International Overdose Awareness Day: 31st August

International Overdose Awareness Day

The world’s annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died, and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind

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Tributes to lost loved ones

Kerryann Christopher W. S.9/10/87-12/22/17 my lil’ bro, my biggest supporter. Until we meet again, forever in my heart, Always on my mind. I pray you are at peace. I’ll love you forever💙😇💔
Posted 05/07/2018
Daniel Hieb Daniel Hieb Bekah Ben, I'll cherish you my love. Miss you every day. It's just been over a year and people say it gets easier but it has not. My little girls who you love and love you, miss you. You were a great step father. We were going to be forever together and hopefully one day again. You weren't invincible. I told you that. Our love wasn't perfect but nothing is. You used to say 'what's done, is done'. I'll cherish you, my love........ Bekah Verdilla My beloved Son Clifford Attlee left us on 6/22/21, this will forever change our lives… We miss him so much, all the unfinished dreams. We love you boy❤️ Verdilla Pamela To my beautiful daughter Angelica that overdose on feb 19,2022 Pamela Christopher My son Christopher died last year to a overdose of heroin I miss him terribly
Posted 01/09/2018
Kathryn To Paul Over the years I've known many who've lost the battle, but you were the first, and every New Years Day, I remember that day many years ago when I went into work to hear the news that you'd gone Kathryn Michael I lost my son Pierce to an overdose just over 6 years ago. Pierce loved life, he loved his kids and his family and we all love him. He loved music. He fought hard to win his battle but the disease won in the end. I pray for all the unwilling members of this horrible club - parents who have had to bury their children. I pray for all the families affected by addiction and mostly I pray for the addicts. They don't want to be addicts. They don't want to be hurting themselves or their families. I will love and miss you endlessly P. I wish you were still here with us but I am glad your struggle is over. Michael Carolynn My soul...Luke 💜 1/25/2018 Posted 25/08/2019 Carolynn Judith Sean 9/12/20 You are always with me. Judith Rhonda You know what killed my daughter? Benadryl!! You know what else was in her blood stream? Roxies!! You know what the medical examiner determined?? Her toxicology showed the Benadryl was so concentrated that it slowed her respiratory system. She had over a period of a couple of days consumed so much the body doesn't detox itself. So while she went on a relapsed "binge". Her body was storing it and the amount overdosed her! It killed her in a few hours she laid in her own bed, her girlfriend in the other room, and she never woke up. She slipped away. No one saved her. No one knew, it was too late. No fan fair, my daughter wasn't famous, except to me. She was my star. My recovering addict, my daughter that battled drugs and could come out clean. She didn't intend to die, she relapsed, it happens all the time. Death also did! Be aware when a Pperson who is unconscious, watching them struggle to catch their breath, making gurgling sounds, these are all signs of Respiratory failure. Don't hesitate, call 911. Do the Right thing. Save a Life. Be aware of the signs. In loving Memory of Allison. Overdosed Dec. 16, 2011. Rhonda Princess

I lost my youngest son, Jordan, to an accidental drug overdose on April 25, 2016. He will always be remembered and loved. 21 years was not enough time with him but I am thankful that he does not have to fight this terrible disease any longer.

McMinnville, TN. USA
Stephanie Kramer Quincy, my beloved son, my only son, and my first born! I am so sorry that life ended suddenly for you on 6/3/14, at only 23 years young! You left behind mommy and 2 beautiful sons! They will probably never understand the addiction since I have placed them in Aunt Col and Uncle Tom’s home. A home where they are striving and doing awesome! We took your boys to the cemetery to visit you, so very heartbreaking for us! We miss and LOVE you with all our hearts! Hope heaven is good for you now! Love, Mommy! Stephanie Kramer Marion Love never die, in remeberance of all who suffered this sneaky tragedy. You are still loved. Marion Bernadette To all those I lost n loved to an overdose ilu all an miss yall beyond any words can say nor any actions can display William Patterson Deserie Clark Nicole Foley Bernadette Casarah In loving memory of Ricky Hawley Vega precious soul and beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend. We will never forget you and we WILL make a difference for others in your memory!! -I PROMISE. ricky hawley vega memorial fund Casarah Nicole

On October 10, 2017 I lost my Fiancee and the father to my unborn child to a heroin overdose. His name was Colin and he was only 33 years old. He struggled with addiction for years and years. He was a kind hearted and loving guy with a great sense of humor and I miss him every day.

Macon, GA USA
Alexandria Remembering Larry Ahn Jr. who passed away May 15th, 2017 due to an overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl. He never stopped fighting his addiction, and was the most loving and caring soul to cross my path. We love you, Larry. We miss you everyday. Alexandria karen king My son died of a heroin overdose in June 2008. He has a son who does not know how he died and I don't know how to answer the questions he may soon ask. I don't want him to feel negative about him. Please advise how I can do so. He was the most wonderful father and I don't want to destroy his memories for him x karen king Jeremy 12-21-16 the day my beautiful loving son Jeremy passed there's not a moment in the day I don't think you you. Miss and love you always. Mom Evansville IN USA Jeremy Iwona On this day seven years ago I found out that you passed away. It’s been seven long years without you. It hurts so much Szymku not to have you here with us. I love you so much. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you or look for a sign from you. I miss you so much. I wish I listen to my gut ....maybe you would still be here if I did. Love Mum Posted 09/12/2019 Iwona Adriana My darling son Daniel I miss you every day your smile your kind heart you always Dazzled Dan. You were never meant to go first it defies all universal logic. God must have wanted another angel. Love you sweet boy Mum xox Adriana Calene My son died at 23 years old of an overdose. His name was Kenny. He was my best friend and he lit up every room he entered. My life has changed so very much as did his brothers who looked up to him and adored him. Kenny was special and had so much to offer this world. I would like to wear silver in honor of his light that burned out on 4-23-11. Calene Eric John Allen 9/23/74 - 3/5/2011 Monica Prince 8/20/1975 - 12/30/2013 Cody Arbuckle 5/27/1994 - 7/13/2017 Kaleb Snider 4/3/1994 - 8/30/2020 RIP Eric Pamela I lost my husband, Steven M.O. Holmes, to a drug overdose when my oldest son was 9 years old and my youngest son was 2 months old. Steve was only 31 years old at that time and he never got to see his two boys grow up to be the wonderful men that they are today. My boys grew up without a dad and I had to be both mother and father to them and care for them as a single parent. Steve's death was tragic and untimely and caused my family a lot of grief and sadness. Pamela Steve The Addiction Recovery Foundation dba Samo's Soldiers is a foundation created in memory of Stephen Alexander Mehrer. Our mission is to provide resources to those battling addiction in a variety of ways like providing sober housing, education, medication assistance and scholarships. Please like our Facebook page and follow us @ Here's Steve's story: Our son Steve's 7 year battle with addiction ended when he died on October 8, 2017 in West Palm Beach, Florida. His story is one that is repeated way too often each and every day across the country. The story is more like a book because for 7 years he criss-crossed the country trying to outrun the disease. All the while, his Mom and I thought that with our prayers and God's love he could beat the beast. We were wrong. Steve was born in Kansas City and lived in Houston, Detroit and Columbus during his time with us. He was the first born to my wife Cara and me and the first grandchild to both of our parents. He made friends easily and often, having fun and excelling in sports. He played travel baseball for the Spring Klein Astros, the Dublin Greensox and the Columbus Cobras. The Astros and Cobras won World Series titles. He was so proud to represent the Cobras and win the HomeRun Derby at age 14 in the USSSA World Series. But football was his true love. He played for the Canton Lions, Grizzell Rocks, Dublin Jerome Celtics and Kent State Golden Flashes. He earned All Ohio football honors at Jerome and earned seven Division 1 scholarship offers. He was so excited to keep "living the dream". Then he severely injured his shoulder and required complete reconstuctive surgery. His season was over and so was his dream. As part of the recovery, he was prescribed multipe prescriptions of Oxycodone for pain managment and was never the same again. The disease had started to control him. He had to RedShirt his first year to rehabilitate his shoulder and that gave him too much free time. He fell into the depths of depression. Once the prescriptions ran out, he switched to illegal street drugs to feed his addiction. It was awful, yet there was nothing we could do. He ended up leaving Kent State after his Sophomore season. Then after a few months convinced us that he wanted to give football another try. So he enrolled at the JUCO powerhouse, Iowa Western. They were notorious for feeding programs like Arkansas, TCU, Ole Miss, Kansas State and Iowa with JUCO transfers. But he was addicted and this was just his way of masking the disease. He left school before the first game and moved back home to Columbus. Iowa Western went on to win the National Championship that season and 23 players were picked up by Division 1 programs. After a few months of treatment and counseling, he convinced us he wanted to try baseball again. In our eyes he was always a better baseball player than football player anyway, so we believed. Mostly, because we wanted to and a number of his Greensox and Cobra teammates were playing college baseball at places like Michigan, Kansas State and Butler. I shopped around for a few weeks emailing and talking with coaches to stir up some interest and because of his successful baseball background, I was able to land him an offer at Arkansas Baptist, a JUCO in Little Rock, Arkansas. In his first at bat, at the first practice he got a fastball and ripped it 420 ft. over the left center field fence.......I'm in the stands thinking, "Are you kidding me? My boy is back!" Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the Arkansas Baptist experience. It turned out to be the same story we'd been living. He started using again and eventually got busted for possession of Xanax. Cara flew to Little Rock the next morning and we immediately enrolled him in a 6 month rehab program in California. This would be his first of 5 trips to rehab during his 7 year battle. Please help us fight the good fight against this incredibly destructive disease. We can't give up. We believe that with funding and education we can help many others in need. Steve we are proud of everything you were. You inspired everyone you met. We will continue to preserve your legacy by helping others fight their battle. Love Mom and Dad. Steve Tanya Timothy Joseph (TJ) Cravens 3rd January 24, 1989 - Febuary 18, 2018 My son Tim struggled with his addiction for a long time. He was clean for almost 4 years and relapsed. He truly was a thoughtful, smart, giving, person and would give the shirt off his own back if someone needed it. He never got to be a father or get married or even have a drivers license. We miss him very much. We love you Timmy. . . Tanya SHIRLEY

I loved the conversations we had..So many great chats....U are so missed Billy..I love U..

Dalton MA.
Lynn My beloved sweet Suga Shane who was my Godson and very loving sweet handsome awesome truly wonderful an incredible young man who was loved by everyone who knew him. I miss you every minute of every day and those great bear hugs! You will always be on my mind and in my heart forever and I will keep your memory alive to Layla and Aniyah your sweet beautiful daughters! God bless you and until we meet again! Love you forever! Aunt Lynn 💜💜🥰🥰😇😇🙏🙏 Lynn Social Aware Service Organisation We are extremely sad to remember those souls who are not able to reach out with our quick response service delivery. Posted 03/06/2019 Social Aware Service Organisation Barbara Edmondson

Missing your smile and your tender ways. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you. You have gone to a place where there is no worries and no problems. You are gone but the love is there in our hearts
Gone but never forgotten.

Stoughton, Ma.USA
Barbara Edmondson
AnnA Meade

Wasn’t an OD (it was a fentanyl lacing) BUT... Here’s to big brother, Jake! You are our hero. Can’t wait to hug you in heaven! Praying for you to come hang with me in my dreams soon. Miss you always, love you forever.

Posted 16/08/2019
AnnA Meade
Pamela Bernal I lost my best friend Trev, accidentally. He was the most incredible good guy. Not a day goes past without me thinking about him. Its been 10 years, and I love him and miss him, like the day it happened. Rest in peace beautiful man xxxx Pamela Bernal Judi Loving memory of my son, forever 25, John Andrew.(09212015) I love you and miss you more than I could ever explain. Your forever in my heart and mind, until ............. I love ya Mush Mom Judi Lianna I lost my mother to an overdose last week. She used from the age 17 off and on till the day she died at the age of 55. The day we found out we were devastated and began to plan her wake and services but it turned out not to be so simple. My mother was very secretive and lied about her drug use. We found out our mother had been dead for about 4 days and could not be identified. It was our worst nightmare and the hardest thing any of us has ever dealt with. She pushed my siblings and myself away because of her drug use a few ago so none of us had contact with her. We grew up in state custody bouncing from house to house in foster homes. She was still a great person when she was clean and even at some points of her life when she was using. Everyone knew her where she was from. She was very giving, loving and accepting. She had a very ruff life growing up and didn't have the best example to follow when it came to parenting. My siblings and myself are going to be forever tormented by our mother sudden, tragic horrific death. I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone. I hope that one day they'll be places people with addiction can go to for help right away and not have to jump through hoops to get help. Springfield Massachusetts USA Lianna Sarah LiCalzi

Kenneth J. Wade,
Your family and friends love you and miss you so very much. I love you with all my heart. You changed my life for the better. You will never be forgotten. I love you Kookie. Monster out.
Your Sarah 💙

Mobile, Alabama United States
Sarah LiCalzi
Shauna My son Joshua Michael Killian my beautiful boy who brought such happiness to his father and myself . Gone but never forgotten from this horrible family disease. I love you TommyBoy! Shauna Melissa As a recovering heroin addict, I have known my fair share of friends and acquaintances who have overdosed. I've overdosed and am lucky enough to still be here today. I'd like my tribute to be for all those that have not made it out alive. And for the friends and families that lost them. And especially for those still struggling. Please know there is help & a light at the end of the tunnel. #IOAD Melissa Taylor I did it guys… I’m 115 days sober today and I’m living my life for all of you… All of my friends I've met during my addiction and all of my family I’ve made in my recovery who didn’t make it and never got a chance to say you were sober … this is for you I’m fighting this battle of addiction and I’m staying strong for you 🖤 Grandpop, Matthew, Gary, Melissa, Jay, and the rest of the struggling addicts that never made it … I dedicate this fight I’m going through to you all 🖤it’s time to live life on life‘s terms.. one day at a time. Taylor Dondi My beautiful baby Beth Buening 3-15-95 /5-1-19 Forever 24 I love you and miss you. Posted 27/08/2019 Dondi Karla Rockford Rockford Karla Carlo

Our beloved Alex Buzzi died of an overdose on June 27, 2019 in Pompano Beach, Florida. His 27 year old body is dead, but his soul will live forever! Alex was a deeply compassionate professional child advocate. He was steadfast in overcoming the genetic anomaly called Pierre Robin Syndrome. Alex was also adventurous and taught ESL in grades 1-5 in northern Spain. He was extraordinarily sociable and had friends from different socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds. We miss him 24/7!

In a few months, we will host a celebration of life as a kickoff to the Alex Buzzi Foundation. The purpose of this celebration is to commemorate the life of Alex Buzzi and to raise money for the foundation that bears his name. It is our hope that the Alex Buzzi Foundation will donate money to organizations which help individuals and families who struggle with the effects of substance abuse.

Posted 31/08/2019
Dolores Hallberry Im a mother of a child who pass away just a year ago of overdose he was 30 years old miss him so much it hurt Posted 14/11/2019 Dolores Hallberry Theresa My only beloved son died on December 8, 2012 due to an overdose of Oxycodone.  I continue to grieve and look for outlets wherever I can find to help with the process.  In the past few months I've been attending a support group for grieving families of victims of overdose (made available through Georgia Overdose Prevention).  Many of us share the same story, our sons/daughters began abusing opioids after initially being prescribed prescription drugs for pain.  In my son's case he had colorectal cancer at age 29 and had to undergo chemotherapy, radiation and invasive surgery to remove the tumor.  Brian always said his body was never the same and he was always in pain after all that. Brian's death completely changed my life.  His wife and 5 year old daughter moved far away to be with her family.  My friends who came to the funeral no longer call or inquire how I'm doing.  Brian's friends are all but nonexistent when it comes to reaching out just to share a memory or tell a story about him.  My own family doesn't mention his name at holiday gatherings as if they fear I might show some emotion. In fact, they did not come to the service I recently held to bury Brian's cremains at a local cemetery.  We did it alone. And I still hide - to protect Brian from being judged I told people he died of cancer.  My own family does not know Brian died of an Overdose and they never will if I can help it.  Of course, Brian's wife and child knows the truth as I'm sure people in her circle do. As for me and Brian's sister (Erica 33 years) we are not ready to make public the manner of Brian's death.  I wish I could -  be proud - and dare anyone to say something negative about my son or me or our family.  We quietly and privately grieve.  On this day we will wear a purple ribbon for Brian and I will probably listen at least once to Henry Mancini's Brian's Song.   Theresa Wendy Loving wife, best friend,my cherished love you are missed every day a thousand times. Chronic pain was your reality; I know that. Addiction was also. I am eternally sorry I couldn’t help you more. Please know I am committed now to remembrance and helping to ensure others know about the systemic problems that allow horrific and tragic deaths to occur. I miss you love. And now want to turn my love to action preventing other families this needless heart crushing pain. Wendy Adrienne I will forever miss you! Love you Sara Kathryn. Adrienne Shannon I miss my best friend and soul mate. I can’t believe you have been gone since 10-2013 My life will never be the same. Talented artist and brilliant mind forfeited for drugs. I love you will all my heart. Infinity. Nashville tn Shannon Natalie W. Remembering my son Ryan W. forever 35. 24 - 4 - 1981 ---- 16 - 6 - 2016 I miss you Ryan, and I love you so much. mum xxxx Natalie W. Tina In loving memory of my beautiful daughter Amanda Angelucci  who lost her battle with addiction on October 1, 2015. I miss you every second of every day. I miss your larger-than-life personality your smile your laughter your presence. You are now forever at peace in the arms of The Lord. Sleep with angels baby girl until we meet again. Love You. Forever Amanda's mom? Tina Nicole My older brother died from an overdose on Jan 31 2021. It created a shockwave throughout our family that we continue to feel. We never knew him as an addict and didn’t even know he was using hard drugs. He is missed every day and we love him. Nicole

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