Emotional Core Therapy Approach is Scientifically Proven to be the Most Effective Psychology Approach Available Worldwide to Treat Addictions.

Date: 31/08/2022
Time: 09:00 am
Location: 1042 N. Main St. Naperville, Illinois 60563 Call in show only via telephone at 630-788-1100
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Individual
Name of Organisation:
Contact: Robert A. Moylan, LCPC
Phone: 630-788-1100

Call in show to learn how to use all of these free resources which include free Emotional Core Therapy App now available on Android, IPhone and IPad all for free. The App has links to my free Emotional Core Therapy book as well as links to my published books for teens and adults and includes spiritual books. The App has free one hour training video. The app has has free links to my 17 published journal articles on Emotional Core Therapy . See below app link.