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Activity: Tre lettere per proteggersi e proteggere
Date: 31/08/2021
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Drop In sited in Via Postica della Maddalena, 42, in Naples (80139)
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: ItaNPUD
Contact: Emilia Piermartini
Phone: +393924201173

Within the support of a public harm reduction service of Naples (Drop In ASL NA1) we will furnish a two-hour formation about drug use and drug overdoses (not only the opioid ones), leaded by some peers of us, the Italian Network of People who Use Drugs, along with some peers operator and health professionals also. We will use three words to explain three focal points: the recognition of an overdose, the inititative to take, the sensibilization to make. Because of this we chose the title «Tre parole per proteggersi e proteggere» (three words to protect ourselves and protect, that in Italian makes more sense).
Thanks also to the printing of more copies of our recent Manual edited by us during the Support. Don’t Punish 2021 campaign, we hope to reach always more people not only on the fatal overdose issue but in general on the PUDs’ human rights issue. The title of our manual is «Manuale di sopravvivenza in uno Stato proibizionista» (Survival manual in a prohibitionist State).