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Stakeholder Report 2017

Why a stakeholder report?

Since 2012, Penington Institute has been working to raise awareness about overdose at an international level, most notably through our work leading the International Overdose Awareness Day campaign.  The day, acknowledged throughout the world, with hundreds of community events, would not happen nor have such an impact if not for people like you finding ways to raise awareness about this growing crisis.  We acknowledge and thank you for your commitment.

This, our first Stakeholder Report, is an important means to engage with our entire stakeholder community to feed back to everyone what we are achieving together. We believe it is important that everyone involved has an opportunity to have a say and learn what others are doing.

Our aim is to continue to document and evaluate our collective work, to improve the campaign and ultimately create a greater impact, which we can measure in more awareness, greater commitment and most importantly fewer deaths from overdose.

You are part of this important campaign, as an event holder, funder or supporter.  It’s a campaign that’s becoming a movement and we are proud  that you have joined us.

Download the report here.