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Rob Jensen, and Spencer Lewis

Losing friends to overdose is the worst, I’m always asking myself what I could have done differently, could I have said something that would have changed the outcome of this terrible deadly disease, or been there for them more than I was. I know they were both hurting, but Spencer, you just celebrated 1 whole year clean! And Rob, you’re my very best friend forever for 25 years and I miss you everyday and still cry when I talk about you! You both will forever be in my heart and I will continue to help people who are also struggling! Love you and miss you both so much! Gone but never Forgottnen!
Love Katie

... Katie

Craig T

Happy Birthday Mate,
our first celebration of your life without you. It hurts alot.
Time seems to be taking us further away from you and that scares me. Its hard to explain why that scares me but it feels like you with us is getting further and further away. I want to stop it and keep you as close to us as possible. We celebrate you today I will go to mum and dads and with Larissa, we will all celebrate you together, we will celebrate who you are and how loved you are. I made you a wagon wheel cake for you. Love your devoted sister.

... Nicole

Austin Williams -bartley

Forever 24 , we miss you so much , oh how I wished our love could have saved you ,but the fentanyl had you for the start . Leaving behind so many broken hearts from your mama to your precious boy, my great grandson ,and your soul mate since middle school . We miss you . June 18,2023

... Janet

Dear Craig,
Today the 13th Feb would have been your 48th . Happy Birthday love.
They say there is a reason and they say time will heel but neither time or reason will change the way we feel..
The days are gone that we used to share but in our hearts you are always there.
Our memories with you are always there we miss you more than anyone knows
We will celebrate your birthday as a family on Sunday we will eat, talk, laugh and cry and your chair will be there.
Love always
Mum Dad

... Mum Dad


The Whalley community or Surrey B.C. lost Spencer on Dec 29th 2023. My world came crashing down and fell apart. He said nobody cared nobody would miss him..Spence you were a caring person with such a thrive for life and hilarious humour. You changed my life into something I’d never dreamed of. You were an amazing father to your two children, a great older brother who took care of him when kids.. and for me, an amazing spouse. Your relapse spiralled out of control so quickly and we all were powerless to stop it. The impact of losing you has hurt so many people here, more then you could imagine. Everybody loved you Spence beside your brother, me most of all. 10yrs and gone forever from my life. I cherish every second and memory we shared I’ll always love u and never forget u Spencer..happy new yr I think not!, 2024 awakened and ready to fight for your life and soul against toxic drugs . IDK how to do this without you here.
The world is a lot less bright without u in it..goodbye for now my friend, my love, my wonderwall SPENXER V MOORES
OCT 26TH/82-EC 29TH/23 READY TO FIGHT. 41 forever

... Robyn aka angrybird xoxo


Grandma’s favorite! Everyone’s friend! My son, Reynaldo carries the name Danilo after you. You were so giving, helping anyone in need. You lived hard, you lived fast, you lived by your own set of rules. You were a master of the code switch, always “Black” with me and a chameleon of characters for others.

Your birthday was the other day, and I was reminded of your death. Truth is, through others you’re still living amongst us! Thank you for being a donor, your organs have saved lives.

A few years before your departure, you confessed to me that you were a believer. You often made jokes about “organized religion” but you insisted that I raise my son “right.” I’m listening! He is being given the tools, I hope he follows a righteous path. He knows YOUR NAME, which is apart of his name. He knows your journey. He knows your children!!!

You might be gone but you’ll never be forgotten and when I’m dead you’ll still be remembered!

Love always,
Cuz Cuz

... Olivia Guzman

Elizabeth Visocan

To a beautiful person with a kind soul. You were so caring and loved. So sweet and kind, always giving to those around you. I will miss our talks, I am sad and sorry you didn’t come talk to me these last couple of months. I will miss you dearly, fly high beautiful angel.

... Ericca


Baby sister, we all love and miss you so much. Fly high, sweet girl.

... Chrissy

Lily Ledbetter

To the most radiant person to ever enter my life. The world lost something special when Lily left.

... Corey Bryant

Kyle Smith (Son, father, brother, uncle, grandson, and dear friend)

I’m so grateful to have had you for nearly 32 years; you’ve blessed my life, Son! Although dad and I almost lost you to a handful of near death accidents, nothing could have surprised us more when you pulled out of falling off Beacon Rock. Breaking nearly every bone on your right side, having a brain injury, paralysis to your right side of face, and losing your mobility for a couple weeks, and then to take yourself (with walker) back up Beacon Rock a month later! Since then, you accomplished having Zoey and Shyloh and worked your way up to general manager for JSCF – YOU WERE/ARE an AMAZING INDIVIDUAL! Dad and I will never stop talking about how blessed we were to have you as our son. And we will never stop telling your kids how much you loved them and how special they made you feel as their father. WE MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU, SON!! Kyle will be remembered, loved, and missed by ALL who knew him. <3

... Christine (Mom)

Craig Talbot

7months on the 11th Jan .
Miss you so much it hurts daily.
Love always

... Mum and Dad

My beautiful daughter Sharee

I can’t believe I’ll never see you again my darling girl. It felt so wrong leaving you behind yesterday
I just want to hold you and tell you how much you are loved. I hope you are at peace
Till we meet again, hugs and kisses mum xx

... Gai

Craig Talbot

We will miss you so much this Christmas, it will be the first Christmas ever that we have not all been together I have been going through all our family photos and it breaks my heart that there will never been another Xmas photo of you with Larissa, Lachlan. Nikayla, Me, Dad, Nicole, Craig, Drew and Michelle.
Oh how I wish for 1 more day with you to tell you how much you are missed and loved .
Merry Xmas love

... Mum

Chris Roberts

My uncle passed away from a overdose May 1st 2022 while his “friends” left him there with no hesitation and took everything. I really just think my uncle deserves some type of justice even if it’s just being on a page.

... emma rayne


Christina was my baby sister. We lost her 12/17/2018 just 12 days after her 40th birthday and 8 days before Christmas. She has been dealing with addiction since the age of 15 had been clean for 8 years when she relapsed. My father and I fought all we could for 3 years to try to get her sober again but she got introduced to fentanyl and it became her life. She left behind 2 handsome boys the oldest is now 21 and the youngest is 19. We love you and miss you. You will live in our hearts forever we will never let your memory fade.

... Amy

Craig Talbot

Mate our first Xmas without you. The seat next to me at lunch empty. It was always going to be a difficult time for us as a family but we pulled together mate you would be proud. Larissa visited your grave before coming to lunch and she gave us all beautiful photos of it to put somewere special. We all cried alot and shared stories its so very raw still and the aches run deep. Drew and Shell did a lovely slide show of all old photos there was some absolute beauties in them that warmed my heart a little and made me cry alot. Mum and dad made it through but the pain runs deep and is etched in their faces and movements. I have so much to share with you I write you at least once a week to download everything in a diary I call after my CT. Me and Craig are heading back to Penang today haven’t been since you passed away and it brings alot of traumatic feelings but I also remember such great memories so I hope to make some more. You are loved so much , you are deeply missed, you are my brother.

... Your loving sister Nicole

Cara Thompson

A lie ripped our world apart! You found your one true love in this world and the devotion you gave that love was unconditional and I know that nothing I could have done would have made you see the truth you were actually living. That unbreakable loyalty drug you into the shadows..for YEARS you lived your life lying to those that truly loved you. You actually believed that you lived in the beauty of light…YOU were wrong. When you gave yourself so fully to your lie any signs of light left your eyes. I have never seen such empty black eyes before and it was frightening. Your soul and body were devoured by your “one” love. As you weakened your love wanted to infect those around you and in your sickness you obliged. I am sorry that you were so weak. I lost you to the dank underworld and you went happily, joyfully, beautifully with your love. The love that killed the warmth you had and twisted your brain and made you into a cruel liar that had you not been so weak would have killed for! I am angry with YOU and your ONE. I will never understand nor forgive what your one true love did! And because you gave your soul freely you will never forget it either your eternity will be one filled with the darkness you followed in this life. I hope one day the anger subsides enough so I can pity you.

... B.

My friends, family, and other loved ones

RIP to the angels who passed away. Jeremy (LJ), Slim, Pops, Mark G, Timothy B, Zack, Monica G, Ace, Amanda Rich, JB C, Lindsay, Jake, Paul, Jessica V, Chelsea, Yoder’s, Dads questionable and anyone else I forgot.. Love you till I see you again ❤️

... Lacy

Erin Little

I love and miss you so much. You are, were the most beautiful daughter, mother, friend and person anyone could know.
Fentanyl took you away. I know how hard it was for you and how hard you wanted to fight it.
It wasn’t your fault, I know how it happened and they will answer to God.
Rest in peace, I will see you when I get there.
All my love Mom

... Cindy

Anjali Laroia Foster

You were the greatest mother and the best wife. We miss you every single day. We will forever love you with all our hearts!

... Joseph

Craig Talbot

11/06/2023 was the day we lost you forever Craig.
There is never a moment that we don’t wish that day never happened, we try to act normal and move on but we can’t our hearts are broken.
Love you forever Mum Dad ❤️

... Mum Dad

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