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Ashley villlari

Braelynn, Colbie, Kaylin, and Liam miss you more then they could put into words. You left 4 beautiful children behind who will never even forget you. They will never forget your humor, your ridiculous dad jokes and the way you always had the camera in our face. At the time it was so annoying and unnecessary but now looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. You captured every moment, happy, sad, funny, and intimate. I hope, no, I KNOW you’re looking down on your smart, hilarious, selfless kids.

I need your help more than ever right now. I don’t always have the answers to their questions so please guide me. You know I have a problem with stuffing my emotions down but we have 4 kids who want to know every thing about you. Please believe me when I say I’m gonna keep your memory alive as best as I can. With your crazy pictures and even more crazy videos. There was never a dull moment with you, I will always keep your memory alive and your stupid dad jokes wherever we go.

We love you more than you’ll ever know .. Liam, Kaylin, Braelynn, and Colbie



To my baby brother – I miss you every day, though it’s been eight years since you passed. I wonder what your last moments were like and I pray you weren’t afraid. May we save others in your honor, Dylan.
I love you forever


I lost you with out warning and the way your life was taken from me was not fair. It’s been 5mnts since I heard your voice and it’s been hard waking up without you there💔. You will always be a special part of me that no one could ever replace or duplicate and I promise you that I will live the rest of my life for the both of us and carry your love to get me through those hard parts. I love you baby and I will never ever stop. Love always, your wife, and best friend ❤


Christopher loved and he was loved. You always could explain life’s complexities in the simplest of terms. Your selfless, non-judgemental, accepting, genuinely caring, and loving soul will always live in my heart. I so miss our daily chats and text messages that always ended with “I Love you.” You gave me and your brothers so much more than you will ever know. I know you didn’t mean for this to happen and I can’t tell you how sorry I am that it has and that so many others have also lost loved ones in the same manner.

The stigma that addiction carries is cruel in itself and stands as a barrier for so many to seek out the help and assistance that is deserved. Christopher, your story will be told in hopes of helping others better understand mental and emotional health challenges that so many in the world struggle with. So if you are reading this tribute to my most amazing son and you want help–it’s out there, don’t let shame, embarrassment, or any stigma stop you from reaching out and getting help–Christopher would always tell you that you deserve to live your best life possible. It really was that simple to him.

Tony Father Of Peter

September 25, 2020. I had a call after I had not heard from my only child for days. It was an “unknown number”. I answered it.

“Hello, this is the Hartford CT Major Crimes Division Detective……XXYY and are you at home?” Yes of course I replied. I thought maybe my
Son got in trouble or some other issues or just was up again in another detox or whatever.

Must have been 20 mins. Three detectives came to my Home at the front door. Are you the father of Peter Miller Lowenstein? I replied yes…of course I am.
We are sorry to tell you that after a wellness check by his girlfriend family both have been found deceased. WHAT?

I started screaming. I know I did. I remember sounds coming from by body. I don’t know, I screamed and screamed. My only child.

And I only have His memory as I casted his ashes into the sea.


My fiance, my love, my partner, my best friend, you were only 34 when you made a choice that took your life and left me alone and heartbroken. I will forever love you and never could I forget or replace you, nothing seems right or makes sense any more. I miss you more everyday and wish I could bring you back to stay. I love you Charlie and I hope when I get there you will be waiting for me and a beautiful day that will be .All my love sweetheart, until we meet again. ~Lisa