do.

My Love for you my Brother is beyond words measure or explanation.

Finally no longer can Heroin stop my love from reaching your heart Shane, and i send it to you my brother all the time.

Rest Easy Shane – I miss you more and more every day, Love and Cuddles Nichole xxx


Nichole Graham

I am a Recovering Alcoholic who has lost my cousin, 1 Amazing friend , a good friend and my brother to overdoses… Also, one incredible friend to me and many to Drunk driving. All in the span of 9 years. This has to ✋ STOP!!! STAND With ME AND OTHERS ON NATIONAL OVERDOSE DAY. 🙏💜

Maumee ohio


On the 27th June 2016 I lost the love of my life and the father of our 2 beautiful children. No words can explain the pain it has brought to our lives everyday and looking in to my childrens faces with no explanation as to why daddy is no longer here with us. Heroin destroyed my family the only solace we have is that he is no longer fighting everyday and hope he is finally at peace. I love you Shane and will continue to until we meet again.
Love Shontelle

Hey dad i miss the cheekyness and fun it is really hard seeing kids with their dad’s and I really miss having you in my life and i am not ready to move on with out you i love you so much for the rest of my lifetime and wish you didnt have to leave us love always love from Jai

To daddy i miss you everday and wish you didnt have to go you will always be in my heart and i will forever be your princess. Love you forever Mahli

Perth WA Australia

Shontelle Sebo

Remembering my beautiful mother, as she was taken from this world 4 years ago to this horrifying epidemic. RIP momma, I love you

Pennsylvania, US


Joe and Jeff…we miss you everyday.



In loving memory of my sister, Anissa.
She battled with opioid addiction for many years due to an accident she had at the age of 15.
She was only 41 years old when she died at the hands of a “traveling” pharmacist who gave her methadone without reviewing her medical history, or her current medications. She went to sleep one night and stopped breathing.
She was a loving mother of 2 children, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a grand daughter, an aunt, a cousin, and a friend to many.
She is missed every day!

Bella Vista, Arkansas

April Goodson

On 8-31-17 my sons memorial group and others will be coming together to create DANNYS CHAIN. This aptly named for my son Danny, who died of a carfentanal overdose and his body was dumped. Our purpose is to extend a purple ribbon all along to boardwalk in town. We want to turn the boardwalk purple in memory off all those lost to a drug overdose, not just my son, but all the Danny’s. My sons picture was recently featured in a special edition of People Magazine…The Faces of Heroin.

Algonac, Michigan 48001

Marie K Gerow

In memory of my awesome, beloved son Ian Blair, who overdosed on heroin at age 24 in March 2015. Like so many afflicted by addiction, he had so much going for him and was loved by many. We miss him!

Sitka, Alaska


In memory of my beloved son
Jason C. Musillo who overdosed and died
On May 22, 2017
My heart ❤️ is broken . I miss you so much and will never get over losing you – MomP9

Woodstock, New York

Kathy – Mom

I lost my beautiful Daughter April Burkette on 2/28/17 to fentanyl. She left behind a sweet little 8 year old daughter. I will always miss her smile. RIP my baby girl.

Falling Waters, WV


I lost my beautiful Daughter April Burkette on 2/28/17 to fentanyl. She left behind a sweet little 8 year old daughter. I will always miss her smile. RIP my baby girl.

Falling Waters, WV


My beloved only child of 24, left this world on August 29, 2015. I never knew the extent of his drug use until 3 weeks prior to his death when he informed me he was a week clean and committed; he remained clean for a total of 4 weeks. He relapsed when his girlfriend blind-sided him with a break up. It wasn’t simply a single dose of heroin that killed him – it was a mixture of heroin & Fentanyl, which I’m certain he did not know that was what he was given. He died almost immediately. My final vision of my son was slumped over a toilet in partial rigor….his body hard and cold, his feet red and blue with white spots. I petted those feet and layed my head on his back until the EMS arrived and pulled me off. My screams and anguished sobbing must have been heard all around the neighborhood. Almost 2 years later the kid who gave him the mix finally confessed and is now facing charges of Drug Delivery Resulting in Death. But, where were all those friends who knew and said nothing? They lied to the police in multiple interviews, and they came to my house and I fed them and allowed them to take certain of Max’s possessions….why didn’t they speak up on his behalf? How could they all have gone to his memorial services and mourned him and written such loving comments – all stating how Max was their guardian and savior; how could they not stand up for him when he stood up for them? If you love someone, speak up and speak out! Don’t hide and don’t dare think that this is “just another” terrible thing happening in your life! Don’t become so used to your friends dying off that you lose sight of the destruction it causes their families, the community, your generation! Adults in the community need to speak up as well – don’t tell me months after that you knew my son was using! Heroin and opioids are stealing children from mothers, spouses, neighbors, communities, churches, employers……. Pennsylvania has the “Good Samaritan Law” protecting those who call 911 and stay with the overdose victim until EMS arrives; PA also has FREE Narcan for anyone to get at a pharmacy. Max & I had long talks about what we would do if we were in a position to “rat” on a friend; I know for a fact he would be the first one to call 911 if he saw a friend in trouble, even though he strugged with the dilemma. His friends failed him. I failed him. Grief is selfish – speaking up is selfless. Don’t let your next friend die because you are afraid or ignorant or selfish. Don’t you dare wallow in your own grief, when you know you could have done more. It is NEVER too late to speak up! Purple Bandanas are for Max – wear one to represent him. Start a hashtag “Purple Bandana” – an annual event will commence August 2018 to raise awareness and provide alternative “highs” – BMX biking, concerts, pool and poker tournaments, and more. Do it in the name of MAXXIMILLIANN. Do it in memory of or hope for anyone you know. PRPLbanDan4ev!

Snow Shoe, PA

Maxer’s Mom

To my son Ryan who was active in meetings and overdose awareness walks. He died from heroin tainted with fentanyl on June 23, 2017. I and all his family miss him and pray that this epidemic can be eradicated. Ryan you will always by in my heart ❤️ I wish you were one of the survivors of this life stealing disease. Rest in peace my beautiful son. I am proud for the fight you fought but the disease was too strong. It took a beautiful life. Love ❤️ you from mom

Brookhaven PA 19015


Our beloved son Andrew John Golen died on November 5, 2016 of a heroin and fentanyl overdose. Andrew was 29 years old. He is missed by his parents, his older brother, younger sister and many friends. Andrew was very proud to be a Navy veteran. He struggled over 4 years with this terrible disease. It caused him so much pain and embarrassment. We miss him so much! Love you Andrew!

Elizabeth Golen

Dearborn, Michigan

Elizabeth Golen

Clay Hart The Love of My Life..we missing you like crazy Best are always on my mind & will be forever in my heart❤ I Love you Always Until we meet again!
May You Sleep in Peace👼 4-28-80_5-15-17💔

Baltimore, MD

Nina Smith

I wish to pay tribute to my son Brandon Jefferson who tragically died of an accidental overdose of Fentanyl on October 7th 2015. Always loved and forever missed. Your mother and I love you too infinity and beyond son.

Fort McMurray Alberta Canada

Ken Jefferson

My son, Robert Rebyak was in the hospital on life support on March 17,2013. Doctor say he would not make it by the time I got there.
2 weeks later doctor says 50-50 chance he is such a strong boy .he passed away on 4/9/13 I’m miss him more than anything.wish I could hug him, kiss him ,and tell him i love him just one more time. Mom love’s you Rob ♡♡♡

North new Jersey

Ruthann Gaspari

I lost my daughter around thanksgiving time in 2006. It was one of the worse days of my life. She was only 25 yrs old and overdosed on methadone and benzodiazepines. My heart has never fully healed from the loss.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Monica Murray

In loving memory to my son Shawn Witter January 29, 1990 – May 11, 2017. I miss you so much my boy my heart aches. The herion devil took my son away. God bless us all.

Buffalo NY


In honor of our son James Paoli
7/11/91-11/14/16 RIP

Denver, Colorado USA


June 16th this year my partner of almost 12 years and father of our two boys overdosed and passed away. He believed if we could all do one good deed a day for another human even if it’s as simple as a smile or holding a door the world be a better place and someday know peace. I love you Daniel Charles Vance. Life is far from the same without you!

Harper Woods

Grace VanSlembrouck

To my dear precious son, Ryan Taylor Moore, you’ve been gone less than two weeks today. I was on the way to take you back to rehab and you got out of my car and said you couldn’t put your life on on hold and wanted to live a normal life. Well precious baby, you are now living more than a normal life, you are in the arms of Jesus. You were kind, big hearted, huge smile and such a tender mess. I prayed and prayed for God to deliver you and give you peace. He did, just not my plan. Your precious Madi and Amanda will always forever love you, as will your MJ and PD. We fought the hardest battle together right until the end, but heroin, like any other demon gets its stronghold and there are just no other words to say, other than I loved you, I’ll love you forever, and I know I went down fighting harder than ever. I’ll always wonder what more I could have done, but in the end, you are at peace and no longer fighting a fight that was already won at Calvary. You were my special needs kid and I wouldn’t trade one second that I spent trying to love you and save you. May you rest in peace in Jesus loving arms. In memory of my son, Ryan Taylor Moore, April 3, 1993 – August 11, 2017……..

Raleigh, NC

Kimmie P

Remembering my brother, my best friend, and too many friends of friends to count. It’s time to stop recreational drug use. It’s clearly playing with fire. For those who can’t help themselves, I pray they find the strength to fight and the support they need to win. Sending a heartfelt thanks to all the social workers, medical professionals and resource workers who are in the ring every day. Grateful there are so many resources in BC going towards this crisis from all angles. Sending endless love against this evil force plaguing our communities and to the hearts of those who feel they are forgotten. YOU ARE LIFE, YOU ARE LOVE. <3

Vancouver, BC, Canada


In honor of our son James Paoli
7/11/91-11/14/16 RIP

Denver, Colorado USA


You will be forever in my heart my sweet son. Miss you so much.
Matt Chupella
Forever 32

Bethlehem, PA

MaryAnn Chupella

RIP sister. We miss you so much! I know you are in a better place and no longer in pain. I love you Kindra! #untilwemeetagain

Bemidji, MN USA


I recently lost my uncle, my best friend, due to a heroine overdose. I love you, Robbie.
Love your niece Vicky



Miss you terribly. God needed you more.

grandy, nc


You are so loved and missed Laci 11-2-83. 1-22-17



Even though Jeff’s (my son) death certificate says he died on September 1, 2016 (my birthday) he might have died on August 31st since his body was not found until the next morning. I found out about International Overdose Awareness Day on Facebook today so August 31st will hold a double meaning for me from now on. Jeff struggled with addictions for the better part of his 44 years and like most addicts encountered the stigma and prejudice from some family members that comes from lack of understanding of the DISEASE of addiction. Jeff was a beautiful, kind, generous and gental boy who never changed as he grew into a man, despite his hardships. His father and I fill our empty hearts by sharing wonderful memories of Jeff.

Ocala, FL

Devra Winters

We were never prepared to live the rest of our lives without you.
Forever missed. Forever loved.
In loving memory of Dominic Primbas
09.25.1994 – 02.23.2017

Wheaton, IL USA

Lori and Maddox

Katie .. I’d give anything in this world to save you. I wish I could have I’m so sorry I feel like I failed you as a bestfriend. You were so beautiful and not only on the outside I love you and miss you so much.

Davie, fl

Harley violette

To my sweet daughter, Elizabeth. Thank you for being part of my life for 23 beautiful years. Through all the joys, pains and struggles we always had a special bond. Rest in peace my sweet girl free from all your demons. I will miss your beautiful voice, bright smile and infectious laugh. May you sing with the angels and rest in Jesus’ loving arms. All my love, Mommy. xoxo

Pittsburgh, PA

Cathy Delsardo

I remember my sister Lacie, who died on June 5th, 2017. She had not used heroin since December 2016 and had just finished in-patient rehab on June 2nd. She was released, and in the vulnerable days afterward, unable to make contact with anyone in our family, she used again. We had been able to see Lacie just before she was released from rehab, her recovery looked so promising. She was looking for jobs, expecting to get an apartment, and looked healthier than we had seen in years. Lacie is deeply mourned by her mother and grandmother, three sisters, and four young children. I regret, every day, that I wasn’t able to help her more.

Pittsburgh, PA


In memory of my soul mate, my lover, my best friend, my protector, my husband Matthew Sutton…your forever struggle here on earth is over. You gave me the best 9 months here before you were taken …sobriety, working a great program, taking meetings into facilities and sharing your message of hope with those who really related and whose lives you made a difference in. You got pancreatitis and the demon caught up and it took you without as much as a goodbye, I love you. We always dreamt of leaving this world like “The Notebook” but here I am standing in concrete shoes without you. Breathing, Smiling, Existing is so hard without you here. How lucky am I to have loved you for the rest of your lifetime and to have that “Once In A Bluemoon” kind of fairytale love story and everyone who came in contact with us saw it. You are the strongest man I ever knew and you fought harder than I have ever seen someone fight. Your heart filled a room, your laugh was completely contagious, & the way you loved me….I will never find someone who will love me like that. Our dreams are now my dreams and I will live everyday to make sure your death is not in vain. I am here to spread awareness to help the next sick and suffering addict. You would expect nothing less of me. You are resting and living in peace eternally and although I am feeling real selfish right now, and wanting you here…I must remember that it was always my wish for you to live in complete happiness, peace, & to suffer no more and it is now the way it is. I will love you MORE THAN EVERYTHING ON THIS EARTH AND INTO ETERNITY. REST IN PEACE MY BIG ANGEL! MATTHEW WILLIAM SUTTON 1/1/1978-5/19/2017.

Pasadena, Maryland

Jennifer Sutton

My ex husband and father of our precious son Jacob, Lazaro Arechavaleta, passed away from opiate overdose on 11/3/16 (our anniversary date)He was a week away from going to rehab. He battled his addiction and I know he didn’t mean to die. He was such a good person with demons he wasn’t able to control. Our son who was 3, went to kiss his daddy before he went to heaven as he was on life support for a week before passing. That image is forever engrained in my mind and we are both heartbroken. I advocate as much as possible and tell our story to any addict I meet in hopes of sparing them and their family the pain we feel daily…… We miss him sooooooo much!!!!!

Tacoma/WA, USA

Joyce and Jacob

For my son, Tyler.
Lost so young. Taken too soon.
Not a second goes by we don’t think of you.
Please guide those you left to a better way of life so another family does not need to endure the pain we have.
You were a wonderful son, brother, friend and are missed immensely.
We love you so very, very much.



Rip karla serene sweedman 4-22-17 i miss my only sister and i wanna help spread overdose awareness the best i can 💜💜💜💜

Deer river Minnesota usa

Toni Bixby

My beautiful Rachel, I lost you almost 2 years ago, I miss you so badly, it’s a hurt that never stops ! You were a beautiful caring person and Momma, we all miss you terribly. Rachel passed of a heroin OD 11/15/15, she left behind her son Cash who is now 3 , we love you love Mommy ❤️

Orange County Ca USA


I Give tribute to the 1,000’s of lost souls taken from us from addiction. They are remembered and missed 🌻

Salt lake city

Gina Lanzalaca-Kirby

Rest in peace Ray M. Garneau. You left me too soon. I miss your smile and our talks. Herion was the only thing that could come between us. I saw your sickness and sadness. It changed you, but you still stood by my side. You were important and you were loved. I will think of and miss you every day of my life.

Worthville ky


Bob we love and miss you. Forever you are in our hearts❤️❤️❤️



Derek Hatcher died on February 21, 2016 from an overdose of heroin and Fentanyl. He was an outstanding college quarterback who loved life to the fullest, until drugs took over. His legacy lives on through the foundation set up by his family to raise awareness of substance abuse and addiction using Derek’s words “Don’t pick up, it’s not worth it!”

Middleburg, FL

Debbie Kelly

We lost my cousin Bridget 5/4/16. I will always cherish our memories of growing up together, more like sisters then cousins. She was such an amazing soul and touched all that she knew. She also helped hundreds with their addictions as well. I wish life could have been different for her and I will always miss her. She is forever in my heart.

Los Angeles, California, USA


Dear John,

I love and miss you so very much, Sweetheart. I will see you when I get to Heaven.

Love you,

Mom and Dad

san diego, Mom



Theo Haskins

I lost my son Donnie Connor lv to an overdose on May 16, 2017 ! I miss him so so much!! Where did we go wrong!!! We were supposed to protect you and we failed!!! We love you baby
Mommy’s heart aches every single day!! The pain is unbearable!! What do I do?
I /we love you forever! Always in our hearts
Forever 19

Levittown pa United States


My son AJ died of the disease of addiction the day before overdose awareness day. On Aug 30, 2012 our hearts were shattered when I found my sons lifeless body on the floor of his bedroom. He was an honor student and struggled from 16 to 21. He was into sports and always helped other people. We started a nonprofit organization to end the stigma and help others fight this disease. We love him and he is missed.

Bensalem, PA

Anita Butz

Anthony C Ezzell 11/28/79 – 08/25/13
Loving son, brother, cousin,