Light The Way For Hope

Date: 31/08/2022
Time: 07:30 pm
Location: Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park
99 Harry Hallman Jr Blvd
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464
Public/Private: Public
Individual/Organisation: Organisation
Name of Organisation: WakeUp Carolina
Contact: Tim Maguire
Phone: 843.972.8154

It is a Time to Remember…💜
It is a Time to Act…💜
August 31st is Overdose Awareness Day💜

Join us Wednesday, August 31st 7:30pm for the 4th Annual Light The Way For Hope: Overdose Awareness Day 2022

Please join WakeUp Carolina, Mount Pleasant Police Department and Charleston Center honoring and remembering our loved ones as well as help to prevent an overdose in our community💜

The 4th Annual Light The Way For Hope Luminary: Overdose Awareness Day 2022 Event will be held at Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park 99 Harry Hallman Jr Blvd Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464💜


Light The Way For Hope will begin at 7:30pm with Overdose Prevention and Narcan training at Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park’s Cooper River Room.💜

*Participants will learn how to recognize the signs of an overdose, the steps to administering Narcan nasal spray and how to save a life in the event of an overdose.
*Participants who complete this training will receive a free overdose prevention kit containing two Narcan nasal sprays

Light The Way For Hope’s Luminary ceremony will promptly start at 8:30pm on Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park’s Lawn.💜

We will be honoring and remembering the lives of our friends, family members and loved ones that are no longer here from an overdose through words, luminaries and video.💜

Their names will be written on a luminary that will be placed on the lawn honoring their life Wednesday, August 31st at 7pm💜

We would love to honor the beautiful lives our community has lost on this special night, just as we did since 2019.💜

Friends and family can submit their friend or loved one’s name and/or photo to be honored at the luminary ceremony by emailing them to with the subject line: OAD 2022 by Friday, August 26th or by writing their name on a luminary bag at the event.💜

We commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31st, and throughout the month of August by:
*bringing awareness to the realities of how drug overdose affects our communities
*honoring the lives of those we’ve lost to overdose
*reducing the stigma associated with drug-related death
*sharing information and resources to prevent drug-related harm

Anyone who uses drugs or knows someone who does is strongly advised to take precautions that include the following:
* Carry at least 2 doses of the overdose reversal drug naloxone
* Know the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose: blue lips (ashy white lips on a person of color) and blue fingernails; struggling/no breathing; being unresponsive to external stimuli
* Use with someone else whenever possible. If you can’t or don’t want to use with someone, consider calling Never Use Alone: (800) 484-3731
* If using fentanyl test strips, no matter the test result, still proceed with caution
* Assume that any substance that you do not purchase at a pharmacy contains fentanyl
* The first few minutes are critical in a potential overdose, especially in rural areas where it can take EMS 10 minutes or longer to arrive.

The majority of overdose reversals happen because a lay person was the first responder and administered naloxone,” said Dr. Bob Lutz, Washington state medical advisor for the Department of Health. “Not all substance use has to result in overdose.”
The key to saving a life from overdose is to get professional medical help as fast as possible. If you are witnessing a drug overdose, don’t be afraid to call 911.
The more Charleston area community members we can train on overdose recognition and response, and carry naloxone, the better prepared we are collectively to push back against the drug epidemic we are currently facing.

We each play an important role in saving lives in our community. As long as there is breath, there is hope. Here are some lifesaving resources and information to have with you:
* If someone may be overdosing, call 9-1-1, give naloxone, and perform rescue breathing
* South Carolina’s statewide standing order to dispense naloxone can be used at any pharmacy or medical provider in SC that requires a prescription to obtain naloxone
* South Carolina has MANY community Narcan distributors that can train and equip you for WakeUp Carolina, The Hope Project, Charleston Center, FAVOR Lowcountry to just name a few but check out DAODAS’ website
for other state Narcan community distributors
* S.C. Good Samaritan Law & South Carolina Overdose Prevention Act:
The Good Samaritan Law, S.C. Code Ann. § 15-1-310, protects any person, who in good faith gratuitously renders emergency care, from civil liability arising out of any act or omission by such person in rendering the emergency care or in failing to act or arrange for further medical treatment or care for the victim, except when the acts or omissions amount to gross negligence or willful or wanton misconduct.
Similar, South Carolina Overdose Prevention Act, S.C. Code Ann. § 44-130-50, protects a caregiver who gives Naloxone to a person whom the caregiver believes in good faith is experiencing an opioid overdose from civil or criminal liability.
857 Coleman Boulevard #D
Mount Pleasant 29464

The overdose epidemic is everyone's problem, but it's being left to a small group to step up.

Do your part and support these unrecognised responders by pushing for change today.

Sign up here for resources that can help you to save a life.

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