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My baby brother-I wish I knew now, what I didn’t know back then about Opioid Addiction coinsiding with Mental Health. You are gone way too early at age 50! I am trying to help others when I now see signs of Drug Abuse by referring them to a Consulting Agency or sending them information on Family & Friends Intervention. So sorry I didn’t take Mental Health serious enough at the time. RIP Dear Brother and I will see you again one day! Save a seat for me there in Heaven! Love you to the moon and back! Suzy


As a teenager I felt such anger and loss that both my parents were stuck in the opioid crisis. First in 2010 my dad overdosed, was revived by Naloxone and arose in an agitated state. With naloxone not being promoted enough, they saw the normal reaction of anger as a sign he was out of control and tasered him to death. On Christmas my mother was using and overdosed. Whether she was alone or the people with her were scared of being persecuted, she had no way of receiving naloxone and passed away. I was left feeling so lost, angry and empty. Ten years later I am now a Social Service Worker who works at addressing harm reduction in our community through education and hands on outreach. The people we see on the street are human beings as well and deserve compassion, support and understanding. I can only wish now that I understood that at age 17 instead of anger. I will always love you mom & dad. I will forever use your stories as an inspiration to help others better their lives.


I want to pay tribute to my two brothers who overdosed on Heroin and Alcohol. They were unique, intelligent, loveable, funny, and are both missed every single day. It’s been almost thirty years, but the thought of them dying this way haunts me and has left a terrible legacy. RIP.


Chance was the smartest person I have ever met. His mind was always working. He was a junior studying Actuarial Mathmatics at the University of Michigan when he began self-medicating. He died as a result of Fentanyl poisoning. We miss seeing his potential grow and wonder how he could have changed the world.


In loving memory of my charasmatic, loving brother Landon who lost his life December 4, 2002 to the disease of addiction. A 19 year old with a bright future ahead cut short after his first use injecting Heroin. It’s been 17 years and our family still feels his loss.