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Activity: International Overdose Awareness Day YEG 2021 Rally
Date: 31/08/2021
Time: 12:01 pm
Location: March: Noon at the Homeless Memorial Park in Edmonton (103A Ave and 100 St.)
Rally: 1:30 at the steps of the Alberta legislature
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: Moms Stop The Harm
Contact: Petra Schulz

Hosted by Albertans for Evidence Based Drug Policy
Join the coalition of Albertans for Evidence Based Drug Policy on International Overdose Awareness Day #IOAD2021 for a march and rally. We gather to remember thousands of Albertans who have died by drug poisoning or other substance use related causes and to call for an effective public health response to this crisis.

Meet at noon at the Homeless Memorial Park in Edmonton (103A Ave and 100 St.) and march to the legislature with outreach and action along the way.
The rally at the steps of the Alberta legislature begins at 1:30 pm with speakers from coalition members, lead by people with lived and living experiences.
#DrugPolicyDeathAB #IOAD2021 #SupportSCS
In 2021 more people have died from drug poisoning than ever before in the history of our province. In March of 2021 more than 4 people died every day. The UCP government responded to this crisis by closing live-saving harm reduction services, which has already resulted in the deaths of people who used to use these services, while evidence-based interventions, such as the expansion of supervised consumption services and the provision of safe pharmaceutical alternatives to ever more toxic street drugs is flat out rejected. While the investment in treatment promised by the UCP, is positive, we first have to keep people alive.

We can’t let the people we love die. Join us to take a stand for evidence and for life.
Albertans for Evidence Based Drug Policy includes many concerned individuals and the following organizations:

The Canadian Association of People who Use Drugs (CAPUD)
Moms Stop the Harm
Change the Face of Addiction
HIV Legal Network
The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition
The Harm Reduction Nurses Association (HRNA)
Alberta Nurses Coalition for Harm Reduction (ANCHR)
EACH+EVERY – Businesses for Harm Reduction
Friends of Medicare
Westside Harm Reduction
The Liam Project – Calgary
Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy – National, Calgary and Edmonton Chapter