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    Event: Music For Social Cause
    Date: 31/08/2017 5pm
    Location: Venue):Syano Gucharan Football Ground
    Address:Syano Gaucharan,Kathmandu,Nepal
    Contact: Bibek Adhikari
    Phone: +977-01-9860690455
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    Respected all,
    We are going to organize a musical concert at “Syano Gaucharan Football Ground” on 31st August which is “International Overdose Awareness Day”. We are going to organize awareness program on that day and we will be focused to help people to cope the problem of overdose and will provide techniques and also provide harm reduction materials through that program.Through that program we will raise few funds for street level and homeless drug addicts who cannot afford rehabilitation treatment facility and will support them to come out of drug problem by supporting them for treatment.As we know homeless and street level of Drug users are not more aware of harm reduction,substitutes and problem of drug overdose so that we will be saving many life through that event.We would like to appeal for support from your side in this social cause so that we can make this event more effective and could include many street level drug users and homeless around Kathmandu Streets.