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Alan Jeffrey Eagle II ‘Jeff”, my only son, my middle child, was taken from us on September 1 , 2021 by an fentanyl overdose . He left behind parents and step parents, two sisters, a girlfriend, many family members and sadly 2 beautiful daughters and a handsome sweet little son who was only just over 2 moths old . He struggled with addiction since he was in his teens and lost his battle just a little over a month away from his 35th birthday. I miss him terribly every day, my life is not the same as it was with him in it. No more phone calls or texts with pictures of whatever food he made that he was always so proud of….he loved to cook. He was a very kind soul and all around genuinely nice guy. He was a terrific father and adored his children. Sadly his son will never know him but his daughters got the chance of a lifetime having him as a daddy. I hold on to hope that his passing will help someone that is struggling with addiction and pray that he’s free now and not in pain . We love you , and always will `


My son, Dom, was a handsome, smart, charming, self-possessed, super outgoing kid who brought joy and comfort to people. He was so kind to the animals and tried his best to be a good friend to his people. When he began experimenting with Oxy, that begain the long slow burn and fade of this beautiful boy. He could have done anything he chose in life and instead, drugs chose him. They took this child from all of us and he did fight and try his very best to overcome at certain points. He befriended kids in his rehab who no one else could reach. He was the biggest blessing a mother could ask for and then he was gone, too soon, by just 18 years old. Dominic was a wonderful person inside, deep and thoughtful, sweet and caring. It’s not fair that he is gone, and I honor the good, precious memories that I still have.


Sonya Marie Battermann
Sonya age 45 passed away on Sunday March 27,2022
From an accidental overdose.
Sonya fought her demons off & on for many years,but lost her battle.
She was Daughter,Sister Mother,Friend,Musician & A Harley Davidson Enthusiest. A kind hearted person who was a free spirited & also the lead singer in her band “Synplicity ” and loved this part of her life which ended far to soon.
Our lives have been shattered for sure.You are greatly missed by so many.You will never be forgotten, you are loved deeply.
But as you’d always say..”The show must go on” Rest in peace now my beautiful daughter.
Love Always Mom…& your Family.


My youngest son Erik passed away at the age of 19 November 1,2017. As someone who struggled with anxiety and was an avid marijuana user he started dabbling with other illicit drugs. He was going down a road to addiction this accidental overdose left a huge hole in our family. His siblings still struggle, with addictions and mental health challenges as they navigate their grief.
As a nurse I turned my loss of my son to honouring him, and now work with Addiction/mental health Clinic and outreach. With a high homeless/indigenous population I am growing, learning and connecting with people where they are at. My son Erik is with me everyday leading my path. Trying to save lives and help as many as we can. 💜💜


I lost my boyfriend of 36yrs to Fentanyl Poisoning on 12/8/21, I’ll never be the same. I miss you so much Bobby. I love ❤️ you!
Robert J. Robicheau 💜


Kieran April 1, 1999 – May 22, 2017
Gone but not forgotten
Miss and love you ❤️💜