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Activity: Signature Sculpture Unveiling and Bi-Partisan Press Conference to raise awarness
Date: 31/08/2020
Time: 11.30am
Location: 210 Capitol Ave. Hartford, CT 06106
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: For Cameron and Demand ZERO
Contact: Fiona Cullinan Firine
Phone: 2039740478

Outside the State Capital. Socially distanced and we will ask people to please wear masks.
For Cameron and Demand ZERO commisioned a sculpture, which is now being engraved with the replicated signatures of many who lost their lives to an opioid overdose in the state of Connecticut. CT. Senator George Logan will unveil the sculpture and then hold a bi-partisan press conferce with us, to raise awarenss of the epidemic of opioid deaths in our state and to cut through the stigma so we can raise awarenss of the risk of opioid overdoses and how to help those at risk and prevent deaths.
The public are invited and welcome to take part in this event as we reflect on those who lost their lives and ask people to edicate themselves on this epeidemic which crosses every racial and socio-economic boundery.

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