Beyond the Stigma – Laneway Light

Date: 26/08/2022
Time: 06:00 pm
Location: Westwood Place, Melbourne, 3000
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: cohealth
Contact: Lanie Harris
Phone: 0418 552 377

This International Overdose Awareness Day cohealth is working with the Little Projector Company to shine a light on the stigma and demonisation of drug addiction.

From 25–31 August, in the lead up to International Overdose Awareness Day (external webpage), we’re lighting up a Melbourne city laneway with images and artworks created by people who have a lived experience of drug dependence.

Drug dependence is a complex health and social issue, not a sign of personal or moral failure. The shame and stigma associated with drug use pushes people to the margins of society, creates barriers to seeking help, and means health issues go untreated.

‘Laneway Light – Beyond the Stigma’ enables people with a lived experience of drug use to express their point of view. The project promotes greater compassion and care for people who are drug dependent and generates conversations about health-based responses to drug use in the community.

The overdose epidemic is everyone's problem, but it's being left to a small group to step up.

Do your part and support these unrecognised responders by pushing for change today.

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