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To all those who walked the hard miles but did not make it. You're never forgotten.

Remembering those who have died – or been injured – because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day. If you would like to commemorate somebody, please add Tributes here. Tributes will be posted below as soon as they are approved. [Please be aware that as this is a public forum, any use of profanity or personal attacks in Tributes may lead to the Tribute not being published].

I want to send a special message out to my husband who I have known half of my life he was my first kiss it was like a dream came true I met my soon to be his am I always known from the first time I seen you that you were going to be my husband! Many nights after your death I sit crying out asking why did you have to leave me so soon we had still so much to do! All I can do now is say fly high and one day we will meet on the other side my heart will never have that same beat my heart will never love another person as much as I loved you! No more worries no more struggles now your at peace!! Your sitting down with the lord who will watch over you!! And keep you safe!! My love!!!



My dad overdosed and left this world 1_2012 and then my mom who felt she couldn’t handle life without him her best friend overdose suicide August 2013. I miss them so much and I’m scared b/c me and my sister are addicts and depressed. I know we will all be together again but until then I pray they are finally at peace,

Okc, okla

Oldest of 2

Dear Mary, I know that you are in recovery now and have realized over the past 4 years why you left me. I put you through hell and back with my overdose in 2014. You sat in my hospital room and watched over me while I was placed in restraints so I couldn’t hurt myself or others. Shortly after that you left me after 7 years of wonderful and beautiful moments. We both suffered from this horrible disease of addiction and I now realize that you knew what I didn’t, that it wasn’t possible for both of us to be happy in a codependent relationship. I post this public forgiveness as a message to others so that they may be aware of codependency and it’s effects. I hope you are happy and healthy and I now understand why you couldn’t tell me why you left. I was going through some paperwork today and found the doctor’s report of my admission to the hospital, which you were responsible for, because I was in no condition to do it for myself. I am eternally grateful to you because without you I would have died.

I am posting this so hopefully others will take solace in knowing that there are people in your life who can help you, but only if you let them. This disease cannot be conquered on it’s own! Please, if you are suffering from addiction right now, reach out! Whether it takes every fiber of your being, make that phone call, knock on that door, but reach out! This disease doesn’t have to take another life if you are willing to humble yourself and get the help you need. The life you are ruining is not just your own, but every one else that loves you, and take it from me, there are people who love you.

Rest in Peace to all of those who we have lost to this useless but very real disease….


Shorewood, Wisconsin


Devan, you are the love of my life. We were together seven years and you made me incredibly happy. You were the reason I enjoyed life. Until I see you again, rest in peace my love.



I miss my best friend and soul mate. I can’t believe you have been gone since 10-2013 My life will never be the same. Talented artist and brilliant mind forfeited for drugs. I love you will all my heart. Infinity.

Nashville tn


On Oct 13th 2017 I got a call from a woman I didn’t know. She said my daughter Heather had just died. That the EMTs was still there. An her fiance came home from work an found her like that I thought I’d already suffered the worse loss with the death of my parents. I was wrong. My heart didn’t just break an huge hole formed an it can never be filled. She was 29. So much life left to live. She was so beautiful. I still can’t believe she’s not here. Heather your foreverse my Angel. I love you



‘COOKIE’, my (BIG) BABY BROTHER…I’m in my 16th year of sobriety now, 8 years after your death, but I almost died too….you were so proud of me…but our FAMILY has had GENERATIONS of genetic predisposition to ADDICTION and we’re in social denial …and because of ‘success for some’, our ADDICTION-FACTOR was kept hush hush…generations of us dying prematurely because others won’t get involved…i don’t know…im not a PhD…im just a sober Big Sister still struggling with your absence…I didn’t know someone could cry so hard for so long and still be alive… I’m so BLESSED to have had you in my LIFE…My Dad died when I was 5 …Mom remarried and you were born when I was 8 years old…I got to go to the Hospital and SEE MY NEW BABY BROTHER! OHHHN WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! {{{YOU}}} WERE THE FIRST {{{JOY}}} I REMEMBER! ….PEOPLE PLEASE START THE “ADDICTION FACTOR” CONVERSATION and NEVER GIVE UP!! MIZPAH, “JIMMY”☝️



Rachelle, it has been 4 long painful months since you left. I still play back in my mind everyday what the police told me at 11:15 am on August 23,2017. You were only on Meth for a few months. It took over you and took your life in such a short time. It’s just not fair!!!! I feel like this pain will Never ease. You probably didn’t know how loved you were. (are) We miss you so much. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t breathe. Your daughter misses you. Your sisters. I tried to get you help but I was too late. I’m so sorry. I love you my baby

Lake Charles, LA US


Issa my only son u left us to soon u took my heart and ur sister heart with u we missed u a lot I hope the law change when a mother cries and beg the system for help Answe we get we can’t force someone to a rehab against there own will ..u kidding us!! It’s a bad addiction a disease there not aware there wrong we are hear our voices and sentence them to rehabs pleas
Issa from 4/15/95 to 11/12/17
R.I.P my son

Long Island ny


Darrin, When they told me you were gone I was in shock and devastated. Not Darrin. He knew when it was enough. I see now that this disease is smarter than we are. We truly loved you Darrin. You made us laugh and you looked out for us. I only wish that we could have looked out for you even after death . Your absent family did exactly what you were so afraid of. I’m sorry Darin.



To my son, Ranon’

I love you and miss you so much! I wish I would have done more. I wish I could have saved you. Finally, you are at peace and relieved from all your suffering. I don’t think you had any idea that you were loved by so many people. I hope to see you again someday.

With all my love,
Your mom.

January 1977–May 2017

Dayton, Ohio, Montgomery County

Ramona Newton

My mom committed suicide on December 6,2017 via overdose leaving my brother ( age 15) and myself (age 17) we never really knew our mom we were taken out of her home by our grandparents when we are 5 and 3 and we tried to keep a relationship but she let it go and so we hadn’t seen her in many many years. So her death has caused a lot of emotions. But the only thing I would change of the while situation is being able to tell my mom I love her and godbye but I didn’t and couldn’t. I miss her very much. I don’t miss her cause of the relationship we had I miss her cause of the things we never had.



This tribute is for my mom,who had struggled with addiction her whole life..and lost the battle three days ago.I watched her kill herself for years..many battles over what to do,how to cope etc. Never solved anything..she always reverted back.I felt as though she didn’t love me enough to want to stay and try to be better.That battle is over now she overdosed..alone..I have no idea how she felt in that moment.I do know I loved her and underneath the disease she loved me…but it won.She was a beautiful caring soul that fell prey to evil and I will forever miss her.I hope to see you well again one day of pain.I love you Mom.



Tee, you’ll always live on in our hearts… Your sorely missed 😔 you light up any room with your beautiful smile… xxx

Sydney Coogee


My biological mom committed suicide by overdosing on December 6 2017. I been taken out of her home by my grandparents when I was 5. I hadn’t seen her in 10 years I’m 17 now so I was starting to want to see her before I moved on completely with my life. The day she died mom ( my grandmother but I call her mom) and I had started a folder of thing to show her when we meet after I turned 18 and the next day we get a call saying my mom had overdosed and didn’t make it. She was very depressed cause she hung out with the people who didn’t care about her and so she hated her life if I only could have seen her one more time I would have told her how loved she was by my brother and I and she didn’t need to feel alone but we couldn’t talk to her and let her know.

Knoxville TN


To Tiffany, you’ll forever be missed by family and friends. Your free to watch over us from Heaven.. Save a spot for me..
Simon xx

Sydney Coogee


To Tiffany, your much loved and missed by friends and family. You’ll forever be free, amongst the sky’s… Love Simon xx

Sydney Coogee


To my brother who I miss every time I take a breathe. Kallen William Scott forever 22.

Mission, BC, Canada

Alix Scott

Shannon Henderson..age 26, overdosed on heroin. My great sister, a mother, daughter, and best friend. Never forgotten and always loved in our hearts! Love and miss you shannon! Rest easy for one day we will see each other again! Love you 💘

Louisville, ky


Sonia passed away on December 11, 2017 after a heartbreaking battle with drug addiction. Throughout her life she had survived many difficult and life shattering experiences that she felt could only be covered by the numbing effects of drugs. Although unfortunate we will not remember Sonia for her struggles, only the loving, bighearted person she was. She was more than that. She was a mother to six, daughter, sister, grandmother, and friend to many. Her outgoing and friendly personality led her to befriend many from different walks of life. She never once discriminated against anyone, and was often helping others- even when she couldn’t help herself. How we wish things could have been different and she could have received the same in return; no judgement, just understanding and concern. We mourn Sonia- all that she was given, all that she deserved, and all that she could have been. We will carry her and her story on in hopes that we do not lose sight of our loved ones and focus on their addiction rather than the person. Sonia was a good, kind soul who rose above her struggles until it was too hard to stay afloat, and fell into an addiction far greater than she could control. She will be missed immensely.






Jennifer Ann Mikulec, if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Always in our hearts.
Grandmother, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend.



Justin Dean Blackburn lost his battle on September 20, 2017. He was 25 years old.

Walkertown, NC


I love you always David Debow. I will never forget you. I hope to see you in my dreams. Hopefully we will be together in heaven. I miss my best friend



I lost my mother to an overdose last week. She used from the age 17 off and on till the day she died at the age of 55. The day we found out we were devastated and began to plan her wake and services but it turned out not to be so simple. My mother was very secretive and lied about her drug use. We found out our mother had been dead for about 4 days and could not be identified. It was our worst nightmare and the hardest thing any of us has ever dealt with. She pushed my siblings and myself away because of her drug use a few ago so none of us had contact with her. We grew up in state custody bouncing from house to house in foster homes. She was still a great person when she was clean and even at some points of her life when she was using. Everyone knew her where she was from. She was very giving, loving and accepting. She had a very ruff life growing up and didn’t have the best example to follow when it came to parenting. My siblings and myself are going to be forever tormented by our mother sudden, tragic horrific death. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. I hope that one day they’ll be places people with addiction can go to for help right away and not have to jump through hoops to get help.

Springfield Massachusetts USA


My son, Gregory Demas, died of an accidental drug overdose on October 9th, 2017. He was 27 years old. I adored my son and find it extremely hard to live without him. He had overdosed four times before (that I know of), two of which I found him in the throws of, and was able to rush him to the hospital in time. The last time, on October 9th, I did not get home in time to save him. He fought his addiction for years. He was the smartest, funniest and most loving person you could ever have the pleasure to know. Over one thousand people attended his wake – almost all were his friends, as we have only a tiny family. THAT, seeing his friends lined up for blocks and blocks waiting to come into the funeral home, was a testament to his unique spirit. The funeral home, seeing the people lined up, opened the service an hour early and stayed open an extra hour so that everyone could come in to pay their respects. He was so deeply loved, especially by me, and will forever be missed. My heart aches for him, my boy, my Greggie.

Rockville Centre, Nassau County New York, USA

Audrey Demas

My baby brother, I miss and love you…
Kenneth (Boomer) Ross
July 8, 83 – Nov. 30, 17

huntington, wv

frances ross

Mary Beth Underwood
Dominic Vechiloa
Losing you both so close together over this breaks me into pieces . You’ll be forever missed and always remembered. I love you both.

Lake Villa, Illinois, USA


Many years ago my best friend, Beth Borden Long committed suicide in her home. She had many jaw surgeries like I also had. We had many things in common. When I learned that she had died, I had to have therapy for about a year or more. It was so painful to lose my best friend. If anyone is considering Over Dosing, please do not do that. You will hurt your family members and those that are your friends. This is very serious. My daughter lost her husband due to an Over Dose of prescription drugs. Please do not ever do this to your family and loved ones. They will never forget and they will be in so much pain from losing their friend, or loved ones. I hope that everyone will read this message. Please think before you do something that you can’t undo.

Kingwood, TX, USA


I knew Joy Hunley. She was a very special lady. Unfortunately, she O.D. Her mother is my best friend from elementary school in Houston, TX. I want everyone to know that I have lost my son-in-law to an O.D. and my best friend that lived in Bellaire, TX also committed suicide. I have lost many good friends and I hope that I don’t lose anymore to an Over Dose of any type of medications. This is very serious. Anyone that reads what I have written had better think twice before they Over Dose. This affects all family members and loved ones. This is nothing to sneeze about. This is very serious. Joy and her brother came to my home when we lived in Katy, TX. They were great kids. Now, Joy’s brother has lost his sister and I am pretty sure that he would never do anything to hurt his self. Please understand that when a person Over Doses, they hurt everyone that cares about them. Mostly their family members and loved ones hurt and feel the pain for a very long time.

Kingwood, TX, USA


My baby brother Shawn lost his battle with addiction this past week. We will miss him dearly. He was and will always be so much more than just an addict.

Marysville Wa

Bree Grinse

Oh my Anthony, I am lost for words. Ur battle won u. I tried so hard to save u from yourself. I lost my life partner Anthony Russell, for 26 years, on July 20, 2017. He left me to live his own life, with his own rules, a new crowd of friends. The bad dirty things he done to me that I may never understand but I have been told that’s what addiction does. It controls the addict and they hurt their loved ones cuz of it. I’m struggling still with grief from our separation cuz u were in my life for such a long time. It’s like I lost my right arm. I lost my best friend, my life partner. Then the griief of u dying. Hurts so much to know that I fought so hard to help u and no matter how hard I fought I still couldn’t save u from yourself.its like the devil came in and tore u from our lives. The life u were living wasn’t living. I hope wherever u are u finally found peace and no stress with yourself. I can’t even fathom the lose yet. I just thought I would do this to help me with it built up inside of me to get it off my chest. I loved u when we started and I loved u for all those years. I will always love u. I always have, and I always will. U and I have a lot of
Good memories in our years. I will not ever forget you. I have u still in our 2 daughters which I thankful for. They r having a very hard time without their dad. Until we meet again and I do hope we do. Bless ur soul. Love and miss u Anthony. I can’t believe ur really gone.

Kent county, nb, canada

Kathy Gotell

You left almost three years ago. I miss you every minute of every day. Thank you for the gift of the children you left me. I know we will meet again. I’m trying so hard to move forward. I know that’s what you would want me to do . Love you Mom. Erik James Cope. April 18. 1980-May 23. 2015.

Whitmore lake Mi

Judy Brown

Hi John,
It’ll be a year January 1st, 2018 since you left us. I just want to let you know that I will never let Liam forget about his uncle John, so don’t worry. I will never let anyone forget you. Your hard work, your dedication and your ability to always get right back up fighting. You became in the time since you married my sister one of my best friends, someone I could be open and honest with, someone I could be myself and not worry about judgement. You were never afraid to tell us you loved us, and I regret not telling you more how much you really meant to us. You were a lost soul just looking for someone to love you for the person you were and I wish you found it. I wish in the end you weren’t so broken to turn back to cocaine. I love you John. Your death taught me a valuable life lesson, to never turn your back on anyone and to never think of yourself as better than anyone else. We are all one life decipn away from rock bottom. Fly free John, I love you.

John Thomas Rea
1/8/88 – 1/1/17
Cocaine laced with fentanyl overdose

Plainville, MA


Sammy girl , 18 years old – died of heroin overdose in July 2017. Heartbroken , still can’t believe she’s gone.

South Plainfield, NJ USA


To my sister and her 3 sons you all left me because of drugs. I was so made at God and you when you left, could not understand why he would take all of you.Josh my sisters youngest son was murdered because of drugs 12 years ago he was only 25 and my sister shortly after she couldn’t fight her demons anymore.I almost gave up when you both left me still fighting the depression and health problems it caused then sept. 2014 drugs took your other 2 boys the holidays are coming i miss you all so much i will always love all of you more then you will every know.I still blame myself some how thinking i could save all of you if i had been a better sister,if i had been a better aunt if i would of spent more time with you.i think all of us feel that when you loose some one we love.I will smile and try to live me life happy for all of you because i know thats what you would want.Till we meet again remember how much i love all of you and miss you so much your sister and aunt Peggy

Cincinnati Ohio


Lost a beautiful, funny, outgoing father of two little girls, a brother, uncle, son, and friend to many, many people. Before he became a shell of himself, everyone referred to him as the mayor because he talked to everyone, and everyone loved him. He had a passion for plants, landscaping, trees and making people laugh. Because he worked in landscaping, he ultimately ended up with back pain and was prescribed pain killers, which inevitably turned into heroin. We lost our Shayne Ryan on 11/18/2017.

Bowie, MD


This is to Timothy Troy Haddock aka Maddog aka Crying Bear. The Death Certificate said you died from a Methadone over dose. You had been prescribed this medication in the past and with it you were set free from Heroine. But on this day you took it unprescribed and you were clean from both methadone and Heroine feeling alone and unloved you took it from a person on the streets. How can this be fair. One was suppose to save you from the other and when administered correctly it did. So brother I can speak for you from the grave. We grew up together and I know what you would say. Youngsters and all you OGs don’t let that Methadone fool you like it did me. Let that devil go and let Jesus rule over you and be your King.

Bakersfield CA


I give speeches on the effects of opiates. The dangers involved in doing opiates. I was hooked to opiates for 47 yrs. I overdosed 4 times. Now I give back I would love to be a part of your organization
My no. Is 587-778-6730
Call any time. I speak to 3rd year pharmaceutical students today at 1 pm at U of A



This is for my cousin Erika.. I wish I had done more when you were here




​Hey Johnny,
So I’m really missing you today; almost in tears again. I can’t believe in a few months, it will be two years since you’ve been gone. The pain is still fresh. I feel like I talked to you just last week. I still sometimes wonder why I haven’t heard from you, or I expect a text or call from you. For a brief moment, I’ll have a memory I want to tell you about, and then I remember I can’t. Or can I? I hope you’re listening/reading.

God, I love you Johnny. I have ALWAYS loved you so much, unconditionally, and I always will. There really are no words or a way to describe the love I had for you (and still do). I even wrote a couple of letters to you BEFORE you died…on days that I was missing you; on the days I prayed you could remain sober for a year so we could get back together (that was always the deal).

Sometimes, I wish I would have shown you those letters, but I know they wouldn’t have helped anything. They might have just made you sad. All I can hope for is an afterlife, where I’ll see you again. Even if I only see you for a moment, all I want to tell you is how much I love you. I have such vivid dreams about you, and that’s always the most important thing to me…to make you understand how LOVED you are. Not just by me, but by your family.

Anyway, I’m sorry for writing another sad message. I just want to get my point across. I wonder how Heaven is? I wish you could answer me. I just want you to be happy. Your happiness always meant as much to me as my own.

I love you Johnny. I better see you again; if not in an afterlife, then keep visiting me in my dreams. You’re forever a part of me.

Love, Lexi

Tampa, FL

Lexi Bauer

Michael had back issues and was prescribed Vicodin. For several years he took less than he was prescribed. After a couple of years of being on the prescription pain killers. He ended up having trouble getting his prescriptions. He was physically dependent and could not get what he needed. He bought what he needed off the street and eventually found Suboxone. He did well on it for a while but he hated the side effects of the high dose he was prescribed. Eventually he moved from Vicodin to Percocet to heroin. He willingly went to rehab two times. The second time he really wanted to be clean but he did not stick with his aftercare and eventually relapsed. He tried really hard to hide his drug use from me. He hid both relapses following rehab for many weeks. I realized he had relapsed and was quickly going downhill. We talked a little about it and two nights later I was going to have a serious conversation about his drug use where I was going to tell him he needed to go to rehab or I was divorcing him. He did not come home that night. He got paid that day and went and bought some heroin after work, snorted it and passed away. I know he really wanted to be clean. The last thing he said to me was talking about our future. I feel so cheated that this damn disease took him from me. I wish he would have been successful in fighting it.



To keep on going
Since you’ve gone
Is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
I wear a mask from day to day
and try to cope in my own way.
I will miss you til we meet again,
and long for you each day til then.
There’s now a hole no one can fill,
In my heart —I Love you Still!
Matthew Ryan Cinamon
I am with you always,
Love you,

Indianapolis, IN

Lisa Ruscetti

On October 12th, I learned a lesson that I wish I never had to learn. Addiction does not discriminate. Months ago, I sat in a meeting, listening to the healthcare director at my work talk about signing up for Narcan training. I thought to myself, “I will never need that. All of our students seem to have it together and I don’t know anyone personally who will ever need anything like that.”

On October 12th, I got a call early in the morning that my cousin, Jeff, had overdosed on heroin. I am angry at myself for being so blinded by privilege to believe that I would never be directly impacted by this epidemic. He was 43 years old, just about a year and a half older than me. I hadn’t seen him in a few years, but he was one of those people that was always there. It didn’t matter how much time had passed, you could sit down with him and talk like no time had passed at all. I am very sad and angry that he is no longer here. He was a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a nephew and a cousin. We shared a life story that I wasn’t ready to close the book on. RIP, Jeff.

Hagerstown, MD USA


I love and miss my aunt geri so much. I lost her to an overdose. She was a huge part of my life and an amazing person who just couldnt beat it. R.I.P Aunt Geri! Love always



I lost my little brother just two weeks ago to this horrible disease.he had just gotten out of treatment the week before. I’m heartbroken that I will never see him again. I wish so much that he Could have beaten this disease and we could have had the sister and brother relationship I so much wanted. The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that you are not struggling with the pain of your addiction anymore. I love you my little brother. Love your Sissy



March 19th 2016 is the day I lost my sister. She passed away of a heroin laced with fentanyl overdose. I will always remember her for the happy amazing person she was. She always put others before herself and always made sure her children had everything they needed. Her children were well loved by their momma, and now that she is gone there will always be a part of our hearts missing. A void that can never be filled. Though she would have wanted us to be happy and not cry at her loss it’s impossible. Her name is Amber Toth (Parwulski) . She was 29 when we lost her. She had a birthday that just passed. October 25th she would have been 31 . Amber was outgoing, loving, kind hearted and she has an amazing personality. Anyone who knows her knows that. Her love still dwells within and she will never be forgotten. I love you Bobo , love your baby sister Nikki

Buffalo Ny


I’ve lost so many. Since 1994, when 14 of my family friends overdosed, it’s been a constant. I struggled. I spent almost 12y on heroin. I have been Clean for a decade, and yet, still losing people. I quit counting at 50. Heroin is a liar. I know that now. Please if you’re struggling, know that it’s possible to quit. I’m living proof. I’m so sorry for everyone’s loss here. I know it too well. All my friends are ghosts now. rip all of you. Sandy, Richard, jamie, Zack , Tim, so many…it hurts. And I miss you

Madison, wi


RIP Skylar Baldwin

Kawartha Lakes Ontario Canada

Frank Docherty

Josh was 40 when he died of an overdose on 9/28/17. He was very smart, took good care of his body, ate well, had very good friends, was loved by his parents and siblings; had a series of short-lived jobs but big plans for his future employment; finally had a really nice car to drive around; never married but thought one day when he got drug free he would find the right girl–all this but he could not resist the lure of cocaine, alcohol, and whatever else he would include in his binges. He thought it wouldn’t happen to him, but all it takes is one “oops” bad decision and your dead. His death was a fear we lived with for over 20 years and despite endless attempts to provide help, were powerless to prevent for it is the addict who must act on behalf of his own life. Now, it is we who must live with the sadness left behind.



On October 10, 2017 I lost my Fiancee and the father to my unborn child to a heroin overdose. His name was Colin and he was only 33 years old. He struggled with addiction for years and years. He was a kind hearted and loving guy with a great sense of humor and I miss him every day.

Macon, GA USA


Matt Cinamon
9/12/85 -10/11/17
“You left me with beautiful memories, your love is still my guide. And tho I cannot see you … your always at my side “
For the rest of my life, I will love you.

Ann Arbor MI


I loved the conversations we had..So many great chats….U are so missed Billy..I love U..

Dalton MA.


My darling daughter Nicole Louise. Passed away 5 weeks before your 19th birthday. It has been 25 hard years since you passed awsy. There is not a single day that passes that i dont think about you. Still missing you like crazy.
Eternal love, mum xx

Melbourne Australia


To all the people reading the tributes on here… I am so sorry for your pain. If anyone has ever thought of taking an overdose: it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Nothing is hopeless. Ring someone. Ring Lifeline. You are worthy of living. Don’t you just let anyone win. Fight for your life. Tired of fighting fight harder. You feel alone it you are not alone.


Broken heart

My husband i lost on July 10, 2017 I spoken with him from 12p-12:45 p not knowing that was the last conversation that i would ever have with him… After work i began to call him around 5:05 PM no answer i began to look, and ask questions.. His father lead me to the home that he was last seen at.. I approached the door, a lady lead me to a coach that he was said to be asleep on i began to call out his name and say wake up. I touch him he was cold i began performing CPR until EMS workers arrived.. I could not believe that nobody in the room notice that he was not breathing until i came… Cocaine overdose…. I would ask him was he back using drugs he replied no… I would encourage him that he could stay clean and remain clean but i found him of a overdose.. We were married for 4 years, and had a 2 year old little boy who loved his father to the moon and back… Why did he have to go so soon, drug addiction is very powerful and can take the best out of here if help is not seek out. This is a life experience that have changed me forever..



I’ve lost two very close people to me from a heroine overdose within the months of August and September, 2017. To Kristen, my beautiful cousin, I hope you have found your peace and happiness up above me in your new forever home. Not a day goes by that you’re not in my mind. I love you so much, always and forever. To Jesse, my shining light. My best friend. You took a part of me when you left, but I want you to keep that part of me until we meet again. Your fight was so long and so courageous, all I can do is pray that you’re out of the pain, anger and frustration. I know you’re smiling down on me. You’re my handsome angel now. I hope that you both will feel so very proud in all that I do here on Earth in honor of your fights. Even with all my grief and emptiness, I will live my life to the fullest, because you guys wouldn’t want it any other way. I will use my voice to spread awareness of drug overdose. I promise. I love you both more than words could ever explain.

Wayne, New Jersey, United States


October 23 is a day I will always remember as that is the morning I found that my son had hung himself. He was addicted to heroin, he had just lost his license for a dwi and his girlfriend of 14 years broke up with him. I wish there was something i could have done to help him. He had been at rosecrance treatment facility 6 mos. Prior to his suicide. RIP my sweet darling son. 22 years was not enough time to spend with u, we were both cheated of our time together. I miss you every day. I wake up thinking of you until I go to bed every day. You were my life my everything. Love you son,



Susan Lingle

August 7th, 2017 we lost the love of my life, a loving son, supporting brother, and friend. Jordan like many fought the disease to the end. He was a beautiful soul who loved life, spending time with his family, golfing and horses. We were to be married September 15th, he will forever be my soulmate and champion of my heart. We miss you everyday Jordan, we know you continue to be with us and watch over us. I will miss you everyday until my last breath, Together Forever. XOXO



On Sept 20, 2017 the light burned out for our baby brother of 31yrs. He was a fun loving guy that would do anything for anyone except love himself enough to get clean. We love and miss you and will always help you son remember the wonderful things about you. Spread you wings bro…till we meet again

St louis


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united state


Love to Michelle Jugan and Jimmy Harms who did not make it.

Pittsburgh, Pa.


Adrian 10/30/88-08/10/17
We love you and miss you so much. You will be in our hearts forever. We will meet you in heaven.

Leitchfield, KY USA


My son was 27 when he died of an overdose. He had struggled with addiction since his teens. He left behind a daughter, a brother, his parents who loved him beyond words, nothing was enough to save him from himself.

Ozark, Mo, USA

Katherine Stoneroad

Little Surfer Girl,
The day I found you was one of the worst days of my life. I’ve struggled numerous times. What could I have done differently. Although I’ve been asked to not mention your name, the date I found you, or anything that will give way to who you really are, I wanted to say you are more then your addiction. You were kind, loving, funny and beautiful inside and out. There’s nothing to honor your memory. No grave, no tribute with your real name, however I will always remember you. Always…

San Diego,CA


Rest my friend.

Hernando, MS USA


In March of 2017 my beautiful daughter, Grace Louise Perrine, died of a prescription drug overdose in her dorm room in Richmond, Virginia. She was only twenty-two. The week she died, was VCU’s spring break. The doctor she had been seeing had just prescribed new medication at a much higher dose than the medications already prescribed, and did this right before the break, when most everyone was gone. Grace was extremely gifted musically, she played the flute, and was very artistic. She was a kind, compassionate young woman and one of my greatest joys. She was one of six children and her siblings miss her terribly. I miss her every day and have a hard time knowing I will never get to hear her laugh, see her beautiful smile, or just get to talk with her again.
Grace Louise Perrine
09 July 1994- 10 March 2017

Kelkheim, Germany


My brother Jordan fought a battle I can’t even comprehend. I was by his side through it all, our whole family was…
I will never stop loving you and I will never stop fighting for you. Although the magnitude of my grief is unspeakable I do hope you have found peace. The world will never have another one like you, not only were you intelligent and caring you were full of unconditional love. Your smile, your humor and unending ability to make the world shine are just a few of the million things I will miss. You were always so much more than your disease and your memory will live on forever. I love you Jordan.

Rutland, VT


You were an amazing person who fought a horrible demon that ended up taking your life and continues to haunt the streets of the world. Your two boys and I miss you everyday and everyday there isn’t a moment we don’t think of you and wish you were here. You were an amazing person who didn’t deserve this.
You will always have my heart and I will never forget who you truly were.

Love you, Sam

Carson City NV

Samantha Perry

You were an amazing person who fought a horrible demon that ended up taking your life and continues to haunt the streets of the world. Your two boys and I miss you everyday and everyday there isn’t a moment we don’t think of you and wish you were here. You were an amazing person who didn’t deserve this.
You will always have my heart and I will never forget who you truly were.

Love you, Sam

Carson City NV

Not sure what struggles landed us here but hearing the drugs took your life last night as so many including myself left speechless and shocked. May all the struggles and pain now be gone as you lay in the arms of the Lord. May God bless your family and wrap them in comfort especially your 3 kids. May you Rest In Peace, you are gone but will not be forgotten

Madison, WI USA


Sam passed away two years ago due to an overdose. Sam was outgoing and very street smart. She loved her children and her boyfriend very much. She was an amazing mother to her four kids. Before she passed away, she accomplished numerous things. She was able to get custody of her children back which was not possible for the area that we live in. She obtained her own vehicle and a three bedroom house all within one year. She advocated for her boyfriend that was actively using to get into treatment in which he was able to do through her. She was working two jobs while also taking care of her children. She was trying to rebuild family relationships through therapy. Once she set her mind to something, she followed through with it. She had two years of sobriety and was working on her issues in treatment. She was very loyal to those that she cared about and we want to remember her forever.

Doylestown, PA


Thank you to all the courageous, strong, Santa Barbara moms, dads, brothers, families, friends, partners, and children who came to honor and remember “All Those Who Walked The Hard Miles, But Did Not Make It.” “You’re never forgotten”. We had a beautiful purple circle of light on the beach”.

Recovery Fusion Santa Barbara, CA USA

Robbin O’Neill-Gregory

To my brother Brian, I am so sorry that I didn’t try to help you. I don’t even know if I could have, but now I will never know. I didn’t like the choices you made, but I loved you. I am sorry that I didn’t tell you. I pray that you are at peace now, and I hope to someday see you again. I love you.

Kermit WV USA


You meant alot to everybody that knew you and were the closest person in my life nothing will make the sadness of the years since any better.
Hope to see you soon and that you aren’t hurting anymore.

Cumming GA Forsyth County


My son, Jared, died July 2016 from an overdose. From day 1 he challenged us in so many ways and struggled more than half his life with addiction and anxiety. Yet he had such a sensitive side, with so much love for his family, especially his sister and daughter. He befriended many throughout his journey, as seen by attendees who paid their respects after his passing. Sobriety, though infrequent, brought out the very best in him and I cherish those times. There’s a small bit of comfort knowing he’s not struggling anymore and is flying free but it doesn’t fill that empty feeling I have. Always remembered, always LOVED 💖

New Castle


I attended an “International Overdose Awareness Day” Event, In Honor of The Love of My Life and Baby’s Father, Tucker Henry R.I.P., he passed away Oct. 28, 2016, from Heroin overdose at 26 yrs. old..he is deeply missed and holds a place in my heart forever.. It was a Very Emotional and Beautiful Event. Thank You For Everything You Do For Our Community and throughout the World!

Las Vegas

Jennifer Pattee

Missing you deeply my son. Forever in my heart. Love , Mom

Miami, Florida 33176 USA

Eric Fishbein

I lost my beautiful baby sister Lauren to a fentanyl overdose on June 11th, 2016. She was only 21. Lauren, I miss you more than I could ever possibly describe and I love you more than you’ll ever know. My heart will always be broken with you gone.

San Diego, CA


Today I think of Tim. Tim was funny and good company. I recall him in the kitchen of a shared house, casually showing me the leopard print undies he had stolen from his new lover; he had decided to wear them. Black jacket and a foppish mod haircut, he was a beautiful young man.
He was alone at the time; he became isolated, and I believe that was a strong component of what happened. Try not shut people out.

Hobart, Tasmania


I lost my youngest son, Jordan, to an accidental drug overdose on April 25, 2016. He will always be remembered and loved. 21 years was not enough time with him but I am thankful that he does not have to fight this terrible disease any longer.

McMinnville, TN. USA


It is a shame that people with chronic conditions have to be in pain because so many get a sexual thrill from thinking about how many people they can force to be in pain. Our nation has become really disgusting with all these sadists masquerading as do-gooders. May they rot in Hell.



On January 24th, 2013 my 23 year old baby brother overdosed on heroin. His death has left such a huge whole in my heart and family. International Overdose Awareness Day has made me think so much! Honestly I didn’t know that this was internationally recognized. I woke up today just like I have many times before. I got my kids off to school and made a trip to Costco. As i cruised through Facebook today I realized that this day exists! Here are some of the many thoughts I have as I reflect on the loss of my brother and my own battle with addiction…

* NO ONE plans to become an addict!
* NO ONE expects addiction to take the their life!
*Addiction is the result of a multitude of reasons…not just the desire to get high. Some are trying to numb pain, forget trauma, escape a horrible reality. If you have EVER had a beer or glass wine because you’ve had a tough day…you were just a few beers, glasses of wine or hit away from addiction!
*EVERY addict is someone’s loved one!

If you know someone battling addiction…speak up! Fight like hell for them because they absolutely need help! Call them everyday! Seek professional help! Never give up! You can always regret the things you did but can never get another chance to do more!

I pray for each addict and their family. ❤

I miss you Steven Adams!

Bakersfield, CA


Sadly I tried to post a tribute but failed to do it in time.
My beautiful son Simon passed on 5.5.2016 aged 33.
Every day is an awareness day for me.
He tried so very hard to quit his addiction and accidentally overdosed.
I carry him in my heart every minute of every day.
I love him and miss him more than any words can say.

Emsworth, Hampshire UK


Lost my beautiful wife September 13, 2016.
Miss you every single day my sweetheart.



My son John died on Dec 22, 2015 from a heroin overdose which was laced with Fentanol. He battled this demon which finally took his life. He was only 35 years old and left a 7 year old son. He is greatly missed.



We will never forget you Patrick. You left this world much to soon. We will always love you and remember the happy times.

Bandera, Texas

Kathy Ulich

Newark-My beloved daughter you are truly missed!! NEVER FORGOTTEN RIP ELIZABETH



Remembering a great man today! We miss you every day !! Always in our hearts, gone but not forgotten RIP Greg ❤❤❤❤❤

Goose creek, sc


I miss you my dearest cousin Krissy Nagy. I hate this disease and I’m going to keep fighting this fight for you❤️
To my dear friend Danielle Smeall. May you Rest In Peace my friend. I miss and love you both.


Brandi Marinelli

My 16 YR old daughter suffers from depression and has tried to overdose twice. We were very lucky the second time was touch and go, but we were very lucky. My heart and prayers go out to everyone and there loved ones who did lose someone.

North Pekin IL USA


My darling son I miss you so much. You were taken from me 17th Aug 2016 but you are here with me 24/7.


Rita Parker

Dino left this world too early. He was too young but his demons were too much. My sister, Patty always loved him and his 2 children were young but they loved their father no matter what. Dino missed out on all the big moments in their lives. He lives on through these two beautiful and successful adults and even a grandson. I know he is proud and smiling down on them. But this was not the way his story should have ended.

God bless everyone that has lost a loved one too early and to an overdose. My love and prayers are with you all!

woodhaven, MI USA


In loving memory of my beloved brother, Norman Fuchs, who was only 36 years old. He fought the ‘addiction demon’ with all he had but lost the battle on 10-14-16. I want people to remember him for who he was and not what the horrid disease turned him onto. We miss him terribly and struggle everyday without him yet we keep holding on to the wonderful memories we have and the hope that he is finally at peace and free. I will love you always and miss you forever Norm!!!

Fowlerville, MI

Carlee Zarb

In loving memory of my beloved brother, Norman Fuchs, who was only 36 years old. He fought the ‘addiction demon’ with all he had but lost the battle on 10-14-16. I want people to remember him for who he was and not what the horrid disease turned him onto. We miss him terribly and struggle everyday without him yet we keep holding on to the wonderful memories we have and the hope that he is finally at peace and free. I will love you always and miss you forever Norm!!!


Carlee Zarb

My darling daughter Carley. You are missed everyday. Part of me left with you, my heart. I know you tried your best to beat this evil disease. Will always feel like I could have done more. I know you are safe now. Love you my Angel💙

Grimsby ontario


Tribute for Gavin Grant. He was a 19 year old kid with laughter that could ignite a crowd. We miss him because of a fatal drug overdose of methadone pills he took out of a purse and had no idea of the dosing. I hope that prescription drugs are limited and over prescribing stops….Also if people would start referring to the synthetic name of the street drug instead of an outdated name that is no longer organic such as herion. It is synthetic poison now. Bless all of us that have lost our kids too soon for these overdoses, the life loss of a loved family member is unexplainable grief.

Bonney Lake WA


My beautiful son Kerry died 2/20/15. I begged him to get help 2/18, he was dead two days later. His brother & I will never be the same. He was my first born son. He was perfect looking when he was born, at 8 pm 10/26/88, like the Gerber baby. Now his ashes are in my attic, I can’t bear to spread them, it makes it too real. There were 2 hundred people at his service. He never met a stranger. Opioids kill.

Greenbelt, mD

Sarah P.C

For Kevin B> you’ve been on my mind a lot lately dude. Hope you’re doing well up there.

Chicago, IL

Jenny B.

Travis , you will always be remembered and missed dearly , you will forever be in our hearts , love mom 💜

McKees Rocks , Pa

Josephine Rizzo

Mario DeCecco-Rodriguez

Dearest Mario,
Even though I didn’t know you, it seems like I did with what you’ve left behind.
YOUR death I wish I could prevent like while watching a movie, to be able to press rewind.
Your mother hides her hurt inside and cries for you each day
I know you didn’t mean to hurt her and if you could, you’d take it all away.
I’m sorry that you’re gone, I’d just like to say…
Your life had more meaning than the drug that took you away.
Please help your mother to remember all the good times that you’ve shared, all the laughs, kisses, hugs, and things you said…
Keep them in her heart, her life, and in her head.
Let her know it’s alright to live her life each day,
And perhaps be less focused on the horrible thing that took you away.
Let her laugh, to love, and to live,
And most of all, herself to forgive.
She did all she could to save you, but in the end she couldn’t.
Each day she creates a hell to live, believes there might have been something, so this decision that you made to take this drug that stole your life, you wouldn’t.
I know you to be a skater who likes blue and red,
And that you are cheering in in heaven for every punch Mayweather landed on McGregor’s head.
Your body was filled with tattoos and you were used to winning and never lose.
It sucks this choice you made has ended your life like this,
But just know there are so many you’ve touched and ALL of them will miss… They wish you would have stayed.
The way you laughed and loved, the music you played,
the cologne you wore,
and so much you will be missed for…
Finally, I pray to make this heroin STOP stealing even MORE!!!

Buffalo, New York

Kim Griffin

My love….. missn you terribly… you are safe and out if harms way….RIP my son love mom

Reno nv


I miss you every day Dave


Mary Lou

We are so lucky to have had our brilliant and beautiful daughter, Isabella, for 20 years. We love you, Bella!

Saint Louis, Missouri, US

Christy Sammartano

How I wrote it in my recent local paper…

Edmonds, WA


In memory of my beautiful 17 year old son, Cody, who was the light of so many people’s lives and tragically died on June 1, 2017 of an accidental prescription drug overdose. He is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Carpinteria, California USA

Melisa Irwin

My son’s brother, Tyler, passed away on Oct 2, 2016 from a heroin overdose. We will never be able to fill the hole in our hearts. You are missed so much every day and we’ll never be the same without you. We never thought we’d have to say goodbye to you so soon. We will forever carry you in our hearts, the countless memories…it’ll never get easier for any of us no matter how hard we try to push forward. We just hope that you are at peace not having to battle this monster anymore. All our love #forever24

Toms River, NJ


Alexis Lenti much loved and adored daughter of Frank and Maureen. Mother of Brayden

A person never knows what strength they have until there is no other choice.

Worcester MA USA


Loving memory Rachel O’Dette watch over your mother Myra Lazarowitz O’Dette…never knew how strong she was until she had no other choice.
Love you always

Worcester MA USA


Nate, I miss you so much big brother! I thank God every day you are finally at peace and are healed from addiction, living in Heaven and reunited with mom. All my love until we meet see you again!

Findlay/OH USA


My brother, Will (Willy to so many) , had a picture postcard life. Beautiful wife, beautiful daughter, home in a nice neighborhood with a large yard for his dog to run and play with his little girl. Introduced to a person who had nothing to lose. Led him down a long, dark road to Heroin. Lost his perfect life; then lost his soul; then took his last breath after battling an addiction for 10 years. He died March 14, 2015. I Miss him with every breath I take. It doesn’t seem real. I keep waiting for him to walk thru my door. What does help, is that my son is his twin, in looks, not attitude. I Love You Willy!!!


Terri Peterson

Emily … it’s been 671 days since you left us. Not an hour goes by that I don’t think of you. Your brothers and I miss you so very much.
Love you more with each breath


Paula Jean Carney

In memory of my beautiful daughter, Amber Pearl Morrow, who died from an accidental fentanyl overdose on January 23, 2017. She was a light in a very dark world, who is missed each and every day by all of her family and friends but especially her mama, daddy, her baby brother Chase, the love of her life Bryan, her JoJo, Gabby, Kylee, Raquel and her very special Memere. We love you baby girl more than all of the stars in the sky.


Jen Morrow

It has only been 8 months since I lost my only sister. EVERYDAY and double today I think of her and her suffering. I think about all the negative things people thought about her as she struggled. it is so important to raise awareness about the DISEASE. She struggled, she tried so hard but she lost the battle. Even if just one person can start over today I can smile. RIP my sister, my friend Carrie. I love you! I miss you!


Sue McNeeley

RIP 1/15/88-6/2/09 (Nephew) Andrew “A.A” Missing you everyday

Elizabethtown, Ky

Mary Alice

I lost my grandson on 7-25-16. He was better than me. He was the best person I ever knew. He had his problems in that last year of his life. He was 29. He was smart, good, charismatic, and kind. He could have been anything. He was a good warm loving man, a dad with a 5 year old. He should be here. I loved him more than life. His passing was a loss to me and to the world.

Los Angeles, USA


My Chook,
I miss you so much and look forward to being reunited with you. Make sure you come find me when I get to heaven.
Love DT xxx

Melbourne, Australia


I lost my son on 3-4-2017 of a drug overdose he was a star athletic in football and disc had a associates degree in auto mechanics.also just got a master Subaru technitions degree had blonde hair and blue eyes so handsome worked at the same job for 16 yrs addiction does not decrminate he was awesome son it has destroyed are family so defestating I am his momma and I will not ever be whole again my heart is broken and will never meand.please reach out for help my son wouldn’t because he was assamed and would have been stigmatis that would have been better then death .I’m praying Everyday for a cure and for all that suffer from this horrible diesese please God help us all amen .

Jefferson pa

Melinda Jeffries

Memory of my sweet Preston

Bismarck/ North Dakota


Christian Thomas Toner “Turtle”
I miss you so much. You was my very best friend the closest person I had to me. Its so hard to accept that this disease took you away way too soon. I think of you everyday and love you with all my heart and soul!

Knoxville, tn


My beloved partner, the man I planned to grow old with and the father to my babies…Gone. In the blink of an eye our lives will never be the same again.

Guelph Ontario


To my very best friend,my first Love&Father of our first born,Kylee Marie,JB Bennett,you will forever be deeply missed,as of today,August 30,2017,it’s been 1year&30 days since we lost you to your demons.The pain we feel everyday is unimaginable😢It’s a pain&A void that we will never get back.The pain will forever be there.This drug too my daughters father 19 days before her 16th Birthday.I hope by having these vigils&being aware that this drug does not discriminate and will not stop unless we all keep our children and loved ones wide eyed to what this drug can really do because the effects are everlasting for the families..To all those we have lost Please keep watch over your loved ones,to those who are still fighting,keep fighting,know YOU ARE WORTH IT AND THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT LOVE YOU even when you feel you’re not loved and to those,like myself who have lost someone very close,just know you’re not alone and WE WILL find an end to these tragedies…UNTIL OUR SKYS MEET.I LOVE YOU JAY❤️


Christina McLaughlin

To my beloved son Joseph. We lost you to an opioid overdose on May 26, 2017 at the young age of 19. Sadly there was fentanyl mixed in. I know you did not want to leave us so soon. You left us so suddenly and tragically. You had so many dreams and plans for your future. I am sorry that you had to battle this disease. You were a sensitive, beautiful person with a love of the outdoors. Our hearts are forever broken and our lives forever changed. We love you so much Joe and miss you desperately. Until we see you again.
Love you infinity times infinity,

Lawrenceville, GA USA

Kathi Abraham

Janice we miss you so incredibly much… It’s been the hardest five months ever. This wasn’t supposed to be like this.
She loved, lived, laughed and left.
Be your own kind of beautiful.

Washington Ga

Shela Lawson

We struggled. Every single day together, both from our disease… and i watched…no i let you walk away and never saw you again.. you left 3-7-2015 and 3 days later, the cops come knocking on our door, the rehab we both entered. Together. Told me they found you dead with a needle in your arm. And i want you to know that any other day i would have followed you..but i had just found out i was pregnant. And so i stayed for my little faith of a mustard seed…im coming up on 3 yrs clean 11-4-2014 is my clean date…bitter sweet bcuz it would have been yours to. Our daughter is beautiful. She looks just like you. And i will fight this battle until the day i die so that i can raise our daughter right, relapse will never be an option and i want you to know you did not die in vein and i refuse to let our daughter be another statistic…
And i remember our wedding vows, through sickness and in health, until death do us part…
We were both sick and the disease took you out and im so sorry. I just want you to know that i loved you and thank you for my beautiful angel you left behind. I love you.



In memory of our beautiful daughter, Jennifer Flood ❤️
You are forever loved and missed.
May you rest in peace. Miss you forever.

Valley Cottage, NY

John & Laraine

In honor of my little brother, who struggled and fought and wrestled with his demons and addictions for so long, until he struggled no more. He passed away last year, accidentally overdosing on heroin in the same bedroom that we grew up playing in as children. I am positive that the sun got a little less bright on the day he left us… but I am also sure that he is no longer trapped in the cycles of pain and self-loathing that fueled his disease, and for that I am somehow grateful. I miss my brother with every fiber of my being, and wish that he was here to see his nephews and niece grow into such incredibly cool little people… wish that he was here to ease my parents’ loss… wish that I could just hear him laugh and crack a joke with his deep Pittsburgh-ese drawl…

I carry you with me Sean…. we will use your story to help others. You matter, so much more than you ever understood. I love you.

Charlotte, NC

Alison Hindman Talleri

Lost all my friends to overdoses i sit here alone now



Dear Jeff,
I can’t believe that you have been gone almost 14 years. I know you tried hard to stay in recovery. I’m sorry that you made a mistake in combining a deadly combination of drugs that cost you your life. Your mom and dad and sister have never stopped grieving every single day, since we lost you. We watch your son struggle with not having a dad, and navigating the difficult waters of being a teenager, and struggling with more loss than anyone his age should have experienced. I have tried to be the best “Grammy Bear” to him, and Caitie has also tried to be the very best Auntie. I hope you and Marc are at peace and with Grandma and Grandpa. No one loved you more unconditionally than your Grandma. In honor of you and Marc, I continue to work in prevention to try to support youth in making healthy decisions and not getting started down the treacherous path of addiction. It’s not easy, because my losses are in my face every day. It would be easier to just turn away from this heartache! Dad and I try to live the best, most loving and compassionate lives we can, and use every ounce of energy and faith to survive our losses. No parent should have to travel this journey, especially when they tried to so hard to raise their children with a village of people who loved them. Many dreams were forever gone when we lost you and Marc. You are in our hearts forever, Mom

Vancouver, WA 98686

Kathy Deschner

This is in tribute to my nephew Spencer Warfield who passed away Oct 14,2012. This was a wonderful man who was a treasure to our family. When you think of people who have died –remember they were loved and they are not forgotten. They are usually bundled into a group as misfits. This is not true. Look into your heart the next time you judge and then pray for this country to help those still out there who are in pain.

Silver Creek, Washington USA

Sharon Morris

Mata T you left us on 17th September 2014. I always loved you and told everyone I knew. I’m sorry I turned you away the last time I saw you, I had my baby with me and I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to say “no” if you offered me drugs. When you died I wanted to come to the funeral but I felt so ashamed that we had used together all those times. I didn’t want to face your family knowing we were so unwell together.
I always hoped you would find recovery so we could be together again.

Auckland, New Zealand


Mo Babe I know that you never intended to leave me alone , so do not worry my love , remember the love we shared remains eternal ,
Like two grains of sand in a desert storm we are only scattered but with luck one day we will find each other again .
love sweety .



For my daughter Monica 8/7/1993-4/6/2015.
In the aftermath,
There is still a struggle
The struggle of living without you.



Remembering my darling Erif – forever loved and missed.

Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom


Planted in loving memory Rachel O’Dette loved eternally by mother Myra Lazarowitz Odette
Kathy loves you always.

Worcester MA USA


In loving memory of cherished daughter Alexis Lenti
Frank and Maureen (parents) son Brayden

Worcester MA USA


I wish I could have done something to save you. I wish I had been able to fly you home for Christmas. I wish that when you reached out to your previous treatment center for help, they would have answered you sooner. I wish someone could have stopped you. I wish your halfway house would have put you on lockdown when you admitted to using instead of sending you home. I wish you hadn’t been across the country. I wish you hadn’t died alone. I wish I could have kept you safe. I feel like I did everything I could, but I also feel like it could never have been enough. I miss you every day, my beautiful daughter, forever young, brilliant, hilarious and full of hope. I am furious you died before me and empty without you.

Wilmington, DE, USA


If only they had safe injection sites, or Narcan available as it is today years ago… My father died on Oct 26, 1995 of a drug overdose in downtown Eastside, in the stall of a women’s washroom in the Dodson Hotel. If only we had the knowledge we have today back then, maybe someone could have saved his life. RIP Dad.. Wilson Mason Murdock March 18, 1962-Oct 26, 1995
I love you dad, and I miss you

Vancouver BC, Canada

Jess Murdock-Jack

In honor of my sister, Hannah Brock, who went into sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 27 on 3/18/17 from an allergic reaction to fentanyl and is recovering from a brain injury … we love you, keep fighting!

Union, KY USA

Rachel Rivera

To my Rich, you are missed more than you could ever imagine. I know your suffering has ended, and that is a relief to me. But missing you is a heartache that never ends. I never wanted to get used to life without you here. My worst nightmare. I am trying my best though, to honor you every day. As always, I love you Homes.

Worcester, MA USA


To my daughter Amanda, may she found the peace and serenity that she was always looking for.
Rest in peace Amanda

love Dad

courtenay b.c

danny oleary

I lost my dad to an overdose when I was just 12 yeats old. 8 years later, I lost my cousin to an overdose just 9 days after my birthday. Overdose Awareness has now became an everyday topic in my life. I know the pain of watching a family member suffer along with the whole family suffering as well. 💜

Washington DC


Missing your smile and your tender ways. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you. You have gone to a place where there is no worries and no problems. You are gone but the love is there in our hearts
Gone but never forgotten.

Stoughton, Ma.USA

Barbara Edmondson

Rest in peace Craig – Love you, MOM

Shrewsbury, MA USA


In Memory of Julieanne May O’Day (May Family)

Alexis L –(father Frank)

Worcester MA USA


Bridge Team are made from peer workers who are active and Ex drug users working for harm reduction in Kabul Afghanistan we are going to the active drug scenes every day and find several overdose cases every month and some of these has been retrieved by our teammates’ and most of them has died. Because we only petrol in official day time. Only having a small number of Naloxone.
Afghanistan Have more than 3 million drug users and more than a million are homeless live under the Bridges and streets who mostly over dose in each 1000 we can find 5 to 20 overdose cases and 4 percent of the cause the death we last Mohammad Hanif , Ismail, Reza, Muhsin, Kaber and many others…
we need world attention to overdose management at the end i want to say thank you Mr MAT SOUTHWELL a CoAct partner for training of Bridge Peer worker on Overdose management to save live of our Brothers here in Kabul Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan

Abdur Raheem Reajaey

Robin Scott MacDonald – 10.2.70-18.11.97
A dearly loved son and brother who paid the ultimate price to heroin for his addiction aged 27.
Sadly gone from our lives but now thankfully set free from his demons.
Will never be forgotten by his Mum, Dad and brother Sean

Cheltenham Gloucestershire UK

Irene MacDonald

My younger brother Tommy Michael Mount passed away on November 20, 2016 from a lethal mixture of drugs, including heroin. Tommy was only 19 years old. He was a fun, outgoing, free- spirited person. He loved to make people laugh and was good at it. Tommy battled with some demons inside which led him to turn to alcohol and drugs at such a young age. He got involved with a not so good group of people and it just got worse from there. He was at the age where he though he was invincible and that he wouldn’t get hurt or even worse die. But sadly, that wasn’t the case. Tommy is deeply missed every second of everyday. But the memories we have of and with him are forever cherished like our personal little movies.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Jennifer Mount

Missing you Monica. forever in our hearts



In Loving Memory of Mandy Michele Darby:

A young woman who wanted to live life to the fullest. Mandy loved music, fairs and
different events. May people remember her with the love and enthusiasm she gave

Baltimore, MD (Anne Arundel County)


In loving memory of Alexis Lenti cherished daughter of Frank and Maureen

worcester ma usa


planted in memory of Julieanne May O’Day (May Family)

worcester ma usa


I lost my father Jeff Fowler to a heroin overdose on Jan.20th 2015 he is very sadly missed


Melinda Fowler

I lost my father Jeff Fowler to a heroin overdose on Jan.20th 2015 he is very sadly missed


Melinda Fowler

In memory of my son, Jonathan Pattison. Love never dies.

Deep River, ON

leona morley

My son my heart is broken . I love you forever my love.

Philadelphia Pa

Lou lou

We lost the vibrant spirit of Katrina , on June 14 , 2015.
The Heroine was tainted , she never had a chance, when the needle hit her vein, and she flew to heaven.

Fort Myers, Florida USA

Candice Algeo

I’m planning a balloon Release on August 31st. To help people in my community remember loved ones lost. My number one reason for doing this is that I lost my mother on August 2nd 2015 to an overdose.

Hanceville, Alabama

Brandy Raymond

I just found out that I lost a really good friend, 2days after the fact, due to an opioid overdose! I’ve overdosed several times myself, but I’ve been very lucky! I just wanna say it is very important to let the ppl closest to a person, because the hardest part of an overdose is not being able to say good-bye!

Anchorage, Ak

Shannon Houtz

My big brother struggled with addiction. After his second rehab he passed away from an overdose at 30 years young. It’s so hard to continue living without him, I have a gaping hole in my life no one and nothing could ever fill.

Your life was a blessing
Your memory a treasure
You are loved beyond words
And missed beyond measure

Missoula, Montana, USA


In memory of my son Brent “Bone” 8/1/1992-10/2/2016
You are loved and missed by your family and friends.. Love Ma Dukes

Lock Haven PA


I send this in memory of my beloved son David P Borandi. He died from Heroine/fetanyl/codeine mix. He was my only child. Parents who go through this die two deaths, one when their child begins to use, the battle of while they are using and then the ultimate death, when they die completely. It’s a devastating reality, you are never the same again.

Pittsburgh, PA


To my son Brandon and my son Chad~Your so missed and so loved everyday! Forever 23!



I am sorry for the way you died, all dirty and full of dope. You deserved better. You were praying that night, so loud and so personal to Jesus. You were praying for people that you loved to be delivered from the things that hold them back. You also did state your faith in Jesus that night. It was dark in the house and cold, we had no power that night. You finally got quiet and sat down then fell asleep. I thought it was good that you got quiet and sleep. I didn’t expect you to die on the couch that night. We had not been living right, not sleeping, not eating, full of this drug or that drug. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize that you were in an overdose that night, that you were dying. I’m so sorry to your family. I didn’t know. You were praying out loud to God that night almost as if you were testing the limits with the amount of pills you took. I dont even know, too many. But you wanted to be sure of your salvation, out loud before you sat down to rest.

Pensacola, Florida


Alex Michael Gillen 8-4-88 to 12-12-14
Like so many others, our beloved child was taken from us far too soon. His light shines brightly forever in out hearts. At his core he was a good man. In reflection, we now understand that our son’s suffering was real. Throughout his short but meaningful life, he demonstrated a strong sense of genuine love. People are imperfect. We are comforted in knowing that on that day, at that moment…he was perfect in Gods eyes and no longer needed this world.

Carmel Indiana

Gary & Lisa

I will always remember and love my only child, Dakota (Cody) Martin Faso. 2-2-1993-7-1-2011.

Palm beach gardens, Florida


I will always carry my only child, Dakota Martin Faso, in my heart….everyday.
Until we meet again……

Palm beach Gardens, Florida


To my baby boy RJ, always in my heart, always on my mind. You will never be forgotten. 2/28/1985-5/24/2015- forever 30. I miss you so much

Alpharetta, Georgia-USA

Sue Swinson

For my soulmate, Shane Ryan Vincent. You are missed more than you will ever know. Life has been dark since you left. Love you always

York, PA USA

Angela Grabowski

My nephew Jason battled with addiction for many years. On November 15,2015 he lost that battle to an accidental overdose of heroin and fentanyl. I think of him often and miss his contagious smile. Forever loved and in our hearts. Forever missed.

Lunenburg, MA


My beautiful sister, Bonnie, struggled for many years with addiction and we lost her on July 27th 2017 from an overdose. She left a hole in our hearts that has been unbearable for every family member, especially her 16 year old daughter and husband, who have to learn to live in a home without the person that filled the house with love. Losing my sister to addiction has been a reality that this disease does affect not only the individual, but the entire family. She is a beautiful soul and I miss her so much. She is no longer battling this disease and is at peace. Our hearts are so incredibly broken! I love Bon, my beautiful little sister. XO

Pennsylvania, US


On March 21, 2017 we lost our beautiful boy Nicholas Tupper to an accidental overdose of fentanyl and heroin. Nicky battled this disease for over 12 years and the only comfort we take now is he no longer fights that daily demon and darkness. Nick had a beautiful and kind heart. Even on the worst days he would reach out to let me know he loved me, reach out to others and try to lift them up. Playing his guitar, writing music and singing were his passion and healing. He loved with all of his being.
My son never told me that he wanted to grow up and be an addict. I told him daily that I believed and he needed too as well. Nicky, my heart is forever empty, I miss your smile, your laughter, your hugs. Let others hear the message that they need to continue to believe!
I love you, today, tomorrow and forever Mommy

Stuart, FL, USA


My beautiful son Maxwell, you are missed every single second of the day. We were so lucky to have you in our lives for your short 19 years. So many wonderful memories, always so inquisitive, wanting to know everything. Baseball games, fishing, skiing, walks in the forest, pushing you in the swing for hours, chicken nuggets and my world famous brownies. Life will never be the same without you that’s for sure. Frito-Bandito follows me everywhere. I’m happy you are free from addiction finally. Rest In Peace my sweet boy. Until we meet again, muma

Miami fl

Sarah couper

On November 1, 2016 my beautiful son Daniel Lee Bishop died of an accidental prescription drug (opioids) overdose. He had been trying to withdraw from them at my home, had a brand new job he loved and after 3 weeks was doing so much better and then for 4 days straight he was all messed up and I could not get through to him. My oldest son found him dead in his room and all of our lives, including his beautiful 7 yo daughter’s, were drastically changed forever. He was a wonderful son, a great brother, an amazing father. His death has left a hole in our family and brought us all to our knees. I pray that other families out there can do more for their loved ones than we were able to do for Daniel.


Gina Wethington

I recently lost my son Jonathan sometime between June 26-27 body found July 4,2017 still awaiting for return of bones for his services. My life is forever changed we all miss you so much our hearts are broken. I know you are no longer suffering and all you wanted in life was to be happy and loved and this disease the beast kept you from ever finding or seeing the love that was around you. We will all miss your smile and laughter you will for ever be in our hearts not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I hope that one day there will be an easier way to help fight this disease so other parents,wife,husbands,brothers,sisters do not have to go through the heart break that we all are going through and to end the suffering that you all are going through. I love you Jonathan
Love Mom

Willoughby OH


In Memory of my cousin William (Bill) Rollins. You are so dearly missed and I wish I could have taken away your pain. Love you.

Hinsdale, MA USA

Amanda Joppru

I love you for all eternity my son. Maurice Anthony 03/25/92-07/12/16

New Ulm, Mn. USA

Lisa Kelley

I found my son August 4th 2016. He died from overdose. He left behind a daughter 2 and his mother and siblings who loved him more than anything. We love you Joshua thomas mcclaine and i will always share your story and try to help others

butler pa


Shane Hendrickson 8/24/71-10/1/2014 we love and miss you greatly. You left a hole in your sons heart and a hole in our lives. I know you struggled everyday and tried a few times to let it go but sadly it won and we lost you. I remember your silliness and kind heart the good memories are the ones we focus on. Miss you always my best friend you are missed

Salt lake city, Utah USA


“Cowboy Chris” 1988-2012 Loving Dad, Son, Grandson, Brother and Uncle.

Safford, AZ


Beautiful James, my nephew and closest to a son I will ever have. Although you have left this world, the love and connection never end. Happy, sweet thoughts to you, James. I love you.

LA (via Michigan)

Aunt Debbie

Lost a close friend to this disease I am aware and I’m asking everyone to also be aware I would love to have one of them pins to show my condolences to all the families..much love

Kingsport TN Sullivan county


I would like to honor and remember my son James Alexander Groth. Who died of a heroin/ Fentanyl overdose on November 12, 2016. I am trying to make awareness and put up a billboard and website.

Flino Michigan USA

Sandra Groth

My son k. brandon cook 2 8 88 passed on 8 3 16 from accidental overdose due to heroin and fentanal forever loved and missed by all

Toms river nj


Debbie, Nola, Helga, Rikki, Ronnie, Lionel, Titch, John, Marcus, Bradley , Lisa, Big Dave, Noel, ‘A’, Danny, Sissy, Kerry, Tammy
Each of you were in a chapter of my journey, each of you bring a smile as I wipe away the tears. I will never forget you and always be thankful that at some point we were in each others lives. Thank you all for the memories
Lisa xxxx



My son, Jason died January 22nd 2017 from fentanyl….he was a heroin addict many years. Died age 38. Every day is hard….I miss him…

Largo, Fl


RIP Skylar Baldwin.

Lindsay Ontario Canada


To My much loved Son,
It has been two and a half years since you passed away from a heroin overdose.
My heart is broken and my life will never be the same.
You were the best son anyone could ask for…so loyal and you loved your family so much.
Forever Loved, Forever in my heart.



Another minute, another hour, another day and another year without you. You were my everything-my soft place to fall. With you gone every day is a struggle-even after all this time. I can’t wait until we’re together again. Keep a place in the naughty corner for me. I love and miss you more than i could ever imagine-lisa xxxx♡♡♡♡xxx



Often we felt like an anorexic with 5 mouths, and I’m sorry life isn’t fair.
I’m sorry you were alone in the end.
Truly, you were remarkable.


Your Friend

Nicole Carey borned December 3rd 1990 passed June 10th 2016. Our life was not meant to be lived without you.


Sonya Carey

Matthew Timothy Snyder
September 9, 1989 – July 20, 2017
Matthew was an adventurous, resourceful, and talented person. Matthew was loved by so many some of which include his mother (Kathy) and father (Scott), 4 brothers and a sister. He put everyone’s needs before his own. Matthew loved his kids, Keegan (2yrs old), Ava (6 yrs old) and his fiancé Shayna more than anything in the world. He could be found working on a project at his job with Local 80 Sheet Metal Workers or playing games with his nieces and nephews. Matthew knew how to put a smile on everyone’s face! Matthew’s smile will be missed. Matthew had a heart of gold. We are committed to raising overdose awareness so that no family has to endure this heart wrenching pain.

Warren, Michigan

Jennifer Archer

I lost my son James Amato/Jimmy to an accidental heroin overdose on October 3, 2010. He was my oldest boy, only 24 years old. I miss my son every minute of every day. My other 3 children now have to grow up without their big brother who loved them so much. My hope and prayer is that no more parents have to lose their child to this disease of addiction.

Crestwood, IL USA

Tami Kotinek

In memory of my beautiful baby girl Briana, who passed away 4/24/17 from an overdose at age 26.
“If my love could have saved you, you would’ve lived forever”

Lake Ariel,PA


Missing my Tigger

Grants Pass Oregon USA

Bill Padilla

Honoring Joey Ritchie on 8/31 and everyday

Statesville, NC


In remembrance of our son, Kevin O’Brien, who died on 12/01/16 of an overdose. He is forever loved. Forever missed.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ


Dearest son, You are so very loved and cherished by me and your older brother , John. There is a quiet spot in the forrest here and I visit with you everyday. I write all about you, every detail. Even your favotite songs and our “secret chats Love is stronger than grief and sorrow. MOM

Boston, MA

Maryanne kasper

Holding you close.
In memory of JNZ. 4/11/94- 8/17/17 💚

Mpls, MN


I’ve lost too many loved ones, family, friends and acquaintances to Street Drugs, Prescription Drugs, Over The Counter Medications, but most were from overdosing on Psychiatric Prescribed Medications, Alcohol or mixture of the mentioned above with Alcohol.
I’ve daily worries about some of my loved ones in and out of their addictions, Over Medicated by physicians, Lack of Monitoring, on top of pre-existing Mental Illness.
I never know from one day to the next how their moods and behaviors will be, if they’re institutionalized again, hospitalized, in prison, lying in a ditch somewhere or DEAD. Every time the phone rings, my heart races with fear dreading more tragic news of another loved one claimed by drugs. Whether it was intentional suicide, unexpected overdose leading to a brain injury or other permanent disability, overdose leading to a murder or Death brought on in any manner from overdose whether heart, kidneys, liver, lungs brain, etc., overdose is overdose and we need to shed light on this epidemic, educate Everyone of every walk of life, raise awareness, provide needed help to Everyone, especially, those at high risk and provide a system to connect all medical doctors, hospitals, therapists, clinics and pharmacies in real time to be alert regarding a patient’s medication history, background and who all is prescribing what and when.
More red flags need to go off alerting all to possible danger ahead for the patient. Intervention and life saving steps can help save a loved one’s life.
May our creators rest the souls of all my loved ones claimed though overdose and protect the lives of those suffering now that help arrives soon providing a safe means for escape.
Bless everyone left behind who carries grief within and those who may die today from overdosing, intentional or accidental.
Give strength and healing to the ones who survived overdosing, but live with disabilities, traumatic brain injury, handicaps, health issues, mental illness, etc. caused by the overdosing itself.
May a healthy, positive and permanent solution to this overdose epidemic arrive soon before we lose another soul.

~Malachi S. Costanzo


Malachi Sebastian Costanzo

My beautiful baby sister Samantha’s life was taken way to soon! Only 31yrs old! She struggled for years with the disease of addiction and on Oct 30,2016 she overdosed on heroin laced with fentynal! She left us Nov.3,2016. She left behind a 5 yr old and 5 siblings! Samantha I know you are no longer suffering but it’s so hard to live my life without my Best Friend, my sister! I miss you every single day! We will never let your daughter forget you!! Rest in Paradise Sis Love ❤️ Paula

Merritt Island, Fla


To the love of my life you always had a smile on your face no matter what hardships you faced. You made me laugh, you made me cry, but most importantly you loved me you and you made me feel the love I deserved! You were an amazing father,lover, and fighter I just wish you didnt fight your last battle alone. To the most important person in my life I love you <3 R.I.P Ross Steenhagen J*U*ICE Forever

twin lakes wisconsin


You Are Loved And Missed Everyday Robby! Gone Too Soin My Love.

Jacksonville FL

Autum Allen

Rest in Paradise Patrick ❤



In memory of my son Eric Russell Lindsey March 14, 1986 – June 9, 2017. I love you always, and I miss you every minute of every day.

Cleveland Ohio USA

Denise M Lindsey

Fly high with the angels my beautiful daughter precious daughter.. Shannon M. Henderson… until we meet again.

Hanover, indiana

Charlotte lindsey- Henderson

To my angel Andrew I miss you everyday that your not here , I will do this for us, love you with every inch of my heart and soul



I lost my first born son, Dylan Justis Lancaster, to overdose on 3/23/16. He was 21 years old. His father passed of natural causes 20 days prior and he was trying to numb his pain. My son was witty, funny, smart, beautiful & kind. He was my bright & shiny star. I grieve for him every single day. I am so sorry I couldn’t ease your broken heart son.

Villa Rica, GA


Lord be with the addict who is sick and looking for help.
Let them know that you hear them, that there is nothing…
No shame, no sin…nothing blocking their voice from your ear.
Lord, help them to feel your love, help them to know your strength,
help them to accept your mercy.
Lord, you are the way to the serenity they seek. Amen

Written in memory of my beautiful boy, Josh, who I hold in my heart
Till I can hold him in heaven.

Richfield, OH


My sweet boy was lost in February after a 10-year battle. He was kind, sweet, compassionate. Now he is just gone, and the dealers keep selling. Miss him every day.



I lost my best friend to prescription medication, I also once lost myself to addiction!! Addiction is a very scary and powerful thing!! Just hearing the word “overdose” scares the hell outta me!! The reason I choose to stay clean is first and foremost for myself and the second reason is for the people who didn’t make it!! I want each and everyone to know that, whether I know you or I don’t know you or even if we have never even met. I ALWAYS say a prayer for the addict that still suffers, for the families, friends and loved ones that have to also go through it with them and for the people that lost their lives and to all their friends and family and loved ones that have to face the heartache for the rest of their lives!! 💜

Clearfield, Utah


To my brother Andrew and sister Helen. You were my best friends. Love you and miss your more with each anniversary. Understand your pain now. X



My brother John died of a heroin overdose on December 10th 2015. He was 30 years old,I miss him every single day. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh.

Grand Rapids MI


Mike Spires you are missed more than words can say! I love you and I wanted to leave a tribute in honor of National Overdose Awareness Day which is August 31st. because you were the best and deserve to not go unrecognized by passing from this horrible disease. There’s not a day that goes by that I do not think of you and all the memories we made together as best friends. Someday we will meet again, until then it’s not goodbye it’s see you again someday.
Love Kim

Methuen Ma US


My brother John died of a heroin overdose on December 10th 2015. He was 30 years old,I miss him every single day. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh.

Grand Rapids MI


My son Josh died on 10/19/2017 of a heroin/fentanyl overdose after struggling with his addiction for several years. He would have been 30 next month. He was in and out of 6 rehab struggling to stay clean and start over but just couldn’t overcome this terrible disease. He tried over and over because he didn’t want this type of life. No one wants to be an addict. Something needs to be done to help those battling this terrible disease.



Our sweet kind beautiful boy Travis Sebastian Fettig passed from an accidental heroin overdose on January 6, 2017. He had fought his battle with drugs since the age of 16. He was 20 when he passed. His battle with drugs started the summer after his freshman year of high school. He had emergency surgery on his leg due to “Compartment Syndrome” He was 30 minutes away from losing his leg when the orthopedic leg surgeon carted him out of the emergency room. He was on a morphine drip for a week in the hospital. He suffered nerve damage from the surgery. They sliced his leg on both sides to remove the pressure. He was on strong pain pills after the surgery. He then moved to marijuana when the pain prescription ended. Eventually moving to heroin. He was in rehab over the Thanksgiving to Christmas time. He was moved to sober living on December 27th. He showed up a our door on January 5th. He had been placed on a 5 day probation by the sober living house because he drank a beer on Sunday. That Tuesday was probably the best day we have spent with him since his battle began. We noticed a change on Wednesday. Thursday we could see more of a change. He went to a meeting at the sober house Thursday night. He came home and said good night and talked about the meeting. We said I love you for the last time. We found him Friday morning. He had passed that morning. He was a great kid that really did care about others. Probably more than he did about himself. He will be #Forever20 in Heaven. We look forward to seeing him in the future.

Flower Mound

Cyndee Fettig

My mom OD when i was 5 years old and now that ill be 19 next weekend its been 15 years without her it didnt have to be that way, but her addiction got the best of her. I just hope she is in a better place then what she was in when she was here on earth. One day i will see her again.

Moutain View Arkansas

Winter Rose

My beloved only child of 24, left this world on August 29, 2015. I never knew the extent of his drug use until 3 weeks prior to his death when he informed me he was a week clean and committed; he remained clean for a total of 4 weeks. He relapsed when his girlfriend blind-sided him with a break up. It wasn’t simply a single dose of heroin that killed him – it was a mixture of heroin & Fentanyl, which I’m certain he did not know that was what he was given. He died almost immediately. My final vision of my son was slumped over a toilet in partial rigor….his body hard and cold, his feet red and blue with white spots. I petted those feet and layed my head on his back until the EMS arrived and pulled me off. My screams and anguished sobbing must have been heard all around the neighborhood. Almost 2 years later the kid who gave him the mix finally confessed and is now facing charges of Drug Delivery Resulting in Death. But, where were all those friends who knew and said nothing? They lied to the police in multiple interviews, and they came to my house and I fed them and allowed them to take certain of Max’s possessions….why didn’t they speak up on his behalf? How could they all have gone to his memorial services and mourned him and written such loving comments – all stating how Max was their guardian and savior; how could they not stand up for him when he stood up for them? If you love someone, speak up and speak out! Don’t hide and don’t dare think that this is “just another” terrible thing happening in your life! Don’t become so used to your friends dying off that you lose sight of the destruction it causes their families, the community, your generation! Adults in the community need to speak up as well – don’t tell me months after that you knew my son was using! Heroin and opioids are stealing children from mothers, spouses, neighbors, communities, churches, employers……. Pennsylvania has the “Good Samaritan Law” protecting those who call 911 and stay with the overdose victim until EMS arrives; PA also has FREE Narcan for anyone to get at a pharmacy. Max & I had long talks about what we would do if we were in a position to “rat” on a friend; I know for a fact he would be the first one to call 911 if he saw a friend in trouble, even though he strugged with the dilemma. His friends failed him. I failed him. Grief is selfish – speaking up is selfless. Don’t let your next friend die because you are afraid or ignorant or selfish. Don’t you dare wallow in your own grief, when you know you could have done more. It is NEVER too late to speak up! Purple Bandanas are for Max – wear one to represent him. Start a hashtag “Purple Bandana” – an annual event will commence August 2018 to raise awareness and provide alternative “highs” – BMX biking, concerts, pool and poker tournaments, and more. Do it in the name of MAXXIMILLIANN. Do it in memory of or hope for anyone you know. PRPLbanDan4ev!

Snow Shoe, PA

Maxer’s Mom

I lost my beautiful Daughter April Burkette on 2/28/17 to fentanyl. She left behind a sweet little 8 year old daughter. I will always miss her smile. RIP my baby girl.

Falling Waters, WV


I lost my beautiful Daughter April Burkette on 2/28/17 to fentanyl. She left behind a sweet little 8 year old daughter. I will always miss her smile. RIP my baby girl.

Falling Waters, WV


In memory of my beloved son
Jason C. Musillo who overdosed and died
On May 22, 2017
My heart ❤️ is broken . I miss you so much and will never get over losing you – MomP9

Woodstock, New York

Kathy – Mom

In memory of my awesome, beloved son Ian Blair, who overdosed on heroin at age 24 in March 2015. Like so many afflicted by addiction, he had so much going for him and was loved by many. We miss him!

Sitka, Alaska


On 8-31-17 my sons memorial group and others will be coming together to create DANNYS CHAIN. This aptly named for my son Danny, who died of a carfentanal overdose and his body was dumped. Our purpose is to extend a purple ribbon all along to boardwalk in town. We want to turn the boardwalk purple in memory off all those lost to a drug overdose, not just my son, but all the Danny’s. My sons picture was recently featured in a special edition of People Magazine…The Faces of Heroin.

Algonac, Michigan 48001

Marie K Gerow

In loving memory of my sister, Anissa.
She battled with opioid addiction for many years due to an accident she had at the age of 15.
She was only 41 years old when she died at the hands of a “traveling” pharmacist who gave her methadone without reviewing her medical history, or her current medications. She went to sleep one night and stopped breathing.
She was a loving mother of 2 children, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a grand daughter, an aunt, a cousin, and a friend to many.
She is missed every day!

Bella Vista, Arkansas

April Goodson

Joe and Jeff…we miss you everyday.



Remembering my beautiful mother, as she was taken from this world 4 years ago to this horrifying epidemic. RIP momma, I love you

Pennsylvania, US


On the 27th June 2016 I lost the love of my life and the father of our 2 beautiful children. No words can explain the pain it has brought to our lives everyday and looking in to my childrens faces with no explanation as to why daddy is no longer here with us. Heroin destroyed my family the only solace we have is that he is no longer fighting everyday and hope he is finally at peace. I love you Shane and will continue to until we meet again.
Love Shontelle

Hey dad i miss the cheekyness and fun it is really hard seeing kids with their dad’s and I really miss having you in my life and i am not ready to move on with out you i love you so much for the rest of my lifetime and wish you didnt have to leave us love always love from Jai

To daddy i miss you everday and wish you didnt have to go you will always be in my heart and i will forever be your princess. Love you forever Mahli

Perth WA Australia

Shontelle Sebo

I am a Recovering Alcoholic who has lost my cousin, 1 Amazing friend , a good friend and my brother to overdoses… Also, one incredible friend to me and many to Drunk driving. All in the span of 9 years. This has to ✋ STOP!!! STAND With ME AND OTHERS ON NATIONAL OVERDOSE DAY. 🙏💜

Maumee ohio


Shane Graham

My Brother

Who knew you would be gone at 31 I still cant believe it.

I still think you may walk through the door and say “Hey Sis” torment the hell out of me or piss me off, then give me a cheeky smile and say with grin “Hey ….I love ya Sis”

My baby Brother who was bigger than me, my Best Friend, My younger sibling …yet somehow always the protector of me.

Im Sorry I couldn’t bring you back, I tried so hard… you were breathing for me until medical took over, Ill never forget that day, im so sorry.

Mum and I tore down your locked door in minutes when we heard you gasping for air.

I know that you had enough, you said so in anger that day minutes before you locked the door, I thought you were angry, now we know it as your final goodbye and that hurts.

The living nightmare Heroin ripped away my brother ANOTHER amazing life stolen from ANOTHER loving family unexpectedly without any remorse in true Heroin style.

On the 26-7-2016 Heroin you chose Shane, you took my Brother.

On that day…It… was…Our family’s turn, our turn to join the grieving club no one wants to be a part of. Our turn to say goodbye.

Its just over a year now and I cry more than before.

You Shane fought so hard for so long i watched your endless rounds night and day, in the ring with evil. The pain in your eyes in the last few weeks told me you were getting worn out from fighting the fight.

Heroins relentless punishment towards the end finally started rapidly tearing away your dreams and self belief.

We all underestimated the power of Heroins grip and although we all tried, it wasn’t enough.

No more fighting now baby bro, No more battles, no more daily tortures, your free that MONSTER is finally off your back.

Shane you fought one of the hardest and definately the most relentless, underestimated fights ever assigned to a human, im very proud that you stood up to the challenge, in the end you tapped out as many professional fighters do.

My Love for you my Brother is beyond words measure or explanation.

Finally no longer can Heroin stop my love from reaching your heart Shane, and i send it to you my brother all the time.

Rest Easy Shane – I miss you more and more every day, Love and Cuddles Nichole xxx


Nichole Graham

Travis Sebastian Fettig was born on August 8, 1996. Travis was called back into the loving arms of his Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, on January 6, 2017 at the age of 20. He is survived by his parents, Neil and Cyndee Fettig of Flower Mound, his sister Taylor and her husband John Slaughter, and many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. He will be missed tremendously for the rest of their lives.
Travis was a graduate of Edward S. Marcus High School in Flower Mound, and was recently promoted to Assistant Manager at Papa John’s. He was considered a leader by many who knew him and loved the challenge of leading others. Travis was passionate about science and technology, and he especially loved astronomy. He would obsessively devote time and energy to research any and every topic that he found interesting. Travis loved to travel. He enjoyed going on road trips to the beach, where he would surf and bury his sister in the sand. He loved sharing new music with family and friends, and he would listen to anything that he could get his hands on. Travis also loved learning. Recently, Travis had applied to school to become a Medical Technician this coming fall.
Travis always put others needs before his own. His giving heart extended to friends, family, animals, and strangers. He gave of himself graciously, and he did not ask for anything other than friendship in return. To continue this legacy, a scholarship has been set up in Travis’s memory at The Ranch at Clear Springs.

Flower Mound, TX United States

Neil Fettig

To my son Ryan who was active in meetings and overdose awareness walks. He died from heroin tainted with fentanyl on June 23, 2017. I and all his family miss him and pray that this epidemic can be eradicated. Ryan you will always by in my heart ❤️ I wish you were one of the survivors of this life stealing disease. Rest in peace my beautiful son. I am proud for the fight you fought but the disease was too strong. It took a beautiful life. Love ❤️ you from mom

Brookhaven PA 19015


Our beloved son Andrew John Golen died on November 5, 2016 of a heroin and fentanyl overdose. Andrew was 29 years old. He is missed by his parents, his older brother, younger sister and many friends. Andrew was very proud to be a Navy veteran. He struggled over 4 years with this terrible disease. It caused him so much pain and embarrassment. We miss him so much! Love you Andrew!

Elizabeth Golen

Dearborn, Michigan

Elizabeth Golen

You will be forever in my heart my sweet son. Miss you so much.
Matt Chupella
Forever 32

Bethlehem, PA

MaryAnn Chupella

In honor of our son James Paoli
7/11/91-11/14/16 RIP

Denver, Colorado USA


Remembering my brother, my best friend, and too many friends of friends to count. It’s time to stop recreational drug use. It’s clearly playing with fire. For those who can’t help themselves, I pray they find the strength to fight and the support they need to win. Sending a heartfelt thanks to all the social workers, medical professionals and resource workers who are in the ring every day. Grateful there are so many resources in BC going towards this crisis from all angles. Sending endless love against this evil force plaguing our communities and to the hearts of those who feel they are forgotten. YOU ARE LIFE, YOU ARE LOVE. <3

Vancouver, BC, Canada


To my dear precious son, Ryan Taylor Moore, you’ve been gone less than two weeks today. I was on the way to take you back to rehab and you got out of my car and said you couldn’t put your life on on hold and wanted to live a normal life. Well precious baby, you are now living more than a normal life, you are in the arms of Jesus. You were kind, big hearted, huge smile and such a tender mess. I prayed and prayed for God to deliver you and give you peace. He did, just not my plan. Your precious Madi and Amanda will always forever love you, as will your MJ and PD. We fought the hardest battle together right until the end, but heroin, like any other demon gets its stronghold and there are just no other words to say, other than I loved you, I’ll love you forever, and I know I went down fighting harder than ever. I’ll always wonder what more I could have done, but in the end, you are at peace and no longer fighting a fight that was already won at Calvary. You were my special needs kid and I wouldn’t trade one second that I spent trying to love you and save you. May you rest in peace in Jesus loving arms. In memory of my son, Ryan Taylor Moore, April 3, 1993 – August 11, 2017……..

Raleigh, NC

Kimmie P

June 16th this year my partner of almost 12 years and father of our two boys overdosed and passed away. He believed if we could all do one good deed a day for another human even if it’s as simple as a smile or holding a door the world be a better place and someday know peace. I love you Daniel Charles Vance. Life is far from the same without you!

Harper Woods

Grace VanSlembrouck

In honor of our son James Paoli
7/11/91-11/14/16 RIP

Denver, Colorado USA


In loving memory to my son Shawn Witter January 29, 1990 – May 11, 2017. I miss you so much my boy my heart aches. The herion devil took my son away. God bless us all.

Buffalo NY


I lost my daughter around thanksgiving time in 2006. It was one of the worse days of my life. She was only 25 yrs old and overdosed on methadone and benzodiazepines. My heart has never fully healed from the loss.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Monica Murray

My son, Robert Rebyak was in the hospital on life support on March 17,2013. Doctor say he would not make it by the time I got there.
2 weeks later doctor says 50-50 chance he is such a strong boy .he passed away on 4/9/13 I’m miss him more than anything.wish I could hug him, kiss him ,and tell him i love him just one more time. Mom love’s you Rob ♡♡♡

North new Jersey

Ruthann Gaspari

I wish to pay tribute to my son Brandon Jefferson who tragically died of an accidental overdose of Fentanyl on October 7th 2015. Always loved and forever missed. Your mother and I love you too infinity and beyond son.

Fort McMurray Alberta Canada

Ken Jefferson

Clay Hart The Love of My Life..we missing you like crazy Best are always on my mind & will be forever in my heart❤ I Love you Always Until we meet again!
May You Sleep in Peace👼 4-28-80_5-15-17💔

Baltimore, MD

Nina Smith

RIP sister. We miss you so much! I know you are in a better place and no longer in pain. I love you Kindra! #untilwemeetagain

Bemidji, MN USA


I recently lost my uncle, my best friend, due to a heroine overdose. I love you, Robbie.
Love your niece Vicky



Miss you terribly. God needed you more.

grandy, nc


You are so loved and missed Laci 11-2-83. 1-22-17



Even though Jeff’s (my son) death certificate says he died on September 1, 2016 (my birthday) he might have died on August 31st since his body was not found until the next morning. I found out about International Overdose Awareness Day on Facebook today so August 31st will hold a double meaning for me from now on. Jeff struggled with addictions for the better part of his 44 years and like most addicts encountered the stigma and prejudice from some family members that comes from lack of understanding of the DISEASE of addiction. Jeff was a beautiful, kind, generous and gental boy who never changed as he grew into a man, despite his hardships. His father and I fill our empty hearts by sharing wonderful memories of Jeff.

Ocala, FL

Devra Winters

We were never prepared to live the rest of our lives without you.
Forever missed. Forever loved.
In loving memory of Dominic Primbas
09.25.1994 – 02.23.2017

Wheaton, IL USA

Lori and Maddox

My ex husband and father of our precious son Jacob, Lazaro Arechavaleta, passed away from opiate overdose on 11/3/16 (our anniversary date)He was a week away from going to rehab. He battled his addiction and I know he didn’t mean to die. He was such a good person with demons he wasn’t able to control. Our son who was 3, went to kiss his daddy before he went to heaven as he was on life support for a week before passing. That image is forever engrained in my mind and we are both heartbroken. I advocate as much as possible and tell our story to any addict I meet in hopes of sparing them and their family the pain we feel daily…… We miss him sooooooo much!!!!!

Tacoma/WA, USA

Joyce and Jacob

In memory of my soul mate, my lover, my best friend, my protector, my husband Matthew Sutton…your forever struggle here on earth is over. You gave me the best 9 months here before you were taken …sobriety, working a great program, taking meetings into facilities and sharing your message of hope with those who really related and whose lives you made a difference in. You got pancreatitis and the demon caught up and it took you without as much as a goodbye, I love you. We always dreamt of leaving this world like “The Notebook” but here I am standing in concrete shoes without you. Breathing, Smiling, Existing is so hard without you here. How lucky am I to have loved you for the rest of your lifetime and to have that “Once In A Bluemoon” kind of fairytale love story and everyone who came in contact with us saw it. You are the strongest man I ever knew and you fought harder than I have ever seen someone fight. Your heart filled a room, your laugh was completely contagious, & the way you loved me….I will never find someone who will love me like that. Our dreams are now my dreams and I will live everyday to make sure your death is not in vain. I am here to spread awareness to help the next sick and suffering addict. You would expect nothing less of me. You are resting and living in peace eternally and although I am feeling real selfish right now, and wanting you here…I must remember that it was always my wish for you to live in complete happiness, peace, & to suffer no more and it is now the way it is. I will love you MORE THAN EVERYTHING ON THIS EARTH AND INTO ETERNITY. REST IN PEACE MY BIG ANGEL! MATTHEW WILLIAM SUTTON 1/1/1978-5/19/2017.

Pasadena, Maryland

Jennifer Sutton

I remember my sister Lacie, who died on June 5th, 2017. She had not used heroin since December 2016 and had just finished in-patient rehab on June 2nd. She was released, and in the vulnerable days afterward, unable to make contact with anyone in our family, she used again. We had been able to see Lacie just before she was released from rehab, her recovery looked so promising. She was looking for jobs, expecting to get an apartment, and looked healthier than we had seen in years. Lacie is deeply mourned by her mother and grandmother, three sisters, and four young children. I regret, every day, that I wasn’t able to help her more.

Pittsburgh, PA


To my sweet daughter, Elizabeth. Thank you for being part of my life for 23 beautiful years. Through all the joys, pains and struggles we always had a special bond. Rest in peace my sweet girl free from all your demons. I will miss your beautiful voice, bright smile and infectious laugh. May you sing with the angels and rest in Jesus’ loving arms. All my love, Mommy. xoxo

Pittsburgh, PA

Cathy Delsardo

Katie .. I’d give anything in this world to save you. I wish I could have I’m so sorry I feel like I failed you as a bestfriend. You were so beautiful and not only on the outside I love you and miss you so much.

Davie, fl

Harley violette

For my son, Tyler.
Lost so young. Taken too soon.
Not a second goes by we don’t think of you.
Please guide those you left to a better way of life so another family does not need to endure the pain we have.
You were a wonderful son, brother, friend and are missed immensely.
We love you so very, very much.



Rip karla serene sweedman 4-22-17 i miss my only sister and i wanna help spread overdose awareness the best i can 💜💜💜💜

Deer river Minnesota usa

Toni Bixby

My beautiful Rachel, I lost you almost 2 years ago, I miss you so badly, it’s a hurt that never stops ! You were a beautiful caring person and Momma, we all miss you terribly. Rachel passed of a heroin OD 11/15/15, she left behind her son Cash who is now 3 , we love you love Mommy ❤️

Orange County Ca USA


Derek Hatcher died on February 21, 2016 from an overdose of heroin and Fentanyl. He was an outstanding college quarterback who loved life to the fullest, until drugs took over. His legacy lives on through the foundation set up by his family to raise awareness of substance abuse and addiction using Derek’s words “Don’t pick up, it’s not worth it!”

Middleburg, FL

Debbie Kelly

Bob we love and miss you. Forever you are in our hearts❤️❤️❤️



Rest in peace Ray M. Garneau. You left me too soon. I miss your smile and our talks. Herion was the only thing that could come between us. I saw your sickness and sadness. It changed you, but you still stood by my side. You were important and you were loved. I will think of and miss you every day of my life.

Worthville ky


I Give tribute to the 1,000’s of lost souls taken from us from addiction. They are remembered and missed 🌻

Salt lake city

Gina Lanzalaca-Kirby

We lost my cousin Bridget 5/4/16. I will always cherish our memories of growing up together, more like sisters then cousins. She was such an amazing soul and touched all that she knew. She also helped hundreds with their addictions as well. I wish life could have been different for her and I will always miss her. She is forever in my heart.

Los Angeles, California, USA


Dear John,

I love and miss you so very much, Sweetheart. I will see you when I get to Heaven.

Love you,

Mom and Dad

san diego, Mom



Theo Haskins

I lost my son Donnie Connor lv to an overdose on May 16, 2017 ! I miss him so so much!! Where did we go wrong!!! We were supposed to protect you and we failed!!! We love you baby
Mommy’s heart aches every single day!! The pain is unbearable!! What do I do?
I /we love you forever! Always in our hearts
Forever 19

Levittown pa United States


My son AJ died of the disease of addiction the day before overdose awareness day. On Aug 30, 2012 our hearts were shattered when I found my sons lifeless body on the floor of his bedroom. He was an honor student and struggled from 16 to 21. He was into sports and always helped other people. We started a nonprofit organization to end the stigma and help others fight this disease. We love him and he is missed.

Bensalem, PA

Anita Butz

Anthony C Ezzell 11/28/79 – 08/25/13
Loving son, brother, cousin, uncle and father
A very funny guy….We love and miss you …..
Rest in Peace❤

Mechanicsville, MD

Karen Boswell

Rest in paradise my sweet baby. You’re no longer with your demons, but the angels. I will always love you and cherish the good times. Ryan James Grady 12/74-11/15

New Bern NC



Norton Ohio

Ronda Metz

On June 26, 2017 my cousin passed away from a heroin overdose that was laced with fentayl. He leaves behind a daughter who will grow up without her daddy and friends and family who loved him.

Braintree, MA USA

Melissa Houle

Remembering daily all those who passed due to addiction. 💜💜 You are never forgotten!
Will fight for those who struggle on a daily basis.

Calvert County Maryland

Ms Sue

Remembering my husband Shawn Christie. Your sweet heart will be missed and is at peace now. The pups and I will miss you and see you again on the other side. Love always.

Marietta, GA


Cassandra Maroney thank you for giving your family 11 months of our little girl back..During, that time, you took your disease and tried to save who you could before you left us with your story…we love you and miss you and we will continue the fight for you

wilmington, usa

Linda A Beattie

In loving memory of nephew Doonus. We love and miss you every day!!

Portsmouth NH United States


# weDOrecover I am I recovering addict motherof three who will not let the many many friends and ffamily who I will not have let die in vain guardian angels who I know watch over their friends and family everyday WE LOVE & MISS YOU …………miss you #gonebutnotforgotton you know who you areGOD BLESS all include those still struggling everyday thank you ~leelee

Erie pa usa

You are sorely missed by everyone that knew and loved you! Fly with the angels Bryan

Ronkonkoma, NY

Ginny Redican

In loving memory of Michael J Lambo who passed away 7/19/17… we love you. And in memory of all lives and souls gone too soon. May they all Rest in Paradise.

Bloomfield, nj, usa



Hammonton , nj


My little sister passed away April 2nd 2015 from a heroin overdose. She was only 24 years old. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her or think about her. I love her so much I wish so much that I could have done more for her and maybe her story would have ended differently. She left behind two little boys who miss her terribly. And my kids her nieces and nephew who adored her. We all lost a big piece of us when she left us. But we know she is watching over us. I love you baby sis. Fly high baby girl.
RIP Breanna Nicole Pyatt
I love for always and forever to the moon and back you big sis.

St.louis MO


In loving memory of my precious son, Jeffrey William Normile 10/28/1984 to 5/25/2016. You were and are loved by so many. You lost your fight, the damn drugs won and my life will never be the same. Rest in peace, I love you 💚

Lakewood, OH

Jane Normile

For my big brother who passed on April 20th.

Remembering you is easy I do it everyday missing you is heartache that never goes away.



Daria Lynn… Oh how I wish I would have known. I refuse to let your death be in vain. I will March for your cause and I will always miss you. #herointookmybestfriend


Cristina Tilton

We lost our son Thanksgiving 2013.
We love you Jonathan.

Port St Lucie

Bonnie Bearor

I miss you everyday my beautiful son . You took a big part of me with you….

Port Chester, New York USA

Sage Stingone




Eric you are so missed. Had I known, I would have tried to help. You,were a great guy, lots of fun, full of life.The stealer of life, the demon, took over. You were worth much more than that. A smart guy, could have gone far. God, I hate drugs.

Staten island, New York


Our daughter Sara passed 2 yrs ago from an accidental drug overdose…this disease took her life long before she passed away..She left behind 3 beautiful sons..I miss her everyday, I love this addict and I HATE this disease

oak forest

carey murray

In memory of Timothy Ryan.
May 12, 1976 – July 10, 2014

Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

Lorraine Ryan

My son Jeff died in July . TIt was a heroin overdose with the “poison ” carfentanil. I miss him every day. He will live forever in my heart.

Cindy Daugherty

I love you David Lee. Til we meet again.

Memphis, TN / USA


In loving memory of my son, Marco John Grande. 5/23/89-8/29/16
We love you and miss you every day! Forever in our hearts!

Chestertown, Md

Lisa Grande

Lost the love of my life and our daughter lost her daddy on 7/2/2017. Chris you are still so loved and always will be! We won’t let your life go unnoticed and your voice will still be heard! Forever and always!



To our beautiful loving handsome kind caring Chris. There isn’t a day a moment a second that you are not thought of and missed. You brought so much joy to our lives in your short visit with us. Your mom struggles daily with her grief. Until we all meet again our beautiful Chris. 💔💔💔💔

Tamarac Florida

Aunt Lynne

To all my old friends who lost there lives to addiction : Jesse B, Mercedes , Joey Meatballs, Chuck, Nicole A, Andy Z , nick G , and countless more. We miss you and we are fighting to prevent this from happening to the next addict. We love you

Jackson , NJ

Tricia D

I would trade places with you in a heartbeat. You were full of life and had a job you loved and never missed a day. No one gets that. I am fighting for you. I am fighting for your memory! You were not the typical addict and your story will be told and shared. I miss you so much. I know you are with Grandpa and Gigi and Nana. I can only imagine all the friends up in heaven you have finally found. Always deserved. I have trapped and had your seller arrested.
Your sister misses you so darn much. She heads off to college and cannot even talk about your death. She has so much to tell you. But you know. Surprisingly Joe still wants to marry me. You will be apart of our ceremony. There will be a seat at our table Just for you.
RIP Justin T. Schulman 4/13/95-5/27/17 Forever 22


Allison Schulman

In honor and memory of our son, Jeremy D. Henry – November 1977 – August 2016. I honor and hold close to my heart the person you were; not the behaviors associated with the disease of addiction. Your deep love for your family, your zest for the outdoors, and your smile and kind heart will forever be etched in my heart. We love and miss you every minute of every day. Losing a child to addiction means you didn’t get to say goodbye, and you have to deal every day with the stigma of being a parent whose child died from drug use. We will battle this as well, and reach out to others struggling. Love you forever Jeremy — Mom, Dad, AJ, Mallary, Collins, Julie, Brooke, Rylie, Katrin, Spencer

Jefferson City MO – USA

Patty Henry

Cody you are the best An most genuine person I have ever met an I can’t even fathom you are gone boss… 🙁 the sad thing about this is you had beat the opioid addiction you once had, An were so proud of it an you were lending a helping hand cause you were currently helping nick an I get over ours an you secured us with housing and employment in your company An made sure we were taken care of.. I will never forget you An this will be a hard pill to swallow an I am not talking about an OxyContin cause I’m gonna beat this An make you proud… you will be able to guide me through life an I can’t help but smile knowing you are smiling down on me buddy!!! LOVE YOU CODY”COZZY”COSGROVE REST IN PARADISE BUDDY YOU ARE LOVED BY SO MANY! SAY WHAT UP TO THE LIL BRO BRO TUCKER AN TELL YOUR MOM I AM EXCITED TO MEET HWR ONE DAY!! RIP OCT-14-1988 to Aug/14/2017

Longview Washington 98632 Cowlitz County

Dylan Short

I still expect to,
See you buying cigarettes,
At the corner store.

J.M. RIP <3

Seattle, WA


My precious son always in my heart passed away 11/06/2013 Forever 24
Osvaldo Perez Jr nickname is Turtle Mami love you to the moon and infinity
Pinellas Park, FL

Pinellas Park

Margarita Martinez

In memory of my son Jeremy Paul Spivey who died January 24,2017 from a drug overdose. I miss you every second of my life. I will speak up and tell my story in hopes to help others fight this horrible disease.


Grace Ring

For my loving son Conor. I miss you every minute of every day and find comfort in the knowledge you are waiting for me on the other side. Free at last. Fly high my angel.

Mom ❤️💔

Pride Louisiana usa

Lynne policastro

Katy was a great daughter, great sister and great friend to all. Always helping others but not able to break the chains created by the Drug Demon. She is missed everyday, every hour and every minute of the day. Her battle is over and the pain for her is gone. She’s our angel now. She’s well and healed and hoping that survivors and the statistics of recovery become what’s talked about!


Betty and Bruce

My son Nicholas McCann was born on June 25, 1995 and passed away on November 29, 2016 at home from fentanyl poisoning. He was only 21 years old. He loved auto mechanics, cars, music, tattoos, bmx biking and skateboarding. He had a great sense of humor and could bring a smile to your face and brighten up a room. He was a very loving boy and a loyal friend. He would give you the shirt off his back. He would do anything he could to help someone in need even though he couldn’t help himself. Nicky was so much more than his addiction. I hate it that when some people see my son, they see a junkie. Someone who got what he deserved. My son had a disease of addiction, no one deserves that suffering that he had to deal with constantly. He didn’t choose this, he didn’t want to die, he had hopes and dreams just like everyone else. He was very much looking forward to the birth of his son in March. This disease is killing an entire generation of our sons and daughters. It does not discriminate who it takes. It needs to stop! We need to shatter the stigma!

Woodbridge/ New Jersey USA

Corinne McCann

My childrens father Christopher , his heroin addiction him left him homeless and eventually killed him. He was a good person whose children loved him dearly. They miss him everyday.

Kearny NJ


I’m memory of Brendan Krupp, 7/11/98 – 12/8/16. Also known as BK. Loving son, brother, grandson and friend to many. You are missed! Keeping your memory alive by raising awareness to drug overdose.
BK – Be Kind Always! Love mom and dad

St. Peters, Missouri

Christina Krupp

Saying prayers for those we’ve lost and those who continue to fight addiction.

Rest with the Angels our son and brother: Adam Richard Bear 8/23/91 – 4/27/17

Akron OH USA

Michelle Benson

My son struggled with addiction for over 20 years. He was a highly sensitive, gentle soul and suffered mental health issues. He was very smart, but was not motivated for any type of work. He lost his battle on July 23rd, 2017. All a parent wants for their child is to find happiness. I pray that now, he is free and happy. I will never stop loving him.

Colorado, United States


My sweet sweet Matthew,
Not a second of any day in three years have I not thought about you and our very short 19 years together. Your charm, humor, love, strength, compassion are sooo missed. My green eyed boy with the bright smile and strong hugs. Jackie, Dani, Brittney and I are heartbroken and so hurt without you. Love you soo much son. Always, Always, Always 💔💔💔💔

Orlando , Florida

ellen weinstein

In remembrance of my beautiful son Dawson. Miss you and love you BIG MUCH!!!

Mooresville, NC USA

Laurie Pettit

Honoring and loving our beautiful 34 year old son Casey,who lost his fight against heroin addiction. Your family is lost without you son.Our grief is impossible to bear and the weeks drag on with thoughts of what we somehow needed to do to save your life from this happening. We were always proud of you, always so blessed God gave you to all of us. You were a wonderful son and we would want you forever all over again if given a chance. God Bless you Casey. You fought a long time and it was just too much. You’re ours forever and ever. Well always love you son. Please be at peace with yourself, and with God. No more suffering or fear, only love for you.We can’t wait to see you again and love you always, when God sends us to where you are. Sweet dreams sweetheart. All our love, your familyMWUP

Peoria, il. U.S.A


I miss you John. You had the most beautiful smile & laughter. Mom

Norwalk, California, USA

Judy Deranian

Amanda Ann Haas
If love could have saved you you would still be here with us♡
May 8, 1993 -3/10/17

Napoleon, Ohio USA

Kat Cordes

Beau Andrew Dal, you easily charmed everyone who ever met you. You were only 22 years young and life wasn’t always easy. We thought you were on the up, but you sadly you left us.
Eight years on and you’ve still never left our minds.

Melbourne, Australia


I would like to remember my friend Brandon Smith, who forever smiles in my heart.

Niagara Falls


My beautiful daughter MiKayla Gaffney
passed away March 6th after an apparent suicide/overdose.
She never left my side, I miss her terribly.

Worcester, ma

MiKayla Gaffney

Remembering my precious son, John Leigh, who died May 11, 2015, due to an overdose of heroin and alcohol mixture. We love and miss you so much, Sweetheart. Love you always. Mom and Dad and daughter.


Peggie Leigh

Miss JD. Should not have happened. 10 25 14m

Clarksville, md

Paula Doyle

Remembering with unending love~
Mike Warrington
June 15, 2015 ~ ‘the day the music died’

Northampton, MA USA


In memory of my father.
B.M 1959-2016



Remembering you my sweet angel! Adam Tripp, age 22, died August 16th 2014. Forever loved and missed.

Ypsilanti, Michigan USA

Ann Tripp

My mother was addicted to prescription painkillers. She was a “normal” mom in my earliest memories, but when I was around 10, I remember the changes beginning. She had developed terrible migraine headaches and would get shots at the ER that would incapacitate her for days in bed. She was a nurse; I grew up in an affluent suburb, educated professional father, church-going family home. On the outside, we looked normal. When I was a young teen, she was more and more distant. She would often leave me, my younger brother & sister, stranded at places and forget to pick us up. Her behavior was more and more erratic – until one day she drove away and was found later across the country 5 states away in a condo by the ocean. This was in the 80’s, so there wasn’t the awareness and tools to fight it like we have now. My father found where she was, and set up a way to take care of her financially, as she was sick, unreachable and wouldn’t come home. In 1987, he got the call from her property manager that I think he must have dreaded and knew might come one day. She was found deceased in her bathtub of running water, “death due to overdose”, was coroner’s statement on her death certificate. How awful, lonely, alone. It was found that she had 10 times the legal dose of drugs being prescribed. The doctor who was responsible was soon put out of practice. It has been a lifetime for my family to attempt to recover from the emotional trauma, but we are close knit and the extended family is, as well. My tribute to my mom is that I wish I knew then what I know now; I wish we all did. She was a sweet, loving mother when I was little. So many couldn’t believe later, including her own parents, brothers and sisters.. She kept her addictions well hidden until the monster got out. I’m so thankful for the awareness that is happening to combat opioids and remove stigmas. I’m just now recently able to talk more freely about our family’s story, but realize it could help others.

Gunnison, CO USA


David was full of life, when he walked into a room you knew he was there. I miss my son everyday. Can’t wait to see you again my, you were my strength and supporter in life. I will carry you forever in my heart.

New Carrollton, MD, USA


My son Matt died of a overdose
On 6/5/2017 he was only 29



To my beautiful baby sister Paige,
I miss you and love you today as much as the day you left us. I will continue to keep your memory alive and fight to end this epidemic. I miss you.

Williamsport, PA, USA


I lost my nephew, Anthony, on January 21, 2017. He was such a beautiful person, inside and out, and touched so many lives from all walks of life. Anywhere he went, he made friends and I am so proud and honored to call him family. I will never forget his sense of humor, his caring soul, his laughter, and his beautiful smile. RIP

Pittsburgh, PA USA


In loving memory of my sweet baby sister, Amanda Sue Grant.
You’re wings are finally free to fly…


Stephanie Brown

Mathew Talacko my sweet angel. I love you and miss you more than you know. ….Mommom 3/21/90-7/2/15

Palm Coast Florida

Kandice Manfredi

Gone too soon! We love and miss you Danny….and we will always remember you. In your 27 years you faced many challenges and carried many hurts…but your love, warmth and energy always shone through . Xxxx



Michael Ian Gorski 4-1-82 – 6-13-11
My son, Michael fought the fight of his life for four years. He spent one year in rehab, then 50 days in jail. He died one week after he was out of jail. The night before he died he told me he talked and prayed to God for two hours up on a high hill he loved to sled down when he was young.
It’s seems like forever since that last talk, I miss and think of him every single day. I know I will see him again and that’s the only comfort I have. My son, forever 29❤️

Jackson, Michigan United States

Mary Beth

My son died June 1st, 2017 I’ve never been so heartbroken in my life. He tried and succeeded several times throughout the years, but in the end he lost his battle 💔💙

New Carlisle, Ohio USA


My heart is in heaven with my Granddaughter, Amber Nicole Ciccarelli, 10/25/1990 – 10/28/2017. She fought her battle so hard but when we thought that she had won, the sickness snuck in and I found her in her room, too late to be revived. Her life is not defined by the manner of death. Amber was the energy in the room and the light in the lives of everyone who knew her. A petite young lady with a amazing beauty both inside &out who was so smart that she made dean’s list every semester, in her quest to give back as a juvenile counselor. The genocide of our children by opiates must end – it is stealing the soul & future of not only the addict, but also those that love & adore them. Blessings to all that share this grief.

Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, USA

Patricia Rush

Our precious son Chris died on November 13, 2016. Chris had struggled with addiction for twenty-five years.
He fought valiantly to overcome the grip of the disease. He had many triumphs but sadly many relapses. He had tried several treatment programs but the best he had ever done was at Together We Can Treatment Centre in May, June and July of 2015. The time that followed TWC, was the best 18 month of his life. He was so full of gratitude, so grateful for his new life and his support system. He was excited about helping others who were caught up in the disease. He was generous, compassionate, kind and hardworking. He had survived so much on this long, difficult journey, but he could not survive Carfentanil.
One last, split second act, one without rational thought, swiftly took his life. For Chris, the Disease of Addiction was cunning, baffling, powerful and relentless. We are completely brokenhearted at his loss, life will never be the same.


Caroline McDonald

Remembering always my beautiful son Matthew, who lost his battle Feb 4, 2012
I will love you until the end of time.
Joshua 1.9



My beautiful daughter Samantha “Sammi” Henehan was sober for 3 years before relapsing and losing her battle to addiction April 10 2016. She was a personal banker coming in top 3 in NEPA for banking. Her passion was for helping struggling addicts. We started the Forever Sammi Foundation to keep her memory alive. We raise money to help addicts upon completion of treatment by paying their 1st months rent in sober living. We host a Annual Addiction Awareness Rally in Scranton PA. You can learn more at

Scranton pa us

Sammi Henehan

I lost my beloved 24 year old son on 4/25/16 to an accidental prescription drug OD. We had no idea how bad his drug use was until after he died. He never admitted to having a problem. We knew. We cannot bring our son back but want to do all I can to help those struggling with addiction as well as the family members who are also struggling with their loved one.

Hilton Head, USA


I lost a loved one to heroin. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss him. I pray that we can one day end this cycle of destruction.

south burlington, vt


Our son Justin died in our backyard September25,2016 he died from huffing air duster his dad an I found him he was 24 years old he was a cherished son loving husband to a beautiful wife 2 awesome kids an a loved brother. He will forever be missed if I could help save one person from this horrible nightmare his death won’t be in vain remember one huff can kill #justinsvoice


paula davenport

Been a year this month that I lost my first-born son at the age of 25 to an opiod overdose. Forever loved, forever remembered. I miss you dearly my son. Love Mom❤️❤️❤️

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


My son, my Angel… I miss you with every breath I take..
Nathaniel Rainer Pelkey
Jan.15, 1993–Sept.06, 2016

Orangeville ontario

Brigitte Pelkey

Michael Marcell
11/09/1990 – 12/07/2008

There is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts! I only wished we could have saved you. Rest in peace my angel. xxxx

Wittman, Maryland USA

Aunt Sandie

My bestfriend, my soulmate, my lover and my heart lost the battle January 16, 2017. I love you Brandon Letourneau, I fight on until I get to see you again my love.

Boston USA


Paul that day in April it was an early morning phone call I missed from you telling me it was urgent to call you back, I thought it was your typical 2am funny calls. I then seen messages you passed away right after that it broke my
Heart you were my best friend to go to about anything and you never once jugded you always gave the advice and guidance any Person needed , I wish I did more for you in your treatment, you moved out of state so it was hard but one thing ill always have you as my best friend and even though your watching from above I know when your here , Pauley your still loved and truly missed by so many

Boston, Massachusetts


I lost my only son and youngest child..Brandon. He was 29 and died of accidental prescription overdose on Sept 8th 2013. He was my life. Brandon struggled with anxiety since he was little and subsequent sleeping problems. At the age of only eleven after the death of a young boy in our neighbourhood..Brandon started having nightmares and obsessing about death..worrying that he might lose us. He then developed obsessive exercising and was diagnosed with anorexia/bulimia. His story was featured in Reader’s Digest Magazine (front cover (2000 issue) and in the news in 1997. He spent 3 long yrs in 4 hospitals..but only got sicker. In the end after his story went public we had to leave our homes and our jobs and go to England where a doctor who specialized in eating disorders took him into a residential treatment facility. Real estate agents in British Columbia raised thousands to send him out of country for help. We were in Britain for 13 months. He endured tube feedings…and had to have a jejuostomy where they drugged him for monthes(because the “addiction” to the eating disorder caused him to try to rip out the tube which would have instantly killed him>) They fed him 4000 calories a day through his intestines. We found out during counselling that his father had struggled with an eating disorder at a young age only no where near as severe as Brandon’s. . Against all odds he survived..but after we came back to Canada the system failed him…in 2004 he was given OxyContin for a shoulder injury he sustained while lifting weights…after that his addiction to opiod drugs increased…in total we fought from 1995 (when he was diagnosed with a severe eating disorder) to 2013…between the eating disorder and his prescription drug abuse. We saved his life from one illness only to lose him to another. I blame doctors for overprescribing…and a system that let him fall between the cracks Brandon was beautiful…handsome..extremely smart…athletic and artistic…and had a deep sensitivity and careing for people he did not even know. I remember when he was very young how he would see sponsorship commercials for starveing kids in other countries and he would say “Mom we have to help them” I miss him…I lost half my heart and I am so lost wihout my beautiful son.

Southampton, Nova Scotia.


Bubby, it’s been almost 6 years since that Halloween morning that you lost your battle with addiction. Feels like yesterday. You weren’t just my brother, you were my best friend also. I miss you every single minute of every single day. Clint inman 10-31-2011

Muncie, Indiana USA


My Angel Morgan Thompson (Dobson) , my only child, my life. Missed by so many. 12/12/84-5/28/14, Forever 29. There are no words to truly express the pain and sadness we endure daily. Losing you has changed me forever and I never thought I would say “I am so grateful to have so many memories” of all our vacations, school events, camping trips , ect to re-live.By far the signs of your presence beside me at times bring me the greatest pleasure. Keep sending clear signs as you watch over us. Until we meet again , know you are thought of everyday, your name spoken out loud often, keeping you alive until that day arrives XOXO

Everett, WA, USA

Debbie Dobson

Our beautiful daughter, sister, mother, neice, granddaughter, friend.
Paige Lorraine Love
Feb. 19, 1988-July 4, 2015❤️

Williamsport, Pa


My daughter overdosed a year ago on Opana. She had struggled with addiction for a few years prior and had just celebrated her sobriety of 1 year when she relapsed. With the help of 2 doses of Narcan and God answering my prayers she survived. She has made a lot of changes in her life and is doing very well now. I will never forget that night in July 2016 when I found my daughter holding on to life with only 1 heartbeat per minute.



Joseph turner. 2-21-1982. 8-25-2015


Sherri Turner

Brandon Hodack 11/27/84-2/3/13
My beautiful boy. Your life mattered. Not a single day goes by that your not missed or thought about. I love you always.

Sorrento, La

Tammy Hodack

I lost my cousin, best friend, someone like a brother to me on 6/23/17. After 7 years clean 1 relapse took his life. He was such a funny, passionate, talkative person. I’ll forever be missing you. I love you so much Michael. I hope I’m making you proud.
Michael J. Pawelek ♡ #Mouseforever 🐁

Buffalo, N.Y. usa


Brandon Hodack 11/27/84-2/3/13
My beautiful boy. Your life mattered. Not a single day goes by that your not missed or thought about. I love you always.

Sorrento, La

Tammy Hodack

I miss you Jake. I love you forever



To our beloved daughter Sara Mishler who lost her battle. You are missed more than you know💔 9/20/90 – 10/29/15

Mechanicsburg PA / USA

Lori Mishler

My son was a beautiful soul. He was born July 12 , 1993 and February 23 , 2016 fatally overdosed on heroine laced with fentanyl. He was loved by many, christian lite up the room when he walked in. His smile was contagious, he was the friend everyone wanted. His addiction he hid well no one knew til it was to late. The first overdose was in January 2016 he promised he’d never do it again. I wanted to believe him I did believe him l, he was a good kid he had a baby in the way. I knew when I got the call that morning.

Thurmont Maryland USA


The call came on a Monday night, 4 months ago. The worst day of my life! My loving, beautiful, kind, empathetic only child, Ian, was gone. Screw the five stages, I am just incredibly sad. He was, and stiil is, the love of my life, and his generous soul is missed by so many. God help me carry on in his honor and hugs to all who have to endure this pain.

Madison, WI USA


I have lost too many to mention…💔.


Teresa Noble

In memory of my only daughter Jennifer. Forever 30. Until we meet again sweet angel I will love you always and forever.

lake worth

Allison Lopez

To my son Manuel Carvajal, mom misses you today and every day. I will live the rest of my life remembering you, sharing your life story, and advocating for others in your honor.


San Antonio, Texas

Debra De La Garza

My beautiful child . You will never be forgotten . Despite your struggles your heart remained the most gentlest . Rest now with Jesus in his peace and love . Lilyrose will never forget her mommy and will always love you to the moon and back . I’ll see you over the rainbow one day 💕💕💕💕

Shavertown , PA

Annmarie & Lilyrose

Sheena Moore 31… loving mom , daughter and sister ., lost her on 6/9/16 to a fentanyl overdose after years of sobriety .. Sheena would not want us to cry: she would want us to fight

Cuyahoga falls Ohio USA


Bobby Carlson lost his battle with addiction June 5, 2017. He was 23 years old and full of life. He wanted to live and had plans of a future career and children if his own. He leaves behind a mother, father, step-father, 3 brothers, 1 sister, and many other family members and friends who loved him. He will be forever missed.


Jessica Plavic

Remembering my son Sam Mignoli…
Forever#23…I Love You and Miss You!
So thankful for your rescue but our hearts
are broken without you💔

Long Beach, NY USA


To my son Brandon Merges,
We love you and miss you…and mom promises to continue to do good things in your memory….blood drives…walks to remember….and pass out bracelets to make people aware of the seriousness of addiction and the pain that it causes to many families losing their loved ones to such a serious problem….

Burlington, WI 53105


Being an addict and seeing everything go on makes me realize how bad this is. I go to a methadone clinic thinking they would help me but instead they gave me a 15 minute time window to be there because I have a service dog that helps me and my anxiety makes me puke up my dose. It’s sad when addicts are treated like it doesn’t matter if we overdose, have a bad day, or anything goes wrong. It isn’t fair for addicts to be treated this way

Lisbon, CT, United States

Tess michaud

I miss you sooo much, Tim. I think of you everyyyy single day. Still. Alwayyys.
1/14/84 – 10/24/15
Forever 31. Forever remembered. Forever loved.
I carryyy you with me.
Love youuuu, Maryyy

Newfield, NJ USA


Remembering Rachel…I lost my daughter, Rachel Elizabeth Walton to an overdose of perscription medications, She was my oldest child and only daughter, she left behind 2 beautiful grandchildren. 1/22/1982-3/8/2014

Cedar City, Utah USA

Michele Duncan

It has been 5 years since I lost my beautiful Son to effects of a meth overdose. It has brought our entire family to their knees, wondering why him? He was 43 years old. We miss you & love you John. Forever in our hearts.

Norwalk, California, USA

Judy Deranian

Vickie Rae, we fought for you for so long it doesn’t seem fair now that you’re gone, but I know that you are finally at rest from that long hard fight and I now find comfort in the hope promised to us at Rev 21:4. No more death, mourning or pain…a life lived as truly intended healthy and free. I look forwarded to meeting you again this way my beautiful sister ❤. 4.21.17 the fight is over.

Kinston, North Carolina

Ashley Stallings

My daughter Kathryn Ames-Peters passed April 30th 2015 at age 40. Not a day goes by without a thought of her. She is so missed by all who knew her. Everyday is a struggle, would love to see her beautiful smile again.



My son I will forever miss you, my Mykey, my naive sweet young man, I promise to do everything I can to help other in your name. I love you, no one you ever know the void you left in my heart

Laredo, Texas


Always in my heart, forever on my mind! My brothers keeper! You should be here! RIP our guardian angel, until we see you again! My brother in law, my friend! 11/27/1976-5/24/2016

Ranson, West Virginia

Jana Croson-Lang

In memory of my little brother Zachary Murray may he Rest In Peace

Columbus, Ohio franklin county


Shawn Michael Leins, my 18 year old son, lost to accidental Methadone toxicity October 12, 2012. He was not an addict nor was he prescribed any. A 32 year old neighbor lady shared her 10 mg pills with him and then kicked him out in the middle of the night. Methadone diversion is illegal in my state, yet she was never even questioned. How bout that?!
~4ever, 4always & 4eternity~

Cromwell, Indiana United States





We lost our youngest son Kaelan on March 28, 2013; he was only 16 years old. Kaelan had a big, vivacious personality. He was a lover, not a hater, an athlete and musician. His death was a shock to us, and the reason behind it even more so. We had no idea that Kaelan had ever used heroin. We have gone over the signs a million times and they were not present. Our lives have been changed forever and our son is forever in our hearts.

Wheaton IL

Justine Mondragon

God I miss you. God I loved you so much.



K. W.

In dedication to my son Anthony (Tony) C. Ezzell
11/28/79 – 08/25/13
A very funny guy….son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandson, friend, and father. We are eternally grateful for the life we were privileged to share with you. Love and miss you to the moon and back…

Mechanicsvil0le, MD USA


In Loving Memory of my nephew
Jacob Alexander Christensen
2/2/1993 – 12/22/2013
Miss you everyday Jake!! 💙💙💙

Chicago, IL

Cathy Noonan

My sweet boy Douglas Alan lost his battle with this life, with his addiction and everything that comes with it on April 17, 2017. When the ambulance I was riding in with him in the back pulled into the hospital I heard him distinctly say – its OK mom, I’m free. I’m glad the darkness he lived in on this planet is over and now IS the light. Love you always and forever Dougie – Momma

Dayton Ohio USA


I have lost my brother to od he was my everything my protector my father my best friend my shadow etc I miss him terribly this disease would stop more people need to come together and make a stand it’s just getting worse by the day to many of our friends family etc are gone way too soon 😭💔🖤☦️

Shirley ny


Ryan Patrick Page
August 13, 1988 — July 18, 2017
Ryan was the most loving and selfless person. His smile could brighten your worst day. He cared for everyone before himself and had the biggest heart. We Love you and Miss you every second of every day Ry!



On September 1,2016 we lost our son to an accidental overdose of alcohol and pain killers. Our loving son was the father of a 3 and 4 year old. I hope he is out of pain and in the hands of God. We love and miss him dearly.

North Conway NH


Daniel McGowen
December 26,1992–December 19, 2011
There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and those beautiful eyes and your goofiness….
Love you and miss you!



My son Gary died of a heroin/fentenyl overdose on June 14, 2017. He is 30 years old. He worked as an RN and was well liked and loved by everyone. He was addicted to heroin for less than a year. Gary is an awesome son and big brother! He is a whiz at computers and video games. He is a bodybuilder and power lifter. Even his muscles had muscles!! He is on Instagram #mursemuscle. He’s such a handsome cutie! I miss him more than I can ever tell you. He should never have died. This was not his destiny. The only good that has come out of all this is now at least you’re free of this damned addiction that had a hold on you. I love you and miss you terribly Gary!
Your Mom



My precious son lost his battle with the brain disease called addiction! Robbie was a fine intelligent young man with a disease that took his life 5/14/15. He was 32😢

wood Village Oregon USA


Over two years have passed and not a day goes by that you’re not in our thoughts. Beloved brother, son, partner and friend to many – Ben McQueen 5/11/84 – 19/03/2015

Rosa Brook, Western Australia

Kitty McQueen

We lost our 28 year old son, Ben, on January 11, 2017 to the disease of addiction. This has devastated our family. Ben was a great kid that grew into a fine young man. Addiction took him from us way too soon. It took his soul and broke the hearts of all of us that loved him. Addiction does not discriminate, it crosses all lines of common decency and is more powerful than the love and support family and friends provide. Ben was so much more than an addict. He was a wonderful son who loved his family and friends deeply and we loved him. We will cherish the fact that Ben had a successful journey here on earth,
with many great relationships and always loving, forgiving, giving, and sharing and always always giving the best of himself.

Edmond OK USS

Tammy Posey

Sandra Faye Rankin
03.13.1969 – 08.08.2015
My mother was 46 years old when she passed away from an accidental heroin overdose. She left behind 3 daughters, and 2 granddaughters. She was so loving, so funny, and so accepting. She was smart, and vibrant and was incredibly talented at writing. She was 11 months sober to the day, when she left us. I will never forget you mom, there is never and will never be a day that passes that I don’t think of you. Because of you, I am. Everything I am, everything I hope to be, was because of you. I lost more than my mother, I lost my best friend. Thank you mom, for teaching me to be strong. I love you so much.
“For you, I will go on.”
I love you to the moon,
-Your youngest baby, Brooklyn.

Williamstown, Kentucky


Andrea. I miss u always. You fought SO HARD & so long against the Hell of this disease. And everyday its your memory, your beauty & spirit that keeps me fighting. I love u Andrea. Fly Free Sweet Girl.

Morgantown WV

Abby 💛

For both of you.

Because I love you. Because you made me laugh. Because you helped raise me. Because you were my family. Because we never said goodbye. Because I miss you both. Because I learned from you. Because you should know that you were so important to us all! Because our hearts are still broken. Because we all miss you and will never forget you.

We remember all of the good things.

My uncles – Jim and Craig xXx



I lost by brother, Louie last year and living without him is the saddest thing I’ll ever have todo. You are missed Louie, we were supposed to keep growing up together. I only wish you got more time here with us. I love you. #forever26

easton United States


We love you Derick! Remember you are a son a brother a father first before you were an addict❤️I have faith that you will get back to that keep on your path and you can do great things love your big sister Tina

Worcester ma


Elton’s Words
“We need to offer a forum for creative voices, to call out as one from the darkness of mental health & addiction, paying tribute to those that have gone before us, offering strength to those who walk with us and as a guide for those that follow us.” Rest in Peace my son. You fought a long hard battle. Mom

Vancouver, BC

Barb MacKay

Brendon Lavar** I miss you more then anything. Being without you here isn’t a good feeling, I want you back here with us all, I’m tired of waking up an rereminding myself your not coming home. I just wish you were here, I love you so much. Forever on my mind every second of the dayy. ❤
💜/always, Monica .

Redbluff C.A

Monica Jean

Daddy, I love and miss you so much I think about you everyday.

Kenosha Wisconsin United States


I lost my first born and only son on August 19th 2016 to the monster that is drug overdose. My world shattered. I miss you so much.
Matthew David Brewer 5/28/71 – 8/19/16

Oakland County, Michigan USA

Vicki Lambert

The most beautiful soul… a free spirit, finally free. Thank you for bringing so much light. Thank you for being. You taught me more than you ever realized, and you constantly amazed me. I love you and miss you always, Brett. I’ll always find you in the woods.

Boone, NC

Brett Airey

Missing you (Frankie) Frank E Dickey jr.
My brother, my friend.
35 was far too young. The world is a darker place without your beaming smile, contaigous laughter and ornery wit. Love you much, miss you always. “Sisser”

Southeastern Ohio


In memory of my daughter Victoria Rae King. 7/11/95 – 4/21/17. Gone but not Forgotten! My forever 21 Angel baby!❤⚓⚓❤

Kinston NC

Teresa Forrest

Always in our hearts 💕

Lexington Ky

Niven misses Angie

Michael Benson, I know you suffered here on earth and I’m happy you are at peace, but you were my only sibling and my protector, so I am feeling alone, and very lost without you. You had amazing talents that God gave you, and you always made me feel safe. You were an artist, a comedian, you taught yourself to play the guitar, you were the best in the business when it came to your work. You always made people laugh when the world was mean and ugly. You suffered from the demon that’s called meth, but in the end, that’s not who you were. Michael, my world stopped the day you died and I’ll never be whole again, but I will see you on the other side my brother.

Yukon, Oklahoma USA

Jennifer Green

In memory of Elizabeth (Liz) Loranzo, age 25, who lost her short and loving life to a heroin overdose on March 19, 2017. Liz leaves behind her fiance Kyle and her then 9 month old son Carson.

Middletown, PA

Wendy Loranzo

I lost the love of my life to drugs. I don’t want to see anyone else die due to this disease.

San Antonio

gregory jordan

In memory of my brother Robin Francis Ali xxx died 02.10.2016 aged 40. Never forgotten. Always loved xxx


Kristie Townsend

To our beautiful, smart, caring Warrior, we miss you, we love you. Heroin has destroyed our lives. Heroin took our only child, our son. Forever with the angles, forever in our minds and hearts. Jason A. Freburger….9/13/86 – 12/23/15….ADDICTS TO ANGLES

Wattsville, VA

Debbie Freburger

I am a former drug addict who was able to escape the grips of addiction after 11 long painful years of homelessness and addiction. I have been clean going on 7 years. Since Fentanyl hit the West Coast almost 2 years ago I have lost over 75 friends which I knew during my years of addiction. The mourning doesn’t stop people are dying at a rapid rate. I will attend and speak at my very first International overdose awareness day in Vancouver, British Columbia on August 31 I share in memory of the friends we have lost.

Vancouver BC

Jolene Greyeyes

Remembering my son John Rea. 1/8/88 – 1/1/17
Overdosed with cocaine laced with fentanyl.

Lake Wales

Jane McKinney

July 8th 2017- I lost one of my best friends. She struggled with addiction for years. 15 years clean, but in the end Mental Health and Drugs won. She was one of the strongest, most giving people I know. I am forever different because of her. She saved many people by telling of story of overcoming the odds. A piece of me left with her. I’m forever changed. Courtney, you are so loved and missed, forever and always.



This is in memory of my nephew, Tyler, aka Tyler Joe or TJ.
No words can be said for how much we miss you, your smile would light up any room when you walked in!
You were our “Gentle Giant”, but, the struggle you had won the battle. We know you watch over us, and, are at peace now up above in Heaven!
Please know your disease is one that many face, some survive, but, others like you are unable to find the answer you need. We know you were not weak, just unable to find the right balance in life.
I want to say I love you, miss you, feel you with me , and, cannot wait to see you again!
Love, Cheryl

Feasterville, PA

Cheryl Partyka-Tolby

In memory of John Rizzo. John was a beloved father, a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a friend and a human being. He lost his battle with addiction on July 11, 2015. Forever loved and missed 💔Y

Montvale, NJ, USA


My Hunter overdosed the day after his 25 birthday. I was lucky enough to have spent his birthday with him. I love you Hunter. Until we meet again.

Jacksonville OR USA


In loving memory of Brian Glynn who passed away on September 3, 2015 of a heroin overdose. Brian is loved and missed every day.


Angel Glynn

Blessed and thankful to have my son here, after a heroin overdose. Please keep him in your prayers for the strength to fight everyday to stay clean.

Bradenton, Fl.


Sojourn JMB

Bremerton wa usa


I’m a Mom in recovery 17 years now. I lost my 36 year old son Matthew to an overdose of fentanyl 8 months ago. Nothing could ever prepare me for the agonizing grief I am going thru. His son Kyle is now fatherless. His sister Melyssa is devestated an only going thru the motions because she has a 1 yr old. She tells me if it wasn’t for her son she’d kill herself. If it wasn’t for her an my grandsons I would do the same thing. Nothing will ever be the same. I’m in therapy, I talk with other moms an every 1 of them have told me it doesn’t get better. The miracle is I haven’t used. I have no desire to use. I can be there for my daughter and grandsons like they are there for me. I’m praying for something to be done to stop this deadly epidemic because we are losing a whole generation. Nothing can bring back my son but I do everything in my power to share our story of my son dying on our bathroom floor while myself an his son gave him CPR. Maybe it will save 1 life so his won’t be in vain.

Ft Pierce FL USA


In memory of my oldest child Ryan Sammut, died of an overdose on September 24, 2015. He left behind 3 brothers a niece and a nephew that miss him so much. Not a day doesnt go by that we dont think of him. I talk to you daily, I know that you hear me because I feel your loving energy around me. Until we meet again and we will meet again, I know you’l be waiting. Love Mom

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Diane Subercaseaux

Our son Matthew died from an overdose September 23,2008. One month from his 20th birthday. His birthday is October 28, 1988. We miss him so much!



One Day At A Time

Carrollton Ga 30117

Stacy Freise

With You, Went So Much Of Me…
Shaun David Collins~2-8-81–8-16-07
Lois Jean Collins~2-17-56–8-21-09
Troy Alan Collins~2-16-88–6-6-17
~~Losing all 3 of you has been unbearable. There are times that neither of us know how or if we will make it another minute, but we do it for you. The only peace we get is knowing that you are FREE from the pain & heartache of addiction. We will spend our lives missing you! Until We Meet Again…

Hagerstown, IN USA

Robyn Richardson & Kayla Collins

Rob Pasley and Roger Willoughby both lost their battle young in 2016. They will be missed terribly.

Lexington / Kentucky United States


In loving memory of my beautiful daughter, Brittany Brooks Guleff, forever 24. She left behind 2 beautiful grandchildren. Always remembered, never forgotten. She is my shining star! We all miss and love you forever❤️

West Blocton, AL USA


My sister in law who was my best friend and my son’s Aunt was taken from us December 4, 2016. A hole remains in our hearts and our family will never be the same without her. Fly on your way like an eagle up to spirit in the sky, sister xoxoxoxo. I love you

Kamloops BC

Christen Snyder

I had a heroin overdose at the age of 28 in broad daylight slumped up against some pool fences.
The police bought me back to life with CPR and the ambulance attendex but I was never given Narcan.
I was clinically dead for 3 minutes and thank God did not suffer brain damage.

Perth Australia


To my son joe. You left us way to soon. I know you’re with your angels. I love you and will forever hold you in my heart. I wish I could have you back but I will always cherish the memories we created together. Peace be with you always.

N syracuse, NY


As a family who has lost a dear loved one to overdose (specifically heroin) this day is a painful day that reminds us of the story, sad journey and deadly epidemic. We are reminded of the events that occurred and what could have been done to possibly help and sadly it always comes back to addiction stinks…it hurts everyone involved. Education, awareness, ending access and stopping the entrance of lethal drugs to our country. We are committed to spending every day, some how to educate and spread awareness on the dangers, outcomes and sadness of addiction. Educate yourself, your friends, your family and stop the judgement…miss you forever and we will meet again…

Monroeville, PA

Team Batman

Daddy Eddie, RIP❤️I hope you are now at peace & free from your long battle of pain & suffering. You are deeply loved & missed, forever in my ❤️please keep my brother Ryan safe & healthy.🙏🏼❤️

New Bedford, MA USA


We lost our beautiful Montana April 18,2017 at the age of 25. We miss her kind heart,fun spirit and her love for all people and things.

Hatboro Pa usa


Remembering our beautiful, smart, creative daughter Rachel Ben-Asher who lost her long battle with addiction on June 15, 2016, age 30.

Our hearts are forever broken, but we know you are no longer in pain. ❤️💔❤️💔

Parsippany, New Jersey

Rita & Richard Ben-Asher

In loving memory of Daniel Cedric Rae and Alverta “bird” Neuder. Both taken away from family and friends way too soon by the disease known as addiction. There isnt a second that goes by that you arent missed dearly! I just hope that you both are finally at peace. Until we meet again, my love to you both always <3

Saxton, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


My sister Missy. She passed at 32, she was so loving and caring. I had just made her an aunt to her “little monkey” as she called my son 3 weeks before I found her dead on July 22, 2012. She started with back pain, a doctor, emotional pain from divorce and then heroin. I wish so much she was here today but I have now became a huge advocate and was using myself after her death (4 years clean now) and I have fought and fought in many situations for addiction rights. I always say she is now living through me and my kids!

Woodbridge, va


My son Ron passed away on October 14th 2006 from an heroin overdose. He was only 22 yrs old, he left behind 2 beautiful children, which Thur them he still lives. I miss my only son, my baby boy, I love you Ron, I will see you again someday and we will continue where we left off but without the heroin.



I would like to have My Son, Robert McCullough’s Memory Matter. Roberts Group on Facebook is
“ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY ROBERT MCCULLOUGH’S MEMORY MATTERS” Please visit and help make his Memory Matter and to never be forgotten. Lets Educate people about the Heroin Epidemic. Thank you

Maplewood, MN

Lisa McCullough

Your suffering is gone. Peace is yours. Forever remembering you in our hearts.

Columbus, Ohio


My beautiful baby girl, Ashley. Age 22 died of a heroin overdose on November 23 2016. Not a day does by that I don’t think about you. I know you are at peace now. I will miss you always and forever. Love mom


Tammy Wolfe

I have lost too many people i love to addiction. I myself was addicted to many substances for over 20 years. I now have 18 months clean. I am supporting overdose awareness because I do not want anyone else to die from this disease.


Renee Werner

I lost my best friend Kris in 2008 to a drug overdose. He was the love of my life, and the father of my child. I miss him every single day. And I know I always will.

Strawberry plains, Tennessee

Nicoli Manley

Zechariah, I know you thought you were just doing a recreational line of Cocaine. You see, there isn’t a recreational linen The cocaine was laced with Fentanyl.
I am not much of a person to cry Son, but I have cried almost every day for two years now. I see your two beautiful children and I cry. I think of you and I cry. My mission now is to jeep your memory precious. Not allow ignorance to label. Mom❤️

Hobart/ Indiana/ USA

Beverly L Wingo

Its been over four years since Neil left us. He was a great person, and one could always see his goodness, even when he was struggling… the pain he felt was real, but his true self always showed through. He was a gift… I will always love you Neil. You were the best!!!!

Alexandria, VA


Josh Morales, a friend, a roommate, a partner in dreams, in adventures, in road trips.
Always had my back. You are missed and you are remembered. (Jaxson shares Uncle Josh’s initials).
Forever 27

Albany NY, USA

Travis, Jaxson, and Sue

Our son Matthew died from a drug overdose September23,2008.



I want to pay tribute to Jay Crudele.He is the father of our 14 yr. old son Jacob.He passed February 19th,2016,he was 39.He just had his birthday on February 9th.He loved his son so much n was an AMAZING father..He loved listening to music,could sing ,write slings,plat drums n guitar..He had best sense of humor n also said one of most kindhearted people I have ever met in my life..He’s survived our son,his mother Marie,sisters Lois and Jennifer and brother Chris.Many nephews and nieces..Just an all around ,cool,sweet guy that will NEVER be forgotten.


Kimberly Mason

In Memorial for Georgianna Michaud Zercie who died April 6, 2017 of an overdose. Georvi was my little sister, age 49.

Caribou Maine

Kathryn Allenby

Teddy “bear” Storey you will never be forgotten

Mayfield, Ohio

Judy mcdonough

Another year goes by & I miss u more & more! You are forever in our hearts! Rest Easy! Mom
John Dafeldecker,Jr

Oakhurst, NJ USA

Josie Dafeldecker

My youngest and only, son Justin “Buddy” Pratt was a cute, blonde headed little boy who could make you mad one minute and laughing the next. Buddy loved the outdoors and had a grin that melted my heart. He will be remembered and missed every second of every day.
His life and death has saved lives through the non-profit organization Buddy’s Purpose that was started to bring awareness and education to our communities.
Mom Loves you Bud your forever in my heart and on my mind!

Cherry IL 61317

Lori Brown

My brother died of a fentynl overdose august 26th of 2016. It still breaks my heart to type those words. Never did i think i would lose him that way, he was not the junkie…that was me, not him. He was always smiling, an amazing brother,uncle, son, and father. His girls were the world to him. He wasn’t a regular needle user he tried it a few times and didn’t even like it. I do not know exactly what happened that day or what he was thinking, i also know this disease very well and know there are no simple answers. He was supposed to see his daughter that day and missed his visit. He was only 30 his daughters are 4 and 9. It was a tragedy. You would think after something like that i would have cleaned my act up and stopped using, i didn’t i continued to put my family through another 9 months of hell…you know the deal, no contact for days-weeks at a time, wondering if i was alive or dead. Wondering everytime the phone rang if it would be that call. Today i am over 4 months off meth and heroin and my brother is my inspiration. It only takes one. One more relapse could be my last, your last, your loved one’s last. My hope now is that my brother’s story or my story will reach one person, save one addict from suffering that fate and save their family from that loss. My name is Bobbi jo and I’m a grateful addict in recovery.

Fargo nd usa


Missing my son, James Richard Loveless
10/3/1991 – 8/1/2015

James was a wonderful person who looked out for everyone. He knew that he was in trouble, but wanted to “fix” things by himself. He knew that he was well-loved by his family, but he didn’t want us to worry about him and his problems.

Wake Forest, NC USA

Tracie Loveless

We want to honor the life of our daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt and friend Ellen Petty, who was taken from us at the young age of 23, from an overdose. She died of an overdose that later was confirmed to be 100% Carfentanil. She is missed and thought about daily. We started on foundation on her behalf the educate and advocate against the opioid and now synthetic drug epidemic that is killing our youth. We will continue to fight this fight for you Ellen!

Your friends and family!

Charlotte, North Carolina

Fred Griffith

I lost my son, Michael to addiction. He was 33 years old. He tried many times to get into recovery, but there are not enough rehabs. He had so many demons. I pray he is at peace. This country needs to think outside the box and find ways to stop all these overdoses! What we are doing now is basically nothing! Too many families are suffering from having to bury their loved ones.

S. Yarmouth, Mass., USA


My son died of a heroine od in Jan. 2016
I believe it was preventable if given the right treatment. He was dropped off at a sober house all alone and nervous, he was dead in 24 hours after being clean for 75 days. My heart is broken and forever changed.

Narragansett, RI

Tina Peterson

Kiel Baker
Forever in my heart, never to be forgotten.
11-23-86 -08-01-16
I will join you when it is time,
Love always Mom

Fort Worth, Tx


In memory of my best friend Jessica Mcquiston who lost her life to the horrible disease on feb 16th 2016

New Castle Pa


My sweet boy Justin. I miss you each day! You accomplished more in your 22 years than most can in a life time. I will fight, take a stand and support those who need it. My heart aches everyday wishing I could here your voice or see you walk around the corner. I love you – MOM



Philip C Hiltz
My life will never be the same without you, I will always love you and Carry you within my heart! Infinity….
I needed u..
Need were MY SOMEONE…

Belfast, Me, USA


Lost my baby boy to this horrible demon…Mark Stoker 8/24/88 -2/4/16 forever 27 ~forever brokenhearted~💔

Selinsgrove PA USA

Teresa Stoker

In loving memory of my son, Jason “Wes” Sapp IV … forever 21

Sneads Ferry, NC USA

Vanessa Sapp

Remembering my son. Fighting for education about this horrific problem. 3rd

Oconomowoc, Wisconsi

Vicki McCaig

Amory, I think about you every day. We miss you and it hurts. Like a giant mortar and pestle just grinding you down. But I remember your drive, your humor and mischief, and I’m thankful for every moment we had together. You were a spark of magic. You gave us incredible stories. You will always be a part of us.

Austin, Texas

Lisa Watson

Sometimes when I see someone from the back with her hair up in a bun and wearing a hoodie my heart skips a beat, thinking that it is you – my beautiful daughter Kate. I miss you so much every day. You had been clean for nine months and were so excited about being 16 weeks pregnant- if only you had not relapsed and died the first time that you took an opiate, your son would be two years old! How different my life, as well as the life of your sister and everyone who loved you, would be. I hope you know how much we love you.

Rockville, Maryland

Marielsa Bernard

The 1year Anniversary of my brother’s, Marc Lowry, death is rapidly approaching. He died of a fentanyl laced heroin overdose at the age of 33. He was my only sibling leaving me an old child now. Besides his addiction, he was a hard working, loving brother and uncle, an overall amazing person. My life has been significantly changed since he has been gone. My children miss him dearly. I think about him every minute of every day. I want to learn how to administer Narcan so that I can try to help save a life. On International Overdose Awareness Day, I will be remembering him, as well as all the other men and women who are battling addiction and their family members.

Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

Megan Ryan

In loving memory of my son Hunter Robison 7 /26 /94-11 /3/12. We miss you and love you so much. Mom, Cydney, Rhiannon, and Zeppelin ❤️

Mattoon, IL


R.I.P. Kevin Michael Warner. You were an intelligent genuinely good person. I am so sorry your life was so painful. I hope you are at peace with your son and know how very loved you are.

Northport, New York


Rest easy Richard Lee Campbell 1/12/1969 to 8/18/2003. I cannot believe it has been 14 years since I got a hug from my big brother. I cant even say it without crying. I miss you and love you plenty. Xoxo

Salem, Oregon

Tanya Hart-Garman

You are missed more than you will ever know and loved beyond words I will cherish and love you till the day I die

Austintown, OH USA

Rob “The Mug” McCulley

Patrick: It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to get to know you. So much fun together on the hill playing cards or whiffle ball. But my best memory is the fact that you always lifted my spirits and made me laugh and smile. I will never forget you. You cared so much about others and now God is taking care of you. Much love kid.



Tristan was my sister who we lost at only 18 years old. Tristan was born June 9 1998. Tristan left us on August 4th 2016. Tristan led the kind of life where she didn’t let opportunity pass her by. Tristan was intelligent and attended the local early college. Tristan loved music, writing and horses. Tristan also played softball and danced on a Christian dance team. Before addiction Tristan was so full of life. Even during her worst day, Tristan was kind and would do anything to anyone. Tristans celebration of life filled the church and people had to leave because there was no parking. Our family has created Tristans Haven in her memory to keep helping others as she did while she was here. I love you sissy. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. There are so many things we still needed to do together. I miss you.

Thomasville NC

Tristans Lee Thompson

R.I.P Christopher Holloway 🥀
I feel so lost without my big brother.

Springfield, LA


The most difficult thing I have had to do was hold the father of a comatose addict as they unplugged life support. He had fallen and hit his head when he overdosed.

Galveston TX USA


My son, Lewis Clyde Cairns IV born February 12,1991 Died September 23, 2016 from a cocaine overdose. You are my son and my best friend. Everyday I relive that horrible day and I ask “why”? I wish I could have saved you my sweet boy. I would give you the air I breathe to save you. You are so loved and so very much missed. I will forever carry you in my heart until we meet again my Lewie. I love you so much, Momz

Alliance, Ohio

Mary Kay

My beautiful boy Timothy Daniel Spence. You will never be forgotten.

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Denise Spence

To my strong, beautiful friend!!! May your heart no longer ache and your mind now be free…. I Love you

Johnson City/ Tennessee


Tanner Thorne 9/27/1982-6/2/2007
To have been your older sister for 24 yrs was a honor, sweet brother. I miss you so much and wish everyday that things would have been different for you. Ten years gone, and it remains an great honor to be your sister. I tell your story every chance I get. Your memory will NEVER die…I promise you that. I love you Tan.


Sydney Marshall

I’m posting a tribute to my mother who lost her life to a fatal overdose on March 11 2011. Gone but never forgotten xo

London ontario canada

Trish Deeley

In memory of our son Shane. We lost him to an accidental fentanyl overdose on May 4, 2016. Shane had a heart of gold. He had 16 months in recovery when he suffered a mental breakdown 3 weeks prior to his death. He relapsed and then fought to stay clean while waiting for treatment. Sadly approval never came and we found our sweet boy that early morning in his bed. Our hearts and life will never be the same…..Gone to soon, but will NEVER be forgotten


Lisa Walsh

My beautiful daughter struggled with the disease of addiction. Heroin captured her and kept calling her back for more until fentanyl was given in its place. Cause of death was acute fentanyl. Miss her beautiful face every moment of every day. Her smile her voice etched in my heart broken in so many pieces. May she fly high with the angels. In loving memory beautiful daughter.

Stoneham MA. 02180


Although it’s been 3 years (6/21/14), since our son, Brian died at age 27, we think about him every day. Like so many others, he was taken from us too soon. Love and Miss you Brian. Mom, Dad, Liz & Kathryn

Charlton, MA USA

Deb Dowd-Foley

I lost the love of my life Bill Stew on 05232016, he was my everything and he still is. I live on in his honor and I do everything I can to keep his memory alive💚
I love you forever and ever Billy if you can see this up there!

Brockton MA USA

Sara Trapp

Remembering my son, Kevin Doan, who lost his battle with addiction on January 26, 2016 at 30 years old. I miss his awesome smile, his sweet, gentle manner, and his love for his family and his dog. He tried so hard to beat his disease. We are devastated.

CIncinnati, OH

Susan Doan

To my best son’s father..I love you each and every day..I miss you even more..till we meet again you will be forever 28…I love you Joshua

Jacksonville north carolina

Elizabeth Richardson

My beautiful daughter Alissa Marie Hale overdosed on May 23, 2017, she was 21 years old, I miss her dearly as does my family. Rest in peace baby girl, I love you.

Mattituck, by 11952


My loving husband Jason passed on Feb. 11, 2017 from an overdose. He had been battling an opioid addiction since he suffered a debilitating work injury. Jason was know as a gentle giant and loved life. He idolized his step children, our grandchildren, and god son. His favorite times were hanging out with friends and playing with the kids. Once he was injured, this all changed. We all tried to help him through this and at one point I thought he was getting better. My love, I will not let your death be in vain. If I can save one person, one family from having to go through this, then your death will have some purpose. I miss you and love you and would have done anything to help you get better. Watch over all of us my green lantern. You will always be my superhero.

St. Louis Missouri USA


Remembering my beautiful daughter Amanda Michelle Blankenship . Taken too soon from her family and friends because of a heroin overdose .
Forever 19 . Rest In Peace my sweet daughter .


Michelle Traylor

For my handsome. Loving, smart, son Ryan who left us too early this year in jan 30th. He was home for. It even 48hrs and overdosed and we had to let him go! He left behind a legacy. His 5 yr old son who will never remember his daddy who loved him more then life. His 3 sisters and brother. My heart will never be the same I am so so sad!

Milwaukee wi usa

Mari jo

On May 11, 2016, I lost my first born son Blaize Marcus Torrence, to an accidental drug overdose. He was 23 years old. He had been an exceptional football player, a scholar, a proud father and an all around good spirited, loved person. Blaize was considered for college scholarships, he had both parents active in his life and a large number of supportive family members and friends that communicated with him often, but he struggled. He struggled with a beast that doesn’t care about color, creed, class, culture, credibility, sexual preference, income, beauty or nothing. That beast is called addiction and it is killing and ruining lives all over the world in stunning numbers. One of the most menacing weapons we have that can impair this beast is a platform to spread knowledge. Like this one and others.

New York, USA


To honor my son Teddy Dziadik born on November 19 1988 passed on April 11 2015 of an overdose. Forever in my 💓 please stop the madness

Richfield Springs NY

KellyJean Richmond

To my Son,Danny who died of a overdose on December 22nd, 2013. He was only 28 yrs old.

Washington Ok


My family suffered a great loss on June 10, 2016. My 22 year old niece lost her battle with heroin. Shelby, as so many others, was a beautiful, smart, passionate young lady,who lost her daughter and sank into a deep depression. Shelby will forever be able to hold her precious Lexi. They will forever be loved and missed

I love you Lu 8
My family will be honoring Shelby with an International Overdose Awareness event in Mount Holly, NJ 8.31.17

Mount Holly, New Jersey USA

Christine Hoff

In memory of my daughter Katie Lee Thomas who lost her battle with addiction, August 16, 2016.
RIP Katie Bug…… 12.9.1994-08.17.2016

Efland, NC USA

Angie Thomas

My nephew, Billy Jr. Love and miss you so much. I miss your love, your hugs and your beautiful smile Bubby. Life will never be the same. Rest in peace my much loved boy. 1991-5/22/2017

St Clair MO


Caila, It is coming up one year on the 19th of August that we received the call that you lost your battle. I will not let others define your life by the way you died. You will always be connected to me as I gave you life 27 years ago-when you left, a large part of me left with you-I have a huge hole in my heart-I tell myself its with you now so you will always know how much I love you. You were such a sweet spirit giving, caring, loving, beautiful, kind, a good mother and a wonderful daughter the best I could hope for. I hope you are at peace now with your little boy Aidan-until we are together again…know I love you and your sons Carter and Johnnie love you. Be at peace now my angel. Love Mom.

Phoenix, Arizona


I lost my son John P. Mahoney, to an overdose on November 8th 2015. He was a good, sensitive, broken man. The world was too cold and cruel to him. He loved children and animals. He would give you the shirt off his back. I miss him desperately! He was so much more than his addiction. He had made amends to everyone. He was struggling to stay sober. I believe that God, in His mercy took John home. He would have lost everyone who’s love was conditional. He wouldn’t be able to live with that. He was my heart and my sunshine. He broke my heart, but, I believe that God knew I could live without him. I know he wouldn’t have survived my passing. I love you, John!

Goffstown New Hampshire

Pamela J Mahoney

On 3/20/16 my brother, Andrew Chandler, died. He had been sober for three and a half years. He relapsed on that day and died of an overdose. He was a father of two beautiful daughters. He was a son. He was a brother. He was an uncle. He was a grandson. He was a man with a heart of gold, sensitive, funny, charming, hard working, always willing to help someone in need, a wonderful father to his children and the list goes on and on. Addiction does not discriminate. It is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease. The pain is real. The struggle is real. My prayers go out for all the sick and suffering addicts…may you find recovery and for the families that are grieving and still living with addicts in active addiction.

Tampa, FL USA

Maleah Lockhart

RIP Gone to soon, we will always love and miss you! Joey


Katy Hayes

On 02/15/13 my world changed forever. That was the day I lost my daughter, Holly. Our lives well never be the same..I miss her every minute of every day. shine bright baby girl until we meet again..I love you forever.

Lansing, Mi

Linda Patrick

I am climbing 100,000 feet on my bike this year in honor of my brother CJ, to get a natural high, and to increase awareness of the reality and the dangers of opioids and drug related overdose. I love you brother. I miss you everyday. I can feel you cheering me on and watching over me as I ride my bike. I hope we can save even one person from the chains of addiction.

Ogden, UT

Jimmy Bokinskie

We lost our son PJ 3/25/16. He left behind those who loved him so much & will forever miss him. Our lives will never be the same. I know you didn’t mean to leave us, I’m so sorry we couldn’t save you……Loving you & missing you forever. Mom & Dad

Oxford, Ct


It has been just over two years since i lost my younger brother to an accidental overdose. He was just 25, whatever he took was laced with fentanyl
We miss him everyday and wish he was still with us. Gone but never forgotten Ginge xoxoxxo



I can’t place into mere mortal worlds the feelings that our families and so many of our extended families through friends are feeling. Many of the families that I am closest to struggle with unexplained
infertility and a few of us have these issues behore or perhaps ongoing! We are going
to get this done again. We miss you, we long for you. It seems unfair God would bring you to us only uses for this paper and project. However, I must tell you you’re beautiful wife and child are well and just amazing sweet cutie pies!! To HIM the glory!

Mt Juliet TN. USA

Abby Arkon

My number one son, my Ryan, my boy who looked like me and could see right through me.
I love you my funny, fussy, handsome, clever, awkward, helpful, annoying, caring, son and I miss you so much.
You weren’t the only one who died, my life ended that day too.
It hurts . . . . . . .
Mum. xxxxx

Cambridge. England.

Ryan’s Mum

To my friend Saurav and Puskar
God Bless you wherever you are



Remembering my son, Valley.. Heroin discovered him in January of 2015 and took him from us on February 25, 2015… Forever 22 years, 2 months, 2 days old.. Forever in our hearts.. Our fight – “Valley’s Vine; Stay Untangled from Heroin’s Poison”

West Virginia


In loving memory of my brother Kevin…

Hershey, PA USA


I lost one of my good friends in July 2015, he was 37. Mike Houge was one of the most compassionate and caring person I have ever met. He would give you the shirt off his back 5 minutes after meeting him if you needed it. Mike had lots of friends, and was such a joy to be around. His addiction started with prescription drugs and then moved to heroin a few years later. At which I never even suspected he was doing it, because he hid it very well, from everyone. He left New jersey to be with his family in Oregon, which only lasted two years. His addiction was stronger than we had thought. He came home to visit, and unfortunately never returned home. After 2 years of being away from this terrible drug, he overdosed on a Friday night. As i am writing this, I am crying, the pain still hurts , and i miss him everyday. I’ll never forget you Mike, my hougey bear,
Love always



I finally found the man I never knew I was waiting my whole life for. I lost him to heroin seven months later. I had no idea he was using again. I hate that he was suffering so. I wish I’d known. I might have been able to help.

Kentucky/Ohio, USA


My heart died on January 25th 2016…I lost my best friend, my partner in crime, my little sister to heroin..I will keep fighting for you sissy. Love you always and forever.

Springfield,Mo USA


In loving memory of Dillon “Luke” Millwood
1/21/1994 – 8/15/2011
So very loved, so very missed…

Jonesville, SC. USA


My jovial son Gary,

You were so full of life and everyone around you felt the joy you carried. I still can’t believe your gone from this earth. I love you more than words can say. I miss you more and more each and every day. I will carry you with me until I join you in heaven.





I will not give up this fight to save our children!
I love you Kevin n everything I do for this cause is in your memory 💖


Arlene McIntyre

Please ask for help! Educate our young!
In loving memory Philip C Hiltz..forever love everything you! I miss you! 6/2017

Belfast, Maine

Andrea Walsh

My daughter Karina Bedoya passed away from fentynal overdose Nov.20 2016..we love n miss her so very much!!!



In Memory of Our Beloved Son PJ. 5/2/89-3/25/16 Love you to the Moon and Back. Dad and Mom

Shelton,Ct. USA


For all I have helped

Bucyrus Usa


Matt Chupella, May 18, 1983 to July 31, 2015. 32 years old. We miss your smile, your hugs, your laughs and your compassion. I don’t know how to do life without you. You are always in our hearts. I’m sorry no one talked about addiction 10 years ago. I hope we can stop this epidemic. I love you forever my son.

Bethlehem, Pa USA

MaryAnn Chupella

On this day I can take the time to remember the beautiful people that I have lost due to drug overdose without feeling any stigma or shame about the way in which they died.
To often drug overdose deaths are passed off by the family as something else because of this stigma, judgement or shame. August 31st is the one day that we can remember our loved ones and talk openly about how they died and not be ashamed of this.
With love to all those I’ve lost and miss dearly every day X



I lost my daughter, Kathryn Ames-Peters, April 30th 2015. She was 40 years old and fought the drug demon for years, we all did. I miss everything about her and to this day I still struggle with her death. She is missed by so many.


Lauris Hawley

Today marks three months since the passing of my precious baby boy James. I miss him more than words can ever express, part of me dead with him. He was successful, good looking and smart. He had a heart of gold and the world at his feet. My beautiful boy is no longer in this world solely because of prescription medications. I can’t understand why this is a silent epidemic, a senseless waste of lives. I will speak out, I wish to educate and inform others of the risks. How many more lives need to be lost before the conversation is had. Forever loved and missed Jamesa will always be my only lil boy. Xoxo mum loves u matey



My daughter, Cassidy, died in November from a drug overdose. She was so much more than her illness. She was so smart, so funny, so kind, so talented, and so beautiful. She was my sunshine even when she kept me awake with worry. I wish mores than any that I could have saved her. But I loved her always. Even now. If she were here today, she say, “I didn’t mean to get ill; I wanted to get well; and, most importantly, I wanted to live.” So, for all those who have lost their lives to Opiod Use Disorder, let’s have a moment of NOISE. Don’t you think we’ve been silent long enough?

Birmingham, AL

Chris Cochran

Matthew Ryan Ratay, Joeseph Stringer, Lucas Fair, Torae Shufelt and Donnie Lovett-
I loved each of you. You were our brothers & sisters, our friends. Each one of you taught me so much and were uniquely beautiful. Each one of you are deeply missed. We all love you.

Portland, OR, US


Tyler, my nephew at the young age of 25, overdosed on heroin on June 29, 2017. He battled his addiction and was in recovery when he overdosed. I will love and miss you everyday for the rest of my life. ❤️



My Mom 🖤

Cincinnati, OH


Our wonderful, talented, funny son Ryan passed away on May 12, 2016. Ryan was 27 and held a mechanical engineering degree. He was someone who wasn’t afraid to fight for what he wanted, but opiates were a competitor Ryan didn’t know how to battle. Hopefully this epidemic will spur new scientific research to advance the treatments available for addiction.

Sterling, MA. USA

Tammy Brunelle

Too many too soon, Johnny, James, Jack, Matthew, Mark, Ellie, Zak….the list goes on. Please watch over all those still battling this horrific disease. Pray the the people in power in this country STOP THE STIGMA and make long term rehabilitation accessible to ALL. 🙏🏻

Palm Beach County


Scott Henry Naumann ❤️ For ever!

St. Louis, MO


David i can’t belive it will be 3 years on the 30th since you left us. rarely a day goes by that I don’t think about you as our daughters are a permanent reminder.

I always hoped that you would follow me into recovery. I know you thought you were different from the others when i took you to a meeting and could go it alone.

I will never forget the day i was told you had died from a herion overdose the shock and devastation will stay with me forever, having my own pain as you know that you were my first love but also seeing the girls grieve was horrendous. They miss you, please stay close to them xx

Brighton UK


I have lost several friends but the closest to my heart was my sister Michele’s death in Jan. Of 2015 to Heroin. I encourage everyone to seek help, confide in a loved one and let someone help you. There is a light, there is a way out, recovery is possible. <3


Mandee T.

To my beautiful son,

I know you are fighting a difficult battle, but, please know that you are NOT alone. You have a family that loves you and will ALWAYS be here for you no matter what. I know you WILL beat this.



On 01/21/16 my husband and I received that phone call no parent ever wish to get. Our local hospital was telling us they had our son and he was currently undergoing a stat head CT and we should come now. Greeted by pastoral staff followed by doctors we were told that he had overdose on Xanax…. Dre was on a ventilator helping him breathe and there was no activity to the brain. My husband and I made a decision to remove him from the machine in the midst of us losing our son we saved 4 lives by organ donation Dre continues to live on through our hearts and others.

We loss our only son Michael Dre Suggs forever 19. We miss you son and will see you again one day❤️

Winterville, NC


Johnny ,If love could have kept you here with us you would have lived forever..I know how hard you tried…. always in my you forever and a day. Aunt Shell

Little Ferry,NJ USA

Aunt Shell

I lost my beautiful daughter January 4th 2015. Summer was only 25 years old. A beautiful life and mind lost to the soul stealing, most evil drug. I will miss her everyday for the rest of my life. I love you Summer.

Newcomerstown Ohio, USA

Jackie Smallwood

I lost my beautiful daughter Ashley (My only biological child) to an accidental overdose on November 23 2016. She was only 22 years old. My life is forever changed.

Algonac Michigan


My beautiful daughter Lyndsey , 26 years old died of a fatal OD of fentanyl Dec. 4/16


Cheryl Snyder

Lost my brother 2016. I wish I could of helped him more.



My 50 year old daughter, Colleen died from an overdose in September 2016. I would like a tribute to her.


Judy McCarthy

Paul, mad and life loving, always and in all ways pushing it to the limit. Gentle man, too gentle for this world. I’ll see you in those dreams you burst through and in the faces of the people walking by. I’ll see you on the other side where we know one another well.



My son Garrett “G” Yeager forever 21. No words can express how much I miss you son. I love you with all my heart.

Batesville Arkansas

Brian Yeager

My beautiful son Joshua Daughtry left his earthly form on February 22nd 2016. 29 years 8 months and 11 days was not long enough to have him in my life. I miss him so much. Babu Mommy loves you and misses you every moment of every day.

wilmington nc us

cyndee willis

I am walking to spread awareness in memory of my heart, and Angel, Kyle Thomas Kehoe who lost his fight to this horrible disease on 11/10/15. If spreading awareness to end the stigma helps one family from this devastation and heartbreak, this overdose awareness day on August 31, will have served its purpose.

matawan NJ

kathleen dzwil

My funny, smart, loving son, Alan Vaughn
12/10/90 – 5/29/15
Forever 24. I miss you with every breath I take. I love you, son. Rest in paradise. Love, Mom

Pekin, IL USA

Wendy McCready

To commemorate the memory of Shane, death by overdose.

Sydney NSW Australia

Cat Wright

” If love could have saved you, you would have lived Forever. -EJS”

Massillon, Ohio

Nicole Shoemaker

Dawson Pettit- my beautiful 26 year old son was lost to an accidental heroin overdose on March 1, 2014- just 3 days out of rehab. I have spent the last 3 plus years since his death being an advocate for recovery,and learning about the disease of addiction. I serve on the Board of 2 non-profits in the addiction and recovery fields. I have served on Family panels, gone to every seminar, every training, every class,and every conference available to me and I tell Dawson’s story as often as I can. NOT ONE MORE- my initial motto has morphed into HOPE in RECOVERY and by telling about my family’s heartbreak I can only hope to help someone else from going down this mad spiral of opioid addiction that is claiming lives at an alarming rate. My tribute is to my son Dawson- a warm, loving, sensitive, animal loving son, brother, grandson, cousin, friend and best friend to his rescue dog Burly.

Mooresville, NC 28117

Laurie Pettit

In memory of my beautiful daughter who lost her fight and got called home. I believe that she fought as hard ad she could she had 9 months clean when she had a moment of weakness. She was left by someone who claimed to of loved her. My meddsge is please don’t just leave someone who overdoses make sure they are breathing 911 is just 3 numbers please call. I love you baby girl

Flint Michigan

Linda Williams

I had no idea that when I have you a hug and said goodbye that February afternoon, that it would be the last hug or time I saw you. I never imagined that a couple of weeks later I would get a call from Mom telling me you had passed. I took it for granted you would always be there.
Now its been a few months since you left. As I sit here and write this…I realize I still have so much to say to you. I can’t believe you are really gone.
I hope you are happy now. It broke my heart watching you fight the demon disease. I saw the pain in your eyes…heard it in your voice. Now you are free, and there is no more suffering. Telling myself that is the only way I can go on. A part of me died when I heard the words coming out of Moms mouth. Knowing my only sibling, the one who was always supposed to be there is gone. Its still not real to me.
But I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and always will no matter what. I hope you are at peace.
Jenn oxox

Jason Christopher
04/21/1983 – 03/08/2017

Arlington, MA USA


You were nothing short of amazing. You excelled in everything you did whether it was athletically or academically, had the brightest smile, and the best sense of humor. Not a single day goes by that you are not missed. In loving memory of Christian David Lannutti.



I will never forget you my precious son, no matter how long I live. I miss and love you so very much. I will see you when I get there.

Davenport, Iowa U.S.

Brenda Duffie

My daughter my 39. She had two children a daughter 16 a son 21he was in the USAF. She was a loving giving person and Mother. She divorced her husband after 18 years. The last 10 being abusive to her. Feeling lost and depressed she was budding with her cousin’s. They were into drugs and my daughter did not know she tried helping them than at some point started trying drugs herself, it wasn’t long before her daughter found her unresponsive lying face down in her bed. I lost my beautiful daughter that night. My grandchildren lost their only parent they wanted to be with. My son lost his only sibling. And my mom lost her granddaughter while she was on she was on her own death bed. Drugs you don’t need to be on them a long time before they can kill you. My daughter was the best employee and money saver when she died she had no money her car was getting reposed and her home was being forclosed, and she was losing her job. How sad. Drugs were not the answer she knew that but once she got that feeling she thought she wanted it until she got it again she told me. My daughter was my treasure now she is gone. Drugs took her money, job, family, life.

EAST Taunton


To the families who have lost someone my heart goes out to you. To those still fighting please do not give up

Brick nj usa


Rest peacefully chris.xoxo

Chester ny

Laura valure

Please do not use alone! If you think your loved one is overdosing do not hesitate to call for help. Seconds can literally save a life! Learn the signs! What you don’t know can hurt you and what you don’t know can kill you! Please don’t become a statisic. .I beg you, don’t make your parents worst nightmare come true! My daughter Kaitlyn Nicole Rouse forever 16 changed my life twice! 1st was when I gave birth to my beautiful angel and 2nd when I buried my beautiful angel!

Kinston North Carolina USA

Shannon Rouse-Ruiz

I lost my mother in october of 2004 to a overdose, i was 13 at the time and didnt really realize what was happening. Always to myself that i would never do heroin…until there was a guy that was using heroin and i followed. My drug use went on for a few years on and off, until my 2nd time incarcerated facing 5 years and nothing to loose i got blessed with an 18 month sentence where my life began to change. I just recently picked up my 18 month keytag and got a job helping other addicts. I know it may be hard and you may not know how to pick yourself up but it gets better…just hold on! If i can do it you can!

Baltimore MD


To my mom, I miss you every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you.

Rockland, ma


Our so, Neil, died of a fentanyl overdose on July 1, 2016. I do not want him to be remembered for this. I want him to be remembered as a kind, quick, smart, complicated son, brother and friend.

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Kym Porter

Remembering my daughter Jennifer Lynn Smith. Who died from an accidental overdose 2/13/2010. Loved and forever missed. Rip sweetheart ❤️😇

Ticonderoga New York

Jennifer Lynn

We lost our only son Jason “Wes” Sapp on April 7, 2016 at the age of 21 to a fentanyl overdose. No one is immune to this tragic drug crisis!

Sneads Ferry, NC USA

Vanessa Sapp

We lost our only son Jason “Wes” Sapp on April 7, 2016 at the age of 21 to a fentanyl overdose. No one is immune to this tragic drug crisis!

Sneads Ferry, NC USA

Vanessa Sapp

Kenneth J. Wade,
Your family and friends love you and miss you so very much. I love you with all my heart. You changed my life for the better. You will never be forgotten. I love you Kookie. Monster out.
Your Sarah 💙

Mobile, Alabama United States

Sarah LiCalzi

I lost my 17 year old daughter to a heroin overdose on January 20, 2017. She was a talented young lady who loved to play guitar, paint and she loved the outdoors. Rest in Heaven my sweet baby girl!

Hackettstown, NJ USA

Tina Bencivengo Culp

My Awesome, handsome and loving son, Bryan Forever 26

Waterford Michigan

Jeannie Richards

Mikhaila Throop could’ve lived had the , but wasnt used enough on 5/7/2012. The detective told me “she’s just another addict ” ,,a stigma that stops many from providing help to our young children getting caught up in this younger generation disease killing hundreds each year. Did they go after her 18 yr old friend who provided the opana, xanex, crack cocaine, and other benzos n opiates found in her system,,,no. The provider/seller went off to provide more friends in the next years, helping to kill another school age teen from overdose. O became “aware” of this disease, contacting all I could, post all the time about awareness and Narcan. I got trained “underground” because at the time the FDA would rather approve more drugs for big Pharma to keep making $$$ to help kill our kids, vs life saving Narcan or drug assistance programs for our lower income, less fortunate children. Misha has never left my mind, I’m a different person now, my kids will never be the same without her in our lives snd until my last breath is taken,,I’ll scream MIKHAILA’s name all day, every year making it known that this is an epidemic, one that needs to be learned n trained to stop n help anyone that struggles with drug addiction. You CANT escape our new reality folks, you WILL know someone who will die because our society sadly is blind n we need to teach them otherwise.
I love you Mish,, I will follow you into the dark,,until he speaks your name bb. Xoxo



My son struggled with addiction for 15 years., Mainly pot and alchol. It was not until prescription drugs became so easy to require that the real problem begin. So easy to go to dr with a back ache solution pain pills. Feeling a little anguish Xanax. After those lost there major kicks on to heroin. He was a functioning addict up to work everyday. Was at the kids ball games etc. On August 7, 2010 he lost his battle to this horrible disease of addiction. He left a wife and three beautiful boys. He is still loved and missed everyday


Kitty Layne

I haven’t seen my son in 3 years. He was in jail for theft – Vicodin is expensive – and once he got out, I never heard from him again. He was (is?) smart, funny, handsome, charming and too sensitive for his own good. I live with heartbreak every day, and yet I imagine him showing up at the front door one day, shabby and homeless and glassy-eyed, and wonder what I would do. Prayers and hugs to all the other parents who are going through this Hell. Remember, you’re not alone.

Crossville, TN


I have so many names so many friends and family I remember during holidays birthdays different smells different places I go all remind me 😭😭 I’m a recovered addict who no longer walks that path but to JASON ISAAK (RIP) LES LORRAINGER (RIP) GREG GORDENER (RIP) I pray that these three inpaticular may finally find the peace they never could find in life 😭😭. And to my nephew and loved ones friends who are still battling and fighting the demons I pray each day that you may find the desire and will to escape seek rehab and get well!! THE PATH TO RECOVERY IS THE DOOR TO LIFE, I MET JESUS THERE.


Terra Macias

To my road dog Stephanie Curie, I miss you! Can’t wait to see you on the other side. I love you girl.

Shrewsbury, PA.

Andrea M.

We miss you Jacob. You mattered and I am a better person because of you.. love mom



In memory of my son Ryan Seth Dickson. Heroin and cocain took my baby boy’s life. Ryan Dickson always 25. Born March 30th 1991 and I lost my son on May 29th 2016. I love and miss him so much my heart just hurts. I pray that people that need help will go out and get help because it’s some help out there. God bless all of the ones that have lost their loved ones to this terrible disease.

Wagener sc


I lost my son to heroin two weeks ago. He overdosed after a near 3 year battle, and after working so very hard to earn 11 months of sobriety. I am crushed beyond words. He was 29 years old and a joy to be with. A week or two before his death I spent the day with him. I called him afterward to tell him that I loved hanging out with him…that out of all the people I knew, I enjoyed his company most. He was funny, intelligent, intense and charming. My world spun when I learned he was using heroin, and I spent every moment of every day in fear. I watched him try and try again, but the drug had it’s claws in him. He helped others in his 12-step program. He saved other lives, but he couldn’t save his own. Hundreds of people came to his funeral and spoke of his character and his heart and his big personality. I am in a state of shock and numbness right now. I know time will heal some of this hurt. Nothing will bring my son back, but I will work hard to help save others and bring awareness to the problem. Strength and love to all who suffer.

Arnold, md


My message to parents please don’t lock your doors to your child my son passed at home in his room16 months ago I’m so happy I never threw him out who knows where he would of passed I’m sorry for all of us it’s a piece of us we will never get back I truly hope some how this will stop

Tonawanda ny


Remembering my son Davey Gonzales. 01-02-1984 to 08-09-2014. Davey had two severe injuries that lead to drug addiction. However, he detoxed as he didn’t want to be dependant any longer. It took him eight days to feel normal again. He was happy, free, and returned to work. That night changed his life forever…he went to a store and was a victim of a crime of gun violence and was shot in the head. This lead to serious drugs being administered, a loss of an eye, sinus cavity, and broken jaw. Once he started recovering physically with more surgeries ahead, he was once again drug addicted and suffered from PTSD and depression as a result of this incident. Davey overdosed and is now gone. Those of us that are left behind…well we are forever changed and miss him dearly. So please reach out and just listen or guide someone towards help/treatment. This may be the change someone needs.
Thank you,
Davey Madre❤


Danice Stern

I lost my husband Brian on October 30 2016 in Boston. He had 4 years clean..scored once and it killed him. I’ll never do anything harder in my life than taking our 6 year old son to his father’s funeral.

Westerly RI

Heather sposato

For my Mom, the Nana to my children. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. With every feather we see, every butterfly that graces us.. you remain in our hearts. We miss you so much. Keep watching over us, until we meet again. I’ll always be your little girl.

Love you to the moon and back.



My husband and father of my now seven-year-old daughter Jason passed away December 4th 2015 from a heroin overdose. he was only 34 years old. Considering we had lost contact due to his addiction, he was all alone when he died. They found his body in an abandoned house in Paterson New Jersey. We didn’t know he died until 4 and a half months after. His body was just left at the medical examiner’s office. We never had a chance for any closure. we didn’t have a wake or a funeral. He died all alone. The hardest thing I had to do was tell my daughter she wouldn’t see her father ever again. Although she does not know the reason behind her father’s passing, she does know he will not be back physically with her. All she has now are pictures and his ashes. Jason was the love of my life my true soulmate. Heroin took him away from us. It turned him into someone I didn’t know. I’m glad that I knew Jason when he was sober. Not many people can say they did. The only thing that makes me feel better now is knowing he is no longer in pain. But I am angry and I feel guilty. I feel like I could have done more to prevent this. He is never coming back. It’s so sad to see how many young people are losing their lives way too early because of this epidemic. Hopefully by sharing our stories we can help more people stop using. It may be too late for Jason but it’s not too late for you. I am writing this in memory of you Jason. I will love you forever and ever plus infinity.

Allendale NJ

Allison Willis

My amazing son Don passed 3-26-16 from a heroin overdose ! He is forever in my heart! My son is my angel in heaven ! I love you buddy RIP Love Mom

West Seneca NY


My son’s uncle (his fathers brother) Wesley Cole Hocks passed aways ten years ago beside his fiancé. Both were an overdose of heroin and xanax. As a recovering addict myself, I am trying to get more information to my community and educate them. So we can get the still sick and suffering help without judgment or stigma. Not only is every service work I do now for myself its also for Wes.



Melinda Belcher …..You are missed more than you could have even imagined…….

Roseville Michigan USA

Melissa W.

I’m an addict living in recovery…. This could be me. This disease has taken so many friends in the last couple of years. To those we’ve lost…. and those still struggling….. break the STIGMA!

Kansas City, MO


We lost my little brother Ryan Casey Rodriguez on May 21st 2017. Not a day goes by that i dont think about him. We love and miss you Ry

Refugio texas usa

Brittany snyder

Gabriel Stephan Rice 9/30/81-4/12/13
This boy! Oh my, how we loved him so!! Hilarious. Witty. Singer. Musician. But most importantly my son. Did you know he liked his ears rubbed? And his nicknane was “Charlie Brown”? So needless to say, even as a grown man, I rubbed his ears. Mom’s can do stuff like that. And every time he was headed out the door, and after a quick ear rub, I’d wave him off and say “You be a good boy Charlie Brown.” Gabriel always smilled that crooked smile at me, would wave, and say “I love you mom.” He never lost his compassion or love for others. So giving in his nature. But he lost his life to an overdose. I’ll never get over his death. But believe 100% I get him back on the other side of eternity. So, for now, I grieve with hope.



To my perfect son Shawn ALWAYS LOVED NEVER FORGOTTEN your my joy my best friend I carried you for nine months in my body I watched you as you had your own children I watched you grow and felt safe when you were in jail I never ever thought about death and never entered my mind to think I’d get a call that you died it took me three times when your father told me Shawn’s dead I was like what the first time the second time he said it I was like shawn who than it hit me finally the third time he was telling me you died I lost my life that day cause you were my only son and your three sister were devastated there nothing in this world that I want nothing except you I don’t care about anything but you my son was born 8/3/88 died 3/23/16 he was such an awesome man he loved his kids first he just wanted us to be a family we lost our house two years before he passed away I was on a greyhound bus when this happened 37 hrs from Massachusetts to Florida to help my father who was sick at the time and I never thought I’d get that dreaded phone call ever my son was my best friend my protector my everything I miss you so much Shawn my heart’s broken I’ll always keep you alive in my heart and I’ll always mention you cause I’ll never let anyone forget you were alive


Jill DiBartolomeo

Miss your smile, your laugh, your wonderful presence in life.

Jacksonville Florida


We could’ve worked through anything. Look at all we came through together. I’m sorry you died with your secrets I can only imagine how horrible you felt about yourself for that. You never felt good enough if only you could’ve seen yourself like I saw you. If only you could’ve loved yourself like we all loved you. To us you were enough. I’m sorry you died alone, I’m sorry you had to be found like that and go out like that. I forgive you and I will always love you. Jeb&Doe



I am remembering and honoring my daughter Megan Alexandria Johnson.
May 2 1992-March 10 2011
Please get educated, never leave anyone alone, and call for help! See you again one day angel. Love momma


Pamela A Boothe

June 26 marked the 10 year anniversary since the loss of my son Wesley to an accidental Xanax overdose. Please don’t think that presciptions make a dangerous drug ok. I’ll never forget the shock or get over the grief. I’d give my next and only breath for one more minute with him.Y



I miss my daughter and just to know that whoever sold her the dope is probably living his/Her life but my daughter was murdered and lost her life at the age of30 leaving behind 5 children .

Nashville,Tn. USA


My beautiful brother Evan. He was a happy, funny man that always was more concerned about helping others than himself. He overdosed a week before Thanksgiving 2016. He was not only my brother and only sibling but my best friend as well. I love him so much he is missed everyday.

York, pa


Can u tell me if any events for overdose awareness in long island new york

Long island new york


Luke, you will never be forgotten. I will make sure your voice is heard until my last breath. Forever 31. I miss you my boy!❤️

Chaska, MN USA


My only child, my beautiful talented and gracious son, Ethan left this earth on 2/5/09. It hurts more and more every year. These children deserve help. They are trapped in something that is way beyond their control. I didn’t realize how hard he was struggling and how desperate he wanted to be whole. I understand so much more and it hurts so much to know the pain he was in and I didn’t know what to do or how to help. I just knew I loved him so much and miss him terribly more and more as time goes by.



I’ve lost friends, family, even kids to overdosing. Have had several live and get clean too thanks to police and ems with narcan.

Norman Indiana USA


Robert Karl Schultheis, III (Robby/ Robby Royberto), our angel, forever 32. 12/24/83-10/17/16, always in our hearts ♥️.

West Palm Beach, Florida


Brandon Robert Devich. 1/29/86-5/23/12. My handsome son went to be with God. He was my world. He loved his family and friends and we miss him so much. His daughter was born 7 months after he passed. What I wouldn’t give to see him with her. We’ll be together again. Until then my son. Love you so very much.

Massillon Ohio USA


Remembering my brother, Robin. Sadly he passed away on October 2nd 2016.
I always did and always will love him. Never to be forgotten. Xxxx

Leicester, UK

Kristie Townsend

Rich we miss you so much,. Amber and RJ also miss you . Rest in peace my son Love you, hugs and kisses from all

Millersville, Md.

Richard and Blanche Dymond

My dearest Matthew, my precious son, you are forever in my heart and soul. I only wish I was as good and loving as you were. I will see you when I get there, my baby boy. I will never forget you….never

Davenport, Iowa

Brenda Duffie

I wanted to write because i stood witness as maid of honor in my sister and brother in laws Wedding this past October 1,2016. I watched her get her dream wedding. It was the happiest day my family had in a long time. Little did we know that in just 3 weeks from the day they were married we would be waking and burying both of them with the same priest who just married them. They were on this earth for two weeks together as a married couple because of this sad deadly disease of Addiction.
The horror of greif and blame that i saw being put on my sister before she passed away because at the time of her new husbands death she stayed over my house. The same people who are in the pictures and dvd of that gorgoeus day loving her were in such denial they blame and they still to this day beleive that if my sister was home she could of saved him. He died on the 9th from an accidental toxic cocktail of drugs i had no idea he did. My sister was lost and hurt and we had no idea she was actually sick herself so on october 24 my sister passed away from a massive heart attack from complications of Bacterial Endocarditis and she just wasnt strong enough to fight it all. I’ll never forget our last conversations. She told me joe was going to stop the pill taking and that she promised me a neice or nephew soon. This is what i know. Both of them wanted a good life and intended to do that,but addiction can creep up and take away everything. I have no control to this day over his mother thinking my sister ingested him with all of those drugs that were found in his full medical exam report. I pray she and her husband realize that no one did anything. Drugs were just in charge and you take that chance everytime you take whatever it is. So basically i lost them both from Addiction wether it was direct using or because of using eathier way i want to say i am someone that needs and wants to speak out on this and really make a difference. Heather was my best friend and i now know how much time i spent worrying about her. It was what i did most. I now need to look into myself for peace and acceptance and lobe myself plus live for him and her live the beat life i can while keeping their memories alive. Its only been 7 months and i beleive losing them made me realize so much. I was blind before they left this earth. My eyes are wide open today. I will always miss them and always say that reguardless of joes moms accusations eventually will need to sit with yourself and have a moment where you relized you blamed a women you were so happy with all the time. Blaming a significant other for the other dieing from a fatal overdose is so common. Its not right. Someone can trash anothers name all they want because they are in denial?? We need to make people understand that maybe when you sit and think about it maybe you never wanted to acknowledge the addiction ever. I feel as tho most parents that blame another are actually in such denial i pray one day they can come to terms with the fact that maybe you knew but just never said a word to save face infont of all your family and friends. It Does nothing for your soul when you blame an innocent person suffering from the same disease and then succumbs to her own death due to addiction. Its just sad. I have so much to say. I feel as tho his mother slandered my sisters name because she didnt want to admit her son was in active addict for over 10 years living underneath his parents and they never knew i do not think so…. Love my hill n joe #awareness#gettingwell



A mom’s heart shouldn’t have to hurt like this. We love you and miss you so much. The void is indescribable. The J5 is missing the most important link! Love you and miss you so so much!

Rising Sun, MD

Carol (mom)

The day we lost you our world came crashing down….the pain is still to raw to even bare…but what we are left with here on this earth is the ability to keep the memory of you alive so that’s what we are going to do! Miss you my handsome handsome boy so very much…but only until I see you again. Xo
Joshua Scott Brown

Parkton MD

Jackie Rice

I lost my nephew to Heroin . He was 37. Gone way too soon!! We love you Joshua Scott Brown. You are missed!!!

Rising Sun, Mc

Kathy Hower

I lost my brother Josh on June 5th, 2017. My life will never be the same. There are no words to describe my feelings other than life shattering. I’m BROKEN without him, my heart HURTS soo bad with every single thought of him, my mind is never at rest. I want to do all I can to prevent another family from feeling the way mine does, this isn’t fair.
R.I.P Joshua Scott Brown 8/6/1979-6/5/2017

rising sun

Julie Brown

We miss you, You died way too soon.
We think about You everyday . Life isn’t the same without you, there is an empty space
In our family…You can’t be replaced!

Colora MD USA

Thinking of my son Kevin died October 2001 age 28yrs Love and Miss you so much, love to all those lost to addiction. Xxxx

Aberdeen Scotland

Caroline Butler

To my son Stephen <3 There is nothing sadder than wasted talent…We talked about it so many times… I'm so sad that your life was cut short… I know that you're at peace now… But I am selfish I want you here …I miss my son so much 🙁 Love you always ..

Mount Olive, NJ, USA


To my mom who battled addictions with pills and LOST the battle in 2010…you are soo missed

Semmes Alabama


I lost my cousin in 2009. There is not a day that passes by that I don’t see his face. I miss him.



Hey Eric. I miss you every day, but I know you’re up in Heaven looking down and smiling on everyone. I love you bud

Ida Grove Iowa, United States





Rest in Heaven Jessie Manning you were a great friend and deserved so much better than what you had in life. I’m sorry heroin took your life you had a horrible disease and you tried to get clean for your children but you lost your battle im glad your at peace in Heaven. Have a wonderful after life cause living that life was not what you wanted and you never have to worry about living like that again. See you one day again beautiful you were a great friend. I love you and miss you bunches

Middletown, Ohio


Our beloved Adam Bear. He struggled and fought daily with demons I can only fear. Rest easy our handsome gentle kind son and brother. We love and miss you terribly.
8-23-91 – 4-27-17.

Copley OH

Michelle Benson

Dec 3 2016, my precious only daughter, Joy lost her fight . And oh what a fight ! She completed 9 Rehabs in 9 years–most Sof which were 30 days and one that lasted 60 days. She was the best baby, the best child, the best young adult, the best friend I ever had. She was like my twin in her young adulthood. She was so much fun, so loving thoughtful and incredibly generous…Joy was the “Light of my Life ” and I told her that through out her life, even near the end when I was scared to death I was going to lose her. She was 42.

Mesa Arizona U.S.A.


My beautiful son Elliot James Bonura. 7/8/92-10/28/12
Forever 20, forever my son, my sun, my moon and my stars.
You lived and loved selflessly, and as an angel in Heaven you continue your love. Your addiction will never define you. I miss your smile, your laughter and your love of all the animals.
In your final hours, you gave life to 3 seperate individuals. Your organ donation is proof of your generosity and kindness. You are loved and missed beyond description. I carry you with me in my heart every single moment of every single day.
Until we meet again, I will be your candle. Xoxo
I love you endlessly… Momma

Boynton Beach FL USA

Sandy Harding

For my beautiful son Colin who passed on 2/23/2017 from a fentanyl overdose. Col, you were an amazing person who freely gave your love to everyone you held close. You could light up any room with your smile and win any debate with your never ending knowledge of everything. Your bear hugs were the stuff legends are made of. I will forever be fiercely proud of you and love you with everything I have.

Moscow/Pennsylvania, USA


Loss our son, Matthew to drug overdose 9/23/2008. We love and miss him.

Marrero, LA


I write my tribute in memory of my Nephew William Hughes and the countless lives that have been take to this dreadful disease. My Nephew William was the most beautiful and caring young man I ever met. He had a passion for Life, the Arts, Friendship, & Family. He struggled with addiction for years and was in several rehabs by the age of 21. He came to my Brother and said, “Dad,I need Help…long term stay Dad.” My Brother & Sister-In-Law did everything in their power for years to help William, we all did. He went 4 hours away upstate New York to the Villa Veritas. We would rotate visiting on Sundays so William always had support and a friendly face. He was doing so good!! He was there for 10 months & decided he was ready to come home. My Brother drove up to get him on 5/29/2015 and on the most horrifying day of our lives 5/31/2015 my Brother found William overdosed in his bedroom. He lost his battle in less than 30 hours after 10 months clean. I saw William 3 weeks before he passed & believe me…he was so happy. I would have never let him out of the great big hugs he was famous for. I cry as I write this. Our Family has been forever changed. It’s a pain that is indescribable!!! William was 23 yrs.old and he’s a Twin. William was the Son I never had & the kindest person to my daughter who has Special Needs. We celebrate his life each May 31st with a group of us meeting at the beach and releasing lanterns with messages on them. We have joined several groups that raise awareness, fight to pass bills, end stigma, and support Education for Addiction. I will walk on 9/24/17 carrying his picture as we raise awareness to this dreadful disease. I know that my Angel William is walking right beside Us!!! My T-shirt reads…SUPPORTING THE Fighters ADMIRING THE Survivors HONORING THE Taken AND NEVER ,EVER GIVING UP Hope! William Hughes 10/25/91-5/31/15 23 years young!!! REST WITH THE ANGELS MY LOVE!! NOT ONE MORE!!

Brooklyn, New York 11234

Mary Hughes

Ellen Shell Purdy (1985-2012) my fierce and fanulous daughter, you are loved, missed, remembered.

Salem, OR/USA

Carol Richards

In memory of my Son, Dennis LongElk Sr


How ironic you decide to leave Us on IODAD ?!! Strange ?!! I think not, your time here on earth, was limited. The creator had other plans for you. Im honored to of shared you with the world and for you to grace Us with your presence. I cherish the moments of you growing up, the fun times, the happy memories we shared as a family. Looking back, I now see the struggles you encountered with Mental Health. I was clueless, I had NO idea, I thought you were just experiencing with drugs and it got out of hand. Period ! My kid, a drug addict…As I was faced to realize, it goes beyond that, way beyond. I’m sorry, your sorry, everyone sorry that things have to end the way they did. My hearts broken, beyond repair. The happiness turned to sadness, I struggle at times, but it comforts me to know you NO longer struggle with the daily realities in life, the demons that look my only son from me way to young, and you are no longer lonely. You are never forgotten and loved by many, me exspecially, Your Mom !!!

Prairie Island, Minnesota USA


for all my good,bad & ugly friends who have left us to go to that special place where none of us know how to get there.Too many to name

San Francisco,Ca


I want to post a tribute for my 3 friends, Kyle, Joe, and Andrew.



My son Ryan John Moylan passed away on June 11 2016 he was 30 years old he left behind 3 boys Cayden 13, Nicholas 12, and Ryan jr 7. He was left to die because no one would call 911. My heart is forever broken I miss my son with all I am.

Granite city il


My son Justen Jesse Hummel passed away August 9,2014…everyday since then my life has changed , I miss him so much , I feel so lost , empty, nothing seems important anymore ….. I wish I could bring him back….. I always ask God to let me dream about him when I sleep …. I want to touch him , hear his laugh , see his smile , give him the biggest hug and never let go ….. this hurts my heart more than anything I have ever dealt with …. it literally aches…. I love and miss you Justen … love ” moms” ❤️

Louisville ky

Debbie hummel

My Dearest Son, Ryan Scott, I love you and miss you so much everyday. I will always keep you in my thoughts, and you will forever stay in my heart. I may be surviving, but I am not truly living without you. You were the sweetest, most giving, loving Son, and most deserving of a long, happy, prosperous life. I am looking forward to being with you again. Until that joyous day, we will stay closely connected. You are my precious Son, Ryan. ~ Mom

new columbia, pa, usa


This tribute is to my sensitive, caring son Brian Murray who was taken to soon. You are loved and missed by your family and children.


Phyllis Arminio

My son, Michael Robert, fought bravely his struggles with drugs for many years. We nearly lost him at age 21. He was in the hospital and rehab for PT and mental therapy for months but he made it back to us. He went diligently to many NA meetings etc.

But at age 28 on August 19, 2014 we lost him. Not a day goes by that I do not think about him and cry and cry and cry. I cry so much and so long and so hard that I cry myself out He was a brilliant young man with a B.S. from Hofstra as well as a Master’s degree and he was working on his Ph.D. also.
And he was a stat athlete. I thought he had it all. But I can recall one day when he turned to me and said:”Dad I have to stay clean.” I never saw him as addicted but he was. Was it my divorce? Was it his mom’s drinking problems? What was it?
I guess we will never really know what it was and it bothers me every day.
My other son Brian (no drugs) is depressed (as am I) but we struggle on. Brian is on track to be a pharmacist. But you see one lesson I have learned in all this is that SMARTS does mean much when it comes to drug addiction.
You can NEVER replace a human. Was he a lost soul? One person said at the wake “He was troubled.” I guess he was.
I really think he never got over his mom’s drinking etc.

Long Island


Timmy. I still think of you every single day. I’m finally learning to live without you but your death has completely changed me. I think of you several times every hour of the day. I miss you. Relationships are forever over. Your death was soooo destructive to so many. I wish you knew how loved and needed you were by everyone. You knew how I felt. I’m still sooo thankful for all those talks. It gives me some peace knowing that you knew what you meant to me. Your memory will never die. I love you. Fly free.


Mary Wendling

In memory of Ryan Flores. Loved by Many forgotten by none.

Kenosha, WI USA

Lindsay Post

Hi my name’s is Brittany and I’m 30 unfortunately I’ve been to more funerals then anyone wants to in their lifetime I’ve lost some amazing people they all passed before they hit 25… young wth so much more life ahead of them i miss yhem everyday specially troy Michael Hess he was the bestest best friend you could ever ask for always there wiped my tears always made me laugh just someone you enjoyed having in your life was taken by this evil drug heroin never a day goes by he isn’t in my mind me wondering what life would be like if he was still here today I’ll never find a friend like him ever again and sometimes I beat myself up for not doing more not being there as much as I should have…troy Michael Hess I will always love you and miss you til the day I see that sweet smile again


Brittany pagano

My dear sweet Daniel , you were taken from us way too soon!! You will always be in our hearts until we are with you again!!
I love you,

Spartanburg SC. US


In memory of
Christa Gail Taylor 8/16/76-5/12/14
James Micheal Taylor 2/13/80-3/10/17

Middletown, Ohio USA

Less Alsobrook

For my daughter Megan Alexandria Johnson. She lost her life to an overdose In March 2011. She was 18 years old and was a freshman in college. She like so many others was left alone instead of gotten help . So please, if someone you know is doing the drugs, and they are unresponsive, don’t leave then! Keep them awake, call for help. She would still be here today if the right thing would have been done. She was my daughter and I think of her every minute everyday. We love and miss you so much. See you soon angel..

Alabaster, Alabama

Pamela A Boothe

For my Son, my Ryan, my boy.
You’ve been gone 362 days now and it hurts like the first day every day.
I love you my Son and I miss you so much.
mum. xxxx
Ryan Woods. 24 April 1981 – 16 June 2016.
Forever aged 35.

Cambridge. England.

Natalie Wallace

They say the good die young but this means just the special chosen ones. It wasn’t your time but now you will feel better and be fine. It still hurts everyday but I know you found another way. I stay clean for myself but also knowing that this disease took you helps. I cry for you all the time but I always see your signs. I will always love you baby, and the fact that your gone drives me crazy but your chains from addiction are now broken but my pain does not go unspoken. Forever in my heart , my love and it was always true love from the start. Rest in piece Americ


Kerri sparkman

Cait’s Story

Cait was born into a large Catholic family. She had just one older brother but many aunts’ uncles and cousins. We had family dinners, attended church, CCD classes and girl scouts. She played softball and field hockey, not being into those sports she did Cheerleading from 2nd grade until senior year of High school. She grew up in a normal loving family. Cait was my only daughter, my best friend. I miss our Mother Daughter times immensely. Cait loved small children, animals and her family. She was always the friend people went to for advice and support. And she always gave it whole heartedly.
My Cait began to experience crippling anxiety in High school. She said she was never comfortable in her own skin. If this was the cause of her addiction I am not sure. It started at senior week 2009, the experimentation with drugs. Then after having some serious relationship problems she progressed to Heroin being co codependent with her current boyfriend at the time. She was lost to her addiction and family for close to two years. Finally I was able to convince and or drag her to rehab. She completed a month there. The day after she was home she over dosed. She was taken by ambulance to York Hospital where she was largely ignored because she had regained consciousness and was just a drug addict to them. This I remember clearly, having never experienced this type of ignorance.
In about a week to 10 days she was back to the same rehab, Retreat of Lancaster. After the second month of clear headedness she wanted to be clean. The Vivitrol shot helped her a lot with the cravings she had for the drug Heroin. Later, Caitlin relapsed again and went back to rehab willingly of her choice. I fear there were other relapses, small slips that I was unaware of. Finally December of 2014 she decided to be clean from everything while still being on the vivitrol shot and attending NA. She was actively working toward recovery. She was doing great. I had my daughter back. Her family had her back.
Caitlin wanted to stop the Vivitrol shot. In NA that is known as substituting one drug for another. She was clean of all drugs for almost 5 months. She relapsed on a Thursday. I know this because she wrote in a notebook that “she relapsed to the thing she cannot seem to stay away from”. That following Sunday April 26, 2015 she passed of an accidental Heroin OD on her bed in her home, doing homework. She had five classes left to graduate York College with a BA in Psychology. She wanted to work in a rehab and help other addicts. She never got the chance. She didn’t want to be an addict and never expected that would happen the first time she tried Herion. Please don’t try Heroin the first time. Addiction can happen to anyone.

Shrewsbury Pa


Franky Couture- 6/23/87 – 3/8/16
We all LOVE YOU FRANKLIN! Your truly missed & never forgotten! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡



On November 8, 2016, I lost my husband to this epidemic. He was a good man, with a kind heart and always willing to help anyone. His charm and his ability to blend well with anyone made him the life of any event. To be honest those who didn’t know him wouldn’t have a clue that he was an user. I don’t ever call him a addict because he knew when to stop but the itch that you get when you do want it was his downfall. The day he passed away he had been 5 months clean and I was so very proud that he had gone that long without using but unfortunately the demons overpowered him and led him to his death. RIP Edwin Jusino



Please help fight this issue. My son was 17 when he passed only 5 weeks after his bday witch has changed mine an my older son (21) an lil girl (8) lives jerasticly. He was the happy and out going part of our family, the best friend to each of us and our solid ground no matter what hit. Please don’t ever take one second with a loved one for granted cause you never know when it can be your last or theres. My son Brendon Nicolaus Lavrar ODed on a prescription drug called methadone witch was carelessly being sold, passed along and left freely in homes close to ours. He knew nothing about them and it took him from us in Feb 27th, 2016. Please lock your meds up, keep them up high an away from people that don’t need them, and if your not taking them dispose of them properly, save the next persons life and keep another family from goin through what we are still 17 months later….
Son, Bub damn we miss and love you, since loosing you I’m no longer afraid to go, when my time comes I know you’ll be waiting for me and that day will be our 4ever since we will never be apart again. I’d give every lil.. shoot every big thing up just to have you here….see you again one day. Fly high my perfect angel….soread them wings fly my son.❤☝😇📿😭

Red Bluff/, Ca. USA

Cassie Duffer

As a recovering alcoholic/addict, I have lost many friends to overdose. I remember them all daily. It is tragic that some find the solution and some don’t. God bless you for your efforts in raising awareness and lessening the stigma.

Charlotte, NC USA

Kathy T

I have lost countless friends and peers to this epidemic. There probably isn’t enough space provided to name them all. But it’s important to me to remember the love of my life who overdosed alone, in the back of a pick-up truck in an abandoned lot in Boston, Mass on May 24th, 2014. Jason Lavallee, 34 yrs old will be forever missed. The man I met a year after Jason’s death also died last August from a drug-related accident. I would like to recognize Christopher Merrill, 30 yrs old who died August 9th, 2016 from being electrocuted by a third rail after he wandered off the edge of the tracks at a station in downtown Boston. He was extremely high and the accident didn’t need to happen. He was my best friend and will always be remembered. And I have to also mention my best friend Melissa Riley who died of an overdose in October, 2015 after losing consciousness between her car and a gas pump at a gas station in Kingston, NH. She did not get enough oxygen for too long and went into a coma and never came back. Jason left a 9yr old son in Worcester, Massachusetts and Melissa left two young boys as well to live their lives without a mother. Every drug related death is an avoidable one. I am currently living in a halfway house in Cambridge, Massachusetts so that hopefully my mother won’t have to bury me far too young. Addiction is fierce opponent and it will get u if u let ur guard down for just a small, passing moment. The vigilance required to beat this disease can be exhausting. But I try to keep fighting so that I don’t become just another statistic myself. I feel it is up to me to keep going and live a full life in remembrance of the ones I love so they are not forgotten and their lives and their deaths were not in vain. Those of us who still remain can carry on, living with the lessons we learned from the sacrifice given by those no longer with us. Don’t let addiction win. Fight another day.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Nellie H.

Matthew, I miss you so much. I wish you could see our baby girl. Life is so different without you. Becoming a single mother and losing you. I don’t know how one day I’m going to have to tell Sienna what happened to you. She will never remember you. She was only nine months old. I am so mad at you but I love you so much at the same time. Wish you were here 💔💔

Tampa Florida


To my beloved son, Albert Varela, you left us way too soon. FOREVER 21, 9/86 – 2/08 You are missed everyday even after 9 years. Our lives are irrevocably changed. We miss your jokes, your goofy sense of humor and your smile that could light up the darkest room. ALWAYS LOVED, NEVER FORGOTTEN…until we meet again.

Dallas, TX

Donna Hancock

My sweet boy Jared, I miss you every second of every day. Brady and Kylie miss their daddy. You will never be forgotten. You will always be in our hearts

Coal Township,Pa.17866 Northumberland


I lost my younger brother Kyle on March 13th, 2016 to heroin that was laced with fentanyl. He would have turned 30 a week later.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Kelsey Sheppy

April Greenwell….~~never to forget~~

Elizabethton TN USA

Brandy Shoun

To my beautiful and talented son, Brian Pollard…Mother’s Day 2016 you left this physical world. Your battle with heroin took you away, just past your 32nd birthday. I miss you so much, as do your sweet daughters, your brothers and family. When your brother Sean got married a couple of weeks ago, he scattered some of your ashes in the Frio River. Hours before the wedding I found 6 hawk feathers, so I know you were there with us. We used them in the flower arrangements on all the tables. I love and miss you so very much…it’s amazing what the heart can endure. Rest in peace, my son, and know how much you will always be loved 💖

Meadview, Grand Canyon, USA

Cindy Sijan

Remembering my beautiful daughter Michele Kearney (Jnr). Loved and missed every single day. Forever 16yrs. “Whenever you see a sunflower think of me” Young Michele’s own words. Love you forever sweet girl, fly high with the angels. Love Mum, Lauren, Melissa and Mason xxx 🌻🌻🌻xxx

Glasgow, Scotland. UK

Michele Kearney

I love you Honey and I am so proud of the warrior that you were. I will keep your good memory alive. A gentle man with a kind heart and a compassionate soul. Donald P Konesky, Jr March 20, 1991 May 3. 2017

East amherst, NY

Mary Beth Konesky

My beat friend joe overdosed may 6 2016. He was a friend to everyone. He had a smile that made everyone smile. He was always positive. If you needed someone he would always be there. Joes only enemy was addiction and he tried so hard. He had goals. I love you joe we miss you so much. Fly high

Bay shore


I lost my beautiful first-born, Aidan, to a heroin/methamphetamine overdose on July 4, 2015. I fight for him. I fight for all of us who have or love someone with SUD. No one should have to bury a 19-year-old. Ever.

Minot, ND USA

Mitzie Nay

Sunday, June 4th, 2017 my mother, who had an addiction to prescription drugs, died from an accidental OD at the age of 49 .She was actually better recently as well…. She didn’t leave much behind but me. She had one friend, and one child (me), and the rest of her family members, which isn’t many anymore, are 12,000 miles away. Rest in Peace, mom. you’ll always be in my heart . i love you


Hannah Grace

Lost my son at the young age of 20 to a Meth overdose..They found him in a home in colorado. I will never forget the day the cops knocked on my door. The day my heart stop, the day my whole life went dark. I love you Trystan Micheal leddy, My beautifull boy, i will miss you so much and when i die i hope its you that walks with me to meet jesus

Post,falls Idaho


My son, Colin, was one of the most amazing, wonderful men I have even been blessed to know. He was smart, funny, and kind. Over and over we have been told by those that knew him that he had a huge heart and would do anything for anyone. Colin struggled for many years with the demons of his addiction and mental illness- both of which brought out a dark side. But he fought to maintain his sobriety, and those were the happiest times of his life. Colin lost his battle on December 2, 2011. He has found peace at last. The heartbreaking pain we feel is always there, but I find myself smiling more often remembering the good times, and the beautiful man that I proudly call my son.

Wheaton illinois

Donna Foyle

You were a ray of sunshine in all our lives, one of the most kind & loving people I’ve ever known. We all miss you. I’ll never forget all the things you reminded me, such as what friendship really is, true compassion and empathy.

Portland, OR, USA


To my friend Tara. May you rest in paradise! I’ll always remember you and love you with all my heart!

Normal Illinois


I lost my oldest child and only daughter,Rachel, to an accidental overdose of prescription medication on 3/8/2014. Rachel was 32 she battled with addiction for years, she also had long periods of sobriety, but her last relapse took her life, as well as ending my life and her kids lives as we knew it. Rachel was beautiful, smart, funny…stubborn, brave, generous…..I miss everything that was my daughter, My only daughter and my first born, Rachel Elizabeth Walton 1/22/1982-3/8/2014

CedarCity,Utah USA

Michele Duncan

My nephew, Eric, is/was a warm, loving, funny, intelligent, 26 year old. He brought joy to so many people. His addiction caused pain and suffering to so many, and to him. The family is now suffering with this loss, after trying to intervene and find help through the years. The loss is immeasurable. We have to find ways to heal and honor Eric, at the same time. We don’t know how to do that yet, as it is so raw. Our state (Florida) is lacking in resources and help groups for families who are suffering with this loss. I hope the Awareness of this group will shed some light on that need.

Miami, Florida


Forever in our hearts. Heroin may have taken you, but you are at peace with our Heavenly Father and for that I can try and find peace. Life hasn’t been the same since you left, but I know you are watching over me!
John Joseph Churchill,Jr
10/10/1987- 04/21/2009

Chesapeake, Virginia

Josephine Carmella

Paul was a very unique individual. He was kind, loving, creative, artistic, musical, had a great sense of humor, hard working, concerned for others, a wonderful Brother, Son, Father, and Friend. Paul and I were in a relationship for 10 years and had a beautiful daughter together. When our daughter was 4 we stopped dating and later became best friends. Paul suffered from both mental illness and drug addiction for most of his teenage and adult life. He had so many demens inside him that tormented him. He may have had a drug problem but he was a good and beautiful person who put himself into drug rehab several times. The final time he went to drug rehab and got out I asked him how he was going to make sure this didn’t happen again and he responded, “It’s just trial and error, that’s all we can do in life.” He was a hero to me. He perservered threw life and every time he relapsed and fell he sout out a way to stand back up and try to walk again down the road of life. He was a wounderful father to our little girl and she loved him so much. When Paul didn’t show up for work, which was very much unlike him the police were sent to his apartment where they found him on his bed. He must have been there for about a day. They couldn’t tell he had overdosed initially so an autopsy was performed which revieled that he had both Cocain and Fentynol in him. Fentynol has been going around being cut into drugs such as Cocain and Haroin but most recently specifically in the county where Paul lived. Paul didn’t know that the Fentynol was cut into his Cocain, otherwise he would still be here with us today. Paul was Paul, exactly as he was and he was loved in his entirety by his daughter, mother, sister, me, friends and God and he loved all of them back in return. I know he is finaly home were he truly is able to be happy and free. He is leaving us to love, remember, cherrish, and honor his memory and the memories we all shared with him until we can see him again when we come home to be with our Lord.



In loving memory of our daughter Brittney who lost her battle to heroin April 24, 2015. She is greatly missed.



Cranbrook BC Canada

Cranbrook B


My name is Danielle and on July, 28 2013 his name was Kevin Michael McNeal he was 28 years old. He left behind me, son and a daughter. He was a great son, father,brother and husband. He was so much more than an addict he was the most gentle and lovable man a person could meet.



R.I.P Donald”Jaime ” There’s NoT a day goes by that I don’t think of you☆love&miss ya Jaime..♡ Nicole



My son Tommy died 11/16/10 of an accidental overdose of OxyContin. I found him in his bed. No parent should see what I saw. He was loving, caring, smart, funny and full of life. He was 22 years old. Life is unbearable without him. Every day is a struggle to go on but my daughter needs me. Drugs are evil and people need to know the damage they do to the addicts and their families. During and after. I wouldn’t wish my life on ANYONE!! My son made a poor choice and paid the ultimate price. His life and everyone else in the family too. Please parents talk to your children about drugs. Snoop, check their phones, drawers and especially their friends. Keep your eyes open and NEVER say ” not my child”. Drugs know no race, class or age. It can get anyone. God bless all of our children, in heaven and on earth. In memory of Thomas Mayer forever 22. Gone too soon xoxo 💔💙

Staten Island New York

Denise DeLuca

I miss you so much Brett.


Diane Scott

On May 17, 2017 I lost my only sister, Michele Lautenbach, to a heroin overdose. She was only 28 years old. She had been battling her addiction for close to 10 years and we are all extremely heartbroken that she lost. We have to spread awareness for the memory of our loved ones.

St. Louis

Megan lautenbach



Kristen s

For my brother…John A. Corby 6/13/72-7/11/12…who is missed everyday. Heroin took you from us..but your memory and the love we have for you remains.

El Paso, Texas

Frances Roy

Our daughter( Randi ) age 23 passed from an overdose in Nov. 2014 after a long battle.We miss and love you so much.Rest in peace. Dad

Southbury,Conn. USA


In memory of Rob Bellows. Lost his fight with addiction April 2, 2016. I will carry your memories in my heart til we are reunited in Gods presence… I love and miss you dearly…

Garden City MI


My friend Jacob passed away due to a heroine overdose, he was such a good friend and always help be get my mind of the bad stuff. He was such a cool and relaxed dude. I’ll never forget the times we spent together playing pool, I miss you man.



My son Ryan Dickson 25 forever lost his battle May 29 2016.

Wagener sc


Bianca Hathaway, you were one of the strongest people I’ve ever met and I understand The struggle ypu went through each day. Even though you’re gone , I still believe in you. I love you always

Pawtucket, RI

Sierra Lessing

Travis James Wilson passed away August 5, 2015. He was in a car with people he thought were friends, they drove around for almost 2 hours before they got him help. Fast forward to May 2017….. 5 years in prison to dealer, 18 months in prison to buyer, driver got slap on the wrist because he squealed on dealer. All will be on probation for 3 years. An eye of an eye would be a better sentence. But we, Travis’ family and friends will always love and miss him, I pray I will see him again in Heaven

Medina, Ohio USA

Don & Sue WIlson

My son past away April 22 2017. I would like to make a tribute in his name.



In memory of my beautiful brother Tanner Edward Thorne. Born: September 27th, 1982 Died: June 2nd, 2007
Ten years gone, but never ever forgotten. I love you, sweet brother. I will carry on in your memory in all that I do. You are missed.

Everett, Washington USA

Sydney Marshall

Love you Jonellen forever and a day ❤️

Charlestown, MA


October 2015 we lost an amazing man to his addiction. My daughter lost her father and I lost one of my best friends. He was such a very talented musician and intelligent man. He had the most gentle heart of anyone I’ve ever met. His name was Christopher and we miss him everyday. Please know he was a tremendous person who had an addiction, not just some “junkie” as some might think. He was a loving man, father, brother, uncle, and his mother’s baby. I love you forever Chris.



To all those out there hurting from a loss, prayers for strength and healing are sent your way. Please reach out and help those struggling with addiction. Recovery is a long road, but with the right resources and support there is hope for everyone. Fight the battle and win the war with addiction.

Cleveland, OH

Recovery is possible

To my best friend joe FREITAS you will always be my best friend and We will all miss you you are in a better place with relaxation love Rosie Carlo julie Fabio Luca francesca and Gian carlo

Woodbridge Ontario canada


SUD is a horrid disease. It is heartbreaking watching those you love become someone you don’t even know. I will never stop fighting to end the stigma. Forever my baby girl … Forever 23. Love and miss you. Mom

Southbury, Ct. USA

Randi Elissa Ross

For my favorite child for my baby boy….lost March 17th,2016. I will miss your silly sense of humor, your beautiful smile, and the way you always hugged me…..I will spend the rest of my life honoring your memory….
…mommy loves n misses Jamie

East Rochester NY 14445

Victoria Welch

We lost our son Alexander on April 27,2017 to an overdose. My heart is broken, i am broken. I miss him every second of every day. He was the most intelligent person i knew. I miss you sweet boy and i love you always…Mama


Bonnie Mota

David Cimicata, not a day goes by that I don’t miss you or think of your smiling face. It broke my heart when we went our separate ways but I was ready to get better and sadly you were not. I have 1002 days clean from heroin and cocaine today & I’m 12 weeks off of methadone today as well. I like to think you are watching down over me, that you are proud & I try to take comfort in knowing that in our own ways we are now both free of the demons that we so desperately needed to escape. I wish I could have saved you. I love you always. RIP Ducky❤

Rochester NY

Emily Bobry

My Fiancé, Jason Webster, passed away on June 13, 2016. He was EVERYTHING. He was a Dad, a son, a brother, a friend, a teammate, a lawyer…HE WAS MINE. It took him 7 years of active drug addiction for him to lose everything in his life. But we met and he got clean. In two years he got his whole life back. We had everything . I will never know what changed that day. What made him need to use. He knew the risks. He knew the next time would most likely be his last time. He knew that if it was his last time his two amazing kids would be left orphaned. That I would be left to pick up the pieces. None of that mattered in that moment of weakness. What I’d like everyone to know is that he was more than just an addict. The addiction was a very small piece of him. He wAs a Dad & Fiancé first, he was a genius graduating magna cum laude from law school. He loved his nieces. He was a Mamas Boy. HE WAS EVERYTHING… there will never be anybody in our lives that will compare to him.., #14342


Kara Lotti

Always in my heart, my son, Stephen Rhett Sharpe Jr . 1-19-83 – 7-24-04 Forever 21💜💜💜

West Columbia, South Carolina

Priscilla Cooper Sharpe

Jim, you were the world to me. I believe this could happen to you. So strong yet so alone. I wish I would of recognized the signs sooner. You are so loved and so very missed! R.I.P.

Des Moines Ia. USA


Sherri-Lee Shaney McRee 02-23-1977 to 09-01-2015
Not a day goes by where I don’t wish we could have one of our sister days together.
Some days I don’t even know how i survive without you.
I love you.
Us against the world.


Cassandra McRee

I lost my brother in 2014. He was 29. He was an amazing. He was funny. He always knew how to make you laugh. He had delt with addiction for along time. It started with pills and escalated from there. He went to rehab. But of course insurance only want to cover for so much so it was hard. He had times where he was great. He won’t need anything. He had a good heart. ❤️ He didn’t have one mean bone in his body. He was always there when you needed him. Our family life was great my parents were always there for us. It’s been tough with out him around. I still think he is going to walk through my door. I see people that from a distance that look like him. The last thing we did before he die we went to Disney World with my mom. We lost my dad a year before that to sucied. He hung him self. He had a lot of medical problems and was in pain alll the time from different surgery over the years. He was 54. I miss him so much. He was an amazing father he always so funny and fun. I miss them both. I know it’s takes time to heal all wounds. They are always in my heart. ❤️



In memory of our dear son and brother, Neil Balmer.

Medicine Hat Alberta Canada

Kym Porter

My daughter, Gabrielle, died on January 30th, 2016. She was only 25. She had battled mental illness and drug addiction for all of her short life. Although her drugs of choice were meth and heroin, it was a combination of her one prescription medications that killed her. Gab spent many years going through detoxes and endless treatment centers. She tried so hard to fight, but the drugs were far more powerful. We’ll celebrate what would have been her 27th birthday tomorrow May 18th. She’s now free of pain and anguish. Forever young and always in our hearts!

Wake Forest, NC, USA


I lost my son Shawn David Rardin Blumer on March 20, 2016 to a fentanyl/ heroin overdose. He was so loved by so many. I lost my son and 1/2 my heart that day. Sorry I couldn’t save you Shawn!! We love and miss you! I hope you are up there somewhere riding your “Flying Lion” and happy!!
I love you and miss you!! Fly high Son!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Ohio

Barb Chapman

I lost my son Danny Dougherty on Aug. 31, 2016 , he was 24 years young! He battled for 6 years. 8 rehabs , I can’t even remember how many sober living houses,. This has to stop! We are failing are children ! This is an epedimic ! It can happen to anyone !

Castaic , LA calif.


I lost my grandson Chad to a heroin overdose 12/3/15

Pulaski Va.

Mary Donald

My brother David died on Thanksgiving. ( November 24, 2016) After a ” friend ” gave him methadone. He was found dead a few hours later. He was 39. Way too young to die! I love and miss you every single day, bro!

St. Paul, Minnesota

Kelly Summers

Remembering Devin Timothy Rooney. 10/30/86-9/4/16. My only bioligical child who left behind a 3 yr old daughter, an unborn daughter (who is now 7mos old), a Fiance and many devastated friends and family members. We are having the first annual memorial walk in his honor to raise awareness on Thursday August 31st, 2017. You are so loved Devin! Love, Mom

Hudson, NH USA

Cathy Johnson

Scott Dillon
You would be so proud of the beautiful people our children have grown up to be.
I hope you’re finally at peace.
9/14/1974 – 4/24/2007

Charleston, WV USA

Alison Messer

Over a month ago the world lost one of the deepest, kindest, thoughtful and powerful hearts I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Jessica ann was in my life from the second grade until our 21st year. I’ve never had a relationship where we just clicked like that. I couldnt put it into words if i wanted to but our energies were meant to find each other. She saved my life, taught me so many things including how to let my guard down with people and just risk it all for love, and just made me a better person from the light that came from her spirit. She loved hard, fought harder and in all honesty just felt way too much for one person. She felt the feelings of everyone around her even if they didnt deserve her empathy or care, she would do anything for anyone. I still dont want to believe it because i feel like i lost my lungs with her and i start to suffocate but i want to tell the world about her and keep her love going. I owe her more than she ever would have let me repay her for and god i love her more than even she could have understood. With all of that beauty in her she didnt see any of it and i think she couldnt take it anymore. Ill regret ever letting you go for the rest of my life jessica.



To my little brother, Joey. My best friend, my guardian angel. Love you forever little bro.

Green, OH

Jackie Loftis

I lost my Robert Lee Bale 5 days before his 29th birthday the youngest of my three kids smart,funny,handsome, loving, kind gentlemen ill forever be crushed by the devastation of this drug

Holley NY


In loving memory of Tyson Lajoie. always and forever in our hearts. #24

Pottstown PA USA

Andrea Quinter

Tyler hillman
April16 1997- July 26 2016.


Carol-Ann hillman

Our dear sweet Ashley McKenzie. You are so missed and loved. Not a moment goes by that we don’t think of all the precious times we spent together. Singing in the car was the best times we had. You made it so easy to love you. It makes me sad that horrible disease took you away at such an early age. But I u,understand now because God wanted the most beautiful soul, so He picked you. Sleep with Angels. RIP Ashley McKenzie Lee.

Clayton, NY USA

Grampa and Gram

For Matthew LeRay LeBar: You expressed often your desire to be clean and your some 8 visits to detox/rehab facilities showed your determination but unfortunately this was not the route that provided any kind of change for you. Ironically you passed during an ibogaine treatment which was going to be the miracle cure, the last chance, the saving grace for you! Seems so unfair and to think of all of our plans we made to celebrate your success and recovery! You were so brave to make the decision to leave your addiction behind and we are all proud of you! I miss you everyday and wish that I could hold you even one more time! I hope that you know how much I love you and how much your family loves and misses you!! Watch over us and wrap your loving arms around us!

Mountlake Terrace, WA USA

Nicole Jones

I lost my son Drew, forever 24 on 12/7/16 to a heroin overdose one day after he left a step down program. As a teenager he struggled with anxiety and was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. What I know now is that if someone takes 4 milligrams of Xanax daily for a period of 12 weeks they will likely be addicted. I believe being prescribed this drug in his teens contributed to his downward spiral. Deep down Drew had a fun spirit and he liked to make people laugh. He was likable and funny. I miss him every day, I do not want his passing to be in vain. The number of drug overdoses is growing every day and we need to find a way to bring awareness to this disease.

Canton, MI


November 21, 2016 is the day my whole life changed and I lost the love of my life. My loving husband Daniel E. Swatsworth. He was also a wonderful father to 3 beautiful children. We became victims of the disease of addiction after years of using drugs and the summer of 2016 is when we really let it take over our lives. We began using harder drugs more and more and eventually lost everything. Daniel was my best friend and my husband. He never hurt me or our children and he was always there. He had many friends and everyone adored him. We were never a day apart for 7 years and we were married for 3 of those years. Our 3 year anniversary was November 15, 2016. He was only 30 years old, still had a whole life ahead of him. I also lost my sister, Cassandra D. Taylor, 7 years ago to the disease and she is missed dearly every single day. I am currently in outpatient treatment and involved in the NA 12 step program. I go to meetings regularly and I’m doing it for me first, and then for our children and then of course for my husband. This is a tribute for my husband and my sister to spread awareness about addiction and its effects on families and friends. It’s a horrible and misunderstood disease and it’s killing people everyday. I wish that no one has to experience the loss I have went through and that many other people have went through. We all need to get together and help stop this is epidemic.

Lockport, NY

Erica Swatsworth

We miss you everyday little brother. Never forgotten, always in our hearts.

Boston, MA


Cait’s Story

Cait was born into a large Catholic family. She had just one older brother but many aunts’ uncles and cousins. We had family dinners, attended church, CCD classes and girl scouts. She played softball and field hockey, not being into those sports she did Cheerleading from 2nd grade until senior year of High school. She grew up in a normal loving family. Cait was my only daughter, my best friend. I miss our Mother Daughter times immensely. Cait loved small children, animals and her family. She was always the friend people went to for advice and support. And she always gave it whole heartedly.
My Cait began to experience crippling anxiety in High school. She said she was never comfortable in her own skin. If this was the cause of her addiction I am not sure. It started at senior week 2009, the experimentation with drugs. Then after having some serious relationship problems she progressed to Heroin being co codependent with her current boyfriend at the time. She was lost to her addiction and family for close to two years. Finally I was able to convince and or drag her to rehab. She completed a month there. The day after she was home she over dosed. She was taken by ambulance to York Hospital where she was largely ignored because she had regained consciousness and was just a drug addict to them. This I remember clearly, having never experienced this type of ignorance.
In about a week to 10 days she was back to the same rehab, Retreat of Lancaster. After the second month of clear headedness she wanted to be clean. The Vivitrol shot helped her a lot with the cravings she had for the drug Heroin. Later, Caitlin relapsed again and went back to rehab willingly of her choice. I fear there were other relapses, small slips that I was unaware of. Finally December of 2014 she decided to be clean from everything while still being on the vivitrol shot and attending NA. She was actively working toward recovery. She was doing great. I had my daughter back. Her family had her back.
Caitlin wanted to stop the Vivitrol shot. In NA that is known as substituting one drug for another. She was clean of all drugs for almost 5 months. She relapsed on a Thursday. I know this because she wrote in a notebook that “she relapsed to the thing she cannot seem to stay away from”. That following Sunday April 26, 2015 she passed of an accidental Heroin OD on her bed in her home, doing homework. She had five classes left to graduate York College with a BA in Psychology. She wanted to work in a rehab and help other addicts. She never got the chance. She didn’t want to be an addict and never expected that would happen the first time she tried Herion. Please don’t try Heroin the first time. Addiction can happen to anyone.


Dorothy Cadden

In loving memory of my sweet brother Joe. I think of you every single day. Your laugh, your smile, I miss you so much Bro.

Beaumont Ca

Lydia Nancy

Lost our beautiful daughter at the age of 23. Miss her so much. Overdosed just one day out of treatment. She left behind her 18 month old son He is now almost 7. Marissa. 1-30-88 to 10-5-2011.

Lake Villa, Illinois


Gregory, we miss you so very much! Life has not been the same without you. Love Mom, Dad, David, & Courtney

Hydes, Md


My 24 year old son, Daniel Thompson, lost his battle with the terrible disease of addiction on December 11,2015. He left behind a beautiful little girl who turned 1 on December 17,2015. This precious baby will never know her Daddy & how he loved her with all his heart!!

Pauline SC. United States


Im memory of my beautiful mother Tammy Morey. October 3, 1969 – April 12, 2016.

Poplar Bluff

Ashley Mccraig

Shawn Sperling… we lost you on Sept. 30, 2012 from a heroin overdose. Forever 22. So full of life, love and laughter. Loved by all. Our son, our brother, our friend, your legacy is the love that you left behind. Your many, many friends always going to your gravesite, still after almost 5 years. Shawnie… you are still such a beautiful part of us. Our “Ferris Bueller”. I am so lucky to be your mom for 22 years. We ❤️ You! Still I Rise

Paramus, NJ


Lost my daughter Erin on 8/22/2015. My heart will forever be broken. Missing her everyday. Please don’t let another feel this was. This illness must stop.

Homer, New York


My Zack was an amazing kid and wonderful young adult. People loved him, he cared about everyone and would do anything for friends. That’s how we remember him. He lost his battle with addiction 12/17/14. We miss him every minute of everyday.


Alexis Commarota

In loving menory of Colin Walker

Bristol, CT


My son, Cody Jack Hill, died April 15, 2016 of an accidental heroin overdose leaving a devestated family including A little sister that loved him so very much w a 5 mo old baby girl that he won’t watch grow up w another one on the way. He will never be forgotten and is missed every single day!! We love u Cody Jack rest in peace my sweet precious baby boy!!

Idaho Falls

Tracy Shaul

Sambo, I miss you everyday- your brothers and your Mama miss you everyday. Not one day goes by- that I do not think of you and miss you terribly- rest easy Baby boy- Mimi is on her way to hold you. We love you- we miss you- and you will NEVER be forgotten!!

Rochester MI


Sambo, I miss you everyday- your brothers and your Mama miss you everyday. Not one day goes by- that I do not think of you and miss you terribly- rest easy Baby boy- Mimi is on her way to hold you. We love you- we miss you- and you will NEVER be forgotten!!

Rochester MI


We love you CJ! We are keeping your “beats” alive by helping others struggling with drug addiction keep their heart beats alive! Your loss has not been in vain. The Beat Lives On

Lindenhurst NY USS


Michael I love and miss you sooo much I’m hurting my heart hearts please help me get better and remember the good times each day

New York


Loving Friend.. Brother.. son. Mike Helmer, 22, was taken from us due to an overdose. He was a member of the Albrightsville Fire company for a decade. Graduated High School and had all the love and support from his family and friends. Mikey you will be missed by all of us and we will forever hold all of the memories and cherish the moments that we had with you. May 1, 2017 your body couldn’t take anymore of the pain and tearing. Watch up in Heaven over all of us with all of our Angels. You will be missed. Rest Easy

Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania

life love and laughter………. thats what you were…… my forever boy…. michael halvorsen ………… my gike…. i will always love you
your forever girl is heartbroken

boynton beach

kathy murphy

MIchael Bradford Ragone died at 30 years old on January 17,2016 of a heroin/Fentanyl overdose. He was ashamed of his disease and may have asked for help …. and been more open to it .. if the stigma around it was not so great.

Charlotte NC

Betsy Ragone

My son Peter Henry died June 8, 2013 from an accidental overdose one day from rehab. Every minute, everyday I miss him and grieve for him. He was my only child. When I asked for help from family members he was banished and not given a second chance. I saw his heartbreak when at his grandmothers funeral not one of his cousins would talk to him. Now he is gone forever and my heart breaks forever. F

Gloucester MA. 01930


Tim, we miss you and we love you! Your humor and smile will be with us forever. ❤️



To my dearest Aunt, who lost her battle to addiction on 6/16/16. May you Rest In Peace now and have a home with God, free from your every day struggles. Words could not describe the amount of love I have for you. I miss you immensely and so does the family.



To my soul mate Neil Waters who lost his battle with addiction on 14th April 2017. Missing you so very much. Love always. Shar xx

Wisbech Cambridgeshire uk

Sharon carter

On Jan 30,2017 I lost my best friend my brother mike mchenry. He has struggled with addiction on and off for years. He was just 34 years old. I Love and miss him every single minute of everyday.

Las Vegas nv

Keli mcdade

You will never know how much you were loved and missed

Raleigh, NC

Amber Johnson

I will spend the rest of my life helping people that suffer from addiction in place of the one person I couldn’t.
Rest in peace Frankie Semencar. I know you didn’t want this to happen and I will never forget about you.



For my dear brother who lost his battle to heroin on 9/18/16, I talk about you everyday, sometimes I try to share your story in hopes of helping another so nobody else has to know this heartbreak like my family does.
I love you, and I can only wait to see you again.

West Virginia, USA


In remembrance of Kory Simmons a bright light that dimmed too soon.



I have lost a nephew (6/16) 23 yrs old.
and my son in law on 1/1/17.
I hate how this disease is spreading like wild fire.
My daughters and I have started a support group and while helping others we can help heal ourselves.
We Miss you John!

plainville, ma


Rip lil Bobby

St. Louis mo

Brittany Haynes

On 2-6-17, our daughter Erica, 15 days before her 21st birthday, passed away from a Heroin overdose. We loved her so much and watched her hurt and struggle with depression and anxiety for several years. This led to her addiction. We miss her and grieve her everyday and will for the rest of our lives. She is with the Lord and is our Angel on earth now. I am certain she is one of the most beautiful Angels in Heaven! We love you Erica, Mom, Dad and Katie.

Disputanta, VA

Angela Ruis

To my precious girl, Pauline, who taught me how to . You are forever missed and loved.
8/17/1978- 7/16/2000
Can’t wait to be with you again!!!

New Jersey

Liz levins

After 15 months in recovery from an opioid and heroin addiction, my daughter, my only child, Ammie passed from an accidental overdose. To say it ripped my heart out and left me reeling is an understatement. I love you and miss you always.


Franklin, KY

Tammy Reeves

Justin Aaron Davenport we love you an miss you so much your smile was so contagious your eyes would melt any heart . I was the first to hold you the day you were born an the last when you passed away but you will always have my heart with you son our lives were forever changed that dreadful Sunday but our promise to is you’ll never be forgotten see you live on in mason an Sophia forever love moma&daddy


Paula Davenport

Shaq Elmes Torrella 1993-2016
To my kind caring, talented and loving son.
It want go unnoticed how my people you saved only to loose your precious life to this hideous disease called addiction/ heroine.
That did not define who you were. You could do anything you set your mind to achieve. In your short life you achieved many things.
An awarded skier, golfer, accomplished mountain biker, photographer, graphic designer and lover of the arts. You were a loving son, friend, nephew, and grandson. We all grieve that you left this world too soon. You will never be forgotten. Our love will last for ever. Untill we see each other again I will take into my life everyday the wonderful memories we had and the passions we shared, for both of us to enjoy.

Steamboat Springs Colorado

Peta Elmes

I miss you dennis everyday. I still can’t beleive your gone. I’m so mad you chose to get high that morning instead of asking for help. You left me and our son who cries over you. I forgive you for choosing to use again. It’s part of who you were. I hope you are okay and finally at peace. I’m glad ur with God instead of battling your addiction. You, we were all spared. I’m constantly bothered by your final moments. Please come to me in my dreams and let me know ur okay and went peacefully. I love and miss you and will never let you go but I can’t make myself suffer anymore. Help me and denny get passed this.

Queens, NY


My beautiful son, Jon died on July 7, 2014 as a result of an accidental overdose from illegally prescribed opioids. He was just 26 and embracing a life full of hope and dreams in Silicon Valley as he was building a start-up software company. His loss is so profound and so preventable. The waves of grief follow and impact the many family members; parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, along with Jon’s girlfriend, his puppy, many friends, and a community that lost a bright light with so much yet to give. His story needs to be told as all the others that we have lost and continue to lose. We all need to stay steadfast in our efforts to bring awareness, education, and accountability to our medical professionals/community, and offer support, empathy, and help to all those impacted by the disease of addiction.
Amy Cooper, Mother and Outreach Director with the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse

San Francisco

Amy Cooper

Nicole you always be in our hearts. Everyday is for you. Rip my butterfly.


Crystal Drape

Corey I miss you. I can’t believe that your gone. Nothing will ever be the same and I’m so mad that you did this to me. I love you and I miss you and I hope that your okay now.

Boston MA


To my child’s father, who passed away due to a heroin overdose,
I wish you would have asked for help. Instead of denying this pain. I wish you could have came to me, without fear. I wish you could take it back, because I know that wherever you are, your heart is breaking watching the pain your son is enduring. Please know that while I am angry, and devastated, my heart breaks for you, especially you in your final moments, over and over and over. I hope you find peace along your way, as I will try to provide that for the boy that has been left behind.



I don’t know how you feel inside
I’ve never been there before
Something’s changing inside you…
and you don’t even know.You’ll feel better tomorrow just come to me and I’ll help you find the way.

Montréal Canada

Xeni Mano

My beautiful brother Paul always in my heart,always proud of you & always love you
Alli Xx

Griffith nsw Australia

Allison collis

This has to stop Lost my only child to this

St. Louis Mo USA

Joanie Shinall

To the 19 year old client who did not recognize his behaviors as problematic and overdosed a few weeks after leaving treatment against medical advice.

Detroit, MI

Substance Use Disorder Therapist

Kristie my 1st born my only daughter. She got lost after bad divorce from abusive man after 18 years of marriage. He I could say drove her, but she was weak. She told me she did a little cocaine and than was shown how to do crack. I am telling you she was only a mom to her 2 children, until she was found dead by her 17 year old daughter – something she never wanted to happen. She wanted off the drugs. She was fighting so many demons. Our life will never be the same. Her 2 children never be the same. RIP MY BEAUTIFUL daughter

EAST Taunton


Remembering Jonathan Glenn
AUGUST 27, 2015
Jonathan died from Accidental Overdose
Everyday my heart aches from the loss of my son.
Please visit
Remembering Jonathan and Jeremy Glenn on Facebook today….

Pell City,Al

Kema Pike

Brad, your family and friends buried your body today. But your spirit lives on in your children …. and in all the words of encouragement and wisdom you gave to those around that were struggling … and in the house of your heavenly Father. You were — are — the finest man I’ve known. I was proud to call you a friend. I was honored to stand beside as you courageously faced your struggle with addiction and emotional pain. I dreamed of watching you grow into your hopes and dreams. I looked forward to watching your children grow and mature under your wise leadership. But the evil that is addiction took you away from us far too soon. I love you and will always miss you, Brad.



In memory of my 21yr old son John who sadly overdosed February 2014…Forever Young!! So sad to read these tributes from brave mums like myself who tried so hard to protect their sons and daughters

West Dunbartonshire Scotland


For Callum. My funny, clever and loving brother. I loved you from the day you were born and will miss you every day of my life.
“Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks” ? Your favourite big sis xx.

Perth, Australia


Damn, been looking for you all these years… and this is what I finally found… ❤️



My 24 year old son, Alex Fuller died of an overdose on 2/5/17 from heroin laced with fentanyl. He was a kind soul with a huge heart that deserved to live the life he had ahead of him. That was cut short. There will not be a minute that goes by that I don’t think of my sweet boy and believe that I am one step closer to being with him again.

Louisville, Kentucky

Michelle Florence

I lost my son Tayler on October 28, 2015 do to accidental overdose. He was only 21 years old. It was a combination of fentanyl patch and xanex. I lost a piece of my heart and soul that day. I miss him every day. He had his whole life ahead of him. He was loving , caring he had the most contagious laugh. He left an impression on every one he met. I wish that people would be better educated on what the effects of combining drugs can do to a person and their families

Brooklyn ny

Lisa hoff

RIP Richie. Your always in our hearts. Watch over us. Miss you Roo

Levittown pa 19054

Sue Reese

In memory of my dearest David. (David Ryan Trageser) my best friend and soulmate.
When you left you took my whole heart with you. And that’s okay, you deserved it. You forever have all of my love. I will never forget you or let you go. Rest easy, hun.
6.7.88-2.28.17 ~forever in my soul~

Baltimore, MD US

Amber Levinski

Cory had this contagious laugh and a way to make you smile even when you didn’t want to. He was my husband my best friend my soul mate for sure ! We have 2 beautiful little girls 9&6 yrs and he was an amazing daddy who didn’t care if he had pink finger nails and doing girly things with his girls yet taught them to fish and camp and enjoy life! He was a man who was so proud to serve his country and when he had to retire early for medical reasons began his nasty battle. He may have lost here on earth but I know he won in Heaven! He was the greatest man I ever knew Love you forever and more MR

Kokomo Indiana

Melissa bowers

In memory of my nephew Luis Alberto Fernandez who passed away due to an overdose on February 10,2017.
Love and miss you dearly. Be free hun



I miss you so much Chloe, there is not a moment in the day that I am not thinking of you. I love you baby girl. I pray that you are doing all that you loved to do up in Heaven. XO Momma Bear
02/09/1999 – 01/20/2017

Hackettstown NJ USA

TIna Bencivengo Culp

I lost my 17 year old daughter on January 20, 2017 to a herion overdose. I am devastated ?? I want to do all I can to help other families before it’s too late.

Hackettstown NJ USA

Tina Bencivengo Culp

My struggle only began 3 years ago with a injury at work many surgeries later I’m completely addicted to prescription pain meds many failed attempts to get clean and to many close calls to an overdose I reached a point I felt my life was over I’m a true believer in methadone maintenance it saved my life but not before it almost took my niece’s life she got a heavy dose of heroin and fentyl thank the LORD she made her way into a populated store before falling out and CPR was administer by a customer but she was on a ventilator and placed in a medically induced coma for weeks we were not sure what her future was to look like eventually she woke up but she will never be the same she needs round the clock care and is basically a toddler again my niece is only 29 with her whole life ahead of her she has been battling her addiction since she was a teenager it almost took her from us and I see how it has taken its toll on our family and I do not want to put them threw it also I don’t want to die or become a vegetable if you are addicted please STOP I know it’s hard get help get help now before it’s to late you are worth it you deserve to be clean and sober



To my darling sister. I hope that you’re free from the pain that I know you were in. I will forever cherish the phone call you made to me exactly 1 month before you left us. I know not everyone in our family were so lucky. Thank you for looking after me when my own life wasn’t so great, I will always look up to you as my second mother. Love you always, k. xx



Jon was the light of the room. He was always trying to make you smile. He had an amazing personality and cared about everyone. His presence is truly missed. He was a best friend to many.


Kate Bell

My dearest son Michael Wyszynski….not a day goes by that I don’t think of you…wishing I could turn back time to that night (August 7, 2015)…if there was something I could have done differently…if I had know you started using again after 5 months clean…if I had noticed the signs…all of these if’s…there isn’t a day that I don’t cry wishing you were here…watching your children’s accomplishments and milestones…so many things you missed since you’re gone….you left behind a legacy..your children…you live on through their eyes …I see a little bit of you in them every day…they are the greatest gift you could have ever given me, my son. I love and miss you beyond words…my heart is broken and and that part of losing you will never heal…till we meet again…Love, MOM

Williamstown, NJ

Lena Diana

R. I. P. Christopher Nelson. You will be missed. I love you. You were the best boyfriend a woman could have.

Linwood PA

Theresa Beaumont

r.i.p. johnny thunders, stayley,weiland and a certain woman i know that has a serious problem and that i tried my best to helpbecause i loved her more than anything and you know who u are misty but couldnt get through to her and she thinks im the enemy but she was wrong and anyone else struggling because ive wasted about 25 of my 38 yrs with drugs


jeffery Allred

There by the grace of God go I. Recovering for 8 years and it’s still a day by day struggle.
I dedicate this to Cory Monteith who lost his battle with his addiction in 2013. He was more than an actor. He used his celebrity to shed light on this cause as well as youth homelessness and raised money to help marginalized kids get out of their situations. He supported many causes Chrystalis helps people who have been addicted and are now recovering to find jobs give them the tools they need to heal themselves. Project Limelight help Candian youth find value in the arts instead of using the streets. Something good can come from his death and I will remind addicts that there is hope and there is help.

Goodyear Arizona

Kelly Hazelett

I lost my only brother suddenly on 1/29/2017 to 25 years of fighting addiction. He was just 45 and a tortured soul. But he always stayed sweet and pure. I went through wicked metastatic breast cancer and he was my biggest fan. I fought it at age 39. I always believed he’d outlive me. As I write this I remain in shock and denial. And sadly, the od was more sinister being another person with him continuing to give him drugs while sick and out of it along with “cleaning up” because he had passed before an ambulance got there. We need to fight to save the souls of our loved ones. I’m a big believer in legal methadone. I begged him to stay on. As soon as he stopped a second time he hit the downward spiral and here I am alone in this world without my brother. God speed to all our addicts and family and friends of them who struggle with A-Z. Just remember, we cannot save them. They can only save themselves. Love and peace to all. RIP brother. Seester.



in loving memory of Cody Owen 3/13/90-6/19/16
momma misses you sweet son..


sherry stratton-poe

Andrew MacNiven it was a privilege to love you while you were here on this earth and it will continue to be a privilege while your my angel in heaven. Rest In Peace 7/1/1990-3/14/2015



Alyssa’s Story:

Alyssa was born on February 13, 1994. Alyssa was a bright and beautiful girl that shared her love, laughter, and compassion with everyone she met.

Alyssa grew up in a small community in Medina, Ohio attending Christian and Catholic elementary schools. She attended Medina High School and graduated from a private school in North Carolina. She continued to further her education attending Warren Wilson College and AB Tech, both located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Alyssa had immense talent in artistic endeavors. She was very gifted in writing, drawing, photography and painting and was an avid connoisseur of all types of music.

During adolescence, Alyssa, like many other young people, suffered numerous injuries such as a broken arm, leg and multiple oral surgeries through daily activities which necessitated medical treatment through which she was prescribed pain medication by a physician. As a result of the chemical composition of her brain coupled with the addictive component of prescription pain medication, Alyssa was predisposed to opiate addiction.

Unfortunately, Alyssa succumbed to the lure of opiates during her attendance her first year at Warren Wilson College. Alyssa was introduced to heroin by her boyfriend at the time who became addicted to the same through his previous addiction to pain medication prescribed to treat sports injuries. Despite attendance at numerous rehabilitation facilities, Alyssa addiction remained even if she was not an active user. Specifically, the physical and psychological attributes of prescription pain medication remained in her brain biologically, thus, making her desire to stay sober a daily struggle.

The story of Alyssa is one that repeatedly occurs throughout this country- an individual becomes addicted to prescription pain medication to treat legitimate illnesses and once addicted to that pain medication cannot either obtain or afford to purchase pain medication due to its high cost on the black market thus making heroin an appealing alternative as it is both cheaper and delivers a more concentrated feeling of euphoria than pain medication.

As a result of her heroin addiction, Alyssa was fighting a daily battle to maintain her sobriety and avoid the whispers in her ears to use heroin. Tragically, Alyssa lost her battle with heroin on March 18, 2015, passing away in her room-alone. She was only 21 years old. Alyssa’s tragic death has touched so many lives as many people across this country are currently battling the same challenges that Alyssa battled for years and are often losing their lives to this addiction.

Alyssa was full of life with an amazing will to live. She was extremely loving and she was loved by many. Her smile would light up the room and her laughter would fill it. She was also an excellent student with many ambitions, specifically, she wanted to help challenged children. In spite of all the beauty in her life, she was unfortunately unable to fight the ugliness…which was heroin. She did not want to be an addict. Nobody wants to be an addict.

Heroin has become the fastest growing health epidemic in this country. The State of Ohio currently ranks #2 in the nation for drug overdose deaths, Heroin does not care what race or socio-economic background you are, if you are rich or poor, young or old, male or female. It exists in all of our communities and is growing at an alarming rate. Our communities quite simply cannot handle the numerous problems with which this addiction generates.

Please join our mission….share our information….help us spread the awareness. Let Alyssa continue to educate and help people. www.fightingforalyssa.ort

Medina, Ohio

Lea Heidman

Michael Anthony you will forever be my soulmate. You loved me and my daughter with all of your heart. It hasn’t even been a month yet and I’m still trying to understand why. I will never let go of our many yrs of memories and love that we had for each other. Please continue with the signs and letting me know your still by my side. I will always love you. Love your babydoll. RIP my sweet angel

West islip/ny/united states


My love….I miss you more every single day. I have loved you for a thousand years, and I will love you a thousand more,
Until we meet again,
My Sun and Stars…
xoxo Always!!

Scottdale PA


I want to say Rest with God to my angel Sean. You were the love of my life! And we will forever cherish your presence and remember you by the good times.



My husband and I were extreme heroin addicts it ruined our life.the addiction showed up in many forms, it lied to us it stole from us it told us we were worthless and could never amount to anything!
We allowed its rare form to hurt eachother and blame eachother never owning what we have made mess of.
We would choke on the enormous lump that gathers in your throat caused by the pain of our own hurts.
It became so dark that our demons were multipling by the second. Our addiction wanted us dead.
Would go to any lengths to being absolute despair and anguish
The struggle is real I am clean and sober today my husband on the other hand is finally at peace. He has been gone for two moths toda. I was with my sponcer when I got the call he was doing well but was not working a program. Im lost i don’t know how to handle this im internalizing my pain I can feel my heart ache.
God bless u Timothy O’Brien.
Xoxo sleep with the Angels

Santa barbara


Son almost a year since you left us. Monique and I were asking each other if we have mourned you? We really don’t know if we have or ever will……. We miss you dearly and wonder daily why things happen. i will leave it to the man up stairs to guide us and give us the strength we need to go on. We love you Miguel Angel Lozoya 1993-2015



Tribute to my darling girl Holly who lost her fight with drugs on Boxing Day 2016. Her daughter Daisy loved her so much and we will never, ever forget her. Always in our hearts. Rest in Peace angel.

Mum, Dad and Daisy

Hervey Bay Australia


I lost my daughter Aaliyah Dawn Kenekham on 12-21-16 from an overdose to heroin. I want to promote overdose awareness in my community because we are losing so many young people with so much life left to live. My daughter was only 21 years old. I want to raise awareness to keep her memory alive. She had a heart of gold & would want me to help people struggling.

Richmond, IN 47374

Jessica Kenekham

In loving memory of my husband Donald. It’s been exactly one week since I got the call. Don is dead. What??? How??? Heroin overdose. No it can’t be!!! Somebody tell me this isn’t true!!! The first few days I was convinced I can’t live without him being in this world. After 35 years together, I just didn’t know how. But somehow I am… Our son needs me. He’s 19 and tells me I miss Daddy.

Donald and I were addicted to prescription painkillers for 16 years. We finally separated and both got completely clean for well over a year. We were planning to reunite, or so I thought. Nobody knew it then, but two months ago he went to heroin. Why and under what circumstances, I’ll probably never know. All I know is within two MONTHS of doing heroin, he is dead.

Please. If any addicts are reading this, please try as hard as you possibly can to kick it. Don’t be one of those people who thinks opiate overdose can’t happen to you. I’m sure Don thought the same, and now look. The pain of the family left behind is indescribable. Our son doesn’t understand. He keeps saying But Daddy was fine…. I just can’t overemphasize how painful this loss is. It’s hard to kick opiates, trust me I know, but please please reach out for help. Never give up!!! You’re worth it, I swear!!!!

Your comrade,



In memory of my daughter, Elizabeth Suzanne Wallace. She was gone too soon. A beautiful person who loved life and it loved her back. See ya later, Liz. I love you to the moon and back!

Picayune, MS, USA

Louann Wallace

Its nearing a year that I lost my husband on March 10th 2016. Yet it still feels like just moments ago that I got the call I never ever wanted to get. Fly high babe.

Jerry Paul Fay

2/4/76 – 3/10/16


“I’m sad but at the same time I’m really happy that something can make me feel that sad. It’s like it makes me feel alive ya know? It makes me feel human the only way I could feel this sad now, is if I felt something really good before, so I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I am feeling is a beautiful sadness.”

It’s been 46 days since you left this earth. It still doesn’t feel real. The world will never be the same without you. I miss you more then I could ever put into words. I will never stop fighting to bring awareness to this terrible disease. I love you. You will forever be my always. Rest easy my baby.

Quincy Figueroa 03/05/90-12/1/16


Tomorrow I have to bury one of the greatest people I have ever met due to one of the worst kinds of diseases known as addiction. I will cherish every memory I have with John and try and educate others to possibly prevent someone else’s best friend from leaving their side. Do not give up on the people you love due to their addiction, and do whatever you can to guide them to recovery because the pain of losing my best friend is like no other and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I am so happy discover IOAD exists. I love and miss you so much John and will never ever forget you or the memories we share. You always brought brightness to every dark day and I hope you can rest in eternal peace. Love you to infinity. -Mander


Brady lost his battle with addiction almost 8 weeks ago. My life will never be the same. He will be forever missed and loved by so many. Peace and Love to all the families suffering.   #GoneToSoon #Forever24 @AddictToAngel


Ardy I miss you already..I will continue to fight for you and now to fight for others who took/take the same journey you took..Rest easy big sisters..forever in my ❤


I miss you more and more every day Jay…..I know you did not want this pain for us, but now with you gone I know that pain you endured every day was out of your own control. 36 was too young. Your contagious laugh and beautiful smile will never be forgotten. Love your sis, Krimmy.


I wish you were still here Taryn. The world is darker without you.


It will be 10 years Jay. The journey was long but your window on earth too small. It is my dream to honor you and those you touched here, more than we ever knew at the time. May your grace and kindness be with those whose struggle now.


Sammy Darwish, died at age 24, I will look for you for the rest of my life brother. Love Sarah


I miss you so much mum, you were the strongest person I’ve ever met. I can’t even imagine how hard it was lying in that hospital bed knowing that it was the last time you’d see any of us, your children, family and friends. You did a great job as a mother and we all know that you tried your best, that you tried to get back on your feet. I will never love anyone as much as I miss you.


Rest In Peace… Christina Michelle Plaisance/ aka SUNSHINE RAINYDAY! born August 10~1990 died July.29.2016 you will always be Within me i love you bay bay! Pleše look over us¿


I miss my handsome and sweet son, Mike, so much every day since he unexpectedly left us on Jan. 5, 2016 from an overdose at only 32. His sister and I tried to help him for years, and we were hoping he would recover. Now there is a huge void in our lives without him. Sending my Mike loads of love and hugs to Heaven. Love you Always & Forever, Mom


You are my sunshine on a cloudy day when it’s cold outside in the month of May.



You are remembered as who you were, by those who love you and know you. You are missed each and every day.

“Don’t look back in anger, I heard you say.”

Carson & Kristen

My sister best friend 24 year old lil sis passed away Jan 09 2016 I miss her so much life will never be the same since she gone I love you Vanessa


Christmas day 2016 . This is our third Christmas without you Jake. Ever since you have been gone the holidays have been bittersweet. Trying to be happy with  family and friends. This is the first year I’ve decorated the house for the holidays since we lost you. You are so missed and loved. If you are reading this and doing heroin PLEASE stop! My son thought he could control it, It killed him, and left his family angry, sad and always  wishing this could have had a different ending, a do over for the day you died. July 6 2013.


Love Always, Mom


This goes out in tribute to  Dalton Fekkes.  Dalton was everything you would want in a son.  Smart, funny, respectful, good looking…and in the blink of an eye he is gone.

Never should  have happened such a loss



If I would only have known how you were truly suffering, maybe I could have done something to help you. You were my first love and the father of my first child.  I had to keep her away from your troubled life and I am not sorry about that but I wish I could have done something different to change the outcome. You suffered much in your short life by the hands of a alcoholic father and step mother and suffered abuse no child should ever have to endure. I will always love you and there will always be a part of you that is alive through our daughter.

I hope you are finally at peace

Love Michelle


Rest in Peace now my darling daughter.  Caila (Clouse) Armijo 8/15/1989 to 8/19/2016.  Mom


My dearest Christopher –

It’s been months now, and I’ve still not really begun to deal with the pain. We are so young. We are supposed to have so much time left. But you’re gone.

I know it’s crazy but I still think about all the ways you might still be alive. Maybe it wasn’t really you in the casket. It certainly didn’t look like you. You looked so green and ill.

You wouldn’t believe how many of us are dying without you. We don’t talk to each other, but you’ve left all of us hurting.

I love you so very much.

For you, I am going to try to let myself feel the pain. The real pain of losing someone I loved so much and had so many hopes and dreams for.

I’m going to try to let down the wall and allow myself to feel what I really feel – what I deserve to feel. I’m devastated, Chris. And the worst part is that no matter how much I stomp my feet, no matter how much I protest and say that it isn’t fair, it won’t bring you back.

It just feels like this should have happened to someone else. To someone who wasn’t so damn intelligent and beautiful and charismatic.

I have been looking into grieving resources specific to losing someone to addiction, and it linked me to an article about how to deal with the death of an addict.

It hit me like a ton of bricks to read that. To realize someone so unique and so powerful and so complex… fits under a heading of “addict”.

I miss you terribly, and for you, I am going to try to allow myself to grieve fully. I know you wouldn’t want me to stay stuck on this. I know you would want me to heal and move forward and accomplish more in my life.

I don’t know how, but I know I have to do it. I can’t stay stuck.

I love you so very much. I hope you’ll keep visiting me in my dreams. I cry so much in them but it feels so wonderful and so real to have you in my arms, even just in my dreams.

I love you. I miss you. Every damn day.


RIP Andrea Renee Demille.  BFF


My 26-year-old son, Kyle Fisher-Hertz, died in September of 2016, leaving behind a 2-year-old daughter still crying for her dada, a bereft girlfriend, shattered sisters, parents and other relatives, as well as countless heartbroken friends  Kyle died alone in a hotel bathroom, where he was trying to get in one more shot before being asked to leave; the toxicology report did not show Fentanyl in his system — heroin can be deadly all on its own.

Prior to becoming an addict, Kyle was a brilliant, popular student who had majored in creative writing and enrolled in a neurobiology program; he was a City Year teacher elected to give his class-graduation speech; he was a rock-climbing enthusiast who climbed Mt. Ranier; and most importantly, he was a kind, generous, compassionate young man who sought out volunteer opportunities, gave thoughtfully personalized gifts to family members, and devised delightfully inventive ways to express his tremendous romanticism and love of life.

From early childhood until he was 16 and started using drugs, Kyle performed stand-up comedy on several television shows and in multiple comedy clubs in New York City. Kyle was a gifted writer and a poet — as well as a pizza-delivery guy, a coffee shop barrista, a waiter, a tutor, a non-profit researcher, and a rental-car agent with stellar sales skills; even after he became an addict, he won accolades as every company’s best employee — right up until the time he relapsed, betrayed his employers’ and family’s trust, and let everyone, most especially himself, down — again.

Once he crossed the line and began using hard drugs (starting with crack when he was 21 and then moving on to heroin and meth after his new rehab friends gave him a taste), he was never able to find his way back to believing in his own future, despite repeatedly working a 12-step program and completing multiple inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. Kyle eventually recognized he had a brain disease and mental-health disorder but often failed to follow-through with the medical treatments that were helping him stay clean. He had been so smart, successful, and blessed throughout his life, that he believed he could outsmart hard drugs and then the recommended treatment protocols, but he couldn’t.  He thought he could beat his medical issues without medicine, but he couldn’t. He thought he could try addictive drugs that destroyed others’ lives and not become addicted nor destroy his own life, but he couldn’t. Once he was an addict, he tore pieces of his own flesh out of his once-beautiful face while on meth and betrayed all his own values, friends, and family members in order to get drugs.  Kyle thought one day he would get clean and write about his experiences, but instead he got high over and over until he wrote less and less often, and until drugs became his only subject. Even after many of his friends had died, Kyle thought he was smart enough that he could definitely avoid giving himself an accidentally lethal dose — but he wasn’t and he couldn’t, and now he is dead.

Bit by bit, all of us who loved him were forced to watch him destroy his own golden, promising life until finally he took with him the hope and joy of all of us who are crushed by his awful and permanent absence. Despite years of arrests, accidents, injuries, and disappointments, we had never stopped hoping.  Kyle was still young, lucky and hard-working — so when he died he was healthy and strong from six months of recovery; his facial scars had healed; he had once again become a caring son, attentive grandson, loving brother, sweet boyfriend, and, for the first time, a devoted and adored father; he had also mercifully retained his quick wit, razor-sharp sense of humor and keen intelligence; white privilege had kept him out of jail, and he still could have done anything — absolutely anything — with his life. He had many supportive friends; everyone in his family loved him desperately, forgave him everything, and prayed for him to stay well. Instead, he despaired of ever being able to succeed as a functioning adult free of the terrible cravings that consumed him — even though anti-depressants and opioid-blocking medicine had helped free him of those cravings in the past. So when Medicaid wouldn’t cover the medicine that had helped him stay clean and optimistic before (as Medicaid does not in 25 out of 50 states), Kyle relapsed, overdosed and died.

Despite the tragically commonplace way his life ended, Kyle was once truly special; he had a brilliance about him that everyone who knew him could see when he was a boy.  Through therapy, he’d realized that his own gifts made him feel pressured and afraid to be anything short of extraordinary — which led him to doubt himself to such a degree that in the end he died the most pathetically ordinary way, like 20,000 other overdosed addicts will die this year. Before he died, Kyle hoped he would one day be well enough to help hundreds of other addicts find their way; he hoped to set a great example.  Instead, we can only hope now that his life may serve as a cautionary tale.

Please, if you are an addict reading this, do not give up; the help you need exists, even if you have tried many things and haven’t found the thing that will work yet.  Do not believe that you have failed if any one thing — meetings, medicine, therapy, prayer — doesn’t save you; if the one thing isn’t working, keep adding things until you are living the full, rewarding life you and your loved ones deserve you to live.  I know Kyle would want that for as many addicts as possible, just as we wanted it for him.  Please, let me know someday that hearing this made a difference for you, helped you hang on another day, motivated you to move to a state that covered the medicine you needed to stay alive, kept you going until slowly you came to believe you could do it. I have to believe this can happen for some of you.  Please tell me if it can and has. More importantly, please tell another addict.  My world is so dark right now without Kyle’s bright light; I am counting on you to lead me back to hope.


9/20/16 I lost my brother Eric to a heroin overdose. Getting that phone call to identify you was unbearable. If you just would’ve said sis I need help. I would’ve been there with you every step. I know you were ashamed. I love you eric, you took a piece of me with you when u left. I don’t know how to deal with this.  U can rest now my brother, you are free. Sweet dreams Eric.    Always n forever ~Sis~



Once again, it’s that time of year. Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and Christmas is only a few steps behind. Will this year be different than the last? Will I find the magic again? Wait. Let me revise that question: Did I ever feel the magic?

As a bereaved parent, I have experienced only two holiday seasons. While I have physically lived through 59 holidays, emotionally, there have been only two: The holiday seasons before and the holiday seasons after my son’s death. The two categories are distinctly different. There is the black and white and the color, just like in the Wizard of Oz movie.  Remember how Dorothy steps out the front door of her house in the black and white world, and into the world of color in the Land of Oz?  Suddenly, BAM… she sees the world of “color” it was so beautiful! It made such an impression on me as a child. I eagerly awaited that part of the movie!  It was always my favorite part of the film.  Besides, color TV was new then and it was such a treat!!

Well, now, my after world is in reverse. A colorful world pre Ryan’s passing over, and then…suddenly everything was in black and white. I would like to see color again. I have to believe I can see the color again. I have to.

If memory serves me correctly, which God knows it doesn’t always do, I spent my first 10 or so years focused on material issues. Just like any other kid. Remember searching the Sears Catalog that came in the mail? Circling which things you just had to have Santa bring you? What would I get? What did I want? What would make me the happiest kid in the whole world? As I grew older and had my own little family, I spent the next several decades asking myself what I would get the boys. What did they want? What would make them love me more? How would I manage to pay for all of it? I always felt there was something missing . . . but didn’t really have the time or interest to find that missing something. Besides, why borrow trouble? Each year, by the time I realized that something was missing, the decorations were packed in their boxes and the tree was taken down. Pine needles all vacuumed.  I could always find the magic next year. There was always next year, right? I had counted on it.

In the summer of 2015, Ryan died. Suddenly, my life ended its forward march and everything I had ever regarded as important became utter nonsense. When his heart stopped, my heart was not simply broken—it was ripped into shreds, emptied of what had fueled it over the span of the past 30 years of my life. I had no hope of waiting for it to heal and had to face the reality that only a total reconstruction would suffice. I had to release him to enter eternity and I would be left here on Earth to create a new heart . . . from scratch.

That first fall was difficult. His birthday was in the fall, October 29th. We always celebrated a Halloween theme birthday when he was a youngster. Oh, what fun we had, Ryan and Joe! Dressing up together! I was still numb, still cushioned from the reality of it. The pain of Ryan’s death was just beginning to seep in.  The awful, horrible forever of it! It just couldn’t be true. Then it was Halloween, and the horror of what had happened was upon me. His first birthday in another realm, his first heaven birthday. How odd to contemplate? Thanksgiving came with Christmas on its tail, bringing an empty chair, a plate with no serving and an unbroken wishbone. A wish left unfulfilled and silence where laughter had once prevailed.  No phone calls…No, “hi, Mom, what are you doing!”

Simple questions were really difficult, like….”how many children do you have?” Simple, right? They became horrible, gut wrenching experiences. Gulp…”I have two, I would say, one is here in Tennessee with my grand-daughter and one passed away this year…” Then, it happens, you know, the “pity” look. Ok, gulp again, deep breathe, I won’t cry again, I won’t, I won’t…darn it….here it comes.

Life always surprises me. The holiday season of 2015 was devastating.  No tree was put up. I always had a tree, always. Reality had arrived, and I could not escape it. I could not out run it. I could not outcry it. I choose not to medicate it. I slept on his pillow every night and still do.  I would never again see Ryan bounce (yes, bounce!) through the front door with that mischievous grin that always made me a little nervous, thinking he was surely up to something! “Hey, Mom, what are you doing?” I would catch his little sideways glance, while tracking dirt or snow across my freshly cleaned carpet. Always telling me, “Mom, that’s the BEST TREE EVER!”  I would never again feel compelled to buy two of everything for Ryan and his younger brother, Joe.  I would never again . . . enjoy the holidays . . . or life for that matter. It was my penance, damn it! Yes, my penance for not fighting hard enough in saving him. For not protecting him! I held him in my arms as a baby and promised him. I would protect him! Oh, I tried!  As his mom, I should have saved him! It is the one thing, the one failure I will always live with.

Yes, definitely black and white. One more happy family commercial on TV and I was going to absolutely lose it. So, suffice it to say, holidays can be hard. So, that first year, I find I had only one thought on my mind.  “If I can just make it through December, I will be okay.”  I wanted it over. It was just too painful. Like pulling off a band aid….slowly.

You probably think I am going to tell you that this second year will be no different from the last.  You might even anticipate that I am going to tell you that it never gets better, that there is no such thing as healing, and that grieving parents will always be bitter and angry, especially during the times when families everywhere celebrate the season of giving and joy. Wrong. But don’t feel horribly bad; this revelation has totally shocked me also.

So, here I am, quickly approaching year two. I have decided to cope differently. I will go forward and think about buying gifts in Ryan’s name for a well-deserved local cause.  I will hang his stocking right beside the rest of ours, light candles to include him in our celebrations, and smile cheerfully at everyone who offers their joy filled Merry Christmas!  My intentions are good after all. As I try to move forward and spread my Christmas cheer and goodwill toward men, my second season of joy, my second year of decking the halls, my second year of Ryan’s very physical absence. My plan has changed. You see, I still shed tears daily, when I am alone. I think I always will. They are not as prolonged as they once were. But, still they are daily.  I have accepted them; I welcome them like an old friend. I talk to Ryan daily and they flow. I know he is close, he is in my heart. I just can’t see him. Oh, I catch glimpses once in a while. In a crowd, a young man might look like him for a moment and it literally takes my breath away, or I may hear a voice for a moment and I think it sounds like him…just the grieving process I am told. But I feel him nearby from time to time and truth be told, I just plain miss my son. God has granted me some peace and a slow healing is taking place.

A few days ago, on a chilly morning in October, I woke up and was amazed to see the change in leaves had arrived. Overnight, the world had gone from green to brown, to just a touch of gold, and red.  Squirrels were busy gathering nuts. Geese were flying over our house, honking loudly as they made their way south. It was beautiful! Later that day, I heard someone in my home actually humming! How dare they!

But . . . I was alone. It was me.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Suddenly, it hit me. And no matter how guilty I feel in acknowledging it, I have to tell you. I am looking forward to the holidays. Oh . . . my . . . goodness!  How can this be? Why is this happening?

Well, after much pondering and prayer, I think I know why. I was focused on the black and white, on the physical, on that which can be seen and physically felt. The first year was spent looking through a lens that was distorted and scarred by an intense, physical and overwhelming grief.

I had focused on what was missing rather than on what was still here. The missing is still missing and it always will be! But those still here deserve more of what is left of me. Yes, I think I get it!!

I feel I’ve learned how to not only endure—but to enjoy—a memory that can only be defined as bittersweet. I’ve come to appreciate that feeling emotional is really about feeling impassioned and alive. I grieve deeply because I loved him so very, very much. What a special person Ryan really was! So many people really cared about him. Oh, to be so loved!! And it is ok, really, that is why waterproof mascara really exists! And I think this year, as the songs start to play on the radio and the cards begin filling the mailbox, I will choose a different lens. I will choose a lens that captures that which we cannot see or physically touch, but that we know is there, just the same.  A lens that goes beyond the black and white. I will choose to see color!

I will hang Ryan’s stocking beside ours, buy gifts in his name, play Santa for my granddaughter Lottie, light candles in his memory, and put a small holiday tree by his memorial, out under the big oak tree. But this year, I hope to do these things with joy rather than with bitterness and sorrow. This year, I want to grasp the hand of a homeless mother, kiss the cheek of a newborn baby, and hold a baby goat while it sleeps and goes to the place that baby goats go to when they dream.  I will go the mall to watch Santa as he holds wiggly, crying toddlers on his lap. I will dive around to view the Christmas decorations, exclaiming“oohh and awwwe” along the way.  I want to sing “Silent Night” on a clear, cold night in mid-December when it feels as if the entire world is sleeping. I want to feel the Christmas again that we cannot see. It is about hope and faith and love.

This year, I want to remember who I really am. I want to make Ryan and his little brother, Joe proud of me. I want them to know there is a strength that comes from prayer and peaceful introspection. So, to my friends and family, please, don’t ever be afraid to say his name! Ryan lived a full life in a short amount of time.  He truly had no enemies. His life had purpose. He was dearly loved and is truly missed! He is both under my oak tree and traveling the open sea! How he would love both of those ideas!! I want to enjoy the months and years ahead. Not because I need to or because someone says it’s time to—but because—well, because I can. I can choose it. This year, I want to find the magic before it is time to put away the boxes. And I won’t stop searching until I find it. I choose to believe. So, let the tears fall from time to time, but with God’s good grace, I will choose to believe in seeing the color again. I know it is there, waiting for me. After all, it is what Ryan would want for me, of that I am very sure. Love each other, hug each other and forgive each other. Everyday!

Merry Christmas to you and yours . . . Believe in God’s grace . . . expect miracles.

Always and forever Ryan and Joe’s ever evolving Mom, Jeanne

Visit Ryan and say hello at: Ryan P Frye@virtual memorials

Ryan’s Mom


Sadly missed, fly high Angel.


My love, I wish I knew how deep was ur addiction, we miss u everyday! Is being two months… am still waiting for u to knock my door!!! I still believe that u are coming home. The best days were when u were sober, happy, I miss ur smile….  RIP George B. 05/07/77-10/13/16


Edward passed away 8/9/2016, When you were born that was the happiest Day if my life. Watching you grow was so precious. You brought me so much joy words can’t express it. I watched you grow from and infant to a handsome young man. You were such a loving and caring young man.  You always made me laugh and always had live in your heart. For others. Your death has brought me much sadness to me and your family.  U wish you has told me me you had a heroin addiction.  You were depressed and just rrues to solve the problem. Yourself. Your accidental death of overdose to heroin breaks my heart. I will always live u my son you brought we great joy. I pray u are at peace now and look forward to the Day when we will meet again and I can hold u so tight and never let u go. Rest now my sin be free and sing with the angels.



It’s been two weeks since you left us, and I miss you so much. I keep thinking I’ll wake up from this nightmare, but I see you in my dreams. I’m glad you are no longer suffering, but I am suffering without you. It’s hard to keep moving when I feel like my life has stopped. Fly high, Mom. Until we meet again.



I lost you on 12/12/12 at 2am. My life has never been the same. I wish I knew how bad it really was for you. Pills took you from me. Sadness and depression took you from me. I was so young and didn’t want to see it or believe it. I totaled my car a week ago and flipped 3 times. The state trooper said I’m more than lucky to still be alive. I know you had your arms around me. I love you momma. “To the moon and back a million times”  I need you so much. My beautiful Angel!


Every life is worth its full potential. Life is to short for an easy way out. Be stronger than the drugs, and see the true vision of your own project.

Rip (Rene 12/06/2016)


254 days or a little over 8 months you’ve been gone. Mark I love you more than I ever believed possible. You were so funny and smart and you fought so hard to beat this crazy, horrific disease of addiction. You are no longer struggling and you can sing with the angels now. I love you infinity times infinity plus one sunshine.


In  remembrance of Michael T McCarty, you were a brave soul and our hearts hurt that you are no longer with us.  We love you kid!  You are free now of all temptations and pain, God has you now.  Till we see you again,  Be the wonderful angel you were meant to be!

John & Missy

Kyle- it hasn’t even been a month since you’ve been gone, and what happened is finally starting to unravel. Everyone is hurting, and so confused. You were doing so well getting clean. You wanted to start a life with the new amazing woman and her child you met, and you were so close. Nothing will ever be the same without you.


I lost my husband and my son’s father on October 30th 2016. He had 4 years clean after serving a 4 year sentence. We were going to get us all together in Boston to start over once we had the money to do so..He had a car..a great job and healthy caring friends..he decided to use again one would be the last. It killed him. I fought the battle against heroin to keep him alive just to get him in that jail cell back in July of 2012..and in the end it was indeed dope that would be there for his last breathe. He had such a beautiful heart but a tortured soul..I’m at as much peace as I guess I can be..I hope he is too. Never be another you Brian…never.


Dad –

It has been 6 months since I received the news that you had overdosed and passed away.  A deadly cocktail of prescription pain pills and alcohol led you to your grave. It was accidental and that makes it all the harder to come to terms with. The memories I have of sober you – they are my fondest memories. My sober father was the kindest and most generous man I will ever know. I miss you more than words can convey; however, I know you are with Mom and the rest of the family. I hope you have found solace and peace. As for anyone else struggling with addiction, you will think it will never be you, but anyone can accidentally overdose. I pray for everyone affected by drug use.


Sarah!  You were my oldest child, I loved you more than life itself!  I tried so hard to help you … I prayed for your healing.  You were doing so well, living in transitional housing, doing what you could to get your baby back from foster care.  The demon of heroin had you too much in its grip.  They found you on your bathroom floor.  When the coroner called me, I was in shock, couldn’t believe it, I was planning on coming to pick you up the next day to spend with me.  I will never forget you, and will never get over losing you.  So talented, so loving, so bright!  Make heaven a brighter place with your love!  I will miss you for the rest of my life.  Mama


James Donald Doyle- (JD) 2/3/90-10/25/14 My oldest son. My heart.

If before you were born, I could have gone to heaven and saw all the beautiful souls, I still would have chosen you.

If God had told me, “This soul would one day need extra care and needs”, I still would have chosen you.

If He had told me, “This soul may make your heart bleed”, I still would have chosen you.

If He had told me, “This soul would make you question the depth of your faith”, I still would have chosen you.

If He had told me, “This soul would make tears flow from your eyes that could fill a river”, I still would have chosen you.

If He had told me, “This soul may one day make you witness overbearing suffering”, I still would have chosen you.

If He had told me, “All that you know to be normal would drastically change”, I still would have chosen you.

Of Course, even though I would have chosen you, I know it was God who chose me for you….and for that I am blessed.


I love you to the moon and back, Cory. I’ve tried to understand every single day since you’ve passed, “Why?” But it always leaves me with no answers. Except I know that you were loved that day, and that you left the world with love in your heart. I am so grateful for our time together, and for the lives that you touched. I know you’re with me in Spirit, and with your family, children and friends. You’re always in our hearts. Be free and whole now! I love you so much, and I always will.


Jesse, not a day goes by I don’t think of you. I watched you suffer almost 9 years with your addiction and depression. At the age of 26 you lost Your battle with herion. november 1st, the day after Halloween will never be the same for me. I continue going back and forth in my mind of how it could have been different. I remember how much of a beautiful soul you had, so genuine, blunt, and funny. You will never be forgotten. Your little sister, Rach


For Brandon Kyle,


You came into my life 30 years ago with a small whimper, a perfect, healthy baby boy.  It was an honor to be able to see you grow from infancy, to a toddler, little boy, adolescent, teenager, young man, then on to become a Corporal in the Marine Corp, a man who loved his country and the USMC, to a father of my beautiful grand daughter.  Then, civilian life and the evil in this world, hurled pain at you right and left.  Being the sensitive, loving, honest, and caring person I raised you to be, you just could not understand why life could not be ‘fair’, and you took what was recreational, and turned it into your demise, by taking pills to ‘take away the pain’.  You admitted to me you had a pill addiction months ago, we agreed you would not take pills anymore; you even promised me you had kicked your habit, but evidently it isn’t that easy.  You were days away from driving back home to TN from WA; you were looking forward to being home with Dale and me in our new log cabin home, to explore a new life of opportunities.  You loved Thanksgiving and Christmas (and my cooking).  Your friends and other family members were anxious to see you.  Our last conversations were priceless, I ordered pizza for you, and you said, “Thanks Moms, it’s really good; I love you” then you took those pills and never came home.  That was over two weeks ago.  You received military honors at your funeral and are buried 30 minutes from our home.  I will never forget you, my Angel.  I wish I knew you had such a strong addiction, I would have you home safe right now if you had only reached out to me instead of taking those pills on that fateful day.


Derek Edward’s Douglass Beck July 08 1975 – Deep September 23 1994 My beautiful boy, how I miss you. All the hopes and dreams I had for us have all but died. They died the moment your heart stopped beating. I I often wonder if getting you clean was a mistake. Maybe you would have been happier with a needle in your arm. I wasn’t there when you came into this world, but I was there when you left. I guess that counts for something. I hope you have found the peace you couldn’t find here. I miss you, I I will miss you every day until the day I die.


Matt, when you were born, I held you and thought, what have I done?  I’ve brought a person into the world that I would die if anything happened to.  You died at 22, with a needle hanging out of your leg. I am still alive.  I miss you.   Love, Mom



You were the love of my life and my best friend! I am so lucky to have had spent so many special and private moments with you when you were clean, sober, and happy. That is how I choose to remember you. The disease took you from me and there is not a day that goes by that I try to understand why things had to happen the way they did. There is a huge hole in my heart and life but I can still feel you with me each day. From purple to crystals to phish, I constantly am reminded what an extremely kind, smart, creative boyfriend and best friend I got to have in my life. I am so glad that its you watching over me each day. The only person I ever trusted with all my secrets. If it was not for you, I would not be alive to write this today about you.


Joshua Pride Stone……. may you always be at peace and know that we love and miss you every single day!  I love you baby brother!


To my beautiful boy, who very nearly died this week on an overdose of heroin and fentanyl. Thank God you were revived. I will be requesting Narcan kits  – one for my car and one for my home – from my doctor. But, please please never give me a reason to need them. Love forever and always, Mom


My only child and #1 Son passed away on August 10th, 2016, of an Accidental Heroin/Meth OD in Phoenix, AZ….He was buried Sept 23rd……at National Cemetery of Arizona… Navy veteran…there were no family or friends in attendance at his funeral as no one in the family was notified….There will be a Memorial Service held in his honor today. My heart is broken into a thousand pieces and some days I don’t know how I will get through this but for in his honor.   I listen and watch for your messages to me, my Son. And when we meet again I know you’ll be there waiting for me , we will run through the wildflowers and Daisy’s holding hands and laughing ,( your incredible laugh & smile,)…Until we meet again R.I.P

from your #1Mama…


My mother passed away two years ago when i was nineteen. She struggled her whole life to come to terms with sexual, physical, and emotional trauma she experienced as a child. Unfortunately when my mother lost her fight with the past throughout our lives my siblings and i would suffer until we finally lost her.


It’s still doesn’t feel real. I’m still hoping she’ll call and talk to me about my life.


Here’s to you mom, you were one hell of a lady.


May you now find the peace that you were seeking.  We love you, Will.


A video tribute in honor of my brother, Jack Brown of Roselle Park, NJ.

Jack died on the morning of October 8, 2016 due to a heroin overdose.


Two years today (2/9) since you died Martin  from a combined drug toxicity of cocaine and over the counter sleep aid. Aged 19. Too many unanswered questions.

The pain of loosing you is worse than ever. The total loss & uselessness of your passing. The gaping hole in our family. You should still be here, enjoying your wonderful nephews & niece. We miss you so much. We can only hope that your death has given others the warning they need to never touch illicit drugs again & give your death some meaning.

Still travelling. Mum xxxx


For my big brorther

missed each and every day

by the people who truly knew him

you took a piece of my heart the day you went away.

how i wish i could spend  another day with you.

sadly missed

never forgotten

Christopher Michael Blake ( Blakey)


Sammuel you are greatly missed by so many. Your son especially. Not a minute goes by that you aren’t in our thoughts. Love you always


Andrew- you were taken too soon, you have left an enormous black hole of grief and pain that your entire family is being sucked into. You are an amazing young man, an incredible father, son, brother, cousin, uncle, and friend. Your addiction killed you but does not define you. Your empathy, kindness, intelligence, generosity, and capacity for limitless love does. We are struggling to learn how to live without you…

All my love,



Steve — you had a unique ability to see beauty in the ugliest of situations. I had no idea you were hurting so badly, of course, it typified “you” to never let the world see your sadness. I love you man – no matter how many years or miles separated us. You were my best friend. You are my best friend. I’ll carry your memory with me for the next 25 years bud, and well beyond. Rest easy Steve – we miss you.


My son Ryan will have been 32 this coming October 29th. I promised him I would keep him safe when I held him in my arms as a baby. I lied. I could not protect him. Not from the addiction. I tried. God, knows I tried. I am just a mom. My heart broke that day. I have not recovered. Oh, I get up and I put on my make up. I go to work. I talk to people. I smile. I say I am ok. I lie to them. I cry every day. Truth is, I just plain miss my boy. He was funny, sweet, quirky, sensitive. He brought home a homeless person for Thanksgiving dinner when he was 11 one year. Yes, he actually brought home a homeless person. Said “Look who followed me home, Mom?”…..not a puppy, not a kitten…. a person. That was our Ryan. He was in recovery, then relapsed. He couldn’t sleep and used….that was all it took. He never woke up. He just drifted away from us. I would take his place in a heartbeat. He was only 30….so much life left to live. I miss him so. Wait for me at the gate son….Mom Visit him at Ryan P Frye virtual say hello…. thank you!


Stewart bulmer, you left us to early, you left us to young, Your forever in my heart and mind, Never far away. Your an angel now Rested and free We will meet again one day my love, Forever missed and dearly loved, love leah xxoo


The energy in the room was so raw and sincere. I did not personally know him, other than a quick hello once or twice, and through your stories. Like the rest of us, he had his flaws and could have, at times, made better decisions. However, it appears that his heart was in the right place and that he gave more in his short lifetime than many do in 80 years. It was clear that he demonstrated love and kindness to many in need. God granted him a very special gift so that he can use his talent to touch many in a short time. You should be proud to know that he did what he was meant to do with his talent. Another thing that I found beautiful was that there was no attempt to hide the cause of his demise. I’m glad it was an honest presentation to express the importance of awareness of drug use and its consequences. Hopefully, his message from beyond will encourage others to get the help that they need so that they may focus their own talents in the manner that they’re meant to. Yet even so, his short life span, should make the rest of us reflect and wonder if we’ve accomplished even a quarter of what he did in his short time. He brought a smile and joy to so many that because of their life’s circumstances makes them even more vulnerable and in need of expressions of love and joy. God used Tyler as a blessing to many. That should definitely bring some level of comfort to you and your family. In sympathy,

Drug overdose is up 300% this is crazy, If you know someone that needs help, offer it, let them know someone cares. Rest In Peace Tyler Katarsky


Michael, my beautiful, beautiful 20 year old son lost his battle early in the morning of October 1, 2016. I am a writer by profession; I should be able to come up with some small, profound nugget of inspiration to express what this has meant for our family. It should also console the many thousands of others who are trying to find their path back to any peace/joy they may have once had in their lives. But  as I quickly learned, there is simply no way of describing the indescribable. My first born baby is now at peace, but my message to his friends that were lucky enough to survive that night’s ‘batch’: from this point on, my prayers will be for your parents instead, who still have no idea of what is probably in store for them as well. God bless you Michael, you’re completely in his hands now. I love you, Mom


Tyler James Naso 7/24/91-9/24/16  Died too young!  Tyler was found by his cousins in a hotel room the morning of his big brother’s (my oldest son’s) wedding.  He had a bright smile and sparkling eyes, but could never seem to find his way.  Each day without him seems like a thousand yet it seems like yesterday that he died.

I love when people talk about Tyler to me, but it does make me sad.  We miss him immensely, but we are so grateful for 25 years of so many wonderful memories and times together.

It doesn’t matter how many times we tell them drugs lead ultimately to death they never believe it will happen to them.  Rest in Peace my precious son, and may others live because you have died.

Love, Mom


Todd the best son, father, grandfather,brother and uncle will never ever be forgotten. I listen to your voice and giggle every day and your big smile on your Harley. I will never forget that terrible phone call a mother never wants to get. You were such a special big hearted great man. I just sit and cry every day wanting you to say hey Mom what’s for dinner. You loved your family, great food and riding your Harley. We miss and love you so much. At Logan’s football game the other day something happened and Tami said Todd would say dum… You should know that. You were 47 years old it’s not fair you had so much going for you. I was looking at pictures of your house today k owing you built it with your own hands and how happy it made you. I will never ever get over this!!

We love and miss u every minute of everyday. Remembering calling you the night before we lost you and you answered saying hey Mama what’s up”…Love and miss you forever sweet Todd it’s been four months and it just gets worse…..xxoo


Daddy, I miss you more and more every single day. I wish more than anything that you could look into the eyes of your grandson who looks so much like you, he’s even named after you. You would love him. You’d love all of your grandchildren. 4 weeks before my 12th birthday, you were gone. I was supposed to see you that day and you never made it. I love you more than I ever told you and for that, I’m sorry. But I’ll always be your baby girl. ♥


On October 8th, 2016 my grandma came to my house and woke me up to tell me my mother had passed away at 2:00am at her fiancé’s house. I was in complete denial. There was no way my best friend and mother had been gone, she was only 42. But she is. I know she is watching over me and is my guardian angel now. It’s just hard to believe she’s gone, she won’t be at my high school graduation this year and she won’t be there when I get married or have kids but I know she’ll always be watching over me. We had an unbreakable bond, I could tell her anything as if she was just another friend, whether it was about my relationship or school I knew I could tell her. She was literally my best friend since I was born, I’m 17 now, her oldest child and I have to take care of my 9 year old brother, 6 year old sister, graduate high school, and work. But I’m doing it for my mom and I know she’s watching my success. She struggled with drug and alcohol addiction since 2004, and on October 8, 2016 passed from heroin overdose. I never thought a day would come so soon where I’d be without my best friend. I love you mom and I know you’re watching over me, Liam and Sami. We all love you and will see you when our times come ❤️


My little brother Matthew was a great man he died so young but with so many people that he touched he had more experiences then someone who is twice his age default for two years with this addiction and one constantly but in the end it was the graveyard or the Juilliard and it really pains me that the first one was chosen for him but he donated his organs my family and myself new that his love and strength could help another person and their families I am so very proud of him Gunner his dog misses him so much every single night he walks up those years and not just Matthews tour it is bittersweet the New Jersey sharing network was wonderful me and my family were there to the end the color he turned was a hard hard site and if Crayola ever made a color like that there would be no Crayola company ever again it took me a long time to understand and realize that this is not just an addiction is a disease and anybody who judges do not deserve to know the person who went through this the family who love them the person who went through this and it’s love him or her so in the end love conquers all and his love for life and other people’s lives shaved head people I got twenty three years with him that is more than most people get I love you Matthew trengrove mommy daddy AJ Gunner Chicco Mia Kenny Dante DG Misty girl Houdini those are all the pets please share if anyone needs to to talk or needs help please contact me  big guns misses you and loves you and is so very proud of you love you xoxoxoxo


On October 8th, 2016 my grandma came to my house and woke me up to tell me my mother had passed away at 2:00am at her fiancé’s house. I was in complete denial. There was no way my best friend and mother had been gone, she was only 42. But she is. I know she is watching over me and is my guardian angel now. It’s just hard to believe she’s gone, she won’t be at my high school graduation this year and she won’t be there when I get married or have kids but I know she’ll always be watching over me. We had an unbreakable bond, I could tell her anything as if she was just another friend, whether it was about my relationship or school I knew I could tell her. She was literally my best friend since I was born, I’m 17 now, her oldest child and I have to take care of my 9 year old brother, 6 year old sister, graduate high school, and work. But I’m doing it for my mom and I know she’s watching my success. She struggled with drug and alcohol addiction since 2004, and on October 8, 2016 passed from heroin overdose. I never thought a day would come so soon where I’d be without my best friend. I love you mom and I know you’re watching over me, Liam and Sami. We all love you and will see you when our times come ❤️


Daddy, I miss you more and more every single day. I wish more than anything that you could look into the eyes of your grandson who looks so much like you, he’s even named after you. You would love him. You’d love all of your grandchildren. 4 weeks before my 12th birthday, you were gone. I was supposed to see you that day and you never made it. I love you more than I ever told you and for that, I’m sorry. But I’ll always be your baby girl. ♥


For my sweet babygirl Danielle Jo who died on Oct 1st, I will always love you and will think of the wonderful times we had together. You were a beautiful person inside and out. I will miss you so very much! I am in sp much pain right now but I take comfort in knowing that at least you are at peace and free from the torture of addiction. I know you’re in heaven with grandma smiling down on me. Please watch over me and give strength to get through the pain of losing you. Rest in peace babygirl❤????


My daughter was clean for years and on March 3 ,2016 I found her in the floor dead. I tried cpr everything nothing worked. The autopsy report stated that it had fentanyl in it she passed instantly.


My beautiful boy.Mark died 9/25/2016.he was 36 years old.Too soon!  He ad struggled for 2 decades..had been clean 7 mos.Looked so promising for first time….then his addicted ex girlfriend showed back up. faced with the stress of work,school,internship he fell back to making the stress and hurt go away. He was very loving and wanted to fix every one.We set up memorial fund in his name(mark loyd memorial narcan rescue fund) to provide narcan rescue kits free of charge to users,friends,parents,those who come into contact with life saving situations.  First responders should ALL carry the drug but time is primary..there should be a kit for every person connected with addiction. Funding for these kits is essential. Few insurance plans cover the kits.Those available over the counter are $135-600 SHAMEFUL. WHAT IS A LIFE WORTH!    Please do what you can in memory of your loved one to help others by writing your government(state and federal) officials.Search the Internet. There are tons of information and help…WE WHO SUFFER THE MOST PAINFUL LOSS must step forward to STOP THIS. There is strength in numbers. God Bless! Do what you can


For my wonderful firstborn son, Ryan, who changed my life, my world, and my future – twice.

The first time on 24 April 1981 at 3am when he was born. I already loved him but then I got to meet him and I knew I’d do anything for him and would love him forever.

I would kill for him and I’d die for him, I just couldn’t save him.

On 16 June 2016 my whole world turned up.side,down, my life changed forever and I no longer had a future.

My boy, my son, my reason to live, my Ryan, died at 9pm and nothing would ever be the same again.

I love you & miss you my son.

Mum. xxx


To my beautiful daughter Emily. Who passed away much to early from a overdose. She had just turned 29 9 days before her death. I will never forget you my loving baby girl. You were strong. You were brave. You were broken. All at once. I love and miss you too the moon and back. No more pain, no more sorrow, no more suffering. Emily may you know have peace in your heart. Love you, MOM


My best friend for over 10 years passed away this June due to overdose. It started out as just for fun at clubs and dances. We lost touch for the last 2 years, but reconnected a few months before she passed. She was the kind of friend that – no matter how long you spent apart – just picked up were you left off, like no time passed.

She was beautiful. A young, attractive, 22 year old university student. In those 2 years we were disconnected, things had gotten bad. She called me begging for a place to stay; of course I said yes. It was then that I realized how addicted she really was. She had to wear adult diapers because she had no physical control over her organs. The few days she was sober, she cried to me about how scared she was for herself.

She promised me that she would go to NA (narcotics anonymous), as part of the agreement of her staying with me. I promised her I would go with her for support. Unfortunately, she passed away before she could keep that promise. I still go, as a way to remember her and to celebrate the life she wanted back.

She left a mother and father behind. A teenage sister with no one to look up to now. Friends and family who care so much. Seeing how many people showed up to the memorial made me realize how many lives she touched.

I share this story to show people that addiction and overdose is not something to be taken lightly. I hope that youth see this, and realize it could happen to anyone. A lot of the time people think ” I’ll never get that bad”. But before you know it, it isn’t a choice anymore. The drugs have taken over.

I sincerely wish that anyone with substance abuse/misuse see this, and get the help they need.

Eliza C

I just lost my 33 year old daughter to a heroin overdose. Her name is Samantha Leogrande. She had a 8 year old boy. She was a single parent trying to be both mom and dad. She lived with me for 7 out of the 8 years she had Kden.  She was suffering both physically and mentally. She was in so much pain everyday. From fibromyalgia, massive migraines and 3 back surgeries that left her in constant pain.She was given opiates to take away her pain for awhile. Besides that she was diagnosed with being bi-polar and  schizophrenic. She was also very depressed from the pain. I found her on my bathroom floor dead. I tried to get her to breath for me while doing CPR till the medics arrived. That was the day my life came to an end as I knew it. Samantha died on August 10th, 2016.  It’s only been 6 weeks and I want to remember her and always keep her alive in Her son’s heart and to never let him forget the love she had for him. She lived and breathed for him. Samantha was a smart girl. She went to med school to be a surgical tech but couldn’t find work in our area.She graduated with top honors.


To Brice James Wood, My Beautiful Son.  I love you so much & am so proud of you for being sober for 3 months.  I thought because you were living in a sober living facility, you would be safe.  I blame myself for so many things and I am so sorry I failed you.  I just want this to be a bad dream.  I want this to be a dream & I will wake up and then I will understand you had an illness and I would call you everyday and I would drive to Houston and visit you more and I would not let this happen to you.  I don’t know how to live without you here.  I cannot believe this has happened.  I count the days until I can be with you again.  I’m so sorry, I love you more than anyone & anything.  I only hope you know this. Be safe my darling


In loving memory of Grog, my best friend, my brother. He passed away from an accidental methadone overdose. He was the funniest person in the room at all times! He was an amazing father of 4 kids but tragically he left this world before his time. No one could save him from himself, and I try to tell myself everything happens for a reason but nothing fills that void we all have in our lives now. He is very much missed and I can’t wait to see him again one day! Love you grog ❤️


In loving memory of my beautiful son, Jack, who died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl on 3-20-16. Jack was everything we could’ve asked for in a son. Kind, caring, smart, hilarious, hardworking and full of love for his family. He is missed by many but especially by myself, his dad and his heartbroken younger sister, Claire. The void that he left is immense. Our lives will never be the same. It has been 6 months since he died and his 28th birthday is on September 30th. Our precious boy. I am so very, very sorry that I couldn’t save you from yourself. Never doubt how much you are loved. I would give my life to hear your voice once more. I love you,son. I will hold on to memories until we are reunited.


The evening of 6/2/2015 , was the worst evening I could have ever experienced. My Love, my Best friend, My boyfriend, my heart, my  everything, father to a beautiful daughter, brother to 3 younger siblings, uncle to 4 nephews, son to a lovely mother and a great friend too many others. He had been battling such a horrible addiction and it took over him. He was arrested and that same morning of his death , he called me and told me he was happy to go to jail ,as that would have been the only chance he had to get help and get clean.

Unfortunately it did not go as he planned and how he had me hoping for.

He was in lock up and he had some bad drugs in him and he was having a HEART ATTACK…yes a freaking HEART ATTACK!!!! He was asking, yelling for help , but they neglected to help him. They figured he was just their normal drug user needing a fix. For the recklessness, the assumption, the careless Police officers that ignored his calling for help, you bastards… he is gone!!!

He was pronounced dead at the police station in his cell at 8 pm on 6/2/2015. At the time I was supposed to get his call that he had been transferred ,and he was undergoing paperwork and pending court…noooo, instead I get a phone call at 3am that I didnt answer cause I was sleeping. When I call that number back in the morning, I get a total chasing game and finally I get through to someone and I heard the news.

My Boyfriend, my Love, my Best friend, my heart, my everything had died. My life has not been the same and it will never be the same, People say it will get easier as the days go by, but to be honest it really doesnt, it seems to get harder.







To my son Jeff. You promised me you would never overdose because it would break my heart. Your drug dealer broke that promise when he gave you heroin with fentanyl. I miss you so much , I can’t wait to get to heaven and see you again.


R.I.P. To my sister and best friend, Taryn Lyle.

You were and still are loved. I got your initials tattooed on my wrist since we never got to get our matching ones. Everything good I do in my life will be for you. I will never stop missing you! Xoxo. -your bestie for life, Robin.

T.M.L. 10/9/84-7/27/16

*** if you are currently struggling with addiction, please let your loved ones know and build a strong support team. You are loved.


Never forgetting Adam!!


Mother of 5 to 5 without a mother!! My Sissy, Only Sister Lori Lee Peterson Bahlouli age 40 died of an Overdose of Heroin supposivley laced with Fentanyl after being clean for 8 months . Lori went to her bedroom in Ssh to retire for the nite after confrontation with Well Known H Dealer and live in boyfriend of 5 years about his relapses and her pleading with him repeatedly to move out because she was so close to getting at least one son back. That one son less than an hour later was calling 911 and performing  CPR on his  Blue and Cold  Deceased Mother after Dealer and Live in Bofreind of 5 years said they were leaving to get something to drink and Shut the bedroom door behind them with Our Cherish Daughter,Sissy,Mommy,Aunty,Grandmother of 2 G-Babies under 2 years of age! We just can’t go on without ANSWERS!! NO CHARGES PRESSED ON ANY OF THESE  TWO MEN! SSH DETECTIVE FAILED THIS FAMILY! WHY DIDN’T THEY OVERDOSE WHEN THEY DID THE POISON TOO??! NONE OF THIS ADDS UP! WE NEED TOUGHER  LAWS ON PEOPLE WATCHING SOMEONE OD AND NOT CALLING 911!! SHE COULDN’T CALL 911! SHE WOULD HAVE WANTED THEM TO CALL 911! THEY LEFT HER THERE DEAD, CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND THEM FOR HER SON TO FIND HER TO DEAL WITH IT!! NO CHARGES FILED ON THESE TWO MEN! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!  LORI LEE PETERSON BAHLOULI  11-26-75 TO 02-05-16..REST IN PEACE. ..WISH Our family  COULD Have Peace TOO!..Love Your One and Only Little Sissy, Karen


Jilisa, I now know what you meant about how you d never be able to live with out it! I to went through the battle and I keep fighting them everyday. I refuse to let them win and you help drive that. I love you and miss you so much. 8/29/2011


Scrolling down the list, only catching glimpses of over a dozen stories was so heavy for my heart. The people reading and writing these tributes are so very brave and strong. I often enjoy the saying, “You are given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” A quote I find very true for each and everyone of us. We are loved and we are strong. With a double bonus, a beautiful angel to watch over us. Never judge, only love. For love is the best medicine of them all. RIP to all the fallen angels ❤ We love you dearly and forever. Until we meet again


My birthday will never be a day of happiness it was the day I lost my estranged husband and the father of my five children to a drug overdose it was a horrible end to a wonderful man who was trying to change and get his life and family back I was unsure if he was actually going to do the things he said on December 1 but he never had the chance too and we are left wondering John we love and miss you very much may you finally be at peace


Max, you were a great big brother. Now you are an angel in heaven looking over everyone that loves you. I know you tried. I love you so much.

September 5, 1992 – September 6, 2016


Baby sister died,alone,first day out of prison,for adult neglect AND abuse.she had sold everything from her fathers house,no food,or heat in house,left him for day’s on her journey for more heroin.he fell,was found day’s later,covered in bugs,malnourished,she was found,prosecutors by family member,found guilty,upon release,went straight for heroin into her dad’s house,overdosed.found,with needle in arm.I screamed for day’s.


Jilisa, I now know what you meant about how you d never be able to live with out it! I to went through the battle and I keep fighting them everyday. I refuse to let them win and you help drive that. I love you and miss you so much. 8/29/2011


My birthday will never be a day of happiness it was the day I lost my estranged husband and the father of my five children to a drug overdose it was a horrible end to a wonderful man who was trying to change and get his life and family back I was unsure if he was actually going to do the things he said on December 1 but he never had the chance too and we are left wondering John we love and miss you very much may you finally be at peace


Max, you were a great big brother. Now you are an angel in heaven looking over everyone that loves you. I know you tried. I love you so much.


September 5, 1992 – September 6, 2016


“Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal.”

Casting Crowns.

While our hearts break as we live our lives day-to-day without you, it brings me comfort that you no longer struggle with the sickness of addiction.

I love you my sweet Sean.


My dearest daughter Jennifer died of a meth overdose on 5/5/13 and I have no happiness without you.  I love you


To my best friend Katrina Burke I miss you everyday you passed away on my birthday 6/17/15 to heroin I keep you close to my heart n I try to come visit you regularly miss your smile laughter goofiness most of all that big ❤️ Of yours!!! Until we meet again love you babygirl


My oldest son Ryan passed from this earth on 6/23/2015. His heart stopped beating and my heart broke. He was 30 years old and had struggled off and on for 10 years. He was a sensitive, happy soul who loved music. He left behind his younger brother Joe, who also suffers with the blight of addiction. Ryan was good at hiding his struggle from me in the beginning. He was ashamed of it. He was clean and then relapsed, not realizing that he was most vulnerable at that time. My last time with him was at his brothers wedding on 5/23/2015, 30 days later he was gone. My last memory with him was the most happy day!! He was clean, had a job he enjoyed and life was looking up for him. Then he was faced with difficult times and lost his job, he father became ill and he had to move back home with his father in Miami. The stress was too much and he self medicated. He had reached out to us but we did not recognize the cry for help . For that I will always feel guilty. I have learned a lot since he slipped away from us. I loved him unconditionally and forever. If anything good comes of this  it is this…Ryan, you are loved, we are not mad at you. We love you, nothing but love for you son, now and forever. Until we are together again. The grief is difficult as most people are judgmental towards someone who has overdosed. Be kind to each other…It is hard enough to lose a child, this was preventable. It just kills me that he is gone! Visit him at Ryan P Frye @ virtual memorials.  See his beautiful smile and say hello. Always and forever Ryan’s Mom.


My son Joshua Michael Killian my beautiful boy who brought such happiness to his father and myself . Gone but never forgotten from this horrible family disease. I love you TommyBoy!


My dearest daughter Jennifer died of a meth overdose on 5/5/13 and I have no happiness without you.  I love you


Not just my sister, but the only person in fact, who had the same exact blood as i do. the only person whom in which i could be seen as or mistaken for. the only person that really knew me without my having taken the time to even make an effort to try and explain, and not just that- she loved me. she loved me so much that i didn’t even know how to allow her to love me. and because i wanted to be better than i was, more for her, and much less about myself- because i didn’t want her to have to see me struggle, because i didn’t want to be a bad example, because i didn’t want to look weak, sensitive, or unable- i did the worst thing that i think i ever could have possibly done– i deserted her. i left her behind and all alone. i barely contacted her. i became more of a stranger to her than i ever believed i formerly was before. i listened to the phone ring as i’d sit and stare at her name on the screen, frantically wondering what it was i could try to say to convince her that i was actually okay, worrying if she was okay, and flushed with guilt thinking that if she was needing me i would regret not taking the time to listen, or advise, or at least hear what she had to say. i knew i feared her dying for a reason. because i knew it was coming. if only i had taken that time. if only i had answered that call. if only i was there when she so desperately pleaded for me to be there for her. if only i made sure that she knew that i love her. that I need HER. she didn’t need me because i was nothing worth needing i thought. but in all of my reality, she was the only person who made me feel like i was somebody. that i was something. the sun in somebody’s sky. the center piece of someone’s thoughts and heart. i had a number one fan. and now i don’t even feel like trying. she was my only real motivation. without her to try for, it seems like there’s just no use. my faith or hope can’t save her destiny, so why even bother to try and pretend i can save me own. my sister died alone physically, but she didn’t die alone spiritually. will i ever forgive myself?  i feel so angry. i can’t say goodbye- i won’t say good bye- nothing or no one can make me. is this going to ruin my life more than it already is?


To my brother Michael grochowski who died of alcohol poisoning on October 14, 1993 at the young age of 41. Mike lost his battle with his demons years ago when he first started smoking pot in HS. Unfortunately Michael and I didn’t get along and it got progressively worse when he turned to heroin. Omg he became crazed but I loved my big brother. There was something we had in common..we were both adopted to great parents. After my Dad had to go into a nursing home due to Parkinson’s disease we both lost it. And when our beloved mother Anne died on July 4, 1992 neither one could handle losing our beloved mother. A little over a year Michael moved to Tucson was off heroin but he turned to drinking. I was living in Florida and I received a message from our Mom’s lawyer that said “Michael was dead. Call our office” I thought for sure that my Dad also named Michael had died. I had a friend call the nursing home only to be told that my Dad Michael was fine. I thought that it was some kind of mix-up. Unfortunately I was wrong. My handsome, intelligent big brother Michael “drank himself to death”. I talked to the ER doctor who treated him and she told me coldly “your brother drank himself to death and he died a terrible death”…charming doctor right? But then I thought she had seen all the track marks that I saw on his body when I was getting him admitted to rehab years ago. He was wearing one of those awful hospital gowns and I noticed all the track marks on his arms, legs. In between his toes every where on his body and I cried. The doctor just thought he was just a worthless junkie but Michael wasn’t. He was very intelligent and got a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. He became a social worker, he played the guitar and drums, he could Michael had so many friends!! He was an extrovert and I was an introvert. What I found out was that Michael started playing guitar in a band and he was introduced to the “devil’s drug..heroin”. It was awful watching him suffer from withdrawals and it got scary for me to be around him when was on Heroin. I don’t remember how many times he tried to kill me.. running after me with an axe, injecting my food and drinks with God only knows what. The last time I saw my brother alive was the day I was flying back to Florida and Michael was gaunt, always mumbling and before I left I begged him to come to Florida with me we would both go to rehab together. Unfortunately I flew home to Florida and he drove to Tucson. Since he had no contacts he had to go cold turkey cross country as his wife drive. I knew the hell he went thru and 6 months after our Mom died my big brother, my only sibling died if alcohol poisoning..6 months later on our Mom’s birthday!! Anyway I forgive you Michael and I pray you are at peace now. You are in Heaven with both our parents. Love you Michael..6/18/52 – 10/14/93. RIP your sister Always… Martha


On 7/6/16 I lost my boyfriend Tommy to an accidental drug overdose. He had just gotten out of a treatment program. Like others have mentioned I don’t think he was aware of the increased sensitivity to overdose when you have been through detox. He was an oxicontin addict as well as a multi pill user.

He was my bff, my partner, my lover & my heart. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him many times a day. He had just turned 56. He was taken way too soon. I love you Tommy. Forever in my heart. ❤️


My sweet son Dagun Smith 3/18/93 – 12/31/2014, was the most AMAZING, WONDERFUL, CARING, HANDSOME SON, THE BIG BROTHER OF 4 WHO ABSOLUTELY ADORED HIM, with an ELECTRIC SOUL. HIS SMILE WOULD. LIGHT UP THE ROOM.. I cannot accept your gone..My heart has a HUGE hole in it without you here.. we miss you so much. We needed you. R.I.P my baby..


Evan, how I miss you babe. I swear I still wake up every morning hoping you will be there laying next to me. 8 months without you has been WAY to long. I wish all the time that I could of given you my strength, but I’m no superhero. I miss your stupid laugh, our movie nights, and all the little things in between. My heart hurts so much. It was always you.        -J


Josh Pierce, age 27, was born in August 1986 and transitioned in April 2014 as the result of heroin toxicity. Josh is my only child and I will always long for his warm hearted touch, deep conversations, beautiful smile, infectious laugh, and great big bear hugs. He was an intelligent man with a variety of interests and hobbies. He had a witty sense of humor and could make me laugh regardless of how I felt. Josh was highly creative and seemed to be able to accomplish whatever he put his mind to.Throughout his shortened journey his fearless and passionate personality seemed to drive him to excel but that drive also steered him towards making a lot of bad decisions that involved experimenting with alcohol and drugs at a young age. Grieving the loss of a child, at any age, is one of life’s toughest journeys but grieving the loss of an only child is beyond my comprehension. I can only hope and pray that the lives lived and lost to this disease are “testament to a higher cause all for the greatest good of the many”.  Josh, you are always on my mind, in my heart and in my soul. I love you forever and always to infinity and beyond ~Mom


Remembering you always Even you let go to early, the sun still shines but the rain still falls,  opaque surrounds the window, even throughout your life struggles I close my eyes and see a kind smile on Your beautiful face knowing you are at a far better place, I tuck you safely in my heart forever and never forget our first meeting together! !

Forever and ever in my heart you ‘ll always be my one and only JB !! XO


June 20 2014 was the day my heart shattered into a thousand jagged pieces.  I lost my best friend, my love, my Daniel.  There will forever be a Daniel-sized hole in my heart.  I am grateful for the time I did get to spend with you my darling, wonderful friend.  I carry with me your smile, your laugh, the voice you used any time you talked to cats, the way you tilted your head before you said something uncertain, running into you randomly at work and smiling from ear to ear when I did, your beard, your hats, that stupid top drawer in your bathroom that broke every time I tried to get my toothbrush, the smell of your face wash, how OCD you were about your coffee pot and your protein powders, the sound you made the first time I took you to eat Indian food, the way you said “buttercream icing”, watching you feed buttercream icing to my cat – I still blame you for his obesity, by the way… I miss you.  I miss your heart.  I miss your face.  I miss your everything.  I hate that you were in so much pain that heroin was your escape.  I love you for loving me and for letting me love you.  All the days I will live the rest of my life without you are worth the short amount of days I got to live with you.  Love with you.  Love you.  My friend. xx


Remembering you and the memories we’ve shared is still almost unbearable. You were the light in my life the one I thought would be with me until my end ,not your end!! You were filled with so much laughter on the outside but I knew something  was always bothering you.I wish I new how to help you!! If I could go back in time maybe I could have saved you!!I can never let you go !


God granted me a year with you.

One year filled with enough love, laughter, and happiness worth a whole lifetime. From the day we met we were inseperable, incapable of being one without the other. You brought me strength, loyalty, and serenity. I have never met someone so perfect, so romantic and so beautiful. You finished my sentences, my thoughts, even my emotions. You were my heart, my soul, my best friend, but most of all my everything. The king to my queen. Every day without you will be a struggle to the end but I pray that one day we will be reunited in our castle again. I love you forever and ever, baby!


Mój misiu tęsknię za tobą. Brakuje mi ciebie, co dziennie. Nie wiem jak przeżyje beż ciebie.



God granted me a year with you.

One year filled with enough love, laughter, and happiness worth a whole lifetime. From the day we met we were inseperable, incapable of being one without the other. You brought me strength, loyalty, and serenity. I have never met someone so perfect, so romantic and so beautiful. You finished my sentences, my thoughts, even my emotions. You were my heart, my soul, my best friend, but most of all my everything. The king to my queen. Every day without you will be a struggle to the end but I pray that one day we will be reunited in our castle again. I love you forever and ever, baby!

Mój misiu tęsknię za tobą. Brakuje mi ciebie, co dziennie. Nie wiem jak przeżyje beż ciebie.



I lost my brother Sasha to an overdose of OxyContin, cocaine, and various diazepines. He was a longterm polydrug user, as well as a highly educated lawyer and brilliant thinker. Despite his education, he did not know that recent use reductions can decrease drug tolerance, or that mixing drugs can increase the chance of overdose. Overdose Awareness Day is important in terms of spreading these messages, as well as the message that if someone on drugs is non-responsive you should not just let them sleep. I miss my brother every day and I wish he could have been saved. I hope more overdoses will be prevented thanks to your efforts.


July 5, 2014 – the day our lives changed forever. We lost our son Danny, to an accidental heroin overdose.  We miss you everyday and love you forever. ❤️


Our loving girl, Laura Elizabeth, beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, niece and friend. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.  We love you, my girl.  I miss you.  I love you. I carry you heart.  I carry your heart in my heart.


I will not forget you…

You are in my waking thoughts, my memories, my dreams.

You are within my past, present, and future I will not forget you…

You have touched my soul, opened my eyes, and expanded my life I will not forget you…

You have taught me to give and receive love with no conditions You have taught me to afford human interaction with humility You have taught me every person deserves their own dignity I will not forget you…

You are my son, within my soul

I am your mother, within your energy


March 11, 2015 I lost my youngest son Michael Scott Jones he was 25YRS old , he overdosed on morphine pills , xanax, Norco, weed, he has a daughter that will be7 she was 5 when he died he should of BEEN here to watch her grow up . The person that was with him didn’t call 911 first and when they were called she didn’t tell them what he had took, I will never know if they could of saved him , Please CALL 911 BE HONEST TELL THEM EVERYTHING YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE


Rest in peace stacey. Taken too soon.


On July 1st, 2016, we received the phone call that would forever haunt us and change our lives. We lost our beloved Richard to a heroin overdose. Words cannot describe the pain I feel everyday. Not just mine, but seeing my mother literally break down and sob with such grief. Along with my father and siblings, we all struggle for answers. I still talk to him. It’s the only way I can stay sane and go on from day to day. So, until we meet again my brother, I expect to see you at those gates someday when it’s my turn, with that huge, infectious smile of yours. We love you buddy. #timetoact #stoptheepidemic


My baby, my son Tim-

Came into this world 9 1/2 lbs on Feb 25th 1986….

Loved me thru everything~

Had the sweetesr heart Ive ever known

An overdose stole him from us

Changed my heart forever

His Mom


My boy left us on 11/12/2015 from an accidental overdose of heroin. It is the worst feeling a parent will EVER experience in life !!!! He will be forever missed and NEVER forgotten !!!!


Today I remember too many. Today I think of my husbands father who overdosed on heroin, when my husband was just a teenager. He loved his son but didn’t know how to show it. I wish he could know that he left an amazing man here on earth with me. I am so thankful to have married his son and would have loved to call him my father in law. You are missed and you are forgiven.


In Memory Of Our Son, Gary A. Brothers 12-3-80 to 2-10-15


Carly June 13 ,2014. A parents nightmare. After years of your terrible battle with the disease of addiction. We lost our precious daughter. Never thought it would end this way. Love you so much, & miss you every minute. Glad you are no longer in pain, my sweet angel? Mama


For my sweet brother Aaron.  I think about you every day and I miss your sweet smile.  This terrible disease took you away from us far too soon, but I know you are no longer in pain and in some strange way, this is comforting.  I love you bro – my only brother and the hero to my boys – your nephews.


I’ll miss you forever baby sister.


Anais Atherton 1/5/80- 7/24/16. Love you forever. Your sister always, Ariel


Rest in Peace Skylar Baldwin


I miss my cousin, best friend, Darci Smith everyday.  She became free of the suffering and lost her battle on February 5th, 2013.



Hey ant. I love ya bud. I miss you so much. Jr and kelsey are in good hands and all of our friends are taking care of them both. Jr is loved so much and looks so much like you. He’s ten months and he’s huge! Keep watching over us pal. Love ya



Paul (Pauly) Joseph DiPierro 05/16/82  … we miss you more than you could possibly imagine.  You were a bright line that was extinguished long before your time.  Always in our hearts  …. sending love to you in Heaven from your Dad, your Mom and me your stepmom ❤?


My beloved baby sister, Amanda Grant, lost her 5 year long battle to heroin on February 7, 2015.  Although her song still sings in my heart, the melody will never be the same. Until we meet again I’ll forever have an emptiness in my heart. I love and miss you my itty bitty Banda Sue!!!


Thinking of my amazing friend Cody who was taken from us yesterday by this disease. 20 years was not enough for him, but I just pray that he is finally at peace.  Rest in paradise angel


Jural Garrison losing you to the demon of drugs 7 years ago on Sept 2nd at just nearly 17 years old – has left me permanently changed on so many levels. I love and miss you son and wish my love could have saved you…I know you’re with Papa God now and someday we’ll be reunited…Love you forever and always, Mom


So many have passed already this year……my mom being the hardest….I love u so much JODI LYNN FRANKLIN I’d love could have saved you; you would have lived forever WHOLE entire world Fireworks AND back


My sweet brother Rodney, the 1st anniversary of your death is looming closer. And it comes with great sadness and grief! You are so very missed, your loving heart, your support, your loyalty and that amazing laugh are missed and treasured!!!!

And the love that your entire family has for you is now and forever will be overflowing!!!!

Wish you were here!!! I love you my sweet brother!!!! Until we meet again??


Forever in my heart Joseph M. Scarpone.  You are missed by so many friends and family.  Rest in peace my little boy.


In loving memory of my son Micheal Neil Hoyle who lost his life to an addiction on Valentine’s Day 2016.  My life and many others are forever changed.  We will always remember.  Love, hope and healing to us all.  Know Hope.  Just For Today.


You know we have too start taking care of our self a little better,cause these days we don’t know jack what they r putting in these drugs please be aware,and be careful.Most of all don’t share needles…God Bless Us All.


I have had several family members die of an addiction.  I wish there was no stigma.  I wish there was more help.  I miss my cousin Dougie.  We use to talk almost every day.  He wanted a better life more than anything.  He tried several times but he kept getting pulled back into the realms of addiction. I hope he is at peace now.  My son is in recovery, I pray everyday for him.  He has almost 2 years sobriety, but it haunts me everyday.  He has overdosed before but thankfully survived.  Please keep our hearts open to those suffering.  Instead of judging we need to pray and help them.


Hard to imagine that it has been 10 months since we’ve heard your laugh or saw that wonderful smile that you always had trying to mask the pain you endured daily. Jon you are missed beyond measure and thought of something often. In loving memory of my son Jonathan Armstrong.


My good friends Merle,Waldon & Suzzanna. I have such special memories of you guys.

We all had to walk that ugly road of addiction. But you guys are now safe in the arms of Jesus.

I thank God everyday i made it out alive. I will never forget you guys.


In memory of our beloved Ian.  You left us on January 14, 2016.  Our lives will never be the same.  You are constantly on our minds and in our hearts.  We keep you near us always and feel your love daily.  We find comfort in knowing that you are free, at peace and live on in your new world.  Always and with great love ~ Mom, Dad and Leah


There are all kinds of addicts, I guess. We all have pain. And we all look for ways to make the pain go away. So our Addiction begins with the hope that something ‘out there’ can instantly fill up the emptiness inside. To us our thought of what life means to us is determined not so much by what life brings to us as by the attitude we bring to life; not so much by what happens to us as by our reaction to what happens. There’s no discrimination to addiction. Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure. We get very little wisdom from success, you know… One who doesn’t try cannot fail and become wise. We often feel isolated and not apart of the world around us. If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that. Through recovery we learn to be human with feelings, where we try to enter society once again. As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world… as in being able to remake ourselves. We try to give up on the addiction and sometimes it’s a process to fail, try again. Using the tools we learned in recovery to recognize the things around us and to put our coping skills into play but sometimes the familiar lifestyle is hard to let go. The people, places, things, and most of all the constant the chaos. We don’t see how being bored is to relax and admire the precious things that are around us that we could not see when we were using. It’s Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.


Prince. Nothing compares to you. Thank you for everything you gave us. This world is so quiet without you. Miss you everyday. Your fans have set up a website to help those suffering with opioid addiction. ?


To my angel in heaven, my first born, Dylan. There is not a single minute that passes that I don’t think of your sweet smile, handsome face & quirky laughter. All of these things & everything else that was special & unique to only you, is what gives me the strength to keep going. I believe that your death could have been prevented. You could have & should have been saved. We now have the tools & laws in place to prevent such a tragedy, but we need the education and funding. That is why I will fight, until there is no fight left in me, to help make that happen so that your death will not be in vain. I will honor your life by helping others get through this disease. So that your light, and the light of so many others lost to this horrible epidemic, may always shine! I love you more than words & I miss you like crazy! One sweet day, my angel! One sweet, sweet day!



In loving memory…..

Dylan Edward Creelman

June 24, 1993 – August 15, 2012


Thinking of you more today. But to say your not thought of everyday would be a lie. Where do I begin!? The fact that it has been over 2 years since you were here? Or that we have lost the most precious angel to ever walk this earth. Jay you were taken from us way too soon. You would of done amazing things, but some of your choices got the best of you. I hope that you have been able to find peace upstairs, and that you watch over your loved ones. I cannot say that I have accepted the path given to you, but I can say that I cherish our memories together. I have only been to your memorial once. I guess I don’t want to face reality, but I promise to come visit you soon. I love you. I will see you again. Keep shining down on us with that amazing smile❤️


My son Lou lost his battle with addiction on June 1, 2016, at the young age of 27.  i miss him every moment of everyday,,my life will never be the same.  …Love you always my Lou Lou.


Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. To those of you that have been personally affected by having a family member, loved one, or friend lose their life to the horrible disease of addiction, my sympathy and heart goes out to you. I too know the feeling, I lost an immediate family member a few years ago. You can try to change someone, but they won’t change til they’re ready to. Sometimes before that change happens, their addiction wins. I know the screaming, sleepless nights of arguing with a person with an addiction. I know the whole “f*** you’s” and “mind your own business” that gets thrown back in your face when you’re, “just trying to help.” And I know that God awful moment when that call comes, out of the blue (even though you knew you’d get the call one day, but you just didn’t know when and now that it’s come, it CAN’T REALLY BE HAPPENING) where the world stands still and and time ceases to pass. Where you hear the words but it’s like it’s some sick joke because you didn’t get to say goodbye or more importantly, I love you. Where the “f*** you” and the “you don’t understand” is all you hear, instead of the person who is calling to break the news to you.

If any of you are battling addiction, I know there’s nothing I can really say to make you stop and get help. But remember you’re loved and you have your family, loved ones, and friends waiting for the “real you” to come back into their lives. Don’t be afraid to change and seek help for your addiction, because changing is better than the alternative.


In loving memory of my baby brother Kyle John Parzych. Kyle lost his battle with addiction a little over 2 years ago at only 22 years old. 4/4/92-7/7/14 I love you always Ky


We lost our 22-year-old son, Ty, on May 14, 2016.  He was a bright, funny, handsome young man.  He had been in residential re-hab for a couple of months and had a job.  We got to enjoy a few months of wonderful communication and accomplishments with him. Unfortunately, addictive thinking apparently took over and he decided he could try using one more time.  So many people let us know how much he had cared about them and how much he had touched their lives.  There was even one young woman who was in the same re-hab program because he had texted and called and encouraged her to check it out.  It is so good to see that there is an app to help people recognize signs of overdose.  The people our son was with were not addicts and did not know what was going on.  Glad to see you getting that information out there.


Hey little bro,

Mom and I miss you deeply. Your giant bear hugs and dry sarcastic humor. Bright beautiful blue eyes and purposeful laugh. You made the world a better place, brought joy to those around you and always gave a mean foot massage. Whenever I hear Tracy Chapman or Neil Diamond I tear up. We love you.

Sienna & Darlene

In honor of my best friend we lost way to early, Dawn Partain. Rip girl..I love you


My love of my life and bestfriend died of an overdose August 18th 2015 . Andrew Loveland was an amazing person and just struggle with substances for quit some time. As have I. We miss him so much. I miss him so much. I miss our talks and most of all i miss his voice and eyes. I know hes here still with us in spirit. Its been a long hard year for us all and I am fighting real hard to make sure I keep he memory alive and to stay clean myself


Thinking of you, missing you, always beloved, Brian (Gorky) Rohatyn ❤️


In loving memory of my only sibling Gretchen Ann Smarra.  May you continue to rest in peace!  We love and miss you always!


In loving memory of Sean Durgin ❤️

I carry you in my heart.


Our sweet son Justin…such a gentle, creative soul.  Our youngest..forever 31.  Eight months today since we lost you on New Year’s Eve.  So many tears.  It was like you were drowning in quicksand and we couldn’t reach you to pull you out.  You fought hard and we will always be proud of you.  Rest easy, dear boy…and know that you are loved and missed beyond measure.  We will see you again, some day…

Love always,

Mom and Dad


On the morning of 6/22/16 ,a mother and father lost their first born daughter , 2 daughters and a son lost their mother and I lost my only sibling, my sister,my best friend. Such a waste. She was so funny,beautiful inside and out with a heart of gold.

So much was lost that day to heroin. I wish with all my heart this was just a bad dream. I have a hard time accepting the fact that she is really gone. There will forever be a hole in my heart that will never heal.

We were supposed to grow old together, play cards and watch each other become grandmas…I have 30 years of memories but I want so much more. I miss you,and I always will. Until I see you again…

In loving memory of Katie Renee Bergeron


For Erica, Eric, Chad, Mary Kaye, Rand, and many more I ask and pray for people to remember those we have lost and to promote greater understanding of the power of addiction.


Curtis Dean Ashworth you are terribly missed by your loved ones. Your death has left a forever hole in my heart. RIP my love 2/20/83 – 3/16/13


Zachary, We miss you!  Sorry that all of this had to happen.  I wish we could have done more.  Be good up there.  We love you, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of something about you.  Peace, glad you found it!


Too many friends/family to name. 🙁  May they RIP.


John Joseph Hurtuk IV


25 years 8 months 17 days

Son, brother, uncle, friend. An amazing worker, fisherman to be exact. He was going on back to back trips so he could stay clean, bringing in thousands of dollars and still managed to stay sober. Until that one day that he decided one more time would be okay, it wasn’t okay. My first forever friend was taken away by heroin, he fought so hard to get clean, to stay clean. Remember that one last time could be your last time. Forever missed, forever loved, never forgotten. I love you John I hope your story can help to save a life, I won’t let your death be in vain.


On August 28th, 2016 I lost my closest family member to heroin.  He was a father, an uncle, a brother, a son, and a loyal friend.  In February 2016, I found him overdosed and we were able to get help and save his life.  He refused rehab.  I held him that night after he was released from the hospital.  He was afraid to close his eyes because he feared death would come in his sleep.  I stayed with him for 2 days listening to his heart beat while he slept because I feared for his life myself.  I finally had to work so he was left alone for a couple hours, he called an addict friend and they got high off of pcp.  That night he was asked to leave his family’s home and moved in with that same addict friend.  I made sure to tell him how much I love him and I’d help him when he was ready to accept it, then I stepped out of his life for the health of my own.  Still talked but at an arms length, still loved each other, still would do anything for him, and still had hope.  Now we are just still, frozen in time and broken.  So today someone will read this, someone will tear up, someone will understand this torturous pain that has overtaken our family.  Someone will also deny the power of these words and the truth within them.  And they will use again.


I lost my 26 year old son 16 months ago to a heroin overdose.  He is missed by all who knew and loved him.  He had been clean and doing great. He went out one evening to help a friend with something and never came home.  He battled alcoholism and addiction for 10 years.  To redo things in his life would be a dream.  NOT EVEN ONCE needs to be spoken to everyone.  It only takes one time and your loved one is gone. Jeremy did not want to die, he had everything to live for.  A job, a newborn son, and a loving family.  We will forever love and miss him.  We are broken without him.  I LOVE YOU Jeremy


I have lost way to many friends and family to overdose to even attempt to leave a tribute individually. I remember however my last day using. I had a bent up needle trying to force it into my veiens. Not knowing exactly what was in the substance I was about to inject but I do remember the fear of wandering if I would live  due to the fear of overdosing but the sickness overtook that fear and I completed the task that had taken over my life. The next day my daughter asked me “when was I going to stop being selfish” I heard her for the first time. I called the detox and fortunately was able to get a bed. That was August 21,2015 and I am still in the fight. Some days are wonderful my new life filled with new challenges but there are those days and moments when that old thought creeps in and says” maybe we can do one more”. Those that I have lost have answered that question for me. There is no “one more” for me. so a day at a time sometime a minute at a time i am in the battle to save my life. saw a facebook post on a friends FB page last night saying’ My brother od’d today and he fought a GOOD FIGHT against this disease unfortunately he lost” . GOD bless her and those that are still battling and the family and friends of those that have felt the pain of losing someone or multiple folks and those that will feel the pain. #Thisdiseasesucks!


In loving memory of my fiancé, Joshua, who lost his battle to addiction on May 3, 2016.  I will forever miss your beautiful soul.  Not a day goes by where I do not think of you.  You were such a loving, kind spirited person with a great sense of humor.  I will carry you in my heart until we meet again.  Love you always Joshua Lee.


At 4:45am on February 22, 2015, I found my 21 year old son in our family room, surrounded by multiple packets of heroin, with a rolled up bill and heroin residue on his iphone on the coffee table in front of him. He was making gurgling sounds in his throat and I couldn’t wake him. Paramedics came, he was rushed to the hospital where he remained in ICU, intubated on a ventilator for 3 days. His chances were maybe 50/50 that he would survive. He did, but he incurred an anoxic brain injury, affecting his basal ganglia and cerebellum. After 10 days, he was transferred to a rehabilitation institute where he had to learn how to hold his head up, swallow, and walk again. After 3 weeks, he was out of diapers, walking with assistance and swallowing. After 3 months he said his first quasi-audible words. Now, 18 months out, he’s able to walk, jog, ice skate (! he was an amazing hockey player in high school), though he’s still unable to skip, jump or swim. Speaking is still an extreme challenge and he has frequent throughout the day recurrent spasms and tic’s. By the grace of God, his intellectual capacity is in tact and if you’d read his writing, you’d never know the disabilities he now has. He contributed to a website last December describing his journey ( He still has a long ways to go and we hope and pray he’ll make it to a place more approximating normalcy, but we have no way of knowing at this point.

We’re so proud of Joey’s tenacity in fighting, not only his addiction, but also for his chance to get to a place where he can live a normal independent life.


Loving memory of my son, forever 25, John Andrew.(09212015) I love you and miss you more than I could ever explain. Your forever in my heart and mind, until ………….

I love ya Mush



I lost my sister to an overdose on December 24,2011.   Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.  She was my only sibling and my best friend.  I still can’t believe that she is gone on somedays and its been 5 years.  I’m thinking about you today Lisa.  The day you died part of my heart died with you.  You will never be forgotten.  See you again some day.


My sister, Tristan died of a heroin overdose on August 4th, 2016; she was a beautiful girl with long brunette hair and a bubbly personality. She was only 18. I love and miss you sissy. #tristanslaw


This is in memory of Renee Owens. Renee passed on her birthday 3/2/16. Renee you are loved and missed!


Brian Sampson passed in October 2015. Brian you are not forgotten. You are free now.


In loving memory of Michael D. Frank.  My husband of 23 years, my friend for 29 years, our daughter’s father of 18 years.  He was lost to an accidental overdose on 1/22/16 after years of chronic pain.


In remembrance of our dear friends brother William Michael Katzara.



It has been two years since you left this earth (forever 21).  We just celebrated you on your birthday last week.  It is hard to believe that my baby would now be 23.  Then the anniversary of your death quickly followed four days later.  We all love you so much and miss you immensely.  You are forever with us.  I love you, Mom


To Rupe, Bobby, & Doyen,

I just want you to know that your life stories live-on to help others who are battling this ugly epidemic everyday I enter the ER. Miss you guys!



Jonathon S. Golden    8/22/1987 – 5/9/2016

An amazing brother, friend and son.

Jon impressed me with his wit and humor; he had the best impressions and always came up with hilarious nicknames for everyone. He was a super talented artist. Everywhere we went, he was drawing on napkins and receipts. He was in love with Boston and would take photos all around the city of landmarks, views and every-day happenings. Most of all, he was an amazing brother and loved spending time with his family. Jesse and I will always take you with us through our life, we hope we make you proud. Stay with us, angel.


My mom od on pills and she ended up dying.   On jun 8 2009. Lets all look out for the signs and stop this


My beloved son, Robert Dower, died on February 4, 2012, in Weaverville, NC, from a fatal combination of cocaine and methadone. He was only 22 years old and had struggled with the disease of addiction for the last 4 years of his life. He was loved by all who knew him and most of all by his family. I wish that he could have beat the horrible disease that took his life, I knew he tried.

I hope and pray that by raising awareness of this disease, that we can take steps to increase understanding and support for those who struggle every day to live.


My son and I lost the WAR with Heroin on July 22, 2016. The war lasted 7 years. He was 24. The pain is not comprehensible by those that have never gone through it. Not just his passing but the 7 years of up and down, in and out of all types of rehab, the number of times he went to detox, so he could start all over again. Such a wonderful person and personality. Never met a person that didn’t immediately love him or his smile. Before he got involved with drugs, I was just another uneducated parent about the epidemic of drugs, especially Heroin. After checking him in to the most expensive rehab place and going to Betty Ford center for a week long workshop so we could understand and how to deal with it, my eyes were open to how widespread this is and what it’s doing to their parents. Even though I lost the war doesn’t mean it stops. The battle still goes on for many. We need to continue the path and do whatever in our power to turn it around. PLEASE KEEP WORKING IT.

I miss Evan and his smile all the time, but on his behalf I’ve got work to do. I know he’s looking down and smiling and that’s what keeps me going.

LOVE you with all my hearts.



I lost my son Bradley James on October 6, 2015 at the age of 30, 9 days before is 31st birthday. He was out with friends looking to get high. He had battled with addiction since the age of 14. He is in my prayers and thoughts all the time. The toxicology report said it was cocaine and methamphetamine toxicity. Words cannot express how I feel. Everyone misses him and his positive attitude and sense of humor. I love you Brad. Dad


Your songs still play over and over in my head. We lost you way too soon. “Nothin’ but cloudy days, without you. My sunshine turned to rain, with you.” RIP SLS.


On Overdose Awareness Day, I miss you every single day Neil.  You were the best.  I wish there was a way to have kept you here on earth.  Please look after your little sister, who is also struggling with this disease.  I can’t bear to lose another child.  Mom


My best friend lost her battle with addiction in 2012 at just 21 years old. She introduced me to my soon-to-be wife(her cousin). She was an awesome titi to my children. She had such a beautiful soul. There are so many moments in my life that feel so empty without her. It seems addiction takes the most wonderful people. I miss her so much and I think about her everyday. I look for her around every corner. Her life was such a blessing to me.



We’ve hit 2016…I somehow seemed to realize this as I was scouring the constant, yet, new articles commenting on the opioid epidemic ravishing our communities everyday. It seems as if time had stopped since my brother’s death… It took me almost 8 whole months into 2016 to realize it’s no longer the year my brother passed from an opioid overdose.

Over the past year and a half plus, I would read each new article remembering another life taken far too soon from addiction; and I seemed to feel a connection, although I didn’t know them at all, to those families and friends whose loved one’s obituary ended in the year, “2015.” Those families and friends felt similar grief, despair, and hopelessness Jonathan’s loved ones were feeling in the wake of his passing.

It took me a while, but I see it is no longer “our” year. And as that year changes, new grief settles in. Grief of days turning into months, and months into years, years without our loved ones. However, as that year changes, new responsibility also arises, responsibility to bring awareness to this epidemic and to join with loved ones from all over to remember the beautiful souls who have lost their battles with addiction in both Kentucky and our entire nation; responsibility to recognize and to fight this battle occurring in all homes and communities, a battle that refuses to discriminate.

*In loving memory of Jonathan “Johnny” Squire… the brightest light in all of our lives. He left a legacy of love and will always be remembered by his joy of living and his never give up attitude.


In tribute to my son, Michael Adam Chort. He died of an accidental overdose on June 28th of this year.  He wasn’t an addict and ironically, he was very concerned about other family members who are. He was also very committed to his health and nutrition. Mikey was fiercely committed to those he loved in that he put his life on hold to care for his Father. I can only try to understand it in the context of his terrible time with insomnia and his mixing drugs. In fact we discussed the dangers of that just 4 days before he died.  I wish we had laughed more and stressed less. I guess the best way I can honor him is to do that with my surviving son and to find a way to inspire others to know that that are loved.


In memory of Greg Howard, we love you and miss you everyday!  RIP ❤


I love you and miss you more and more each day Hunter Frommelt.  You will never be forgotten.


My Favorite first born son 🙂 , Jimmy Davidson, died from an overdose last year on 10/09/15 at 27, one week before his 28th birthday – we actually buried him on his birthday. He was addicted to heroin but he died from Fentanyl. No heroin in his system at all. The dealers are killing these kids! putting poison in there like the heroin isn’t enough! I miss him every single day. He was doing so good and then he gave in one last time. I am so sorry for everyone affected by addiction. Always try to support your addicted loved one and end the stigma! God bless everyone and my son – see you in heaven! luv you Jimmy, 4eva8!


In Memory Of Our Son, Gary A. Brothers 12-3-80 to 2-10-15


Missing you everyday sweet Stace.  You were loved and looked up to by everyone you met.

You are by far the funniest, smartest and most charismatic person dad and I have even known.  You walked into a room and everyone knew Stace had arrived.

You lived life large!  I wish we had known how hard your struggles were and maybe we could have saved you.  Maybe not.  We are working to understand how drugs took control of a wonderful life with such a bright future.  Think of you every day.  You are forever in our hearts.


In loving memory of my forever 30 year old son James R. Masciantonio, Jr. (Jim) was born November 27, 1984 and battled with addiction 2/3’s of his life until the beast won and took his life on Feb. 27, 2015.

I always told Jim, I wished it was me – as it was so painful to watch my son deal with his addiction. But nothing compares to the pain of living every day without him.


I lost my boyfriend to a Methadone overdose in 2007. He was dearly loved by everyone who knew him. He now rests in the arms of Jesus and we will be together again, someday!

? K’mali J. Stapleton

“We who are still alive and are left will be caught up together…. And so we will be with the Lord forever. ” (1 Thessalonians 4:17).


We lost our dear friend to an overdose last week. He’d been clean since last year. I know for a fact that if drugs like heroin weren’t criminalised, and stigmatised because of that criminalisation, he would be alive today. If it were treated like the health issue that it essentially is, the assistance he needed at that crucial moment would have been there for him. If we continue to use this ridiculous War on Drugs rhetoric, so many more will continue to die unnecessarily. Here’s to you, TB, you were a wonderful man, and your loss is a cruel outcome of an  inhumane and misguided society. You will be sorely missed.


Hey baby doll, it’s been 5 months and I miss reading the texts you send. Your humour was priceless to me. I miss you and love you.


You will always be in our hearts ❤️ MH ??


I lost 6 friends in the past 2 days due to this disease. I am walking tonight for all those who are still suffering and all of those people who made an impact on my life throughout my recovery. RIP Joey. I told MJ I’m walking for you


I lost my son Trevor Yarrington Nov 16 2013 he was 18 yrs old. I miss you more and more everyday. Life is not the same without you here. I miss hearing your silly giggle I miss hearing you call me mommy, I miss you picking on your brother and sister but most of all i miss our talks and how you would give me advise on certain things and a lot of the time it was really bad advise but we would always end up laughing. You had a gift to make everyone around you smile and since you left there is a lot less smiles here. We all miss you so much. I hope you are happy. I love you baby boy. I promise i will never let go. Love your mom


In loving memory of my biological mother Sharon Vinko..who passed from an overdose in 1989.


I’m missing you now, I will miss you forever. We love you WLS??


I lost my beautiful 22-year-old daughter, Megan Rose Kelley, on April 14, 2015. I am remembering Megan and all those who have tragically lost their lives to overdoses; we will be lighting black candles in remembrance.


Dylan A Berman 8/5/87 – 11/21/13.   Sending my beloved son, my only child healing love and light!  I love you Dylan❣


There is a hole her smile used to fill… Jessie Rae 12/16/94-11/13/15


Austin – it’s still hard to believe you are gone, how did this happen? You were such a caring, inquisitive, funny, talented soul who affected so many lives in a positive way while dealing with your own struggles. I wish I could have done more to help you. You were so brave! I know your spirit is with us, but there will always be a hole in my heart for you. We all miss you and all that you were, so much, my son. Metal always.



For my daughter Elizabeth. This nightmare must end.


I have lost countless friends and am now up to three family members. I miss my uncle, cousin and brother every single day. You were to great for this world and your disease took you away from all of us too soon. I love each of you and miss you in all different ways.


On this day, I remember the patient I had who died from an overdose.  I feel grief over your death; I hope you are at peace.  May we find effective ways to bring this scourge to an end.


My gentle spirited son died on Sunday, May 22, 2016 from a fentanyl-heroin overdose.  He was my wordsmith, my wickedly humorous, tender hearted boy.  Forever adored.


My babies.  Kenneth Charles Grym.  Daniel Jerome Grym.  Let’s stop this madness.


Missing you every day Travis. Hope you have found peace in your life.  Sorry I couldn’t help you fight the demons and sadness that took over your life.  A piece of  my heart died with you and I will miss you forever ?


To my funny, loving, handsome baby brother, You just could not fight the demons any longer. I miss you and love you so much. You have no idea how hard it is for all of us that you left behind. I hope you have the peace that you were so desperately looking for….you took a piece of my heart that day when I heard you were gone. (June 17, 2016)


To my darling angel Danielle Jerrels. I miss you so very much. I wish I could have taken away all of your pain. May you rest in peace until we meet again. Mommy loves you so much. Forever 23.


Please remember my son, Eli Mathew Leyko. He lost his life to a heroin/fentanyl overdose on June 1, 2016. He was 32 years old. I love him unconditionally, and need people to remember him as a good and caring man. He spent his life helping others, but he couldn’t help himself.  Rest peacefully my angel.


I cry everyday Stephen Smith lost 1996 to Heroin addiction and complications from AIDS.  Still, wide spread availability of clean needles don’t exist.  The silence of the addiction epidemic must be broken.  This crisis must end with the same efforts as war waged in the world.


My dear son Brian I will forever miss you. My funny smart-witted intelligent caring kind-hearted one.  My one with the biggest heart but the one that was also broken hearted.  I hope your wings are flying high and may you rest in peace.  Can’t wait to hold you in my arms again love forever and always Mom xoxoxoxo


You have always been too bright for this Earth Emilee.

Kind in beauty and deeds,

Your Sun gives birth to

an Ocean’s steed…


We are forever inmixed my love.



My beloved sonnie who lost his battle to a predator at an na meeting. Sonnie was 27 years old, a school teacher and had health issues. My only son. I love you and when I take my last breath I pray our God will send you to take me home.


I am writing this for a special young man in behalf of his family. I know they grieve his passing every minute of everyday. I am not sure if anyone is writing a tribute for him, but I wanted to make sure loving thoughts of him are added to the thousands that are included in the list of tributes. This young man is truly beloved by his family and friends and will never be forgotten. He was the best son and brother and friend. May he rest in peace.


Travis John, TJ, my “baby” brother. Kind, gentle, loving, funny, outstanding athlete, Son, brother, uncle. We miss you every second of every day. It will be 5 years since you left us on 9/28 and it seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at the same time. Your struggle is over. Until we meet again. Love you.


Monique. I love you and will never forget you. I hope you are free and at peace. Greg X


My beautiful son Zachary Lennon Hysell you are missed greatly & loved much.  May you watch over your brother so he does not follow your footsteps.   Can’t wait to see you at the cross roads.


Tony Jones, Kym Richards, Todd Thomas, Rikki Marie, Jake Holt, and Kinsley Wilson. Rest in Peace my angels ?

I will always remember you and made this film in your honor. For the heartbreak that never heals, some of us live with daily. Love – Compassion – Recovery- Hope ❤️


My only son, forever 29, left this world 10/02/15. I will miss your smile, your hugs and laughter forever. A part of me is missing. You were an amazing cook who loved to cook for your friends and family. Your love of music was known by everyone and it’s hard for me to even listen to it. We will see each other again on the other side my sweet son. Love Mama Dukes.i


Darla, my beautiful niece, I think of you every day. I mourn the loss of all the possibilities wiped away with your passing. This world lost a beautiful  caring soul. You had a passion for life and a power within to make real changes in this world. You will never be forgotten, I love you forever.


Such a young life taken way too soon. You are loved and missed by so many but Kirsten took your death and turned her life around.She truly believes you left so she could live. RIP Michael Hubbard.


Jake, its been just over three years since we lost you to a heroin and alcohol overdose . The drugs dulled your mind and you didn’t think anyone cared. Everyone loved you so much. You are so missed. Please look after your sister, I’m so worried about her she’s not doing well. Rest in peace son. We will meet again. Love always,  Mom


In memory for my beautiful daughter, Diana Lynn, who passed away from an overdose on July 19, 2014. She was my only child. She battled the addiction for well over 5 years and spent at least half of that time in jail and the other half in various rehab centers across Pennsylvania and a fraction of the remaining time at home. I can’t imagine the demons she was battling everyday but I was always there to support her. Her fate was set by God and I have to trust that he knew best when it was time for her to join him and the rest of her family especially her dad in heaven. There are so many things i wish I could say to her and so many experiences in life that I will never have or share with her. I’m not mad at her nor am I searching for the person who gave her the final dose. That would not solve the past and it may help the next person but I believe that everyone’s path and story is written and what will be will be. I’m at peace. Here’s a prayer to Diana and all those who suffered and died from an overdose. You will never be forgotten and I know you will always be with me until we meet again. Rest in Peace.


In loving memory of our son, Jonathan David Harris Son • Brother • Nephew • Cousin • Friend • Poet Writer • Connoisseur Of Any Cheese • Jokester And A Good Man

Myrna & Bob

My beautiful friend ‘Simone’

The years go so quick but the pain of loosing you never fades.  I will never have another friend like you-you were one of a kind.  Memories of us are mind to hold close and keep me safe when the world overwhelms me.  I know we will be together again.  Until then I will continue to love and miss you forever.

Always in my heart,

Lisa xxx


All my lovelies-Debbie, Nola, Helga, Rikki, Ronnie, Marcus, Lionel and cousin ‘henry’

Always in my heart-memories of us still makes me smile through the pain of loosing you.

Love you all

Lisa xxxx



Can’t believe we buried you just over a week ago.  Numbness was my only companion when I found out you had died, now regret is what’s left that we never made things right between us before you left.  Memories of us are coming to me in the strangest of places, I hope they’re being sent by you.  Please watch over Lee-regardless of anything-you’re still his dad and he will always be you son.  Maybe things will be different when we meet again. A part of me has always still loved you and always will.

Always yours,

Lisa xxxx


To all the clients I have worked with over the years but lost their battle with addiction Thank you for being my teachers-for entrusting me with things that you wouldn’t share with others-for being the amazing people that you were.  You are all the reason I still do what I do and will continue to do until my last breath.  You will never be forgotten.

Lisa xxxx


My cousin Neil died 28/3/16 due to an overdose, you weren’t just my cousin you were my best friend, and I miss and love you so much, I made a video for your birthday with so many happy memories in it, hurts so much to know to that I can’t talk to you as we were always there for one and other. Everyone misses you so much esp your mum, brothers, nana and also your 2 kids. Everytime I hear your fave songs I can’t stop crying but I listen to them and picture your smile, and the selfie we took at new year Siobhan printed it off for me, and a tiny one for my purse. Until we meet again your loving cousin Carol Anne xxxxxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️Xxxxx

Carol Anne

Vitor Santos was a peer educator and founder of the first association of drug users in Portugal. He died in 2013 at age 50 due to heart complications caused by substance use. The CASO friends produced a video tribute in his honor. You can find it here:


The more I wish to fight back, more tears well up at the thought of another life lost. I especially empathize with parents who’ve lost their children. I cannot begin to imagine the torment. These children however, are my friends…. All within 4 years above and below my current age, 22. My heart and soul collapses for the lives and families of my dear friends Justin Roth, Josesh Cravens, Chloe Lucas, David Igo, Aaron Massey, and our most recent loss in mu group of friends, Justin Hensley. These are all young men who wanted to make it out alive..but didnt know any other way…. Some of our children don’t stick around for the overdose. Sometimes the black hole of sadness takes them first. My love and condolences to the families of my lost brothers, Ethan Honnerker and Gus Pettigrew; who took their life in in desperation when addiction wasn’t enough to mask the pain.


Naomi Erb I think of you often and miss you. You are loved and although you are gone you remain in our hearts. I find peace knowing you now rest in the arms of God. For heaven surely has a beautiful angel. Rest in peace sweetie.?✝?


I am sad to say that over the years I have lost many friends and family to addiction. I also have three children that have overcome it, thankfully.

Those lost are: Micah, Melanie, Doug, Tony, Keith, and Logan. There are still so many I know who are struggling. Please pray for all who battle this disease. #sprinklekindnessnotjudgement


My kids lost their father on New Year’s Day 2009. He was 32 and overdosed on prescription painkillers. Our beautiful daughters are now 19 and 17. He’s missed so much and we hurt each and everyday. If you know anyone struggling with addiction…please help.


Hey everyone,  I would like to help even with some words, remember there’s always hope…


Thinking about Chip, his strong 12 step program, his back injury and ultimate going out on pain meds and then OD-ing on heroin even as he completed an inpatient treatment program. There has to be a better way, not to lose friends who give so much to our lives.


I lost my younger brother to the horrible drug of heroin on July 7, 2014. He was only 22 years young and full of life. I miss you everyday and will see you again when I get there kid.  RIP Kyle John Parzych 4/4/92-7/7/14

Love Matt

Matt P

In loving memory of my beautiful son, Timothy John McGowan, who was taken by this terrible disease on October 27, 2015 at the young age of 25. He was trying so hard to do good, had a great job, was really working hard at his recovery, got out of rehab, attended his meetings, went back to his busy job and school.  Had been on Naltrexone daily and was running out and went to doctors to get vivitrol shot, but they required he get a blood test first, he was waiting for the call back to get back in for the shot, broke down, got a pill from someone and then he was craving apparently and could not find his Percocet (which was his drug of choice) so he ended up getting what he thought was heroin and it was 100% fentanyl and it killed him.  He had never overdosed before and the paramedics and cops didn’t have narcon when they arrived.  The doctors office finally called back the day after he died, too late! His last note to himself on his phone was to call them again.  I never thought this would take him, he was full of life, hardworking, fun, but unfortunately as a result of injuries and surgeries, he was instantly hooked on his pain meds.  Medications that our great country allows to be prescribed to anyone, even though they were told they are non-addictive. Now that they have hooked so many addicts they will make money on of the antidote.  This is such a disgrace that our country can’t stop drug companies and drug dealers who are now killing people selling a drug they don’t they are taking and its 100 times stronger.  My handsome son, had so much life ahead of him, now I have to live with this empty, horrible pain everyday for the rest of my life.  I struggle to survive each day, and look to my angel to give me strength, as he was so strong, but not strong enough to overcome this illness.  Don’t be fooled to think that your loved one will be okay, they need help for a long time and possibly vivitrol to keep the receptors in the brain from craving the drug.  It takes years to stop that craving.  It is truly a horrific disease.  And unfortunately a lot of people are ignorant to the fact that it is a disease and not a choice for people. I pray that they don’t have to experience the vicious cycle that becomes the life of the addict and those that love them.  We really do live in a world where people judge, and are cruel and as a result those suffering live in shame and don’t share and reach out to those that who could help them.   I live in a world of why’s now and will always have so many regrets that I didn’t treat his illness as just that and make people aware of it, although most people don’t want to help and stay away unless the afflicted want to help themselves.  Most people just go on and want to live their own lives free of this sadness and all the negativity it brings.  I continue to witness that.    Prayers for all those that continue to suffer with addiction and all those that we have lost on the way.  My baby boy will forever be in my heart and soul and my love for him is eternal.  I do have a very special angel.  I will always be proud to call him my son.  Love you forever my beautiful son Timothy.


My son, Travis, passed away last August from heroin laced with fentanal.  Tomorrow I will meet with prosecuting attorney in Cleveland.  They want our input on a plea deal for drug dealer.  I feel fortunate that my sons case is even being prosecuted.  So for all the families that are not seeing any justice for their loved ones, I vow to fight as hard as I can to keep this drug dealer     behind bars as long as I can !  With more than 14 felonies including 4 gun charges, it is truly what he deserves. My tribute to all who have suffered this pain and grief.


My Oldest sister passed on May 28th 2016, she was going to be 50 in just a few short months, she lost her battle of addiction, and her and her boyfriend both overdosed and died together. It breaks my heart knowing what a beautiful person she was, loving and kind just a lost soul who never found her way back to us after many years of addiction. I will always love you for the person I knew you to be, not the person the drug made you into , my love will always remain the same. I will never forget you or your struggle and I will always try to help others in your memory. I love and miss you with each passing day, and hope you are free from pain and heartache.

Love Always your little sister Tia


On September 7 2015 Our beautiful daughter,mommy,sissy, granddaughter auntie, Felisha “LaRae” Jackson-Hatch Our beautiful angel was injected w Fentanyl n Heroin by 2 evil people who she thought was her friends..Her oldest daughter ran inside to find her mommy face down in an ashtray w a cigarette still burning then called her grandpa who stayed on the phone w her till he drove to our first born baby girl took him less than 2 minutes to get to her then her dad worked on her for 25 minutes and has nightmares of this whole overdose of our daughter LaRae forever 28 yrs old left behind 3 beautiful girls ages 9,6 & 2 ,2 brothers 25,12 & 1 sister 23.. LaRae was a great mommy n was so proud she had a new niece and loved her very much..We are still waiting to hear from the FBI on her murder.. RIP OUR SWEET ANGEL F.L.J.H forever 28


My most recent boyfriend of 2 years died of a drug overdose a month ago on July the 29th 2016. His name was Travis. He was caring, funny, always giving and trying to help others. His smile was the brightest id ever seen and always lit up the whole room. I remember the day you slipped up and “tried” things. It was so hard to live with you, you became mean and bitter. We went from having good times to you not wanting to do anything anymore.. All you did was want to be in bed. I slowly watched the man i was in love with turn into someone else. You wouldn’t open up to me.. You lied to me, you even blamed me. You didn’t want help. You broke my heart when all i wanted was to save you. Travis i know who you really are and im so sorry you lost yourself in this nasty world. I was always here for you and never would have judged you.. I’m so glad i got to tell you i loved you the day before you died. We had such an unfinished story.. Even after all i went through i still wanted you. I wasn’t gone. I was waiting on you to get clean. You did so well for months and i even got to see you and your sober face . your beautiful smile. The last time i saw you, you were sober and beautiful and that’s how i choose to remember you. I never thought i would lose you. I cry myself to sleep every day. I think of you every second and this has been the hardest thing i ever went through.. I wish you would have opened up to me. ): you are the most beautiful man i’ve ever laid eyes on and your soul fit mine like a puzzle piece. You are absolutely irreplaceable. I will never understand why god needed you more than me.. It was hard enough trying to be your friend while you were an addict, but i was. & now after my heart breaking from your addiction, my heart breaks for your loss. I have been crying every day for a yr and a half while you were alive and now i have probably a whole other year to go. This has been unreal. I miss you SO much Travis John. I will never replace you. You were my soulmate, my best friend. Its so sad that someone so sweet, generous, and giving as you could get so caught up by something so evil.  I wish i could talk to you one more time.. You will always be in my heart travis. Now all i can do is try and help others. I know that’s what you would have wanted. I love you more than words can express. My heart hearts.. RIP sweet angel. 24 years old was way too early. God gained a handsome angel. All of my love until we meet again. Love always, Kelsey ?


I lost my younger brother Michael 5/28/16 after his battle with his heroin addiction, he was only 23. He had the biggest heart and was an amazingly talented guitar player, the greatest friend and always worried about others before himself. Most people didn’t even know he was struggling when he died because he tried to never let it show by making others laugh or building them up. He touched so many lives and will be greatly missed. I can’t wait until we are reunited I miss him so much he was one of my best friends. As he always would say “One Love” to all of you fighters and people grieving. Love never dies.


We all make mistakes thats our trait. To carry this to the grave or in the grave. I love everyone i lost, people in recovery, and people still running. Theres hope. Progress over perfectiob. Just give it a shot


I lost my best friend Katie at the beginning of August 2016. I know she was in a lot of pain and she is happy now. But knowing her mother,father, and sister are always in pain now hurt me more than i can express.  I would give anything to be there to help her 8f i would have KNOWN how she was feeling and what she was going through. You will always be in my heart love. ♡


This is for all my friends that are now gone. I miss you. While you just slipped away and went into eternal sleep you left all your loved ones behind to wonder what we could have done to change things. I now see the change was within you. I recently have been face to face with this HORRIBLE MONSTER, as my own daughter was using. I chose to fight this Devil and pull her back. But still every single day I’m scared to death for her.



RIP Larae Hatch-Jackson Love u always. .Until we see each other again TAKEN TOO SOON.  LOVE auntie Jeanine Calderon. La Push Wa.


Felisha Larae Jackson

SUNRISE: March 7. 1987

SUNSET: September, 2015


Rest in peace Cody! I wish you had shared your struggle with me. I would  have been  able to  help. I miss your goofy grin. Please watch over those still suffering.


My son. My Jamie.The light of my life.Gone. Jamie was young and early in his addiction. First round of rehab and he was clean from January 4th until March 17th of this year.Jamie went to sleep and never woke up again.Overdose herion xanax and perks .

Rip sweet boy your daddy and I love you with all our hearts. We will never forget you baby boy. And Mommy promises to do whatever she can to help the next addict…. the next mom and dad…….


A commemoration my father who accidentally overdosed Dec 30, 2007.

Your daughters miss you every day and do everything we can now to help others struggling.



Larger than life, full of life and personality. Not one person had a bad thing to say about Carl if you really knew him.

He fought the fight of addiction for ten years he compared it to a bully always going back for another fight and losing again.

This generation didn’t no any better they were the oxy80 generation the lost generation who thought they were experimenting with another club drug.

To find out HERION robbed you of everything there was nothing HERION didn’t take. It send him to prison many times for detoxes, send him to detoxes, send him out of state his Mom paying large sums of money for treatment, sectioned several times. The generation that had limited help.

I would give it all to have Carl back today. If only. His presence was infectious. His presences brought you happiness full of jokes.

He left a beautiful baby boy Giovanni the light of his life along with a loving family who misses him like it was yesterday.

Carl you will forever be in our head and our hearts we love you to the moon and back 100 times.


My name is Julian Denny. I am a 27-year old male, with 15 months of sobriety, for the first time in my life. I am here to remember my two friends, Ty and Austin. One from Heroin and the other from Benzos. Me, I have had Narcan used on me and came back angry because they brought me back. I was such a numb fool. I had my heart stop once at 16 from a DXM OD and ever since that day…I couldn’t find “Real Peace”. With the help of MN Adult and Teen Challenge, I am turning my life around by digging deep into my mind and dealing with core issues. I have been working with a prevention group called Know The Truth. We are given the opportunity to go into schools and tell our stories of addiction to students. I am grateful for the opportunity to reach even one teenager, to prevent one more sad story from happening. I am grateful for another chance at life.


I lost my brother, my best friend, my protector, a piece of my life I will never get back. At the hands of his “friend” who left him for me to find and try my damndest to bring back. I love you bub! You’re smile, spirit, and strength are living on in not only me, but the boys and your boy. You touched many, many lives and meant the world to us all. Forever waiting for my family to be back together for one more bonfire!!!!!


My beautiful son Drew Alexander Lighthall died of an accidental Tramadol overdose on August 5, 2015. He was so much more than the cause of death stated on his death certificate. He was the light of my life and a part of my heart. He was my smile, my laugh and all that was good. He was the most generous soul you could have ever met. When he loved he loved deeply and fiercely. I miss him with all my heart and soul. I want people to know that one moment in time (his overdose) does not define who he was in this world and who he was to me. I want people to know you don’t have to be an addict to overdose accidently and you don’t have to be what they consider a typical addict. Drew is and will always be my Booger Bear.


I lost the love of my life Adam Farley. 06/08/2015. He was my best friend in the whole world. He had been an addict off and on since he was 18 years old and died of an overdose at 36.  Miss and love him everyday.


My Dear Mate Cameron,

You were a good guy and taken oh far too soon. I think of just what a kind and gentle man you were. We used together, tried to get clean with each other. We managed to get into some right old scrapes and we laughed hard and we laughed long. The last time I saw you I walked you down to Bethnal Green tube station for you to travel over to Paddington to get your train home, I had no idea I’d never see you again. Well my friend you live on in my memories vividly and you’re thought of oh so fondly. Rest in peace my buddy, you’ll never be forgotten.


It’s been 5 months since we lost you to this terrible addiction our lives will never be the same without you. Our prayer is that you are safe and happy once again our loss is certainly heavens gain. Your smile will forever be etched on our heart and you our dear Candie will never be forgotten. We will always love you…always!

David and Esther

My son Jeff Hyde (J) died from a heroin overdose 4/14/2015 at the age of 32.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and I miss him so.  I wish I could hug him and see his beautiful smile and dimple again.  We love him so, and pray for peace light and love.  I hope others can be saved from education and awareness and a change in the laws in Texas and other states for friends to be able help those that have overdosed and also to provide better access to rehabilitation programs.  In his memory I am attending the event in Austin Texas to try to save others.  Prayers go out to those that fight every day to remain sober and to those that lost their lives.  May we all learn more and work towards the better good.


We need to pay tribute to the number

41000 drug overdoses that occurred in 2015 Including national figures and very average People .

We need to remember all those who lost their lives from OD May god Rest Their Souls in Peace Let’s strive to eradicate this evil of drug Addiction once and for all .


In loving memory of Tommy Arnold.  Addiction does not care how you were raised, what color you are, how smart you are or how much money you have. This has to stop and it will only stop by more awareness and early prevention.


My beautiful brother Craig you left too soon. I miss you every day and still can’t believe I’ll never see your silly grin again.

I love you Bruv



Monique. I love you and will never forget you. I hope you are free and at peace. Greg X


My son Richard died November 2, 2010 of an overdose. I love and miss you so much. It’s taken me all this time to be able to listen to music without crying,  You were such a wonderful person. Kind and Humble is the song that I listen to now that reminds me so much of you.  Your Dads with you now and I know you both are happy. We who are left behind are loving and missing you both everyday. We will all be together someday! Until we meet again, know you both were loved, are loved and will always be loved! Love never dies!


Jamie Earl O’Hara

April 22 1970- May 14 1998

To the love of my life. I miss you everyday.

Until we meet again.

I love you.



Cody James,24, took ONE Methadone pill on Sept 2,2004.That ONE PILL KILLED HIM.Love IS Eternal and I , Cody’s Mom, will fight this epidemic till my last breath, even after. This Brutal Epidemic is a genocide against our loved ones. Sign me, Warrior Mom?


My 31 year old daughter Lisa lost her battle with heroin on April 13, 2015.   I love you and miss  you more than words could ever say.  I will see you again.


> Brandon was born on June 21, 1991 along with his twin sister, Blair. He had an ever-present smile and an outgoing personality & he loved to make people laugh. He was a fiercely loyal friend who could be depended on. He loved sports , especially golf and basketball. Brandon had a great love for animals, growing up with a houseful of dogs and cats. His happiest times were those spent with family , who affectionately called him “BUBBA”. Brandon fought with courage and determination to overcome the disease of substance use disorder, but tragically on November 3, 2015 , heroin took his life. Our hearts are forever broken, but we know that Brandon is safe and sober at home in Heaven with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. ” Though youths grow weary and tired , And vigorous young men stumble badly, Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.”  Isaiah 40:30-31


Dear Peter,

You are always in my thoughts and there seems to be a steady flow of reminders of you each day.

The Allman Brothers are on the radio & I know you were a fan, along with The Beastie Boys & Bob Dylan & so many other great bands. You had a real feeling for music.

The Cohen Brothers have another movie coming out & I know you’d want to check that out.

It’s football season again. You had to cope with not only The NY Jets, The NY Giants but The NE Patriots too.

I drive by the beach & see some guys out there fishing and I always think of you.

Sometimes I’ll find myself reading the Fishing Report in the Falmouth Enterprise or The Cape Cod Times. One article was about Stripe Bass unexpectedly returning to some area again. What would you have thought about that?

One day, a couple of years ago, I found a very tiny turtle in the yard. He seemed so out of place. I picked him up & brought him across the street to the Bird Sanctuary, where I hoped he’d be safe.

And near some water.

I thought he was a sign from you.


Aunty Cindy


“Overdose” it’s an ugly and powerful word. Drug overdoses are affecting more and more families at a rapid pace. Drug overdoses are one of those deaths that families seem to mourn in private due to the stigma, guilt, and shame. In 2014 alone nearly a HALF a MILLION people died of a drug overdose. It’s the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.

Addiction does NOT discriminate. Addiction does however let you choose your poison. Maybe it’s alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or prescription opioids. Addiction doesn’t care if you’re rich, poor, what color your skin is, or if you’re male, female, Christian, Jewish, or atheist. A professional athlete, stay at home Mom, politician, waitress, rock star, factory worker, police officer, bartender, or a CEO. It doesn’t care how much or how little education you have. Addiction knows NO boundaries.

On February 7th, 2016 my brother Scott was another casualty due to a Drug Overdose. After his autopsy we were initially told that Scott died of heart related issues at the age of 46. Seven weeks later I got the dreaded call that his death was due to a massive cocaine overdose. Was it a shock? Yes and No. Yes, because it was our family’s worst nightmare come true. No, because it had been a 25+ year battle that Scott and my family has been fighting even after multiple unsuccessful attempts in rehab.

It was Superbowl Sunday, and I was at my daughter’s house helping her get ready for her party. As I was leaving I saw Rick driving down the street towards me. He parked his car, got out, and told me to go back in the house. Not knowing why and thinking this was ridiculous I followed him back into the house. Little did I know, few minutes later my life changed forever. He gently told me, “Your brother has died and we need to get to the hospital.”

After we arrived at the Hospital and the first thing I did was talk to the police officer that was called to his home. I wanted every detail he could give me. Someone then escorted us to the room where my Mom and family had started to gather.

The vision of my 90-year-old Mother sitting in a wheel chair sobbing uncontrollably after finding out that her baby had just died is something I hope I NEVER have to experience as a mother.

At this point the shock still had the best of me and now I wanted to see Scotty for myself. I found a nurse and asked if I could see him. She showed me to a room and told me to take all the time I needed. I walked into the room and saw Scott lying there so peaceful and still. My first reaction was to start shaking him and that’s what I did. I viciously shook him trying to wake him up as I was crying and pleading, “Scotty wake up, wake up Scotty, we have so many things left unsaid, and it wasn’t supposed to end this way.” At some point I stopped shaking him and started rubbing his bald head and face just sobbing because reality finally had hit. He was gone, I didn’t get to clear the air, say goodbye, or tell my little brother that in spite of everything I really did love him. I bent down, gave him a few kisses on his dimpled cheeks and forehead and told him that I was sorry and that I loved him one last time.

Society labels people like Scott a loser, and I like many others used the term towards him myself. The last couple years of his life I was so ANGRY at him for what he was doing to himself and to our family I really didn’t want anything to do with him until he got his life together.

In 2014 I was hosting Christmas for my family. I told my Mom I didn’t want Scott at my house period. After I thought about my harsh words, I put my feelings aside and I thought about how sad I had made my Mom, excluding one of her children from a family function on Christmas. My heart eventually started to warm a little bit as I changed my mind and said Scott could come. I kept reassuring myself that he probably won’t come as usual. Much to my surprise Scott showed up that day. As we were opening our gifts Miles, my grandson, who was 3 at the time out of the blue said in front of everyone, “Gigi, Hug him!” I thought to myself did I hear him right? Then one more time he said, Gigi, hug him!” as he pointed to Scott. At that point he had the attention of all 36 of us in the room that day. The first thing out of my mouth was, “where did that come from?” My niece Amy was first to respond, “Jesus told him to say that!” I looked at my Mom who had tears in her eyes as we both stood up and gave each other a big hug. I totally believe Jesus did use Miles to start the very slow mend between Scott and I that day. I’m still at a loss how a three-year-old just knew something was wrong with his Gigi and Uncle Scott.

Another year or so on this addiction roller coaster and out of pure anger, frustration, and love I started to write Scott a letter explaining my frustrations and fears about his addiction. Unfortunately, February 7th came before I was able to give him my letter. Perhaps one of you reading this will be able too take action and not wait until it’s to late.

As my busy summer is winding down, the last month I’ve had more time to think about all the pain, regret, and guilt I’ve had since Scotty’s death. I take one day at a time and have found that talking about his death and learning more about drug addiction and overdose has helped me. Because of my love for him I’ve decided to share his story with the blessings of my wonderful and STRONG 90-year-old mother. If we can help one family, one addict, or help break the stigma surrounding addiction and overdose it’s well worth all the raw emotions and fear of being so open to the world. Families need to know they’re not alone and it’s ok to talk about overdose and addiction. Don’t let he stigma surrounding this disease prevent you from action. Let our guilt, shame, hopelessness, despair, failure, and humiliation be a guide to raise awareness of this horrible epidemic plaguing our country and world.

Without God and a special friend who has been saying over the past year to, “Use your story as your platform to help and inspire others.” I never would have been able to write this. Thank you CB for the inspiration and courage you gave to me by those words and the strength they gave me to put all my fears aside and use my story to help others.

People with addictions, whether it’s drugs or alcohol, don’t’ wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I think I want to be an addict.” Roughly half of an individual’s risk for developing an addiction comes from genetics, while the other half comes from the environment. Even in individuals with a relatively low genetic risk, exposure to any addictive drug for a long period of time whether it’s weeks or months can result in an addiction. In other words, anyone can become an addict under the right circumstances. When a person is addicted to something they cannot control how they use it, and they become dependent on it to cope with daily life. People with an addiction, contrary to popular belief DO NOT have control over what they are doing, taking or using.

Wednesday August 31st is INTERNATIONAL OVERDOSE AWARENESS DAY. First thing I ask of each of you is to please say a prayer for those individuals and families affected by drugs and alcohol. Second, please do some reading on addiction and overdose and let’s work together to end the stigma that’s attached to addiction.

Heidi Geller


My beautiful twin daughter, at 29 years old, Casey Sanders, fought for years and finally lost her battle to a batch of heroin/fentanyl on 1/31/2016, leaving behind her beautiful 5 yr old daughter, her husband, her identical twin sister, and a large group of family and friends who will always remember her smile and the way she lit up a room. My heart is only filled with joy when I hold her baby girl in my arms.  Missing you terribly Casey, each and every second of my day.  I pray for all of the families affected with this demon that is killing our children.


Missing my beautiful son, Reagan “Ray” Thompson who died from a heroin overdose October 5, 2012 at the age of 20. He was a beloved son, brother, grandson and friend to so many. We have to do whatever it takes to end this epidemic that is stealing a generation of young people!


James Scognamiglio, son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, died from a heroin overdose on December 21, 2014.  He was 24 years old and was in no way shape form ready to leave this earth.  Heroin saw to it that he did.

Growing up and also as a young man, James Scognamiglio (J Scogs) was remarkably honest, trusting to the point of naïve, an extremely hard worker who was ALWAYS on time.  He was in landscaping and later hired by a hardscaping contractor in early 2014 and he discovered he really enjoyed the hard labor.  He took a lot of pride in his work.  He was a very talented guitar player who also mastered drums.  He loved rock music from the time he was a little boy and was a big Jimi Hendrix fan.  He was also a fantastic fisherman, and his dad’s best buddy in the boat.  He was a huge Giants fan and enjoyed watching games with his dad and yelling profanities at the screen.  Jim, his father, is left with the most enormous gaping hole in his heart and his existence in not having James here.  James was his oldest, his namesake.  His son and his best buddy.

James LOVED his food!    I could always count on James to call me or text me about what time dinner would be served and of course, what exactly is for dinner.  Mom desperately misses those texts.  Thanksgiving 2014 was the last major holiday we all spent together as a family.  I’ll never forget that perfect Thanksgiving of 2014.

He loved his heavy metal bands, and also hip hop and rap ~ Slip Knot, Eminem, Ozzy, SoulFly, his idol, Randy Rhodes.  He lifted weights and was incredibly strong.  He used amino protein drinks to boost his strength and potential.  James was also bullied from 6th through 12th grades, and as a result had very low self esteem and always wanted the approval of the “popular kids.”  The cruel mistreatment from his peers left a mark on him that would torment him on a daily basis. He desperately wanted a girlfriend and had goals of buying a nicer car and getting his own apartment. But his confidence issues always blocked him in actually getting a girlfriend. He was extremely handsome with green eyes, beautiful high cheekbones and a strong jawline.  Tall, and so physically fit.  James was beautiful inside and out.

James was also extremely impulsive and had a tendency to speed, earning a number of tickets.  In the summer of 2013, James was speeding home from hanging out at a friend’s house and was pulled over.  The officer smelled marijuana and searched his car, finding a pot pipe.  As part of his “sentence” James was sent to NA.  At NA, he made a number of great friendships, along with one deadly one.  A pretty girl with a history of heroin abuse became James’ “friend” and  introduced him to heroin.  From the paper trail left in his room, I saw that by late 2014, he was stopping in to Paterson to withdraw money from his bank account.   There was never any evidence of the danger that had walked into my home.  James never stole from us.  No money or jewelry ever went missing.  I never saw him “nodding out.”  No straws in his room.  No residue on furniture.  No glassine envelopes left behind.  Nothing.

After 3 days in ICU, we were informed that James had no brain activity and his vital organs had shut down.  He was clinically dead.  On December 21,2014, we ordered the ventilator to be shut off and our son died at 2:02 in the afternoon.

James is fiercely mourned by his mother, father, brother, grandmother, aunt, uncle and friends.  James, we will ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND REMEMBER YOU and MOM WILL CARRY YOUR MESSAGE TO THE GRAVE.  GOD BLESS YOU, SON.


I lost my son to a herion overdose on 10/04/15. He was 31, my oldest child. Not only did this addiction effect him, it effects everyone around the addict. My heart breaks more and more EVERYDAY that he’s not here. His siblings miss him terribly along wirh aunts,uncles, cousins and friends. He was loved by all. He was funny, caring, sensitive  a huge heart of gold.  This epidemic definitely needs some awareness. Never do I want another parent to have to bury their child. Please let’s make everyone aware of what an overdose can do!!!!


My brother died 5/19/14 from accidental overdose. He was only 25. He was such a good person. That was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I miss him so much. I pray that our loss is someone elses wake up call.


In honor of Justin Robinson who lost his battle to PTSD and addiction on 8/14/2016:  You were and will continue to be a light in the eyes of those who knew and loved you.  We thank you for defending our freedom and the freedom of others.  Your spirit will live on in your family and in your military family.  Know that everything you sacrificed will never be in vain and that we can’t wait to see you again in heaven.  Fly with the angels Justin.   oxooxoxox

Diane and Michael

To all those I lost n loved to an overdose ilu all an miss yall beyond any words can say nor any actions can display William Patterson Deserie Clark Nicole Foley


In loving memory of my beautiful daughter Amanda Angelucci  who lost her battle with addiction on October 1, 2015. I miss you every second of every day. I miss your larger-than-life personality your smile your laughter your presence. You are now forever at peace in the arms of The Lord. Sleep with angels baby girl until we meet again. Love You. Forever Amanda’s mom?


To my beautiful son, Corey Ian Seidel. You are and will always be , in our hearts forever. We miss you so much. Words can’t illustrate how broken hearted we are not to have you here with us right here and now. We know that you’re at peace and are with your departed friends and family. September 11th would have been your 25th birthday. We will honor and celebrate your life always. We love you so much now and forever.

Love you and rest in peace.

Mom Dad and Caitlyn


In memory of my son, William P. Cox, who fought the battle of addiction for too many years. On June 18th, 2015, worn out from what he viewed as an inescapable and losing battle, his pain so intense, he intentionally ended his life by both massive overdose (3 Opiates) and carbon monoxide. Not a day goes by that I do not miss him and wish things could have turned out different. Always in my heart, I love you and miss you, Will.


I would like to remember and honor my son, Travis Dean Brown, who died of a heroin overdose on June, 14, 2016.  Travis was a beautiful soul – one of kindest people on earth.  He struggled with addiction and tried hard to overcome his addiction.  Self medicating for depression and the need to feel loved and accepted.  The heroin won.  I feel so sad to have lost the boy of my heart.


Joseph My Son has Passed on December 31st 2015. He had battled addiction for the last 5 years. It started when he was hit with a tractor trailer while crossing the street.. Joseph my Son You are always on my mind…I miss you so much..The smile and Always Will Miss my Big Hugs You Gave Me..Joseph was 25-years old…


To my amazing son HUNTER, thank you for the 29 years of solid love, joy . we are all better people because of you. lola is amazing you would and I know are so proud of your daughter. I gave you life…you gave me the meaning! GOD BLESS MY QUAN XOX ♥♥♥ I LOVE AND MISS YOU BEYOND WORDS


My brother Sam Richert died of a heroin overdose February 4, 2015.  I just wanna say I miss you Sammy every second of every single day.


To all my friends that were taken to early i miss you i know your watching over us! Miss you Joey P., Nate”bubby”G., Jonny W., Mike J. and all you others. Way to young too go. My prayers go out to your families in hopes they find peace. This is serious its all fun and games till you put your eye out! Stay strong users this might not be the path we chose but only we can change direction.


Anthony Allen was 24 years young. We rode the addiction roller coaster in the front seat. I read every book, got a therapist and psychiatrist (for me). I visited his drug dealers to confront him and them (by myself), sham doctors (who prescribe suboxone to addicts to sell), drove him to rehabs, picked him up from the same after he got kicked out, etc. I did it all and then some! I wanted him back.

I loved my son more than life itself, I fought thinking I could “save” him. I couldn’t. His last text was to a dealer saying “I’m dying…” He didn’t know how literal those words were. He spent 12 days in ICU before we disconnected him from life support.

In the entire storm of his addiction and ultimate fate, I have one consolation – there were over 30 people at his hospice bedside telling him they loved him as he left us. I kissed him and held him when he came into this world and as he left it.

Addiction may have taken him, but it wasn’t without a fight. 12/17/91 – 2/11/16. Forever 24.



You will always be remembered for your quick wit and humor. We had some good times and you are missed. Love you, until we meet again!!!



Katie [ROSCO]–

It has been so long since I’ve seen your face or heard that loud, funny, obnixous laugh..There’s days I miss you so bad that all I can do is sit in silenced anger. In the early mornings, i catch myself looking at the little flashing light text notification..Hoping it’s you saying april fools [I miss that] and that you miss me too. This disease is CUNNING..BAFFLING..POWERFUL.. INSIDIOUS.. AND FATAL. If any of you reading this are actively using or have a loved one active in ANY addiction..there is a EASIER..SOFTER WAY. Try and get the help you NEED now..before its too late. I love and miss you Kaitlyn Rose, your truly missed. I promise to live out your legacy;  I am determined to carry the message to the addict still suffering (using or NOT).. <3


I just wanted to take a moment to remember my brother Richard Lemon who died of an overdose in November of 2010. I love you Richard. I miss you everyday and think about you all the time. We will see you soon….


My treasured 24 year old son, George Stankov died tragically in a relapse in New York City…. he lost his battle on April 12th 2013. I will be forever proud of my brave son, as I know he tried very hard to master his substance use disorder,  to gain control and get his life back… unfortunately he relapsed  and fell unto the subway tracks and was electrocuted by the third rail… the health care system failed him and he was stigmatized and labeled a throwaway… I watched him shivering laying on the hospital emergency floor in extreme withdrawals to which he was ignored for hours, as I sat there and cried… my son didn’t have insurance at that time and that invalidated him to compassionate care. 4 times I watched him pick himself up and do the best he could what what our Healthcare System could afford him but quite frankly 3 – 5 days detox and maybe 2 weeks is not enough time for an opiate addiction to even begin to heal… the Healthcare System currently is setting up those struggling with substance abuse disorder to fail and die… it was far too easy to give him the prescriptions to get him hooked then to give him care and get his life back with dignity… George Stankov was  a beautiful son, a hero to his sister, a loved cousin of 7, a valued friend by many and the love of one very special lady who would have married him. We honor you George!! May you fly free for eternity.


To my precious son, Ricky,

I am so proud of you for becoming a Marine because you wanted to. I am so proud of you for going to Afghanistan and fighting for my freedom because you wanted to. I am so saddened to lose you. I will never ever be OK again. I know you were struggling with PTSD and staying numb to deal with that. I am so disappointed that the VA would give you Benzo’s after being released from the VA hospital for alcohol withdrawal. I am so disappointed that your were also able to get hydrocodone and had 2 others with you the night you overdosed and no one called for help. You have a beautiful little girl (Madi) that will never know her daddy. She has a void in her heart and doesn’t even know that yet. Your life was just beginning at age 23 to die. I as your mom have a hole in my heart that will never be filled until we are together again.

I love you Ricky,



Rest in peace Neil Ross 14/05/1978-28/03/2016.  Forever in our hearts ❤.  I will miss you forever.  You fought so hard and we will miss your beautiful smile.  You had the biggest heart and had time for everyone.  The saddest thing is your beautiful boy Jayden wont grow up knowing you but your family will make sure he knows how much you loved him.  You have never left my mind since that day.


For my beautiful son, Izac who passed away in 2009 aged 20 from accidental prescription drug and alcohol overdose . Love always Mum


Michael Andrew Davies…aka Drew, passed away of a fatal heroin and fentanyl combined overdose on February 18,2016. The most beautiful soul on earth was taken from us because he could not overcome this disease. I love you Drew, you are my best friend and you encourage me through prayer and dreams to stay clean myself. I love you.


I miss my son Bobby so much. He passed away on August 6, 2011 from an accidental prescription drug overdose. He was on pain meds and took other pills with them. He was 28 years old. The loss of Bobby has left a big gapping hole in our family. He had a son who has had to grow up without his father. A sister who misses him and many family and friends. He had such a beautiful heart and smile. I love you Bobby ❤️


In tribute to my son, Charles Michael Hill who died of an accidental overdose on 10/08/15 to fentanyl prescribed by his physician to an addict.   No words other than an awareness that addiction is a disease in the purest form.  If I could offer any advice and reverse anything it would be to show him even more love outwardly instead of shaming him for the disease .  There is such a struggle with knowing the lines of tough love and enabling. I have the love I will always hold in my heart for a young fun loving just turned 21 year old that had struggled with this disease since an injury at 15, a long 6 year battle.  I am blessed with the memories of getting to know him again with 112 days clean that like he said many times Mom you go to rehab and dies high  came all too soon two weeks after getting out.  The struggle is so strong .. he is free to fly high now and leaves a legacy of a good-hearted humble guy that had the looks, brains and nature to charm any mothers heart. Gone too soon but his love will always remain strong  in my heart  my life’s forever changed. I love you my angel son, until we meet again.. forever 21.


I truly admire all that is being done for this day as someone that has struggled with prescription drugs due to an introduction by my wisdom teeth being removed at a young age, sounded like a good idea to me and my friends. Who knew what it could lead to you think we’ll lets just have a good time, let’s have some fun and the feeling stays with you and you chase it and one thing leads to another. I experimented with plenty in my time but this one stuck with me through several of my teenage years. Thankfully I was able to realize in time before I made it to heroin or other like drugs, but I decided and forced myself I was not this person and forced myself into solitary in order to get clean and to focus on my career. I did this know what this can lead to, in my hiatus I had 2 a of my best friends in life overdose on heroin and/opiates and I recognize and understand the struggle. There are few people in the world that can fight these types of impulses and I’m just thankful I was lucky enough to catch it in time. I’m no stranger to loss, my best friend committed suicide by gun in 2008, my best friends that followed we just what I needed to solidify the choice that I made and I just wish that I can help the next person before they get to the point my friends Paul Duarte, who overdosed in a hot dog restaurant in Fall River, Ma; and my other best friend the following year in 2015 Chris Oliveira who over dosed in his apartment, in New Bedford, Ma. All of these events were devasting to me and its taken me many years to come to terms with them but I hope people read this and understand addiction is real. This is not a game especially the younger crowd that can see this and read the signs before it gets to that point and realize there is another way out. Thank you for listening this has been the most I have talked about it in my life and I hope it helps others that may be in the same situation before it gets too far.


I am approaching the first anniversary of my son’s death on 9/2/15. Ironically, I last saw him alive on 8/31/15. He was my first born and my only son. He was 23 years old, and lost his life 15 days before his 24th birthday. I lost his father, my husband, six years prior. I find solace in knowing they are now together. My son, Declan, denied being an addict. He used and abused drugs, sporadically, but was not addicted to anything. His drug of choice was marijuana. He was not known to be an IV drug abuser. He died from a suboxone overdose~provided by an acquaintances brother and prepared for injection by said acquaintance. After using, and being notably significantly altered by those who were with him, they all left and he was told to “go to sleep”. Well, he did . . . and never woke up. My son was attractive, fit, hard working, intelligent, compassionate,loving and had the biggest heart. He would do just about anything, for anybody, just to be helpful and loyal.  This past year has been hell for myself and my family. I expect this week will be particularly difficult. We are doing something to commemorate his life on 9/2/16. I am grateful for finding this site. My intention is to organize an educational event next year, in his memory and honor.  In loving memory of my beautiful boy, Declan Todd Tworek. You live forever, alive in my heart. I miss you terribly~~~


My son Casey passed away 9/17/15, 27, due a fentanyl overdose. Casey was  such a beautiful, caring and thoughtful person, I feel so sad he suffered the life of drug addiction.  My tears are for my son because his life was cut short due to addiction. My heart break is for me, my son, my family and the families affected by the horrific disease of addiction. A promise to my son Casey, (after I give myself some time to wrap my mind around what has happened), I will do something to help the beautiful souls who have fallen into the life of addiction.

A heartbroken mother who loved her son to death.

Casey, I will forever love and miss you, you will remain in my heart forever.



To my only beloved child, lost to a pure fenanyl overdose on January 8th, 2015 in Boston.  Stephen J. Deagle Jr. Was loving, brilliant, kind, warm and loving.  His loss has affected hundreds but especially me as his mother. The world I worked so hard to create for him, gone in an instant.  His addiction began with prescription drugs to treat pain from impacted wisdom teeth surgery gone wrong. Stephen fought for his life for 14 years, sadly here in the U.S. We are loosing a child to overdose every 4 minutes.  My broken heart cannot recover from the loss of such a beautiful and promising young man.  Forever in our hearts, I Love You Stephen and miss you every second of every day.  All My Love Always, Mom xox


My son, PETER, lost his life to the disease of drugs.    Life, love, energy, body and soul. All this taken away when someone becomes

“possessed” by addiction.  I wish it never happened but it did.  Every day his spirit moves me to try to be happy, not sad. To move forward and do positive things for other people, especially those struggling with drug abuse and addiction.  I still talk with my son every time I am alone or when I look outside at sky, earth and water.   I see the spirit and energy of PETER every day  and everywhere.  I love you Peter.  God bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is really tough for a mother who has lost a child to write a tribute. Thinking about losing your first born child brings on a lot of pain and anguish. Loss for me now is everywhere, but I have come to realize so, too, is love. And it is this love I want to remember and write about in my tribute.

My son, Jonathan, sometimes called Johnny by friends and family, in a word, was beautiful- both on the inside and outside. Johnny almost defies description; that is how totally awesome he was. If you met him, even for five minutes, you would never forget him. He was the quintessential extrovert. His friends could always count on him to get the party going. But, Jonathan was also a deep thinker, comfortable with showing his compassionate side, revealing his heart in both his words and actions.

To those of us who knew him, I think we would all agree he will be remembered by three things: his legacy of love, his joy of living, and his never give up attitude. Jonathan was as not afraid of what the world had in store for him. He was my hero.

Jonathan E. Squire, Jr. passed on January 12, 2015 by an accidental opioid overdose. He was 25 years old.


In memory of my precious son Nate White. I love you more every day!!  Mom


My one and only little brother Randy…. He was taken by this awful disease on 05-11-2012 Heroin overdose 24 years old my family never knew he even used getting the call that morning left me in shock I told the paramedic he has the wrong person! No! Not Randy! I was screaming I repeated myself over and over please check the ID on him again! needles!! What are you saying!!?? He was alone in a friends apartment off campus he was suppose to go to a class that morning…..he was to graduate the next month in June it has left my family shattered and constantly looking for answers we will never find, no understanding he was an A+ student at the University of Washington studying psychology he had family in Seattle and Family in California who talked and seen him regularly none of us seen the signs how did we miss this? As his oldest sister my life has been forever changed it breaks my heart every time I read about another’s loved one who’s life has been taken by an overdose I feel and know your pain… Rest in Peace my sweet Brother I love and miss you Randy


too all the addicts in or out of active addiction. be strong n move forward ur never alone dnt forget that!! RIP… Nathan, steady eddy and kristie-emus! ❤️


I lost my only son to addiction May 12, 2016. He was back with his ex wife and four year old daughter after two years apart. He was trying so hard to undo the ravages of this insidious disease. He lost the fight. I miss him so.


This is for one of the most magical person I have met, S.E.P. Thank you for opening up many eyes and being the awesome dude you were. You may be gone, but definitely never forgotten.


My boyfriend Neil passed away on 28/03/2016 from a drug overdose.  He has left his lovely family behind – his mum, nana, brothers, sisters in law, nieces, nephews, cousins and his two children Jayden and Stephanie.  He had turned his life around over the past year and was doing so well but unfortunately the craving was too much.  He is missed so much and there is a big whole in all of our lives now.  Not a day goes by that we don’t think about him.  He will be forever in all of our hearts. Xxxx


My nephew Joseph passed away on 7/5/16 from a heroin overdose in Chicago, IL. He was 27, we miss him and mourn him.


I lost my beautiful son to a heroin overdose on February 4 2016. I was blindsided when I learned of his struggle with addiction in August 2015   He entered rehab for 28 days then was placed in a sober loving house in Philadelphia. Did well for several months worked and attended meetings. On January 31 I sensed something was not right. On February 4 Jake  overdosed on a parking lot by himself and was not discovered until morning. This  is what will haunt me for the rest of my life. Police said there was bad heroin on street that night and there were several overdoses.  Jake was 28. He was a creative gentle soul. Graduated college with a degree in electronics media   Played several instruments  wrote and recorded his own music  he was loved by many.  Now our family struggles with Jake gone    I hope that by speaking out about my story and my struggle with grief that I can help someone else.  I am breaking the silence about this deadly desease !


Six months ago my beautiful youngest son died of an overdose of prescription drugs(dihydrocodiene) Daniel had been at university for only a term and a half, and had started to use drugs as part of university lifestyle.

He had also been taking cocaine, MDMA, and valium- all apparently easily bought on our streets.

We were completely unaware of his drug use, he came home at least once a month and was still the happy healthy boy that we knew.

Daniel was just 20 years old, he had his whole life in front of him, so many things he will never see or do.

Our lives have been shattered,I feel that I went around with my eyes closed as I was so unaware of what lay in wait on the streets of our towns and cities.

I would like to say to other kids out there – if you see someone struggling with drug use, TELL SOMEONE , if only someone had told us we might not be in this never ending nightmare now.


My best friend Mark Lowe died of a heroin overdose on April 4th 2014.

What saddens me more than anything else is the fact that one of the greatest men I ever knew was taken from us in such avoidable circumstances.

I will never forget you mate. In my heart and in my mind every single day. Rest in peace brother.


My brother Tim at 47 committed suicide, we found out after his death that the VA had been prescribing him 300 OxyContin a month!   I believe his death is a result of addiction and an overdose.  I have another brother suffering from addiction.  It’s a brutal disease that so many are effected by but so few understand!   We are forever changed by addiction!


I am posting for both my aunt – Pamela and my cousin (her son) – Brett. Both were diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and both died of an overdose within 7 months from one another.


Lost my son Brandon to an overdose on May 19, 2016. He was an amazing 29 year old. Loved sports, cooking and was the self proclaimed “best pizza maker of all time”. Brandon battled with addiction for 4 years and unfortunately lost his battle on that Thursday night. Life will never be the same without my son. RIP my boy….



On March 11, 2016, my son, Thomas died from a drug overdose. He was 22 years old. Thomas was my youngest child and my only son. He loved music of any kind. He struggled with coccaine addiction for about 4 years. Our family went through pure hell in dealing with his addiction. I would gladly do it all over again if it meant that he could come back. People often comment, why didn’t he just stop? We learned through our son’s time in rehab that it’s not that simple. He tried and tried but in the end the addiction was stronger than he was. No one can truly understand the mind of an addict. I just know that walking in my son’s room and finding him dead is something I will never get over.


I lost my sister February 14,2014 overdose she was only 26. Then I lost my husband on July 4,2015 to a herion and meth overdose. I woke up to find him dead. God spared my life for a reason. This has made me a stronger person.


We lost our only son, Jimmy, from a heroine overdose December 26, 2014. He was on his way home from working in Florida to spend Christmas with his son JJ. He overdosed in a  West Palm Beach Airport bathroom stall. We did not know until after my husband went to the airport to pick him up at 10:00pm Christmas Eve. His bag came home but not him. The medics brought him back but he was without oxygen so long that he was basically brain dead. I had to fly by myself Christmas Day to the hospital where he was placed on a ventilator. His heart failed at 4:20am on the 26th and I had to tell the Drs to stop. THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING A MOTHER WOULD HAVE TO DO.

We miss Jimmy so much everyday and some days the hurt is so bad we don’t know how we are going to make it through the day.  But somehow we do. I had a tattoo placed on my wrist that says “Just for Today”. Jimmy no longer has to repeat it, I do.  We keep his memory alive as much as we can for his son who will ask us “can we go visit daddy today, at the cemetery, because I really miss him❤️”? What a way for him to grow up!!  WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH JIMMY. Please help others beat this nasty disease and stop other families from going through this terrible heartache!???


April 2, 2016 my son Rob died of an overdose.  He took a lethal dose of pure fentanyl after he bought what he thought was heroin.  He had been clean until his dentist prescribed him Vicodin for pain and although he could have said no, the addiction was to powerful.  That coupled with losing his truck to an accident and what seemed to him to be the beginning of a string of bad luck, he gave in to the addiction.  It’s a horrible beast to fight and  he was in a constant battle but he was winning… Until that last purchase… That last numbing high that he thought he could control … I cannot tell you how much I miss him.  There are no words to describe the pain.  I speak loudly now about the drug prescription abuse doctors just freely prescribe… Never looking at the root cause … It is a sad state of affairs we live in today… They let drug dealers walk free without even a glance toward the people they hurt … I trust in God that Rob is one of his angels now helping those he loved from beyond … I Love you Rob…


This is for my only child , my son Johnny Mac Baum. Herion took his life 3 years ago. He was only 27. Mommy misses you so much son. U we’re the best. I pray the good Lord above does away with all the garbage dealer’s that are out there. Something has to give. PLEASE stop people before death becomes you and or your families.God Bless us all


I lost my son on May 4, 2-16 to an overdose.  He was a shining star in so many lives.  He had 16 months of amazing recovery.  Sadly, after a mental breakdown and no help from his insurance company he relapsed and overdosed in our home.  I hate this disease and hate this epidemic so much.  I miss my son everyday and my heart breaks for all families that are going through this, or that may lose someone they love.  Stop the Stigma, get them the help they need


My dearest dad miss u each and every day got taken from 12 years ago miss u lots not a day goes by at all without a thought of u xxx


I lost my son, Daniel Thompson to a heroin overdose on December 11, 2015. His baby girl turned 1  on December 17,2015. He won’t be here to watch this precious baby grow up. It’s still so hard for me to believe that my baby son is gone.


Tommy McGee, our beautiful son. He was best friend, loyal, kind hearted and loved dearly. We miss you so much, our hearts bleed every day without you.


Paul my son my best pal thinking of you every day  xxxpk7m


Jamie,  You disease of addiction took you from this Earth.  It will never take away my love for you.  I miss you every moment every day.  Rest in peace my sweet baby girl until we are together again.  Love, Mom ♡♡♡


In memory of Joey Dempsey… My brother, a son, uncle, daddy and friend.RIP 4-28-15 Until we meet again…

I dont do it for you but in memory if you #ODAAT 10/16/16 Ily xoxo

Daina N Dempsey

Remembering Mark York. You were larger than life.  I hope your kids and family never doubt how much you loved them.  I know nothing else matters to you Brother. I’ll see you again.


This is a tribute to my youngest son, Aldo (AJ), who passed away on July 22, 2013 from an overdose.  He actually overdosed on July 20th, but because he was an organ donor, he was kept on life support for an additional 2 days.  He saved 4 lives by donating 5 organs! (Liver, heart, kidney and pancreas and another man received his other kidney!). We all miss him terribly…definitely a large void in all our hearts these days.  But because we have so many wonderful memories of AJ, and So much love for him, he will live on forever in each of our hearts! Love you forever….


My son Nick battled heroin addiction on and off  for 9 years before dying of an overdose on February 14, 2016. There needs to be greater emphasis placed on affordable long term rehabilitation for our loved ones. Nick was a loving, funny, and talented person. I miss so much.


In memory of my nephew, Ryan. “Tell me, did you make it to the milky way?” Love you forever and ever…you will never be forgotten.


We lost our precious 21-year-old son, friend and brother three years ago to an accidental overdose. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think of our beautiful Shane Michael Gibson,  with so much love in our hearts but our hearts are truly broken  Shane touched so many people both in his life and in his passing. Now his sister and I,  are holding the first overdose awareness walk in Durango.   With only one week to prepare it is both overwhelming and exciting to bring people together to learn more about overdose and new hope with education and enlightenment   May God always give us strength, faith, hope and love. Deb


Michael was just 17, my baby boy. He was a world class BMX racer and loved by all who knew him. He overdosed on Oxycontin while trying to kick a cocaine habit. Miss him everyday. Mom


A tribute to my loving son Steven Register who decided that fighting his heroin addiction was too great and gave up all hope when he took his life 6 months ago. He is now forever 25 and in Heaven. Your mom, sisters, grandma and other family loved you more than you could have ever known. You were the greatest son I could have ever been given full of undeveloped potential. I love you with an everlasting love, only our Father in Heaven loves you more than I do. I miss you and have cried every day since you left this old world. I am sending a hug, a great big huge hug like you taught me to you today. My life will never be the same without you. I have begun painting and I call my it “Art inspired by Steven”. You were so talented in so many ways, I am so sorry life here was so hard for you. Love you forever, I can’t wait to see you again one day! Love, your Mom


My Lil Brother Roger was lost

To heroin on this date ! I’ve never been the same ! My heart was broken into a thousand pieces ! Pleased pray for them !


I lost my brother to a drug overdose on 4/10/16 and life has not been the same since. We miss him terribly.  This is such a tragic & awful way to die.  His addiction started years ago and developed from the use of opioid pain killers from chronic foot pain.  He is no longer suffering from his pain and his addiction however he was only 40 years old and did not at all deserve to die so young.  I miss him every day of my life.


My Sons have battled with Heroin for many years I lost my middle son AJ Peters to a meth/ heroin combo overdose January 7 2015 he was the kindest person his life here was cut short. His older Brother still battles the Heroin. I struggle through life without my sweet AJ here. My heart and soul yearn for him. There aren’t words to describe life after loosing your child to an overdose. Fly high my sweet Angel AJ LOVE MOM


I lost my brother to an overdose of heroin on February 20,2016. He was a brilliant and very successful 45 year old man. He had held a job with the State of South Carolina for more than 20 years as a meteorologist.  His death did not have to happen.  Help is available. He just did not reach out for it. I, myself, am a recovering addict and have been for 11 years so I know first hand what the disease of addiction is like.  He was playing with fire that night and why he did not pick up the phone and call me is beyond my comprehension. He always called me when he felt himself heading for trouble.  I am torn to pieces over his death and want to help raise the public’s awareness of overdoses. I never, ever thought it would happen to someone that I loved. It has hit me like a ton of bricks, and I will never get over his death.


Your life cut short at 19, one day before your 20th birthday by a fentanyl overdose.  You had no knowledge that it was fentanyl,  you didnt plan to leave us.  You were trying to finish school, stay sober, and makae better choices. You had lost soul tatooed on your knuckles.. my angel, my son.  You are lost no more.

Jeffrey Filteau 10/31/1995-10/30/2015


In loving remembrance of my son, Tobin Nash Nelson Nichols, 07/30/1979 – 02/13/2011.  You are in my heart daily and always.  I love you.


I love and miss you so very much Mallory. I will be with you again someday. ❤️?


My son Ryan John Moylan (30) lost his battle with addiction on 6/11/16. My son left behind 2 children Cayden 12 and Ryan 6 and Nick 11 his bonus son.  I grieve everyday for my son and my tears wil never stop. Everyday I fought to keep him alive only to lose him because 2 people didn’t call 911. Although he was an addict he was a good person and would help anyone.i will miss his goofy smile and treasure the time I had with him.. Rest in heave my sweet boy and have fun with Grandma?????


we are all,friends and family , sadly grieving about 29 y.o. ROMAN BAYTALSKY,who overdosed himself on August, 4,2016 in Florida.,even after prolonged rehabilitation in Israel about 11 months, and staying in soberhouse living for about 3 months.

RIP,dear Roman

You will be missed always.


In memory of Austin Calhoun, Allison Edwards, and Nikki Jones, who all died from heroin overdoses, and to my old friends, Jimmy Williams and Jabbo Morfeu from Tennessee, who died from cocaine overdoses years ago.  Also, to my old friends, Joey Teel, who died in a car wreck as a result of drugs, and Gordon Luthi, who took his own life due to his drug addiction.  May you all rest in peace.  You are not forgotten.  Also, a second tribute from me to my son, Nick Altman, who died from a heroin overdose on November 17, 2015.  I love you my son, and will always keep you in my heart.  Life for us all is just not the same.  Love always, Mom


My beautiful daughter Harmont Amour passed on January 18, 2016 of heroin and amphetamine overdose at 34 years young.  She left four children ages 16, 3,2 and 1.  She was a loving, kind hearted, fun loving girl with a big smile and contagious laugh.  I miss her beyond comprehension.  I’m raising my 16 year old granddaughter who cries for her mom.  Together we grieve her, honor her and love her.  Rest in peace my beautiful baby girl.


My precious son Jeffrey Lee-Linton Kern lost his battle with Heroin on July 6  in the early hours of the morning as we slept. Too painful to describe.


To my son Benjamin Michael Fisher.  I am so sorry you died alone that night.  I have the blanket you died on.  I sleep with it.  It was the piece of home you took with you when you left after rehab.  I failed you as a mother.  I will never forgive myself.  The research I have done since your death,  I should have done when you we’re alive.  I sit here and wonder did you know how much I love you when you died?  Or did you feel alone and unloved?  I can’t feel you around me.  I find feathers and pennies and convince myself you are saying hello.  I will never be the same without you.  You are my son , my little boy… A man who never could see just how wonderful and perfect you we’re.  I have now educated myself about the torture of every day living you suffered.  I’m sorry.  I’ll love you for always.


In memory of my forever 32 son, Timothy Toman who passed from accidental OD of the evening of 6/21/2016 You are missed by all…??mom


Always & forever remembering my awesome daughter Ericka Joeann Griffin. 25 yrs young, ended her struggle in 2012, with a speedball. She was wonderful & I will always be encouraged by her kind nature & love for all. ♡}¡{♡kk3f


Joshua was an amazing guy he would give the shirt off his back if he cared for you. We all miss Josh more than anything and it breaks our heart he cannot be here because of this disease. In remembrance of Josh we have started a Recocery Resource Community in his name to help prevent anyone else from dealing with the pain his family and friends have delt with. Joshua Lacasse you are always in our hearts and on our minds we will never forget the man you always were, and we will always miss you dearly. We love you Hun hope you are flying high with the angels up in heaven. Xoxoxoxox


I took guardianship of Ryder December 22.both of his parents were 5 months,mom: detox 2 X’s rehab 2x’s sober living overdose and sober living. His father,sober 10 months car job circles by family and friends meeting 6 days a week.weekly visits with Ryder.My complete hope! He hooked back up with Ryder’s mom,3 weeks stoled money from grandparents on the run 1 overdose kept running out of shame,final overdose May 29. I was devastated.this was temporary.a couple months.ryders family doesn’t want him.i get no funding because I’m not family.struggling in so many ways.his family doesn’t help,has offered but not seeing what my needs are. I won’t ask.i made a promise to Ryder’s dad. I am angry and scared,a single mom but I understand. My son is 8,he has no father. Ryder is left alone.he’ll be more scared.Maybe we were meant to be together.Maybe love will be enough.i wish it was enough for Ryder’s dad.but addiction took over.i don’t blame the drugs,not one of the four that took him.i just miss him so much. I just try to understand.I won’t talk about his weaknesses or question why.i will remember how beautiful he looked holding his son in his arms.No drug addiction or body bag will take that from me. R.j.Parker died May 29, his son is survived and loved by me,not family nor friend just me,momma linda


My Best High School Friend Michael Whitcomb Heroin OD 2014. He just got out of a treatment center and was going to move in with me in a sober transition home. Went back out the night before he moved in and over dosed in a garage all by himself. I miss him, he’s been a huge part of my almost 4 years sobriety.

Miss and Love you Brother


The love of my life passed seven years ago when my daughter was four.  Answers aren’t there,  closure no where in sight. It’s hard to understand. I love and miss him so much.  My daughter is having a hard time remembering him.  I have a few videos and pics 1000th ankle goodness.


My son died at 23 years old of an overdose. His name was Kenny. He was my best friend and he lit up every room he entered. My life has changed so very much as did his brothers who looked up to him and adored him. Kenny was special and had so much to offer this world. I would like to wear silver in honor of his light that burned out on 4-23-11.


Our wonderful son, Adam, lost his life to a heroin overdose in 2012 at 22 years old. Our hearts are broken and there is not a day that goes by that we don’t think about Adam. His brother is suffering daily, losing his only sibling. He was such a positive light in all of our lives. He was so funny and everyone loved being around him. He hated heroin and wanted to stop, but the craving was just too strong. After 150 days of not using heroin-he lost his battle. Life will never be the same. Forever Young-Forever in our Hearts!



We all miss you terribly.  You have left a hole in our hearts.

Your mother aches for you as does your sister.

I sit back and watch the quake of devistation left in your untimely exit.

Watch over your mom and sister and touch their hearts when you can…whisper that your still with them in their dreams and forever their hearts…I love you


Remembering Trevor, Danny,  Christina and Josh. Just to name a few. #neveralone


I am remembering Kelly Best, my daughter’s best friend,  who died from a fentanyl overdose January 3, 2015 at the age of 19.  I am also thinking about his brother Kayle who is battling addiction.


Every day I wake up and remember that you’re gone, but I won’t let this heartache consume me. You taught me that family will always be there to catch me when I fall, and you were right. Your memory is alive in our hearts and we will carry you with us everywhere we go. Michael, I will miss your smile, your sincerity, and your kindness today and every day until we are together again in heaven. Love, Mo


My sweet nephew.  Where to begin,  I do not know, but how I feel,  I sure do know.   Every waking hour to every single day, my heart  holds onto the handprint  you imprinted in my heart.  Your beatiful smile,  your loving hugs,  your warm heart, kissing your cheek, that is what I hold inside my heart.  I love you,  I miss you, I will never forget you.   Until we hug, smile and kiss on the cheek once again,   “Fly high my sweet Angel, for you are forever in my heart.”


My sweet sister Donna miss you everyday


Prince ~ forever in my life ?


My only son Derek lost his fight to his addiction to herion. He struggled for at least six years on and off. In and out of rehab. He was clean for about two months. One dose of what he thought was herion…it had fentanyl mixed in the herion. One does was all it took to take our sweet loving son and brother away.  He was found in a parking lot on a rainy October night. He was 23 years young. So young for an addiction of a horrible drug. We miss him deeply. But his struggles with addiction are over. He is at peace. Mom, dad, sister, and an abundance of extended family miss you and your smiles. Godspeed. Love your new journey.  June 17 1992 – October 3 2015 ???


Please look at the signs in the beginning, dont pretend it is not there! Get them in Rehabilitation as quick as you can ! When they come home dont think it’s all over. we pray that they will be strong!!   Try to get a overdose kit with them , this is a monster taking over our children and loved ones!! My son had so much to live for , home just one week to the day!! Left three beautiful children fatherless,  and his wife fighting for her life every day !!


Miss each and everyday dad


My beautiful daughter lost her life at the age of 19 – laying alone in her car. She thought she could sleep it off. She didn’t want to die.She tried over and over to get healthy – and felt like a failure with every relapse. Brooke was a fighter. She is my hero. I miss her every single day, more and more it seems.  We need to educate our children at a young age! The stigma that surrounds an addict is killing them! Addiction is Real. It doesn’t discriminate. The moment you think it cant happen to you, or yours — think again.  In memory of my daughter – Brooke Erin Simmers —


And then, it happens. One of those unimaginable things happens. And, it happens to you  ! For me, that unimaginable thing came to me through a phone call. It was a Saturday afternoon on July 25th 2015. It was my daughters voice. She told me that her brother my son had died. And then, she told him that it was a heroin overdose.

I lost my only son . I am devastated beyond belief !

Anyone who ever met my son Patrick was taken instantly by his heartfelt smile and quick sense of humor. Patrick was kind and he loved his family. He brought life everywhere he went. Patrick made a lot of good choices in life, and he made some very bad ones as well. A day came that Patrick was introduced to a very dark path which brings us to where we are today. Patrick struggled for years against and with his addiction . Countless times through clear eyes he wanted to so desperately stop, but the strength of the addiction like for most, was too big of a burden to bare, and on July 25, 2015 the addiction defeated Patrick in a most devastating way. Know for the rest of my life is just this is just unimaginable, unbelievable,unbearable.

Patrick was my son but most importantly he was my friend. Please treat all your family members with respect! Patrick only wanted respect he had enough shame to deal with.

miss you Buddy

love Mom

Please keep the fight going ! Don’t be ashamed to ask for help ! It’s to late for my son !! But it’s not to late to get help scream  for  help. our children deserve better.


My dear sweet friends…all gone too soon…Frank, Nadine, Louise and my sweet Mother in Law Bernie…life would be better if you were all still here….all addicted…all seeking help…all never complying with the program…all defiant…i stand here with almost 6 years plus clean and sober and i can tell you this…life in recovery is better then life in the dirt…rest in peace.


In loving memory of my nephew, Kristopher David Farmer. You will be forever loved and missed.


To my mommy, I’ll never be able to understand but I have learned to accept. I miss you. Ill love you forever. To my cousin Corey I thought I could save you, you showed me there’s no saving anyone but yourself I’ll never forget the times we shared or the lessons learned I love you. To a aunt another cousin and many friends heroin has taken all these lives from my children my family and myself.. END ADDICTION ???


Shane Michael Gibson, 21 years young.  Our wonderful son, brother and friend.  Not a day goes by that we don’t miss your handsome face, infectious smile, warm and caring heart.  Your passing was not in vein as you have touched so many lives and taught so many.  May we continue to honor you by bringing awareness to the struggle of addiction and overdose, but also the possible prevention.  We love you and miss you more than words could ever express.  LOVE, faith and strength.


Corey will always be remembered as the nicest most caring guy. He had a way of showing everyone what is important in life. His smile and good will to others was just amazing. Sometimes when I think of him I wonder how things like this could happened to such good hearted poeple, but I guess that just shows that it could happen to any addict who is still active in their addiction. One relapse and it could be over. I will miss you corey and I know there are MENY others that will too…


We lost our son, Mark, 3 years ago yesterday.  This has been the roughest year yet. Not sure why.  Mark loved life. When he met people for the first time his smile and jovial attitude charmed everyone. He loved to see the people he loved to be happy.  He loved adventure.  When his dear fried died of an overdose, he helped to organize a huge memorial in the park for him.  Then Mark passed away 3 months later from an overdose, after being clean for 2 years.  He was to be engaged the day he died.  We will never forget his love for his family and how hard he fought his addiction.  We are so proud of the strength he had to fight.


For my love Steve who passed away in April. Hoping he is finally at peace.


My beloved Patrick,

And then, it happens. One of those unimaginable things happens. And, it happens to you  ! For me, that unimaginable thing came to me through a phone call. It was a Saturday afternoon on July 25th 2015. It was my daughters voice. She told me that her brother my son had died. And then, she told him that it was a heroin overdose.

I lost my only son . I am devastated beyond belief !

Anyone who ever met my son Patrick was taken instantly by his heartfelt smile and quick sense of humor. Patrick was kind and he loved his family. He brought life everywhere he went. Patrick made a lot of good choices in life, and he made some very bad ones as well. A day came that Patrick was introduced to a very dark path which brings us to where we are today. Patrick struggled for years against and with his addiction . Countless times through clear eyes he wanted to so desperately stop, but the strength of the addiction like for most, was too big of a burden to bare, and on July 25, 2015 the addiction defeated Patrick in a most devastating way. Know for the rest of my life is just unimaginable, unbelievable,unbearable.

Patrick was my son but most importantly he was my friend. Please treat all your family members with respect! Patrick only wanted respect he had enough same. I miss you Buffy, love Mom

Please keep the fight going ! Don’t be ashamed to ask for help ! It’s to late for my son !! But it’s not to late to get help scream  for  help. our children deserve better.


Daniel (Danny) Schulz, 25

By Rick and Petra Schulz, with excerpt of the Lives Lived Column published the Globe and Mail on July 3, 2014.

Chef, musician, friend, lover of great food and wine. Born on Jan. 13, 1989, in Edmonton; died on April 30, 2014, in Edmonton, after suffering a relapse on the road to recovery from addiction, aged 25.

Danny Schulz was born on a cold winter day, one that did not foretell the warmth that he would bring to all who knew him. As the youngest of three children, he had to learn to make his place in the family. His parents first got the idea that he was a bit different when, asked what he would like for his third birthday, he replied, “A cactus.” Danny’s big heart made him sensitive, both to people and to the world around him. It was this sensitivity that made him so creative. He learned to play guitar, both acoustic and electric, and drums; to write lyrics; and later, much to the surprise of his family, to sing beautifully. He often provided vocals in jam sessions with his friends, one of his favourite pastimes.

While in high school in Edmonton, he came out. Of course, his brothers and friends knew long before his parents were told. But even with an accepting family, being gay means facing adversity. Around the same time, Danny discovered a passion for cooking and began working in restaurants. He was inspired and encouraged by the talented chefs with whom he worked, and in 2011 graduated with a diploma in culinary arts from the Art Institute of Vancouver. Danny had an uncanny ability to come into a kitchen, take whatever was in the fridge, and make a superb, original, tasty meal – although leftovers were guaranteed, as he could only cook in restaurant quantities.

Danny struggled with anxiety and depression, but his parents only three years before his death about his addiction to opiates. Although unwarranted, the guilt he felt about hurting his family and friends was in conflict with his good nature and compassion for others. He sought and received counselling and support at many levels, especially from his family. He worked hard to sort out his life and made many very positive inroads, at times two steps forward, at others one step back. In the months before his death, Danny worked full time at one of the best restaurants in Edmonton, re-established close ties with his supportive friends; and moved into his own apartment.

Danny was in recovery but relapsed just when the highly toxic Fentanyl was appearing on the street scene. He bought one more pill, not know that it was Fentanyl, and did not stand a chance. He did not want to leave any of us, nor did he want to hurt anyone.

Danny died because he and his family did not know or have access to harm reduction measure and to evidence based treatment that could have kept him alive.


In loving memory of my sons, Rian Collier Leinweber and Tyler Cameron Leinweber. Two remarkable men that lost their lives due to drug overdose.

We miss you more than words can say.

We will fight this war on drugs in rememberance of you.

With love, Mom and family.


I lost my husband, my 4 kids lost their dad, at the age of 35 to a Meth overdose on February 3, 2016. It’s been a very difficult 6 months for us all. He was an amazing man, an extraordinary father and husband. Unfortunately the drugs took over.


María Silvia Vargas Espinoza

Roberto Fernandez Flores


I pray for my daughter Nicole Rene Shelley Dob 12 25 93…5  overdoses from heroin


We lost our beautiful son 2 years and 7 months ago to an opioid overdose. Jordan McBain Miller was 25 years old with a whole life ahead of him. Until there wasn’t. Our lives have changed forever. Our grief is our new normal.  I fight every day for drug policy reform and harm reduction. Jordan, we will always love you. We miss you so so much.


May they all rest in peace in the arms of our Lord. God bless all of us here on earth.


Jan 3rd 2015. My heart will never be the same. Miss you to the moon and back Kelly boy. Love you more. Forever your momma. Forever my son. 19 yrs young.



To my daughter Nicole,

Living without you is hell on earth, I miss you with every cell in my body.  I’ve been angry, lost, heartbroken since you left….I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you, I know you tried.  Every day that passes is a day closer to being with you.  I miss you, I miss your laugh, I miss your face and your voice….I miss it all.  Love you always, Mom


Lost our daughter to heroin overdose. Rebekah Hope Griffin 3/31/82- 4/1/2016. She is missed intensely


Godspeed to my only son. Take on heavens treasures. Gone too soon. Not forgotten. Forever young. Mom, dad, and sister miss you badly.


to my dearest, and the most beautiful woman in the world, my mother! 5 months today without you..  May you rest easy easy, amongst the poppy fields!!!     Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Love you so so very much my angel! Hope to see you again one day soon xxxxxxx


Lost One of my best friends 13th April 2016. Breaks my heart, no amount of help was ever enough.. she is missed everyday xx RIP beautiful Girl


I lost my dad Saturday May 21,2016 due to an overdose he was only 32 and I’m 13. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. He tried so many times to beat his battle he went to so many rehabs and meetings but the addiction still had a very strong hold on him. I miss him more than anything but I know he is watching over me and is no longer in pain.   Forever in our hearts cole??❤️    – your daughte Lexi


Please look at the signs in the beginning, dont pretend it is not there! Get them in Rehabilitation as quick as you can ! When they come home dont think it’s all over. we pray that they will be strong!!   Try to get a overdose kit with them , this is a monster taking over our children and loved ones!! My son had so much to live for , home just one week to the day!! Left three beautiful children fatherless,  and his wife fighting for her life every day !!


In memory of my brother Rick Wiser who was injected with heroin and then left for dead. 3 years ago at this exact moment he was having drinks with some friends that led to using heroin for the first and last time. RIP Rick I love and miss you so much.


We lost our son Tony to a heroin overdose. We are forever changed and damaged. If only we could have saved this loving, kind and special boy~


To the woman gave me life, but whose addiction pushed me away and made me resent her. I’m not happy you’re gone, but I’m glad that you no longer have to suffer under the judgmental eye of so many people. I was ashamed of you after I saw you for what you were, but I appreciate you more now that you’re no longer here. I now know more about you than ever before and I wish I was able to call on you for whatever like I used to. I’m not sure if you chose to go or if God decided to take you, but we all love you and can’t wait to see you again.

Love, your little girl


I lost my brother November 25th 2015. When he left a piece of me left with him. I now have an angel who helps me stay sober everyday. Bret was an amazing guy with a huge hard and a bad addiction. I love you Bret with all my heart. You will be forever missed and always in my heart. Xoxo Till we meet again.


I lost my 22 year old daughter  on Aug23 2014. I love you Ali Kat,  and miss you so much. We miss your funny and loving ways. You are our precious angel  in heaven and will be foever in our hearts. Please watch over those still fighting the battle,  that they may find the strength to beat this.  RIP, my angel,forever loved!


My son lost his battle with drugs and alcohol March 28, 2016!


This is very hard to even except still in my brain .My son died of a overdose on Oct  12 2015 25 years old  .He struggled with his disease for 5 years .I found him 6 times did cpr  and brought him back with my husbands help on 2 of them also  with the help of EMTS and police .I always heard him fall on the floor  in our house  or a big bang  so I would run to his room .In and out of rehabs for 5 years .He finally was clean for a year and 6 mouths.We were so proud of him I thought our life would slowly get back to normal. We didn’t know what was normal anymore. When he ran into a old friend that he grew up with as a child.This so called FRIEND  offed my son his demon of choice which was heroin. I found him on October 12 2015  on him bed dead from his 7th overdose.I didn’t here him hit the floor this time .I threw him on the floor and began CPR nothing was working  then I called 911 and that was it he was gone they tried for so long to bring him back my beautiful son. He had a heart of gold he was a thoughtful child everyone loved my Russell He was a functioning addict.He never stole a thing from anyone .He always worked and had money to pay for thing on his own .He just didn’t want to better himself I think he thought he couldn’t.This is what the drugs do.Now for another part to add.My beautiful daughter Bonnie had a pain pill addiction .For years on and off from 3 accidents. Pain management Doctors get your children addicted .  But my husband and I never even new she was hiding it so much from us .We know she wasn’t handling her brothers death good at all .She had a Beautiful baby boy Conor he is the joy of our life born  on Sept 18 2015 He was born drug free .We had no idea she was taking all theses pill for back pain  .Her brother Russell only had a life with his nephew for 3 weeks .Well I found my daughter Bonnie  who lived with her baby and her boyfriend in their apartment dead of a overdose which she said she would never do heroin because it killed her brother  on March 8th  2016  she was 29 .My sons death and my daughters. I will never ever get over this. They were the love of my life my children new this it didn’t matter because of their addiction .Please parents don’t think your kids are telling you everything.If you suspect something go with your instincts .  My daughters death is still under investigation.We feel someone came and left her like this .  I needed to tell my stories  for others .Watch your children be aware .If I can save anyone else life .For my loving memories of my Bonnie and Russell my soul is so lost without you two.My heart will never mend.I miss you two with all of me love Mamma girl  .


Not a day goes by that i don’t think of my only daughter Renetta Marie Marcum aka Tazera Marie 11-25-86 to 07-12-15. I miss her more everyday! I pray that the dope dealer who sold her that trash Burns In Hell!


I lost the father of my 2 boys to overdose. There is not a day that passes that we don’t miss him and think of him. Gone too soon.


This tribute is in remembrance of my beautiful son Gregory who passed away on October 5th 2014 at age 23. He was the most amazing man and loved his family as much as we all loved him. He is terribly missed by both me and his dad, his three sisters and brother and many nieces and nephews who he loved so much. We will never forget you Gregory. Our lives will never be the same without you. We think of you everyday. He fought this terribly disease with all he had and with our support, but after 15 months clean it took my baby and changed our lives forever. My heart will forever be broken.  Love, your Mom


I lost the love of my life on April 17, 2 days before his 29th birthday. The day I met him my life changed. He had the best personality, the best laugh, and made everyone feel like his friend. He showed me what true love is and how great life could be. My heart hurts every day without him.

Rene April 19, 1988 – April 17, 2016


I lost my son Jacob almost a year ago and I cry everyday. Not a second goes by without me thinking of him. When he passed away, it was kind of hard saying why…but then I felt no shame and thought everybody needed to know. He just started using a few months! He hadn’t sold everything, stole anything, he was working…it just happened so damn fast! Please talk to somebody!


Our amazing and beautiful Sam lost his struggle with addiction and other demons of depression and things we couldn’t understand on June 13, 2016. It forever changed and destroyed our lives. Why didn’t we get the rings and jewelry we got after his death while he was still alive? Why couldn’t our love save him? So many unanswered questions and so much guilt… We only hope he is finally free from the pain and the shame and the day to day struggle…we love you with all our hearts….

Aunt Mim

I will always miss my cousin Peter. I’ll remember him laughing, fishing, and living everyday to its fullest. I loved him, looked up to him and always will. I hope to live in a world one day where overdose deaths are not a common occurrence.


I am participating in International Overdose Awareness Day in remembrance of my son, Justin Bourdon. Justin was a kind, compassionate man who deeply loved his family. He lost his battle with the disease of substance abuse on February 17, 2009 at the age of 33. Justin, mom loves and misses you deeply.


On this day, I lost my son, Joseph to a heroin overdose. 4 years later I am still over come with grief. Death is final for the addict. Death is forever for the loved ones left behind. Make the choice to say no.


The day you left our life ended, not just yours. The kids learned a whole new pain, the loss of their childhood hopes and dreams with you, as well as mine. Out of nowhere, our life was just over. We’re trying to rebuild. We miss you every step. The people we are to become will be so much stronger for the experience. We are forever grateful for your love. Fly high above and keep watch for us. Protect our babies from this sad epidemic. Our love to you forever daddy ?


This tribute is for my beautiful son/angel, Jeff, who lost his battle with addiction on 4-29-15. He was such a kind, talented, artistic soul. A smile and bright blue eyes that could light up a room. Rest peacefully in paradise, baby. No more suffering. Miss you so with a shattered heart. Till we meet again. Love, Mom


I’ve lost way too many to mention everyone. The one that has hurt & effected me the most is the father of my child. His death changed my life forever. March 15,2004. RIP Tony Cline


This is for my beautiful daughter Amanda. She lost her battle July 22, 2015, after being clean and sober for more than 6 months. We are all so proud of her, but the struggle of addiction is a life long battle. She was a beautiful spirit who left her mark on this world. I am very Blessed and Honored to have been her mother. I know she is with me wherever I go, but until we are united together again, my heart has a hole that will never be filled. My love for you is ever lasting Amanda! Today, Tomorrow, and Forever……Mom


For my son Anthony.   Overdosed this past Saturday.  He is in ICU now.  Breathing tube has just been removed.  Also, in living memory of Prince Rogers Nelson.


December 5th 2015 I lost my son to an overdose. Please don’t use drugs. It is devastating to people who love you.


We lost Miranda Lynn (24) on 11-27-2015.  She was a beautiful, brilliant, fun loving, talented young woman with a bright future ahead of her until she was caught in the grasp of this horrible disease.  She left behind a mother, father, brother and numerous cousins, aunts and uncles that all love and miss her dearly.  She fought a tough battle for just under three years and wanted so much to put it behind her.  She helped countless others maintain there sobriety, but for some reason she never asked for help when she was struggling.   The tributes that were posted on Facebook by her friends both inside and outside of the recovery community exemplified how many people she touched during the short time that she was with us.  Some sense of comfort comes knowing that she is finally at peace.  She will be forever missed.

Love Daddy.


I am Stephanie eranio’s mom. Steph died on Sunday November 9,2014. I still get messages from many who are in recovery and they say Steph was instrumental in their recovery . From my heart “thank you for trying my beautiful girl”


My mother died on April 2nd, 2016. She was only taking perscription pain killers, and we all knew she was taking too many. We tried to get her into rehab. We called the cops. We tried child services, seeing as how her and my dad have seven kids together. They were together 30 years, but after her mom died, things got much worst. She became dangerous, and then one day, she never woke up. I miss you so much, Mommy. I know you’re such a beautiful angel. I think about you everyday. I only got you for 20 years, but I know I should be thankful since most of your other kids and my siblings got much less… (She and my dad have kids aged 23 to 6…) It kills me that I never got to say goodbye to you, Mommy. You’re my first love. I miss you so incredibly much.


This is for my lil sis Bridgett Gable Nichols (32) who we lost December 6 2014. She left behind 2children and I know she is my angel that is helping me stay clean so I won’t end up leaving my kids as well. I will always be there for them as if they were mine. I’m so sorry your addiction won in the end an now we no longer have you here with us. I promise to always stay clean an sober for you sis…this is for you. Thank you God for my clean life an my family…I just wish she could have done the same thing an got and stayed clean. Until we meet again lil sis XOXO.


Overdose took my first born. Scotty B. Always loved, always remembered. We started a not for profit S.O.A.R.S. here in Rochester New York. Substance Overdose Awareness Services.  To raise awareness. On August 31, we are holding our 1st annual Scotty B Overdose Awareness Day.  Bring a hat in remembrance of your loved one. Also, Always in our hearts grief group for people that have lost loved ones to overdose.

Monroe County is # 4 in New York out of 62 counties for Overdose deaths. TIME FOR ALL TO COME TOGETHER TO HELP STOP OVERDOSE DEATHS.


My baby brother, Brock Steven Bachmann, lost his battle to addiction April 27, 2016. He was just 26 years old. My mom, dad, sister, and I are heartbroken, along with his daughter who is 4 years old. Brock, we miss you and love you so much. To the moon and back ❤️ We will be your voice and raise awareness until we meet again. #teambrock #forever3


My son lost his best friend to a drug overdose. He left a handsome little son behind. His son has that same smile his daddy had no matter how bad of a day he was having he could make anybody smile . He is miss by his family so much. His mom n brother r raising his wonderful son. I know that he will be just like his daddy




MJ <3 you will always be remembered in my heart and the hearts of the many others you touched. I will forever miss you infectious bubbly laugh…………………


My friend Florance was one of a small handfull of people I know that have lost their life to addiction. Even though I didn’t know her too well, there was a spark of friendship that happened pretty much the moment we met and everytime we’d chat it was as if we had been chatting forever. She was so excited for me to pick up my 1 year medallion and keytag and to hear My Story. It was like I had inspired her just by simply approaching my 1 year Milestone. Since she’s been gone though there’s been an uneasy stillness in the air. I’ve been waiting for a text or even something on social media to happen from her.

Traditionally now I take a photo of a sunset either every evening or every other evening and post it to her wall with the caption ‘…and the sun will set for you’ and add a music note and broken heart emoji. It’s lyrics that come from what I feel is a more upbeat and positive song by Linklin’ Park. Something I feel like I kinda need to keep going on social media just so people know she’s with us. Pick up that phone even if you feel like it weights 1,000lbs, and reach out to someone, anyone. Because you never know.


To all who have fought the battle and won the war and to all who have fought the battle and lost RIP


Robin Scott MacDonald – born 10 February 1970 died from an accidental heroin overdose 18 November 1997 aged just 27.  Such a matter of fact statement, but what a heartache it invokes still after 19 years.  On National Overdose Awareness Day, Rob, we want you to know that we remember you and miss you every single day and not just the special anniversaries, “Loved you once,  love you still always have

always will”       Mum and Dad xxx


In memory of my son, Nicholas A. Fridd, who passed away of an accidental heroin overdose on May, 18, 2014.  Nick battled an addiction to prescription pain pills, which later lead to using heroin.  My hope is that bringing awareness and reducing stigma associated with Substance Use Disorder will help others who are struggling and help in the areas of prevention and recovery. There is HOPE and HELP out there; never give up fighting for your life.  I love you Nicholas.  ~ Mom


On January 15th of this year I lost my daughter Christine Erbe to an overdose. She was 21 years old. When thinking she got heroin, she got fentanyl instead. She was 30 days clean when this happened. She never showed any signs of addiction. She never looked any different than she did any other day. She was healthy, full of life, and always happy. No one ever suspected that she would have a drug addiction like this. I am living every day for her now. I keep her memory alive through car decals, memory bracelets, t-shirts and now an event on August 31st to remember her. She was my only child. I live my life for her. Now I live it without her, but for her in so many other ways.


My son, Kyle E. Richards, began to experience back pain while he was in high school.  He sought help through his primary care doctor, through chiropractors, acupuncturists, had spinal injections, went to pain management and all types of therapy.  He tried it all with very little relief and became addicted to opioids when they were prescribed to him by his orthopedic doctor.  When using them he was able to “function”… to go to school, to work a job… he felt like a new person.  Yes he did… and it didn’t take long before he became addicted to these very potent pills. After just a little while on them he wasn’t getting the same relief that he did in the beginning and his dosage was increased and increased and the monthly supply given to him seemed to be running out before the 30 days  prescribed.  After being on these OXYS  for over a year his doctor explained to him that he was afraid that he was addicted but by then it was too late.  When the doctor started cutting back on the amount he was giving him…there was only one way to solve the problem (in Kyle’s mind) and that was to start buying extra on the street. Thirty bucks a day, Sixty bucks a day…(and I’m sure in the end it was far more than that.)   All the money he made, all the guitars and basses and amps and speakers and electrical equipment and computers … gone.  Soon after money started disappearing, jewelry began missing, household items began missing… was that my son?  Absolutely NOT.   Was it his addiction???   Absolutely YES!!!   Kyle was the love of my life. Never in his 26 years did I ever hear one … not one… thing bad about him.  Everyone loved him …every parent of every friend he ever had (and he had so many)…. loved him. Anyone who met him no matter where he went loved him.  He was a very special beautiful soul.  Played and wrote is own music, skateboarded while playing his uke down the beachfront.  Loved and worked with injured wildlife… had such respect for all living beings and creatures.  He knew he had a problem and never once did I have to have him picked up or put into treatment.  I remember the first time he called down to me from the top of the stairs and with tears in his eyes he asked me if I could bring him to a rehab that afternoon.   He had set it all up by himself and knew he had to go.  He knew what demons he was fighting.  I knew about the pills but never, ever did I have a clue that he had begun using heroin. Why?  Because it was so cheap… Because he could find it on every corner of our town. We cried together and we drove together to the first of several treatment centers  he would sign himself into. Most were the 3 – 5 day spin dries.  They don’t work.. He spent almost 6 months at the final one he went to and when he came home I just KNEW that there were great changes in him.  He was back to his old self…eating,  playing and writing music, going back to work, spending more time with family and friends, attending NA meetings… all the positive signs were there.  Two months later I found him laying lifeless in his room on the floor… needle in his foot.  No amount of Narcan could save him.  Cause of death… Heroin/Fentanyl overdose.  From that evening… that moment… I knew what my new lifelong purpose for living would be…. to educate the public, to go into the schools, to help those who are struggling and those who have loved ones who are struggling and trying to deal.   I miss my Kyle.   My beautiful son.   Born on December 16, 1988…. Moved to Heaven on January 9, 2016. Can’t wait to see you again my love…


Rickie Jolene Morgan.  My daughter was addicted to heroin.  It led her to a place where she was murderd on 7/16/16. RIP This has got to stop before another child is lost


For my son Bobby who survived an overdose and currently in recovery.

“I wish Bobby continued success in his recovery.  I miss him terribly as he is 1000 miles away in another State.


I believe that august 25, 2015 is the worst day of my life. I got a call that my 23 year old had passed away.  It took 6 months  it find out what had happened to her. She left behind a beautiful  little girl. On January 12 2016 the corner office said that she she had Xanax and methadone in her system.  My child didn’t use drugs??? Looking at the report she was injected these drugs. Not enough proof is what the detectives told me to have anybody arrested.  If these  dr and methadone Clinic would be shut  down,  we might still have our children, mother’s,  father’s  or even a love one.  So everyone needs to be aware  of what we have in our cabinets ect.

Thanks for listening to part of my story!


Remembering my brother Tommy Gilgen.  It’s been a long time and I still think of him everyday. Be battled addiction since his teenage years his drug of choice was pills and as soon as he touched heroin he was dead in a matter of weeks   This has since grown into a worse problem since my brother passed. You hear a of Overdoses all the time.  Only through Gods intercession and pure fight can it be overcome

God bless you my dear brother. You always remain in my heart?


My cousin Peter lost his battle to opiate addiction a few summers ago. We were a year apart in age and raised as siblings during summers on Cape Cod. Somewhere along the way, Peter took a different path. The smiling, curious young man I grew up with was overshadowed by a demon. His loving parents, my aunt and uncle, struggled to help him find his happiness again. To help him find the person who loved the ocean and knew everything about it’s inhabitants. Opiate addiction has not only taken my cousin Peter, but also my first real love. My boyfriend Erik succumbed to the disease not long afterwards. I think of them everyday, and wish that I had the strength to help them, to take their pain away. I wish they are both able to find the peace now that they fought for in life. Love always, Allegra.


Our darling boy, Tommy-Vincent Foley aged 31yrs.  Lost to heroin 18/04/2014.  We lost part of ourselves many years before he went to heaven.  Not my son, surely…. but yes, my son.   The incredulity of it all is amazing.  How could this be true?  I love you my beloved son. xxx


Ian…gone but not forgotten…❤️❤️❤️


My Son Joseph lost his battle with heroin on Thanksgiving day 2015. He was a gentle, kind, loving soul. My heart breaks every morning when I open my eyes and realize that he is really gone. He was my only Child and my world. May he find the peace that he searched for so long. I will have a hole in my heart until I hold my Child in my arms again. May God keep him safe, I could not.


Anthony Yount, we will always remember you and cherish our time we had with you! We know it was a struggle everyday and you are not struggling anymore, you are at peace and we will see you again!! Your family loves you and misses you!


Timmy Conners, So loved So missed So very dear our broken hearts will always cry a silent tear, until we meet again, Love and Miss you Always, Mom Dad and Sissy


I lost my son, and the world lost a wonderful young man and blues prodigy the night before his 29th birthday. He overdosed on heroin after not being able to sleep for 3 days, as he tried to recover from his addictions. I founded a non-profit in his name to let people know that his death was not a result of ‘fun,’ but of suffering. He was handsome, well-loved, successful and talented. I hoped his face would help reduce the stigma of addiction with a co-occurring mental disorder (bipolar disorder). Eight years later, and I miss him every day, as do so many others. I applaud this organization for their mission. Addiction is a disease, a serious one, that crosses every part of society. That more is not known or done is criminal. My heart breaks for anyone who has lost a brave, gentle soul like Sean. (


I lost my son, Nick Altman, to a heroin overdose on November 17, 2015.  He was 35 years old. I received the call from my daughter in the early morning hours of November 18th.  It is the call that every loving parent dreads.  I don’t even remember the first few months after his death.  I went through the motions of living, but I felt nothing inside but pain and fear.  The pain can be paralyzing.  It has now been nine months since his death and I still feel numb inside, still confused, and still asking myself “why did this happen to my son”?  It feels as though someone took a shotgun and aimed it straight at my heart and pulled the trigger.  The wounds will never heal; my life has changed forever, and so have the lives of his family, especially his two minor children.  I have cried a river of tears and my tears still continue to fall like rain.  It is a pain that cannot be put into words, and cannot be understood fully unless you as a parent have been there.  My son fought his addiction for five years, managed to quit for a year, but started again. It seemed as though every time he became stronger, there was someone or something to knock him back down.  Just recently, an acquaintance of his told me that my son made the statement to him that “heroin is the devil’s drug”.  Faith alone cannot help you beat this drug, you have got to have your family and your friends for support, and they have to be relentless in order to get through to the user of this drug.  So I say to all parents and family members who are dealing with a similar situation; you have got to be there for them, you have got to go the distance and get all the help you can for your loved one.  The only thing that gets me through the day is knowing that he is not out there chasing this terrible drug; that he is finally cured, and can now rest.  I know that the last few years of my son’s life with his addiction will not define him, because he was a good and kind person.  He believed in helping people who were less fortunate than himself.  He spread a lot of joy in the lives of his friends and family members, and they will not forget this.  As for me, I still hear his voice in the back of my mind telling me, “Mom, get up, it is another day and you can get through it”.  I wish my son love and peace for eternity.  We all miss him terribly and wish that we could all turn back time. God bless and keep you Nick.  Love forever to you, Mom


For my husband Anthony,

Its been almost 4 months since you have been gone. It feels like yesterday you were here with me and our girls. I now know you are at peace and you are free from your demon. I hope you know we love you and miss you forever and always. Not a day goes by that I don’t cry and wish things were different. Wish I could just see you, talk to you, hold you one last time. I will love you and miss you forever Magoo.. Until we meet again.

Your wife,



Dean was an amazing guy who just reconnected with his adult son. He was sincere, good hearted, a friend to all, a good son and a heck of a cook. We all miss you and know you are grilling up something good up there:)


I lost my son on 6/23/2014. He fought addiction for most of his adult life. He got clean for 132 days.  On day 133 he was having a “bad day” and overdosed then died in his sleep.

He was my first born child, he was the beat of my heart. He was a good man with a heart of gold and an infectious smile.


This is in memory of my brother Michael grochowski (6/18/52 – 10/14/93).  Michael was addicted to heroin for many years and after he kicked the habit he sadly died of alcohol poisoning shortly after our Mom’s death. He was a great musician, psychologist and loved animals and the outdoors. He was so handsome and intelligent but he couldn’t fight the demons. He was only 41 years old. RIP Michael you were loved and missed by many. I love you…your sister Mart


This is in memory of my best friend Jason Michalski who overdosed and died in my arms on 1/01/11 in Las Vegas. Great guy but he got hooked on pills and thought he was invincible. RIP Jason. I always think of you. Love you Megan


Our beloved son, Timothy Robert, February 26, 1976 – December 15, 2015. We shall love you forever. Tim you died from an accidental drug overdose. You suffered from depression and anxiety for 22 years.  Your depression began immediately after taking a second tablet of the anti-malarial Physician prescribed drug LARIAM on October 6th, 1993. This drug Lariam is still prescribed today.  It is given to young soldiers going to war from many countries in our world. Just dreadful. Tim you never told us of your self-medication habits and it has been a hard road for us to walk since your death and for us to try to understand why you didn’t share your addiction with us. You were, and still are, totally loved and would have been totally supported by us if you had told us. Our darling son Tim had a beautiful baby daughter, born this year in June (2016). Tim you will never hold your child, see her first smile, hear her first laugh and our darling beautiful granddaughter will never know her oh so wonderful Daddy.  So, so sad. Life has changed forever for us all, for your Dad and for me, for your dear partner, for your two brothers and one sister, and for all your friends.  Darling son hopefully you are now finally at peace.  Love you and miss you so very much, Mum. xoxoxo


My son Ryan Jackson died of a heroine/fentanyl overdose May 6 2016.

Ryan was 28 and my first born son on

12-6-87. He was a father of 2 little girls that he loved more than life. He was 30 days clean working and doing well. So we thought. The one last time was really the last. I miss and love him always. Fly high angel.  ?Forever28


My son Josh Jones lost his battle with heroin after struggling for 10 years off and on. He was funny, kind and loved his family as we loved him. I miss your laugh, your smile and especially your hugs. Forever 30. Love you Josh ♡ ??


On what would be your 37th birthday, my memories of our childhood flip through my mind. Cousins always and forever.

“Daniel, my brother, you are older than me, Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won’t heal?

Your eyes have died but you see more than I, Daniel you’re a star in the face of the sky.”


Remembering my youngest child and only daughter, Megan Alexandria   Johnson May 2 1992- March 10 2011. Only 19 years old. She was very bright and had so much to offer this world. She was a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. She lost her life and probably would be here today if she wouldn’t have been left alone and had gotten medical attention. She passed less than 2 miles from a hospital. I believe that’s the issue  that we need to educate people on, is to not leave someone that is possibly overdosed.  So many sons and daughters could be saved.  RIP sweet girl. See you again one day


In loving memory of Jennifer Delia, 7/24/76-12/19/12.  May your love for life vivaciously live in your daughter, Nicoleana,  every day.

RIP baby sister. We miss and love you.


To all who have suffered and lost to this battle. The silent ones and the oh so brave enough to speak their story among  their family/friends. I pledge to them all that their fight was not in vain because they have left behind for us a message which is loud and clear, “hate the disease, not the person.” For myself, I lost a son -in-law *Sean, last year to pain meds & heroin. My grandbabies lost their Dad. Years of struggle ensued as his life would spiral from 0-60 and back to 60-0, many times over a span of 20 years. He was a silent one, always on top of the disease, not willing to lose to the drug and saddled out from the snare many times by the skin of his teeth. Not willing to take a final blow. Each time, getting up stronger, more determined. I think he was just “plain ole’ tired”.


For my angel in Heaven, Chris.   Always kind, always smart, always important.  On 9/3 it will be 5 years and it still fells like yesterday.  Oh what at you taught us in your lifetime here and oh what we have learned since.  Forever grateful and in love with you.  Mom


I wear my badge in loving memory of my beautiful son Brad Michael Meyers who left his family and friends much to soon, July 11, 2014, from an overdose of heroin. Brad had so much talent as a Computer-Aided Draftsman. He was going to go far.  In 6 short months since his initial experience with heroin, our boy was gone less than a month after his 25th birthday. He was always laughing and joking and seemed so happy.  Yet, as all of us paying tribute to our loved ones for Overdose Awareness Day know too well, heroin and other opioids take a strangle hold so strong on those addicted, both mentally and physically, that they feel powerless and hopeless. My hope and wish is that we can continue to educate families about this epidemic so that these horrible senseless deaths do not continue. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of and cry for my son Brad.


I want to Honor my Son my only Child…

Richard Felix Franco

10/13/1981 ~ 04/09/2015


Addiction is a hard thing to break but it’s worth it to save your life and to save the lives of the people who are left to mourn when the addiction takes you from them.  ♡


Our son Roy lost his 4yr battle with opioid addiction at the age of 29. Our family will never be the same. His baby sister will marry without her big brother there, our hearts are forever pained. We miss him so much and have many regrets of words spoke out of fear and frustration. Oh but to have one day to tell you how much we love you Roy. Until I see your sweet face and hold you in my arms May God keep you . Mom


My son, Joey Dempsey, II lost his life to a heroin overdose April 28, 2015. He was my baby, a brother, a daddy, an uncle and a boyfriend.  He struggled with the devil off an on for 23 years and finally lost his battle. Although he is finally at peace, I miss him terribly.  I love you more baby boy?. I hate heroin!


Cheryl, Kathy, Michael, Lawrence, and other friends and acquaintances lost to addiction. Others have chosen to end their suffering at their own hand. Gone but never forgotten. I pray for recovery for all.


Trenton Smith, a year ago on August 23rd my son lost his best friend. I know he will NEVER forget you and neither will my family. You were like a brother to Paul and another son in our family. We know you are safe and happy in God’s arms. Love and miss you!!


Our son, Nicholas died on the 31st year and second month of his life.  Nicholas had struggled with substance use disorder for 15 years before his death.  Nicholas had been in “treatment” 4 times.  He had been in jail 3 times.  He had been homeless.  But this is the story of his addiction, not of Nick.  He was a self taught artist, musician, composer.  He was a dreamer.  He was compassionate, sensitive and a serious soul.  He tried so hard to fight this disease.  He became tired.  He died on February 15, 2015.  He tried.  He tried.  He will be forever missed and always loved.


Paul Layne lost his battle to addiction on 8/7/2010. He was father to three amazing sons., wonderful son and husband. He is missed every single day.


We lost our youngest child at 24 on April 10th, 2016.  He battled depression, anxiety, and addiction for 5 1/2 years.  We will continue to bring truth to this epidemic that is killing our children.


We lost our youngest child at 24 on April 10th, 2016.  He battled depression, anxiety, and addiction for 5 1/2 years.  We will continue to bring truth to this epidemic that is killing our children.


I lost my youngest son Jake to an overdose of meth on August 23, 2015. I will never be the same. Neither will his siblings. Tonight, my daughter texted me and said they have lost yet another friend to an overdose. When is this going to end? We are losing a whole generation of our young people!!!!


On May 8, 2014 the world lost a great young man. Michael Earl Walton II lost his life to his addiction. All of his friends and family miss him every day. We love you Lil Mike!


January 21, 2015 the world lost and incredibly funny young man, great father and husband. So young…  His family and friends miss him every day. We love you Justin!


We lost Ronald Earl Outlaw on December 18, 2003. He was only 22 years old. Leaving behind a devastated Mother and friends. We still miss & love you Ron. Missed you then, always have, always will.


Our beautiful son Nicholas Toth found peace on June 14, 2015 from a heroin overdose. RIP Nicky.


Jonathan lost his life to the devil drug on 9.2.15. Life will never be the same. Unless you have lost a child you will never understand the void that is left.


In loving memory of my sweet, goofy brother, Cody Gilles. His kind, gentle soul is so missed by his parents, siblings, his 2 nephews and niece miss their Uncle CoCo. Until the day we meet again. Forever in our hearts!!!!! We love you forever Cody.


For my beloved daughter, Lisa, forever 24.  We lost her to an overdose of heroin 2/16/15.  She was smart, funny and beautiful and is so missed and I am forever broken.    Love, mom


Dear Peter,

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I see you when I look at the ocean and nature, but I also think of you whenever I think about overdose.

I have worked hard to do my best to prevent anyone else from dying of an overdose, but never so hard as since we lost you. There is no one who has motivated me more than you.

The tragic, premature loss of your your life, remains incomprehensible. I thank you for guiding your parents to find some happiness in Gloucester, and for inspiring me to work harder, and for reminding us all to live life to the fullest and take nothing for granted.




My Dear Nephew Peter,

You are with us always …

When we look to the sky and see the birds that you loved; When we look to the woods & the vernal pools that filled you with wonder; And most of all, When we look to the sea …

And feel the ache in our hearts

You are loved & never to be forgotten,



Lenny Hensas III OD’d on Heroin and lost his battle with addiction on July 16. Although he struggled for 24 years and couldn’t succeed…he helped many in their journey to sobriety…his life mattered to many. Rest in peace Lenny.. ♡♡ Much love from your family.


I am writing in loving memory of Kari Hanson.  You are lovingly remembered and greatly missed by many!


My son, my sweet child, paying the ultimate price of addiction


Jason I was so lucky to have you for 25 wonderful years. I miss you every minute of every day. Love Mom


My beloved Son,  we will always cherish the time we had and mourn the loss of a beautiful spirit.


I will wear a badge to support my friend Angie whose son lost his battle with addiction in 2015.  Also in support of several other friends who have lost sons and daughters in the not so distant past.  Addiction is so hard on the addicted as well as the families that stand by them.  My heart aches for these parents who lost their children–so I will wear the badge to support them.


In loving memory of my daughter Tamara Thatcher. May 1989 -November 2014. I was d of blessed to have you for 25 amazing years.


Little sister Rowan Marie Soutar..taken to soon on 2.06.16.  There are so many things we still had to do together sis..I still can’t believe you are bravely battled the addictions that stole you from us for 12 years..It was so difficult watching your demise..I felt so powerless to help you..part of me dies with you too..I will never be the same with out you..I love you so much..And I will treasure the 34 years we had together forever darlin..For eternity u buckets …Shon xxxxx


A dedication to one of my best friends Jamie Davies who we lost five years ago to Heroin overdose..not a day goes by that I don’t think of you..I miss you so much..Your daughter Nicole looks so like you..Tiffany your sister is doing an amazing job raising her. .I miss our laughs..We could just look at each other and we would know what each other was don’t get that with many people..since your passing ..I have lost mccaff to alcohol. .and then my baby sis Rowan nine weeks ago to heroin ..I hope you are all at peace now.. till we meet again .luv u Shonz xxxx


I’m paying tribute to one of the most beautiful, gentle, kind and loving souls I have ever known.

Todd Lescarbeau is and always will be my big brother, my best friend for 40 years, my protector, confedone and so much more!

Todd was born on January 3rd, 1970, and one that day the sun rose, and everyday after he lived life to the fullest until the sun set on March 6th, 2012.

He was a fun loving, protective and gentle Father, grand father, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend to all that he came in contact with.

His addiction began like many others, with prescription drugs due to back problems and back surgeries over most of his life.

He was a hard working man with integrity and loyalty to those who he loved and those who loved him.

I will never forget the impact he had on this world, as he endured the struggle with his addiction that ultimately claimed his life!

Rest In Paradise my beloved brother…Forever 42 ❤️


Lucus U are missed!Peace be with all affected


In memory of my son Ryan Dickson



My son Corey lost his battle with his heroin addiction on Oct 3rd 2014. My life was forever changed. He left behind 2 beautiful boys. He wanted so bad to get away from the drugs but that demon always sucked him back in. He was an amazing father and when clean he was the best son. My heart aches daily. He suffered abuse at the hands of his biological mom’s bf between the ages of 4 and 6 until I could get the court to stop her visits. He suffered things you thought only happened in movies. That was how he coped with his pstd from the abuse. Nobody knows the reason a person turns to drugs. I don’t judge drug addicts now that I suffered through my son’s addiction. But I want him remembered as the dad who did anything for his boys. Who would help a stranger because he had the kindest biggest heart. One that was protective of me and his family. I want him remember for the living young man he was. Not the demon he faced and lost a battle to.


In memory of my mom, Leona Germaine Graham, who we lost to a cocaine/heroin overdose on December 10, 2001 – my son’s first birthday.

I remember her every single day. I miss her immensely. Sometimes I can hear her when I laugh really hard.



My loving son Peter died on June 8, 2013 from a drug overdose. He struggled with opiate addiction for three years. He loved fishing, hiking, swimming, sailing-he loved the water. We left our home in New York, it was unbearable to stay there with all the memories, and moved to Gloucester MA. A small city with a strong history of fishing. You would love it here Peter, and your father and I think of you everyday.  I like to think that somehow you helped us find our new home, and that you are with us in this beautiful city on the water.


To my brother Scott who lost his battle to addiction on 6/17/16. You are always on our minds and in our hearts. We miss you more and more everyday. We love you Scotty ❤️??❤️


In loving memory of Jason Isaak


Remembering my precious daughter Santana Berry, who left us on 3/27/16 at the age of 25 as a result of an overdose  I love and miss her so much.


Melissa Marie Hamilton could light up a room with her smile!! She is missed! 4/14/81-4/29/15


Dedicated to my best friend, my road dawg, Ruby’s favorite uncle, the funniest person ever and omeone I miss more than anything every freaking day. I love you Stern Bust. Happy 30th Birthday tomorrow. I’ll be celebrating just how I know we would be– at the Angel’s game getting the free Hello Kitty Plush Toy. 🙂 Michel Paul Sternberg 8/18/86-1/2/15


In memory of my son, Nicholas L. Anderson  March 1986-September 2014.

Nothing can fill that void. You are so missed. We love you.


Lovingly we remember friends from Louisville, Ky. who left us all to soon. You  are forever all in our hearts, although it is very difficult for us who have been left behind, we will try our best to celebrate your lives.

Love, The Johnny Squire Family

The Johnny Squire Foundation

I lost my son to a heroine overdose on 2/4/15.


My son’s close friend (like a brother) died of a heroin overdose January 28, 2015.  We love and miss you, Kevin Grucza 🙁



You were my first true love. The first guy to walk in my life and love everything I hated about myself. You found me beautiful from head to toe and inside and out. You would do anything just to see me smile. No human being will ever give me what you gave me. You’re a special part of my life that I want to hold onto forever. You were struggling so hard with your addiction. I know you wanted to be sober and you tried but the drugs took you over. I wish I could have saved you. I love and miss you so much Adrian. I wish I could talk to you right and hug and kiss you. I wish you were sitting beside me cracking jokes that always made me laugh. You knew me so well, almost more than I knew myself. I will always cherish May 5th, 2015 (the date we started dating) and all of the memories we made. Rest In Piece my Angel ❤️ 6/14/91 – 8/7/16


My only brother, Joey, overdosed on heroin, cocaine, and xanax less than 2 weeks after his 29th birthday.  He battled addiction for almost half his life.  He finally had a year off of cocaine and pills when our mother found out she had cancer.  6 months later she passed away, after an awful fight, and he went off the deep end.  He’d stay sober for a holiday or a visit with my boys, whom he loved with all of his heart, but it was always short-lived.  On January 29th, I received the call I had dreaded for years, he was gone.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s gone, I will hear someone with his booming laugh or catch a view of someone who looks like him and my heart stops.  My 3 yr old son has told me on more than one occasion that he still sees uncle Jojo so maybe he’s not so far away.


My 5 months old baby FLORYL  died on digoxin toxicity March 18,2016.During her confinement The attending physician administered the digoxin intravenously instead  orally for 6 days.


Heroin Deaths – added a number the number has a name – Brian, our grandson  the number has a face  the number has a story……

Brian (Bri Bri) was handsome…..

but drugs destroyed what he saw in the mirror…..

He was intelligent (high IQ)….

but the drugs stood in the way of his graduation, college, his goal, his plans – his future….

He was a good son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend  but drugs turned him into a stranger….

as the victim turns to the drugs, for what ever reason..(the temporary good feeling it gives you – helping you to avoid your problems…..) .it holds them hostage …it destroys them, and everyone around them, their family, their friends, and their future…

if you are a prisoner of drugs, whatever they may be – stand up, look it in the face – and break the chains….fight it, ask for help..get the help……BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE – REMEMBER YOU MATTER….YOU MATTER

in memory of Bri Bri….if only we could shake you, gotten through to you, and hugged you one more time, if only you would have heard us…


In memory of my son ryan m Snyder  3/7/84—-10/20/14


My husband and father of 3 boys died September 22, 2014. He died from a heroin overdose. Not a day goes by I don’t think of him.. I miss his, his children miss him. I’d do anything to have him back just one more day. Fighting and praying against this terrible disease.


Heroin has destroyed too many families , that seems to be the biggest drug of choice these days ….. My son Justen grew up like most little boys , loved fishing , go cart riding and being silly ….he was also a compassionate young man that lived everyone .it seems as thou all of our stories have a few things in common , 1 ,being that our children were very loved and will be missed our entire life , my son Justen died from a Heroin overdose August 9,2016…. My life will never be the same or complete with him gone…. My heart is shattered in a million pieces , I miss you Justen with every breath I have left in me …. I will love you always and look forward to seeing you again …. On the other side….love” moms”❤️


I lost my son Joseph Angelo Burrelli on December 10, from an  overdose of heroin.  I miss him so much he tried and was trying to quit this terrible drug that has taken so many young lives.  It is the worst thing that could every happen to a mother to lose her child.  My life will never be complete again.  I just try to get through each day and am here because I still have a daughter that needs me.  We both miss him so much he had a heart of gold and at his funeral so many friends came and told us how much they loved him.  We love and miss you Joey and hope you are finally at peace in heaven.


My little brother was found dead on April 8, 2016. He had used heroin cut with fentynal. He was 41 years old. My brother is and always will be missed by my family and all of his friends. Everyone needs to help stop this epidemic. We need to stop this modern day plaque on our cities.


Lost my 17 year old son the night after Christmas 2014. Found him cold and stiff laying on his stomach at 3am. He had snorted a.dose of fentanyl. I do not believe he knew what he was snorting. He had just experimented with xanax the week before. This has been a nightmare. His older brother is a conic user of heroin and has overdosed several times.


To remember my son Benjamin Burke, who died from a heroin overdose April 1, 2012  Ben struggled with heroin addiction for five years before he died at the age of 28.  He tried everything possible to battle heroin addiction and for this, his family is so grateful.  He loved AA and NA and graduated from 5 treatment centers, every time with great hope and support, but it wasn’t enough.  It was Ben’s third overdose.  This time I think he didn’t want to be saved, didn’t want to be found or revived.  I don’t think this overdose was an accident.  I think he gave up.  He was tired and in his words “dumbfounded” at the power of heroin addiction.  Like any other disease, some will die even though they try everything possible.  Even if they have a powerful spiritual connection, some will still die.  Ben hated what the disease did to himself and to his family.  Suicide is not uncommon for heroin addicts in recovery.  Ben’s family grieves every day but we take great comfort in knowing that Ben is finally free.


My 23 year old brother was found on the morning of November 12, 2004…he’d gone to bed that night and overdosed in his sleep. Our Grandmother found him, when she tried to wake him up he was ice cold. When I got to the house his body was still in the same position, like he was sleeping on his stomach…I will never get that image out of my head. Our Mom had passed away three months prior, while he was in prison; the prison wouldn’t allow him early release to attend his Moms funeral….I know he wouldn’t intentionally kill himself, but in my heart I know he was trying to numb the pain of not saying goodbye to our sweet Momma. The toxicology report stated it was a lethal mixture of heroin and cocaine…why these drugs were ever invented is the burning question. My brother would still be here.


In memory of my beautiful baby boy, Zachary, who died of an accidental morphine overdose on July 19, 2013, just one month shy of his 22nd birthday.  Zachary continues on in our hearts and will forever live in our memories.  He continues to provide us with courage, strength and determination to provide financial assistant to families who lack the means to send their loved ones to treatment. Zachary, we love you, we miss you and we pray that you have found the peace in heaven that alluded you on earth.


Love, Mom


4 months ago today, on my 24th birthday, I lost my father to a heroin overdose. He struggled for years to get sober, but he was always fighting so many demons on his back that he could never stay clean for long. He had overdosed quite a few times before this, but God always worked a miracle for him and he would get better. I myself struggled with this addiction when I was 18 years old, and it lasted for a little over a year. I can say, it is not easy to stop at all. But it CAN be done. And I wish others would see that it is possible and not give up hope. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss and think about my dad. He was my best friend in the whole world. However, I can’t help but think about how he is no longer suffering and fighting demons. Love you dad


Lost my nephew 2 years ago yesterday. He was a beautiful soul and was loved by so many. Still so heartbroken that he lost his way in life and because of that we lost him?. RIP Mikey


I have lost 2 brothers to an overdose both at 28. ! 10 years ago & 1 6 years ago. Not a day goes by I do not think about & miss them. Things we used to do together that they were here for are not the same & I have just stopped doing. 28 And Life


My brother Keith died from a heroin overdose in April of 2015. The heroin was laced with Fentanyl and he was alone when he used. No one in my family had any idea that he was addicted to heroin. Nothing prepares you for this kind of loss, and no one should have to go through this. I miss him everyday.


My fiance Nathan Regan passed away August 4th 2013 of a heroin overdose. Nathan had just celebrated a year clean 3 weeks before. I spent 12 years with Nathan and I’m grateful for every second of them, the good and the bad. We both struggled with addiction and spent years in and out of treatment struggling to get clean. The summer of 2012 we finally got our lives together & found out I was pregnant that fall. I went into labor May 14th 2 weeks early. Our son Logan had no heartbeat. Our hearts were ripped apart. Nate wanted nothing more than to be a dad. 3 months later my mom was diagnosed with leukemia, Nate relapsed 2 days later & passed away less than a week after. I never met a soul that didn’t like him. He lit up a room, always made you laugh and was an incredible artist. I’m honored that I could call him mine. He was not just another number or statistic. Not only did I lose my best friend & soul mate but dozens upon dozens of friends and family. We need to keep shedding light and awareness on this growing epidemic that’s become a crisis. I refuse to let them all have died in vain. We honor their memories by talking about the peolpe they were & how addiction does not discriminate. I wouldnt wish the constant pain & void I feel on anyone. We are losing an entire generation to this growing epidemic & it needs to stop!


It is very sad of the loss of life we have had because of drug overdose.  I have personally know three people this year that have lost their lives to these horrible drugs.

Ages vary from 17 to 47.  I am with everyone who can possibly help.  May those that have left us rest in peace.  Let there be no more!!


My son Adam~ died from an overdose while in rehab on November 3,2015.

His beautiful and eternal spirit lives on each time we look up..

Adam taught us this simple & profound  lesson

L?K UP at all the nature around you…

L?K UP st our magnificent and endless universe- filled with stars, galaxies, nebula & beyond.

And most important to remember~

L?K UP even when you’re feeling down… ❤️?❤️



My son, Travis, died of an overdose on July 28, 2015.  He was only 23.  He had been sober 3 months at the time of his death.  I know that he fought so hard, and he was a beautiful soul trapped in the hell of addiction.  I miss him every day and so wish I could tell him how much I love him and that I know he tried.  Rest in peace sweet boy!


My daughters dad lost his life to a methadone overdose a few weeks before his 22nd birthday. We miss him dearly and the pain all of his family and myself have felt is unbearable. Rip Jon Michael


To my MOTHER Bonnie Ann Carr Wooldridge only 57 at time of death due to a massive heart attack caused by drug overdose……this ache in my heart will never go away…everyday at least once a day, somedays all day I find myself looking for you, my hearts calls out for you and than the realization sets in that you are gone forever. You died a senseless drug addicts death, we all have suffered the pain you left behind. I miss you more than words will ever be able to express. My best nights are the ones I get to dream about you as that is as close as I can get to seeing your face again or hearing your voice. Today, my hope comes from sharing your story as my very own testimony praying that it might save someones life as I know that you would like to know that you helped someone. So please hear my plea as I say” THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO LIVE” and it CAN BE DONE. This coming from someone who survived a 16yr drug addiction of my own, 9 yrs now I have tasted and lived the FREEDOM of a drug-free life. I laid my Mother to rest DRUG FREE 3 yrs ago. I preached at her funeral for the first time. This war can be won if and when we are willing to SURRENDER and GIVE GOD A CHANCE. You don’t have to die to night. You don’t have to leave your loved ones with the memory of white sheets and blue lights. Freedom is REAL. For MY MOTHER I say I will always LOVE YOU and until we meet again I will continue sharing your story as if it were my own.














My sweet baby James overdosed on herion mixed with 2 other drugs. It was 4 days before his 21st birthday. God how i miss him everyday. I hate drugs!!


To My Big Brother, Tad J. Hyde 1/18/1974-11/15/2015. Some days I still just can’t believe it, I say it out loud and it makes no sense to me, like I’m speaking a different language that no one can understand. Those  are my good days. On my bad days the grief hits  me like a ton of bricks, almost knocking me down sometimes when I think of all the promise , possibilities, and opportunities life was about to present to you. All of your hard work and time was over just like that. Even faster than it began. I try my best to stay strong, keep my chin up and keep moving forward because I know that’s what mom needs me to do and what you would want me to do for her but some days it seems like it’s raining those damn bricks and all I can do is think about how unfair it is. I miss you every minute of everyday and hope you see me working my ass off in school because losing you gave me the determination to not only finish but to finish at the top because I know how much you want me to succeed.  All my hard work and headaches are all for you because you can’t be here to experience your own. Love, Your Baby Sister


RIP to the Father of my child who passed away from an overdose on January 24, 2016. He was only 29 yrs old, two months shy of his 30rd birthday. Lewis Arnold Hamilton II.


My grandson was born on Jan.28,1987 to his 15 year old mother. He was like my own son. I rocked him to sleep. Told him stories at 7. Helped him with homework. Helped him in Cubscouts.

I ALWAYS thought he was more intelligent than me, that he was destined to be a teacher, or a leader. He was very well read and always had a book with him. I was always so proud of him.

He had a wonderful smile, blonde hair 6 feet 5. He learned sign language. He helped with his younger brothers. My mother loved him and he was pallbearer at her funeral.

I think he was fragile on the inside. At 22 he married. He was working two jobs and going to college. He became a father about six years ago. He was overwhelmed with responsibility. I don’t know when he started using. I have lost him now. He meant all the world to me. I would have done anything to save him.


I lost my ex Amanda Semko, My Cousin John Sullivan and many more to Heroin Overdose. I miss them all so very much!


My message is to Gary.  I truly feel this is not what you would have wanted for your one and only teenage son. Losing you in such a awful way has impacted so many people who loved you. An overdose is such a waste of life. I just  still can’t comprehend why we were never enough for you. We had the perfect family.  I truly tried, for many years, to help you recover.  I’m writing to say that I truly try to be the best mom possible to our son. I wish you were here to see the man he is becoming. If anyone does read this please know that you are not grieving alone.


I lost my best friend in January,and the pain never goes away.. But I’m out here everyday dedicating my life to my movement to try and help save life’s

Motivation don’t die


On February 7th 2016 my brother Steve passed away from an overdose, leaving behind a son, his parents, 4 sisters,

3 brothers, and many nieces and nephews that were very close with him and loved him dearly.  I still cry for him every day and my broken heart literally hurts. Not a single day goes by that i dont think of him and miss him every single second. I do take some comfort in knowing he is at peace after years of battling addiction and depression . I pray he is flying high with the angels and that they know what they have up there and all I have now are memories some really great memories!!!!! Forever in my heart and always by my side, I love you Stephen F. Adams Sr.


My son TK is 28 he has overdosed many times he is in jail now because they found him in his jeep dead the rescue shocked him and brought him back Thank GOD he has put himself in rehab after rehab around 15 times never court ordered it seems he will never get off heroin! all I do is pray he gets out of jail next month he has been locked up five months so he WILL OVERDOSE when he gets out. I am so AFRAID no answer PRISON OR DEATH seems like their only option. thanks MELINDA FROM MENTOR OHIO



Even after almost 10 years my heart still breaks when I think of losing you. Without you I would not be me , I will forever love and miss you.


Ian Murphy Mitchard.  He rode the trains.  He took the name “Raindog” from Tom Waits’ song. His hair was long with wicked blonde streaks & his eyes were blue.  He had an infectious laugh and a keen wit.  I loved how his voice rang out as he came in the door with that cherished word “Momma!”.   Even as an adult he would hold my hand at times when we drove in the car together.  After months, or even years, on the road when he came home he would sleep with his childhood bear, “Teddy”  –  the sight of him splayed out in bed with his tattooed arm around that bear made me catch my breath at the sight of his powerful tenderness.  He cried easily.  He railed against injustice & lectured me about the police & their treatment of the homeless.  He never forgot a kindness.  He enthusiastically supported the artists of this world.  He loved music.  He loved me.  He died near exit ramp 18A leading into the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.  Left behind for the long wait to join him I’ve had years to ponder the meaning of his too-short and too-hard life.  I have no answers.  Only love remains, only love for my true and lovely son.


To my sister Tammy:

I miss you so very much. I miss all the moments we have shared together. I know you loved you family so very much. And the disease of addiction had took everything away from you. I know deep down you were still the same person you always were. The disease just had different plans for your life. I know that all the horrible things you did, you never wanted to do. By sharing the same road as you I have learned a whole lot of thing. I wish I was able to get you clean back when I did. Cuz then you would be almost celebrating 4 years of recovery. Instead your family is now suffering through the 3rd year since you passed away from an overdose. August 31st will forever hurt my soul. Seeing that is the day you left back in 2013. I love you Tammy.


I will always love you Brandon!! Thanks for loving me from the start!!


On October 24th, 2015, myyy best friend died of an overdose. His name is Timmyyy. Timothy F. Milam, Jr. I miss him soooo much everyy single dayy. He died alone. His girlfriend had warrants out for her arrest and so she didn’t call for help right awayy. She waited and then had someone call while she hid. He should be here todayy. His overdose should have been a wake-up call. I should have held his hand while praying to GOD for another chance. I found out the next dayy along with his family. My heart breaks that he was alone. I’m sorryyy Timmyy. I miss you. I love you.


Steffan, it’s been a year and 3 months since u left me and and our children. It still does not seem real that u are gone , the pain in side my heart still feeks like the day I got the phone call. Our daughters have not been able to heal. Hope u stay by our sides abd helps thru this dark time. And even tho u will know meet ur baby boy I hope u watch over him to. I love you to the moon and back. My heart will always belong to u.


On April 7th this year one of my best friends who I loved with all my heart lost his decades long battle with opiate addiction.

Ryan was a beautiful young man who came to Iowa from California in a last ditch effort to get clean in 2013. He would have turned 36 this past June.

He was a rare soul, whose kindness and warmth made everyone around him feel like everything was going to be okay.

He was quiet and reserved and ultra sensitive and had a sense of presence – of really being there with you in the present moment like no one I’d ever met before or since.

I keep searching for a photo of him I took one spring as the sun was setting outside this farm house where I was staying in Iowa. Him and I were both early on in recovery, both clean and sober, hanging out, throwing old scrap wood in a burn barrel and laughing. In the picture he was smiling with his whole face – all dimples from the corners of his eyes to his lips.

He had so much hope at that time.

I can’t find the photo, but I’ll never loose the memory of him, or forget how he made me feel. I love you Ryan, and miss you every day. <3


I am forever changed by your death Christopher. Just 20 yrs old.  My Child, My Son, My Angel…. Fly On….


Manuel, I miss you more than you’ll ever know.

It’s been 1 year and 11 days since I’ve seen you, held you, or heard your voice.

My heart hurts for you everyday.

Just like you said the last time we spoke, “I LOVE YOOOUUUU………………………………………..DITTO”


I lost my husband from an overdose. Not a day, second, minute, or hour goes by when I don’t think of him. I died with him that day on JANUARY 18, 2014.


My sweet son, Joshua Raffray, overdosed on 01-31-16 at the young age of 32.  I was proud to be called your Mom and will forever miss you.  Life will never be the same for all that loved you, especially me.  Forever and Always in my heart.


In memory of our awesome son Austin who died at age 17 on April 12, 2013.  Your legacy is making such a difference Austin.  Thank you for continuing to give us strength and purpose in our commitment to educating others about Harm Reduction. We miss you incredibly.


Love Mom and Dad (Christine & Klaus)


Christine & Klaus

I lost my brother Bryan Taylor a year ago , I miss him dearly everyday . He was a wonderful person , his smile could brighten up everyone’s day! Miss you Bryan


I lost my precious baby brother last Friday on 8/5/16 to an overdose. He was a beautiful soul. He was clean for 28 months . In the end the disease won and he lost the battle.  Rest in the sweetest of peace My Angel.


11/13/79 ~ 8/5/16

♡ I will Never forget you , You will always live in my heart.  ♡ Your Sister  “Gecky”


Our beloved son…Forever 38…Out of sight but Never out of mind  <3 Forever in out heart.? minds lives forever.?


My mother and I had lost a spectacular human being on October 24, 2015. He was my brother and best friend and was my moms son. Finding him that afternoon was the hardest thing I will ever have to do because that means I never get to hear his voice or just watch an Eagles game with him. He’ll always be with us and we love and miss him everyday.


Rest in peace my angel Mitchell Gallenthin

Sarah & Linda

Ive lost over 20 people in 2 years to overdose! This is horrible! You are all missed horribly & i wish I or someone could have helped you all !

Awareness is out there! Time to overcome!

Rip all you sweet angels


Logan w. Shay lost to heroin overdose 10/20/95-09/21/15……forever young…overdose doesn’t stop just one heart.


Miss you everyday dad


Cora Marie O’Leary aka “LC”

Friday August 6th 2016 we lost you at just 21 years of age. For many years you battled your addiction and this time it won. We tried to hard to help you but the demon was just too strong. Know that we will not remember your addiction, we will remember your smile and your laugh. Your lit up the room and always had a great sense of humor. You had so much more to live for but you weren’t given that choice. I know deep in your heart you knew you were loved but the pain was just too much to handle any longer. I know you felt lost and like you didn’t fit in. We all love and miss you very much. May God’s love and mercy surround you babygirl. Enjoy your iced coffee. <3 Uncle Matt


To my son Dominic D’Angelo forever 21 5/15/16. He was a son to many and a friend to All. I will never forget you my believed son.                Love MOMMY


Angela Maria Pasta

3/28/1976 – 9/28/2015


My Sweet Sister Angie,

A hole ripped through our family the day you left us. You are so loved! We will never be the same. Your boys will never be the same. We watched heroin destroy you and there was nothing we could do. I miss you terribly little sister…..every minute of every day!!! Fly high my Angel!!!!


Stephen (Scooter),

The love of my life and best friend.  I lost you on May 11, 2016 and I will never be the same.  You struggled for a long time with this disease and it finally won out.  No more pain for you.    You will always be a part of me and I will never forget your sweetness.  I just wish I could have had one last hug.  See you on the other side babe, Semper Fidelis, yours forever Lule Bear


My daughter overdosed two years ago right around Christmas.  I had just learned she was addicted to heroin. She said that going through that experience changed her.  She would eventually use again, as heroin has that hold, but so far she is doing well.  But there’s always that worry that I will lose her to this disease.  I pray for my baby girl all the time.  I don’t know if she understands how much I love her and would trade with her any day.  I would.  I would take her place if that were possible to see her well again.  I love you so much, CB.  Please don’t give up on you and don’t leave me.  Mom


18 months ago my beautiful first born son, Kerry Douglas Mullaney, died of a Heroin OD. He was 26 years old. He had been clean & sober for 3 1/2 years, he loved recovery and his friends and sponsors. He  was given pain meds for hand surgery, and turned to Heroin. My son Tim & I will never be the same . Kerry made us laugh, he brought us joy, he knew us and loved us. I begged to seek help, he slipped out of our grasp. Cardinals were his favorite bird, when I see a Cardinal now, it is always bittersweet for me.


Scott Lauzon, at the age of 37 you left us. This disease has eaten you alive for years. This time was different you had it all together. You had an incredible job, just purchased a condo, staying positive. You would tell me I don’t wanna get high this time I think I finally got it.. I would say remember there are only to options if you use. Jail or death.. You were so strong.. I can’t figure out why the 1 time you relapsed that was it.. Were you celebrating your success? You were clean almost 3 years.. I am so angry, hurt and in pain. I think about you everyday. Your infectious smile that would light up any room,your heart of gold, your laugh. Our jokes. Your so loved. You are free from this disease..

I love you Scott.

I always thought their was more time.


Sweet Jay,

my best friend in better or worse, till death do us part.  You truly were the love of my life, my soulmate.  Forever stay in my heart.  I love you.


Shane Feathers, he had a heart of gold, a calm soul who lived his family dearly and would give the shirt off of his back to help someone in need. When I was trying to get clean he was like a sponsor to me, would stay up all night on the phone with me if I felt like using, just to make sure I didn’t. He leaves behind a beautiful daughter, and a ton of family that is in complete shock as well as his many, many friends. We love you Shane,  your always being thought of.


This is a tribute to my fiancé Jeanna Cavarretta This desease has taken my wife and the mother of our kids, I miss you everyday and til we meet again I will Always honor my love for you and our kids


Michael Andrew Hawco

Aka: Hawco

Loving father of Michael A.Hawco Jr. Life long partner and bestfriend of Shannon A. Lenane. Also survived by his Mother Darlene Hawco, sister Alyse Hawco & both brithers Melvin Hawco & Jeremy Hawco, many Aunts, Uncles, Nieces & Nephews. Hawco (Michael) fought this monkey on his back for many many yesrs. Never in a million years would he “Want” to leave his ONLY baby boy… He did the best he could possibly do to get that Monkey off, just was too hard for him. He will forever be in my heart…. I am soo grateful for all the memories we all share.. Hawco and my sister have been soulmates sense the you g age of 13… My sister loved and will always love him (Michael)  hole heartedly! We will never let your legacy die Hawco. Forever in our hearts… NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN! You now live through your son and other things.. Please continue to let Danmeciomo (Shannon, awkward nickname he gave my sis) know you are with her! Fly with the Angels Haw~cow~kitty


Four days from today, I will lay my mother to rest. I am the oldest of seven children and we lost our mother at the age of 39 on Saturday, August 6, 2016. We lost her to an accidental overdose of alcohol and her narcotics- Words can’t describe how numb I feel even typing these words. She was full of laughter and fun. She always loved making people laugh.. Especially with her sarcasm. We are currently waiting on my Navy sister to come home so that she can lay our mother to rest with the rest of us.


Mom, this is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. You were the strongest woman I know and I really need you to send me down some strength. I need it for grandma, who lost you before your time. For your siblings who can only hold onto the memories you left them. And for my younger siblings with whom you left questioning the rest of their lives.


We love you so much more than you loved yourself. We always have. We always will.


Jamie my brother 13-12-85    –    8-6-2016  I will never forget the 8th of June 2016. The day I got that phone call I always dreaded, to say you were gone. We had survived you overdosing many times before but I was never prepared for the final one. I walk around looking normal on the outside but on the inside I hurt. I hope and pray that you are at peace now.  We are all missing you and it will never be the same again. Gone too soon. Never will you be forgotten.  ❤


In loving Memory of a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife,  Aunt, and Friend who lost her life too soon. Marlene Rose everyday we all think of you and know that you are our Angel in Heaven, protecting us.


My only son passed on 1-14-15 from accidental o.d..R.I.P.BILLY GAYNOR ..We miss you so much, Loving you till the end of time ❤


Our beautiful youngest son, Nicholas Andrew Roark, died at home on July 30, 2016 at the age of 40.  Although the death certificate still says pending because they are waiting on toxicology results, I know that drugs — probably heroin — was the cause of his passing.  He fought the battle against heroin for at least 5-7 years, but his fight with drugs started much younger. At 17 he began smoking marijuana, and his drug use escalated from there.  He said it all started out as fun, but developed into something else, a need. I loved him so much, beyond all reason, and I miss him so much.  Although there were many bad days, there were many more good days. He had a gentle soul and tried to manage his addiction, but that beast was relentless and returned time and time again to take almost everything away from him — his career, his marriage, his motivation, his hobbies.  But it couldn’t take his kindness, his beautiful smile, his love for his family and our love for him.  I hope he is in a better place and at peace. I no longer fear death because perhaps our souls can reconnect in the afterlife, God willing.


I lost my oldest son Jesse, five weeks ago on July,2,2016 to an accidental overdose. Heroin overdose has become an epidemic in our town and all over the country. Even though you may be aware someone you love is struggling with addiction, you never think it will really happen in your family   but the truth is,,it does happen everyday to someone’s family.  There isn’t a day to pass that I don’t cry and grieve over my son, there are no words to say how much I miss my Jesse son. His brother Jacob, sisters..Elizabeth, Marlena, and Jadyn, and his little baby girl will grow up without a daddy. If you know someone who is struggling, please talk to them about getting help,  It’s true ,you can’t force someone to get helo but you can stay with them or figure something out sometimes to help them. I had my son out in jail, I begged, pleaded,  cried, got angry, still in the end,,,he is gone and our hearts are shattered forever. I pray my son is finally at peace. A greiving mom.


On August the 2nd, 2012, I lost my beautiful son David to a heroin od.  We found him on his bedroom floor, unresponsive, on July 31st.  After CPR he died on life support at Stony Brook Hospital, Long Island, New York.  After four years maybe the tears have dried up a bit, but the pain is worse everyday.  According to his friends, he had just started using.  He had no job and he had lost his driver’s licence because he drove too fast too often.  He always lived on the edge – trying physical tricks that most people would be afraid of.  He had so many friends – they all would describe him as “someone to talk to because he was non judgemental”  He had sparkling brown eyes and the hugest smile.  He dearly loved his girlfriend Michelle.  I’m a nurse.  I don’t know why I didn’t see some change in him that indicated trouble, but of God am I paying for it now.  He had always spoken against heroin – I do’t know what changed him.  But I am so sorry I was not able to help him.  It’s been four years now since I  last heard his voice, saw his smile, Had one of his hugs.  His friends would laugh because no matter what he was doing, he would stop to kiss me good-by when I was going to work.  I miss him so much it hurts.  I love him so much it hurts.   I don’t know why it was part of God’s plan to take him from me, his Dad, his brother, Michelle and so many friends.  I want him back, and we all know that doesn’t happen.  All I can do is hope I see him again some sweet day.  I love you my son.        Momma


Remembering my beautiful niece today, and every day who was lost to soon at the young age of 22, Logann Rae Coffee. Also my many friends who were taken to soon as well Jimmy Milone, Eric Christopher Johnson, and so many more.


We just passed the 2nd anniversary of the loss of my beautiful son, Jeff Dugon who passed away at the very young age of 28. This disease is horrific. I wish it on no one. I’m so sorry for what my son went through and I feel so bad for the stigma and misinformation that is out there that causes people to suffer still. And when. WHEN will our government wake up and help?

I miss Jeff with all my heart. I miss his calls, his cooking, his bouncy, silly nature. I miss his projects, his jumping the car with me on a moment’s notice to go someplace with me. Losing a child is a lifetime loss. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. And he has a father, brothers, friends and grandmothers who miss him dearly as well.


On August 26th, 2016 it’ll mark one year since I lost a friend who was like a brother to me. He had the best laugh, a heart of gold and was the type of guy who would give you the shirt off his back in a heart beat. I will never forget the pain I felt in my heart , deep into my soul the day I found out he passed away from an accidental drug over dose. I was always aware of his pain and inner demons but never truly knew how much pain he was in. The last time I saw my friend before he passed away suddenly I judged him because of his decisions he was making in his life at the time. Every day since he passed I wish I could take back that moment of judgement and replace it with a moment of love and acceptance. Although he may be at peace now, those he left behind still struggle with the pain of him gone in our lives. I miss him everyday and still cry for him when I am alone. A part of me died the day he died. Chris, I hope you are watching down on me and seeing that your loss has inspired me to help others. Until we meet again -RIP XXO