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West Virginia

Activity: Virtual Day of Hope
Date: 31/08/2020
Time: 09:00 am
Location: This event was held online
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: Marshall University Collegiate Recovery Community
Contact: Jamie Lukhmanova or Amy Saunders
Phone: 3049625774

The Marshall University Collegiate Recovery Community and West Virginia Collegiate Recovery Network have organized a multifaceted one-day event that will focus on reducing stigma around overdoses, increasing awareness for recovery supports in West Virginia, and remembering the lives of those lost to the drug epidemic. Following in the footsteps of previous events at the capitol in Charleston – an event hosted by Cece and Bobby Brown of the Ryan’s Hope for the past five years – Virtual Day of Hope aims to bring Overdose Awareness Day to everyone, no matter what part of the state they are physically distancing in.
The event will take place Monday, Aug. 31 and is available to virtually through Zoom.
Some of the events included throughout the day are a panel to look at overdose prevention around the state, a naloxone training, public policy forum to discuss overdose prevention laws, a Post-Vention panel, and a remembrance ceremony.
“The idea was to highlight how experiencing an overdose can impact a person’s decision to get into recovery, while still honoring those we’ve lost to overdose,” said Jamie Menshouse-Lukhmanova, a person in long-term recovery and the Recovery Coach for Marshall Univeristy Collegiate Recovery Community. “Connection and support are the biggest pieces in recovery. Being able to hear how others have overcome adversity and about the supportive resources in our state can go a long way to helping those in active addiction realize there’s hope for them too.”
The day will feature survivor stories from people in long-term recovery and take a look at how stories can reduce stigma. Panelists and speakers from across the state will be giving their insight and speaking from experience on how to reduce stigma.
Some of the speakers will include:
– Dr. Lindsay Acree, Univeristy of Charleston Pharmacy School
– Dr. Susan Bissett, West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute
– Elizabeth Coffey, DHHR BBH SOR
– Rachel Thaxton, DHHR Office of Drug Control Policy
– Kim and Mike Holmes, recovery coaches for Concord Univeristy and Bluefield State University
– Denise Hanson, GRASP
– Dr. Kristen Lillvis, Movable: Narratives of Recovery and Place
– Joe Deegan, WVAADC
– Delegate Mike Pushkin
– Delegate Matt Rohrbach
– Cece and Bobby Brown, founders of Ryan’s Hope