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October 3rd, 2022.. will forever be the worst day of my life.. There was so many things we needed to do together.. so many things to talk about… So many ” i love you too” you needed to say.. Kainen, I miss you so much.. they say grief is love with no where to go, that’s why it hurts so bad.. I believe that because only all the love I never got to give you and still have for you could cause this much pain..
I’m trying to be happy, because I know you would want that, and I’m going to do all the things we were supposed to do together, and I’m going to do them all like you’re right there, and even though you will be, I mean I’m going to do them as if you’re actually psychically there… I love you…


To my uncle Brian I hope your finally at peace I’ll love you forever ❤️🕊️ 3-23-23


Haley Paul Wesley
13-04-1990 to 01-03-2017

In loving memory of a partner, and father to our daughter Caydence Grace.
Miss you everyday.

Lil momma

I’ll never for get that day it will forever be on my mind my best friend just came home from q 15 month jail sit for the over dose of his children’s mother a woman he would have died for but he had only been home 22 hrs we talked from A to z that night and day we was planning to have a nice dinner and celebrate my birthday it was May 5th I went to get my check cashed and get him some fast food I can rem losing service on my cell phone coming up the mountain witch I only didn’t have cell service for 15 min so in that 15 min I would love to know what happend but what I didn’t know was when his step sister visited earlier that day she gave him a bag of heroin his biggest demond I got home and couldn’t get in my front door so I went and came in the back as I walked to his room he was in front of his bed in a praying pission I at first glimpse thought he fell asleep from being up all night but then I cought it outta the corner of my eye he held a needle in his hand Frankie had overdosed as I yell at a few friends that was with me to get me narcan that I just told him I wanted to get rid of cause none of us needed it any longer we was getting our shit together well that didn’t work he still wasn’t breathing so I went into what did Frankie always tell me to do I did everything he thought me to do if I was ever in a situation like this I gave him cor by my self cause I worried about everyone else getting trouble when they didn’t need it so it was just me and him and the awesome dispatcher for 45min till emt arrived for them to come in and do jack shit they wouldn’t even try to narcan him once more I begged them told them I couldn’t lose my best friend my boyfriend’s brother(boy friend was in jail) not on my birthday the lady looked at me and said there was nothing they could do I fill as they seen it as just another junkie off the street I seen him laying there as someone’s son father brother best friend they could have careless they wanted me to walk out side till the corner came but I wasn’t leaving him alone I can rem my phone ringing and not stoping it was my boyfriend calling to tell me happy birthday and to take care of his brother till he got home the cry’s of his mother as she came in the numb ness in my body I felt so outta body the neighbors 4 or 5 houses down said you could hear me screaming at him before emt came begging him to just breath please but I failed him I couldn’t save him his demons won I go threw that day every day I open my eyes I think of the what ifs and should ofs but none of that is gonna change no matter what I just wonder what the hell his step sister was thinking giving him that bag that day he was 15 months clean but not a day goes by he’s not on my mind rip Frankie G-$love you always


Allen Lee Dotson III
26 years old


Tamara Dawn Morris
30 years old
Left behind 2 daughters; Tiara & Tori.

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