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Beverly and Leslie

I never knew the depths of your drug addictions. I’m sorry. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you girls. I will love you forever. Life seems to come full circle for all of us… It’s just never easy.

... Barbara Dunn

My Daddy; Richard Paul Warren

Without a Father..

Things shouldn’t be the way they are,
It’s hard to explain the way I feel,
It’s been hard, but to this day,
Your being gone doesn’t seem that real.

I don’t know if there’ll ever be a day,
I can go through without a tear,
It’s so hard to face the facts,
It’s so hard without you near.

I lie down at night, sobbing hard,
It’s impossible to hold it in,
Having you with me, throughout my life,
Is a game that I just can’t win.

There so many things going through my head,
I can still remember it as clear as day,
Doing my job, when Mom walked in,
I know what she was going to say.

I looked in her eyes, and I felt it down deep,
Scared of what I was going to hear,
You were in the hospital and it didn’t look good,
So immediately, we were on our way there.

Tears started falling hard down my face,
The car seemed to be going so slow,
I wanted to find out how you were doing,
But inside I was afraid to know.

I didn’t know what to expect, as I walked in the room,
Til I die, I’ll never forget that night,
Watching you lie there, bloody and shaking,
Praying to God you were putting up a fight.

The next days were calmer, more things under control,
I woke up and went to sleep with a prayer,
You were so convinced that nobody loved you,
But daily and nightly everybody was there.

I’d have given my life, to see your eyes open,
Hold me close or to call out my name,
Everything happened so fast and unclear,
And I know my life will never be the same.

A couple days passed, not too much time,
When the decision came in that was made,
They told me you were gone, and that it was over,
After that, everything just began to fade.

Life began to blur, things seemed unreal,
I couldn’t believe this was happening to me,
So many things happening in life,
And none of which you’ll be able to see.

Graduating High School, in which you’ve always had faith,
Getting married and growing real old,
All of these things in which I wanted you with me,
My life was only beginning to mold.

You had left your three children, all still growing,
Along with your mother whom is taking this hard,
A grandson, only months old, will never get to know you,
All of our lives will forever be scared.

So many people you have left behind hurting,
So many things it’s too late for me to say,
I’m still only a teenager, now without a father,
I can’t understand why it must be this way.

Times going on slowly, each days a challenge,
I just want you to know you still have all my love,
Your not here with me in person, but just make me a promise,
You’ll never stop watching me down from above.

... Your little girl, Kristen

My dear brother from another mother

The days have been long and it not the same it seems as if, my whole world stood steel I’ll never forget you my friend , Tim rest n peace my friend

... Boo

Izac E Babilonia

It’s been a little over 4 months since your soul left this earth, and not a day has passed that I don’t miss you. You were so loved, by more people than you knew & I wish you were still here. It still feels like a bad dream that I’ll wake up from & I’ll see your name pop up on my phone again with something goofy. You were one of the best friends I’ve ever had, I got a tattoo for you so you can still come on adventures with me. We never did make it to Denver, but I promise I’ll get us there. I know your soul was too bright & beautiful & creative for this world, so I hope you’re finally at peace. I love you forever buddy.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction, please – get help.

... Victoria

Robert ( Robby) A. Booker, Jr.

This tribute is to our son Robby. He passed away December 5, 2022, of an accidental overdose of cocaine lased with fentanyl at the young age of 34. He is survived by his father, mother, fiancé’, sister, three brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles and a host of friends who misses him dearly. He was a joy to be around. You wouldn’t know if he felt down or was having a bad day, he would always crack a smile and try to make you laugh. On June 11 of this year, he would have been a proud father of a baby boy.

... Robert Booker, Sr.

My daughters, Darlene and Angel Fiorentino

Angel and Darlene were born 2 years apart, died 2 years apart at the same age, 30 years young.. Both girls extremely blessed with beauty and an even more beautiful heart. Caring ,kindhearted ,loving mothers you would never suspect ever did drugs. Not what you see on TV. Cared more about others than they did themselves. Died because of fear that someone would find out. Fear of prosecution or persecution relapsed alone no one to save them cuz they didn’t want anyone to know. Things need to change! The victims are not the criminals. they shouldn’t be scared into dying alone because of fear or shame of someone finding out.. Lock up the dealers they’re the ones murdering our kids victims need help and understanding. Society needs to stop the stigma and stereotyping and start understanding. Last time I talked my oldest daughter she said the government was putting fentanyl in the heroin to kill off the drug addicts cuz they’re an expense to society. I said yeah and covid-19 was to kill off the elderly to balance out social security. And laughed it off. I thought she was just conspiracy theorying. She’ was voluntarily going into a rehab that day. . They let her go home in 30 days without giving her any warnings for reminders about her tolerance knowing most people relapse in 30 days isn’t long enough. Too many rehabs just in it for the money don’t care about our kids. I didn’t even know she was home until it was too late. She died relapsing on heroin with fentanyl in it that night. I have three simple apps I call, “Angel apps, ” after my first daughter that died. to help save lives.


... Paul Grieving father

Jeff Burdette

Jeff was a father a comedian a very loyal friend.

... Savannah

Chris Cole

I miss you more than I could ever have imagined Gripper. I’d give anything to turn back time. I love you.

... Mom

Christian Weisz

Christian was a happy child, always joking around, goofy, and making everyone around him laugh and smile. As a young boy he played baseball and football and in high school he was on the track team where he threw shot put and discus. He was a reluctant model for his mother’s photography classes but had the biggest, best smile. He adored his siblings, and they always had a great time being together (well almost always, there was that one time he needed stitches after a skirmish). . On November 13, 2020 he became a father, to the light of his life, his daughter Ivy Quinn Weisz. Christian had found the job that suited him best, father. Christian loved Ivy with all his heart and soul. To watch them together was to understand a father daughter bond that was truly precious. Ivy loved being with him and to watch her eyes light up when she saw him was truly a vision to behold. It truly breaks our hearts that he has left her and the rest of us way too soon. To know Christian was to love him and our world will never be the same without him. His light burned too brightly and was extinguished way too soon. We will love you forever and ever.

... Glenda Carmack

Timothy Popely

Tim, you will always be my best friend and a man who never let me down or abandoned me. I work with people in recovery now to honor your death. May the angels surrounding you hold you in their wings until I come to meet you one day.

... Lauren


I lost my son 2/22 to a fentanyl overdose, he was so much more than an addict, he was kind and funny and hardworking and I miss him so much, love you BW

... Mom

Jeffrey M Tarzwell

Please watch over and keep us safe as we support those who must find the strength to fight this horrible thing called addiction.
Love you with all my heart.
Love Dad

... Scott

Margaret Murphy

Rest easy mom.

... Christina


Remembering a young man who loved his daughters, parents, wife and family💜💜💜

... Christina Sanchez

Jacob R. Pesanti

I am a SON,
I love Montana and the outdoors.
I am deeply loved and missed!

... Lisa

Justin Tognetti-Brooks

8/28/1995 – 7/23/2023
Everybody misses you, Everyone feels the pain
Of loss and grief and misery, of never seeing you again.
We worry that we failed you, We’re scared we let you down, And although you decided to leave us, We wish you were still here now.
We wonder if we could have done more, Even though we know we tried, We understand this is forever, We feel empty, deep inside.
If only we each could have told you That we love you, one more time.
If only we hadn’t lost you, If only this weren’t goodbye.

... Madea

Maria Teresa Madia

I miss all the light and love you bought to the world. You tried to get recovery and I know life just kept coming at you. You were an amazing artist and an amazing thinker. Your Spirit so big. I look for you in all that is good. You’re still my courage in the dark times. Always loving you. You would be so proud of your baby girl! Amina is amazing just like you.

... Teresa

Jose Antonio Vasquez

Jose on August 4,2021 at 9:17 pm, my life changed from happiness to pure devastating grief. Everyday I wait for your return but yet you never come. I will love your forever. I will save lives because of your death on Grass Day and every day.

... Susan

Brandon Morino

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about your beautiful smile and miss your hugs. Your compassion for others was so special, you touched so many lives and I am so happy to have you in mine for 21 years. Changes will be made in your honour on how prescriptions are returned to pharmacy’s. Love and miss you every day my sweet boy xoxox

... Kristina Morino


We miss you more than you know. Every day hurts a little more without you but it’s one more day closer to seeing you again. Rest In Paradise sweet girl. KB 9-13-1994/8-2-2021

... Cait

Avery Costley

Avery Costley February 1995-April 2023
Passed from a fentanyl overdose.
He was a kind gentle soul who loved animals, family, video games, movies and motorcycles. He is missed by so many. Fly high Avery

... Brooke

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